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2009 -- India Election -
<b>BJP is Single Largest Party</b>
In 2004 the junior Ambani had a key role in formation of UPA after the elections and forming the govt. It was him who persuaded Mulyam Singh Yadav to support INC depite the earlier stance. Soon after the UPA was created there were differences between the brothers and the family assets were split.

A few months ago these brothers had reconciled at LKA's house. So what is he doing now in Delhi?

Also I think the US has taken direct interest in AP postpoll alliances to ensure that Chiranjivi is directed in the right way that is in US interests.

So what role for Anil Ambani now?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->So what role for Anil Ambani now? <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
He is protecting his investment in N-Deal. With Con , 10 Janpath, Race Course all had recived bribes from every corner. If these traitors stays in power, other crocks can loot more.

Now watch, how many EVM will disappear and data gets changed.
Dummy Patil will find ways not to call NDA, even they have number.
10 Janpath can beat Al Capone hands down.
<b>BJP asks its spokespersons to play safe, not to over-commit themselves</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Confident about its return to power, the BJP has cautioned its speakers not to over-commit themselves and land up in a situation where their claims about new allies turn counter-productive.

<b>BJP's campaign managers, who reviewed the entire situation after polling for 543 Lok Sabha seats ended on Wednesday, feel the party would alone get 166 seats and the Congress would be restricted to 139 seats. </b>
There is no doubt in the BJP camp that they would need more allies post-results and party spokesmen who would be appearing on television channels have been advised not to take a hard stand against the 'potential' allies.

The party's chief strategist Arun Jaitley who reviewed the post-poll situation with many other senior leaders of the party was clear in his message that all questions about new allies should be avoided as much as possible and no one should be making any commitment.

"We were advised not to speak much on post-poll allies and just avoid the queries by saying that the BJP never discusses alliances through media," a party leader who attended the meet said.

Even the party spokesmen were asked not fall in any "trap of the media" about the President's stand. "The advice from the party high command is to avoid such queries by just saying that we hope President Pratibha Patil would keep in mind the single largest party and the single largest pre-poll alliance before inviting anyone to form the Government," the leader said.

<b>The party is hopeful that not only it would emerge as the single largest party but its NDA would also get more seats than the Congress-led UPA. "We are going to improve our performance in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Karnataka and many more states," Jaitley told The Pioneer. </b>

<b>According to its own calculations, done by psephologist and party's national executive member GVL Narsimha Rao, BJP was getting 22 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 14 in Maharashtra, 10 in Bihar, 20 in Karnataka, 19 in Gujarat, 5 in Assam and 9 in Jharkhand.

The party admits it has suffered a huge blow in Rajasthan where its tally would decrease by 11 seats. Also, its alliance with the INLD could at best get 4 seats while there would be a loss of three seats in Madhya Pradesh where its seats share would get down to 22 from 25 seats. </b>

Party internal surveys have predicted that its tally refused to improve in Delhi where it is going to be a statues quo _ Congress getting six seats and the BJP just one. Also, it is getting seven out of 29 seats in other States and union territories.

<b>BJP's surveys indicate the Janata Dal (United) would be its biggest pre-poll ally with 18 seats, followed with Shiv Sena with 13 seats, Rashtriya Lok Dal with five seats, Asom Gana Parishad and Shiromani Akali Dal with four seats each and Indian National Lok Dal with just two seats. </b>

Pre-poll NDA allies, according to BJP's estimates, add up to 51 seats, making it abundantly clear that the NDA would require the support of many more parties from the UPA and the Third Front to reach to the magic figure.

Incidentally, NDA's prime ministerial candidate LK Advani had a discussion with BJP president Rajnath Singh and former party chief M Venkaiah Naidu about the post-result scenario and the prospect allies. They believed that Third Front was going to collapse in the lack of any ideological binding and many of its allies would be scouting for new poles to align with.

<b>"The BJP will emerge as the single largest party and the BJP-led NDA will get a majority or will fall short by a small margin in which case I am confident that other political parties will support us,"</b> Singh told mediapersons after the meeting.

