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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India

Post 1/2

1. More on the evangelical IAS entity:


by Aravind Neelakandan

- christomaniac has threatened blue bloody murder of homosexuals, citing biblical injunction on this. Typical. (American christos threaten the same, see Fred Phelps' godhatesfags site.)

Next the same and similar christomaniacs will threaten to holocaust the Jews.

And you know that the christians infesting India - bloodthirsty vampires that they are - are just waiting to repeat their NE genocide on Hindus in the rest of India, starting probably with the south. Also by biblical commandment.

Does it even need reiteration that the nexus between entities influencing India is a christoislamicommunist affair from within (with idiot seculars throwing in their weight - not that christoislam will spare them or their kinds), and from without additionally involves dabblers, neocon US foreign policy and continued western colonial policies.

- About a 1000 comments at the link, mostly by christian creeps who have emerged from the woodwork (and slyly bear their fangs).

But did properly get to read this next comment, which was near the top and which reveals something that Radha Rajan's earlier article did not: that the evangelists' parents were already converts, contrary to how the evangelist pretended (as seen in his quoted statements in Radha Rajan's article at indiafacts) that his parents and siblings were "Hindu" (i.e. for these christian dalits to pocket more kickbacks meant for Hindoo Harijan)

Quote: Satyam Sharma Aditya Krishna Kumar - 4 days ago

1. Interestingly, he hides behind a Hindu/Indian name ("Umashankar") even after converting to Christianity, which is a very typical trick employed to hoodwink gullible "liberal secular" Hindus. This allows them to stealthily carry out their anti-Hindu conversion agenda.

2. BTW, media reports suggest he is a Dalit. Which raises the question, did he get into IAS using reservation meant for SCs? But the Constitution provides reservation benefits only to Hindu/Jain/Buddhist/Sikh SCs. But given that he is Christian, does that mean he used a fake caste certificate to illegally get into IAS? This is grounds for immediate removal and arrest.

3. And in case he still "officially" lists himself as "Hindu" (to avail caste-based reservation benefits) but privately practises, preaches and propagates Christianity, then this only proves right what we have been screaming for years about these people being devious liars. The actual population of Christians in India is closer to 10%, and *not* 2% as the bogus "census" reports. States like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, in fact, have become close to 30% Christian. Just refer to the missionary organizations' own sources and material if you don't believe this.

UPDATE: It seems he was born Christian as his parents were converts. But just before the UPSC exam, he converted back to Hinduism, obtained an SC certificate and got selected through caste quota. Then again converted back to Christianity and started actively proselytizing. He openly advises others to follow the same fraud to enjoy reservation quota benefits while remaining Christian propagandists.


Quote:TN govt orders top bureaucrat to stop preaching religion

26/01/2015 14:43:14 timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/TN-govt-orders-top-bureaucrat-to-stop-preaching-religion/articleshow/46015888.cms

Especially the comment by "Aron"


27/01/2015 03:20:38 Note Media's back up of Talibanisation of Secular Indian State

(That's cause it's the christomedia. Hindus will get nowhere until they name the ideology that is so obviously driving all this.)

In a move that deepens the debate over freedom of religion, the Tamil Nadu government has directed one of its IAS officers not to go ahead with his "preaching and propagating"- just note how our Media phrases the very same issue that it describes the same way as a Negative development when Sangh and VHP begins Reconversions of Ghar Wapasi!

This emphatic media articulation of Conversions if done by evangelists and Dawa and railing against it if done by Hindus continues.

So, TOI reports next justifies the Conversion drive by a office holder of a supposedly Secular State, informing readers his 'Credentials'- 'a crusader against Corruption, early advocate of free software and e-governance', born a Hindu Dalit'- as though these entitle abuse of Secular office and evangelist activism.

Imagine if an IAS officer presides or organizes a Ghar Vyapasi?

Will this same TOI report it in same way? Or scream Saffronisation and talibanisation of Secular State?

