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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India
Huskyji, Rajiv malhotra have for long accused Hindutwa groups of what he calls 'history centrism', something that is normally associated with abrahamic cults. What I personally find perplexing is his anxiety with Hindus framing their history , and sticking with it. According to him and his supporters, the Ram janmabhoomi movement is an abberation of dharmic values. I would value your opinion on this!
Balai_C, see at end.

Still related to posts 177-179 containing Rajaram's statements about himself.

In particular, related to these two statements of his again:

Quote:I have myself lectured on Vedanta and the Gita at the Universal Unitarian Church.)

Quote:"My preference is to keep science separate from religion. I feel Vedanta also should be formulated as metaphysics without reference to God or anything divine."

The book mentioned in the Buddhism thread posts 182-185, contains an essay by Rajaram's friend, the inculturating Jesuit Clooney, on the Adi Shankaracharya and Advaita Vedanta.

Like all of Clooney's efforts, I'm betting this too is for inculturation, by first divorcing Vedanta from Vedic (Hindu) religion, then treating it as "universal" before finding the "christian truth" (jeebusjehovallah) at its centre "all along". (And IIRC other posts at IF show that Clooney is part of the gang behind claiming several major Hindu Kovils in TN for christianism. Of course.)

But I note Rajaram's efforts to divorce Vedanta from Vedas/Hindu Gods and turn it into something universal (hence "also meant" for a christian audience) covers the first phases of Clooney's plans for Vedanta too. So much in common. Soort zoekt soort, zeggen ze toch ook.


Quote:Rajiv malhotra have for long accused Hindutwa groups of what he calls 'history centrism', something that is normally associated with abrahamic cults. What I personally find perplexing is his anxiety with Hindus framing their history , and sticking with it. According to him and his supporters, the Ram janmabhoomi movement is an abberation of dharmic values. I would value your opinion on this!

O hallo.

My opinion is actually utterly irrelevant. Actually yours (i.e that of everyone other than me) is the only one that matters.

  • If you're a Hindoo - i.e. a heathen - I predict your reaction is somewhere on the disapproving end of the scale.

  • If you're not a Hindoo, well, then there's a range of possible reactions (none of which concern me).

Do *you* think the "Ram janmabhoomi movement is an abberation of dharmic values"? Alternatively: do you want a Sri Rama temple back at Ayodhya?

I'm not asking for your answer: that is, you don't need to tell me your answer. But your answer tells you whether you think Rajiv Malhotra represents your interests or not.

That's a decision everyone has to make for themselves. And they *have* to make it. Because he's placing himself in the position of would-be representative/spokesperson.

(There's really only one uh ...vocalist - or rather public figure - who represents the totality of my interests for Hindus. And he's dead.)

[And "Husky" is not a "ji". Not an intellectual either. Am good at really only one thing. And it isn't writing OR thinking. (Actually, I'm good at napping and eating too, but those aren't talents I'm told...)

My opinions are no more important than the next guy's. You have the ability to form your own judgement on matters, and it really is the most important thing that you do so. Because - and this is the lesson one learns repeatedly - you have no (visible) representatives. Never rely on other people to make the arguments you want made for you, or to represent your position/interests. Be active in favour of your own interests. I think every Hindu needs to be. This is how we don't end up complying with the visions of persons who don't - and shouldn't - represent us.]
X-posting. Seemed relevant to this thread.


Know your Enemies - [color="#0000FF"]Media Missionaries[/color] in India with the [color="#0000FF"]hope of harvesting 1 Billion souls[/color]

06/09/2012 08:10:25

<some christo-video - "Impact India">

I've not watched the video, but one of the comments has this to say:


09/09/2012 02:10:34 IPC 295A

rajan chinnadurai & GMTI is soon going to be taken to court for [color="#0000FF"]showing truncated indian map without jammu & kashmir & for booking him under IPC 295a for calling indians/hindus/idolators as enemies as shown in the above video.[/color]

already passed the info to subramanium swamy

In any case, no such thing as "Hindus christians bhai bhai" against islam. Even temporarily. (Anyone who believes it's possible has the makings of the perfect 'Useful Idiot' for christianism.) In reality, christianism-islam bhai bhai.
So, apparently, Rajaramji is unknowingly aiding in the digestion of dharma, something he is figting in public! How ironic!?
comments section
Two news articles from a couple of months ago (Nov 2012) showing christian infiltration of

1. the income tax dept and

2. some "educational trust/school" of State Bank of India (officers)

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16596&SKIN=B

Quote:Hinduism not a Religion; Don't ask for benefits accorded to Christianity or Islam - Income Tax Dept

12/11/2012 14:37:02

Nagpur: Following is the excuse by INCOME TAX APPELLATE TRIBUNAL, NAGPUR to not include Hindu Religious institutions from exempting from seeking the benefit of Charity Institutions under SECTION 80(G).According to this order Hinduism is only a ‘Technical term ‘ and because of that Government cannot extend the benefits which they accord to Christianity and Islam as a Religion! This Anti Hindu order has been issued on 11.10.2012 by Income Tax appellate Tribunal in Nagpur while considering the application of Shiv Mandir Devsttan Panch Committee Sanstan, Nagpur

The word “Hindu” has not been defined in any of the texts nor in judgment made law. The word was given by British administrators to inhabitants of India, who were not Christians, Muslims, Parsis or Jews. The alleged Hindu religion consists of four castes Brahmins, kshatriyas, vaishyas and sudras belonging ultimately to two schools of law, mitaksharas and dayabhaga. There is, however, no religion by the name ~Hindu’. It only shows that so calledHindu religion has been called for convenience.” CIT must be aware of that the Hindu consists of a number of communities having the different gods who are being worshipped in a different manner, different rituals, different ethical codes. Even the worship of god is not essential for a person who has adopted Hinduism way of life. Thus, Hinduism holds within its fold men of divergent views and traditions who have very little in common except a vague faith in what may be called the fundamentals of the Hinduism. The word ‘community’ means a society of people living in the same place, under the same laws and regulations and who have common rights and privileges. This may apply to Christianity or moslem but not to Hinduism. Therefore, it cannot be said that Hindu is a separate community or a separate religion. Technically Hindu is neither a religion nor a community. Therefore, expenses incurred for worshipping of Lord Shiva, , Hanuman, Goddess Durga and for maintenance of temple cannot be regarded to be for religious purpose.

Read details about the order at


- What gives away that it's christianism behind the above is how the issued statement recognises only monotheisms: making mention of "christians, muslims, parsis, jews".

- Another thing that gives it away is how in actual terms it's targeting only the majority native religion, the one which christianism was already gunning for: Hindoos' own religion. This is clear from how the final statement mentions only the temples to Hindoo Gods ("Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Goddess Durga" are listed as a sample enumeration) - i.e. Hindoo temples. The #1 enemy of christoislamism is after all the class of religions they call "polytheistic idolatrous". Which is exactly what they're striking at with this.

- Note the final words of the above government-level declaration and recall the christo Codes of Theodosius and Justinian which gradually banned and persecuted Hellenismos in Greco-Roman space:

"<all Hindoo temple activity and expenses> cannot be regarded to be for religious purpose", hence they can be taxed.

- About this statement: "Technically Hindu is neither a religion nor a community"

Technically and literally and truly - and in all ways - christoislamism are not a native identity to India and hence christoislamics should be deported to Pukestan and Bunglingdesh. <- India's native religions really should implement *that* and bid a permanent Sayonara to the parasitic religions.

- The real comment to be made on the matter - on why it was a bad idea to deny the existence of the Hindoo religion - was already briefly alluded to in another thread. It is "Hindu" vocalists themselves who keep insisting on the denial - even if Indian christoism is only slowly picking up on its myriad uses - but note how only *Hindoos* are paying for the insistence.

2. www.dailypioneer.com/nation/107167-chennai-schoolteacher-persecuted-for-hindu-prayer.html

via haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=16563&SKIN=B

Quote:Chennai schoolteacher ‘persecuted’ for Hindu prayer

Tuesday, 06 November 2012 23:16

Kumar Chellappan | CHENNAI

In what is being seen as an assault on religious freedom, the management of an admittedly secular school in Chennai has suspended a teacher for reciting Hindu prayers during assembly.

Abirami, a chemistry teacher of the State Bank of India Officers’ Association Educational Trust School (SBIOA), recited the prayers in the school assembly on March 13, 2012 hoping to inspire the 330 students who were about to write the chemistry paper in the public examination.

“I recited the lines Om Mathru Devo Bhava, Om Pitru Devo Bhava, Om Acharya Devo Bhava, Om Vighneswaraya Namaha, Om Neela Saraswathiye Namaha which was repeated by the students. But before they could reach the stanza Om Vighneswaraya Namaha, school’s vice- principal Jayanti Sundar, a Christian who is also an evangelist, switched off the mike. I told her that prayers were not yet over and continued reciting the full prayer when she pushed me aside and asked another Christian teacher to lead the prayers. They put me under suspension on that day itself on charges of physically assaulting the vice-principal in front of the school students,” Abirami told The Pioneer.

She said that though the school was launched by the State Bank of India Officers Association, it has turned out to be a Christian management school. “Only Christian prayers are allowed in the school assembly though majority of the students are from the Hindu community. It was only on the day of the chemistry examination that I took part in the school assembly and recited the prayer. My intention was to recite prayers for the benefit of students belonging to all religions,” said Abirami.

(Abirami - like many a Hindu - just doesn't understand where she went wrong. She may have wanted to pray for the *benefit* for students of all religions, but she prayed to *heathen* Gods to secure that benefit. And *that's* what christianism objects to. If she had invoked jeebus to pray for the benefit of all students it would have been okay, and indeed encouraged.

Hindus really need to understand christianism. Else they'll forever be left with a vacant non-comprehending expression and playing catch up.)

Though she has been under suspension for the entire academic year 2012, the management is yet to complete the disciplinary proceedings which in itself are a violation of education department rules. “The internal disciplinary proceedings against her are under progress. Ours is a secular school and all the charges levelled against us are baseless. Abirami is trying to divert the attention of the general public by inciting religious sentiments,” PC Selvarani, the school principal, said. She alleged that Abirami was trying to spoil the minds of the students. But she refused to divulge the reasons behind the suspension and disciplinary proceedings against Abirami.

(The christo refused to divulge the reasons for suspending Abirami *because* said reasons are for Abirami expressing her Hindu religion, i.e. for invoking Hindoo Gods, which christianism considers criminal. <- But admitting *that* on the news would be to expose christianism's definition of "secularism".)

Students who took part in the March 13 school assembly said Abirami did not in any way violate the school discipline. “Abirami offered prayers for all religions equally. While she was offering the prayers, vice-principal Jayanthi Sunder tried to snatch the microphone from her hands. Consequently, Abirami resisted this act and did not force Jayanthi Sunder physically in any form. I could deduce no reason for her suspension,” said S Vidhyalakshmi, a student who was present in the assembly on the fateful day.

Some of the students backed Abirami’s claim that only Christian prayers are recited in the school assembly everyday. “Only Christian teachers are allowed to lead the assembly and recite the prayers. This has baffled us,” one of the students who did not want to be quoted said.

B Haran, a political commentator, described as outrageous the action of the school authorities. “This is a classic case of minorities serving their religion wherever they are. They infiltrate a secular institution, take control of management and convert it into a minority institution. This is what has happened exactly in this case. The SBOA is now controlled by the Church. That is Indian Secularism for you,” said Haran.

(But 'Indian secularism'=christianism by another appellation. Hindus would do well to study the unspoken synonyms....)

V Sundaram, all India general secretary (ideology), Janata Party, called the bluff on the school management. A former IAS officer withy more than three decades of administrative experience, Sundaram termed the action of the school management as a violation of the freedom of religion. “If we interpret true secularism, the court itself can take suo moto note of the news and initiate action against the school,” he said.

Hindus and Muslims are hurt by the school management’s action, if comments on the social networking websites are any indication.

Though Abirami approached the chairman of the CBSE and the Chief Minister’s cell with her grievances, she is yet to get an acknowledgement.

(Probably CBSE and CM can be written off as christos/promoters of christianism too.)

The real point in putting up the pioneer article is that the State Bank of India Officers' Educational trust - or whatever State Bank of India school - has been taken over by christianism. But parasitism spreads as a matter of course all over the host - the vital organs and primary functions included. And christianism is a parasite.

A bit galling that even daily pioneer puts the word Persecuted in its news heading in quotes... Then again, IIRC there are christians employed at the dailypioneer (as always happens with any Hindu nationalist org, site or endeavour - christists always weasel their way in), so who's to say the pioneer's chief editor didn't want to hurt their "feelings" in presenting this piece of news and hence the quotes?
Rajiv Malhotra torches anyone in his path who disagrees with him on the approach or some of the issues. It is 'my way or highway'. While he has created so much material for the Hindus to read and utilize in their fight, unfortunately he continues to rub people the wrong way.
Gurus, please add these data:

Shahrukh Khan's mother is the adopted daughter of Gen Shahnawaz of Netaji's INA. I think it was this Gen Shahnawaz who later wrote a report at Nehru's behest that Netaji died in the plane crash (this plane crash theory has been found to be wrong).

I used to hear that Shahrukh's entry into cinema was helped by Congress party. His first outing was in the Doordarshan tv serial called 'Fauj' and another tv serial based on people living in circus. I heard Shahrukh's paternal grandfather moved from today's Pakistan to Delhi as he didn't accept the concept of partition. So this grand father should have been close to Nehru family. No wonder Robert Vadra is close friend of Shahrukh and Priyanka & family have meals in Shahrukh's house in Mumbai.

[url="https://twitter.com/malikashok/status/29447590822662963"]Twitter post by Ashok Malik[/url]

[url="https://twitter.com/irfhabib/status/294476678682517505"]Twitter post by Irfan Habib[/url]

Quote:Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shabnam Hashmi’s (and harsh mander's) ANHAD is majorly Church funded.

so there's an RoL RoP mating dance to get rid of hindus, their common enemy. and the communists are the middlemen (dalals?).