While party leaders remain tight-lipped about the fine details of the discussion, sources pointed out that J Jayalaltihaa of the AIADMK, Chandrababu Naidu of the TDP and Mayawati of the BSP were the "areas of interest". There is no difference within the BJP over doing business with Naidu or Jayalaltihaa but a section of the party is opposing the idea of exploring the possibilities of a tie-up with Mayawati.
What about the sabotage of Anil Ambani's plane/helicopter? Was it related to bringing him back to UPA fold from his moves to support LKA?
<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+May 14 2009, 01:53 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ May 14 2009, 01:53 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->What about the sabotage of Anil Ambani's plane/helicopter? Was it related to bringing him back to UPA fold from his moves to support LKA?
I doubt. Sabotage may be work of disgruntal employee.
Maybe ,Maybe not. It could be a caution to him to come back and support the Foundation.

meanwhile good advice from CBN to his folks in Deccan Chronicle,

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->He asked party leaders to be cautious during the counting of votes. “Only bravehearts should sit in the counting booths and <b> weak-hearted ones should keep away,” </b>he said.
“This time the counting of votes will be done booth-wise and if we do not fare well in one booth, we may do well in another. So <b>I don’t want leaders who only notice losing trends.”</b>
He advised <b>TD leaders to stay put at the booths till the last vote is counted. </b>“Do not get dejected over loss of votes,” he said.

<b>Pawar is the dark horse in PM race</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->But the astrologers like Ajay Bhambi do not think that things would pass off so easily. "I am of the opinion that<b> this election is going to be a turning point in history. Things may slip out of the BJP's hand, just when everything looks hunky dory for Manmohan Singh , the power may slip out of his hands as well. I do not rule out the possibility of a mid-term poll by the end of 2010. People of India are going to be upset with the persons they have chosen that they would chase away politicians in a couple of years to come. </b>This is where the youth of India is going to play a major role in bringing about a change in the Indian democracy," Bhambi said.

Bhambi firmly believes that Maratha strong man <b>Sharad Pawar may emerge as a dark hourse and could grab the seat of power with the help of the Shiv Sena </b>who believe that time has come for the Marathas to assert themselves in the Indian politics.

Known astologer Lachman Das Madan refused to predict as to who is going to rule the country. "Babaji has written in detail about the possible outcome of the 2009 elections and it is going to hit the market by Thursday evening. Please wait till then," said one of his disciples. Interestingly that Madan had predicted that Vajpayee would be prime minister almost five years back but till date he has not been explain the failure of his prediction.

Bhanu Pratap Narain Mishra,who hails from Amethi, says that<b> Sonia Gandhi's  horoscope will not be giving her good news. "The Congress party, may lose so many seats, which is going to cause a revolt in the rank and file of the Congress who love to hear good knews and when the chips are down they would not hestitate to disown the leadership as it happened in case of Narasimha Rao, Sitaram Kesari and other stalwarts of the party</b>.

This could as well mean that this could mean the end of dynastic rule in the party. This would be possible due to retrograde Saturn-great justice planet," Misra believes. <b>Between 16th of May planets favour BJP leaders L K Advania nd Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi , Party president Rajnath Singh. All India Anna Dravuda Munnetra Kazhagam supermo Ms. Jayalalaitha and BSP president</b>

Dr Manmohan's position according to the astrologers may not show him in good light.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--emo&:bcow--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/b_cowboy.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='b_cowboy.gif' /><!--endemo--> The two leaders remained closeted for some half-an-hour. During this period, the JD(U) president is believed to have made Mr Sangma talk to Mr L K Advani, the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate. The former Lok Sabha Speaker, it is learnt, not only offered his daughter Agatha Sangma’s support to the alliance, but also promised to deliver at least seven MPs, all of them hailing from the north-eastern states.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>After SC rap, Maya withdraws NSA against Varun Gandhi</b>
Pioneer News Service | New Delhi
After relentlessly pursuing Varun Gandhi for over a month and a half, an obstinate Uttar Pradesh Government on Thursday finally saw the writing on the wall and revoked the imposition of National Security Act (NSA) on him. The decision came after the Supreme Court rubbished the State’s objection to implement the directives of the Advisory Board that called for the revocation of the Act.

On May 8, a three-member Advisory Board of judges held the NSA against Varun unsustainable. It recommended the State Government to implement its direction and revoke the ban. The State Government, however, preferred to challenge this order before the Supreme Court that was heard by the apex court on Thursday.

Varun had also filed a fresh petition before the apex court challenging the State Government’s action to oppose the Advisory Board’s order directing his release.

Finding himself in a peculiar situation, Varun, through his counsel senior advocate Mukul Rohtagi, argued that by its present action the State Government violated his fundamental rights a second time around. Varun had been granted a two-week parole by the Supreme Court on May 1 to fight the Lok Sabha election as Bharatiya Janata Party candidate from Pilibhit (Uttar Pradesh).

