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2009 -- India Election -
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->From: Krishan Bhatnagar
Here is a thought provoking Article by a concerned citizen:


<i>"The important issue for Hindus is not development but the discriminatory treatment meted out to them in a country where they are in a majority.  The Hindus only want to be secure in their homeland and to be treated equally with all other Indians. They are looking for a party which can be depended upon to champion their cause.  IF the BJP is unable to speak for them, why should the Hindus vote for it? .... If the BJP fights the election on the issue of development, the voters will have to choose between two parties promising to deliver the same product? ....</i>

<b>Some Frank Advice to BJP  </b>

By Jai Prakash Sharma, on 21-03-2009 19:03
Voice of Inida :  voi.org

From BJP’s election preparations it appears that the party has already mentally accepted defeat in the forthcoming elections. It seems that it has been cowed down by the propaganda of anti-Hindu forces and conceded that Hindutva is communal and that it must compete for votes on a purely “secular” (as defined by the UPA constituents) agenda and give no room for being seen as a “communal” party. By doing so it is only inviting contempt from its original constituency who were already disgusted by the BJP led NDA government’s evident spinelessness in addressing issues of core concern to the vast majority of Hindus. If  the BJP leadership thinks that it will have a better chance of winning allies by watering down its commitment to the Hindu cause  it will end up only as a pale shadow of the Congress.

Here are some points which the BJP leadership will do well to ponder over:-

What are the sections of the citizenry that the BJP can reasonably  expect to support it. The Muslims are clearly out. So also would be the followers of the rabidly Tamil Parties in TN and the reds in WB and other Naxal infested regions as well as the Christists in Orissa ,Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere . It is only the Hindus on whose support the BJP can hope to come to power. But will they support it? The experience of the recently held elections in Delhi should have been an eye opener. If the BJP fights the election on the issue of development, the voters will have to choose between two parties promising to deliver the same product. The BJP will be unable to match the powerful propaganda of the Congress (howsoever false or exaggerated its claims may be) and there is no way it can convince the electorate (except in Modi’s Gujarat) of delivering a superior performance. Its traditional constituency –the Hindus will then have no option other than supporting good candidates of other parties or to refrain from voting altogether.

The important issue for Hindus is not development but the discriminatory treatment meted out to them in a country where they are in a majority. They are looking for a party which can be depended upon to champion their cause. If the BJP is unable to speak for them, why should the Hindus vote for it? The Hindus only want to be secure in their homeland and to be treated equally with all other Indians. What objection can there be to this demand? The BJP leadership must understand that policies promoting the division of Indians on the basis of religion, caste, region, language etc. are extremely harmful to national interest and it should be bold enough to say so.


Rampant  Islamic Jihad 

            Only those oblivious of Indian history and ignorant of the true nature of Islam (and they form an overwhelming majority of Indians and particularly Hindus) are unable to see the looming Islamic Jihad threatening to engulf India. Several dimensions of the Jihad problem are:--Terrorist attacks which have been continuing for the last 20 years---attackers including foreigners and Indian Jihadis. Alarming increase in Muslim population through illegal immigration and faster breeding coupled with increasing stridency of Muslim demands. No Muslim is prepared to subordinate his identity as a Muslim to his Indian identity. Assam, West Bengal, many pockets in UP, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh are already having areas of Muslim predominance.

Vicious and ceaseless campaign to demoralize the security forces, by direct attacks, demands for enquiry against defenders of the nation against terrorist attacks, street violence  on allegations of insult to Islam or injustice to Muslims-( reaction to Danish Cartoons, Bush visit, hounding out of Taslima Nasreen , Batla House encounter where hostile mobs attacked police vehicles and shouted slogans like Pakistan Zindabad, Hindustan Murdabad etc. right in New Delhi  , Indian flags being held upside down by the Ulemas demonstrating at Jantar Mantar;  bullying of Statesman by Jihadis in Kolkata for the offence of reproducing an article published by Independent of UK etc.etc.) all illustrate the aggressive attitude of Indian Muslims. 

Virulent anti state propaganda promoting feelings of victimhood among Muslims by media (particularly the Urdu press), NGOs, some Muslim Political parties and collaborators. Vast Islamist funds flowing into India from Pakistan, Middle East, and  from Islamists elsewhere.

The response of the GOI has been denial, cover-up and token action. It is well known that Muslims can not peacefully coexist with others. India lost a third of its territory in 1947.The way things are going it looks certain that (1) there will be another partition within a few years or (2) if the Muslims decide to wait a little longer the whole country will become an Islamic republic. Knowing what happens to Hindus in Muslim majority countries the Hindus are naturally apprehensive. BJP must boldly announce what steps it will take to counter the Jihadi menace.


Next to the jihadis the evangelists constitute the most serious threat to India. Most of North –East India has already been Christianised. Orissa, Andhra Pradesh are under serious threat. Backed by vast funds from the west and their powerful Indian politicians  the evangelists are relentlessly pursuing their programme of converting Hindus and planting churches in all parts of India.

