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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India



via rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2013/12/fwd-new-expose-on-if.html


Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / December 14, 2013 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Politics, Slider / No Comments

And the comment at the Rajeev2004 blog:

Quote:Uddharet said...

The very first thing I notice is that, as seen from the domain "nic.in", christianminorities.ap.nic.in is hosted by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), which is a government agency directly under the Ministry of Ministry of Communications & Information Technology. www.nic.in/ is “the official website of National Informatics Centre the premier ICT Organization of the Government of India.” Therefore, "patronage" is not only from the State government, but it comes from the Union government itself. Actually, NIC is so well known it is surprising that no one noticed this utter and crass misuse of state machinery.


Linked in the indiafacts article was the following -


Quote:Stay on state funding of Jerusalem tour vacated

By Our Legal Correspondent

Published: 27th September 2011 03:54 AM

Last Updated: 16th May 2012 07:12 PM

HYDERABAD: A division bench of the AP High Court comprising Chief Justice Nisar Ahmad Kakru and Justice Vilas Afzalpurkar on Monday vacated the interim orders of stay in the case pertaining to state funding of Jerusalem pilgrimage.

It may be recalled that Satish Agarwal and another person filed a writ petition challenging the action of the state government in paying for the pilgrimage taken up by Christian devotees to Jerusalem and other places.

A bench had granted interim orders in 2009 staying the operation of the scheme. When the respondent approached the Supreme Court, the apex court directed the High Court to decide finally on the matter.

When the cases were listed on Monday, the day of agitations in the HC, the bench perused the papers and vacated the interim orders. Similar orders of stay in cases pertaining to state funding for construction of churches, mosques, repairs of Wakf properties have been vacated.

Obviously Indian govt = christogovt (barely even cryptochristian, it behaves so typically christian).

Interesting, that on the "day of agitations in the HC", the "bench ...vacated the interim orders". Must be the same christists who agitated in TN on the day of the case for preventing takeover of the Chidambaram Nataraja Kovil.

Speaking of the Nataraja Kovil:

One of the comments at


(from article "Indian way of Secularism;Church-backed body has its own poll rules" on Mizoram)

See the magic hand of christianism (it's targeting major Kovils in TN, now even the private ones) -


09/12/2013 22:51:17 What happens in TN?

If the situation is not controlled in Tamil Nadu, then it will go the Kerala way after some time. Kerala politics being controlled by Muslims and Christians for most part of the year. For the balance part Communists are controlling, resulting in no saying for the wishes of the so called Hindus.

Lets see the situation in Tamil Nadu. Mr. Karunanidhi issued the orders for take over of Sri Nataraja Temple at Chidambaram. The Priests went to Court and now, the case is in Supreme Court. When the case is in Courts, normally, nobody should make any comments on the issue. But what is happening is Mr. Karunanidhi is advising the TN Government - how to conduct the case to the favour of TNs mis rule of taking up of the temple. Communists say, the TN Government should not let go of the grip on the temple. Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar comes to Chennai and takes part in a discussion of so called Intellectuals - mostly - an atheists meet at their - atheists - premises and advises the youngsters to become more atheist in thoughts and deeds. That means, asking the youngsters to be anti-Hindus. Thats what the atheists of TN are doing? Talk shows are being conducted in channels discrediting the actions of the priests, no one apart from atheists barring a priest are invited. They could have invited Mr. Raja or Shri Ramagopalanji, very well? Pure one sided show.

The questions rise in the mind are - why atheists are interested this much? why commies are showering advises to TN Government? and lastly why Mr. Aiyer should come all the way, praising DMK and DK - both are against Hindus, overall and praising their ideals?

(Because they are not really atheists. They are all cryptochristists. The goal is not so much the take over of the temple as the destruction of the temple)

After some time, when kerala becomes Christian majority, the churches will put rules and regulations like Mizoram, resulting in banana democracy.

Back to the original topic. What is going on in southern India is the following - a recap of the past provides a sneak preview:

Quote:The most effective way for Julian to further his cause was to do all he could to ensure that the worship of the gods was firmly linked to the material prosperity of the Empire in the minds of his subjects. That, above all, was what Constantine had done for the Church. Behind the success of his reforms had stood the brute force of money.135 Vast sums were spent on the building of basilicas, and there were grand endowments of land to the Church. That land, moreover, was to be exempt from tax. Clerics were excused the burden of costly public offices, even personally subsidized. There were food allowances for Christian widows and nuns. To pay for it all, Constantine looked to a source of funds accumulated over centuries: the huge treasure house of precious metals lying to hand in the ancestral temples. Pagans, it has been nicely said, had financed their own destruction.136 Julian's most pressing task in this connection was to do the same in reverse, to restore the temples as the perceived focus of public beneficia at the expense of the Church.137

And you know this to be true because of things like (repeat):

1. savetemples.org/images/pdfs/save%20temples%20presentation.pdf


Total number of Temples: 207,000

Total collections at the Temples: 72 Crores

Money spent on Temple Upkeep: 6 Crores [=8%]

Money spent on Muslims for Haj: 50 Crores [=70% of Hindu temple money]

Money spent on churches: 10 Crores [=15% of Hindu temple money]

Money for other activities: 6 Crores [non-Hindu purposes]

-- Report by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & India Today

Funds given by Hindu devotees are directed to pay Haj for Muslims and Christian churches (to convert Hindus!!)"

2. bharatjagran.com/bharat-jagran-data/2008/110608.htm

Quote:Statement of Receipts and disbursements of revenues from Temples

Govt. of Karnataka

Statement of Allocation of Revenue for development purposes

Revenue/Expense From Temples

See table at link
Considering the table, note the directionally proportional relationships and the inverse-directionally proportional relationships in its official data.

That is, note how from 1997-2003,

- despite a continuous INCREASE in Hindu temple income (from 58 crores to 79 crores donations by HINDUS to Hindu temples),

- there is a continuous DECREASE in the amount of that income spent on Hindu temples (down from 16.5 crores in 1997 to 7 crores in 2003)

- there is a continuous DECREASE in number of Hindu temples in the state (owing to *deliberately* forcing Hindu temples into destitution and thus "naturally", "secularly" closing down, despite Hindu temples getting more Hindu donations than ever before)

- DECREASE in women and child welfare programs (down from 22 crores to 0 crores)

- there is a miraculous continuous INCREASE in the Hindu temple money donated to the "minority" religions: Madarsas/Mosques/Hajj committee got 14 crores in 1997 and now 60 crores in 2002/2003, while christian churches used to get 5 crores of HINDU temple money in 1997 up to 12.75 crores in 2003. (This does not count their incomes from their own sources and further "minority" kickbacks by the minority party. Nor does it count looting of Hindu temples by said minorities.)

To close it all off memorably, here's the weather forecast ("the storm is obviously gathering" -> "so chances of a storm are pretty high"). The following is about the - initially cryptochristian - Roman emperor Constantine:


"At Christ in a manger Greeks and Romans had mocked. By an emperor in the purple, with the police and soldiers behind him, their eyes were opened.

-- The Story of Religious Controversy, by historian and former Catholic priest Joseph McCabe"

I think the bit on 'police and soldiers' can include the footsoldiers for christianism that are provided by islamania.

The same christian storm that has swept the NE is coming. To/for the south. (Most of/all the rest of India is earmarked for mughalstan, as you know. = christianism's deal with islam.)


Quote:Monday, December 16, 2013

Fwd: PC preparing for the Rs. 48000 crore last laugh. SoniaG, remove him from his position before the economy is left in shambles for NaMo & Swamy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: S. Kalyanaraman

Date: Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 8:40 AM

Subject: PC preparing for the Rs. 48000 crore last laugh. SoniaG, remove him from his position before the economy is left in shambles for NaMo & Swamy.





PC preparing for the Rs. 48000 crore last laugh. SoniaG, remove him from his position before the economy is left in shambles for NaMo & Swamy. P Chidambaram wants to have a Rs48,000-cr last laugh

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013, 7:38 IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: DNA

Ashutosh Kumar

North Block working on plan to saddle next government with huge oil bill.

Finance minister P Chidambaram and his key North Block officials are mulling an accounting sleight of hand.

If things fall apart for the UPA come 2014, the plan is to saddle whichever party that forms the government next year with damages totalling Rs48,000 crore – the amount North Block will have to carry forward if it wants to come out with clean fiscal numbers this year.

This could also be perceived as an attempt to generate resources for the implementation of UPA's flagship scheme — the Food Security Act — which, of late, has been facing challenges on the funding front.

A senior finance ministry official told dna: "We are considering carrying forward a payable of up to Rs48,000 crore to oil marketing companies from the current year to the next financial year."

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) — which after its splendid showings in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh hopes to get the numbers to form the next government at the Centre — says left with a burden like that, it will become a huge liability for any party or formation that will come to power to move forward.

BJP leader and ex-chairman of the Goods and Service Tax panel of state finance ministers, Sushil Kumar Modi, told dna: "This will become a difficult financial liability for those who will form the next government. Anyway, the UPA has been following a flawed policy of curtailing plan expenditure.

Last year, too, the central government cut at least Rs80,000 crore and welfare schemes suffered."

At the core of the issue lies the fact that under recoveries of the oil marketing companies have gone way beyond what was factored in at the time of budget making in February this year.

Consider this!



Rest at link.

This too is christianism.

So If BJP comes to power, it should make sure to send the ENTIRE bill to christianism: christian churches must be made to pay.

Hope Modi - Prince of "Development First" - won't convert the "Toilets first Temples later" slogan into "Clear debt first at whatever the cost to Hindudom, Temples are a secondary thought" by trying to tax Hindoo temples - as christianism anticipates BJP will - or even tax the Hindoo-majority populace to pay for the debt that *christianism* intends to saddle the Hindu-majority country with.

Now wasn't it Chidambaram's wife who is deeply embroiled/working for (=with) foreign missionaries in India? = (Crypto)christian.


Quote:fast food nation?

[color="#0000FF"]the attention span of the indian public has become alarmingly short.

look at the big stories hogging mindshare and attention:[/color]




these have been totally forgotten.

now it's



all of them are nine-days' wonders, and generally quite meaningless too.

meanwhile the big picture:

a. how there is a scorched earth policy going on with the UPA systematically destroying institutions in anticipation of losing power

b. the changed scenario in asia with a more confident japan willing to stand up to chinese bullying

c. the impact of the iran-US rapproachment

d. how a possible modi government needs to move forward

does not get any attention at all

we have become, like america, addicted to fast food and throwaway stories.


sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity Posted by nizhal yoddha at 12/18/2013 01:34:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post

The Devyani manufactured drama is documented at rajeev2004.blogspot.com

1. niticentral.com/2013/12/19/diplomat-arrest-case-maids-letter-reveals-devyanis-innocence-170417.html

Quote:Diplomat arrest case: Maid’s letter reveals Devyani’s innocence

Niticentral Staff

19 Dec 2013

Indian diplomat Devyani’s sister has released a letter in which maid Sangeeta Richards writes that the diplomat’s family was very nice to her. It also says that the diplomat treated Sangeeta very well and even gave her an iPad.

Khobragade, 39, the Deputy Consul General at the Indian Consulate in New York, was arrested last week and has been accused of visa fraud and for making false statements about the salary and employment terms of Sangeeta Richard, the domestic help she had got from India.

The American conspiracy behind Devyani Khobragade’s arrest began to unravel when it was learnt that the maid Sangeeta Richard’s family was flown out of India two days before the diplomat was arrested. There are allegations that the US authorities had even paid for the passage of the maid’s family. Though it is premature to guess what could be the motive behind this preempted move, yet conspiracy theorists are spinning various stories.

According to reports, the husband and two children of the absconding maid had obtained US visas and flown to New York.

2. niticentral.com/2013/12/19/more-to-devyani-khobragade-controversy-than-meets-the-eye-170273.html

via rajeev2004.blogspot.com

Quote:Devyani Khobragade row: More to it than meets the eye

Sandhya Jain19 Dec 2013

Devyani Khobragade, the diplomat who was publicly handcuffed, arrested and subjected to indecent body searches and locked up with lumpen drug addicts and other convicts prior to receiving bail last week, could have inadvertently compromised Indian security by harbouring a mole in her domestic establishment. A top strategic expert, who wished to remain unnamed, says it is important that India understand how Khobragade engaged Sangeeta Richards, the nanny-cum-housekeeper behind the trouble, and took her to America.

That there is a larger conspiracy behind the episode is evident from the fact that on December 10, two days before the diplomat’s arrest (December 12), Sangeeta Richards’s husband, Philip, and two children quietly flew to America by an Air India flight. Somebody in Washington had helped them procure visas, a highly unusual development, since the Indian Government had revoked Sangeeta Richards’s official passport in July and asked for her to be deported to India. Usually such a dramatic evacuation is done only to protect US spies; hence it is important to investigate the Richard family, its associations, and bank accounts.

The Richard family seems well networked with the diplomatic community. Sangeeta’s father-in-law reportedly works in the American embassy in Delhi; her mother-in-law is said to have worked for a senior US diplomat; her husband, Philip, was a driver with the Mozambique embassy. Philip was granted a T-visa, which allows victims of human trafficking and immediate family members to remain and work temporarily in the United States if they agree to assist law enforcement in testifying against the perpetrators. This suggests a larger conspiracy.

Sangeeta Richard arrived in the US in November 2012 to work as a domestic help for India’s deputy consul general in New York. She allegedly wanted to do extra work outside on her off days, but was told it was illegal under her visa status and because she had an official passport. But on June 23, she simply walked out, and two weeks later turned up at an immigration attorney’s firm in Manhattan, New York, alleging that she was overworked and underpaid. She had clearly rustled up some powerful support, or was known to the US authorities all along, given the employment profile of her marital family.

The MEA has since revealed that on July 1, Devyani Khobragade received a telephone call from an unidentified woman who said Richards would not go to court if her employment was terminated and she was paid for 19 hours of work per day. On July 2, the diplomat informed the Office of Foreign Missions and the New York Police Department about the call, in writing. But on July 8, she was called by the immigration lawyer’s office and asked to pay $10,000, convert Sangeeta Richards’s passport into an ordinary one and help her get a visa to stay on in America.

Alarmed at this development, the Indian Government revoked Richards’s official passport, which made her status illegal in the US, and asked the State Department to locate and send her back to India. The request was repeated in September; the same month, the Delhi High Court issued an interim injunction restraining Richards from instituting any action or proceeding against Khobragade outside India regarding her employment and to settle all disputes in India as both women worked for the Government of India. The Indian mission informed the US authorities that as the maid was seeking a US visa, she was violating laws in both countries. On November 21, the Saket district court issued a non-bailable warrant for Sangeeta Richards, and India asked the US to help serve the warrant and repatriate the maid.

The MEA clearly erred in not issuing an immigration alert for Richards’s husband and children once the State Department proved so uncooperative, and since Philip Richards initially filed a missing persons report about his wife but later withdrew it. The authorities took six days after Khobragade’s arrest to realise that the family had flown the coop.

With hindsight, it seems that Richards’s walkout was part of a plan in concert with American authorities; the luckless Indian diplomat seems collateral damage. New Delhi must figure out the US game plan and enlighten the nation. Sangeeta Richards has received US hospitality for six months and now her family has surreptitiously been taken to settle in America. This makes a mockery of the US claim that Khobragade was arrested because she was not paying her staff according to the hourly minimum wage in America.

The Sangeeta Richards episode brings to mind the 2004 affair of Army Major and CIA mole, Rabinder Singh, who was serving as a joint secretary in the Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW), when he escaped to the United States with his wife after causing untold damage to India’s national interests and security. Former R&AW special secretary and head of the counter-intelligence unit, Amar Bhushan, uncovered the scandal in his book, Escape to Nowhere. It seems Indian intelligence was aware of Singh’s betrayal and was monitoring him closely for three months when he suspected that he had been unmasked and escaped via Kathmandu with the help of the CIA station chief there.

The lesson which India never learnt is that the US compulsorily retired the Kathmandu station head to punish him for failing to evacuate Singh covertly and exposing CIA’s hand in the episode. But in India, the 57 employees of R&AW who regularly shared information with Singh remained in the organisation; 26 were not even asked for an explanation and 31 who had shared operational details with him were posted abroad.

After Dr Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister, the CIA tried to infiltrate the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), which is part of the Prime Minister’s Office. Some NSCS staffers were suspected of having clandestine links with an unnamed lady CIA officer posted as a diplomat in the US embassy in Delhi. Her task was to liaise with concerned Government departments in connection with the Indo-US Cyber Security Forum set up when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was Prime Minister. She reportedly used this opportunity to allegedly recruit moles in the NSCS, which coordinates the work of the Indo-US Cyber Security Forum.

Previously also, the Indian intelligence community has been suborned by the CIA at middle and senior levels. Just eight months after Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister in 1984, India’s biggest and most serious spy scandal broke, resulting in the arrest of 15 officials, including TN Kher, personal assistant to Principal Secretary PC Alexander. The scandal involved thousands of top secret documents and code books being photocopied and faxed from the PMO itself. Alexander resigned on ‘moral grounds’.

Then, the head of the R&AW office in Chennai, an IPS officer in the rank of director, was found to have clandestine contacts with a CIA officer posted in the US consulate there. Tipped off by the Intelligence Bureau (IB), R&AW immediately detained and interrogated him for one year at New Delhi’s Tihar Jail, but he was not prosecuted.

In the 1990s, when PV Narasimha Rao was Prime Minister, a very senior IPS officer serving in the IB was suspected to be working for Heidi August, a CIA officer posted as a diplomat at the US embassy in Delhi. He was exposed when a junior IB officer accidentally discovered that Heidi August had a mobile phone registered in the senior officer’s name. The officer was sent on premature retirement after the IB and R&AW confirmed his treason.

This brings us back to Devyani Khobragade, who has been unjustly accused of underpaying an employee who is possibly an ‘asset’ of a foreign agency. The Indian Government, which failed to retaliate when former President APJ Abdul Kalam was double frisked at an American airport, former Defence Minister George Fernandes was strip searched, and attempts were made to humiliate diplomat Hardeep Puri, must ensure that Washington release the diplomat unconditionally and with full apology, and explain its inexplicable interest in the Richards family.

The initial Indian reaction to the arrest – snub to a visiting Congress delegation; revocation of diplomatic IDs to US consul staff and their families; withdrawal of airport passes and import clearances; removal of security barricades around the American Embassy on Shanti Path; and demand for information about wages paid to Indians employed by the US mission and by individual diplomats in India – is inadequate given the enormity of the provocation.

The Government of India, backed as it is by the entire nation, must respond in a more muscular fashion, commensurate to the offence in which the US Government has knowingly helped Sangeeta Richards commit an immigration fraud and evade Indian justice. In these circumstances, Secretary of State John Kerry’s telephonic apology to National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon is a meaningless diplomatic nicety since the US is standing by the arrest. Worse, the US marshal service seems to have flouted its own rules by subjecting the diplomat to intrusive strip and cavity searches, when these can be done only if there is “reasonable suspicion” that the person arrested is carrying contraband or weapons, is a repeat offender or is considered a security, escape or suicide risk. None of these conditions apply to Devyani Khobragade.

And the interesting comments:

Quote:Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan

Rabinder Singh, an Indian traitor working for CIA, was the one who immediately came to my mind reading news related to this episode. By now he must be a drug addict existing on American doles after blowing away his ill-gotten wealth as a renegade, and he must be a pimp on American streets for his own family members. Well.

But a Nanny in a diplomat's household, it never occurred to me as to what kind of an intelligence asset she can be for a third country. Therefore I dismissed this espionage angle from my mind and thought on different angles. Now I realize it is a very serious matter, and it is better dealt with by people in the business. I should have known better after witnessing what a baby sitting au pair (nanny) has done to my own country!


very good article. The so called electronic media experts, who had traced nitin gadkari's firms, should do investigation on the background of sangeeta and her family and expose the americans. mere shouting and discussing will not do any good to the diplomat. The steps taken by the MEA to the american embassy and its occupants is a welcome, except the removing of barricades. This may result in security lapse , which is not in the interest of our country.

see more


This is how the CIA protects its operatives and plants. There's many many such in Delhi esp. Glad this has blown open. The deliberate disinformation in the western media and US slant that Indians must lump it is totally unacceptable


Judging by modus operandi revealed, it is almost certain that the Richards family had some sort of intelligence role and nanny herself may have been one of their operatives as well. Do note European and the US embassies rarely employ non Christian local employees, except for Gurkhas in the British embassy, used as their historic cannon fodder.

see more


It will be interesting if background of Preet Bharara can be researched? Did he by any chance grow up in a Khalistan supporting family? Even today there are many rabid anti-India, Khalistan families in North America. I wouldn't be surprised this guy grew up in a rabid anti_india environment. The US having done its due diligence will know this, and accordingly how to use him and how much to trust him.


