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Motivations/drivers of anti-Indic activities
<!--QuoteBegin-Swamy G+Jan 15 2009, 07:06 AM-->QUOTE(Swamy G @ Jan 15 2009, 07:06 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Narasimhan Ram is the Editor-in-Chief of 'The Hindu'.
N.Ram's first wife was Susan.
Susan, an Irish, was in charge of Oxford University Press publications in India.
N.Ram and Susan's daughter is Vidya Ram.
Vidya Ram is a reporter in Forbe.com's London bureau.
N.Ram is now married to Mariam.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Swami G, any particular reason that you refuse to disclose the religious identity of certain individus in your list?

- N.Ram's first wife Susan - the Irishwoman - is christian, so too is the Kerala christian Mariam. It is a *very* important factor in understanding who N.Ram, the head editor of The Chindu, is. (Also, if the wives are catholic, you can bet ya the children - such as 'Vidya Ram' - are baptised.) The religious connection to N. Ram is as important in understanding The Chindu as the christian ownership of NDTV, CNN-IBN, and the many other 'Indian' media.
<b>You are doing the Dharmics in your target audience a great disservice by concealing such crucial information.</b> It is in fact the most important piece of info. It is not <i>secularism</i> that is destroying Bharatam and Nepal and Sri Lanka. Whereas <b>pseudo-</b>secularism - and frequently communism too in our countries - is a *christian* facade.

To mistake the onslaught of christianism in the unconverted part of the subcontinent as merely some psecular/communist tide is to be blind to the real enemy. Nothing spells 'Defeat' more definitely.

<b>ADDED</b> More for your list:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Prominent among this leftist/communist, HIndu-baiting cabal are worthies like Prannoy Roy (who is married to Brinda Karat’s sister), Arundhati Roy (a Kerala Chrisitan and cousin of Pranoy Roy), Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh, Vindo Mehta, N. Ram, Vir Sanghvi, Praful Bidwai, and almost all Bengali editors.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in/20...eversibly/
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->prannoy roy is married to Radhika Roy (sister of Brinda Karat, married to prakash karat), who was a speech therapist and is the Director of NDTV. He is the cousin of award winning novelist and activist Arundhati Roy.
Rajdeep is married to journalist Sagarika Ghose, who is also a journalist with Cnn-Ibn. They met at Oxford University.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
- Prannoy Roy is a christian. Like Ambika Soni with her pseudo-bindi and Hindu name, his name serves to distract and confuse the viewership.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Suzanna Arundhati Roy is neice of Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Isn't Suzanna his cousin instead of his niece?
In any case, she is a Kerala christian (with a Bengali dad).

Her name is most specifically NOT "Suzanna Arundhati Roy". The Arundhati is an alias she adopted for getting published, as explained by fellow catholic Richard Crasta. Arundhati is not any of her real names - certainly not her christian ('middle') name. Her real names are Margaret (as per Richard Crasta) and Suzanna, as per Wackypedia and some interview sites.

I'm guessing Suzanna is her baptised (christian, middle) name and that Margaret is the first/calling name. That's because, from what I observed many years ago, the heretical Catholic cultists often tended to give pagan Roman or otherwise saintly or papal names as first names, and then they baptise them with biblical or ME names for the christian name. In this case Margaret Suzanna would fit the observed pattern of many catholic-born in Europe, as Margaret is pagan Roman (and Persian), and Suzanna is an ME name.
Modern fundy christians tend to choose all-biblical names, as is the proper and christian way to do it. Anglicans, being heretical in their naming just as the Catholics and other Protestants (though <i>Martin</i> Luther was born catholic), often stick with pagan Roman or Greek names plus NT names in either order. Sometimes they go full pagan when they toss an additional AngloSaxon name or Roman name in. But in all christo types there are cases where both names are biblical. For example, "John Michael Nitwit" is such a non-heretical choice.

Another example that comes to mind of a christian of India who is most probably catholic: there's apparently a "Diana Maria Kurien", a really weird looking actress in Kerala, who's predictably been given a Hindu screen name. (I think she goes under my childhood friend's name of Nayantara, because it was when I recently Googled to confirm whether I got the meaning of Nayantara right that I think I came across the christian fraudster with the stolen Hindu name. Yes, confirmed.)
Maria Kurien's deeply ignorant Kerala christian parents stole the Greek Goddess Artemis' Roman name (Diana) for the daughter's calling name, and gave her the ME and biblical 'Maria' as the christian name.
Husky: Arundhati's mom's Christian and dad Hindu (or vice versa), know this because her mom went to supreme court challenging Christian/Hindu inheritance laws. Remember reading this somewhere, can be googled.

Guys, keep this thread free of race/religious inter marriage stuff. Focus on activities and associations that are against national interest.
<!--QuoteBegin-Viren+Jan 15 2009, 04:31 PM-->QUOTE(Viren @ Jan 15 2009, 04:31 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Husky: Arundhati's mom's Christian and dad Hindu (or vice versa), know this because her mom went to supreme court challenging Christian/Hindu inheritance laws. Remember reading this somewhere, can be googled.

Guys, keep this thread free of race/religious inter marriage stuff. Focus on activities and associations that are against national interest.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Arundhati's dad is a Bengali 'Hindu', her mum is a Kerala christian (Kerala christian tends to usually mean: of the syrian-turned-catholic church). Arundhati is a christian, not some mythical half-Hindu half-christian <- a kind of math only Hindus do.

I have no intention of talking about any mythical race.
And no religious inter-marriage was mentioned. N.Ram is not a Hindu. He is possibly - in all likelihood, I'd say - a christian.

These things *matter*. Prachanda being a christian matters. The wife of Sri Lanka's President Rajapakse being a christian matters. So too Sonia and her kids. N.Ram attending an <i>exclusive</i> Catholic Bishop's conference matters. The Angelsk media in India being christian-owned matters.

One can predict with scary certainty that India will not survive unless it entirely eradicates the meme of christoislamism from the country. Add to that communism (but it is more likely to wither without the watering from christoislamism).
Rome, even after identifying the real problem, drowned (it was too late, and christoism was on Total War path as is the wont of christoislamism). Indians are blinded by centuries of christian PR that legitimises terrorisms as supposedly 'valid' religions. These are NOT valid religions. And it is the right of every heathen to say so, to say that they are terrorisms concealed under religious garb, and that the world must be freed from them. There ought not be the slightest allowance for christianism, nor for islamism.

Neither of christoislamism will ever allow for a Hindu nation - a nation where the majority is unoppressed Hindus. A Hindu nationalism that seeks to live alongside christoislamism will find itself murdered. That's a one-way deal. Actually, a death warrant.

On why the christianism and christianist leanings of various orgs and individuals in India matters and one reason for why it's important to identify the religious affiliation of those entities:

Am going to paste a bit from the Rajeev Srinivasan's interview with the lovely Ishwar Sharan, but need a bit of an intro first. Was going to post all of the following as part II of something else, but that may have to wait and I'm not sure whether part I can go in the thread where I had started writing it...
<b>ADDED:</b> PART I

From American Atheists via http://freetruth.50webs.org/C1.htm -
Opus Dei was a gloriously catholic hence gore-iously fascist anti-semitic group:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->    Some of the sainthood choices, though, are prompting controversy.
    The theocratic dictator and 15th century Girolamo Savonarola was approved last month.
    John Paul also attracted controversy early in his pontificate when he beatified Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, the founder of the Opus Dei group who was a virulent anti-Semite and fascist sympathizer.