The Christian population has increased much faster during Sonia Gandhi’s rule than ever before. While the unconverted Hindus do not expect to be slaughtered if the Christians come to wield power, the threat of secession of Christian majority parts gets more serious and the foreign and domestic policies of India  are liable to come increasingly under the influence of Christian west . The threat of humiliation of Hindu religion and culture will increase many fold. There is urgent need for stopping conversions brought about by offering incentives of various kinds.


In independent India, inheritor of the Gandhi-Nehru ideology, Hindus have been suffering severe  discrimination in several respects. UPA Prime minister declared in blatant disregard of all Constitutional promises of equality and definitions of Secularism that the minorities and particularly the Muslims have the first claim on the nation’s resources!!!

This discrimination has become all pervasive. SCs, STs,OBCs, Minorities have been receiving favours  in the matter of educational facilities and employment opportunities while children of equally poor families are denied all benefits just for the crime of being Hindus.

Government grants to Muslims and Christians for religious purposes e.g. for Haj for Muslims and journey to Bethlehem for Christians are a blot on secularism. Figures of direct govt grants to churches and Muslim institutions by the government of Andhra Pradesh reveal this misuse of the taxpayers money. Most galling is the fact of huge sums of money donated by Hindu devotees to their temples being used by the governments for grants to Muslims and Christians. Hindus demand that  their places of worship be freed of Government control and administered solely by representatives of the community and temple funds used only for such purposes as are approved by Hindu Acharya Sabha or similar  such respected body.

Religious and cultural issues agitating Hindus

      Reconstruction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, Preservation of Ram Setu, Restoration/reconstruction  of the temples at Varanasi and Mathura .
      Removal of distortions from history being taught in schools and colleges; impetus for scholars, scientists, archaeologists etc to promote research for gaining better knowledge about our past.
      Impetus needs to be given for the promotion of Sanskrit and Hindi.; improving career prospects of students taking higher courses in Sanskrit and Hindi
      Improving Hindutva representation in electronic and print media to mitigate  the stranglehold of the Islamists, Evangelists, Marxists, Macaulayites and Nehruites


Apart from the matter of discrimination there are several other issues which should be of equal interest to all citizens. These are

      Governance---all matters of government activity need to be rid of corruption, favoritism, inefficiency and delays. The two most important matters which must be given top priority are corruption and defects in the system of administration of justice, particularly criminal justice. Investigation and prosecution of criminal cases must be absolutely impartial and efficient and delivery of justice must be made fair and fast.
      Money in illegal foreign bank accounts
      Common Civil Code
      Abolition of Art 370
      Barring of criminals from contesting elections
      Curbing use of black money in elections—Suggestions of Shri N Vittal need to be acted upon


The BJP seems to be facing severe organizational problems. Many of its senior leaders not only seem to have fickle loyalties but are so madly power hungry that if power is denied to them or to their nominees they have no compunction in openly swearing to seek destruction of the party (as evidenced by the conduct of some top leaders e.g. Bhairon Singh Shekhavat, Jaswant Singh, Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharati etc).  Narendra Modi is of course universally admired. Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh are reputed to be clean but a large number of ministers/ex-ministers in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka are widely believed to be thoroughly corrupt. The UP BJP leadership has the poorest image.

Why can the BJP not find honest persons to take up leadership positions? And why are honest and competent people like Jag Mohan ignored? The party has to ponder how these problems can be addressed. There seems to be impressions that even if talented people join the party they will only remain at the fringe. Perhaps the party can benefit by prescribing strict limits for tenure of important leadership positions. It must consider discouraging heredity as stepping stone to leadership positions as also rewarding turncoats. Another suggestion could be to have think tanks composed of independent experts for formulating policy and independent impartial advisory groups to warn the party whenever it is found making wrong decisions

<b>BJP demands arrest of Cong leader under NSA</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Bangalore, Apr 1 : The (BJP) in Karnataka today demanded the arrest of Congress Leader Kagodu Thimmappa for his alleged remarks against the proponents of Hindutva, branding it as 'anti-national.' Speaking to reporters here, BJP Senior Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said the 'uttering' of the Congress leader from Shimoga District was a fit case to be dealt with using the National Security Act(NSA) and he should be immediately arrested.

He said the party had filed a case against Mr Thimmappa. His remarks reflected the Congress' present state as it was in dire straits in the wake of the BJP gaining a ''big advantage'' in the run up to the coming Lok Sabha elections.
Misuse of NSAto settle score
<b>NSA on Varun: SC issues notice to UP Govt</b>

Misuse of CBI to give clean chit to Tytler.
<b>Enraged Sikh leaders protest against Tytler</b>
Who can forget when Tytler sitting in front seat of Jeep full of goondas and encouraging people to riots and providing material.
I am from South Delhi, had seen what happened that day.
2112 Sikhs were burnt alive around my area, looting was open. Jhuggi area suddenly started beaming with TV and every crook was wearing Bata shoes.