Something rousing about India-AmeriKKKa bhai-bhai - a song perhaps - would be perfect just about now.

3. niticentral.com/2013/12/19/devyani-case-third-instance-of-maids-accusing-indian-diplomats-170414.html

Quote:Devyani case third instance of maids accusing Indian diplomats

Yoshita Singh

19 Dec 2013

[Pic of Devayanai]

The case of Devyani Khobragade, a top Indian diplomat accused of fraud by her domestic help, is the third instance where maids working for diplomats at the Indian Consulate General in New York have complained against their employers.

Khobragade, 39, the deputy consul general at the Indian Consulate in New York, was arrested last week and has been accused of visa fraud and for making false statements about the salary and employment terms of Sangeeta Richard, the domestic help she had got from India.

Khobragade’s arrest and the charges against her have triggered a major diplomatic row between India and the US with New Delhi sternly asserting that Khobragade enjoys diplomatic immunity and expressing shock at the “barbaric” treatment meted out to her while she was detained.

However, Khobragade’s case is not an isolated one and top diplomats serving at the Indian Consulate General in the city were accused of harassment and slavery by their maids.

The most recent case is that of India’s previous Consul General Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, who was slapped with sexual harassment accusation in 2011 by his maid Santosh Bhardwaj.

Dayal had rubbished the charges levelled against him saying they were “complete nonsense. These are mischievous and malicious lies.”

Bhardwaj, 45 had filed a forced labour-suit against Dayal accusing him of treating her as a slave and making sexual advances.

However, Bhardwaj had later dropped charges of sexual harassment and that she had to sleep on “a mattress on the floor in a small storage room” against the Indian envoy in an ‘amended complaint.

Earlier in July 2010, a complaint was filed in a federal court by Shanti Gurung who accused diplomat Neena Malhotra and her husband Jogesh of kidnapping, trafficking her and ill-treatment.

Gurung accused the Malhotras of harassment and “slavery”.

A US Magistrate Judge had later recommended that Gurung be awarded $ 1.5 million in compensation by Malhotras.

However the Delhi High Court had restrained Gurung from pursuing her lawsuit in the US.

The Delhi court had also accepted the argument that Neena is a diplomat in the services of the Government of India and was sent in official capacity to the US and thus enjoys Sovereign immunity.


Hmmm, a pattern emerges. "Curiouser and curiouser."

4. firstpost.com/world/diplomatic-row-i-broke-down-several-times-says-devyani-khobragade-1294793.html

One of the comments:

Quote: AR

• a day ago− +

It appears that there is more than what meets the eye. Far too many things coming out. Have come across some theories making rounds online so far:

1. MSM is being used to whip up sentiments and outrage, as usual, and

when the emotion has reached a peak, it will be used by Sonia G to

justify a 'no response' to US issued summon on 1984 riots.[when the

diplomat is immune, how can UPA chairperson be expected to response to


2. The US govt. did it purposely using Christian lobby and the sepoy

Preet. Preet gets his pat on the back for being a good coolie and India

gets harrassed.

3. [Already mentioned by someone here] This is a reaction to

cancellation of Visa for a new staff in US embassy in India as he was


[color="#800080"](comment at end)[/color]

4. It is a smokescreen to keep attention away from coalgate, 2G proceedings.

[color="#800080"](But that just underlines how it's the US that's the brains behind how the Indian christogovt and christomedia keeps covering up all the important news on the country by launching one drama after another to divert the public, as Rajeev and others (like Sealion at HK) had noted.)[/color]

PS: Oh and BTW, I thought till 2 days ago, sec377 was the biggest issue, but that's an old story now I suppose..? Something very fishy is going on.

This in the above is obviously wrong:

Quote:3. [Already mentioned by someone here] This is a reaction to

cancellation of Visa for a new staff in US embassy in India as he was


Nonsense. US controls all of Indian internal policy these days: Indian govt, christomedia, judiciary and - as Sandhya Jain documented in the 2nd news item of this post - US also has deep infiltrators in Indian 'intelligence'. US govt is what's behind - [url=http://www.india-forum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2530-jan-lokpal-movement/page__view__findpost__p__116751

]as per "amAtya rAkShasa"'s post in the Jan Lokpal thread[/url] - propping up the AAP party/figureheads: "Hazare, who will leave for the US on 15 August, said he will be visiting Columbia University, Wharton University, New York, Washington, South Carolina, Atlanta, Chicago, Petersburgh and attend a meeting with the governor of Delaware during the course of the trip."

Clearly US saw that their puppets the Congress weren't looking to do well in the coming elections/US wanted some security as regards what political power replaces Congress in India, and so hijacked the Yogi Ramdev's anti-corruption movement, using puppets like Hazare etc. US organised the hijacking - just as they've subsequently organised Hazare's tour to advertise their approval for their puppet Anna and his gang/party to all the US and international western audience - just underscores it all the more.

It's also why the AAP is the new thing the US is propping up with full mobilisation of its powers in India (christomedia et al): rajeev2004 blog's RajeevS/Karyakarta/San already observed that the Indian christomedia puppets of the US had all-of-a-sudden unanimously dropped trumpeting the KKKongress and its crown prince, and moved onto heralding the AAP as the ones the Indian masses must vote for instead - "anything except the BJP" since it doesn't align to foreign interests as readily as all the others already in US/alien pay. Consider that for years the US had declared/advertised to international audiences that Rahul was/should be India's crown prince), which US' Indian mouthpiece the local christomedia had followed suit. Now it's dump the sinking ship that is KKKongress and Rahul and launch a new boat, the AAP.

And the fact that the US magically organised invitations to all kinds of "prestigious" universities for Hazare to drop by - which sounds of an identical pattern to all the foreign awards, "chairs" and other appointments doled out to the mentally regressive Indian communits and christos working for US interests in India - would just be to publicly crown (i.e. privately start propping up) of the new chosen (puppet) Indian party that the US wants to succeed the KKKangress in India and make the stupid secular/mind-numbed Indian classes vote for.

Every other major country that is/was not yet aligned with US interests/imperatives has had colour revolutions and Arab springs foisted on them, courtesy AmeriKKKa and its long reach. Why is it so hard for Indian masses to notice the same happening in the Indian case?

Even if KKKangress drowns itself at last, the US has brought together the christoislamicommunits votebank in the AAP to be the successor, to thereby continue the foreign-controlled ideological terrorism of the Hindu natives and exploit the country and keep it 3rd world (all while converting it first to christianism and then to islam - which will keep the region that's at present still known as a country/India 3rd world forever).

I wonder how the US army base in Tiruvanantapuram is coming along. CIA generally uses missionaries to convert the masses of regions so the sheep will

- immediately fall in line with US policy for the region (and christist sheep always have a 3rd world mentality and do as their 1st world masters bid)

- as well as serving as an Indian army loyal to foreign interests, one that can be easily hijacked and incited on any issues the US wants to "raise" to drown out more important matters or to create local riots etc (the way the christocolonial Brits organised christists in Kerala and set up the "Justice Party" in TN to riot against on demand, whenever the native Hindus tried to oust christoBritish control).

Perhaps the US army base is already 4 storeys tall - a la the islamic madrassas AP's christogovt had greenlighted in Tirupati and which also went unreported in christomedia.

Maybe the US army base that's setting up shop will get the significantly-christoised Tiruvanantapuram to carve itself and declare itself an independent christian state, the way christians alien and local got Mizoram to do so?
Still on the topic of the shadiness surrounding the Devyani Drama


1. Some more comments to Sandhya Jain's expose on the latest concerning the US spy network among Indian christists and commies and other assorted christoconditioned/alienated in India:


Quote:M K Mathai

design behind the humiliation

it is probably a message that they and their family will be protected even against court orders and govt action.

and a warning to anyone who dares to cross their path.

a very powerful message. and a very weak response in the given context.

virendra parekh

Superb article by Sandhyaji. There is urgent need to focus on the maid: what explains the US interest in her family, how managed to plant herself in the diplomat's household, how much damage she inflicted on India, how India can get repatriated for interrogation and prosecution and so on. [color="#0000FF"]Kerry's regret does not carry conviction. He regrets not the treatment meted out to the Indian diplomat but India's reaction to it.[/color] That is height of arrogance. How dare you coloured natives dare to stand up to us, the mighty US?, he seems to be saying. India must insist on an unambiguous and unconditional apology.

Asutosh Bardhan

Surely there is something fishy about the Maid. If she is a modern day Mata Hari, it has more to do with the inept RAW / IB than with the IFS which is jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof.

My immediate points are for the IFS.

a) Does the IFS have a selection committee? If there is Ms Devyani Choragade would not have got through. In 2005 she and her dad wilfully and intentionally with full knowledge usurped the homes belonging to Kargil war widows.

b ) Where was the IFS when eminent Indians were searched and disrobed at US Airports?

c) Where was the IFS when soldiers at the borders lost their heads and genitals.

Ms Devyani matter is nowhere close to comparison of the above examples. There is no doubt that she has broken the laws of the host country by giving false information (like Adarsh Scam). In these criminal activities she was NOT representing India, but only her selfish self. Her “cavity search” of the lower half with a torch light does not diminish the dignity of an Indian. This is the procedure for law breakers for their own


The blame lies squarely with the MEA. Please do not post tainted people abroad. A Chor will always remain a Chor. It is India that pays.


In 2011, [color="#0000FF"]Krittika Biswas[/color], daughter of Indian diplomat Debashish Biswas, in Indian Consulate General in New York City was handcuffed and locked up for more than

24 hours after a shoddy probe by administrators into alleged obscene e-mails sent to two teachers in her school. Her claims of diplomatic immunity were ignored. [color="#0000FF"]She was later declared innocent![/color]


Brilliant investigative report, Sandhya ji. [color="#0000FF"]Have Devyani and MEA goofed up recruiting Sangeetha Richard? Devyani's transfer to UN Mission tells a story: has she compromised any sensitive info. of NY Consulate by employing Sangeetha R? Read Preet Bharara's statement. And Devyani's father said Sangeetha left the house in June with a file, containing what?[/color]


[color="#0000FF"]What Kerry said means 1) American legal procedures correct and no apology is warranted; cavity searches of Indian women, even diplomats, are entirely acceptable. 2) He regretted the events that have transpired since the effective rape of the Indian diplomat lady. 3) the subsequent Indian rage at the assault against an Indian women is what he regretted - meaning you natives straighten your act. He expressed NO regret over arrest, treatment and violation of diplomatic protocol.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"](Kerry is catholic. That's why his "apologies" follow catholic the format: apologise for nothing on your end, but that the other end has taken offence at it.)[/color]

Of course, the US picked a Coolie - Preet Bharara, AmeriKKKan in Indian-face - to mouth the things that the US wants to say to the India/Indians: they always handpick a native voice for these things. Just to pretend to the rest of the western witnesses/international audience that this is not the old colonial attitude, look we have Indian-origin people (lashkars/sepoys of course) to "engage" the Indians, rather than us christocolonials lecturing them directly.

2. Tweet listing at the Rajeev2004 blog:

Quote:@RajeevSrinivasa #devyani sangeeta richard's background: kerala, left hubby after 3 days as he was poor, desperate to emigrate. nice. [color="#0000FF"]www.indianexpress.com/news/sangeeta-always-wanted-to-work-abroad-motherinlaw/1209409/[/color] … Sangeeta always wanted to work abroad: Mother-in-Law - Indian Express

Sangeeta Richard, whose complaint triggered the events leading to diplomat Devyani Khobragade's arrest, was always keen to work abroad, according to her mother-in-law....

The Indian Express @IndianExpress 5 Retweets 1 favorite Hide Summary


rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa chew on this, left-liberal creep @IChotiner -- sure looks like a conspiracy. by americans. and godmen? #devyani [color="#0000FF"]dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2526067/Decoding-Khobragade-controversy-How-row-maids-visa-sparked-scale-diplomatic-incident.html[/color] …

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa Another sangeeta richard play by cia #Devyani | Bolivia says U.S. orchestrated getaway of detained New Yorker

[color="#0000FF"]uk.reuters.com/article/idUKBRE9BH1H420131218?p=BRE9BH1H5[/color] …8 Retweets 2 favorites Collapse

Kanchan Gupta @KanchanGupta Twist after twist to Devyani maid story. Maid's husband's parents work at US Embassy in Delhi.Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan

72 Retweets 6 favorites Collapse

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa definitely peculiar that maid was missing w/o passport since june, her family shows up in US in dec, 3 days later #devyani arrest drama2 Retweets Expand

ReplyRetweetFavorite· 2 Retweets 19 Dec

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa was #devyani maid sangeeta richard a spy? NSA already spies on phone calls. thus 'witness protection' for her family spirited away to US7 Retweets 1 favorite Expand

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa india has become america. there too, the dumb masses have a very short attention span and believe what the TV guy says @Milindkher5 Retweets 4 favorites Collapse

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa shadow-boxing, in other words. people will forget, move on to next outrage. just hold on until then. @unknowncorner @VikasSaraswat1 Retweet Collapse

More tweets:

Quote:On #devyani

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa4hAnother sangeeta richard play by cia #Devyani | Bolivia says U.S. orchestrated getaway of detained New Yorker uk.reuters.com/article/idUKBRE9BH1H420131218?p=BRE9BH1H5 …

Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa9hi use 'ugly american' not necessarily pejoratively, i am referring to 1958 book of the same name.

Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa9hin s e asia the culprit was kissinger. wonder who the grey eminence is this time.

Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa9hnext step in s asia i suspect will be the formal secession of mizo/naga RoL lands, followed by creation of 'greater bangladesh'

Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa9hUgly Americans toyed with s e asia and ruined it, killed millions: cambodia, laos, vietnam etc. now with s asia: nepal the first domino

Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa9hthis whole sordid tale of #devyani's maid's family being spirited away to the US reminds me of the last helicopter taking off from saigon


sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 12/18/2013 08:22:00 PM

Above links to:


Bolivia says U.S. orchestrated getaway of detained New Yorker

LA PAZ Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:10pm GMT


Khobragade Case Facts

It turns out that Khobragade had already been handling the matter through the Indian and US legal systems, before she was arrested:


Posted by san at 12/19/2013 09:16:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post


more interesting info on #devyani

so there is a revenge motive too.


3. A lot of the following was linked off from the rajeev2004 blog, as seen in the previous post


also at dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2526067/Decoding-Khobragade-controversy-How-row-maids-visa-sparked-scale-diplomatic-incident.html

Quote:Devyani Khobragade case reveals how row over maid's visa lead to this diplomatic incident

Saurabh Shukla | Mail Today | New Delhi, December 19, 2013 | UPDATED 09:40 IST

Devyani KhobragadeThe Devyani Khobragade controversy is not just about the provocative arrest of a senior Indian diplomat.

Highly placed sources have told Mail Today that Sangeeta Richard, the maid at the centre of the controversy, was previously employed by a senior US diplomat. Another intriguing part of the unfolding story is that a visa was issued to Richard family-Sangeeta's husband Philip and their two children-and they left the country by an Air India flight on December 10, even as New Delhi was engaging with Washington on the issue.

A Mail Today investigation has revealed how the saga unfolded, with the Indian Deputy Consul General finding it difficult even to lodge a missing persons report for Sangeeta Richard with the New York Police Department (NYPD), and how the US ignored India's plea for action against Richard and instead piled pressure on India. Mail Today has accessed official documents to weave the story together. This is how it all went down:

NOVEMBER 2012: Sangeeta Richard enters the United States with Deputy Consul General Devyani Khobragade.

Supporters of Rashtrawadi Shiv Sena shout anti-US slogans during a protest near the US Embassy in New Delhi.

JUNE 23, 2013: Richard goes missing. In Delhi, her husband says he has no idea where she is. Richard had some days earlier sought Khobragade's permission to take up another part-time job in New York; it was denied.

JUNE 24, 2013: Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) in New York informed, and its help requested in tracing Richard.

An intriguing part of the story is how difficult it became for Khobragade to file a Missing Persons Report with the NYPD. It was on the advice of the OFM, Khobragade went to file a missing person report at the police precinct concerned, but was told that she could not since Richard was an adult, and that such a report could only be lodged by a member of her family.

When Mr Richard, Sangeeta's husband, was contacted, he refused to file a Missing Person Report, indicating his awareness of something being amiss.

JUNE 25, 2013: Unable to file a report, Devyani sends a letter to the police precinct concerned, requesting them to file a missing person report and trace Richard. Sustained efforts resulted in the NYPD seeking inspection of Khobragade's residence. As diplomatic premises are out of bounds for local law enforcement agencies, Khobragade was interviewed in front of the Permanent Mission of India, her residence, and a missing person report filed by the NYPD.

JULY 1, 2013: A woman claiming to be the Richard's lawyer calls Khobragade to tell her that Sangeeta would not go to court only if, one, the Indian diplomat signs a 566 form authorising the maid to terminate her employment, and, two, change her visa status from government visa to normal visa, and, three, be compensated for 19 hours of work per day. Khobragade refuses to negotiate on phone, insisting that the caller first identify herself; the caller hangs up.

Indian Deputy Consul General Devyani Khobragade, extreme left.

JULY 2, 2013: Khobragade informs the OFM about these developments in writing, seeking NYPD support in ascertaining the identity of the caller and her links with Richard, given that the conversations clearly indicate that the runaway maid has no intention of returning to India and seems keen to extort money by making false accusations. No action is taken.

Khobragade files a written complaint with the Delhi Police against Sangeeta Richard and her husband Philip Richard, accusing them of cheating under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, and asking the police to book them for the offence and recover the maids official passport.

JULY 5, 2013: Khobragade files complaint of agaggravated harassment with respect to the phone call received on July 1 for extortion and blackmail. No action taken by NYPD.

Michael Phillips, Director (Human Resources) at the US embassy in New Delhi, is called by senior MEA official and briefed about missing maid, reports filed with the US State Department and NYPD, and the FIR filed in India against Sangeeta Richard. The assistance of the State Department and US Embassy is emphatically solicited in locating the maid and sending her back to India to pre-empt this being used as an immigration channel.

The US Embassy conveys its understanding and promises to follow-up with the State Department and local authorities. No feedback is received India's requests, however. Similar requests were made by the Indian Embassy in Washington D.C. to the State Department in Washington D.C.

Lack of cooperation by Philip Richard prompts Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to advise Khobragade on filing a First Information Report in Delhi against the Richard family for wilful deceit and attempt to cheat to illegally immigrate to the US by wrongful means.

Based on the MEA's advice, Khobragade also filed for an anticipatory anti-suit injunction in the Delhi High Court so as to prevent filing of any case in the US by Richard to avoid ensuing litigation in the US.

JULY 8, 2013: Khobragade is called to 'Access Immigration', an immigration lawye's office, to discuss terms of settlement with Richard. Accompanied by the consulate officers, Khobragade meets Richard whose seeks payment of $10,000, grant of an ordinary Indian passport along with whatever immigration relief is required to stay on in the US on that ordinary passport.

Consulate officials tell Richard that she cannot remain in the US under any circumstances without legal authorisation, and that she should return to India as per her contract with Khobragade. Richard is told that any argument over salary or working hours could be settled in the consulate before her return to India. Richard refuses, saying that she wants to remain in the US. Khobragade complains to the NYPD about the demands, but there is no response.

Richard's passport is revoked and notice for termination of her personal identity also given to OFM with effect from June 22, 2013. Richard is now staying illegally in the US.

Felony / theft charge filed with NYPD against Richard by Khobragade's husband, reporting theft of cash, Blackberry phone, two SIM cards, a metro card (valued at $113) and documents such as contracts, signed receipt book-cum-working hour log. No action taken.

JULY 15 & 19, 2013: Philip Richard filed a writ petition against Khobragade and the Union of India, alleging that his wife Sangeeta Richard was in police custody in New York since July 8, 2013, charging the Indian diplomat with 'slave labour'and illegally making Sangeeta sign a 'second contract' with far less pay and perks. The Union of India is accused of not paying according to the requirements of the local law. Richard withdraws his writ petition four days later.

JULY 30, 2013: A copy of Philip Richard's writ petition is forwarded to OFM, which states that Sangeeta is in police custody in New York, for producing the maid at the Consulate so she can be repatriated to India as requested by her husband in his writ petition. Consul General is also informed that Richard was last seen at the office of Access Immigration on July 8, 2013. No action taken by the US.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2013: US State Department issues a one-sided letter to the Indian Ambassador, projecting the allegations of the maid which are of considerable concern, and asking for the allegations to be probed. It also seeks a voluntary meeting between Khobragade and the Bureau of Diplomatic Security in the State Department as well as proof of payment of minimum wages from the embassy.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013: In Delhi, MEA calls US officials and strongly protests against the tone and content of the letter.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013: Delhi High Court issues an ex-parte ad interim injunction against Philip and Sangeeta Richard, restraining them from initiating any legal action or proceedings against Khobragade in any Court / Tribunal / Forum outside India with regard to her employment. The final hearing in the matter is scheduled December 13, 2013.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013: A reply is sent to the State Department by the Indian Embassy in Washington, rebutting the allegations and bringing out the facts of the case while highlighting the fact that Sangeeta Richard is seeking monetary settlement and a US visa, thereby seeking to subvert both Indian and US laws. The letter also emphasises that the matter is an issue between the Government of India and one of its employees and is not subject to US regulation or adjudication. Assistance of the State Department is sought in locating and repatriating Sangeeta Richard to India.