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: sri venkat

Date: Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 4:31 PM

Subject: Shabnam Hashmi's ANHAD is majorly Church funded


Detailed breakdown of contributors - Christian aid, oxfam etc

Shabnam Hashmi's ANHAD is majorly Church funded


Posted by nizhal yoddha at 4/18/2013 02:17:00 AM



Quote:Shabnam Hashmi’s ANHAD is majorly Church funded

April 16, 2013

By Japan K Pathak

Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 16 April 2013

With official documents in hand, in this series I am trying to narrate the details of crorepati non-government organizations functioning in Gujarat – author

When I read status updates on left-winger NGO operator Shabnam Hashmi’s foreign tours, when I look at her anti-Modi ad anti-Right campaigns on Facebook, when I learn that she travels in planes, and manage to have a house in Amdavad, when I learn she camped in Gujarat before the assembly elections for weeks and weeks, the questions arise in my mind: how one manage to spend so much without doing job or business like normal people!

But after getting hold of the official documents on foreign funded organizations in India, I have been able to find some answers.

Shabnam Hashmi runs ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy) with registered address as 23, Canning Lane (Pandir Ravi Shankar Shukl Lane) in New Delhi.

Her association is described as Cultural, education and social. Yes, the word ‘political’ is not part of the description.

Hashmi’s NGO received Rs. 1,66,10,753.60 foreign fund in year 2011-12 for “strengthening communal harmony and democracy.”

Now let’s do dissection of the foreign fund, Shabnam Hashmi received during that year.

[Image: SH1-copy.gif]

[Image: aNHAD2.gif]

ANHAD received foreign donation of Rs 1,65,25,433. Christian Aid was again the main donator with donation in this year worth Rs 84 lakh around.

In both 2011 and 2010 OXFAM was also one of the major donors of ANHAD.

Interestingly Action-Aid India is also one of the major donors of ANHAD. We accessed the funding details of Action-Aid Associations and found that in same year Action Aid was donated Rs 46053800.00 by a single donor – Google India Private Limited for “welfare of other backward class.”

ANHAD was established in March 2003, as a response to 2002 Gujarat riots by Shabnam Hashmi, Marxian historian Prof. K N Panikkar and social activist Harsh Mander. As per its Wiki page, ANHAD plays a major role in Gujarat to fight against human right violations,as well as in the Kashmir Valley.ANHAD is registered as a trust and has six trustees. They are Shabnam Hashmi, K N Panikkar, Harsh Mander, Shubha Mudgal, Kamla Bhasin, Saeed Akhtar Mirza.

Next article: Harsh Mander’s CES received Rs 12.33 crore foreign/Church fund in two years


About this line:

Quote:in same year Action Aid was donated Rs 46053800.00 by a single donor – Google India Private Limited for “welfare of other backward class.”

The recent Google "Mapathon" that went behind the Indian nation's back - and invited the increasingly-gullible Indian citizens to illegally "map" even off limit areas - makes more sense in light of this. (See [color="#0000FF"]www.reuters.com/article/2013/04/05/us-google-india-maps-idUSBRE93409O20130405[/color], reposted in the US and India thread in case it ever expires from R E U T E R S) So it's not all "innocent, accidental" help in letting christoislamaniac terrorism know where to attack. It's deliberate. Sort of like the US govt's "USAID" (World vision and other such governmental missionary charities) IIRC worked hard to generate a database which breaks down the nation into conversion pockets. See christianaggression.org/features_bush.php

To get back to the topic: there should be no surprise that christianism is inciting and funding islamic and communist terrorism. Christianism was always doing it. It is the real brains behind the otherwise brute-force jihad and naxal "uprisings" and also - as documented in news reports seen in IF - christianism frequently promotes the neo-buddhist pseudo "mass-conversions" of the same people over and over again.

Since the early days of the more recent genocide of Kashmiris, international [and national] christianism was at the forefront of declaring Kashmir as islamic territory**. Just as christianism has been a zealous defender of the islamic genocide of the 250,000 Hindu natives of Kashmir (and working hard to continue to silence their plight and the plight of the living Kashmiri Hindu refugees, all while christianism had to resort to inventing fables about the Gujarat riots as being a genocide of muslims and doubling and triping the numbers for increased effect while being silent about the Hindus killed during those same riots or in the islamic terrorist event that instigatted the riots. But even the treble of "3000 muslims died in the Gujarat riots" - when it was less than a 1000 - does not make it a genocide, so their christian lying for islam didn't really achieve the desired effect, unless it was but a ruse to conceal the ongoing and very real christian genocide of Hindus in the Northeast. christianaggression.org/features_nlft.php)

** As was already documented back in the christianaggression.org/item_display.php?type=ARTICLES&id=1117777981

Quote:There is nothing "Secular" about the "Right to Convert"

Posted June 3, 2005

From: Laura Kelly (laurakelly@rediffmail.com)

Date: 12 May 2005 10:09:04 -0000


From 1998 onwards, the disgusting stories about India started appearing in the websites, many are missionary websites, should be seen as part of the larger effort, to tip the worldwide opinion, against India and are aimed at disinformation, destabilization and balkanization. Operation world a missionary organization located in Carlisle UK, in 1993 showed the map of India with J&K and Arunachal Pradesh like it was to be found in some others territory. It was to the same Operation World located in Australia that the deceased missionary Graham Staines used to dispatch his progress reports. Justice Wadawa committee reports that when these progress reports were solicited for the enquiry from, Tidings the magazine, which financed Graham Staines mission in Orissa, Manoharpur, concerned persons did not cooperate. The commission had to source the copy of Staines reports through a different channel.96


[Also, christians and their handpicked team of neo-Buddhist footsoldiers are playing at being historians and archaeologists in TN where they are extra busy mutilating the historic record so they can declare that Buddhism, Jainism (and even christianism) were more original religions in the south - and TN in particular - than the ancestral Vedic/Hindu religion, never mind what actual and impartially documented history has to say on the matter. And that just reminded me of something else I once wanted to bring up and which I suppose ought to be mentioned once, somewhere.]

The 2nd Deshgujarat article was at:

4 or 5 items.

1. Proof that the Congress is christist and not Hindu: promises cow-slaughter to appeal to its islamic votebank. Hindus would *never* be promoting cow-slaughter.


Quote:Will bring back 'Cow slaughter' in Karnataka - Congress

02/05/2013 13:39:32 HK

Bangalore: As often Minority appeasement is the trademark this time also to Congress who claims to recapture the Karnataka assembly this time. Bringing back Cow slaughter is one of the promise Congress promising when ever they address a Muslim dominated meetings.

BJP in Karnataka have introduced Prevention of Cow slaughter and Cattle preservation bill last year.Implementation of Sachar recomendations,a separate commission for the education of minorities etc are the other promises given out by the party which always thrived on dividing the people.

2. Proof Chindu is christist: eager to lie for getting the christian congress elected.

Quote:'The Hindu' - Biased Reporting Continues

08/05/2013 23:35:31 Sougandh Pavitran

I would want you to bring to your attention both these reports. Its about the damages what media can do if you remain silent.

(REF LINK1 - PUBLISHED ON April 30, 2013 10:16 IST) www.rediff.com/news/slide-show/slide-show-1-karnataka-polls-2013-681-crorepatis-220-criminals/20130430.htm#4

Here it clearly shows that "55 out of the 217 (25 per cent) Congress candidates have declared criminal cases against them followed by 48 out of 215 (22 per cent) JD-S candidates, 44 out of 197 (22 per cent) KJP candidates, 45 out of 218 (21 per cent) BJP candidates, 21 out of 171 (12 per cent) BSRC candidates and 2 out of 22 (9 per cent) Loksatta Party candidates. Out of the 11 independent candidates analysed, 4 candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves."

(REF LINK2 - PUBLISHED ON April 13, 2013) Then you visit THE HINDU's coverage. "10 BJP, 6 Congress candidates are facing criminal charges ". www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/10-bjp-6-congress-candidates-are-facing-criminal-charges/article4611486.ece

The headline title combined with the reach the paper has does the damage. And no one questions. Secondly, why does a paper like THE HINDU needs another agency like KEW to to do its research? Doesn't it boast of having one of the finest set of professionals working under it? Shouldn't papers like THE HINDU pay for such reporting?

3. Hindus are now forced to appeal to the UN - of all anti-Hindu institutions - in order to get refuge in the Hindu homeland (only because the Hindu homeland is currently under christian tyranny). This too shows that christianism is charge. Because if it were Hindus in power, the TSP/Myanmar infiltrators would not be invited, but Hindu refugees wouldn't even have to *ask* for refuge to get it.


Quote:Save 500 Pak-Hindu Pilgrims seeking refuge in India - IAIF Appeal to UN

07/05/2013 02:02:52 Indian American Intellectuals Forum - Press Release

Excellency Ban Ki-moon

Secretary General

United Nations Organization May 6, 2013

New York, NY 10017

Sub: Suppression of Religious Freedom & Human Rights in Pakistan

Ref: Save 500 Pak-Hindu Pilgrims seeking refuge in India.



The above request to the UN ends with paragraphs on how the islamaniacs allowed to infiltrate from TSP W and TSP E and - under the guise of refugees - from Myanmar, have all been accorded a place in India by the christogovt.

But only Pakistani Hindus are not allowed to stay and told to go back and get genocided by islamania in Pukestan.

The letter to the UN forgot to mention how the christist govt of India declared that the about 14000 or so (was it?) Goan christians settled in Pakistan - note: *Goan* christians, who needn't have settled in TSP at all, unlike the Hindus of Pakistan whose ancestral home it was - were invited to return back to India any time they wanted.

Obviously the christogovt of India is pro-christoislamic and anti-Hindu. They keep inviting christoislamic terrorists from elsewhere to infiltrate and destabilise and terrorise Hindu India, but Hindu refugees are specifically banned from returning to India.

4. More evidence of pre-planned christian infiltration and take over.


Quote:Convert to Christianity and avail scholarship in a University named under Hindu Scholar

09/05/2013 13:21:28

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University in Southern Tamilnadu is openly encouraging conversion to Christianity by providing scholarship to converted Christians. The University extended the SC/ST Scholarship and Higher Education special scholarship to Converted Christian students. Such blatant attempts by centres of education is a classic example of encouraging conversion by temptation. This is happening in a University named under famous Hindu scholar of Saiva Sidhantham P Sundaram Pillai who established Saiva Prakasa Sabha and the first Principal of MDT Hindu College in Tirunellveli.

Read more details @ their website


5. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17265

Quote:'Hindu bias' of a so called organisation for Religous Freedom

01/05/2013 13:14:54 Vijayakumar A. P.


I would like to point out a few points, on the religious freedom of Hindus, with reference to your press release (given in the following link):


When I went through the press release, I was wondering whether your good selves are completely ignorant about a section called Hindus - who are well over a billion in the world population! This because, when your press release mentions about the country of Pakistan, you have mentioned about the Shiite Muslims, the Ahmadias & the Christians as the affected, but no word about the principal religious minority in Pakistan - the Hindus. Are you totally unaware of the gross human rights violations Hindus face in Pakistan, not to mention of 'religious freedom'? Again, are you totally aware of the state of Hindus in Bangladesh - where Hindus are being butchered every day, their places of worship destroyed, etc.? I am not sure which country - Pakistan or Bangladesh - leads in such acts, but from what I have read & seen from the media, they both seem to have engaged in a competition on which country outdoes the other, as far as atrocities against the Hindus are concerned! Have you heard about what 'religious freedom' Hindus experience in Indonesia? And, due you have any idea about Hindus facing atrocities from their 'Muslim brethren' in many places in India itself? No, I am not mentioning about the Kashmir valley, where the exodus of Hindu Pandits (for whom the Kashmir valley was the only homeland, for centuries) is near complete. This is about other places, including those in the state of West Bengal, which borders Bangladesh.

Another thing I would like to mention here is about Mr. Narendra Modi, one of the most successful (for those who would not agree that he is the best) chief ministers in India. I just read a report that your good selves have 'reiterated' your concerns about Shri. Modi's admissibility to the US due to his alleged "complicity in the 2002 riots" in the state! So, should we believe that you have absolutely no belief on the judicial system of the largest democracy in the world?

Leaving alone the judiciary, are you aware that more than 31% Muslims (who are projected as his worst enemies by some) in the state of Gujarat voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Mr. Narendra Modi, in the legislative assembly elections held just a few months back? Do you think they are all fools, or are unaware of what is going on in Gujarat?

If you have been misled by any reports or stories by persons / organizations with ulterior motives, regarding the above matters, I sincerely hope that you would try to correct them at the earliest.

But, if it is religious bias against the Hindus that makes you arrive on such 'conclusions', I have nothing more to say!

Thanks & regards,

Hindus are wasting their time with open letters to christian promoters of anti-Hindu terror.

Of course christowestern US (and its paid slaves/native converts) will conceal the existence of Hindu victims of (christo-)islamic terror in the subcontinent, including even the blatant mass-genocide going on Pakistan and Bangladesh. Why in the world would they care to mention Hindus as anything but the alleged agressors in anything? Naturally they are only interested in bringing up the smaller minorities victimised by islam in TSP and Bangladesh, as opposed to the primary victims - and larger minority group - the Hindus: who being actual heathens ("pagan idolators") are the first and most brutally dealt with victims of all the monotheists.

And finally, why would the christos (western/international and subcontinental) have any need to mention Hindus, when traitors that claim to be nationalists regularly insist there's no such thing as Hindus anyway?

They paved the way for this silent genocide and very much have a part in silencing the torments suffered by all these Hindu victims. They should know their hand in it. (And there may be no back-peddling.)

6. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17311

Quote:Genius of UPA - Who else can make money even out of a border dispute !