Most corrupt CBI should be closed down, it is just a political tool as Indian Embassies or Civil administration. They are bunch of whores of 10 Janpath.
<b>Wooing Brahmins</b>
The time is up for the Mandal votaries within the Congress. With Rahul Gandhi steadily taking charge of the party affairs, the Congress is taking steps to regain its original votebank —<b> Brahmin, Harijan and Muslims</b>. His advisers have pointed out to the heir that the decline of the Congress started with the party aping the Vishwanath Pratap Singh line post-1990 pushing its most steadfast supporters in Hindi heartland — Brahmins — into the arms of the BJP. Since the jeneodharis (those who wear the scared thread) shifted support to Mayawati in the last assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, <b>Gandhi advisers feel, it was the right opportunity to woo them back to the party</b>. No wonder that <b>KK Tewary, a Minister in Rajiv Gandhi Government and a family loyal, has been pulled out of cold storage and made party candidate from Brahmin-majority Buxar seat in Bihar.</b> Rahul Baba even went to Buxar to canvass for Tewary sending some very tacit signal.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>It’s raining currency notes in Andhra</b>
Omer Farooq | Hyderabad
Police seize Rs 5 cr apparently meant for elections

Crisp currency notes are raining everywhere in Andhra Pradesh. Police is stumbling upon wads of currency notes wherever they lay their hands on during the search operations. In less than a week, <b>the authorities have seized over Rs 5 crore in cash from different places, which is unaccounted. While Rs 1.12 crore and 21 kg of silver was seized on Wednesday, the police have seized on an average Rs 1.36 crore a day earlier from different places, including Mahbubnagar and Warangal districts.</b>

<b>The biggest seizure on Wednesday was made in Nalgonda where an amount of Rs 41 lakh and 21 kg of silver was recovered from two cars as the occupants could not explain about the possession of such a big amount in cash</b>. The police said it arrested ten persons in connection with these seizures.

What has created a ripple in the State is that in one such recovery of cash, <b>Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s son-in-law and evangelist Anil Kumar was also found involved. The police recovered Rs 10 lakh from three pastors from a hotel in Karimnagar where Anil Kumar was also present.</b>

According to police officials, unaccounted money has been found from the supporters of different political parties. The police have launched massive operations of putting up check-posts and searching vehicles. Over 400 such check-posts have been put in place across the State where vehicles were being searched to prevent illegal flow of money and liquor and smuggling of explosives and weapons ahead of elections.

An amount of Rs 1.85 lakh was recovered from a vehicle in Kollapur district and four supporters of Congress candidate J Krishna Rao were arrested. In a similar search operation in Medak city, Rs 2.5 lakh in cash was recovered from the dickey of a car belonging to a close friend of Congress candidate Shashidhar Reddy. Ravulapalem police in East Godavari district recovered and seized cash of Rs 89 lakh. The police also banned a bank manager who was taking Rs 36 lakh in cash from Palakole to Rajahmundry in East Godavari. He could not give any satisfactory explanation as to why he was transferring the money from one place to another. Rs 7.12 lakh was seized from a person on Hyderabad-Visakhapatnam bus. Rs 15 lakh and a gun were seized in Khammam district and Rs 6.8 lakh in Nizamabad district. On Wednesday, the police seized cash of Rs 2.90 lakh in Shadnagar from the supporters of PRP candidate Bhushes of Wanaparthy constituency.

Earlier, the police had seized Rs 10 lakh from the vehicles of former Minister and PRP leader T Sitaram in East Godavari district.

The recovery of Rs 10.40 lakh from three pastors and the presence of Anil Kumar has taken a curious turn as the police inspector in Karimnagar Ganpath Jadhav returned the money to the pastors after they claimed it had nothing to do with elections and the money was brought for their religious work.

Anil Kumar also strongly denied that the money had anything to do with elections and said that it was locally collected to conduct a religious meeting.

This is second time Anil Kumar is finding himself in such a situation. Earlier, the opposition parties had alleged that he was involved in distribution of money to the voters in Khammam district. It was alleged by the opposition that he was taking suitcases full of money in his helicopters to different places for election purposes.

Taking note of the suspicion that even helicopters could be used for transport of wads of currency notes, the DGP has ordered the police officials to keep a close watch on every helicopter used by the VIPs during the election campaign and also search the vehicles and the baggage of such VIPs. “Not a single person should be exempted from the search”, he said, suggesting that even the Chief Minister and other top politicians will not be spared in search operations.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Indian Election is true stimulus package for India.
<b>NCP chief Pawar to skip Third Front rally in Orissa</b>?
Looks like, outcome of this election will be circus.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Congress leader dreams to cut the "Hands of Hindutva" !</b>
02/04/2009 12:03:27  HK

Bangalore : Few days back –Sudhakaran, Marxist leader and Devaswom Minister of Kerala threatened to chop the hands of those who dare to burn the effigy of their corrupted leader Pinarai Vijayan ! The very same day Yuvamorcha leaders burnt the effigy of Pinarai across the state! There ended the matter!