NOVEMBER 19, 2013: Metropolitan Magistrate of South District, New Delhi, issues a nonbailable arrest warrant against Sangeeta Richard.

DECEMBER 6, 2013: The arrest warrant issued by the Delhi Metropolitan court is forwarded to the US State Department and the US Embassy in New Delhi, requesting them to instruct the relevant authorities in the US to arrest and repatriate Sangeeta Richard to India through the Consulate in New York, so that due process of law may be prosecuted in India. No action is taken by the US.

DECEMBER 12, 2013: Khobragade arrested on the basis of a Second District court warrant for visa fraud as she drops her daughter to school in New York. Immunity is denied under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR) for this "felony charge" Bail posted at $250,000, Khobragade's passport is seized, and she is asked not to leave the country or seek another travel document though she can travel within the US after notifying authorities. She is been not to be in touch with Sangeeta Richard.

JANUARY 13, 2014: Next date of hearing is announced, but Khobragade's attorney claims he is not free that day and is negotiating another date, which will be known in due course. Pre-trial process commenced on December 16, 2013 where a urine sample was taken by US authorities for drugs testing.

The above is immediately followed by a piece by the Canadian equivalent of the American Preet Bharara:

[Note how the the Canadian mouthpiece in Indian packaging is called "Indira Kannan" - which is even better than Preet, since Preet's a man. Now Devyani can't complain of sexism either (maybe that's why Mayawati pulled the "Dalit" card with Devyani owing to Devyani apparently being of a "Dalit" family active on behalf of Dalits, or something). I'm surprised US/Canada didn't get a dalit christist reporter to present their spin on the Devyani Drama - or maybe the UK can do that next?]

Quote:US says Indian govt knew all about the case

The United States had informed the Indian government about the allegations against Devyani Khobragade, the Deputy Consul General in New York, over three months prior to her arrest last week.

[color="#800080"](Yes, audiences are well aware that all US correspondence to the Indian side - when a response finally appeared 3 months ago - was to ignore the Indian side's long-standing requests for co-operation and communication/information from the US govt's side. The US govt's response when it came was to pretend none of this happened, and to instead take up their cat's paw Richards and play her as "victim": pretending she was the injured party. Important to note is that news consistently reports that Richards' wage was higher than that of her employer Devyani, who obviously also earned below the American minimum wage but less than Richards - yet was expected to pay Richards mre. That's not to say Devyani or her family is poor at all - or even necessarily respectable - but neither is the christist spy Richards poor, who surely must comes from a filthy-rich christist family since her in-laws work overseas and for US officials. Besides, CIA plants always get paid higher than Indian intelligence.)[/color]


By Indira Kannan in Toronto

4. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2013/12/more-interesting-info-on-devyani.html

Quote:more interesting info on #devyani

so there is a revenge motive too.

Which links to:


Quote:Khobragade arrest due to escalation gone awry

December 19, 2013

The US media has called the Indian reaction to diplomat Devyani Khobragade’s arrest and strip search, “revenge”.

But sources in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) say, if anything, it was the US government who wrought revenge on Indian diplomat for a perceived insult meted out to one of their own by New Delhi some months back, looking at an opportunity to get back.

In 2010, Neena Malhotra, a consul at the Indian consulate in New York was accused by her domestic help Shanti Gurung of “slavery”. A New York court in 2012 decided in Gurung’s favour. It directed Malhotra and her husband to award $1.5 million for “barbaric treatment” they meted out to Gurung. Malhotra and her husband didn’t attend hearings, having returned to India before Gurung filed her suit. The court ordered damages be recovered from the Malhotras, which would have meant any assets they might have in the US to have been seized. Malhotra appealed against the verdict but didn’t travel to the US.

In New Delhi, Malhotra occupied important postings. She was, until recently, joint secretary in the visa division. Here, in November, 2013, Malhotra refused a visa to the spouse of a gay US diplomat when she discovered that the couple were homosexual. She said Indian law didn’t recognise gay marriages.

Sources say this hurt the Americans as the Indian diplomat threw the rule book at them. Given South Block’s relations with the US, the US Embassy ensured that Malhotra was transferred out soon enough and the gay couple granted visa. There was a feeling that Malhotra may have been unfairly insistent that the American diplomat follow the rule book, when the spouse could have been granted a visa as a family member if not as spouse.

A source said Malhotra may have only been doing to the Americans what they did to her over the maid issue.

However, Malhotra was shifted to managing archives and records, clearly a punishment posting.

But the Americans were not satisfied. In New Delhi, IFS officers were upset that one phone call from Roosevelt House ensured the diplomat was moved out, in what was clearly a very public message to the entire diplomatic corps that the Americans should not be treated lightly. This, when the diplomat was only following laid down rules.

Further, as Khobragade’s father Uttam Khobragade told news media, the in-laws of his daughter’s domestic help, Sangeeta Rcihard, work for the US Embassy. The embassy ensured that Richards’s husband and two children were able to leave India for the US, two days before Khobragade was arrested.

There will likely be many questions asked about the reasons for this special treatment to Richards by the US and ‘standard’ treatment to Khobragade, over alleged visa fraud over wages.

Sources said Khobragade’s case had brewed since March. The US government had alerted the Indians in September about the case but didn’t take any further action. The Indian embassy also failed to take the warning seriously because it had become routine to ignore discrepancies in wages between diplomats and personal staff brought with them on contract. [color="#0000FF"]And although Khobragade, herself, doesn’t make the minimum wage in the US, she remains out of the ambit and protection of US law as she is an employee of the Indian government.[/color]

Sources said the Americans have become used red carpet treatment in the last decade, particularly during the Manmohan Singh years. Malhotra’s refusal to grant visa was an insult for which the Americans wanted to pay back the Indians. This is where they extracted revenge on Khobragade – treated her like a common criminal, arrested her in front of her daughter and strip and cavity searched her.

Sources said the Manmohan Singh government would ordinarily have buckled under, as in the past, when it comes to the US, but the IFS top brass felt humiliated, as this came within weeks of Roosevelt House ensuring Malhotra’s transfer.

Other factors that contributed to this situation included the prominence of the Khobragade family in Maharashtra. Her father was a top bureaucrat and active in the dalit politics of the state. Ignoring the Khobragade case could have backfired on the Congress in election season. The party could have been placed in a difficult position in a state where it still enjoys sizable support among dalits.

The issue could likely move towards resolution with the US Secretary of State John Kerry expressing his “regret” to NSA Shivshankar Menon. But with the belligerent statement of US Attorney Preet Bharara after Kerry’s phone call relations appear unlikely to improve anytime soon.

External affairs minister Salman Khurshid claimed that Khobragade has entrapped in a “conspiracy”. India’s ambassador to South Korea Vishnu Prakash tweeted that “USA treated Devyani like a Taliban member in Guantanamo. Arrested & handcuffed her before her daughter in front of school gate”.

Former Ambassador to the US Ronen Sen has said that he had advocated for India to withdraw all non-reciprocal privileges that the Americans received in India, several years back. Former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal said there were many other such wage dispute cases involving US politicians, without them facing the treatment given to Khobragade.

India has transferred Devyani to its UN mission in New York. This gives her immunity from the US law.

A war of words also broke out within the IFS fraternity, with former secretary K.C. Singh openly accusing former foreign secretary and outgoing ambassador to the US, Nirupama Rao, of leaving India-US relations in shambles while herself having found a post-retirement sinecure.

Maybe that's why the new chapter in legislation concerning homosexuality suddenly appeared in India? Maybe the Indian christogovt - offended at the snub in return for a snub in return for a snub - is preparing for another snub back. Certainly would be one explanation for the mystery that San found to exist:


Quote:Supreme Court Queers the Pitch

[color="#0000FF"]There are some strange things about this Supreme Court decision on Section 377. One of them is that Supreme Court Justice Singhvi retired after announcing the decision.[/color] Another is that the court's verdict claims that its decision was based on a respect for the jurisdiction of parliament, which the court claimed should be the one to repeal the law, rather than relying upon the Delhi Court to have struck it down.

When the govt itself through the Attorney General was representing the decriminalization side of the debate, then why would the Supreme Court feel concern that the Delhi High Court was in danger of being in conflict with the parliament? That makes no sense. If anything, the Supreme Court of India has been extremely activist in confronting the parliament, relative to other courts around the world. So how did the court come up with its reasoning?


[color="#0000FF"]Anytime justices retire immediately after rendering a politically sensitive decision, I feel suspicious about it.[/color]

Perhaps it's to easily criminalise gay US officials busy - prancing about all-superior and elite for being the priviliged Amerikkkan - on Indian soil, while their own govt regularly metes out high-handed treatment to Indian officials posted in the US? A Rajeev2004 blog entry reposted Radha Rajan threatening that some lesbian US official should be treated similar to Devyani for transgressing the sudden change in Indian legislation against homosexuality: US official's lesbianism makers her a criminal overnight, so she can be shipped of unceremoniously too.

Don't know why Indians care so much. So the US snubs you. Who cares for the opinion of the nation of genocidal maniacs that murdered out practically all of the native Americans and then continue to illegally occupy the natives' land. Really, looking for respect from a criminal nation is a bad marker of self-esteem.

One does respect how China for how it exasperates the US so easily, so effortlessly and so regularly - AmeriKKKans look quite constipated in how they're unable to do anything about it and unable to get the respect they demand from China.

5. Also linked from the Rajeev2004 blog


Quote:Sangeeta always wanted to work abroad: Mother-in-Law

Ananya Bhardwaj : New Delhi, Thu Dec 19 2013, 03:38 hrs

Sangeeta Richard, whose complaint triggered the events leading to diplomat Devyani Khobragade's arrest, was always keen to work abroad, according to her mother-in-law. "She always wanted to work abroad. She knew I was working at a diplomat's house and wanted me to look for a similar job for her," said Agnes, mother of Sangeeta's husband Philip Richard.

Sangeeta, 42, who hails from Kerala, married Philip 20 years ago after three years of courtship, then apparently left his house three days later because he was not earning enough. "I had reservations about the marriage but my son was in a hurry. She was staying in Ghaziabad with her father and had no job then," Agnes said.

"Sangeeta left the house on the third day as she was not happy with his financial condition. When she realised she was pregnant, she came back and delivered a daughter in my house. She and my son moved to Fatehpur Beri soon after," she said.

The Indian Express found the Fatehpur Beri house locked. Philip has left for the US.

Radha, a close friend of Sangeeta, claimed it was she who had referred Sangeeta to Devyani Khobragade (whose father has named another referrer). Radha is working with a diplomat in the Canada High Commission.

[color="#800080"](Hindus having christist friends are always a source of problems for Hindu society. Thanks "Radha"!)[/color]

"Devyani ma'am [color="#800080"](oh, good grief. Ma'am? Still living in the colonial era?)[/color] had offered me the job but I had to turn it down as my husband had passed away and there was no one to take care of my children. I suggested Sangeeta's name," said Radha. "A few days ago, I asked Philip about Sangeeta as I was very worried. Philip told me she is in the US and fine. He told me he would go there soon."

[color="#800080"](Ooh, so he was in the know that he was going to get magically evacuated by his/his wife's alien paymasters.)[/color]

But oh, poor mercenary christist. So obviously mercenary in every respect. And so put upon! Paid less than American minimum wage standards by her employer (Devyani) who earns less than her (and also under American min wage standards). Confusedhock: Classic case of "slavery"! But Amerikkka knows all about slavery and especially about hypocritically lecturing others about what constitutes slavery.

Oh and wow did she get pregnant fast. Sure it's possible to get pregnant even on the first day of the honeymoon, but still: 3 years of courtship - wow, 3 years? - and pregnant after the 3rd day of marriage. Now, has she been doing anything unchristian - as in premarital intimate relations, forbidden (with threats of hellfire) by her dear church/gawd? It's practically banned in faithful christo-state Mizoram, ya know? Lucky for the christist that Kerala is still not converted to christoislamicommunism, and still has some vestiges of secular/Hindu law.

Besides, her husband was in a "hurry to get married" - and make it all seem less sinful to the church's busy-body judgemental eyes, perhaps?

India's christian women aiming to rope in men often aim to get pregnant so as to force the situation. Although the pattern seen is familiar/SOP, S Richard's choice is unusual: her goalpost was a christist man whom she had been working on (for 3 yrs apparently) to persuade him to marry her (and managed to get him to "hurry into it" at the end of that period), since she thought he was affluent - before he then finally set her straight on his actual monetary worth/prospects after the wedding. Poor mercenary. What a horrific victim of her 3-year-boyfriend/husband's deceit. Couldn't he have told her he wasn't as rich as she wanted him to have been *before* she spent all that time and effort trying to get him to marry her at last?

Unlike Richard's choice of target, usually India's christist women are instructed to use "any means necessary" to rope in "pagan" men. Tragically for christist ends, Hindu men - like the old Hellenistic Romans and the pre-christianised Vikingen shocked at the laxity of christianised Rome, not to mention the highly-chaste/easily-offended Chinese heathens - tend to still have old-fashioned ideas about chastity and stuff and therefore often balk at being involved in pre-marital relations, not usually being quite ready for that degree of progressiveness. (Younger generations are more often secular and not pagan and so it's easier for the church's sheep to 'persuade' them to get married into christianism.) Note I'm not judging heathens/heathen men for their continued aloofness and for not getting with the times already, nor am I judging Richards or any christian woman ready to do whatever it takes to achieve her ends - I mean, if you're mercenary by nature, might as well not pretend otherwise which will only force you to cut corners and end up disappointed as S Richards did - but one observes that the combination of "pagan men" and desperate christian women is a disaster from the start.

6. thehindu.com/news/international/world/maids-family-evacuated-to-us-bharara/article5477828.ece

Chindu dutifully lets Preet Bharara - spokesperson for his US govt (hired for this purpose on account of his 'native' looks, he's flattering himself is he's hired for anything else) - Chindu lets Preet present the predictably US line/version of events. I mean, when does the Chindu *not* present the POV of its paymasters and ideological affiliants and natural allies - China, US, TSP?

But despite Preet's (or rather the script of his instructors') best efforts, even the US PR machine can't spin the evacuation in any way that sounds convincing as to its 'innocent benefactor' routine: it looks more like a CIA spy job than ever.

Also interesting is that (EDIT: Link corrected):


Quote:During the 20-25 minute long call, Sherman also distanced State Department from the statement issued by US Attorney Preet Bharara, PTI reported.

DNA's tweet was:

Quote:MEA refutes US attorney Preet Bharara's statement on #DevyaniKhobragade being extended courtesies

[color="#0000FF"]ttp://dnai.in/bW4L[/color] 3:45 AM - 20 Dec 2013

But the comments at The Chindu - minus the obvious plants - are interesting:

There are many right-wing conservative Christian vested interests operating a lot in the official and unofficial circles in the US. They like to constantly project India in a negative light so as to justify their bigotry and biases to their constituency. Hence they are working overtime to ensure that Hindus from so-called untouchable castes are not shown to be successful, for it defeats their propaganda. In this case Devayani happens to be Dalit which I came to know through an American news organization, which talked nonsense about caste discrimination (since it involves a servant maid). Such reasons may also explain why the religious lobby in this country worked hard to deny Modi a visa.

It is sad but very true that for every 1 good broad-minded Americans there are 2 rotten mean-spirited ones in this country.

There absolutely no sympathy

from: Bala Subramanian Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 17:06 IST

If it is issue of both Indians then how can you appoint a baby sitter (sangeetha) with a salary of nearly 75% of salary of the diplomat (Devyani Khobragade).Before arresting you should look in the facts of the case and immunity if any.The baby sitter was given enough salary to sustain here self and family and the food and accommodation was free.This is the reason why we support only Devyani Khobragade

from: SOORAJ

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 17:06 IST

The question is what compelled the US to go to such a length as to help

a domestic maid and her family. It is not that they were not aware of

the protests that would follow. The US was ready to sacrifice, albeit

temporarily, the good relation that they are trying to nurture with

India. They did not deport David Coleman Headley to India to face

charges in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. If they were so eager about justice

been delivered, they should have handed Headley over to India. There is

a greater design behind this incident than that meets the eye.

from: Kaushik Saha

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 16:20 IST

This is a planned operation.

Bharara is a lifelong Bruce Springsteen fan. At an October 2012 concert in Hartford, Connecticut, Springsteen shouted, “This is for Preet Bharara!” before launching into his song “Death to My Hometown.”[60]

The US is allowing Bharara to practise the song he likes.

His target is to pick on Indian offenders Big or large.

So he has planned the move properly. When the maid was missing we should have known that the CIA/FBI/Govt is behind this. They have identified the maids family and shifted them to US.(Spy operation). Just to embarrass India.

If India does not decisively defend our status it will stand major embarrassment, when the US dept of justice will produce the maid in the court. And the maid will throw mud on all things Indian.

from: ravi

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 15:55 IST

What he meant by 'Evacuated'? That means US officials knows everything about the things happened so it is clearly a conspiracy. The Maid have been under the protection of US. Then many questions answered. First of all why they have given Visa to the Maid? Why they did not find out the 'missing' maid and send back to India? Why US given visa to maid's family? Hopefully that maid is not working as a spy for US CIA. But why US wanted to insult Indian diplomat?

Striping is considered as sexual assault here. But most painful thing is arresting a Mother in front of her kids from there school premises. Imagine the psychological trauma of her kids! Is anyone thing about it? Sad!

from: Krishnakumar KA

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 15:55 IST

Mayawati is doing horrendous job by bringing dalit card.

from: Sharath

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 15:25 IST

> The fact that Sangeeth Richard was trafficked into US, by fudging the Visa papers is a big issue which India should be ashamed of with Devyani. Now her father calls up Sushil Kumar Shinde (our home minister) and claims that the Khobragades are being illtreated in the US because they are Dalits...is a joke. How come the whole of India is just haggling on the fact that an Indian is being mistreated in the US ? Devyani has agreed to be positioned in the US embassy (I am sure she would have had a good clout in the India IAS circles to be posted there in US) and how can she commit this fraud,.. did she think she is dealing with Indian red tape as usual ?

There is vey little outrage about the alleged treatment of the "victim" in this case

because no matter how she presents her case, she was party to the crime while it

seemed to uplift her situation.

She willingly travelled with the diplomat knowing she would be required to work as

a full time maid and babysitter, most likely what she had been employed as with

India too. She was getting paid 30,000 a month, which is nearly triple of what she

would have earned in India doing the same and living in worse conditions.

She saw a brilliant opportunity and seized it. Upon reaching the US, she saw

another brilliant opportunity, to sue her employer for the fraud they had

committed together.

Did the diplomat break the law? Yes, she did. Does she deserve to be charged for

it, sure. Did she deserve to be treated more respectfully considering her position,


But does Ms. Richard deserve sympathy?

Not one bit.

from: Goyal

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 15:11 IST

Don't be too quick in judging Ms.Khobragade as criminal and all. She was

getting paid just above the $4500 mark. So now the biggest culprit here

is the Indian government. It may be argued that Ms. Devyani's

employer too ill treated her by giving her less wages(According to

american standards). So Mr. Bharara, Would you dare invoke the same

laws against Government of India? No, you won't.

from: Jibin Elakatt

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 14:44 IST

Since when does the policy of 'evacuating' a victim/victim's family from their homeland by a foreign nation been in place? Mr. Bharara has used a faulty term, while giving a "3-page explanation".

The maid has just 'accused' the diplomat of violating U.S. laws by underpaying her and forcing her to work for 19 hours a day, and she has not been 'convicted' for the same.

One wonders WHY the U.S. government did not respond to a series of requests made by the Indian Embassy, of tracing the Indian maid, who was missing since June this year, and was blackmailing Ms. Khobragade.

One wonders even more pointedly as to WHY State Department’s letter dated September 4, was one-sided and projected the interest of the missing maid and did NOT take note of any of the communications made by the Indian officials to the U.S.

One also wonders even if the allegations are true, why not the Indian Government was called in to look into the matter which makes for civil breach and not human-trafficking charge?

from: Arush Mittal

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 14:36 IST

Tell Mr Bahara that, any security to the family could have been provided by Indian Authorities.. Tell him, that he is slowly giving away the Conspiracy of CIA in this issue.. So if he shuts up, things can be cleaned up better..

from: Richerdson

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 14:27 IST

There is Indian government, police and judicial system to protect some family if a need arrives. Police protection is given to individuals if there is a real danger.

