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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India
And found this too, by one "Gautam Sen". That name sounds familiar... (Then again, every name sounds familiar these days.)

Better to read at the link where important statements have been highlighted by either the author or the site's editor:


Quote:Stopping Modi at all costs

Posted by Gautam Sen / December 30, 2013 / Posted in Commentary, Headline / 41 Comments

[color="#0000FF"]A US decision has evidently reaffirmed that Narendra Modi cannot be allowed to become prime minister of India.[/color] This is similar to the verdict reached on the elected President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi. The US simply did not trust him and the Muslim Brotherhood to keep their promises of good behaviour. It seems the conclusion was that Morsi had to be removed from power despite his firm crackdown on the interests of the Hamas in Egypt and emollient tone about other issues of concern to the US.

The Saudis had also weighed in because the Muslim Brotherhood has historically laid claim to leadership of the Islamic world. This was an intolerable threat to US influence over what has been State Department Islam, the best antidote to Arab nationalism and underpinning for anti-communism, in the context of the Cold War, through a supine Saudi monarchy, totally dependent on the US for survival. The US was also possibly aware of everything Morsi was saying in private through its comprehensive eavesdropping activities that leave little confidential. It is probable that Morsi was counselling his Muslim Brotherhood associates of the need to bide their time.

Narendra Modi’s case is not fundamentally different because it is feared that Modi and his supporters will curtail the huge incursions into India by US agencies the UPA has facilitated. It is assumed that once Modi forms the government and becomes aware that India’s is well on the way to becoming a US banana republic satellite–in the age-old Central American and Asian tradition, subject to indirect rule–he will move to end it. The US has evidently infiltrated India on a massive scale, blackmailing politicians with covertly acquired information, sponsoring countless secular and religious foundations and the purchase of a huge swathe of the Indian media.

However, the erstwhile BJP as such was not really a drawback for the US because some of its prominent leaders have been very close to the US, virtual spokesmen for it. Others bent over backwards during the tenure of the NDA to please. Two of the BJP’s most senior decision makers, including the late Brajesh Mishra, even made offers of sending Indian troops to join the coalition in Afghanistan. The Americans themselves had not made such a request to India because it would have sent their vital ally in the Afghan war into veritable frenzy. This idea was very wisely vetoed personally by Atal Behari Vajpayee himself!

The Muslim Brotherhood is now facing savage repression, with the US-backed Egyptian military embarked on a reign of terror. It has not hesitated to kill hundreds of civilian Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators, including many women, by the simple expedient of shooting them while they slept. It is also systematically decapitating the Muslim Brotherhood political leadership. The Egyptian military has effectively re-imposed a dictatorship that is a prelude to shepherding its own pliant creatures into power, but through a process that assures an outward democratic fig leaf. The Muslim Brotherhood has been denounced as a terrorist organisation and cannot contest elections.

An even harsher version of this model for maintaining US control was tried out successfully in Algeria during the 1990s. The US and French sponsored Algerian military dispensation killed anything up to 300,000 civilians to eliminate the radical Islamic Salvation Group. The free Fourth Estate of Europe and the US played its usual collaborationist role. It blamed the army of the Islamic Salvation Group for the widespread killings, often of their own supporters, in orgies of mindless bloodlust, however incredible and unlikely that might appear. The bloody conflict lasted a decade and ended with the total destruction of the Islamic radicals. The Western intervention, which has destroyed much of Syria, killing more than 150,000 people, to the approving clamour of the Western human rights lobby, is another variant for re-imposing imperial control over a country. The invasion and destruction of Iraq was another, the death toll approximately 2 million so far.

The Indo-US nuclear accord has puzzled many observers, especially the mostly ill-informed Indian public. Some insiders involved in the negotiation of the Indo-US Nuclear Accord were also mystified by the US decision to allow India to ascend, in effect, to the extraordinary status of a bona fide nuclear power. Even more apparently inexplicable was the direct efforts made by President George Bush Jnr. himself to ensure a favourable outcome at the IAEA negotiations. He made a personal phone call to the President of China at a crucial juncture of the negotiations, when the latter embarked on a discreet, last-minute manoeuvre to scupper the deal it had agreed earlier with the US.

An excellent, revealing account of China’s machinations, by a senior Indian journalist present in Vienna was buried by his editor, the owner of India’s most pro-Chinese daily. In the end, the most knowledgeable attributed this paramount political American decision, recognising India as a nuclear power, to President Bush supposedly becoming enamoured with the country on a visit during the 1990s. It is unconvincing, indeed inconceivable that such a decision of huge political import could have been the product of a sentimental whim. Although it is possible Bush acquired an undue affection for India, however weird that might seem to even the most patriotic Indian.

The decision to accord India nuclear status occurred because of a US perception that it had finally managed to acquire a durable foothold in it and access to high level Indian decision-making during the tenure of the UPA. Indeed, it seems, the US was even able to determine appointments to the Union Cabinet, certainly in the case of the Commerce and the Environment portfolios and perhaps even the EAM’s selection is cleared now by the US ambassador in Delhi. The granting of nuclear status to India, which was well and truly an enormous gift was motivated by the US view of India as a new client satellite. The journey in this fateful direction began during the tenure of the NDA and has neared completion under a totally subverted UPA. To their credit, both Jawaharlal Nehru and India Gandhi had resisted this dire predicament during the first decades of Indian independence.

The UPA of course represents mainly the family, rather than India and is also deferential to the US, which is the fate of the family itself as well. Quite noticeably, the US has helpfully striven to conceal any embarrassing information on the likely UPA prime ministerial candidate. The purchase of untested Westinghouse nuclear reactors as quid pro quo for the Indo-US Accord was a less significant secondary understanding. One also begins to understand why the UPA became an agent WalMarts rather than representing the vital interests of millions of Indian retailers.

This does not mean India accedes to all US dictates, for example over the purchase of Iranian crude. However, a deeper subservience to US preferences has been established and is being institutionalised. The US has become the major shareholder in the equity of the GoI, much as it has been in Pakistan for decades.

Mohammed Morsi may have eventually brought its own divinely-sanctioned misfortune to Egypt, but his entrapment, after the preliminary honeyed effusions from Washington, is a lesson for Indians, themselves on the verge of losing control over their country. Morsi was never in full command of the Egyptian government and the affairs of the country, despite an overwhelming electoral mandate. The religious obsessions of the Muslim Brotherhood also constrained a calculated grasp of the harsh secular international realities lapping around them.

They were determined to achieve, in short order, some of their Shariah-ordained goals on personal conduct, especially pertaining to women’s dress codes and sexual behaviour, a central pillar in the history of Islam, imperial expansion apart. The desire to impose curbs on other supposedly un-Islamic liberal freedoms was also accorded high priority. Yet, he was never in full control of critical economic issues like food and petroleum prices, which rose inexorably. As a result, a myriad of voluntary organisations and media outlets, blatantly sponsored by the US, had tens of thousands of the religiously less observant on the streets, baying for his blood. Within days of his brutal overthrow prices and other shortages mitigated and the Saudis and Kuwaitis extended huge loans to the beleaguered Egyptian economy.

The virtually instant announcement, after the swearing-in of Arvind Kejriwal and his juvenile crew, following their inept, comic preening for the media, was a hunger-strike in Bhopal and the decision to contest elections in Gujarat. The goal of AAP is now blindingly obvious. The intention is to split the anti-Congress vote to prevent Modi and the BJP winning enough seats in 2014 to form a viable government. The other alternative outcome would be to reduce their number sufficiently to facilitate the barely-concealed claim of his implacable opponents inside the BJP to propose an alternative candidate for prime minister, ostensibly to help form a governing coalition. The Indian domestic political support for the AAP intervention is from the counterparts of the so-called young and liberal in Cairo’s Tahir Square. They are really all a product of India’s manipulative and manipulated English language media, much of it in hock to banks and foreign conglomerate owners.

How the AAP originated and their personal international ties are indeed a matter of interest, but not the only issue. The Magasaysay award is a known instrument for affording recognition to Asians sensitive to the US portrayal of the world. Volunteering to work for Mother Teresa is also an agreeable item on a CV, indicating desirable political impulses to Western governments. At the very least, the US has intervened in a dynamically unstable Indian polity to affect outcomes. Funding a useful political or voluntary local entity through an Indian business house is standard practice for foreign countries. They reimburse the business house by engaging with it in an unrelated profitable transaction. The Saudis regularly employ such business deals in India on behalf of Pakistan and the US does so as well in scores of countries. It offers complete anonymity and its legality hard to question.

[color="#0000FF"]The final solution to a difficult and high stakes political standoff will be to assassinate Narendra Modi. The attempt already made in Patna is almost certain to have had foreign participation and the background to it presents a truly shocking picture of high level local complicity. Attempts to assassinate Modi are likely to occur again. Determined efforts continue to incite Islamic radicals to make such an attempt, by funding endless court proceedings to ensure the accusations over the 2002 Gujarat riots remain alive.[/color]

[color="#800080"](US is famous for having key people offed and then using their famous "deniability" strategy: "Don't look at us, we had nothing to do with it/prove we did. We condole deeply. And we condemn <blablabla>" Sort of like christianism: "we apologise, we condemn, we commiserate", and: "of course we're not the ones funding and facilitating the jihad/in Kerala, Hindus and christians must be allies against islamic 'love jihad' together" etc.)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]The logistical backup for any plan to murder Narendra Modi will likely originate in Pakistan, already rejoicing at the colossal damage to Indian intelligence the UPA attempt to curb him has inflicted. It is also extremely suspect that invitations to Narendra Modi to visit came from three close US allies, two of them with little compelling reason for extending them. The US itself persists in using the issue of his visa to cause him whatever negative publicity possible. Quite clearly, assassinating him abroad might have been considered more logistically feasible and less damaging politically than in India. The intention is to end the career of the most popular Indian politician since independence and one that threatens to assert it.[/color]

Dr Gautam Sen taught international political economy at the London School of Economics.

Poor Modi. I don't think he signed up to get murdered by US-appointed islamaniacs/christomaniacs/communits/hitmen.

Strange how history repeats. There were repeated christo attempts on emperor Julian's life too. Although Modi's primary (and perhaps sole) agenda is development and not reversion to heathenism of the nation.

Hopefully Modi will survive running the gauntlet and his would-be assassins will be assassinated instead (to christoislamania=US' chagrin) and christoislamia=US exposed to the world for the terrorist that it is.

(I notice that US is training its guns on Ukraine too/busy manufacturing consent surrounding the recent events in the Ukraine too.)

Some of the many comments to the above article:

Quote:Lucky January 1, 2014 12:35 am Reply

Current stand off between USA & India over Devyani is a hog-wash & drama to make sure that Indian government is protecting Indian interest. It is just an extension what author displayed in this article. If Modi comes into the power then USA will use this case to make Indian government life miserable. If other-than-Modi come to the helm of India then everything will be back to normal.

Ohm January 16, 2014 1:25 am Reply

You are very right. Infact the deyani issue too appears to be just a joint ploy to project upa govt as anti-us. This will help mask any real underhand trek the two are having in public eyes. By the time people realise it, it will be late.

vkjain January 1, 2014 8:47 pm Reply

US cannot compromise on any possibility or incident which may slightly affect its position of world emperor. All such threats like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr. Bhabha, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rajiv Dixit, etc. have faced ill-fate in the past. Every educated citizen of the country understands this fact and therefore is concerned and anxious about security and safety of Modi. He is the person who can change all the world equations within no time. Entire country is mad after him. He is so patriotic, honest, devoted and sincere to the nation that people are ready to do anything at his one call. Therefore, the country is bound to see the day in Modi Era.

On the matter of Doniger again (related to the previous post), I just noticed her pictures. Is she ugly. Wow - as in wow.

I think that explains her outpouring of sexual frustration and consequent projection. But there's something quite scary looking about her too, something really seedy about her looks. She looks almost familiar, but it's quite an uncomfortable feeling when I looked at her picture. I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like I've seen her face on TV before. :weird: Maybe it's just 'cause she looks like one of those many catholic nun types that famously sexually assaulted little boys or girls. Wait, I know where I've seen Doniger's face! It was on one of those "America's most wanted" type shows, I think. They were looking for a repeated child offender. OMGs that's her! That was Doniger! She was that paedophile they've been looking for! (Or else looks exactly like her.)

And that explains EVERYTHING. She has a Paedophile/America's Most Wanted face! And that's why all her ideological spawn ("Wendy's Children") exhibit the same type of behaviour that deviant adults/perverts exhibit who were themselves sexually assaulted by catholic priests in childhood! OMGs. I've like totally figured out why she and her spawn - like Jeffrey Kripal types was it? - work that way.

Wendy "The Paedophile" Doniger and her Paedophile Spawn!

Of course people can say I shouldn't libel, but you know, I've always believed in free speech and it's a valid interpretation of her and her kind after all:

1. She looks like a paedophile. (Be honest. But kids are so honest that if she had visited my NL high school as "professor", my class would have said to her face: "You're so ugly, you look like a paedophile, you freak! Keep away from us, you PAEDOPHILE". We had got quite a sixth sense about creepy adults. And Doniger's beyond creepy.)

2. She acts like a deviant: considering her writings are all about sexual perversions

3. Her ideological kindred/spawn/close associates all display the symptoms of abuses and carry on the cycle of abuse

Again: I like totally figured these people out. Maybe I should have studied psychoanalysis. I mean, these people are Psychos - with a capital P - and I like totally analysed them to a T. So I should get an A in psychoanalysis.

[color="#0000FF"]Someone should write the book "Wendy Doniger - An Alternative Portrait: the Portrait of a Paedophile on the loose". If she sues for libel and the book gets banned or even if were not to make money, people can go on a whinefest about how Doniger persecuted "freedom of speech".[/color]

And wow, I still can't get over how ugly she is. Now I can't even feel sorry for her despite her ugliness (the extent of it might have been pitiable in other cases) because she really does give off a paedophile vibe. :horrors: That's it, I may start referring to her as Wendy the Paedophile Doniger from now on.

It's okay right, IF? Freedom of speech and all? Just 'cause I can't prove she's not a paedophile doesn't mean it's not true. (Using Wendy type logic.)

Sorry, I got creeped out by Wendy "The Paedophile" Doniger and so got carried away. The actual but unrelated news was:


Quote:Stopping Modi at all costs

Posted by Gautam Sen / December 30, 2013 / Posted in Commentary, Headline / 41 Comments

[color="#0000FF"]A US decision has evidently reaffirmed that Narendra Modi cannot be allowed to become prime minister of India.[/color]


[color="#0000FF"]The logistical backup for any plan to murder Narendra Modi will likely originate in Pakistan, already rejoicing at the colossal damage to Indian intelligence the UPA attempt to curb him has inflicted. It is also extremely suspect that invitations to Narendra Modi to visit came from three close US allies, two of them with little compelling reason for extending them. The US itself persists in using the issue of his visa to cause him whatever negative publicity possible. Quite clearly, assassinating him abroad might have been considered more logistically feasible and less damaging politically than in India. The intention is to end the career of the most popular Indian politician since independence and one that threatens to assert it.[/color]

Rest at link.
Post 1/2

Related to #220

Found a couple of comments concerning Doniger at


Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Rajiv Chandran said...

In future instead of agreeing to publishers withdrawing books - litigants should insist that they publish the errata as well as rejoinders (e.g. like the one Vishal Agrawal has written on 'The Hindus') on their own cost - or else let the entire legal process complete with attendant criminal convictions. Allowing Penguin to withdraw the book has allowed them and Wendy to play victim and boost sales elsewhere - which was somewhat avoidable.[/color]

2/23/2014 11:29 PM

souixsie said...

Thank you, Ms. Arora. Why don't the grand poohbahs of secularism get worked up over the Western ban on holocaust deniers or the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Freedom of speech does get regulated in the sanctified West. There are pressures brought to keep Korans from being desecrated in the US, and many stalwarts of press freedom balked at publishing the Danish cartoons. Few Hindus, on the other hand, would wish to have this loathsome book by Doniger banned. They would be happy if other academics took her sloppy and infantile analysis to task; but instead there was a closing of the ranks to keep the Hindu "fundamentalists" at bay. No such concerns for freedom of expression when texts that attack Jewish or Muslim traditions get proscribed, is there?

2/24/2014 3:50 PM

The first is a very good suggestion.

[color="#0000FF"]But there is a constant, disturbing naivete betrayed by Indians concerning these matters.

- Note how the Doniger/Penguin chose to pull their own book only in order to make it popular at last (Slate said it's #11 on Amazon).

- Compare with how the british film "Slumdog Millionaire" - a fiction of hatred set against a real background (the geography of India) - was awarded one or more oscars. Had the same film with the exact same fictional plot been set in a fictional country, it would have been recognised as junk unworthy of mention. But it's a political film, a film for social engineering or rather for Manufacturing Consent (same as Doniger's book) and the only way to get that crap to be watched by international audiences was to throw some oscars at it.

In similar fashion, the Penguin/Doniger ploy to pull her book was obviously a pre-meditated ploy - they had 4 years of the court case during which they could have pulled it, they chose this moment (election time) deliberately in order to feign "persecution by Hindu nationalists" and screech that they got banned/their life could be threatened (more libel, puhlease, which Hindus in India even read Doniger, unless it is specifically to write a rebuttal that refutes the lies point by point) - orchestrating the whole persecution drama just to create controversy/sensationalism to make the book sell and get read by the dimwitted American audiences, in order to Manufacture Consent against Hindus again.[/color]

I wonder why otherwise intelligent, concerned Indians writing and commenting about matters of national importance (or of importance to Hindus) seem to have a blind spot for deliberate US policy that exists at that country's highest levels against Hindus and a Hindu India.

Is it because many of these concerned Indians live in the US and therefore don't *want* to know that this is what their tax money funds and would rather assume that NYT articles that blatantly lie that "Doniger book banned: Freedom of Speech threatened by Hindu nationalism in India" 'must' have been written by Indian sepoys? I recall that NYT and other US articles lying in similar fashion about Serbians/Serbian govt/Yugoslavia during the Balkan Wars and thereafter were *not* written by Indian sepoys and usually (always?) not even by Serbian ones. So why pretend that European-Americans do not write these articles? Often they do. In fact, most of them *are* written by Euro-origin Americans, and only a small percentage are penned by Indian-origin hirelings.

I recall that Rajeev2004's regular San got all angry at Preet Bharara when the latter was appointed to go after repeat-offender/christoterrorist Dinace De Souza for some criminal activity. Before that Bharara had been appointed by his betters/his Euro-American masters to be the Brown Hand that was seen to deal with Devyani, so that it wouldn't be seen as racism by other Euro-Americans. San actually was more angry at Bharara than at Dinace De Souza.

Yet while Bharara is obviously a sepoy who will do anything for social mobility in western circles, even the dirty jobs that his masters set him to do (like Samuel's role in Django Unchained where he played an African slave who willingly tormented other enslaved Africans for his KKK masters - no I haven't watched the movie, but I know the plot) - while Bharara is just a mercenary turncoat, De Souza is a virulent christoterrorist (wrote "Two cheers for colonialism" etc). So as far the enemy hierarchy goes, De Souza is still at the top, not Bharara.

Bharara's situation is expected: Americans will only let Bharara types handle Indian (and perhaps other 'ethnic' or 'immigrant') cases, that is what they are hired for. The Bhararas are not taken seriously by their masters and won't be given cases of greater or actual importance. The ceiling is not made of glass in Bharara's case and he surely must know it.

My question is why are Indian NRIs who are settled in the US blind to US guilt in all of this and prefer to presume US innocence? Curioser still, they don't (seem to) pretend to themselves that the US is innocent, they appear to actually believe this, and are willing to present the institutional-level Amerikkkan onslaughts against India/Hindus as "individual, unrelated cases, and certainly not pre-meditated by the US-government". Oh wake up. Even Preet Bharara is likely to know on which side his bread is actually buttered - but *he's* fine with being flung whatever leftovers they're willing to toss his way and he doesn't care about India or Hindus anyway, just himself, he's only brown on the outside.

It's the "nationalist NRIs" I don't understand. I suppose the realisation that the US thinktanks are behind practically all such incidents - from Doniger's pretended persecution drama to awarding oscars to a worthless torture-porn movie like Slumdog - would make people feel uncomfortable and start wondering about any complicity in their presence in the US while it hacks their homeland and its native heathen inhabitants to a bloody death. So is that the real source of/reason for the Angelsk-speaking Hindu NRI internet commotion then: the need to feel like they are doing something for India in order to balance off an intangible sense of being complicit at some level?

I do wonder sometimes. How Indians can even stomach living in that place. Perhaps a huge percentage of Indians are Preet Bhararas to some degree? Some just move to the US and help the US (including in undermining heathen India) and ultimately they become apologists for it - eating US salt and all - while others integrate more fully and have no illusions about it.

AmeriKKKa changes the heathens who ever set foot there. All western countries do to some extent - and the effects are permanent - but AmeriKKKa's effects on heathens (whether these threaten to move back or no) are always off the charts.
Post 2/2

More proof of pre-meditation. The blue stuff in the following.

Note how the following text was from 2007. The whole way the Doniger affair has played out was as pre-planned and is clearly High Level Policy and not "random fallout".

AmeriKKKa (and its minions in India) always does something increasingly drastic as Indian elections approach, especially if it looks like a party will come to power that won't totally cave to US interests or a party that may at least allow Hindus (either directly or indirectly) to become empowered in their own country again instead of Hindus remaining on track for extinction as conspired by christowest and their minions.

[quote name='Viren' date='06 July 2007 - 11:04 PM' timestamp='1183742796' post='70902']

A dark, distorted Hinduism

Talveen Singh's article on Rajiv Malhotra

Quote:While wandering through the halls of academia he discovered the works of a group of highly regarded American professors who have written scholarly tomes on Hinduism that make it sound like a mix of voodoo and pornography.

Hindu gods and religious symbols have been put through Freudian analysis to establish such bizarre conclusions as Ganesha's trunk representing a "flaccid phallus" and his love of sweets as a desire for oral sex. He also has Oedipal problems!

This Freudian analysis goes beyond the gods to actual Hindu religious practices, and it is then that these scholars show not just their abysmal ignorance but their deliberate distortion of reality.

They teach students in American universities that Brahmins drink menstrual blood and other human fluids and that this is Tantra. They teach that Shiva temples are dens of vice where priests routinely murder and rape unsuspecting pilgrims.

Malhotra became passionately engaged in proving that this view of Hinduism was nonsense and the result of his efforts is a book, sponsored by his Infinity Foundation, called Invading the Sacred. It comes out next week.

As someone who believes that an Indian renaissance will only happen if we go beyond the taboos of 'secularism' and teach our children about India's civilisation, I found the book worthwhile reading. It made me realise that the reason why dodgy scholars from a distant land have succeeded in becoming 'experts' on our civilisation is because our own scholars do not tread in this territory for fear of being branded with that much reviled word � Hindutva.

When you read the book, you also realise that these so-called experts would have no currency if they were not aided and abetted by Indians like Amartya Sen, who attend their conferences and support their ignorant theories.

[color="#0000FF"]According to Invading the Sacred, Sen attended a recent conference at the University of Chicago, where, along with Hinduism 'experts' like Wendy Doniger and Martha Nussbaum, he backed the idea that Hindu fanatics were a bigger threat to Indian democracy than the Islamists.

Nussbaum is quoted as saying, "Thinking about India is instructive to Americans who in an age of terrorism can easily oversimplify pictures of the forces that threaten democracy . . . in India, the threat to democratic ideals comes not from a Muslim threat, but from Hindu groups."

That sounds like a joke, but you will stop finding it funny if you remember that the current dispensation in Delhi is supported by Marxists, who openly state that they consider Hindutva a bigger threat than jehadi Islam. In pursuance of this belief, our Marxist parties support Iran's efforts to make a nuclear bomb but oppose our own. The damage they have done goes beyond the political, for it is largely on account of 'secular' leftist pressure that Indian civilisation remains untaught in our schools and universities.

Indian students who want to learn about their religion and civilisation have to go to foreign universities where they are taught that Hinduism has no philosophy or higher idea, only a pantheon of badly behaved gods and priests. Until Indian scholars work actively to rectify this scandalous distortion, it will prevail. But where are the scholars going to come from if our own universities do not produce them?[/color]

US thinktanks concluded that they had to orchestrate some drastic melodrama in order to get sympathy/manufacture consent (to suppress any nationalist political party coming to power in India, or even any Indian sentiment of support for Indian nationalism) from the deeply gullible - and apparently willingly gullible too - AmeriKKKan public.

NEVER understimate christowest's (particularly "democratic" US govt's) ploy of Manufacturing Consent to destroy other populations. It is what has utterly undermined Serbians and set them decades back, not to mention taken key ancestral Serbian lands away from them in the breakup of Yugoslavia.

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/us-to-withdraw-ban-on-modi.html

Quote:Tuesday, February 11, 2014

US to Withdraw Ban on Modi

US ambassador Nancy Powell will meet Narendra Modi as early as next week to announce the lifting of the ban on his travel to the USA:


Meh, whatever - it's in their own interest to do this.

