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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India
Directly related to the previous.

Tharoor is already pretending innocence and play-acting 'shock' to find it was a murder or that foul play was even suspected. Did he go out of his way to avoid reading earlier headline news in India - which other Indians did read - on how Sunanda's family have been suspecting that Tharoor was behind the murder?

Not to mention, the suspicious events surrounding the hotel where Sunanda was murdered and Tharoor's even more suspicious behaviour at the time regarding this, was long in the public view. Also, unless he announced to the world that he and his wife were going to stay in that hotel at that very time period, and that he was going to leave her unattended just then, how did anyone sneak in there to murder her?


Quote:Stunned Tharoor to cooperate with probe

Posted on :16:13:32 Jan 6, 2015

Tags: stunned, Sunanda, murder, Tharoor

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The revelation of Delhi Police that the death of my wife Sunanda Pushkar was a murder, stunned me, said Shashi Tharoor MP. I will cooperate with any kind of probe by the police, he posted in the Facebook.

His Facebook post says, "I am stunned to hear that the Delhi Police have filed a case of murder against unknown persons in the demise of my late wife Sunanda. Needless to say I am anxious to see this case is investigated thoroughly and continue to assure the police of my full co-operation. Although we never thought of any foul play in the death of my wife, we all want that a comprehensive investigation be conducted and that the unvarnished truth should come out.

(Who's this "we" Tharoor keeps talking about - or is it the usual "royal we"? Because Sunanda's family didn't just suspect foul play, it suspects Tharoor of the murder. In fact, they claimed they "knew her death was planned".)

In the meantime I join all members of Sunanda's family in asking for full information about the basis on which the police have come to this conclusion. We have not been provided with copies of the postmortem report and other reports of the inquiry like the CFSL report till date. We repeat our request for a copy of these reports to be provided to us immediately.

Wait. He wrote his comments on facebook? Only people playing to the gallery would tweet or facebook regarding such matters.

Great touch though, him speaking of "unknown persons". Yeah, KKKangressi/ISI appointed hitmen can be unknown.) What you don't know in sufficient detail, you can't reveal even under duress, nah?) But his family seems correct in suspecting that he would have been the one to okay the murder - that's if he didn't administer the poison himself.

Wonder if the infiltratis in the Delhi police are going to pull their usual trick of framing innocents. to protect the real villains/the KKKangressis and their TSP contacts (all so that people stop looking into the matter)? Maybe Kongressis will declare it was a random rape-murder motivated by nothing more than lust or something, since - you know - Delhi's already been given a rep of 'rape capital of rape central'. Except such a twist to her tale won't work: as the media had initially tried to present that Sunanda had killed herself from some disease she was treated for, implying it could have been something fatal. But IIRC her clinic or whatever had denied this: that she had anything fatal. This last is from memory: I think these items of news were among the pages upon pages of tweets by NeenaRai's and her twitter correspondents from the time. I may not have reposted this as it didn't seem so relevant.

But then there's this:


Where Tharoor had 2 alleged doctors of Sunanda send emails to the forensic doctor, which emails tried to present that Sunanda could easily bruise (to conventiently argue away Sunanda's bruises at the time of death, which were thought to show a struggle with her murder(s)):

Quote:Sunanda's death: Tharoor sent two emails to Dr Gupta

Jatin Anand, Hindustan Times New Delhi, July 03, 2014

First Published: 01:07 IST(3/7/2014) | Last Updated: 01:12 IST(3/7/2014)

Former Union minister Shashi Tharoor had reportedly forwarded two emails, detailing some pertinent health issues that his wife Sunanda Pushkar had, to Dr Sudhir Gupta who conducted the autopsy on her body at AIIMS.

Dr Gupta, head of the forensic science department at AIIMS, has annexed these emails to the copy of his petition to the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) questioning his non-promotion at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

HT has accessed the affidavit filed by Dr Gupta and also has copies of the two emails which were apparently forwarded to him by Tharoor after Sunanda’s death.

The first among these emails was sent to Tharoor by Dr. Rajeev Bhasin, a family physician, on January 26 and the second by a child specialist practising in Dubai on February 12 — who claimed that he had been Pushkar’s family friend.

(Which means nothing at all. Plus it turns out that Tharoor lied and had roped in two "doctors" - one conveniently in Dubai - to lie for him, see firstpost news item further below.)

Both emails suggest that Pushkar could have indeed died due to natural causes and detailed her medical history. The two emails also seem to justify two contentious facts about Pushkar’s medical condition — that she was apparently susceptible to bruises on her skin and that an overdose of alprax tablets could cause death in her condition.

“If she had no food over thee days and only coconut water,” one of the emails stated, “which has a very high content of potassium could have elevated her serum potassium levels and possibly slowed her heart rate.”

“In addition, if she took alprax, it could have contributed to the slowing down of her heart rate and made it possibly difficult for her to call for help,” one of the mails said.

The other email, sent by Dr. Anil Gupta from the Cooper Health Clinic in Dubai, UAE, explained some “medical issues in her life”.

“She told me she had lupus and was consulting a lupus expert,” the email said. Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body).

“She used to bruise easily
and we have discussed this several times in passing. A mere injection for blood test or bumping into a piece of furniture could result in visible bruising. I am concerned as bruising on her body is being discussed as inflicted in the media,” the email said

And elsewhere it was reported as follows (Google search result snippet):

Quote:Tharoor got Dubai doc's certificate to prove Sunanda death ...

https :// www. saddahaq.com/politics/sunandapushkardeath/tharoor-got-dubai-docs-certificate-to-prove-sunanda-death-due-to-disease

Also, turns out that Tharoor - who went through all the trouble of producing doctors to point towards suicide (which he surely wouldn't have had to do if he were innocent, now would he?), is *known* to have got them to lie for him: firstpost item below says she didn't have Lupus at all, as claimed by those witnessing on her Bluebeard husband's instructions -


Quote:Twist in Sunanda Pushkar case: Post mortem report says she was poisoned

by FP Staff Oct 10, 2014 08:57 IST


The came around ten days after the post mortem report of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) was submitted to the Delhi Police by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

It states that the traces of the drug alprax, which was found in her body, was not enough of a lethal dose to kill her.

"It also states that Sunanda was not suffering from Lupus (a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks tissues and organs) as claimed by her husband Shashi Tharoor", the New Indian Express reported, adding that "The report demolished several previous findings that claimed Sunanda was not suffering from any ailments and that she was healthy and had no disease of heart, kidney, liver or lung."

Tharoor went out of his way to generate the notion that she was bruisable and had a disease that she didn't have. And was caught lying. No wonder Sunanda's family said it "knew" it was murder and seriously suspects him.

The christomedia had also tried to present Sunanda as having committed suicide for 'any reason at all', except that Sunanda had tweeted that she had important information to impart (including in her interview with radical islamist Barkha Dutt of the christian NDTV channel).

Then, there was significant obstruction of the investigation by the Delhi police (Tharoor, KKKanngress and ISI have a long reach):


Quote:Sunanda Pushkar's autopsy report nails top cops

Mail Today Bureau | Mail Today | New Delhi, October 11, 2014 | UPDATED 22:55 IST

[Image: sunanda2_500_101114093203.jpg]

[Image: 11fir13_650_101114093202.jpg]

Sunanda PushkarSunanda PushkarIt's a mystery that refuses to go away. The medical board constituted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to examine the death of Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of former Union minister Shashi Tharoor, has been critical of Delhi Police for not furnishing essential evidence and documents needed for experts to form an opinion.

A report submitted to the police by the three-member medical board on September 27 concluded that the cause of death was "poisoning" but pulled up the investigating officer for not submitting "circumstantial evidences (sic) and statements" about the reason for physical injuries on Pushkar's body. The report said this information was not provided despite a letter seeking the same.

Making no bones

The Delhi Police on Friday took refuge with the oldest trick of all. Answering reporters, Commissioner B.S. Bassi said (see accompanying report) that the police "still do not have a conclusive forensic report", and that the "inquest is pending".

The AIIMS report didn't mince any words. "Duration of injuries has been opined already. However, the reason of these physical injuries, circumstantial evidences and statements have not been submitted by IO (Investigating Officer) despite a letter dated 4th April 2014 and the same is required for any further possible medical comments," the report stated.

The board said several medicolegal points need to be addressed by the Investigating Officer "since the circumstantial information are essential for medical opinion". The information not provided by the Investigating Officer include "photographs of scene of occurrence", statements and other circumstantial evidence and information on who prescribed the drugs present in the hotel room where Pushkar was found dead on January 17.

The report said: "There were medicines recovered from scene of incidence i.e. hotel room in which the deceased was found dead. Who prescribed these drugs, from where these drugs were procured and for whom these drugs were prescribed?"

It added: "IO is advised to enquire whether any close relative of the deceased has been prescribed Alprax." The medicine, used to treat anxiety and panic attacks, was found in Pushkar's room

The medical board hinted that Delhi Police had displayed laxity in its probe as none of the treatment documents of Pushkar mentioned Alprax. The medical board also pointed out that police had not disclosed whether Pushkar had sought "any medical consultation during hotel stay prior to her death" or provided a statement from the doctor who attended to Pushkar after death.


The board further stated that an email sent by Dr Anil Gupta of Cooper Health Clinic in Dubai after Pushkar's death "requires investigation to establish… speculation about the disease and cause of death". The bedsheet and mattress on which Pushkar was found too requires forensic analysis, the report said.

Clearly noting that the "cause of death in this case is poisoning", the report said, "Medical board reserved the comment on specific poison/chemical since there is a lot of limitation on viscera report." The report added: "Mild foul smelling gas was coming out and tache noir was present in left eye. It should be clarified that when was the deceased last seen alive." Tache noir is one of the important changes seen in the eye after death. If the eyes remain open after death, the areas of the sclera exposed to air dry out, which results in first a yellowish and then a brownish-blackish band-like discoloration zone called tache noir, the board said.

The fresh report from the board also negated the autoimmune disease Pushkar was said to be afflicted with. Earlier it was reported that Pushkar was suspected to be suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus - a systemic autoimmune or connective tissue disease - that can affect any part of the body.

Tharoor on Friday declined to comment on the fresh report by the doctors from AIIMS. The Congress MP and former Minister of State for Human Resource Development, who was chief guest at the graduation day function of a college in Chennai, avoided answering any query from persistent reporters. Earlier during his speech at the function, he said students awaited hard roads as challenges lay ahead in their lives. "But you should believe in yourself, you should believe in the truth. I have been on those hard roads and that was the only way I was able to cope as well," he said.

Several of the points in the 2 IndiaToday images, in case the imgs aren't visible (there may be transcription errors in the following):

Quote:First autopsy report - by AIIMS in January:

- the report suggested poisoning as the cause of death

- mentioned "more than a dozen" bruises on her body, indicative of use of blunt force, and abrasion on cheek

- a "deep bite mark" found on her hand

- nominal traces of anti-anxiety drug Alprazolam found; no findings of drug overdose

Viscera report, by CFSL in March

- ruled out poisoning and hinted at drug poisoning as the cause of death

- nature and quantity of suspected drug could not be established

Subsequent medical opinion board - by AIIMS in Sept

- Says cause of death poisoning. Viscera positive for ethyl alcohol, caffeine, acetaminophen and cotinine

- no information on how poison got into her body. Board reserved comment on specific poison used owing to limitation "of viscera report"

- The panel has listed a number of poisons--most of them radioactive chemicals which cannot be detected during forensic tests in Indian labs. They include Thallium, Polonium-210, Nerium oleander; snake venom, photolabile poisons and heroin.

(Compare and contrast with poisonings of high-level people in India or even elsewhere: Find out which group of hitmen use that set of poisons - CIA, ISI or the long arm of the catholic mafia even - and you have the people that Tharoor is working with.)

- The panel concluded that Sunanda was neither ill nor had any disease ("neither hypertension, diabetes nor tubercolosis") at the time of her death. Contrary to earlier reports attributed to a Kerala (= christohand) hospital, the panel stated that she did not suffer from lupus, a non-curable disease that causes the immune system to attack one's own tissues and organs.

- The board examined 15 injuries on her body, of which "injury number 10" has been described as a mark made by the needle of a syringe

- The team dismissed the theory that Sunanda died of an Alprazolam overdose as the "viscera report is negative for the presence of the substance"

Quote:Many Qs without answers

- ...

- What was the exact time of death? The report has cited the occurrence of "tache noir"--discolouration of eyes if they're open after death--in left eye. Panel has demanded to know when she was last seen alive.

(Throws into doubt even any alibi Tharoor may have. Until people know her time of death, can't say if he killed her and then left the hotel for his public appearance event, which last was his alibi.)

Tharoor Mum on AIIMS' Toxic Findings

Former Union minister Shashi Tharoor on Friday declined to comment on the fresh AIIMS report that states poisoning as the cause of his wife Sunanda's death. The Congress MP was in Chennai as the chief guest at a college graduation ceremony. While he was exiting the ceremony, waiting reporters bombarded him with queries on the report, which became public on Thursday, but he didn't utter a word.


(So clearly, he knew about poisoning and foul play. And can stop pretending it's all a "shock".

Guess that while he couldn't answer reporters Qs face to face, he had enough time to prepare a written public speech I mean response for facebook now.)

The conspiracy goes all the way to the top. The poisons being deliberately chosen so as to be unidentifiable by Indian labs is pretty indicative of a professional hand. Where do you get such materials otherwise. The combination of poisons could be to throw off the scent - by having only minute traces of the poisons that are not generally detectable in Indian labs.

Yet, suddenly, the Delhi cops - previously seen obstructing investigations, see IndiaToday news report pasted in this post - have found total "unknowns" to take the rap. Except that using a poison that can't be detected in Indian labs clearly indicates that it was pre-mediated - and committed by people who knew her or by people hired by those who knew her - and not some random crime of passion (<- in case Delhi Police want to frame some more "rapists"). Again, it is a professional hitman who would have access to that kind of substance. In fact, the catholic cabal/mafia are famous for such high-level hits. As is the ISI.

Finally, Tharoor is documented in the news as having tried to forge "doctor" testimonies that his wife had "lupus" and bruised easy - testimonies he had concocted in order to throw off suspicions aroused by the initial investigation when bruise marks were found on her body, so that Tharoor hoped to still get the case passed off as a suicide. Again: he acted like a criminal trying to hide his crime. Complete with having his hand-picked "doctors" state that the wife was on alprazolam implying she may have overdosed on that. Yet the final say of the med reports specifically state that she didn't overdose on that. But it was very helpful of Tharoor to mislead everyone and helpfully suggest harmless ways in which his wife was to have offed herself (without his help).

The Kerala "hospital" that stated (for Tharoor's benefit) that Sunanda had Lupus when the med investigation clearly says that she did NOT have lupus must also be investigated. Especially the hospital spokesmen. And especially for his christian/catholic or other KKKangressi connections.

- Besides the bruises, Sunanda's one eye being open at the time of death already would have suggested to investigators that it wasn't a peaceful slumbering-away type death.

- the syringe mark among the bruises (the excuse for Tharoor's red herring of the alprazolam, which the final report said it hadn't found in her body) may have been the way the poison cocktail was administered. Clearly a hitman. Unless bluebeard had instruction: since Sunanda may still have trusted him, he could approach her more easily.

But again: the Delhi police - previously seen thwarting the med team's investigations (to protect Tharoor if not other higher-ups) - has had some months since the med report that insisted that Sunanda was poisoned and has by now no doubt thought up some story to protect Tharoor and his contacts, since - after all these months - they have at last decided to echo the conclusive med report and declare it was murder after all. Which is not news, since the med board had already revealed that much. But it certainly shows that elements in the police have had enough time to think up and possibly plant red herrings/frame others, so to this end they have rounded up "unknown" suspects, as usual. Meanwhile, Tharoor is playacting innocence and surprise. Perhaps he knows that the Delhi police have been given a script and won't be coming after him?

But where are all the nationalist vocalists who said BJP should hire Tharoor or were otherwise plugging for him?

Indeed, where are those that believed that his marriage to Canadian-European wife #2 (working for the US on nuclear-proliferation related matters IIRC) was of no concern and did not reflect on something greater.

The Tharoor dude's a magnet for treachery. Probably is in deep with the ISI.

The important news in this post:

all the stuff in blockquotes.
News from today:


Quote:Attempt to implicate me in Sunanda's death: Tharoor


New Delhi, Jan 7: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has said that a Delhi Police official had attempted to implicate him and a domestic help in the murder of his wife Sunanda Pushkar.

In a letter to Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi dated Nov 12 and accessed by the media Wednesday, Tharoor urged the police chief to take action against the concerned officer.

Tharoor said that four Delhi Police officers interrogated his domestic help Narayan Singh last month – for 16 hours Nov 7 and for 14 hours Nov 8.

On both days, Tharoor alleged that Narayan Singh was “repeatedly physically assaulted by one of your officers.”

“Worse, that officer used the traumatic physical assault to try and intimidate Narayan into ‘confessing’ that he and I murdered my wife,” the former central minister said.

Tharoor recalled that he expressed his concerns to Bassi over telephone Nov 8 night.

“As you graciously agreed, such conduct is completely unacceptable and illegal,” Tharoor said in his letter. “It also amounts to the use of physical coercion in the attempt to frame an innocent man.”

“I would request you to take immediate and appropriate action against such unlawful misconduct of the officer concerned.”

“My staff and I have always made ourselves available for any kind of inquiry and investigation but the recent behaviour of the officers towards my staff is a matter of serious concern to any law abiding citizen.”

“Please look into the matter personally and ensure that the unvarnished truth comes out in this case.”

Tharoor said he had “complete trust and faith” in Delhi Police and that he was committed to “fully cooperating with the investigations to ensure the timely completion of the inquiry”.

The letter became public knowledge a day after Delhi Police announced that Pushkar, found dead in a hotel a year ago, was poisoned to death.

Bassi said Tuesday that this was the conclusion of the final medical report of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which had conducted Pushkar’s autopsy.

Pushkar, 52, died in mysterious circumstances Jan 17 last year. Tharoor was then a minister in the government of then prime minister Manmohan Singh.

Clever Tharoor. Because Delhi Police are starting to look his way, he cries foul pre-emptively, to make it look like his word against that of police, before they even charge him with anything.

Meanwhile, Delhi police is trying damage control/trying to limit suspects to Tharoor. That the housekeeper is thought by police to be involved is a red herring and may merely be part of Tharoor's sobstory, or the police really want to frame the housekeeper in order to protect bigger fish (than even Tharoor, who may end up as the fall guy for everything).

Seems far more likely that the Delhi Police - last seen withholding essential information from the medical board doing its investigations, see previous post - is working for people far higher up than Tharoor, and doesn't want to namedrop the involvement of ISI or KKKangress hit-team hands.

Also, consider: unless the "housekeeper" was appointed to Tharoor by his KKKangress bosses and was not really a housekeeper, how would a *housekeeper* - or even Tharoor for that matter - have acquired poisons that can't be detected in Indian labs (see previous post)? Tharoor is incompetent, as seen by his pathetic attempt to cover his tail by getting 2 "doctors" to fabricate that Sunanda had Lupus, and Tharoor's KKKangressi contacts got a Kerala hospital to issue the same story, disproven by the autopsy.

Even if Tharoor had acquired the poisons from his overseas travels, that would imply that he had been planning on offing wife #3 for quite some time. Though the more important question would be where he would have acquired it from and who - obviously not Tharoor (don't even bring up his housekeeper) - would have the know-how to point to poisons that they clearly knew to be indetectable in *Indian* (a.o.t. TSP?) labs. Either they were master poisoners or they were spies of ISI, who surely must have spent all the time since independence trying to specialise in methods that India cannot detect and therefore can't prove TSP is to blame for.

Need to have read the tweets by Indians archived in posts 214-218 just before and just after Sunanda's death to see that there was more than mere suspicion of an ISI hand, and in fact that KKKangress and ISI were working close together, details of which Sunanda was expected to bring up in an interview. Wonder if she blurted any details of the topic to hardline islamist interviewer Barkha Dutt, who may have sounded the alarm to not just Tharoor but high-placed christoislamics of the KKKangress.