This is more important to note- how the Mainstream media has shamelessly taken up an anti-hindu and pro-evangelist and pro-Jihad position.

The officer's absurd assertion is that- since Article 25 allows citizens freedom of conscience and faith, it means Office holders of Secular State are free to behave like mullahs and Evangelists and Talibanise the Government of India!

Not one word by way of ridicule about that- but report intimidates instead the Secular TN State govt- ' a move that deepens the debate over freedom of religion'! In other words --this Officer of a supposedly secular State govt, must have freedom to double as a street preacher or Pastor. Funny isn't it?

In all likelihood any Court that hears this absurd case of a Government officer behaving like a Preacher and imagines Talibanisation of Indian government is his freedom, is bound to be slapped- but the media must be told its high time it stops reporting like backup teams of evangelist and Jihadi hit squads.

Found the following off the HK twitter feed at Haindava Keralam:


Quote:So Government employees are not allowed to participate in RSS Shakhas, But the #IASEvangelist can publicly evangelise

Uh, obviously a christolaw, made by whichever christogovt was in charge when it got passed.

Oh yeah, this christogovt:

Quote: HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

So #Congress Cong is supporting this Anti Human #IASEvangelist ! "@vsubbu48: @HKupdate swarajyamag.com/featured/

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

Evn aftr openly inciting murder of Homosexuals ; Y no axn taken yet against this #IASEvangelist ?Who is protecting him & his Criminal gang?

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

John Dayal wnts mercy 4 terrorists like AfzalGuru & Kasab bt his brother #IASEvangelist whom he support want 2 kill Homosexuals #hypocrite
John Dayal is a faithful christoterrorist too, no different from the IASEvangelist who like a typical cryptochristian - obeying his alien masters' injuctions - sports a Hindu name.

Not in reverse order:

Quote: #IASEvangelist RT@sridharkswamy

UmaShankar IAS claims - Jesus told him about impending tragedy in U'Khand also warnd him not 2 alert people


28 Jan

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

@HKupdate @sridharkswamy

Did he also ask him not to alert people of Velanganni Church when Tsunami struck it?

28 Jan

Hmmm, the desperate overdrive for new converts may be to provide the church with more people to sexually terrorise. And of course, the catholic church keeps losing its sheep to the US fundy churches that are also invading India, so only new converts will allow the dodo-ing catholicism to stay afloat:

Quote:Anothr threat #Catholic church facing in #Kerala is frm PentacostXians A sample report on how much dey hate ech othr http://goo.gl/oFvbdJ


HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

No family will push daughter 2 Nunnery aftr SisterAbhaya rape&murder by priests & SisterJesmy's revelations on Sexual anarchy within Church

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

#Kerala churches to face #Europe model decline in coming years

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

Financially sound families no more send their Kids to Seminaries to bcom priests laments Catholic Church in #Kerala

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

Nun scarcity - In 20 yrs time will have to close down majority of nunneries in #Kerala ~ Father Paul Thelakkad

HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

Methinks that the IAS Evangelist is a fundy christian though. They're more vocal about murdering gay people and terrorising Jews.

And you know what they say: the more anti-gay they are in public, the more gay they are in private. Also observed by Christopher Hitchens, though in far more ... colourful terms.

2. Islamic terrorist threats against Tamil daily "Dinamalar":

Quote: TheNewsMinute @thenewsminute

Tamil newspaper gets threatened of 'Charlie Hebdo' like attack bit.ly/1JEmPza

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam

which links to:


Quote:Tamil newspaper gets threatened of 'Charlie Hebdo' like attack

[Img caption:] Dinamalar

The News Minute | January 28, 2015 | 09.20 am IST

A popular Tamil newspaper has received a letter from an unknown outfit threatening it of an attack similar to the one conducted on satirical French magazine, Charlie Hebdo magazine

The letter received through post reads "Yesterday - Paris Charlie Hebdo, Tomorrow - Dinamalar."

