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2009 -- India Election -
<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Mar 29 2009, 08:48 PM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Mar 29 2009, 08:48 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Indian police probably the most useless in the entire world. They will run like cowards when sulla terrorists show up, but are brave enough to fire on unarmed hindus. Time and time again, they have demonstrated their treason.
Not only Indian Police but whole civil administration is corrupt and lap dog of Sonia. These low life work for 10 Janpath not for India. Indian Embassies are used to rescue Sonia's B'friend. Indian IFS officers tail swings in every directions when Gandhi family in town, every single spit thrown by Gandhi family is treated as holy water by IFS officers and embassy staff. IAS officers shamelessly bankrupting India but keeping Congress Party coffer happy. Same is with Police.
Ministers in the UPA Government are reported to have made several trips to Switzerland as the personal leg of their official tours abroad
<b>Varun Gandhi booked under stringent NSA</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In a possible unprecedented action of NSA being slapped for a hate speech, Gandhi, who is in the eye of a storm for his alleged anti-Muslim utterances, the Mayawati government said there were three grounds which were taken into consideration by the state government for the decision.

<b>"An order issued hy Pilibhit district magistrate Ajay Chauhan invoking NSA on the BJP nominee this evening has been served to Gandhi, who is currently lodged in the district jail,"</b> Additional Cabinet Secretary Vijay Shanker Pandey told reporters in Lucknow.

<b>Senior Supreme Court lawyer K T S Tulsi said " it seems he will have to stay in jail may be even for a year or more because the government is clearly worried about the implications that it could have in the rest of the country.</b>

Pilbhit district authorities served the NSA notice on Gandhi on Sunday night at the district jail after the NSA decision was taken by the BSP government.

Earlier, Varun's mother Maneka Gandhi visited the district jail where the BJP nominee from Pilibhit has been lodged and alleged that the registration of cases were part of a<b> "political conspiracy".</b> Coming to the defence of her son who was arrested after he surrendered amid high drama<b>, Maneka said the cases were "frivolous".</b>

Besides being booked under Section 307 IPC (attempt to murder), the 29-year-old scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family was also hit with charges under sections 147, 148 and 149 (rioting and related offences), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 336 (doing any act that endangers human life or the personal safety of others).
Why NSA is not slapped on Mullah Yadav, Amar Singh and others?
I hope the people of UP and Bihar and all the Hindi-belt states vote out the secular parties and elect BJP in every constitutency and give it an aboslute majority. This is their last chance.
Watch out if they plan to disqualify VG from contesting.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>NSA on Varun vendetta politics :BJP</b>
PTI | New Delhi
The BJP on Sunday night described as the <b>"worst kind of vendetta politics"</b> the action of Mayawati Government in Uttar Pradesh invoking the National Security Act(NSA) against Varun Gandhi and asserted he is still its candidate from Pilibhit for the Lok Sabha polls.

The saffron party's stand got the support of a Constitutional expert when Subash Kashyap said the action appeared to be "less legal than political" and that he cannot be "prevented" from contesting the upcoming elections.

<b>"This is pure vendetta politics aimed at vote bank," </b>BJP spokesperson Prakash Javedkar told PTI.

"This is not emergency days. The nation is watching. Gandhi has been charged under this Act at a time when a TADA convict (Sanjay Dutt) is seeking his election from Lucknow and many more culprits are in the fray," Javdekar said.

Describing the UP Government's action as an undemocratic and illegal step, another BJP spokesperson Balbir Punj said imposing of NSA represented a "gross misuse of law."

<b>"Varun was our candidate for the Lok Sabha from Pilibhit and he will continue to be our candidate," </b>Punj said, adding the<b> NSA action is a result of "competitive vote bank politics between the BSP in UP and Congress at the Centre</b>."

<b>Kashyap said the NSA action will prove counter-productive since the act is not meant for "finishing political opponents".</b> The act is meant for dealing with enemies of nation who are a threat to national security, he said, <b>adding "by no stretch of imagination we can say this young boy(Varun) is a threat to national seccurity". </b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Voter choice is changing</b>
Arun Nehru
I am keeping the chart unchanged for this week although I must admit that there is a definite shift in voter preferences. But I need further confirmation of this before I can make the corresponding changes in the chart. I have little doubt that we are heading for a very stable Government, and if we look at the last two decades of coalition governance we will see that in the first 10 years we witnessed a great deal of confusion and three Governments came and went. The next 10 years resulted in stable formations in the shape of the NDA and the UPA. Both these political groupings completed their terms, and now we can look forward to another five years of coalition governance. Adverse situations bring out the best in leadership skills and I believe that with a favourable demographic pattern bursting with talent in every discipline, this is our opportunity to scale new heights of success.

