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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal

Mamta is much ahead of left in alluring the Muslims especially in the areas, where due to mass infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims the demographic balance has significantly changed. The Mamta and her army is robustly in action in such Muslim majority one dozen districts and has declared in her election manifesto for promotion of business of vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood and establishment of food processing plants. In around 12 districts like Murshidabad, Malda, north Dinajpur and veerbhum, the means of living are vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood and the Muslims population in these districts is between 30 percent to 70 percent. As per data of the census 2001, the rate of increase of Muslim population in these districts is very alarming. During the decade from 1991 to 2001 there was 35 percent increase in Muslim population. The government’s sources and the political parties do believe that this increase of the Muslim population is not natural. Without infiltration from Bangladesh the ratio in rate of increase in Muslim population is not possible.

Apart from W.Bengal, bordering with Bangladesh some districts of Bihar and Assam has also notice strange increase in the Muslim population in the same way. In W.Bengal the communist cadre has helped the Bangladeshi Muslims infiltrators to procure the ration cards in mass and Indian citizenship. The increase of 10 percent Muslim population is anticipated in census 2011, evidently now Muslim population in W.Bengal is 40 percent. The Government officials have admitted it and such there is decisive fights between Mamta and Left to grab this big chunk of Muslim votes. It was observed that during the land agitation in Nandi gram the entire Muslim population sided with Mamta. Similarly in north 24 pargana and Nadia districts, the Satua community too extended support to Mamta. The satua community migrated to India in 1971 and its population is about 60 lac.

The satua community of Muslims of Bangladeshi origin is very rapidly increasing. The number of Bangladeshi Muslims infiltrators, working as Rickshaw pullers, hawkers and labourers has increased and their living conditions too have improved. From 1991 to2001 the Muslim population in Kolkata increased by about 19 percent, whereas non-Muslims increased only by 0.7 percent. At that time in Kolkata there was 20 percent Muslims, but now gradually the Bangladeshi Muslims have migrated to Kolkota from bordering villages of Bangladesh and are in large numbers. A recently retired senior official of W.Bengal government has made a very stunning disclosure that as per census 2011, the Muslim population of Kolkota is not less than 35 percent.

The Hindu Bengalis are considered to be most intellectuals, but the way they have supported LEFT PARTIES for 34 years and still supporting anti-national political parties like LEFT,TMC AND CONGRESS,their attitude is not understandable. It seems the future of W.Bengal is very dismal, and predominantly the Bengali Hindus will face genocide in their own land as it has happened in Bangladesh with them. Once, as we have predicted, the Muslims population exceed 50 percent as projected by 2031, the out flux of Bengali Hindus will start from Kolkata and other Muslim dominated districts in W.Bengal and the state will choose Muslim of Bangladeshi origin as Chief Minister.

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