But speaking of TSP and how KKKangressi higher ups are hand-in-glove with TSP islamaniacs: KKKangress casts aspersions on Indian coast guard and defence, and does its darndest to paint foiled jihadists from TSP as "innocents" brutalised by Indian armed forces. <- Where have I heard that refrain before? Oh yeah, the ISI-funded islamic underworld of bollywho and their movies legitimising kashmiri-muslim terrorism against the Indian nation and its natives.

Wonder if the Tharoor-ISI-KKKangress murder of Sunanda is being raked up now all of a sudden - when it was already known some months ago to be murder caused by poisoning - in order to distract the population from the serious attempted jihadi attack on India by TSP; or whether the latter is a distraction from revealing the ISI hand (and reasoning) in the murder of Sunanda. Probably the first, since the Delhi police is particularly not keen to prove the latter. [On the other hand, the de-heathenising, anti-heathen subversionist christoislamic tripe "PK" that peddles the mono-gawdism - it is anti-polytheism and anti-idolatry and pro-invisible-monogawd, as per reviews (can the christoislamic intent be more obvious?) - is surely sufficient to wholly retain the madding Indian crowd's attention?]
1. Pointless exercise.


Quote:Sunanda Pushkar case: Delhi Police plans to question Mehr Tarar

Friday, 9 January 2015 - 11:59pm IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: PTI 9

Delhi Police, which has registered a case of murder in the death of Sunanda Pushkar, is planning to question Mehr Tarar, the Pakistani journalist over whom she fought with her husband Shashi Tharoor before her mysterious death last year.

A questionnaire is being prepared which will be sent to her via email and replies will be sought, police sources associated with the investigation said on Friday. Tarar, who had met Congress MP Tharoor sometime before Sunanda's death, had already said publicly that she is ready to answer all questions in this connection. Meanwhile, Tharoor's domestic help Narayan Singh told investigators that the couple had been fighting over another woman besides Tarar days before her death, the sources said.

Usually after such fights, Sunanda used to go to a family friend's place, who has been identified by Singh as one Sanjay. He has also mentioned about another person Sunil Trakru, said a senior police official associated with the probe. The sources said police had a month back questioned Trakru, a family friend of the couple, who had met Sunanda on January 15, two days before her death. They said it was Trakru who had received Sunanda at the airport on January 15 on her return from Thiruvananthapuram and had brought her to Leela Palace hotel where she was found dead on Janaury 17. He had met both Tharoor and Sunanda in the hotel the next day.

Trakru has told police that Sunanda was frail and weak when he last met her.
Singh is believed have told investigators that Sunanda wanted to hold a press conference over something before her death. The SIT also visited the hotel today and spent around two hours. The investigators questioned the hotel staff and also checked the hotel room once again. The staff was specifically asked whether anyone had seen or recovered any syringe or an injection vial from the room. The question was made as the medical report had mentioned 'injury no. 10', an apparent injection mark through which the poison could have been administered.

What do they want from Tarar? Information? But how will they ever know Tarar is telling the truth? [Oh wait. It's the psecular Indian police famous for colluding with the christoislamic KKKangress govt and planting evidence as KKKangress sees fit. Pakis are assumed to be innocent and telling the truth. While Indians - like the coast guard - are assumed to be evil and liars.]

Even if the Delhi police suspected Tarar of having had a hand in the murder, is TSP really going to let her go to Indian prison (not to mention for her involvement in something that is highly likely to have been committed by Pakistan.) Waste of time. But if the police do find out Tarar was actually involved (conspiracy to murder), then India must simply return the favour. And unlike innocent victims - like Sunanda - murderers deserve to get done in. India can then be all like: "Tarar is dead too? Oh what a tragic *coincidence* that she knew Sunanda, who is also prematurely dead! You think Tarar might be murdered too? Think it might be a revenge killing?"

But speaking of murderers, bet Tharoor's involvement won't be namedropped by Tarar either.

Can't they catch him for his lie that "Sunanda had lupus, she had lupus, she had lupus. She conveniently bruised easily - see the bruises on her murdered body? - that was oh-so-coincidentally because of her medical condition where she bruised easily." [What next, she naturally had traces of radioactive and snake poisons in her body? Tharoor should have tried that too.] Tharoor hired 2 "doctors" to lie on his behalf and one Kerala hospital lied for him/KKKangress too about the whole "Lupus" thing. Tragically - for them - the medical report declared that Sunanda did NOT in fact have lupus. Which means that Tharoor went out of his way to lie and throw the investigation into her death off the scent, making Tharoor a Desperate Liar. [And murderer - whether hitmen did it or not is beside the point. The Tharoor dude was in on it, else he wouldn't have had to lie about the bruises: if he didn't cause the bruises and murder her, or if he were not involved with those that murdered her, why would he try to dismiss them by declaring she had a disease which she didn't have?]

And the reason is indicated in the news report above - which is another thing that was already mentioned in the tweets of one "NeenaRai" & correspondents (who were in communication with Sunanda): "Sunanda wanted to hold a press conference over something".

It could have been about something Tharoor accidentally let slip to her. Or something she found out when using his mobile phone or sharing his machine. Or it was someting she knew about for some time, but that she kept his secret all this while for being his wife, but now she suspected him of cheating on her and when she confronted him on it he didn't comply, so she felt she could betray him and avenge herself. [In which case it would not be some "nationalistic" spirit on her part to the tell the truth, but self-interest, else she would have said it earlier. C.f. how christoislamics' first loyalty is to christianism/islam/the faithful, and they will sell Hindu relatives over this.] The press conference could likely be on the subject Neena Rai and co. suspected: that Sunanda had foun that the KKKangress was collaborating with Pakiland/ISI, and/or something about how the plight of native Kashmiris=Hindus was deliberately suppressed. Sunanda may have threatened Tharoor with the press conference, or he found out by some other means and told KKKangressi/ISI contacts. He may have pretended to not care, all while plotting with his criminal circle. Else Sunanda simply figured her husband wouldn't kill her over the matter. But he - and his KKKangressi cohorts - would. And did.

The housekeeper's confession on two points - 1. that Tharoor and Sunanda had an argument about not just a 2nd but also a 3rd woman (Tharoor is going through them so fast, he's had no time to divorce and marry and divorce) and 2. that Sunanda wanted to hold a press conference - indicates why Tharoor pre-emptively decided to play victim of a police conspiracy, whining to the media: see previous post, where news reported Tharoor play-acting all hysterical, that the police were 'out to get (i.e. "frame") him' and had to "torture" his housekeeper into some 'confession'. Like Delhi police would frame a KKKangressi. So that, if they did catch and put away Tharoor, it would be because he was very much guilty, and in fact, so much so that they couldn't cover for him anymore.

It's too late for Sunanda. But the moral is again: be loyal to your Gods first, to traditionalists of your own heathenism second, to traditionalists of other heathenisms (e.g. Taoism, Shinto, Hellenismos etc) third. And to sane non-religious persons next - not ex-heathen ones though (i.e. not ex-heathen Indians, because if they can deheathenise, they are likely to psecularise and christoislamise or future generations are: Indian non-religious persons dumped heathenism, whereas western non-religious persons opted out of *christianism* and far-Asian ones opted out of communism or their society got changed by the west etc. So not all non-religious persons can be considered together). And after that sequence, needn't bother with loyalty, as it will be wasted on others anyway.

The news was:


Quote:Sunanda Pushkar case: Delhi Police plans to question Mehr Tarar

Friday, 9 January 2015 - 11:59pm IST | Place: New Delhi | Agency: PTI


Meanwhile, Tharoor's domestic help Narayan Singh told investigators that the couple had been fighting over another woman besides Tarar days before her death, the sources said.

Usually after such fights, Sunanda used to go to a family friend's place, who has been identified by Singh as one Sanjay. He has also mentioned about another person Sunil Trakru, said a senior police official associated with the probe. The sources said police had a month back questioned Trakru, a family friend of the couple, who had met Sunanda on January 15, two days before her death. They said it was Trakru who had received Sunanda at the airport on January 15 on her return from Thiruvananthapuram and had brought her to Leela Palace hotel where she was found dead on Janaury 17. He had met both Tharoor and Sunanda in the hotel the next day.

Trakru has told police that Sunanda was frail and weak when he last met her.
Singh is believed have told investigators that Sunanda wanted to hold a press conference over something before her death.

Delhi Police can't make it into a mere "crime of passion" - poison points to pre-meditation. Plus Tharoor won't have planned an elaborate murder over something unimportant as a spat over any extra-marital affairs: because if he had merely grown annoyed with wife #3, he could simply have got divorced, as he's demonstrated many times.

Would be good if the Delhi Police would let the truth come out, as far as this can be discovered now that Sunanda's been silenced. If BJP has any power over the matter, should take all christoislamics and pseculars off this case.
2. Archiving. Spammed about in subsequent post.


Quote:Religious Crusades of CIA

Arvind Kumar

10 Jan, 2015

9 Commentary Church Committee Report / CIA / India


The CIA has constantly attempted to interfere in foreign policy decisions of third world countries with the aid of religious groups. CIA not only receives inputs from religious gurus but also from “academicians”, who work in third world countries.

Among the murkier chapters in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the attempt to destabilise societies around the world using religion warrants attention. Allen Dulles, who headed the CIA in its early years, was responsible for using religious groups as cover for intelligence activities. He had used them for spying even when he was part of the Office of Strategic Services, the CIA’s predecessor.

After the creation of the CIA, Christian missionaries played a very important role in destabilising various countries and in carrying out espionage activities on behalf of the CIA. The most recent high profile example of the US using religious missionaries as Trojan horses to cause disturbances in India was in the case of the agitation against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

This agitation came after a cable to the CIA from the US Consulate in Mumbai informed the agency that “we feel that the USG must move forward to enable our companies to compete in the next stage of India’s nuclear future. Otherwise we may have to watch bitterly as third countries become the first to benefit commercially from the environment that our diplomacy has created.”

The CIA-Church connection had been one of the topics of an investigation conducted by the US Senate in 1975. Headed by Frank Church, it came to be known as the Church Committee, and according to the report of this Committee, the CIA had informed them of at least “a total of 14 covert arrangements, which involved direct operational use of 21 individuals” who were American clergy or missionaries. The report went on to state that a few of them “were current in August 1975, and according to the CIA, they were used only for intelligence collection, or, in one case, for a minor role in preserving the cover of another asset.”

The following excerpt from the Church Committee report speaks for itself and highlights the dangers of allowing foreign missionaries into India.

“[T]he CIA paid salaries, bonuses, or expenses to the religious personnel, or helped to fund projects run by them. Most of the individuals were used for covert action purposes. Several were involved in large covert action projects of the mid-sixties, which were directed at “competing” with communism in the Third World.


Of the recent relationships, the most damaging would appear to be that of a U.S. priest serving the CIA as an informant on student and religious dissidence.

Of the earlier cases, one exemplifies the extent to which the CIA used confidential pastoral relationships. The CIA used the pastor of a church in a Third World country as a “principal agent” to carry out covert action projects, and as a spotter, assessor, asset developer, and recruiter. He collected information on political developments and on personalities. He passed CIA propaganda to the local press.

According to the CIA’s description of the case, the pastor’s analyses were based on his long-term friendships with the personalities, and the agents under him were “well known to him in his professional life.” At first the CIA provided only occasional gifts to the pastor in return for his services; later, for over ten years, the CIA paid him a salary that reached $11,414 annually.”

The figure of $11,414 in this excerpt gives us a clue that the country in question is most likely India as this amount translates to a nice round figure of one lakh rupees using the currency exchange rate of the day.

The CIA used opposition to communism in the Third World as the excuse to fund churches in Kerala and this interference in Indian politics came to light in 1978 when the former ambassador to India, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, published the information his book – A Dangerous Place.

Apart from interfering in Kerala, American churches have provided extensive support to the terrorists in Nagaland whose stated aim is “Nagalim for Christ.” These terrorists receive overt help from the American establishment in the form of so-called human rights reports and public statements of support from high profile politicians such as Jimmy Carter.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the US establishment keenly pushed Western values as the standard for the entire world. Apart from religion, feminism and sex were also used as weapons against countries where the bond of family was strong and stood as a line of defense against the actions of those who wanted to create instability in society.

In a speech before the Fund for Peace Conference in 1974, CIA head William E. Colby admitted that the CIA had funded several groups around the world to propagate their point of view and named the famous feminist Gloria Steinem as a recipient of such funds.

According to Colby, “The record is clear that the assistance given to these institutions by the CIA was to enable them to participate in foreign activities; there was no attempt to interfere in internal American domestic activities. CIA aid helped such groups as the National Students Association to articulate the views of American students abroad and meet the Communist-subsidised effort to develop a panoply of international front organisations. I might quote Ms. Gloria Steinem, one of those assisted, who commented that the CIA “wanted to do what we wanted to do – present a healthy, diverse view of the United States” — I never felt I was being dictated to at all.”

Another women’s group named Redstockings had uncovered Gloria Steinem’s CIA connections and included the information in their book Feminist Revolution but the publishing firm Random House removed the chapter before publication and called it an “abridged edition” as they faced immense pressure to suppress this information from several quarters including the president of Ford Foundation. The news about this suppression became public when it was published in Village Voice in May 1979.

In 1957, Gloria Steinem visited Kerala and worked with an American Protestant missionary and helped his group reach out to women. While in India, she gathered information about plantations in Kerala, and a few Wikileaks cables show that the American establishment was eager to present her in later years as a thought leader, who had to be emulated and included meetings with her as part of programs organised for visiting foreign dignitaries.

Gloria Steinem’s visit to India had been funded by what was called the Chester Bowles scholarship which was named after the ambassador to India. But this scholarship, which had been created in the year of Gloria Steinem’s visit to India, was curiously discontinued immediately after she and another student were funded for their trips to India.

One religious organisation that has received money from USAID and has been outed as a front for the CIA is the Summer Institute of Linguistics (now SIL International) which was set up to translate the bible into various languages and distribute them around the world. Together with its sister organisation, the Wycliffe Bible Translators, and its subsidiary, the Jungle Aviation and Radio Services (JAARS) which operates several aircraft and radio stations, SIL became a very powerful and destructive force in the world.

In the 1970s, several Latin American countries including Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru held SIL responsible for advancing the interests of the American intelligence agencies and Brazil expelled SIL’s missionaries from the country for acting as cover for geologists searching for mineral deposits in the Amazon basin. SIL’s clout in the American establishment was such that they were able to bypass the diplomats and directly seek helicopters from the military to carry out their mission in Papua New Guinea.

SIL has been accused of drug trafficking, smuggling emeralds and uranium, and even waging germ warfare that destroyed many native tribes. In their book – THY WILL BE DONE, The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, the authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett document the extensive connections of Wycliffe Bible Translators with Nelson and John D. Rockefeller and their takeover of the resources in the Amazon basin countries. SIL’s partner in India is the Indian Institute of Cross Cultural Communication based in Nashik.

Things take a bizarre turn in the context of SIL and its connection to drugs. When LSD was first synthesised by the Swiss drug firm Sandoz, it was clear that there was no medicinal use for it, but the CIA was interested in it as part of its mind control program and its aim of controlling of societies in general. The CIA even set up a project named MKULTRA to research “behavioral modification.” According to a Senate hearing in 1977, CIA used many unwitting persons for experimentation as part of this project.

Over the years, they infiltrated many groups and distributed narcotic and psychedelic drugs with the twin aims of observing their effects and weakening the groups they were targeting. Among the Hindu groups that were suspected of being infiltrated by CIA agents were Rajneesh’s ashram, ISKCON and the Ananda Marg.

Unlike Christian churches, Hindu outfits did not centralise power and were not conducive to being taken over, and hence the only option available to their opponents was to destroy such groups. Rajneesh’s followers had also gone one step further and built up a self-sustaining commune that did not depend on the government.

This was sure to attract the hostility of the American establishment which has repeatedly demonstrated intolerance for independent communities and individuals regardless of their race or religion. In contrast, the centralised nature of Christianity was helpful to the American government. According to Colby and Dennet, the Summer Institute of Linguistics not only converted the local people in Latin America from their indigenous faiths to Christianity, but also ‘used the Bible to teach indigenous people to “obey the government, for all authority comes from God.” The idea that all authority comes from God is part of the biblical verse Romans 13:1.

It is in CIA’s use of drugs to control others that R. Gordon Wasson and SIL come into the picture. Wasson was the author of an article titled Seeking the Magic Mushroom in Life magazine in 1957 and the article is considered a path breaking one in the ‘psychedelic movement.’ He was close to CIA’s Director Allen Dulles and had gone on an expedition to Mexico in search of the “Magic Mushroom” with funds from the CIA.

Wasson has acknowledged at the end of his article that he collaborated with missionaries belonging to the Summer School of Linguistics. Wasson’s involvement with the CIA is presented in detail in the book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by former State Department official John Marks.

Sometime in 1962, Gordon Wasson recruited a young lady named Wendy Gudwin to dig out information about the source of soma from Sanskrit texts. Wendy Gudwin was the daughter of Lester Doniger, a wealthy scam artist who deceived ordinary people into parting with money by threatening them that their credit rating would be affected if they did not pay him money.

Among the many false representations Lester Doniger made to his victims, he created and used the fictitious name of Mail Order Credit Reporting Association along with a letterhead for this fake organisation on which he sent out his threats (see p. 785 of Federal Trade Commission rulings for April-June 1964).

Lester Doniger was also a fervent believer in converting people to Christianity and actively helped evangelical churches achieve this goal. Together with his brother Simon Doniger, he published two journals – Pulpit Digest and Pastoral Psychology – in order to help the Christian churches become more powerful and efficient in their operations.

The New York Times dated 26 February 1949 reported that Pulpit Digest honored an evangelist radio series and that Lester Doniger, before presenting the award, pointed out that “the program had 6 million listeners weekly and there were approximately 70 million without church affiliations toward whom the program was directed.”

Lester Doniger was also involved with the activities of the American establishment on other fronts. Closely tied to the feminist movement was the issue of sex education, and in 1964, the US got UNESCO to focus on disseminating information related to sex around the world. A new organisation named Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) was soon set up and Lester Doniger became the president of SIECUS within a few years.

Under his stewardship, SIECUS was funded by Steven Rockefeller and James Warburg of the influential banking family, two key people who have helped shape the US foreign policy and bankrolled several overt and covert American government programs. The US Defence Secretary Robert McNamara also supported SIECUS and another source of funds for the organisation was the Ford Foundation.

The “research” of Mrs. Wendy Gudwin nee Doniger who is now a professor at the University of Chicago must be viewed in the light of this background combined with her work with Gordon Wasson. None of her so-called research is original, and as a pliant assistant, she has merely propagated the views of those whom she has worked for. Even the idea of mixing up sex and religion did not originate with her.

Her uncle Simon Doniger had published a book titled Sex and Religion Today.
After helping Gordon Wasson buttress his claims on soma, Wendy Doniger continued where Simon Doniger had left off and her work was aligned with the message of Christian missionaries and SIECUS packaged in academic verbiage and style.

Christian missionaries routinely attack Hindu beliefs by attacking Krishna and this behavior is accurately depicted in RK Narayan’s novel Swami and Friends in which the teacher of the scripture class attempts to foist Christianity on the students by preaching,”Oh, wretched idiots! …Did our Jesus go gadding about with dancing girls like your Krishna? Did our Jesus go about stealing butter like that arch-scoundrel Krishna? Did our Jesus practise dark tricks on those around him?”

(But if your name is Koenraad Elst, you get a free pass. No? Since Elst did lecture his "Hindu" audience that 'the MBh says that Krishna was a womanizer, don't you know/I have spoken, please accept'. And I don't recall any of his crazed fans really caring. But to succeed completely, top it off by declaring you would have converted to Hindu religion, except that "traditional Hindoos wouldn't let you, boohoo". <- The way Elst did recently, by means of an article. Will garner instant sympathy from the crazed Elst fans. Who's betting they've accepted Elst as a Hindu and are prone to lecture traditional Hindoos that they must accept Elst [and other aliens] into the Hindu fold? [BTW, don't know about Goel - Elst's "predecessor" - but Ram Swarup, who was Goel's predecessor, was recorded urging sincere foreigners to return to their own ancestral religions, instead of dabbling in Hindu religion.]