By stating that USA had to 'evacuate' Sangeeta's family in order to put them in a safe place (which they thought is USA), you have simultaneously expressed distrust in Indian judicial system as well. It amounts to saying that the govt of India, including judiciary was involved in threatening Sangeeta Richard's family.

What a ridiculous excuse !

from: Dinesh Kumar Bohre

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 14:01 IST

I expect the US taxpayer would want to know why so much public time and money was spent to "evacuate" Sangeeta Richard’s family from India. With so many people in the world not having a roof over their heads, this appears extravagant. Perhaps it is part of bringing Christmas cheer to Christians around the world.

from: P. Subramaniam

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 14:01 IST

The over reaction of Bharara shows that

there are still people of the British period who had worked for British

govt. against Indians. It is better not to link such person with India.

Secondly, some of our illiterate politicians can't think beyond DALIT or

UPPER caste. How many people were aware before , that Ms. Khobragade is a

Dalit? Shame on such politician. If a person has reached to such a

high position, how could she be a Dalit.

from: RamS

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 14:00 IST

Please stop calling these people as Indian-born Americans, just call

them Americans. These people are more threat to India than native

Americans. They may sell the whole country for their gains.

from: dinesh

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 13:57 IST

Its true that false documents were submitted and prosecution has to

happen. But the broader question is how can she pay such amount which

was nearly her own salary. Devyani gets Indian designed salary whereas

her domestic help is asking for US designed minimum wages. If what

everyone says is true that domestic helper was exploited or trafficked

there then now she is illegal immigrant to that country and equally

culpable. But when India asked US to arrest her then How can an illegal

immigrant was allowed to be lifted from India even if arrest warrant

was issued on her. Completely trusting Domestic maid is also

difficult. She has used the Existing US laws on Domestic Workers to

her benefit. And it all happened after she was lifted to US. Mistake

happened on both sides.

But the main issue for government was not the wages but the treatment

that was meted out to her which she never deserved in the first place.

from: pawan

Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 13:47 IST

US authorities planned Indian diplomat's arrest, her maid's family

secret evacuation from India with T-Visas on the same time they

conducted talk with visiting Indian Foreign Secretary Ms. Sujatha

Singh without any hint about all these developments. This clearly

shows there is some motivated selective targeting of Indian diplomat

by some of US administration. This arrangements cannot be done without

briefing US higher authorities like Secretary of State John Kerry at

least. This demolishing the illusion of India-US enjoying extremely

friendly relation. India should be more vigilant with the

international relations and defense cooperation.

from: Dr K Karthik Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 13:46 IST

Mr. Bharara smacks of the Prejudiced Mindset of a Racist nation which beleives its Laws are the sovereign throughout the world.India has done absolutely what any self respecting nation should have done Try doing what they did to our diplomat to an ordinary US citizen as per Indian Penal code & then hear what Mr.Bharara has to say..!!Somebody has to standup to this US brazenness and its good that India has at least tried to stand up to all that which clearly reflects the Malafide & deliberate action on the part of US to insult a lady....Mr.Bharara's argument for the Maid smacks of the highhanded conspiracy that state department is accused of specifically in this case.....Can't Believe and Indian Born American attorney can justify this with such brazenness...

from: Ashley Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 13:45 IST

India is not north Korea, USA need not evacuate any person from India.

Any country cannot be the police and prosecutor of all the 'alleged' victims of the world.

If India made request to US on the matter, then it should have been responded, as she was facing the law in India.

Instead, she was 'evacuated to protect her and her family'. That sounds a bit ridiculous, that US govt is saving a family in India to prosecute her employer in USA.

Here the lawyer is assuming that all the allegations made by the maid are true.

Assume a case, if any man walking on the street accuses a US diplomat of Gay sex, now India hides the victim and arrest the diplomat and subjects them to standard procedures of Indian judicial system. What will the USA do?

from: Abhinav Posted on: Dec 19, 2013 at 13:27 IST

As Sealion and more recently Rajeev2004 observed: Anytime all the christo party's polical heads in India - from Congress down - agree/start getting offended unanimously by alien acrobatics (when MMS was famous for kissing up to the US and Britain until yesterday) and any time all the christomedia in India is in on it and raving about it like "it's the biggest thing evah", it just means they're all going through the big charade in order to black out more important news taking place in the background. US really came through again in manufacturing the latest drama that it wants screened on Indian TV and radio to keep people occupied and stop them from being made aware of the other stuff.

But it's interesting that it turned out to be another case involing 'Indian' spies working for the US too. Or maybe that's the big thing that the Indian puppet christogovt is covering for their US masters for, by means of all this loud pretence at being offended?
One more. 5/5

firstpost.com/tag/devyani-khobragade - How come there's an entire page linking to masses of news articles at just firstpost on the Devyani Drama?

Including an article on how christocongress and christocommunits party are both threatening to riot ("protest") together or something over this. More proof of manufactured hysteria.

And one of the headlines at firstpost.com/world/devyani-live-sherman-calls-up-sujatha-distances-from-bharara-1291025.html

is on "leftists" protesting in front of the US consulate in Hyderabad. Another headline mentions lots of commie-sounding organisations in Kolkata mobilising for their usual hysteria.

All so highly organised. Almost as organised as islamic rioting in India. They're all magically - unanimously - pretending to be offended at this, but not at US dictating to India over the "nuclear deal", or the masses of scams, or anything.

Oh and MMS is "angry" (another headline). He's *only* ever "angry" on cue (not to mention his "angry" face = his "outraged" face = his "deeply saddened" face = his "condemning terrorism" face etc.; not a good actor, they should have hired someone better) or unless some Indian islamoterrorists are caught by the Australian police. As happened some years back, when MMS insisted Australia return certain Indian islamic terrorists - trying to settle in England and Australia, and being pursued for their islamic terrorism in Australian courts - back to India.

India is turning into such a joke. AmeriKKKa just needs to press a button in order to get "Indians" all hysterical and to mobilise the leftists, congressis and other christist puppets for cover up operations (via "protesting" and hogging the foreign owned Indian christomedia).

But needn't worry, as tomorrow Indians - 3rd world mentality - will go back to worshipping the US and aiming to move there (by all means, move!)

Didn't US mouthpiece Preet Bharara declare Devyani wasn't handcuffed? Meanwhile Devyani claimed she was repeatedly handcuffed (firstpost.com/world/diplomatic-row-i-broke-down-several-times-says-devyani-khobragade-1294793.html) Wonder which one was the liar? Of course, some US officials having "distanced" themselves from Bharara's statements seems to imply the former. Could it be that the sepoy supporter of the US isn't getting supported in return by his US masters? How utterly unexpected.

Unless otherwise stated, the following is all from


Quote:5.18 pm: US bristles at India's retaliatory moves

While the US Marshals justified strip searching Devyani Khobdagade by saying she was subjected the standard search procedures in the country, reaction of India's retaliation seems to be making their way into the US' mainstream media. An article on New York Times, alongside reporting the proceedings and the diplomatic war between US and India, suggested that the country is outraging over the 'disrobing' of a 'middle class' Indian woman where as domestic helps are treated 'abominably' in India. In the piece, Gardiner Harris, says:

"It is not unusual in India for domestic staff to be paid poorly and be required to work more than 60 hours a week; they are sometimes treated abominably. Reports of maids being imprisoned or abused by their employers are frequent.

"But the idea of a middle-class woman being arrested and ordered to disrobe is seen as shocking. Airport security procedures in India provide separate lines for women, and any pat-down searches are performed behind curtains."

The piece seems to suggest that domestic helps in India are almost always abused in Indian households. It also seems to say that the Indian government and media's reaction to the diplomat's arrest was somehow connected with the fact that Devyani Khobadgade belongs to the middle class and possibly women from less affluent backgrounds don't invite the same kind of attention when faced with abuse or unfair persecution at the hands of law.

Is this a start of US media backlash against the India's response to the issue?

[color="#800080"](Can notice how "Dalits" - Devyani is supposed to be a "Dalit" as per all the advertising going on - are suddenly reinvented by the US as the aggressors and as the "middle-class" (when otherwise they're always projected as "the oppressed" by the US and requiring "christian salvation") the minute a christist like Richards - in the pay of AmeriKKKa - and the US govt itself need to be projected as victims.)[/color]

Sounds like the typical US response on all things Indian. E.g. how an Indian won some Miss AmeriKKKa pageant recently and then AmeriKKKans got all racist about her winning, and then - when that showed them in a poor light - they quickly turned it around and started declaring (using Indian mouthpieces) that "Indians are the racist ones"/"the Indian girl would never even have got crowned in India because Indians are racist" etc.

Quote:In the case getting murkier by the minute The Hindu reports that Richard's husband had filed a petition in India in July urging the government help him trace his missing wife. However, he withdrew his petition soon after.

"India had asked the American Embassy for help to find Ms Richard way back on July 5, said the sources. Ms Richard, who remained in hiding, reportedly met an immigration lawyer in the US in September and asked for 10,000 dollars and a passport to stay on in the country."

The series of action on behalf of the US led India to accuse US of helping Richard pull off an immigration fraud.

[color="#800080"](Because the christist family was working for their alien christomasters along.)[/color]

6.12 pm: Maid's family flew to New York two days before Devyani's arrest

According to a PTI flash, Khobragade's absconding maid Sangeeta Richard's family flew to New York on 10 December, just two days before the diplomat's arrest.

Something good has come out of the silliness at least:

Quote:8.45 pm: End of VIP era for US diplomats, families in Indian airports

New Delhi: US diplomats and their families in India will not be able to avail special treatment at airports from tonight when the deadline expires for surrendering their special passes, as part of the government's retaliatory action against the treatment meted out to diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York.

India on Tuesday had taken a slew of retaliatory steps to strip US diplomats and their families of privileges, including withdrawing all airport passes and stopping import clearances for the US embassy, strongly denouncing the arrest and strip searching of Khobragade, India's Deputy Consul General in New York.

The government had asked the US Consular diplomats and their families to surrender airports passes by tonight.
India should remove all special security. While islamofascists are then likely to blow up Amerikkkan officials in India - very sad, but how does it feel to be one of the populace? - but then maybe AmeriKKKa will no longer fund islamoterrorism in India, since US will be too busy being angry at Indian islamania itself.

Not only have AmeriKKKan officials backtracked on their sockpuppet Preet Bharara's mutterings, there's further indication of US backpeddling/undecidedness/pre-meditated deniability at


Quote:The lawyer for a domestic help employed by Devyani Khobragade today said it is 'frustrating and disappointing' that the focus in the case has shifted from the crimes that were committed against her client to the Indian diplomat.

[Dana Sussman] said irrespective of the position of the Indian officials about Richard's conduct, the charges against India's Deputy Consul General in New York "speak for themselves".

"My client worked for her for quite a while and eventually she decided that she could not tolerate the situation any longer," Sussman said.

(Of course not getting paid more than her employer gets paid is intolerable. I'm surprised the christist didn't sue her husband for "intolerable cruelty" for his not earning wages high enough for her to want to remain married to him after the first 3 days. Oh and sue him for getting her pregnant and thus forcing her to get back with him.)

Sussman, however, did not comment on the whereabouts of Richard and her family, on the police complaint lodged against her in India and the fact that she had been absconding since June.

Sussman speaks of charges (and crimes) and how they "speak for themselves", yet also backpeddles with:

Quote:Speaking to CNN-IBN, Dana Sussman, Sangeeta Richard's lawyer said, "I read the criminal complaint but I cannot comment on the strength or weakness of the case... Yes, there is legitimacy to the charges."

Sussman further said that this was not a case of blackmail and her client was just a witness in the case. "My client is just a witness in the case and she has not brought any charges against Khobragade herself."
Apparently no charges are laid against Devyani. That means all they want to do is project a case of mass abuse, since they are not willing to stand by their allegations by lodging actual charges against the actual accused. Sounds pretty much like they're just orchestrating drama to cover up for spying.

And the other side -


Quote:Devyani Khobragade treated housekeeper Sangeeta Richard well ... says sister Sharmistha

[color="#800080"](Claims the full wages were paid, it says. Plus extra. Plus decent treatment. Of course, this is but the version of events for Devyani's side. But it does state Devyani hasn't otherwise been allowed to defend herself publicly against the allegations against her only because the case is "sub judice". Plus of course, there's the interesting case of the christist maid's own letter that Devyani treated her "very well".)[/color]


I was in New York when in early July 2013, Sangeeta voluntarily surfaced and summoned Devyani to a meeting in an immigration lawyer's office.

She faced Devyani across a negotiating table and made three demands which were to be complied with in return for not bringing a suit on Devyani: USD 10,000 in cash, a normal Indian passport (she was on a diplomatic passport which was revoked soon after she absconded) and immigration support.

Devyani agreed to give her the money, instantly. But she could not give her immigration support. US visa is not issued by the Indian government. At this meeting, Devyani was accompanied by other staff from the consulate, so everything in this meeting can be verified and substantiated by a third party.

The consular staff requested Sangeeta to take the money and go back to India and then to apply for an Indian passport and a normal US working visa.

Sangeeta refused. She said and I quote, 'I will not go back. Why will I go back? I know that if I go back I will never be able to come back to the US."
Certainly sounds pretty much like the same christist that ran away from her husband (boyfriend of 3 years) after just her 3rd day of marriage when she found out he wasn't rich, and only came back to him involuntarily because she'd had a baby. This is as per her own christist mother-in-law who didn't sound like she had the best opinion of her either.

Good thing the christoist and her insane family have been evacuated to the US. She'll fit right in.

Only Indian opportunists could live in the US. Of course the non-converted among them will be booing and hissing at every offence heaped by the US on India, but at the end of the day, they'll still live there.

A rather interesting relevant fact:


Quote:US Consulates in India and other third world country are considered US jurisdiction. As a result they should pay their local counterparts and domestic workers their minimum wages or similar wages as their US counterparts. They don't do so. As pointed out, domestic maids in US Consulate, NewDelhi, are paid around 12,000 Rupees($200) a month, which is comparatively much lower than the $500 paid to Dr Khobragade's housekeeper.Google to read the report labeled " Review of Locally Employed Staff Compensation Issues" which clearly states that the U.S. is falling behind in providing a competitive compensation package for Local staff in other countries that is commensurate with their experience, technical skills, and responsibilities. Read the report at oig.state.gov/documents/organization/123525.pdf
Clearly US/Europe don't think the exclusively Indian-christian slaves handpicked by them to work for them in India deserve any better. And it's not like I care about them either.
Largely but not entirely a cross-post from the BJP thread as this actually belongs here.

The comment at HaindavaKeralam on Nepal's Prachanda is the really important bit.

(My interruptions throughout are in purple as usual.)

AAP is just a continuation of foreign puppeteering in India. The Rajeev2004 blog even just says outright that it's just an extension of the KKKongress. They exited from door A only to reappear through door B and get the stupid gullible populace - along with the masses of illegal islamic infiltrati that the christo KKKongress govt let in - to vote them into power in this new disguise.

AAP is just the foreign-appointed Congress take-over of the originally Hindu anti-corruption movement. The Hindus of the actual movement were violently ousted (Baba/Swami/Yogi Ramdev and his followers) - in other words, the real movement died (was carefully killed) - and the puppets predictably installed in their place instead.

It's the same old christoislamicommunist minority-votebank party working for foreign-interests.


Quote:Monday, December 23, 2013

#aap, brought to you by ... (drum roll!)

the producers:

the ford foundation, the new york times, and xinhua

the directors:

the congress dirty tricks department

the stars:

you know who

with cameo roles by naxals and jihadists

behind the scenes:

the church


Quote:Monday, December 23, 2013

Farziwal's solemn oath - one day before polling

"I swear on my children that I will not give or take support from the Congress"


Oh well, [color="#0000FF"]it was evident (to the discerning) even at the time of the so-called Lok Pal agitation that this band of anarchists was functioning as a proxy for the Congress(I) establishment.[/color] They have now moved beyond covert adultery - coming out of the closet to proclaim their promiscuous relationship to the world. [color="#0000FF"]Will the people of Delhi ever learn?[/color]

(Any Hindus who voted in the AAP - although there's a huge TSP/BD infiltrati islamic votebank in Delhi - are all like Ravish. Oh and that Capt Manoj "Anna Hazare Ra-Ra" Singh. Although the latter might instead just have been the usual canvassing agent sent to timely infiltrate and advertise on Indian/Hindu forums for parties that foreign interests want elected.

AmeriKKKa doesn't need to organise colour revolutions and Arab Springs in India. They just need to take over Hindu movements, install appointees in their place, and tell the stupid masses who to "democratically" vote for via the foreign-controlled christo-Indian media and by foreign advertising for Hazare by parading around AmeriKKKan universities to give him some inter/national respectability.)

Posted by karyakarta92 at 12/23/2013 04:21:00 PM

And so karyakarta lampooned the direct connection btw AAP and KKKongress in his entry:


Monday, December 23, 2013

Adulterous marriage of KKKaangress and Allahu Akbar Party


Quote:Anti-aam aadmi water policy: Yogendra Yadav, ideologue czar of AAP, admitted to the fact that the philosophy of AAP was socialist.

(quoting financialexpress.com/story-print/1212479)

And everyone knows that - outside Europe - "socialist" means plain old communist. Especially the case in India.

And where the Indian subcontinent is concerned, everyone knows that "communist" (be it maoist, marxist or any other flavour) is just code for cryptochristian.

Which would be by San draws a direct line between Nepal's communist (terrorist) leader Prachanda and the communist "socialist" AAP party and its head/mouthpiece/PR face:


Quote:•Till he became PM of Nepal, Prachanda was unstoppable. Then people began to see him in his underwear. Today, he heads a splinter group of Maoists, a mere shadow of his former self. Now Delhi gets its own Prachanda as its CM.

(links to indianexpress.com/story-print/1211564/)

Prachanda, as all know, is of course a christian - as all communists in the Indian subcontinent are. Certainly the top ones. (Some of the communist cadres in Kerala etc aren't consciously aware of their conversion to christianism yet, but are finding out. **)


Quote:Arun Kumar S

25/12/2013 09:04:22 God Saved Nepal and Hinduism from Hands of Maoists alias Evangelists

Nepal, alone Hindu nation in world was under reign of Maoists (via election) for last few years till 2013. Social Justice, Economic Growth and Equality were the slogans of Maoists, once their rule started-corruption becomes their main agenda, also there aroused their hidden evangelist agenda. After taking oath as Prime minister, Prachande led luxurious life. He and his family moved to a new palace, spent USD 2.5 lac for his son’s Himalayan trip etc.,Prachanda, even though didn’t expressed his religion publicly, but his family and Wife belongs to Christian religion. [color="#800080"](I.e. prachanda is a cryptochristian) Also Prachande’s god father Chandraprakash Gajural is an evangelist. Due to conflict with Army, Prachande resigned as prime minister and he was succeeded by Baburam Bhattarai,second top most leader of Maoists.. Baburam is a Christian Preacher. Christian prayers were conducted in Maoists meeting during his rule. 30% of Maoists are Christians in Nepal...Baburam is close friend of India’s high command madam, a catholic.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Hey, how very in the SAME pattern as the LTTE. No? And speaking of the christian LTTE of Sri Lanka - also famous for finding great help in NorwaySmile[/color]

It was a universal agenda by US under the shadow of United Nations and Norway/Switzerland funded NGO’s in Nepal to convert Nepal into a Christian nation. They planned in such a way they created East Timor, a Christian nation by parting from Indonesia. Their main aim is to move away Nepal from India ’s samskrithi.So they used Maoists as way to accomplish their mission. Once Prachande becomes Prime minister, the first ever nation he visited was Norway- a Nation who is spreading Christian Agenda. Norway always extended their help to Maoists via NGO’s. India’s current rulers also extended their help to some extent.

There was silent revolution happened in Nepal against these antinational activities.Prakash M Rraj,a Nepali political analyst mentioned that ‘’World’s largest Hindu populated India played a good role in uprooting Hinduism from Nepal. Also it was hard to realize the role played by European countries like Norway and Switzerland against Jnanendra King and Kingdom in Nepal. These nation

"The Indian rulers who also extended their help" to the silent de-Hinduising christist "communist" revolution in Nepal is a reference to India's christogovt.

Norway etc doesn't just help Maoists (i.e. christians) in the subcontinent. It also helped the LTTE (i.e. christians).

Anyway, someone will write the history of the decline and fall of Hinduism some decades/centuries/millennia hence and the one question that will be repeatedly asked is: "How *stupid* were the Indians not to recognise, identify, expose and neutralise the obvious cryptochristianism in their midst? I mean, they had the Roman example to look back on and STILL learned nothing."