Let us look at a few States where decisive trends are yet to surface. The battle in Uttar Pradesh is wide open, and the basic fight is between the BSP and the SP. <b>However, I do see a small window of opportunity for the Congress and the BJP. </b>According to conventional wisdom, the failure of the SP and the Congress to come to a pre-electoral understanding may help the BSP. But with a four-cornered fight in the State, there will be many surprises and both the Congress and the BJP can win a few more seats than expected. The minority vote may swing towards the Congress in constituencies where it has a chance of winning. Overall the party can win 10 to 12 seats in the State. The general perception that the Congress, though well short of a majority, will still be ahead of the BJP and has a better chance of enticing alliance partners, can influence the minority vote in some of the seats. But still, there is no telling what the final outcome will be in Uttar Pradesh.

<b>The situation in Bihar is favourable for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the JD(U)-BJP combination. The JD(U) is way ahead but faces a determined challenge from the RJD-LJP alliance in the State. </b>And despite the chaotic situation in each of the parties I don’t see too many changes in the chart. The situation in <b>Jharkhand is very different and the decision of the Congress-JMM alliance to fight the RJD may result in a sweep situation for the BJP-JD(U) combine. </b>The anti-incumbency trends are against the Congress-JMM in the State, and the alliance’s failure to work out a seat-sharing arrangement with the RJD gives the advantage to the BJP.

The situation is very fluid in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. These two States were largely responsible for the change in Government in 2004. Figures in Tamil Nadu will change dramatically, and with the PMK joining the AIADMK many a fringe party could join the anti-DMK combine in the coming months. Thus, it is quite possible that we may see a sweep situation in favour of the AIADMK in the State.

In Andhra Pradesh, in all three areas of the State, voting patterns may see changes in the immediate future.<b> In Telengana, which has 14 seats, the TRS-TDP-Left combine is presently ahead of the Congress.</b> The coastal districts of the State see a three way fight between the Congress, the TDP, and Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam. And in Rayalaseema, the Congress is ahead of the TDP. Truly a mixed picture but the big three parties are attracting large crowds, and the voters may polarise either towards the Congress or the TDP-TRS combine in the coming days.

The picture in 2009 may not be very different from 2004. What will essentially change are the alliance partners. However, this will have no impact on governance patterns. The Third Front allies have kept their options open, and the Left Front with reduced numbers may well find itself isolated. It is high time the Marxists confine their Cold war arguments to the past. No political party, whether it is presently part of the UPA, the NDA or the Third Front, would like to stay out of the ruling coalition after the election. Thus, we can expect a great deal of political gymnastics once the results are declared in May.

We will have several surveys but this election will be very difficult to judge as every State is different. <b>The margins will be very tight and we can expect many a surprise. After, all there is no such thing as an easy election</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
I liked the interview, and the tone of Naidu
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Varun Gandhi: Albatross round BJP neck        
Sandhya Jain
30 Mar 2009
If politics is the art of winning power by convincing people that you have the ability to wield it wisely, then BJP may as well pack its bags. Having closed its ears to common sense and reason, the party has permitted an absolute non-entity to hijack its agenda and eclipse the persona of its prime ministerial candidate.

Unless prompt remedial action is taken, Mr. L.K. Advani, who ruthlessly hacked all opposition within the party to emerge as declared prime ministerial candidate months in advance of the polls, may find himself in the wilderness even before elections are notified!

It will be a sad denouement for the man who literally changed the face of Indian politics in the last decade of the 20th century by leading the Ram Janmabhumi movement under the electrifying promise of ‘mandir wahin banayenge’ accompanied by the steadying assurance of ‘justice for all, appeasement of none.’ It gave sincere hope to many that the coming 21st century would be a Hindu Century.

Now, the temple is a remote dream; a grave injustice is perceived to have been done; acts of bizarre appeasement have been undertaken. And the BJP is astride two fast-running horses…

I will be brief, so as not to digress from the main purpose of this article. On 26 November 2008, Mumbai witnessed a commando attack from the sea, which held the nation hostage for three long days. In that heightened atmosphere of Jihadi triumphalism, when sane and decent Muslims mutely shared a justified national rage, Mr. Advani saw fit to visit Ajmer and the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti on 1 December 2008.