As for Elst, never mind that he's Not Even A *Heathen*, and is certainly not a Hindu heathen: he is usually hopelessly wrong about Hindoos' religion - he subverts as a rule, not sure if it is intentional - and ought to stick to talking about politics where India is concerned. Although, since that subject has been broached again, Elst did go on and on - in several articles - about how the west has nothing against a nationalist govt in India and that it is not conspiring against India, but that the west is to be held innocent of such "paranoid" Indian suspicions. So is the US/west's innocence why Teesta Seetalvad is a CIA "asset" - Gautam Sen referred to wikileaks for this statement of fact - and is that why the other Hindu-baiter Wendy Doniger is hand-picked by the CIA too? I'm sure the west has many more plants in important positions, including ethnically-Indian hirelings - of the christoislamicommunist persuasion, of course, or cryptochristo answering to psecular - in India and without. Elst's blindspot for western conspiring against Indian autonomy, self-determination and general private affairs points to more than mere innocence on his point. It is so determined and beyond correction - he repeats the same with regularity in new articles on the subject, so it is clearly necessary for him to convince his target audience of Indian Hindus - that it is quite suspect.)

In the works of Lester Doniger’s daughter and other American professors, the same kind of attack on Hindus can be found in a more sophisticated form complete with footnotes and citations in order to appear pedantic. After working for Gordon Wasson, Lester Doniger’s daughter was placed at Harvard University where her guide, Daniel Ingalls, was a known intelligence agent, who had spied against Indian freedom fighters.

She then spent time in Oxford, and strangely, her adviser RC Zaehner too was an intelligence agent. Zaehner, who was also a racist, had headed the failed British attempt in 1951 to overthrow the Mossadegh government in Iran and put the Iranian oilfields in the control of the British.

Earlier, in 1963-64, Wendy Doniger had also been sent to India for a year on a $6000 fellowship (this was thirty percent more than the median annual income in the US) to the American Institute of Indian Studies which would eventually come to be known as a CIA front. The US had set up many front organisations in the academia as part of the National Defense Education Act of 1958 and AIIS was one such institution.

The links of AIIS to the intelligence community was very strong during the days of Wendy Doniger’s association with the organisation. Its Director in 1964 was Richard D. Lambert, who had been stationed in India as part of the counterintelligence department during the second world war.

He was succeeded by Thomas Simons who was also part of the intelligence community, who had headed the South Asian branch of the Office of Intelligence Research in the US Department of State. A key member of the founding group of AIIS was Richard Park who went on to become the India scholar at AIIS. Park was also part of the infamous Asia Foundation.

Despite earlier denials, it was revealed in 1967 that the Asia Foundation had received funds from the CIA and it had in turn funnelled money to Indian groups in the guise of funding cultural and educational programs. This revelation led to an outcry in the Indian parliament on the role of AIIS and other groups. Indira Gandhi’s government asked Asia Foundation to cease its operations and leave India.

Even the journal Seminar which was published by the brother of the Marxist professor, Romila Thapar devoted an entire issue to the topic of “Academic Colonialism,” but that was before Romila Thapar received money and titles from the American establishment and started supporting them.

By 1972, the situation had become so severe that Indira Gandhi had to keep out foreign scholars from India. The New York Times dated 5 August 1972 carried an editorial headlined ‘India Closes its Doors’ in which it stated, “India no doubt has been victimised by some sloppy and even malicious scholarship. On that basis alone New Delhi has some justification for seeking a measure of control over the hordes of scholars and would-be scholars who descend on the subcontinent annually, attracted by India’s rich cultural diversity and historic fascination.”

Even before the National Defence Education Act, the first program that focused on India had been set up at the University of Pennsylvania to serve the military during the second world war. In the following years, similar centers were set up at other universities with the faculty members carefully chosen so that they believed in the superiority of Western Christianity.

The fact that most American programs related to studying India grew out of the intelligence and military departments which sought to shape public opinion in other countries through the media and academia explains the strange phenomenon of American faculty members hating their own area of research and expressing hostility towards the culture they claim to study. This behavior is at complete odds with that of of real researchers, who pursue an academic field, not out of hate, but out of love for the chosen subject.

India has been the main target of Americans ever since they started their evangelical activities. The first evangelical missionaries from USA went to India and it was to India that one of America’s earliest missionaries Adoniram Judson led a group of evangelists in 1812.

When Jimmy Carter wanted to open his charity group Habitat for Humanity in India, his intentions were clearly to proselytise Hindus. That is why Rajiv Gandhi forced him to sign an agreement not to indulge in religious conversions. That kind of vigilance is required at all levels of government and society. After all, in the words of the Church Committee, “Agency-funded foundations serve as conduits of funds for a variety of purposes, including clandestine activities and contributions to scholars conducting research which supports United States foreign policy positions.”

Another angle covered by the Church Committee was the use of journalists and media organisations by the CIA. According to their report, “approximately 50 U.S. journalists” and “more than a dozen United States news organisations and commercial publishing houses” worked for the CIA.

In one case, according to the report, the New York Times carried a book review written by a CIA writer for a book brought out by the CIA. With the debate on religious conversions in India picking up steam, certain journalists and media outlets are now outing themselves as messengers of the American establishment.

In a display of truly bizarre behavior indicating that their ideas were not original but had been handed down to them, at least three Western media outlets had nothing to say on the topic of religious conversions for three weeks after several Muslims embraced Hinduism at Agra in early December, but they have now suddenly made the same point at the same time. They have demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi not remain silent on the issue of religious conversions even though the topic is under the jurisdiction of the state governments.

While Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times made the demand in his editorial, an identical demand appeared in an article written by a reporter for Bloomberg. A similar criticism of Modi also appeared in a piece by Amy Kazmin of the Financial Times whose former Washington bureau chief worked for a senior Clinton administration official.

The crudest of the three demands was by Amy Kazmin, who has described conversions by Christians as “freedom of conscience” and conversions by Hindus as “ugly.” Her position is consistent with the long standing tradition of many American journalists who have supported fellow white Americans like Billy Graham who have been actively proselytising in India.

It should also be noted that some of the language used in the American press against India constitutes verbatim repetition of language used by the US State Department. For example, the dishonest phrase “1,000 people, mostly Muslims” that is used to describe the victims of the riots in Gujarat in 2002 was coined and first used by the US State Department in their Human Rights report of 1998 to describe the victims of riots that occurred after the events at Ayodhya in 1992.

It is extremely important that the American media, academia, think-tanks and foundations be viewed in the light of the Church Committee report. Instead of giving them a free run and permitting American agitprop to be created with Indian money and support, India should curb their activities.

Whether Narendra Modi is capable of the strong action taken by Indira Gandhi remains to be seen, but what is clear is that any attempt by foreign forces to either shape public opinion in India or change the demographics of the country must be resisted. If India follows the example of South America where the Summer Institute of Linguistics was successful in its efforts, India too will become a Christian nation with the people taught to obey a government that is permanently subservient to foreign powers.
3. So ^Doniger^ turns out to not just be appointed by the CIA, but a christian - daughter of an evangelical looney father of missionary convictions, despite his Jewish surname. So Wendy Doniger herself is merely playacting at being secular: that is, she's been playing the cryptochristian game - attacking Hindoos from behind a secular veneer, in order to protect christianism and prevent her own christian ideological motivations from being outed.

Who couldn't have guessed? I know some nationalists tried to pass Wendy off as 'Jewish' just because her paternal surname was. But there are lots of people with Jewish (sur)names and ancestry who are actually christian, just like there are lots of Indian christians with Hindu names: it's called cryptochristianism. Like how IF members revealed that Martha Nussbaum's surname is Jewish (stolen from her ex-husband) - while she herself is evangelical christian - all so that she can hide her christianism while attacking Hindus. Martha like Doniger is a doublesneak: they let Judaism take the blame for their bile against Hindu religion. But then, christians hate Jews. Including people of Jewish ancestry who converted to christianism. No different from how Indian christians - whose ancestry was once Hindu - are inimical to Hindus.

Once more, the lesson is:

Hindus need to stop looking at people's names - and in the case of Indian-looking entities who dress Hindu: need to also stop looking at their appearance (like sari and bindu). Just listen to what they say. If they peculiarly attack Hindu religion - especially with blatant lies (christoclass lies, or one might say CIA type lies and psyops) against Hindu religion - then it doesn't matter whether they claim to be "Hindu" or "not christian", just file them under christian. Because that is what they are. If they claim to be communist and are anti-Hindu but not anti-christoislam, then they are christian.

If they hide behind Hindu names or behind an assumed Hindu/secular identity all while justifying jihad and attacking Hindu religion - as several in the Indian christomedia and govt have done over the recent islamic attacks on France vs Hindu protests on the PK nonsense - then they're christian. People know the types: the comments on Indian christomedia that start with "I'm a staunch Hindu too, but <this that and ultimately everything about Hindooism is evil>", as seen often enough, including recently over the hysteria about ghar wapsi.

Cryptochristians can only be identified - but can *accurately* be identified - by their attacks against Hindu religion & Hindus alone, filled as this is with deliberate* lies and psy-ops. It is the dead giveaway. (*Christianism knows they're lies and that's why the cryptochristians refuse to be corrected on them. That's why Donigers and various indologicals working with anti-Hindu organisations are still out there lying for dear life.)

It's how anyone could know DMK and Indian communism are christian. (They are. Like the LTTE which has started to fester in TN now.) It's how anyone can tell that most of Indian english-language media is christian (and alien-owned). It is how anyone could tell that the christo KKKangress govt is christian and colluding with the US: they attempted to pass the riot-related legislation that "only the majority [Hindus] ever riot and therefore must be punished by default if any riot occurs, whereas minorities [christoislamics] are always to be assumed to be the victim and never punished". It's not a secular law. It's a blatantly christian law, but since the govt that tried to push it didn't publicly admit to its christian ideology, it's cryptochristian. But no less christian.

The Indian christomedia (and alien-media) focusing peculiarly on rape crimes in India - but ignoring all identical cases where only easily-identifiable christoislamic names are involved in the criminality - and trying to pin it all on Hindoos/Hindoo religion instead, is also clearly christian. And for propagating this psy-ops for christian (and western) purposes, including evangelisation. [And the AmeriKKKan psyops against (East) Asian Americans was also planned at US government levels. That's why their Asian Studies dept has always been writing psyops - complete with hired native-looking voices, especially anti-Asian Asian women - against Asian men and Asian culture: to curtail Asian families/distinct Asian identity and community in AmeriKKKa. And to reduce their population in the world by alienating the women from the men. Clearly AmeriKKKans figured women could be manipulated more easily and would fall for psy-ops - not very complimentary to women, are they? Very patriarchal and condescending, in fact. In the Indian case, at least, it is known that both genders fall for psy-ops, but the west is focusing on the women again.]

And then there's the question of Devdutt Pattanaik, the new-agey self-styled explicator of Hinduism, who spews (subversionist) nonsense left and right. Yet for some inexplicable reason angelsk-speaking Hindus listen to him, though he's no more an expert than they are: he's not seen the Gods and neither have they (else they wouldn't have to listen to others on the subject of Hindoo heathenism, right?). He's approves of and agrees with Doniger. So the question is:

- Is he in on it: is he a handpicked native subversionist, who knows what Doniger is - a cryptochristian - and endorses her blatant falsehoods knowingly?

- Or did he just fall for the oldest trick in the book: get subverted by an evangelical christian just because she pretends not to be one?

Either way, that doesn't change the fundamental aspect about Devdutt: he's a subversionist of Hindoos' heathenism too. And, if nothing else (though there is much else), his taste in endorsing Doniger should count as proof of this.

I suppose it should be stated that cryptochristos (incl communists) and islamics are not the only anti-Hindu baiters. Among the international (i.e. western) kind, there are others that collude with jihadists and missionaries and communists: the self-perceived Vedicists. They want Hindoo religion destroyed among Hindoos, so that they can claim that it is now theirs (by default). They are often signatories in all things anti-Hindu. They are famous for stating things on "Hindu fundamentalists" and "poor innocent christoislamic victims" etc, all while they have No Intention of converting back into the mono-moronisms (where they belong) since at home they like to the dabble in the Vedam and "polytheism". Though they are very much a spin-off of the christoclass virus too, the way neonazis are, they are not consciously christian. They're post-christian christoconditioned (post-christian christians).

The news was:


which reveals, among many other things, that Wendy Doniger is not just handpicked by the CIA, but far from being a secular Jew, her father is a deeply evangelical christian - which also tells you Wendy's actual religion, no matter that she may pretend to be 'secular' and deny that she's a christian.
<- But that's what cryptochristianism is for: attacking heathens with christian-arguments from behind a neutral-looking cover. The other reasons for cryptochristianism - in India - is to get votes from the easily-duped Hindu majority and to trick Hindus into marrying into christianism, i.e. christian love jihad/crusade.
Related to my comments in purple 2 posts up.

Elst is a curiosity.

- He has repeatedly said subversive things about Hindu Gods - the very same that when they were said by Doniger and missionary types were protested and denied by Hindus - and there's no remonstrance from Hindus. I.e. the very same class of Hindus who wax on and on about how PK is propagating dawaganda against the Hindoo Gods - like its nonsense on Shiva, as per reviews. And anyone who can't see that the error or subversion is the same is deluding themselves. So it's a bit hypocritical on the part of such "Hindu" vocalists to then place Elst on a pedestal and present him as "Hinduism-friendly" (he may be friendly to some Hindus and to India and the idea of India, but he's not Hindooism-friendly, he's a subversionist, but he's not the only one). Had PK stated what Elst did, I'm sure Hindoos would have protested against those statements too, nah? (Surprised that more Hindus have not grown disillusioned with this inconsistent (hypocritical) position of "Hindu" nationalists/vocalists.)

- As already pointed out earlier, Elst's most obvious statement on Krishna, say, was at 180 degrees from what would fit/be consistent with the sorts of views expressed by Elst's predecessor SitaRam Goel.

- Had Ram Swarup been around - Goel's predecessor/mentor/what you will - he'd no doubt have told Elst who recently threatened an alleged interest in Hindu religion/"converting"/whatever - that he ought to return to his *own* ancestral heathen religion, since Swarup wanted Europeans in their own religions (not converting to Hindu religion). This is what Swarup told the Canadian "Ishwar Sharan", as per the latter.

- Elst has this very determined denial of western conspiring against India. More than this being a mere personal attribute/dogmatic belief of his, he wishes to convince or at least persuade his Hindu/nationalist readers of the same. <- It is his need to convince his target audience - as is evident in the number of articles he has repeatedly written on or containing the subject - that makes his motivation and his larger interests suspect. What is eerie about it is of course that his opinion is actually entirely at odds with known facts about US and general western meddling concerning India and the reasons for their sabotage.

- There are always western infiltrators in any important Indian intellectual movement or any prominent Indian religious organisations or even cults (like the Osho example covered in the swarajya blog).

It would be a serious and monumental omission by aliens if they did not try to install someone to subvert the most important of all recent movements in the Indian "Hindu nationalist" sphere: the path set forth by Ram Swarup and SitaRam Goel. Be honest, if you were the meddling west - especially the US - determined to make sure India never rises again (only a heathen i.e. Hindoo India could rise, note), would you *NOT* have targeted Goel and Swarup before you even bothered going after little cults? They and their work was after all the (last) intellectual movement to warn the Hindu nation against de-heathenisation, about christoislam, exposing foreign meddling and interests.

The interfering west does Not stop at denying/silencing those it perceives as threats to its plans for any nation. They have always sent infiltrators into the more important organisations, skuttling budding intellectual movements is no exception.

If the west were to have ignored or neglected Swarup-Goel, it would not be a mere oversight but an idiocy of a magnitude that few morons would be capable of, certainly not the calculating US. (Even Talageri was the unwilling recipient of overtures by the west to "join us", except he said No Thanks to darth vader, as nationalists do.)

Of course, it turned out that the US realised that Swarup and Goel weren't the kind to be bought or brought over to working for western interests, not to be subverted out of their personal views of what was necessary for India and who its enemies were.

Nor were Goel and Swarup likely to be the kind of dunces - like Devdutt Patnaik is - to get taken in by unsubtle characters like Donigers. Swarup seems brahmachari of personal choice and Goel was happily married, so sending in some idiotic female contingent (as works so easily on arch-seculars like Tharoor) would be another bad move. Much better would be someone who chimes in 90% of the time and then departs on 10% - significanly when Swarup and Goel are conveniently dead and can't disagree.

Rajarant has claimed that he and Elst are the true/selected successors of Goel (and Swarup). Rajarant is of a typical class of anti-Hindus, as many modern "Hindu" vocalists are, and so I am fully ready to accept that he is not consciously working for anti-Indian and anti-Hindu interests, though he is an invariable subversionist and works with Clooney and apparently works for that christist templeton foundation or whatever. (Not all who get roped in by the west do so consciously. Some are merely stupid and easily fall for the traps customised for them.)

The other case is Elst. I've already indicated how Elst significantly differs from heathenism, Hindoo religion in specific, is inconsistent with core viewpoints of Goel and Swarup, and that his unreasonable insistence that the west is innocent of conspiring against the Indian nation is quite suspect. There's also significant documented data on how the west has motivation for planting and sidetracking important intellectual movements in any targeted nations. (They managed to do that in the colonial era too especially around independence.) Beyond motive, there are the means and opportunity: both are perfect in Elst, though the opportunity is greater at the time past Goel's life, when not just the Rajarant but also Elst have revealed opinions they did not appear to emit to Goel's face.

Of course, people - and especially the every hysterical Elst brigade - are likely to disagree if such suspicions were to be expressed publicly. But I personally think Elst was the ideal candidate to inveigle himself into the Goel/Swarup movement (and was meant to do so) and that - though Indians have learnt from the more obvious infiltrators of the past - Indians naturally fell for this, as this is the current standard of unsuspectable and hence undetectable. (Though immunity increases with every attack that one survives, viruses mutate regularly and get harder to detect. Same with the infiltrati in each generation.)

There is no proof, there never is. Only inferences, several of which are indicated above.

And there is also the degree to which Elst has been successful: his success in subverting his readership and his highly-subvertible fandom is beyond question. Their readiness to defend him - which contrasts nicely with their readiness to turn on their Gods and tradition, where it comes down to a choice between the two - is a classic case of subversion and de-heathenisation that points to subvertibles.

I don't trust aliens who have the power to subvert or are given the power to subvert by their willing heathen audiences (i.e. the audience raises them to figures of authority on heathenism*, which they most certainly are not). The latter is even more suspicious than the former, in that it points to 1. the identification of the manipulable, 2. manipulation and 3. what steps need to be taken to achieve this (to be in a position to finally start manipulating). Today's Indians - like those in the colonial era - are highly manipulable because of a combination of mis-education and subvertibility, conditioned over time.

* IIRC some of the insane Elst fans actually referred to him as a guru or acharya. Methinks there is a direct correlation between the kind of Indians who would lavish impossible titles and praises on aliens and their own ignorance of their heathenism which causes them to misidentify inexperts as experts. And there is definitely an identity relationship between those who crown aliens as exemplaries of Hindus and those who ignore, reject, undermine or sneer at traditional Hindoo authorities (also because of their own ignorance regarding their ancestral heathenism).

Elst's subversions of Hindoo religion can't be dismissed as merely new-agey anti-theism (by the way, he also removed the theism from at least 1 and possibly 2 core Taoist ritual practices), because that would Not explain Elst's peculiar position and behaviour as regards Indian Hindu nationalists' accusations of western conspiracy against the Indian/Hindu nation. Even declaring that he is merely a new ageist innocent of the larger matters does not hold water, as he's not ignorant and he knows a lot about the political situation. Others may choose to be deliberately blind - as many are simply unreasonable - but in him such an argument is unacceptable.

Blablabla. Having said all this, I acknowledge gratitude owed even to Elst subversions on Hindoo's heathenism - and not just his pro-Indian political articles: because it is very hard for Hindoos to identify subvertibles in their midst, not least because Hindus don't want to identify them. Because there's nothing worse than realising that the number of actual heathens in the homeland is much smaller than people estimate it at, and growing smaller with every generation. However, at least there's the fact that traditional Taoists are hardcore heathens of the kind only HindOO heathens would recognise or identify with.

Oh and finally, in general: Hindoos owe nothing to aliens and it is entirely justified to mistrust them as a rule and avoid cases where they may become to privy to internal matters (especially but not restricted to ones concerning religio). It is exclusively Hindoo necks on the line, and Hindoos' way of life that is threatened.