Posted by san at 2/11/2014 07:32:00 PM

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/my-firstpost-piece-on-modi-us.html

Quote:Thursday, February 13, 2014

my firstpost piece on the modi-US ambassador meeting

beware, #namo, of yanks bearing gifts.



sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

3. firstpost.com/india/us-is-doing-modi-no-favour-in-fact-he-should-remain-wary-of-uncle-sam-1389901.html

Quote:US is doing Modi no favour: in fact, he should remain wary of Uncle Sam

by Rajeev Srinivasan Feb 14, 2014

#BJP #Congress #HowThisWorks #India-US ties #Nancy Powell #Narendra Modi #Sonia Gandhi #US

On 13 February, US Ambassador to India Nancy Powell requested for, and received, an appointment with Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. This was portrayed in certain circles as a vindication of Modi’s importance in the context of the coming elections; conversely, others saw this as the abandonment of a ‘principled stance’ by the US against alleged negligence during, or complicity in, the Gujarat riots of 2002.

In fact, it is neither of these. It is merely that the US is hedging its bets. It may be noted that, during NDA rule, the US took a strong interest in Sonia Gandhi, over and above what one might normally expect a foreign government to show towards a leader of the Opposition. At the time, this was dismissed as westerners being comfortable with each other, but then too, they were hedging their bets. More intriguing motivations have been suggested, but we shall let this pass.

The fact is that the US has realised that their snippiness towards Narendra Modi (since 2005) has become counter-productive. The US, first and foremost, is a mercantilist state. It is not for nothing that there was a 1960s axiom that “what’s good for General Motors is good for the United States” (although this was a bit of a misquote, the sentiment is correct).

There was also George Kennan’s alleged quote about how the objective of American foreign policy is to ensure that the US continues to enjoy 50 percent of the world’s resources. They are keenly aware of the juicy commercial prospects of selling US goods and services to an India that may be one of the last big untapped reservoirs of consumer demand, thanks mostly to its ‘demographic dividend’ of a young, and thus working/earning, population in decades to come.

Thus, mercantilist interests dictate that the US reach out to Modi, who may well be in charge come May 2014. If it doesn't, the European Union, Japan and China, all of whom have been far warmer to Modi, may benefit, to the detriment of American MNCs. It must be rather evident to them by now that Modi is unlikely to be the type that forgets and forgives easily; better, then, to build some bridges to him.

The declared rationale for the US’ animosity towards Narendra Modi was alleged unhappiness about the Gujarat riots. A group of Indian Communists and Islamists, spearheaded by a librarian at MIT named Omar Khalidi (now deceased, as he got hit by a train) made determined efforts to declare Modi, in effect, an untouchable, based on alleged violations of the rights of Muslims.

But it is likely that evangelical Christians were using the Muslims as a smokescreen, as this blog suggests. The US Council on International Religious Freedom is a thinly-disguised facilitator of conversion activities by Christians. In Gujarat’s Dangs district, their determined assault on the tribal population had been checkmated to a large extent by the Ekal Vidyalayas and other outreach by Hindu groups; this, I conjecture, annoyed the US. You might remember the vicious campaign launched by Indian Communists in the US against groups such as the Indian Development and Relief Fund a few years ago, possibly as a consequence.

Besides, the edifice of lies about ‘2,000 Muslims massacred’ in Gujarat was manufactured by a padre in Gujarat and propagated by the UK’s envoy. This was a partial fabrication, since the best data as presented to Parliament by the UPA government (hardly one that is friendly to Modi) is that 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed. But in true Goebbelsian fashion, the lie about a one-sided massacre of Muslims was repeated ad nauseam until it became ‘truth by repeated assertion’. All the better to beat the BJP with, as they have a history of being susceptible to being shamed.

There is also the sinister possibility that the US feels that ‘assets’ it has long cultivated in the Congress Party are in danger of being rendered impotent. It may be remembered that Jaswant Singh at one point said in so many words that there was an American mole “high up in the Indian government”. He declined to identify the alleged mole, and I suspect he was encouraged to shut up by a little gentle arm-twisting from certain quarters. Naturally, the loss of long-cultivated and strategic assets is something that no power wishes to see.

Thus there has been a general tendency on the part of the US to demonise Modi. So long as there was no consequence to this tactic, things worked well. But now there is a non-trivial possibility that Modi will come to power. Besides, as per Wikileaks, the American ambassador’s confidential assessment of the leadership and other qualities of Rahul Gandhi are none too sanguine. It is only prudent on their part to place bets on both horses. Hence the overture.

But I am pretty sure Narendra Modi is aware of the standard American tactic of hounding those who deviate from their line (and, conversely, rewarding those they can push around). In the past several years, this has taken the form of continuous, vicious propaganda against Vladimir Putin of Russia – the latest has been in the form of derogatory reports about the Sochi Winter Olympics, which, despite their Cassandra-like warnings, has gone well so far. Part of the problem is ego, too: Putin has outsmarted President Obama more than once, for instance over Syria.

The other person now bearing the brunt of American-instigated harassment is Shinzo Abe of Japan. Finally, here is a Japanese leader who is willing to stand up for his nation’s honour, and the Anglophone media is full of negative stories about him, especially about his visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, where Japan’s war-dead are interred. Along with “several Class-A war criminals”, the Anglophones always gravely intone. So Abe mustn’t go there?

Well, who declared them war criminals? Of course, it was the American-led kangaroo court, which, the lone Indian jurist, Radhabinod Pal, pointed out in his strong dissent, was merely a vindictive victor’s court interested not in justice but in revenge. The proverbial impartial observer might wonder, even though it sounds blasphemous even as I write it, how many of the ‘heroes’ in America’s Arlington National Cemetery would similarly be deemed war criminals by a jury of their peers.

We all know of the atrocities in Southeast Asia: William Calley and My Lai leap to mind. And what about the generals who dropped the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Or those who bombed innocent bystander Cambodia into the genocidal hands of the Khmer Rouge? No, no nations are pure as the driven snow. The Yasukuni breast-beating is a pressure tactic, applied with great diligence by the Chinese too.

I think the same tejovadham treatment is being applied to Modi as well. They don’t think he will be anywhere near as pliant as Congress regimes have been, so they have been doing their best to demean him and diminish him. But now that he’s being wooed by them, he should heed the words of Theodore Roosevelt: “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. Or to use another metaphor, watch out for the knife in the back. Or, to go back to the epics, beware of a Dhritharashtra-alinganam,or of Greeks bearing gifts. Be afraid, Mr. Modi, be very afraid.

And some comments at link.

I'm sure US knows Modi is no shove-over: he is an actual nationalist: India first. So he's not likely to knowingly sell out India (whereas KKKongress readily does so with great willingness), and Modi's not so stupid as to unwittingly do it either.

Modi may not be a leader for reverting the nation to Hindu-dom, but he will work for the general betterment i.e. development of "India" - which means no more than that the evil day of Hindus destruction will get postponed a bit further to some point past Modi and similar Hindu leaders working for "nationalism first".

- It's forever a pity that the time is long gone when India could have given rise to a leader like Julian who would work with the aim of heathenism and the total dismantling of all its enemies/inimical ideologies. I guess we're a diminished species now.

- Modi's generation still produces hardcore nationalists.

- Subsequent generations produce increasingly apathetic individuals who won't care about Kashmir and the NE etc being gifted away. And then, one by one, they will all get picked off by christoislamicommunism - a direct product of their apathy and self-instilled ignorance.

- The one upside to all this is that islam is *guaranteed* to butcher not just communism but christoism too - right after the last two finally replace the Hindu majority - the way islam regularly butchers christianism in TSP. Can't say it won't be utterly deserved. I mean, who cares that christoterrorist NLFT types (and all Indian christos are NLFT types or sleeper NLFT types) get eaten by Taliban types?
Post 2/3


I see Balagangaadhara's foreign "followers" have started to lecture to the Hindus (=always a sign*) about a. the workings of the "Hindu right" on "reactionary Hindus" (nice psychological crap, Jakob) and b. to accept the "beautiful eroticism" "that their ancestors accepted". There may be more subtle engineering going on in Jakob's article, but I only skimmed.

[* Any actual western sympathizers would be directing lectures at the christowestern aliens terrorising Hindus, not at Hindus. Hindus don't need aliens to teach us our religion or to tell us to grow a tougher skin when the christowest christoterrorises us. The only lectures Hindus need is about the details on the flaws in christianism: a blueprint of all the weaknesses and how to strike at the christianism/monotheism where it will hurt. But only western ex-christian hyper-heathens or the Hellenes of YSEE know christianism's weaknesses.]

As for the points a and b from 2 paragraphs up:

a. Hindus become disgruntled and reactionary owing to the misrepresentation by the miseducation project and therefore join the "Hindu right" or sympathise with it:

Jakob has a silly example that he appears to have fished out of thin air concerning a 'stereotype' that he invents then and there of a Hindu character disgruntled for decades at the massive miseducation project and how he is exposed to some pamphlet by the "Hindu right"/BJP and is therefore suddenly 'revolutionised' by it to 'join'. Obviously Jakob is just making up a fictional case study that is utterly devoid of how people vote or don't vote the BJP in India. Their sympathising with the BJP and RSS etc is sooner from the constant governmental level attacks and wealth-drain from Hindu temples etc, and the reducing of Hindus to minority status than owing to the christian miseducation project on Hindu religion. Only NRI Indians have the luxury - living in the 1st world - to take umbrage at the christo view of Hindu religion taught in their class rooms. Hindus back home have to deal with direct blows at their chance for survival and especially survival as Hindus: christian plots to prevent Hindus from visiting temples like Shabari etc, christian temple takeover plots like at Chidambaram and Tirupati, christoislamaniac terror attacks, christo-closure of Hindu temples, etc. Also traditional Hindoos in India can still easily teach their kids the right views on the Hindoo religion/Gods and have them initiate into religious practices, whereas NRIs seem to prefer that their children "learn" Hinduism from 'books', online sources or magazines like 'Hinduism Today'.

So the question concerning Jakob's fictional Hindu getting "revolutionised" (clearly Jakob bases it on the documented model of how islamics get talibanised, which indicates one of two things about Jakob: either he is naive or he is anything but) - the question is whether Jakob is serious in proposing it. Actually, maybe the answer to that is the same as "Is Doniger serious?"

I've never seen a pamphlet by the BJP or any "Hindu right". I've never even heard them make speeches. I don't know anyone from the RSS, VHP or BJP etc. And my "Hindu communalism" (or rather, my heathen communalism) - which is more extreme than that of many a Hindu - moreover existed before I read Sita Ram Goel etc. It derived from my reading the disgusting babble and koran (after friends - non-Indians - opened my eyes to the matter) and by going over the historical crimes of christoislamism against heathens and other unbelievers. In time, I learnt about Julian - the model for heathen activism - after which I understood what heathens ought to emulate/be aiming for, and why the "Hindu right" needs to do more and be more, if it wants to follow Julian's vision of re-heathenising his empire. Re-heathenising the nation is the sole means of survival for any heathenism, BTW.

b. Jakob's "beautiful eroticism" distraction. Oh please. Hindus have no problems with romance (incl. intimacy). However, Hindus *do* have a problem with aliens lying about their religion. (No, Hindus' ancestors would not have rolled over and accepted aliens insinuating sexual perversions involving Hindoo Gods.) Note the difference again: no problem with romance, but problem with LIES about Hindu religion. (By the way, the same is true with Daoist and Shinto objections against deliberate christo-terrorist misrepresentation of their sacred religion by aliens, but don't want to say more about this in public.)

Now, if an alien claims that "Hindu text or element Z is 'actually' about sex" (and an awkard 'eroticism' or even offensive profanity ala MF Hussein what's more) yet traditional Hindus state that Z is not about sex, then the alien LIED and that objection by Hindus is VALID. Such Hindu objection does not mean - as Jakob pretends that it does - that Hindus are stuck in mores introduced by Victorian christobrits and that Hindus are "consequently sexually repressed" and should become more "open-minded" and therefore just "accept that the sex was always there in Z" <- which is subtle psychological blackmail by Jakob De Roover to get Hindus to roll over to Doniger's perverseness.

Hindus are not the ones who are repressed or in need of instructions on how to mate - Hindus and other heathens are like any other animal species and mating is a natural part of their life cycle. It's neither a fad/obsession nor an aberration for heathens. (But note how sex was an aberration until recently in the christowest and now it's suddenly swung all the way to becoming a fad/full-time obsession among aliens <- as always happens only when people discover a new "hobby". The west underwent a very recent, sudden "sexual awakening" and now prances about like it's the expert and wanting to similarly "liberate" everyone. Oh go away. No one outside the monotheisms had any issues.)

It's the christo-conditioned *west* that has suddenly "discovered" the "validity of sex" - and only after contact with unconverted heathen populations such as in the east - and so has desperately latched onto Eastern religions as a 'source of information' for the west on how to not feel ashamed in following the natural drive to mate/reproduce (the west is seriously mentally scarred by christo-control on their natural human mating behaviour aka "sexuality". This is the root cause of all the sexual perversions seen in the christowest IMO, since the church has controlled and directed christowest's sexuality into perversions in the modern era: everything from christowestern society's paedophilia and bestiality - as seen in the infamous political "Dutch Paedophile Party" (=their real name) - to the perverse sexual obsessions of Doniger and her spawn.)

Anyway, in comparison, most Hindus and E/SE Asian heathens seem to be perfectly happy with their private romantic lives, so they don't need Jakob's lecturing. The christowest should really stop with their sick habit of sticking their noses in heathens' private lives. But I guess voyeurism is an old passtime of the christowest, with their sleazy hope to observe the mating habits of heathens and to then lecture and christoterrorise these - which reminds me again of the following case of the evil christians vs kidnapped native Americans:


Quote:Mission: Possible

If You are a Missionary, then Genocide is Your Profession


As one French visitor commented in the early nineteenth century, after inspecting life in the missions, the relationship between the priest and his flock "would ... be different only in name if a slaveholder kept them for labor and rented them out at will ..." But, we know now, he would have fed them better. [SH139]

The padres were also concerned about the continuing catastrophic decline in the number of babies born to their neophyte charges... here is a first-hand account of what happened at mission Santa Cruz when a holy and ascetic padre named Ramon Olbés came to the conclusion that one particular married couple was behaving with excessive sexual inhibition, thereby depriving him of another child to enslave and another soul to offer up to Christ:

Quote:He [Father Olbés] sent for the husband and he asked him why his wife hadn't borne children... they brought an interpreter. This [one] repeated the question of the father to the Indian, who answered that he should ask God. The father asked through the interpreter if he slept with his wife, to which the Indian said yes. Then the father had them placed in a room together so that they would perform coitus in his presence. The Indian refused, but they forced him to show them his penis in order to affirm that he had it in good order... Fr. Olbés asked her if her husband slept with her, and she answered that, yes... He had her enter another room in order to examine her reproductive parts.

[color="#800080"](How very Doniger of the padre.)[/color]

At this point the woman resisted the padre's attempted forced inspection; for that impertinence she received fifty lashes, was "shackled, and locked in the nunnery." He then gave her a wooden doll and ordered her to carry it with her, "like a recently born child," wherever she went. [SH141]

There was, of course, good reason for the Indians to fear the consequences of running away and being caught:

Quote:Some of the run-away men were tied on sticks and beaten with straps. One chief was taken out to the open field and a young calf which had just died was skinned and the chief was sewed into the skin while it was yet warm. He was kept tied to a stake all day, but he died soon and they kept his corpse tied up.


[color="#0000FF"][SH] D.E.Stannard, American Holocaust. Columbus and the Conquest of the New World, New York: Oxford University 1992.[/color]
(Christians are just evil. Because Jeebus - as the wise emperor Julian so rightly observed - is an Evil Lie.)

Anyway, a particular statement from Jakob concerning the Doniger Drama stuck out:


Quote:Consider the petition by Dinanath Batra and the Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti. Doniger's suggestion that the Ramayana is a work of fiction written by human authors—a claim that would hardly create a stir in most Indians—is now transformed into a violation of the sacred scriptures of Hinduism. The petition claims that the cover of the book is offensive because "Lord Krishna is shown sitting on buttocks of a naked woman surrounded by other naked women" and that Doniger's approach is that "of a woman hungry of sex." It expresses shock at her claim that some Sanskrit texts reflect the "glorious sexual openness and insight" of the era in which they were written. To anyone familiar with the harm caused by Christian attitudes towards sex-as-sin, this would count as a reason to be proud of Indian culture. Yet the grips of Victorian morality have made these Hindus ashamed of a beautiful dimension of their traditions.

The above links to the petition at


However, the following gives a fuller picture of the source of the objection:


Quote:Among the charges listed in the complaint against Penguin Books were charges of plagiarism, false claims in the book, and that it was written with a Christian missionary zeal. For example, [color="#0000FF"]the complaint alleged that the book falsely claimed that the image on the jacket of the book was from a temple in Puri in Odisha even though that was not the case.[/color] If true, such false claims would at least violate consumer protection laws in India. Making false claims to sell a book, that too on the cover of the book, is an unethical practice.

Taking together both the petition's statement/objection and the above quoteblock's further explanation then, it seems to me that the full objection - of the Hindus who took Doniger's drivel to court - concerning the cover is specifically that 1. the cover is not authentic (and Doniger lied about that) and 2. therefore, if the cover has no authentic traditional Hindu source, then Hindus have every right to critique it for being unrepresentative of their religion and indeed offensive by involving their Gods in implied sexual situations.

This is completely consonant with how Only traditional Hindoo-made Hindoo imagery (i.e. made by ethnic Hindoos following the shaastras on how to depict the Gods) is considered a valid representation of Hindu Gods and Hindoo religion.

[color="#0000FF"]There are only 5 classes of valid and authentic Hindoo sacred imagery in Hindoo religion: 1. swayambhu, 2. those images of the Gods that were installed and worshipped by other Devas, 3. those installed and worshipped by R^iShis, 4. those installed and worshipped by Asuras and 5. those installed by ManuSha BUT ONLY if the human-made images were fashioned by ethnic traditional Hindoos AND fashioned traditionally: that is, in accordance with our shaastras concerning how those Gods are meant to be depicted.[/color] The rest does not depict our Gods. (This is why MFH's junk never represented Hindoo Gods in the first place and only reflected the minds and tastes of christoislamaniacs and their fans/apologists.)

Aliens may not create or commission images of the Hindoo Gods, pass this off as a "Hindu" view and expect *Hindus* to accept this as representing Hindu religion. That is, aliens can believe it all they want, but they can't expect *Hindus* to believe it or to stand by while Doniger tries to get this passed as "the truth as per Hindoos themselves" in the Hindoo homeland (India). In alien climes, aliens are particularly to be welcomed to believe this, however.

Also, Jakob's statement:

Quote:Doniger's suggestion that the Ramayana is a work of fiction written by human authors—a claim that would hardly create a stir in most Indians—is now transformed into a violation of the sacred scriptures of Hinduism.

It's true that Indians won't protest that aliens think Ramayanam is a work of fiction. But it is *not* a work of fiction to Hindus, and projecting that it is fiction to Hindus as an "alternative view of Hinduism" as Doniger has done IS a violation of Hindu religion. She can speak for what aliens believe about Ramayanam, not about what Hindus know about Rama and his narrative. Because Rama (I speak of Vishnu's avataaram Rama, btw) is not an fictional aka invisible God. Hindu religion has no fictional/non-existent and consequently invisible Gods.

[color="#0000FF"]Aliens have no clue why heathens are loyal to their Gods: there is only one reason.[/color] And that reason is the same for Hindus as for Daoists as for <insert other traditional heathens>. Hindus still see and interact with their Gods. That's why they *know* Ramayanam is not a "fiction". DUH. That's why Hindus state that lying about Ramayanam being "fiction" in the Hindu homeland is indeed a violation of Hindu religion. The reason heathens pass down their heathenism as tradition is because heathenisms like Hindus' religion, Daoism, Shinto etc are true and prove themselves.)

Again, Jakob should go and lecture aliens about Hindu-ism - rather like Doniger does - and not a Hindu audience. ("Thanks a lot Balagangaadhara" for letting Jakob De Roover and gawd knows who else loose on the Hindu audiences. First Elst - courtesy Goel, conveniently dead so he can't be held accountable - then... oh forget it, I've lost count of the number of alien infiltratis. Just chalk Jakob up as the latest one.)

If Indians love western people so much, why don't ya just make friends with them or marry them or form a rock band together or something, instead of foisting them on the rest of Hindoo-dom?

From this again:


I notice that at the petition against Doniger's book, Doniger has claimed that Surya raped Kunti of which Karna was the product. Again, tomorrow Jakob will - in typically Elst fashion - expect Hindus to "accept" this too. (The way Elst - also a Belgian - asked Hindus to accept all kinds of things about Krishna and Rama and Vishnu etc. E.g. "Krishna is a womanizer as per the MBH itself" declared Elst all-knowingly, and no doubt his native parrots just domino-ed, as they always do). Perhaps Jakob will argue that Doniger's statement on Surya likewise implies some 'beautiful eroticism' in Hinduism - no? But it too remains a lie. (However, it is one that I encourage all aliens - in particular all aliens who are prone to dabble in Hindu religion or who have "converted" - to believe and stop dabbling. I *want* all aliens to believe it, so that this may be the means for aliens - dabblers, converts and other interested - to GET LOST from Hindu religion at last. It may even destroy some Oryanists' interest in the Vedas etc: the whole thing about white supremacists is that they pretend that they're so morally upright and consequently have better sexual mores than the non-white "untermenschen". If they read about how Hindu Gods allegedly assaulted characters left and right and about incest etc, then they will freak and will want nothing to do with the Vedas and MBh etc, and stop claiming it as belonging to "white" people somehow. :ScoreSmile

8. The following link was already mentioned in a previous post:


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fwd: "Freedom of expression does not mean freedom of defamation" - Monika Arora, legal counsel for SBAC against Penguin India

Defamation is a subset of falsehood/lying. All lying is a problem. Especially the deliberate kind.

In a just society, I'd be in favour of a very qualified "freedom of speech": one where there's a ban on "freedom to lie".

- Note this qualification says nothing about so-called "hate-speech", which is just a phrase used to censor heathens stating uncomfortable facts about christoislamania. (Christoislamania worships a non-existent gawd that even christoislamics have never seen, plus it has an evil history and - as the German lawyers argued on behalf of German parents who wanted to get the babble banned from schools - the babble is full of evil stuff like genocide. It's not "hatespeech" to observe these objective facts: there are no subjective imputations being made, let alone 'psychoanalysis'/psychobabble on christianism to come to these obvious conclusions.)

- Rather, a ban on lying means that opinions and speculation may not get passed off as "fact", but should always be qualified with "this is mere opinion" or "this is mere speculation".

However, if caught on a deliberate lie, the person should be sued by the state accordingly or at least outed in public - by the government itself - as having lied on that point. This will naturally tar the reputation of especially repeat offenders and no one will listen to Doniger types again.

Again, the above actually dovetails on Julian's own ban on novels: he was against gospel-type literature that were fiction but used a historical setting to mislead the gullible. Because such literature didn't have disclaimers stating what was fiction in them (i.e. the whole jeebus character and his .... "adventures"), the world got misled. So emperor Julian was right in perceiving the great danger.

But we don't live in a just society.

Instead, "Freedom of Speech" specifically means a. "freedom to lie with impunity" for christoislamics and b. "the right to remain silent" for heathens, e.g. Hindus.

Therefore, I believe in "Freedom of Action" as being an as much inalienable right as "Freedom of Speech" (we already have "Freedom of Thought"): so Doniger types are free to lie, and then that makes me equally morally free to smack her on her mouth for lying (she has the right to try and dodge - though she's way too massive to be fast enough).

The real point is: lying is a crime too after all, and tit-for-tat is a natural law. So if lying goes unpunished, then so should the good old primary/high school law of beat 'em up/survival of the fittest. Doniger would so totally have got owned in the school yard even by kids.
Post 3/3

Going over the backlog of the Rajeev2004 blog entries on the Doniger Drama (India falls from one drama into the next: long-distance leveraging by the US where they exert next to No Effort to keep Hindus heavily occupied forever):

No attempt made to put these links in a chronological order -

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/nyt-hindus-threaten-free-speech.html

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/my-rediff-piece-on-laffaire-doniger.html


3. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/arvind-flays-siddharth-varadarajan.html


4. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/arvind-in-full-flight-massacres-dhume.html

arvind in full flight, massacres dhume and salil tripathi


5. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/fwd-wendy-donigers-fake-victimhood.html


6. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/fwd-wendy-donigers-book-withdrawn-from.html

7. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/fwd-new-post-laffaire-doniger.html

(see previous post)

8. Found another link:


Anyway, wish Hindus would stop wasting energy on rational responses to deliberate attacks meant to provoke. Rational responses are for honest opponents. Attack insults in kind.