From: Pope running "Saint factory"? John Paul beatifies monk accused of mental illness, fraud, philandering
<b>Good Americans by John Judge, 1983</b>
A document about the German Nazis, the earlier oryanists, taken by the US after world war II (and who were soon after happily working in the CIA and other official US depts).
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Pope John Paul II</b> -- Worked at Auschwitz in a rubber plant run Nazi financier Hermann Abs for Solvay Drugs of I.G. Farben.[ 87] Farben, which also employed Fritz Kraemer, has 750 subsidiaries worldwide, including U.S. firms.[88] In the wake of the recent Vatican Bank scandals, Pope John Paul I I appointed a four-man committee to study and run Vatican finances, which included Hitler’s personal banker and the pontiff’s old boss, Hermann Abs.[ 89 ] Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal protested this recently. [ 90 ] <b>The Pope also elevated Opus Dei, with 72,000 members in 80 countries, to the status of a religious order.</b>[91]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>10. There is a shadowy group called Opus Dei that is supposed to be doing significant theoretical work to help spread Christianity around the world. I believe the well-known Indian-Spanish Jesuit priest Raimundo Panikker is associated with them. What do you know about them?</b>

Opus Dei is everywhere but nobody really knows anything about them except their Vatican banker and the Pope who is their special advocate and patron. They are an authoritarian secret society with members in such places as the CIA and MI5. I am inclined to doubt that they would employ a theologian like Fr. Raimundo Panikker because he is a married priest and they are advocates of strict church discipline. Their fronts in India (and other developing countries) are scholars associations, history conferences, Hindu-Christian dialogue seminars, certain NGOs and aid agencies (all missionary outfits use NGOs and aid agencies as cover for their proselytizing activities), some Western embassies and the English-language media.

Opus Dei is especially interested in creating favorable public opinion for the Catholic Church and has infiltrated every major English-language daily. Read the op-ed page and letters column in any big city newspaper and you will probably find the handwork of Opus Dei. They want to manipulate and control public opinion. They would never employ a venomous journalist like A.J. Philip but soft columnists like Renuka Narayanan are definitely on their list of honorary lady Jesuits.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The thing is, the catholic church is very good at destroying countries and societies. In the last two centuries, christianism has developed and perfected the art of 'suiciding' others. And propaganda that looks like it emanates 'from nowhere' is the beginnings of it.
The oft-used English phrase: "Ignore at your peril" applies to the catholic church. They've got the money, they've got the people, they have the experience and, perhaps most importantly, they have the motivation.

Crypto infiltration is particularly a catholic delicacy.
Husky: Yes, I had deliberately sought to keep such things out. When I was drafting I had the words anti-Hindu anti-India etc. On researching I found Khalid Ansari's father was a freedom fighter. I do not know about his affiliations and ithyadi, but it would have appeared silly to create associations listing anti-Indians and listing freedom fighters.

But to get your point across, I think the name itself should be kind of self-explanatory.
All we need to do is connect the dots - some connections are going to be strong while are going to be weak (not much of influence), let us leave the interpretation of the connection to the reader.

All: I will research on all the other pointers you have given, and do an update this weekend.
<!--QuoteBegin-Swamy G+Jan 15 2009, 06:47 PM-->QUOTE(Swamy G @ Jan 15 2009, 06:47 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->All we need to do is connect the dots - some connections are going to be strong while are going to be weak (not much of influence), let us leave the interpretation of the connection to the reader.
[right][snapback]93228[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->How can one connect the dots when one refuses to try to see the one constant thread connecting it all? The <b>prime motivation</b> is not 'interpretation'.

It's true: the Greco-Romans were far more intelligent than the dodos. I mean the doodoos. I mean the Hindoos. No, I was right the first time around. The dodos.
Husky: I understand from where you are coming. As an Hindu it helps us understand where these public entities are coming from. Knowing their background helps. And religion could be crucial piece of information.

Honestly, I wanted to include them. But something in me does not want to. I am torn. So I took the path of not including them.

~Will always remain an evil yindoo.
Sorry, I missed this:
<!--QuoteBegin-Swamy G+Jan 17 2009, 09:49 PM-->QUOTE(Swamy G @ Jan 17 2009, 09:49 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->If you do not like my stance of pining someone based on his religion[right][snapback]93343[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->You are certainly willing to pin <i>them</i>: your list names them, after all. Yet you say "you are not willing to pin them based on their religion". <- You are not willing to 'pin' their <i>religion</i>, you mean.

If they were all communist, would you have mentioned they were communist next to their names? If they were all nazis, would have mentioned they were nazis? I don't think you'd have left their ideology out if such were the case. Hindus have a special auto-reverence for the word religion (extending even to the illegitimate ideologies included in the umbrella term) that silences them when they should speak.

<!--QuoteBegin-Swamy G+Jan 17 2009, 09:49 PM-->QUOTE(Swamy G @ Jan 17 2009, 09:49 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->If you do not like my stance of pining someone based on his religion[right][snapback]93343[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->But when it is their <i>religion</i> that is driving them?
Is it that you believe the concerned persons are all 'anti-nationalist' and anti-Hindu for no other purpose than anti-nationalism and/or anti-Hinduism? Can you really believe that.

Is it really that alien a concept that ideologies themselves can be a threat rather than their actors (adherents)? By noting the religion that the actors in your list subscribe to, you are not "pinning" them based on it - you are correctly implicating their ideology. They are no more than merely the active agents thereof.

You <i>are</i> willing to "pin" them - but based on what you think is their mere anti-nationalism. However, anti-nationalism is not an ideology in itself - it has no creed, nothing it subscribes to. "Break up India" is not a 'final end' in itself. (Imagine they have accomplished it, what then? That's all?) So what does this 'anti-national' movement wish to replace it with? And why? For that one needs to know what the ideologies are that these actors adhere to, what drives them, why they choose to do what they do (defend Afzal Guru, write apologetics for the islamic murder of Hindus on the train, conceal/try to get away with their murders, lie about events like Suzanna Roy did on Godhra, bribe and create fake witness testimonies, allow in vast numbers of infiltrators from BD and TSP while expressly threatening to deport the far smaller numbers of Pakistani Hindus who have "illegally" settled in India).
Knowing their ideological allegiance is important, because it is their ideologies that indicate what they want to replace it all with. It tells one *why* they are "anti-national".

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Feel free to step in. I will hand over this thread to you. You can feel free to have your choice of words. I will happy to contribute though.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Writing a person's religion in brackets where it is not obvious from their name can't be hard. It can't be offensive. Why does this bother you so?
Meanwhile, they have no problems whatsoever being communal and uniformly calling Hindus "fundamentalists", "fascists", calling Godhra "genocide".

What is it about India that they wish to break, what is it about the nation that they want destroyed? They are particularly anti-Hindu. Why? Their 'anti-nationalism' is not against christians and muslims in the nation, it is against Hindu Dharma. So they are <i>communal even in their 'anti-nationalism'</i>. But again, that's because it is no mere 'anti-nationalism', it is ideologically motivated:
- Muslims want to establish Mughalistan, so they are supportive of muslims in the nation (and their temporary allies, the christians) but are particularly against Hindus in their 'anti-nationalism' (=break up of India in order to remake it as mughalistan).
- Similarly, the christians want the country for their own, so they are for the christians in India (and their temporary allies, the muslims), but they are anti-Hindus in their 'anti-nationalism' (=break up of India in order to carry out the Vatican's conversion agenda which was publicly declared last time the pope came over).

Why does it come so hard to just state their ideology next to the name when this is *known*. Their religion (ideology) is important data that everyone reading your list deserves to know. Why would you conceal it from them? Of course certain elements will rush to silence you by calling you communal for including it, even as the same kind psecularly refrains from calling CNN-IBN communal for plastering an Om symbol all over the fabricated "Hindu Terrier" stories.

You can't be intending this list merely for yourself, since you already know more aspects of the data than you have allowed into the list.

So: who is this list for? What do you want people to get out of it? What connections do you want them to understand? *Why* do you not want them to make certain other connections which they would be able to make if you had provided completer data (i.e. why are you leaving out the different actors' religious affiliation where this is christian; because when they are muslim it tends to more often be obvious)?
I do not hold a person's religion against her or him. Her or His activities are far more important. If they are going to worship the black stone in the form of lingam or in the form of the square box at Mecca, it is their business. Is the person with reverence to the black stone in Mecca undermining India or Hinduism? That is what I would like to know.

Indicating Prannoy Roy is a Christian or say some one as a Hindu portrays the list from a different angle. I am not saying that angle is unnecessary, it is just that I am not traveling that route. Is Udit Raj a Christian? Does it matter? To some it does, to some it does not. But what I am trying to see is who is he connected to. He seems to be connected to organizations and people who want to plant more churches in India. That is a red flag in my mind. Mariam, wife of N.Ram, being a Chrisitian does not offer us any more valuable information.