** Concerning the statement "Some of the communist cadres in Kerala etc aren't consciously aware of their conversion to christianism yet, but are finding out"


Quote:Party Edict on Religion Ruffles Feathers

04/12/2013 03:06:38


By N V Ravindranathan Nair | ENS - PALAKKAD

As CPM’s state plenum has managed to successfully exhibit the party’s organisational might and mass base, the cadres should have been a happy lot over the party’s growing prospects. But if a seeming reluctance to toe the party line among local-level cadres is to be taken as an indicator, it will be unrealistic to think that the party can thrust certain guidelines upon them. According to the organisational document adopted at the plenum, the party has barred members from taking memberships in caste and communal organisations and becoming office bearers of administrative committees of worship places.

[color="#0000FF"]It has been noted that the document clearly dissuades cadres from conducting rituals during housewarming ceremonies, marriages and funerals. In addition, with the aim of attracting more members from non-Hindu communities, the plenum has called for adopting special strategies. Apparently, as part of this, the party has allegedly undertaken efforts to construct a Church near Iritty to attract Christian settlers. A CPM cadre, who hails from Kozhikode, said that when the party organised a seminar in Kannur, engaging various Muslim organizations, it provided a separate place for Muslim members to offer prayers.[/color] A local committee member from Alappuzha, who is an advocate, told ‘Express’ that many suggestions and directives formulated at the plenum might prove counter-productive in the long run.

“The party cannot provide directives on how to conduct one’s personal faith. If it forbids members from worshipping and conducting rituals many would be forced to quit membership”. A cadre from Chengannur, who is a secretary of a major caste organisation, said that he had been member of the party for past 20 years.

“My faith and association with my community organisation have never been a hindrance for conducting party work. If they insist that I sever ties with the community organisation, I would be forced to quit either of the organisations,” he said.

How very "LTTE" (and DMK etc) in style again in terms of how the Hindu majority's religion is undermined and how The Monotheism/christoislamism is first subtly and then overtly promoted. Of course, LTTE is just one of the faces/names/covers of christian operations in the subcontinent. Maoism and communism is another one.

That's why the pattern is the same.

Christianism keeps launching an outfit to manufacture (DMK) and/or hijack (LTTE) discontent, then antagonise the unsaved population and take over, christianising the gullible footsoldiers along the way. And this pattern's there not just in the subcontinent:

Repeat: cca.org.hk/Test/2004/07/faith-and-order-commission-plenary/

[formerly at: www.cca.org.hk/blog/cca/2004_07_01_cca.htm]

Quote:He also mentioned about Asian theologians articulating their contextual theologies like Minjung theology in Korea, Homeland theology in Taiwan, Peoples theology in the Philippines, Water Buffalo theology in Thailand, Dalit theology in India, and Buraku liberation theology in Japan.

("Peoples theology in the Philippines" -> Philippines is catholic, but the AmeriKKKan christian cults pushing this movement are not catholic and want to convert catholics to their specific cult. A pattern also seen in catholic S and C America.)

Shifting topic to the Devyani Drama.

The Rajeev2004 blog mentioned how Devyani's dad is going into politics after his now-(in)famous illegal dealings


Quote:Khobragade Dad to Enter Politics

Fearing the fallout from his role in the Adarsh scam, Uttam Khobragade is now looking to enter politics:


[color="#0000FF"]It's not clear which party is going to take him,[/color] or how much of his Dalit vote bank he can bring with him. Posted by san at 12/25/2013 03:00:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post

Now if it turns out that the party that will take him is the AAP (or KKKangress), then that will just mean that the whole Devyani drama was set up by the US to engineer mass-sympathy for Devyani which will then be magically converted to sympathy votes for her dad (dad's party). Althought: this speculation need not be the case at all, since usually the US engages in more sophisticated long distance meddling techniques. Still, worth submitting, as India is prone to swing its votes based on sentimentality.

Related to the topic:


Quote:Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reciprocity: Why Not Invite Snowden to India?

The US is justifying its smuggling of Sangeeta Richard's family out of India, essentially declaring our system to be corrupt, worthless and fully bypassable in their eyes. Indian sovereignty, the Indian constitution and its designated organs like the Indian judiciary have no standing with them, and can easily be brushed off. They feel that the family of Sangeeta Richards can be smuggled out without any regard for Indian sovereignty. Likewise, they feel no guilt about striking plea bargains to keep David Headley safe from prosecution in India over his role in the 26-11 attacks.

They claim to value their relationship with us - but are we another Pakistan to them? Just another banana republic? When Kerry called up India to express "regret" (mainly regret over our reaction, and not regret over what caused it), he spoke with Indian National Security Advisor Shankar Menon. Why the hell was he expressing himself to Menon, instead of to our designated representatives like the Foreign Minister? Are they telegraphing their attitude that India is a banana republic, and they can deal with us entirely through the prism of security men - just like how they would deal with Pakistan mainly via Kayani and Musharraf?

India needs to show reciprocity to the US, and stand up for its own sovereignty. If they feel Sangeeta's entire family are deserving of protection from Evil Backwater Cesspool India - not to mention the likes of David Headley - then we need to adopt a similar stance towards the US. We should invite Edward Snowden to India on a full sight-seeing tour, and keep him safely out of the hands of the US during his stay, to advertise the fact that if the US wants to help others brush off Indian law enforcement, we can likewise do the same. Bring Snowden to India, let him wave to the international press and enjoy his freedom, and show everyone that he's not merely confined to being caged up in Russia.

Posted by san at 12/22/2013 04:40:00 AM

(And 1 commentSmile

VidrohiArya said...

Nice suggestion but who in the govt is reading it?

12/22/2013 5:00 AM

Inviting Snowden would be a really bad and naive suggestion. Don't invite him unless you want the equally-naive* Snowden killed by the many US infiltrati working in and controlling India. India is not a banana republic. But it is working for the US - there are enough people that are - even if the population is not.

Russia on the other hand can actually keep Snowden secure. China is another country that can. Both will ... "silently remove" traitors (including those working for foreign interests). India/its christogovt however crowns such traitors with special positions of power.

* Snowden is naive because he imagined that Doing What's Right - such as exposing western governmental spying/privacy violation - was an ideal supported by the US govt. The US govt only advertises - regularly - that it cares about creating a nation of people doing what's right. What the US wants is a nation of sycophants who are too stupid to ask the right questions let alone do the right thing. That's why the US instantly came down and hard on Snowden and Manning/Wikileaks.

After all, the US more than anyone knows that Democracy/Freedom/Rights of the individual/Rights of populations vs govts etc are just slogans to Manufacture Consent. (By manufacturing a nation of "Willing slaves".)

The important bit in this post is the blockquote - somewhere above - of a comment from HaindavaKerala on Prachanda/Nepal and how his party's ideology is christist.
"Anti-Indian nexus" - can't recall if people finger-pointed the many crypto (and sometimes public) christoislamic govts everywhere.

You can tell it's anti-"national"/anti-Indian - and specifically not secular but motivated by *pointed* anti-Hinduism - from double-handed dealings like:

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18193&SKIN=B

Quote:Centre mulls US$ 3bn fund to give education to Muslims

30/12/2013 02:41:18 hinduexistence.org/2013/12/30/congress-govt-in-centre-mulls-huge-us-3bn-fund-to-give-islamic-education-to-indian-muslims/

[color="#800080"](No doubt the temple site on which the madrassa for muslimahs in Tirupati is being constructed is part of that kickback. After all, didn't the same jihadis caught with explosives with which they intended to blow up Hindus during Tirupati brahmotsavam - didn't those same jihadis as per the same news item get caught for having killed various TN nationalist politicians? All in order to ensure that the 2 major cryptochristist parties in TN - satellite parties of the christo congress - have no Hindu/BJP competition and so there's no chance of Hindu rule there? So of course the christogovt regularly pays off islamania having carried out its orders to systematically jihad, as opposed to islam's more natural tendency to jihad at random, without direction.)[/color]

Upananda Brahmachari | HE Media Bureau | Guwahati | Sun Dec 29, 2013:: While apex court severally gives cautions to the govts not to opt any favouritism on religious basis in case of extending governmental help to any individual or section, the Central govt in India run by Congress party and some of the state govts are nullifying the court orders and the spirit of so-called ‘secularism’ inserted in the preamble of Indian constitution by Congress itself.

[color="#800080"][photo caption:][/color] Congress plans to strengthen fundamental school of education with a sectarian outlook. Mulling US $3 billion (Rs 12,000-18,000 core) to give Islamic education to Indian Muslims.

[color="#0000FF"]This time a huge fund of Rs 12,000-18,000 (3 billion US $) are being ready by central govt to boost up the Education of the Muslim minorities (touching 20% of total population of India) mainly through Madrasas, Islamic Colleges, Universities, Islamic Seminaries, Islamic Education Foundations, NGOs – all set to establish a Islamic State in India in the same way of Aligarh and Deoband Movement.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Repeat: christianism and islam have a deal concerning India - they work together to conver the nation to the monotheism. Christianism roughly gets NE and the south, Islam gets the approx rest for forming mughalistan. This is why national and international christian orgs and cryptochristists regularly support giving Kashmir to islam/TSP and indeed declare that Kashmir is an independent islamic state/part of TSP.

Think WHY christians - especially foreign missionary orgs - should go out of their way to declare that Kashmir is independent islamic state and lobby for that - christianism and islam are not generally friends in other countries of the world - if not for the reason that they are working together in a very concrete, largescale plan. That it is concrete and largescale is indicated by the fact that unrelated christian orgs and spokespersons - Indian and foreign as in western - all parrot the same thing about Kashmir. Speaking about how cryptos donate Kashmir to islam, can see AAP's less overt/less public affirmations to this effect as well as their stand on TSP. All of which are messages to islam on where AAP stands, even when to Hindus the AAP merely pretends to prevaricate on Pakistan or retract its earlier consciously-made statements on Kashmir which were signals to islam. See indianexpress.com/news/prashant-bhushan-under-fire-over-kashmir-remarks-aap-distances-itself/1215996/ and a video of "When Asked about Stand on Pak, Kejriwaal Ran Away from Interview" see haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18166 where a commenter rightly decoded Kejriwal's action: "A new generation Bank ? This can fetch indian pakistani votes, (terrorist supporting) human right activists and intellectual secularist votes".)[/color]

The other constitutional minorities like Sikh (1.9%) Buddhists (0.8%), Jains (0.5%), Parsis (negligible) are striving to maintain their educational institutions but not getting any privilege as such as they are not communal like Muslims and do not posses any ‘Vote Bank’ rather.

The Centre on Sunday said it will soon announce a special fund to the tune of US$ 3 billion for upliftment of the Muslim people by providing infrastructure, mainly for education.

“We need infrastructure. Indian Muslims need education and for that we need infrastructure. Currently we lack in infrastructure,” Union Minister for Minority Affairs K Rahman Khan said in Guwahati in an Islamic Education Convention organised by three fundamental organisations viz. American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI), Ajmal Foundation and Markazul Ma’arif.

Now, it is evident that the Congress party plans to strengthen fundamental school of education with a sectarian outlook. They are mulling a huge US$ 3 billion (Rs.15,000-18,000 Crore) fund to give Islamic education to Indian Muslims in an appeasing mode to get blessed with Muslim vote bank.

markazul mariifThe notorious Communal MP (Member of Parliament) of Dhubri, Assam, Md Badruddin Ajmal who is paving Assam as Islamic state in north-east were seen very intimately in the convention on Sunday with the central minister for minority affairs maintaining the formula, ” Birds of green (read Islamic) colour folk together”. Ajmal is the key of these organisations like Ajmal Foundation and Markazul Ma’arif.

“We are working on to create a fund of US$ 2-3 billion” (which will be around Rs 12,000-18,000 crore as per current exchange rates)…”Even if only one per cent of Indian Muslims donate, we will be able to generate this amount,” Khan said while delivering the keynote address during a function of American Federation of Muslims of India origin.

Indicating the financial richness of the affluent section of Muslim people desirous to generate a separate educational, finacial, political, social system under Shariyat dictum, the Minority Affairs Minister expressed his view in the International Educational Summit for Islamic Education

He said Muslim people in India have the resources but only need the mechanism to generate and manage the fund. Saying these at least the central Minister reiterated that the Muslims are in India not ordinarily poor than the general poverty stricken people (mainly marginal Hindus in India.

When asked by when the government is likely to finalize the fund, Khan said “We have been working on this for some time. Now we are going to announce it very soon.”

He further said the government is taking all necessary steps to improve the conditions of the Muslims.

“The only priority of Indian Muslims is education. If you are educated, the society can be changed… Do not think that you are a minority, think that you are the second largest population in India,” Khan said.

On utilisation of funds by the North Eastern states, the Minister said the Centre had allocated Rs 700 crore for a multi-sectoral development in the region during the 11th Five Year Plan.

“Utilisation of funds is very slow. We have had discussions with the Chief Minister. We urge the state governments to give priority and focus more on utilisation,” he added.

The international speakers at the convention include scholars from Canada, USA, Singapore, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. These speakers advocated the ‘streamlining of Islamic education for all’ with the values of Quran and Hadit.

Besides, 133 meritorious students who have passed out from Class 10 and 12 from different parts of the country, including six from Assam, will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals along with cash prize.

AIUDF MLA and Convention Chairman Sirajuddin Ajmal said that this was the first time AFMI was holding its convention in this north-eastern part of the country and hoped students would benefit from this.

The American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) is a prime funding organisation which provides funds to Muslim organisations in the name of education which promote fundamental Islamic pattern in education through the preaching and practice of the Handbook of Jehad, i.e. Quran. An international conspiracy to Islamize the Indian education system is also evident throughout India.

As is obvious to anyone - but the most "sensitive" (blind) - the christian KKKongress is *funding* the jihad. Openly to the tune of 3 billion US dollars. Guess where the funds come from? From all the Hindu temple wealth that the christian govt has confiscated and regularly earmarks for christoislamism.

Again, the christian KKKongress govt is directing the jihad and then rewarding islamic jihadists for doing as they say/as they direct (and of course, for jihading the Hindus only and not the christians). There is NO other reading possible of the data. It is one of the many open pay offs that christianism makes to islam. Much of the organised jihad in India is in the service

of christianism. That is why the islamic jihad specifically never gets punished by the christogovt, but gets 1. rewarded and 2. protected even (even as christomedia spins all news of jihad that they can't blackout in such a way as to blame the Hindu victims and reaction). The whole Communal Violence Bill being in favour of (christoislamic) rioting against Hindus, moreover with Hindus declared to be the guilty party up front in any future riot by said bill, is another way you can tell that the whole point of the oh-so-obviously CHRISTIAN KKKongress govt (even if nothing else indicated that the KKKongress is christian with islam as the hired hitman, this bill does) - another way you can tell that the whole point of the christo KKongress is trying to LEGALISE jihad against Hindus and take away not only legal rights of Hindus to withstand islam but the physical right of Hindus as human beings to defend themselves against jihadis. I.e. christianism/christogovt wants to make sure that Hindus die by jihad and don't dare to retaliate because if they do, then the bill will punish Hindus for surviving.

Note how the current christogovt has harnessed islam - exactly just like the christobritish colonial govt did* - to be carefully directed instead of randomly and thus suppress Hindus/Hindu re-assertion to rule over the Hindu country and take down Hinduism.

(* Elst - typically - carefully tried to deny that the christobritish govt directed jihad to their own ends whenever they were able to and in need of it, Elst blaming islam as a purely independent source of jihad/that all instances of jihad in post-colonial were essentially without British instigation and collusion. No doubt tomorrow's Elsts and his beliebers will repeat the same about the current KKKongress's control over much/most/all(?) jihad in the nation. There is no doubt that jihad will continue without christianism. But the fact remains the christobrits did carefully harness the jihad - just like they set up the Justic Party etc to antagonise Hindu assertion in TN - and that the present day crypto christian and paid political parties continue to harness the jihad.)

Anyway, it's not just the Communal Violence Bill that shows that the Congress is rewarding its jihadi arm and protecting this from any repercussions (since the jihad so often acts on KKKongress govt's express instigation and direction, the KKKongress can hardly allow the jihad to be punished: else the jihadist orgs will cease to work for/with them/as per their direction any more). It is also apparent from items 2 and 3 below:

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/quick-notes-farming-revolution-two.html

Quote:•pSecular and mulayam: UP govt wants to withdraw cases only against Muslim rioters.

Which links to the news item:


Quote:BJP demands withdrawal of all Muzaffarnagar riot cases

PTI : Lucknow, Tue Jan 07 2014, 16:48 hrs

Taking exception to [color="#0000FF"]UP government's proposed move to withdraw cases against Muslim leaders in Muzaffarnagar riots[/color], BJP on Tuesday asked Governor B L Joshi to press the government to withdraw all cases, including those lodged against its leaders, in connection with the violence.


Don't know why Indians continue to pretend that the sham democracy in India is something Hindus have to put up with. Hindus need a proper MUTINY and INDEPENDENCE and expel christianism in all its forms once and for all - not just christianism in British/Eurocolonial/alien outward packaging, but also when possessed of an outwardly-Indian appearance (long-distance puppeteers and colluders/advisors are still western govts however). After all, the same christogovt rules India now: having the same aims of oppressing the native heathens and ruling over them and destroying them.

3. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=18098

Quote:Why Communal favoritism in riot rehabilitation? - Supreme court to UP Govt.

24/11/2013 23:32:11

Upananda Brahmachari | Hindu Existence News Bureau | New Delhi | 21 November 2013:: Supreme Court of India came down heavily on the Government of Uttar Pradesh on the procedure and its notification for the rehabilitation of Muzaffarnagar riot victims. [color="#0000FF"]The apex court on Thursday asked the UP state government why it is showing favoritism towards Muslims only? The designated Bench pointed out: Do not Hindus suffer in the Mujafarnagar riots ?[/color]

The Apex Court opines as both Hindu – Muslim people suffered in the said riot, the government should focus and treat on rehabilitation of victims from both sides . Uttar Pradesh government really found itself in a tight spot in the Supreme Court for issuing a controversial notification that contained the names of people of only one community for the grant of Rs. 5 lakhs as rehabilitation aid for riots’ victims in Muzaffarnagar area. An embarrassed state government promised new notification after canceling the old one.

“All victims are eligible and equal. Better you withdraw the notification,” a bench of Chief Justice P Sathasivam and Justices Ranjana Prakash Desai and Ranjan Gogoi said.

Senior advocate Rajeev Dhawan, appearing for the state, promptly did the damage-control by saying “no person will be denied relocation and rehabilitation (on the ground of religion) and it should not have gone into the notification the way it has gone. We will recall it and issue a fresh one.”

The state government gave an undertaking that it will “recall” the October 26 notification and said that in the fresh notification it would be clearly mentioned that the concerned authority will take care of each and every affected person and relief and rehabilitation measures would be applied “universally”.

Mr. Dhawan conceded such a notification was “bound to cause alarm”.

The Jat Sabha (the forum of the Jat people), a strong section of Hindu society knocked the door of the Supreme Court as the Samajwadi Party Govt. led by Sri Akhilesh Singh, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (son of anti Hindu Mulayam Singh Yadav and a puppet of Md Azam Khan, a strong Muslim communal leader of Uttar Pradesh) is discriminating the riot victim Jat and other Hindu people in an appeasement game connected to Muslim vote bank politics. In this development the actual role of Samajwadi Party (read Namazwadi Party) has clearly been exposed. The Jat Sabha has been demanding an impartial probe by an independent agency other than the pro Muslim agencies of Uttar Pradesh Govt. authorities.

While hearing a batch of petitions, the bench also termed as “serious” the allegation that a police inspector, who is probing the murder of two boys that had triggered the communal clashes in the area, was forcing the father of one of the deceased to give an affidavit diluting the complaint.

The court also issued a notice on a fresh plea filed by Ravindra Kumar, through advocate Sanjay Tyagi, that he has been pressurised by a police officer of Special Investigation Cell (SIC) to give an affidavit as per the wishes of the investigators during the probe into the murder of his son and his brother on August 27.

The incident had triggered the communal clashes in Muzaffarnagar and adjoining areas of western UP on September 7 that killed 61 persons.

The plea also contained a hand-written draft of the police inspector who had allegedly asked the complainant to give an affidavit as per the draft.

The Court pointed out that serious allegations, including the role of the police officer investigating the deaths of two Jat youths while the parents of a young man were forced to change the original complaint to dilute its prime allegations.

Pampering Islamic menace and communalism in Uttar Pradesh and other states in Indian is another chapter of Congress’s ‘Divide and Rule game plan‘.

Read details: wp.me/pCXJT-3jW

4. Oh, what a surprise: AAP receives "foreign" funding for its party. Some years back when the "war on terror" was heard more often in the news - a certain western country that is not the US also witnessed during its election time how one of its political parties (the one that was willing to back the US in its war on terror) was getting illegal funds from the US as well as American behind-the-scenes efforts on the ground to get them elected as well. Needless to say, when the news broke out, the locals were FURIOUS.