The custodians of the dargah would have understood a quiet postponement of the visit, but Mr. Advani went ahead with what was clearly an act of minority appeasement. Today, he cannot expect it to bail him out of the public outrage unleashed by the Pilibhit BJP candidate. There is no quid pro quo for communal insensitivity in any quarter.

Hindu ethics
It is a critical element of the Hindu civilisational ethos, enshrined in the Hindu code of ethics in War, that the fight will be as fair as possible and ‘dirty tricks’ shunned except as last recourse. This Hindu code of honour and valour was best exemplified by the Rajput warriors of northern India, and this may explain the visible stress on the face of party president Rajnath Singh as he defends the indefensible Gandhi upstart. 

As Mr. Advani has now broken his silence to blame the media for making a “poster boy” out of Varun Gandhi, it is entirely his call. Ms. Maneka Gandhi, who represented Pilibhit for FIVE TERMS before moving to Aonla and arranging its gift to her son for his electoral debut (literally a watan jagir), has blamed a Muslim policeman for the violence in Pilibhit on Saturday 28 March.

The sitting Pilibhit MP said Inspector Parvez Mian alone injured 25 (out of 45) of Varun's supporters. This startling allegation was sharply rebutted by Pilibhit police chief Prakash D, who said Parvez was not even present in Pilibhit that day, as he had been transferred to Bilaspur. This was reiterated by the Pilibhit district magistrate Ajay Chouhan.

What is certain now is that Maneka Gandhi has reinforced the language and sentiments invoked by her son’s speech, which he half-owns and half-denies, in a half-clever way.

It is for Mr. Advani to decide if he wants to risk his historical chance to be Prime Minister for the drop-outs of the Indira Gandhi family. Maneka Gandhi’s widely reported statement should be enough for the BJP to DROP BOTH MOTHER AND SON and move on with the election with the real issues and leaders on whose shoulders it seeks to rise to power – or it will be blown out of the arena by this unseemly controversy and unworthy duo.

BSP drops faulty candidate
In this, he could take a leaf out from the book of Ms. Mayawati and the Congress party. The BSP has already changed its candidate for East Delhi, because the man given the ticket failed or refused to interact with party workers. Perceived as a non-starter, Behenji simply booted him out. It is this ability to know when and how quickly to apply the guillotine that makes a leader, and here Ms. Mayawati is miles ahead of everyone else.

Congress too, is planning to replace cricketer Madan Lal, chosen to contest from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, because voters are unable to connect with him.

You don’t always need a survey to know – you need the ability to sense the mood of the people. Notwithstanding the internet euphoria whipped up by PIOs in Britain and America, most voters don’t approve of Varun Gandhi.

Maneka Gandhi: non-performing asset
For BJP to claim that it decided to field Varun Gandhi because the Election Commission suggested that he was an undesirable, is tantamount to saying that BJP is opposed to probity in public life, promotes thuggery and all forms of unbecoming crudity.

Before we go into the impugned speech, it is worthwhile to recall that Varun Gandhi and his mother, Maneka, are in the BJP only because of their estrangement from the family of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and current Congress president Sonia Gandhi. In all the years that she has fattened herself upon the BJP gravy train, Maneka has served no useful purpose in challenging the presence of her Italian-born relative in Indian politics, and has offered no useful service in any sector.

Supposedly an animal rights activist, she has never been seen even marginally in any instance of provocative cow slaughter in the capital alone over the past one year, which the Vishwa Hindu Parishad routinely protests against when animal carcasses are found.

Maneka Gandhi has never found time to visit affected villages where aggrieved villagers clash with the police to force registering of cases against this evil. Not a single newspaper column authored by her highlights these brutalities and provocations in the capital itself, much less in the Pilibhit constituency for which her son now sheds crocodile tears. In fact, each and every allegation made by him is an indictment of his mother’s record as a five-term MP – she has been a complete non-performer!

A gau-shala once run by Maneka’s NGO some years ago was surrendered to the Delhi Government as unviable. It would be interesting to know at what margin she would have found the business viable as it is obvious she has no commitment to actually caring for homeless animals.

Maneka came into the limelight by taking up cudgels on behalf of street dogs. Since then, many NGOs are thriving on government funds for supposedly sterilizing and minding the health of street animals; yet the dog population has reached menacing proportions, and with it animal violence towards children and adults. Her noisiness has only encouraged the authorities to do nothing.

Sanjay Gandhi
Sanjay Gandhi was reputed only for his thuggery and anti-Left leaning, which led him to press for a pro-American foreign policy and an amazing anti-Muslim policy domestically. With hindsight, it seems possible he was a pawn in the pre-planned war on terror, a test case to see if a changed leadership could give India a regime that would support Western depredations against the resource-rich Muslim world.