As you can see I do not say Sitaram is a communist, I say he belongs a party. I say Santorum belongs to Republican party. I say DFN is connected to several members who are connected to Christian organizations. Are all the folks in International Rivers misguided folks? Definitely protecting environment is a good thing, right? So I have not listed their ideology yet.

If Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Communism etc are ideologies, then the actors actions is what tells us more about them.

You have valid points, and have convinced me to some extent. But is a person just anti-Hindu or anti-India or has an hidden agenda just because she or he is a Christian? Or a Muslim? Or a Hindu? I do not want the list to appear as being suspicious of someone just because she or he belongs to a particular religion. I think we derive more value when we connect an individual to other individuals and organizations with a particular kind of activity - say like spreading Christianity.
Swamy G,
Yes, religion matters because that is major motivating factor of all anti-India activities. When relgion is entered into mix agenda becomes more clear.
In India , whether Maoist or CPM or Jihadi , all have common religion with media entites who are against concept of India.
It will be waste of time if you go after action but skip what motivates them.
If you can't see religion nexus, your exercise will produce nothing. Just beating around bushes.
Agreed Mudy. But every other thread here discusses religion, motivations etc etc etc....
Can we keep it out of this one thread? Else the original purpose of this thread is lost.

Just names/organizations/links ...period. All else in other thread please, or open a new one just for that.
Fully Agreed, keep these thread more like first post. Just pointers.
We can move all post with disucssions to other thread.

Am sorry Admin, I <i>have</i> to do this. I just don't know why no one else (Mudy excepted) is doing it. There are readers besides those writing in this thread, and Swamy G's Arguments Ad 'Secularism' for remaining quiet on the religion of the characters involved should be corrected. If no one more capable is interested in doing it, the rest of us should be allowed the attempt.

<!--QuoteBegin-Swamy G+Jan 18 2009, 11:15 PM-->QUOTE(Swamy G @ Jan 18 2009, 11:15 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->I do not hold a person's religion against her or him. Her or His activities are far more important.[right][snapback]93394[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->But their ideology (we're talking of christoislamicommunism here) IS the cause of their activities. Come <i>on</i>. It can't be hard for you to grasp.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->But is a person just anti-Hindu or anti-India or has an hidden agenda just because she or he is a Christian? Or a Muslim? Or a Hindu?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->You're still so conditioned by psecularism, I don't know what to say to you. The very fact that you list "Hindu" in the above structure by way of symmetry ("a, b, Hindu, etcetera") proves it.

There is no similarity between christoislamicommunazism and Natural Traditions.

Christianism, islamism, communism are unnatural, upstart ideologies that are bent on taking over and destroying every pre-existing (natural) tradition. They are <b>REPLACEMENT IDEOLOGIES</b>. They will stand no opposition, tolerate no existence of other ways of life. They are the complete embodiment of the word <i>intolerance</i>.

Communists are pushed by their ideology to work for "world revolution", islamism requires of its adherents to jihad to secure a world that is dar-ul-islamised, christos are similarly commanded to spread the gospel and let none be worshipped other than their own jeebus-gawd.

Contrast that with Hindu Dharma and other Natural Traditions: where are we commanded to terrorise others into our way of life?
Natural Traditions are not NOT replacement ideologies - they are not sudden manmade ideas that sound so clever that in our eager arrogance we will take them global and force them upon others who have their own pre-existing, ancient ways. Our Natural Traditions are ways of life that have evolved over time, naturally, based on observation, experience and insight.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->If they are going to worship the black stone in the form of lingam or in the form of the square box at Mecca, it is their business. That is what I would like to know.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Your example is entirely flawed, a strawman argument. You are again equating the live-and-let-live Natural Tradition (Hindu Dharma in your example) with the convert-or-kill ideologies (islam in the example).

Islam does not allow its followers to keep their religion private to themselves. Neither does christianism. Nor does communism. They are compelled by their ideology to spread their ideology. They are mindviruses (memetic virus). See this page, since I obviously am too inept to argue a worthy case: http://kwelos.tripod.com/memes.htm

The point is, the muslim will not remain at his black stone, worshipping. He reads his koran or on Fridays he goes to the mosque and learns that he should convert or kill the infidel.
The christian will not remain prostrated before his stauros featuring the non-existent jeebus. His bible tells him to go Convert All Nations. His church tells him so too, and together they all contribute money toward the same. Money that goes to Nagaland, Orissa, Kerala, my TN and all of my Bharatam - to convert-or-kill MY Hindus.

Now, when you say:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->.... because she or he is a Christian? Or a Muslim? Or a Hindu?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->You are insulting all Hindus, all Dharmics, all Natural Traditionalists. Your list is deceptive in that it starts off with people adhering to murderous, genocidal ideologies and then you turn it into a false pattern by appending to that list traditionalists who are victims of these genocidal ideologies.

You are very psecular. Because you equate wrong (christoislamism) with right (Hindu Dharma/Natural Traditions), and then argue that it is intolerant to state what is the plain inarguable fact: that wrong is in fact wrong.

Christoislamism IS wrong, because it IS the Ideology Of Total Terrorism. Its adherents are all ticking timebombs (some by some fluke don't go off). I do not blame them for acting according to their ideology (I blame their ideology). But neither will I excuse them. There are many murderers and terrorists and subversionists among them, <i>because</i> they follow the Religions of Murder (christoislamicommunazism).

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Is Udit Raj a Christian? Does it matter? To some it does, to some it does not. But what I am trying to see is who is he connected to. He seems to be connected to organizations and people who want to plant more churches in India.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->You don't get it.
Christian organisations are not independent entities of themselves: they are composed of people. <i>Christian</i> people to be exact, connected and motivated by their <i>christianism</i>. The christians who are members are the ones that want to plant more churches in India. There are declared members, and peripheral members who keep their identity incognito so that their nasty doings do not boomerang back to implicate their beloved christian organisation (and by extension their christianism). Case in point: the deflection of the christian murder of Swami Lakshmanananda by christians (including christian maoists) onto the "they're just maoists".

Also, these christian organisations - why do you think they are into planting more churches in India? Because they are guided by <i>christianism</i>.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Is Udit Raj a Christian? Does it matter? To some it does, to some it does not. But what I am trying to see is who is he connected to. He seems to be connected to organizations and people who want to plant more churches in India.
<b>That</b> is a red flag in my mind.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->So by the same logic, the "maoists" who murdered the Orissan Swami is the only thing that raises the red flag in your mind. Their christianism being the cause for the murder won't register. Because them being christian does not matter to you...
As I said, by the same logic.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Mariam, wife of N.Ram, being a Chrisitian does not offer us any more valuable information.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->You are not serious. The man married a christian twice. For N.Ram, a communist - who are braggarts that profess to 'atheism' at every chance they get - to marry christians (Sandhya Jain confirmed both the wives' religions), don't you think the choice to be 'most curious' at the very least? Add to that his presence at a cliquey catholic bishop's conference. It must all be an amazing set of coincidences. The sort of uncomfortable coincidence you don't want your readership to happen upon - a direction of action quite opposite to that which Sandhya Jain intended. She warns us, while you seek to prevent her warnings from reaching others via your list. Were you being literal when you said "Will always be an evil yindoo"? Because if it was intended as a brag on heroics instead, it was no more than a most hollow one.

There is more than sufficient inferential (and non-disregardable) data to the effect of what N.Ram is, or leans/has sympathies toward, but you choose to be blind. Because the idea inconveniences you. And you choose to keep others blind.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->As you can see I do not say Sitaram is a communist, I say he belongs a party.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Your statement has no bearing on what I said. I asked whether you would mention communist affiliations if <i>all</i> those listed were communists. (And if you'd mention nazism if all those listed adhered to nazism.) Or whether you would seek to hide their ideology in such a case, just as you are considerate enough to cover for various entities' christian persuasion. <- In effect concealing the very ideological affiliation that is the key for readers to unravel the real situation and its extent for themselves.

<!--QuoteBegin-Swamy G+Jan 18 2009, 11:15 PM-->QUOTE(Swamy G @ Jan 18 2009, 11:15 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->You have valid points, and have convinced me to some extent.[right][snapback]93394[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Please do not admit to something that is obviously not true: I have convinced you of absolutely nothing.
Proof in point: you have lumped christians, muslims and Hindus - that is, the aggressors and the victims - into one "equal-equal" list structure as only pseculars do -
You said: "just because she or he is a Christian? Or a Muslim? Or a Hindu?"

