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Islamic Jihadism In West Bengal
1. indiafacts.co.in/trinamool-goons-will-gun-voting-bjp/

Quote:Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014 IndiaFacts Staff

Trinamool goons will gun you down for voting BJP

About Islamaniacs in Trinamool KKKangress.

2. indiafacts.co.in/ground-report-state-hindus-west-bengal

Quote:Published On: Fri, Jun 6th, 2014

IndiaFacts Staff Ground report: [color="#0000FF"]The state of Hindus in West Bengal[/color]

Note: This compilation was sent to the IndiaFacts team from ardent Hindu groups fighting an uphill battle against Islamist goons who with the support of the ruling dispensation has made life almost unlivable for Hindus in West Bengal. Note that this is only a partial, random list of attacks and atrocities against Hindus in West Bengal in the recent past.

1) Date – 28.05.2014. Place – Ramona village. Police Station (PS) – Raghunathganj. Dist. – Murshidabad.

Description – 11 year old Hindu girl has been gang raped by Motahar Seikh, Bapan Seikh and Pande Seikh, all residents of Bahadidanga village.

2) Date - 27.05.2014. Place - Rampur Halder Gheri village. PS – Sandeshkhali, District – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Attack on villagers for celebrating the swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi. 26 persons including one police official were received bullet wounds. 13 were treated at the local Khulna health center and 13 were taken to Kolkata hospital with serious injuries.

3) Date – 25.05. 2014. Place – Sarberia Natun Bazar. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Dulal Sardar of Golbunia village and 4 policemen were severely beaten up by the goons of Shajahan Seikh when returning from the Police Station, escorted by police.

4) Date – 20.05.2014. Place – Dattapara village. PS – Swarupnagar. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Rape of a newlywed Hindu woman Lakshmi Biswas (17 yr) by Baharuddin and Saiful. Her husband works in Dubai. Now he is reluctant to take her back. The incident took place when she was (still is) at her widowed mother’s house.

5) Date – 18.05.2014. Place – Dhalla village. PS – Margram. Dist. – Birbhum.

Description – A small insignificant dispute. Muslims of neighbouring Imamnagar village attacked the house of Samar Saha, fractured his head, and beat up his wife leading to severe fractures on her left hand.

6) Date – 16.05.2014. Place – Naram Colony. PS – Raiganj. Dist. – North Dinajpur.

Description – A 25-year old Hindu housewife had been kidnapped and raped for 5 days by Sabid Ali, Usuf Ali and Pochu Mohammad in the house of Mir Mohammad.

7) Date – 15.05.2014. Place – Angrail village. PS – Gaighata. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – A group of Bangladeshi cow smugglers attacked and killed Nirmal Ghosh, a Rail Police constable. His elder brother Paran Ghosh was injured when he tried to save his brother.

8) Date – 13.05.2014. Place – Golbunia village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – A motorbike-borne gang of Shajahan Sheikh attacked and injured women and threatened villagers. With serious injuries all over her, Smt Bindebala Sardar was admitted to the Basirhat Goverment hospital. 15 other injured persons have been pushed out of Rajbari Rural Hospital after the doctor got call from Shajahan Seikh.

9) Date – 10.05.2014. Place – Arjunpur village. PS – Farakka. Dist. – Murshidabad.

Description – Local Muslims attacked a funeral party from Hajarpur village with bombs and bullets. Bikash Pal and Kesto Pal were grievously injured. The party had to flee abandoning the partially-cremated body of late Biren Pal to save their lives. After this, the attacking Muslims tried to encroach the Hindu cemetery at Arjunpur village.

10) Date – 30.04.2014. Place – Jhupkhali village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – 25 BJP leaders and workers including Samik Bhattacharya, BJP candidate of Basirhat constituency, were beaten up by Shajahan Sheikh’s gang when they went to visit the family of the victim of gang rape.

