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Christoislamaniacs cannibalising each other and themselves
Couldn't decide on which thread title was most fitting.


- Christoislamaniacs murdering each other off and terrorising each other (not that I care. Rather they kill each other than either of them killing heathens)

- Anyone else who beats down christoislamania. E.g. Chinese crackdown on islamania

- How the christowest's conversion of heathen nations makes them 3rd worlds with 3rd world mentalities. All "ethnic" christists are laughed at as more retarded than even the most dimwitted and illiterate western christist. Conversion of Asia and Africa is regarded by the west as a way to manufacture a permanent 3rd world in Asia and Africa and never have competition: christowest knows full well that a converted Asia and Africa will never amount to anything (let alone competition).

To start, reposting from the christianism thread:


Quote:22 Apr 2014 - 12:12pm

UN evacuates 100 Muslims from CAR

The UN has evacuated 93 Muslims from the capital of the crisis-torn Central African Republic to protect them from Christian vigilante groups. Source AAP

UPDATED 12:14 PM - 22 Apr 2014.

[color="#0000FF"]The United Nations has evacuated almost 100 Muslims from the capital of the crisis-torn Central African Republic to "save their lives", officials say.[/color]

Supported by staff from the UN's refugee agency, 93 Muslims were transported east from Bangui to the town of Bambari, says El Hadj Abacar ben Ousmane, senior official in the town about 300km from the capital.

[color="#0000FF"]Sectarian violence in the former French colony has killed thousands in the past year.[/color]

The Muslim group travelled to Bambari from Sunday through to Monday in two trucks, accompanied by a convoy of vehicles from the French peacekeeping force Sangaris, the UNHCR refugee agency and the International Organisation for Migration.

The convoy was pelted with stones as it passed through the town of Sibut, a member of the African-led MISCA peacekeeping force told AFP.

[color="#0000FF"]"This is a measure to save their lives,[/color] taken as a last resort after a long time considering their case," said Tammi Sharpe, deputy head of the UNHCR in the Central Africa Republic.

[color="#0000FF"]She said the evacuated Muslims had been "constantly attacked" in their northern Bangui neighbourhood of PK 12, where conditions at the moment are "particularly tense".[/color]

In Bambari, a Christian-majority town of 45,000 people, El Hadj Abacar ben Ousmane said Muslims and Christians could live in "harmony".

"We would have no objection to welcoming others," he said. "We have no problems with each other."

The Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the world, plunged into a crisis after a coup by the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels in March last year.

After seizing power, some rebels went rogue and embarked on a campaign of killing, raping and looting.

[color="#800080"](This is obviously alleged. Poor innocent islamaniac jihadi terrorists have obviously been framed! As also frequently happens in Pakistan, where poor islamaniacs get blamed for christians killing themselves bloodily.)[/color]

The abuses prompted members of [color="#FF0000"]the Christian majority to form vigilante groups, unleashing brutal tit-for-tat killings - leaving thousands dead, close to a million displaced and warnings the country is on the brink of genocide.[/color]
Upon first reading the above news article of how christoterrorists were literally genociding islamaniacs in the Central African Republic [CAR], there were 0 (as in 0) tweets and heads up on facebook and other social twit sites for that news items. Obviously, since the audience was primarily christo-western - or christoconditioned at a minimum - and they wouldn't want such news to get wide publicity, since it made christianism no better than islam. (Meanwhile everyone else knows that christianism=islam)

Yet, the following news article from the same news site got lots of re-tweets etc. I am certain *everybody* the world over was immediately acquainted with the news that the taliban-like Boko Haram outfit had kidnapped girls from a school in Nigeria, most of whom - the news never forgets to remind us (it is the whole point of its exercise) - are christian. And Boko Haram has threatened to sell them into slavery - as christoislam regularly did in Africa.

In contrast, not many seem to know about what's been going down in the CAR.

The Boko Haram news gets so much publicity only because since some poor little christists were the innocent victims of evil islamania. So not only is this news of a couple of hundred kidnappees passed around more on social networking sites, it is also more reported on (and repeatedly) by all international news agencies. Never mind that 1000s of islamaniacs have been genocided by christians in the CAR - with no end in sight - and a million islamaniacs have been ethnically cleansed by the christians, in contrast to a few hundred fresh kidnappings. Yet no equal reporting. And that's all down to the christo-[color="#FF0000"]biases[/color] of the christo "international" media.

Note that I actually don't really care about islamaniacs or christomaniacs: they're an utter horror to everybody - and though the Nigerian girls are innocent kids now, they turn into missionary terrorists tomorrow (Nigerian christo-women are HORRORs to heathen Nigerian kids, burning and torturing them to death for "witchcraft", and Nigerians have convert-or-killed many of the native heathen Nigerians). So their cannibalising each other is a *good* thing, since it means the rest of the world get some respite from their conjoined christoislami terrorism.

(No I *really* don't care. I'm way past caring. I don't care about zombies, which includes those infected with zombie-ism. I'm utterly sorry for all the African heathens murdered out by local converts to christoislamania. So when the carriers of the christo-class memes are being tormented, as they now are, I feel nothing at all.)

1. sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/05/10/nigeria-military-ignored-kidnap-warning

Quote:10 May 2014 - 6:12am

Nigeria military 'ignored kidnap warning'

International teams have arrived in Nigeria to help look for the kidnapped girls as the military faces accusations it didn't act on warnings of the attack.




Nigeria's military was warned of an attack on a school in which more than 200 girls were abducted by Boko Haram Islamists but failed to act for nearly five hours, Amnesty International said Friday.

The allegation, which the military has denied, came as US, British and French experts arrived in the country to help trace the schoolgirls and Nigeria said a round-the-clock search was under way.

At least 10 army search teams were trying to track down the girls in the remote far northeast, border guards were on high alert and the air force had so far flown at least 250 sorties.

Nigeria is keen to demonstrate that it is acting to trace the 223 girls still missing, after three weeks where the teenagers' parents and families accused them of inaction and indifference.

But Amnesty's claims are likely to heap further pressure on the embattled government and military.

Hundreds of people from the girls' home town of Chibok, in northeastern Borno state, took to the streets of the state capital, Maiduguri, to vent their frustrations at the lack of immediate action.

At the same time, Nelson Mandela's widow Graca Machel broke her customary mourning period to plead for the girls' safe return.

Amnesty said that from 7pm on April 14, military commanders had repeated warnings about an impending raid in Chibok.

Two senior military officers said not enough troops could be found to head to the town to stave off the attack, as soldiers were reluctant to face guerilla fighters who were better equipped.

Up to 200 armed Boko Haram fighters eventually abducted 276 girls at about 11.45pm after fighting a small number of police and soldiers stationed in the town.

Amnesty's Africa director for research and advocacy, Netsanet Belay, described the situation as a "gross dereliction of Nigeria's duty to protect civilians", adding that people remained "sitting ducks" for future attacks.

Defence spokesman Chris Olukolade told AFP that Amnesty's allegation was "unfounded, as usual".

The girls' kidnap and threat by Boko Haram's leader Abubakar Shekau in a video that he would sell them as slaves has triggered world outrage and a groundswell of calls for action on social networks.

Along with a US team, UK defence ministry personnel, and a small French contingent, China and Interpol have also pledged expert support.

2. time.com/#95736/china-xinjiang-terrorism-uighur-video/

ht tp:// ti.me/1lnd1xS

Quote:Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls

Charlotte Alter @charlottealter 8:55 AM ET

A new video released by the extremist group Boko Haram purportedly shows for the first time some of the Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped last month, with leader Abubakar Shekau claiming he'll release the girls in exchange for prisoners, amid global condemnation of Nigeria's handling of the abductions


For Nigeria’s Missing Girls, the End of Terror Is Nowhere In Sight

Malala: Save My Nigerian Sisters

[color="#800080"](TSP human-rights poster-teen Malala Yousufzai sounds more and more like a cryptochristist each time she make the international news. Because all faithful muslimahs are rabid islamaniacs, and willing to defend even the taliban in the face of non-muslims. Those who don't promote islamania are not True Muslims. Further, those alleged muslimahs that get too many awards and screen time in the international media for exposing islamania for the terror it is, are trainees, hirelings and essentially cryptochristists. Until Malala criticises christomania with equal force, she cannot be regarded as an atheist or humanist or whatever, but a cryptochristian or a typical 3rd world native manipulable entity.

Also the whole "my Nigerian sisters" drama of hers sounds far too much like the usual christian identification whenever the majority victims are christians.)[/color]

A new video released by the extremist group Boko Haram claims to show for the first time more than 100 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted last month, amid growing outrage at the kidnapping and the government’s response.

The authenticity of the video, first obtained by AFP, could not immediately be confirmed. It depicts the girls wearing hijab and praying. In the video, a leader of the group boasts that the girls, who came from both Christian and Muslim families, have converted to Islam. “We have indeed liberated them,” the militant leader Abubakar Shekau says in the video. “These girls have become Muslims, they are Muslims.”

Shekau says he will only release the schoolgirls if the Nigerian government frees Boko Haram prisoners. “It is now four years or five years that you have arrested our brethren, they are still in your prison and you are doing many things to them, and now you are talking about these girls?” he said. “We will never release them until you release our brethren.”

In an earlier video, Shekau had threatened to force the girls into marriage, saying he would “sell them in the market, by Allah.”

Boko Haram kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from their school in Chibok almost a month ago, and an international social media campaign is demanding their release. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has been widely criticized for his failure to prevent the attack and for his response. The United States announced last week that it was sending a team to aid in search and rescue of the girls.

3. news.msn.co.nz/article.aspx?id=8843651

Quote:Video claims to show missing schoolgirls

22:28 Mon May 12 2014

by AAP

Boko Haram has released a video claiming to show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls, alleging the teenagers had converted to Islam and will not be released until all militant prisoners are freed.

The group's leader, Abubakar Shekau, speaks on the video for 17 minutes before showing what he said were the girls, in Muslim dress and praying in an undisclosed rural location.

A total of 276 girls were abducted on April 14 from the northeastern town of Chibok, in Borno state, which has a sizeable Christian community. Some 223 are still missing.

The footage shows about 130 girls in black and grey full-length hijabs sitting on scrubland near trees, reciting the first chapter of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, and holding their palms upwards in prayer.

Three of the girls are interviewed. Two say they were Christian and had converted while one said she was Muslim. Most of the group were seated. The girls appeared calm and one said that they had not been harmed.

There was no indication of when the video was taken, although the quality is better than on previous occasions and at one point an armed man is seen in shot with a hand-held video camera.

Boko Haram has been waging an increasingly deadly insurgency in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north since 2009, attacking schools teaching a "Western" curriculum, churches and government targets.

Civilians, though, have borne the brunt of recent violence, with more than 1,500 killed this year alone while tens of thousands have been displaced after their homes and businesses were razed.

Nigeria's government has been criticised for its lack of immediate response to the kidnapping but has been forced to act after Shekau threatened to sell the girls as slaves.

President Goodluck Jonathan has now accepted help from the United States, Britain, France, China and Israel, which have sent specialist teams to help in the search effort.

In the video, Shekau appears in front of a lime green canvas backdrop wearing combat fatigues and carrying an automatic weapon. Shekau does not appear in the same shot as the girls at any point during the 27-minute video.

Speaking in Hausa and Arabic, he restates his claim of responsibility made in a video released last Monday and said the girls had converted to Islam.

"These girls, these girls you occupy yourselves with ... we have indeed liberated them. We have indeed liberated them. Do you know we have liberated them? These girls have become Muslims," he said.

The militant leader said that Boko Haram's brothers in arms had been held in prison for up to five years and suggested that the girls would be released if the fighters were freed.

"We will never release them (the girls) until after you release our brethren. Here I mean those girls who have not submitted (converted to Islam)," he added.

Boko Haram has used kidnapping of women and young girls in the past and Shekau indicated that more were being held.

Eleven girls were abducted from the Gwoza area of Borno state on May 4.

© AFP 2014

I've had enough of the christomania infestation in India (and the christo chorus overseas) encouraging jihad against Hindoos in the Hindu homeland. You regularly see converts as well as traitors in their pay declare in court that Hindu victims of the sexual jihad "rightfully belong to islam under shariah rules".

So maybe the islamaniacs infesting India will feel emboldened/encouraged to kidnap christos from Indian christoschools too. Especially as christos are gaining in numbers in India - being a sizeable so-called "minority - they will increasingly become a more immediate target for islamaniacs, same as they are in TSP, and get the same special treatment from their brethren in monotheism. (And the day christos outstrip Hindus in number in India is when christos become the #1 target of islamania. Mwahahahahahaha.)

And then India will be CAR and E Timor etc etc all over again. A permanent hell-hole of a 3rd world, like Africa has become under christoislamania. Christo-class memes promise perennial 3rd world status.
Nigeria reminded me.

Long ago - before I even noticed this forum - there was a revelatory comment on the site ex-christian.net. It's a support site for ex-christians hosted by an American ex-christian. (It is frequently trolled by Indian converts (not African, S American, Korean or any other, but Indian - curioso; also indicative of the vast numbers of Indian missionaries ready to re-convert the west to the jeebus plague), instructed by American christians to go there and missionise on the American ex-christians, since these last have become so immune to American christian missionising attempts which Americans call "witnessing". And so, Indian trolls I mean christians are told to go "witness" at the poor ex-christians trying to help each other to recover past the horrible damage christianism has done to their mental health and general situation.

The ex-christian site featured pages of "Testimonies" of why people left christianism, as a means of allowing the apostate to exorcise the demon of christianism and for the ex-christian congregation to support each other in their bold steps out of the great cult of the christo-class meme. So each testimony got understanding comments from other ex-christians - as well as attracting the eternal spam from christians sent to evangelise and threaten the poor victims of christianism.

One of these testimonies back then featured a comment by someone who explained that he left christianism on the very day that his church collected funds for running arms in Nigeria as a means to convert more Nigerians to the true faith. (The way AmriKKKan baptist churches collected funds to arm the christoterrorist outfit NLFT in India's northeast, and now the latter are even self-sustaining with Indian churches being able to fund them, as well as the NLFT's christian rape-porn industry as was seen in BBC news.)

American christians are *not* unaware of christian terrorism in Nigeria: they not only know it full well, many churches are often the primary funders and even instigators.