11/05/2013 03:19:53 Chelva Pillai

[color="#0000FF"]Ref : Did not ask china why incursion took place, Salman Kurshid[/color]

( articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-05-10/india/39168383_1_salman-khurshid-ladakh-border-problems )

India has nothing to worry about China with able team of UPA II in charge. Just look at Minister of External affairs who just went to Beijing to discuss border dispute. When reporters asked about Chinese incursion , he replied he did not discuss the reasons of Chinese intrusion across line of control, into India.

What then he do in Beijing ? Discuss Chow Mein or Won ton soup ? Oh,by the way do you know the weight of 1 cubic yard of Chinese noodles ? It is Won Ton, say it , it gives answer one ton. [color="#0000FF"]Any way China gave the answer. Chinese proposed that since they have $500 billion in reserve,they are ready to invest in India and India can claim a share of it.

With this important item coming to forefront what else is there to talk about ? After all what are few miles of Indian territory when compared to yet another bonanza that is to fall into UPA lap that may well eclipse, Coalgate,Railgate,CWG scam,Irrigation scam etc.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]So foreign minister, that is, of India, who right away after breaking of news of Chinese incursion into Ladakh , explained on behalf of China, that it was due to border being not well demarcated,hence incursion .[/color] And we are also told that he is going to Beijing to deliver a 'strong message'. Well at least he did not go and come back empty handed. China dangled carrot of billions of dollars worth. And it was obviously very eagerly grabbed to exclusion of any thing else. So he did not find out why China made forays into Ladakh. Not only that China even proposed a 'trade route' from Burma to Bombay. Of course this will be seriously considered in New Delhi with border dispute put on 'back burner'. There is no point in reminding about history of colonialism which usually happened due to unholy combination of trader,soldier. With Europeans it was trader first and soldier next. Now with China it is soldier first and trader next. And China is well placed to execute its hegemony over India since it has large army of followers already in India both as political parties, Naxalites and in highly placed politicians.

We should give credit where it is due. After all how many governments in the world, how many foreign ministers in the world we know who can make money out of even a border dispute ? That is genius of UPA which has ministers who can squeeze gold out of Coal,money out of seats in Railway . Now even border dispute is being monetarised . Of course other parties surely will be taking notes to use them when they come to power.

And a comment there:

Quote: Raj Puducode 11/05/2013 23:24:54

China, keep this anti-national, we dont want him

NEW DELHI: The Chinese expressed no regret for their intrusion into eastern Ladakh, which has been billed as the most serious border incident with Beijing in many years. But foreign minister Salman Khurshid enamoured by his Chinese hosts gushed that he would "love to live in Beijing."

Days after Chinese troops were persuaded to withdraw from Depsang Bulge in eastern Ladakh, Khurshid said that he "did not do a postmortem or apportion blame" during his talks with the Chinese. [color="#0000FF"]"On the problem on the LAC, both countries are on the same page," he said, adding, "We don't have prickly issues of significant difference."[/color]

[color="#800080"](Of course the islamaniac is on the same as China: they both want to do away with the Tibetan Buddhist Ladakhis.

Perhaps China told the islamaniac that they plan to confiscate what remains of Indian Kashmir to hand over to Pakistan/Islam. And the Useful Idiot Salman Khurshid - oh what funny/appropriate things one can do with his surname - believed China. Little do useful islamic idiots of India and Pukestan know that maps carried by Chinese printed in China show practically all of Kashmir as part of China - IIRC including TSP-occupied Kashmir. I wonder if TSP/islamorons knows about all these maps??? :evil-grin: The last laught will be by China but on islam. Well, that's where my money is anyway. The islamic uighurs regularly cower in fear. Sure, they shake their fist at the Chinese and wonder why allah didn't come through this time. But this ain't heathens - who don't do total war - or even christians that islam is up against. This is the communist/de-heathenised Chinese. There will be blood, in time. Lots of it, I'm guessing. And it will be islamaniac.)[/color]

Khurshid's visit took on such a rosy hue that it's difficult to believe India and China were on the verge of a border conflict just a week ago. The foreign minister's remarks militate against the hectic efforts by the government in the past few weeks to get the Chinese to withdraw from Indian territory.

[color="#0000FF"]However, after telling reporters in Beijing that he didn't raise the Chinese intrusion or seek a reason from them, he clarified in New Delhi that he had told them "the next day" that "we should analyze our respective systems about why such an incident happened".[/color]

[color="#800080"]("Gee, it was an innocent mistake." Ya think?)[/color]

Defence minister A K Antony was obviously not in the same page as Khurshid, because he took a much stronger line, saying, "Each country has a right to build border infrastructure in their own land. If China has a right to develop infrastructure, India also has a right. Over the years, the building of infrastructure has been going on."

The foreign minister took a rather benign view of relations with the Chinese. Describing his meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang as "outstanding", Khurshid said he was met by foreign minister Wang Yi as soon as he landed, a gesture he regarded as being special. Describing Li's forthcoming visit as one of "high priority", he said the Chinese justified making India their first stop as being "carefully planned".
Added info about Sreenivasan Jain and Scindia family.

I read that Sreenivasan Jain is married to NDTV personality 'Radhika Bordia'. Can anybody confirm? Thanks.
Directly related to posts 177-179 and 182 (and 185):

Below is a recent Expert on Vedanta - of particularly the Advaitic kind - on the subject of Vedic rites, its relation to Vedanta and who should consequently (not) be "doing Vedanta". That last is particularly relevant to NSRajaram, famous for 1. hissing at the Vedas and trying to get its rituals discontinued among Hindus, even while he 2. tries to divorce Vedanta from the Vedas in particular and from Hindu religion in general, and *yet* 3. pretends he can peddle Vedanta by itself (as something "independent") - and among aliens incl. christists, what's worse (4).

The writer of the following is of course the previous Kanchi Shankaracharya. He's one of the authoritative and authorised spokespersons for Advaita in general and the Adi Shankara's views in particular. (You know, the way Rajarum is not.)



Nowadays, people are averse to ritual to start with itself. "What? " they exclaim. "Who wants to perform sacrifices? Why should we chant the Vedas? Let us go directly to the Upanisads. " Some of them can speak eloquently about the Upanisads from a mere intellectual understanding of them. But none has the inward experience of the truths propounded in them and we do not see them emerging as men of detachment with a true awareness of the Self. The reason for this is that they have not prepared themselves for this higher state of perception through the performance of rituals. If this is wrong in one sense, refusal to take the path of jnana from that of karma is equally not justifiable.

If one has to qualify for the B. A. degree one has to begin at the beginning - one has to progress from the first standard all the way to the degree course. One cannot naturally join the B. A. class without qualifying for it. At the same time, is it not absurd to remain all the time as a failure in the first standard itself?

In the old days there were many people belonging to the latter category (that is people who refused to take the path of knowledge and wished to remain wedded to the path of karma). Now people belonging to the former category predominate (that is those who want to take the path of jnana, without being prepared for it through karma). During the time of Sri Krsna also the majority clung to rituals. His criticism is directed against them, against those who perform Vedic sacraments without understanding their purpose and who fail to go beyond them. Unfortunately, this is mistaken for criticism of the Vedas themselves. The Lord could never have attacked the Vedas per se. After all, it was to save them that he descended to earth again and again.

In keeping with his times, Krsna Paramatman spoke against people who confined themselves to the narrow path of karma. If he were to descend to earth again to teach us, he would turn against those who plunge into a study of the Upanisads, spurning Vedic rites. It seems to me that he would be more severe in his criticism of these people that he was against those who were obsessed with karma.

Graduating to the Upanisads without being prepared for them through the performance of Vedic rites is a greater offence than failure to go along the path of jnana from that of karma. After all, to repeat what I said before, on has to go through the primary and secondary stages of education before qualifying for admission to college. The man who insists on being admitted to the B. A. class without qualifying for it is not amenable to any suggestion. The one who wants to remain in the first standard learns at least something; the other type is incapable of learning anything.

The Vedas and Vedanta are not at variance with one another. The karmakanda prepares us for Vedanta or the jananakanda. The former has to do with this world and with many deities and its adherents are subject to the three gunas. But it is the first step to go beyond the three gunas and the sever oneself from worldly existence. If we perform the rites laid down in the karmakanda, keeping in mind their true purpose, we shall naturally be qualifying for the jnanakanda.


Can note how utterly different and opposing are the statements of the above Kanchi Shankaracharya with respect to the totally new-agey (and totally christoconditioned) NSRajaram.

- The Kanchi Shankaracharya states clearly that the life of Vedic ritual is the prerequisite for Vedanta and that Vedanta is not for people who merely pseudo-"intellectualise" about it in a vacuum without the Vedic rituals on which its realisation is predicated.

- In contrast, Rajaram wants to Vedic ritual discontinued among Hindus, but wants to peddle Vedanta on its own as "pure metaphysics" devoid of Hindu religion, of Hindu Gods/Vedic ritual - divorced from Vedanta's intrinsically-related Vedic rites. Moreover, Rajarum specifically wants to peddle it among his alien including christo friends. (And it would explain why he happily works with the likes of Advaita-twisting/inculturating enemies such as the catholic jesuit Clooney.)

And that just tells you exactly how much Rajaram actually knows what he's talking about. And whether any Hindus should ever be listening to him on the subject of their religion at all.

It's no wonder Rajarum has to find his audience among aliens (new-ageists and christos) - only they would believe his pretence of authority on Vedanta. And let's be honest: dabblers in others' heathen religions *deserve* to be "instructed"/led by frauds and charlatans and no others, which seems to be what always happens anyway.

But what's quite as satisfying is that Rajarum - and any like him - evicted himself from access to the Vedanta [and Forever] by speaking against Vedic rituals, since the former (as even its name of Vedaanta already indicated) is particularly contingent on the latter. Vedanta is forever closed to him*. Note how he did it to himself. :Evil Grin: More fool Rajaram. Mwahahahahaha x infinity. Repeat: There's a green light on self-de-heathenisation and self-subversion, but Backpeddling Is Not Allowed - being Impossible besides. Mwahahaha again.

[* And actually, forever closed too are any other aspects of Hindus' religion he may covet.]
3 items of news, tragically interrupted by my comments.

1. Short URL: http://indiawires.com/?p=25724

full URL: indiawires.com/25724/news/national/ndtv-questions-british-mp-for-inviting-modi-irks-controversy/

Quote:NDTV questions British MP for inviting Modi, irks controversy

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 | by News desk

NDTV Anchor’s attempt to brand Gujarat CM as controversial and question Modi’s human rights records in an interview with British MP has irked social media. In an interview with British MP Mr Gardener, NDTV anchor Nidhi R has questioned the motive to invite elected CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi to UK.

When Mr Gardener asked the NDTV anchor to respect supreme court of India, she had said in India we can question even supreme court and “there is still a big moral question that is hanging” against Narendra Modi.

Watch video after 44:41 to know what she actually said.

<video at link>

There was a buzz in social media about the way she talked to British MP. Here are some tweets:

S Prakash said: How can a News Anchor brand nn elected CM as controversial repeatedly with a British MP?. Will that not lower our image before outsiders? shameful act.

Avinash Bhat: Nidhi to UK MP ‘Modi hs terrible HR record’ UK MP ‘Indian SC cleared Modi, Indian people have elected him 3 times’ Ashamed Nidhi is Indian! She behaved like a Congress Spokesperson

Girish Ganguli: HATRED..HATRED..HATRED..This is the mantra of NDTV when it comes to Narendra Modi…In this Video NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan taken to task by by British MP Barry Gardiner. Watch the number of attempt she makes to attack Modi & finally fails. Worst she projects as though in India in the name of Democracy one can do anything.

(Well actually... christianism *can* do anything in India in the name of "democracy". Since democracy in India is a christo-controlled sham - as also testified by the rigged Electronic Voting Machine scam documented in the entries at the Rajeev2004 blog.)

Tejindar: Nidhi Razdan almost begs UK MP to reject Modi!

Anil Kohli: Thickness of hide matter when criticized, its self esteem & pride thats mauled when publicly one is slapped down as Nidhi Radzan was

Akhilesh: It takes a British MP to tell Nidhi Razdan, an Indian, to respect India’s Supreme Court. That is what Modi hate does to Delhi’s clique

Being Shetty: So @ndtv journo Nidhi Razdan went an extent of saying ‘we Indians also question Supreme Court judgement’? That too with a UK MP ? Just great

In a similar act, Rajdeep Sardesai also asks similar questions to him. Watch it here <video link on indiawires page>
(I'm just surprised that Gardener/any native English speaker can even understand atrocious christo-Indian accents. Or perhaps he had a translator/interpreter - don't know as I didn't watch either video. I didn't want to have nightmares: Indian christomedia is filled with hideously ugly people who moreover speak in the worst attempt at English I've ever heard. I feel bad for English. Then again, at least they probably can't speak in any native language, and so can't mangle these in similar fashion.

And Nidhi Razdan? Isn't the surname islamic? Of course there would be an married-into-islam/islamaniac reporter hired by christist channel NDTV. Like MJ Akbar being head editor for catholic Deccan Chronicle, etc. Christoislam is in bed together in India, after all.)

Anyway, what else can one expect from rabidly christian mouthpiece NDTV:

IndiaTribune, via bharatjagran.com/bharat-jagran-data/2007/071007.htm

Quote:What is media & who owns media in Bharat

9/12/2007 11:10:17 AM Niranjan Shah


NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan. Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of Communist party of India.

2. And in other news: Madmoron Stink, aka christianism's Second-In-Command (depends on if you count Raoul "Constantine" Gandhi as 0.5 of a person or not), has declared he will act on christianism's mandate to protect/encourage/inflame the islamic jihad against Hindus by punishing the Hindus who finally had enough of islamic rapists attacking Hindu women and took a stand:


[color="#FF0000"]"Will punish the rioters: PM Manmohan Singh"[/color]

Madmoron Stink, working hard for christianism, was of course nowhere to be seen earlier on: when he ought to have been promising to protect Muzaffarnagar's Hindu women targeted by islamic rapists. Which just further underlines that MM Stink works for christianism and not any "secular" government.