It was sent by unidentified elements calling themselves "The Base Moment" said to be based at "3/10, Ukkadam, Kovai, Tamil Nadu, India." reported PTI .

The map also contained the background of India's map along with a picture of Osama Bin Laden and the words "By al-Qaida" written on it.

The police was unaware if the actions were perfumed by a fictitious outfit or by someone who had some other motive, said officials.

That's something that won't get covered by the international media. And the catholic The Chindu rag won't write about the freedom of expression/freedom to exist of the Dinamalar either. <- More proof of the christianism of christomedia.

Final line in the following HK comment, which seems to be reproducing a news article, has some additional info:


Quote:Raj Puducode

27/01/2015 15:39:23 TN, Kerala, AP turning into Jihadistan

CHENNAI: A Tamil newspaper has received a letter threatening an attack similar to the one on the office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, police said.

"We have received the letter from the newspaper and a probe is on," a senior police official said.

The letter, typed in English, says "Yesterday-Paris Charlie Hebdo, Tomorrow — Dinamalar." The words appear against the background of India's map.

The letter was sent through post by unidentified elements claiming to belong to an outfit called "The Base Moment," and said to be based at "3/10, Ukkadam, Kovai, Tamil Nadu, India."

Below the map is a picture of Osama Bin Laden and the words "By al-Qaida," and some Arabic words appearing like a signature, the police official said.

"It can be a fictitious outfit or someone may be trying to play mischief or it may have some other motive ... we do not know ... only after the probe's completion we will be able to comment," the official said, declining to elaborate.

Security personnel have been deployed at the office of the newspaper.
Post 2/2

3. Jihadi usurper infesting Kashmir praises his jihadi brothers who murdered Colonel Rai. (From what I could make out, Rai was apparently murdered by islamic betrayal. So what else is new? If it ain't christian treachery, it's islamic) -


Quote:Separatist leader Geelani says Colonel Rai's killers are martyrs

Peerzada Ashiq, Hindustan Times, Srinagar | Updated: Jan 30, 2015 09:45 IST

Well, Geelani is a christoislamic. What else did anyone expect.

These 2 comments:

Quote:sameer pandita 16 hours ago

Army has been demoralized by Modi Govt to such an extent that it has started loosing some of its most decorated officers now . They cant shoot because then this government will court marshal these officers as was done sometime back when a car was fired upon by RR in kashmir when it violated a barricade .We saw the repercussions of this decision of the Modi government when the Army camp was attacked during elections wherein the soldiers bore restraint in engaging militants till they reached in an advantageous position killing 17 soldiers and a Major .

Modi government is no different than congress in its Kashmir policy and treats our forces with equal disdain . Army officers should not wait for some one to surrender they must set the house on fire straight away irrespective of who is getting incinerated inside , this should be the uniform policy .Hole them up and incinerate them and their supporters .Be very clear this government wont care for your loved ones once you are gone .

I am a kashmiri pandit and feel pained to see Indian Army officers being killed in the valley .I have no repsect for J&k Police as they are hand in glove with Militants and mislead the army most of the times . After Col Rai's incident ,I am now very sure that Modi Government has been untrue to kashmiri Pandits and "Rehabilitation " is a farce . This government doesn't deserve our vote in the next time round .

K.Sivadoss 2 days ago

Col. Rai sacrificed his life for the country. But his funeral was not attended by any ruling party politicians from Delhi. Whereas the slain militants were praised and honoured by the Hizabul Mujahideen leaders in Delhi. While brave soldiers die for the country politicians play dirty game.

They offset christoislamic rule vs "Hindu" nationalist rule very well. And how christoislamics work for their religion, and that that's what christoislamics care about. "Hindu" nationalists in charge are doing nothing that matters: everything they achieve (development, etc) will one day end up in christoislamism's hands, as commenters at HK had already observed about what a Hindu nationalist govt's priorities should be before BJP won the election.

