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2009 -- India Election -
UPA record of achievement

- weekly terror blasts in Indian metros, hanuman mandir
- trying to stop Hindus from completing Amarnath yatra along with Kashmiri muslim allies
- trying to build church on Tirupati hills, unfettered conversion spree in South
- stopping arms shipment to RNA while looking other way and having Yechuri and commie allies interface with mass murderer Prachanda in Nepal, stooge for missionaries and seculars, seizes power at behest of western "color revolution" campaign, stage set for Christian East Timor in subcontinent, a northern Christianized LTTE;
- removing BJP govts in Goa
- China reverses its maps and begins to show Arunachal as part of China
- China invites Sonia to Olympics instead of PM, tamacha to Indians
- denuke deal imposing strict inspections regime on India, all the mediawalas suddenly become bush bhakts, meanwhile Bush lacks universal credibilty due to iraq wmd hoax
- pension to terrorists' families
- losing sleep over terrorist accused in foreign country
- Muslims have first right to resources
- blaming Indian Army for Samjhauta blasts
- fiddling with "Hindu terror" phantom menace while "26/11" blows up in India's face internationally
- toxifying Indian textbooks with Missionary and western propaganda led by John Dayal and company
- Jailing Shankaracharya on diwali day at behest of missionaries, missionaries incensed at Shankaracharya working among "their dalits"
- killing Swami Lakshmananand and Sonia"ji" giving refuge to his Christian MP killer, missionaries incensed at Swami working among their tribal "flock" and tribal "turf"
- Scrapping POTA and anti-terrorism mechanisms
- whisking away Quattrochi
- shamelessly trying to install Sonia Foreigner as PM
- insulting freedom fighter savarkar by removing his plaque from Cellular jail
- Afzal
- Manmohan declaring that caste "system" is Racism. ( actually it is only systematic when viewed through Abrahamic religious and secular filters -
- Giving pakis opportunities to blame "Hindu terror" for their own deeds
- pushing harami dynasty on India
- imposing colonial history on India's children, AIT, whitewashing islamic and british atrocities
- giving reservations to Christian and muslims, missionary strategy to convert Asia
- Abandoning Burma when western "color revolution" came to fore.
- Jailing IPS officer Ashok Sahu when he spoke out against terrorizing missionaries in orissa under NSA
- saying that pakistan is a "victim" of terror
- JNU "secular" brainchild Prachanda begins persecuting tibetans in nepal, closes down tibetan centers, attacks on pasupatinath temple, kumari tradition, attacks on sanskrit universities, and so on
- putting cross on indian coins
- banning da vinci code
- sponsoring delegations to US commission on religious freedom and spouting missionary propaganda there; these same fellows have managed to extinguish almost every heathen culture across multiple continents while 'saving" souls and imposing a colonial order.
- arguing against Ram in SC while trying to demolish Setu, the demolition boat was named "hanuman'
- assault on taslima nasreen and abandoning her to the wolves
- diverting temple lands and funds to secular mullas and christians
- and so on...
Bangalore techies affected by Fringe Benefit Tax and High interest rates rooting for BJP http://is.gd/tAPo

Balaji campaigns for BJP but thinks Blore South is too close to call http://is.gd/tAcf join the Bangalore
<b>Lalu will not be a part of next government: Mukherjee </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Addressing an election rally in Samastipur, Mukherjee said: <b>"Lalu will neither form the government or will be a part of the next government. Lalu should have given us three seats in Bihar we had asked for. We will never tolerate being treated as a doormat</b>."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>BJP set for clean sweep in Jharkhand</b>
Sidharth Mishra | Ranchi/Dumka
With just 36 hours to go for the final phase of Lok Sabha poll in Jharkhand, accounting for 14 seats,<b> the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has a definite edge. Thanks to the Congress policy of running with the hare and hunting with the hound, the BJP is enjoying the advantage of double anti-incumbency — against the State and the Central Governments.</b>

Of the 14, eight seats go to the poll on Thursday. The election to the Maoist-infested six seats of Chatra, Palamu, Hazaribagh, Lohardagga, Khunti and Koderma was held on April 16 amid unprecedented violence perpetrated by the Maoists. <b>The BJP is all set to stage a strong comeback with the party getting up to eight seats and its perceivable allies like Babulal Marandi, Inder Singh Namdhari and others managing two to three seats</b>.