And as HK's Sealion observed, but which passed me by completely at the time, the christian govt of course orchestrated the whole event in order to secure a block votebank among islamics in the affected state and ultimately the whole country. (It's their new Godhra. Christist govt keeps manufacturing a Godhra whenever it needs it.) Hence their ignoring the constant persecution of Hindus in Muzaffarnagar, in order to cause the Hindus to at last organise and protest, at which point the KKKangress then instigates the islamaniacs to attack and murder the Hindus, shoot army personnel and thus cause the usual riot - which of course happened, just as the christian govt knew it would - and all just so that MMS and catholic queen Sonia could now come out and be photographed patting the "poor innocent islamaniacs/jihadis" all while threatening christian "vengeance" on top of the islamic terrorism against the persecuted Hindus.

[color="#0000FF"]The current christogovt is as adept as the erstwhile British christogovt in organising the (always eager, of course) islamaniacs to riot on schedule/demand for them.[/color] Although the British christogovt was more famous/better documented in inciting anti-Hindu islamic (and christian and DMK) riots and the current christogovt was aiming to be less transparent in this. <- And this another way you can tell it's a christogovt: it's the same as the British one was and uses the same tactics. (Even down to the old christocolonial hobby of secularly confiscating Hindu temple land and wealth and gifting this to christoislamania.)

3. Perhaps even more interesting is that the christian KKKangress's "anti-terror" sleuths and assorted christian mouthpieces (IBN, TOI, HT etc) have finally been given the go-ahead to admit that the Indian Mujahideen (i.e. the faithful Indian muslims) are in collusion with their Pukestani islamic brethren. Firstly, the admission is so that KKKangress can pretend it has "worked hard" to reveal the hand of terror in India, since it needs to produce some "evidence of effort" for election times, hence the timing.

More importantly, the christist KKKangress has left out that little detail of how the Indian Mujahideen (IM) are actually just as much in collusion with the christist KKKangress as with TSP's ISI - again, as SeaLion pointed out in his comment at HaindavaKeralam (using a sequence of cause-and-reactions that are unmistakable and undeniable - where each reaction was to quickly conceal each notable public reveal). Quite like - as others on IF had earlier noted - how the TSP attack on Parliament was going to see the Indian army deployed against TSP, but just then the IM were called in to burn Hindu passengers on a train and thus cause the Godhra riot they had anticipated, which KKKangress christian machinations then blamed on Hindus, by which means IM could be let off with impunity, owing to the mutual-backscratching deal between islam and christianism in the subcontinent).

But now, since elections are on the horizon, christist KKKangress has got their friend islamaniac IM founder Yasin to pretend that it is TSP that wants to make KKKangress govt "look" unstable, thus deflecting conveniently from the actual fact: that it is the christian govt (KKKangress) that is deliberately making the country unstable by working *with* TSP/ISI such as by letting islamaniac infiltrators from TSP and BD in by the truckloads and giving them voting rights and ration cards. Since TSP owes christianism/KKKangress one, it is willing to take the sole credit for IM, since KKKangress-neutered Indian never does anything against TSP anyway.

Quote:Yasin Bhatkal confesses he was in touch with Pakistan's ISI: Sources

ibnlive.in.com/news/yasin-bhatkal-confesses-he-was...isi-sources/...Indian Mujhahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal, who is currently in NIA's custody, has confessed he has been in touch with Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI.

Yasin Bhatkal`s handler a Pakistan Army Lieutenant Colonel

zeenews.india.com/news/nation/yasin-bhatkal-s-handler-a-pakistan...New Delhi: A Pakistan Army Lieutenant Colonel, serving in the ISI, was the handler of Yasin Bhatkal and used to give instructions to the arrested Indian Mujahideen co ...

ISI designing terror attacks to portray India as unstable: Bhatkal ...

www.niticentral.com/2013/09/13/isi...as-unstable-bhatkal-132372.html13/09/2013 · Pakistani spy agency ISI instructed Indian Mujahideen’s top operative Yasin Bhatkal to maintain a high frequency of blasts to show India as an unstable ...

ISI trained Bhatkal in Pakistan for two months in 2006 - Times Of ...

articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...01/...yasin-terror-activities1/09/2013 · NEW DELHI: Indian Mujahideen (IM) mastermind Yasin Bhatkal has told his interrogators that he had trained with Pakistan's ISI for two months in 2006.

Yasin Bhatkal admits attacks, links to ISI

www.newswala.com/India-National-News/Yasin-Bhatkal...to-ISI-45770.htmlYasin Bhatkal admits attacks, links to ISI New Delhi, Sept 1 (IBNS): Co-Founder of Indian Mujahideen (IM) Yasin Bhatkal, who was arrested from Bihar along the Indo ...

Yasin spills beans on IM-ISI ties

www.dailypioneer.com/todays-newspaper/yasin-spills-beans-on-im-isi...Sources said, Yasin has revealed that ISI was using the services of Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal, key IM brains, to target Indian cities. ... Bhatkal, 30, was earlier ...

Confessions of Yasin Bhatkal: Startling revelations about ISI ...

daily.bhaskar.com/...yasin-bhatkal-startling-revelations-about-isi...New Delhi: A day after alleged Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal was arrested from India-Nepal border, the police claimed on Friday that he has made ...

ISI wants to portray India as unstable: Yasin Bhatkal - Hindustan ...

www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/NewDelhi/ISI-wants-to-portray...Handlers from Pakistani spy agency ISI instructed Indian Mujahideen’s top operative Yasin Bhatkal, to maintain a high frequency of blasts to show India as an ...

Yasin names ISI handlers, was trying to raise suicide bombers ...

www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/NewDelhi/Yasin-names-ISI...Mohammad Ahmad Sidibapa, better known by his operational name Yasin Bhatkal, was preparing suicide bombers or fidayeens to take jehad to the next level in India, say ...

There was never any revelation in Yasin/IM being linked to TSP/ISI. What's worth noting is only the timing of the above leaked "news" and how this is related to christianism's election plans.
Though this post starts about NS Rajarant (and hence is related to some earlier posts here) it then ends up being about the totally unrelated topic of the Ganga river. Don't know where it belongs.


via psenthilraja.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/toilets-temples-modi-development/

NSRajarant tries to pretend he's the only one who knows anything about cleaning up the environment and has to negatively insert the Vedas into his holier-than-thou statements:


Cleaning up the environment beginning with better sanitation should be high on the nation's priority. Just look at the Yamuna river, or any other. We humans created the filth, not the gods. It is our job to clean it. If we have to use Western ideas clean them, so be it. They cannot be cleaned up by chanting the Vedas.

Rajarant got a free pass on trying to drag in the Vedas into a topic where it wasn't even mentioned*, even though some people knew to express unease about Modi bringing in temples.

Well, I should have said the senile Rajarant got a free pass until Senthil stated:

Quote:And this only shows the mindset of the Hindutvavadis, particularly the NRIs.. can any one have such callouse and contemptuous attitude towards vedas? and it is these people who lecture about dharma..

The full text of these and other comments and the article which led to the dialogue are at the above links. Note that the psenthilraja.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/toilets-temples-modi-development/also hosts a powerpoint that comments appreciated.

Some things that came to mind:

* IIRC there was the DYI humanure system that some western person came up with in the late 90s/early 2000s which composts with human-waste (hence "humanure").

Don't know how eager Indians would be implementing it, but perhaps worth mentioning.

* As for Rajarant declaring "they can't be cleaned up by chanting the Vedas": don't know about the kind of wastes today, but IIRC there are indeed water purification mantras that Hindus used to chant at our Hindu Rivers, particularly the Ganga. From my limited understanding Hindus chant mantras during snaana for self-purification as well as for purification of the water they're using itself.

Of course Rajarant will declare there is nothing scientific about the Vedas/mantras, and I'm willing to agree: I'm not the one who wants to make the Vedas (or Daoist and Shinto rites that work) into science.

But fact remains - though Rajarant will never know: that mantras work (for ethnic Hindoooos).

* Another thing sort of relevant to the topic is an article that the nationalist gadget blog highlighted. The article (theguardian.com/commentisfree/andrewbrown/2013/sep/19/holy-water-faecal-matter) was by some western writer and concerned faecal matter being discovered in the "holy" springs of catholics. The western writer ludicrously compared christianised heathen springs of Europe with Ganga by declaring that Hindus merely "believed" that the Ganga was pure and so the west should accept catholics who believed European springs were "holy" water. I.e. he declared that purity and sanctity of water was a matter of "belief". Inane.

[Ganga will remain sacred no matter what. And all springs in European space of course have native Gods associated with them. E.g. we know that all the Rivers of the Greeks and Romans were manifestations of the GrecoRoman Gods, and the ancient Hellenes further recognised that all waters - even those past the Hellenistic space in unknown territory - had Gods presiding over them or were manifestations of Gods. But it's another matter to pretend that European springs are holy in any christian sense. There is nothing christian about European or any waters.

BTW, it is well known that all waters in Japanese space are manifestations of Shinto Gods. And Rivers in Daoist space are Daoist Gods. This is famous in their sacred narratives. Sometimes they're longs/dragons in both cases. Daoists and Shintos - thank the Daoist Shen and Shinto Kami for them - understand that when Hindus say that Ganga is a Goddess that Hindus really mean she is a *Goddess* and not some notion.

Oh and forgot to add that a doco or was it late night BBC news confirmed what everyone already knew: African Rivers are manifestations of certain African Gods. In the particular programme I'm referring to, an African man made the direct reference to a River in his country being a locally famous God. The context was that someone had drowned in the river and he remarked that this happened now and then, which was when he made the reference.]

Anyway, despite the western writer pleading for an equal-equal of catholic "holy water" with Ganga, Ganga water is not like springs baptised by christianism (and even today no one pretends that it is). It has a rather unique purifying property (don't know if the following contains repeats of anything else that was ever posted at IF, but not to my recollection):

1. npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=17134270

(npr = US national public radio?)

Quote:Mystery Factor Gives Ganges a Clean Reputation

by Julian Crandall Hollick

December 16, 2007 1:30 PM

The fourth report in a six-part series

Hindus have always believed that water from India's Ganges River has extraordinary powers. The Indian emperor Akbar called it the "water of immortality" and always traveled with a supply. The British East India Co. used only Ganges water on its ships during the three-month journey back to England, because it stayed "sweet and fresh."

Indians have always claimed it prevents diseases, but are the claims wives' tales or do they have scientific substance?

In the fourth installment of a six-part series, independent producer Julian Crandall Hollick searched for the "mysterious X factor" that gives Ganges water its mythical reputation.

He starts his investigation looking for the water's special properties at the river's source in the Himalayas. There, wild plants, radioactive rocks, and unusually cold, fast-running water combine to form the river. But since 1854, almost all of the Ganges' water has been siphoned off for irrigation as it leaves the Himalayas.

Hollick speaks with DS Bhargava, a retired professor of hydrology, who has spent a lifetime performing experiments up and down Ganges in the plains of India. In most rivers, Bhargava says, organic material usually exhausts a river's available oxygen and starts putrefying. But in the Ganges, an unknown substance, or "X factor" that Indians refer to as a "disinfectant," acts on organic materials and bacteria and kills them. Bhargava says that the Ganges' self-purifying quality leads to oxygen levels 25 times higher than any other river in the world.

Hollick's search for a scientific explanation for the X factor leads him to a spiritual leader at an ashram and a biologist in Kanpur. But his best answer for the Ganges' mysterious substance comes from Jay Ramachandran, a molecular biologist and entrepreneur in Bangalore.

In a short science lesson, Ramachandran explains why the Ganges doesn't spread disease among the millions of Indians who bathe in it. But he can't explain why the river alone has this extraordinary ability to retain oxygen.

I think they've dubbed at least one part of this magical X-factor a microbial phage of some sort. Some organic(?) matter in the Ganga which kills the germs.

Don't know how far the west's progressed in analysing the Hindu river's properties. IIRC they were trying to reproduce the same situation with western rivers in recent years. Don't know how well they're succeeding in that either.

2. Anyway, more related stuff, the following is from 1994:


Quote:The Incorruptibility Of The Ganges

The Ganges is 2525 kilometers long. Along its course, 27 major towns dump 902 million liters of sewage into it each day. Added to this are all those human bodies consigned to this holy river, called the Ganga by the Indians. Despite this heavy burden of pollutants, the Ganges has for millennia been regarded as incorruptible. How can this be?

Several foreigners have recorded the effects of this river's "magical" cleansing properties:

1. Ganges water does not putrefy, even after long periods of storage. River water begins to putrefy when lack of oxygen promotes the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which produce the tell-tale smell of stale water.

2. British physician, C.E. Nelson, observed that Ganga water taken from the Hooghly -- one of its dirtiest mouths -- by ships returning to England remained fresh throughout the voyage.

3. In 1896, the British physician E. Hanbury Hankin reported in the French journal Annales de l'Institut Pasteur that cholera microbes died within three hours in Ganga water, but continued to thrive in distilled water even after 48 hours.

4. A French scientist, Monsieur Herelle, was amazed to find "that only a few feet below the bodies of persons floating in the Ganga who had died of dysentery and cholera, where one would expect millions of germs, there were no germs at all.

More recently, D.S. Bhargava, an Indian environmental engineer measured the Ganges' remarkable self-cleansing properties:

"Bhargava's calculations, taken from an exhaustive three-year study of the Ganga, show that it is able to reduce BOD [biochemical oxygen demand] levels much faster than in other rivers."

Quantitatively, the Ganges seems to clean up suspended wastes 15 to 20 times faster than other rivers.

(Kalshian, Rakesh; "Ganges Has Magical Cleaning Properties," Geographic, 66:5, April 1994.)

From Science Frontiers #94, JUL-AUG 1994. 1994-2000 William R. Corliss

3. Looking up the phage stuff, found this next page which starts by repeating a lot of the above (where's the refs/credits?) - though with the added "novelty" of exclamation marks everywhere - and then mentions the 'bacterio phage':


Quote:Ganga Jal – The Holy water of Ganga

Antibacterial Nature of Ganges Water

In 1896, E. Hanbury Hankin (a British physician) after testing the water of Ganga wrote in a paper published in the French journal Annales de IInstitut Pasteur ,

The bacterium Vibrio Cholerae which causes the deadly Cholera disease, when put into the waters of Ganga died within three hours! The same bacteria continued to thrive in distilled water even after 48 hours!