Found more:

9. indiafacts.co.in/wendy-donigers-incestuous-children/

10. This one just mentions Doniger in a comparison on how christoism gets away scott-free:


Quote:Saturday, February 22, 2014The Economist | Lexington: Faith and reason

No doniger wants to analyze these rol mythologies

And note that alleged scientists are as rol dogmatic as the general public

The Economist | Lexington: Faith and reason [color="#0000FF"]economist.com/news/united-states/21597021-scientists-are-not-secular-people-think-faith-and-reason[/color]?frsc=dg%7Cb via @theeconomist

sent from galaxy note, pardon brevity

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 2/22/2014 05:28:00 PM

Uh, some western scientists ARE scientists (not alleged) and they're hardcore atheists. Sagan :love:, Attenborough :love:, etc. are atheists (not "religious" atheists, whatever that means) without being militant atheists.

Dawkins is a missionary atheist, but in his position I'd totally do the same: I mean, some one has to pull the plug on the creationism madness, and if it means actively speaking and writing about the idiocy of moronisms, then there's really no choice. Poor man, he could be getting on with exciting research, but the matter is so serious, he's sacrificing years of his life in the battle with idiot religion (aka the mono-moronisms), talking on the mind-numbing topic of invisible non-existent entities.

Evolution is not a "theory". It's a fact. 4004 BCE my foot. Our planet itself is IIRC about 5 billion years old. Our universe is some 13.7 billion years old, also demonstrable. And our universe is apparently just one of the multi universes in the metaverse that contains them.

[* Bacteria type life forms can exist on many planets and are thought to possibly exist on the icy moon of Jupiter - the one that's ice on the surface but thought to be water underneath. The red/pink streaks are thought to be large bacterial colonies. Anyway, a planet with improved conditions for carbon-based life forms can result in complex life then. And then all you need really is time. Our planet has had so much time already, it's witnessed 5 mass extinctions of huge numbers of dominant species. "Intelligent" life of our kind also just requires time and good odds once complex life has formed.]

Today, christianism is making it hard to teach evolutionary biology in schools. And it won't end there. Tomorrow they won't let cosmology as revealed by physics be taught either.

Christoislam is such a disease. Ban Ban Ban.
Post 1/2

[color="#0000FF"]Notice the christian miracles and the christian hand behind all the following.[/color]

In case anyone missed it: ROL stands for "Religion of Love" the euphemism under which the genocidal memetic disease called 'christianism' operates. (C.f. how islam wants to be known as the "religion of peace", which has been abbreviated to ROP at the Rajeev2004 blog.)

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/no-mercy-was-due-here.html

Quote:Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No mercy was due here

Some of the assassins had converted to the ROL while serving their jail terms.

The top leadership of the "Tamil Tigers"

is ROL anyway, as is the top leadership of the "Maoists" in India and Nepal - instigating poor Hindus to die as foot soldiers in their crusade.

BTW, does anyone know what "P" stands for in P Sathasivam?

m.ndtv.com/article/india/four-rajiv-gandhi-killers-to-be-released-by-tamil-nadu-government-485296Posted by karyakarta92 at 2/18/2014 09:41:00 PM

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/arun-shourie-explains-in-great-detail.html

Quote:Monday, February 17, 2014

Arun shourie explains in great detail how [color="#0000FF"]samuel reddy violated the constitution

and gave 5% religion based reservation to muslims. the modus operandi is pure teesta setalvad:[/color] keep imposing the same government order, and when challenged in court, keep making the same arguments (and keep filing the same lawsuit with slight changes), until one fine day you find a judge (in this case the very flexible kg balakrishnan, chief justice of the supreme court) who will agree with you.

Jatin said...

Correct link from Rajeev's tweet is: [color="#0000FF"]archive.indianexpress.com/news/chasing-that-bank-of-votes-again/903905/0[/color]

2/18/2014 6:09 PM

The point is to note that it is christianism that is directing the jihad against Hindus in India, knowing that jihad is rather ineffective otherwise. In return for complying with christian directions on when and where and how to jihad against the Hindus, islam gets kick backs from christianism in the form of funding (as seen above), minority quotas, and immunity from repercussions for jihad from the christo-subverted law.

3. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/quick-notes-better-than-ysr-english.html

Quote:Quick notes: Better than YSR, English obsession...


•Land of the pure: Muslim groups remind Telaban chief of his promise of providing 12 per cent reservations to Muslims. (YSR's 5% pales in comparision).
The conclusion appears to be that Teleban (Telangana) seems to be hijacked by christianism funding islam. Certainly would fit the usual christian modus operandi.

4. And yet another case of chrsitianism rewarding islam - or paying it in advance for future jihad - to make sure it keeps in line with christianism's agenda for the conversion of the Hindoo homeland into the monotheisms:



•Kaangress supports parallel Muslim judicial system. It might divide the country again, so what?

5. While christianism is stealing all the country's wealth (mostly Hindoo-generated) to donate it to quotas for the "minorities" like christoislamics,

it turns out that Hindoos are suffering as never before except for when under the earlier christos like the christobrits

a. [color="#0000FF"]rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/fwd-great-study-on-sachar-report.html[/color]

Important read

b. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/56-of-indians-cannot-live-decent-life.html

56% of Indians cannot live a decent life.

In light of article a., it becomes clear that that 56% is likely to be mostly Hindoos.

All of this propping up islam and making sure christoislam is fat and well-fed from Hindoo funds and that Hindoos are obscenely impoverished (compare with the nazi maths against the Jews), is calculated christian scheming against Hindoo Bharatam.

6. More christian takeovers of national wealth - education this time - and yet another example of christianism propping up islam:

a. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/fwd-iitm-students-and-alumni-please.html

IIT Madras cancels event by Goa CM (an IITian himself) but gets Teesta in [color="#0000FF"]vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=3113[/color] …

b. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/fwd-will-iit-madras-end-up-as-jnu-clone.html


c. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/fwd-selected-10-lies-of-teesta-from-her.html

d. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/02/iit-madras-becomes-jnu-lite-thanks-to.html

Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Wednesday, February 19, 2014IIT Madras becomes JNU-lite, thanks to kerala RoL/commie dweebs? [/color]

Anuj 'Gandhi' Gupta @anujg IIT Madras cancels event by Goa CM (an IITian himself) but gets Teesta in http://vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=3113 …

Excerpts from vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=3113

Quote:Next day, The Hindu newspaper carried a blatantly fabricated report that a group of 50 students disrupted Setalvad’s talk and that they were removed from the hall by the IIT administration. In fact no such disruption of her talk took place except for a bit of a commotion in the hall when one of the students was trying to make a statement and nobody was removed from the hall. [2]

[color="#800080"](Of course the Chindu would lie, it is a catholic mouthpiece, on fire to realise the Pope's command delivered on Indian soil at the turn of the last century to "convert Asia in the 3rd millennium". For cryptochristian purposes, the Chindu retains the old name "The Hindu".)[/color]

What is more shocking is the partisan stand taken by the general secretary of the Students Affairs Council (SAC) – a student by name Deepak Mercy Johnson. A biased report of the talk was posted on Facebook by one Ayyappadas Girija Rajan in which the students who opposed Setalvad were unfairly dubbed as ‘hooligans.’ Deepak Johnson commented on this post: “A description that is identical to what I thought of the discussion (of course, my personal views). Thank you Ayyappadas Girija Rajan for putting these in words.” [3]

It is interesting to note that Deepak Johnson sent an email on January 30 announcing that an extramural talk by the Goa CM Manohar Parikkar and BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi scheduled for January 31 was ‘postponed indefinitely’ for ‘medical reasons.’

Soon after, he shared another abusive post on his Facebook profile:

“Amidst the pre-planned and organized brouhaha by the #RSS goons inside the hall (often disrupting the speaker), Teesta Setelvad - the speaker replied to all the accusations against her - both personal and political - objectively, citing dates and documents. The uproar by the common students (with differing or even opposing political backgrounds) gathered in the hall against the communalistic preposterous #jingoistic and #misogynistic comments was a clear message to the wannabe PM and his associates. Yes, the #secular #democratic and #progressive #youth of IIT is against all divisive communal politics. #iitmstudentsagainstmodi”

It is clear from the above posts that the general secretary Deepak Johnson shares the same political views as Teesta Setalvad. A person of such partisan views and political bias has no right to continue as general secretary of the Students Affairs Council, a post which demands neutrality and an impartial treatment of all students and student activities. Deepak Johnson is clearly unfit for this post. The Dean and the Director of IIT-Madras have an obligation to ensure that the post of the general secretary of the SAC is not misused by such politically biased students to further their pet agendas.

Deepuke Johnson - a christist - goes under a communist cover, as a great many christian activists violently active in India on behalf of christianism do. After they have significantly christianised the state they will start revealing their religious affiliations. Most if not all communists - and all of communism - in India is christian. <- =Another thing that Hindus refuse to acknowledge.

The fact that the IIT Students Affairs Council's General secretary "Deepuke Johnson shares the same political views as [islamaniac] Teesta Setalvad" is but yet another example of how christianism is what directs the jihad in India and what defends islamic crimes against Hindus. At present, the christian army in India consists of mainly islamic mercenaries. One reason is that the actual number of christians is too small to create a significantly large christian army to challenge the law and order of India in all Indian states - whereas christian terrorist groups in the christianised NE have enough numbers. The other reason is for cryptochristianism, which is still necessary at this early stage of christianisation of the Hindoo subcontinent: Hindus never think/know/want to blame christianism for jihad, despite enough evidence of christianism directing the jihad against Hindus. The third reason is that christianism would prefer that christianism doesn't take the rap for the genocidal monotheistic violence unleashed against Hindus except when this is necessary - in the NE it turned out to be necessary, since the footsoldiers of christianisation - and the genociders of Hindus - were christians. But that could be hidden by the christmedia by under-reporting/silencing the christian genocide of Hindus in the NE. In places like TN, on the other hand - which tend to have a little more visibility than the NE in national though not international news - christianism can't afford to get caught with a *christian* identity in committing genocide against the native Hindoos and Hindoo-dom: hence christianism instead uses communist and secular covers and often even cryptochristian identities, besides working in tandem with jihadi mercenary footsoldiers.

Another excerpt:

Quote:Of even greater concern are reports of evangelical activities on the campus under the guise of the IIT Madras Students’ Christian Fellowship. A student reports on the activities of this group thus:

“This fellowship is notorious for fishing weaker section students at IITM. Their special targets are SC/ST students who are not doing well in academics, and are depressed. They never dare go near the General category students, as they know they would easily devour their propaganda mercilessly. This fellowship works in tandem with churches which have mushroomed in the suburbs around the IITM campus like Tharamani and Velachery. The rate of conversion in those areas (majority of them from weaker sections) is stupendous. In the last five years they have penetrated almost all the families in these suburbs....”

Hindu Tamizh Nadu is being converted at a rapid pace with as goal that it become the most virulently christian state in the country. Hindus in the state are seriously endangered but no doubt imagine that that tomorrow will be little different from today. (Sort of the same delusion that the Romans were under)

Not only has the LTTE been called in from Sri Lanka into India's TN (all the clamour for "eelam" was only for christian purposes, though that never stopped even young 'Hindu' activists in non-Tamizh states from moraly supporting eelam christists) but christians in TN are on overdrive.
Post 2/2

The full article plus some of the more interesting comments.

I note that a lot of christocommunists spammed the VV article: typical behaviour of christo-"communists" on Tamizh fora in the past 1.5 decades too.

The other thing christianism is famous for is not just the takeover of secular Tamizh fora sites but takeover of Hindoo and secular national institutions like education centres (such as IIT).


Quote:Will IIT-Madras end up as a JNU clone?

by Nachiketas on 19 Feb 2014 59 Comments

The one distinguishing feature of the IITs till now was their respect for merit and the atmosphere of free thinking which these institutions encouraged. Many an alumnus of the IITs will look back fondly not merely for the academic training it provided, but more for the exposure these campuses give through their wide circle of co-curricular activities. This is in stark contrast to universities like Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Humanities departments of many universities across the country which have long been dominated and strangled by intellectuals of the pseudo-liberal, pseudo-secular kind.

One such vibrant activity at IIT-Madras is the series of ‘extramural lectures’ held frequently, wherein experts and renowned figures from a diversity of domains, both technical and otherwise, are invited to interact with the students of IITM.

On 10 February 2014, IITM invited Ms Teesta Setalvad to deliver an extramural lecture. Setalvad is well-known as a civil rights activist who converted her campaign for the Gujarat riot victims into a business of sorts. Following the announcement of her lecture at IIT-Madras, a section of students and alumni of IIT-Madras began circulating a petition expressing their concern over the extramural lectures being misused for political and ideological campaigning.

The students’ petition, addressed to the Director of IIT-Madras, highlighted the fact that the riot victims of Gulbarg society have accused Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand of having embezzled funds to the tune of Rs 1.5 crores which had been collected for constructing a memorial for the riot victims. In addition, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court to investigate the role of the Gujarat Government in the riots also accused Setalvad of pressurizing the riot victims into giving false testimony against the Gujarat Chief Minister.

The petition sought the intervention of the Director in preventing the hijacking of the extramural lectures for ulterior purposes:

“That a person of such dubious credentials and controversial background has been invited by the IIT raises serious questions. This will only serve to vitiate the academic and professional atmosphere of the campus and divide the student community along political lines.

We request you to look into this matter and consider our request not to allow divisive and controversial individuals like Mrs. Teesta Setalvad to use the IIT platform to further her parochial interests.” [1]

But she came. Setalvad’s talk at IIT-Madras was suffused with anti-Hindu, anti-Modi innuendos. She accused the RSS of training people like Nathuram Godse and said that the 2002 Gujarat riots were a culmination of the same ‘poisonous’ ideology. She further attributed the death of the Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare during the 26/11 terrorist attack also to the RSS!

During the Q&A session which followed, many students reportedly questioned her about the factual inaccuracies in her speech and the ongoing criminal investigations against her. She refused to answer a question about the Supreme Court appointed SIT giving a clean chit to Narendra Modi. Instead, she called the Chief Minister’s supporters ‘stupid people’ and accused the IIT students of being ‘majoritarian bullies.’

[color="#0000FF"]Next day, The Hindu newspaper carried a blatantly fabricated report that a group of 50 students disrupted Setalvad’s talk and that they were removed from the hall by the IIT administration. In fact no such disruption of her talk took place except for a bit of a commotion in the hall when one of the students was trying to make a statement and nobody was removed from the hall. [2][/color]

What is more shocking is the partisan stand taken by [color="#0000FF"]the general secretary of the Students Affairs Council (SAC) – a student by name Deepak Mercy Johnson. A biased report of the talk was posted on Facebook by one Ayyappadas Girija Rajan in which the students who opposed Setalvad were unfairly dubbed as ‘hooligans.’ Deepak Johnson commented on this post: “A description that is identical to what I thought of the discussion (of course, my personal views). Thank you Ayyappadas Girija Rajan for putting these in words.” [3]

It is interesting to note that Deepak Johnson sent an email on January 30 announcing that an extramural talk by the Goa CM Manohar Parikkar and BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi scheduled for January 31 was ‘postponed indefinitely’ for ‘medical reasons.’

Soon after, he shared another abusive post on his Facebook profile:

“Amidst the pre-planned and organized brouhaha by the #RSS goons inside the hall (often disrupting the speaker), Teesta Setelvad - the speaker replied to all the accusations against her - both personal and political - objectively, citing dates and documents. The uproar by the common students (with differing or even opposing political backgrounds) gathered in the hall against the communalistic preposterous #jingoistic and #misogynistic comments was a clear message to the wannabe PM and his associates. Yes, the #secular #democratic and #progressive #youth of IIT is against all divisive communal politics. #iitmstudentsagainstmodi”

It is clear from the above posts that the general secretary Deepak Johnson shares the same political views as Teesta Setalvad. A person of such partisan views and political bias has no right to continue as general secretary of the Students Affairs Council[/color], a post which demands neutrality and an impartial treatment of all students and student activities. Deepak Johnson is clearly unfit for this post. The Dean and the Director of IIT-Madras have an obligation to ensure that the post of the general secretary of the SAC is not misused by such politically biased students to further their pet agendas.

The talk by Setalvad does not seem to be an isolated incident, if reports from students are to be considered:

A student who opted for a Humanities elective course on Indian philosophy has complained that he was shocked at the offensive interpretation of Adi Sankara’s hymn ‘Bhaja Govindam’ given by the professor teaching the course. The professor claimed that what Adi Sankara meant by the verse “Govindam Bhaja Moodhamate” [4] can also be interpreted to mean that “only fools worship Govinda”! Now that is indeed an eye opener for all scholars of Sanskrit who never understood Adi Sankara’s real intentions!

[color="#800080"](If only Elst types had come up with that one then Indian parrots would have been repeating it by now. Anyway, try again tomorrow. Sort of like how Elst and other "sympathizers" repeated Doniger on Vishnu/Rama/Krishna, and when Elst-types said it "Hindu" fans just rolled over. All it takes is charisma or a foot in the door/existing Hindu audience, I suppose, after which the same curriculum can be introduced to an audience now-programmed to listen and accept.)[/color]

It is deplorable that the classrooms of a hallowed institution like the IIT-Madras which should encourage free thinking and a respect for India’s spiritual and intellectual heritage are being converted into ideological battlegrounds by a few vested interests.

[color="#0000FF"]A group of students of the integrated five year MA programme organized an open debate sometime ago on the campus. The theme of the debate was “Are IIT’s official programmes secular or communal?” The students’ contention was that the lighting of lamps (kuthu vilakku) to inaugurate the official programs is a communal gesture! Reports suggest that the five year integrated MA programme is predominantly populated by students from Kerala, many of whom are affiliated to students’ wings of political group. Indeed, opposition to the lighting of lamps is a pet agenda of such groups, and many Muslim politicians in Kerala refuse to light the lamp or attend functions where such ceremonies are observed.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]Of even greater concern are reports of evangelical activities on the campus under the guise of the IIT Madras Students’ Christian Fellowship. A student reports on the activities of this group thus:

“This fellowship is notorious for fishing weaker section students at IITM. Their special targets are SC/ST students who are not doing well in academics, and are depressed. They never dare go near the General category students, as they know they would easily devour their propaganda mercilessly. This fellowship works in tandem with churches which have mushroomed in the suburbs around the IITM campus like Tharamani and Velachery. The rate of conversion in those areas (majority of them from weaker sections) is stupendous. In the last five years they have penetrated almost all the families in these suburbs....”[/color]

It appears that these divisive forces are out to destroy the characteristic freedom and the vibrancy which defined the climate of the IITM campus all these years. The Director and the Dean of Student Affairs cannot afford to turn a blind eye anymore to these undercurrents. While freedom of speech and the freedom to practice any spiritual creed cannot be denied, the institute must also evolve a clear policy to prevent the campus from becoming a hotbed of anti-national ideologies.

[color="#800080"](All secular institutions in India - from IITs to the Indian army to the govt to any secular media - are *inherently* prone to takeover by christoislamism first under the communist garb. Only Hindoo institutions are immune, except they get bowled over by christo laws to take them over for christiansm, like how the crypto-christian HR&CE govt depts have taken over one Hindoo temple after another.)[/color]



2] Protest at talk, The Hindu, February 12, 2014

3] As posted on his facebook profile:


4] Bhajagovindam bhajagovindam govindam bhajamuudhamate| Sampraapte sannihite kale nahi nahi rakshati dukrijnkarane|| (1) Meaning: “Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death.”

The author is a free thinker

Some of the comments reveal further important information.

Quote:must thank the author and editor for bringing this to our attention. [color="#FF0000"]What happens at IIT MADRAS also depends on the enviorment in the State which is increasing dominated by Evangelists.[/color]

sanjeev nayyar

February 19, 2014

[color="#0000FF"]Just check the faculty profile of the Humanities & Social Sciences dept OF IITM - 7 out of 34 are from JNU.[/color]

The author is right about the elective course being used to indoctrinate students. For example, my friends were asked to make presentations on topics like "Lord Rama is a Myth"

It is unfortunate that one more institution is falling prey to such pseudo academicians.


February 21, 2014

Received this report from a student at IITM:

[color="#0000FF"]"On 15th Feb 2014, Asaduddin Owaisi (brother of Akbaruddin Owaisi) - both of them notorious for making hate speeches against the Hindu community - visited IIT Madras for a programme called "Celebrating Democracy" organized by the Humanities and Social Sciences Dept (HSS).[/color]


February 21, 2014


1) Who is talking about "being afraid".. your imagination. If you read the petition, it is about inviting people with dubious backgrounds (in fact it emphasizes the financial allegations and not any idelogical leanings) and more so under an official banner. If she were hosted only by some volunteer group at IITM, that is a different story

2) By the way, extending your logic, just because some one published an article like this on vijayvaani, why are YOU "afraid" ? let people read, go through the video, and judge for themselves. Now u can ask me, why am I afraid and this can go as infinite loop :-)

[color="#0000FF"]3) A basic search on the internet for Ayyappadas and Deepak Johnson will clearly show you their connections to SFI ( student wing of communist party ).[/color] Now, "what is wrong?" . You may not know the number of students that the SFI has killed in Kerala, especially from ABVP .. and you may not how many campuses SFI has made into a political battleground and messed up education

[color="#800080"](So many christos and cryptochristos in India's genocidal communist parties and outfits. It's a "miracle".)[/color]

4) Talking about "debate" , how will you feel if some one organizes a "debate" on "Is Vipul Nanda an ISI agent?" . You are also invited to defend, but a doubt is already thrown into the minds of audience . So "debate" is not only meant for debate, but propaganda too


February 22, 2014

@ Wave particle -

1. Dear the video is edited video (as par Deepak Johnson's, Student general secretory IIT Madras, comment on you tube). Moreover the people present their also said the same things.

[color="#0000FF"]2. Recently fifth estate (official student magazine of IIT Madras) published an article about Chao's during Teest'a Lecture. This article blames Hindutva group for intolerance. Indirectly it also propogate Windy's book.[/color] [color="#800080"](Oooh, what a coincidence: christoislamicommuni-Wendy/US universities nexus. But that was the whole point of social-engineering in India)[/color] [color="#0000FF"]I dont understand their stunning silence over controversy over movie called "Vishwaroopam". It happened in the same city, Chennai![/color] However author's ignore it while blaming Hindutva group for intolerance. [color="#0000FF"]And it is a not a surprise that how this article was published in official student magazine - look at Deepak Johnson's FB page. He is using his position to spread all these things.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Sort of like Wendy and her publicity agents playing persecuted and using that to generate publicity for her book. It's all pre-planned.)[/color]

3. Student forums like EML, IIT for Society, and colloquium are used to propogate leftist agenda in the campus. People say it is happening with the backing of some humanities profs.



February 22, 2014

@alumni . As you would know, the elections for Gen Sec is not really fought on engineering vs humanities , and indeed not on political ideology. [color="#0000FF"]It looks like in this case Deepak Johnson may have disguised his communist back ground and political leanings[/color] ( or in other words, the student community in general would not have bothered to find out as usually the Gen Sec never abuses his power for political purpose)

But lesson learned this time, hope the student community at IITM wakes up ( and hope some well wishers of the integrity of the campus wakes up the sleeping folks) to ensure such a thing does not happen next year.. In fact, they should demand the current Gen Sec's resignation for having misused his position and being abusive


February 23, 2014 Report Abuse

[color="#0000FF"]It is just a start up before going to JNU ways, IIT-M will go Hyderabad University Ways by organizing Beef festival....[/color]


February 24, 2014

[color="#0000FF"]The Hindu retracts its false report under pressure from IIT students and general public:

Clarification/ must page 3



In response to the news item ‘Protest at talk’ published in this column on February 12, L. S. Ganesh, dean of students, IIT-Madras, has clarified there was a conflict of opinions but no protests at the meeting. During the interaction, students raised questions on the credentials and viewpoints of activist-journalist Teesta Setalvad, who was delivering the extra-mural lecture, to which she responded strongly leading to arguments.

Mr. Ganesh said he did intervene to ensure order and for proper discussion to resume, but no one was sent out of the hall as reported.[/color]


February 26, 2014

@Matham "The Hindu retracts its false report under pressure from IIT students and general public"

[color="#0000FF"]Reading the clarification, it is quite evident that "The Hindu" reporters were not on site and had to clarify with the Dean for the facts. That brings up the question - what was the basis of the original report that "The Hindu" published, which had false information like "protest", "people asked to leave the room" etc ?[/color]

If some random person who attended the talk, gave such a false information, and "The Hindu" paper published it blindly believing it, it shows their pathetic standards of journalism. Chances are that that falsified information was given to "The Hindu ", by some one more "official" . [color="#0000FF"]Going by the General Secretary Deepak Johnsons support of the use of the word hooligans and protestors for those who questioned Teesta, it looks like it may have been the General Secretary who got the original false news item "planted" in "The Hindu".[/color] And coming from a student General secretary, they may have believed it, or given passive support hoping it will pass thru'

[color="#0000FF"]That brings us back to the point of misuse of the General Secretary Deepak Johnson of his official position. Will the IIT authorities be willing to launch at least an enquiry into who gave the false news to "The Hindu" ? [/color]


February 27, 2014

[color="#800080"](It could well be Deepuke Johnson type christians.