Converts/dabblers/whichever aliens have nothing to lose. They are not Hindus, they don't face an existential threat. Like vultures, however, they may return to feast on the remains of Hindus' loss - their vampirism will proceed both whether Hindus are extant or extinct - but it was never aliens' religion and they will benefit not at all by it at any time.

Hindoos - ethnic Hindus, especially traditionalists - need to understand that alien dabblers/converts have no particular interest in Hindoos' welfare, except as far as it serves them: they are interested only in the freedom to indulge in their own current hobby of dabbling or of playing at being 'Hindu'. If Hindoos' refuse to acccept alien converts or alien dabblers, aliens turn subtly to extremely hostile, some even joining other Hindu-baiters to plot Hindoos' demise (so that converts may parasite unperturbed without protest). They need Hindoos only for so long as they can leech of the Hindoos, to get "initiated", to parasite of Hindoos' knowledge of Hindoo ritual practices, to invade=terrorise India's Hindoo-built temples meant for Hindoos etc. Aliens are the fundamental anti-thesis to heathenism. Some aliens are christoislamaniacs, others are dabblers in Others' heathenisms and others are new ageists (=subverters of multiple or their own ancestral heathenisms). But all aliens are alien to their own ancestral heathenism, i.e. they are Unheathens, and are either consciously or subconsciously anti-heathens.
1. On some of the terrible loopholes - aka blatant lying - in the jihad-facilitating christomedia (in the form of Praveen Swami) regarding the TSP boat that blew itself up when it was about to get caught, having failed its attempt at jihad


Some of the comments are also interesting.

2. indiatoday.intoday.in/story/porbandar-boat-blast-pak-army-was-in-control-of-2-explosives-laden-vessels-say-officials/1/411247.html

Quote:Porbandar boat blast: Pak army was in control of 2 explosives-laden vessels, say officials

India Today New Delhi, January 3, 2015 | UPDATED 20:10 IST

[img caption:] The vessels were in regular contact with Pakistan's maritime agency and the army

The occupants of the two explosives-laden boats from Karachi which had entered the Indian waters off Gujarat had plans to carry out a 26/11 type attack in Porbandar city, the officials probing the incident said.

The National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), which had recorded the radio communication between the two boats, revealed that the terrorists had plans to repeat 26/11 carnage in Porbandar.

According to the transcripts of radio communication between NTRO and the Indian Coast Guard accessed by Aaj Tak show that both the vessels were in regular contact with Pakistan's maritime agency and the army.

After the NTRO alerted the coast guard, an intensive hunt was launched for the vessels. But around 5 a.m. on December 31, one of the boats exploded when the coast guard tried to intercept it. It is believed that the crew of the boat may have set off the blast to destroy any evidence.

There is, however, so far no information on the occupants of the boat.

A conversation recorded from the second boat said the boat, which was destroyed, has done its work and has handed over the things to the other boat, but it had to return back as it developed a hole in it.

The coast guard is still in search of the second boat.

The probe so far has revealed that the boat which exploded had explosives on board, evident from the bright light emitted after the blast.

Meanwhile, heavy shelling by Pakistani forces on the border in Jammu and Kashmir continued for the fourth day on Saturday.

A woman was killed and eight other civilians were injured as Pakistani troops targeted villages and 13 border outposts with heavy mortar shelling in Kathua and Samba districts of the state.

The fresh ceasefire violations have triggered migration from border villages and over 1,000 people have been evacuated from hamlets in Samba and Kathua district, officials said.

The latest round of firing by Pakistan which started on New Year eve has left two persons dead, including a BSF jawan, and nine injured while five Pakistani Rangers have been killed in retaliatory firing by India.

It comes barely two months after the last major escalation that left 13 people dead and displaced 32,000 border residents.
3. realitycheck.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/je-suis-tiruchengode-or-perumal-murugan/

A comment from there about the Hindu-baiting writer "Perumal Murugan" - who recently tried to pull an MFH by silencing himself and playing persecuted. Turns out he's a christian (oh what a surprise):

Quote:nparamasivam1951 said, on January 14, 2015 at 9:27 am

He (unPerumal unMurugan) is distorting the history. What he wrote about Tiruchengode festival is not real. May be his church paymasters might have asked him to defame the famous temple of Tiruchengode and residents. The Leftist are shouting because Hindus are united. Murugan, a christian convert, want to do justice to his new religion and paymasters. Otherwise, this rubbish is not fit for a book.


Can also read the main article of realitycheck.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/je-suis-tiruchengode-or-perumal-murugan/

4. Then comes the "freedom of speech under threat" drama that the cryptochristians in the form of the left and christomedia have pulled about the matter:


Which shows how the christian author invented consensual sex "rituals" among the Hindus of Tiruchengode - which "tradition" no Hindu of the region had heard of - and how Penguin (christo publisher which published evangelical CIA-plant Doniger's anti-Hindu book and other evangelical psy-ops books) has now published the christian convert's book too, and presents it as a "native informant's view", in order to make it appear authentic to the christomoronic world:

Quote:The novel has been promptly translated into English and published by Penguin. Now, in the universities both in India and around the world, this novel has turned into a document of the existence of "traditional free consensual sex rituals" in Tiruchengode!

Of course, the entity hired to review the novel and give it three thumbs up is also a christian. In what is standard operating procedure for anti-heathen psy-ops, the christian reviewer chimes in his confirmation that the libel is all "true" - conveniently from his alleged personal experience - without giving any actual evidence either. But will be used as another "native informant" by their western paymasters/CIA fronts.

Quote:In his review of the novel, historian Theodore Baskaran calls the "novel" a repository of documentation. The reviewer specifically points to the alleged consensual extra-marital indulgence of sex by married woman on a particular day of the festival. The reviewer states that he had "known" (not seen) that such customs did exist in the local festivals of two places where he had worked.

Then the reviewer points out that Murugan has asserted that the traditional phrases prevalent in Tamil society like "the God-given child" actually refers to the child being born out of such consensual ritual sex.

The novel has been promptly translated into English and published by Penguin. Now, in the universities both in India and around the world, this novel has turned into a document of the existence of "traditional free consensual sex rituals" in Tiruchengode!

[img caption:] Perumal Murugan and the English translation of his book. Photo Credit: Niticentral

The claim of the residents of the temple town that even a nonagenarian community leader has never heard of such a tradition in the area would never reach the ivory towers of such academic institutions.

When such an asymmetry in the power of narrative exists in our academic institutions -- both within India and abroad -- it becomes important for a healthy democracy and a vibrant academic discourse that the community targeted is given a chance to challenge the narrative through absolutely legal and democratic means. And in such a situation, the writer should and does have a moral right to prove the factual nature of what he had written.

Also tell-tale of the christian hand is the christian tendency to peddle anti-semitic publications. Christian libel against the Hindus goes hand in with christian libel against Jews, after all. It's all the same christian tendency to generate psy-ops for evangelisation-or-genocide (convert-or-kill routine). More proof that unPerumal unMurugan's work has the same veracity as the anti-semitic christian genocidal hoax/forgery that is the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"

Quote:In the present Tamil literary milieu, this is of immense import. Let it be known that one of the left wing publishing houses that has published Murugan's work has also published the translation of another fiction masquerading as history in the ongoing Chennai book exhibition: The protocols of the learned elders of Zion, translated into Tamil by Aroor Salim.

Hindus should contact Israeli authorities on tracking down nazis and have them put pressure to put out of business all the communist=fascist*, publishing houses, which are obviously cryptochristian, since christos like islamaniac are the only ones who are anti-semitic and keep publishing propaganda that the nazis cherished.

* Extreme-left/communism and extreme-right/fascism are in a circle of continuity and meet at their extremes like in anti-semitism. Communism and fascism are satellite of christianism after all.

The more immediate point of the article was that the christomedia was all mobilised to screech about "freedom of speech" being stifled by the Hindu community whose reputation was tarnished by deliberate falsehoods=libel.

5. Now, while known cryptochristians like Sagarika Ghose and the catholic newspaper The Chindu etc were all on board to support libel in the form of "freedom of speech", practically all of christomedia has been doing its best to remain mum on how Sharia blasphemy laws have been imposed against an Indian lawyer for allegedly making a remark on Facebook that was offensive to islamaniacs: the Indian lawyer has been apprehended with no opportunity for bail.

More proof of christomedia: silence on serious threats to "freedom of speech" where their brothers in monotheism are involved. If the media were secular it would *all* be in the news and there will be equal hysterics (or there should be less hysterics about libel, which is not covered under freedom to screech or freedom of expression):


Quote:As I write this, a Mumbai lawyer Vijay Gaekwad stands accused of blaspheming the Prophet Muhammed. I wish I could tell you the story in detail, but it's been scrupulously avoided by the mainstream media and appears only in one article in Urdu Times. What we do know is that Gaekwad allegedly committed this offence on social media and that he spent time in jail. Beyond this, we know little.



The Vijay Gaekwad case has been reported on in brief in two mainstream newspapers that I"ve been able to discover here and here. However it remains the case that his story has not been widely covered and there's been little if any follow up I"ve seen since the initial brief reports. Considering that he has reportedly been denied anticipatory bail, it is noteworthy how little coverage there has been.

  • indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/lawyer-booked-for-fb-post-faces-arrest/

  • business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/no-pre-arrest-bail-for-lawyer-accused-of-defaming-religion-115010100683_1.html

Neither article reveals what Vijay Gaekwad was to have stated on facebook. (But where's his freedom of expression.)

Perhaps reproducing his alleged statements allegedly blaspheming the alleged mohammed is considered as much of a No-No as reproducing the Danish cartoons or any islam-lampooning Hebdo issues.

It was left to the heretical muslim (apostate?) Tufail Ahmad to bring up the matter on twitter:

https: // twitter.com/tufailelif/status/551301487167422466

Quote:Tufail Ahmad ?@tufailelif

Meanwhile, Mumbai lawyer Vijay Gaekwad arrested for blaspheming Prophet Muhammad http: // www. urdutimes.net/EAssets/2015/01/03/articles/01/A2.jpg

12:58 AM - 3 Jan 2015

The real question remains: how typical only of a CHRISTIAN media to totally bury this real threat to freedom of expression: an opinion on facebook that allegedly hurts the sentiments of the worthless "minorities" (of 1 billion muslims in the world and 1 billion christians) that terrorise like a super-majority. All while the same crypto CHRISTIAN media is trying to spin patent libel against a community of Hindus into a "freedom of speech" issue.

Meanwhile islamaniacs are equating the satire against islamania by Danish and French newspapers with libel of a community, as if it's all the same. But no, it's not equal-equal.

6. This was a good read, and makes several very correct observations:


Quote:Abrahamic religions, by design, seek control of the narrative by any means that may be suitable. Islam has been able to shield its theology and last prophet from public criticism fairly successfully through state-driven-curbs on free speech in partnership with pliable governments. In such situations the state fears unrest and social disorder due to its inability to deal with them. It is either too taxing on its resources to keep controlling such situations or is too bogged down by political correctness and electoral considerations to go after well-organised groups.

Christians, ever discreet in their methods, often took this route of silently lobbying for ad hoc curbs on free speech in partnership with governments rather successfully. The elite who made up the establishment as part of post-1947 India bought into -- and propagated -- the idea that social harmony that came out of silencing tough questions was more valuable to the nation than a hard, honest look at the truth or its pursuit. Their contention was and still is that protection of minorities includes protection of their ideas from criticism through legislation rather than intellectual debate.

Quote:even if the state guarantees free speech, you can be assured that organised groups that have historically taken it upon themselves to threaten critics would deliver serious consequences to anyone who falls out of their line of what is acceptable and what is not. It is this sort of impediment that is far more hideous and difficult to fight against because in the former it was the easier matter of tackling a monolith like a Constitution.

When organised religions with strong notions of blasphemy and exclusivism enter the fray, they find it imperative to unleash a situation of fear and self-censorship because they have a group that, even when small, comprises individuals who buy completely into an idea of themselves. As history tells us, such small groups of intensely committed individuals always have a greater impact and threat projection than any greater number of well-meaning but largely indifferent individuals.

Quote:The information age with all its technological progress would, many thought, defang Islamic supremacists and dent their rapacity. They believed the weakening of information asymmetry would lead to people turning more reasonable than before. That has been proved horribly wrong and naïve because the Islamic idea of a global ummah essentially received a big shot in the arm due to information explosion and a shrinking globe. It is now easier for a Konkani Muslim in Mumbai to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Rohingya Muslim from Burma or rally support for his brothers half way around the globe who he is convinced are poor victims under siege (what else could they ever be?). Further, they use the same networks to organise better, create law and order problems like the Azad Maidan protests that turned into an ugly show of strength with an emasculated state watching passively or enable the supposed influx of Rohingyas into Muslim-dominated localities in various cities with local support.

Another case in point to bolster this is the way the ISIS has used technology as a vehicle for great public relations exercises and even recruitment. This has had an enormous multiplier effect in the increasing influx of foreign warriors from across the world into the ISIS" Caliphate.

Well networked, technologically sound and impeccably organised, Islamic groups are now in a better position than ever before to issue threats to critics, delegate operations to locals from remote controlled centres and deliver on threats that only serve to entrench the fear of criticising Islam even more.

By now, some must already be going down the "but all Muslims are not radicals" or the "majority of Muslims are peaceful people" route. There are tolerant people among Muslims, but these folks have almost never mattered. Majority of the world's Muslim population lives in Muslim-dominated countries. Even if we assume that most of them are moderate or peaceful, it has not made any difference to how those nations treat non-Muslims. 'strengthening the moderates within Islam" is a doomed quest because they have almost no ground to stand on as far as Islamic theology is concerned. In fact, tolerant Muslims have almost never mattered to the Islamic weltanschauung. There is no evidence to show that, even as we speak, the so-called moderates hold any control at all on the direction Islam is taking. It is the staunch believers who have been the prime-movers and will continue to be.

As for the "Muslims are the biggest victims of violence by other Muslims" argument, it suffices to say that the victims were killed not for being Islamic but for not being Islamic enough. If the fate of not being Islamic enough is that gruesome, one can only imagine the fate of a non-Muslim. Actually one needn"t imagine. Look up
some Hindu history or simply search for the word "Yazidi".


But with perpetually outraged groups armed with an assembly line of people ready to sacrifice their lives to slaughter critics, it is impossible for the state to guarantee safety to everyone who exercises his right to free speech because it is certainly not the omniscient God who "will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers" [Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction]. We would need a virtual police state teeming with policemen who secretly keep an eye on the ever-increasing number of potential perpetrators to be able to guarantee safety against trigger-happy mobs. Or else, we would need a dedicated force only to protect critics of the perpetually outraged. None of these is practical or possible.

It is a matter of time before people are forced to ask themselves hard questions on whether a peaceful coexistence with innately intolerant and exclusivist ideas that feed on fear is possible at all. There are no easy answers.

(The answer is easy, in the sense of straightforward and staring people in the face. It's another matter that Indians are too cowardly to finally respond to christoislamania's total war with total war.)

As I have said earlier, civilization is a thin veneer. (Hasn't everyone said that, with just about the same wording even? Actually the phrase is "civilization is but a thin veneer" <then insert something about barbarians at the gate and conclude with the need for Asimov's Foundation>.) Anyone who makes the folly of deeming it the end and not the means gets subsumed by someone else's savagery.

What islam is trying to prove by physical means - i.e. by their jihadi attacks to silence satire of islam - is that the sword is mightier than the pen. And either the west caves and makes it a truism, or it doesn't. Because India has already caved, ruled as it is by christianism, the greatest canker festering in India (no, islam is not yet the greatest threat; it is christianism - that #1 facilitator of jihad in India - that is the greatest plague on the nation).
2 comments found at swarajyamag:

1. swarajyamag.com/culture/art-exploits-hindu-onus-of-tolerance/

Quote: Neeraj

It is not about freedom of expression or secularism. It is not about innocent civilians getting killed, or armed soldiers getting killed. We Hindus (civilian or armed) are all the same for them.

This is about a war that has been launched on Hindus by an evil axis of Indian Christians and Muslims. It is about the Hindu respect and goodwill for others not being reciprocated. It is about the certainty of genocide/ethnic cleansing/exile of naive Hindus, once Christians and Muslims reach critical proportions of India's population. We, my dear Hindus, have been at war. Even Godhra train burning was an act of war. Terrorism word is an invention of twentieth century. Terrorism is nothing but war. When we are cowardly, and don't want to go on war; we say this is terrorism. But, this is unadulterated war.

2. realitycheck.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/je-suis-tiruchengode-or-perumal-murugan/

Quote:Soma Visal said, on January 14, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Even one Amish, in his Book on Trilogy of Shiva, has said Lord Shiva married Sati who is a widow who gave birth to Lord Ganesha. And finally Sati died in a cruel way (war). Where are the so called Hindu saviours? No knowledge about this three parts book?!


Finally, someone who complains about that junk. Though my objection is to the whole premise and the methodology, the overall class of the problem: modern un-traditional Hindus (not heathens, i.e. no traditional heathen perspective) - angelsk-enabled of course - writing a neo-mythos and/or de-deifying our Gods is an act of not just subversion but de-heathenisation. And every fool who read it and appreciated it and recommended it just bought into that subversion, though I suppose they were prone to it (i.e. they were subvertible). There have been many such. E.g. IIRC one of the persons who commented at a blog of the very pro-heathenism Senthil was - although a loud vocalist on something or other about Hinduism - a big fan of the trilogy and admirer of its author as batting for Hindu religion with his works. :Grief:

It is a sign of "modern attitudes" (= euphemism for ignorance and lack of traditional perception of heathenism, i.e. de-heathenisation) where modern Hindus feel such works are meaningful in *any* sense.

Not read the trilogy, but had read the brief summary of subject matter at flipkart, which sufficed for forming an opinion on it, as it diverged sufficiently from anything that could be deemed heathen (and no, new-ageism is not heathen). It was the roaring favourite at flipkart and featured on the front page: the reviews were at that point exclusively by the christians infesting India, and they were all unanimous about how such tripe should really replace the traditional views of Hindoos (which they deemed nonsense), so that Hindus can come at last to see their puranas etc as pointless mythos that can further be replaced by other mythos (hence underlining their pointlessness), rather than have any divine perception about what our Vedic, Pauranic, etc accounts are really about. The whole thing about heathenism, after all (and the christian reviewers had noticed it, but troubling that wannabe-heathen modern "Hindus" have not), is NOT to transplant the divine actors from their natural stage - the traditional accounts of their exploits, rendered authentically - into novel, pseudo-settings, but to recognise that the divine actors (the Gods and heroes) are inseparable from their backgrounds/narratives. The narratives themselves MATTER, as much as the Gods themselves. The Gods de-deified and transplanted into neo-mythos (i.e. modern invention) is meaningless and is actually specifically anti-heathen. If a christian or alien had written that trilogy, some Hindu nationalist vocalist may have recognised it for the subversion it was. The real problem is not who is doing it - or even why, in this case - but that *what* is being done is an act of de-heathenising sacred narratives that need to be transmitted intact/with the traditional narrative intact.

Even had a similar issue long ago with I think it was called Krishnaavataaram published by IIRC Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, which tried to explain away all that is "fantastic" about the MBh setting and replace it with backprojected reasonings to "rationalise" everything to the non-computing (non-heathen) mind. The modified yarn was no doubt appreciated by that latter class, but it is not heathen and neither are they, and those two facts are never going to change.

Modern Hindus won' t understand the point being made. So as always let's use a different example of other heathens: There is no meaning to modern stories which feature alleged Olympic Gods in fake contexts. Or turn them into human characters. Or both. Only non-heathens, non-Hellenes would make up such fictions. The real narratives of the Greek Gods are paramount in importance to the Hellenes as the narratives - and the Gods within them - impart great knowledge of heathenism. Had already argued this indirectly (no point arguing it directly to a modern Hindu audience) in post 108 of the Natural Traditions/Heathen Religions thread.

What the trilogy crap did is to subvert both the Gods (and that they are Gods) as well as their divine narratives, which are both fundamental to the narratives, and therefore to Hindoo heathenism. (This is often what Jainism and Buddhism tried to do to Hindoo narratives, when they weren't trying to hijack the same to propagate their own missionary ideologies.) And only morons - without apologies - among modern "Hindus" appreciated it. They're in like-minded company: as the others who expressed great appreciation for the trilogy, all while deriding the Hindoo Gods and Hindooism in the very same book reviews that lauded the books themselves, were christians (as seen at flipkart for example). <- It's never a good sign when christians agree with you on rewrites to heathenism.