He also suggested that the water of this river and its tributary Yamuna were responsible for containing the spread of this deadly disease cholera in the region in those days!!

Water of Ganges has Anti-putrefaction properties

C.E. Nelson, another British physician noticed that, the waters of Ganga when taken even from one of its dirtiest mouths at Hooghly, by the ships returning to England, remained fresh throughout the long journey!! Normally river water begins to putrefy over a period of time due to lack of oxygen which promotes the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which in turn gives rise to the smell of stale water.

How River Ganga cleans the dead bodies

In 1927, Flix dHerelle , a French microbiologist, was amazed when he saw that only a few feet below the bodies of persons floating in the Ganga who had died of dysentery and cholera, where one would expect millions of germs, there were no germs at all!

In other words, Hindus had for thousands of years rightly believed that Ganga purifies the dead bodies, which is why probably the bodies of even those who died of infectious diseases were offered to this river for purification!

Recent Research on Ganges

D.S. Bhargava, an Indian environmental engineer/professor of hydrology has spent a life time studying the amazing properties of Ganges. He measured the remarkable self cleansing ability of Ganges in an exhaustive three year study which showed that Ganges is able to reduce its biochemical oxygen demand levels much faster than other rivers! Bhargava says that the self-purifying quality of this river leads to oxygen levels that are 25 times higher than any other river in the world.The Ganges cleans up suspended wastes 15 to 20 times faster when compared to other rivers!

In a study conducted by the Malaria Research Center in New Delhi it was observes that the water from the upper reaches of Ganga did not host mosquito breeding, and also prevented mosquito breeding in any water it was added to! On the other hand, water from other rivers were shown to allow mosquito breeding!

(Refs to papers for the last would have been nice.)

Mysterious Power of Ganga Water

There are two major factors which give Ganges its unique ability.

1. The presence of Bacteriophages which gives it the anti-bacterial nature.

2. An unknown factor called the Mystery Factor, which gives this river an unusual ability to retain dissolved oxygen from the atmosphere!

Bacteriophage in Ganga Water

Bacteriophage are those viruses which kill bacteria. What a cat is to a mouse, the bacteriophage is to a bacterium. In fact what Hankin reported in 1896 about the antibacterial nature of Ganges was the first modern observation/documentation of a Bacteriophage ! It was Herelle, (who again observed the anti-bacterial nature of Ganges) who coined the term Bacteriophage (meaning bacteria eater ) for these viruses.

The high levels of oxygen in the waters of Ganga gives it the unique ability to remain fresh over a prolonged period of time. The waters of Ganga when added to other water resources in adequate amount, causes the bacteriophage in it to quickly multiply cleaning the new water resource of any bacteria present in it. Which is why the ancient Indians used to take Ganga jal back home to clean their local water resources! People practice it even today, except that most of them dont know the actual reason!

In other words, the water of river Ganga can be an alternative for using antibiotics to treat bacterial diseases! Ancient Indians who used the water of rivers like Ganga never required any antibiotics, for the very water they used was anti-bacterial in nature! This type of Bacteriophage Therapy has been suggested by many researchers, but rarely tried/tested or practised in the health industry.

In fact it was in the former Soviet Union that the most active research about using bacteriophages to treat bacterial diseases was done at the George Eliava Institute ! This research institute was co-founded by George Eliava and Felix DHerelle after DHerelle introduced Eliava to the wonderful world of Bacteriophages.

Phage Therapy Research in India

GangaGen Biotechnologies , a bio-medical research company based out of Bangalore, is now leading the alternative therapy of Bacteriophage based treatment for antibiotic resistant bacteria. It is the first firm to have developed bacteriophage based commercial products. Their first bacteriophage based product was to treat the problem of E.Coli in Cattle.

Industrial Pollution in the waters of Ganga

Having said all this, all along the course of river Ganga, today 27 major towns dump over 900 million litres of sewage/industrial waste into it every day! This nonsense should be stopped at any cost. Humans have no rights to pollute the natural resources of this planet. If we cant handle our waste, we shouldn’t be producing it in the first place. Rather than being an individual’s symbolic effort to fight pollution, it should be an enlightened mass movement of entire humanity to create non-polluting technology out of the science we know.

The very fact that almost all the technology that we possess today in the name of development and modernization is polluting, proves that the technology we have created using modern science is still primitive. It has more to do with our greed, than with science.

Edited to add an example for Africans having River Gods (though this is well-known), also added in links to the rajeev2004 blog and the guardian-uk paper (and corrected a typo).

Quote:The Blackguards at Sea - Liberation Theology kick-starting a [color="#FF0000"]Nagaland Insurrection at South India[/color]?

27/10/2013 13:41:45 Aron

The Firm as all avid readers of pulp fiction know is slang for the Central Intelligence Agency. A mysterious ship called Sea Guard is discovered with a considerable Cargo of Heavy Weaponry and explosives and that it had no authorisation or papers that it should have in possession is the least mysterious of this Newsflash.

It had been there with such a shipment for a month already afloat in Indian Territorial Waters and had not bothered to put things in order all the while or intimate the Port authorities.

The tale becomes murkier further when it is found the vessel had called several ports previously in a half a dozen countries and it had no valid papers for those calls.

Frederick Forsyth could not have penned a better plot starter.

A quick hush up by the Indian authorities and official downplaying to an equally mysterious complacent media should perhaps be left to a novelist like Forsyth to throw some light for the clueless reader.

Even less talented novelists could convincingly make enough intrigue and connecting dots to present a murkier tale that could have devastating portends to National Security.

A vessel belonging to an alleged private Security Firm AdvanFort professing now on paper to provide ‘security cover’ for merchant ships appears on Indian territorial waters and after three days afloat on Indian Waters on August x 2013 berthed herself at Kochi Port.

It did not care to reveal that its cargo included heavy arms and ammunitions and cared less to have any Valid Papers permitting her to carry them when finally it was found to attract the Tamil Nadu Maritime Police Guards’ attention- appearing and disappearing.

On the late evening of October 11th a tracker vessel tailed and cornered the vessel near Tuticorin port.

Before this chance discovery- the ship had sailed to Arab Waters and called port at Sharjah. In mid September the ship flying a Sierra Lone flag atop her mast then returns to Indian Waters when finally Indian Coast Guards spots and boards her.

Media reports indicate this rogue vessel has been roaming the high seas and spotted repeatedly inside Indian waters, for some unknown reason it was never approached for a check- she was violating the maritime laws with impunity all the while.

Finally when the maritime cops embarked on board a huge catchment of heavy arms and ammunitions were discovered for without valid papers and promptly confiscated. There were 35 assault rifles and 5000 rounds besides other weapons.

Some 35 crew men including 25 alleged Guardsmen on deck were arrested and an FIR was filed and case transferred to the Q Branch, and that was when shit hit the fan-

The weird and evasive apologia for this behaviour of the vessel flouting every single Maritime Law in the Book raised even questions that went begging for answers as they started blurting evasive answers.


The ship bore the name Kaio Maru before rechristened as Seaman Guard, and the company AdanFort Ohio registered her as a Merchant Vessel at Sierra Leone.

The Company spokesman in typical American corporate brush off informed the press very casually that it was thankful for all the above listed irregularities and violations that the vessel had been found to be safe!

Safely found with arms and ammunitions that had no papers and safely ignoring the mandatory laws in a Nation that had just announced that it was expecting a sea borne attack like at Mumbai and was on high alert against Terrorist incursions.

The company rolls out a fantastic plausibility that this strange ship behaviour was quite in line with its proffered business- that of providing merchant vessels with Security Cover against Somalian pirates. That is if you could believe guarding against sea pirates takes being Sea pirates?

Another amazing ready excuse of irregularities that this company wants us to believe seriously is that Security cover against Sea Pirates at distant Somalia, lead her to this dangerous behaviour triggered by the Phalin Storm –while her charted course was no where even close to that area.

As this smoky mishap drew more media attention, and raised eyebrows of breach of National Security and lapse in swift entry of the national Intelligence Agency that had issued a high alert just recently against sea borne terror strike, fresh reports make out a clear lag in retrieving the Vessel’s Black box and Communication equipments.

What this means is the rogue ship and her crew and the company were provided a window of over two weeks to tamper with the ‘evidences’ and cover tracks.

As if all this isn’t enough as a fiasco, Indian Officials began a Down Playing of the Confiscation of weapons and ammunitions in a rogue ship with blurred log book- when simultaneously the company was making out a case of a trivial lapse- that such a small private security firm and her vessel should make the American embassy to rush to her release off the hook.


The quick Indian compliance to American arm-twisting to downplay the incident, the delay in involving immediately the NIA and making out in full the Public Prosecutor’s Report all indicate incompetence and a callous negligence to hush and cover up the alarming security breach.

This also makes a speculation of the ship being a part of some Covert operations run by the infamous CIA.On the company’s payroll are former Special Forces Operatives from NATO, U.S and United Kingdom. The Obama administration is zealously supplying arms all over the place to several civil wars. Many former CIA men have written tomes on its modus operandi- gun running using cover of legal businesses and shell companies.

In our analysis on Homeland Security at Haindavakerelam we have already indicated that Liberation Theology movement is seeking a revival of the LTTE and a Nagaland like insurrection at South India.

Besides the Maoist- Church nexus the link up with Islamist terror groups have also been collaborating in expanding their bases made out by experts like B R Haran. The possibility of LTTE regrouping in the South has been briefed by him and other Counter Terrorism analysts.

The Urban encirclement phase of Maoists holed up in the Tribal hinterland may require such a close coming together of Urban Guerrilla groups such as regrouped Al Umma and the LTTE.

Were the arms and ammunitions part of this crazy Obama administration’s policy of covert supplying arms to even Al Qaeda like at Syria where photos of Al Nusra front gunmen sporting American heavy weapons in American aid tents?

Instead of standing firmly with the Secular Arabs at Egypt, the American frustration with Egyptian military regime has coincided with a sudden escalation of attacks at Sinai by the Islamists – that the Brotherhood had been receiving American weaponry needs no guessing?

When we see these arms supplies by Obama administration, to even its avowed enemies such as the Al Qaeda and Brotherhood, we can see how this adventurism can lend the same to a Liberation Theology movement that requires a regrouping of the LTTE and a Nagaland like insurrection to be kick started at South India.

So the Blackguards caught at sea violating our sovereign waters need more thorough investigation and the Indian Government must vigorously pursue the Seaman Guards who have behaved more like pirates and gun runners.


Counter Terrorism experts must make note of our previous analysis at Haindavakerelam of Liberation Theology as a global movement sponsoring armed insurrections, under a Jesuit Pope himself a Liberation Theologian should be actively getting involved in such adventurist dares.

We have traced the Eco-Liberation theological inspiration behind the anti-nuclear anti-koodankulam reactor agitation.

Our prediction that this movement in seeking to expand the political base would strive towards a Caste Conflagration to abuse the fallout as proof of Dalit Oppression to enhance its insurrectionist rationale.

We could also make out then an alliance of Liberation theology with defunct Islamist extreme groups like Al Umma providing them the wherewithal as at Syria and the Egyptian Sinai.

The open arming of Islamist groups all in the name of an Arab Springs is now an acknowledged part of the American foreign policy.

The much hailed Arab Springs are now a fount of Islamist bloodbaths in a dozen countries since then -our warning also turned out true that Islamists waiting in the wings to take over the script.

A similar horrendous adventurism by western Imperialism could be the rearming and regrouping of the LTTE to bring to knees the Lankan regime.

Together this grand alliance with Islamists enables the Urban encirclement of Maoists to be fulfilled in that long sought subversion of India.

The Seaman Guards from company that has Special Ops men from Western Super powers could be charting the destination that Liberation theology has laid out for South India supplying an insurrection front in tandem with the insurrections at Nagaland and Mizoram at North East India.

Update- [color="#0000FF"]Dr Subramaniam Swamy BJP leader has twitted that there is now enormous pressure brought upon the Tamil Nadu government to circumvent the Law and have the culprits and violaters of national security quietly releeased.[/color]

Going by his tweet it seems Jayalalitha governement is ressisting the pressure.

Since Resolution 1 has already highlighted politcal considerations has lead to compromise by her on internal security and murders of Hindutva leaders, thanks to hobnobbing with Islamist proxy parties, this new resolve by her should be a welcome change in tune with the RSS resolutions.

Quote:B R Haran

01/11/2013 13:49:01 Well Written Aron

A well written column. [color="#0000FF"]There is a lot of secrecy surrounding this issue and neither the center nor the state is coming out with facts. It could certainly be party to the main agenda of regrouping anti-India forces.

With regards to TN government's take on this issue, I would bet that it would certainly yield to the pressure and release the culprits, for the ruling party has been under the control, or rather the influence, of the Church since 2004.[/color]

The entire christo Indian govt is in on it. And that's how you know the govt in India is christian, from KKKAngress to Joylolita.

While the Baptist Church in Nagaland is documented by the Beeb (BBC) I think as having been started by New Zealand missionaries*, by the time the actual christian flare up against heathenism in Nagaland began - which was some years later still - the NFLT christian terrorists/Nagaland's Baptist church was funded by US Baptist churches (and covertly by the US govt).

* This is an interesting detail in itself. New Zealand is supposed to be Anglican (since it's mainly an English population) with a minority of Catholics. While the same E-European book that I got that detail from has Australia written down as majority Lutheran (which, depending on its accuracy, is actually really curious for an English-speaking country). Baptist-anything is owing to American christocults proselytising in western countries.