In 2004, the UPA swept in Jharkhand with the Congress bagging six, JMM four, RJD two and CPI one. The lone non-UPA seat was won by Babulal Marandi, first on the BJP ticket and later under his own party’s banner following a by-election.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>Chawla, Quraishi members of Congress coterie: Maya</b>

<b>Lalu, Cong spill more blood</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The exchange between Lalu and State Congress leaders is turning shriller by the day. Saying that Lalu has lost his mental balance, State Congress chief <b>Anil Sharma demanded that Lalu’s role in Bhagalpur, Biharsharif and Sitamadhi communal riots should be probed. “Lalu Prasad's proximity and protection to the accused of the Bhagalpur communal riots showed how much he cared for the Muslims,” </b>Sharma said.

If Lalu thought he could hope to stop the drift of the Muslim votes to the Congress by reviving their old wounds, he may have to lament his decision. Reaction from across the State shows that the Muslims see this as an “opportunistic” ploy. With <b>the Congress offering them an option, a section of the Muslims are now moving away from the RJD</b>.

No surprise that a desperate Lalu is blaming all and sundry for the plight of the Muslims. In the same day, he attacks Advani, Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi, Narendra Modi and Narashimha Rao et all for betraying the cause of the Muslims.

<b>But for the first time, his secular credentials are under attack. A Muslim organisation on Tuesday brunt his effigy in the State capital</b> and questioned his duplicity on the demolition of the Babri Masjid. <b>Reports are also trickling in that Muslims are not voting against the NDA with the same aggression as they did in the past. In the absence of tactical voting by the Muslims, the NDA has everything to gain.</b> The situation poses serious challenge to the RJD chief, who is fighting to keep his Yadav folks together. That vote bank too is coming under attack from Nitish Kumar, who is asking everyone to offer him a chance to change the face of Bihar.

Gloating over the bitter squabble between the two UPA allies, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that his Government would be ready to order a probe into the Bhagalpur, Biharhsarif and Sitmadhi riots. "If anyone could provide us documents or fresh evidence which throws fresh light on the riots, we are ready to get the matter probed," he said.
Anyone have the picture showing an elderly gentleman in dhoti bending over to touch sonia's feet while she looks away?? I could not find it on the following site:

Far Eastern Economic Review
One Caste, One Vote


Badaiyon, Uttar Pradesh – Across a railway bridge that doubles as a road here in the heart of India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, parliamentarian Saleem Shervani's jeep is hailed by an enthusiastic railwayman."Welcome back Saleem bhai!" he says, smiling broadly, using the common Hindi-Urdu word for "brother." Welcome to Badaiyon!"
[Mayawati] Associated Press

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh state and Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati displays a crown presented to her by supporters during a public rally in Mumbai, India, in this April 8, 2009 photo. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)

The railwayman, clearly Hindu, wears a bodi, a tuft of hair on the back of the head that signifies his high-caste, Brahmin origins. Other pedestrians begin to crowd around the vehicle. Mr. Shervani, a Congress Party member, rolls the window down of his air-conditioned Tata Safari jeep and shakes the hands thrust in his direction. Many belong to men with close-cropped beards that Muslims commonly wear; others, like the railwayman, have the tell-tale marks of high-caste Hindus.

Mr. Shervani's two mobile phones ring constantly. "Don't worry, Saleem bhai, we are with you, you will definitely win, inshallah," says one caller. Between blessings, requests for help from villagers ("I cannot do anything against the Election Commission's model code of conduct," he says) and unsolicited advice, Mr. Shervani goes from village to village tirelessly campaigning.

Across Uttar Pradesh, golden with wheat and interspersed with the dark green shadows of mango groves, election fever is on the rise. There is a month to go before this area of Uttar Pradesh votes; meanwhile, the wheat has to be cut, threshed and stored in local warehouses.

Mr. Shervani knows that he cannot bank on his record of having won here five times already, or the fact that he is Muslim (there are 290,000 Muslims here), to get him a majority of votes in the constituency's 1.4 million voter population. That's why his campaign is being very carefully stitched together into a coalition of several Most Backward Hindu castes such as the Mauyras, Shakhs, Khushwahas and Sainis who account for nearly 175,000 voters in the constituency, plus the base Muslim vote.

These backward groups have agreed to support Mr. Shervani's Congress Party because they are fighting the overlordship of the Yadav caste, also backward, which has ruled Uttar Pradesh for nearly 20 years but refused to share power with those below it in Hinduism's complex caste hierarchy.