If christoislamania is on fire for its idiotic beliefs, and today's Hindus won't ever do anything but be secular (to a fault, nay crime), then guess who's going to win? No crystal-ball required: no matter how far off the day may be (but it's not far), the outcome based on these rules is a certainty.

Devolution of (definition of) "Hindus" and "Hinduism": Hindoos and their defence of Hindoodom became Hindu Nationalism became Hindu nationalism=plain nationalism. Tomorrow it *will* be (p)secularism and the day after it will be batting for christoislam.

A Hindoo govt would have rebuilt the Ramar kovil at Ayodhya. And if the line had been drawn there itself, then things would never have come to the secular complaints about the murders of Indian officers and other soldiers in the armed forces.

Here's what I think - based on what I know about modern "hindus" and their ongoing devolution: I think they will *never* reclaim anything, but regress and de-heathenise further. The best India can hope for - but it won't be allowed to happen, considering christoislamicommunism's determination to turn India into a monotheistic utopia - is to become atheist/non-religious like Japan. And even if India was not faced with christoislamicommunism, Indians de-heathenise gracelessly, unlike E Asians (and so a Japan-like India isn't in the cards anyway). Guess it's another genetic flaw.

Some spine - sometime soon - would be good. No point in growing one when it's all too late. Anyway, with Indian angelsk-speaking nationalist vocalists considering internet penmanship as the extent of a kShatriya, Hindoos are led a merry dance in listening to them.

And as for the islamicly-murdered among the Indian armed forces: some part of the blame lies with the Indian forces itself and the Hindu individuals who join it. Because christoislamics are Not stupid (meaning: "whereas Hindus are") and so christoislamics' first allegiance is to christoislam and the dream of a monotheist India, not to the current heathen-majority country that India is or their heathen countrymen. Now, if Hindus in the police and armed forces and in the govt and judiciary would only behave like the christoislamanics do in this matter - i.e. put their religion and co-religionists first, and all else secondary (if not treat them as the enemies they are) - then, not only would it inspire the masses to likewise not put up with crap anymore, it will also be a big leap in containing (and perhaps eventually getting rid of?) christoislamania.

Secularism has made cowards out of everyone, all the way up to the armed forces. Oh, I have no doubt they know how to die - Indian soldiers do it often enough - but they nowadays die for no purpose at all (aka a great waste of their life), if it is only to uphold this vile fraud known as secularism that's been perpetrated against the unconverted kafirs, and which safeguards christoislam and allows it to fester and grow.

4. HK twitter feed again:

Quote:The Nationalist @Not_That_Remesh

9 Indian Muslims incl.5 children deported from turkey.They got arrested while cross overing ISIS held area in Syria. pic.twitter.com/Nr1dZKhkAU

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam

India should follow Turkey's example: deport these Indian islamaniacs - and any others who even contemplate the same - to Pakistan or Iraq, where they can play Shaheed to their heart's content.

Speaking of islamania:

Quote:HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

Railway Police arrest Inebriated MuslimLeague ldr who 'Force Kissed' a lady in Train & In his home twn he leads protests against Bars!!

Oooh, islamic drunkard. That's easy. Tell the "Al Qaeda In India" where the hypocrite lives, and let them off him. Alcohol is IIRC haraam, and AQ/ISIS types take the injunction very seriously: they don't stand for islamaniacs drinking.

5. More skeletons in Tharoor's closet? Is KKKangress making sure that Tharoor's the only one to hang for this crime? Or will the truth come out?

Quote:Harikumar @journalistHari

Delhi police investigating into the death of former addl secret of #ShashiTharoor who worked with top #Congress ldrs

mangalam.com/print-edition/crime/276304 (In Malayalam)

Retweeted by HaindavaKeralam

6. The anti-Indian Nexus is once more revealed.

And christianism is back to attacking its own churches, trying to bleat persecution and insinuate Hindus are to blame (just like the (just like the church did with their fake nun "rape" drama - exposed by Justice Wadhwa commision - and repeated once again immediately after christians brutally murdered Swami Lakshmananda and his colleagues):

Quote:HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

5 Church vandalism attmpts since poll date announced point towards a well planned conspiracy to discredit Govt. #Delhi



HaindavaKeralam @HKupdate

Probe into Church Vandalisms in #Delhi & expose the conspiracy to discredit Govt.