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I think we derive more value when we connect an individual to other individuals and organizations with a particular kind of activity - say like spreading Christianity.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Those individuals' christianism (or propensity toward it) is what causes them to spread christianism. Can you see a Hindu or a Hellene or a Taoist spread christianism?

The meme spreads itself through its infected carriers: christians and the christo-conditioned (pseculars). No others would spread it.

The only thing I want to know is why any self-professed Hindu - or yindoo or whatever - would continue on in this way when they know what christianism is. You <i>know</i> what christianism is, do you not? It is the murder of Hellenismos (Greece and Rome), and of so much more besides since that early time.

You're scary. Because in many ways you are representative of most of the 'aware' Angelsk-speaking Hindus.
There is a decisive war going on that you refuse to see. Being blind to it - as you insist on being - is the first and surest step to a defeat so complete there may be no resurrection. You're going to lose. And not only that, you would make others lose as well. And this, <i>when you know better</i>. It is unforgiveable.

You are not engaged in inaction, but <i>wrong</i> action which is worse. (Because it is detrimental, rather than being merely unhelpful.)

Make your list. Make it right. <b>Both</b> are imperative.
Hindus are so dumb and malleable, always running around in circles like lemmings with blinders on. Even after more than a millennium of attacks, they still can't figure <i>it</i> out. And when they get blasted as scheduled, they write and ponder over useless garbage analysis by limp-wristed charlatans like B. Raman and the other morons over at a <i>forum that will go unmentioned</i> and get laughed at by the entire world for being so helplessly clueless and thick-skulled.

It is <b>very simple</b> SwamyG,

<!--QuoteBegin-Veer Savarkar+-->QUOTE(Veer Savarkar)<!--QuoteEBegin-->A Hindu, therefore, to sum up the conclusions arrived at, is he who looks upon the land that extends from Sindu to Sindu-from the Indus to the Seas,-as the land of his forefathers —his Fatherland (Pitribhu), who inherits the blood of that race whose first discernible source could be traced to the Vedic Saptasindhus and which on its onward march, assimilating much that was incorporated and ennobling much that was assimilated, has come to be known as the Hindu people, who has inherited and claims as his own the culture of that race as expressed chiefly in their common classical language Sanskrit and represented by a common history, a common literature, art and architecture, law and jurisprudence, rites and rituals, ceremonies and sacraments, fairs and festivals; and <b>who <i>above all</i>, addresses this land, this Sindhusthan as his Holyland (Punyabhu), as the land of his prophets and seers, of his godmen and gurus, the land of piety and pilgrimage.</b> These are the essentials of Hindutva—a common nation (Rashtra) a common race (Jati) and a common civilization (Sanskriti).<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the core tenets of the sand-delusions are inimical to the foundations of Hindudom by virtue of their precepts which command them to destroy Dharma by killing, maiming, and subverting its adherents. Therefore, every single follower of Jesusism, Mohammedanism, and Marxism, irregardless of their individual character, whether it be magnanimous or mean-spirited, are guilty as enemies of Hindudom by their association with the large, cancerous bodies of the respective sand-delusions which have colluded to slowly and surely destroy all traces of Dharma in Bharat. Any so-called Hindu who refuses in the least to at least partly acknowledge the reality of this conflict, is either one of these things -

A) An ignoramus zombie mental midget who has been conditioned for years by the psecular, anti-Hindu establishment. Most moron Hindus are like this and can't really be blamed, unless they continue to behave as such even after witnessing blatant acts of aggression by the sand-delusions.

B) Physical and spiritual collaborator cowards like Gandhi who would pimp their mothers to Muslims to further themselves in rank or prestige. Usually these cowards also do things like publicly defaming their religion of birth and eating beef to prove their servitude to their masters. E.g. Mani Shankar Aiyar, Arun Gandhi, L.K. Advani.

C) Fellow travelers of the sand-delusions who maintain their Hindu name and act in the name of Hindudom to actually help destroy it.

These are the worst cowards and traitors in the entire world. You have to be either on this side of the fence or the that side. There is no room for limp-wristed, weak-minded, toe-nail polishing, effete fence-walkers who are easily influenced by Bollywood movies.
The thing that I see out of all this debate is this:

Some people like Brinda Karat, Mulayam Singh Yadav are Hindu, but patently muslim/christo in the way they treat Hindus. Thus we will have to list such people as "Hindu in name only". But then every Hindu who is a crypto chriso or moslim like Brinda K, we will have to call a "H in name only". So a new reader may think that this list labels every anti-national HIndu as "H in name only". Which is really true, they are H in name only, but new readers will think this list dismisses any Hindu as a crypto.

<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Jan 19 2009, 07:05 PM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Jan 19 2009, 07:05 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the core tenets of the sand-delusions are inimical to the foundations of Hindudom by virtue of their precepts which command them to destroy Dharma by killing, maiming, and subverting its adherents. Therefore, every single follower of Jesusism, Mohammedanism, and Marxism, irregardless of their individual character, whether it be magnanimous or mean-spirited, are guilty as enemies of Hindudom by their association with the large, cancerous bodies of the respective sand-delusions which have colluded to slowly and surely destroy all traces of Dharma in Bharat.[right][snapback]93450[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Now why can't I express myself like that? Short and to the point. Cheers, Pandyan.

<!--QuoteBegin-Shambhu+Jan 19 2009, 09:43 PM-->QUOTE(Shambhu @ Jan 19 2009, 09:43 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->The thing that I see out of all this debate is this:

Some people like Brinda Karat, Mulayam Singh Yadav are Hindu, but patently muslim/christo in the way they treat Hindus. Thus we will have to list such people as "Hindu in name only".[right][snapback]93455[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->They are anti-Hindus definitely, whatever else they may be.

There's no such thing as "Hindus in name only", unless you meant people who still keep Hindu names though they are anti-Hindu. Mostly they tend to belong to a subcult of the christoislamicommuni persuasion.
Yeah, why not here.

Someone reminded me of this. Felt it was a good time for a refresh. So I searched for "barmaid" and "Constantine" and voila, some old posts:

All the following is a reprise in some way or other.

<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Jul 16 2006, 08:28 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Jul 16 2006, 08:28 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Post 179:<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->But this ITALIAN mafia QUEEN has read them all.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I was lent an old book written by a very knowledgeable deconverted ex-priest (Catholic) on Rome's first Christian Emperor Constantine. His mother Helena, a Christian, had been a barmaid. The book went on about how she and her muderous son began the destruction of Rome by its Christianisation which was later continued by the succeeding Christian emperors. Until Christianity got imperial power, the religion was powerless and made no converts amongst the higher classes (the best educated), who constantly ridiculed it. It was only the illiterate and ignorant classes that ever adopted Christianity - that is, until they got a Christian in Rome's government. With Emperor Constantine (with his devout ignorant mother at his back) and his successors began increasingly anti-pagan laws and pro-Christian laws. They started off small, but my goodness, how each law got increasingly worse for the loyal Romans, giving more power as it did to the Church and Christianity. It is a footnote in history now, how Rome was converted by force. But for them it was the destruction of their way of life.

Helena is today recognised as a Saint by the Catholic Church. Now Sonya, who some articles have described as a former Italian barmaid, is perhaps hoping to get a Saint's halo for converting heathen India as her predecessor Helena converted heathen Rome. She is certainly in the right position to attempt it. Don't underestimate a Christian (a devout Catholic, loyal to that great powerhouse and war machine, the Vatican) when he/she's in the power seat. Ancient Rome was destroyed because of Christianity.
[right][snapback]53940[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->That "knowledgeable deconverted ex-priest (Catholic)" mentioned above is non other than Joseph McCabe whose name I have since made it a point to remember.

2. In fact, it's better to read McCabe's own words instead of the above vague recollections.

a. http://freetruth.50webs.org/C1.htm#StHelena
<b>About Santa Helena</b> the *illegitimate* 'wife' of Constantius (as proven by Joseph McCabe who apparently referred to some original authorities, educated Romans, for this info).