Now a Congress leader from Karnataka named Kagodu Thimmappa threatens to chop the hands of Hindutva , without realising how this philosophy succeeded over the centuries!

Any passerby can ridicule Hinduism and Sanathana Dharma, Hindus should be silent and tolerate all the atrocities committed upon them in the name of Secularism. Secular leaders can abuse Lord Rama, file affidavit denying the very basic faith and belief of millions of Hindus as in the case of Ramsethu – No Hindu should utter a word.

If any Hindu utter a word here comes a handy tool in the hands of Secularists – Book them under NSA! When a Hindu leader says the same as spoken by Sudhakaran in Kerala and Thimmapa in Karnataka – That becomes a great concern for National Security!

Here back in Kerala, Ruling party is romancing with Jihadi terrorists who have proven links with ISI and Lashkar – e Taiba – Forget about charging NSA- The government is not even ready to charge a petty case against Madni and his Wife! The Judiciary intervened at last when a brave citizen filed PIL against these Terrorist couples!

<b>Watch here the ‘Nationalistic Speech of Congress Leader who dreams about cutting the hands of Hindutva”</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Video at link

Related to the following bit from the above:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Here back in Kerala, Ruling party is romancing with Jihadi terrorists who have proven links with ISI and Lashkar – e Taiba – Forget about charging NSA- The government is not even ready to charge a petty case against Madni and his Wife! The Judiciary intervened at last when a brave citizen filed PIL against these Terrorist couples!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
- http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...500&SKIN=B
<b>Indian Mujahideen's Bomb Maker admits links with Madani</b>
- http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...501&SKIN=K
<b>Jihadi organisation extends support to 2 Muslim candidates of UDF and 18 LDF candidates</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> Vote for Sale- BJP activists thrashed and seized 1 Million Rupees from YSR'S Evangelist Son in law
01/04/2009 12:34:08 

<b>Andhra chief minister’s evangelist son-in-law stirs row</b>
Courtesy: IANS

Evangelist Anil Kumar has started a political row by allegedly campaigning for his father-in-law and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy during religious gatherings.
Police said Anil Kumar has been accused of appealing to people at religious meets to pray for the victory of YSR and his ruling Congress party, an alleged violation of the model code of conduct.

Even as the election authorities were going through the tapes of his speeches, <b>the seizure of a huge sum of money</b> from some pastors attending his meeting in Karimnagar town Tuesday night has given a new twist to the row.

Police said some Bharatiya Janata Praty (BJP) activists thrashed the pastors staying at a lodge and seized over <b>Rs.1 million</b> from them. They alleged that the money was brought for distribution among voters. A case has been registered and investigations are underway.
(Might well be some of the tax money that Santa Sonia and her kkkangress stole from the tax-paying population and stashed in their swiss accounts.)

<b>“I request all of you to pray for the victory of my father-in-law,” Anil Kumar was quoted as saying at a meeting of pastors in Karimnagar district by Eenadu newspaper.

Addressing the Christian religious leaders from Adilabad and Karimnagar districts, he sought God’s blessings for his father-in-law, who is seeking another term as the chief minister.</b> The local election officials recorded the entire proceedings and sent the tape to Karimnagar district returning officer Dayanand.

After analysing the tapes, the official will send his report to the chief electoral officer of the state. Authorities said they have received similar complaints from other parts of the state where Anil Kumar held congregations.

YSR’s son Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, an industrialist, is making his political debut by contesting from the Kadapa Lok Sabha seat.

Anil Kumar, who is the husband of YSR’s only daughter Sharmila, held a massive congregation there in December last year. The opposition parties had then questioned the source of funding for the grand Christmas celebrations.

The evangelist had told the congregation that he had experienced many miraculous changes in his own life after he adopted Christianity a decade ago.

Opposition parties said YSR, who had converted to Christianity himself, had been promoting his son-in-law to counter international evangelist K.A. Paul, who made sensational allegations against him.

Paul, founder of Gospel to Unreached Millions and Global Peace Initiative, had last year alleged that the chief minister was denying funds to his charity organisations as he had refused to provide money to the Congress party for the 2004 elections.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->KA Paul didn't provide money to the christian congress party and so was snubbed by Samuel Reddy (christian supporter of christian congress).
<b>Shakeel's shooter reluctant to kill Varun</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->LUCKNOW: Chhota Shakeel's key shooter Rashid Malbari was reluctant to carry out the assignment to assassinate Varun Gandhi but was ready to set off  for Pilibhit nevertheless.