Anyway, there was never any point in complaining about the trilogy, as there's subversions much closer to home. The layers of subversion that Indians of once-Hindoo origin are faced with are so many and so dense, that you'll be left complaining till the cows come mooing home. Consider the example covered in detail in the Buddhism or Sanatana Dharma thread: Rajeev Srinivasan and Witan - "Hindu" nationalist vocalists - are so severely subverted, that the former peddles backprojected Buddhist spins on the Trivrikama account while the latter peddles backprojected dravoodianist spins on the same. <- Both the views peddled are also to be filed under neo-mythos/replacement mythos. Rajeev further declared - like only a Bauddhified/non-heathen would - that Sabarimalai and Ayyappa "must have" had a Buddhist history, all because of unscholar (cryptoBuddhist) Lokesh Chandra's sudden, badly researched and patent drivel on the subject (a matter already discussed in excessive length in the Buddhism thread). It takes nothing but very recent and preposterous speculation to Bauddhify or otherwise subvert some alleged "Hindus". Then there are of course the slightly more subtle de-heathenised subversionists, such as of the Elst-fandom variety. Yet they will be offended if they were not recognised as Hindus, hence the phrase HindOOs (i.e. Hindu heathens/traditionalists) was coined to distinguish between actual heathens and the subverted [and subvertible].

Subverted would-have-been heathens are a dime a dozen in modern India and follow noticeable patterns ("classes" of de-heathenised). But it is evenfall for Hindus anyway. Even if christoislamania disappeared within 2 decades, those 2 decades are sufficient to have bred so many more masses of angelsk-enabled subversive wannabe-Hindus that India is guaranteed never to return to heathenism. (India is a lost cause for heathenism. Only subverted new-ageism seems to take root in current angelsk-speaking generations, and English language - the vehicle used for miseducation - is an unavoidable feature of the near future, and all future generations thereafter will be tainted by the effects of subversion thereafter.)

Anyway, the angelsk-enabled "Hindu nationalist" vocalist brigade is filled with such people as above, and such people alone. [None of whom, BTW, are even related to anyone who has seen the Hindu Gods Confusedhock: - as one could tell by their hopeless and hollow arguments allegedly in "favour" of Hindoo religion as well as by their invariable subversions on Hindoo religion.]

So why complain about the subversiveness of the class of replacement mythos and de-deifying literature produced by deheathenised, who still go through the motions of being Hindu (in their view) and the pretence of being heathen - apparently Amish Tri... tripod sees himself as a Hindu, though he's neopagan *at best* - when even people less far-gone/less subverted have been eroding their own and others' traditional views (being subverted subversionists).

They ought to have defended the traditional=heathen POV as authority. But that's the one thing they can't do: only heathens can do that, because to recognise the heathen POV need to *be* a heathen. Instead, they set up their inexpert selves, inexpert others and their own ignorant speculative opinions ("opinionations") as authoritative, moreso where these departed from tradition=heathenism. And the more they differed from tradition, the pushier they were about it (and actually threaten traditionalists concerning it), in order to force the matter.

Like Indian governance under BJP is "Hindu nationalist" but not Hindoo - i.e. *not heathen* - governance, similarly Hindu nationalist vocalists write a lot and are very activist - to no real purpose and no usefulness to heathenism ultimately - but are not actually heathen, if anyone were honest. I've read more actually *Hindoo* arguments defending Hindoo religion from subversion from traditional Taoists. But then, they are actually heathens, so they naturally sound more Hindoo then non-heathens who call themselves Hindu but are de-heathenised and subverted.

Soma Vishal is wasting his breath. There is no point arguing or trying to convince modern "Hindus". Use them - their arguments, their writings - to defend your religion where necessary (i.e. if they ever say anything useful or sensible), but don't ever rely on them and never trust them/take them at face value. Subvertibles=gangrene are very dangerous to heathens, because on the surface one is led to the assumption that they are Hindu - because they claim to be, etc - by which they can get under Hindoo society's skin, but any intimacy with them (by which I mean association or attempt at friendship/trust, obviously) will only blow up in heathens' faces and will dent heathenism. Would dearly have said avoid like the plague and close rank (certainly what I'd do), but beggars can't be choosers I suppose. Just be aware of what they are and never lose sight of what they are, and Hindoos should be fine with the enforced but limited interaction.

Save trust for fellow heathens like Taoists (and HindOOs of course).

The only relevant parts of this post are the blockquotes.
Archiving more things Sunanda.

It has all nosedived into further tacky soap opera. To be expected, I guess, since it stars Tharoor and some ISI journalist - who looks like she's a junkie (those drugged-up eyes! :eeeeSmile. Apparently he had some other girlfriend on the side too. Really don't know why he always threatens to get married - again - when he knows he's not made for it. Probably did so for some opportunistic motive.

1. KKKangress strikes pre-emptively in denial mode, afraid that it will all lead to them, telling Tharoor in no uncertain terms that he's On His Own now.

Such pre-emptive denial is *quite* as suspicious as when Tharoor earlier derailed investigations oh-so-helpfully by having his 2 "doctor" friends write in with emails that Sunanda had lupus (disproven by the autopsy) and was conveniently prone to bruising and could well have died from overdosing on her medication (disproven by autopsy).


Quote:Congress has nothing to do with Sunanda Pushkar death case: PC Chacko

Last Updated: Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 12:48

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader PC Chacko on Sunday said that the death case of former union minister Shashi Tharoor's wife Sunanda Pushkar was his personal matter and added that the party had nothing to do with it.

"Shashi Tharoor is ready to cooperate with the police on the case. If the enquiry is delayed, we are not responsible. This case is related to Tharoor only, not the Congress party. It's purely a personal matter," said Chacko.

Earlier on Saturday, Tharoor avoided commenting on the case, saying all questions related to the incident must be asked from the police.

Tharoor had earlier on Friday said he hoped the Delhi Police could speedily solve the death case of his wife and had added that he would not compromise police proceedings by engaging in public debates.

Tharoor also called for the police investigation to be fair and without any political considerations.

Stating that he did not expect his wife's demise to be a result of murder, Tharoor said that he has pledged his support to the Delhi Police to solve the mystery.

Sunanda, who married Tharoor in 2010, had checked into The Leela Hotel in Chanakyapuri a day before her death on January 17, 2014.

Tharoor's aides said the couple had checked into the luxury hotel because of renovation work at his Delhi bungalow.

The Delhi Police on Tuesday stated that a case under IPC Section 302 has been registered with regard to her death, adding that medical reports have indicated that her demise was due to poisoning.

Prior to her death, Sunanda was embroiled in a spat with Pakistan-based journalist, Mehr Tarar, whom she accused of stalking her husband.


First Published: Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 12:48

The two comments there:


Corrupt-Congress with intention of looting our country wealth

B B Patnaik

This is high profile case and the conspirator of the murder are highly influential. The country is eagerly watching the outcome of the investigation. In any way who is responsible and accountable for such long delay almost about a year for the investigation to start in right direction? Number of turns and twists have taken place in the investigation.
Patnaik forgot to add it was a high-level hit job too: what with radioactive substances in the poison cocktail that killed her that were specifically the kind that would (generally) go undetected in Indian labs.

I'm sure that kind of gear costs some serious moolah and requires some non-Indian contacts who are in-the-know of just this sort of shady thing.

2. ibnlive.in.com/news/sunanda-was-upset-about-relations-between-tharoor-mehr-tarar-journalist-nalini-singh-to-sdm/522425-37.html

Quote:Jan 11, 2015 at 10:46pm IST

Sunanda was upset about relations between Tharoor, Mehr Tarar: Journalist Nalini Singh to SDM

Parikshit Luthra, CNN-IBN@ParikshitL

New Delhi: Journalist Nalini Singh has revealed that Congress MP and former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor's deceased wife Sunanda Pushkar was upset about the relations between him and Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. Sunanda feared that Tharoor was going to divorce her, Singh has said.

In her statement to the SDM on January 20, 2014, exclusively accessed by CNN-IBN, Singh said she received a call from Sunanda, who was her friend, a night before her death. "Sunanda was distraught that Tharoor and Tarar were exchanging romantic messages," Singh said.

Sunanda told Singh that she had proof of Tharoor and Tarar having spent three nights in Dubai in June 2013. She also confided to Singh that she had "taken over the crimes of Tharoor in the IPL matter".

[img caption] Sunanda was upset about relations between Tharoor, Mehr Tarar: Journalist Nalini Singh to SDM

"Sunanda was distraught that Tharoor and Tarar were exchanging romantic messages," Singh said.

Singh told the SDM in her statement that Sunanda wanted her help in retrieving important BBM messages that Tharoor had deleted from his Blackberry mobile phone. Sunanda also mentioned that Tharoor had a previous romantic liaison with some other woman as well.

(Hmmm. Methinks that there's something trying to trivialise what messages Sunanda wanted to retrieve, in order to make it all look no more than a domestic spat. Beyond unlikely that Tharoor and KKKangress and ISI did in Sunanda because she was a jealous wife who wanted to break up Tharoor's extramarital party.)

Responding to this revelation Tarar said, "I don't want to make any comment. I am waiting for the police to call me. I am ready to cooperate with police in investigation."

On spending three nights with Tharoor in Dubai, the Pakistani journalist said, "I was there at a function and many people were there."

(Attempt at dismissing the actual accusation by partial admission/playing innocent. But -see below- some witness came forward during the inquest who stated that Tharoor had stayed with Tarar - nearly mispelled her as Tharoor too, so easy to do - in Dubai. So Tarar's little "yeah we happened to be at a function where many other people were too" isn't all of the story.

Don't know the point of Delhi police questioning her. If she's an ISI spy and/or was in know about the murder, she'd hardly be admitting to it, would she. Rather, focus on the fact that there's a witness who said Tharoor stayed with Tarar in Dubai, see if there is any indication of Tarar's connection with ISI or Paki higher ups. Find out who uses Polonium etc poisons, or more usefully: if anyone other high-profile murder or even "death" in India involved any, many or all of these poisons. See if interrogating Tharoor shakes the KKKangress or ISI tree and makes anything fall out. Tharoor seems like a wussy little coward, am sure a bad cop routine will have him crying and outing accomplices without having to even touch the vile little schemer.)

Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi told CNN-IBN that the police was investigating the case. "We will share information after two to three days," he said.

Meanwhile, Tharoor arrived in New Delhi on Sunday but there is still no clarity on when he will be questioned in Pushkar's death probe. The police said they have no plans to grill Tharoor for now.

Tharoor was undergoing treatment for spondylitis at an Ayurvedic clinic in Kerala. Security has also been stepped up at his residence.

3. zeenews.india.com/news/india/first-picture-of-shashi-tharoor-mehr-tarar-in-dubai-surfaces_1529331.html

First picture of Shashi Tharoor, Mehr Tarar in Dubai surfaces

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 16:06

Well, it's known that they were both at a public function there. More interesting is that a witness at the inquest said that Tharoor was staying with Tarar in Dubai.

4. zeenews.india.com/news/india/sunanda-pushkar-case-did-shashi-tharoor-spend-3-nights-with-mehr-tarar-in-dubai_1528563.html

Quote:Sunanda Pushkar case: Did Shashi Tharoor spend 3 nights with Mehr Tarar in Dubai?

Last Updated: Monday, January 12, 2015 - 16:12

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: The Sunanda Pushkar murder case is getting murkier by the day with reports on Monday claiming that Congress MP Shashi Tharoor allegedly stayed with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar in Dubai.

Pushkar was found dead in a five-star hotel in South Delhi on the night of January 17, 2014, a day after her Twitter spat with Tarar over the latter's alleged affair with Tharoor.

Related Stories
  • Sunanda death probe: Swamy challenges Delhi Police to solve case

  • Sunanda Pushkar death: Shashi Tharoor may be questioned soon, says Delhi top cop

On microblogging website Twitter, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy took a dig at Tharoor, saying the Congress MP was India's Union minister at the time when he “allegedly spent three nights with Tarar”.

(The TweetSmile

Quote:Subramanian Swamy @Swamy39


When Tharoor allegedly spent three night with suspected ISI compliant journalist Tarar, he was India's Union Minister. That is like Profumo

4:50 PM - 12 Jan 2015

1,471 Retweets 687 favorites

Swamy was referring to a report on a news channel which suggests that a witness has revealed during the judicial inquest that Tharoor and Tarar stayed together in Dubai for three days.

Meanwhile, Tharoor reached the national capital yesterday and is likely to be questioned by Delhi Police in connection with his wife's murder.

Tharoor arrived at the Indira Gandhi International airport from Kerala at around 2 pm and went to his house in central Delhi's Lodhi Estate.

Tharoor did not reply to questions from journalists, and merely said: "I have already spoken with the media (in Kerala)."

He drove away in a car with his security staff. After reaching home, he consulted his lawyers and discussed the case.

[img caption] Sunanda Pushkar murder case: Who was KT?

(Apparently, Subrahmanya Swami had indicated that KT may be Katie short for Katherine. If so, that could be the other Other Woman, you know, the one who turned the love triangle into a love square. Tsk Tsk Tharoor.)

[Img caption] Policemen have been deployed outside his residence.

Tharoor was undergoing ayurvedic rejuvenation in Thrissur district of Kerala. Soon after his discharge, he raised questions on the Delhi Police investigation and demanded a professional probe.

He also said he wrote to Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi, assuring him full cooperation with the investigating team.

On Saturday, Delhi Police said they will question Tharoor after the people who were in the hotel and in touch with Pushkar before she was found murdered.

Police have compiled a list of people to be questioned in the case. They have already questioned Tharoor's domestic help Shri Narain Singh, who told them there was a fight between Tharoor and Pushkar, a day before she was found dead.

In November last year, police also questioned Pushkar's businessman friend Sunil Trakru - who had then dropped Pushkar at the hotel when she came to Delhi in January 2014.

The case was registered on January 01, almost a year after her death, following the final post-mortem report from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) that was submitted on December 28, last year.

Police had collected pieces of broken glass from Pushkar's hotel room which purportedly implied that a scuffle took place inside the room before her death.

(With IANS inputs)

5. ibnlive.in.com/news/sunanda-was-upset-over-growing-proximity-between-shashi-tharoor-mehr-tarar-says-witness/522410-61.html
Quote:[quote]Jan 11, 2015 at 08:38pm IST

Sunanda was upset over growing proximity between Shashi Tharoor, Mehr Tarar, says witness


New Delhi: Congress MP and former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor's deceased wife Sunanda Pushkar was upset with the growing proximity between him and Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar.

During the judicial inquest a witness is learnt to have revealed that Tharoor stayed with Tarar in Dubai, sources said.

Responding to this revelation Tarar said, "I don't want to make any comment.
I am waiting for the police to call me. I am ready to cooperate with police in investigation," she said.

(Oh good one. You know, Tarar should cry and declare "I loved him. He loved me. He promised he was going to leave Sunanda -and convert to islam- and marry me. You have to believe me officer." And if that doesn't work, Tarar can always try and sleep her way out of further investigation. Should anyway be common practice SOP for a Paki ISI asset like Tarar.)

[same old publicity img of Tarar captioned with:] During the judicial inquest a witness is learnt to have revealed that Tharoor stayed with Tarar in Dubai, sources said.

(Also, why is Tarar in the Hindoo saree and not in an islamic hijab? Oh wait, that's typical for an ISI infiltrator who is meant to get involved with an Indian.)

On spending three days with Tharoor in Dubai, the Pakistani journalist said, "I was there at a function and many people were there."

(Ms ISI needs to read what the witness said: that "Tharoor *stayed* with Tharar in Dubai", not that he merely hung out/met up with her and many other people at some function.)

Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi told CNN-IBN that the police was investigating the case. "We will share information after two to three days," he said.

There has been a major breakthrough in the case with domestic help Narayan Singh disclosing that Tharoor used to constantly fight with Sunanda for over a year before her death.

In his version of events that happened prior to the Sunanda's death, Singh has revealed, "Tharoor and Sunanda were frequently fighting for a year before her death. And that the name of someone called 'Katy' was frequently mentioned."

He said, "In December 2013, Sunanda hit Shashi Tharoor and he was hurt in the leg. On January 15, 2014, Sunanda started tweeting using Tharoor's phone and copying data from it. That night Sunanda called Tharoor to say he was finished, she had told media everything." Two days before her death, on January 15 Sunanda checked into Hotel Leela Palace instead of going to her home. Even on the night prior to Sunanda's death, Narayan said that the couple was fighting. He said, "On January 16, Tharoor returned to hotel around 12:30 AM and the couple fought till 4:30 AM. I overheard when Sunanda was speaking to someone on the phone around 5 AM."

(Seems like she was going to spill serious beans, not just little ones about the IPL swindling that Tharoor had swept under her name, or his flings with "Katy" and Tarar. But when the media was to be informed or was already informed is interesting:

- Either Sunanda was threatening that she was going to tell the media: that the interview she was going to give had already been arranged.

- Or the more curious possibility that Sunanda had indeed already told the media everything before she got killed, which seems to be what the housekeeper says. As per her twitter correspondence, Sunanda's interview was to be with the islamist fundamentalist Barkha Dutt - the famous wife of famous jihadi - after all. So that if Sunanda had already told the media=Barkha, then there's every chance that Barkha is involved in the murder and in the concealment of the info revealed by Sunanda.

Curious who Sunanda spoke to at 5.)

Next day, Tharoor left the hotel early to attend All India Congress Committee meet. "On January 17, Tharoor called me at 4:30 PM to enquire about Sunanda's health. When I told him she was unwell, he asked me to wake her up, but she did not respond when I tried to wake her up. Tharoor later came and called a doctor who pronounced her dead."

(The whole sequence of events - of Tharoor getting his housekeeper to wake Sunanda, so as to be the first to discover her dead - is like some bad set up in a crime novel. Tharoor is like a 3rd worlder even in crime, geez. Can he stop with the melodramatic acting? Who buys the vicious little fraud's pretence of innocence anyway? I think he lost all credibility with his whole "lupus" concoction that was shot to pieces by the medical board's conclusions negating it.)

The mysterious death case has made some startling revelations with the Delhi Police confirming that Sunanda died due to poisoning but it is still unclear whether it was taken orally or was injected. The police also said all the relevant will be questioned in the case.

Meanwhile, Tharoor arrived in New Delhi on Sunday but there is still no clarity on when he will be questioned in Pushkar's death probe. The police said they have no plans to grill Tharoor for now.

Tharoor was undergoing treatment for spondylitis at an Ayurvedic clinic in Kerala. Security has also been stepped up at his residence.
The previous post, particularly the news items therein, are what's relevant. This post is just me thinking out loud.

So, based on all the above:

- Sunanda murdered by at least one poison that would (generally) not be detected in Indian labs, as per the news summarising the medical investigation's findings

- Tharoor stayed with Tarar in Dubai as per a witness in the inquest (i.e. she'd be stating for the record, and hence it's not a casua). And journalist Nalini Singh has stated that Sunanda had said how she had proof of "Tharoor and Tarar having spent 3 nights in Dubai".

The above two points taken together => ISI hand

[Not sure about what the 3rd woman angle says, other than that Sunanda was tired of Tharoor's philandering. Still can't work out why she married him: he was never a model of constancy...]

- Tharoor's housekeeper hadn't just overheard Tharoor and wife #3 fighting, but her threatening that she it was all over for Tharoor because of her interview.

- Tharoor had tried to make his wife's death look like a suicide by introducing the bogey of lupus/"she bruised easily", whereas the medical examination revealed Sunanda did NOT have lupus at all. (Tharoor caught in a lie, as well as the two "doctors" he hired and the spokesperson of the Kerala hospital that Tharoor or KKKangress had appointed to chime in with the "Sunanda had lupus" story.)

I.e. Tharoor had seriously interfered with the investigation to throw the scent off his trail. He wouldn't have had to do this if he were innocent.