Thus spake Joseph McCabe:
- "Constantine was, as I said, the illegitimate son of a rural barmaid and a Roman officer."
The barmaid referred to here is Helena (not to be confused with Sonia just yet).
- "Constantius could not validly marry Helena in Roman law."

b. http://freetruth.50webs.org/Appendix1.htm
Historian Joseph McCabe again on Santa Constantine this time. Christians owe a debt of gratitude to this murderer-guy that ought to far surpass the non-existent jeebus' supposed "dying on the stauros for them" sob myth.

3. Is the "Christian Italian barmaid Helena in power in Rome <-> Christian Italian barmaid Sonia wife in power in India " all just a coincidence?
No. It's an OLD christian tactic that they repeated in China in the 17th century too,
as summarised here by former BBC commentator Avro Manhattan:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Converting the ruler in order to convert non-Christian China</b>
"[Captioned image]
        Jesuit astronomers in the court of the Emperor of China and two Chinese converts with crosses, Madonna, and IHS wafer symbol. Jesuit missionaries succeeded in converting a Chinese Empress thus gaining access to high political influence. As the Vatican began expanding this influence, resistance increased eventually creating open rebellion. Some of the European nations became involved by diplomatic pressure, economic measures carried out under the threat of European gun boats off the Chinese coast. The end result was another major Asiatic nation closed to Western influence and missionary activity for hundreds of years.

    Early in the seventeenth century, Jesuits had managed to penetrate the Imperial Court and convert a Chinese Empress to Catholicism. This conversion was a major coup for the Catholic Church in her strategy to impose herself, upon the whole of Buddhist China. Since the Empress was the center of the Imperial Court, the source of Supreme power, she became the pivot round which the Catholic Church planned her exercise of mass conversion."

<b>Chinese Empress renames herself Helena and baptises her son Constantine</b>

"The potential appeared unlimited. The Chinese Empress had become a pliable tool in the hands of the Jesuits, who manipulated her to implant Catholic influence at all levels. Her piety had turned into a personal zeal to serve the Catholic Church in everything. She even changed her Chinese name into that of the Empress Helena after the Roman Empress, mother of Constantine, who had given freedom to Christianity in the Roman Empire. Indeed, not content with that, she baptized her son with the name of Constantine to indicate the role which the boy was intended to play in the future conversion of Buddhist China for the Catholic Church."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->By the way, if people are under the misapprehension that Opus Dei is some imaginary group ("conspiracy"), then they've got it all wrong. The catholic Opus Dei are like the modern day Jesuits: infiltrators, political plotters. They are *cryptos* - used to hide their christians actions. They conceal it under psecular garb in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka (often using Dharmic names, external symbols, etcetera.)

Like the famous Jesuit tactic (used by the Jesuits in China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam in the 16th-17th centuries), the Opus Dei's method is a top-down conversion approach as well: convert the rulers/install converts in power. Buy the media, own the education centres, set up social activists, organisations, attack sacred religious centres, and the rest. All to slowly close in on the Dharmic population. It's not just the evanjehadis who do all this, you know. It's the catholics who are the best at it: because no one these days points to "catholicism" in these things. That's because cryptos almost always tend to be catholics.

4. And another old post.
Some examples of
<b>The psecularism and hence minority appeasement in ancient Rome</b> - Breeding ground for the cretinous cancer.

So the Romans had been duped into minority appeasement of christoterrorism too.
In fact, *India's* case is the copy, and it isn't coincidence. As every non-psecular knows, there's very human, very <i>christian</i> hands behind all this.

They say "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Christianism and its zombies in India and elsewhere are doing their best to make sure Hindus <i>never</i> learn history. One of the methods used is to create conditioned (psecularised) Hindus who are <i>incapable</i> of learning it, because they are made incapable of seeing what is plainly obvious, and incapable of articulating the phrase "christianism did it" even though christianism DID do it.
Christianism murdered the Natural Traditionalist (Hellenic) civilisation of the Greco-Romans.
"Murdered"? I meant to say <i>genocided</i>: Christianism genocided the Hellenic civilisation.

5. But why believe me?
Here's HH's old post on India and its own Santa Helena in the form of Santa Sonia:
<!--QuoteBegin-Hauma Hamiddha+Jul 22 2006, 11:50 AM-->QUOTE(Hauma Hamiddha @ Jul 22 2006, 11:50 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->For some other venue:
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Is the geographical nation of the Hindus safe? Nay is the nation of Hindus itself safe? This is a topic I did not really want to write about but the flurry of chats have almost forced to repeat myself on the issue. Firstly, an important point that Sitaram Goel and Ram Swarup brought to the fore should be remembered here: Hindus are by definition a nation. It is the sanAtana dharma that gives them their nationhood. The geography that they occupy is secondary to the role of the sanAtana dharma. The geography of India is important today because it constitutes the natural habitat of the Hindus.

However, this habitat of the Hindus has been historically attacked by the two violent monotheisms and its safety is compromised. The freedom from the British reign did not result in a freedom from the Hindu mind. Sadly rather than re-establishing a state under the natural principles of sanAtana dharma, fooled by the West the founders of the new Indian empire established a secular state. The result of this secular state is a further defanging of the Hindus. Secularism has eroded Hindu traditions that are the only scaffold of India- if we wanted a secular state we did not require freedom from the British. We could have happily continued under the secular rule of a Western powers, after all England and the rest of Europe were secularizing. We needed freedom only to have a state under dharma not under secularism. But now secularism has had an even more threatening aspect: It denuded the spirit of dharma amongst the Hindus and replaced it with crap in the form puerile Hindi cinema, blind imitation o the West like the proverbial jackal with a blue hide in viShNusharman's tale, decadence of brahminical social leadership, and atheism a direct consequence of secularism. In contrast it embolded the two monotheists to act with impunity funded respectively by their Western evangelist and Middle Eastern Ghazi masters.

As a result there are two serious attacks on the very existence of Hindus: One destroying its very innards through a insiduous attack on the Hindu plebian now even targeting the holiest Hindu shrines like venkaTAdri:the other open slaying Hindus in a display of the Jihad. Sitaram Goel and Ram Swarup had remarked astutely that for all the carnage the riots after partion on the India side showed the spirit of India was not entirely dead. There are other things we just cannot talk about here, but one thing is clear the recent assault by the Ghazis on the Hindus, nearly 10 centuries after the accursed Mahmud Ghaznavi (may sewers that are perfumes for the Momeen flow on his Mazar), the Hindu spirit does seem dead in India. And, any recently astute observer can note that this is a direct consequence of secularism. Hindus appear to have no say in India, and are blathering secular nothings, while the Imam of leading the congregation of the masses bereft of their foreskins thunders: "We were rulers here for 800 years. Inshaallah, we shall return to power here once again". This in my humble opinion is a serious symptom. Combined with the demographic assault by the Mohammedan, and the secularization of the Hindu elite, I fear we are witnessing the symptoms of the newest loss of Hindu freedom.

Remember the throughout the far east there were Hindus once: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia Java, Sumatra and Bali. Now they are only there in the smallest of these territories- Bali. They are gone in Afghanistan, saidhava desha, Central Asia and Roman territories. In light of this the symptoms we are witnessing suggest to me that even residual India may be lost. Some call me paranoid but I believe we could see the fruition of these events even in the near future.

We have two famous parallels in history-- our cultural cousins the Romans and the Iranians. The Romans were a highly pluralistic culture. Every religion of Asia could be practiced in its boundaries with relative freedom. The state did not do much to interfere in religion. They produced brilliant philosopher emperors like Marcos Aurelius, who might have even impressed a sha~Nkara bhagavat pAda, as well as worthless rulers like Severus and others like our own worthless rulers of modern India. Their rich state temples were operated with rites resembling those of the Agamas- abhishekas, prasAdas, dIpa dhUpa and all that, and were economic powerhouses just as Tirupati or Vaishodevi. The Roman political system for that era was reasonably strong, and their army large and tough. Yet, the terrible curse of Isaism over took the king due to a few crucial mishaps. Christian women from the bar in the family of Constantine turned the whole west into a seething cauldron of Isaism. Likewise the barmaid Sonia, marrying the vagrant prince of India could be set to turning India towards a decline.