Alternatively, the lies in teh Chindu could simply have been made up by the other christians: the catholics in charge at the Chindu, such as the christo appointees of catholic editor N.Ramm)[/color]

Of course the blinkered/those in denial - the kind who prefer that no one should name the culprit of christianism behind The Anti-Indian Nexus - will choose to be none the wiser.
1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagarika_Ghose

Quote:Personal life

Ghose received her bachelor's degree in History from St. Stephen's College, Delhi. A recipient in 1987 of the Rhodes Scholarship, she has a Bachelor's in Modern History from Magdalen College and an M.Phil. from St Antony's College, Oxford.[1]

Since 1991, she has worked at The Times Of India, Outlook magazine and The Indian Express and is the deputy editor and a prime time anchor on the news network CNN-IBN.[2][3]

She is the daughter of Bhaskar Ghose, formerly of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) 1960 batch, erstwhile Director General of Doordarshan, the Indian public television network.[4] Her two aunts include Arundhati Ghose, former ambassador and diplomat and Ruma Pal, former justice of the Supreme Court of India. She is married to journalist and news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai. Rajdeep and Sagarika have two children, son Ishan, and daughter Tarini[5]

Social media activity

[color="#0000FF"]Ghose, and other prominent female Indian English media journalists like Barkha Dutt, have been victim to abuse on social media sites like Twitter, mainly by more conservative population. Incidents like this have been occurring against female journalists and activists, and has been blamed on the country's patriarchal society.[6] Ghose has stopped posting her views and fearing for the safety of her daughter, she told BBC, "It was very disturbing. I didn't know what to do. So for a few days I had her picked up and dropped off to school in our car and not via public transport, because I was really scared," and called her attackers, "anti-liberal males and right wing nationalists, angry at women speaking their mind who attack liberal and secular women".[6][7][/color] [color="#FF0000"]In 2006, Ghose said that most of her critics were "talentless elderly ladies, who were furious that a woman who is attractive is also intelligent and also has a husband and two kids".[4][/color] She coined the term Internet Hindus to describe them on the web and in 2010, she further compared them to a swarms of bees, which was later co-opted by them.[8][9]Sagarika's popular Twitter interview with Arvind Kejriwal of the AAP became the first instance of an Indian politician giving a social media interview to a mainstream journalist in the run-up to polls.[10]

4.^ Jump up to: a b c d Som, Rituparna [color="#0000FF"](6 November 2006). "Most of my critics are talentless lderly ladies: Sagarika Ghose".[/color] DNA. Retrieved 10 July 2013.

6.^ Jump up to: a b Arya, Divya [color="#0000FF"](8 May 2013). "Why are Indian women being attacked on social media?". BBC News.[/color] Retrieved 11 July 2013.

(Am going to be mature and not make fun of her own claims to being "attractive". I suppose one must allow it to be a relative term: maybe she's comparing herself with her relatives, making her thereby the most attractive they were able to produce. Which is worrying....)

Intriguing how Sagarika initially whined about "elderly ladies" being her arch-nemeses back in 2006 and now - on cue - she and others have started manufacturing "persecution" from "the country's patriarchal society" (which Ghose associates with Hindus when she speaks of "right wing nationalists", which is code for Hindus).

Someone high up has obviously greenlighted this new project of demonising Hindu males and "Indian Right/nationalism" as being "anti-female" and told Indian christomedia to play persecuted every time Hindus retort to Hindu-baiting. It all started ever since that pre-meditated disproportionate reporting on rape - even the first of those that was given the international media treatment was typically committed by an islamic and his psecular gang - which reports further deliberately ignored all the countless gang rapes of Hindu women by islamics and (such as in the christo-terrorised NE) by christians that have been going on for decades now. [color="#0000FF"]ADDED:[/color] Nor do they cover rapes by highly-placed psecular thugs like that hideous rapist Tarun Tejpal editor of anti-Hindu ragazine Tehelka, who is funded by KKKangress and probably overseas masters.

[[color="#0000FF"]ekakizunj.com/Sagarika_Ghose[/color] has screenshots of Ghose's tweets attacking Indian males as the ugliest in the world or something. Well, while what she said holds for her husband - obviously, by her own admission (since her statement must find first application there) - and while it is true for the subcontinent's christoislamicommunists and pseculars, it's not true for any other kind of Indian males. The page also states Ghose is a christian - as do some other sites - but no evidence is supplied for that. She also made some other statements there which are crying out to be lampooned, but I am doing violence to myself and resisting.]

The concerted christomedia attack on "Indian rightwing patriarchy" - also seen in Doniger's persecution fables - is now the new mechanism to silence Hindus on the internet. (In the early 2000s, christians used to screech "the Hindu rightwing is fascist" in order to get Hindus to be quiet, right until people started listing sources on how all fascists of history were specifically christists and christo-conditioned. So now you can see such attacks against Hindus protesting Doniger's lying in comments by christo aliens at indiafacts:


Quote:[color="#0000FF"]Dory February 16, 2014 1:18 pm Reply

This is such a misogynist piece. Just because she is a woman, India, a country now known for rapes and gang rapes can not tolerate her.[/color]

Dilip Banerji February 18, 2014 9:12 am Reply

What rubbish! So, Indians/Hindus should not talk back to whites? The recent rape events in India are indeed tragic and unfortunate. But, if you are from US or any other western country, look at the percentage of rapes in your own country before sermonizing us Indians. The US certainly is far ahead in rapes and violence against women than we are.

It becomes clear for what uses the christomedia manufactured "India is rape central".



Quote:mariawirthblog January 28, 2014 6:56 pm Reply

Regarding how tourists see India, I would like to share a comment by Adriana made on 28.1. 14 on my blog to this article. Here it is:

This reminds me of a conversation from a couple of weeks back. I was planning to visit India with a friend. [color="#0000FF"]But my aunt convinced us that India is unsafe. She recommended Spain instead. When we turned to Google, this story turned up – [British tourist, 31, brutally gang-raped metres from Spanish holiday apartment](http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-...r-old.html).

A couple of searches later, we found the [British Behavior Abroad](https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/sy..._08_13.pdf) report for 2013. It says that 31 British tourists were raped in Spain last year. Another 39 were sexually assaulted! We’re talking about the tourists of just one nationality. And we’re talking about a single year! For India, it was 0 rapes and 1 sexual assault (the notorious case of the woman who jumped from her hotel window to escape a sexual assault). There is no under-reporting because these figures are from reports to British embassy, not Indian police.[/color]

That said, I’ve heard from some Indian acquaintances that India IS more unsafe than most of America and Europe (including Spain). We’re visiting Seychelles this Feb!
Concerning the final statement: if India is now more unsafe, it is owing exclusively to christoislamics, communists and pseculars (like the rapist editor of Tehelka) and not to the native religionists. Certainly not owing to the native Hindus.

The sooner christoislamicommunists and their psecular children get returned to TSP E and W, the sooner Hindu India will return to being safe for native women.

2. Better to read at link which has better highlighting.


Quote:Martha Nussbaum’s Doublespeak

Posted by Arvind Kumar / March 01, 2014 / Posted in Academia, Distortion Watch, Intelligentsia, Slider / 2 Comments

In response to Penguin Books voluntarily withdrawing a book by Wendy Doniger, [color="#0000FF"]the Indian Express[/color] has provided a platform to a professor at the University of Chicago named [color="#0000FF"]Martha Nussbaum[/color] to attack Hindus and give a sermon to Indians about free speech. However, Martha Nussbaum lacks the qualifications to write on the topic as she has been a staunch opponent of free speech rights for several years. Like most leftists, she is for laws banning hate speech and not for laws protecting free speech.

In the ‘Offensive Internet,‘ a book she co-edited and contributed to, she has argued for banning anonymous posts on the internet that is offensive to others. Targeting a site named AutoAdmit.com which focuses on law schools, she has claimed that “the behavior of the anonymous AutoAdmit writers is best understood as a gender-based hate crime” and that “my analysis suggests the importance of requiring identification as a condition of posting.”

Another contributor to this book is the controversial Cass Sunstein who Nussbaum’s partner and who now serves as the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama Administration. His proposal that the government should control information by infiltrating chat rooms generated a furore among free speech advocates and many of his suggestions were so outrageous that even writers on the far-left outfit, Salon.com, were upset. Sunstein has also suggested that false rumors be banned, a proposal that should remind Indians of Indira Gandhi’s chilling Emergency era regulations.

Apart from rooting for the squelching of free expression of ideas, Nussbaum reveals a sense of entitlement in the book when she writes that people like her should be protected from attacks by others while her usual targets do not deserve such protection.

“More generally, my analysis suggests that we should be much less deferential to this sort of anonymous speech in close-knit communities (such as law schools) than in the broader public sphere.”

Even more jarring is the fact that one of the grounds for Nussbaum’s objection to the posts on AutoAdmit.com is identical to a charge made against Wendy Doniger in the ongoing controversy: that the content is offensive due to the pornographic nature of descriptions in the posts made on the website.

Such hypocrisy and sense of entitlement is visible in her other writings as well. One of her papers contains a revealing example of her Orwellian doublespeak and she even manages to support both free speech laws and hate speech laws in the same sentence.

“The US tradition, which is extremely protective of hate speech, is not appropriate for all nations; Germany, in light of its history, has a much more restrictive attitude toward anti-Semitic speech than does America, and it seems to me that both nations are right.”

Such support is of course reserved for people of her race and would not apply to Indians. Author Carlin Romano writes that Nussbaum’s father, George Craven, held racist views but also makes the assertion that Nussbaum (she has taken on the last name of her ex-husband) repudiated these views. Romano does not present any evidence for the assertion that Nussbaum opposed her father’s views and her writings are consistent with the thoughts of those who would hold racist views. In the days of her father, racist views meant support for lynching Blacks, hanging them on trees, and terrorizing them by marching with like minded people (who typically supported the Democratic Party) while wearing cloaks made of white sheets and carrying burning crosses.

Another pertinent point in Nussbaum’s article is the use of the word ‘thug.’ Unlike in India where the word ‘thug’ is used interchangeably with ‘strongman,’ it is a racial slur in the US as pointed out by two Black professional sportspersons.

Nussbaum’s last name camouflages her true heritage and she has claimed to be a “Reform Jew.” This is a strange claim as a convert into a religion can lay claim to its heritage only by completely embracing it. Reform Judaism is a movement among Jews who criticize many aspects of traditional Judaism and seek to distance themselves from many beliefs and practices. Like similar movements that label themselves ‘reformist,’ this one too consists of dissenters. While an insider can be a dissenter, an outsider cannot join the dissenters and claim to be an insider. In other settings, such a person would be labeled either a deceiver or an infiltrator.

[color="#0000FF"]Martha Nussbaum also makes a fantastic claim in her Indian Express piece that needs sorting out. She has alleged that Hindus threatened violence against the employees of Harvard University Press in order to prevent the publication of her book. A phone call to the number listed on the website of Harvard University Press in order to verify this charge resulted in the veracity of her claim quickly evaporating. The person who answered the phone repeatedly denied that any such incident had taken place and even laughed at it and brushed off the claim.

That the false claim was carried by Indian Express without verification should raise a lot of eyebrows. A look at the leaked documents of Stratfor, the global intelligence firm with alleged CIA links, shows that the group cut deals with various media outlets. Nussbaum’s name seems to carry some weight with Stratfor and Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta has been named as one of their agents. So this is a case of various interests converging and the manner in which Nussbaum’s disinformation was placed in Indian Express merits further investigation.

This is not the first time that Martha Nussbaum has exhibited dishonesty. In the past, she was accused of committing perjury by lying in a court in Colorado. So the possibility of her conjuring up a “witness” who received threats from Hindus should not be ruled out[/color], but it is too late for such theatrics and any such action should be considered the result of the expose in this article. The US is no banana Republic that people who make violent threats can roam free. Law enforcement in the US is one of the most effective in the world and unless Martha Nussbaum can prove that someone was arrested for threatening violence, her claims are just tall claims.

[color="#0000FF"]There is also much at fault on the side of Hindus for the current state of affairs as they seek approval from American institutions. Hindus have completely misunderstood the American system and erroneously view universities in the US primarily as centers of learning. In reality,[/color] universities, along with the media, so-called think-tanks, so-called non-profit organizations, and trade unions, are part of the power structure in America and serve as conduits for massive amounts of taxpayer money to be funneled into political machines, typically the Democratic Party. Billions of dollars in the name of student loans and research grants are transferred to universities every year making them one of the biggest recipients of welfare payments. Quite a bit of that money makes its way into the political system and one can search the contributions made by specific individuals on the website of the Federal Election Commission. (Individual states too maintain their own databases for state level contributions.)

[color="#0000FF"]While science, medicine and engineering departments still perform real research, the biggest culprits in the universities are the humanities departments. They confer degrees for completely frivolous stuff, and if we agree that psychobabble does not become scholarship because it includes footnotes and citations, there is absolutely no scholarship that comes out of humanities departments in USA. This fact is widely recognized in the US, which is why many reports lament the lack of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or what are collectively known as STEM fields.

Among Whites, women outnumber men in getting college degrees, but unlike Indian, Chinese or Jewish women, White women are almost unheard of in STEM fields indicating that they swarm the humanities departments in huge numbers. Yet, in a tacit acknowledgment that very little intellectual ability is needed to obtain a degree in one of the humanities subjects, there are no studies lamenting the underrepresentation of men in the humanities divisions.[/color]

Corruption is also rampant in American universities when it comes to the award of honorary degrees, which, at one time were recognitions for superlative work performed typically by people not connected to the academia. They are now routinely awarded to professors and are unwritten quid pro quo arrangements for placing students as faculty members who then nominate their professors for such titles. Such honorary degrees are similar to government bureaucrats in charge of scouting for nominees abusing their power and nominating each other for awards given by the government.

[color="#0000FF"]University professors, especially those aligned with the Democratic Party, are big on talk when it comes to ‘affirmative action’ (equivalent of reservations in Indian college admissions) for Blacks, but it is the privileged White leftist women who have benefited the most from this system. In a move that illustrates the sense of entitlement among women like Martha Nussbaum, White women are treated as “minorities” in USA and use this unfairly gained advantage to advance their careers or grant titles to themselves. Blacks are disproportionately kept out from humanities departments despite having the right qualifications.

Hindus need to stop feeding on information supplied to them by the mainstream media in USA[/color] which is operated by the extreme left and should instead form their own opinions based on first hand experiences. They will then realize that the left in the USA is not worthy of support as it is merely a conglomeration of every racist force in the world. The Democratic Party seeks to be the Pied Piper that leads the people of various races while singing tunes accusing their political opponents of racism. The American academia is a manifestation of this fact which is why there is an unending attack on Hindus. The people in this system do not deserve any respect and Hindus need to work towards eradicating this system instead of seeking to join it.

[The author can be reached at arvind@classical-liberal.net.]

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Quote:Adrak Chaiwala (@ramana1729) March 1, 2014 5:18 pm Reply

Sir, an excellent article. A minor correction : Cass Sunstein has since left Obama admin(2012) & is a Prof @ Harvard. http://goo.gl/BFVjTv – My interest in Cass Sunstein’s work (Nudge) – ‘nudging young, disinterested folks to participate in retirement savings by enrolling (default) them giving them an option to opt out’ – a precursor to Obama care But I digress.

Sam March 2, 2014 6:59 am Reply

Superb post! The rebel natives are taking back their narrative from the neo-colonial empire, in a new hope. However, it is predictable that the empire (and its sepoys) will soon attempt to strike back…
1. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/03/aap-is-front-for-christrian-terrorism.html

Quote:Thursday, March 06, 2014

AAP is a front for Christrian terrorism (in a "Maoist" Burka)

Some of the stupid, semi-literate middle classes have fallen for the AAP's rhetoric of "Aam Admi" and allowed themselves to be brainwashed by its propaganda. There are yet others - slum dwellers who have taken the bait out of sheer GREED for FREE stuff - electricity, water, etc. promised by the pied pipers.

Their thoughtless greed for FREE stuff now imperils the FREEDOM of the Indian people and the very existence of the Indian Union.

The entry of "Sabyasachi Panda" into the AAP should remove all doubts among the credulous, once and for all - as to the actual motivations of this band of anarchists and the interests that they serve.

"Maoists" from Pashupati (Nepal) to Tirupati are a thinly veiled euphemism for Christian insurgents. "Sabyasachi Panda" - his main claim to fame is the brutal murder of Pujya Swami LakshmAnanda Saraswati, the revered Hindu monk in Odisha, praying in his Monastery on the eve of Krishna Janmashtami - at the behest of Christian evangelicals - World Vision - because Pujya Swamiji, with his social service - was proving to be an obstacle to the evangelical conspiracy to convert Dalits and Vanvasis and eventually break the Indian Union - as they broke up the erstwhile USSR and Yugoslavia.

Pujya Swami LakshmAnanda Saraswati is yet to be avenged.



Quote:"For publicity and political space the Aam Aadmi Party can go to any heinous extent. Desperate for a little political space in the eastern Odisha State, AAP has offered membership to dreaded Maoist, Sabyasachi Panda.

Panda is a deadly criminal who operate on the sinister garb of being an ultra-left radical ostensibly to fight for the poor. But in reality he has been an evangelist stooge who had claimed responsibility for the murder of revered Hindu Monk, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati in 2008.

Same year, Panda was the mastermind behind the Nayagarh police armoury loot and killing of several policemen.

Posted by karyakarta92 at 3/06/2014 10:29:00 AM

What happened to the canvassing agent for AAP that invaded IF - "Capt Manoj Singh" (his spam is still seen in the 'recent status updates' section, I see) - who, as predicted, ran off when he had finished advertising for his christo-terrorist AAP.

(Ravish of course is just a moron. His type doesn't intentionally mean to usher in genocidal christoislamania, but will do so all the same.)

2. Older news that I seem to have forgotten to paste here for archiving. Doesn't look like the following article was mentioned yet.

[color="#0000FF"]Better to read at link, as it has relevant and important twitter screenshots etc.[/color]


The following article uses the abbreviations:

TT = Tarun Tejpal, the rapist

SC = Shoma Choudhury, the selective apologist for rape, making her an accomplice to the crimes

V = the female victim. IIRC an employee and like-minded journalist of Tehelka, who admitted she was once a great admirer of TT. But while she was okay with Tehelka's lying against Hindus and Hindu-baiting and fomenting more christoislamic genocide/rape of Hindus, she eventually found she had to draw the line when TT moved on to raping her own person and when he then tried to lie about it. (I gather other people admire this victim - and want to call her "survivor" etc - for "bravely" "speaking out" about TT. But I note that she only spoke out about his criminal activities against herself and not about his and Tehelka's criminal conspiring against Hindus, which she herself joined Tehelka for to partake in. She's a victim of the criminal TT but no hero. Sort of like Shoma Choudhury would have been if Shoma had not welcomed sleazeball TT's repugnant advances. That is, V is still a Tehelka-type mentality, even though victimised by the same Tehelka-type mentality/tendency.)]


Quote:Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tehelka & The Beast From Hell

(This is a Maxipost)

I have maintained over a thousand times: The Indian MSM is the first line of defence for the corrupt. Many TV personalities posing as journalists or panellists still don’t know the IPC and what it entails. Under IPC a crime is a crime against the State and not just an individual or a group. Even in a rape case it is always State Vs XYZ, not Nirbhaya Vs Accused. Of course, the individual is also fully entitled to file a separate case if s/he desires. So on what basis some morons on TV claim Tarun Tejpal is an “internal matter” or the woman has to complain is only something Don Quixote can explain. It doesn’t matter if it happened in a public or private place. Once it comes to their notice and knowledge, the police have to act if they see prima facie cause. And that is that! I am not NDTV but wherever you read the words rape and molestation do prefix “alleged” for the benefit of the beast; umm… the ‘other version’ as it is now being touted. For want of a name I will simply call the victim as “V” in this post.


In the opening scene there is an introduction of two. One is the taxi, which moves in like a ‘beast from hell’ and the other is a psycho, a ticking time-bomb. The end is a bloodbath. In the words of legendary movie critic, the late Roger Ebert: "Taxi Driver" shouldn't be taken as a New York film; it's not about a city but about the weathers of a man's soul, and out of all NY he selects just those elements that feed and reinforce his obsessions. The man is Travis Bickle, ex-Marine, veteran of Vietnam, composer of dutiful anniversary notes to his parents, taxi driver, killer… It's populated with women he cannot have…Taxi Driver is a hell, from the opening shot of a cab emerging from stygian clouds of steam to the climactic killing scene in which the camera finally looks straight down”. Shoma Chaudhary (SC) eulogised Taxi Driver in her chat with Robert De Niro (I wonder why he was even there in the first place at THINK2013 because it’s very unlike him). In Desperate Measures-7 I asked if Tehelka can say about itself “It’s clean… it’s real clean, like my conscience”. Let’s watch (Video 5.00 mins):

[color="#800080"]<video. I think it's a clip from the old De Niro/young Jodie Foster movie "Taxi Driver">[/color]

It’s populated with women who reject him. Ironically, the psycho doesn’t rape any woman. In a vicious shootout he kills the pimps and a mafia wiseguy to save a 12-year old child prostitute (Jodie Foster). Ironically, Tarun Tejpal and Tehelka shot to fame using prostitutes for their stings or entrapments. Ironically, the rape incident reportedly happened in the lift of the Grand Hyatt hotel after escorting Robert De Niro to his room. Ironically, the woman was young enough to be Tejpal’s daughter. He should have been protecting her; instead he treated her like a prostitute and became the beast. TT, SC and Tehelka learned nothing from the movie and the actor they so eulogised at THINK2013.


A fink is a contemptible person. The THINK2013 was held at Goa, November 8 to 10. Understandably, the host team would have reached a few days earlier and the rape appears to have happened first on the night of November 7 and then a second time during the days of the event. Read a blow by blow account at DelhiDurbar. The morons hosting these slimy fests are so-called “Fiberals”. Swapan Dasgupta is quoted as saying on TV that the hosts announced on stage “Go sleep with anyone”. The incident would have been known to SC and her colleagues at Tehelka. Apparently, Shoma didn’t act for a while forcing the V to write a strong note to her. Following this, the gracious TT apologised and decided to “atone” with the 6-month exile from the office.] Probably in Swaziland? Scoundrel Shoma’s first response was this was an “internal matter” and she even rapped Indian Express by stating: “I don’t know how this concerns you…I don’t think you can ask me these questions.”

Disturbed and traumatised, V also writes to her close friend on one of the nights of FINK2013. This is a very special friend. Seems this friend works for a Southern Commie newspaper and is posted far far away from Goa or Delhi. Friend doesn’t help or raise an alarm or furore. Instead, this friend continues to joke on Twitter as if nothing happened and life was normal. If rape is usually committed by close friends or relatives, the cover-up is also usually by close friends and relatives. After 13 days the exchanges get in to the public domain and emails by TT and Shoma were posted online. A day of self-righteous mourning followed. Shoma touted how she took action to demand an unconditional apology from TT and for him to step aside. This is the mother of all moronery. Shoma’s own tweet should tell you where she really belongs; IN HELL! Things got out of hand and to another group of journalists Shoma asked “Are you the aggrieved party”? These are the morons who pry into others’ bedrooms and offices and cry for terrorists like Ishrat Jehan. Was Shoma the aggrieved party in any of those? Worse was to come. Another friend of V also spoke to NDTV over phone on November 20. Listen to the audio (3.45 mins, excuse the disturbances in some places):


If a ‘Broken Window” is not fixed, a bigger crime is just around the corner. If the scumbaginis at NDTV had made a hue and cry of the SunetraC sexual abuse case, it may have prevented this TT and probably other incidents. It’s an incestuous club as many call it. Take a look at this happy gathering.

I have no doubts whatsoever that the TT incident had travelled to all the media celebs immediately after it happened. Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Ashutosh, Vir Sanghvi, Nidhi ‘Larger’ Razdan etc. would have all known about it. Their response? SILENCE! And some of these are women who pretend to be champions of women’s causes. Some will probably end up in hell as Shoma’s quoted tweet suggests. On November 22 Shoma changed track and claimed there’s the “other version” which hasn’t been put out. Really? So all the “atonement” and “self-exile” was a teen-drama? The other version: “It says that the truth is that out of an attempt to preserve the girl's dignity and on "Shoma's adamantine feminist-principle insistence" that he keep correct form by apologising, he did so. But, he says, the girl's version is a total lie, as the CCTV footage will establish. According to him it was a less than a minute long fleeting, totally consensual encounter in the lift of a two-storey building”.

The U-turns and cover-ups started after the Goa police registered an FIR. It was no more an “internal matter” as Shoma so proudly claimed. It was now a State matter and a State crime, as it should be. So now, a case of molestation and rape is being turned into an “under-a-minute consensual” sex. I wonder if it is 1-minute of both occasions combined or just one. Even Maggi noodles take longer (without any torture or molestation). Here’s more hypocrisy in tweets:

[color="#800080"]<A trio of twits of Indian christomedia - rajdeep sardesai, sagarika ghose and shoma chaudhury's - twitting on Tweet-It... or whatever it's called.>[/color]

If you read the first tweet of Rajdeep 3 months later you wouldn’t even know what issue he was talking about. Such was the general nature of his lament. He was unwilling to name TT. Ditto Sagarika, whose heart seems to be on TT’s side and not with V. The moronery and hypocrisy of Shoma is there now for everyone to see. She is now behaving as if she is a bigger victim than the traumatised V herself. ‘Shomless’ hypocrites! The biggest hypocrisy comes from none other than a hate-monger and pseudo-atheist. The pathetic Javed “Saab”:

[color="#800080"]<important image of islamaniac and twit Javed Akhtar's twitting/tweeting. Is this the islamaniac who makes bollywhat songs? Shouldn't have quit his day job...>[/color]

This Javed is the same pathetic moron who wanted a police woman punished severely because she wrote a stinging, sarcastic poem over the Azad Maidan incident where police-women were molested by goons. Write poem –Punish! Rape by a friend – His penitence because of impeccable values is enough. Like I tweeted, it’s not TT’s but Javed “Saab’s” real values that stood thoroughly exposed. Battered by the responses he did withdraw and delete his tweet. Others like scumbags Vinod Mehta and Jaipur Litterfest organiser Sanjoy Roy didn’t spare any efforts to vouch for the great character of TT. Yeah, the same TT whose own daughter had stated he had molested women before too.

