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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
Indian express

AIUDF Sets November deadline for giving job reservation to Muslims

Firebrand Muslim leader Siddiqullah Chowdhury on Thursday accused Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of “playing with fire” with the Muslims and warned that the community was aggrieved as it continued to be a deprived section.

Demanding reservation for Muslims in the state, the state president of All Indian United Democratic Front (AIUDF), the Assam-based political party, Mamata as “Brahmin Kanya”.

“Our community has been deprived by the upper caste Bengalis. When Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister we thought she would do something for the Muslim community, but she did not. We have only seen Mamata covering her head with white chaddar and chanting the name of Allah Allah. But her government is yet to do something for the Muslims. We want reservation in the state,” Chowdhury told a huge gathering of Muslims at Shahid Minar Maidan in Kolkata.

“The previous Left Front government had announced reservation of 10 per cent for OBC Muslims. But it was yet to be implemented. The Trinamool government said it would implement the policy of reservations for the Muslims. But now we can see that the new government too did not deliver. This government is pushing our community backward in terms of socio-economic condition. We demand reservation for all the Muslims. If we do not get it by November, we will intensify our movement,” he said.

In the days preceding Assembly polls in the state a year ago, Chowdhury had joined a front with the Congress. But after, the Assembly election he snapped all the ties with the Congress and tried to patch up with the Trinamool again.

He formed his own political outfit, the PDCI. In May, 2011, PDCI merged with AIUDF. However, Siddiqullah and his supporters did not attempt to the demonstrate before the American Center much to the relief of the police.

Day of rallies

A group of about 300 Imams tried to march from Syed Baba’s Mazar in Hastings to American Centre to protest against the anti_Islam video. They were stopped mid way. Police escorted a group of five Imams to the US consulate, who submitted a deputation to lodge their protest.

The other demonstration was organised by Forward Bloc — a Left Front constituent — against the government’s alleged apathy towards the Muslims in the state.

Bigger, aggressive rallies today

A bigger demonstration has been planned for Friday by a conglomerate of several Muslim groups at Shahid Minar Maidan on anti-Islam video. Police is apprehensive that Friday’s rally could be bigger and aggressive.

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