Quote:PIL against AAP over foreign funding.

12/10/2013 12:04:59 TOI

NEW DELHI: A petition was filed on Wednesday in the Delhi high court seeking registration of a criminal case against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal for allegedly receiving foreign funds in violation of law.

A division bench of Chief [color="#0000FF"]Justice NV Ramana and Justice Manmohan, however, recused themselves from hearing the PIL due to personal reasons[/color] and transferred it to another bench for October 11.

[color="#800080"]("Personal" reasons? As in, threatened by AAP? Or taking foreign money too perhaps?[/color])

Justice Ramana said: "There is something in the petition because of which I cannot hear the matter."

The plea was filed by advocate ML Sharma, who also sought seizure of accounts and funds secured by members of AAP.

[color="#0000FF"]"A direction to be issued to register a criminal case against the respondents (AAP members) under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) and conduct of day-to-day trial proceedings with the supervision of the court, in the interest of justice," the plea sought, naming Kejriwal and others.

The plea said the FCRA prohibits funding from foreign countries for a political party.[/color]

The plea was filed against advocates Shanti Bhushan and Bhushan, Kejriwal and party leader Manish Sisodia.

Read More : articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-10-09/india/42861486_1_aap-foreign-funding-shanti-bhushan
Oh quelle surprise, the usual suspects:


Quote:Dancer-activist Mallika Sarabhai to join AAP

January 08, 2014 17:08 IST

Noted danseuse Mallika Sarabhai will be joining the Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday, sources close to her said.

"Mallika Sarabhai will be joining the AAP later in the day by going to their office in the city," they told PTI. "She will be joining the party not as a politician but as a citizen of the country," they said.

In 2009, Sarabhai fought elections as an Independent candidate against Bharatiya Janata Party veteran L K Advani from the Gandhinagar constituency but had lost.

She has been constantly taking up the issue of oppressed and victims of the 2002 riots.

The AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal made a spectacular debut in the recent Delhi assembly elections bagging 28 seats.

Last squeaking on behalf of the KKKongress' spin on how Godhra supposedly went down, this agent of foreign puppetry has now been moved around to support US' new crown prince for India: to screech on behalf of AAP. How utterly unexpected. Confusedarcasm:

The same agents keep getting reposted and shifted about.

But then:


Quote:The B-Team

As AAP tries to go national, it is exposing itself as the B-team of Congress:


Even Congress party members are admitting that the AAP is now their strategy to counter BJP.


Posted by san at 1/07/2014 07:15:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

Every anti-national party in India (you know, the ones famous for creating votebanks to keep Hindus in check/prevent nationalists from getting to power) - i.e. KKKongress, Mulayam Singh govt, Joylolita, DMK, communist parties, AAP - to Prachanda in Nepal, are all in the pay of foreign govts.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. India never got independence. The faces (and names of parties) propped up by the foreign puppeteers just kept changing. Their policies, means and objectives remain just the same.


Quote:Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Will this bigot face scrutiny from GOI?

[color="#0000FF"]How can the allegedly atheist and"rationalist" Chief Minister of Karnataka accord state patronage to a rabid evangelical like Benny Hinn?[/color]

"Faith healing" is an obviously fraudulent endeavour. Why shouldn't the authorities take cognizance of this

blatant fraud under the "anti-superstition" laws that the "secularists"

are so eager to legislate?

Even if [color="#0000FF"]the C.M is a Christian or a stealth christist[/color], state patronage to proselytism by a particular creed is evidently unconstitutional.

[color="#800080"](No need to turn the obvious into a mere supposition. CM is obviously a christian: has openly declared his religion by action itself. Actions speak louder than words after all. No greater affirmation of his christianism.

Most so called "atheists" and "rationalists" in India - not just in TN and Bengal but in KN too - are christists. Definitely all the ones who are anti-Hindu yet promote christoislamism.

Also why do Hindus always appeal to the constitution and the law when these are so often flouted and re-written, respectively, to implement anti-Hinduism by successive christian/cryptochristian govts?)[/color]

What category of visa does this evangelical saboteur possess and will use to gain entry to India for indulging

in activities directly contributing to

communal discord, disharmony and that are very likely to threaten peace in

the city of Bangalore and the state of Karnataka?

When the foreign visitor's intentions to

stoke hatred and disharmony in pursuit of the global Church's agenda to emasculate Indian sovereignty

are quite transparent, the government of India (such as it is) should subject him to careful scrutiny. Any violation of the strict conditionalities pertaining to his visa need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including detention, strip search etc.

In fact, any other self respecting national government, i.e. other than the corrupt and compromised UPA,

conscious of the threats to internal security, sovereignty etc. would have revoked his visa with immediate effect.

I do hope this enemy of India and world peace - does not have a smooth ride at the port of entry.

m.rediff.com/news/report/controversial-evangelist-benny-hinn-to-face-protests-in-bangalore/20140108.htm Posted by karyakarta92 at 1/08/2014 03:52:00 PM
Benny Hinn is famously exposed, recognised - and ostracised - as a christian con-artist even in the US.

But just goes to show that christo-ruled India will accept even christian preachers discredited by christians. Indian christogovt should invite that American/Canadian preacher famous for kicking followers in the face as part of God's will/for money and declared that this "cured cancer", who was controversially going to visit Britain a while back. See [color="#0000FF"]dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2183860/Todd-Bentley-MP-calls-ban-tattooed-preacher-cures-cancer-kicking-people-face.html[/color] or post 546 of the christianism thread

I really think that the utterly debile and regressive christians of India would like to be kicked in the face by this (paedophile) pastor as part of christian "faith healing". I for one wouldn't object to seeing him kick Indian christians in the face - preferrably all of them. I understand his western followers smarted pretty badly - fell over unconscious from the pain even - from his applying his foot to their faces. Sounds just like the sort of thing that would do India's christians some good.

Anyway, hardly surprising that the KN govt is christian, since cow-slaughter and more Hindu temple takeovers to direct their funds for christoislamism were the cryptochristo congress govt election promises:

1. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17271

Quote:Will bring back 'Cow slaughter' in Karnataka - Congress

02/05/2013 13:39:32 HK

Bangalore: As often Minority appeasement is the trademark this time also to Congress who claims to recapture the Karnataka assembly this time. Bringing back Cow slaughter is one of the promise Congress promising when ever they address a Muslim dominated meetings.

BJP in Karnataka have introduced Prevention of Cow slaughter and Cattle preservation bill last year.Implementation of Sachar recomendations,a separate commission for the education of minorities etc are the other promises given out by the party which always thrived on dividing the people.

2. haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=17378

Quote:After cow slaughter Karnataka Congress target temples

27/05/2013 02:37:54 With Media Inputs

Chief Minister Siddharamaiah has clarified that [color="#0000FF"]the government would take steps to bring Shri Krishna temple in Udupi and the Gokarna temple under the Muzrai Department. This attempt by Congress is to to encroach back these two temples which was denotified in favour of Hindu management who govern the temple.[/color]

BJP leaders in coastal Karnataka took to the streets in protest as soon as Siddaramaiah announced that the government will consider notifying the two temples.

"This proposal is uncalled for. Where is the need for the government to notify the two temples? The government's move is creating confusion among the public. This kind of interference is not necessary," said BJP MLA Ashwathnarayan.

After all, before the christian congress came back to power in Karnataka:


Quote:Congress fumes over Karnataka Government's support to Temples

12/03/2011 01:51:23 HK

BANGALORE: Congress party who never lost their sleep over Haj Subsidy by Central Government or Jerusalem Subsidy by late Evangelist CM of AP Samuel Reddy is very much worried over Karnataka Government's allocation of funds for Temple management.

[color="#0000FF"]Under BSY's leadership ruling BJP is gradually liberating the temples from Government control back to the hands of devotees and Hindu organisations.[/color] Also BJP government is returning the money ollected from temples for it's development.

And when the Christian congress govt was previously in charge in Karnataka:


Quote:Temple Commitee donates 2 lakh to construct Haj House

27/10/2009 13:39:32 HK

Mangalore: If the Secular researchers in Kerala settled in naming the gate of Kerala Secratariat as YMCA gate, The Congress researchers in Karnataka are using temples itself

as the tool for Minority appeasing propaganda.

Generous [color="#0000FF"]Karnataka Congress Leader Janardhan Pujari had offered 2 lakh Rupees for the construction of Haj House in Mangalore, Not from his pocket but from the Temple fund, where he is the president of the Kathiroli Temple commitee.[/color]

Pujari revealed this decision of his Temple Commitee by flagging off the first Hajj flight from Mangalore.

Don't know why secular Hindus (more fool them) always refuse to make public the equation that

[color="#0000FF"]anti-Indian nexus = christianism+islam+communism[/color]

(communism is actually a subset of christianism and a cover for christianism, as is DMK etc. So they're all included on the RHS)

The news was:


Quote:Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Will this bigot face scrutiny from GOI?

[color="#0000FF"]How can the allegedly atheist and"rationalist" Chief Minister of Karnataka accord state patronage to a rabid evangelical like Benny Hinn?[/color]

"Faith healing" is an obviously fraudulent endeavour. Why shouldn't the authorities take cognizance of this

blatant fraud under the "anti-superstition" laws that the "secularists"

are so eager to legislate?

Even if [color="#0000FF"]the C.M is a Christian or a stealth christist[/color], state patronage to proselytism by a particular creed is evidently unconstitutional.

The conspiracy accidentally reveals itself now and again in the brief moments before being re-written and written out.

Found linked via the Rajeev2004 blog.


Lots of interesting stuff. Including that

- Congress itself is working hand-in-glove with TSP's ISI (unsurprising: christo-islamism has a joint project to destroy Hindu India and replace it with the monotheistic moronism).

- Tharoor was well-known by Indian intelligence to be in with the ISI.

Wife #1 was "Tilottama Mukherjee" a commie as per Mudy,

Wife #2 was "Christa Giles, a Canadian civil servant who works with the United States on disarmament issues" as per that MSNindia news article pasted on IF earlier (which 'alliance' made Tharoor as much an obvious* leveraging pawn for US interests, as his more recent close interaction [and close involvement] with a Pak journo is claimed by more than the deceased to be ISI=TSP=islamania. [Rajeev Srinivasan of the Rajeev2004 blog was earlier seen stating that Tharoor - IIRC RS' acquaintance - at least wasn't interested in western women, which is clearly not true: he was married to one.]

Wife #3 is the deceased, whose murder the christomedia - which is working for christoislam's joint project of converting the subcontinent - is hard at work covering up for, as also seen at the link. E.g. it IIRC reveals that Tharoor was supposed to be at the loudmouthed congress meet, while aajtak and eyewitnesses weren't informed of the alibi/forgot to stick to the same script and blabbed what seem like some actual details, by placing him with his deceased wife too close to the time.

(* Tharoor was a deliberate leak working for foreign interests since the start. It's unlikely Indians will ever get more evidence concerning the planting of wife #2 than her profession. So why would Tharoor not be working alongside ISI now, who are USA's dear best friends and hirelings in the subcontinent? Nothing has changed in his swapping love interest #2 with #4: He still works for the same "anti-Indian nexus".)

Am glad it looks less likely now for Tharoor to follow Karyakarta's wish for him (from yesterday): that of dumping his ideological kindred in congress and joining the BJP.
For archival etc purposes

Post 1

One of the pages linked off that twitter.com/NeenaRai

goes to the tweets of (murdered wife of Shashi Tharoor) Sunanda Pushkar herself:


Quote:[color="#0000FF"]SunandaPTharoor @sptvrock Dec 23 So much is being done for minorities these days esp the ones who suffered riots.why on earth are the Kashmiris ignored who suffered in 1989 Retweeted

Dr Narain Rupani @DrRupani Dec 24 @sptvrock @neenarai because they seem to be leaderless ! Wish they had a articulate leader who can bring this issue on center stage ofdelhi Retweeted


@sptvrock Dec 24 @DrRupani @neenarai. I try but then my husband is told to "sambalo" me & make sure I don't talk. So either I have to b a Kashmiri or a wife
Retweeted [/color]

Rahul Nayak @antapravah Dec 24 @sptvrock I appreciate your frank opinion on Kashmir & Kashmiris. Keep speaking 4 urself. Don't allow 2 b bogged down. @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Dr Narain Rupani @DrRupani Dec 24 @sptvrock I thought you might have some space there ! Its too personal a thing. But keep thinking ,even with in congress 1/3 Retweeted

Invade This @freedune Dec 24 .@sptvrock oh my goodness.... @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Sathya Anand @AgentSaffron Dec 24 @sptvrock Ma'am may we know who exactly is asking Tharoor saab to 'sambalo' you? @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Sunjay @Kamal_Khilega Dec 24 @sptvrock ma'am ,do ask ur hubby ' what sort of Participative democracy is this? @harshpolicy @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Dr Narain Rupani @DrRupani Dec 24 @sptvrock a women wing can be created , congress will benefit , all KP women can have meetings & a say,2/3 Retweeted

Rachana @Integrated_me Dec 24 @sptvrock Oppps ! Madam this is wrong , you are supposed to be empowered woman @harshpolicy @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Dr Narain Rupani @DrRupani Dec 24 @sptvrock the road will be tough ,but U CAN . 3/3 Retweeted

[color="#0000FF"]Neena Rai @NeenaRai Dec 24 @AgentSaffron @sptvrock @DrRupani

Yes who is asking him to sambhalo you? And is mr tharoor so junior that he has to listen to dictates? Retweeted[/color]

Neena Rai @NeenaRai Dec 24 @antapravah @sptvrock @DrRupani

Agree with rahul. Dont get cowed down sunanda Retweeted

Disha gaganaviharin @Gajaakesari Dec 24 @sptvrock It is sad that you cannot be both Kashmiri & a wife. Failure of party trying to "sambhalo" you! @Sushuptii @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Mamdhata @Mamdhata Dec 24 @sptvrock Both are mutually exclusive? I didnt know @ksmsundaram1975 @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Sunjay @Kamal_Khilega Dec 24 @NeenaRai don't you know ? In Kangress even a Dr PM of 80+ age is junior to a drop out prince of 40+ age @AgentSaffron @DrRupani Retweeted

Simba ... Narasimba @octotus Dec 24 @sptvrock ma'm. sly tweets aside - have made some myself - sorry to hear what you are going through. 1/2 @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Simba ... Narasimba @octotus Dec 24 @sptvrock never give up hope. Have you not heard, it is darkest before dawn. 800million Hindus are with you. @DrRupani @NeenaRai Retweeted

Janamejayan @Janamejayan Dec 24 @Kamal_Khilega Be nice! V hindus dont taunt a woman especially against her husband. That's our lakshman rekha. @NeenaRai Retweeted

[color="#800080"](That only applies when both wife and husband are traditional Hindus/other type of traditional heathens. It doesn't apply to Mr Secular Tharoor, who is anti-Hindu, or to christoislamicommunit spouses of alleged Hindus.

Hindus should stop confusing the order of subsidiary Hindoo directives with that of the Hindoo Prime Directive: first loyalty is to one's heathenism=Gods and then one's fellow heathens. There is an order of importance to heathens' principles. Why do Hindus keep misapplying by ignoring that there is an ordering?)[/color]

SunandaPTharoor @sptvrock Dec 24 @Mamdhata @ksmsundaram1975 @DrRupani @NeenaRai. my husband is a good guy &knows how passionate I am bout Kashmir&has never asked me2not talk Retweeted

Seems NeenaRai had to tweet to 3 incredulous "anti-communal" people, including one "@ShashiTharoor" (which linked name does seem to lead to the official shashi tharoor entity on facecrooks - sorry - on twitheads), that his murdered wife did indeed make the highlighted statement, see


About the final statement by Sunanda in the above quoteblock (the one about "my husband is a good guy"): famous last words of many a spouse/love interest who got done in by murderous object of affection. But the placement of this final statement is interesting because no one incl Neena Rai refers to this last statement that Twitter records Sunanda as having made (where her husband is a good guy according to Sunanda etc). Instead Neena Rai repeatedly says on her own page that she never got a response from Sunanda on who was threatening to "take her out"/"shambolo" her, and instead says that Sunanda died before she got any response on her question. Around the time Sunanda's murder broke, NeenaRai's twitter page mentioned that some anti-Hindu is in control of Twitter India. (That an anti-Hindu islamic is in charge of twitter was confirmed earlier than that at the Rajeev2004 blog.) Further people were complaining that important tweets by Sunanda had gone missing/got re-ordered and that it was important to store all this.

My own question is if Sunanda's statement in defence of the husband planted or is it real (note it's not impossible that she should have really stated it: partners of philandering spouses are often their greatest fans)? Am asking, especially since no one on the NeenaRai twitter page recalls the statement/refers to it, while Neena and others who did witness or eventually read the above set of tweets by Sunanda don't seem to know of this final statement when they continue to declare that Shashi Tharoor/the husband was party to this gag order, not to mention Neena insisted on suspecting he was complicit in the plot to do his wife in. Examples:

Quote:Retweeted by Neena Rai

Janamejayan ?@Janamejayan Jan 17

@NeenaRai 1 of the last emails from her was to you and it speaks volumes of her struggle to express herself in spite of gag order from hubby

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai 18h

@centerofright and she never answers my next question...

twitter.com/neenarai/status/415505307092021250 …

View conversation


Quote:Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai 20h

Sunanda on a twitter convo with me and a few others claimed that @ShashiTharoor had been asked to "sambhalo" her. And today she is dead.

Sunil ‏@sgdas2004 20h

@NeenaRai @upma23 @ShashiTharoor yes i remember her tweet

. keep smiling . ‏@upma23 20h

@sgdas2004 @NeenaRai @ShashiTharoor i also read that tweet

Sunil ‏@sgdas2004

@upma23 @NeenaRai @ShashiTharoor yes it can be tampered with u know who is twitter india chief now

(see rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/twitter-india-head-is-hindu-baiter.html)

Vishal Patel #HDL sunil ghadshi Antariksham Alva pradeep gautam Rishay Swastik সৌমা Neena Rai

10:49 AM - 17 Jan 2014

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Vishal Patel #HDL ‏@realVishaL 19h

@NeenaRai she may have knew wt she should nt .. n thts y she was going to give interview .. n suddnly died..!! ..

View conversation

Retweeted by Neena Rai

H.N Mishra ‏@HNMishra11 19h

@sgdas2004 @upma23 @NeenaRai @ShashiTharoor Very correct & urgent 2 save her tweeter A/c

immediately b4 its tempered with. Good twt Sunil.

View conversation

Retweeted by Neena Rai

$ƱᶆαЙ ‏@Good_boy_Suman 19h

@NeenaRai even our media and police are framing it as suicide, which I never agree, I lost respect to police

View conversation

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Ugly UPA #HDL ‏@UglyUPA 19h

@NeenaRai The femme fatale of ISI @MehrTarar did it & got @sptvrock murdered.

ndtv.com/article/india/sunanda-p-tharoor-union-minister-shashi-tharoor-s-wife-found-dead-at-hotel-in-delhi-472414?pfrom=home-lateststories … I had intuition & had exposed her

View summary


Quote:Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Twitter India News Head is Hindu-baiter, Modi-basher

Raheel Khursheed, the head of Twitter's India News, is a Kashmiri activist who has been shown to be a Hindu-baiter:



An example of his comments:

"For ur Navraatras: Durex Upwaas, Saboodana Flavour. Let the festive season begin!"

Maybe Twitter can clarify on whether they consider this fellow to meet their standards for secularism.

Currently, there is a petition at Change.org to have him removed from the post he occupies.

If there has been or is any tampering with Sunanda's tweets - especially in connection with her murder - Raheel Khursheed's islamania and moreover an activist for islamic occupation and usurpation of Hindu Kashmir would explain why. Treachery and Kashmir appear be the subjects Sunanda was going to address in the interview with NDTV Burkha Dutt, before she got conveniently offed by islamania.

Quote:Retweeted by Neena Rai

Anupam Trivedi ‏@anupamtr Dec 25

Explosive! Check this>> Congress doesn't even allow the raising of Kashmiri Pandits' exodus

issue...admits @sptvrock pic.twitter.com/IeAtneA9KX

Embedded image permalink

Not surprised Raheel Khursheed was appointed as Twitter India News Head (elected for this position by who?). Nor that he and Congress would share an interest in gagging Sunanda's wish to raise the Kashmiri Pandits' ethnic cleansing from their homeland. Of course Raheel can at best only make tweets disappear ahead of time (I understand Twitter makes tweets searchable for a month), but they can all do their bit.
Post 2

Other interesting statements made on the 17th of Jan on the NeenaRai twitter page included that Sunanda Pushkar was going to be majorly interviewed (IIRC by christomedia NDTV's islamaniac hag Barkha Dutt) - and was going to make public something that was apparently far more pertinent to Indians as a nation than mere trivia about Shashi Tharoor's latest lub affair with a Paki.

