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Indian Christians - People Discussion
This thread is to discuss about Indian Christians.
How they interact in the diaspora and how they interact with the west.

What do they tell the western people regarding Indians.
There are a couple of syrian eastern rite xtians who are helpful and work with Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation

Most are conversion oriented scumbags

Prema Kurien a kerala xtian researcher wrote a nasty book about hindu americans and how awful that they refuse the south asian tag

Many of them come to the west thinking they will be welcomed into western churches
What happens is that the local whites dont want them miscegenating with their daughters and they are asked to join black, mexican or asian churches
Eventually they set up their own churches
What we need to watch out for are cases when Indian Christians experience racism in the West and then ask Hindus to come to their rescue in the name of "South Asian unity".

If that happens, we should probably leave them to fend for themselves. Our resources are better spent helping other Hindus.
[url="http://www.dailypioneer.com/state-editions/kochi/101592-christianizing-india-is-catholic-churchs-major-goal.html"]Christianizing India is Catholic Church’s major goal[/url]
Quote:Christianization of India – and not Indianization of Christ – is the major goal of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. Any attempt to derail this goal should be defeated through solidification of faith through spiritual campaigns, says a study document on protection of faith prepared as part of the Year of Faith observance by the Catholic Church

In the particular context of the strengthening of several smaller Christian sects, especially in Kerala, the document says that measures will have to be adopted to avoid the splintered sects, including the Protestants, influencing the faithful belonging to the Syro-Malabar Church. It criticizes some such sects by identifying them by their names.

“It doesn’t have any mysterious connotation,” said a Kochi-based senior priest of the Catholic Church when asked to explain the concept of Christianizing India. “There cannot be different Christs and Christian beliefs for different countries. In that sense, Indianization of Christ is impossible. It would be contrary to faith if anybody is attempting to do this,” he said.


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