(Any heathen who ever reads this post: please leave ex-christians at that and other apostate sites alone, they've gone through enough. More importantly, the increasing numbers of lame neo-'Hindus' desperate for alien converts don't need to missionise on poor ex-christian Americans either. They don't want religion let alone your new-age religion.)

When trying to track down that old testimony which featured that short but damning comment on ex-christian net, I instead found the following statements in a discussion on what factors could have prevented ex-christians from waking up and apostasising. Putting up an excerpt because it ties in nicely with the point:

Quote:Christo-class memes promise perennial 3rd world status.

It is well-recognised - and even noticed in informal contexts - that there's a 1:1 relationship between conversion to christianism (and islam) and a perennial 3rd world mentality. <- Both that exclusively 3rd world mentalities in heathen climes are *attracted* to christianism and that christianism keeps such characters forever imprisoned in their 3rd world mentality. And as the conversion of the heathen nation grows - first by converting the willing 3rd world mentalities, and then by these converts forcibly convert-or-killing the heathens - the heathen nation itself, having become christianised, becomes a permanent 3rd world.


Quote:4. Put this together with #2 and #3. One of the encouragements that kept me going for so many years was reading about the church in the Third World. The church in Europe was a skeleton that had maybe a few bits of meat left on it, and the church in the USA was an obscene bloated joke, but the church in Africa, in China, in India, in Brazil, was pure. Just like back in the 1st Century AD. Especially in China because they were thriving despite gov't persecution. The church even existed in North Korea!

Well, there's parts of Africa where the born-agains are just as nasty as any other faction. Swaziland is a Christian theocracy ruled by their kooky queen. Evangelical mobs go on killing sprees against Muslims in Nigeria, and vice versa. There's born again militias elsewhere committing atrocities like everyone else. Finding out about all that really soured me.

Also, there was something Dawkins once said, about Christian rhetoriticians trying to appeal to educated people. Even I knew it was a fool's gambit, as I myself have more or less been in academia for a number of years now. There's just virtually nothing you can say to win over a truly educated person, I've come to realize. Dawkins said "you might as well just continue to chase after the uneducated, with Virgin Mary sightings and racuous revival meetings and emotional manipulation." I knew he was right. Not to sound like some kind of elitist neo-imperialist, but all those poor Third Worlders were falling for it because they have even less formal education than Bible Belt trailer trash!

And another comment:

Quote:I think if my idealization of the Third World church wouldn't have been shattered, that might have helped keep me going.

What's important for heathens to note - and for would-be converts in India and the rest of the unconverted world - is that every sane western person no longer blinkered by christianism thinks that only morons/mentally-backward people would be christian. And they view the so-called 3rd world as illiterate and retarded - which is why christianism aims to convert the "3rd world" since it thinks the 3rd world is illiterate and hence easy to convert - which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: even if heathen countries are not illiterate let alone filled with morons, the convert-or-kill method employed (which kills off insubvertible heathens and allows the convertibles=retards to breed) makes heathen nations into the converted=retarded permanent 3rd world. And yes, Indian christians and African christians are indeed as dopey if not more so than '1st world' christo hicks.

- A christianised India will amount to nothing, case in point is christianised Nagaland - they're at best just considered quaint cultural relics by the western missionaries who converted them, who further know very well that christian Nagaland will never amount to anything; even less than christian E Timorese.

- Of course, an islamised India will be like TSP/BD: a 4th world. (A whole new number has to be invented for islamised Indians.)

And even a secularised India is surprisingly terrible at everything. Whereas a secularised E and SE Asia is not. (Seems to be uniquely Indians that don't do well when they de-heathenise.... The minute Indians stop being heathen, they just mentally regress <- Shameful, but factual, from repeated observations from over a decade. Sort of like how uniquely Greeks never recovered in any sense after christianisation: they went from high up on the scale of respectability when they were heathen, to being a modern nation largely ignored and considered low-ranking by the west in current times.)

An overly-obvious, unmistakable example of how de-heathenisation/secularisations affects Indians differently from E-Asians (and many SE Asians):

Whereas secularised India only comes out with modern "Indian" art - which the west thinks is "good enough" for 3rd worlders like Indians to aspire to - the *west* does not consider modern art the epitomy of creativity (let alone admire it as worth emulating): the west envies the E Asians' exceptional artistic abilities. The west has never been able to socially-engineer E Asia or even most of SE Asia to relinquish true artistry and adopt the snake oil of modern art in return. The west grudgingly praises - and holds as its own exemplary - superlative E Asian artforms, as E Asians are repeatedly superior in all these to the west. Meanwhile 3rd world secular Indian mentalities can only do "3rd world art" aka modern art. [Of course, it's not just western people that are laughing at modern aka secular Indians' scrawls. I'm laughing at them too.]

Perfect analogy for India:

A de-heathenised (secularised) India = modern "art".

Hindu India = Hindu artistry. (Hindu sacred imagery and Hindu art is well-respected by even E Asian super-artists. Whereas no one but Indian "elitists" and other secular dweebs admire the increasingly ubiquitous Indian "modern art" crap. But I agree that such 3rd world crap is well-suited for crappy 3rd world mentalities.)

Western social engineering and conversion of Indians is deliberately killing Indian aristry (which is actually exclusively Hindu artistry/creativity).

Every [heathen/unconverted] E Asian person I know - and I mean every single one of my acquaintance - is highly creative in at least one if not more areas. Painters/illustrators, singers plus other instruments, musicians (composers), fantasy writers. And that's just their hobby.

Meanwhile, modern Indians at best do "modern art", which - if ever made public to the world - will get no more than sniggers from the west and looks of pity from the unconverted East. "Poor 3rd worlder, incapable, no actual skills and not possessed of any actual talent. No sense of aesthetics, no culture of true creativity and artistry. Nevertheless, we must applaud them for their 3rd world attempt, even though we naturally have higher standards for ourselves."

Sort of like India gets oscars for slumdog millionaire (though a British film) whereas no western film would have got an oscar for the same crap: different standards and expectations for 3rd world loser mentalities.

I tend to snigger at modern Indians' "modern art" along with the west. No pity at all.* (E Asians are too kind.)

Because I know - unlike the alien christowest - that it's not our ethnicity that's to blame for our sudden (and hereafter) low achievement: HindOOs are *great* artists. E Asians actually love Hindoo art work and eagerly look at it. They actually admire HindOO artists as true artists. But I said HindOO: it is only HindOOs they appreciate in this too, and not any other kind of Indian. But then, heathen E Asians have great taste.

* Note: the criticism is not of Hindoo Indians but secular/modern kinds.
Modern Indian nationalists "RaRa" tend to hate China so much that they prefer to champion the cause of the islamaniacs where China is concerned.

But I cheer when China doesn't roll over in the face of islamania but treats the christo-class meme as it deserves.

Sure, the Chinese govt is brutal to its own people - as its people themselves often relate - but at least China will not allow islamaniacs to terrorise the Chinese.

(In contrast, in christo-ruled India, the christos in charge promote jihad rather than curtail it, in order to direct the jihad for their own ends. And Indian nationalists seem to be able to do nothing to stop let alone reverse the unrelenting flood of islamania eating into the Hindu homeland.)

1. channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/more-than-200-held-in/1102870.html

Quote:More than 200 held in China terror video crackdown

POSTED: 12 May 2014 11:18

Police in China's Xinjiang region, home to mainly Muslim Uighurs, have arrested more than 200 people over six weeks for "dissemination of violent or terrorist videos", state media said on Monday, amid a wave of train station attacks.

Security personnel taking part in a counter-terrorism drill in Beijing following a spate of attacks blamed on Xinjiang-based separatists. (AFP)

BEIJING: Police in China's Xinjiang region, home to mainly Muslim Uighurs, have arrested more than 200 people over six weeks for "dissemination of violent or terrorist videos", state media said on Monday, amid a wave of train station attacks.

Police in the far western region, which is periodically hit by unrest, detained 232 people who "have circulated videos promoting terrorism through the Internet and on portable devices", the state-run Global Times newspaper said, citing a Legal Daily report.

Xinjiang's regional government announced a ban in late March on downloading, saving or spreading "terror-related" videos online.

The ban includes video and audio materials "advocating violence and terrorism, religious extremism and separation of ethnic groups", according to the Global Times.

News of the arrests follows a series of violent incidents both inside and beyond Xinjiang which Chinese authorities have blamed on separatists from the area.

In April, assailants using knives and explosive devices struck at a rail station in the Xinjiang capital Urumqi, resulting in three deaths, including two attackers, and 79 wounded.

[color="#0000FF"]And, in March, 29 were killed and 143 wounded in a horrific knife assault at a railway station in the southwestern city of Kunming, which some Chinese media have dubbed the country's "9/11".

Beijing says groups including the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) and East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), influenced by Al-Qaeda, have inspired and even orchestrated violence in China from Central Asia, which borders Xinjiang.[/color]

Some experts, however, question the influence of the TIP, a shadowy organisation that has released videos praising attacks in China but has yet to explicitly claim responsibility for them.

Last week, a lone knifeman was shot and caught after a slashing attack that injured six people at a train station in the southern city of Guangzhou.

- AFP/fa

2. time.com/#95736/china-xinjiang-terrorism-uighur-video/

http :// ti.me/1nDXzhC

Quote:China Cracks Down on ‘Terrorist Videos,’ Arrests More Than 200

Charlie Campbell @charliecamp6ell 4:14 AM ET

[color="#0000FF"]Beijing arrested 232 people who "circulated videos promoting terrorism through the Internet and on portable devices" as the nation continues to reel from a series of knife attacks at rail stations that have been blamed on the autonomy-seeking Uighur minority[/color]


Not Again: Knife Attack at Train Station in Southern China

In China, Deadly Bomb and Knife Attack Rocks Xinjiang Capital

The Internet Helped Cause the Kunming Terrorist Attack, Says China

Police in China’s restive northwest have arrested more than 200 people for “dissemination of violent or terrorist videos,” state media said Monday.

[color="#0000FF"]The six-week security operation in Xinjiang, home to the mainly Muslim Uighur minority group, comes after a spate of bombings and knife attacks at train stations across the country.

A total of 232 people who “circulated videos promoting terrorism through the Internet and on portable devices” have been detained, the state-run Global Times newspaper said, citing a Legal Daily report.[/color]

In late March, Xinjiang’s regional government announced a ban on possessing “terror-related” videos or spreading them via the Internet.

The crackdown was introduced after the March 1 slaughter of 29 people at a railway station in the southwestern city of Kunming by at least 10 knife-wielding attackers. Some 143 others were wounded in the incident, which was blamed on Uighur separatists.

On April 30, a knife-and-bomb attack struck a rail station in Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi just as Chinese President Xi Jinping was wrapping up a tour of the northwestern region. The raid left 79 wounded and three dead, including two attackers.

Then on May 6, six people were injured by at least one knife-wielding assailant at a train station in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. One suspect was shot and detained by security officials.

Relations between China’s majority Han population and the Uighur minority are tense, especially in Xinjiang, where many Uighurs demand greater autonomy and say they are being overwhelmed by a flood of Han migrants. Beijing counters that its policies have brought higher living standards and prosperity to the resource-rich region.


And instead of communist China terrorising the poor Tibetans, China should direct all its oppression at islamania, which deserves it.

If there is one nation in our modern times that can quell islam - and wipe it off the face of country and the lands it occupies - it is China.

Don't know why Indians feel incomprehensible solidarity with islamaniacs. Uighurs are not innocent or misunderstood or downtrodden. For once, tyrants are oppressing the deserved. Sure the same Chinese state is no good to India and SE Asia and the rest of E Asia. But the christoislamic enemies of Hindus' enemies are not Hindus' friends.

Other interesting items on Time:


Quote:The Netherlands Tells Immigrants to Learn Dutch or Get Out

[Image of a muslimah with veil]

[color="#800080"](The Dutch are too generous. They should tell islamics to forswear the koran/allah and de-convert from islam to humanism or get out. Islamics have regularly murdered Dutch politicians.)[/color]

France's face veil ban is just the latest controversial law aimed at assimilating new immigrants in Europe. The Netherlands now requires Dutch fluency to become a citizen


South Korea says North Korea 'must disappear soon'

Sounds like a christo-threat...

3. online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304831304579543350444117012

Quote:China's Terrorism Problem


Beijing needs a "strike-first approach against terrorists in the region," Mr. Xi said before his four-day visit to Xinjiang, adding that leaders must "make terrorists like rats scurrying across the street, with everybody shouting, 'Beat them!'" After the Urumqi bombing he declared that "decisive action must be taken to resolutely crush the arrogance of violent terrorists."


Well, that's a change from hearing the "islam means peace" lie that the christowest always peddles/foists on others, even as the christowest then goes into islamic lands and blows up islamics. The only difference is that - unlike the christowest - the Chinese aren't hypocritical in their talk about islam vs their actions against islam.

4. reuters.com/article/2014/05/06/us-china-xinjiang-insight-idUSBREA450X520140506

Quote:In China's Xinjiang, economic divide seen fuelling ethnic unrest

By Michael Martina

URUMQI, China Tue May 6, 2014 5:33pm EDT

(Reuters) - Hundreds of migrant workers from distant corners of China pour daily into the Urumqi South railway station, their first waypoint on a journey carrying them to lucrative work in other parts of the far western Xinjiang region.

Like the columns of police toting rifles and metal riot spears that weave between migrants resting on their luggage, the workers are a fixture at the station, which last week was targeted by a bomb and knife attack the government has blamed on religious extremists.

"We come this far because the wages are good," Shi Hongjiang, 26, from the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing, told Reuters outside the station. "Also, the Uighur population is small. There aren't enough of them to do the work."

Shi's is a common refrain from migrant workers, whose experience finding low-skilled work is very different to that of the Muslim Uighur minority.

Employment discrimination, experts say, along with a demographic shift that many Uighurs feel is diluting their culture, is fuelling resentment that spills over into violent attacks directed at Han Chinese, China's majority ethnic group.

The apparent suicide attack on the station, which killed one bystander, was the latest violence to hit Xinjiang, despite a pledge from China's President Xi Jinping to rain "crushing blows against violent terrorist forces".

Many of the nearly 80 people wounded in the incident were likely to have been brought to Xinjiang, where Uighurs once formed the majority, by Han-controlled businesses to be construction workers or cotton-pickers.