[color="#800080"]<Indian express image>[/color]


We have had scores of NGOs, Cottage Industries and media houses funded to create “monsters”. Haven’t we? Remember, for all the screaming about their care for women, their upliftment and blah, blah neither Sonia Gandhi nor Rahul Gandhi had anything to say about the Nirbhaya disaster in December 2012 till very late. The PM woke up after a deep slumber to finish with “Theek Hai”. They don’t have anything to say now when one of their “Doormats” is found to be a rapist. My admirers at Firstpost quote a tweet and an article of mine where I’ve called Tehelka a “Congress Doormat”. I stand by it and still call them that because TT and Tehelka are protected by Sonia Gandhi and the Congress. This is why many believe TT will get away and the case will be drowned. After all, we do have even former SC judges being involved in sexual harassment allegations. That is how badly our democracy has been destroyed.

The Congress will do all it can to extricate TT out this mess duly supported by criminal cronies in the media. The Tehelka story is not just about this rape incident but about how a crony was resurrected and came into extraordinary wealth. That is the story no media house will ever tell you. They won’t tell you because most of them are infested with molesters and rapists. They won’t tell you because most of them are corrupt and many media celebs have built their fortunes through corruption, money laundering and govt doles.

If you have not read “The fearless extortionists” so far I urge you to read it. When I call the media a “mafia” there is a good reason for it. Tehelka is part of that mafia. The smooth talking Shoma who till the other day lectured everyone on morals on NDTV and CNN-IBN has now shown the world what morals she possesses. Tehelka was the first to use prostitutes to entrap people. Amazing, Tehelka came into existence around 2000 and since then their constant and only target has been BJP and Modi. Their harshest criticism of Congress or Sonia Gandhi amounted to tickling a baby’s cheeks with a feather. In his “atonement” email the slimy TT writes: “Tehelka has been born and built, day on day, with my blood, toil, tears and sweat, and that of many others, against near-insurmountable odds”. Travis Bickle who drove the worst scumbags around New York says “Sometimes I have to clean the cum and blood off the back seat”. What exactly were Tehelka’s blood, sweat and toil? Here’s the answer:

[color="#800080"]<image of PM Madmoron Stink's letter to India's Santa Helena aka the Catholic Sonia "Gandhi" Maino>[/color]

One of the first things that the Congress did after they came to power in 2004 was Sonia Gandhi extricating Tehelka from all cases against them. She wrote to the PM and his response with “Respected, Srimati, Gandhiji” is shown above. It was just about a month since Congress came to power; such was the hurry to reward the doormat. Every crony media house that has been a doormat of the Congress has been helped beyond limits by the party. I am not bothered that any cases against Tehelka were withdrawn because govts are known to subdue media houses with frivolous court cases. The question is how did Tehelka get so wealthy? Who owns them? Who funds them? How does such a trash-can rag which sells no more than 5786 pieces of an edition according to my estimate make so much money? An ET article which woke up after this rape incident tries to trace the funding of Tehelka but to no avail and not much success. The article says they have accumulated losses of over 26 crores and I estimate maybe even more. It’s a very frightening maze. “Follow the money” said Deep Throat and that will explain the corrupt media mafia.

(The 'Follow the money' trail also leads overseas into the US etc, which puppeteer the KKKangress. You know, the way the US openly funds the terrorist state of pakistan, knowing full well the "aid" money is going where it's intended: to the ISI which publicly redirects it to the islamic outfits against India.)

Since the Congress came to power media houses have been lavished with doles from PSUs and many disproportionate advertisements. You have to read how HT Summit educates you on leadership with your own money. Tehelka and TT have acquired real estate and even arm-twisted the former Goa CM to fund their THINK, KINK and FINK events. That’s the blood and toil of TT. Imagine, the Congress being the Congotri of corruption and scams, not one single media house, not even Tehelka, has managed to pull one sting on it. The only one to be trapped was Pawan Bansal owing to a vengeful CBI director.

“We have the power” they sort of tell everyone. “We can screw you” they seem to imply. A journalist who has learnt to swim with these sharks, Swapan Dasgupta, observes (last line on the page): “Of course I am ignoring the gush-gushness of the TV groups who were beneficiaries of a Rs 400-crore bailout package by the Financial Institutions last week”. That was just a few days before the May 2009 elections. We are approaching another season of elections. You think Tehelka and TT won’t be bailed out? Do you feel lucky? After all, this pathetic rag claims to pay you for speaking the truth. They pay women to rape them too?


As he sees the decay and filth on the streets and around him while driving the beast all night, Travis Bickle [color="#800080"](movie "Taxi Driver")[/color] makes a mental note of it:

All the animals come out at night - whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies. SICK, VENAL! Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

I have used that dialogue often to describe nightly fake debates on TV. Most media house parties, media events are an invitation to some form of sexual harassment or a small orgy in some small corner. Let me say, though, that there are honourable exceptions too. But even on TV most editors have admitted that these beasts from hell are in their offices and in all their events. And these beasts are a protected species.

One of the comments at that link further interesting things to say

Quote:MagguuNovember 23, 2013 2:43 PM

This Tejpal is turning out to be a much uglier monster than it appeared a few days back. I had earlier speculated that he might be in the habit of trying his luck on every new young female entrant to Tehelka ... which is now confirmed by none other than his own daughter. (His daughter reportedly replied to the latest victim when she reported Tejpal's rape attempt - "Yeah, when I was 13 yr old, I have seen him trying to put his hands under the panties of a woman and lick her face and I am not surprised")

And now it is beyond doubt that Shoma has always been an arranger for all such 'consensual liaisons' ... the fact that Tejpal has used this word indicates that "liaison" was their code word for these adventures ... which of course were no adventure but outright rapes.

A few days back Aurn Jaitley said that a serial rapist was loose in Goa implying this Tejpal guy. I dismissed it as just another opposition hyperbole, though I am aware that Jaitley rarely says anything undefendable ... turns out Jaitley knew what he was talking about ... I feel since BJP has a lot of axe to grind with Tehelka, they had done their research very well on each and every move of Tejpal and Tehelka ... and were just waiting for a chance. The hubristic Tejpal did them a great favour by his latest rape.

It also turns out that Tejpal is a very close nephew of Kapil Sibal. Tejpal's mom and Sibal are real siblings. Even in the past, Tejpal has been rescued several times by Congress's interference.

At this point it difficlut to really pin down the ownership of Tehelka but it is very very likely that the troika of Sibal+Manish+Jairam will not be far behind in this web of ownership ... and that really explains their utter silence in this issue as well as that of a lot of voluble editors of several media outlets. In all probability they are thinking about saving Tejpal as well as to obfuscate the ownership even more so that no one traces their names. Besides, Tejpal probably is too much in possession of some incendiary material about his maternal uncle Sibal ... the threat of police enquiry in a BJP ruled state scares them no end. That is why minister of state RPN singh is now exploring options to takeover this case from Goa police.

There is far FAR more to this case than meets the eye ...

Tejpal is not any ordinary rapist ... in all probability he also 'arranged' for such sexual escapades for his mentors in Congress party. too many freshly recruited young female reporters employed by Tehelka probably ended up in beds of all these people involved ... including several editors and mentors in Congress ... That is the only possible explanation for the deep hush in Congress. In fact the silence in Congress is so deep that they are not even commenting anything about any issue ... The NCW chairperson who till yesterday was burning TV screens has vanished. No one is saying anything ... it only indicates a war footing effort of cover up and saving their own skin ... at this point they will not even think about political rivals and elections .. now is the time to avoid a jail term ... they all fear being branded a rapist.

And now I urge you to watch the interview of Shoma with Rajdeep once again ... it is very very clear that she is trying to save the skin of someone far more powerful than Tejpal. After this knowledge, you will not be able to see anything else in her effort ... and the deep scare that Rajdeep has on his face also betrays his emotions. Draw your own conclusions.

Quote:1. terry john November 24, 2013 1:17 PM

Sibal 'maternal uncle' of Tejpal? I was (wrongly) assuming that Abhishek Singhvi is Tejpal's maternal uncle and ND Tiwari is Singhvi's maternal uncle.

2. shohan lilly November 23, 2013 1:53 PM

read this story to understand how tehlka made money from this party .....................


to stop further news of their company, they taken 250 lacs frm them. black mailing of corrupt also their duty (.). no evidence but v know it a fact

3. Raman November 23, 2013 2:30 PM

You missed an important statement from TT in THiNK2011: "You're in Goa, so eat, drink, make merry and sleep with whoever you want."

Source: [color="#0000FF"]www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/tejpal-s-2011-casual-sex-remark-in-goa-haunting-him-113112200474_1.html[/color]

Now even a toddler can understand where the "lapse of Judgement" happened.

4. john cecil November 23, 2013 3:26 PM

Rajdeep seems to be scared for sure n his face betrays that,some of the ladies journalists of his channel seem to betray a caught in headlights expression while reporting on tehalka!!

The names of 3 of the 4 comments above are especially to be noted: Why were indian christists *suddenly* so ubiquitous at nationalist sites after Tejpal's most famous rape-crime - and pretending they were always on nationalist sites and that they had always been concerned (whereas in reality they had always openly worked to break the nation before and still do so behind people's back when not openly)? Must have been a new church mandate to the flock to pretend at that point that christians are nationalist and to show some interest, in order to confuse the Hindus and make these think some christians care about a "secular India", as opposed to christianism's church-mandated real project of working for a christian India.

But since all the above, the dramas of AAP in power have happened, as also the takeover of IIT-Chennai by christian terrorists who invited Teesta Setalvad and who are working in tandem with islamics in trying to christo lie again about Godhra and Modi and consequently the BJP government. All of which shows christianism's ongoing, true agenda: to keep fueling the jihad to christoislamise the country and to prevent any nationalist (actually secular) party like BJP from coming into power, so they can retain the cryptochristist KKKangress in power and/or its re-invention operating under the label AAP.

These articles are all worth reading in full. The excerpts here are not the "most important bits", but paragraphs that seemed to stick out nevertheless.

Post 1/3

[color="#0000FF"]On AAP[/color]

1. indiafacts.co.in/arvind-kejriwals-anti-national-revolution/

Arvind Kejriwal’s anti-national revolution

Posted by Mayank Jain / March 07, 2014 / Posted in Commentary, Headline / 8 Comments

(Article on how the US and christo-funded AAP was deliberately trying to create a colour revolution. That's why Aravind [Kejriwal] was specifically installed as a puppet by the US govt which has been shown to fund the AAP.)

Quote:AAP’s “governance model” was an unmitigated nightmare for the national capital, Delhi, where their government was in power for 49 days. [color="#0000FF"]Shekhar Gupta who read Kejriwal’s manifesto ‘Swaraj’, was shocked to find their dangerous model in black and white: “The instruments of governance, law enforcement, judiciary, executive, parliament, as we know them, shall cease to exist, or at least, to matter. The mob will be sovereign. The police will have to take orders from the mob. The mob, or the gram sabha or the mohalla sabha, will be able to levy and collect its own taxes. No decision will be taken unless the “people” decide. No wonder Prashant Bhushan wants a referendum in Kashmir on whether the army should stay there…”[/color]

2. indiafacts.co.in/meera-sanyal-aaps-useful-idiot/

Some of the comments mention that this Meera Sayal has deliberately joined the AAP - i.e. not a 'useful idiot'.

Quote:Dr. Gautam Sen January 4, 2014 2:02 pm Reply

Methinks, she imagines herself to be stupenduous, much like the mediocre Bengali film director and hyperactive, socialite actress, Aparna Sen. Their twin weaknesses are for the genocidal Maoists (cf. Prof. Frank Dikotter) and the vile Islamists. Actually, the resentful educated Bengali abhors the Indian Union and the anti-national brother of Subhash Bose, the opinionated Sarat, had wished for an independent Bengal, outside India. It was to become a temporary Bose family fief, denied all of India to lord over. But it would be a statelet that would be abandoned to Islam rather than subjected to the hated tutelage of north Indians. Meera darling, in addition to being from this foul political stable, is also an ambitious political entreprenuer, plain and simple. Dumbly misunderstaning the dangerous AAP, no, self-seeking yes!

Dr Robert Kharsing January 4, 2014 3:02 pm Reply

Yes, indeed! Ms Sanyal has not been misled. She knows well what AAP stands for. She has fallen for no idealism of intelligent experienced business leaders contributing to nation building. She is in it for the opportunity she sees for herself of becoming a holder of political power at a quick pace even if Indian hopes are grind into dust in the process!

3. indiafacts.co.in/unmasking-the-aam-aadmi-party

One of the comments just says what some people were too sensitive to say:

Quote:Dr. Gautam Sen December 10, 2013 10:07 pm Reply

AAP and Congress are natural bedfellows, anti-Hindu and communal to the core (Batla House and Article 370 are two examples just for a start). Both their leaders, the arrogant, ignoramus of the IRS and the au pair are also opportunistic and power hungry to the hilt. The BJP has rightly chosen to officiate their marriage of convenience to one that is visible to the naive electorate of Delhi, in the full light of day. Of course the Congress party had every reason to sponsor the AAP’s success to thwart the Hindu majority of India, though probably somewhat dismpayed by the success of their own ruse.

It will come as no surprise if it is later shown the AAP and the Vatican’s chosen political party in India (=congress) are merely vehicles for the gora imperialist sponsors of subversions like the Orange revolutions of the esatern Europe, which enable them to seize control. Hindus must wait till 2014 to expel these vile creatures and reassert control of their country!
Post 2/3

Looked for some further [color="#0000FF"]articles by Gautam Sen[/color] again.

(Again: good to read in full)

1. [color="#0000FF"]indiafacts.co.in/war-and-dissolution-of-india/[/color]

War and dissolution of India

Posted by Gautam Sen / November 04, 2013 / Posted in Commentary, Headline / 5 Comments

Quote:In any case, much of West Bengal’s Hindu intelligentsia always sought a united Bengal, even under the shariah jackboot, the aspiration of Sarat Bose and his overrated brother. This was to be the Bose family kingdom though they would have been speedily consigned to the river Hooghly the moment an independent Islamic Bangladesh was established. It was Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and N.C. Chatterjee, who thwarted this nightmare though it begins to appear temporary. The Punjab may be tempted to secede, with so many Sikhs convinced Hindu India is their real enemy. [color="#800080"](Pity that the cost of a buffer zone between India and W-TSP is loss of yet more ancient Vedic-Hindoo territory to another, but even more recent invisible-monogawdism.)[/color] What of the rest of India is hard to tell though its venally opportunistic politicians are scarcely able to conceive a world that is anything more than the unbridled avarice of their own immediate family. Many quasi autonomous enclaves deep within Indian body politic, which blatantly subsist already in India’s capital city and swathes of Kolkata, where official authority hardly prevails, may spread.

Quote:Among India’s contemporary politicians, Narendra Modi alone seems to possess the ideological clarity, administrative competence and pure love of motherland that would inspire India’s millions to follow him to the gates of Hades, if the worst happened. He will need his Alexander Suvorov, but the only Indian solider of the past generation, worthy of the highest esteem, is now past ninety, though without much honour in his own country. However, the moment of truth will soon arrive for Indians, who need to think long and hard about the future of their motherland. Clearly, the gods have intervened and chosen an avatar that has come into our midst from humble origins, but tempered like steel by hardy circumstance. Voting for Narendra Modi in 2014 and those who will allow him to function is the only choice.

Having but one hope or trump card exposes a fatal weakness. If anything happens to Modi (and the US will most certainly try, even via local christoislamaniacs), all the kufrs of Hindustan will have nothing to look forward to any more. Modi needs to appoint clones of himself as successors - like-minded people he trusts as well as he trusts himself, and charge them with being as politically-active as he is on behalf of the nation.

Other heathen nations have died and been eaten inside-out by christianism owing to the lack of successors to heathen rulers. But I'm sure no one needs reminding.

India's heathens need only make 1 fatal error for christianism to ensure that it will be the last mistake Hindoos ever make.

Hopefully if Modi/BJP successfully makes it to power, Hindus will use the respite to work behind the scenes to cement a permanent power, one more immune to any christoislamic headway let alone political success. Sorely needed too as it's not just media in India that has been christoislamised. E.g. here's the ASI - making stuff up/christoislamising history quite like the teams of christos and neo-Buddhists doing christian "archaeology" in Tamizh Nadu where they're re-writing local history:


Quote:ASI’s Assault on Shankaracharya Hill

Posted by Sandeep Balakrishna / September 27, 2013 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Politics / 51 Comments

According to this Tribune news report, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has summarily renamed the Shankaracharya Hill to Takht-e-Suleiman overlooking the Dal Lake in Srinagar. If this was not enough, the ASI has also presented a distorted version of the history of the Shankaracharya Hill on the tourist information plaque, a move which has justifiably outraged the Kashmiri Pandits. From that news report:
(Can ya recognise the christoislamism's hand?)

2. [color="#0000FF"]indiafacts.co.in/the-final-solution-against-hindus/[/color]

The Final Solution against Hindus

Posted by Gautam Sen / December 18, 2013 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Headline, Intelligentsia, Media, Politics / 6 Comments

Quote:Scandinavian US satellites have also become increasingly active in Christian evangelical activities because they are viewed as innocuous despite their transparent Nazi past. German church organisations are involved as well and all of them are currently engaged in a massive Christian evangelical drive in Nepal. Bribed local politicians of all political parties are in the pockets of these organisations and the Maoist leadership is actually Christian and the Maoist label merely a cover to facilitate religious conversion. They aim to turn Nepal into a Nagaland adjacent to the Chinese border, the only land access the US can acquire easily.

The Christian church and their Western patrons do not expect to convert a majority of India’s people in a short span of time. They are working patiently to convert sufficient numbers in strategic locations, in different parts of India, to acquire an electoral veto. Despite determined efforts at concealment of census evidence, it seems likely that Christians already comprise 8% of India’s population. They surely dream of the 60% conversion to Christianity achieved within a generation in the Republic of Korea, but would be happy to settle for an interim 15% in India. It would give them a veto, in conjunction with the Muslim vote bank, over Indian parliamentary politics and foreign policy.

The Korean figure is wrong. Non-religious incl. atheists make up about 50% of South Korea. It is only of the remaining 50% of S Korea's total population that christians form a slight majority, but closely followed by Buddhism. That is, christianism is around 25% to 30% of S Korea and will never make more. A large body of western-type atheists will never largely convert to christians - moreover, many are ex-christians and are immune - though a few individuals in future generations may convert to christianism (while many christians also keep de-converting from christianism to atheism, keeping a largely positive flow in the direction of atheism).

But India is different (and not in a good way): it does not have an (E) Asian mentality when de-heathenised.

3. [color="#0000FF"]indiafacts.co.in/abuse-hindus-freedom-speech/[/color]

History of academic and media abuse of Hindus

Posted by Gautam Sen / March 07, 2014 / Posted in Academia, Distortion Watch, Headline, Hinduism, Intelligentsia, Media, Politics / 1 Comments
Post 3/3

[color="#0000FF"]Christianism manufacturing dramas about how "freedom of speech" is "threatened"[/color]

More cases of christos trying to manufacture the impression that Hindus are suppressing freedom of speech.

Cryptochristos use the same method each time: terrorise the Hindus, and when Hindus protest, the cryptochristos (pretending to be seculars) play the injured victims. Cue the "Freedom of Speech is under threat from Hindus in India" drama. Rinse And Replay.

- Next to the US-instigated drama concerning Doniger where the US media then went on about how "freedom of speech is under threat by Hindus in India"

- Next to the other christodrama in IIT Chennai by Deep-puke Johnson and evangelical gang that invited Teesta Setalvad, with christomedia The Chindu going on about how Hindus tried to "violently" stifle Setalvad (before Chindu retracted their lies in some side story later on - following the "NYT Method" of headlining repeatedly that Serbs supposedly systematically gangraped the islamic albanians before NYT then retracted on page Z months later that this was all a lie)

- More such cases below.

The pattern is always the same:

Cryptochristo-terrorists deliberately trying to bait Hindus. And when Hindus do no more than merely protest, the christo-terrorists get fed up with trying to stoke up Hindus into actual violence and go ahead and lie and declare that Hindus were actually violent (the way Nussbaum pretended that people had been "threatened" concerning Doniger's book, since Hindus wouldn't do them the favour of actually threatening any one) and that this "proves" that Hindus were therefore a threat to freedom of speech. Rinse and Repeat again.

This pattern of Hindoo baiting, playing victim, manufacturing deliberately false media coverage to bring up "freedom of speech is under threat by Hindus" is all in order to create the notion nationally (to influence elections) and to manufacture consent internationally that a nationalist "Hindu" party - aka BJP esp. under Modi - will be "a threat to India and democracy" aka a "threat to world-peace".

1. [color="#0000FF"]indiafacts.co.in/scroll-ins-mischievous-reportage/[/color]

Quote:Scroll.in’s mischievous reportage on Ali J

Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / March 10, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Intelligentsia, Media, Politics, Slider / 3 Comments

On 10 March 2014, online news and entertainment portal Scroll.in carried a news report describing how “Hindu extremists” got the Chennai police to stop the screening of the play Ali J.


The Scroll.in report seems to portray the issue to be one of a threat to freedom of expression when it quotes Sunil as saying

“It’s no longer a conversation about our play. Tomorrow, they could shut down any play they don’t like.”

When IndiaFacts telephoned Radha Rajan, one of the petitioners, a different picture emerged. A summary of the conversation follows:

1. We did not object to the play per se but to a few dialogues in the play that were patently anti-national according to the laws of the land. In our petition to various Tamil Nadu Government authorities (appended below), we have mentioned these dialogues. For example here are two :

Quote:Muslims languishing in prison are innocent, ill-treated by the police and the Indian government.

Ajmal Kasab is in the cell adjoining one ‘innocent Muslim’ in jail and the innocent Muslim says this of Kasab: “he is courageous who is about to be hanged for his good deed.”

Bharati [Mother India] when we handed her over to Mohan [Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi] was pregnant meaning she had been raped. This in turn means the India which was ‘given’ to Gandhi was already raped by the Muslims–reference to Muslim/Moghul rule over India.

[color="#800080"](Note that islam claims that all heathen females raped by islam "belong" to islamania: islam views their rape of heathen women as marriage/as islamically-legal acquisition of the heathen woman. Could see this even in IIRC Gautam Sen's article that referred to how the W-Bengal court had ruled that the Hindu underage girl kidnapped and raped by islamaniacs and thus involuntarily "converted" was now under shariah jurisdiction and that her parents therefore had no right to ask for her back. <- This is another reason for islam's rape-fest against heathen women.)[/color]

2. Both Evam and the director of the play had not taken prior permission from the police to stage a play that has such sensitive if not inflammatory and anti-national content.

3. When we showed our petition and the dialogues to both the Commissioner of Police and the Assistant Commissioner, both of them said they cannot allow the play to be staged.

4. When the Police summoned the director, he did not turn up. Instead, he sent two Muslims: one could not speak Tamil and the other could not speak English. After some conversation, the permission to stage the play was denied.

[color="#800080"](Lots of Pukestanis and even afghan taliban etc in TN. Can see them in roadside stalls: not a word of Tamil or any Indian sounding language. They're infiltrating and thus building up their numbers for an impending jihad of the Hindoo subcontinent - in case anyone was wondering.)[/color]

[etc. ...]

- First there was the Rape Serial Drama - within a short period of time - in the Indian christomedia and the international media which then fed on each other. Never mind that all the rapes were demonstrably by christoislami and communiseculars alone and against Hindu women. (And never mind that most christoislamic rape cases against Hindu women had been ignored by the media until then. The moment the Indian christomedia was asked to start reporting on rape in India, they all went head-in and pretended it was some "secular" crime against instead.)

- Now there's the Freedom of Speech Drama - also within a very short period of time - in the Indian christomedia and the international media, also feeding on each other.

Such an obvious orchestrated farce.

And note how the christomedia does not cover:

[color="#0000FF"]- indiafacts.co.in/muslim-goons-on-a-rampage-against-hindus-in-ullal/ (Karnataka)

- indiafacts.co.in/muslim-hooliganism-chennai/[/color]

Further, I am sure this "Sunil Vishnu" (obviously cryptochristist, I don't even further proof: The fact that the film is about sympathising for Pak islamaniac terrorist Kasab to bait Hindu nationalism with is specifically proof that the author is a CHRISTIAN. Christians always use the method of propping up islam as a means to beat Hindus with while playing the invisible benefitting third party. Same tactic seen in christos inviting Teesta Setalvad, and in christos like Suzanna "Aroundhoti" Roy always harping about Godhra and exponentially multiplying the actual figures of the dead plus pretending that uniquely islamics died in the Godhra riots.