Caste-based politics are not new to Uttar Pradesh, but for the last two decades they have found a new opponent: religion. In 1992, the Hindu right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rode to power on the back of nationalist Hindu sentiment that favored the building of a temple to the Hindu god Ram and the destruction of the 16th century Babri mosque.

So when Varun Gandhi, grandson of former prime minister Indira Gandhi and BJP candidate from Pilibhit constituency, was recently arrested for hate speeches in which he threatened to "cut off the arms of all those who rose against Hindus," the election campaign was galvanized on several fronts.

But don't count on the Hindu-Muslim divide to be as important as caste identification here in Uttar Pradesh or elsewhere. BJP candidate and six-time MP from Bareilly constituency Santosh Gangwar, says that Varun Gandhi's statements "were clearly not right. Many party workers may want us to defend him, but we have to conduct our politics very differently." He says the "Varun effect" will be limited in Uttar Pradesh and certainly not have a national impact like it did in 1992.

Mushirul Hasan, vice-chancellor of Jamia Millia University in Delhi, points out that "although caste and religion get intertwined very often and can complicate and confuse the picture, caste is the dominant factor in Indian politics. At the end of the day, episodic events like the Varun Gandhi comments cannot influence the mature Indian electorate, because caste solidarity is not easy to undermine."

Over the past two decades, as the political pendulum has swung back and forth in Uttar Pradesh, power has been shared between the pro-BJP upper and medium-caste Hindus, backward castes such as the Yadavs led by the Samajwadi (Socialist) Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which claim to represent the lowest of the lowlies on the Hindu caste scale.

Two years ago, the Dalits (members of the lowest caste formerly known as "untouchables") rallied their political power and formed a strategic alliance with upper-caste Brahmins, which brought the BSP to power here. BSP President and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati (she goes by one name) is a charismatic and outspoken champion of the Dalits, and the main reason the BSP is in power. Other parties have been courting Mayawati and the BSP, but last month she announced that the BSP would run on its own rather than joining a larger alliance. This, she believes, will offer voters an alternative to the two national parties, Congress and BJP, and still allow her to form an alliance after the vote.

But as India goes to the polls this month, stories of massive corruption in the BSP ranks, including the alleged sale of party tickets for as much as 7.5 million rupees per ticket, has put a big dent in the party's popularity. A local man named Ramesh, a Dalit who has passed his masters and has a law degree from Bareilly, tells me his community is split over who to vote for in the coming elections. "I was asked for a bribe of 30,000 rupees when I went to apply for a job. When I asked whether this was what I got for voting for Mayawati, I was told by the BSP middleman that in that case I should go to Lucknow and complain directly to her!" he said.

Since the battle for Delhi has long been fought on the plains of Uttar Pradesh, which with 80 seats has a stranglehold on India's 545-member lower house of parliament, political parties here are being forced to come up with unique permutations that will add up the numbers.

If parties like the Congress are hoping to improve their dismal showing in the state on the back of alliances with local backward caste groups, the BSP is hoping its vote bank will stay loyal and secure. As for Uttar Pradesh's 18.5% Muslim population, they have decided to vote tactically, constituency by constituency, so as to defeat their main enemy, the BJP.

This election is vastly different from 1992 in another way. By ordering the arrest of Varun Gandhi, upper-caste in name, reputation and birth—in a state acutely sensitive to all three factors—Mayawati has unleashed the ultimate caste weapon right in the middle of the elections.

This must surely be the final irony in a state already replete with so many.
—Jyoti Malhotra is a New Delhi-based freelance journalist.
<b>UP Muslims seek protection against BJP</b>
In reality, Hindus need protection from Muslims.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->An expert in the colonial Indian History, <b>Dr Mohmmad Sajjad (in the picture) teaches at the Aligarh  Muslim University</b>. Armed with a <b>Ph.D on Bihar Muslim politics in the last decade of colonialism</b>, he keeps his eye on Uttar Pradesh [Images] and Bihar politics.


Analysts usually forget that UP Brahmins give tough competition to Muslims in their strategic thinking and voting. They are smarter of the whole range of voting blocks in the  highly volatile state. 23 percent of Indian Muslims reside in UP while Brahmins constitute nine percent of the state population.

Like, between New Delhi [Images] and Aligarh, Jats and Brahmin votes are substantial. The BJP has a tie-up with Ajit Singh's Rashtriya Lok Dal. This time if Brahmin votes shift  from the BSP to the Congress or the BJP then revival of both parties is certain. If seen from mainstream party's angle, their shifting of votes is more tactical and influential than Muslims voting.