The above two points taken together => Not just KKKangress/ISI but Tharoor himself had a motive in wanting Sunanda out of the way. And not for her nagging him about his extramarital affairs or for his kicking him. AND Tharoor knew it was murder from the start, which is *why* he tried to conceal that it was murder by trying to make it look like an accidental suicide (by drug overdose): aka he is involved in the murder. Also, he seems to have known that the prominent poison would not be detected by Indian labs, else why his elaborate sharade to throw investigators off the trail?

- Then there's Sunanda's tweet before her death-by-murder that if she brought up the issue of the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir she would be "sambolo-ed" (sp?) [silenced? done away with?] and that Tharoor and KKKangress expected her to play Good-wifey, Silent-wifey.

- Sunanda was going to 'reveal all' in some interview as per her tweets.

- Also according to tweets between her and her correspondents on twitter, Sunanda's interview was going to be with Barkha Dutt, known islamaniac and wife of some islamist (IIRC wife of some terrorist from Kashmir)

- As per what the housekeeper (Narayan Singh) had overheard, Sunanda had said that she had *already* given her interview to the media.

- Yet nothing in the media about the "great revelation" that Sunanda had intimated and the housekeeper had overheard

=> Taken together, it's not just the KKKangress and Tharoor and ISI/islamania that were involved, but also points to how the interviewer - a known fascist islamaniac Barkha Dutt, who regularly silences islamic genocide of Hindus - should be silently investigated by the police. As also NDTV or whatever christist channel Barkha Dutt works for.

Though I'm sure Barkha and her jihadi husband (not to mention the christomedia) would have got rid of any incriminating evidence long before now.

That Tharoor was having an affair with Tarar (and another woman and who knows who else) is not really in question anymore - notwithstanding any fake tears by Ms ISI, which will no doubt be produced in time, along with her denial and a plea for public/police credulity in her favour.

That Tharoor and KKKangress and ISI did in Sunanda is not the question either.

The real question is: what was the actual news Sunanda was going to announce to the public? If she was just going to air the dirty linen, I doubt it would have been sensationalist enough to warrant threatening Tharoor over. That Tarar was an ISI agent could work for shock value only if Sunanda could prove the ISI angle AND that Tharoor knew it, and if he had blabbed state-level stuff to Tarar/was in deep with Pakiland.

Put otherwise: exactly what details had Tharoor been intimating to Pakiland via his part-time girlfriend Tarar? (She's not there because she was in love with Tharoor, right? Wait, Tharoor probably really does think it was his charm or his looks or some other imaginary quality he doesn't possess.)

And how does this relate back to Sunanda telling her twitter buddies that if she were to make statements about Kashmir's native Hindus, she'd get Sambalo-ed (or whatever the word).

Can already see Tharoor shaking his finger and say "I was NOT having an affair with that woman" a la Clinton. But at least Clinton wasn't sleeping with enemies of his nation... (<- Who knew there was a good side to Clinton?) But then, this wouldn't be the first time with Tharoor. He was last seen married to a Canadian working on nuclear disarmament or something for the US. (One "Christa Giles" was it?) Everyone who was plugging for Tharoor - not a great judge of character were they? I recall the Rajeev2004 blog proudly declaring that Tharoor wasn't into western women. Now did they mean *before* or *after* wife #2, the Canadian? Or did they simply - and conveniently - not know about Giles?

I don't -in [i]theory[/i]- have an issue with western men/women where these are no threat to Hindus/Hindu religion/India and aren't dabblers, but specifically where NRIs who won't be returning to India are concerned. Having said that, I don't trust western persons when it comes to Indians and India: India has a major problem with the magic appearance/insertion of western women wherever high-profile Indian men are involved. Ever since the colonial/independence era, see a recent article by Radha Rajan at indiafacts where she briefly brings up this issue. The west always does infiltrate - and if possible, neutralise, else drag down or reorient targets toward the west/to treachery - every important Indian movement and highly-placed or otherwise important person. Guess ISI wanted in on the action too, seeing as how easy modern Indian men are. (Am sure modern Indian women would be too, but there are not so many in high profile positions. Mayawati and Mumtaz Banshee and Joylolita are of an older less outgoing generation [a generation of females who are more conservative/less likely to marry aliens] and they may not be able to speak sufficient English for it to appear natural to the public for them to find themselves married to western men all of a sudden. Though Mumtaz may be married to an islamaniac for all I know...)

The previous post, particularly the news items therein, are what's relevant. This post is just me thinking out loud.
And the tragedies just keep piling up.

This next is the worst news I've heard in a long time.

The following stuff was found in the Rajeev2004 blog's twitterfeed.

Quote:16 Jan

NikhilD @Nikhil_7D

@maidros78 Sringeri Math is abt to let in sheldon pollock..can we do something? beingdifferentforum.blogspot.in/2014/08/hijacking-sanskrit-away-from-hindu.html … @sarkar_swati @RajeevSrinivasa

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan

(And this next explains everythingSmile

NikhilD @Nikhil_7D

@maidros78 @sarkar_swati @RajeevSrinivasa the CEO of Math is Congress plant...a mole.This CEO ws instrumental in Pollock's Bharat Ratna.

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan
Suspect it's not some ideologically-innocent KKKangress plant.

Quote: "The following excerpt from "Breaking India" is a small sample of what is wrong with hoisting Sheldon Pollock as the award-winning "Friend of India". He is now on a roll, rapidly taking control of Sanskrit Studies with massive funding from Indians who think they are helping "promote" their dharma::

Quote:Blaming Indian Civilization

Despite the fact that it was European scholarship which had misappropriated, distorted and abused Indian traditions for European identity politics, there is still a tendency among certain western scholars to put the blame for European racism and Nazism at India’s door. Sheldon Pollock, professor of Sanskrit at Coloumbia University promotes this view. According to Pollock "high Brahminism" as represented by the Mimamsa School contributed to the "ideological formations of precolonial India" and Nazism tried implementing this "at home" in Germany.[1] Pollock argues that it was this that ultimately led to the "legitimation of genocide".[2] Wilhelm Halbfass takes such ridiculous statements to ironic speculations,

"Would it not be equally permissible to identify this underlying structure as "deep Nazism" or "deep Mimamsa"? And what will prevent us from calling Kumarila and William Jones "deep Nazis" and Adolf Hitler a "deep Mimamsaka"?

We can se the implications of Western Indologists continuing to use the idea of the Aryan in the Indian context, with references to “Aryan invasions” and so forth. As will be shown in subsequent chapters, European racial ideas conveniently made their way into India, where they were reframed in terms of light skinned “Aryans” and dark skinned “Dravidians.” These distinctions were first promoted in colonial times, but remain powerful to this day in the study of India.

On this page:


this para caught my eye

Quote:My sources inform me that Sringeri mattha is likely to fund several million dollars to help these PhD factories. This is how ignorant our folks are. But who am I in their eyes to listen to? The white scholars are so smooth in impressing the Indian fools, using their skills with Indian languages and culture.
Not sure who Rajiv Malhotra is calling stupid/a fool - i.e. whether any backreference to the Matha itself or its lineage of acharyas was intended. (Rajiv is not famous for respecting traditional acharyas and promotes Nityananda, so the suspicion is not unfounded.) But he can easily meet up with the acharyas of Shringeri and Kanchi if he actually wanted to.

Everything could have been stopped long ago, with two simple rules, to be enforced by all Hindus on all Hindus (like the N/D/Lakota did with their War Declaration against the selling of their religion to aliens):

1. say no to anyone alien and don't let them anywhere near our Hindoo religion and any part of Hindoodom. That is, no dabbling of any type. Should have kept Hindoo religion private=secret like traditional Taoists do.

2. do not make Hindoo stuffs (Skt, Yoga to now Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music, etc) into "all-Indian" stuff, thus teaching and arming India's christoislamics - as it armed Buddhists etc in the past - who can and *will* use it all against Hindu religion. In other words: don't teach non-Hindu Indians anything Hindoo. (And with no apologies: Skt too is Hindoo onlee, *not* "equally" Buddhist/Jain/whatever just because they eventually hypocritically encroached on it - exactly like christianism is starting to do now, btw).

But Indians will not want to do the 2nd and they will shout you down for even suggesting the first. Love for western people - but not heathen western people, i.e. those minding their own ancestral religion instead of dabbling in Hindu religion/new ageism - seems to be the defining quality of modern "Hindus".

India is unfortunately witnessing the fruits of the mess it started.

Pity that the Shringeri Matham is infiltrated by a KKKangressi (crypto?) CEO who is opening the floodgates to more subversion and de-heathenisation to come.

A pity also that Swarup and Goel are gone. They had some sense and insight - and were not badmouthers of heathenism (or its traditional acharyas) and could have remedied all this easily.

Don't know why Malhotra is calling Indians "fools" or something. Lots of Indians saw through the appropriation and inculturation years back. Even I did. (Though - being slow - I only realised more recently that Hindu religion has been a victim of inculturation since Jainism/Buddhism.)

I seem to be unique however - though I can't fathom why - in having objected (ever since I first noticed) to aliens dabbling in the vedam, which includes but is not limited to the modern trend of Hindus inducting aliens into the vedam, since aliens have been dabbling in it independent of tutoring too. And I've slowly changed over to objecting to initiating aliens into anything Hindu, or approving any dabbling. Ancient Hindus would not have allowed this**, despite Elst insisting they must (using his Argumentum Ad Oryanism - which has turned into the greatest excuse).

Have as yet Never But Never heard any Hindus complain about the alien "pure vedicist" types. And yet these last are really beyond any Hindus' worst nightmare. They are doing the Other replacement (a.o.t. replacement theology, which is done by missionary religions): pure vedicists try to take over Hindoo religion and replace you=Hindoos.

** Think deeply: would ancient Hindoos have allowed the christo-conditioned world any access at all, defined as the latter is by being bred by christianism as the desired replacement population upon christianism's genocide of Europe's native heathens. The very definition of mlecchas. Europeans are now essentially the product of convertibles and subvertibles alone: the insubvertibles were genocided/extincted long ago by the ancestors of the remaining Europeans. And the only Europeans who have yet managed to find their way back, find it back to their own *ancestral* heathenism/Gods, *never* to others' ethnic heathenisms.

Anyway, the whole need to subsume the traditional mathas is to force them/subsume their views into the sphere of oryanism, else there would continue to exist Hindoo traditions not infiltrated and which have a life and views independent of oryanism. Subverting mainstream/modern "Hindus" is not enough if the west wants total control and total hijacking of Hindoo stuffs for themselves. They need to subvert traditional transmission among Hindoo authorities that are/have been immune to oryanism thus far. As usual, time will tell how it will all play out.

In other news, seen at the rajeev2004 blog's twitter feed:

+ https :// twitter.com/trackevangelism/status/555972222951518209/photo/1

Quote:Tracking Evangelism ‏@trackevangelism

In 2011-2012, @googleindia donated 4.6 crs to Action Aid which funds political NGOs & churches http :// fcraonline.nic.in/fc3_verify.aspx?RCN=231661299R&by=2011-2012
(NGOs like ANHAD/Shabnam Hashmi etc, see image at twitter link.)

Hindoos should have collectively banned alien companies, startups and orgs in India. There is no way to make laws banning alien orgs from supporting churches etc. Hindus let in a trojan horse and now have to wait for the inevitable consequences to lead to the inevitable conclusions.

Next the same angelsk-speaking types will complain about the "incompetence" and "unsophistication" of the VHP/RSS in reconverting Hindus, despite the same angelsk-speaking types having supported and worked for the very organisations like Google India etc that have been facilitating conversions and christianisation of India and jihad (ANHAD).

It's too much too ask that angelsk-speaking vocalists do some reconversion activities themselves, but could they at least not have been/be *part* of the problem. And then they sneer at the "paltry" numbers of reverts that VHP brings home and the "crude fanfare" with which this is allegedly conducted. <- Sort of a summary for angelsk-speaking/modern Hindu nationalists.

+ Leela Samson suddenly retires with a lame excuse. But Rajeev Srinivasan supplies a highly likely reason.


Quote:rajeev srinivasan ‏@RajeevSrinivasa Jan 15

"#LeelaSamson resigns as Chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification, #CBFC pic.twitter.com/t9S2WdZ1y5" hope the bigot was fired

0 replies 26 retweets 11 favorites

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa - Jan 15

no, leela's cover is blown, they will now dump the Vatican plant @shoksing @MrsGandhi @timesofindia

View conversation

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+ dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2911990/PIERS-MORGAN-did-turning-cheek-turn-punching-face-Pope-Francis-does-mean-s-OK-shoot-too.html

Pope Francis has sided with the jihadis who attacked the Charlie Hebdo magazine, threatening that insults to "faith" are provocation to a violence that is deserved. Hey, if those are the rules, then fine by me: being a rowdy by nature, this is what I'm good at.

There is of course a threat to Hindus that's couched in Francis' message: the pope's statements are commandments to the faithful, and he is their rolemodel, his words leading by example. Whether European catholics still go by papal infallibility or not, Indian catholics do. So they are now going to go into physical assault mode, just like islamaniacs always do, if Hindus were to reveal any unsavory truth about christianism.

+ Another tweet:

Quote:rajeev srinivasan ‏@RajeevSrinivasa

Deeply anti Hindu wearing biggest bindis like Samson, brinda karat. Many rol♀in kerala too. Hindu ♀told to drop it. #Digestion of #bindi

Secular Indian ‏@secular786 23h23 hours ago

.@RajeevSrinivasa Missionaries deny bindi to Hindu kids in convent schools while they digest Hindu symbols & culture!

It's not digestion. It's appropriation for Replacement. And like the commenter at HK had said: inculturation is the first step and re-interpretation (to give it

a newfangled "christian" meaning) is the second step.

And when the ever growing number of progressive/modern "Hindus" have dropped it - as already discussed about Skt and carnatic music etc - christians will declare they're the ones who "saved/preserved" Indian culture suddenly dubbed "therefore christian".

Hindus faced Buddhist and Jain inculturation and re-interpretation in the past. Hindus lost a lot then, by (ill-advisedly) abandoning core Hindoo matters because of such Buddhist/Jain appropriation. E.g. Buddhist inculturation then appropriation of Indran and Brahma. (The beginnings are already seen in Silappadikaaram, when Indran for instance was still immensely important to and adored by Hindus - no less than Shiva and Vishnu - but when Buddhism etc had already started its inculturation routine on Indra.) Now Buddhism in E Asia etc claims that "unlike in Hinduism, Indra is still important in Buddhism". But they only ever had the Bauddhified *clones* of Indra and Brahma, i.e. fakes. And HindOOs never actually fully abandoned Indra etc, and even otherwise, other religions and entities - Indic or no - can Not inherit any part of Hindoo religion "by default". (Also Buddhism admits that its "Shakra" is a clone with a newly-minted distinct identity, and is specifically not the same as Vedic Indra despite having stolen his names and several of his features, see wackypedia references copied into IF on this.)

There, I said it.

On a smaller scale, such enforced Hindu amputation as a response to missionary inculturation/appropriation/subversion was already seen in the famous example of Hindoos dropping the padmam from Dakshinamoorty's hand after Buddhism had tried to inculturate on him via their Padmapani invention. Many such examples. But the strange late-Hindu apparent neglect of Indra and Brahma is famous, as is the fact that this change-over is conveniently regarded a "mystery". Note: the Hindu sect devoted to Brahma - comparable to Vaishnavas and Shaivas - was still attested in 4th century BCE or CE (can't remember, IIRC the former). But then...

Anyway. The history of Hindoo religion's face off against older missionary=inculturating religions shows that Hindu religion didn't entirely emerge unscathed. (And today the very class of vocalists warning against inculturation and appropriation by christianism like to pretend that all Hindoo things appropriated by Jainism/Buddhism belong "equally" to Jainism/Buddhism - presumably because these had stolen these Hindoo things long ago. Yet it is all the same missionary tactic.) So Hindoos need to learn from their own history. No losses of heathenism are minor.

Therefore Hindus must avoid dropping any aspect of Hindoo religion: not bindi, not veebooti or namam, not chandanam, not saree, not the prescribed items of jewellery, not thali, not flowers in the hair, not local dance forms and local Hindoo musical forms (singing to instruments and congregations), not our martial arts, not our siddha medicine or ayurveda (which Buddhists and Jains inculturated on too, so that it has suddenly become "all-Indian" - as per modern Hindus - never mind that ayurveda is the upaveda of IIRC the Rig Vedam), not ter/ratha yatras and utsavams (both inculturated upon by christianism since the colonial era), not melas, not our specific teerthas, not temple design, moorti design, temple elephants, go pooja (not inculturated upon yet by christianism), not vegetarianism, not stotras and mantras or forms of stotras and mantras, not the various rites of life like annaprashnam and vidyarambam, not bhakti (even today, Buddhism and Jainism laughably keep attempting to inculturate on bhakti by claiming to have invented it), etc. Not *anything* Hindoo.

Jainism and Buddhism are still at it too, e.g. trying to divorce Tirukkural and Tiruvalluvar from Hindoo religion, so that some modern Tamil Hindoos treat it as a suddenly secular/unaffiliated or Jain text and don't take these as seriously as Hindoos used to take it.

There's also the de-deifying of Hindu Gods and the de-sacralising of them, but this is done even by "Hindus" who then even object to Hindoos retaining their traditional views on such matters.
1. Important and eye-opening piece on why it was never a level playing field - why Hindus will never actually be able to compete fairly with missionary religions in India on a practical level because of laws already in place (the latter half of the article is the important part):


2. Couple more comments found at RealityCheck related to post 268 on the evangelical psy-ops and libel against Hindoos of Tirunchengode, followed by christomedia's push for freedom to libel Hindoos under a facade of "freedom of speech".

Quote:sundar said, on January 17, 2015 at 11:24 am

Jesuis Thiruchengode for sure. Prob with such books claiming to be true but based on hearsay is those very books, works are kept in foreign universities, banned in India, and Mcaulay Putras take such fiction as True history and teach our future generations.

Perumal's work sponsored by one India Arts ... which is in turn affliated to FordFoundation. So, we can safely assume their lopsided view of India reflecting in their sponsorships.


And a succinct summary of the whole enforced drama:

Quote:Sam said, on January 17, 2015 at 2:46 am

An interesting affair that is typical of the one-sided secularism that exists in India today. A Christian convert writes a fictional account involving his (pre-conversion) Hindu low caste community and a local temple where he insinuates that childless women of this community ritually prostitute themselves at a popular festival in order to conceive. The problem is that the locals have never heard about this manufactured "tradition" and they get quite upset over the book. No Charlie Hebdo-like massacre takes place, no physical violence is inflicted on the writer and his wife, not even a Pope Francis sanctioned punch. But some book copies might have been burned and demonstrations resorted. The locals boycott/shun the writer and his wife -- a la the peaceful Quakers or Shakers -- and they, in turn, attempt to make amends with their neighbors/community to calm the waters. Unfortunately for them the leftists and China's national mouthpiece move in claiming the freedom of speech to libel a community and how dare the locals be offended. Stuck in a no-win situation the writer feels increasingly hemmed in and declares that he no longer exists and that he is withdrawing all his books. At this, the leftists get whipped into an even bigger frenzy and the national media led by the China daily, without digging into the story or trying to ascertain all the facts, mindlessly accuse the RSS and national Hindu movements for being mindless instigators of censorship in the Modi era. A local affair gets nationalized and becomes another stick for the secular left to selectively beat up on Hindus in their desperate attempt to reverse their recent political losses.

(Only object to a single phrase, but I don't think it is the commenter's own choice of phrase/own view, but rather that they're trying to present a distant/disinterested external observer's assessment of the overall situation.)

Also I think the final conclusion is not quite complete. While the christomedia has wanted to tar the BJP and RSS etc as well (2 birds with one stone and all), the original core aim was and remains an attempt at psy-ops against the Hindus - it's why the Ford Foundation is involved and why the author is a handpicked christist who made up libel against a Hindoo community, and why Penguin picked up the book for mass publishing. It is intended to hereafter be disseminated as the "received wisdom" about the traditions of the Hindoos in question. As "sundar" observed very correctly above:

Quote:Prob with such books claiming to be true but based on hearsay is those very books, works are kept in foreign universities, banned in India, and Mcaulay Putras take such fiction as True history and teach our future generations.