The Zoroasterians, our linguistic and cultural cousins, were likewise outright destroyed by the other monotheism Mohammedanism through demographic and military means, when their empire blinked and failed to pay attention to the storm that was building in the Arabian desert inside their own empire. We similarly pay no attention to the storm gathering in the little Islamic hell-holes throughout the length and breadth of the country. Both powerful heathen nations are now buried in the sands of history. While we did much better in round one, I do not see a bright future in our natural habitat.

In light of this the reasonably astute Hindus need to install seeds of their nation in safe havens away from their old home that might fall to the predators.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->[right][snapback]54308[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->(Though I think Hindus must ensure Bharatam is retained as our homeland. IMO, there will be no safe havens unless we keep our eternal home.)
<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Jan 20 2009, 02:54 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Jan 20 2009, 02:54 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin-Shambhu+Jan 19 2009, 09:43 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Shambhu @ Jan 19 2009, 09:43 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->The thing that I see out of all this debate is this:

Some people like Brinda Karat, Mulayam Singh Yadav are Hindu, but patently muslim/christo in the way they treat Hindus. Thus we will have to list such people as "Hindu in name only".[right][snapback]93455[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->They are anti-Hindus definitely, whatever else they may be.

There's no such thing as "Hindus in name only", unless you meant people who still keep Hindu names though they are anti-Hindu. Mostly they tend to belong to a subcult of the christoislamicommuni persuasion.

I know they are not Hindu, I said as much. But how are you going to say that in the list? You will end up saying each and every Hindu (who has not yet *formally* converted) on your list as anti-Hindu. Which, though true, will look odd to the new reader. So it is better to list their misdeeds (of all, christos and muslims included) rather than just list their religion next to them.

Confirmed christos with Hindu names can be listed as christos in brackets, Pronnoy Roy, for example; but all readers can make out religions by the name if names have been changed during conversion (Imam Bukhari, Samuel Reddy).

We should not look more rabid than we are, we will drive away people... <!--emo&:guitar--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/guitar.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='guitar.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->We should not look more rabid than we are, we will drive away people... <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Shambu maharaj, you have hit nail on the head. Those Talibanis were 'learned' and so are the Opus Dei types.

People need to focus on the primary driver: money, access, perks, privileges ...


Know your secular media

Quote:Suzanna Arundhati Roy is niece of Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV)

Prannoy Roy married to Radhika Roy

Radhika Roy is sister of Brinda Karat (CPI(M))

Brinda Karat married to Prakash Karat (CPI(M) – General Secretary)

CPI(M)’s senior member of Politburo and Parliamentary Group Leader is Sitaram Yechury.

Sitaram Yechury is married to Seema Chisthi.

Seema Chisthi is the Resident Editor of Indian Express

Burkha Dutt works at NDTV

Rajdeep Sardesai was Managing Editor at NDTV

Rajdeep Sardesai married to Sagrika Ghose

Sagarika Ghose is daughter of Bhaskar Ghose.

Bhaskar Ghose was Director General of Doordarshan.

Sagarika Ghose’s aunt is Ruma Pal.

Ruma Pal is former justice of Supreme Court.

Sagarika Ghose’s another aunt is Arundhati Ghose.

Arundhati Ghose was India’s permanent representative/ambassador to United Nations.

Dilip D’Souza was member of PIPFD

Dilip D’Souza’s father was Joseph Bain D’Souza.

J.B.D’Souza was former Maharastra Chief Seccretary and activist.

Teesta Setalva member of PIPFD

Teesta Setalvad married to Javed Anand

Teesta and Javed run Sabrang Communications.

Javed Anand is General Secretary of Muslims for Secular Democracy { ?? }

Javed Akhtar is spokesperson for Muslims for Secular Democracy

Javed Akhtar married to Shabana Azmi

Karan Thapar owns ITV

ITV produces shows for BBC

Karan Thapar’s father was General Pran Nath Thapar COAS during 1962 war, when India lost under his watch.

Karan Thapar was very good friend of Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari.

Benazir Bhutto was Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

Benazir Bhutto’s father was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Z.A.Bhutto served as Pakistan’s President.

A.A.Zardar is the current Pakistani’s President.

Karan Thapar’s Mama was married to Nayantara Sahgal.

Nayantar Sahgal is daughter of Vijayalakshmi Pandit.

Vijayalakshmi Pandit was sister of Jawharlal Nehru.

Medha Patkar is a leading spokesperson for Narmada Bacho Andolan.

NBA was helped by Patrick McCully of International Rivers (formerly Internal Rivers Network.)

Angana Chatterjee was on the board of IRN

Dipti Bhatnagar was an Intern/Volunteer at IRN.

Dipti Bhatnagar is an activist at NBA.

Dr. Angana Chatterjee part of PROXSA

PROXSA mother-ship of FOIL

ASHA endorsed by FOIL

Sandeep Pandey co-founder of Asha for education (ASHA)

Dr. Angana Chatterjee is married to Richard Shapiro

Richard Shapiro is Director and Associate Professor of the Grad. Anthropology Prgm at CIIS

Shubh Mathur co-wrote a letter with Angana on ‘Humanitarian Crisis in J&K’

Biju Matthew is co-founder of FOIL.

Vijay Prasad is co-founder of FOIL.

Vijay Prasa co-authored with Angana Chatterjee and wrote against IDRF.

ASHA has association with AID

AID works with FOSA

FOSA started by a Pakistani – Ali Hasan Cemendtaur.

Amitava Kumar associated with FOIL

FOIL & FOSA opposed California Text Book Edits.

California Text Book Edits was opposed by Michael Witzel.

M.Witzel is Wales Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University.

Rahul Bose is brother-in-law of Khalid Ansari.

Khalid Ansari is the Chairman of Mid-Day Group of Publication based in Mumbai.

Khalid Ansari is Chairman of M.C.Media Ltd.

M.C.Media Ltd. has a join-venture with BBC for FM radio brodcasting.

Khalid Ansari’s father was Abdul Hameed Ansari.

A.H.Ansari was a freedom fighter and active Congressman.

Dr.John Dayal worked as a journalist with the N.Delhi edition of Mid-Day.

Narasimhan Ram is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Hindu’.

N.Ram’s first wife was Susan.

Susan, an Irish, was in charge of Oxford University Press publications in India.

N.Ram and Susan’s daughter is Vidya Ram.

Vidya Ram is a journalist.

N.Ram is now married to Mariam.

N.Ram, Jennifer Arul and K.M.Roy participated in closed door Catholic Bishops Conference of India in Thrissur, Kerala.

Jennifer Arul is the Resident Editor and Bureau Chief in South India for NDTV.

Jennifer Arul is Chief Operating Office for Astro Awani – Indonesian news and information channel.

K.M.Roy was a reporter in ‘The Hindu’

K.M.Roy is the General Editor of the group of the ‘Mangalam’ Publications.

Mangalam Group of Publications was started by M.C.Varghese

K.M.Roy received the ‘All India Catholic Union Lifetime Award’

All India Catholic Union’s National Vice President is Dr.John Dayal.

Dr.John Dayal is also Secretary General of All India Christian Council (AICC)

AICC’s President is Dr. Joseph D’souza

Dr. Joseph D’souza founded Dalit Freedom Network (USA)

Dr.Joseph D’Souza participated in the inaugural Religious Freedom Day

The Religious Freedom Day was attended by former Republican Sentor Rick Santorum

AICC claims Confederation of SC/ST Organizations (India) as a sister organization.

AICC claims Christian Solidarity Worldwide (UK) as a sister organization.

AICC claims Release International (UK) as a sister organization.

Release International states it supplies bibles and literature to meet the need of growth and evangelism.

Dalit Freedom Network’s partner’s with Operation Mobilization India.

OM India’s South India Regional Director is Kumar Swamy

Kumar Swamy is the State President of Communal Harmony Committee.

Kumar Swamy serves with Karnataka State Human Rights Commission.

OM India’s North India Regional Director is Moses Parmar.

Moses Parmar serves as North India Public Relations officer of the All India Christian Council (AICC)

OM seeks to plant and strengthen churches in areas of the world where Christ is least known.

OM ministries work with Dalit-Bahujan people in India.