Further relevant comments at HK:


29/10/2013 08:46:51 Need to understand relation between religion and terrorism

What has been official line of discourse on terrorism of various forms is that terrorism arises due to economical poverty. Though economical poverty has been helping increase the quantity of terror cadre, poverty is not always the reason.So is the reason why certain parties help it.Unless, Indians in general and Hindus in particular understand the real reasons behind different terrorisms,India could not diminish it.


28/10/2013 21:51:52 The Blackguards at Sea

Yes, I agree with Aronji that the US has been behind this "mysterious vessel" floating around in Indian waters and that the intention is to arm the Liberation theologians in South India. Aronji has articulated this so well in his article that the Hindutva leaders should consider this issue seriously for the security of our great nation. We need to have clarity and have a clear vision at the ideological level about what Hindutva means and not be ashamed of being one. Security and protection of India is paramount since we are the torchbearers of Sanatana Dharma. So we need to discuss and consider different perspectives, coming from writers like Aronji for instance, and see the truth behind their logic and presentation of facts, and then act upon it. What I find is a lack of understanding of Hindutva ideology present at all levels including the top leaders. The Obama administration has been demonizing and marginalizing the right wing thinkers all over the world, including India. Unless we stop pretending to be anything other than Hindutva, our country's security and survival is at danger.

[color="#800080"](Blaming "Obama" shows a lack of realism/a blind belief in US meaning well "otherwise". But notes are at end)[/color]


28/10/2013 22:09:25 EXCELLENT ANALYSIS

Excellent article by Aronji.

Vaiko spearheaded anti-koodangulam nuclear reactor.

DMk keeps insisting on destroying Rama Sethu.

Both are surely Liberation theology motivations.

Revival of LTTE propaganda also is clearly from liberation theology as koodangulam agitation started from Loyolla college which is Jesuit.

Present Pope Francis is also a Liberation theologian.

BJP Tamilnadu must study this phenomenon of Liberation movements and keep away from alliance with Vaiko and DMK.

Don't know why people blame Obama/administration, labouring under the delusion that he and his gang have that kind of power. The US government's policies on India have never changed for decades, which is why they did not change between "Republican" Bush Jr and "Democrat" Obama. The US presidents are merely the face of the actual puppeteers in the US government. The public face of the US govt changes after every 4 to 8 years, but the people who make the actual decisions on US international policy do *not* change. The "choice" between Republic and Democrat is just to spoonfeed the US masses that they actually have a choice in who they elect and that these people represent different policies. On some internal matters maybe, but not externally and not even on internal security policy. They're puppeteered by the same groups and goals, the way Mars and Snickers bars are owned by Mars Confectionary Ltd, even though they're presented as competitors, or the way Palmolive and I think Sunsilk and Timotei and a great many named supposedly "competing" Shampoo brands are all owned by the same company (Palmolive was it? See back of packaging). Silly analogy perhaps, but the point is, the gullible US population is made to think that there is an actual, genuine choice. But there is none. The US is a democracy only in the sense that the masses are allowed to choose from among pre-selected parties/positions to vote for. The populace doesn't get to make radical choices. And whenever they find out that their choices are limited, they are *happy* with that. They're happy to go along. Because, after all, the US govt ensures that its country -and as a side-effect, its population - comes out on top.

Obama has little to no say on what goes on. Just like US presidents don't write their own speeches, the US president just signs off on policies that are presented to them. A pretence of autonomy is held up when personnel explain the "need" for foreign interventions to said presidents, then the president is suitably pacified/satisfied and signs off on the policy as intended anyway. In the case of Bush Jr, he didn't need explanation - and wouldn't understand it either: Bush Jr famously admitted to hearing voices - in his white house office presumably - that "told him" to do the War On Terror thing and invade - I forget which 3rd world islamic countries he invaded. In any case, it was easy to make him believe this was the voice of his gawd (understandably lampooned by the poor Americans stuck with him), and thus the puppeteers 'convinced' Bush Jr to go along with the long-standing plan this way too.

US foreign policy on India - and US opinion on India - coincides with what the Kissinger-Nixon openly admitted during the East vs West Pakistan wars and India's forced intervention into this. That policy has never changed (and will never change), it has only become more urgent, with the US finding more reasons to carry it out. They're not the only ones of India's scary list of enemies that have that policy.

Anyway, the point is that the christogovt in India is foreign-appointed, foreign-controlled and works for foreign interests a la the erstwhile Vietnamese catholic govt from the Kennedy era. The national and regional Indian populace merely imagine they elected the kkkangress/DMK/Joylolita. (Powers that be don't want to trigger another Indian struggle for Independence, after all.) Every time the US govt scratches KKKangress's back - such as by major US media lying about Modi/Godhra - and every time India's christogovt and locally appointed bought-and-paid-for cryptos like Joylolita return the favour, such as by letting the 2 murderers of the tresspassing Italian "Navy" off the hook, it just underscores how the Indian govt is in the employ of foreign interests. Of course, I'm not saying that the Indian populace - were they to ever bother finding out - will care. They're the most apathetic of all people - more so than the US population. The psecular younger generations of Indians especially. I'm thankful to say that even the dull-witted and pointless/meaningless nationalism-for-the-sake-of-nationalism is a sentiment dying or even already quite dead in younger generations, who think only of themselves and their here and now. After all, nationalism was the final and very determined blow to Hindus' heathenism, and so why shouldn't nationalism die an ignoble death? Confusedhin: It had no power of its own anyway, and with the death of Hindus' religion - which it parasited on and took advantage off and from which it got its ranks - nationalism too is coming to an end. :evil grin: I give it just one or two generations tops. And then it will really be Just Geography in the locals' minds, which is where it counts. Blind patriotism and nationalism are empty sentiments, they're not ideologies of their own, they can never constitute an identity. Europe knows that, the US knows that. Russia is learning that. But India will ... demonstrate that - not to its own benefit, of course (but as a useful warning to others, perhaps).

India's becoming - to put a phrase from IIRC Tolkien to misuse - "a nation of *willing* slaves". At least US citizens will put up with a falsified democracy in their own interest. But Indians will put up with a sham democracy - one that does not represent them - even when it is active against their interest. Secularising India deserves it. Why should Hindus resist? Hindus are being made a minority - by seculars voting and active against Hindu interests as much as by conscious enemies. So why resist for their sake? Let the psecular generations have the future they have agitated for - that they have marginalised and ridiculed and extincted Hindudom (both in themselves and for others) for - let them have it.

Hindus as a minority may actually be a situation benefitting Hindus: with seculars temporarily becoming a majority in a few generations hereafter, the seculars will inevitably come to bear the brunt of the jihad (more seculars will start to go :Boom: up in smoke) and of the christian activism that will try to enforce christianism in education, media and government. And when the pseculars start complaining and wringing their hands as if they are persecuted, Hindus should not lift a finger and not waste any sympathy. This is what they (p/seculars) wanted. This is a problem *they* created, voted for and for which they signed Hindus' death warrants. India's seculars don't form a nation, they were merely born into one: It's how Indian commies in E-Bengal agitated to "free" the region from the "grip" of Hindu religion, and then got slapped hard by islamania in Bangladesh, and then ran back into India and have been trying the same stunt in W-Bengal.

I just read at the Rajiv 2004 blog that apparently Chinese politicians/analysts/vocalists/whoever have declared that India is to be split ("will disintegrate") into smaller parts, arguing that it has faultlines along linguistic, ethnic etc boundaries. While the fact that enemies would vocalise this means that either they don't mean it (unlikely in China's case) or they think India is so helpless and hopeless that they can brag their plans for India to Indians' faces beforehand and Indians still won't be able to stop it (more likely) is beside the point. The point is, the Chinese are correct in their assessment. There is very little that holds India together any more:

1. By an increasigly popular consensus among India's minds - and in the age of dawangada, mass-appeal cements "facts" - India is made up of invading Oryans and Dravoodians (and Mundas). And as the former - by the same belief - invariably chanced upon and oppressed the latter, there is really nothing but to rebel against this perceived historic injustice and forced unification that resulted. It is natural that people should wish to break up over this.

2. On-fire nationalists of the current decades - a great many and unrelated ones - have repeatedly declared that there's no such thing as Hindus ("it was an invention by the Brits"). Incognito or whatever (the one who went on with his Cuckoo's child analogy) provided some flimsy intellectual argument/support for this by further declaring that it was some composite Bharatiya culture that held Indians together and there was no majority religion (i.e. Indians are equal parts Jain/Buddhist/Miscellany <- Miscellany is modernists' code for Hindu) which is similar to other modern nationalist/new-agey Indians peddling a concocted composite "dharmic" religion/culture. I think I saw a link at the Rajeev 2004 blog to one Sanjeev Nayyar propagating an expectation that all-Indians (what, Tamizh Hindus too?) must celebrate a Sikh Guru's festival and something about the Jain Mahavira etc etc, alongside actual Hindu observances. (Sanjeev Nayyar did incidentally quote some things that are very funny, which I may post on, but exactly what's surprising or unexpected about the "similarity" that Thais should have a festival of lights is beyond me: Thailand was influenced by Hindus' religion before it got Bauddified. There remain contorted echoes of Hinduism for this reason.)

[For all those that denied there was such a thing as Hindu religion, and such a people as Hindus who adhered to it: it is far more the case that there's certainly no such thing as India. Beyond geography.]

Actual facts of history ultimately don't really matter. Only perception of history does, i.e. modern opinion on history/what people believe. (This is why Americans see themselves as a nation with a right to the land they stole, and not as invading settlers who have the Right to get lost.)

So, as per the above 2 points of now-popular Perception (which will dominate in future generations), neither ethnicity nor ideology (religion) connect the population of India. The pro-longed shared history of some millennia - where this is admitted to - is consequently considered enforced, so it is not to be regarded as positive either, and thus constitutes no reason to remain together. (As a precedent, Czechoslovakia split amicably and peacefully.) Plus individuals can always run off with "culture" and fond memories of "civilisation" and don't require to be part of a nation to try to retain those - though unbeknownst to them, these are the very things that will naturally wither and die when deprived of the heathen religion on which they are founded. [After all, christianism wasn't able to run off with GrecoRomans' Hellenistic culture/civilisation/"Philosophy" (divorced from Hellenismos) for more than 3 centuries tops before even the mangled remains of these died.] Mayhap there will be a short term gain: freed from the stifling shackles of lowercase-n Indian nationalism, Hindus of split regions can at last briefly try to act in the interest of their religious identity (and in the south, won't be saddled with having to swear by Buddhism/Jainism/Sikhism/etc) - before getting drowned out by christoislamicommunism.

So - without either ethnic or religious connection - what remains then? Nothing. Which is what people have (oh-so-consciously) chosen to bequeath the next generations of "Indians". And which is just as well. They next generations are promising to be the kind that wouldn't even know to regret it let alone blame the current (their preceding) generations for it. Plus these things follow naturally. To blame the Americans or the Chinese (or christianism or even the inept TSP) hereafter would be shifting the blame. They could never have deprived Hindus of their sense of oneness. Only Hindus ("Indians") could have done that. And they did, by de-heathenising. This is not others' victory against India. Subvertibility is a fault in a person, not the fault of others - though others can take advantage of it (and that's all they can do; where subvertibility does not exist, others can do nothing).

Indian natives' have always had a choice. And for many decades, they have consistently made the wrong ones. It would've been naive to think there would be no consequences. Or even that these are the kinds of choices and consequences that can be surmounted and rectified. There are no do-overs for monumental mistakes such as these. There's no such thing as fate. Life is what people make it. And *this* is entirely of Indians' making. Can't blame ancestors either: they weren't the subvertibles.

The irony is that there's no one left to learn from this. There are no heathen *countries* left. Taiwan is significantly Buddhist or Bauddified in terms of the majority of the laity, and China ceased to be a heathen power/government long before even India did. Its heathens were and remain actively suppressed. That said, the heathens in E and SE Asia do have the advantage that they survived the darwinian natural-selection process: less chance of subvertibility in what remains of them (that kind was largely weeded out). In India's case, the huge numbers of nominal Hindus (including the new-agey kind and those that like to convert "aliens" - an unheathen enterprise if there ever was any) were what caused the problem for the actual heathens. Someone should write history from a heathen point of view. Then again, it would be one damning footnote after another.


Quote:The Blackguards at Sea - [color="#FF0000"]Liberation Theology kick-starting a Nagaland Insurrection at South India[/color]?

27/10/2013 13:41:45 Aron
5 items.

Christianism is behind this (no, it's not islam - islam is the purported beneficiary but the #1 target is Hindus/Hindu religion, and christianism is the mastermind behind it):

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18150

Quote:We Oppose Communal Violence Bill because it discriminates against Hindus

08/12/2013 03:41:26

VHP to launch Nation wide Agitation oppossing Communal Violence Bill

New Delhi, December 5, 2013

As the announcement by the Union Govt bringing the Communal Violence bill is made public, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has formally opposed the bill & any move to bring the bill. Opposing the bill VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said,

“The so called Communal Violence bill by whichever name it is introduced will be opposed democratically. The bill in the garb of protecting Muslims, actually targets Hindus. We urge the Union Govt not to bring such an unconstitutional bill to persecute Hindus. How the Bill targets Hindus:

1. The bill has in its premise that all Hindus are criminals & all Muslims are innocent victims. This is a complete mockery of the natural justice & therefore the bill is completely anti-Hindu & discriminates against Hindus. Favouring Muslims & targeting Hindus is utterly unacceptable & totally unconstitutional.

2. The international & basic principle of the law is that it should be equally applicable to all. But the Communal Violence bill targets Hindus whereas does not address violence by Muslims against Hindus & other communities.

3. Another fundamental of justice is that until proven guilty by the highest Court, the accused is not a convict or guilty. Meaning, until then the accused is innocent, But in this bill the premise is that Hindus are guilty & only because a Muslim tells the police anything, Hindu will be arrested non-bailable treating Hindu guilty without trial.

4. The responsibility of proving the crime is on the complainant. But in this bill, the arrested Hindu has to alone prove that she / he is innocent while without verifying the truth, the witnesses or words by the Muslim will be taken as the final word. This is a complete mockery of justice & religious discrimination against Hindus.