Further new comments have appeared at the link. Among those worth reading is one by an "xyz", who gives a first-hand account of the behaviour of N.Ram of Chindu infamy and the others of the christocommunist fringe, when xyz tried to speak to them in person. N.Ram sounds just like the Sagarikas and Rajdeeps: with a definite agenda, implaccable on how Hindus/Hindoo religion must be dealt with, and of course hypocritical. And they know they can get away with it, too: has the christomedia not successfully silenced practically all news on the arrest (without bail) of lawyer Vijay Gaekwad for allegedly offending islamic sensibilities with some alleged comment about the first Mohammedan aka the puppet? Who or what but a motivated christomedia would avoid all mention of something so important and shocking as warrants much media coverage and protestation?

Quote:Mac said, on January 16, 2015 at 2:24 pm

In this context,I would like to draw the attention of the readers, the comments of Pope wrt France episode.
Oh but no. There's one rule for catholics - like N. Ram (a cryptocatholic technically, and communist too, like a good adherent of liberation theology) and one for Hindus.

And the news was:


Quote:sundar said, on January 17, 2015 at 11:24 am


Perumal's work sponsored by one India Arts ... which is in turn affliated to FordFoundation.

Which makes the exact sort of connections as this thread was originally about: a '6 degrees of separation' type connect-the-dots game on how every visitation of "misfortune" upon Hindus always derives from very predictable sources acting with intent: christianism + AmeriKKKan orgs (sometimes via islam/with help of an islamic intermediary, though not in this case).
And the soap opera drags on. Headless, pointless. Asking questions of Tharoor to which they already know the answer.

Wait, this is India. Where soap dramas have no end. Should have known...


Quote:Shashi Tharoor grilled for 4 hours in Sunanda Pushkar murder case

IndiaToday.in New Delhi, January 20, 2015 | UPDATED 09:24 IST

Shashi Tharoor

AdTech Ad

Shashi TharoorShashi Tharoor was intensely questioned on Monday night for about four hours by a special team of Delhi Police on the circumstances leading to the mysterious death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar a year back and her spat with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar over her links with the Congress MP.

Tharoor's questioning, which started around 8 PM ended around midnight. He left in his vehicle without responding to questions from waiting media. Police too refused to divulge any details of what transpired during the questioning, reported PTI.

Police sources said that this was the first round of questioning and Tharoor may be called again.Read: Sunanda Pushkar case: SIT questions Shashi Tharoor

However, sources said that the former Union minister was asked about the 15 injuries on her body, especially injury number ten which was an injection mark as the medical report has indicated that the poison which caused her death could have either been taken orally or injected.

He was also asked about the reason of the tiff the couple had on the flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Delhi on January 15 following which she left him at the airport and checked in at Leela Hotel.

Tharoor was asked whether Sunanda was suffering from any disease and the kind of medication she was taking. He was quizzed about the empty Alprax tablets which were found in the hotel room and who used to consume it as the viscera tests were found negative for it. Read: SIT says Sunanda, Tharoor argued over writer Katie

He was queried whether she was suffering from Lupus (a kind of skin disorder) as was speculated.

A visibly glum Tharoor faced searching questions nearly three weeks after a case of murder was registered on the basis of a medical report that concluded that she died of poisoning.

This is for the first time Tharoor has been questioned on death of 52-year-old Sunanda by the police. He was earlier examined by the SDM who was carrying out an inquest proceeding in the case. She was found dead at a luxury hotel on January 17 last year.

A five-member Special Investigation team comprises DCP(South) Prem Nath, Additional DCP PS Kushwah besides three officers.

Tharoor, donning a blue shirt and a black jacket, reached the office of Anti Auto Theft Squad (AATS) in South Delhi's Vasant Vihar area. Tharoor was issued a notice by SIT to join the investigation.

The Congress MP had a meeting with his lawyers at his residence in Lodhi Estate before proceeding to SIT's temporary office which has been heavily barricaded to keep a waiting media at bay.

The sources said that Tharoor got emotional at times as he faced a volley of questions from the SIT.

The former Union minister was also quizzed about another woman who his domestic help Narayan named in frequent tiffs between the couple.

Tharoor was asked about the last time he saw Sunanda alive and the happenings on the night of January 17 when he first found her dead at the hotel suite.

Among the questions he faced was at what time he left the AICC venue for the hotel and what did he do when there was no response to his calls to Sunanda during the day.

He was also asked when was the time fissures started to appear between him and Sunanda and what were the reasons for it. He was asked about his visit to Dubai and his alleged meeting with Mehr Tarar there.

He was asked whether he had had any scuffle with Sunanda on the intervening night of January 16 and 17 which had led to the injury marks on her body and the broken glass pieces in the room.

Police wanted him to list out the people who had met them at the hotel and why they had called doctors to the hotel room instead of rushing her to a nearby hospital when they had found that "something has happened to her".

Sources said that police will tally his version today with what he gave to the SDM last year to see whether there are any discrepancies.

Sunanda was found dead in her suite at Leela Palace hotel on January 17 last year, a day after she was involved in a spat with Mehr Tarar on micro-blogging website twitter over the latter's alleged affair with Tharoor.

Some of those questioned in the case so far include Tharoor's domestic help Narayan Singh, family friend Sanjay Dewan, the hotel doctor who pronounced her dead and hotel staff including its manager.

Sources said that police will also question in a day or two a woman journalist with whom Sunanda had spoken before her death and Tharoor's PS Abhinav Kumar who had informed the then SHO of Sarojini Nagar police station about the death.

Soap cum circus. The crucial information will never be known as the police seems more interested in running a pointless show to catch a singular culprit (when there is actually more than 1) rather than the bigger scarier question-marks which concern the nation's security. Like, how much did Tharoor blab to his Paki (ISI) love interest? What was Sunanda going to reveal? Some little political indiscretion/treachery by Tharoor? And the housekeeper said Sunanda had already revealed it to the media, so why isn't Barkha on the list of those to be investigated? (Interrogation will be pointless as Barkha and gang would have already swept away all evidence. Better to impound all her devices and use a file recovery program on her mobile devices, personal laptops/desktops, work machines, etc. See if any deleted files contain relevant info. Doubt it. But sure would be fun to trouble Burkha. And who knows, maybe some of her other criminal activities might turn up...)


Quote:SIT reveals Sunanda Pushkar, Shashi Tharoor argued over writer Katherine Abraham

Mahender Singh Manral | Mail Today | New Delhi, January 15, 2015 | UPDATED 13:51 IST

Special Investigation Team's (SIT) probe into the murder mystery of Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor, wife of former Union minister Shashi Tharoor, has now revealed that a woman called Katie, over whom the couple reportedly argued, is actually Thiruvananthapuram-based author named Katherine Abraham.


(Nothing useful about Katie except the following. Basically, the media attention is all a PR campaign to boost the popularity of some no doubt 3rd rate book by total unknown christo Katie.)

Meanwhile, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday also claimed on his Twitter account that Katie is actually Katherine Abraham. However, Swamy later tweeted, "My information is from the police. I made no such claim. I said Katie is a girl called Katherine, but will not identify her because she is not involved in the murder."

(Delhi police is now just dragging deliberately. Katie is an obvious red herring. Never mind, the KKKangressi media circus will continue. I understand Delhi is still ruled by AAP? No wonder the Delhi police is so slow, must be a commandment from higher-ups: "there Shall Be bureaucratic red tape, incompetence, bumbling... But make like you're doing something. Lots of hullabaloo, regular news reports about nothing etc." AAP is communist, after all.)


Meanwhile, sources told Mail Today that SIT investigators believe that someone close to Sunanda could have injected the poison into her body that led to her death. "It is a clear case of poisoning and we need to find out the motive behind this murder," the police source said.

(Ya don't say. Finally, the police is catching on. A little slow, but "you can do it".)

Investigation into the case has so far revealed that Sunanda was restless and was clearly unhappy during her last days. "There are some contradictory statements on her mental state as people close to Tharoor have told SIT sleuths that there was no problem in the couple's relationship. However, a lot of people we questioned said Sunanda was clearly very disturbed," a source said, adding that her brother Rajesh Pushkar told the police that his sister was happy in her life. Sunanda had never complained against Tharoor, but she was a bit depressed due to controversies surrounding IPL and an ugly Twitter spat with Tarar, Rajesh had said.

(Delhi police is veering off course into "Sunanda was depressed" territory. Next they may conclude she poisoned herself to make it look like murder and throw suspicions on the "innocent" ISI and treacherous Tharoor. Convolutions are nothing when it comes to defending KKKangressi hits.)

Wow is the Delhi police slow. Everything they have "discovered" was already pieced together by Sunanda's twitter friends immediately upon Sunanda's death and by Subrahmanya Swami. Delhi police may as well drop their own investigations and just carry over the tweeters & S Swami's conclusions as well: time to nab Tharoor, KKKangressis and expose the ISI.
1. indiafacts.co.in/evangelism-made-andhra-economic-cultural-spiritual-ruin/

Apparently AP is on its way to becoming christian state. Wonder whether they're competing with TN?

2. indiafacts.co.in/harsh-manders-article-ghar-wapsi-conceals-christian-funders/

Mander seems to work for multiple christian orgs - of course he'd be attacking reversion activities - so can file the allegedly "Sikh" Mander under cryptochristo. And then there's this:


Quote:2. Harsh Mander

Mr Mander is a Sikh but finds it expedient to discard the identifying Sikh name of ‘Singh’ so as to be ‘secular’. He has never spoken up for Indian Sikhs victimised in the 1984 killings and still un-served by justice, but has no qualms serving the interests of American Sikhs determinedly dogmatising their faith.

3. indiafacts.co.in/religious-crusades-cia/

is the new link for the article contents pasted in #264 - the one that revealed how Wendy's dad, Mr Doniger, was not Jewish but an evangelical christian with missionary zeal. The images used for the article when it was at swarajyamag have been changed for other ones at indiafacts. Not that it is actually important, but Swarajyamag's choice of imgs for the article can still be seen at [https] libya360.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/the-religious-crusades-of-the-cia/ )
1. indiafacts.co.in/pattanam-excavations-prove-myth-st-thomas/

More scary stuff: christianism is heavily investing in rewriting the history of Kerala and TN to declare that the south was "originally" christian - and Buddhist and Jain, for now too - anything but what it really was originally (Hindu).

The Indic minorities must be pleased (they won't be when christianism eventually turns their attention to them).

Btw, seems that Silappadikaaram was not originally dated 2nd century CE - even that turns out to have been a more recently assigned date, though pushed down later still in even more recent decades (to the 5th century CE and even the 8th cent CE by christianism). Apparently, Silappadikaaram had earlier on been dated to 2nd century BCE, and every older Tamizh Hindoo text was back then accordingly dated earlier w.r.t it.

Anyway, the desperation to project very late dates onto Adigal/Silappadikaaram, Tiruvalluvar/Tirukkural down to an 8th century date for Adi Shankara is so obviously part of the project to christianise the history of India's Hindu south.

2. Archiving links on Leela Samson, the faithful catholic batting for christianism. In order of decreasing importance -




By Atanu Dey Commentary, Foreign Affairs, Politics January 24, 2015

India shouldn’t mourn a terror-sponsor

Quote:I am appalled by PM Narendra Modi’s decision to declare a national day of mourning on King [of Saudi Arabia] Abdullah’s death. That’s saying something since it takes quite a lot to get me riled up. Does not Modi know that Saudi Arabia must have sent tens of millions of dollars for actively campaigning against the BJP and in all probability (at least indirectly) funded Islamic terrorists to assassinate him? The man who died presided over an inhuman system. He was someone who should be shunned, not celebrated. And Shri Modi declares a day of national mourning for the death of a man who was India’s enemy? I would have expected this “mourning” from the spineless Dr Manmohan Singh.

Won't rebuild Sri Rama mandiram in Ayodhya, won't bring down christoislamic evangelical demographic jihad, won't put an end to temple looting or AP govt's sponsorship of christianism, but fawns over terror-sponsor Saudi King. Modi really has his priorities mixed up. Well, development is surely Da most important thing for India, and there is clearly nothing more urgent... I don't think future Indians will even have the luxury of hindsight (in the exact same way TSP-ers don't have objective hindsight either).

How I miss the days when there were still HindOOs ruling in India, like Shivaji.

Speaking of the HindOO Hero=kShatriya: I hear that recently, in Hyderabad, Owaisi's islamaniacs pulled down a statue of Shivaji, see web search results below. [Wasn't Owaisi that well-known ISI-class jihadi=genocidal islamaniac who infamously promised to ethnically cleanse the region of Hindus (i.e. genocide) if he could but get the law enforcement to stay away for a short time?]

Just like MBh and Ramayanam and all of Hindoodom ultimately, Shivaji is also clearly wasted on modern Hindus. Never remotely saw him as a tragic figure before now. But what do you call a great hero who expends supreme efforts to safeguard a heathenism which is eventually trivialised into nonsense/new-ageism/unheathenism, and his efforts ultimately reversed, thereby turning his life into a great futility? <- That is after all what modern India has done to Shivaji et al. Modern "Hindus" are a bunch of ingrates. Plus, it bears observing how the increase in de-heathenisation in India is directly proportional to the increase in cowardice. The emasculation of modern non-christoislamic India has reached epidemic levels now.

Quote:Mild tension at Kishanbagh | GHMC removes Shivaji ...

Video for Hyderabad statue Shivaji 11:03 11:03


Dec 29, 2014 - Uploaded by Ind ToDay

Mild tension at Kishanbagh | GHMC removes Shivaji Maharaj statue from ... Hyderabad news,hyd news ...

Images for Hyderabad statue ShivajiReport images

Image result for Hyderabad statue Shivaji

Image result for Hyderabad statue Shivaji

Image result for Hyderabad statue Shivaji

Image result for Hyderabad statue Shivaji

More images for Hyderabad statue Shivaji

Shivaji's statue removed from Kishan Bagh area in ... - Reddit


Dec 30, 2014 - Shivaji's statue removed from Kishan Bagh area in Hyderabad by Owaisi [goons] ... 2522. 2523. Top 6 biggest statues in the worldpicture (i.imgur.com).

Shivaji's statue removed from Kishan Bagh area in ... - Reddit


Dec 30, 2014 - Shivaji Statue removed in from Kishan Bagh Area in Hyderabad. once again MIM pressure works on police @HDLindiaOrg pic.twitter.com ...

Statue Of Sri Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Marata Navayuvak Mandal


Google+ page

Unnamed Rd, Shivaji Nagar, N.M.Guda, Attapur

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport



602 Google reviews


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

+91 40 6654 6370

Map results for Hyderabad statue Shivaji

Ramesh Solanki - Statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj...


Statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj removed by MIM goons in Hyderabad and our PM Narendra Modi is quite , has he forgotten the slogan "Chatrapati...

(No no no. Modi is too busy kissing up to Saudi. Will be remembered as the last Hindu nationalist govt and the one which further helped deliver India into christoislam. I should say: fondly remembered. By christoislam. Three cheers for development. Yipee-kay-yay.)

Shivaji statue removed in hyderabad by MIM One ... - Twitter


Dec 31, 2014 - Shivaji statue removed in hyderabad by MIM One day it will be us hindus removed @cric_ashok @upma23 @iHardikBhatt pic.twitter.com/ ...

Chintamani on Twitter: "MT @pragnik: SHOCK to NATION ...


Dec 29, 2014 - Shivaji Statue removed from Kishan Bagh in Hyderabad under the pressure of MIM pic.twitter.com/ox0iGd7Ulv. 0 replies 94 retweets 11 ...

GEETA KAPOOR on Twitter: "Shivaji statue removed in ...


Dec 30, 2014 - Shivaji statue removed in hyderabad by MIM One day it will be us hindus removed @HDLindiaOrg @Rajput_Ramesh pic.twitter.com/ ...

Praveen Saini on Twitter: "Shivaji Statue removed in from ...


Dec 29, 2014 - Shivaji Statue removed in from Kishan Bagh Area in Hyderabad. once ... @Aghorii2 @HDLindiaOrg Hyderabad police comes under Centre.

Hyderabad Airport HYD India to Shivaji Statue - Rome2rio



Quote:[–]KGKi 4 points 26 days ago

DelhiSlaveMedia silent

(Descriptive username. Yet more proof that Indian ELM=christomedia and that christianism in India works very closely with islam: seen in how christomedia facilitates the jihad by silencing where possible and whitewashing where necessary and inverting where they can get away with it.)

owaisi is planning to turn telangana into a nizami brothel for his arab bandit masters.


(But it's not just Owaisi and Indian islamics who defer to islamaniac Arab masters is it?)

[–]TweetPoster 1 point 26 days ago


2014-12-30 03:34:51 UTC

Shivaji Statue removed in from Kishan Bagh Area in Hyderabad.

once again MIM pressure works on police @HDLindiaOrg pic.twitter.com [Imgur]
Hyderabad (all of AP) is like Kashmir/NE: christoislam is getting away with the same crimes and again in broad daylight. Probably islam is preparing for another ethnic cleansing in Telangana as it did in Kashmir. All the signs are there. And christianism will turn the remaining part of AP into the next christian NE.

Anyway, don't need a crystal ball to predict the future of India (=TSP 2.0/Work in Progress) and its Hindus. Hindus in several parts of India are already treated like those in TSP. And can only expect more of the same from christoislam. With acceleration. And there's certainly no resistance to be expected from any "Hindu" nationalist govt in power either.

Oh forgot the silver lining. It will all be so deserved this time: as India - including the NRI scape - secularises/de-heathenises in future, and devolves into more new-ageyness among those who still (mystifyingly and pointlessly) clinge to the Hindu/heathen label, if all these then get forcibly converted to christoislamania - new-ageists/subvertibles, quelle difference, n'est-ce pas? - would anybody *really* care? But in terms of damage control: just need to make sure not to enable any more alien dabbling, then at least other heathenisms won't have to deal with more of *that* fallout. Need to contain the problem/the disease to within India and Hindu-dom.

The news was:


By Atanu Dey Commentary, Foreign Affairs, Politics January 24, 2015

India shouldn’t mourn a terror-sponsor

Quote:I am appalled by PM Narendra Modi’s decision to declare a national day of mourning on King [of Saudi Arabia] Abdullah’s death. That’s saying something since it takes quite a lot to get me riled up. Does not Modi know that Saudi Arabia must have sent tens of millions of dollars for actively campaigning against the BJP and in all probability (at least indirectly) funded Islamic terrorists to assassinate him? The man who died presided over an inhuman system. He was someone who should be shunned, not celebrated. And Shri Modi declares a day of national mourning for the death of a man who was India’s enemy? I would have expected this “mourning” from the spineless Dr Manmohan Singh.

1. AP christogovt promises welfare schemes=reservations for "christian dalits", sneakily bypassing national-level govt discussion on this matter.

Another item on the christian To Do list ticked off.


Quote:Rs 10-Cr Christian Bhavan to Come up

By Express News Service

Published: 19th December 2014 06:00 AM

Last Updated: 19th December 2014 08:08 AM

Email 11

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said a Christian Bhavan would be built in Hyderabad at an estimated cost of `10 crore by next year catering to the needs of community.

Speaking at Christmas celebrations organised by the Greater Hyderabad United Christmas Celebrations Committee, he said the foundation stone for the same would be laid in this very month. On the same lines, he said a separate Christian Board would be established for the benefit of the community. Assuring that all Dalit Christians would be extended help, he said they would be brought under the ambit of welfare schemes.

“It is illogical to say a Dalit Christian is not entitled to welfare schemes of the government initiated for Dalits,” he remarked.

(Uh, it's illogical to say "dalit christian" full stop.

Christianism promised its converts that there will be no more caste and no more casteism upon conversion.

Christianism already gives converts money from Hindoo pockets: more than 15% of temple wealth and donations goes to christianism.

And now the cryptochristians in AP govt - which moron still believes these to be Hindus? - has promised tax money to prop up christianism too, taken mostly from the majority Hindoo taxpayers'.

And then there's the huge amount of money from the christowest coming in to support evangelisation in India - much of it looted from Hindu temples and laundered overseas via black markets.

AP christogovt knows full well that it isn't the "christian dalits" or christians that are poor. But, as always, it is christians in India and other unconverted lands that are the thieves of native=heathen wealth. Note how christians - like muslims - are always nothing more than a drain on a heathen nation's economy. A sink or black hole where native heathens are forced to throw their money into, to feed the monster and make the blackhole grow that sucks out all life from heathen nations.)