The info linked/documented on NeenaRai's twitter page relating to this subject really ought to be archived. Maybe people who are on twitter will have some luck.

Rajiv Srinivasan (still friends with that "secular" anti-Hindu Tharoor?, Hindus need to learn to drop anti-Hindus, subvertibles and other traitors like a log) decided that Tharoor is beyond suspicion and that the islamic seedy underworld of cricket match fixing/IPL and ISI were rather single-handedly to blame. Maybe Tharoor was all innocent in his sweet little love affair with (obviously) planted ISI girlfriend.

Ah, adulterous love affair with anti-Hindu islamaniac spy from the Paki realm. So romantic. So sweet. Just like modern Indian TV - obnoxious, loud, trashy, moronic and for morons - modern Indians and their modern affairs are also obnoxious, loud, trashy, moronic and exclusively for morons. Oh and not to mention trivial. Eeewww.


Quote:it is unlikely that shashi had her bumped off, because it is not clear how he would benefit. in fact, he is likely to be dumped from the cabinet now, and may even lose his trivandrum lok sabha seat. no, he didn't have an incentive to have her liquidated. and this puts paid to his long shot bid for PM.

If he was really consciously working with TSP as some of the rest of the congress is - and as Tharoor has been insinuated/accused of by some at the following twitter links - surely that would be reason for his involvement or blessing of (or eventually going along with) "taking out" his wife - as the mafia would put it. <- Apparently shambolo has the same sort of connotation.

The following are all tweets on (or perhaps even linked off)


Usually I will post the contents of off-links separately, but can't be certain if I haven't included them here.

They may further be out of order. I saved the text of them if and when (I realised) they were of interest, and may have since organised them by topic.

Quote:G Kishan Reddy, MLA ?@kishanreddybjp Jan 18

Mrs. Sunanda was found dead in less than 24 hours after she alleged a relation between minister and ISI agent. This can't be coincidence

Neena Rai

Abhishek Rajpal ?@SingingYak Jan 18

Prashant Bhushan Happy..Congress Relieved..ISI did Again...Kashmir Lost Truth RIP Sunanda Pushkar Congress Shashi Tharoor

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Hindu Americans ?@HinduAmericans Jan 17

An innocent pro-Hindu woman is either killed or driven to her death by a Pakistani ISI agent and anti-Hindu Congress leaders. Shame on them.Expand Collapse ?Reply ?Retweet ?Retweeted

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Ekalavya ?@Naradauvacha Jan 17

@sptvrock @vijayvaani @DrRupani @NeenaRai Did Sunanda threatened to reveal those "big" names who are ISI controlled!. Was it a Ricin pellet??View conversation Hide conversation ?Reply ?

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRaiJan 17

Sunanda never replied when i asked her who was asking @ShashiTharoor to "sambhalo" her.. What was she hiding?

Retweeted by Neena Rai

रितिका जैन (सोना) ?@Adorable_Riti Jan 17

@NeenaRai kuch toh daal mein kaala hai. ISI Congress links??

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Sam Natarajan #HDL ?@SamNatarajan Jan 17

@tnk0205 @NeenaRai @sandeepgandotra @sptvrock @ShashiTharoor When HM and many Congi leaders have ISI link investigation will be an eye wash

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Sam Natarajan #HDL ?@SamNatarajan Jan 17

@ansrvs @NeenaRai I can smell ISI or Mafia job

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

Indian agencies knew of @ShashiTharoor's affair with paki ISI @MehrTarar for many months... But obviously they couldnt prevent her murder..

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

@Saunakahotra @MehrTarar @ShashiTharoor

Total ISI agenda and tharoor hand in glove..

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

@achlendra its a murder. Possibly @ShashiTharoor and ISI @MehrTarar's job.. Got used and thrown by shashi like trash

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

Imagine #subanda's pain and horror. Daughter of an indian army general n her husband involved with a seedy paki journo.What a classy hubby!

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

Just for a minute imagine your husband having an affair with the same people who committed genocide against ur ilk.. @ShashiTharoor

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

What can be more degrading for an indian minister married 2 a Generals daughter n having an affair with a seedy paki journo? @ShashiTharoor

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Global Indian ?@sivashiv Jan 17

Very fact that tharoor's secretary's excessive interviews&talking about no struggle,no violence ..about subanda's death speaks a lot&coverup

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Vishal Patel #HDL ?@realVishaL Jan 17

@NeenaRai she may have knew wt she should nt .. n thts y she was going to give interview .. n suddnly died..!!

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai Jan 17

@vinaykumargupta hes trying not to get arrested because there can be a case against him, their

marriage was less than 7 yrs old.

View conversation

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai Jan 17

Must have been heart wrenching -For a kashmiri pandit and an army generals daughter who thought her husband loved her, to see him wid a paki

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai Jan 17

@vinaykumargupta hes trying not to get arrested because there can be a case against him, their marriage was less than 7 yrs old.

View conversation

Retweeted by Neena Rai

abha singh ‏@Abha_ypsingh Jan 17

Evidence Act-If wife commits suicide within 7yrs of marriage abetment by husband has to be presumed. Legally Tharoor's arrest is imminent.

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai ·Jan 17

@rajneilkamath ya. Thats exactly what i tweeted. He will be under arrest soon because his marriage is less than 7 yrs old.

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Madhu Kishwar ‏@madhukishwar ·Jan 17

Feminists brt law that any unnatural death of woman within 7 years of marriage to be treated as dowry death, assumption of guilt on husband

[color="#800080"](Finally something good can come out of this typically feminist=christo idiot law of "guilty until proven innocent".

But that must also be why the christoCongress/christomedia have decided to reveal that it wasn't suicide in Sunanda's case. These people will create loopholes in loopholes if it can serve them.)[/color]

neoसंघी ‏@neoSANGHI Jan 17

@NeenaRai Ma'am @ShashiTharoor needs to be investigated thoroughly. I can't even describe how much contempt I have for this guy

View conversation

@NeenaRai RT #HDL Thugs of @sardesairajdeep hand in glove with ISI agent @MehrTarar who executed

@sptvrock twitter.com/richaanirudh/status/418736150446997504 …

(Isn't the Sardesai creep part of BDutt's circle of friends/ideological kindred? CNN-IBN and NDTV. Richa Anirudha "from Jhansi", works for CNN-IBN and self-described "speaker, counsellor Osho follower" - suitably new age - is proud that her daughter has changed its name to Ayesha. (A crypto like Barkha once was?) And is of course dear friends with applauding ISI islamaniac Mehr Tarrar.)

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Avinash ‏@avinash8899 ·Jan 17

@NeenaRai In one of her tweets, she has requested all indian friends not to follow Mehr Tarar

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Simple [color="#800080"](on the day I first saved this text, the name here was "Steve Smith" not "Simple")[/color] ‏@vadosu83 ·Jan 17

@NeenaRai @Aarupadayappan I think it was planned elimination because of her too much knowledge on dirty links. He was in Paki few month ago.

[color](Not sure who "he" refers to her. Shashi, Omar or somebody? Need to recheck.)[/color]

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Sumit Bajoria ?@SumitBajoria Jan 17

@wollverine11483 @NeenaRai @DrShobha and was giving interviews and tweeting that Sunanda has been unwell. Well planned and thought out alibi

Retweeted by Neena Rai

ॐ सत्यभाषणं ‏ ?@satyabhashnam Jan 17

Hotel say it broke door but Shashi Tharoor contradictory #AICCMeet alibi is he found Sunanda Pushkar dead. Will police investigate foulplay

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

At 8.30 @ShashiTharoor was with her.. And at 9.15 she was dead.. Amazing.

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

Both sunanda and tharoor had come to the hotel together according @aajtak

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Kiran Kumar S ?@KiranKS Jan 17

Abhinav Kumar:"Sunanda Pushkar went to Leela hotel due to construction". Reema Parashar of Aaj Tak: "NO signs of any work at Tharoor's home"

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

Tharoor found the body???? What r they saying on aaj tak..

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Vidya Deshpande ?@vidyadee Jan 17

I can see a What's App status of Sunanda Pushkar which says last seen at 5.53pm. Sad n shocking

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai 8h

@albatrossinfo btw she was last seen on whatsapp post 530!! A dead woman cannot check her phone.. So who did?


Post 3

On NDTV/BDutt and Sunanda having organised an interview with BDutt about the ethnic cleansing of the native Hindus of Kashmir etc, and BDutt/NDTV's eagerness to present Sunanda's murder as a "suicide" - which perhaps even they couldn't do anymore when the news about the clear signs of violent struggle were revealed to be present on the body of Sunanda (bruises in a manner that can't be dismissed as self-inflicted).

Quote:Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

@KamalPremi2 @aajtak @BDUTT

Either aajtak is lying or bdutt is..

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 18

@shagil_ @ndtv @madhukishwar @suchetadalal

While ndtv wants answers from everyone openly, they wanna hide and deal with questions..

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai Jan 17

Unka usual kaam hai.. Isi funded channel jo hai ; ) @ekakizunj: Its suspicious to find @ndtv trying to potray Sunanda's death as suicide.

[color="#0000FF"]Retweeted by Neena Rai

Hindu Americans ?@HinduAmericans Jan 18

Last month, @sptvrock told me and @pvnananth that she trusted @bdutt to report on the plight of Kashmiri Pandits:twitter.com/sptvrock/status/415545325718208512[/color]


Quote:Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai 21h

Indian agencies knew of @ShashiTharoor's affair with paki ISI @MehrTarar for many months...

But obviously they couldnt prevent her murder..


@NeenaRai how do you know?

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai 21h

@TRIIKONE i am privy to many many things ..

[color="#800080"](Elsewhere Neena Rai said that she had among the things she had in common with Sunanda was family in the defence or army or something. Maybe this is her source?)[/color]

skeptical Indian ?@indicvedic 18h

@NeenaRai @arudra2611 @TRIIKONE MsRai agreed but many are in cahoots with ISI and there is a file on all but why elimination? 1/2

[color="#0000FF"]Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai

@indicvedic @arudra2611 @TRIIKONE she claimed to tell all in the evening.. To media[/color]

11:45 AM - 17 Jan 2014

NDTV/Barkha Dutt's desperation to lie about Sunanda's death and make it out to be a suicide is interesting. Sunanda's stupid trust in islamaniac and nexus plant Barkha Dutt was an obvious mistake. Maybe BDutt is the one that alerted whoever about the statements that Sunanda was going to make and which got Sunanda done in?


Quote:SunandaPTharoor ?@sptvrock Dec 24 After watching NDTV I am going straight 2 Muzaffarnagar 2 give blankets&all aid I can 2 the children they R our future I implore all to help

Hindu Americans ?@HinduAmericans Dec 24 .@sptvrock You never see NDTV do special reports about attacks on Hindus and Buddhists by Sunni Islamists. They never visit KP camps.

SunandaPTharoor ?@sptvrock Dec 24 @HinduAmericans. You are a Hindu and v Hindus are kind and V do good &kind deeds don't v to all? That's what I learned from my Hindu Dharma

Ananth Panyala ?@pvnananth Dec 24 @sptvrock @HinduAmericans Good definition of hindu. Coming back to NDTV topic, do u support their not showing enough the plight of KPs?


?@sptvrock Dec 24 @pvnananth @HinduAmericans I trust @BDUTT who said she will definitely help let's move forward always the best way to go .

Quote:10:11 AM - 24 Dec 2013 SunandaPTharoor ?@sptvrock Dec 24 @pvnananth @HinduAmericans I trust @BDUTT who said she will definitely help let's move forward always the best way to go .
Ananth Panyala ?@pvnananth Dec 24 @sptvrock @HinduAmericans @BDUTT I can empathize with u and ur situation. But I know that u know what u have said is just unacceptable.

Ananth Panyala ?@pvnananth Dec 24 @sptvrock @HinduAmericans @BDUTT After nearly 24 years, if u think NDTV has done enough on KPs, then u wud only be fooling ur own ppl.

Hindu Americans ?@HinduAmericans Dec 24 .@sptvrock @pvnananth @BDUTT I respect your views, but relying on @BDUTT to protect Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs is naive. She's corrupt.

sathya narayanan ?@sathya0709 Dec 24 @HinduAmericans @sptvrock @pvnananth @BDUTT Yes you may as well depend on LET or Al Queda

[color="#0000FF"]Shyam Sundararaman ?@shyamuw Dec 24 "@sptvrock: I trust @BDUTT who said she will definitely help ." Famous last words[/color]


The naivety in choosing BDutt as the means for making sensitive info public is interesting. I think Sunanda may have intimated what she was going to reveal to BDutt. Perhaps doing so contributed to the murder that followed, in a literal sense to what Shyam SundaraRaman implied at the end.

In any case, NDTV and BDutt's clocking overwork to lie and suppress as regards Sunanda's death coincides.)[/color]

back to: twitter.com/neenarai

Quote:Retweeted by Neena Rai

Meenakshi 272 + ? ?@Meenu_71 Jan 17

Facts had shattered here "@NeenaRai: What is #SunandaPushkar talking about here?


(See further below)

Retweeted by Neena Rai

SunandaPTharoor ?@sptvrock Jan 14

"The chief internal enemies of any state are those public officials who betray the trust imposed upon them by the people." Dalton Trumbo


Neena Rai ?@NeenaRai 17h

What betrayal by an official is she talking about? @sptvrock


(See below)


The second cryptic choice of quote by Sunanda is from 14 Jan. Three people responded to (on 15 Jan, still before her murder) asking if she was alluding to betrayal by her husband. Note this is later than the 24 December statement by Sunanda that her husband is swell:


?@sptvrock Jan 14 "The chief internal enemies of any state are those public officials who betray the trust imposed upon them by the people." Dalton Trumbo

1:41 PM - 14 Jan 2014

Anil Kumar ?@AnilAarush Jan 15 Shashi Tharoor? RT @sptvrock "Chief internal enemies of any state r those public officials who betray trust imposed upon them by the ppl."

Vinod K Sisodia #HDL ?@vksisodiya Jan 15 @sptvrock

Madam Itni Khubsurat ki aapko shadi Shashi Tharoor se nahi Shashi Kapoor se krni chahiye thi. : )

@HarbirSinghSuri @AnjaliOnAirReply

Raju Parambikadan ?@rajupu Jan 15 @sptvrock @DrShobha is she talking about her hubby Sashi Tharoor?

The first link:



?@sptvrock Jan 16 @rohank024 @ruchicatomar I know the truth for Indians is hard to handle one day Inshahalla

[color="#800080"]("Inshallah"? Appealing to one of Gods of the Arabian heathens again?)[/color]

4:04 PM - 16 Jan 2014 SunandaPTharoor ?@sptvrock Jan 16 @rohank024 @ruchicatomar I know the truth for Indians is hard to handle one day InshahallaExpand Collapse Reply Retweet Retweeted Delete Favorite Favorited More Embed Tweet Ruchica Tomar ?@ruchicatomar Jan 17 Sunanda's tweet to me 16hrs ago. In shock. RT"@sptvrock: @ruchicatomar I know the truth for Indians is hard to handle one day Inshahalla"

नवरुप सिहं @s_navroop Jan 17 RT "@sptvrock: @rohank024 @ruchicatomar I know the truth for Indians is hard to handle one day Inshahalla"

Tharoor's love interest #4 is an islamaniac - which I had [jokingly] predicted elsewhere, btw. Not sure if he will marry her. But his interests being temporary, I feel confident that I can make another prediction: that he will thereafter move on to a christist. Probably a catholic, considering manipulators approach him as an easy target.

Typical of the Hindu plight that Paki faithful (ISI plant) can manipulate Tharoor to her ends - and I'm sure Christa Giles (wife #2) did too, though she had to sleep with him long-term to do it (hope she got paid sufficiently or used a body double or something) - yet Sunanda [who actually voluntarily took up with him :don't ask:] couldn't get him to do anything on the topic of the plight of the natives of Kashmir, i.e. the Kashmiri Hindus. Other than his hinting to her that she be quiet, that is... His ideological tendencies and what they naturally align with are quite obvious.

I'd like to know why Hindu nationalists imagine that Tharoor (etc) may have any sympathies for Hindus or Hindu religion - or even nationalism - when he not only works with and for the anti-Hindu and the anti-national nexus (being in the Congress) but has on more than one occasion agreed with the anti-Hindu position all on his own. [Hence his natural alignment follows his own tendency.]

Well, maybe he will threaten to sympathise when he goes through menopause? Don't they all/all too many? (Ewww. Please the Shen, no.)

But: No Pardon and No Re-patriation for conscious traitors. Ever. (Only gullibles will forgive that kind, which is why gullibles always go the way of the dodo.)


Quote:'Shashi Tharoor, loyal courtier at the durbar, a burqa is simply a veil !'

15/07/2013 23:40:24 Dr. Vijaya Rajiva

Shashi Tharoor, as usual betrays his class prejudice against Narendra Modi who used the word 'burqa' to describe the veil that the Congress has drawn over its corruption and misgovernance. Yaswant Sinha has rightly pointed out that no matter what Modi says the Congress and its chamchas will pick up a few words and run with them in order to fool the Indian public.

To return to our Shashi. The clothing analogy got under his skin, he said in an interview to one of the national television channels. He would, one assumes, have preferred for Shri Modi to use an Anglicised word like ' veil ' rather than the indigenous word 'burqa' (Modi was speaking in Hindi). But to conceal his class bias against someone who comes from the backward caste and does not speak in acquired Queen's English (which Tharoor has assiduously cultivated over the years) Tharoor misleads the public by talking about the communalism of the Rashtriya Swayam Sangh (RSS).

[color="#800080"](Why does this loser even have a Hindu name? So grating to see the names of the Gods - like Shashi - wasted on these vile characters who make a living out of lying against good people.)[/color]

Among the inanities he has recently been pedalling [color="#800080"](uh, does she mean peddling?)[/color] is that the Congress Party had instituted secularism as some large umbrella like humanitarian concept. In fact, they initiated the worst form of divisive politics by institutionalising minorities with their absence of a Uniform Civil Code. Dr. Ambedkar had warned against this. They worked assiduously to keep the Hindu majority in a permanent animated suspension by meddling in their religious institutions (the temples) and allowing the minority communities a free hand in running their centres of worship.

No wonder Tharoor couldn't stand his communalist wife #3: she was speaking up for the rights of the ethnically cleansed Kashmiri Hindus, those who survived are communalist for the fact of their continued existence (how dare they!)

Of all the Keralites, Sunanda had to pick a loser. But then, psecularised Hindus always pass over Hindu men.

Anyway, even before this latest imbroglio involving a Paki plant love interest (ISI), why did Indian nationalists speak well of Tharoor? Rajeev Srinivasan revealed that some Keralite women were so blind as to think that Tharoor was "good-looking"* and for this reason voted for Tharoor. [Uh, his looks - whatever these be - are going to help the nation how exactly?

*Don't ask me, I still don't know why the various hideous looking Khans have any fans among the visually capable - and apparently they're in the business for their alleged looks, not for their collective acting inability]

Meanwhile, the nationalists, despite knowing anti-Hindu sentiments quite well, refused to recognise the same whenever he mouthed them and instead continued to play his cheerleader ("He should join the BJP" ra-ra. Really?) <- Can't excuse them by saying they were blinkered/overpowered by Tharoor's alleged "good looks" :vomit: - many of them are (presumably straight) men.

Wilfull stupidity is even worse than that of the wilfully blind Indian women who supposedly voted him in for his appearance.

But both sides need to develop some taste. Else need glasses or hearing aids.

I really hope this is the end of Tharoor's career. Tot nooit/Auf nimmersehen.
Post 4

1. twitter.com/NeenaRai/status/424276850274099200

Quote:पियूष कुलश्रेष्ठ ‏@ThinkersPad Jan 17 You can forget about Truth on what killed @SPTVRock

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai Jan 17 Yes... U r damn right.. @ThinkersPad: You can forget about Truth on what killed @SPTVRock”

[color="#0000FF"]पियूष कुलश्रेष्ठ ‏@ThinkersPad Jan 17 @NeenaRai That was an interesting exchange you had with @sptvrock on 24th December. Did she tell you who asked Tharoor to "sambhalo" her?

12:27 PM - 17 Jan 2014

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai Jan 17 @ThinkersPad @sptvrock

Unfortunately no.. :-( i had a similar interaction with her before on kashmir as well. 2-3 days before..[/color]

पियूष कुलश्रेष्ठ ‏@ThinkersPad Jan 17 @NeenaRai Will check. @sptvrock was on Twitter for this very purpose. I kept wondering why she's being nice with RW.