Dr Sajjad says in UP, the relationship between Hindus and Muslims are not as good as Bihar because there the economic competition is intense. <b>He also says that UP Muslims enjoy a feeling of "cultural superiority".</b>
At this crucial time, it's the responsibility of we the people, to make our fellow citizen aware of what is happening in India under the rule of PRESENT GOVT.....

This is a sincere request to take few minutes of busy schedule to go out and VOTE and VOTE FOR CHANGE.

This email was written and sent to me by an INDIAN CITIZEN who is really very much worried as to what would happen to our INDIA if the PRESENT GOVT. comes back to power.

http://content.msn.co.in/MSNContribute/Sto...ed-0f49283a3f87 <!--emo&:ind--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/india.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='india.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<b>Varun Gandhi files nomination from Pilibhit</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->A large number of his supporters and media-persons were seen outside the office as the BJP leader, who is contesting against his uncle and Congress leader P M Singh, filed the nomination.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>Varun has assets worth about Rs five crore</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->According to the affidavit submitted to the district returning here, Varun has assets worth Rs 4.92 crore, which include movable assets worth Rs 1.71 crore.

However, the young BJP leader does not have a vehicle of his own.

<b>Varun has cash worth Rs 20,000, while his bank deposits are worth Rs 16,42,000 and has bonds and shares worth Rs 1,95,000. His other financial instruments are worth Rs 98,84,000.</b>

The BJP candidate also has jewellery worth Rs 16,18,000, silver utensils worth Rs 26,88,000 in addition to paintings worth Rs 10,10,000.

<b>Varun also possesses weapons worth Rs 85,000, which include a 12 bore gun costing Rs 20,000, a pistol worth Rs 40,000 and a NPB rifle worth Rs 25,000.</b>

As far as the immovable assets of Varun are concerned, it includes a 2/3rd share in a Vasant Vihar shop in Delhi worth Rs 2.33 crore, an advance payment given for a flat worth Rs 63 lakh and a share of Rs 25 lakh in a shop in Khan Market in Delhi.

<b>Varun has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of London in association with the London School of Economics</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Election prompt prayer campaign
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

A ministry working with the persecuted church is calling Christians round the world to pray for fellow believers in India as the country begins its national parliamentary elections.

The author conveniently refers to church in the singular—but there are so many churches and each with its own distinct Christian God and gospel, rite, beliefs dogmas etc. This election-prompt prayer campaign for Christians in India made by the ministry working for the persecuted church —hiding behind a ‘Church’ to broadcast its propaganda of lies, false allegations, anti-national statements is nothing but a political propaganda blitz.

Where is this persecuted church—and what in some countries where the church is the persecutor? Any one with a smattering of world history will know that the church started its mission with persecution and blood shed. It continues till date. Methods of persecution change according to time, clime, culture and exigencies. So it is caught in its own persecution phobia.

Did the Christian country—USA under Bush—belonging to the Born Again Church on lies and blatant lies not declare war on Iraq—tortured, killed, and demolished a whole nation? Soldiers knelt made the sign of the cross and fired on civilian areas. How Christian was that and on which side of the firing line was this Christian god, and is it to this god now the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) national president Sajan K George and Director Abhishek Singh of Open Doors are requesting Christians around the world to supplicate for the persecuted Christians in India?

I suppose this God will be able to differentiate election campaigning and a prayer of supplication. If God is Truth then is it not a blasphemy to supplicate to that Truth with lies?

The GCIC has made a grave accusation against the present UPA government—the threat of unfair elections—Yet it further appeals to the same political leaders who cannot ensure even fair elections to guarantee safety for religious minorities and ensure their participation in elections, defend freedom of religion and bring to justice those who discriminate against the Christians. That’s a tall order. If the UPA government till date was not able to ensure all this then how can it on the eve of the elections? If carefully scrutinized the statement calls for throwing out such a government and bringing in one which will fulfill the tall order made by the GCIC. So unwittingly it has accused the UPA government—under the leadership of Mrs Sonia Gandhi –an Italian Christian to have failed in protecting the minorities.

Another serious accusation made by Abhishek—director of Open Doors—that law had been restricted in its application in favor of the Hindu majority and to the disadvantage of the minorities such as Christians and Muslims (under the Congress led UPA government I suppose). Will it mean that he and other organizations with whom he collaborates want to throw out the UPA government which failed the minorities and bring in a government which will protect the minorities?