To my mind, it is no accident that the Sonia Gandhi-led UPA voted against Iran in the International Atomic Energy Agency; Sanjay Gandhi was very close to his Italian sister-in-law. India is also drawing too close to the West in its defence purchases, despite the experience of being denied spares in crises, and even signed the disgraceful nuclear deal despite denial of fuel for Tarapur.

To return to Sanjay Gandhi, however, he is most remembered as an extra-constitutional power behind the throne in the early seventies, a man who pushed himself into the Prime Minister’s Office and started issuing orders. Eventually, he is credited with pushing his mother to impose the Emergency and arrest all opposition leaders in a midnight swoop.

Besides press censorship, the Emergency is most famous for the vulgar campaign of forced and coerced sterilization, in which hapless male youths were grabbed and forcefully sterilized, and school teachers and medical staff forced to bring ‘cases’ for sterilization by offering incentives from their own salaries (otherwise their salaries were withheld). When the campaign touched Delhi’s Muslim community, all hell broke loose.

This was accompanied by demolitions at Turkman Gate, in the name of beautifying the city, but actually just to humiliate the Muslim community. Civilised India was shocked and the rest is history.

Son of Sanjay Gandhi
This was the legacy that Varun Gandhi sought to invoke when he made his infamous speeches referring to ‘k…’ (colloquial for circumcised males, which in India means Muslims, not Jews); ‘pakad pakad ke nasbandi’ (forced sterilization); and ‘haath kaat doonga’ (with chop off hands).

Worse, he tried to turn Hindu revulsion against the Emergency and all it stood for into approval for blanket anti-Muslim sentiment and action, on account of India’s current troubles with jihad. I may add here that a number of foreigners and PIOs are active in Delhi (and other cities, no doubt) fuelling precisely such sentiments and virtually asking Indians to sign out for the global war on jihad. But if creating ‘Hindu terrorists’ at Malegaon does not equalize the problem of jihad, a policy of blind assault on every Muslim citizen does not compensate for or address the problem of attack upon the Indian State and citizenry.

This argument, in fact, reminds one of the practice of Islam in Pakistan’s tribal regions, where the concept of blood money for atonement of sins or harm done was twisted into one of vicarious punishment for offence caused by ones kinsmen. That is why poor Mukhtaran Bi was raped, an incident that outraged the Pakistani people.

Varun Gandhi’s alleged recipe has no resonance in Hindu civilisation or history. Another example that comes to mind is that of Adolf Hitler, a product of western civilisation which rests upon genocide (North and South America, Australia, African slave trade, etc.)

In the Hindu pad padshahi of Chhatrapati Shivaji, still a living memory in the Hindu heart, there was no such attitude towards Muslims in the kingdom, and many of its able generals and soldiers were Muslims.

Even if we stipulate for the sake of argument that Varun Gandhi did not say the words found in the CD, what about his BODY LANGUAGE? Television footage showed him wearing a black Muslim sherwani and white churidar (trying no doubt to remind people of the eminently forgettable Jawaharlal Nehru), flailing both arms straight above his head, hitting the air in cutting movements, and shrieking the disputed words.

The only other politician I have ever seen raising and using hands that way is the late Benazir Bhutto, and it seems quite likely that the Western sources that mentored her (and now mentor her son at Oxford) also tutored the young Gandhi in Vilayat. Certainly, these were peculiar gestures; Nawaz Sharif does not make them, nor does anyone else in this part of the world.

So what were those highly emotive words that accompanied those wild gestures? Come on, boy, show some courage of conviction, if you have any.

Election Commission and BJP doublespeak
It is little wonder that the Election Commission rejected out of hand the claim that the video clips were somehow “doctored.” It found him guilty of creating communal animosity and asked the police to register a case against him (done with alacrity by the Mayawati regime, which wisely refrained from heightening tensions by gratuitous speech), and finally, it issued notices to him and the BJP.

Caught on the backfoot, BJP fumbled and said Varun was not the declared candidate so far, as the election process had not begun. Though this was not true, it was allowed to pass as it was believed that the party would drop this unrefined yokel from the London School of Economics and move on. As recently as 20 March 2009, the party begged the Election Commission to take back the notice served on it over the alleged communal remarks, and repeatedly announced that it had distanced itself from the impugned speeches.

Later, on 22 March, a full hearing of the Election Commission formally discussed the Varun episode and prima facie found that the case against him was sound. The Chief Election Commissioner N. Gopalaswami said it was for Varun to prove that the CD was doctored; he urged the BJP not to field him as a candidate.