To above is to be read in conjunction with these two re-tweets taken from the Rajeev2004 blog's twitter feed:

Quote:1. Kalpana Agarwal @kalps1616

Came to know from Xian friend at Delhi: Jan 25 In Sunday Prayer advise for "flock" to vote4AAP and not waste vote on Cong. to prevent BJP.

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan

2. rajeev srinivasan retweeted

Subramanian Swamy @Swamy39 Jan 27

Well well!! Congregations in Churches of Delhi will resolve this Sunday to vote for Aaptards!! Secularism Jai ho!!

0 replies 1,376 retweets 581 favorites

So what's that other "Hindus" were saying about how the "Anti-Indian Nexus" shouldn't be defined in terms of the christoislamic ideologies behind them? I.e. that christoislamicommunism should go unnamed? When, really, nothing else defines the anti-Indian nexus and their motivations, or explains it all so clearly, as their ideology.

But AAP=Communist Party of India Inc, after all. And the communazis regularly scratch the back of christoislamics (besides most communists in India being christian), so christians - like their islamic brothers in monotheism - know that AAP will have their backs if they faithfully vote for it.

Anyway, BJP govt should

- tell christians not to vandalise their own churches just to blame Hindus - as christians *always* do (also in Sri Lanka: where the church blames Buddhists for the self-vandalism).

- also tell christians to cease requesting the islamic deendar anjuman (sp?) to attack churches as part of the eternal christian design to blame the unconverted majority, scare christoislamaniacs into their fear psychosis (like they needed more) and into voting for whichever puppet govt the church wants in power.

- then simply list some famous examples as proof, e.g. as seen in the latter half of post 123 of the Hindoo Temples Targeted thread.


Quote: -


SPHEREHEADSAYS • 6 hours ago

The single act of PMO intervention in the chruch attacks makes Modi become more Congressi than the Congressi Sanjay Jha. But everyone can fail, but failing for the secular forces is a mockery of the people's faith who voted BJP to correct the narrative about the secularism itself.




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Quote: P. B. Josh • 2 days ago

Who said anarchists are not organized? The Church attacks and subsequent Christian protest rally were all planned. This time around the anarchists in collaboration with all anti-BJP parties had successfully polarized Delhi as never before. BJP was doomed regardless what it did or did not do. Now BJP (center) should be ready. In few months, people will try to protest AAP's non-performance by peaceful Dharna. But AAP will have parallel mob ready to attack these peaceful Dharna people. Or AAP anarchists will mingle among these Dharna people and start violence instigating police attacks on Dharna people. There will be a permanent AAP anarchists mob in support of AAP regardless of AAP's performance. If the central government is not careful, Delhi will become a permanent polarized and anarchist city.

Quote:Radha Rajan Nirmal Laungani • 3 hours ago

Make for India will also trigger manufacturing And Nirmalji, anger is great when expectations are great. Pl read my article Modi Sarkar half yearly report - All symbolism, no substance. And the unkindest cut of all? Modi will be chief guest at the function in Delhi next week to celebrate the beatification of two evangelisers. As is said in this article the BJP is susceptible to politics of minority-ism and adverse media opinion. Modi should have done the following four things within one month of taking charge: One: announce Delhi elections and finish off Kejriwal. I will produce the url of a link which strips Kejriwal naked. Two: Cancel missionary visas intriduced by Sonia gandhi's christist government. Three: Stop foregn funds to all NGOs and organizations. Hindus too may be deprived but the church's backbone will be broken. Four: Check and reverse India's meat production and meat export policy. Modi did none of these. But he will celebrate the beatification of two individuals whose only claim to sainthood is destroying hindu society.