[color="#800080"](See also indiafacts.co.in/trinamool-goons-will-gun-voting-bjp/ for further details)[/color]

11) Date – 29.04.2014. Place – Jhupkhali village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Gang rape of a 15 year old Scheduled Caste Hindu girl, daughter of a rice businessman, by Osman Mollah and his 5 other goons. Before raping her, the Muslim miscreants looted Rs. 20,000 in cash, gold ornaments, two water pumps and other expensive items.

12) Date – 23.04.2014. Place – Khaspur village. PS - Baduria. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – A 200-plus Bangladeshi Muslim mob of cow traffickers attacked Khaspur village, ransacked and looted shops and houses, and molested women.

13) Date – 14.04.2014. Place – Jamserpur village. PS – Hogolberia. Dist. – Nadia.

Description – Police stopped a 100 year old Hindu religious ceremony named “Charak Puja” and “Charak Mela” (fair) to satisfy the demands of Muslims. With the consent of the police, Hindus agreed to hold the program outside the boundary of the ground. When the Hindus gathered there on 14.04.14, a sizeable Muslim mob attacked them with arms and seriously injured many Hindus. A police officer (SDPO) was badly wounded. But the looting went on unchecked leaving several Hindus houses gutted. Police arrested 3 Hindus and 9 Muslims. However, the police was forced to free Maulavi Badaruddin who was the instigator of this attack on Hindus.

14) Date – 09.04.2014. Place – Dhalaghat village. PS – Harirampur. Dist. – South Dinajpur.

Description – Muslims attacked the Basanti Puja festival, broke the Basanti deity by kicking it, and ransacked the Puja pandal and launched an attack on the Hindus assembled there. In the process, they fractured Dilip Murmu’s head, injured many persons, and molested women. All the victims belong to the Scheduled Tribes. The notorious Anikul Islam, Sadikul Islam and Minarul Islam led the rampaging mob.

15) Date – 30.03.2014. Village – Sihipur. PS – Chanchal. Dist. – Malda.

Description – When a Muslim thief named ‘Boba’ was caught red handed while stealing a cow from the house of Sushil Das, a Muslim mob of 200 led by local Congress leader Zakir Hossein attacked the village Sihipur inhabited by SC (Hari) Hindus. More than 40 Hindus were injured, women were molested, money and valuables were looted by the Muslim mob.

16) Date – 29.03.2014. Place – Sarar Hat village market. PS – Falta. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Renowned businessman and a leading personality of Hindu society, Kartick Methia was brutally murdered by hired Muslim goons of Mohammad Raja Sheikh. Kartick Methia was courageously leading the local Hindus to resist the efforts of an illegal construction of a mosque on a Hindu ground named “Rashmath”.

17) Date – 01.02.2014. Place – Sarberia village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Hindu Samhati workers were attacked by goons of Shajahan Sheikh. Amay Bhunia and Paresh Mandal seriously injured inside the TMC party office. The police arrested the victims instead of the perpetrators.

18) Date – 14.01.2014. Place – Biki Hakola village. PS – Panchla. Dist. – Howrah.

Description – A Muslim procession on the occasion of Viswa Navi/Nabi Divas (the birthday of Hazrat Muhammad) forcibly entered Hindu villages beyond the sanctioned route by local administration, and attacked the Hindus there. Massive destruction and large scale violence took place. The processionists damaged four Hindu temples including one large Harisabha, looted, ransacked and gutted many Hindu houses, shops and agricultural lands. A total of about 100 Hindu houses, establishments and 4 temples were damaged and ransacked. Hindu women were abused and molested.

19) Date – 29.12.2013. Place – Ukiler Bazar village. PS – Kakdwip. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Smt. Sarathi Maity, wife of the local fish vendor Sankar Maity, was attacked by Rafik Seikh, Jamaal Seikh and Lutfar with sharp weapons. Her head was fractured, and she was molested by the goons.

20) Date – 17.10. 2013. Place – Kashthagara. PS – Rampurhat. Dist. – Birbhum.