That made the Xinjiang capital's southern station a "powerful symbol", said Nicholas Bequelin, a senior researcher at New York-based Human Rights Watch. "In any colonial setting you have people amongst the colonized who are ready to use violence against the colonizer," he said.


Resource-rich and strategically located on the borders of central Asia, Xinjiang is key to China's growing energy needs.

Estimates put Xinjiang's coal reserves at about 38 percent of the national total, while it already produces 13 of China's crude oil output and 30 percent of the country's natural gas.

But despite the vast mineral wealth and billions of dollars of investment, analysts say much of the proceeds have flowed to Han Chinese, stoking resentment amongst many Uighurs.

Han Chinese make up about 88 percent of the settlement controlled by the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, a state-run, semi-military organization that dominates cotton production and is involved in a raft of other industries in the region ranging from tomato growing to mining and construction.

In oil and gas investment, led by China National Petroleum Corp, many job opportunities also remain closed to Uighurs.

"Over the decades of oil development in Xinjiang, many workers have been brought in from all over China," said Barry Sautman, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. "The number of Uighurs who have enough engineering skills is very restricted, so the majority of positions are still being filled by the Han Chinese."


Ali, a Uighur father-of-three who runs a stall selling trinkets close to the train station, said sentiment towards the incoming workers ranges from resignation to bitter resentment.

"There are a lot of outsiders here," said the 37-year-old, who did not want to give his full name to a foreign reporter. "They are here to work, but there are few jobs for the locals."

The region has for years been beset by violence blamed by the Chinese government on Islamist militants and Uighur separatists who they say want to establish an independent state called East Turkestan.

More than 100 people have been killed in unrest in the past year, prompting a security crackdown in the region.

On Tuesday, a knife-wielding assailant wounded six people at a railway station in the southern city of Guangzhou. Police gave no reason for the attack, but for many it had echoes of the March stabbing to death of 29 people at another station in Kunming, in the southwest, which was blamed by the government on militants from Xinjiang.

A Xinjiang-based academic who declined to be named for fear of putting ongoing research at risk, said navigating ethnic tensions is more palatable to authorities than dealing with anger directed at the government's westward expansion policy.

"China would like this to be an issue of separatism," the scholar said. "You can roll a tank in to solve a separatist issue. How do you ask the Chinese government to solve this kind of policy grievance without fundamentally reforming itself? It can't happen."

That policy of encouraging economic development in the far west explains the allure of the region to migrant workers.

Xinjiang enjoys the fourth highest minimum wage among the country's provinces, regions and municipalities at 1,520 yuan ($240) per month, on a par with eastern industrial hubs such as Shandong and Guangdong provinces, and well above Beijing.

Many of the migrants work in construction. Others head south to Aksu, an agricultural hub between the country's western border with Kyrgyzstan and the Taklamakan Desert on the east. Aksu was the home of one of the two bombers killed in the Urumqi blast, according to police.


The vision of China's urban planners is on display in Toutunhe, a northern district of Urumqi, where high-rise apartments, massive government buildings and office parks are rising above the rugged Xinjiang landscape.

Plans for the development zone include software centers and wind power factories. On a recent trip to the area by Reuters, there were few signs of Uighur workers.

"Actually, the Uighurs don't come up here. I don't know why, they just don't," said Zhao Fuping, a 20-year-old construction worker.

Zhao, who graduated from middle school in Gansu province, earns a seasonal wage as high as 200 yuan a day. "It's very simple. The wages are better here," he said.

Others in the area, from migrant workers to a college educated grocery store owner, had similar views of Urumqi's ethnic boundaries.

"This place is not for Uighurs. We don't like it. We just come to deliver products," said a lone Uighur man, hurrying to board a bus to Erdaoqiao, the heart of the city's remaining predominantly Uighur neighborhood.


China vehemently denies that Uighurs are unfairly marginalized, and says it is addressing underdevelopment and lack of jobs in heavily Uighur areas such as southern Xinjiang.

In February, the government said it would pump an extra 61.66 billion yuan ($10.17 billion) into the region this year to improve housing and employment.

The latest plan is to add 800,000 textile industry jobs in a region that grows more than half of the country's cotton.

But that may do little to address Uighur resentment if many of the jobs are filled by imported Han labor.

Overt discrimination in job advertisements has become rarer in recent years, but activists say it persists.

Where some ads might once have openly discouraged Uighurs from applying, now it is not uncommon for them to make more subtle demands for native Chinese language skills, or to remind applicants that onsite lunch options do not include halal fare.

One Uighur from Urumqi, who asked not to be identified, said he had been rejected for a marketing position by an electronics company that cited the extra administrative burden of hiring Uighurs, which he said included special registration procedures and filing monthly reports to the public security bureau.

"They said if they wanted to hire me they would have a lot of extra work and they were worried about the hassle," the 24-year-old man with fluent Chinese told Reuters. "It's not like this thing has only happened once or twice. It's happened to me before and my girlfriend has had this problem before."

At a recent auto show at Urumqi's new exhibition center, few Uighurs came to inspect the new Audis, Volkswagens, Fords and Nissans. Visitors had to pass through two rounds of bag searches and metal detectors while armed police patrolled the grounds.

An Long, a Han university student working part-time as a car salesman, was frank about the gap between Han and Uighur.

"Why are there so few Uighurs here?" he said. "Because they can't afford to buy the cars."

($1 = 6.2455 Chinese Yuan)

(Additional reporting by Ben Blanchard, Natalie Thomas and Fayen Wong in Beijing; Editing by Alex Richardson)

[color="#800080"](Offtopic, another headline at reuters caught the eyeSmile[/color]

End of oil boom threatens Norway's welfare model

[color="#800080"](Hope this doesn't mean Europe is going to start colonising/terrorising other nations again for a source of funds...)[/color]

It's not just the communist Chinese govt that hates islam. The Chinese people hate islam too. (Whereas the Chinese people do *not* hate the Tibetans, but regularly express concern at the Chinese govt oppression of Tibetans.)

However, Uighurs will easily be accepted by the Chinese people if Uighurs will relinquish their christo-class meme (islam in this case). Chinese accept de-converted Hui readily.

For any not aware:

The largest "ethnic minority" in China are the Hui. Who - historically - were (forcible) converts to islam. They're actually Han and related Chinese, ethnicity-wise, but were converted to islam. Some individuals had a little Iranian ancestry because of the forcible conversions and because islamaniacs raped the Chinese.

Increasingly, Hui are deconverting (and even reverting to Daoism and some converting to Buddhism). In large numbers, apparently, a process which started quite long ago and accelerated with time.*

A famous Chinese Hui singer was advertised by ignorant internet islamaniacs as a "typically beautiful muslim Chinese" for being a Hui, since they mistook her first album which featured Hui cultural 'islamic' songs. Yet they ignored that she released a double album of christian 'cultural' songs thereafter and gave a performance in Israel (surely not very islamic). All of this is because she is the official Chinese govt-assigned promoter of various 'cultures' in China, directing these 'cultures' in the manner stipulated by the govt.

But, most importantly, her self-professed favourite work is to study ancient Chinese texts and poetry including especially Daoist. So her later albums contained ancient Chinese incl Daoist contents.

* E.g. Islamaniac Hui famously tried to convert Taiwan. A mullah and his islamic gang went over to Taiwain to build a mosque and thereby get a foothold to start terrorising the hyper-heathen locals. However, as even wikipedia admitted, the fervent mullah ended up feeling dejected: not only did he not make any converts, but he even lost his "islamic" Hui gang, who saw their chance and deconverted and then reverted to Daoism, and - after the mullah gave up and returned to spook China - the reverts converted the 'mosque' building they had constructed into a Daoist Temple. Can't resist the Daoist Gods, after all. It's the effect of the highly-heathen Daoist Taiwanese society which is blessed by the Gods.

In similar fashion, all islamics (and christians) infesting Chinese territories should revert to Daoism, and all mosques (and churches) be turned into Daoist Temples by the reverts, since Chinese populations and lands belong to the Dao/Shen.
Relevant news from India. Where christoislamics - on a momentary break from killing each other (but soon to resume, tataastu) - are busy dismembering their own, including apparently even their next generations. But then, what can ya expect from christoislamania, Really?

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/06/secular-kerala-secular-people-do-their.html

Quote:Monday, June 02, 2014

secular kerala: secular people do their thing

Retweeted by Sandeep Web

Swamiji ‏@AOLSwamiji 3h

[color="#0000FF"]Muslim orphanage in Kerala caught for Child Trafficking[/color] , but, since this comes under "SECULAR" category, media is silent ! @sagarikaghose

Retweeted by Sandeep Web

Swamiji ‏@AOLSwamiji 2h

[color="#0000FF"]Nun sets fire to fellow novice at St ANNE's CONVENT in Kerala.[/color] Since this is "SECULAR" , media is not making much noise! @sagarikaghose

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/06/quick-notes-fasting-fashion-statement.html

Quote:•[color="#FF0000"]Child trafficking plot thickens:[/color] Under pressure from Muslim League, Kerala govt shies away from launching full-fledged investigation

which links to [color="#0000FF"]telegraphindia.com/1140608/jsp/frontpage/story_18490435.jsp#.U5QD83bSt0t[/color]

Well, it's nice to know that islamaniacs don't just prevent Hindus from dragging the islamic rapists to the police and courts, but their fellow islamaniacs too.

Clearly islam treats muslim children as criminally as kufrs.

Must be what islam meant when it speaks of the "egalitarianism" and "brotherhood" of islam...


Quote:Child trafficking plot thickens- Under ally pressure, Kerala govt shies away from launching full-fledged investigation ANANTHAKRISHNAN G.

Sunday 8 June 2014

But there is something disturbing about the new invention of "orphanages" in islam...

3. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/06/kerala-christist-padre-rapes-9-year-old.html

Quote:Kerala christist Padre rapes 9 year old

Emulating his Abrahamic "prophets" in 21st century India. I hope this perverted ROL scum is given exemplary punishment. BJP elder statesman Shri L.K. Advani, in the past has advocated for capital punishment for rapists. [color="#800080"](Hear, hear)[/color]

Should the parents have sent the child for "communion" unsupervised knowing the history of the Christist church and its perverted padre vultures?


[color="#800080"](Raj2004 hosts an image and more news of christo paedophile predator stalking the Tamilnadu countryside. Hmmm, from his image, he takes after Wendy "The Paedophile" Doniger - in more ways than one.)[/color]

Quote:"PimpPreacher.com India Bureau 05/05/2014

Pimp Preacher has just received the first Pastor Complaint from India, and the nature of the crime comes as no surprise to our staff. Pastor Raju Kokken a Catholic priest was arrested after more than a week on the run from police. According to the victim –Pastor Raju Kokken offered the 9 year old girl communion and that’s when the victims says he sexually assaulted her. The girl told police that she was sexually assaulted twice by the priest afterwards, and Raju Kokken took naked photos of her on his mobile phone.

[color="#0000FF"]As Confirmed By India Today.com[/color]

Pastor Raju Kokken Arrested For Raping Girl Age 9: Lured Child With Communion , a 40-year-old Catholic priest at Saint Paul’s Church in Thaikkattussery, who was on the run since parents of a nine-year-old girl accused him of allegedly raping their daughter on April 25, was arrested from Poothappady in Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu on Sunday. "

Posted by karyakarta92 at 6/08/2014 01:49:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

4. Turns out that it was a christoterrorist - aka missionary - who has been abducted in Afghanistan by his Brethren In Monotheism, the Taliban:

From a comment at


Quote:1 comments:

Kesavan Nedungadi said...


Arnab Goswami was at his howling best on "Times Now TV", along with his "panelists" over the abduction of an Indian "aid" worker in Afghanistan (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india...958819.cms). What everyone seems to be blind to is that the abducted person is "Father Alexis Prem Kumar", a Christian missionary. He might have been trying to carry out "missionary work", i.e. religious propaganda and conversions, under the guise of "aid". Such activities would bring a bad reputation for India and even enmity. Our government has to guard against this. Did he go to Afghanistan for "aid" work with GoI's approval? Where does the money for his NGO come from? Is GoI also giving money to his NGO?

6/03/2014 10:14 AM

Post a Comment

But who can blame the Taliban? I for one wouldn't care if they've already done to this missionary=christian terrorist what they usually do. Missionaries and Taliban are the same, after all. Both are just the more rabid versions of the usual christoislamic terrorist types.

Predictably, India's christo cabal - the usual bleeding hearts association, as others have dubbed such types so aptly - is clamouring for the BJP (and Modi in particular) to essentially do Whatever It Takes to get the christo-terrorist released:


Quote:Saturday, June 07, 2014

Stephen Vaiko & TimesNow having sleepless nights

Foolhardy Jesuit "Father" Alexis Prem Kumar (sic) abducted by Taliban. What was he doing in Afghanistan? What "mission" was he executing? Was he serving India's national interests?

These foolhardy Indian christist missionaries are responsible for promoting disharmony and fishing in troubled waters in our extended neighborhood - Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar apart from remote regions of India itself. Their activities contribute to the deficit of trust and goodwill in our neighbors and give credence to dark rumors of "Indian interference".

Why should the Government of India and the Indian taxpayer have to bear the cross for this foolhardy Jesuit and others of his ilk? Isn't that the Vatican's responsibility?

[color="#800080"](Karyakarta provides a most interesting screenshot of India's christo-media news, highlighting their freudian slip: note how it reveals the christian meanings of secularSmile[/color]

Quote:Alexis Prem Kumar

Indian abducted in Herat

Modi's first International Challenge.

MDMK chief asks Modi to [color="#0000FF"]SECULAR[/color] release of the priest abducted in Herat.

Indian Abducted.

Breaking News

Vaiko writes to Modi

Posted by karyakarta92 at 6/07/2014 09:21:00 AM

If Modi's BJP does make any effort or even attempt (and I mean ANY) in the direction of getting the illegally-evangelising christian terrorist freed - when the Hindu Nationalist Party have so far (for as much as I have heard) not lifted a finger for releasing the Hindu innocents Dara Singh, Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemanand, Swami Amritananda, Purohit, etc from being tortured by the christian inquisition in India itself -

it will no doubt be gutting to Hindus. Though I suppose it would be nothing new either: nothing Hindus aren't used to. Albeit not from parties and persons claiming to be Hindu nationalists (not so blatantly at least).