The judiciary is also accused—after elections does Abhishek Singh think that the whole judiciary will be overhauled, with a new one set up which will apply law without discrimination?

Singh’s exposition of Kandhamal is a concoction of lies. The Hindu Swamiji Lakshmananda becomes a fundamental Hindu. It is not in the chemistry of swamijis to be Fundamentalists. If Hindu religion was a Fundamental one then we would have no Christians and Muslims in this country.

It is the inbuilt tolerance of the Hindu religion that has nursed and nurtured all world religions to grow in this country. In Kandhamal—Orissa pamphlets were distributed by the World Vision a virulent Fundamental organization with a cover-up of humanitarian work but a hidden agenda of evangelization stirring up communalism. It found the work of Swamiji a great hindrance for its own proselytization. Even if Moaists had owned up the massacre—there was not a single condemnation from any quarters on this brutal and cold-blooded murder of Swamiji and his ashramities.

Christians were attacked—true, but according to reports Hindus also were attacked and killed, their houses too were destroyed. But the fury of the tribals on the brutal massacre of Swamiji and his three ashramites naturally took a heavier toll of the Christians. But today the displaced Christians are being cared for—fed and sheltered in relief camps. Not with the monies of the organizations which profess to work for the displaced Christians but by the government with the tax payers’ money.

The displaced Hindus get no relief and the Hindu victims of this communal riot have become beggars. Abishek Singh’s God will know the truth. ‘Open Doors’ must not work within closed doors with closed hearts when it comes to the truth.
What strikes me is how God is dragged into gutter politics and how commercialized the whole business of supplication and appeal becomes. This is called prayer.

A distortion of history is presented by Sajan K.George—Is it ignorance or is he resorting to cheap political rhetoric. According to him 2008 saw the worst kind of repression in our society as the church in India experienced a wave of violence and persecution unprecedented since the origin of Christianity in India 2000 years ago. The national president of the Global Council of Indian Christians must do some reading—When did Christianity come to India? This will lead to inter-churches claims and counter claims! Did Thomas bring it or did Francis Xavier carry Christianity to India first? How many years ago? The persecution started with the entry of traders—missionaries (Dutch, Portuguese, French and the English) who demolished hundreds of temples and through threats, coercion and killings converted the Hindus. Unprecedented persecution was unleashed by these foreign Christians against the Indians who were Hindus. This is not confined to India alone.

Mr Sajan George cannot hide the truth because this is world/Indian/church history –Christian religion was born in blood and persecution, thrives on it and made it its business to wage wars on spreading Christianity all over the globe. Now it has adapted other methods to proselytize because religion is a business and it has been commercialized to such an extent that the churches are today Transcontinental Corporates with the respective CEOs sitting in the Vatican, Geneva, England and its network of corporate offices all over the globe manipulating the media, funding wars, investing in arms and ammunition, subjugating whole tribes, whole regions, cultures and alienating the people from their own, in divisiveness it thrives. But prayers are scripted for persecuted church and peace missions are held—humanitarian works are undertaken—A soul searching will reveal how much of money does this ‘Open Doors’, and the GCIC attract from foreign countries?

With a preamble of lies and of election-prompt prayer for Christians to God just prior to this parliamentary election Christians are asked to pray for three specifics—in which God should play a role in ushering in a political party which will embark on the following:

1 - Officials in the government ignoring persecution of Christians will be replaced by officials who support and protect religious freedom. This sounds a promise rather than a prayer.

2 - The freedom and liberty of church and missionaries in India to share the Gospel and disciple believers.(A bit difficult even for God because there are different gospels and different sects of Christians—they are at each others throats and will not agree even among themselves to share!)

3 - God would move in culture to remove the caste system and create equal opportunities and rights for all people.

Again all the above indicates an election manifesto of a party if it wins and comes to power. Whose manifesto is this?

Is God standing for election? But the Christians are asked to pray thus—The third area is rather confusing—If the political party wins then God would move in culture to remove caste system and create equal opportunities. Which is this new political party which through the prayers of the Christians if wins will bring about all this?

Culture is not something that appeared in India with Christianity and no government can move a god into a culture. The Indian culture is not minus of god that a new promise is held out that god would move into culture. Where has he been so long? Is the Indian culture devoid of a god that a promise is held out for the future to move God into culture? Or is the present god going to be displaced a Christian god moved in.