Christobrits and US similarly made the "slumdog millionaire" movie, also about how "oppressed" islamic terrorism is in India, and then crowned it with oscar nomimations or perhaps even wins to make sure the film got watched by more people. I.e. the movie was for the purpose of Manufacturing Consent.)

Any time that agents pretending to be "secular" play up islamic terrorism as "innocent" and promote islamic terrorism/anti-nationalism in movies, you KNOW the "seculars" are christian and christian alone.

2. And another example of Hindu-baiting in the hope they get a rise out of Hindus so they can play injured and threaten that "Hindus are violent"/"Hindu taliban", when the only taliban in India are the christians.


Quote:Hindus have no rights to free speech

Posted by Neena Rai / March 03, 2014 / Posted in Academia, Distortion Watch, Headline, Hinduism, Intelligentsia / 2 Comments

THE past few weeks have been rather upsetting for Hindus across the world. Under the pretext of freedom of speech, constant attacks on Hindus are being orchestrated by Hindu haters and other ill meaning organisations and individuals. Recently Wendy Doniger’s name has come up in every Hindu household because of her mischievous book.

As soon as the news of the withdrawal and pulping of all the copies of Wendy Doniger’s book The Hindus:An Alternate History came out, the well-known class of self-proclaimed liberals and secularists started talking as if freedom of speech in India was in danger.

On February 15, 2014, a few of these individuals came to Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, right in front of the Penguin India stall, to read out from the book ‘The Hindus’. They named this event as a ‘Read-in for Banned Books’. They also circulated misleading and inflammatory pamphlets which claimed that there was no ‘reasonable offence’ done by Wendy in her writings, and that Hindus are ‘believers’ of unexamined beliefs.

Misleading pamphlet circulated by Left Liberals

The pamphlet claimed that the people who organised this read-in were in ‘solidarity with voices being muzzled’ and with ‘publishers’. They also then claimed that they were ‘independent’ but further research on these individuals showed otherwise.

The event created on social media for ‘Read-in for Banned Books’ as a protest was created by three individuals named Brinda Bose, Amit Sengupta, and Manas Roshan. Manas Roshan incidentally is with the Caravan Magazine and is very proud of its recent cover piece on “Aseemanand and Hindu Terror’. This big piece, also titled ‘Believer’, is the same article that falsely claimed that RSS top brass was involved in plotting attacks that killed 119 people based on ‘interviews’ done with Swami Aseemanand.

One cannot emphasise enough that Swami Aseemanand, in a press release, vehemently denies that such ‘interviews’ ever happened and he states that no closed door meetings with senior leaders of social organisations occurred. The same was also reiterated by NIA a few days after the release of this maliciously fabricated article by the Caravan Magazine.

Ironically, in the banned book reading, there was no mention of books like the “Red Sari’ which is a fictional book based on Sonia Gandhi’s life. There was no mention of M O Mathai’s book ‘Reminiscences of the Nehru Age’ that contains a chapter titled ‘She’, which describes an account of his sexual relationship with Indira Gandhi. It is imperative to note that these book bans were consciously and deliberately enforced and endorsed by the same class of people who are now claiming to be defenders of ‘free speech’. Both the Left “intellectuals” and the liberals like Trinamool’s artists didn’t protest when Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin sought to attend a literary conference in Kolkata and was blocked by Muslim orthodoxy. In the fact, Trinamool Congress Government told her to return right from the airport. Their hearts now, oh so bleeding for Doniger, had gone cold back then.

But here’s a text of that shows why Hindus chose to protest against this so-called read-in.

Text of Hindus’ protest against Doniger’s book

When the book reading started, some students and professionals came along and protested. All of these students and professionals hailed from from premier institutes like IIT, IIMC and so on. Apart from the individuals, members from Hindu Sena had turned up, upset, because of Wendy’s constant denigration of Hindu Gods. A handful of peaceful protesters, standing with handwritten posters, were also joined in by passersby who saw the media and commotion.

Picture of HIndus Protesting against Doniger’s book

Ajay, a Charted Accountant, who joined the protest noted that when the book reading was going on, the protesters made repeated appeals to stop the reading of the book, but the organisers of the event continued reading the book from their iPads. But when the police arrived to disperse the protesters and the protesters explained to the police that‘The Hindus’ was being read, the members of ‘Read-in for Banned Books’ started flashing books of other authors like Premchand to deceive the police and prevent the stoppage of reading.

[color="#800080"](Hindu protestors could have recorded the event on mobile cam and shown it to the police.)[/color]

Pandey, a Post Graduate from IIT who was also a part of the protest said that he was shocked when an old woman with white hair, named Geeta Patel challenged him and other protestors by shouting ‘Who are you to speak on behalf of Hindus?’ He replied by saying ‘Who are you to defame Hindus?’ for which he got no response. The question raised by Geeta Patel is rather grave, as it seems like this class of ‘defenders of free speech’ require Hindus to carry certificates of ‘Hinduness’ to protest against hate writings and speeches.

The 15 February protest and the newspaper articles that followed, again, stand to expose the hypocrisy of the intellectual class which time and again defends denigrating attacks on Hindus by repeatedly stating that the voices of protest are uneducated and ignorant. All across the world, the modus operandi of individuals involved in defaming Hinduism and Dharma is to position themselves as scholars, intellectuals, thinkers and secularists. And, those who challenge these voices are to be immediately struck down by labelling them as ignorant, extremists, fundamentalists, sanghis and saffron terrorists.

(This report first appeared in the Organiser)

In the then still heathen- majority Roman empire, christians were also peddling books that baited Hellenismos/the Olympic Gods. The material was so incensing, the unfortunate and much put-upon civilised Greco-Roman heathens at times (understandably) resorted to the burning of the uncivilised christian garbage/hatespeech against their religion.

Which is another sign that this read-in is christian: christians in India are sticking to the conversion of Rome to the letter in the tactics they employ.

But better than the Roman reaction would be to strike back at the christians where it will bother them: the cryptochristo readers are playing secular and pretending not to have an ideology themselves. They will start to feel distinctly uncomfortable if Hindus were to read publicly from materials exposing christianism.

This is an Opportunity for Hindus: if hatespeech against Hindus can be hawked on the streets, then so can uncomfortable facts exposing christianism. Hindus should cease to be offended (who listens to Doniger drivel anyway), turn this into an opportunity to educate the masses on the streets about christianism. When the police come, start talking about the importance of say Global Warming and Climate Change and pretend that's what you were on about (christians started such lying).

One of the comments:

Quote:Sam March 4, 2014 2:44 am Reply

LULZ! Just put out the word in local madrassas that these chumps will also be reading from The Satanic Verses and reproducing the Danish cartoons as a part of their free speech protest.
I thought of something like that too, but more along the lines of:

Some mobile cam recording of the nutcases could be posted on youtube, with audio replaced by an anti-islamic rant in Urdu as being the "translation" of the original audio :grin: The video can pretend to be by some faithful - say a hapless muslimah - calling on the ummah to jihad the secular readers. Throw in the names (and preferrably addresses) of the cryptochristo readers AND their families in the video description and - quick as lightning - Hindus will never hear from said cryptochristos ever again (or their families - Sorry, I don't get paid to care).

Hindus spend too much time on the backfoot defending (protesting and other useless things). Make the jihad work for you. No fingerprints, no guilt, no?

But if Hindus are too squeamish to let islam remove christianism (but isn't that what christianism is doing to Hindus: using jihad to kill Hindus? So why not redirect the jihad onto the real attackers: the cannibal christo-sheep), the alternative is to get a bigger loudspeaker at such an event and start reading out loud from the non-banned and factual (unlike Doniger) JesusNeverExisted.com

Or read out loud from the DarkBible subsection of NoBeliefs.com. Or read from AmericanAtheists.com's chapters on the babble and jeebus being frauds (by American atheists with degrees in biblical studies. E.g. [color="#0000FF"]CORRECTED NAME:[/color] Frank Zindler.)

Alternatively, read out loud from [color="#0000FF"]the never-ending stream of (obviously recently-deconverted ex-christian) atheists lampooning jeebus/christians/christianism on the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) page for the new christian NT babble movie "Son of Gawd".[/color] ([color="#0000FF"]Disturbing how "History" channel is cryptochristo[/color], pretending to be about "history", but actually peddling jeebusism: not only are they making a jeebus movie out of their jeebus/babble serial - trying to pass the babble off as history, not just in part but all the NT - they likewise spammed Stephen Hawking's programme about an atheist universe by giving the final word to a christo theologian which they inserted into the programme long after Hawking had finished recording his own parts, so that Hawking didn't even know about it to respond.)

Anyway, about 50% of the threads in the Son of Gawd boards appear to be by angry (likely ex-christian) atheists seeking revenge on christianism for destroying their lives and civilisation. Here's one that sounded intriguing and turns out to be funny:



by SirMovieCritic» Mon Jan 13 2014 11:25:53

IMDb member since May 2013

[color="#0000FF"]Will we see a sequel for this if it does well?

I have a title suggestion: Son of God 2 Die Harder[/color]

[color="#800080"](O, good one!)[/color]

Re: Sequel? by SirMovieCritic» Thu Jan 16 2014 10:38:47

IMDb member since May 2013

Come on guys, suggest some titles.

Re: Sequel? by ID_Neon» Mon Jan 20 2014 16:08:24

IMDb member since April 2004

[color="#0000FF"]I like: Passion of the Christ 2 - Return of the Christ.

And itll be a blood bath[/color]

Re: Sequel? by Panicador» Mon Jan 27 2014 01:42:44 Flag

IMDb member since January 2007

[color="#0000FF"]I have the trilogy's 3rd episode:

Passion of Christ 3 : First Blood[/color]

- Oh wow, there are like thousands of threads on "Why is jeebus white" - by unfortunate faithful sheep (who alone could be occupied with jeebus' appearance forgetting he's a fiction) who don't want to worship a "white" gawd. Don't know why Africans don't return to their ancestral Gods: their Gods all looked like them, and belonged to their ancestors - besides quite possibly being real (unlike jeebus)...

- And many threads declaring Jeebus Never Existed. (Well, after all the west - especially ex-christians and atheists - are the most informed about the details concerning this.)

[color="#0000FF"]ADDED:[/color] a larger excerpt from the IndiaFacts page for item #1.
The following further proves what was already more than merely suspected: that the rape focus was entirely with the aim on evangelism of women.


Quote:A Missionary deception named Veil of Tears

Posted by IndiaFacts Staff / March 16, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Headline, Hinduism, Media, Politics / 6 Comments

This is a guest article by IndiaFacts reader Shiva Kumaran, an IT professional from Bangalore.

[color="#0000FF"]Recently, I came across the announcement for an upcoming documentary movie entitled Veil of Tears: veiloftearsmovie.com/[/color]

The movie is scheduled for release in the US on 28 March, 2014.

[color="#FF0000"]The official trailer mentions about the horrible incident in Delhi-2012 and generalizes it to “violence and oppression of women of India” as well as to “cultural persecution [of Indian women] follows from their birth to death.” So how far is this description accurate?[/color]

Speaking for myself, I–and crores of Indian men and women–do not feel or view Indian women or any other women in this manner. One can even extend this beyond even human beings, but that would be a digression from the purpose at hand.

The storyline of the movie is captured below:

“This gripping new documentary film tells the untold story of millions of women in India who are culturally persecuted for no other reason than the fact that they are women (emphasis mine).”

In many of our understanding, India is a Bhoomi (sacred land) whose people have deified their women. I haven’t studied Hindu theology/Itihasa much, but from the little that has been handed to me through civilizational memory, innumerable number of sagely women have been celebrated in this land and worship divinity in a multitude of forms – womanhood included.

If so, how can such an aspersion be cast on the people of an entire civilization? Why the broadbrush? What is the itch which causes people to look at our nook and corner and focus on the exception and display it as the norm? What is the agenda?

Rajiv Malhotra (and many others like him such as Sitaram Goel, and Arun Shourie in the past) had discussed several aspects of what’s known as “Atrocity Literature” in his original treatise “Breaking India” (co-authored with Aravindan Neelakantan).

At the heart of movies like Veil of Tears lies both overt and cover Evangelical agenda.

Apart from urban slum dwellers, the rural poor, and the tribals, one of the target groups for evangelism are vulnerable Hindu widows.
It is therefore my educated guess that this movie too is likely to make it appear, to its intended audience, that there is something rotten about Indian (read: Hindu) culture which oppresses and violates its women. On the contrary, within the traditional joint family system of India (if one could suppose that as a cultural norm), the mother was the head of the home. Thus, how is it justified to blame Indian culture itself for a few terrible but stray, incidents?

[color="#800080"](Utterly incompetent line of argumentation by the writer: he forgets to mention that even all the rape cases that finally got mass-media attention were committed exclusively by christian and communist friends (e.g. in W Bengal case) against Hindu women, and by islamics with their psecular friends (e.g. in Delhi) also against Hindu women.

And that's not even covering the frequently underreported systematic rapes of Hindoo women by

1. christoislamics such as by the christian NLFT in the NE - see BBC news on how NLFT is using 'porn' movies featuring their gangrape victims as "stars" to further their agenda of Tripura for christ. And by

2. islamic gangrapists against Hindoo women of so-called "Dalit" communities, after which the islamic criminals often set the Hindoo woman on fire.

Hindus really need to proliferate on the web the crucial information that the criminals in even the famous rape cases were in each case by named christians, islamics, communists along with christoconditioned hangers-on - since no Hindu associates with christoislamicommunists after all - and the victims were practically always Hindoo women.)[/color]

In this specific instance, we learn that the “proceeds of this film will be donated toward our continued efforts to change lives on a social, educational, health and spiritual level.”

Let’s decipher this noble-sounding statement with the aid of the facts which the movie makers have themselves put in the public domain.

“Our” here refers to the multinational charity organization/NGO, “Gospel For Asia” (GFA) (Indian site) or “Gospel For Asia” (US website). According to its website, GFA is a charitable trust which works under the leadership of the Believers’ Church. Its Founder and President is Rev. Dr. K.P. Yohannan. Both the organizations are located in Thiruvalla, Kerala. And Rev. Yohannan is interviewed by a News Agency on this movie here, a pretty revealing interview at that.

The foreign money received by these organizations over the last seven years, as filed with the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) is summarized in the chart below:

Gospel for Asia Foreign Funding

An example of Foreign Contributions (FC) returns filed by GFA is here and by Believers Church India is here. Noticeably, both have received funds from “Gospel For Asia Inc” located in Carrolton, Texas-75010.

And all these fund flows are perfectly legal in India.

Now let us return to a slightly detailed examination of the proceeds of the Veil of Tears that will be donated to GFA and see what is at work here.

Quote:Continue to showcase poverty, oppression, structured inequality, injustice elsewhere so that individual donors (mostly in Europe & USA) can be made to feel that they are contributing to a “just” cause. Donors can become complacent in their belief systems and may not donate purely on the basis of expansion of their brotherhood/sisterhood. Thus, a “secular” case for saving these unfortunate souls has to be made and such movies and mainstream articles serve this purpose.

This movie is one among the many ways by which I can be made to feel guilty of myself as a Hindu. If we are made to feel bad about our selves, will that not make the path for mass conversion that much easier? Those who migrate will not feel bad about going out of their traditions, their culture, their heritage, their ancient wisdom, as all of that is something to be ashamed of, anyway.It gives me a queasy feeling that my name is being possibly besmirched and the money that this activity raises is funnelled back to change my culture — of which I am justifiably proud.

But the crucial question remains: are there enough Indians who are proud of their culture of worshipping the feminine and are repulsed by such a caricature?

Quote:Ohm March 16, 2014 10:40 pm Reply

Read this please [color="#0000FF"]rajeev2004.blogspot.in/2008/06/kp-yohannan-makes-megabucks-as.html[/color]

sighbaboo (@sighbaboo) March 17, 2014 9:44 am Reply

The producer of the documentary, Mr. Kenny Saylors interviewed here says, “The hope is really coming from Christian women who are changing the culture from the inside out”.

[color="#FF0000"]Given these, the agenda of this documentary should not leave anyone in doubt. It is Soul Harvest of Indian women.[/color]

[color="#800080"](This is a serious matter. Remember that in Rome too, christianism initially evangelised among the gullible, poor and *women*. Also remarked on for e.g. by the 4th century Porphyrius in his work exposing christianism.)[/color]

Sigh Baboo March 17, 2014 10:36 am Reply

Sorry, there was an error in that URL. Here is the correct one: heraldbanner.com/features/x1974700029/Seeking-to-pierce-the-veil-of-tears

tapan March 17, 2014 2:11 pm Reply

I am waiting for the day Modi becomes PM and rids India of these anti nationals

Mahesh March 17, 2014 8:33 pm Reply

Why are Hindu temples under government and why not Churches or Dargahs? This shows that Hindus have become paraihs in their own land.

Jayesh March 18, 2014 1:05 pm Reply

US use these types of issues to undermine Hindus of India a good example is I AM MALALA used as soft attack on Islamic terror

To get back to that final statement (and other such made throughout the article):

Quote:But the crucial question remains: are there enough Indians who are proud of their culture of worshipping the feminine and are repulsed by such a caricature?

[color="#0000FF"]No. The crucial point is that Hindus do not know how to fight this evangelical blitzkrieg. Being Hindoo men - with a natural abhorrence for rape crimes and crimes against women - writers like the above Shiva Kumar and the rest of the hapless Male Hindu Internet Activist response is to be too stunned by the horrific nature of the crimes against their women that they do not know to fingerpoint the actual perpetrators (=exclusively christoislamicommunism) and rather blame "some" ideologically-anonymous "men". (Next Hindu nationalist men will start blaming themselves in some moronic collective mea-culpa, even though they *know* they and their kind are innocent across the board and have never harmed women. And that's exactly the programmed response christianism expected and wanted from Hindu men.) Hopeless. Most Indian nationalist/Hindu men can't argue. The more intellectual they are, the less they are able to respond to christoislamaniac baiting. The response should be to Attack First when retorting, then - when the christoislamaniacs don't know how to respond - can take the time to make a clean defense, and with that seal the case.[/color]

Internet activist Hindus are useless in fighting such christian tactics (and accusations of culturally institutionalised rape IS a christian tactic). Christianism has Hindu men on the backfoot yet again, and Hindu men - Hindooism's online vanguard against christoislamicommunism (which is why Hindu men were singled out for attack and alienation from "Indian" women in the first place, btw) - typically don't know how to respond.

But Internet activist Hindus are also useless when it comes to the kind of clear-cut arguments they need to make in this case. Again, they refuse to document how practically all the rape cases - including the sensationalised ones - have been by christoislamics and communists against Hindu women. Make that known - along with the news snippets that document it - and organise mass rallies of Hindoo women against "christoislamic and communist and psecular rapists". Make these rallies get covered by the news - at least one English paper, say the Pioneer. Then eventually they may make it to international news, else online Hindu activists can keep referring to this for evidence of how the real perpetrators are christoislamicommunists and the real victims are Hindoo women=heathenism. And then use that to slam the systematic christian and islamic rape of Hindoo women in India, which is exactly what gets silenced repeatedly in the news by Indian christomedia, as this usually refuses to name the "minority" perpetrators whereas some other papers do name them, so Hindus are forced to read 20 different news articles on the same crime to get the actual news/names of the perps.

Upon first learning that the main perpetrator of the Delhi case was an islamic, it was natural to suspect that that rape was a deliberate set up: the extent of the sensationalising media response even in international news was way too disproportionate, since earlier equally-horrific gangrapes by islamic men against Hindoo women went utterly under-reported, so the suspicion was that the christo powers that be in India orchestrated the brutal rape and murder of some poor Hindu girl for the purpose of manufacturing consent and evangelism. And then, when it was made known that the islamic footsoldier and ringleader was let off the hook for being "underage", it only further underscored that the entire thing was a set up: consider that no other rape case in India before it had got such a massive coverage in national let alone international media, or even major rallies organised about "rape" that actually got covered by the christomedia. Obviously the islamic "minor" that was hired by christian evangelical organisations already knew he would not do time for the gangrape he was given a free hand to commit - his going free was probably part of the deal. And being an islamic demon he was already more than game to rape the Hindoo to death and brought his christoconditioned pals, who were so obviously handpicked to get their heathen names in print, despite it being a commonly known fact that Hindus *never* - but never - even associate with christoislamics in general, let alone with christoislamicommunist criminals, let alone in hurting one of their own.

(That didn't stop alien Hindu "convert" internet activists from chiming in with the evangelical agenda that "India was indeed rape central". Even well-meaning converts are no more than a liability at best, and care only that they be accepted as "Hindus" and would smear actual (i.e. native) Hindus and the Hindoo homeland, all in order to cement this sense of alien entitlement to Hindoo religion.)

The wackypedia page on Sagarika Ghose - the relevant excerpt was a few posts up - provided further evidence that the whole Rape Coverage was a pre-meditated christian attack by the christo-media (masterminded by opus-dei types aka specially appointed catholic on-fire-for-christ media entities) against Hindu men with an eye on converting Hindu women: in 2006, when this christian plot was not yet hatched, Sagarika still screeched that the Hindoos who supposedly 'threatened' her were "elderly Hindoo women". Suddenly, in July 2013 - within months after the media had focused on India as 'rape central' and international talkshows hired Indian-origin hirelings like Padme Lakme - as per Rajeev2004 newsbytes of the time - to "testify" that Hindooism was "to blame" (<- shows it was obviously orchestrated psy-ops if ever there was one), the cryptochristist* Sagarika Ghose was suddenly interviewed by BBC - for pre-meditated intenational propagation - where she declared/read from the script that she and the islamic Barka Dutt and other christoislamic Hindu-baiting women frequently featured in Indian christomedia were being terrorised by "Indian men/patriarchy" and not the previous canard of "elderly Hindoo women" that Sagarika Ghose had gone on record about in 2006.

Clearly this was a deliberate change of tack owing to a change in instruction by christianism: Indian christomedia was told to not just report on (exclusively these new) rapes in India to boiling point and further insinuate that Indian culture was 'to blame' (by which the majority religio-culture of Hindoo-ism was insinuated), but to further pretend that Indian christomedia's female christoterrorists as well as its hired female islamic footsoldiers like Barka Dutt were "persecuted" and "threatened" by Indian men/patriarchy - the way Nussbaum pretended that Doniger and others were "threatened", also without evidence.

Sagarika even went so far as a great christo diatribe on twitter against "Indian men" being "ugly" - as per [color="#0000FF"]ekakizunj.com/Sagarika_Ghose[/color] again.

*Sagarika Ghose is widely rumoured to be a christist. Rumour on its own means little of course. Even her catholic schooling in St Stephens does not prove anything. (Though christians do have a specific modus operandi, indicated in pseculars who are exclusively anti-Hindu and deliberately lie against Hindoo-ism and negate the christoislamic genocide of Hindus. Not to mention that pseculars who work for christomedia are obviously christian, usually catholic, often cryptochristians to boot: i.e. they actively try to maintain their "secular"/ideology-free cover for attacking Hindu religion under.)

[color="#0000FF"]But, that Sagarika IS a christian - and a cryptochristian what's more - became obvious in a niticentral piece authored by some christist.[/color] And quite contrary to its intention. Apparently Sagarika had wished a "happy easter" and something about chocolate eggs to the Indian christomoronic community. Quick as lightning, a christist got an article published at niticentral, ostensibly to "educate" Sagarika about easter and how the first days are not really a happy time for devout christians and why they won't be eating easter eggs on those days. The purpose of the christist piece was clearly two-fold: 1. a public pretence by Sagarika and the christian respondent that Sagarika was not christian/could not be a christian because she was obviously too ignorant about christianism to be a christian, and 2. the christist writing at niticentral spent a zillion words in her essay explaining the odious details of christians' plagiarised concocted mysticism called "Easter" to the largely Hindoo audience of niticentral. The two goals were achieved/set in motion: some "Hindus" specifically remarked in the comments that they "appreciated" learning about the "deep" meaning of the plagiarised easter of the christians. I'm not sure if these "Hindu" comments were by the usual moronic types or by crypto plants, but then a definite plant showed up in the comments section to specifically declare that 'This proves that Sagarika is obviously not a christian, contrary to claims being made (on the internet)'. Their need for a plant's comment to drive the point home - in case niticentral readers missed it - was a further tell-tale sign, when actually, the whole show was what finally proved that Sagarika is a cryptochristian: it was a way too stagey and convenient and unlikely a "public proof" for how she *can't* be a christian, all because she got the details [possibly deliberately] wrong (though: even many western catholics get the details about catholic easter wrong too, so that would have proved nothing in itself. Plus the christist writer was herself wrong about some details). The whole charade was so obviously staged for the purpose of publicly dissociating Sagarika from having an ideological impetus (=christianism) driving her in her pointed hounding of Hindus and especially her *lying* against Hindus and her silencing of the christoislamic genocide of Hindoos.