Instead of pausing to consider the issue, some invisible strings appear to have been pulled by unknown godfathers, and the BJP jumped unconvincingly to Varun’s defence, insisting he would now be the official candidate because the Election Commission had exceeded its mandate.

BJP MP Balbir Punj made utterly extraneous remarks against the CEC-designate by saying he was known to be close to Ms. Sonia Gandhi. This is true, but the recommendation against Varun was by the full EC and was delivered by the much-respected Mr. Gopalaswami. Hence BJP owes the nation an explanation for publicly diminishing the prestige of the EC in this manner.

There is also the aspect of doublespeak. When the party feared it might face direct action against it, it dissociated from the speech. But when that danger passed, it blatantly associated with the person. But you cannot have it both ways, and the party would thus have alienated the Muslim community in which Mr. Advani had personally invested so much, without aligning the Hindu community unambiguously in its favour.

Worse, the party has lost the goodwill and respect of both the current CEC and his successor! Talk about double jeopardy!

Sanjay Gandhi’s shoot out
In the 1977 elections, it was soon evident that defeat was looming. Sympathy was needed. One day, there was an attack upon the jeep in which Sanjay was riding, and bullets shattered the windscreen…

Sanjay was supposed to have been in the front seat when shot at by unknown assailants. But police officers dismissed the event as concocted, for had Sanjay been sitting as stated, the bullets would have lodged in his abdomen. As it happened, he did not get a scratch, and the incident was dismissed as an emotional drama that failed; he lost the election.

Certainly Varun was more successful in his rent-a-crowd act. After he withdrew his bail plea in the Delhi High Court, so-called supporters clashed with the police and tried to block roads. On 28 March, he courted arrest at Pilibhit in a dramatic fashion, and his followers unnecessarily indulged in violence against the police, forcing them to resort to firing.

This is reminiscent of the recent behaviour of Tamil Nadu lawyers in the High Court premises, when sustained misbehaviour forced the police to take action against violent advocates. Hence the question may legitimately be asked if there is any external agency instigating unrest in India, particularly the tendency of unruly elements to directly confront and provoke the police forces.

Maneka challenge and BJP impotence
The BJP is now truly in the dock. It must take a stand on Pilibhit MP Maneka Gandhi’s assertion – though she was not personally present – that a Muslim police officer, Parvez Mian, was personally responsible for firing upon 25 of Varun’s supporters, out of a total of 45 allegedly injured. Even if the allegation is true, this was not the manner in which it should have been stated.

What we have here, however, is a pattern of behaviour by late Sanjay Gandhi, Pilibhit MP Maneka Gandhi, and the denied but coyly owned statements of Varun Gandhi.

And we have the targetting of the Police.

BJP will have to disown both – or risk communalizing every institution the country depends upon for security in these dangerous days.

The party must also understand that no one is impressed by the rented crowds that happily wreck mayhem everywhere. We have seen them in the Coloured Revolutions in the former Soviet Republics, and closer home in the dethronement of King Gyanendra of Nepal.

Parvesh Varma and Kirit Somaiya
So, as he takes the call, Mr. Advani might like to consider why the BJP which could not find any seat in north India for Mr. Parvesh Varma, son of late Sahib Singh Varma, is so ready to stake everything for the intemperate Varun Gandhi. Mr. Parvesh Varma represents a major caste and region in Delhi, and was by all accounts a deserving candidate.

Then there was the controversy about Ms. Poonam Rao, daughter of late Pramod Mahajan, trying to upstage a veteran like Mr. Kirit Somaiya (one of the few performers in Parliament). Here, it is to Mr. Advani’s credit that the better man won, but he must answer why there was such a lengthy battle in the first place.

Something is gravely amiss in the BJP. It has lost its character and sense of direction. Unless the party quickly takes the right turn, Mr. Advani could find himself walking out of the gates of History, and into Oblivion.
The author is Editor, www.vijayvaani.com
And the responses to the above at the same link http://vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayAr...spx?id=472

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->  Im a Vijayvaani regular & always find your articles interesting - be it in this portal, The Pioneer or The Organiser. But I must say did not like this one. Varun must not be held responsible for anything his parents did. Pranam.   
  Kuna Mohanty 
  30 Mar 2009 