What absurdity and what flights of fantasy these so called leaders of Christian organizations have. It implies that if a particular party wins for which the Christians are asked to pray then it will move in God in culture. How this movement is going to take place? Perhaps God will be rolled into culture with the help of Lulu in a roller!

The implication is that the political party will give a free run to the Christians and its churches and Christianize the whole Indian ethos. This is not communalism—only if the ethos is Hindu—then it becomes a blatant hindutva which is communal. But the name of the political party has not been mentioned to avoid violating the model code of conduct.

Throughout India the churches have violated this code by mixing religion with politics. The Catholic Church in Pune had its own prayer—the Andhra Pradesh CM’s son-in-law in his evangelization and prayer meetings had urged the people to vote for the Congress. Christian leaders have sent out circulars and directives urging the people to vote for a party (which will give it a free run). Only the minority religious leaders stoop to this and are not confident to allow its followers to vote according to their conscience. They have to follow the dictate of the religious leaders whose vested interest need be protected.

2000 years ago Truth was crucified by the conspiracy of the civil authorities and the religious leaders. The same is being repeated here. Religious leaders are misusing religion, misusing their leadership and straitjacketing the Christians.

Prayer is a cover up to coerce the Christians to vote for a particular party. This is an expression of Fundamentalism of the minority religions.

What if the Hindu religious leaders and all the Sankaracharyas issue such a direction to their Hindus? What kind of punishment will it attract from the Election Commission? Will the Minority religious leaders not oppose it? Ground rules must be same for all. Minority religious leaders cannot and should not misuse churches, pulpits and their positions to canvass for votes under the guise of prayer for a persecuted church. What hollowness and cheap gimmicks and what faith and trust in God that He leads on …. Perhaps the blue print of the efforts of Open Doors and the Global Council of Indian Christians will draw the attention of the funding agencies and will bring in more money—but their prayers will not move the heavens—they fall on the ground with a thud! Lucre and godliness do not mix

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>BJP-Sena has edge in Marathwada</b>
TN Raghunatha | Mumbai
With almost 25 Lok Sabha constituencies in four regions of Maharashtra going to poll on Thursday, <b>the Opposition Shiv Sena-BJP alliance appears to have the upper hand over the Congress-NCP combine in Marathwada, while the ruling UPA partners seem comfortable in north Maharashtra</b>.

The two political formations are expected to share the honours in the Konkan region, while no major electoral upsets are expected in western Maharashtra, where the NCP will barely manage to retain its position (see accompanying report).

Thursday’s second round of polling is rather crucial — both in terms of the number of seats involved and the presence of more than a dozen prominent candidates in the electoral fray.
Regardless of how true the stmt is, such explicit articulation of support for any of the upper castes is rare.


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->But emerging reports from UP say that caste honeymoon is over. Brahmins, observers believe, are drifting away from the BSP, disillusioned by the Mayawati government's policies.

Mishra, the BSP's most prominent Brahmin face, quickly denies any such rift.

"Such talk is completely untrue," he insists. "Our unity stands and you will find that out after the results. The BSP has 45 Brahmin MLAs. Don't you think this number is huge? The news of a Brahmin-Dalit split is false."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Muslims always voted in bulk but now Upper caste is doing same in UP, which is good. Other caste vote split is slap on Mandal commission and caste politics.
Different people from Gandi family have contested from:
Bellary - KA
Chickmagalur - KA
Amethi - UP
Rae Bareli - UP
These are some of the worst developed places not just in India but in the world.

Starting from Indira Gandi, they have been saying "garibi hatao", I think it only means getting rid of the poor people and staching money away!

People of India, wake up, and vote for good people.
also Phoolpur UP
add more nepotism of Gandhi -Nehru family

<b>PHULPUR, UP </b>- Jawaharlal Nehru, 1952, 1957 and 1962. His sister Vijayalakshmi Pandit, 1967. Now Mafia don turned politician Atiq Ahmed, 2004, 2009
<b>Lucknow, UP </b>-Sheila Kaul was elected to the Lok Sabha in 1971, 1980 and 1984.
<b>Sitapur, UP </b> - Mrs Uma Nehru, was a Lok Sabha member for three terms
In 1962, after Mrs Uma Nehru’s death, Shyamkumari, her daughter, was made a member of the Rajya Sabha.
<b>Pranab denies UPA going slow on unearthing Swiss Bank accounts</b>
<img src='http://l.yimg.com/ki/epaper/jagran/20090423/08/AMR22asrd19-c-3-1_1240455595.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
Sidhu before filling nomination.

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