Oh, and of course, Sagarika and her husband - the "ugly Indian male" (=Sagarika's words, not mine) and who is a fellow-convert and Hindu-baiter, aka Rajdeep Sardesai - are of course major players in propping up the christocommunist party of India, AAP:


But what to expect from church-appointees in the christomedia. Naturally they will work for the church's latest political party. (And catholics all vote en-masse for whomever the vatican roots for: also seen when the catholics unanimously voted Rijkskanselaar Hitler on Vatican-mandate, or when catholics were told to specifically NOT vote for fellow-catholic John Kerry by the Vatican since he was pro-birth control. All such voting mandates contain implicit threats of excommunication, BTW.)

Things are in fact so obvious, even a foreign "convert"** noticed the christoislamic bias in the christomedia's reporting:


Quote:The deluge of rape reports on India started with the shameful gang rape of a young woman, Jyoti, in a bus in Delhi on December 16th, 2012. Jyoti died. The six culprits were convicted. One committed either suicide (official version) or was killed by prison inmates. Four got death sentence. The sixth was a minor, six months short of his 18th birthday. He got away with 3 years in a reprimand home. As he allegedly was the most brutal of all and responsible for the death of Jyoti, efforts are on to try him as an adult.


...to portray [Traditional Indian society] in a poor light, “another rape” makes headlines every other day. Care is taken that only rapes committed by men with Hindu names reach the limelight and are discussed on TV. India has some 200 million Muslims and some 50 million Christians and they also commit rapes and very cruel ones, as well. For example the minor in the rape case of Jyothi is a Muslim. This news, however, did not make it to the mainstream media. There seems to be communalism in regard to broadcasting crimes, and maybe even in registering them. This makes sense, if the objective is to demean Hindu culture and thereby propel it to reform and open up. It is expected to leave those old fashioned family values behind, to have condom vending machines in colleges, to consider free sex as normal. What better start than to talk of rape? It prepares the ground for allowing westerners to prepare the syllabus for ‘adolescent education’. And once the youth is convinced, the ‘backward’ Hindu society will be a thing of the past.

Christowest is aiming for the breakup of the Hindu family system by alienating (and converting) Indian Hindu-origin women from Indian Hindu-origin men.

(No, I *don't* remotely care about Hindu-origin entities. But somewhere in that spectrum are also actually Hindoo men and women, i.e. actual heathens, whom I do care about. They too can get affected.)

The real/larger goal is - of course - population reduction.

A new wave of alarmist western books (e.g. "the 6th extinction" or something) all project a bleak future owing to over-population. Rather like similar alarmist works from earlier decades that led to "Make Room! Make Room!" (aka cinematised in the Soylent Green movie). The latest book projects that drinking water will be the first primary source that will become too scarce and not be enough to support everyone.

For this purpose - since overpopulation is ever on the back of the west's minds - the west has once more stepped up its schemes for preventing people in India and China from reproducing at a normal rate. They target heathens in India because heathens are the majority. And India's heathen society (still) has a healthy i.e. positive reproductive rate. Alienation of the two genders is intended to neutralise that reproductive rate and ideally make it negative.

Why the christowest or the west in general feels compelled to meddle in Indian affairs is the question. They never think how the "white" population has overpopulated the world: the Americas were never theirs, yet alien invaders invaded the Americas, genocided the natives and then exploded into - what was it now, 300+ million "white" people in the USA alone? Having thus illegally exploded population-wise - i.e. illegally proportionally-overpopulated space far beyond their home region of Europe - they have the gall to try to control how many heathens may be born in India and China, never mind that most of these people will never move to Europe or USA let alone want to.

Instead of

1. "native converts" aka christoislamics being prevented from overpopulating in heathens' homelands (rather, the US and Indian christogovt keeps encouraging christos and islamics to produce more offspring in India) yet they simultaneously prevent - with laws - Hindus maintaining normal-sized families,

2. let alone the western settlers in the Americas etc being chased back to Europe where they belong a.o.t. allowing the so-called "white" population to proliferate uncontrolled in heathen (and "non-white") spaces like USA,

instead of all that, the christowest wants to illegally have a disproportionate right of access to the world's resources for christo "white" populations, and prevent anyone else from having access to their own legitimate resources. Yet India and China and much of SE Asia were always able to support large populations. Christowest never bothered to regulate itself (not even in lands they occupied) and want to regulate heathens in heathen spaces.

Christowestern thieves stole the Americas, multiplied disproportionately there, then have stolen the world's resources disproportionately for themselves and now want to control the demographics all the way in India and China etc. Add to this the wretched white supremacists' typical fears that "white" people may disappear from the planet/become "numerically obscured" by not just the dreaded "immigrants" but by "people of colour" (what?) existing in the rest of the world, since western countries are not reproducing at a positive rate of growth. Not our problem.

Besides, the only ones overpopulating the planet are catholics and many other types of christos and islamaniacs - though the latter mainly do that in India. The christowest should focus on alienating islamaniac genders (and christian genders) from each other: both are on a demographics rampage in India. If christoislamaniacs don't aim to overtake Hindus in India as the majority, then Hindus can naturally also reduce the number of children they have to about two. But until christoislamicommunists and other morons in India decide to stop reproducing altogether, Hindus are forced to have larger numbers of kids.

So christowest needs to decide what's more important for them: continuing to promote a monotheist India, or a heathen Hindoo India with a reasonably-sized self-maintained population.

I'm sure the christowest will choose the first. Since they know that E Timor will result: christoislamics of a monotheist India will genocide each other, and the christos of the west won't even pretend to care about the converts they made in India (just like they never cared about the christo converts they'd made in E Timor. Indian christians are *seriously* delusional if they think the christowest cares about Indian converts to christianism past the conversion of India to monotheism, when they'll have more immediate access to Indian resources. Christowestern US doesn't even care about the converts to American christian cults in S America or Ukraine or Russia. Such 2nd world converts are *only* ever local agents working in their host nations for US/western interests. And all such converts are expendable from the christowestern POV. But why expect 3rd world converts to understand that the christowest really does not care, when even 2nd world E European ex-orthodox converts to neo-christian cults - or 2nd world S American ex-catholic converts to American christianisms - don't see that?)
Post 1/2

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/quick-notes-peak-car-era-indus-drought.html

Quote:•India will be safe in Modi's hands - Wronged ISRO scientist Dr S Nambi Narayanan

which links to:


Archiving a few excerpts of the long article:

Quote:Wronged ISRO scientist: India will be safe in Modi's hands

Last updated on: February 26, 2014 16:12 IST


Dr S Nambi Narayanan, the scientist who was accused and then exonerated in the 1994 ISRO spying case, speaks to Rediff.com's Shobha Warrier about his continuing travails and his recent meeting with Narendra Modi.

S Nambi Narayanan, left, joined the Indian Space Research Organisation as a scientist in 1966, and was instrumental in introducing liquid fuel rocket technology in India in the early 1970s.

He and his team also developed the Vikas engine used in many ISRO rockets, including the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle that took Chandrayaan-1 to the moon. The Vikas engine was used in the Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle too.

He was in charge of ISRO's cryogenics division when the ISRO espionage case broke out in 1994. Dr Nambi Narayanan was arrested by the Kerala police for allegedly passing secret documents to [color="#FF0000"]Pakistan[/color].


When the spy case broke out, you spoke of the role of the Central Intelligence Agency in the case. Why did you say so?

I didn't mention the CIA by name. I said a foreign force was involved. (Then prime minister) P V Narasimha Rao also made a statement in Parliament about this. It could be the CIA or somebody else.

Just think, this spy case was initiated by a circle inspector! But it ended in the Supreme Court.

[color="#0000FF"]You don't see the foreign hand in the whole episode; it was invisible.

That's why I said it was a conspiracy. I was instrumental in bringing liquid propulsion systems to India. I had signed an agreement with the Russians for cryogenic technology in 1991.

We were supposed to finish the entire program by 1999. But the target was achieved only in 2014.

In 1993 itself, the world knew we would become a competitor in the commercial use of the technology. At that time, the Americans and the French were dominating the scene. Russia, China and Japan also were using the technology but not commercially.

Our price was half of what the Americans and the French were quoting, and the business was worth $300 billion. Naturally, somebody didn't want us to develop the technology.[/color]


What helped you remain sane?

My staunch belief in God. I am a god-fearing person, and I go to the temple every day. In fact, my day starts by going to a temple.

I believed that I would come out of this unscathed, as I had committed no crime, and I did.

Modi told you it wouldn't be like this forever. Do you expect to receive justice if he became the prime minister?


I was not an admirer of [color="#0000FF"]Modi. But after meeting him, I have developed an admiration for him because I felt, 'Here's a person who is concerned about a matter of national importance.'

This issue has nothing to do with Gujarat or Kerala; it is a national issue. He asked me specifically about the involvement of a foreign country.[/color]

That is why I feel the country as a whole will be safe in his hands.

[color="#800080"](And that is also why AmriKKKa etc and their Indian stooges like christoislamicommunists won't let Modi/BJP come to power, hence also why the predictable christocommunist coup of Baba Ramdev's anti-corruption movement, resulting in the People's Party of India (Communist) aka AAP.)[/color]

The fact that the Narayanan is a native Hindoo - visiting a temple at the start of every day - is easy proof that he would never have betrayed India to the anti-Hindu islamoterrorist Pakistan. Obviously the plot to frame Narayanan was masterminded by aliens, while their paid Indian sepoys - such as the accusers and Kerala politicos - went and accused him and dragged him into the courts.

Narayanan's accusers and other conspirators against him should be tossed into jail for life as the *obvious* traitors working for foreign interests under the instructions of foreign handlers.

I hope if/when Modi and BJP come to power they do this.

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/quick-notes-qatar-crimes-free-gedrosia.html

Quote:•Impotent External Affairs Minister supporting RoP labour camps: Human Rights Watch says "If this trend continues some 4,000 workers will die before the first World Cup football kick-off in Qatar". But Indian and Qatari authorities say the mortality rate of workers is normal. Why is India the only nation supporting these crimes against humanity?



Quote:death rate under slave labor conditions in qatar 'normal' says indian govt

isn't the indian govt ashamed of itself?


Posted by nizhal yoddha at 3/13/2014 01:20:00 AM 0 comments

I don't know why the position of the Indian govt should come as a surprise to anyone.

The answer as to why the christo govt of India is so callous about the high rate of Hindu Indian and Nepali worker deaths - and the fact that the islamaniacs of Qatar won't let these people go home having confiscated their passports and threatening them and often not even paying them - all spelling that this is actual slavery - is [color="#0000FF"]because the Indian govt is obviously christo (as is the Nepali crypto christian commie govt): naturally it wants Hindus to die.[/color] And it is only logical that these christian govts will do *nothing* about the matter, except to encourage more Hindus to go to Qatar to die.


Quote:7 March 2014 Last updated at 12:52

Inside Qatar's squalid labour camps

By Leana Hosea

BBC Middle East Business Reporter, Doha


[color="#0000FF"]Last year, 185 Nepalese workers died, many from heart failure, and 450 Indian workers have died since 2012. Figures of deaths from other nationalities have not been published.[/color]

[color="#800080"](For obvious reasons: the numbers of deaths of Europeans is non-existent, and that of subcontinental islamaniacs is nowhere near as high. I.e. the number of deaths of Nepalis and Indians show it's an islamic genocide of Hindus. The Indian govt is in collusion with the Qatar govt over this. That's why it sees nothing wrong.)[/color]

Indian and Qatari authorities say the death rates are normal.

However, Human Rights Watch called the figures "horrendous" and the general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, Sharan Burrow, says it is "an exceptionally high mortality rate".

[color="#0000FF"]She says if this trend continues some 4,000 workers will die before the first World Cup football kick-off.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Compare that with the alleged 'genocide' - as per christos like Cedric Prakass - of muslims during Godhra: christos alleged "2000 muslims died" when the total number of dead was about 1000, a quarter of which at least was Hindus.

So if a number like 2000 is "genocide" - despite that number being a christo concoction - then 4,000 slowly-murdered Hindu workers of Nepal and India is very much an islamic genocide of Hindus.)[/color]

Qatar, she says, has refused to give workers a collective voice or the right to form trade unions, describing the emirate as "a 21st Century slave state".

'People hate us'

“Where any liability is found to rest with employers, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Qatari law authorities will pursue these cases through the relevant legal channels”

Qatari Labour Ministry

Most workers were reluctant to be interviewed, saying they feared getting into trouble with the authorities.

Qatar is a monarchy with restrictions on freedom of speech. But some workers agreed.

In a ramshackle, cockroach-infested camp, 22-year-old Anil Lamichhane told me he regrets coming to Qatar and wants to go home to Nepal.

"My company doesn't care about us. When we complain to our seniors they say, 'We will see, we will see'. But when will they see us? We don't get safety shoes in time, we don't get helmets, we don't get good gloves, we don't get good accommodation, we don't get good food. We don't get good salaries - only $9 per day - and we work six days per week.

"No-one respects our feelings, we are just labour, all people hate us."

At another camp, Santos Tharu from Nepal told me how he is trapped in Qatar without his passport or any money.

He says he injured his back at work carrying heavy loads, but his employer refused to pay his medical bills.

"I became so unwell I couldn't get out of bed for a week, so they sacked me. They said they would send me home to Nepal, as my contract says. I waited and waited, but it's been two months now.

"I don't have anything, no wages and no food allowance. I have to rely on my friends," he said.

His employer did not respond to my request for an interview. According to Amnesty International, the majority of migrant workers have their passports held by employers.


Quote:Qatar migrant workers 'treated like animals' - Amnesty

Andrew North reports from Nepal on the plight of migrant workers


Amnesty said some of the abuses amounted to "forced labour".

Some migrant workers were threatened with penalty fines, deportation or loss of income if they did not show up to work even though they were not being paid, Amnesty said.

More than 1,000 people were admitted to the trauma unit at Doha's main hospital in 2012 having fallen from height at work, Amnesty said, citing an unnamed hospital representative.

Some 10% were disabled as a result and the mortality rate was "significant", AI said.

"It is simply inexcusable in one of the richest countries in the world, that so many migrant workers are being ruthlessly exploited, deprived of their pay and left struggling to survive," said Salil Shetty, Amnesty's secretary general.

"Our findings indicate an alarming level of exploitation.

Now compare the above modern-day islamic slavery and mass-murder of Hindus in Qatar so that Hindus construct the modern high-rise buildings and 1st world look of Qatar and Dubai and a lot of the rest of islamaniac Arabia (itself reminiscent of how millions upon millions of Hindus had earlier been kidnapped and dragged past the wretched 'Hindu Kush' by islam and forced to work to death in Arabian countries, to similarly usher in "civilisation" to islamised=barbarised Arabia) - compare that to the news link in the following:


Quote:1 Comment

Sameer said...

Rajeev and team, as someone had earlier commented... we get to see 'How to Convert to Islam' Ads in the blog....

Anyway, [color="#0000FF"]one absurd article I saw where ROP and ROL religious leaders have vowed to 'end modern slavery' in India and yes... we see 'caste' in the article...


3/19/2014 1:02 PM
Cleary this christoislamic endeavour is part of the same multi-pronged attack as the "veil of tears" propaganda movie endeavour of christianism.

3. Both the comment by Sameer above at rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/quick-notes-indian-radars-saturated-fat.html

and the comment at rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/death-rate-under-slave-labor-conditions.html

(below) ask about the advertising for islam on the Rajeev2004 blog. I'm sure it's out of his hands.


VidrohiArya said...

[color="#0000FF"]Why is your blog running ads for How to convert to islam?[/color]

3/13/2014 3:34 AM

I think blogspot still belongs to Google, and so the Rajeev2004.blogspot would be hosting Google adverts.

Google Ad-sense etc clients pay Google to allow them to advertise for their wares/selected links whenever various keywords are searched for in Google Search or when these keywords are present in Google blog texts. In the past - just a few years back - evangelicals were the ones who exclusively cornered the keywords "Hindu(s)", "India(n/ns)", and would advertise for 'how to convert to christianity' or "Why accept jesus" or "why Hinduism/Hindu Gods are evil" whenever users had searched Google on Hindu topics (including Hindu Gods) or when a blog declared itself nationalist Indian/Hindu. A little later, obviously-AmeriKKKan evangelicals showed signs of being less stupid: they started paying Google for the keywords to link to derogatory articles on Hindu and India on such blogs. And this became the most common sight for the last few years, such that all the Google adverts I ever saw on the sidelines of the Rajeev2004.blog for a long while was something or other evil thing about India and Hindus. (And the same for many another Hindu/nationalist blog off blogspot.)

So now it seems islamaniacs have got into the game too, and are paying more than evangelicals for each keyword - IIRC Google auctions keywords to bidders - so they can advertise for islam.

I'm glad they're throwing their money down into a black hole: I doubt Hindus/nationalists visiting a nationalist blog are ever going to be interested in converting to islam or christianism.

[[color="#0000FF"]Note that christoislamics pull this sort of thing regularly: anyone looking for indiafacts.co.in who mistypes it as indiafacts.in, will find a virulently anti-Indian site.[/color] (IIRC, IF member "Acharya" had earlier noticed that IF - india-forum - was suddenly similarly shadowed by "india-forums" a bollywho site.) It appears to be a lawful technique to suppress and undermine freedom of speech and to evangelise.]

I think *anyone* - i.e. laypeople - can pay Google/join Google's auction for keywords to advertise/link to whatever you want. If Hindus want to waste money more productively, they could buy islamic keywords and advertise for Why I Am Not a Muslim type books, faithfreedom and similar sites, or any web pages still featuring the Danish cartoons. Similarly, can buy up christian keywords and advertise for books exposing christianism, or sites like AmericanAtheists and Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).
Post 2/2

AAP etc

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/christian-terrorists-massacre-security.html

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quote:Christian terrorists massacre security personnel in Chattisgarh

Will [color="#FF0000"]AAP[/color] nominate the "Maoist" perpetrators to contest on their party's ticket from Chattisgarg in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections?

They already have [color="#FF0000"]Christist murderers

"Binayak Sen" and "Sabyasachi Panda"

in their midst[/color], as well as seditious Jihadi bootlickers like Ashant Bhushan.


Posted by karyakarta92 at 3/11/2014 02:18:00 PM

Related to rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/03/aap-is-front-for-christrian-terrorism.html

which was on Sabyasachi Panda - the christian "maoist" murderer of Swami Lakshmananda - having been welcomed into the AAP with open arns.

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/aap-anarchist-anti-national-thugs-in.html

Quote:Wednesday, March 05, 2014

AAP anarchist anti-national thugs in action

[IMG 1]

[IMG 2]

The pictures are of BJP workers severely injured in the AAP "direct action."

Showing their true FASCIST colours.

The mob of anti-national anarchist scum attacking the BJP headquarters in New Delhi was led by the dangerous Naxalite AAPtard Ashutosh and the Moslem banshee Shazia Ilmi.

(Beware of attractive women in white caps peddling "Aam Admi" rhetoric!)

Apparently, with the active participation of the "eminent Gandhian" Rajmohan Ghandy. The picture below is of Rajmohan Ghandy directing? the mob attack on the BJP office. (See the idiot in GREEN standing 3rd from the left in the picture below, right behind the lunatic in blue that has a missile in his hand.)

[IMG 3]

I have zero respect for the dead fascist Ghandy, leave alone contemporary opportunist members of his clan - Rajmohan Ghandy,

Tushar Ghandy, Gopalkrishna Ghandy et al are willing accomplices and collaborators

of the most corrupt, anti-national, seditious scum of the land. They are also exponents of "dynastic democracy" - only far less successful than the Nehru clan.

Will there ever be deliverance or liberation

from the seemingly never ending atrocities, decadence and debauchery of Nehru, Gandhi and their extended


Where is the obligatory media orgasm about "non-violence", "freedom of speech" etc.? There is none.

The likes of Burka Dutt and Sagarika Ghose practise Christian abstinence when it comes to condemning or even reporting violence by mobs that share their political persuasion.


Posted by karyakarta92 at 3/05/2014 01:32:00 PM

But the AAP manifesto did promise mob-rule. Speaking of how the mob will create a revolution and take over the state etc etc. Aka Communism.

No wonder christians - not just the liberation theology variety - are all signed up into AAP: they certainly want to take over the Indian state. And since KKongress doesn't have what it takes to provide the free ticket, christians have moved into the KKKongress spin-off, the AAP (People's Party of India, Communist).



Quote:AAP’s “governance model” was an unmitigated nightmare for the national capital, Delhi, where their government was in power for 49 days. Shekhar Gupta who read Kejriwal’s manifesto ‘Swaraj’, was shocked to find their dangerous model in black and white: [color="#0000FF"]“The instruments of governance, law enforcement, judiciary, executive, parliament, as we know them, shall cease to exist, or at least, to matter. The mob will be sovereign. The police will have to take orders from the mob. The mob, or the gram sabha or the mohalla sabha, will be able to levy and collect its own taxes. No decision will be taken unless the “people” decide. No wonder Prashant Bhushan wants a referendum in Kashmir on whether the army should stay there…”[/color]

3. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/quick-notes-rally-mystery-colonizers.html

Quote:Friday, March 14, 2014

Quick notes: Rally mystery, Colonizers face the heat..

[color="#0000FF"]•Whose rally? Anna Hazare was told it was Mamta's rally and Mamta was told it was Anna's rally.. so, who organized it? The CIA?



•14 Caribbean Nations Sue Former Colonizers for Slave Trade: The lawsuit will demand reparations from the governments of Britain, France and the Netherlands

Posted by Pagan at 3/14/2014 08:51:00 PM Labels: colonialism, medicine, politics, racism, technology

4. indiafacts.co.in/sushma-swaraj-bats-congress

Quote:Sushma Swaraj bats for Congress

Posted by Ravi Shanker Kapoor / March 12, 2014 / Posted in Commentary, Headline / 8 Comments

The comments are also curious.

5. No longer about AAP:


Quote:Is Hindu Dharma good and Hindutva bad?

Posted by Maria Wirth / March 10, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Headline, Hinduism, Intelligentsia, Media, Politics / 6 Comments

For many years I lived in ‘spiritual India’ without any idea how important the terms ‘’secular’ and ’communal’ were. The people I met were appreciative of India’s great heritage. They gave me tips which texts to read, which sants to meet, [color="#FF0000"]which mantras to learn[/color], etc., and I wrote about it for German readers. I used to think that all Indians are genuinely proud of their ancestors, who had stunningly deep insights into what is true about us and the universe and who left a huge legacy of precious ancient texts unparalleled in the world.

However, [color="#0000FF"]when I[/color] settled in a ‘normal’ environment away from ashrams and pilgrimage places and [color="#0000FF"]connected with the English speaking middle class including some foreign wives, I was shocked that several of my new friends with Hindu names were ridiculing Hinduism without knowing much about it.[/color] They had not even read the Bhagavad-Gita, but pronounced severe judgment on it. They gave the impression as if Hinduism was the most depraved and violent of all religions and responsible for all the ills India is facing. The caste system and crude rules of Manusmiti were quoted as proof. Reading newspapers and watching TV, I also discovered an inexplicable, yet clear anti Hindu stand.

My new acquaintances had expected me to join them in denouncing ‘primitive’ Hinduism which I could not do as I knew too much, not only form reading extensively, but also from doing sadhana. They were not amused and declared that I had read the wrong books. They asked me to read the right books, which would give me the ‘correct’ understanding. They obviously did not doubt their own view to be the correct one. However, instead of coming around by reading Romila Thapar and co, I rather got the impression that there was an intention behind the negative portrayal of Hinduism: Christianity and Islam were meant to look good in comparison. My neighbour, a writer with communist leanings, henceforth introduced me to his friends as “the local RSS pracharak”. Many ‘secular’ Indians consider the RSS as Hindu fundamentalists, occasionally equating it even with Islamic terror groups. So no surprise that an elderly lady once retorted, “In this case I am not pleased to meet you.”

First, concerning this from the above:

Quote:"the English speaking middle class including some foreign wives, I was shocked that several of my new friends with Hindu names were ridiculing Hinduism without knowing much about it"

-> No ethnic Indian of direct (unconverted) Hindu ancestry in India who has a foreign spouse is a Hindu or would be accepted by anyone who is a Hindoo. So I don't know why their ridiculing "Hinduism" - or their alien spouses ridiculing Hindu religion - should come as a shock, let alone to alien "converts". Aliens and those that marry aliens are well... aliens. And only aliens and subvertibles would associate with them.

In foreign climes, due to scarcity of Hindoo heathens - a.o.t. any entity that calls itself a "Hindu" and is actually 'secular', 'atheist', and otherwise subvertible - a handful of Hindus have out of what must be desperation married foreign atheists/agnostics (never "converts" though, or those that threaten to "convert"; and the Hindu spouse specifically never wants their unreligious spouse to "convert" to Hinduism, since it is an ethnic religion and there is nothing wrong with the ex-christian foreigners having deconverted to atheism; at least their development arc is positive compared to the regression-arc of ethnic Indians de-heathenising into seculars calling themselves "Hindus"). Also in certain foreign climes, some hardcore Hindoo heathens can be seen married to E Asian hyper-heathens (E Asian hyper-heathens were also forced by scarcity of their own kind into looking beyond their local heathenism, since actually they are also strictly endogamous).