  Sandhya Ji, Your article has about 3/4th of the content that has nothing to do with Varun Gandhi, but only menat to create a negative reading energy which you then somehow divert towards him. You begin with LK Advani's pseudo-secularism of visiting Dargah and his PM-ambitions, then go into Sanjay Gandhi's bio, and ineffectiveness of Maneka Gandhi, and then divert all of it onto Varun Gandhi. What has his speech to do with Sanjay and Emergency? "pakad pakad ke nasbandi" is a phrase you coyly attributed to Varun. I have not come across any video/audio/text attributed to Varun where he referred to it. Can you provide that for your readers? You imagine his wearing a black Kurta/ Sherwani on that rural-speech, was to do with projecting his Nehru identity? (where was the rose?) That is Funny to say the least! The audience was a rural setting and none that he was saying was in anyway in mould of Nehru!! In fact he even mocked Nehru-Gandhi pacifism saying "Koi Ek Thappad Maare...Gaal aage...bewakoofi kii baat". Sorry but your assertion that he wanted to project his nehru identity with his dress does seem like a long stretch of an anyway weak argument. Equally funny was your appeal to "Hindu Ethics", and mentioned Rajputs and Shivaji!! You ignored Maharana Pratap's treatment of his fellow Rajput Mansingh when the latter arrived in Udaipur to negotiate the terms of truce on behalf of Moghals. Pratap demonstrated how a proud Hindu should behave when he not only refused to receive Mansingh or dine with him, but also had his associates heap insults on him by calling him a "saraputa" (son of brother of wife) of a musalman. Also read Pratap's own words in his letters that are available and check out the politically correct Hindu Ethics that you are looking for in Varun!! You refer to Shivaji. I am sure you have not read Shivraj Bhushan, for if you would read it you would see there is no comparision of how Bhushan, Shivaji's biographer, used to refer to musalmaans, and how Varun Gandhi did!! If you find Varun's speech offensive, then you would also find Bhushan very repugnant for your taste. By the way, Shivaji never trusted his muslim generals. They were only hired mercenaries and always kept in check, their strength counterbalanced by stronger Maratha warriors in each of the muslim troops. Sandhyaji, being an avid reader and admiorer of ALL that you write, this article comes as a rude disappointment. unexpected from you. Namaste. 
  30 Mar 2009<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Dharmics should NOT be asked to accept 'living with' christoislamism in Bharatam when it has literally been genociding them. There is simply no such option as 'living with' christoislamism: the only choices given us are
1) waiting until christoislamism roots Dharma out (that is, we can play host to the parasite <- maybe this is the meaning of 'living with' - one lives with cancer too, right, until it kills you?) OR
2) trying to depossess the sheepish ummah.

Appreciate the refs to Shivaji and Pratap by commenter "S" above. Dharmics don't have to hear how earlier Hindu warriors learnt to 'live with' christoislamism. There is nothing sensible about such an action even if they *had* been guilty of such unacceptable/complete compromise (which they weren't). In any case, Hindus today need not act in such a way. The time for unrealistically expecting and hence waiting for christoislamics themselves to change christoislamism's inextricable and in-built intolerance is long over. People the world over know better now: that the terrorist history of the Ideologies Of Terrorism continues in the present precisely because they are unchangeable. Hence it is do or die with christoislamism. Resistance and refusal to submit is the only way to deal with it (whereas submission involves psecularising and 'living with' when we are majority, and converting to christoislamism or dying when we are minority).

We can't remain militantly pacifist (Gandhian pseudo-ahimsa) when christoislamism promises to destroy us and when it repeatedly implements its promised destructiveness. It is every creature's instinct to rise up against what would destroy them. This reaction is natural and must not be curtailed by unnatural allegiance to pretty theories of coexistence with intolerance. Even *if* we could not point to Hindu forbears, there is always the example of the GrecoRomans' resistance (Julian and comrades being just one instance thereof), Persians', Africans', Arabians' and Native Americans' resistance to christoislamism. And even were there no examples at all, it is never too early to start realising that Intolerant Ideologies must be fought and ended.
Hindus are not cowards and will not forever remain blinkered by the theories of how Amity With Intolerant Ideologies May Someday Be Possible After All. Because: No it is not and never will be possible (not for want of our trying). The sooner Dharmics across the board realise this, the more likely our chances of surviving.
Dharmics ought to actually be planning how to give impetus to christoislamics in the subcontinent reverting to their ancestral Dharmic traditions.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>the media really wants varun to roll over and die - so raoul gets to eat all the cake</b>

the more I read about the ongoing varun gandhi drama - the more I an convinced that this is a political hit job to somehow - anyhow - stop him from being elected. of course - he is the the most obvious counter to the family appeal because he is much more charismatic than raoul. also he is much, much more educated. he is the first nehru since jawahar to actually get a degree - and it is not in advanced basket-weaving.