“<b>How can the State Government say it would not follow the Advisory Board’s decision when it is binding on it,”</b> argued Rohtagi. He even expressed surprise on how the State could have refused to implement the May 8 order on the ground that the Advisory Board did not hear the District Magistrate. “What is the game being played,” Rohtagi asked, adding, <b>“This is clear subversion of law.”</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Ideal would be for both Advani and Modi to take Maya under personal tutelage.
Imagine Modi and Maya teaming up...

depends upon howmany seats can she get...35 or 40... if she gets 40, she can dictate over anyone.
<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+May 14 2009, 10:45 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ May 14 2009, 10:45 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Ideal would be for both Advani and Modi to take Maya under personal tutelage.
Dhu/Bodhiji, I'd prefer the opposite if it's to pave way for Modi in long run.
Maya as PM with outside support from Advani. Kinda like BJP supporting VP Singh in '89. BJP going in with anything less than say 220 will have a sword hanging over it's head and won't complete a term; will be like ABV as PM first for 13 days and then for 13 months.
Hung assemblies in Andhra and Orissa, split verdict in Tamil Nadu are a necessary condition for BJP's prospects even after it emerges SLP.

Petition must demand party losing single largest status must accept morality of election sit in opposition rather than indulge in -ve effort

There appears to be a deliberate strategy in the BJP making public Narendra Modi's role in roping in AIADMK BSP
Official Results online at: http://www.eciresults.nic.in/
(will put it on first post of this thread too)
Dr Manmohan Singh will be defeated in the polls due to high prices of victuals and essential commodities .smt Sonia Gandhi will be shocked as Congress will be utterly routed and would gain only 97seats, for the first time in its electoral history congress will not cross 100seat in LS polls.

BJPwill gain 168 seats but shri LK Advani will fail to become PM.NDA would gain 212 seats but will not be able to muster further support.Even in victory it would be their darkest hour.

Mayawati too will not be able to become PM.she would underperform in UP.
except for NDA parties all other parties will get lesser seats in 15Lok Sabha than they got in 14Lok Sabha, yet the decimated parties will forge ahead and form the next govt at the centre under the Prime Ministership of shri GopalKrishna GANDHI.

the new United Front and Left Front alike 1996 will form the govt with Congress aid,under the leadership of shri GopalKrishna Gandhi. Mulayam Singh,Lalu Prasad Yadav, Paswan,Pawar,Naveen Patnaik, Chiranjeevi,Jayalalitha,Gowda, & Left parties and Minor parties will establish the govt at the centre to keep the BJP at bay.

Mamata,DMK,TDP & Mayawati will not support the next govt, they will stay outside.
In Andhra Pradesh the Congress and the Prajarajyam Party will form a coalition govt even though TDP will emerge as single larget party.
And the Andhra Pradesh formula will be replicated at the Centre too.
<!--emo&:ind--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/india.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='india.gif' /><!--endemo--> The message was blunt and direct. If the BJP, as it was claiming, did open a lead of 20-odd seats over Congress
and crossed the 150
AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa arrives for an election meeting. (PTI Photo)
mark, it could be in business. Coming from an AIADMK leader, it was the bottomline for what could be a starting position for J Jayalalithaa to show any interest in the saffron party.

Where can we watch the live coverage of the election counting? and which channel is better nowadays?
Pick any channel -
I am a singaporean born and brought up in India. I have been following the political situation for a very long time. Most of the politicians are capitilizing on the weakness of the public for their own benefit. Many of them such as DMK,ADMK,Communist party and many of them are exploiting the political situation to create an unruly parliament where the society does not benefit a single bit from these politicians. Many of the candidates has criminal records, are illiterates and not sure what need to be done for the development of the economy.

What I looking forward from these election is a stable government without a coalition with qualified candidates such as Sonia Gandhi or Sanjay to lead the people in the right direction. Build a sound educational system, Infrastructure which includes roads, bridges,public transport system e.t.c. world class transport system with a sound foundation for future leaders to gain ground and smooth transition of power. Mr Rajiv Gandhi had many dreams and plans which has not fulfilled. He was assasinated before it can be realised. Proper guidelines must be laid down to ensure that there are no poor people, strong security system to prevent terrorism, Crimes against humanity, social and economic problems need to be resolved. India is a vast continent which can be revived in many ways. all villages can be improved if everyone plays a part.
It all boils down to how the country nominates its leaders. the leaders should be someone of sound mind, sound policies and work towards the interest of the nation.

all these cannot be achieved with corrupt politicians who are presently standing for elections.

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