5. By this bill, the Union Govt is giving all Police in Bharat in the hands of Muslims. The SP level officer of the police has to report to the Muslim complainant every week at the complainant’s home about the progress of the investigations! This way even the Jihadists will be able to get away with the severest of attacks on the nation whereas the Hindus will rot in the jails. Giving all controls of the police & judiciary in the hands of Muslims through this bill puts Bharat as a nation in permanent danger making every other community unsafe.

6. Hindus are not allowed to utter the word ‘Muslim’ or if the Muslim businessman complains that his business is not doing well because of the Hindu businessman, then the Hindu businessman will be arrested & tried under this Communal violence bill.

Dr Togadia urged all Hindus in Bharat to write letters in civilized & parliamentary language to the Hon. President of Bharat, to the Prime Minister of Bharat & to the Hon. Chief Justice of Bharat opposing the said bill. He also appealed all political parties to oppose the bill not only because it may affect the state powers but more importantly it gives full control of the police & judiciary & thereby of the nation to Muslims making Bharat most unsafe for all others. If the Govt yet brings in the Communal Bill targeting Hindus then VHP will do nation-wide democratic agitations.

Waste of time "protesting" in civilised or uncivilised letters.

India's democracy is a sham. It is called a democracy on paper. In reality, the christian minority is ruling in India and promoting/feeding islam in order to wipe Hindus out with the more numerous monotheistic "minority".

In which other country (not counting historical Rome under christian rule) do you see the majority get criminalised? Note how, like in christianising Rome, India now is also ruled by a christian govt and the numerical majority are still the "polytheistic idolators". <- And there's the answer to why the democracy is a sham and who/what is actually in charge.

Frustrating to see delusional Indians forever referring to kkkangress and other obviously *christian* organisations as "secular". If angelsk-speaking activist Hindus still can't recognise christianism's fingerprint so late in the day, no wonder they're doomed.

Then again, wasn't there a wasteful discussion related to this very thread which insisted that christoislamania not be fingerpointed and in its place to just point out some vague, non-ideological, random, anonymised anti-Hindu activity - despite being so deliberate and directed - filed under "anti-national"? It's not a dar-ul-islam or India-for-christ nation they're breaking though. They're taking the nation *from Hindus* (the Hindu majority) alone, and solely for the purpose/with the intent of re-making it as a christoislamaniac pardees=hell-hole, piecewise if necessary.

2. Another example of how it's christianism promoting islam in order to let islam de-Hinduise the nation/destroy Hindus:


Gujarat to Supreme Court: Sachar panel illegal, only to help Muslims

01/12/2013 14:54:19 indianexpress.com/news/gujarat-to-supreme-court-sachar-panel-illegal-only-to-help-muslims/1200518/0

The whole *christian* machinery - local and international - jumped enthusiastically, with great organisation and *unanimously* onto the matter of Godhra to turn the jihadis into "innocent victims" and to spin the number of islamic casualties into a "genocide" while hiding the fact that Hindus were casualties also and the first casualties what's more.

It is Indian christians from Suzanna "Arundhoti" Roy up to Sonia Maino who have been batting for islam, only because they want to exterminate Hindu religion with it.

It is India's christo media news which concertedly promotes islam as a victim, hides or minimises cases of islamic jihad and inverts Hindu victims and islamic criminals (and does a blackout on all mention of the christian genocide of Hindus in the country's NE).

Hindus can defeat islam, but not christianism (Hindus refuse to fingerpoint christianism). Islam can defeat christianism.

Hindus' first priority should be to utterly rout christianism. Then it will be a straight off fight with islam.

Christianism does not allow Hindus a straight fight with islam*: it disarms and maims Hindus and allows islam to peck at the Hindu body, fatally.

* Because christianism doesn't want Hindus to win, and christianism needs islam to win against Hindus.

Must destroy christianism first. There is no destroying islam until Hindus destroy christianism. And there will be no destroying christianism (or islam) if Hindus continue to do nothing about christianism.

3. Speaking of how it's christianism that is batting for islam including on Godhra (because islam is the criminal in the pay of christianism) - though I'm aware this thread wasn't created in favour of revealing the religious ideologies behind anti-national activities and would prefer all christoislamic villainy be anonymised, but I'm not the one who wrote the following:


Quote:(Islamic admits) Leftist NRIs + Evangelicals Led Modi Visa Ban

As this article from NYT supports, it was a coalition of Leftist NRIs and Evangelical Christians which led to a visa ban being issued against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi:


Posted by san at 12/05/2013 03:17:00 PM 4 comments Links to this post

All leftist Indians - NRI or RI - tend to be christian anyway. Suzanna "ArundhOti" Roy is an overt case but many famous leftists/maoists/communists are cryptochristists still keeping full Hindu names. Basically the title should be: "Indian and alien christians led modi visa ban/seek to keep Hindus permanently politically-disempowered in order to have successive christian emperors I mean empresses I mean politicians elected, increasingly becoming overtly christian." Remember, Constantine also started out as a cryptochristian.

4. And of course, mustn't forget christianism's identical twin islam and partner-in-crime, who is also - surprise - up to the same:


Quote:Muslim NRIs Hire Washington Lobbyist to Oppose Modi

A group called the Indian American Muslim Council has hired a Washington lobbyist to get the US govt to apply pressure on Narendra Modi:


Posted by san at 12/06/2013 12:59:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Found an analogy for the relationship between the two monotheisms in India:

If christianism is the godfather, islam is its lower-level, brute-force mafia henchman/hitman. Islamania would be a thug with or without joining the godfather (signing up into the mafia=christoislamic nexus), but in the mafia/under the godfather (=christianism) islam becomes a thug guided by brains/better brains than it has.

The godfather that is Indian christianism is still the one who issues orders to the hitmen that is subcontinental islam to make Hindus "the offer they can't refuse" (i.e. the convert-or-die offer) and gives islam a free reign to carry out violence against Hindus. And *that* is why the "Communal Violence Bill" is framed by christianism to protect islamic jihad against Hindus, and criminalise Hindu resistance (to the christoislamic "offer" to convert the nation).
5. haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=18148

Quote:Surrogate Advertising to sell Jesus

08/12/2013 03:25:55 bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/gcm-ministries-christians-employ-surrogate-advertising-to-sell-jesus-in-mumbai-manohar-kamath/

“‘Surrogate Advertising’ described in Wikipedia is a form of advertising which is used to promote banned products like cigarettes and alcohol, in the disguise of another product. It is said that birth of surrogate advertising happened in Britain, where housewives started protesting against liquor advertisements which provoked their husbands.” - Manohar Kamath

[color="#800080"][Photo caption:][/color] Johnny Lever: I do it for the money!

A campaign named ‘Power to Change’ has hit Mumbai in November. I am witnessing buses carrying message of ‘Power to Change’ with brand ambassadors like Johnny Lever and Naghma, and telephone numbers of people who would rescue you out of your despondency. They are out to ‘save’ you.

There is similar campaign on radio too with Johnny Lever trying not to be funny and exhorting people to call and meet people who would change your life. Apparently, it does not look religious campaign. No mention of any religion etc. Another friend of mine called the ‘helpline’ and asked what was the free book that is being given, the person on the other side refused to say anything about the supposed book.

It was kind of hush-hush nudge-nudge approach. So, I approached our ultimate saviour – the net! And Yahoo! I found the link to Youtube promo which talked of ‘Jesus the Saviour’.

So, there you are! Surrogate advertisement has entered religious arena in a big way to stoke religious conversions. Much bigger than any such marketing campaign seen in India. Apparently it is a high cost, high impact marketing campaign for religious conversions.

There is a call centre, there are individual volunteers and then there are mass meetings too with testimonials etc. But, all this is unknown to innocent ‘sinner’ till he gets in touch with this group. From the look of it and from my experience of marketing, this blitzkrieg cannot cost less than 6-7 crore rupees.

If one had any doubt whether conversions are a big business or a purely religious affair where one propagates one’s religion openly and urges people to join, this campaign clears such doubts.

Banned Product!‘Surrogate Advertising’ described in Wikipedia is a form of advertising which is used to promote banned products like cigarettes and alcohol, in the disguise of another product. It is said that birth of surrogate advertising happened in Britain, where housewives started protesting against liquor advertisements which provoked their husbands.

The protest rose to a level where liquor advertising had to be banned and brand owners seeing no way out decided to promote fruit juices and soda under the brand name, the concept later emerged as Surrogate Advertisements.

A CBN report that I tracked is like a typical press handout from the promoters. It tells us that advertisements in major cities from Asia to the Middle East are introducing millions of people to a life-changing message about Christ. It gives details of such exercise earlier executed with finesse in Hyderabad in 2012.

I am told it also happened in Chennai. The PR person has a typically Hindu name Sushruth Pradhan, leader of Refreshing International Ministries. His language is typical language of ‘saviours’.

This report quotes Hannu Haukka, President of Great Commission Media Ministries, who helped develop the campaigns. He said it’s an effective way to saturate unreached, urban populations. Thousands of callers flood the campaign’s phone center requesting the free book with stories of lives changed by God.

“And we’re talking about Hindus, Muslims in the city of Hyderabad. It’s something that churches have never, never seen in that city,” he said. This report also quotes that during the past decade, Haukka’s Finland-based ministry has taken the Power to Change media campaign to more than 60 cities, including Jesus’ home town of Nazareth, in Israel.

On further search you reach www.gcmediaministries.org This site takes us to the origin of these campaigns, called GCM Ministries with headquarters in Canada. It tells us that GCM Ministries, Great Commission Media Ministries (formerly IRR/TV), is a non-denominational modern missions organization which focuses on taking the Gospel to the nations of Russia, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa.

The tools of television, radio, the internet greatly enhance the fulfilment of the Great Commission of Christ. For the Church to prevail in missions these tools must be utilized massively by the Church in today’s world. The site proudly proclaims that their mission is – Win! Train! Send!

To achieve its goals of reaching the peoples of Russia, Central Asia, China, India and Israel GCM Ministries produces evangelistic radio programs, television programs, videos and literature in 40 languages. In addition GCM Ministries systematically trains indigenous workers in their respective cultures sending them to their own peoples. Humanitarian aid is provided in hard hit areas suffering from natural disasters and to children in Russia’s children’s prison camps.

The site also gives us a snapshot of this movement, started by Josh McDowell in 1967. By 2007 with 500 staff members in more than 15 ministries, thousands of supporters and an exciting new strategy, Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada makes a unified decision to become Power to Change Ministries.

All this is apparently funded well by devout Christians of US and Europe who find their saved flock dwindling and wish to serve ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ by recruiting followers from other gullible countries.

(Campus crusade for christ? IIRC they're the christian cultists who sponsored the sterilisation and murder of Akha women in order to convert-or-kill the Akha)

Swami Dayanand Saraswati says that religious conversion is a violence against spirit. It snatches a person away from his social and spiritual moorings and creates divide in the society. The religious conversion doesn’t stop just at changing your way of worship but also influences your life style and asks you to follow an alien culture. This is a major cause of schism where overt and covert conversion campaigns are taking place. Marx called religion opium for the masses. But, the world has seen largest massacres and holocausts in the name of religion. Wars have been mainly between Christians and Muslims called crusades or jihad by respective religious groups. Hindus have suffered millions of deaths or conversions during their history of more than 1000 years. Their fate is left unsung, suppressed historical accounts by our leftist secular historians. But, truth cannot be hidden. It has a nasty way of popping up from somewhere. It is sad that in spite of all this unrest our religious ‘competitors’ have not understood the enormity of damage they are doing to humanity by their efforts to spread their ‘exclusivist’ religions by all means fair or foul, direct or surrogate. - Hindu Voice E-Bulletin, Issue No.48, 24th-30th Nov. 2013

World Vision employs deceitful surrogate advertising to get Hindu business houses to donate funds towards their religious conversion activities in Indian villages!

Christian ragazines in India - TOI, I think HT too etc, perhaps also The Chindu now? - host World Vision adverts to collect money from the "secular"=christianising readers for the purpose of christianising the nation. Of course, the minute any part of the Indian masses learns English (usually in christo-education centres), all the crap they thereafter choose to read/watch is christo news and other christo channels/media. So they're the ones paying for the forcible christianisation of heathen India.

I am sure the lame christian tactic described in the article above will work on the angelsk-speaking urban populations of India, they're just the sort of people to fall for it (not the brightest bulbs in the bunch), most being already more christian than Hindu anyway. (E.g. has an Indian christian friend? studied in some Indian christist education centre/"school" let alone tertiary? regularly reads some ELM christo ragazine? speaks with the kids in English? definition of Hindu religion is some brand of neo-vedanta? reads aliens' books explaining "Hinduism"/aspects of it? or falls for subvertionist opinions on "Hinduism"? believes aliens make good "converts" or ready to praise aliens as exemplary "Hindus" and holding actual Hindus as falling short in the comparison? = All good markers of christoconditioning). Their knowledge of their ancestral heathen religion is always inversely proportional to their degree of christianisation.

If they convert to christianism, they become a threat to Hindus and Hindu religion, but not a loss to Hindu religion.
Highlighted bits.


Quote:Madhav Gadgil Committee Report and the Catholic Church of Kerala

08/12/2013 08:32:46

Prof C I Issac

Kerala, the only wholly literate State in India, is proving itself to be less educated one.

For the last couple of months, the main concern of a section of Kerala society is about the potential danger facing farmers and people in general due to implementation of the Gadgil/ Kasthurirangan proposals to save Western Ghats. Unfortunately, poor people are subjected to emotions rather than reasoning by some unseen forces and interest groups and are not adequately aware of the lessons of Uttarkashi during the last northwest monsoon season. They are not aware of the wrath of nature which awaits them.

The Western Ghats are the protector of the Indian peninsula and mother of more than a dozen perennial rivers. This is one of the most ecologically sensitive areas in the world and is now endangered due to indiscriminate human interference in the name of development. Hence, halting the rapid pace of the degradation of its environment is the main concern; this is the sum and substance of the Madhav Gadgil report.