2. twitter.com/murthykp/status/425184125444554752

Quote:Dr. Praveen Patil ‏@albatrossinfo 6h While Kejriwal is busy protesting for nothing, Sunanda Pushkar is quietly being proclaimed as "died due to cardiac arrest"

Dr. Praveen Patil ‏@albatrossinfo 6h Women are so fragile, they don't eat food for a day & they die of cardiac arrest; provided their hubbies are union ministers who beat 'em

[color="#0000FF"]Pradeep Murthy ‏@murthykp 5h @albatrossinfo @NeenaRai This is clear case of murder. She tweeted that she has lot of things to tell.[/color]

3. And on:

Quote:Retweeted by Neena Rai

Simple ‏@vadosu83 ·Jan 17

@NeenaRai @Aarupadayappan I think it was planned elimination because of her too much knowledge on dirty links. He was in Paki few month ago.

Looks like the "he" was a reference to her husband Tharoor, since he's the only relevant male being discussed in the particular conversation:


Quote:Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai Jan 17 Must have been heart wrenching -For a kashmiri pandit and an army generals daughter who thought her husband loved her, to see him wid a paki

ஆறுபடையப்பன் ‏@Aarupadayappan Jan 17 @NeenaRai Must have been heart wrenching even other wise.

Neena Rai ‏@NeenaRai Jan 17 @Aarupadayappan yes. Betrayals are bad but this is a betrayal on so many levels.. Its disgusting.

Simple ‏@vadosu83 Jan 17 @NeenaRai @Aarupadayappan I think it was planned elimination because of her too much knowledge on dirty links. He was in Paki few month ago.
Post 5

On these again:

Quote:Retweeted by Neena Rai

Ekalavya ?@Naradauvacha Jan 17

@sptvrock @vijayvaani @DrRupani @NeenaRai Did Sunanda threatened to reveal those "big" names who are ISI controlled!. Was it a Ricin pellet??View conversation Hide conversation ?Reply ?

Neena Rai ?@NeenaRaiJan 17

Sunanda never replied when i asked her who was asking @ShashiTharoor to "sambhalo" her.. What was she hiding?

Retweeted by Neena Rai

रितिका जैन (सोना) ?@Adorable_Riti Jan 17

@NeenaRai kuch toh daal mein kaala hai. ISI Congress links??

Retweeted by Neena Rai

Sam Natarajan #HDL ?@SamNatarajan Jan 17

@tnk0205 @NeenaRai @sandeepgandotra @sptvrock @ShashiTharoor When HM and many Congi leaders have ISI link investigation will be an eye wash

Quote:skeptical Indian ?@indicvedic 18h

@NeenaRai @arudra2611 @TRIIKONE MsRai agreed but many are in cahoots with ISI and there is a file on all but why elimination? 1/2

The above reminded me of the Korean case that I recently read about on a Japanese "nationalist" site that Harvard/Asian Studies entities shriek at as Japanese fundootva. I figured that "therefore, there must be something good about the site" and had a look. I didn't read all that much - not enough to make up my mind on the site itself - but the JP site's hostess had an interview with a Korean professor who explained how S Korean politics and politicans had similarly been infiltrated and planted by the North Koreans and that when an actually nationalist Korean party won, the infiltrati party's politicians and fanbase went berserk on the ground. Also they were passing insane legislation and penalising all officials who made the details of secret pacts with N Korea public etc.

(Otherwise, my knowledge of S vs N Korean intrigues was largely limited to Shiri, etc)

Just the relevant extracts, ellipses omitted:


Quote:   “In South Korea today, political priorities are in disarray,” explained Prof. Hong. “Members of the main opposition Democratic Party have deserted the national assembly to take to the streets to carry on their struggle against the incumbent administration. Unable to come to terms with the results of last year’s presidential election, in which Park Guen-Hye narrowly beat her pro-Pyongyang opponent, they have resorted to continuous demonstrations in an effort to sway the Park administration, following [color="#800080"][N Korea's capital][/color] Pyongyang’s instructions. Almost immediately after Park won the election, the North began intimidating the South with threats to launch inter-continental ballistic missiles as well as conduct nuclear tests. In point of fact, the North may succeed in miniaturizing nuclear warheads and mount them atop missiles almost any time. They also have been launching persistent cyber attacks on the South. [color="#0000FF"]And yet the South Korean opposition camp dares not try to fight the enemy, persistently jeopardizing the Park administration. Why?[/color]”

[color="#800080"](C.f. congress attacking BJP but not fighting TSP for its islamaniac attacks on Indian soil)[/color]

Perverted Axis of Values

   Prof. Hong declared that the war on the Korean Peninsula “which has lasted for too long” is the very reason for the inability of the South Koreans to judge things properly. Since 1945, when Korea was divided by the US and the Soviet Union, a war-like situation has continued to prevail, he explained. The Korean War, which began in 1950, has yet to end, as only a truce was declared. Because the abnormal daily routine of “fighting” has lasted for 68 long years across every strata of society of both Koreas, the values of South Korean society have been perverted, according to the professor.

 “Under this war-like situation which has lasted in South Korea for too long, there has developed a “Stockholm syndrome” – a phenomenon sometimes seen in victims of kidnapping,” noted Prof. Hong. “After a certain lapse of time, the kidnapped start feeling friendship toward the kidnapper, with the former becoming unable to recognize what constitutes a real threat and who their adversaries are.”

   Unquestionably, the real threat to South Korea is North Korea, with China close behind it. And yet President Park turns to Beijing, while the opposition never refrains from attacking her. In the meantime, North Korean elements have infiltrated the hub of the government party, exercising influence over the government as an undercover force drafting and implementing policies reflecting Pyongyang’s intentions. As a typical example, Prof. Hong cited the secret minutes of the North-South summit between Roh Mo-Hyung and Kim Jong-Il in 2007, which were released only recently.

   Although President Roh had intended to keep the minutes sealed for 30 years, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) released the documents in full in June in response to growing calls across the nation starting last year and at the beginning of this year. As a result, it was finally made public that Roh was virtually handing over South Korea to the North in a bloodless coup as he talked to Kim in a shockingly ignominious manner that made him look like a subordinate of the communist dictator. It was also revealed that copies of the minutes, which should logically have been kept at the president’s office, were all secretly discarded. The released copies belonged to the NIS.

   “Roh’s remarks to Kim certainly were a blatant betrayal of South Korea,” stressed Prof. Hong. “The minutes should have been released in accordance with the freedom of information act, and the Democratic Party, which had supported the Roh administration and the president at the time, should have been held responsible. For some strange reason, however, criticism has been concentrated on Nam Jae-Joon, the head of the NIS who took steps to make the minutes public. At a time when North Korea may field nuclear missiles almost anytime, our national assembly is clamoring to discharge the NIS chief and our mass media are all for it. This is absolutely insane.”

 “Bills violating the South Korean constitution have been passed into law one after another,” noted Prof. Hong. “For instance, the Korean judiciary has come up with a succession of retroactive laws in the past 20 years in order to acquit North Korean operatives captured by the South. One such operative is Shin Gwang-Su, known for the abduction of Takaaki Hara, who was a cook at a small Chinese eatery in Miyazaki Prefecture.”

   A most unusual situation has developed in South Korea these past 20 years, since the days of Presidents Kim Young-Sam and Kim Dae-Jung, with South Korea successively releasing North Korean operatives. Prof. Hong indicated that this reflects a process through which a sovereign state called South Korea has gradually been subverted by the North.

On this:

Quote:A most unusual situation has developed in South Korea these past 20 years, since the days of Presidents Kim Young-Sam and Kim Dae-Jung**, with South Korea successively releasing North Korean operatives. Prof. Hong indicated that this reflects a process through which a sovereign state called South Korea has gradually been subverted by the North.

** One is a catholic another is a presbyterian protestant. Developed the "Sunshine" S Korean policy towards N Korea: giving N Korea huge amounts of christo charity "for free" with the hope that this would better relations. (Actually, it was undercover conversion money.)

Likewise, the crypto christo congress govt also has more in common with islamaniac TSP than with the Hindu majority of India. Naturally, congress govt would collude with TSP to retain christorule in India and jihad heathen India into the mono-moronism of monotheism.

Congress' TSP jihadi links were already evident in Godhra. TSP attacked parliament, India about to deploy for war on the border, TSP organises jihadis in India as well as imports to burn down Hindus in Indian train, Godhra riots ensue**. Then Congress and its media arm (christomedia), judiciary arm (Justice Bannerjee types) and human rights arm (Suzanne 'Arundhati' Roy) and their foreign masters/puppeteers (down to Harvard indologists who regularly bring up Godhra to screech about how Hindutva is evil) all jumped in to project islamania as the great and sole victim.

[** rediff.com/news/2005/mar/03spec1.htm

The Rediff Special: Did Godhra Save Pakistan? by Colonel Anil Athale (retd), March 02, 2005

(Of course the Indian army has been sacrificed since then, first with the increasing secularisation/brainwashing of the Indian army into a secular mindset, and more recently with declarations of quotas for the terrorist minorities, with infiltratis, and witch-hunts against Hindu nationalist army personnel)]

Methinks KKKangress advised TSP to organise Indian jihadis or went consciously along with it in order to "avert" the war (which TSP wouldn't want, because they'd have lost in open battle, and which Congress wouldn't want because it needs an empowered not disempowered islamic votebank). In return to congress protectionism, jihad would be conducted on Indian soil when and where it would benefit KKKangress to gain and retain power.

It was a great success of that Diversion Technique that KKKangress has been using which SeaLion (or was it SeaDog, sorry) mentioned at HK: whenever something more important is going on that the KKKangress doesn't want Hindus to know about and act on, they create a new diversion to occupy the masses. The new diversion - fed via christomedia - may be serious (Hindus burnt to death on Train by islamania, Godhra riots) or it may be trivial (cricket drama).

The Diversion Tactic, which falls under Manufacturing Consent, is a technique developed and used by *AmeriKKKan* intelligence for long distance manipulation (like those colour revolutions in E Europe/Soviet regions and the Arab Springs). So KKKangress didn't invent it (Indian christianism being too stupid), the AmeriKKKans did and advised their minions the KKKangress and their wild attack hound TSP.

Maybe that was what Powell was really alluding to in:

Quote:Colin Powell, then the American secretary of state, has gone on record to claim that it was the efforts and influence of the United States that averted war in the sub-continent.

And the key statement in this set of posts was the following (by the murdered Sunanda Pushkar, Mrs Bluebeard I mean Mrs Tharoor #3 in case any one got confused about the numbering):


Quote:[color="#0000FF"]SunandaPTharoor @sptvrock Dec 23 So much is being done for minorities these days esp the ones who suffered riots.why on earth are the Kashmiris ignored who suffered in 1989

Dr Narain Rupani @DrRupani Dec 24 @sptvrock @neenarai because they seem to be leaderless ! Wish they had a articulate leader who can bring this issue on center stage ofdelhi

[color="#800080"](Tharoor ain't it. Obviously.)[/color]

7:18 AM - 24 Dec 2013 SunandaPTharoor @sptvrock Dec 24

@DrRupani @neenarai. I try but then my husband is told to "sambalo" me & make sure I don't talk. So either I have to b a Kashmiri or a wife
BTW, has ^that^ statement of the murdered Sunanda appeared on the various christomedia news outlets yet? I doubt it ever will.

Quote:Friday, January 31, 2014

Paki Islamists launch online donation campaign for Allahu Akbar Party?

If this is true - it would make perfect sense, from the perspective of the Pakistani Islamists, that is.

They're even referring to the head Naxalite as "Jaichand"!!! That is quite logical and appropriate too, for an someone who is enabling their cause

via his anarchist politics.


Posted by karyakarta92 at 1/31/2014 11:45:00 AM Labels: Allahu Akbar Party

People should just start referring to Aravind "Jaichand" Kejriwal. And if mentioning his name online, then make Jaichand link to that URL as I just did.

Quote:Reichstag Fire in the fight for free speech

Posted by Arvind Kumar / February 19, 2014 / Posted in Commentary, Headline / 15 Comments

Hindus have now become the targets of the publishing industry which is responsible for a Reichstag Fire in the arena of free-speech rights. These Hindu-baiters have indulged in self-censorship of a book but are busy spreading the untruthful claim that the book was actually banned by Hindus. Just as Hitler blamed his political opponents for an act of arson in 1933, the anti-Hindu forces are now going after Hindus by blaming them in a similar fashion. Consider the following headlines that appeared in the American media.

Chicago Tribune: India bans ‘vulgar’ book by University of Chicago scholar

Christian Science Monitor: Book ‘banning’ shows rising Hindu nationalism in India’s election year

Slate.com: Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus banned in India

These dishonest claims about an alleged ban seem to be confined to the American press and do not seem to appear in the Arab, African or East Asian Press. To be fair, the Black and Hispanic press in the US too have not carried out any anti-Hindu propaganda until now. This is consistent with the experience of Blacks in the US in the 1960s which led Mohammad Ali to say, ‘No Vietcong ever called me nigger.’

The headline by Christian Science Monitor is interesting for another reason: it carefully suppresses the fact that the complaint against the book that was pulled by Penguin Books is nearly four years old and it makes the dishonest claim that the “ban” took place because it is an election year.

Rest of the to-the-point article at link.

[color="#0000FF"]I think the title of the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) article is highly revealing[/color], more so than Arvind Kumar describes above, considering the facts that

- the case was 4 years old already

- the christo-side chose to back down at this point and deliberately self-censor now, which, as the christos admit, is during an election year.

- the fact that every US mouthpiece is trying to generate mass-christowestern hysteria that Hindus are against free speech and "banned the book"

[color="#0000FF"]shows pre-meditation at US government levels in trying to manufacture consent (via their US media mouthpieces) amongst international audiences against BJP in India during the upcoming elections.[/color]

So what else is new? Anyone who thought this was a victory of Hindus is obviously mistaken. The court case could have dragged on forever or been crushed in Doniger/Penguin's favour - as usually happens - except that Higher Ups in the US government decided that the most effective course of action against Hindus and a nationalist Indian government would be to project Penguin and Doniger as being persecuted by "Hindu nationalists" and "foreshadow" this as the "state of things to come" in the "evil, regressive nationalist India that shall be under a Modi/BJP govt".

Score 1 again for pre-meditated US christo-terrorism. Why do Indians think they won the court case? Suddenly? After 4 long years, just at this juncture in - as the CSM article admits - an "election year"?

Although this next is a victory, IMO. From the Slate article that's also mentioned above:


Quote:The one silver lining of all of this is that the group that filed the suit against Doniger’s book, Shiksha Bachao Andolan, or the “Save Education Campaign” has given her a huge sales boost. The Hindus, which is still available internationally, is currently the No. 11 bestselling book on Amazon, which is not too shabby for a four-year old religious history book by a University of Chicago divinity professor. The worst enemy of censorship is always curiosity.

It is indeed a 'silver lining'. Indeed, Hindoo-dom may have struck Gold without knowing it (though some work needs to be done by Hindoos to secure the gold). Aliens are lapping the book and its crap up. This is all they will know of "Hinduism", it will completely influence these aliens' views now and hereafter on Hindu religion and how to approach Hindu texts themselves. This could be a heaven-sent safeguard against alien dabbling in Hindu religion ("converted Hindus" and other nonsense).

After all, the worst thing IMO is for aliens to ever know what the Hindu texts/religion are really saying, what they are really about, how to correctly read them and how to correctly perceive the Hindu Gods (not that any aliens could 'get' Hindoo religion anyway: it's not their ancestral religion and never shall be. And most aliens don't even 'get' their ancestral heathenism, So.) And any dabbling in Hinduism by Doniger-fans will be even more fruitless, if such were even possible. Note: there are many cases of "converts" to Hinduism - the debiles call themselves "neopagans" of course - that think Doniger [and similars'] views on Hindoo-ism are actually accurate (=more proof that 'neopagans'/converts are not heathens), an example documented earlier is here.

- Doniger trash on Hinduism is all that any aliens are fit for. This ought to become #1 in Amazon and every alien bookstore. Aliens will finally avoid Hinduism like the plague: Doniger's book apparently imputes incest and rape in every sacred Hindu text, and aliens are so stupid they will believe it and so will avoid Hinduism. :victory:

- Meanwhile Ethnic Hindu heathens living overseas would never read any alien writing about Hindu religion (and any ethnic 'Hindu' that did, would deserve it).

[Ethnic Hindoos (and there is no other kind) would practice their actual religion, and read their own stuff with their ancestors' views, and teach the correct way to read/perceive their material to their ethnic Hindoo kids.]

I think all that Hindoos then need to do to secure a complete victory is to

1. write a book - and translate it into all native languages - that discusses the traditional=correct meaning of each instance of Hindoo-ism that Doniger has mangled (but do not refer to Doniger or how she presented the instance - no need)

2. Hindoo readers should recommend the native Hindoo book at every reviewing site as the version that ethnic Hindoo readers want to read. For instance, Hindoos can recommend the Hindoo book on even the Amazon page for Doniger's book. E.g.

Quote:The traditional Hindoo way to peruse/read each instance in Doniger's book can be found in Book X by native Hindoo Y, also on Amazon/or available at Z. As in all heathenisms, the traditional Hindoo readings are the only legitimate and correct readings: nothing else works after all, and *heathenisms* are all about things *working*.

Note, the recommended book is ONLY FOR ETHNIC Hindoos. Not for foreigners. Aliens should by all means read Doniger etc and - though it is actually nonsense, it is all that is suited to aliens. Therefore aliens should believe her "version"/spin, since traditional Hindoos specifically never wanted alien "converts" and consequently far prefer that aliens should be led away - even by delusions, if that's what it takes - from Hindu religion: from aliens' unwelcome advances toward/dabbling in/threats to "convert" to ethnic Hindoos' ancestral religion. Anything, rather than the ongoing alien assault of dabbling in Hindoo religion. Like the L/D/Nakota 'Declaration of War', even today traditional Hindoos - not the same as religion salesmen aka charlatans - specifically don't *want* foreign converts either, because absolutely Nothing good ever came from alien dabbling/"converts". Aliens including 'converts' have been a constant curse on Hindus and Hinduism, same as they have been on native Americans and their religions.

And after all, western people have their own ancestral religions. All those who are truly Heathen among western people would first of all never dabble in Hindoo religion, but would be following their own ancestral religions. And such heathens would never be reading Doniger-type nonsense in the first place, being already familiar with how early christians wrote psy-ops and propaganda against the ancestral European heathen religions, and would therefore *already* know that only native Hindoo sources on Hindu texts could ever represent the legitimate views on Hindu texts.

In summary,

- Native Hindoos are highly recommended to read Book X by Y, to know the authentic Hindoo traditional (=native heathen and consequently the only legitimate) readings on all the stuff Doniger mangles/subverts in her own book.

- While the advice to aliens is that Doniger is THE ONLY TYPE OF BOOKS on "Hinduism" that traditional Hindus want you to read. Not because we think it is true in any way, but because we know it to be debile nonsense: because we don't want you to (pretend to) "understand" actual Hinduism, and to then pretend to "appreciate" actual Hinduism and then invite yourselves to "convert" and otherwise dabble aka terrorise our ancestral religion.

(The way many western people pretend to "appreciate" Asia and then go all disgustingly 'Asiaphile' on all things and persons Asian.)

Like Hawkeye, the adopted son of Chingachgook, said to the British woman in The Last of the Mohicans:

Quote:"My father ... Chingachgook, he warned me about people like you. ... He said 'Do not try to understand them'. ... and, 'do not try to make them understand you. That is because they are a breed apart and make no sense'.
Nothing else about the context is applicable. Just those lines. To make the point that heathens are one breed, and aliens (=subverted people, non-heathens) are another. We don't want your "understanding", we want you to Just Leave Us Alone.

Aliens being utterly debile *should* be debilitated even further by being exposed only to Doniger type drivel. That is all they are good for. That is all they deserve. Instead, modern Indians run after aliens - desperately seeking their approval - like fishing for food from a trash can. Yuck.

How different traditional heathens (like Daoists) are to aliens. How instant Daoists' understanding of our Gods. (And even without Hindoo help they are able to develop very accurate understandings of our Gods.) How insistent they are that only traditional views - i.e. of the traditional native Hindoos - represent the legitimate/valid views on Hindoo religion. They even prefer to extrapolate from their own views on their Daoist Gods/religion to "guess" at Hindoo views on Hindoo Gods/religion in those cases where no native Hindoo POV is available rather than accepting what they saw as suspiciously untraditional/alien statements of alleged "expertise" maligning Hindoo matters.

Strange how (even Angelsk-speaking) Daoists are more immune to psy-ops against Hindoo Gods/religion than some modern Indian Hindus are... Or perhaps it's not strange: I see it as more proof of traditional Daoists' pristine heathenism: they *recognise* what is true and untrue, and what are valid and legitimate sources of information and what 'sources' are (suspected to be or obviously) false/illegitimate. Maybe it is traditional Daoists' third eye of discerning perception. Who knows.

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