Description –The Durgapuja immersion procession was attacked by armed Muslims after being provoked by loudspeakers of the local mosque. 10 Hindus were injured. Among them, an Army Jawan Anil Mandal’s injury very serious. He had to stay in the ICU in the Command Hospital in Kolkata.

21) Date – 16.10.2013. Place – Dholkhali. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – About 5-6 Muslim families slaughtered five cows for the first time in the presence of the BDO and Police. Hindus protested. In retaliation, Shajahan Seikh’s goons ransacked Hindu shops at Rampur Bazar and beat up Hindus. Muslims also attacked many Hindu villages

22) Date – 31.08.2013. Place – Rajbari village market. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist. – North 24 Parganas.

Description – The shop and residence of Kamal Bishai was completely looted and ransacked by Muslim goons. Gold, cash and other articles worth Rs. 2 lakh were also looted.

23) Date – 16.08.2013. Place – Gabbunia village. PS – Jibantala. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Muslims attacked Hindu houses in the Gabbunia village. Their fault – they went to Kolkata to join a program of Hindu Samhati. 23 houses damaged, materials looted worth lakhs of rupees. Many injured. Tapas Naskar was shot in the leg and seriously injured by Ali Akbar Seikh. Smt. Sulata Ghosh (sister of Tapas) was fully stripped and molested. A few other Hindu women were molested as well.

24) Date – 07.03.2013. Place – Rasa village. PS – Kankartala. Dist. – Birbhum.

Description – Dispute between Hindus and Muslims over illegal mining of coal. Result – On February 7, 2013, a Hindu woman was beaten almost to death by Muslims inducing Hindus to opt for a peaceful blockade of road. This peaceful Hindu protest was avenged by savagery on the part of the neighboring Muslims of village Sahapur. Hindu houses were set to fire followed by molestation of Hindu women and beastly thrashing of Hindus in general. While more than 40 Hindu houses and shops were burnt down, other households were looted. Hindus in the area now maintain a hand-to-mouth existence.

While this devastation was going on, Hindus phoned the local police station. Police came but remained silent spectators.

25) Date – 20.02.2013. Place – 4 Hindu villages named Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladahora. PS – Canning. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – To avenge the murder of the Imam of a Kolkata mosque by unknown assailants, 200 truckloads of Muslims from distant Kolkata and other places attacked these 4 villages and ravaged, looted, gutted Hindu houses and establishments. The Police were again meek spectators. In fact, the rioters took diesel from the police jeeps to burn the Hindu houses.

26) Date – 20.02.2013. Place – Jalaberia. PS – Kultali. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Smt. Krishna Banik, a Hindu housewife, while returning from Kolkata, was forcibly abducted by the Muslims at Mollar Chak and raped. The culprits also looted Rs. 8000 which she was bringing for her daughter’s marriage.

27) Date – 20.02.2013. Place – Priyor Mor village. PS – Joynagar. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – 19 shops owned by Hindus were looted in the market of Priyor Mor by Muslims.

28) Date – 14.05.2012. Place – Taranagar and Roopnagar villages (2). PS – Joynagar. Dist. – South 24 Parganas.

Description – To retaliate the murder of a SUCI Muslim leader, Muslims resorted to large scale violence. They looted and gutted about 100 Hindu houses of these 2 villages.


1. Hundreds of such incidents of Muslim atrocities against Hindus are occurring every month all over West Bengal. Neither the administration nor the police takes cognizance of these atrocities.

2 : I would like to mention an incident of another person if only to show the number and might of Fundamentalist Muslims and West Bengal state administration.

Date – 02.09.2013. Place – Rampurhat. PS – Margram. Dist. – Birbhum.

The former Judge of Calcutta High Court, a former renowned lawyer, and a sitting minister of the TMC Government led by Mamata Banerjee, Mr. Nure Alam Chowdhury was shackled, beaten up, and remained hostage for eight hours by fundamentalist Muslims at his own place Margram. His forefathers were zamindars there for seven generations. His girl’s college named after his mother– the Asaleha Girl’s college–was set on fire, completely gutted and now remains closed. The new building has been encroached by a mosque.