Ball will soon be in Modi's court. More than interested to see what he will do for christo-terrorists and christo-terrorism. (Personally I hope he ignores them with great disdain and that the Taliban take that as a sign of things to come where Indian christian infiltrators are concerned.)

Especially when no innocent Hindu victim of islamania (or christomania) in India - including those who voted for Modi despite being brutalised by islam for it - has received justice let alone been avenged.

Modi owes the innocent Hindus, and far before he owes anything to any 'innocent' christian in India (who, btw, were busy plotting against Modi and the BJP). But Alexis Prem Kumar, however, is not innocent: he's been missionising=terrorising islamaniacs in Afghanistan, which he knew full-well was unlawful: unlike KKKangress' ruled India, where the christogovt covertly invited missionaries to come and invade to convert the Hindu masses, the Afghan government is islamic and does not approve of christian missionaries and so doesn't have a sneaky by-law admitting christian missionaries. Not that I care about islamaniacs - afghan or other - either: I think christians and islamics deserve each other. If I had my way, all Indian christian missionaries (but aren't all christians missionaries?) would be in a tight Taliban embrace in Afghanistan (or Pakistan or BD). From experience, they've always seemed well-matched...

I'm not picking on Modi. Like others - whom I convinced to vote for the BJP - he's proven he can win the election despite KKKangress and other christo-islami-communist sabotage. And that he can make sane practical plans for a secular rule that will do a country well in terms of development indices. That's all good and well - though it is a common sight in smaller western democratic nations - and is considered exceptional in India's case only because India is used to seeing the reign of tyrants working for foreign interests and interested only in sinking India.

But it's very late in the day for Hindus. And positive rule to promote mere affluence is nowhere near enough to qualify as a life-line.

See, I may hope but do not expect Modi to build the Sri Rama Kovil in Ayodhya - which IIRC he hasn't promised to do anyway, so it shouldn't come as a shock (he may be Hindu in his personal life, but his stated agenda is national development and that's the *most* of what Hindus may expect of positive political leadership in future from anyone: India is long spent of Shivajis and never had no Julians neither, and the nation's own heathenism is dying faster than even per generation, so perhaps it's only natural people don't receive anything better than what they are becoming themselves/what they end up deserving). But I'd like to know how Modi treats christianism vs how he treats Hindus. Because that's where the expected difference with KKKangress was so far. Unless Modi just passes the buck on to someone else to deal with, this missionary-abduction drama could potentially provide a case study in seeing exactly what if any the benefits of electing the BJP are to Hindus. KKKangress was deliberately favouritist to christianism and jihad and most deliberately persecuted Hindus. So, will BJP deliberately neglect Hindus - by which I don't mean "the nation" but the as-yet still Hindu majority which is suffering from internal bleeding - since BJP must surely know that Hindus really have No alternatives other than to vote the BJP; or will BJP (for once) actively stop the haemorrhaging? Modi is very capable of development and consequently even for securing the borders/tackling illegal islamic immigration. But being underdeveloped and economically sabotaged is not the greatest of India's problems. Not by a long shot. Nor was Persia Rome's greatest threat, nor even the fact that Rome's own armies were literally bleeding away (as IIRC McCabe said). The real threat to Rome - the thing that did her in - was something else. It was the great barbarity eating it away from the inside, which Gibbons dared to name: christianism.
For archival purposes. 'Week in review' sort of thing.

Christoislamania ethnically cleanses half a million Iraqis from their homes in Iraq's second city, Mosul. Oh, and christoislamania has gone back to genociding Iraqis:

"Bloodshed is running at its highest levels in Iraq since 2006-2007, when tens of thousands were killed in clashes between the country's Shiite majority and Sunni Arab minority".

1. news.yahoo.com/jihadists-firmly-control-iraqs-mosul-witnesses-073246524.html

Quote:Jihadists in firm control of Iraq's Mosul, 500,000 flee.

June 11, 2014 4:56 AM

Bashiqa (Iraq) (AFP) - Jihadists were in firm control Wednesday of Iraq's second city Mosul after seizing it and a swathe of other territory, patrolling its streets and calling for government employees to return to work.

The Sunni militants including fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) overran Mosul on Tuesday, dealing the Shiite-led Iraqi government a spectacular blow and sparking a mass exodus of an estimated half a million people.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki asked parliament to declare a state of emergency and announced citizens would be armed to fight them, while the United States warned that ISIL threatened the entire region.

The jihadist capture of Mosul, its surrounding region of Nineveh, and areas of Kirkuk and Salaheddin provinces posed significant challenges to the federal government but a risk consultancy and a senior official said it would have limited impact on Iraq's oil exports.

(What? Why are the alien media even talking about oil when the human catastrophe should be - as they always pretend it is - their sole interest?

But I suppose that explains why AmriKKKa was only seen contemplating whether they should do anything about the Iraqi situation or not. But since their oil supply is still steady, what does AmriKKKa care?

Also, it was AmriKKKa that deposed and killed their erstwhile ally Saddam Hussein, never mind that he kept jihadis at bay and kept Sunni-Shia/Shiite frictions as low as he could. And it is AmriKKKa's staged revolutions all over the middle-east that have ushered in jihadi factions that have destabilised existing governments there. Not to mention that it is still AmriKKKa that has been working hard to islamise Hindu-India with AmriKKKa's internal helpers in the form of India's christoislamicommunists and TSP infiltrators. Whenever the jihad appears in the 3rd world, AmriKKKa seems to always be nearby, urging it on and paving the way for jihad to take over.

Promoting jihad and missionising in the ME and Asia esp. Indian subcontinent also fits in AmriKKKa's scheme of keeping the relevant countries a perpetual 3rd world. And for reducing the populations of "ethnic types" in the world by means of "spontaneous" mass jihadi genocides that AmriKKKa is seen to be unconnected to, of course.)

Gunmen, some dressed in military uniforms, guarded government buildings and banks in Mosul on Wednesday, said witnesses reached by telephone from Bashiqa, a town to the east.

They called over loudspeakers for government employees to go back to work.

[img caption:] Map of Iraq locating Mosul and Tuz Khurmatu (AFP Photo/)

"I did not open the door of the shop since last Thursday because of the security conditions," said Abu Ahmed, a 30-year-old shop-owner.

Witnesses reported that dozens of families continued to flee the city, but Abu Ahmed said: "I will remain in Mosul. This is my city in any case, and the city is calm now."

Bassam Mohammed, a 25-year-old university student, also said he would stay in Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city which normally has a population of around two million people.

"But I am afraid about freedoms, and I am especially afraid that they will impose new laws on us," Mohammed said.

Jihadists on Tuesday seized all of Mosul and Nineveh province, long a militant stronghold and one of the most dangerous areas in the country, and also took areas in Kirkuk province, to its east, and Salaheddin to the south.

[img caption:] A picture taken with a mobile phone shows an armoured vehicle belonging to Iraqi security forces in …

ISIL said it was behind operations in Nineveh in a series of messages on Twitter, while officials have also blamed the jihadist Sunni group for the unrest.

But it is possible other militant groups were also involved.

- 'Half a million flee' -

The International Organisation for Migration said Wednesday that around half a million Iraqis had fled their homes in Mosul following the city's fall, fearing increased violence.

The Geneva-based organisation said its sources on the ground estimated the violence leading up to ISIL's total takeover "displaced over 500,000 people in and around the city".

[img caption:] A picture taken with a mobile phone shows uniforms reportedly belonging to Iraqi security forces sca …

The violence in Mosul "has resulted in a high number of casualties among civilians," the IOM added.

Known for its ruthless tactics and suicide bombers, ISIL is arguably the most capable force fighting President Bashar al-Assad inside Syria as well as the most powerful militant group in Iraq.

The takeover of Mosul prompted the United States to voice deep concern about the "extremely serious" situation and warn that ISIL poses "a threat to the entire region".

UN chief Ban Ki-moon's spokesman said he was "gravely concerned by the serious deteriorating of the security situation in Mosul".

ISIL is led by the shadowy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and backed by thousands of Islamist fighters in Syria and Iraq, many of them Westerners, and it appears to be surpassing Al-Qaeda as the world's most dangerous jihadist group.

[img caption:] Iraqi families fleeing violence in the northern Nineveh province gather at a Kurdish checkpoint in A …

Western governments fear it could eventually emulate Al-Qaeda and strike overseas, but their biggest worry for now is likely the eventual return home of foreign fighters attracted by ISIL and Baghdadi.

The New York-based Eurasia Group consultancy said ISIL's capture of Mosul would have limited impact on Iraq's oil exports.

(And I'm sure they knew that before they encouraged the jihad. Saddam Hussein threatened the status quo regarding ME's oil export and control. AmriKKKa got rid of him and thereupon de-stabilised the region, but stabilised the oil supply by means of this de-stabilisation, so AmriKKKa's mission accomplished: eternal jihad in the Middle-East keeps their oil supply relatively steady and prices low. As North American anti-empire thinktanks have observed for over a decade.)

"ISIS will use cash reserves from Mosul's banks, military equipment from seized military and police bases, and the release of 2,500 fighters from local jails to bolster its military and financial capacity," said Ayham Kamel, its Middle East and north Africa director.

"We do not anticipate a sharp deterioration in the security environment in these more stable provinces that would materially impact Iraq's oil export volumes," he said.

A senior government official said "the oil sector is not affected and will not be affected by what is happening, because most of the facilities are in central and south Iraq," though he warned that further militant advances could change this.

Bloodshed is running at its highest levels in Iraq since 2006-2007, when tens of thousands were killed in clashes between the country's Shiite majority and Sunni Arab minority.

(Several 10,000s of Iraqis got deliberately genocided by islamania in 2006-2007 and India's bleeding hearts club - starting with Indian christian leeches like Cedric Prakash, who are famous for doubling and tripling death tolls - didn't bother protesting islam as a genocidal mania?

And now it's happening again.)

Some 3rd world rags (aka India's ELM) go over the news at:

- dnaindia.com/world/report-500000-iraqis-flee-mosul-after-militants-seize-city-international-organisation-for-migration-1994845

- hindustantimes.com/world-news/500-000-iraqis-flee-violence-in-mosul-after-seizure-by-militants-iom/article1-1228298.aspx

2. Another demonstration of the great so-called "brotherhood" in islam, where everyone is a brother (except if you're the wrong gender, which is approx. 50% of the species by the way) except when you're not. Such as when you're the wrong type of christo or islamic.

So while the Sunni type faithful jihadis were ethnically cleansing Mosul of Shiites, [color="#0000FF"]the equally-faithful Shiites are not intending to idle: one of the many insane ayatollahs have called for a holy war against the Sunnis and declared it's time for faithful Iraqi Shiites to go Shaheed themselves against their dear brothers in islam.[/color] See, if there were still native "polytheistic idolator" type Arabians left in Iraq, Sunnis and Shiites would have united to genocide the heathens. But since christoislamania had already convert-or-killed the native heathens in a mass-genocide long, long ago, they have no one else to kill at present but each other. And christoislamania MUST indulge in bursts of genocide every now and again, else it would get bored and have nothing to do (at which point christoislamania would cease to exist).


(AFP via Taiwanese link)

Quote:Shiite cleric urges Iraqis to fight advancing militants

By Mohamad Ali Harissi, AFP

June 14, 2014, 12:01 am TWNSHARECLOSE

BAGHDAD -- Leading Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani called on Iraqis Friday to take up arms against Sunni extremists marching on Baghdad, as thousands volunteered to bolster the the capital's defenses.

Sistani's call to defend the country against the offensive spearheaded by the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) came as U.S. President Barack Obama said he was exploring all options to save Iraq's security forces from collapse.

The United Nations reported a spate of summary executions by ISIL fighters in its campaign, which began with the capture of Iraq's second city Mosul on Tuesday, before spreading south toward Baghdad.

“Citizens who are able to bear arms and fight terrorists, defending their country and their people and their holy places, should volunteer and join the security forces to achieve this holy purpose,” Sistani's representative announced on his behalf during the main weekly prayers in the Shiite shrine city of Karbala.

“He who sacrifices for the cause of defending his country and his family and his honor will be a martyr,” he added.

The elderly Sistani, who rarely appears in public, is highly influential in the Shiite Muslim world and is adored by millions.


3. Anyway, having ethnically cleansed Mosul, the first jihadis (Sunni types) were then seen marching on Baghdad. While AmriKKKa was contemplating ... something or other.

The silver lining is that as a side-effect, Kurds seem to be getting their land at last. Oh, and the other good news: a major AmriKKKan air base has been evacuated. It's not enough that AmriKKKa ushered in the jihad, they had to occupy Iraq as well/station some of their air force there as well (to guard their oil interests, of course. Not the Iraqis.)

(AFP via Yahoo News Philippines)


Quote:US mulls 'all options' as militants move nearer to Baghdad

By Mohamad Ali Harissi | AFP News – Fri, Jun 13, 2014..

Jihadists pushed towards Baghdad on Friday as President Barack Obama said he was exploring all options to save Iraq's security forces from collapse and US companies evacuated hundreds from a major air base.

With militants closing in on the capital, forces from Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region took control of a swathe of territory they have sought to rule for decades against the objections of successive governments in Baghdad.

Foreign Minister Hosyhar Zebari acknowledged that the security forces Washington invested billions of dollars in training and equipping before withdrawing its own troops in 2011 had simply melted away.

Obama said Iraq was going to need "more help from the United States and from the international community."

"Our national security team is looking at all the options... I don't rule out anything," he said.

Russia said the lightning gains by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a movement so radical it has been disavowed even by Al-Qaeda's leadership, showed the pointlessness of the 2003 US-led invasion, carried out in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

Washington found rare common cause with its longtime foe Tehran, with both voicing dismay at the Sunni extremists' advance and pledging to boost aid to Iraq's beleaguered Shiite prime minister.

The militants, who have swept up a huge swathe of predominantly Sunni Arab territory in northern and north-central Iraq since launching their offensive in the second city Mosul late Monday, advanced into ethnically divided Diyala province.

- Kurds step into breach -

On Friday, they were fighting pro-government forces near Muqdadiyah, just 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the Baghdad city limits.

Diyala's mixed Arab, Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite population has made the province a byword for violence ever since the 2003 overthrow of Sunni Arab dictator Saddam Hussein.

Kurdish security forces moved into the strategic Saadiyah and Jalawla districts of the province overnight after the army withdrew, Deputy Governor Furat al-Tamimi said.