Malbari, who was arrested near Mangalore by IB sleuths of Karnataka cops trailing him, had conveyed his misgivings to his boss during several of the calls made to Shakeel.
Transcript <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Seems like TOI is very disappointed with potential killer.
<!--emo&:argue--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/argue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='argue.gif' /><!--endemo--> "With post-poll alliances, the ball is in the court of middlemen," wrote Yogendra Yadav, a Senior Fellow at Centre for Study of Developing Societies, in the Hindu newspaper.

Leaders like Mayawati, leader of a "party of untouchables" in Uttar Pradesh, believe they may win enough votes to bargain for ministerial posts. She is tipped to be a possible prime minister in a hung parliament.

Analysts say a new coalition without a strong Congress or BJP could last just two years, as happened in 1996 when 13 parties won power and fell two years, and two prime ministers, later.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reinforced Obama's rock star status by asking for Obama's autograph - he said it was for his daughter!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

I need graphic designers to create a certificate for Moron Singh.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->BJP's Election Manifesto Highlights
BJP’s Election Manifesto 2009

1. All BPL families to get 35 kg of rice or wheat every month at Rs 2 per kg. This will be available against Food Coupons redeemable both at PDS and private outlets.
2. Ensure farm loans at a maximum interest rate of 4 percent.
3. Waive agricultural loans.
4. Introduce a Farm Income Insurance Scheme through which both price and produce will be insured
5. Irrigate 35 million hectares of additional farmland within 5 years.
6. Initiate special schemes for the urban poor, such as loans at 4 percent interest to poor vendors.
7. Set up a “Workers Bank” to provide a safety net for unorganized sector workers.
8. Revise minimum wages and ensure strict implementation of the Wages Act.


1. Generate employment through massive public spending on infrastructure projects. Complete the implementation of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s dream projects: National Highway Development Project by building 15-20 km of new highways every day; and Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, to link all villages with over 500 people by all-weather road.
2. Introduce schemes to encourage private industry and services sectors. Ensure a low tax, low interest rate regime.
3. Exempt personal Income Tax for those earning up to Rs 3 lakh per annum. For women and Senior Citizens, the exemption will be Rs 3.5 lakh per annum. This will benefit over 3.5 crore people.
4. Complete exemption for interest income on bank deposits for all other than corporates and those who have business income.
5. Scrap Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT), which is a source of harassment to employees and employers alike.
6. Abolish CST and fix a ceiling of 12-14 percent on GST.
7. Ensure watertight monitoring of regulatory bodies so that the public is secured from companies indulging in fraudulent practices in the stock markets.
8. Construct 10,00,000 housing for the poor units every year; kick-start the real estate sector that is suffering at present. Bring down interest on housing loans to make urban housing affordable.
9. Take firm steps to identify and retrieve Indian money stashed away in foreign banks. Estimated at Rs. 25 lakh crore-Rs. 75 lakh crore, getting this amount back through international cooperation will be enough to complete road and power connectivity throughout the country; ensure setting up of quality schools in all villages. This quantum of black money, if recovered, will amount to allocating Rs 4 crore to every Indian village to improve living conditions in the countryside.
10. Boost tourism sector: Identify 50 destinations and develop infrastructure, connectivity. Double foreign tourist arrivals in 5 years to help generate employment in hospitality industry.
11. Ban on foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail sector to help domestic retail trade.


1. BJP’s robust commitment to securing the nation against its enemies is well known. Our first priority will be to
take stern steps against terrorists, cross-border or home-grown. An improved POTA-type law will be introduced. The intelligence mechanism shall be overhauled. India ’s 4000-km long coastline will be fully protected by enhanced naval security.
2. We will systematically detect, detain and deport illegal immigrants who have emerged as a major source of
homegrown terror. Fencing of the India-Bangladesh border, deliberately neglected by the UPA in pursuit of vote bank politics, will be speedily completed.
3. Use coercive diplomacy to isolate and compel countries engaging in exporting terror across the border to stop their misadventure. Ensure that the foreign tap of separatist groups in India is completely turned off.
4. Wage a relentless war against Maoist groups throughout the country using the highly successful and popular Chhattisgarh model.
5. Introduce a comprehensive National Identity Card for all citizens of India .


1. All members of the armed forces and the para-military shall be exempted from payment of Income Tax. This will benefit nearly 20 lakh people.
2. Take steps to set up a separate Pay Commission for the armed forces. Also revisit the existing pay structure to ensure a better deal.
3. Implement one-rank-one-pension.
4. Push State Governments to introduce better schemes for the rehabilitation of ex-servicemen and explore avenues for resettling them with gainful employment.


1. Generate an additional 120,000 MW of electricity in 5 years through speedy conclusion of ongoing projects while sanctioning new power plants. 20% of this will be through harnessing non-conventional energy sources.
2. Reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels by promoting renewable energy options such as run-on-river electricity projects, solar, wind power and biomass.
3. Secure energy needs through aggressive diplomatic and commercial moves in oil-producing countries.