Anyway, another christian burden on Hindoo tax payers' purses: note how "secular" (i.e. cryptochristo) govt forces Hindoos to fund conversions and induce more to convert to christianism. Brilliant no? It's an age-old christian tactic, goes back all the way to christianising Rome itself. (Future forecast: Rome itself didn't last too long after christianism either. Some Indian equivalent of Santa Augustine will pen the Indian excuse equivalent to Augustine's apology for why gawd ordained Rome to fall. <- Indirect admission of christian guilt.)

And here are catholic ragazines/mouthpieces, of course they make sure to present it innocuously (insidiously):

- deccanchronicle.com/141222/nation-current-affairs/article/telangana-cm-k-chandrasekhar-rao-vows-bhavan-telangana-state

- thehindu.com/news/national/telangana/kcr-announces-christian-bhavan-with-rs-10-cr/article6705134.ece

2. Repeat of older news:


Official AP govt site.

Listing the Andhra Pradesh christian government's special welfare schemes exclusively for christians*. Even Hindoo forms of philanthropia - such as mass marriages - are inculturated upon and used to promote christianism.

* Quite reminiscent of Rome's successive christogovts providing incentives for christians in Rome: special positions for christian soldiery, special monetary remuneration packages for Roman soldiers converted to christianism, special funds for churches (then too, taken from the native Roman temples: can people recognise the christian hand in AP? Or are there still people with "delicate sensibilities" who insist on not noticing and who don't want christoislam's hand in the "anti-India" nexus - actually anti-Hindu nexus alone - fingerpointed?)


Quote:Laws of Constantine

The Edict of Milan, co-authored with murdered pagan co-emperor Licinius, ensured religious freedom of Christians.

Thereafter, the Laws of Constantine, in "redressing" injuries done to the Christians [when they were traitors to the Empire], heaped favours upon them:

[Besides the] laws for the redress of injuries done to Christians; such as release of prisoners and those in servitude, and the restoration of property

"The Church is the heir of those who leave no kindred; and free gifts to it are confirmed";

"Those who have purchased property belonging to the Church or received it as a gift, are to restore it." (Eusebius, Vita Constantine, N&PNF. Bk. II, chs. xxiv-xliii.)

"Granting Money to the Churches." (Ib. Bk, x, ch. vi.)

"Catholic Clergy exempt from Certain Civic Duties." (Code Theod. xvi, 2, 1; 313.)

"The Catholic Church freed from Tribute." (Id. xi, 1, 1; 815.) "Clergymen freed from Financial Burdens." (Id. xvi, 2, 2; 319.) "The Church allowed to Receive Bequests." (Id. xvi, 2, 4; 321.)

"Bishop's Powers as Judges and Witnesses": "Whatever may be settled by a sentence of bishops shall ever be held as sacred and venerable ... All testimony given, even by a single bishop, shall be accepted without hesitation, by every judge, neither shall the testimony of any other witness be heard, when the testimony of a bishop is brought forward by either party"! (Const. Sirm. i; 333.)

"The Day of the Sun a Time of Rest." "All judges, and city folk and all craftsmen shall rest on the venerated day of the Sun." (Cod. Just. iii, 12, 2; 321.)


Laws of Honorius and Arcadius

"Pagan Holidays Abolished." (Cod. Theod. ii, 8, 22; 895.)

"Privileges of Pagan Priests Abolished." (Id. xvi, 10, 14; 396.)

"Rural Temples to be Destroyed." (Id. xvi. 10, 16; 399.)

"Temples to be Appropriated by the Churches." (Id. xvi, 5, 43; 408.)

"Temples to be Appropriated by the Churches. Temple Buildings and their Revenues to be Confiscated and idols and Shrines to be Destroyed." (Id. xvi, 5, 43; xvi, 10, 19; 407.)

"Only Catholics to Serve as Palace Guards." (Cod. Theod. xvi. 5, 42; 408.)

"Laws Against the Pagans to be Enforced": "The Donatists and other vain heretics and those others who cannot be converted to the worship of the Catholic communion, Jews and Gentiles who are vulgarly known as pagans; ... Let all judges understand, and not fail to carry out all decrees against such persons." (Id. xvi,. 5, 46; 409.)

"Pagans Barred from Civil and Military Offices." (Id. xvi, 10, 21; 416.)

"Existing Laws against Pagans to be Enforced." (Id. xvi, 10, 22; 423.)

"Pagans Who Sacrifice Shall Lose their Property and be Exiled"' (Id. xvi, 10, 23; 423.)

"Pagan Superstition to be Rooted Out": "We are extirpating all heresies and all falsehoods, all schisms and all superstitions of the pagans and all errors that are inimicable to the Catholic religion. ... And since all attempt at supplication is denied forever, they will be punished with the severity befitting crimes." (Id. xvi, 5, 63; 423.)

"Pagans Barred from Pleading a Case or Serving as Soldiers": "... and every sect unfriendly with the Catholics should be driven out of every city in order that they may not be sullied by the contagious presence of criminals. We deny to Jews or pagans the right of pleading a case in court or of serving as soldiers." (Const. Sirm. No. 6; 425.)


-- Forgery in Christianity, by Joseph Wheless

Deja Vu, Rome part II. :rhyme:

The news is in the first half of this post.
0. Typical christian: urges cryptochristianism and attacks Hindu-dom under a fake persona/Hindu name.


by Radha Rajan

Quote:Letter to the TN Chief Secretary seeking Umashankar IAS’ dismissal

Sub: Umashankar IAS must be dismissed and prosecuted under the law

Respected Mr. Chief Secretary, Mr. Home Secretary, Mr. Director-General of Police, namaskar. Smt. Uma Anandan and I wish to place on record our deepest gratitude to Mr. Chief Secretary for issuing notice to Umashankar IAS to desist from undertaking Christian missionary work on the grounds this is conduct unbecoming of a serving IAS officer.

This man when he was Chairman Co-optex removed all pictures of Hindu gods from the office claiming secularism the convenient fig-leaf of all charlatans doing politics of minority-ism. Mr. Chief Secretary, Umashankar is supposed to have said that the Indian Constitution gives religious minorities then right to preach and propagate their religion. This Sir, is only half the truth. The other half of the truth was pronounced by the Supreme Court in the Rev Stanislaus vs Madhya Pradesh, 1977 SCR (2) 611 case when it observed that to propagate does not include proselytising and religious conversion.

Umashankar hiding behind the Constitution says he is free to preach and propagate and how people receive it is their business. Umashankar also claims he is a Hindu by birth and a Christian by faith which is an onion that when pealed has no meaning. People who are born Hindus have been converted by lure of money, bribes, inducements and also by the sword in different periods of history. If he is a Christian “by faith” he is a Christian who because he belongs to the Pallar community hid his caste submitted a fake certificate and exhorted other Dalit Christians also to do the same.

Uma shankar is a fraudster who despite being a Christian failed to legalise his practicing the Christian religion simply to avail of benefits given by the state to Hindu scheduled castes Umashankar was dismissed from the services for submitting a fake certificate to join the IAS, for fraud.

When reinstated in September 2010, he told the media, “All my 11 siblings have all along remained Hindus. But my mother named me Ashok and got it recorded in my SSLC book that I was a Christian Pallar. My father was agitated over that and there used to be a lot of violence at home. Finally, when I was doing my final year in college, my father got me officially converted to Hinduism, changed my name to Uma Shankar and also got it notified in the government gazette.” He added, “My community certificate was verified by state government officials twice, based on a request from the Union Public Service Commission in 1990. On the government’s instruction, the Tirunelveli collector had once again summoned me for yet another inquiry about the community certificate, but the state government has no locus standi to initiate such an inquiry when my employer was the UPSC or the central government. Let me make it clear now. For the past two years, I am a practising Christian. However, I have not changed my religion legally.”

Speaking to the media in Tirunelveli on 21 September 2010 on the issue of reservation for dalit Christians, he advised Hindu Dalits to convert to Christianity personally and remain as Hindus officially (legally), to enjoy reservation benefits. “I have been a Christian for the past two years. However, while joining the service, I was a dalit Hindu,” he boasted. He urged the dalits to go out of the Hindu fold, that “promotes untouchability”, but be careful not to mention this in their certificates. “Be baptised but don’t get the certificate. Go to churches of your choice but don’t sign in the church records.” Mr. Umashankar called for a constitutional amendment to extend benefits to dalits Christians.

As the two attachments which I append with this mail attest, Umashankar is a snake-oil salesman, a religious charlatan who wants people to convert to Christianity with the threat that the Christian God sent tsunami upon the world as punishment for worshiping false gods.

Umashankar not only must be dismissed from the services for his threat and for his religious view but also thrown in prison for asserting by implication that Hindus worship”false gods”. Hindus cannot be blamed for protesting against this charlatan. To avert any further worsening of law and order situation in TN, we the undersigned request Mr. Chief Secretary to place a gag order against Umashankar, and if he fails to adhere to the notification, to be dismissed from service and prosecuted under the law for insulting the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Yours’ truly,

Radha Rajan, Author, Political Analyst and Animal activist

Uma Anandan, Activist.

28th January, 2015

Better than firing him would be to ship him and any other christos in his family one-way to TSP.

But firing him (and all his cryptochristian relations preferrably) would be the minimum.

1. indiafacts.co.in/foreign-funding-details-evangelical-organizations-kerala/

via haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19416

Goes with the following links archived in the christianism thread:

Quote: indiafacts.co.in/list-chennai-based-evangelical-organizations-receiving-foreign-funding/

indiafacts.co.in/how-many-suresh-mondithokas-prey-daily-on-tirumala/ (see also the comments section)


indiafacts.co.in/fcra-funding-expose-part-2-evangelists-buying-land-india/ (see also the comments section)





indiafacts.co.in/fcra-funding-expose-part-2-evangelists-buying-land-india/ (see also the comments section)

2. More on supercreep Sheldon Pollock (keep wanting to say Sidney Pollock, confused by Sidney Sheldon and Sidney Pollack):


3. indiafacts.co.in/census-2011-religious-imbalance-worsens/

Analysis based on the crumbs of 2011 census data dropped by christomedia. Christomedia of course only mentioned islam - and probably the figures are not honest here either - and kept deliberate silence on christian figures* (but American missions have proclaimed that India now has 150 million christians infesting it - should all be sent back to TSP.)

* Comparable to how India's christomedia mentions cases of islamic terrorism and criminality in India when it has to, but whitewashes them. But christomedia maintains a studied silence on christian terrorism and mass-criminality in India. <= The fact that the same is happening with the carefully guarded secrets of the 2011 census is yet another indication of how christianism has control not just of christomedia but at very high levels in India.

BTW, Hindoos in India would be a very small number now. After accounting for cryptochristos (not just christian "dalits") and communists - both being christians who tend to keep Hindu names for public purposes - and discounting non-Hindoo Indics (Buddhists etc), and being forced to not count Hindoos who no have been brainwashed by christoism to view their religion as distinct from Hindoo heathenism (then again, certain "Hindu" nationalists did threaten that there is no such thing as Hindus - and hence Hinduism - unless Hindoos regarded Jains and Buddhists and Sikhs as Hindus too, so I suppose this development is just desserts for them),

after all that, the most imperative thing to do is to discount all the gangrene: new-ageists, Bauddhified, non-heathen, de-heathenised entities. I.e. all those that dumped tradition and invented their own thing in the assumption that any elective nonsense must be regarded as Hinduism too.

Whatever they want, as Hindu means anything and means anyone Indian (including christoislamics), so yeah, gangrene is about as "Hindu" as christoislamics are.

But what heathens would want to know is the number of Hindoos, i.e. Hindu heathens, in India (traditionalists) still in their ethnic ancestral religion (obviously not counting alien dabblers, whose ancestral religion is something else). The number of Hindoos is I think much lower. And, let's be frank, they're the only ones that matter, since the only reason anyone pretends to be concerned about the developments seen in each census is because of heathenism and heathenism alone (no one cares about new-ageism, except new-ageists).

The internet is not a good indication of the ratio of Hindoos to Hindus (which latter includes gangrene). On the internet it is 1:100 or even 1:500.

On the ground - at least in my and neighbouring states - it was higher. [On temple premises in India's temples it used to be 100%, but now aliens, dabblers and BR-type new-ageists have started to invade temples, so let's say 90%.]

I'd estimate optimistically that the % of Hindoos=heathens of the Hindu religion in India is 35% if not less. (Takes into account the correlation between angelsk-speaking and de-heathenisation.)

The percentage of christians in India is definitely the 150 million=15% as American missions have claimed and probably more. (Not because American evangelicals didn't exaggerate, but because this is offset by catholic and other cryptochristians.)

The percentage of islamics in India has to take into account both infiltration from TSP-E and TSP-W as well as their deliberately multiplying at a high rate all these years for their planned demographic jihad (which is more likely to happen when "Hindus" in India become a minority or on par with christians, at which point christianism will feel the jihad no less). I'd say islam is at 15% to 18%.

So with about 30% to 35% of India as christoislamic, the number of other minorities (Parsee, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist) at a negligeable 5% [even if neo-Buddhists really ought to be counted with christoislamania], the non-christian communists may be at 1-2% at most, the number of non-crypto i.e. actual atheists/genuine non-religious may be at 2% too [these are the ones that don't leech off heathenism labels],

that leaves 55% to "Hindus" and other heathens (NE Shamanists are miniscule because of christianism and Bon is probably just a percentage of a percentage). Of the say 53% "Hindus", many would be the modern agnostics or atheists who insist on the "Hindu" label - these are the kind that like to freeload off heathenism on the "Hindu" ticket, probably because they want to claim Hindu "civilisation" - who'd be at least 10% if not 15%. Then there's new-agey entities and subversionists who'd be say 10%.

So, yeah, 35% at most for actual Hindoo heathens (and other heathens) is a very optimistic estimate.

"Unity" nonsense is NOT relevant. What matters, all that matters, is *heathenism* and hence the number of heathens: for any heathen population, it is of interest - and for Hindoos, it is moreover of great importance - to discover the actual number of Hindoo heathens in India. It would give a realistic view of how great the loss has been to Hindoo-dom from all forms such as de-heathenisation, subversion and other alienation. It also indicates what Hindoo heathens yet stand to lose.

Of course, heathens are not the only ones interested in knowing this number. More interested is christianism (it is the whole reason for christianism's subversion and psyops and miseducation programmes: to de-heathenise people.) So of course christianism wants to know. Sure, christianism already knows it has been quite successful, but it would very much like to now the quantitative value of that success.

But that's exactly the sort of information that any census of religion in India wouldn't ever provide. Besides, no new-agey or bauddhified or otherwise subverted Hindu would tick "new-ageist/Bauddified/otherwise subverted", after all, despite how even non-Indian heathens like Taoists can recognise non-heathen 'Hindus' easily.
4. Related to HK links on ghar wapasi archived in the christian missionaries thread.


Quote:Ghar Wapsi in Tamil Nadu: Hindu Makkalkatchi reconverts nine

31/01/2015 07:26:52 PTI

Amid raging controversy over 'ghar wapsi', nine persons, including three couples, were reconverted to Hindu religion after being Christians for over a decade at a brief ceremony here today.

Deivanayagi, her husband Sekar, Annakili and her spouse Rajendran and Lakshmi and her husband Jeyaraman were the couples who were reconverted at a brief ceremony.

Besides them, Jamuna, Nagamma and Mouli Velu were the others who returned to the Hindu faith.

All of them hail from suburban Minjur here and are construction labourers.

They were sprinkled with Ganga waters, turmeric tinged rice after brief prayers that began with a Vedic hymn to Lord Ganesha.

State General Secretary of Hindu Makkal Katchi Rama Ravikumar led the ceremony and prayers.

Deivanayagi and Sekar said they became Christians 17 years ago as the local Church allegedly promised them houses to live if they got converted.

Annakili and Rajendran said they became Christians a decade ago. Lakshmi and Jayaraman said they followed the Christian faith for six years.

"We were given houses on rent by them and we faced social problems in our community after we converted," they said.

Jamuna said, she became Christian as she was promised a "bountiful life with no worries," if she chose that faith. "I have kids and I am a labourer..I saw no change in life after I converted..Also Church demanded money for several purposes and I could not give."

Nagamma, too, said she was offered "house to live" over a decade ago when missionaries approached her.

Persuasion was also cited as one reason for them to choose Christianity and all of them claimed that they had followed that faith for many years and chose to return "voluntarily."

The ceremony was held at the Kamakshi temple here run by the Kanchi Kamakotti Peetam after the famed Sri Parthasarathy temple under the State Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department refused to give permission to hold the event.

Rama Ravikumar told reporters they could not bring 108 persons for reconversion ceremony as planned as police had allegedly prevented the effort.

Several policemen in plain cloths were seen inside the temple and a posse of policemen was deployed around the temple.

Note how christianism - and it most certainly is christianism - is doing everything to prevent reversions. It's what missionary religions do.

Bits highlighted in red show that:

- HRCE=christianism: nothing less than christianism has taken over Hindu temples. To think there are delusional vocalists who still imagine govt takeovers of Hindoo temples to be "secular".

- TN police are significantly christian: they have prevented the reversion to Hindu religion of 108 ex-christians. And this once again proves that TN govt is christian: the govt told the police to prevent it.

- Christian govt via its temple-stranglehold dubbed HRCE/Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments prevented reconversion at Parthasarathy temple. As a result, the reversion ceremony had to take place at Kanchi Kamakshi Kovil which as all known is under the protection of the Kanchi Shankaracharya Matham. But no wonder the Christian KKKangress govt in Karnataka wants to take over the Hindoo Mathas too in Karnataka: haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=19347

5. More blatant christianism (and who can't tell the hand of christianism in the following).

When christianism can't get its way legally, it will go ahead illegally, bypassing even the Courts. After all, christians follow jeebus' commandment to convert all peoples rather than secular temporal govts.

Anyone who doesn't know the whole backstory on the very christian conspiracy against Aranmula, can read up on it at HaindavaKeralam (google over the site on "Aranmula", HK has been posting articles on the subject for the past few years).


Quote:Violating Court order, Kerala Govt. allots 15 hectares of eco fragile land for Airport

31/01/2015 06:47:34 HK

It has been revealed that Kerala Government allotted 15 hectares hectares of land in Aranmula to KGS Group for airport, violating High Court order. The land including streams, wetland and paddy fields has been allotted to the KGS group.

Supreme Court had upheld the National Green Tribunal verdict that cancelled environmental clearance given to the Aranmula Airport issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests under UPA. SC directed state government to ensure that KGS group is not taking up further activities in connection with airport development. Instead of implementing court directive , Kerala government is mocking judiciary by allotting this land to airport which threatens the existence of Aranmula heritage village and famous Aranmula Temple.

Aranmula Heritage Village Action Council under Kummanam Rajasekharan will approach court against this contempt of court by Kerala Govt.

The Kerala govt is IIRC headed by one Oomen Chandy, a known christian. He's also famous for declaring - also for christian purposes - that the treasures of the Hindoo Padmanabha Kovil will be transferred into a museum for "public display".

Now where are those alien eco-activists who suddenly descended into TN courts to get Jallikattu banned? They're nowhere in sight where Aranmula is concerned.

Note also how no matter which legal means Hindoos use to protect their temples and sacred sites and Hindoo populations from the christian carrion fowl, christianism always -but always- bulldozes its agenda through. <- That's another indicator that the intentions behind these anti-Hindu "misfortunes" are NOT secular, but entirely christian.

So Mr. Kummanam Rajasekharan is now going to spend more of his time trying to plead by legal means - against the illegal machinations of the obviously deliberately anti-Hindu christian govt - with the courts, that the Kerala christo govt be stopped.

Who imagines that law will triumph against christianism? When in India, christianism IS the law, including the unwritten one: that Hindoos may *never* come up winning despite being law-abiding.

I mean, the court order has already been flaunted by Kerala's christian govt. And just like with the christian destruction of the Ramarsethu, no matter *what* the outcome of further court declarations, the christians are going to proceed with their plans regarding Aranmula as well.

So again (the real moral): why don't India's natives kick out all christoislamicommunists back to TSP where these belong?

All these christoislamic terrorist problems terrorising the Hindoo nation will vanish overnight were christoislamicommunists sent off to Pakistan.

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