And Modi indeed preferred the company of christian demons, to observing Shiva Ratri (or the auspicious company of bhaktas, who were backstabbed by Modi's treachery):


(Oh, and apparently Mrs Modi is entertaining evangelicals and has promised to become an activist for their charitable causes. This was in the news. I give her a couple of years tops before she converts too.

And never underestimate a converted wife. Even an estranged one.)

But back to the comments at



JagatguruDas • 20 hours ago

Mr. Parrikar says that Ghar Wapsi will never touch Goa. Do we need any outside sickularist to set the BJP's direction?


‘Ghar Wapsi’ will never touch Goa : Parrikar

("With friends like these..."

All those wondering why Hindus are losing, can blame it on the fact that the so-called "Hindu nationalist" party is not Hindu in the heathen sense, just Hindu in the secular sense of "Indian", and changes meaning depending on who calls the shots. Which will be christoislamania tomorrow. The Rajeev2004 blog at one point referred to the BJP as the Congress B team. Well, in Goa they are identical to the A team.

Intersting how well the BJP has used Hindus and how callously it has stabbed them in the back.

Modi and his BJP govt will go down in history as having squandered Hindus' last chance for survival. Future remnants of Hindus may remember neither the party nor its leader fondly, but declare them both the final great mistake.

And contrary to internet nationalists, who don't seem to know history: heathenism dies when missionary religions get political power. It is all downhill from here. Or rather, it was already downhill, and - contrary to expectation/hope/self-deception - BJP/"Hindu" "nationalist" party coming to power, nothing has changed the trajectory.)




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JK JagatguruDas • 11 hours ago

All Cabinet Ministers are hand picked by outside forces mostly by business lobby to clear there files so is this guy Parikar for clearing defense procurement files for arms dealers. Parikar as a CM didn't had any thing to show as achievement during his tenure only thing favored him that he is Clean and IITians.

Non in cabinet are pro-Hindu all are Rationalist including Modi, forget about Gaarwapsi in Goa, Modiji allowed demolition of Road side Temple when as CM of Guajarat just because High Court ordered but same when High Court refused to demolish road side Mosque or Dargah his govt didn't stopped demolishing temple but continued. Radhaji has even criticized Modiji such action in one of her article on Vijayvaani.com long back.

BJP for me bunch of Rationalists just use the term Hindutva coined by Savarkar who himself happened to be Rationalist..Just to fool Hindus.

(Rationalists hijacked Hindu religion to convert it into a religion they could live with: nationalism.

They have also hijacked the term Hindu so they can thereby try to stake a claim to inherit heathenism's accomplishments.

That is why the term Hindoo needed to be coined, to distinguish the actual Hindoos, i.e. heathens, from the de-heathenised and other unHindoos. Am in agreement that Hindutva="Hindu" nationalism (lowercase n) is the new religion and was created as a replacement [replacement theology] for Hindoo heathenism, by people who weren't heathens but who didn't want to feel totally alienated.

It certainly explains why so many non-heathens of once-Hindu origin poach on Hindu religious festivals and Hindu religio-culture and pretend they have a claim, by gradually divorcing the Gods from these matters, all because the Gods don't compute to them [because they *aren't* heathens, and they're actually not of the old religion and are just de-heathenised, plain and simple].)

In coming days AK will be doing lot for Hindu Temples to keep Hindus happy and will remain in power with there support may win Delhi Corporation, the way Karunanidhi when in power does by allocating separate budget for Temple Renovation in spite he being Rationalist. JJ when in Power cuts budget but she too allocats budget while both parties ideology foundation is built on Dravidian which is just Atheism but they know pulse of people. so Hindus in TN keep voting for this two party. Unfortunately we have not seen any such budget allocation for BJP so far.

Modi too will be kicked out by Hindus the way they kept ABV and LKA out of power for 10 years after NDA-1 tried to be secular, inclusive. Delhi is just trailer. Coming days Hindus will show Modiji his own back. He asked for 60 Months so Hindus gave him let him enjoy his remaining days meeting foreign leaders, he can even have foreign junket no one will question him because he asked for 60 Month let him enjoy till then.