1. Introduce the Madhya Pradesh BJP Government’s highly successful ‘Ladli Lakshmi’ Scheme throughout India
to directly transfer funds to the school going girl child to encourage education and secure economic selfsufficiency for young women. Rs. 1.18 lakh after completion of 12th standard.
2. Pave the way for nationwide implementation of the Bhamashah Scheme proposed by the erstwhile BJP Government in Rajasthan to directly pay Rs 1,500 to open a bank account for every adult woman, to be accessed by biometric cards usable through fingerprint.
3. Provide bicycles to every school going girl child from BPL families throughout India .
4. Introduce special schemes to promote entrepreneurship among rural women through Self-help Groups (SHGs).
5. BJP remains committed to bring about 33 percent reservation for women in legislatures and will endeavour to introduce it at the earliest.
6. Salaries of 28 lakh Anganwadi workers and helpers, who are the backbone of the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) will be doubled.
7. BJP believes all sections of Indian women cannot be fully empowered without the enactment of a Uniform Civil
Code as decreed in the Directive Principles of the Constitution and emphasized repeatedly by the Supreme
Court. The party remains committed to implementing such a code after discussions with all sections of opinion.


1. UPA has nurtured despair, frustration and joblessness among India ’s young people who account for 50 percent of the population. BJP will regenerate hope through massive vocational training programmes and job creation schemes both in rural and urban areas.
2. A network of National Knowledge Incubation Centres will be set up throughout the country to identify and groom young talent for every sector of the economy.
3. Study loans will be made cheaper and more accessible by fixing student loan interest at 4%.
4. BJP will create 1.2 million IT-enabled jobs in rural areas. Computer prices will be drastically cut to make it affordable to every section. All educational institutions will have internet facilities within 5 years. Broadband connectivity to every village.
5. Special provisions will be made for SC/ST/OBC and other underprivileged sections of the youth for skill development with focus on web-based training.
6. Launch an aggressive project to groom young sporting talent by allocating Rs 5,000 crore for creation of sports infrastructure especially in educational institutions Appoint trained coaches; secure employment for international medal winners. Sport will be a compulsory subject in school curricula.


1. BJP is committed to making the right to clean water a fundamental right. A massive programme will be launched to provide clean, drinking water to every citizen.
2. A regulatory authority to be set up for private hospitals and nursing homes to monitor unfair practices.
3. A comprehensive project to bring health-for-all by 2014.
4. Introduce a mandatory ‘Dial 108 for ambulance at your doorstep’ scheme throughout the country.
5. Revive the creation of new AIIMS, originally initiated by the NDA Government but neglected by UPA. All six state-of-the-art hospitals will be rapidly constructed over the next 5 years.
6. Janani Suraksha Yojana to care for delivering mothers and infants will be strengthened.
7. Investment will be made to promote alternative medicine such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani etc.
8. Population stabilization holds the key to India ’s prosperity. BJP will introduce schemes in consultation with different sections to expedite serious progress in this direction.


1. BJP is deeply committed to creating a society of equal opportunities with Justice for All as its credo. Its State
Governments have introduced a series of schemes for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Minorities – especially in education, job training, poverty alleviation and promotion of entrepreneurial talent. These schemes will be improved upon and the most successful among them replicated nationally. In addition, people living in backward regions, particularly in the North-East, inaccessible forests and hilly areas will be prioritized.
2. Education and Job quota will be introduced for economically backward sections of society other than SCs, STs
and OBCs, for whom reservations will continue.


1. Recognising the importance of Senior Citizens in nation-building and inculcating civilisational values, BJP commits itself to reducing the age for receiving travel benefits from 65 to 60 years.
2. Complete tax exemption to senior citizens in respect of pension income.


1. Combating climate change and global warming through non-polluting technologies will be prioritized.
2. Importance given to programmes to arrest the melting of Himalayan glaciers from which most major rivers in North India originate.
3. Protect and promote forests and afforestation.
4. Take all appropriate steps to save Tiger, the National Animal, and safeguard critical habitants of all wildlife.Emphasis to be laid on protecting India ’s resplendent but endangered bio-diversity.


1. The BJP remains committed to the construction of a grand Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.
2. BJP will not allow anybody to touch the revered Ram Setu. We will evolve a new route for Sethu Samudram bypassing Ram Setu.
3. Cleaning the revered Ganga and other major rivers will be a priority. Local communities will be enrolled in this gigantic task.
4. Cow protection is an article of faith with BJP. This will be pursued relentlessly.
5. Full integration of the nation is not possible as long as Article 370 stays on the statute books. BJP remains steadfast in its belief that the provision must be removed to ensure Indian unity.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Full text
another siurce of full text
<b>Statewise predictions: </b>
BJP proposal will also give relief to temples in Tamil Nadu who have to bow to Karunanidhis diktat on new year and rituals in sanskrit.