Kurdish forces already took control of the ethnically divided northern oil city of Kirkuk on Thursday when central government troops pulled out.

It has been the fulfilment of a decades-old Kurdish ambition, opposed by successive governments in Baghdad, to expand their autonomous region in the north to incorporate a swathe of historically Kurdish-majority territory across northern and north-central Iraq.

- Washington mulls drone strikes -

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government has been left floundering by the speed of the jihadist assault.

The swift collapse of Baghdad's control comes on top of the loss of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, earlier this year. It has been a blow for Western governments that have paid a steep price both in lives and money in Iraq.

The Iraqi foreign minister acknowledged the collapse of the security forces in Mosul and other cities, with many personnel melting away after discarding their uniforms.

"It is a setback definitely for the Iraqi security forces, who collapsed in the largest city and abandoned their weapons and equipment," he said.

Washington is considering several options for offering military assistance to Baghdad, including drone strikes, a US official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Resorting to the unmanned aircraft -- used in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen in a highly controversial programme -- would mark a dramatic shift in the US engagement in Iraq, after the last American troops pulled out in late 2011.

But there is no current plan to send ground troops back into Iraq, where around 4,500 American soldiers died during the conflict.

(While international news is ever ready to mention how many AmriKKKan soldiers died in Iraq - who asked them to invade anyway - they always deliberately omit mentioning the death toll of Iraqis ever since Bush Jr sent people to locate those alleged (non-existent) Weapons of Mass Destruction in "Eye-Rak". The number of Iraqi dead as a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of such "benign" AmriKKKan "intervention" was already in the hundreds of thousands several years ago. I don't even want to find out what the number is now.

Sort of like "benign" British rule in India deliberately induced famines that killed millions upon millions of Hindus and other natives.)

US companies were evacuating "a few hundred" American contractors working with the Iraqi government from Balad air base, 70 kilometres (43 miles) north of the capital, a US defence official said.

The contractors "are being temporarily relocated by their companies due to security concerns in the area," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the spectacular collapse of the Western-trained Iraqi army illustrated "the total failure of the adventure involving the United States and Britain."

And Obama's Republican opponents in Congress were swift to accuse the president of abandoning Iraq by pulling out US troops in 2011.

(Oh please. Everyone knows that Bush Jr's AmriKKKa was only in Iraq to secure the oil. Same as Bush Sr's AmriKKKa was only stepping in during the earlier Kuwait drama for the oil. And as I recall, the bill for the money AmeriKKKa spent on having its military liberate Kuwait from Iraq/Saddam was sent to Kuwait to pick up the tab. So essentially, that time too, AmeriKKKa was at win-win, and all they did was set down their own once-puppet-then-gone-rogue Saddam.)

Senator Lindsey Graham warned a jihadist takeover in both Iraq and neighbouring Syria would create a "hell on earth" and called for the urgent deployment of US air power to "change the battlefield equation."

(Uh, Lindsey sounds a bit too christian in her concern. Soon missionaries will be pouring in. Yet again.

I don't know why AmriKKKans always start pretending to care. Having wrecked everything Yet Again, can't they at least just Shut Up and Stop Pretending to "care". Terrorists.)

Turkey said it was holding talks to secure the release of dozens of its citizens kidnapped by Islamist militants in northern Iraq amid international calls for their release.

(Oh no. WWIII. What with ME and Levant, Russia-Ukraine, China/Pacific all going off or poised to - much of it thanks to long-distance meddling by the west. Einstein's quote on WWIII comes to mind.

Planet Earth is like some crazy powder keg waiting to go off again. And always all because of one insane species, I note. And especially ever since the christoclass meme and the general missionary mind-virus appeared. Can't humans just self-terminate already? Or build Skynet to get machines to do it for ya? "No Fate but what me make it", huh? But I suspect a hell-hole is all that humans since the christoclass-meme will ever make of it.

It's tempting to laugh like some maniac every time humans refer to themselves as an "intelligent" species. That or ask them to define "intelligent".)

The UN Security Council demanded urgent dialogue and condemned "terrorist" activities, but stopped short of considering action against the militants.

As many as half a million people have fled the jihadist offensive and the World Food Programme said it had started providing assistance to 42,000 of the most vulnerable.

Iraqis should dump christoislamania. They deserve better than this. Mono-gawdism/the christoclass virus was never native to them. They should return to their ancestral Gods and expose AmriKKKa's hand in unleashing the jihad here, there and everywhere.

When will Iraqis - and the world - say No to the christoclass meme and kick it out of the world once and for all?

And honestly, I expected better of Obama. Too much inaction while pretending to mull it over - unless self-interest is at stake of course - points to the same callousness present in every demoKKKrat and republiKKKan before him. Obama's turning out as bad as Condoleeza Rice, who was essentially an "old white male" - as they say - hiding in a younger African woman's body (i.e. she was pushing for AmriKKKan empire along with the other 3 of the notorious empire gang, from behind her "minority" facade. That must have been a slap in the face of many Africans and other 3rd worlders when Condoleeza pretended to look like them yet acted like every colonialist. But in India we're used to traitors looking like natives yet continuing the old christo-colonial empire by working for it and cheering for it. As Dinesh D'Souza - christoterrorist - declared even in his book's very title: "Two cheers for colonialism").

I think since 500,000 poor Iraqis have been ethnically cleansed of their home-town in Mosul - and who knows how many have started to run out of Baghdad too - it's time to encourage the islamaniacs of the Indian subcontinent to go Shaheed themselves for the islamic (Sunni/Shiite) cause in Iraq. Clearly their brothers in islam are dying in genocidal numbers there, at the hands of the reviled Sunnis/Shiites ("reviled" depends on whether an individual Indian islamaniac is Sunni or Shiite of course). So Indian islamaniacs' presence there is much needed, and their shaheeding themselves in a glorious jihad in Iraq is totally called for. Time to get the mullahs of the Indian subcontinent to issue a call to arms to the Army of the Faithful and ship them out to Iraq in one of their usual holy wars. I wish them all the shaheed's destiny, complete with 72 houris/raisins at the end of it - I'm not hoping to see them in the subcontinent (or the world) again.

And now is the chance to encourage Indian christomaniacs that their missionising is needed amongst their islamic brothers in monogawdism in Iraq. Obviously Afghanistan - where Alexis Prem Kumar tried parading about his kindred the Taliban - clearly does not need their evangelising about the non-existent jeebus "prince of peace" as much as Iraq does. With any luck Indian christomaniacs missionising in Iraq can get swept up in the shaheed frenzy and be blown to christoislamic pardees too, which is really what every christoislamic ever wanted anyway. Christos don't just worship a corpse; christoislamics care only about their afterlife. It's all about the non-existent, concocted "heaven" - and fear of 'hell' - for them. It is more than obvious that they hate life. Which is exactly why they like, admire and promote martyrdom/shaheeding. And jihad/crusade stuff - their convert-or-kill/genocide pattern of behaviour. It's why they are so ready to convert-and-kill others: they have a deathwish and they want to "share" it aka impose it on others. But the rest of the planet - i.e. the heathens and other infidels like agnostics/atheists - want to live and they cherish life.

Christoislamania is a death-cult: it worships death, promoting some idiot belief in their ridiculous invisible carrot/stick 'in the sky' (aka afterlife) as their major aspiration. Death cults are obviously not healthy. Christoislamania is not only murderous, genocidal. It is also suicidal (when there are no unbelievers left to kill). Time for people to Let It Suicide already. Christoislamics can blow themselves and each other away. Heathens will inherit the earth again at last. Everybody happy.

It is high time for Iraqis to liberate themselves from christoislamania and return to their ancestral Gods. So Iraqis should somehow seize control of the situation and transform the turmoil - that has been forced on them - into an opportunity for self-liberation. Because no one else will do it for them.

Poor miserable Iraqis. What did they ever do to deserve the christoclass meme? The moral is no one can save people from the christoclass meme (and others will only try to force the meme on you or perpetuate it in your ancestral space to try to convert-or-kill you and your kind). People have to protect and save themselves from it. The easiest and most natural way appears to be to let jihadis/missionaries kill themselves and each other - as they always do - and stay out of their way for the duration.
Concerning this line from the previous post:


Quote:Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the spectacular collapse of the Western-trained Iraqi army illustrated "the total failure of the adventure involving the United States and Britain."

The details of this "spectacular collapse" of the Iraqi army are troubling, though not unanticipated or beyond ken:

The ISIS/ISIL* have been mass-executing aka genociding Iraqi soldiers. An excerpt from the Associated Press follows a little further below, containing links to tragic images of Iraqi soldiers getting mass-executed by their brothers in islam, the jihadis.

* ISIS/ISIL = the Sunni islamics working for the "Islamic State of Iraq & Syria/Levant". IIRC, Levant is not just Syria but also Lebanon at least. So they've already gone from calling themselves ISIS to ISIL, having a greater territory in mind. Btw, apparently these guys are working towards establishing a Khalifate, again. Literally too: the word Khalifate was dropped in some other news articles. Well, it's not really news I suppose: islamaniacs always did threaten they would try to resurrect the Khalifate when the time was right/as soon as they could. Note that this means jihadis=islamics from all over the world are going to wake up from being mere sleepers to active agents soon and work toward this common purpose. Hel, even the zombies/converts among the Sub-Saharan Africans had started going berserk already. And Uighur islamaniac terrorists were found organising all the way in Syria and Pakistan. Not to forget that Indian islamaniacs from Kerala were seen training in Syria - and it wasn't for the olympics either. The global Jihad is On again. Then again, christianism was on a relentless but more insidious attack with no backing down. So what is one more pointedly focused/determined enemy? Yikes. Hindus should be worried. Because India is considered Unfinished Business. Not only for christianism but islam too. The Pope declared it was time to convert India and all of Asia - and so all the catholics in India have been actively working towards it, with increasing fervour, so that even young christinsane women, having been mandated by the church to marry "pagan" men, have been doing their part. And while every mullah from the Indian subcontinent to Saudi kept screeching that India must be made into mughalstan, the same clarion call going up from a Khalifate will meet with greater unanimity in the pan-islamic brotherhood. Nothing like being reconnected to the larger Borg Collective to muster the drones in an all-out assault/conquest.


Quote:Militants post photos of mass killing in Iraq


You are here Home » Iraq » Militants post photos of mass killing in Iraq

Read more:

* Islamic gunmen push into Iraq's Sunni heartland

* Rise of Shiite militias poses a threat to Iraq

[color="#800080"](The first of 11 images at the article linkSmile[/color]


[color="#0000FF"]This image posted on a militant website on Saturday, June 14, 2014, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, appears to show militants from the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) taking aim at captured Iraqi soldiers wearing plain clothes after taking over a base in Tikrit, Iraq. The Islamic militant group that seized much of northern Iraq has posted photos that appear to show its fighters shooting dead dozens of captured Iraqi soldiers in a province north of the capital Baghdad. Iraq's top military spokesman Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi confirmed the photos’ authenticity on Sunday and said he was aware of cases of mass murder of Iraqi soldiers. (AP Photo via militant website)[/color]

BAGHDAD (AP) — The Islamic militants who overran cities and towns in Iraq last week posted graphic photos that appeared to show their gunmen massacring scores of captured Iraqi soldiers, while the prime minister vowed Sunday to "liberate every inch" of captured territory.

The pictures on a militant website appear to show masked fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, loading the captives onto flatbed trucks before forcing them to lie face-down in a shallow ditch with their arms tied behind their backs. The final images show the bodies of the captives soaked in blood after being shot at several locations.

Rest at link.

And the copy buffer from there also contains a recap about the inevitable:

Quote:Shiite tribal fighters raise their weapons and chant slogans against the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Basra, Iraq's second-largest city, 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, June 15, 2014. Emboldened by a call to arms by the top Shiite cleric, Iranian-backed militias have moved quickly to the center of Iraq’s political landscape, spearheading what its Shiite majority sees as a fight for survival against Sunni militants who control of large swaths of territory north of Baghdad. (AP Photo/ Nabil Al-Jurani)

..Prev1 of 11Next.By: QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA (AP), SAMEER N. YACOUB (AP)BAGHDADCopyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.33.340644.4009

Anyway, so the Sunni christo-islamaniacs are jihading - aka genociding (aka christo-islamising) - Iraqi soldiers. Naturally, the question is: what happened to the oft-advertised "brotherhood of islam"? Well, the above news *IS* the brotherhood of islam. This is *all* there is to their alleged 'brotherhood'. <- Something that converts can look forward to.

Christoislamania is pure Rabies.

I still don't know why Iraqis have to die when ethnically-Indian islamaniacs are the most crazed, most rabies-infested islamaniacs in the whole world, Period. (And there is a hierarchy of most evil to less evil islamaniac. The former infest still-heathen countries and hence are more rabid, since they are expected to be in a constant state of war when parasiting in the House Of War=Dar-ul-Harb. Further, de-heathenised Indians are the creepiest ethnic group I know. Taken together therefore, Indian islamaniacs are the worst islamaniacs.) I'm serious when I say that Indian islamics really need to be encouraged to go shaheed themselves for the Sunni else Shiite cause in Iraq. Or for the Khalifate. Or whatever will get them worked up into a suicidal state and make them explode themselves in their inevitable christoislamaniac frenzy.

But poor Iraqis. And Africans etc.

The christoclass meme has writ on it the death of humanity. Unless the meme is destroyed - combined with eternal vigilance and resolve to nip strains and likenesses in the bud hereafter - it will kill us all yet. <snip>

Forgot to add to the list something closer to home, but forgettable unlike the catastrophe befalling Iraq: sometime last week or so the Taliban jihadis blew away some 30-40 Other Assorted jihadis of Pakistan. At some 4th world airport in Pukestan's 4th world capital. (Not that anyone can tell the difference between the Before and After photoshoot. I'm sure Karachi International Airport always looked like that.)

Turns out that now HK's Cathay Pacific is also pulling out, after the jihadis (of Taliban variety) told all airlines to start packing their bags and fly back on a one-way trip.


(SCMP is IIRC a Hong Kong newspaper.)


