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Volunteers Needed To Produce Nda Campaign Videos
As you know, I try to produce multimedia videos in my spare time on behalf of what I view to be nationalist causes.


This year, one very important cause for me is to help the NDA defeat the UPA in the general election and form the next government. If you share that point of view, please read on.

I aim to perform the same service on NDA's behalf, as the 527 groups did for American political candidates during the US Elections. 527s are organizations like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (on the Republican side) and MoveOn.Org (on the Democratic side)... created to influence the nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates for public office.

As part of this effort I hope to produce several short multimedia video clips, and distribute them over Youtube and other web video outlets. Their message will be succinct: we cannot afford any more UPA misrule. For the sake of the nation, the NDA must form the next government.

However, since the elections are already approaching (no later than May this year), time is running short... so preparing and producing these videos may require more effort than one person alone could make. Hence, I'm making this post asking if any of you are willing to contribute some time and effort for this purpose.

Most of the effort needed would be in the form of internet research: to come up with news sources and citations, as well as to search for photographs, images and sound/music clips that we would want to incorporate into our videos. Also for shareware/freeware programs that can be used for simple file-format conversions etc. Basically the same kind of stuff we do on IF a lot of the time but organized into a concerted effort :-)

If you're interested, please email me at cherenzig AT gmail DAWT com. Please respond as soon as possible, we may not have a lot of time.

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