BJP's promise to free temples from State Control is not just truly secular but is Liberal by reverting control to devotees, local community.

BJP proposes tit-fot-tat regulations against Foreign Companies who's governments restrict immigrant workforce

Arun Shourie - complete stoppage of reforms has choked growth world economic crisis is being used to cover up the mismanagement at home

8:15 AM Apr 2nd from web Arun Shourie - Spending in a BJP regime would result in capital assets and all available sources of funding will be utilized

8:15 AM Apr 2nd from web Arun Shourie - The total deficit may balloon to about 13 percent in fiscal year that began yesterday because of the government’s profligacy

8:13 AM Apr 2nd from web Arun Shourie - fiscal discipline very urgently because of slippage in last 3-4 years in the management of the central government’s finances

8:13 AM Apr 2nd from web Arun Shourie interview with Bloomberg http://is.gd/qjRB BJP will will rein in the deficit and push for rapid infrastructure expansion
I think this effort by Shri Gogoi needs to be applauded and INC should be the torch bearer of this "epoch making" attempt at creating "a culture of transparency".

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Chief minister Tarun Gogoi’s recent admission of taking donations from a tea major in Calcutta is “epoch making,” according to Assam’s industries and power minister Pradyut Bordoloi.
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Apr 3 2009, 07:02 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Apr 3 2009, 07:02 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reinforced Obama's rock star status by asking for Obama's autograph - he said it was for his daughter!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

I need graphic designers to create a certificate for Moron Singh.

Mudy, Let it go. Vinasha kale viparithi buddhi. Or as Greeks say "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they make them mad!"
Mumbai: NCP Chief Sharad Pawar created a flutter in political circles when he said that in the upcoming polls Manmohan Singh is Congress party’s nominee for Prime Minister's post but UPA’s nominee for the top job is yet to decided.

Hitting out at Congress for its criticism of his proposed visit to Bhubneshwar to attend a Third Front rally Sharad Pawar said on Friday that he does not need advice from anybody on how to conduct his political activities.

<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Apr 4 2009, 03:34 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Apr 4 2009, 03:34 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Or as Greeks say "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they make them mad!"

greeks said that? In which case, tulasIdAsa copied them almost in verbatim since he says exactly the same (in context of the destruction in vAli).
1. http://vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayAr...spx?id=484
<b>Sanjay Dutt: Pawn-who-would-be-Queen</b>
Sandhya Jain
03 Apr 2009
(Very funny title by the way.)

2. "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad"

And Wacky says it is NOT Euripides as commonly thought (EDIT: or rather, as I had heard it was):

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--># Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

    * Anonymous ancient proverb, <b>wrongly attributed to Euripides.</b> The version here is quoted as a "heathen proverb" in Daniel, a Model for Young Men (1854) by William Anderson Scott. The origin of the misattribution to Euripides is unknown. Several variants are quoted in ancient texts, as follows.

# Variants and derived paraphrases:

    * <b>For cunningly of old
      was the celebrated saying revealed:
      evil sometimes seems good
      to a man whose mind
      a god leads to destruction.</b>
          o Sophocles, Antigone 620-3, a play pre-dating any of Euripides' surviving plays. An ancient commentary explains the passage as a paraphrase of the following, from another, earlier poet.
    * <b>When a god plans harm against a man,
      he first damages the mind of the man he is plotting against.</b>
          o Quoted in the scholia vetera to Sophocles' Antigone 620ff., without attribution. The meter (iambic trimeter) suggests that the source of the quotation is a tragic play.
    * <b>For whenever the anger of divine spirits harms someone,
      it first does this: it steals away his mind
      and good sense, and turns his thought to foolishness,
      so that he should know nothing of his mistakes.</b>
          o Attributed to "some of the old poets" by Lycurgus of Athens in his Oratio In Leocratem [Oration Against Leocrates], section 92. Again, the meter suggests that the source is a tragic play. These lines are misattributed to the much earlier semi-mythical statesman Lycurgus of Sparta in a footnote of recent editions of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and other works.
    * <b>The gods do nothing until they have blinded the minds of the wicked.</b>
          o Variant in ''Dictionary of Quotations (Classical) (1906), compiled by Thomas Benfield Harbottle, p. 433.
    * <b>Whom Fortune wishes to destroy she first makes mad.</b>
          o Publilius Syrus, Maxim 911
    * <b>The devil when he purports any evil against man, first perverts his mind.</b>
          o As quoted by Athenagoras of Athens [citation needed]
    * quem Iuppiter vult perdere, dementat prius.
          o "Whom Jupiter wishes to destroy, he first sends mad"; neo-Latin version. "A maxim of obscure origin which may have been invented in Cambridge about 1640" -- Taylor, The Proverb (1931). Probably a variant of the line "<b>He whom the gods love dies young"</b>, derived from Menander's play The Double Deceiver via Plautus (Bacchides 816-7).
    * quem (or quos) Deus perdere vult, dementat prius.
          o "Whom God wishes to destroy, he first sends mad." -- A Christianised version of the above.
    * Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.
          o This variant is spoken by Prometheus, in The Masque of Pandora (1875) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    * Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.
          o As quoted in George Fox Interpreted: The Religion, Revelations, Motives and Mission of George Fox (1881) by Thomas Ellwood Longshore, p. 154
    * Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.
          o As quoted in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations 16th edition (1992)
    * <b>Nor do the gods appear in warrior's armour clad
      To strike them down with sword and spear
      Those whom they would destroy
      They first make mad.
          o Bhartṛhari, 7th c. AD;</b> as quoted in John Brough,Poems from the Sanskrit, (1968), p, 67