Cathay Pacific to suspend all Pakistan flights after Karachi airport attack

Move follows Taliban assault which left 38 people dead and warning to international firms and airlines to wind up their business in the country

Agence France-Presse in Karachi

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 June, 2014, 4:09pm

UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 June, 2014, 5:56pm

[color="#800080"][Image caption:][/color] Cathay said it would operate 14 more flights to and from Karachi before operations cease. Photo: Reuters

Cathay Pacific is to suspend flights to and from Pakistan, officials said on Tuesday, following [color="#0000FF"]last week’s brazen attack on Karachi airport which left 38 people dead including the 10 attackers.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Oh boohoo. 38 islamaniacs dead. Like anyone is going to miss them. But I suppose if people paid me for it, I could produce some fake tears.)[/color]

“[color="#0000FF"]The airline is ceasing its operations in Pakistan for an indefinite time[/color] for both security and economic reasons,” Sohail Younas, Pakistan sales manager for Cathay Pacific said.

[color="#0000FF"]On Monday Taliban militants warned international firms and airlines to wind up their business in Pakistan or face attacks in the wake of a Pakistani military offensive launched the day before.[/color]

[color="#800080"][Image caption:][/color] Smoke billows from Jinnah International Airport in Karachi after [color="#0000FF"]Taliban militants attacked Jinnah International Airport in Karachi on June 8 night, sparking a five-hour gun battle that killed at least 34 people.[/color] Photo: Reuters

A spokeswoman in Hong Kong, where the airline is headquartered, added: “Because of commercial reasons, we have decided that the last flight leaving Hong Kong to Karachi will depart on June 28.”

Cathay said in a statement on its website it would operate 14 more flights to and from Karachi before operations cease.

“This is to avoid disruptions for the hundreds of passengers who will be travelling prior to the holy month of Ramadan,” it said.

The last flights from Karachi to Bangkok and vice versa would depart on June 29, it said.

Younas said the company would continue to evaluate the situation in Pakistan for future operations.

Cathay Pacific currently operates four flights a week from Karachi to international destinations.

It is the latest international carrier to cease operations inside the militancy-racked country after [color="#0000FF"]British Airways pulled out in 2008[/color] following an attack on a luxury hotel in Islamabad.

The all-night siege of Karachi airport that began on June 8 was the latest in a series of high-profile attacks on key installations claimed by the Taliban in recent years, including an assault on a naval base in 2011 and on the military’s headquarters in 2009.

The top-most comment ends on an appropriate line - I'm going to have to steal that line in future:


Jun 17th 2014


They should stop flying there this very day-not still want to earn that blood money from a few more flights till the 28th. Stranded pax is just an excuse - what matters to this company is only money - even though they put crew members at risk.

Every sensible international carrier has pulled out. What damn business has a HK carrier got to do. Flying into Pakistan.

Pakistan = Taliban.
(And there's a second comment, which seems to be by an Indian.)

While I agree that Pakistan=Taliban essentially (both are jihadis, certainly), there are nevertheless factions: since clearly the brothers in islamic jihad like to kill each other when they have got no one else to kill, as they just did at the Karachi airport. I'm guessing they must already have islamaniacally executed all nearby animals (=more typical islamaniac behaviour), and now they don't know what to do, as their fingers are still itching to throttle something living. So it's entirely expected - and entirely acceptable - that they would kill each other/themselves to extinction. Either way, fewer islamaniacs to trouble the rest of the planet. Which is perfectly fine by me.

I don't really care to take sides, but if one absolutely has to, then in TSP's case I'm randomly picking the Taliban over the Other Assorted Jihadis. (Also, at least they don't hypocritically pretend to be "fighting terrorism" while being terrorists themselves.) So: Go Dweebs, give the Paki jihadis what they've got coming. Beat them to a pulp, or stab them dead with your scimitars, or blow them away with your AK47s or whatever. I mean, this is all that christoislamania ever does, isn't it?
On the subject of "The Making of the Third World" by christoislamic terrorism operating in heathen nations. How this process is funded and hence being achieved -

1. theeastafrican.co.ke/news/Wildlife-crime-bankrolling-terror-militia-says-United-Nations/-/2558/2360228/-/10xgdo5z/-/index.html

Quote:Wildlife crime bankrolling terror, militia groups: UN

Despite the international ban in the ivory trade in 1990 by Cites, the past couple of years have been some of the worst on record for elephant poaching. Photos/FILE/TEA Graphic


Posted Tuesday, June 24 2014 at 16:12

In Summary

•Ivory poaching was also carried out by rebel groups including insurgents in Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the fearsome Janjaweed -- who carried out atrocities in Sudan's Darfur region -- operating also in Niger and Chad.

Global environmental crime is worth up to $213 billion a year and helping to finance criminal and terrorist groups threatening security and sustainable development worldwide, according to a report released Tuesday by the UN and Interpol.

The report said Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels were estimated to make between $38 and $56 million (28 to 41 million euros) per year from the illegal trade in charcoal, and that ivory from poached elephants was the primary source of income for Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

(1. Shebab is also spelled (Al?) Shabaab.

2. LRA is Uganda's christo-terrorist group that has forcibly christianised - i.e. at gunpoint - that country. And it wants to impose the christian shariah: biblical commandments, on pain of death, next.

LRA is like the Ugandan NLFT: christoterrorist. While NLFT gets funds from international churches and further funds itself from making porn movies out of raping heathen women at gunpoint - as per BBC itself - Uganda's Lawd's Resistance Army funds itself by killing the heathen African elephants and selling their ivory.)

Ivory poaching was also carried out by rebel groups including insurgents in Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the fearsome Janjaweed -- who carried out atrocities in Sudan's Darfur region -- operating also in Niger and Chad.

"The illegal trade in wildlife and environmental crime are now widely recognised as significant threats on a global scale, to be tackled with urgency," said Achim Steiner, head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

"Beyond immediate environmental impacts, the illegal trade in natural resources is depriving developing economies of billions of dollars in lost revenues just to fill the pockets of criminals," he said.

READ: Has terrorism gone wild?

The report was released as part of a week-long global environment conference at UNEP's Nairobi headquarters aimed at tackling challenges from poaching to marine pollution and boosting the "green economy".

"Sustainable development, livelihoods, good governance and the rule of law are all being threatened, as significant sums of money are flowing to militias and terrorist groups," he added.

"While there is growing awareness, the responses to date in terms of impact have not been commensurate with the scale and growth of the threat to wildlife and the environment."

The meeting in the Kenyan capital, the first ever United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), comes amid tight security in the Kenyan capital, after a series of warnings of the threat of attack by Somalia's Shebab.



2. Texan teen trigger-happy cheerleader-brain channels the so-called "Great White Christian Hunters" of the colonial era:


Quote:Teen girl slammed for hunting photos

A Texas teenage girl who has posted photos online of her posing with endangered African mammals she has shot has drawn the ire of tens of thousands of animal lovers.

A petition to have Texas 19-year-old Kendall Jones' Facebook page taken down has collected over 40,000 signatures in a week.

On the page she has posted images of her straddling a lion, holding up a leopard and sitting on an elephant, all shot dead.

But she has hit back at the abuse she has received, telling her local paper the Cleburne Times-Review that "online bullying is a crime".

(Oh woe is *her*. Miss Braindead then actually continues withSmile

"I really am shocked at how rude many people are by name-calling and swearing," she was quoted as saying.

"I have actually had several death threats, which are going to be investigated."

The photos were taken in Zimbabwe, where it is legal for foreign tourists to hunt elephants for sport.

(photo) 1 of 6:

Kendall Jones poses with an elephant she shot. (Facebook)

Zimbabwe is IIRC a nation that's been successfully christo-converted.
2 items on christoislam (christianism + islam). In that order.

1. Christianism.

World news mentioned that in Australia a lunatic had murdered 8 children, 7 of which were her own and one a niece. People were all shocked asking questions about "Why" etc. The answer about the murderess' motivations has been revealed: turns out she had turned to christ, and so was imagining "the devil" of christianism (= the "morning star" = the non-existent "jeebus") everywhere.


Quote:3:18am December 22, 2014

Cairns massacre accused had found God, rejected technology


[Photo caption:] Family members arrive at the Manoora shrine in Cairns. (Tom Steinfort)

The 37-year-old Cairns mother accused of murdering eight children had recently turned to religion and banned technology from her home.

Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday, who remains under police guard in hospital, had taken to giving fiery sermons in the street
and had cut the power to her home and threw away the television, neighbours told News Corp.

She warned locals not to use their mobile phones because they were the "work of the Devil" and posted a handwritten sign on a front window of her public housing home that read: "No alcohol, cigarette, and drunken people allowed in this area".

Others said the house, where she is accused of killing seven of her own children and a niece in a frenzied knife attack last Friday, was often the scene of wild all-night parties.

Meanwhile, preliminary autopsy reports are detailing the horrific injuries sustained by some of the eight children in the knife attack.

It is alleged some suffered multiple stab wounds, with one child sustained at least 12 knife wounds to the front and 10 more on the back, according to pathology results.

[photo caption:] A woman grieves at the memorial site.

Senior police yesterday declined to comment on the autopsy findings, pending final reports.

Yesterday Ms Thaiday was formally charged with eight counts of murder at a bedside hearing at Cairns Hospital, where she is being treated for self-inflicted injuries.

(Typical christo mass-murderer: conveniently survives after massacring others.)

Police are investigating whether the accused killer was on the drug ice at the time and suffered a possible psychotic episode.

(If true, it would certainly be consistent with christian hypocrisy that the person who wrote "No alcohol, cigarette, and drunken people allowed in this area" would be a junkie.)

Her case is expected to be heard in court today, although Ms Thaiday herself will not appear as she is still recovering from stab wounds.

Mourners light candles at a service for the children dead in an alleged knife attack in Cairns. (AAP)

Detective Inspector Bruno Ansicar told reporters yesterday the horrific scene was taking its toll on police.

"It's clearly the most tragic event we've had to deal with (in Cairns)," Insp Ansicar told reporters.

Vigils and memorials for the slain children, who ranged in age from two to 14, were held throughout Queensland on yesterday.

Relatives, including one distraught man believed to be the father of some of the children, were among those at the scene yesterday morning while a service was held at a Cairns school in the evening.

Townsville and the Brisbane suburb of Inala also hosted memorials yesterday.

With AAP.

© ninemsn 2014

^ Things for Indian converts to christianism to look forward too. Such crazy christian massacres of adults, chindren AND PETS (for reasons like "the devil") happen on a regular basis, as seen in various news reports occasionally reposted even on IF.

2. Islam.

News report from within the last 24 hours, but referring to 2 bomb blasts on Tue 23/Wed 24th Dec.

Sunnis of AQ in Yemen kill 33 Shiites.


Quote:At least 33 killed in suicide bombing in central Yemen: medics



[photo caption:] Shiite Houthi men stand near a car damaged by a bomb explosion outside their house in Sanaa Yemen, Dec. 23, 2014. © AP Photo/Hani Mohammed Shiite Houthi men stand near a car damaged by a bomb explosion outside their house in Sanaa Yemen, Dec. 23, 2014.

A suicide bomber killed at least 33 people in central Yemen on Wednesday when he blew himself up at a cultural centre where students were celebrating Prophet Mohammad's birthday, medical sources and a resident said.

They said at least 33 bodies, including women and children, had been transferred to two hospitals in the city of Ibb.

The governor of Ibb province, controlled by the Shi'ite Muslim Houthi group that dominates Yemen, was reported to be among a number of people wounded in the attack, local residents said.

In a text message, the state Saba news agency cited the head of Ibb's police as saying three people had died and 30 had been wounded.

Residents reported there was a second explosion outside one of the two hospitals, al-Thawra. No details were immediately available or if there were casualties.

No one claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing, but it resembles previous attacks carried out by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which operates in Yemen.

AQAP regards Shi'ites, the sect of Islam to which the Houthis belong, as heretics.

(For a moment there, I read "AAP" instead of "AQAP". Both are so pro-islamania, it was a natural mistake.)

^ Something for an islamised India to look forward to.

Unless and until Shia Iran makes its force known, I estimate that Sunnis are at the top of the world's pecking order.
News from within the last 24 hours. In Syria, the christoislamics have killed 200,000 of the country's population since 2011, as per the UN. The UN would know: one of their members - the US - had a large hand in the genocide.

Of the 200,000 dead since 2011, 76,021 were killed in 2014 alone.

But would ya look at that, MSN US is republishing from al-jazeera which was called "osama bin laden's mouthpiece" by the US back when the US was waging its 'war of terror' against Afghanistan in Iraq (paradoxically). Now they're chummy again apparently. But then, al-jazeera was a former BBC startup, or its journalists were interns at the Beeb anyway.


Quote:Syria's war 'killed 76,021' in 2014

Al Jazeera

Syria's war 'killed 76,021' in 2014: Monitoring group says nearly half of those killed in the conflict last year were civilians. © Provided by Al Jazeera Monitoring group says nearly half of those killed in the conflict last year were civilians.

Monitoring group says nearly half of those killed in the conflict last year were civilians.

The conflict in Syria killed 76,021 people in 2014, just under half of them civilians, a group monitoring the war has said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Thursday said 33,278 civilians were killed last year in the conflict, which started with protests in 2011 and has spiralled into a civil war.

The United Nations says around 200,000 people have been killed since 2011.

No group enjoys significant momentum going into 2015 and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said last month he expected the conflict to be long and difficult.

Assad visited a district on the outskirts of Damascus and thanked soldiers fighting "in the face of terrorism", his office said on Twitter late on Wednesday, posting pictures of the rare trip.

Assad, who is commander in chief, is not frequently pictured in public, though he has visited troops in the past, according to state media.

The presidential website said the latest visit was to Jobar, northeast of Damascus.

"If there was an area of joy which remained in Syria, it is thanks to the victories that you achieved in the face of terrorism," Assad told troops, according to the Twitter account.State news agency SANA said he "wished a speedy recovery to the wounded" and praised their sacrifices.

What, no Indian christoislamics/christomedia protesting against the genocide? Guess if monotheists off each other, it doesn't register in Indian christoislamic pseculars' empty heads.

Seems like Syria could do with some re-population by Syrians: the Syrian christians infesting India should really go back to their homeland to compensate for the loss in numbers. Where's their sense of solidarity? Oooh, and if the orthodox christian syrians in Syria won't convert to India's catholic Syrian christians' catholicism, then the latter can call in the Portuguese to start an inquisition in Syria. You know, the way India's Syrian christians invited the christo portuguese to come and inquisition the Hindus? Surely, Syrians are so vulnerable right now that the vatican should strike while the iron is hot, as it always does: preying on misery is what christianism does, after all.
From HK twitter feed at HaindavaKeralam site

Quote: HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

#CPM mistuk CPM activist Navas as BJP ldr Girish and murdered him. End of d day CPM got one more Martyr.