The report was prepared after a careful and scientific survey of 18 months and presented to the Ministry of Environment and Forests on August 31, 2011. Madhav Gadgil is an outstanding professor at the Centre for Ecological Science, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; he has six titles and 215 research papers to his credit. His academic credibility is unquestioned, and it is in this light that one should see his observations and findings as a mantra for sustainability of human generations in peninsular India.

Some are opposing the report and spreading canards without reading or even seeing the text of the report. These forces began spreading baseless rumours immediately after its submission to the concerned ministry. Unfortunately, the authorities failed to provide a vernacular translation of the document to concerned quarters, which was an unpardonable lapse on their part.

Intense pressure from mysterious quarters led the Ministry to appoint another committee under Kasthurirangan to review and submit another report regarding the destiny of the Western Ghats and the people inhabiting the most sensitive locations of the Ghats, covering an area of 1,29,037 sq. km and spreading over six southern Indian States including Gujarat. Its end-to-end length is 1490 km, minimum width is 48 km and maximum width is 210 km. But the Kasthurirangan report did not differ much from the earlier report of Madhav Gadgil. The paradox is that of the six States, only Kerala reacted wildly against the report.

Out of 4156 villages spread over 142 taluks identified as ecologically sensitive by Gadgil, only 123 villages in 14 taluks lie in the State of Kerala and compared to other States villages in Kerala are small, just 8 to 14 sq. km. Among the 123 villages, only some portions are geologically sensitive. The task of identifying such places has been left to village panchayats and the Western Ghats Ecological Authority. Thus it is ‘much ado about nothing’ in one sense and in other sense the beginning of another labour pain to birth a new Kashmir in the far south.

Behind the wild reactions, the involvement of two religious forces is quite apparent - the Islamic terrorist groups and the Catholic Church of Kerala. The paradox is that other Christian Churches or the Catholic Church of Goa or Karnataka not reacted against the report in the manner of the Kerala Catholic Church. In fact, the Church of South India’s Bishop Rt. Rev. Thomas K Oommen came forward and extended the support of his Church and laity to the Gadgil recommendations.

[color="#0000FF"] For more than a decade, the Kerala Catholic Church has been active in generating confusion and social tension, particularly amongst its laity, using occasions such as the Holy Mass (or Holy Communion). In the midst or culmination of the Holy Mass, they read out Pastoral Letters, which are the new version of the medieval Papal Bulls. These letters are creating unnecessary confusion and concern amongst the ignorant and poor laity which is now gripped with a sense of social insecurity.[/color]

Since the 1957 ‘liberation’ movement against the democratically elected communist government, the Church has openly used the weapon of pastoral letters to infuriate its laity and achieve its political ends. Since 2000, the Church slightly changed its stratagem and tone towards petty social issues to generate insecurity amongst its laity.

One instance was the question of population, and the Church, in contradiction of the national population policy, called on the laity through its pastoral letters to have more births and offered very attractive incentives to those who accepted the call to have more children.

Another instance was the question of Mullapperiyar Dam. The concerns which the Church raised against the existence of the dam are, beyond doubt, false and imaginative. Moreover, the issue of dam is between two states of the Indian Union and there is a constitutional mechanism to settle such disputes. Notwithstanding these facts, the Church generated tension not only amongst Catholics but amongst the whole of society downstream of the dam. Behind all these activities there are hidden agendas.

Amidst the recent agitation against the Gadgil Report, [color="#FF0000"]the Catholic Bishop of Idukki threatened, ‘in Kerala they will create another Kashmir’[/color] if the Government did not discard the proposals of both Gadgil and Kasthurirangan. This threat is still alive. The malady is that so far the Bishop has neither tendered an apology nor withdrawn from his stand of civil war against the nation. The defunct Government of Kerala has not responded to this call/threat and its machineries are in torpor. Thus no action has been enunciated against him so far. [color="#FF0000"]Similar calls by priests in Nagaland in the 1960s had consequences from the 1970s onwards, for which we are still paying a heavy price.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Look what the catholic bishop - vatican appointed of course - is very consciously threatening. And getting away with threatening. Time to ship him and *all* his flock to the monotheistic pardees of TSP where all the monotheisms belong.

That the christian bishop does not intend his threat to be empty is clear to Issac too, which is why Issac makes a direct comparison to now-christianised Nagaland where similar threats have found deliberate, bloody fulfillment.)[/color]

In the meantime, it is better to see the other side of the present catastrophe. Multifarious interests are pivoting round the new issues. Both ruling and opposition fronts in Kerala favour [color="#FF0000"]the Islamic terrorist - Catholic Church nexus in disguise. The Church had readied such a nexus when a Catholic college professor’s hand was chopped off by Islamic fundamentalists, and the Church extended moral support to the terrorists and terminated the victim from service![/color]

(Actually, the general Indian case is islamic-christian terrorist nexus, not merely restricted to islamic-catholic.

But the above also admits that the nexus is of christian/catholic instigation: "The church had readied such a nexus" it reads. The same is true in all christoislamic collaboration against a Hindu Bharatam.)

[color="#0000FF"]Above all, Islamic terrorist groups with the moral support of the Muslim League are demanding one more Muslim majority district and subsequently a Muslim majority state by dividing Kerala. We shall set this aside for the time being. However, the Muslim League, the main constituent of the Congress-led Front, is godfathering Islamic terrorists in the State. They are its main source of income and vote bank. Similarly to the opposition Left Front also, Islamic terrorists are dear. Both fronts are unanimously supporting the cause of the hardcore terrorist Abdul Nassar Madhani.[/color]

The leaders of both Fronts are attempting to fish in troubled waters. They have varied interests. Some MLAs and leaders of the UDF & LDF are directly or indirectly running quarries in the rock-rich Western Ghats. Once the major suggestions of the report are implemented, they will be the main losers. Other leaders are running resorts and real estate business and seek rich commissions from the contractors of future hydro-electric projects; their interest in the Ghats is enhancing daily.

The Gadgil and Kasthurirangan reports suggest eco-friendly buildings. Both propose a ban on building construction above 2500 sq. m, quarries, unscientific road construction and dam constructions. This cannot be dismissed as anti-farmer. Gadgil recommended the promotion of topographic and ecological friendly agriculture. Indeed, all over the world such movements are gaining ground, even in Kerala. Can this be dubbed as against the Bible, Pope or Church?

Concerned citizens should study the major recommendations of the reports. They focus on environment-friendly and sustainable development of the Western Ghats while preserving its natural beauty and serenity as described in [color="#0000FF"]Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsa[/color]. To quote Gadgil: “Kalidasa likens the mountain range of Western Ghats to a comely young maiden, her head near Kanyakumari, Anaimalais and Nilgiris her breasts, Goa her hips, and her feet near river Tapi. All over the world, such mountains, endowed as they are with high levels of environmental heterogeneity, are treasure troves of natural diversity”

Retaining the diversity of the Ghats and the life of its habitants is the main concern of the report. Gadgil divided the ranges of the Western Ghats into three compartments based on its slanting, extent of forests, density of population, and hydrological considerations. But Kasthurirangan broadly divided it into two. Gadgil suggested certain do’s and don’ts based on the topographical specialty of the ranges. He left the implementation of the proposal to the joint decision of village panchayats and the Western Ghats Ecological Authority.

[color="#0000FF"]The 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments have bestowed decision-making powers to the Panchayati Raj Institutions and Nagarpalikas. But in reality all development decisions are being thrust on the people as most panchayats in Kerala are ruled by the Church laity.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Check out how much ground christianism has covered with its conversions/how much ground it has stolen, in Hindu Bharatam.)[/color]

So why are the Catholic Bishops of Kerala alone getting agitated? Of the 1,29,037 sq. km area of the Western Ghats, 41.56 percent belongs to natural forests zone and the remaining 58.44 percent is human-inhabited. In many places, the habitation exists on government record only. Its natural wealth is the attraction. [color="#FF0000"]Those behind the curtain of this agitation have multifarious interests, including terrorist and separatist activities.[/color] One must be careful before extending solidarity to the illusive agitation in the name of Gadgil committee report.

"Anti-Indian nexus" revealed to be - tadaa - christoislamic by someone who didn't feel compelled to hide the actual ideologies that are active behind all such "anti-national" things.


Quote:Fwd: New expose on IF

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Sandeep

Date: Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 2:18 PM

Subject: New expose on IF



Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / December 14, 2013 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Politics, Slider / No Comments

Note: This is a guest article contributed by IndiaFacts reader Ashok.

Imagine the hue and cry that would erupt if Narendra Modi just as much as mentions the Hindu word: the whole nation will decry his "majoritarian communalism." Indeed, any mention about promoting Sanskrit or Yoga by the BJP also constitutes communalism.

However, here is a website that I accidentally stumbled upon: christianminorities.ap.nic.in. This is run and maintained by none other than the Andhra Pradesh Government. We have a minority ministry at both the centre and in the states. However, it is quite a revelation that in Andhra Pradesh there is a special status solely for Christians. The contents of the website leaves no doubt as to the extraordinary status enjoyed by the Christian minority in Andhra Pradesh. Click the graphic for a larger version.

Let us begin with the welcome note displayed on the website itself:

Quote:The Andhra Pradesh State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation has been formed in November 2008. The main objective of the corporation is to assist the Christians community for their socio-economic development in collaboration with Banks and other Development Agencies. The Source of funding for the corporate is from Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Three conclusions follow from the note:

Quote:The Congress Government under Y S (SAMUEL) Rajashekhara Reddy (YSR) started it in 2008. In April 2009, the AP assembly elections were held. This corporation was set up to woo the Christian vote bank.

The main objective of the corporation is to assist the Christian community. Note that the special emphasis is on Christian community and not minority community.

The funding of this corporation comes directly from the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Surely, a clear case in which public money is blatantly earmarked for communal purposes.

Next, we note the various schemes mooted by this corporation:

Quote:Christian Mass Marriages (Stolen from sacred Hindu tradition of mass marriages of especially poor people who can't afford marriages)

Pre Matric Scholarships (Government of AP)

Post Matric Scholarships (Government of AP)

Tuition Fee Reimbursement (Government of AP)

Pre Matric Scholarships (Government of India)

Post Matric Scholarships (Government of India)

Merit-Cum-Means Scholarships (Government of India)

Training, Employment and Placement

Free Coaching for Competitive Examinations

Subsidy for Bank Linked Income Generation Schemes

Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem ( Stopped due to High Court Stay Order)

Financial Assistance for Construction/ Renovation/ Repairs to Churches (Stopped due to High Court Stay Order)

Financial Assistance to Christian Hospitals, School Buildings, Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Community Halls-cum-Youth and Resource Centers; and for Youth Awareness Programmes and promotion of Christian Culture.

The schemes in normal font can be found pretty much in most of the states. But we are yet to see Christian-only scholarships in any other states. And so, let us dwell on these Christian-only schemes more elaborately.

Till 2009, the Andhra Government used to give a subsidy to Christians to undertake a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. In July 2009, the High Court stayed the state funding of this subsidy. It seems that the court has vacated the stay, but the website says it has been stopped.

It is worth noting that the Andhra Government has a financial assistance scheme, which is perhaps still continuing, to promote Christian culture. Why should any Government which is ostensibly secular promote Christian culture with state funds? (Because it is a cryptochristian government. Obviously.) Is not it tantamount to saying that Christianity is state religion of Andhra? What would be the reaction if the BJP says it would promote Hindu culture?

There is yet another scheme to felicitate eminent Christians in Andhra. What does this mean? That a Secular Government is felicitating eminent personalities of a particular religion only? The following is the notification of that scheme:

Quote:A P State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation, Minorities Welfare Department, Government of AP solicits nominations from Heads of Churches, Christian Institutions, Community Leaders etc., for felicitating eminent Christians who have excelled in different fields of life and rendered exemplary services for the last 10 years in secular areas like 1) Social Work (2) Education (3) Literature (4) Medicine (5) Fine Arts/Theatre at the time of Christmas High Tea Programme hosted by the Government of AP through General Administration Department during December 2013. Those selected will be felicitated with a cash award of Rs.10,000/- along with a plaque in recognition of their services.

The majority-minority concept in India itself is a flawed one. Minority protection presupposes a strong, proselyting and united majority. But in India Hindus are not a united majority; instead they are divided into groups and subgroups. Here the majority community is a collection of thousands of minority groups who are less in number than Muslims and Christians. Hinduism is not a proselyting religion which propagates that other religions are false.

(Maybe Hindus should start doing so about the missionary religions. Never mind, probably too late anyway. People should have exposed cryptochristianism when Hindus still had a chance, nah?)

The aforementioned schemes are perfect examples of how brazenly communal and discriminatory schemes which are unconstitutional, are introduced in the name of secularism. Secularism nowadays, is even a defence for trying to get away with rape. Case in point: the eminent journalist who is now behind bars facing charges of rape.

It is both outrageous and unfortunate to see the Congress party, which wears secularism on its sleeve engaging in the open rape of the Constitution of India through such shameless communal schemes.

- See more at: indiafacts.co.in/how-christianity-receives-state-patronage-in-andhra-pradesh/#sthash.kSdmoUu4.dpuf

Best Regards,

Sandeep B

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 12/16/2013 01:53:00 AM 1 comments Links to this post
(Minority being given majority power by christist govt. Can compare with how Mizoram finally got declared a christian state outright once the minority converts had become majority - via violent ethnic cleansing of Hindus and other such christian goodness.)

And the important comment:

Quote:Uddharet said...

The very first thing I notice is that, as seen from the domain "nic.in", christianminorities.ap.nic.in is hosted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), which is a government agency directly under the Ministry of Ministry of Communications & Information Technology. www.nic.in/ is “the official website of National Informatics Centre the premier ICT Organization of the Government of India.” Therefore, "patronage" is not only from the State government, but it comes from the Union government itself. Actually, NIC is so well known it is surprising that no one noticed this utter and crass misuse of state machinery.

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