But there are no "Hindus" in India married to aliens. There's no such thing.

And as for the example Maria Wirth provides of "when I .... connected with the English speaking middle class including some foreign wives, I was shocked that several of my new friends with Hindu names were ridiculing Hinduism without knowing much about it"

you already know that all the children of these unHindus will turn out to be like Mira Kamdar. Elst once had an article on Mira Kamdar: koenraadelst.bharatvani.org/articles/fascism/kamdar.html

Her dad's a Gujarati Indian of Hindu ancestry and her mother's some kind of non-Indian (Brit IIRC), and Mira Kamdar spewed hate all over Hindus by using her dad as an example of why Hindus are to be hated.

So getting spit on by their even more unHindu and anti-Hindu kids is something for all these unHindu Indians - who are settled in India yet married to alien spouses - to look forward to. And that's not all the prizes to be won: they will be imposing more such Hindu-baiting terrorists as Mira Kamdar on the native Hindus of India in the future. For which imposed misery Hindoos will no doubt be grateful and fondly remember them (like Jaichand is 'fondly' remembered).

I don't get why ethnic Hindus with tendencies towards the west don't marry native Americans instead. I can see how they would be an asset.

Info from 2 degrees of separation: I know of a Gujarati business man (very rich) who married a Lithuanian. She was - from the account I heard of the match - a goodlooking woman (and probably a nice person too, though my source did not know her) but could not speak a word of any language her Indian husband knew - which, by implication, tells you he could not speak Lithuanian either. Essentially, he married her because she was pretty and willing, and she married him because he had money and could look after her.

Not saying it's invalid. But it's not ideal either. But at least he lives overseas and doesn't live in India, so I don't care. Living overseas is largely a graveyard for Hindoos and their heathenism anyway. Marrying fellow arch-heathens from E Asia might perhaps allow heathenism to continue for longer, or in a different direction, and perhaps even somehow survive. <- But this is an untested theory, since all the couples of this kind that I know of are young, i.e. only one generation. Still, an overseas ethnic Hindoo marrying an E Asian heathen is better (i.e. >) than marrying a western atheist/agnostic > marrying an Indian non-heathen calling itself a 'Hindu' > marrying a western or Indian christoislamic > than an Indian in India marrying an alien >= a Hindu-origin Indian in India or overseas marrying an alien "convert". The last is the absolute worst. Because that will eat into larger Hindoo-dom and is no longer a "private choice" matter. C.f. a 'Hindu' married into christoislam: they are openly rejected by Hindu-dom anyway and so can't be foisted on traditional Hindoos by new-agey 'Hindus' wanting traditional Hindoos to be "less orthodox" and "accept" the christoislamic spouse. Whereas new-agey 'Hindus' always try to force traditional Hindoos and temples to accept the alien spouses of 'Hindus'. I.e. alien "converts" are insidiously forcibly inserted into Hindoo-dom and thereby invariably, gradually turn the heathenism into an alienism.)

Another thing that eats into Hindoo religion is accepting alien converts in general. And teaching them "mantras" like Maria Wirth states above:

Quote:They gave me tips which texts to read, which sants to meet, which mantras to learn

I never cease to be amazed at how easily Indian "Hindus" - some strange kind of orthodox of course (new-age Hindus don't know to get mantras to work) but of a sudden modern variety - will teach aliens (but largely only westerners, as far as I can tell) yet never display such an interest in inducting the masses of loyal Hindoos into mantras, including many Hindoo women often kept away from mantras (and often by the very types that will readily sell the same to alien women).

One day - assuming there is any justice (one likes to impute subjectivity to the objective universe and pretend it cares about balance and retribution) - it will all backfire. And I can't see that Hindoos need have any pity for the traitors who brought all of Hindoo-dom down by inducting mleccha demons to puke all over sacred Hindoo religion/Gods with their dabbling (and they are demons if they're the kind that would "convert" to Hinduism, since if they were heathens they'd be in their *own* ancestral religions, nah?). If they cared about Hindoo or any ethnic heathen religion, they'd leave these alone. But alien dabblers "converts" care only about themselves: that they should be able to dabble [in others' ancestral religion]. Which further underscores that alien "converts" - aka dabblers - are not and never were heathens.

Half the time I find myself plotting revenge. But while there are still orthodox Hindoos who would never countenance aliens in their families let alone accept them as "Hindoos" or teach aliens mantras and Hindoo religion, I suppose one must still be loyal. But they're a greying people and when they're gone, I think I will switch over to revenge, or at least passive gloating whenever the 'Hindus' that remain get beaten down by their own (alien) creations. One good turn deserves another, after all.

A few 'Hindus' a bit earlier on - the period when this disease seems to have started - thought it was a similarly 'brilliant' idea to teach the colonial Brit going by the pseudonym "Arthur Avalon" how to dabble, since he also seemed really "sincere" and "deserving" (but they generally did not teach native Hindoos, of course: native Hindoos after all were not western enough to be thought deserving, even though they were actually sincere and insubvertible and despite Hindoo religion being their own ancestral religion). And for a brief time, Arthur infatuated himself with Hindu religion, as many more do today. But just as *every* other dabbling alien does given enough time (and as Maria Wirth will too if she outlives her present infatuation), Arthur eventually "recanted" - as christians would say - and ran back to where he belonged: swearing fealty to catholicism. I know it was catholicism and not some other christocult because, as a nice present for Hindus from that dabbling love affair, "Arthur Avalon"'s legacy is visible on the internet: I recall seeing several alien catholic sites dabbling hardcore in the path paved by Arthur, who were claiming that sacred Shakta literature and practices and mantras are "actually" about Mary/Jeebusism. And these alien catholics are not just dabbling hard in this but, for all I know, may tomorrow induct Indian christoterrorists to inculturate on this as well.

[color="#0000FF"]So yet another hearty Thank You To All The Traitors[/color] (can they please be made to publish their full names and permanent addresses in future along with their crimes?)
Where people's tax money goes:

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/nyt-hit-piece-against-modi.html

Quote:Monday, April 07, 2014

NYT Hit Piece Against Modi

On the eve of India's elections, the desperate sectarian poison-pen artists at NYT pull out all the stops in attempting to demonize Modi over the 2002 riots (which were apparently started by slogan-chanting Hindus who then spontaneously combusted):

nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/06/world/asia/modi-gujarat-riots-timeline-.html?_r=0#/#time287_8535 Posted by san at 4/07/2014 09:25:00 PM

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/fwd-wow-kudos-to-hon-tulsi-gabbard.html

Quote:Sunday, April 06, 2014

Fwd: Wow! Kudos to the Hon. Tulsi Gabbard!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: N


Chidanand Rajghatta

[color="#0000FF"]WASHINGTON: A US Congressional panel's hearing on religious freedom in India came under fire from some of its own members on Friday. They called it an attempt to influence elections in India, even as Hindu activists in the US said the partisan event was aimed at undermining the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.[/color]

The hearing by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC), named after a late Congressman whose holocaust survival resulted in a lifelong devotion to human rights, was deliberately timed to impact the election, US lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard, a self-described Hindu-American, told the panel, after a Hindu activist group complained the panel had packed the hearing with witnesses who have an ''ulterior motive.''

[color="#0000FF"]"I do not believe the timing of this hearing is a coincidence. The national elections in India begin on Monday and continue until May 12. I am concerned that the goal of this hearing is to influence the outcome of India's national elections, which is not an appropriate role for the US Congress. Such interference with India's elections would undermine our shared goals,'' Gabbard, a Democrat from US President Obama's home state of Hawaii, told the panel.

"We need to be especially careful not to directly or indirectly contribute to sectarian strife in India or other countries. I am concerned that this hearing is an attempt to foment fear and loathing purely for political purposes. This is wrong and it will contribute to further sectarian division in India and will undermine national interests of the US," Gabbard added, in withering criticism of the hearing.

"Any attempt by the United States to have an effect on the Indian elections will backfire,'' Gabbard's senior colleague Brad Sherman cautioned while questioning panelists.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Really? US settlers' genocide against native Americans didn't backfire. AmeriKKKa always gets away with genocide, doesn't it? Why should their terrorist meddling in India be less successful? Then again, US' manual landwars in Asia did sting AmeriKKA so much they decided to minimise manual warfare and do long-distance genocidal meddling.)[/color]

Leaders of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) echoed similar concerns, noting the ''unbalanced'' panel of four witnesses, all of whom expressed concern over the prospective election of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate, Narendra Modi, as Prime Minister. A witness that would have offered a Hindu perspective to ground realities and the multi-dimensional nature of inter-religious tensions in India was not included, despite requests by some members of the TLHRC, the foundation said.

Witnesses who testified before the committee included [color="#0000FF"]Katrina Lantos Swett, Vice Chair, United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, John Sifton, Asia Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch, Robin Phillips, Executive Director, The Advocates for Human Rights, John Dayal, Member, National Integration Council, Government of India. Swett has been a leading advocate of continuing the US denial of visa for Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi.

HAF activists said they had reached out to the office of Congressman Keith Ellison, who is the first Muslim to be elected to the US Congress and is co-chair of the TLHRC, asking to add their witness ''to provide additional perspective on religious freedom in India.'' But they were told that only human rights groups were slated to be on the panel, and not specific to any religion. HAF pointed out though that panelist John Dayal serves as the Secretary General of the All India Christian Council in addition to being an activist, and said, ''the rejection seems disingenuous at best, and indicative of the ulterior motives of the hearing sponsors at worst.''[/color]

"While the promotion of international religious freedom should be a US policy priority, the testimony made it clear that the witnesses today simply had an axe to grind with the BJP's prime ministerial candidate,'' said Jay Kansara, HAF's Associate Director of Governmental Relations.

The panel's leading witness made no secret of her concern over a Modi-led BJP-alliance coming to power. ''Many religious minority communities fear religious freedom will be jeopardized if the BJP wins and the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister. We hope that is not the case,'' USCIRF's Katrina Swett said, recommending that the State Department elevate religious freedom concerns in the bilateral strategic dialogue mechanism.


sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity Posted by nizhal yoddha at 4/06/2014 10:34:00 PM

I know I'm supposed to be grateful and all that an American convert interceded.

But I'd like people to act with the same honesty for the sake of truth - i.e. because it is the *right* thing to do - and not because they have a vested/personal (=selfish) interest. Usually this last tends to occur when the western person has an Indian spouse or because the alien is a convert/dabbling. Examples of the former are too numerous as well, but e.g. Francois Gautier's wife is Sikh, which explains his primary interest in writing in favour of India's native religions. Then there's the Australian author of that "Victorian Holocausts" book - about the British genocide in Bengal. The author is IIRC married to a Bengali, which is why they ever bothered to learn of and expose that history.

It would be nice, for once at least, to find someone to break that mould of pure self-interest driving them. The closest I have heard of - though not a complete fit - is an example Rajeev Srinivasan frequently mentioned on his blog: one "Theodore Dalrymple" - whom RS specifically contrasted against that anti-Hindu William Dalrymple.

I looked him up: Theodore Dalrymple - a pen-name of a British doctor of Russian and German-Jewish ancestry (which last explains why he is interested in being truthful for the sake of it) - frequently says something positive about Hindus and native Africans etc and even holds them up as examples. Of course, T Dalrymple - besides being Jewish - is a bit of a cynic, which is the other reason why he bothers to notice. As per wacky, he's accused by others of being a pessimist and even misanthropist, but there's a fine line between being a pessimist and being a realist, and frustration with humanity is not the same as being misanthropic. If he were the latter he wouldn't even bother writing about the sorts of things he does, I suspect. (I.e. his criticism of 'progressive' society is ultimately constructive and intended as such, even if he doesn't sound very hopeful of achieving any success with it.)

Theodore's wife is not an Indian and she doesn't appear to be a Hindu, and he himself does not seem to be a "convert" either.

But other than Theodore - though he is not interested, as far as I know, in politically clearing Hindus and the BJP etc of the psyops generated against them by AmeriKKKa and christoislam - I can't think of any other western person who has actually bothered to say anything truthful about Hindu India for the reason that being truthful is the right thing to do. Everyone else has a vested interest. And ultimately, that makes them unreliable.

And so I feel no particular gratitude to people like Gabbard. Perhaps relief for their observations/statements, but not gratitude.*

And her willingness to observe what are blatant facts - her being moreover a largely solitary voice in doing so - merely underscores how much of a conclave of liars the rest of the criminal AmeriKKKan government is.

Indians are very naive in admiring America. And those Indians of Hindu origin that live there knowing the true nature of AmeriKKKa - and how *actively* it works to destroy Hindudom even in the Hindu homeland - well, let's just say some people willingly sleep with the enemy. There's no law against it, of course: people are free to do whatever. But it makes their sermonising to Hindus back home (e.g. NSR) rather hollow. And excuses like "I'll sleep with the enemy so you don't have to" only counts as long as you get no perks on the job, no blood-money. Which is clearly not the case. When people make their bed, why don't they lie in it? Why do they pretend they have a right to have the cake and eat it too?

[* In contrast, I acknowledge any sincere beneficial words "Theodore Dalrymple" had to say about Hindus (and Africans etc) *because* he seems to have had no personal reason to say such things, and yet did anyway. I suppose this is a rare quality in the west - not counting ethnic heathens - though not rare among people of Jewish origin. And it's not uncommon at all among heathens further east, I note.]
The deliberations in certain quarters in the United States will have no impact on the election results in India.99 % of the Indian electorate never keep track of opinions in the US about Indian political figures. Once the outcome of the General Election is out, all will see what influence the opinions in the US had on the outcome .Just wait and see.
Don't know why nothing goes into ravish's head.

Ravish declared pointlessly (insipidly?): "The deliberations in certain quarters in the United States will have no impact on the election results in India. ..." (etc)

The *point* of #237 - and those things meant to be apparent from it - was:

a. to show that the US govt is intent on messing with other nations' democratic elections, after pretending to be a great supporter of "democracy". In the christowest, the definition of "democracy" in a heathen nation is for said heathen nation to vote in the party* that the christowest wants in charge. (*Either AAP or KKKaangress is fine as per US, since both are essentially the same and working for/in collusion with alien interests. Nice of the US to give the heathens of India a semblance of choice: either "KKKaangress aka AAP" OR "AAP aka KKKaangress".)

b. AmriKKKan govt clearly does not stop at merely organising a vituperative christoislamaniac panel to play-act an as-yet impotent Hague Tribunal against Modi/BJP/Indian (Hindu) nationalism. After all, the facts remain that the US had invested heavily in having the Hindoo anti-corruption movement of Yogi/Swami/Baba Ramdev hijacked by the obvious puppet party AAP, which is further known to be funded even monetarily by the US. In fact, the AAP's whole enterprise and sudden rise to visibility let alone popularity is owing in significant measure to US machinations: as other posters at IF had observed, the US had invited Anna Hazare - who was specifically positioned as the first step in supplanting Ramdev - over to AmeriKKKa and allowed the puppet to play to the crowd in several amriKKKan universities (and no one but a total fool would need more proof that the US is doing its bit to campaign for its chosen puppet party, since the KKKangress isn't doing as well as the US govt had hoped). Next, the US knows as well as anyone what none but idiots ignore: that the AAP is yet another out-and-out communist (aka christo-communist) party, operating under a "new and improved" label so that gullible people will vote in a communist party under a new name despite having the same old communist manifesto (one has to ask, how stupid are these "well-read"/angelsk-speaking voters of AAP?)

c. the final point was to show that the christoislamania infesting India - i.e. every christoislamaniac in India - is a traitor no different from the christian traitors that infested Rome. (At best they're sleepers.) And this is seen yet again in that latest instance: where the infamous christo-terrorist John Dayal travelled all the way to the US all in order to join hands with it/ask it to intervene in preventing the majority Hindus of India democratically electing a party to power in India that represents the majority interests.

Christians are going out and out in their open antagonism because the christians=terrorists in India are now fearful that there will not be a christian government in charge anymore, and that the christo-islamisation programme of India will be delayed.

It's not enough for christians' greed concerning India and Indians that they have thus far held Hindu India hostage via a sham government (nothing but total conversion will do, after all): the crypto-christo-congress govt cheated via Electronic Voting Machine scams, islamaniac votebank including freebies to islamic infiltrators from E and W Pakistan, funding islamaniac jihad against Hindus, getting kickbacks from the US and other alien govts to christianise Hindus, having moles (like MMS) working for the US and christo organisations in powerful positions.

Of course, progressive 'Hindus' will continue to pretend that the "Nexus between entities influencing India" has no religious identity let alone motivation, that it's all "purely coincidence" that every bloody traitor is christo-islami-communi (dubbed "psecular").

Anyway, we'll see if the natives have learnt their lesson concerning christoislamania - whether they will recognise it for the enemy it is - if/when a nationalist party comes to power. It may be that the natives will do nothing yet again, other than "developing India" for "all Indians" - the treacherous christoislamaniacs included, who will just bide their time until Tomorrow - any point post-nationalistic govt - when they have a chance to hijack the nation again. And then that Tomorrow will roll along - albeit in a more developed India - and christoislamania will seize power yet again, extend its vice-like grip once more around Hindu-dom's throat and continue to throttle its life out it. Yet again.

I don't think heathens ever learn. Well, certainly not the as-yet unconverted Indians.

Christoislamania tried total war - absolute genocide. And yet, what will happen if/when Hindus ever take charge/come back to power again? They will be all amnesiac and try to "develop" christoislamaniacs along with the rest of the country.

What's that oft-repeated line Achilles said to Hector? '(There can be) no oaths between men and lions.'

That applies in so many cases and in so many ways.

(Now, although Hindoos *are* the prey in the foodchain where christoislamania is at the top) there can be no - because there is no - co-existence between tolerance and intolerance, between heathenism and monotheisms/missionising tendencies. It IS a total war - this is a given whenever christo-islami-communism is involved anywhere - whether heathens recognise this or no; whether heathens will do anything about it or no (whether heathens will actively take part in the total war and fight to defend themselves once and for all or whether they will just roll over and die to please christoislamania the better).

A prolonged period of apparent 'peace' - broken only by sudden islamic terrorist attacks, after which the sheep on their way to slaughter go back to sleep again - has dulled modern Indians' senses to the total war that is going on (a process of amnesia aided by christomedia's deliberate blackout of the ongoing christoislamic genocide of Hindus in India itself, such as in the country's forcibly-christianised Northeast and the constantly jihad-ed places like Muzaffarnagar etc).


The reasons for this post were:

1. More proof that AAP = christo-communist. Christo-communists Binayak Sen and Sabyasachi Panda (=christist murderer of Swami Lakshmanananda) aren't the only faithful aka terrorist christians that the barely crypto christo-communist party AAP has welcomed. Here's yet another:


Quote:Sunday, April 06, 2014Fwd:

Proof: AAP Delhi candidate Rajmohan Gandhi started & funded North-East India separatism

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: निरवधि सीमा <seema429@gmail.com>

Date: Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 4:24 AM

Subject: Proof: AAP Delhi candidate Rajmohan Gandhi started & funded North-East India separatism

To: Seema <seema429@gmail.com>

Namaste everyone,

Rajmohan Gandhi is naxal AAP's candidate for Lok Sabha from East Delhi. Anarchist Kejriwal is personally asking vote for him highlighting that Rajmohan's only qualification is he is Mahatma Gandhi's grandson. Whatever happened to pathological liar Kejriwal's stand that his party is against dynastic politics. But what is even more alarming is that as per evidence given in the book "Watan ka dushman: Rajmohan Gandhi", Rajmohan Gandhi exploited child labor to get funding from UK's MRA and US's CIA to start forceful Christian conversion activities in North East and funded separatism movement in Nagaland, etc. Even Rajmohan's assets on election affidavit don't add up. All this is dishonesty and personal corruption of highest order!

Here is [color="#0000FF"]testimony of one of Rajmohan's many victims Mr. Sai Lal Jedia, who was once Rajmohan's confidante and whom Rajmohan exploited. In this video Jedia is showing proof of how Rajmohan got in touch with UK's MRA and US's CIA, forcefully converted 10 yrs old Jedia to Christianity, forced 10 yrs old Jedia & his 2 small sisters into beggary, opened Panchgani college as a front for his anti-national activities, and funded Christian conversion and separatist movements in Nagaland, etc.[/color] This is similar to what Mr Rajiv Malhotra has pointed out in his luminous book Breaking India.


The video alluded to in the above - and a lot of other supporting data - is linked in the full article at rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/04/fwd-proof-aap-delhi-candidate-rajmohan.html

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/04/quick-notes-accidental-pm-5-chemistry.html

Quote:•Lust for power: "Kejriwal wanted to be PM, that’s why AAP quit Delhi" - Anna Hazare


Kejriwal looks and acts like a total buffoon. But methinks he's not as stupid as he looks: fearful he's a very good playactor, donning the bumbling idiot look ("therefore, surely, he must be harmless") well. Either that, or he actually IS an idiot but someone else with sinister brains is puppeting him.

3. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/04/quick-notes-indian-oligarch-tamiflu.html

Quote:•Kaangress vote bank: Bangladeshi migrants with Aadhar card ready to vote.


Quote:25k illegal Bangladeshi migrants too will vote this time: Corporator

Bangalore, Apr 10, 2014, DHNS :

As many as 25,000 illegal Bangladeshi migrants, who are staying in slums in the eastern part of the City, will also exercise their ‘franchise’ in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, claimed Yediyur Corporator N R Ramesh.


Keep wanting to wish a Cultural Revolution upon AAP-voters aka Useful Idiots. But here's hoping that the elections end in Hindu-dom's favour instead.
1. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/04/another-nyt-hit-piece.html

Quote:Another NYT Hit Piece

Writing in the NYT, Ellen Barry pretends that the rising tide of support for Narendra Modi is actually a desire for dictatorship and despotism:


Nowhere does Ellen Barry mention the despotism of the current ruling Congress govt. Nowhere does she mention the "National Action Committee" which Sonia runs as a shadow-govt behind a puppet prime minister. Nowhere does Ellen Barry mention the numerous sedition notices served upon critics of the ruling govt. Nowhere does Ellen Barry mention the water cannons turned loose against ordinary people protesting the Delhi rape. Nowhere does Ellen Barry mention the police state being run by Sonia Gandhi and her royal clan. Nowhere does Ellen Barry mention the Congress govt's attempts to muzzle political opposition and file criminal cases to silence them.

Instead, Ellen Barry only tries to cherrypick any statements she comes across which reinforce her own pre-concieved prejudices.

You'll notice consistent and diametrically opposite reporting from the NYT on Asia and Latin America. In its Latin American coverage, the NYT will portray the socialists as evil, while the well-to-do and the religious are portrayed as the only hope for society. (That religion, not so coincidentally being NYT's favorite Catholic religion.) Meanwhile, in Asia the local religions are portrayed as the roots of exploitation and inequality, while the socialists are seen as keeping such threats in check.

The difference there is that in Latin America, the Atlanticists exterminated the native cultures and replaced them with a European order, including a Europe-centred religion, against which rebellion rallied under the banner of socialism. Given NYT's sectarian preferences for Catholicism and Euro-centrism, Latin socialists are therefore automatically evil, while its rich upper classes must be portrayed as victims of class warfare. Meanwhile, the indigenous cultures and beliefs of Asia continue to survive, which the NYT holds thinly-disguised contempt for. Therefore, the NYT plays the opposite game of casting Asian socialists as morally superior, while their opponents are cast as Shylock-ian social predators and parasites. You can see similar bias in NYT's coverage of southern and rural United States, where the predominance of WASPs likewise present the NYT with another rival enemy sect.

Sonia Gandhi is the Jiang Qing of India - but because she's a "civilized" European Catholic, the NYT will always defend her. One has to wonder - at what point did New York become the new Rome, from which the ivory tower of the NYT began its imperial campaign to champion its sectarian creed against all others?

Posted by san at 4/23/2014 06:41:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post

NYT represents all of christianism - not just catholicism - in its attack on Hindudom and Indian nationalism. When attacking non-christians and especially heathens, all christian cults unite in purpose.

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2014/04/manmohan-singhs-brother-joins-bjp-hugs.html

Quote:Friday, April 25, 2014

Manmohan Singh's Brother Joins BJP, Hugs Modi

Manmohan Singh's brother Daljit Singh Kohli has joined the BJP, and was seen hugging Narendra Modi on a stage with him:


At least someone has some spin in that family.

Posted by san at 4/25/2014 08:43:00 PM

Obvious fair-weather friend: joining BJP just when things seem to be looking decent for its fortunes in the election. Or perhaps just a KKKaangress plant? He is brother to MMS, after all. And again, for him to volunteer himself to join the BJP so late in the game allows for the possibility that KKKangress wants yet another man on the inside (perhaps the better to steer things in KKKangress' favour with even if KKK lost).

3. Crossposting:


More proof that all christoislamics infesting India are traitors or sleepers (future traitors). Just like christos infesting Rome cheered the Persians in its wars with Rome and were all for the Vandals sacking Rome - and were said to be in direct collusion, even inviting these over to topple heathen Rome.

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