now they have brought up the NSA on him - this is simply overkill

these engligh media cretins in India never learn - the more they villify somebody the more popular he will get. if he and the BJP play it right there will be good votes to be had from this positive polarisation of votes - not to mention using the 'martyr' effect.an interesting interview with the guy - I have no reason to disbelieve him

Posted by Ghost Writer at 3/29/2009 10:19:00 AM 0 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Those who doctored the video have FVG referring to some "seven year old sister" which he doesn't even have:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Thirdly, I am saying in the speech that I have a seven year old sister. Where is my seven-year old sister? This is all ridiculous...<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Sounds like Raoul John Paul Gandhi <i>himself</i> (with his grand story-weaving and basketcase distinctions) could have doctored the tape. Would certainly explain a lot.
I don't know what Sandhya Jain's problem is, she brought up Shivaji, well the Marathas ultimately failed just like all other Hindus in rolling back Islam, how about we learn some lessons from their defeat.

The above poster was right, Bhushan had plenty to say about Muslims being a direct witness to their atrocities which maybe unpalatable to the PC Jain & her bringing up Hitler is ridiculous, typical dishonest leftist tactic to whip up hysteria (Hitler was no match for a Stalin or Mao in killing people but the latters names are never brought up).

I am no fan of VG but comparisons to Hitler are ridiculous as is the hysteria about this, I can only imagine how quickly the so called Hindu "right" will disown a Hindu Geert Wilders who will directly attack Islam as a religion in public based on how they tried to cut themselves off VG.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->well the Marathas ultimately failed just like all other Hindus in rolling back Islam, how about we learn some lessons from their defeat.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Christoislamism must be completely destroyed. Or it will completely destroy us.
First thing to do is to teach Hindus not to compromise even the slightest on realising exactly what christoislamism is: that it is nothing more than the most virulent form of parasitism. Civilisation-destroying, genocidal parasite.
That is, Dharmics must be taught that there can be absolutely no warm feelings towards the ideologies in the form of excuses such as: "jeebus and mohammed were teachers, it is the followers that went wrong" or "it is the *missionaries* and the *jihadists* that are villains, not the religion itself, not the koran/bible, not jeebus/mohammed". Hindus must harbour no illusions on this matter.
All of such heathen apologetics for terrorist ideologies merely let's the parasite live longer and nest deeper inside the host. Such apologetics by Hindus has deceived the rest of the body into not revulsing and expelling the infection when that was its natural reaction.

<!--QuoteBegin-Bharatvarsh+Mar 30 2009, 06:18 PM-->QUOTE(Bharatvarsh @ Mar 30 2009, 06:18 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->I can only imagine how quickly the so called Hindu "right" will disown a Hindu Geert Wilders who will directly attack Islam as a religion in public based on how they tried to cut themselves off VG.[right][snapback]95923[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Sita Ram Goel was excellent in his non-apologetic approach. (Geert Wilders can't compare.) Christomedia, govt and eddycation ignored him through a calculated blackout in order to silence him and minimise his reach.
One day soon every Hindu will have to be a SitaRam Goel and start actively spreading the facts to everyone.
Jayalalitha - misuse of POTA
Mayawati - misuse of NSA
Sonia - misuse of Government of India
<b>Poorer the state, the richer the neta</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Maharashtra has amongst the highest per capita incomes in India (if you leave out small states like Delhi [Images]) and, on average, its MPs declared assets of around Rs 110 lakh in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, ranging from Rs 64 lakh for the Shiv Sena [Images] to Rs 191 lakh for the Congress Party (Rs 65 lakh for Shiv Sena MLAs to Rs 133 lakh for Congress MLAs).

Surprisingly, however, Andhra Pradesh, which has a 30 per cent lower per capita income, has MPs whose average assets are around 4.5 times as high at Rs 490 lakh (TDP MLAs in Andhra had an average asset-base of Rs 190 lakh and the figure was Rs 116 lakh for Congress MLAs); Punjab MPs are the richest (its per capita income is around a tenth lower but its MPs are around six times as wealthy with average assets of Rs 672 lakh).

Gujarat MPs/MLAs are the paragon of virtue when it comes to their wealth (the state's per capita is around 8 per cent lower than Maharashtra and its MPs have assets which are around 40 per cent lower).