For details see – indianexpress.com/article/cities/kolkata/mamata-minister-held-hostage-for-8-hours-over-disputed-land/.

The reason behind this attack/anger, which no media mentioned, was that his wife Mamtaz Sanghamitra, a Hindu convert, during the 2013 Eid Namaz, successfully made arrangements for Muslim women to offer Namaz collectively on an open ground like male Muslims.

These comments make an important correction to the final item in the above:

Quote:Paroma Das says:

June 6, 2014 at 5:05 pm

Mamtaz Sanghamitra is NOT a Hindu convert: [color="#0000FF"]thestatesman.net/news/42968-habibulla-daughter-challenges-cpm-mp.html[/color]


Tapan Ghosh says:

June 8, 2014 at 11:24 am

Yes, you are right. Mamtaz Sanghamitra is Muslim by birth. It is a mistake on the part of author of the report.

But here's a totally different comment, one by a vile little moron called Puneet:

Quote:puneet says:

June 6, 2014 at 7:58 pm

In my encounter with bongs on twitter,fb etc and i wont stereotype but a very big chunk of them were ‘progressive/secular/liberal’ and some were even such regionalist,that they called sanskrit as ‘hindustani’ and claimed bengali to be very diff from it. Part of my brain [color="#800080"](what brain?)[/color] thinks theres nothing hindu left about that state.the days of bankim r gone.


I don't know why someone who thinks of twitter and fb "etc" as representative of anyone in India - other than angelsk-speaking and de-heathenised - let alone as representative of the Hindus, would ever be taken seriously. I mean, most Hindoos still don't speak Inglish. And many more don't have Internet, let alone time to waste on brainless activities like twitting and faceplanting I mean facebooking.

(E.g. I don't have any relatives on FaceCrooks or TwitHeads. And they're all Hindu. And they're almost middle-class, for a 3rd world. So who knows how many Hindoo Bengalis there are that the likes of Puneet will never meet, because he's busy hanging out where only his own types congregate?)

And so, Tomorrow, when Moron Puneet (but he's not the first to sell Hindoo Bengalis down the drain for excuses like "Bengal deserve islam for being communist", except Bengal got hijacked by communism, like TN by DMK-ism and SL Hindu religion by christo-LTTE) -

Tomorrow when Puneet goes to play "nationalist vocalist" - or whatever he does in his spare time - on twithead and facecrook, and meets equally loudmouthed DMK-ites and christo-terrorists from TN, he will next declare that TN is no longer Hindu either (never mind that TN like KN etc is one of the most HindOO spaces in the world) and that instead TN must from his prodigious experience be "mostly progressive/secular/liberal/rational/atheist DMK and christo".

I'm again reminded of SandeepWeb or something like it who suddenly "discovered temples" and equally-moronically pretended that actual Hindoos - who'd been visiting the Temples of their Gods with a great, devout constancy since the beginning of heathenism - didn't exist anymore, only because SandeepWeb/whoever couldn't be bothered noticing Hindoos (just like they hadn't noticed Temples until Suddenly they remembered these existed). Morons.

And even if Bengal had all of 100 or less Hindoos, they'd still be worth protecting and having fellow-feeling for, rather than betraying them like only wretched unheathen traitors would.

Next time, when it's Puneet et al's turn to stare into the abyss (oh but soon!) and to look around desperately for support (even were it but moral), must kick them when they're down too. And spit in their faces. And other such cruel (but suddenly appealing to my naturally evil and vengeful mind) phrases. Bengali Hindoos should do the honours. But if they're too noble to - which I more than suspect they might be - and moreover threaten to be magnanimous and take pity on utterly unworthy Puneet etc, I will have to shove them out of harm's way and kick some well-deserved dust into Puneet's eyeballs myself, and remind him there's no We. "Hey, it's not that I don't believe in team spirit, it's just that you never made the team."

It must be nice to be a venomous snake and bite vile people at will and then look about innocently and declare/hiss that I'm a snake onlee.

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