Operation Mercy Charitable Company (OMCC) grew out of OM India

OMCC works with Dalit Freedom Network.

DFN has Dr. Kancha Illaiah on its Advisory Board.

Dr. Kancha Illaiah is a Professor in Osmania University, Hyderbad.

DFN has William Armstrong on its Advisory Board.

William Armstrong is a former US Senator from Colarado (Republican).

William Armstrong is currently the President of Colorado Christian University.

Colorado Christian University’s one of the strategic objective is to share the love of Christ around the World.

DFN has Udit Raj on its Advisory Board.

Udit Raj claims Joseph Pitts as a great friend of India.

Joseph Pitts is a Republican US Congressman from Pennsylvannia.

Joseph Pitts sent a letter to Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State –USA, requesting USA to deny visa to N.Modi.

Joseph Pitts has led a Congressional delegation to Pakistan & India.

Joseph Pitts is Founder and Co-Chairman of the ‘Kashmir Forum’.

Joseph Pitts along with Congressman John Conyers introduced legislation condemning actions of N.Modi.

John Conyers is Congressman from Michigan’s 14th congressional district.

The 14th district contains Dearbon, a major city.

Dearbon has the largest Arab Americans for a city of its size.

Udit Raj is member of National Integration Council, Government of India.

Udit Raj is National Chairman of Buddha Education Foundation.

Udit Raj is National Chairman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations.

Udit Raj leads Dalit International Foundation

Udit Raj leads Lord Buddha Club.

Udit Raj was part of an international Steering Committee on Kashmir

Majid Tramboo promoted the Steering Committee.

DFN has Baroness Caroline Cox on its Advisory Board.

Baroness Caroline Cox is Deputy Speaker, House of Lords, England.

Suhasini Haidar is daughter of Subramanian Swamy

Suhasini Haidar is daughter-in-law of Salman Haidar

Nadira Alvi married V S Naipaul

Nadira Alvi, a journalist, is sister of recently assassinated Maj Gen Amir Faisal Alvi, the ex-chief of Pakistan’s elite SSG

“Resalat” is a Tehran-based Persian daily.

“Ettela’at” is another Tehran-based Persian daily.

“Resallat” and “Ettela’at”signed MoU with “Siyasat” and “Munif”

Siyasat and Munif are Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh based dailies.

Toseeh is another Persian daily.

Toseeh has tied up with Vaarta.

Vaarta is one of the dailies from A.G.A.Publications Pvt Ltd.

A.G.A Publications Pvt Ltd is one of the companies in Sanghi Group

Sanghi Group was co-promoted by Gireesh Sanghi with his brothers.

Gireesh Sanghi is Congress M.P, Rajaya Sabha

Gireesh Sanghi is All India Vaish Federation National President.

Mahendra Mohan Gupta is on the Advisory Board of AIVF

Mahendra Mohan Gupta is Chairman of Dainik Jagran Group

Ramoji Group is headed by Ramoji Rao

Ramoji Rao is Founder & Chairman of Eenadu

Eenadu is the largest Telugu news daily in Andhra Pradesh.

Ramoji Group also owns ETV Network.

ETV Network produces content in Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, Kannada, Oriya, Gujarati, Urdu & Hindi.

Ramoji is reported to be close to Chandra Babu Naidu and supported of Telugu Desam Party.

Ushodaya Enterprises Pvt. Ltd’s parent company is Ramoji Group.

Blackstone Group is reported to have invested Rs600 crore in UEL.

Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd brings out The Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

DCHL also brings out “Andhra Bhoomi” a telugu newspaper.

DCHL also brings out “Asian Age”.

DCHL became a publishing parter of ‘The New York Times’.

DCHL began publishing ‘The International Herald Tribune’

T.Venkatram Reddy is the Chairman of DCHL.

T.Venkatram Reddy is fromer MP, Rajhya Sabha from Congress.

M.J.Akbar was Editor-in-Chief of Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age.

M.J.Akbar is Founder and Chairman of the fortnightly the Covert.

M.J. Akbar worked at ‘Times of India’, ‘Sunday’ & ‘The Telegraph’

M.J.Akbar was an Congress MLA from 1989 to 1991.

M.J.Akbar joined The Brookings Institution, Washington in 2006, as a Visiting Fellow on U.S. Policy Towards the Islamic World.

M.J.Akbar was a member of the ‘Forum of Islamic Scholars and Intellectual’ held in Makkha al-Mukaramma in 2005.

M.J.Akbar’s wife is Mallika Joseph.

Mallika Joseph worked at Times of India.

Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Reddy is from the Congress party (INC).

YSR Reddy’s father, Raja Reddy, setup a degree college and a Polytechnic in Pulivendula.

YSR Reddy has said that his one year study at Andhra Loyola College (ALC), a Jesuit institution, influenced him so much that he handed over the Pulivendula colleges to the Loyola Group.

The YS family has established several educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Reddy’s daughter is Sharmila.

Sharmila married Anil Kumar, Anil Kumar converted to Christianity after the marriage.

Anil Kumar set up “Anil World Evangelism” and is an active Evangelist.

YSR Reddy’s son is YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

YS Jagan is a youth Congress Leader.

YS Jagan is Chairman of Jagati Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Bhumna Karunakara Reddy is close to YSR Reddy.

Karunakara Reddy is the Chairman of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.

JPPL publishes the newspaper Sakshi.

Chandra Babu Naidu has claimed that Lanco group was forced to invest in JPPL.

L. Sridhar is alleged to have made the investment from Lanco Group.

L Sridhar is Lanco Infratech’s Vice Chairman

L Sridhar’s brother is L.Rajagopal.

L.Rajagopal joined Congress in 2003.

L Rajagopal is the son-in-law of P.Upendra.

P.Upendra is a former Minister from Congress.

Lanco Group’s Chairman is L. Rajagopal

Andhra Prabha is a telugu newspaper started in 1938.

Andhra Prabha is owned by The New Indian Express Group.

Andhra Jyothi is a telugu newspaper.

Andhra Jyothi’s Managing Director is Vemuri Radhakrishna.

SUN TV Network is owned by Kalanidhi Maran.

Kalanidhi Maran is the Chairman & Managing Director of SUN TV Network.

SUN TV network owns: Sun TV, Gemini TV, Teja TV, Surya TV, Kiran TV, Udaya TV, Surjo TV among other channels.

Kalanidhi Maran owns the tamil daily ‘Dinakaran’.

Dinakaran was started by a former DMK Minister K.P.Kandasamy.

Kalanidhi Maran’s brother is Dayanidhi Maran.

Dayanidhi Maran was Minister of Communications and IT in the UPA government.

Kalanidhi Maran’s father was Murasoli Maran.

Murasoli Maran was a Union Minister from the DMK party.

Murasoli Maran edited a tamil daily ‘Murasoli’.

Murasoli Maran was an editor to ‘The Rising Sun’ a English weekly.

Murasoli Maran as a publisher published the following tamil magazines: Kungumam, Muththaram, Vannathirai & Sumangali.

Murasoli Maran’s uncle is M.Karunanidhi.

M.Karunanidhi is Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, from the DMK party.

M.Karunanidhi launched Kalaignar TV in 2007.

M.K.Azhagiri owns Kalaignar TV.

M.K.Azhagiri is M.Karunanidhi’s son.

M.K.Stalin is another son of the M.Karunanidhi..

M.K.Stalin was named after Joseph Stalin.

Joseph Stalin was the authoritarian leader of the Soviet Union.

M.K.Stalin is the Minister for Rural Development and Local Administration in Tamil Nadu.

Kanimozhi is one of the daughters of M.Karunanidhi.

Kanimozhi was a sub-editor for the ‘The Hindu’.

Kanimohi was Editor in Charge of ‘Kungumam’ a tamil weekly.

Kanimozhi became a Rajya Sabha member in 2007.

Kanimozhi conducted programs in SUN TV and Vijay TV.

Kanimozhi’s second husband G.Aravindan is Singapore based Tamil literary figure.

Dina Thanthi a tamil daily was founded bu Si.Pa.Aditanar.

Aditanar’s second son is Sivanthi Athithan.

Sivanthi Athithan owns Dina Thanthi.