Poorer states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh [Images] (UP) and Madhya Pradesh [Images] are the real shocker. Bihar's per capita income is a fifth that of Maharashtra, yet its MPs are just a tenth less wealthy (Rs 101 lakh for Bihar versus Rs 110 lakh for Maharashtra) -- Bihar MLAs, however, have assets that average around Rs 20 lakh as compared to three-four times that for Maharashtra MLAs.

UP, similarly, has a per capita income that's a little over a third that of Maharashtra, but its MPs are a third wealthier. Madhya Pradesh has a per capita income that's 40 per cent that of Maharashtra, but its MPs are just 14 per cent less wealthy.

The other interesting thing, in the context of not just Madhya Pradesh, is the sharp rise in the assets of MLAs (there's no comparator for MPs since that data began to be collected only in the last elections).

In 2003, MLAs in Madhya Pradesh had lesser assets than their Maharashtrian counterparts. Between the two assembly elections, average assets of BJP MLAs rose from Rs 21 lakh to Rs 104 lakh and from Rs 28 lakh to Rs 207 lakh in the case of Congress MLAs -- as a result, Madhya Pradesh MLAs are now (2008) richer than their Maharashtrian ones (in 2004) by 30-50 per cent.

In this case, the richer Congress did better (its seats rose from 38 to 72 while the BJP's fell from 173 to 142, though it continues to hold office).

In Karnataka, the opposite happened. <b>Assets of all BJP MLAs rose from Rs 133 lakh in 2004 to Rs 457 lakh in 2008, from Rs 145 lakh to Rs 425 lakh for the JDS (that's Deve Gowda's party), and from Rs 196 lakh to Rs 1,065 lakh for the Congress. Voters, however, voted out the richer Congress-JDS. </b>

There are other instances of richer candidates getting defeated -- in Andhra Pradesh, TDP MLAs were nearly two-thirds richer than their Congress counterparts in 2004, but the party still got voted out (in the Parliament polls too, the TDP lost out though its MPs were 2.4 times as rich as those belonging to the Congress).

In Rajasthan, the sitting BJP government's MLAs saw their assets rise 5.6 times versus 2.0 for the Congress between the 2003 and 2008 assembly elections, but the BJP got voted out last year. In other words, parties matter, individuals don't.
<!--emo&Tongue--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /><!--endemo--> Dump cells, have sex, BJD MP tells partymen
30 Mar 2009, 1918 hrs IST, IANS
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BHUBANESWAR: Senior Biju Janata Dal (BJD) leader Prasanna Patasani has advised his political and party friends to stay away from mobile phones
and laptops to boost their sex life during the hectic election campaign.

"Mobiles and laptops bring a lot of stress to human beings. They majorly affect sexual desire in a negative way. I have advised many youngsters, including political colleagues, to stay away from these gadgets," Patasani, the MP from the Orissa capital who is also a yoga guru and author of 60 books, said.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Naveen lacks political honesty: Jaitley</b>
PNS | Bhubaneswar
BJP promises free salt, rice at Re 1, pulses for Rs 5 a kg in Orissa
Describing BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik as a man lacking political honesty, BJP national general secretary Arun Jaitley on Monday launched a scathing attack on him for unilaterally breaking the decade-old alliance with the BJP.

After Sushma Swaraj, it was the turn of Jaitley to rap the BJD for fall of the 11-year-old alliance. Talking to newspersons while releasing the party’s manifesto for the State, he described Patnaik as a “non-ideological personality who speaks for flexibility.”

<b>The manifesto promises rice at Re 1 per kg, dal at Rs 5 per kg while salt will be distributed free to BPL families. The other highlights of the manifesto are: pension scheme for farmers, free power for agriculture, identity cards to 30 lakh daily wage labourers, five medical colleges, roads and power connectivity to every village, Rs 2 lakh insurance to BPL families, etc</b>.

He said the people of the country as well as that of Orissa now needed a determined leader and decisive Government. “Only a BJP-led Government can give this to the nation,” he said, adding that the country at this point cannot afford to have a weak Prime Minister.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>EC notice to Mulayam </b>

New Delhi: The Election Commission on Monday slapped a notice on Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav for his alleged threatening remarks against the District Magistrate of Mainpuri from where he is contesting the Lok Sabha poll in Uttar Pradesh saying such action were “obstacles” in conduct of free and fair polls.
<b>Miffed Govinda opts out of poll</b>
Mumbai: Actor and sitting Congress MP from Mumbai North Govinda on Monday announced his decision not to seek re-election to the Lok Sabha, claiming his rivals in the party had created obstacles for him during his tenure.

<!--emo&:roll--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ROTFL.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='ROTFL.gif' /><!--endemo-->

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