31 Jan

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

CPM send HitSquad 2 murder BJPldr. Dey murdered another youth by mistake LifeImprisnmnt 2 10RedTerrorists in connectn wth tht murdr #Kerala

So 1 commie dead and 10 put away for life. That's 11 out of the way.

More like this please. Since communists are going to keep murdering, if they just murder their own christoislamicommunist kind, it's perfectly fine.
Being brothers in monotheism, seems christians are joining ISIS as well, just like they joined their islamic brothers in "Palestinian" terrorist outfits against Israel.

The recent news on a female Lebanese muslim reporter snubbing an ISIS contact after he was rude to her while interviewing him about why ISIS should appeal to christians (well, duh: because christians=islamics=terrorists) is the latest report on the subject, though it only alludes to it.


(For kaffiri Indic fans of Paki women, the above has a picture of the Lebanese reporter: she may be Middle-Eastern and not subcontinental, but at least she's the real deal compared to the half-Arabised of Pakiland.

I think I've seen Rima before in some other interview. Looked more like half-Scotch Lara Dutta then.

Hmmm, so Arab + Indian combination looks like a Paki=failed attempt at Middle-Eastern, but Scotch + Indian looks more Middle-Eastern.)
1. As per the rajeev2004 blog, which linked to bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-32143051, even BBC has been forced to print an item on how Bangladeshis were behind the alleged nun gangrape, though BBC has of course carefully steered clear of naming the islamics and thereby identifying their religion. (These islamics have however been named in Indian media, as per Radha Rajan who repeated the islamic gangrapists' names from the news).

Beeb of course wants to have its cake and eat it too: forced to tell the truth about Bangladeshis being behind the alleged gangrape of the nun, it refuses to retract its earlier unmistakable insinuations that Hindus 'must be' behind it. Essentially, the combination of BBC reports would thus imply to the ignorant international reader that Hindus from Bangladesh "must have" done it.

Either way, the christo-islamic alleged gangrape of a nun in W Bengal is a struggle internal to christoislamism, and hence belongs in this thread. As are the alleged islamic persecutions of christians in Pakistan.

2. Another internal christoislamic matter is how Al Shabaab has invaded Kenya and killed some 147 people.


Kenya University attack: Al Shabaab gunmen storm Garissa University College killing 147 officials say


Islamist militants storm Kenya's Garissa University College, killing Christians and holding other students hostage

April 3, 2015

I'm very sorry to any atheists and other non-christian Kenyans who may fallen victim to al Shabaab [or who have generally fallen victim to the christians/muslims in Kenya].

As for the christians in Kenya who got mowed over by islam: this is what christians (like the LRA, Lord's Resistance Army) did to the native heathens of Africa.

It is what christians have been doing - on a huge scale - to the islamics in the CAR (Central African Republic).

Therefore, such intra christoislamic friction is a matter internal to christoislam and as a result does not concern heathens or require heathen sympathy, surely.

3. Shia Sunni wars are starting to grow at last, with more Shias entering the fray and Sunnis sending more reinforcements. See recent news on Yemen.

Eventually this intra-islamic dichotomy will blow up in Pakistan and India too. When that happens, hopefully lots of christoislamics will be sending each other and their secular christoconditioned friends into the afterlife. Rather them than anything heathen, after all.
More proof that christianism=islam.

Both mass-rape women and take sexual slaves. How are they any different?

First an x-post showing how christianism in CAR = IslamicState/Boko Haram (despite western christians wanting to "differentiate"), before archiving older news in point 2.

1. Christianism in the Central African Republic (CAR).

[quote name='Husky' date='23 April 2015 - 03:41 PM' timestamp='1429783422' post='117650']

* The catholic=christist ex PM of the UK Tony Blair and his faith foundation deliberately downplay that christianism is a driving reason in the majority christian retaliation against earlier islamic violence. Blair's sycophants pretend that the christians infesting the CAR are doing it for plain-vanilla "revenge", not for their faith.** Yet it is only the smaller number of the native animists of CAR that are retaliating against islam for reasons of revenge (not spurred on by their religion: the total war concept only exists in christoislam.)

The fact remains that the anti-Balaka militia is largely christian (the CAR is 71% christian, with only the north being an islamic majority), and for the christian militants, their genocide spree is driven entirely by their christianism. [** tonyblairfaithfoundation.org/religion-geopolitics/commentaries/backgrounder/what-antibalaka]

It remains a fact that the christian anti-Balaka militia - which has merely hijacked the animists, who are desperate to defend themselves, as footsoldiers (a la christo LTTE did in SL) - again: it remains a fact that it is the christian anti-Balaka militants that are into raping "muslim" women in CAR and keeping them as sex-slaves. It is SOP for christoislamics. Anyone else who might have committed atrocities or might do so in future would be doing it out of revenge alone.


Quote:Central African Republic: Muslims Held Captive, Raped / UN, Government Should Free Ethnic Peuhl Women, Children Held by Anti-Balaka

Posted by: APO Posted date : April 22, 2015 at 6:43 am UTC 71 views In : Press releases


Quote:Central African Republic: Muslims Held Captive, Raped

UN, Government Should Free Ethnic Peuhl Women, Children Held by Anti-Balaka

April 22, 2015

That is, the very christian and jeebus-inspired anti-Balaka militia is doing EXACTLY what the islamic Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria, Chad, etc, and the islamic ISIS are doing in the Levant: gangraping and taking sex-slaves.

Where is the condemnation? Where does the international christomedia give this its 15 minutes in the news?

Nowhere. It has been dead silent for months. The very months when christianism has been genociding islamania in the CAR.

The point being: christianism WILL commit genocide and WILL be allowed to get away with it.[/quote]

And western christianism will project this christian genocide AND sexual slavery of muslims as "self-defence/retaliation", when in reality christianism is as aggressive as islam.

In contrast, were Hindoos to actually retaliate against the christoislamaniac genocide of Hindoos in any small riot in India, international and national christomedia will scream and project this as "genocide" of the "poor innocent" evil christoislamic demons, and invent "raped nun" stories AGAIN.

At least Africa and ME is getting cleared of christoislamics by mutual genocide (so Africa's native heathens may hopefully be able to reclaim their lands again). Should encourage the same in India.

2. Seemed to have forgotten to archive this earlier: last month's news -


Quote:19 March 2015

Boko Haram attacks Nigeria's Gamboru, women slaughtered in Bama


The leader of the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau ? © Provided by AFP The leader of the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau

Boko Haram militants killed 11 people in an attack on Gamboru in northeast Nigeria after the Islamists reportedly slaughtered dozens of women in nearby Bama, witnesses said Thursday.

Troops from Chad were credited last month with liberating Gamboru in Borno state from Boko Haram control but Chad's withdrawal from Nigeria last week appeared to have left the town exposed.The latest violence underscored the challenges facing Nigeria as it heads towards March 28 general elections.

Despite claims of major victories over the Islamist rebels thanks to a joint offensive involving Chad, Cameroon and Niger, the threat posed by Boko Haram remains severe.

The insurgents have been resilient in the past and doubts persist over whether the regional offensive will prove capable of ending the violence.

'Back in Gamboru'

Residents of Fotokol, a town in Cameroon but effectively attached to Gamboru, said the rebel onslaught began on Wednesday and there were indications that Boko Haram intended to occupy Gamboru again.

"Boko Haram gunmen returned on motorcycles to Gamboru yesterday (Wednesday)... and shot dead eight people," said Mudi Dankaka in an account supported by others.

Chadian soldiers patrol in the Cameroonian town of Fotokol, on the border with Nigeria, on their way to Gamboru, on February 3, 2015 ? © Provided by AFP Chadian soldiers patrol in the Cameroonian town of Fotokol, on the border with Nigeria, on their way to Gamboru, on February 3, 2015

Three more people were killed on Thursday, he added.

About 2,500 Chadian troops withdrew from Nigerian territory last week, with indications they would be redeployed for fresh offensives elsewhere, military sources in northern Cameroon told AFP.

Chadian troops last month escorted residents of Gamboru back into the town from Fotokol across the 300-metre (yard) bridge that forms the border.

One resident described Gamboru as "a ghost town strewn with burnt vehicles, destroyed buildings and emptied homes".

"Boko Haram are back in Gamboru," said Fotokol resident Umar Ari on Thursday.

Ari and others noted that Nigerian forces had not been spotted in the area, leaving Gamboru with no security presence since the Chadian withdrawal.

'Wives slaughtered'

The Gamboru attack came after reports of another atrocity blamed on Boko Haram in Bama.

Dozens of Nigerian women who were forced to marry Boko Haram fighters were reportedly slaughtered by their "husbands" before a battle with troops for control of the town.

Five witnesses who recounted the massacres to AFP said the Islamist militants feared they would be killed by advancing soldiers or separated from their wives when they fled the town.

They killed the women to prevent them from subsequently marrying soldiers or other so-called non-believers, they added.

"The terrorists said they will not allow their wives to be married to infidels," said Sharifatu Bakura, 39, a mother of three.

According to Bakura's account, which was supported by others, Boko Haram fighters received word of a military assault on Bama, formerly an Islamist stronghold in Borno state.

The insurgents had decided to flee to the nearby town of Gwoza before the troops' arrival but first decided "to kill their wives so that nobody will remarry them", she said.

Bukara's husband was killed by the insurgents four months ago but she was spared from a forced marriage because she was visibly pregnant.

Boko Haram forcibly married scores of women in Bama after seizing it in September. Nigeria's military announced the recapture of the town on Monday.

Witnesses, who were taken under military protection this week to Borno's capital Maiduguri, 73 kilometres (45 miles) away, said the killing of women began 10 days before Bama was liberated.

The Islamists said "if they kill their wives, they would remain pious until both of them meet again in heaven, where they would re-unite", said Salma Mahmud, another witness.

A vigilante who fought alongside the military in the battle to retake Bama, Abba Kassim, said he saw "dozens of women corpses" in the town.

While other witnesses reported a similarly high casualty figure the numbers were impossible to verify.

Nigeria's national security spokesman Mike Omeri told AFP he would try to verify the reports while the military could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Boko Haram conflict has claimed more than 13,000 lives since 2009 and Nigeria's response to the violence has been widely criticised.

Victories recorded by the four-nation coalition since last month have been applauded but the gains may prove hollow if the Islamists can regroup.

I truly hope no children or heathen Africans or non-religious Africans were among the victims.

(No, I really don't care about anyone else any more.)
Muslimah brutally murders her muslim husband because he was "too dark".

Christoisamic love.

Now if the muslimah had been sold as wife #n to some semi-Arab or part-Turkish Paki, he'd likely use then murder her - the way Paki muslims murdered Bangladeshi muslims for being "untermenschen" from the Paki perspective. (Ironically, while Pakis pretend they are purely Arisch, they're anything but, and liable to be more miscegenated than islamics of BD even. It really is a great irony...)


Quote:Woman dislikes husband's dark complexion, kills him

Apr 24, 2015

VADODARA: A man was allegedly bludgeoned to death by his 22-year-old wife, who disliked him for being dark-skinned.

Petlad police have arrested the woman, Farzana Malik, who allegedly killed her husband Farooq in a field near Sundarna village when he forced her to have physical relations on Wednesday night. She had carried a hammer after getting suspicious about his intentions when he asked her to come to the field in the night. After she resisted his advances, the duo had a heated verbal duel and she left. However, she returned in some time and attacked him with the hammer. The assault was so severe that he died on the spot.

Farzana delivered a baby just 10 days ago. Although she disliked Farooq for being dark-skinned, Farzana agreed to the marriage due to family pressure two years ago. Even after marriage, she stayed mostly at her maternal home. Farzana was called back by her in-laws as they needed help with the domestic chores.

The issue came to light in the morning after the deceased's family began looking for Farooq. The Petlad police initially filed a complaint against unidentified persons for the crime. However, upon interrogating Farzana they grew suspicious. Initially, she was hesitant but confessed to the crime after the police told her that they would use a lie detector on her.

Farooq was looking after a farm owned by an NRI in the village, while Farzana was a housewife. The police have booked the accused under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

Wait wait wait, I need time to understand the complicated lifestyle and reasoning of christoislamaniacs. Let's try to get this straight. So, had he been less dark, she'd have willingly slept with him? (Maybe even had to force him, in case the tables were turned and he was the one to think he was out of her league, for being fairer or otherwise prettier or having better hair or whatever excuse?) But, as it was, because he was "too dark for her" she murdered him.

Grief. Crazy bigots.

Good the police have nabbed her. It's likely she'd murder the baby too for being somewhat 'dark' to any degree because of its father (not to mention for its likely being ethnically Indian to some degree.)

I'm surprised christoislamics of the subcontinent don't collectively suicide themselves for not looking as fair as Middle-Easterners among whom the christoclass mindvirus was birthed. I mean, Indian converts to christoislam are forever going to be total failures compared to their betters, right?

Anyway, two more christoislamics out of harm's way: one murdered by the other, who is now behind bars. Should I really complain?
Found on Haindava Keralam twitter feed:

Quote:OTHISH NAIR @jothishnair1010

Hyderabad lad who joined Islamic State gets killed in Syria. Now he'd be having fun with 72 Virgins in heaven! pic.twitter.com/7QKPa6DVix

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam
And a comment there:


Quote:Dr. Haridas K.C. ‏@haridasdr 2h2 hours ago

@jothishnair1010 let's sponsor owaisi!

(Oh so true!)

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Quote:Indian student from Hyderabad who joined Islamic State dies in Syria

May 5, 2015 16:31 IST

#Hyderabad #India #islamic-state #Mohd Haneef Waseem #NewsTracker #Syria #Terror group


Hyderabad: An engineering graduate from Hyderabad, who joined the terror group Islamic State, has died "while fighting in Syria," Intelligence sources said on Tuesday quoting his family members.

Mohd Haneef Waseem, 27, had reportedly joined the Islamic State in Syria in February this year, they said. The Telangana Police are in the process of gathering more information about Haneef's alleged links with the Islamic State.