Aditanar had launced the tamil evening daily ‘Malai Murasu’.

Aditanar set up Malar Publications Ltd.

Malar Publications Ltd. Brings out the tamil evening newspaper Malai Malar.

Balasubramanian Adityan son of Sivanthi Athithan managers Malar Publications Ltd.

B.Adityan set up ‘Air Media Network Pvt Ltd’ (AMN)

AMN is into cable distribution, content productions and broadcasting.


AMN has produced content for FM radio, All India Radio, Doordarshan, Vijay TV.

Dina Mani is a tamil newspaper.

Dina Mani is owned by The New Indian Express Group. (NIEG)

NIEG owns Kannadaprabha, Andhraprabha, Malaylamvarikha, Indiavarta and Expressbuzz.

NIEG also owns Cinemaexpress & Tamilanexpress

STAR Vijay TV is a tamil TV channel.

Vijay TV is owned by STAR TV

STAR TV is owned by News Corporation based in Hong Kong.

News Corporation is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Fox Entertainment Group is a subsidiary of News Corporation.

FEG owns Fox News Channel, in USA.

Fox News is a conservative, pro-church Republican Party channel in US

News Corporation owns the The Wall Street Journal

Jaya TV is a tamil TV channel.

Jaya TV is owned by Jaya Network.

Jaya Network is owned by J.Jayalalitha

Jayalalitha was the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (AIADMK party)

Makkal TV is owned by Makkal Tholaikatchi

Act Now for Harmony and Democracy’s (ANHAD) Founding and Managing Trustee is Shabnam Hashmi

Shabnam’s father was a freedom fighter.

Shabnam went to USSR on a cultural exchange scholarship for six years.

Shabham is married to Gauhar Raza.

KN Panikkar is a Founding trustee of ANHAD

Panikkar is an Indian Marxist Historian.

Panikkar was the Vice Chancellor of Sree Sankarcharya Sanskrit University, Kalady, Kerala.

Panikkar received Homi Bhabha Senior Fellowship.

Panikkar was awarded Padma Bhushan.

Harsh Mander is a Founding trustee of ANHAD

Harsh Mander is a Human Rights activist, author and was in the IAS.

Harsh Mander was close to Ajit Jogi

Harsh Mander, born into Sikh faith, was in-charge of the relief camps in Indore during the 1984 riots.

Harsh Mander served as Managing Director of SC/ST Finance Corporation.

Harsh Mander was the Director of ActionAid India.

Ajit Jogi was the Chief Minister of Chhatisgarh.

Ajit Jogi is from the Congress party (INC).

It is claimed that after Ajit Jogi, a tribal Christian became the CM the rate of Christian conversions has gone up.

Harsh Mander received the 2002 “Rev. M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award”

Rev M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award was awarded by “Vigil India Movement.

Shubha Mudgal is a trustee of ANHAD

Shubha’s parents Skand and Jaya Gupta were professors of English literature at Allahabad University.

Shubha’s grand-father Prof. P.C.Gupta was also a professor at Allahabad University.

Shubha’s first husband was Justice Mukul Mudgal of Delhi High Court.

Shubha is currently married to Aneesh Pradan, a tabla player.

Shubha received Padma Shri.

Shubha has received several awards in the field of music.

Kamla Bhasin is a trustee of ANHAD

Kamla is an Indian feminist.

Kamla was a lecturer in the Orientation Centre of the German Foundation for Developing Countries, Bad Honnef, West Germany.

Kamla was the Development Secretary of Seva Mandir, Udaipur.

Saeed Akhtar Mirza is a trustee of ANHAD

Saeed Mirza is a writer and director in Hindi films and television.

Saeed Mirza’s father is Akhtar Mirza

Akhtar Mirza was a noted film script writer.

Asianet Communications Limited (ACL) has a majority stake in Asianet TV.

ACL is owned by Jupiter Entertainment Ventures Limited (JEVL).

JEVL is a subsidiary of Jupiter Capitals Ltd.

The other media outlets of ACL are: Asianet News, Asianet Plus, Best FM 95, Asianet Suvarana, Suvarna News, Asianet Sitara and Sitara News.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar is the Chairman & Editor-in-chief.

Rajeev Chandrasekar entered Rajya Sabha in 2006.

Rajeev Chandrasekar’s uncle is M.K.Narayanan

M.K.Narayanan is National Security Advisor

M.K.Narayanan headed the Intelligence Bureau from 1987 to 1990.

Malayalam daily, Mathrubhumi, is owned by M P Virendrakumar

Virendrakumar is a MP through Janata Dal (Secular), from Kerala

In Kerala, Deva Gowda’s Janata Dal (Secular) party is a constituent of Left Democratic Front

Latest Editor of Mathrubhumi is Kesava Menon

Kesava Menon was the Associate Editor of The Hindu before taking up this position

Shashi Tharoor is an Indian Diplomat.

Shashi is the son of late Chandran Tharoor.

Chandran was a journalist working for Amrita Bazar Patrika of Calcutta.

Chandran headed “The Statesman” in 1959.

Shashi Tharoor is going to contest as INC (Congress) candidate in 2009.

Ishaan and Kanishk are twin sons of Shashi.

Ishaan lives in Hong Kong and works for “Time” magazine.

Kanishk lives in London and works for “OpenDemocracy”.

Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan is a sister of Shashi.

Smita Tharoor is another sister of Shashi.

Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan is daughter of Shobha.

Ragini is the editor of “India Currents”.

Shobha writes in “India Currents”

India Currents is an Indian American monthly.

Shashi’s first wife was Tilottama Mukherji from Kolkata.

Tilottama was/is a journalist and scholar.

Sahshi’s second wife is Christ Giles, a Canadian.

Christa is Deputy Secretary of the United Nations Disarmament Commission.

Mukundan Unni was Shashi’s maternal uncle.

Tharoor Parameswar was Chandran Tharoor’s elder brother.

Parameswar was the founder publisher of the Indian edition of “Reader’s Digest”.

Param resurrected & presided the Advertising Club of Bombay.

Param was also the Advertising Manager of Amrita Bazar Patrika.

Shobhana Bhartia is the Chairperson and Editorial Director of Hindustan Times group

Shobhana is the daughter of KK Birla; grand daughter of GD Birla.

KK Birla joined INC (Congress) party in 1984.

KK Birla was later elected Rajya Sabha member in 1984.

Shobhana is married to Shyam Sunder Bhartia

Shyam is the Chariman of Jubliant Organosys Ltd, a Pharma company

Shyam is the son of late Mohan Lal Bhartia.

Shamit Bhartia and Priyavrat Bhartia are their sons

Shamit is a Director at the Hindustan Times group.

Shobhana was nominated for Rajya Sabha in 2006.

Shobhana is politically affiliated to INC (Congress).

She was nominated by UPA headed by Sonia Gandhi.

Shobhana was a 2005 Padma Shree award. This was after UPA formed the government in 2004.

Priyavrat is a Director at the Hindustan Times group.

Shamit heads franchises of Dominoes Pizza and Hot Breads.

Shamit also looks after the chain store ‘Monday to Sunday’

Shobhana is a close family friend of Scindias.

Late Madhavrao Scindia was a Minister from the INC (Congress) party.

Jyotiraditya Scindia is Madhavrao’s son.

Jyotiraditya is a MP from the INC (Congress) party.

Karan Thapar writes a weekly column in Hindustan Times.

Vir Sanghvi writes two columns ‘Counter Point’ and ‘Rude Food’

Barkha Dutt writes the column ‘Third Eye’

Sonal Kalra is a editor of HT City a supplement of Hindustan Times and writes a column.

- Joseph Bain D’Souza was CEO of a housing project in which Mrinal Gore, PB Samant and Suresh Narvekar were trustees.

- N. Ram was a founder of Students Federation of India, CPI(M)’s student wing.

- N. Ram’s niece is married to Dayanidhi Maran.

- Joseph D’Souza is the head of All India Christian Council.

- Dalit Freedom Network operates out of a church in Colorado. Melody Divine is part of DFN and Melody Divine works for Arizona Congressman Trent Franks.

- Joseph D’Souza is listed in Pat Robertson’s 700 club, a group for fundamentalist Christians.

- Dalit Freedom Network is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
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