# Modern derivatives:
The proverb's meaning is changed in many English versions from the 20th and 21st centuries that start with the proverb's first half (through "they") and then end with a phrase that replaces "first make mad" or "make mad." Such versions can be found at Internet search engines by using either of the two keyword phrases that are on Page 2 and Page 4 of the webpage "Pick any Wrong Card." The rest of that webpage is frameworks that induce a reader to compose new variations on this proverb.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Proverbs: Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

Home > Library > Religion & Spirituality > Proverbs

Cf. Trag. Graec. Fragm. Adesp. 296 (Nauck) ὅṯαν γὰρ ὀργή δαίμόνων βλάρṯη ṯίνά, ṯοῦ᾽τ αὐṯὸ ρρῷṯον, ἐϰαϕαίρɛῖṯαί ϕρɛνῷν ṯὸν νοῦν ṯὸν ἐσθλόν, <b>when divine anger ruins a man, it first takes away his good sense;</b> L. quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat.

    A madnesse, Wherewith heauen blinds 'hem, when it would confound 'hem.
    [1611 Jonson Catiline V. 481]

    When God will punish, hee will first take away the understanding.
    [1640 G. Herbert Outlandish Proverbs no. 688]

    God maddens him whom 'tis his will to lose, And gives the choice of death or phrenzy—Choose!
    [1817 Byron Letter 2 Apr. (1976) V. 204]

    Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.
    [1875 M. Thompson Hoosier Mosaics 180]

    Already Commonwealth Finance Ministers have elected not to meet on New Zealand's defiled soil. If greater penalties follow, the Commonwealth will confirm that those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.
    [1981 Daily Telegraph 24 July 4]

Related to: fate and fatalism; fools<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-Bodhi+Apr 4 2009, 12:11 PM-->QUOTE(Bodhi @ Apr 4 2009, 12:11 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Apr 4 2009, 03:34 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ramana @ Apr 4 2009, 03:34 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Or as Greeks say "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they make them mad!"

greeks said that? In which case, tulasIdAsa copied them almost in verbatim since he says exactly the same (in context of the destruction in vAli).
[right][snapback]96073[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->Perhaps Tulasidas (16th century CE?) copied from Bhartrhari (dated 7th century CE) who could have similarly got it handed down via earlier intermediaries ultimately from a Greek source?
<b>Rahul Gandhi's assets Rs 2.25 crore, he doesn't own a car</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> The Congress general secretary wrote nil against the column asking whether he owns a vehicle. Also the cash deposit that he owns, with the State Bank of India, Delhi, is not much either - Rs 70,000.

He has deposits with financial institutions worth Rs 7,000.

His deposits with non-banking financial institution, NDFC (National Development Finance Corporation) is Rs 7,42,966. With the HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation) in New Delhi, he has Rs 3,41,892. Both are long-term deposits.

Rahul Gandhi's deposits with postal savings, the Life Insurance Corporation and the National Savings Scheme total Rs10,29,128 (over Rs1 million).

He owns 333 gm of jewellery worth Rs1,50,000.

His assets, including values of claims and interests, are Rs 7,29,621.

He also owns agricultural land in two places. A 4.692 acre land in Mehrauli, Delhi, of which an undemarcated 50 per cent is his share. The value is Rs 9,86,244 as on March 31, 2008.

He owns another plot of six acres in Faridabad, Haryana, worth Rs 28,22,000 (over Rs 28 lakh).

He owns two shops in the Metropolitan Mall in Saket, New Delhi. Shop no 24 in the mall is 514 sq ft and valued at Rs.55 lakh.

Another shop on the ground floor - 996 sq ft - is valued at Rs.1 crore 8 lakhs (Rs 1,08,00,000).

Against liabilities, he filed that he had taken a Rs 70 lakh loan from HDFC in 2006, of which Rs 23 lakh has to be returned.

He has paid income tax of Rs 11,20,880 and sales tax of Rs 5,32,000.
He paid property tax of Rs 78,000 this year.
Without job he had tripled his assets within 5 years.
He is able to buy two shops within 5 years.
Don't forget, this is only declared information.

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