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Uncomfortable topics (e.g. Doniger type tackiness, etc)
2. jezebel.com/what-do-romance-readers-and-pick-up-artists-both-obsess-1704567550

The world is clearly insane. <- That's a comment on the subject and discussion in the main article of this second link.

The comments at the link start off light enough though following on from there, but then eventually they wander into disturbing territory as certainly belongs in this thread. I don't want to reproduce any comments here as it's just utterly disgusting. What is *wrong* with the west?

Once more I record here my request that Hindoos - even if they insist on only penning things in English (but I'd prefer people to do so in native languages) - should at least start writing and (self-)publishing literature in several genres too: sci fi, fantasy, krimis, and ugh romance. In fact, put dollops of romance into them all, as stated in an earlier post in this thread. Clearly women want to read romance. But in this way, can at last give them a better class of romance and better leads than the kind of sick false archetypes and sick false relationships discussed in the main article of this second link (not that here I'm not even talking about the far sick-er revelations in the later part of the comment sections).

Some women are so weird. Must be the minority that reads "romance" novel trash.

Having said that, in defence of my best friend who's read countless trashy English language (hence western) romance (and crime) novels: she read what she could put her hands on. Write her a better class of romance fiction, and her taste - having tasted better - will naturally become more exacting and less forgiving of the western "romance" trash.

It cannot be hard to do. The world is filled with better people and hence better romances. So even if converting non-fictional romances into fiction, heathens can produce great quality, such as simply can't be approached by the christian/christo-conditioned western junk that passes for literature.

Yet apparently Indian English-speaking seculars/progressives are entering into the western romance literature genre too now: saw some link to a jezebel article advertising for "Bollywood romances" - a new genre is born - by some Indian wannabe 1st world female writing this stuff.

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Uncomfortable topics (e.g. Doniger type tackiness, etc) - by Husky - 08-10-2015, 01:30 PM

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