Representational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

They are also trying to find out how he could have gone to Syria. "We are collecting more information and the process in this regard is on," a top Intelligence officer said.

"He (Haneef) completed engineering degree from Hyderabad around four years back. He later went to London where he completed his masters course. In February this year, he left for Syria from London. He seems to have joined the Islamic State in Syria where he died," the officer told PTI.

"How he died we do not know...while fighting or in landmine blast or accidental death, we are not sure, but he died in March and the same was informed to his family members around 10 days back, who stay in Rajendra Nagar here," the officer said, adding that Haneef's family members in turn informed the matter to police.

The family, native of Mancherial town at Adilabad district in Telangana and settled in Hyderabad for past few years, was informed about Haneef's death through an SMS in Arabic language, which they got translated, he said.

Asked about reports that Haneef had taken another youth of Karimnagar district along with him to Syria, the Intelligence officer said, "He was all alone." It appears that he might have joined the IS after getting attracted to it through social media, he said.

To a question about the youth's body, he said, "It seems they (IS) themselves might have buried it."

Last year, Hyderabad Police had foiled "attempts" by six youths from the city, including two engineers and a former Google employee, who were allegedly plotting to join the Islamic State ranks after getting attracted to the terror group's propaganda on social networking sites.

(Useless Hyderabad police. Should have let the 6 go dodo themselves in the Levant. Yezidi guns can have them for supper for all I care.)

Besides, a 19-year-old woman from the city who was residing in Qatar and had flown to Turkey, allegedly wanted to join the Islamic State but had come back to India in December last year after seeing the conditions there, police had earlier said.


ISIS is welcome to all christoislamics infesting the subcontinent. Christoislamics want martyrdom anyway.

All christoislamics please follow Haneef's lead: go back to Syria (where Syrian christians came from, and the islamic "moplahs" came from a stone's throw away from there) and get yourselves dead I mean into "heaven".
1. Intra monotheist/intra-christian strife in Mizoram. "Catholics vs communists" - communism being a christianism. Though it's not at all impossible that the communists are communist *evangelicals* (AmeriKKKan type of protestants), else some liberation theology school.

There's more catholic power invested in Indian christomedia than evangelical or other protestant groups, or orthodox christianism,

so the headlines are filled with sympathy for catholicism over the heresies like other christian cults and communism.


Quote:Manipur: 7 Catholic schools shut following ban by armed group

Sobhapati Samom, Hindustan Times, Imphal| Updated: Apr 22, 2015 00:22 IST

Seven Catholic schools in Manipur have failed to resume classes despite student bodies and parents protesting the indefinite ban imposed on Catholic schools by an armed group.

Students and parents of Manipur’s Little Flower school and Christ Jyoti school staged a sit-in demonstration on Tuesday but school authorities refused to resume classes.

A Kangleipak Communist Party-Military Council (KCP-MC) statement, released in March end, imposed a ban on Catholic schools starting April 1, and said that the outfit had launched Operation Manga l which aims to fulfil the right to compulsory education by fighting the prevalent system of admission, tuition fees, selection and reservation norms in all schools.

Catholic schools in the area include: Catholic School, Christ Jyoti, Little Flower School, Nirmalabas high school, Sacred Heart, St Joseph and St George.

The outfit warned that school managing committees would be responsible for any untoward incident that may occur if the schools reopen.

“We are not in a position to open the school as of now. We don’t know what the consequences would be unless the matter is resolved,” sisters of Little Flower school said.

A similar sentiment was echoed by the principal of the Nirmalabas school.

On Tuesday the students went to schools following appeals by the Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) and All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU).

“If necessary, AMSU volunteers will form a human chain from April 22 to allow normal classes,” AMSU president Sanasam Subhachandra said.


Quote:Tuesday , April 21 , 2015 |

Manipur schools stay shut for fear of rebels

Ngangbam Indrakanta Singh

Imphal, April 20: Students of Catholic schools in Manipur valley had to return home today as the institutions remained closed fearing a militant backlash despite appeals by student organisations and parents.

The Catholic schools have been closed since April 1 following an indefinite ban imposed by the Kangleipak Communist Party-Military Council (KCP-MC) group.

The ban has affected at least seven schools and nearly 17,000 students.

The students went to their respective schools following appeals by the Democratic Students Alliance Manipur to the guardians to send their wards to schools today and to the authorities of all Catholic schools to open their institutions keeping in view the career of the students.

However, school authorities refused to resume classes in the face of the threat.

H. Budhichandra, assistant teacher of Nirmalabas High School, told The Telegraph: "We want to open the school but given the ban by an insurgent group we don't know what the consequences would be. We cannot open our school until the ban is lifted."

A KCP (MC) statement, released in the last week of March, had stated that the outfit had launched Operation Mangal against the prevalent system of admission, tuition fees, selection of students and reservation norms in all schools with the objective of shaping a "fabulous society".

It imposed an "indefinite ban" on Catholic schools in Manipur valley for "ignoring sincere suggestions of the outfit and the public".

The outfit stated that Operation Mangal aims to fulfil the right to compulsory education and warned that if the schools open, their managing committees would be responsible for any untoward incident. But parents are putting pressure on school authorities to reopen the institutions.

Warthing Jajo, guardian of a student of Nirmalabas High School, said: "So many students are suffering and their future is being jeopardised. Children are the future pillars of Manipur. The silence of the government is strongly condemned." Before leaving the school, its students gathered at the gate and raised slogans like "We want to study" and "Don't disturb education".

A student said, "Please reopen our school for the sake of our future. Our syllabus will not be covered, but exams will come. Please don't ban our school."

Budhichandra said the school would hold a meeting and urged the government to provide security. "If the government is ready, we will certainly reopen the school."

Guardians of the students of St Joseph School located at Sangaiporou in Imphal West district staged a sit-in, demanding education for their children free of disturbances. They urged the government to provide security at the school.

The All Naga Students' Association Manipur had appealed to the outfit on Saturday to let educational institutions operate without fear, threats and intimidations. It said the ban on Catholic schools was appalling and undignified. The All Manipur Students' Union had also appealed to the outfit to lift the ban by April 21. It said it would form human chains to guard the schools if the ban was not lifted.

Good grief the number of crypto catholics/christians holding on parasitically to Hindoo names: "Budhichandra".

And "christ jyoti" and "nirmalabas" as names of schools. Total inculturation and re-interpretation* of Hindoo religion into christianism. * Re-interpretation was discussed by someone at HK as the aim of inculturation. It is certainly evident in christian missionary literature on conversion in India: though S Korean christians writing about India call inculturation+re-interpretation as "re-location" of Hindu concepts and terms and practices into christianism. I.e. this is the stage after conversion is complete, where the Hindoo heathenism is successfully murdered, and its deeply sacred deeply Hindoo-religious forms have been totally subsumed as being local "christian" "culture" and "religion", with no resisting voice in sight, because all voices are christian in the space.

Anyway, India's christonews is careful not to mention that intra-monotheist strife is slowly but regularly flaring up again in the NE. Will build to crescendos in time. At present it is not yet as bad as over a decade ago, when IIRC evangelicals and other christians clashed violently in India's northeast, resulting in 400 dead [of belligerent christians onlee, as I recall], all because the two kinds of converts were not of the exact same christian denomination and wouldn't convert to each other's particular christo cult. Not that I care.

2. Takfiri muslims massacre 45 muslims in Pakistan for not being of the right kind of islam.

BBC finally thought of putting it to print too:


Quote:13 May 2015

Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus

image caption: The passengers were being taken to an Ismaili Shia Muslim place of worship, police said

Could this be Sunni confidence arising from ISIS gaining ground in Pak?

India's eminent hysterians (famously all christoislami-communists) repeat the christoislamic lie that islam didn't destroy Hindoo temples and massacre Hindoos on account of the latter's polytheistic idolatry. But the above is yet *more* proof - same as seen in Mali, same as seen in the Levant - that islamaniacs can't even tolerate their own muslims' "deviant" practices. Malian muslims visiting dargahs was considered "idolatry" and so the truer-muslims blew all those up.

So can imagine how islamics treated the heathen Hindoos - "polytheistic idolators". Actually no need to imagine: Hindoos in W Bengal, Kashmir, Kerala not to mention TSP-E and TSP-W know full well how islamaniacs treat Hindoos. Same as how christos treat Hindoos in India's northeast and now increasingly also in southern India. And christoislamic/communist hysterians know all this very much too.

Still from


Quote:Spiritual leader Prince Karim Aga Khan is a philanthropist and business magnate. He gives his name to bodies including a university, a foundation, and the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
So that's why Harvard is so happily pro-islamaniac: because there are many types of islamaniacs funding them.

Oh no, Aga Khan - that mostly-alien hybrid* - speaks:

Quote:Ismaili spiritual leader Prince Karim Aga Khan said in a statement the "attack represented a senseless act of violence against a peaceful community".

* For the consistent European strain in their gene pool, can see:

  • dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2581243/Billionaire-Muslim-spiritual-leader-Aga-Khan-divorces-German-princess-drawn-separation-taken-years.html

  • dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3043399/The-royal-baby-not-one-think-Model-Kendra-Spears-welcomes-son-husband-Prince-Rahim-Aga-Khan.html

The second article especially goes through the list of models and hollywood actresses from UK and US who have consistently married into the islamic moneyed royalty of Jordan and the Aga Khan 'lineage'. Money significantly derived from tithing by - leeching off - beliebers, which tithes are 2.5% higher to Aga Khan's kingdom - the first without any actual territory? - than to even the evangelical church in US (AmeriKKKan evangelicals tithe at 10% of their income, IIRC):


Quote:Not all of the money was acquired through commerce, however. Part of it comes from a tithe paid by Ismaili Muslims called a 'dasond' - the equivalent of 12.5 percent of each person's gross annual income.

And so the reason Jordan's royalty and the Aga Khan line look more Euro than Middle-Eastern and Iranian respectively is because... they're factually ethnically mostly Euro now and very little ME and Iranian: each male successor shows his disdain for the local faithful muslimahs and marries western brides, who of course happily convert. (I am still trying to decide whether "progressive" Indian women tend to run off with islamic men more or whether British women and US women like islamic men [money/royalty] more. Also, US has an obsession with royalty and aristocracy, despite being a republic that was once anti-monarchist. Count the number of rich AmeriKKKan heiresses who married British aristocrats in the Henry James/Edith Warton era, and count the number of American women - not just Grace Kelly - who married European royalty.)

But there's a nice summary at the dailymail page:


Quote:The royal baby is here (but not the one you think): Model Kendra Spears welcomes a son with husband Prince Rahim Aga Khan

Kendra Spears, 26, has given birth to her first child, a son named Irfan

The baby, whose father is Prince Rahim Aga Khan, was born in Geneva

Ms Spears, now known as Princess Salwa, is said to be doing well

By Ruth Styles for MailOnline

Published: 14:27 GMT, 17 April 2015 | Updated: 19:57 GMT, 17 April 2015

Ms Spears, a Seattle-born supermodel who has starred in campaigns for Diane von Furstenburg and Chanel among others, married Prince Rahim Aga Khan in 2013 following a four month engagement.

The model, 26, had been considered 'the next Cindy Crawford' by her agency Ford Models, but has put her career on the back-burner since becoming wife to the 44-year-old royal.

She follows in the footsteps of a string of American royal wives, among them actress Rita Hayworth who was married to Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan.

Prince Rahim's younger brother Hussein, 41, also married an American model, although his marriage to New Yorker Kristin White, 38, ended shortly after his brother's wedding in 2013.

The Jordanian royals have also made a habit of wedding Americans, most famously Lisa Najeeb Halaby who became known as Queen Noor following her marriage.

Another male heir. Who wants to predict the ethnicity of the future wife of the child? I say US or UK or German or something else Euro/Russian.

I also predict that she too will convert to islam, like all of the above and other women did.

Aga Khan is an islamic Iranian allegedly "royal" line, isn't it? Sure they've been infesting the subcontinent too, but

why is Spears - I mean royal muslimah wife #1 Salwa - wearing a *Saree* in one of the pictures? More islamic pretence that Hindoo religio-culture involves them too somehow.

The news was:

* Catholic christos vs communist heretics (possibly also christian) in christian Mizoram:



Manipur: 7 Catholic schools shut following ban by armed group [Kangleipak Communist Party-Military Council (KCP-MC)]

Apr 22

* Paki muslims (sunni cult) summarily execute 45 muslims (ismailis, shia subcult) going to some mosque/Shia place of worship


Pakistan gunmen kill 45 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus

(Today's news)

The beeb is not only covering up that the gunmen are sunni muslims, by calling them merely "paki gunmen" (I suppose they could be Paki christians. Let's not rule out that possibility, since christianism is famous for terror groups in the Indian subcontinent and as intolerant of heretical denominations in its own fold as it is intolerant of islam.) But BBC is also busy advertising that ismaili shias are "peaceful" etc (you mean like Bush Jr assured the world that islam in entirety meant "peace"?) Maybe ismaili shias are relatively peaceful: in their encounters with the cannibals higher up in the foodchain. But I bet if they were the only islamaniacs in India and were infesting India in the same numbers as islam in entirety is present in India now, then ismailis would be the ones genociding the Hindoos. Mohammed/koran doesn't change after all.
Today's news.


Quote:21 killed, 81 wounded in IS attack on Saudi Shiite mosque: ministry


Husein Radwan

[img caption:] A Saudi man reacts following a blast inside a mosque, in the mainly Shiite Saudi Gulf coastal town of Qatif, 400km east of Riyadh, on May 22, 2015

Twenty-one people were killed and 81 wounded in an attack by an Islamic State group suicide bomber on a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia Friday, the health ministry said.

"The terrorist attack left 21 dead and 81 wounded, including 12 in critical condition", the ministry said, according to Saudi Arabia's news agency APS.

The bomber struck during the main weekly prayers in Eastern Province, where assailants linked to the Sunni extremist IS killed seven members of the minority Shiite community in November.

All Arabians should return to their ancestral heathenism=Gods*. And destroy christoislamism.

* Else Hellenismos: Olympic Gods also worshipped by many Arabians and other Middle-Easterners - from Palestina to Iraqi - historically.

Christians infesting India protesting against their own bishops.

Flock protesting with placards referring to their own bishops as "bastards"*, including the archbishop of what's-it appointed by the Vatican itself, IIRC.

Bahahahaha. Needs wider circulation.

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