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Gaurang G. Vaishnav JK • 8 hours ago

Sheer nonsense; your hatred of Modi is clear.




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JK Gaurang G. Vaishnav • an hour ago

Delhi is gone for ever from BJP and Congress to AAP. Congress knows it very well they cant come back and they wont allow BJP to win Delhi.

Wait and Watch Ultra Pro-Hindu Avatar of AK, which will keep him in power of Delhi for ever.

Have to disagree with AAP doing anything pro-Hindu. As BJP also demonstrated in Goa, all parties know they can increasingly ignore and sideline Hindus and work only for minorities.

In TN - so far, and for now - Karunanidhi etc needed to occasionally toss a few bones to the Hindus who were the majority. But as the whirlwind of christianisation proceeds apace in TN, the time will come when not even Karunanidhi will be bothered anymore. Joylolita barely bothers anymore either. She took the pivotal step when she went ahead in framing the conspiracy against the Kanchi Shankaracharya and had him arrested for her christian masters.

Anyway, Modi has promised development. Insisted that that's all he cares about. Practically swore this at the christian beatification or canonization function he attended.

It's no longer toilets before temples. It is everything before temples, and if he ever gets round to temples at all, it will only be as a "cultural" thing that he can promote to tourists. As meaningful to him as his Buddha Circuit aimed at foreign tourists (another development goal).

As always, I was a great fool. Asking my relatives to waste their time to vote for the BJP just so BJP can disappoint them again. It's like being with an abusive spouse. And I asked them to return to said abusive spouse one more time. I could just kick myself.

But I will never again advise relatives to vote for the BJP. Who said that voting them to power was of no use to Hindus? Because I certainly learnt a valuable lesson.

Oh and the other lesson I learnt in practice (although I was aware of it in theory) is that "Hindu nationalism" is a waste of time and a deceptive misnomer. Plus it's a replacement religion for Hindoo heathenism (i.e. "Hindutva" is a replacement for "Hinduism"), with unheathen and de-heathenised nationalists having hijacked heathens and heathenism.

Anyway, storm's coming.** And everyone is going to feel it. Including the great number of de-heathenised who have been making a travesty of heathenism by pawing at what is Not Theirs - ceased to be theirs when they left it.

** And I'm not just talking about christianism anymore. Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to IS' caliphate, just like many Paki groups have. It's only time before the caliphate bursts with full force into India, and most of Indian islam will already be a standing army in the country, waiting to do its bidding.

It will be jihad time again soon. And this time - what with all the de-heathenised and subverted cowards (India will never again produce a Shivaji) - my bet is that nothing worthwhile will survive. NRIs are already write-offs: by and large subverted and/or or their next generations will be.

Surprising how - despite having been born with everything - modern "Hindus" have let it all slip through their fingers (nice legacy to leave for the next gens). They have wasted their heathenism and betrayed their heathen ancestors by subverting and de-heathenising. It really was too much to expect today's de-heathenised angelsk-speaking masses of 'Hindus' (or rather: post-Hindus) to remain heathens. And all this misfortune is the direct (as in logical) consequence of that. Because had the drab army of "Hindu nationalists" seen vocalising everywhere been actually heathen, they'd have worked for heathenism and not for de-heathenised half-hearted nonsense paying mere lip service to something vague dubbed Hinduism or even reduced to mere "Hindu" "civilisation".

Quote:Wednesday, April 01, 2015

two part essay on #deepstate, #axisofevil. summary: modi under rol attack

firstpost.com/india/us-deep-state-indias-daughter-india-now-part-new-axis-evil-2152087.html and



sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 4/01/2015 09:08:00 AM No comments: Links to this post


Archiving links. Good to read.

But wish Modi wouldn't just 'keep concentrating on development', contrary to Rajeev's suggestion.

In reading the above, found the following comment.

Then visited some other pages and moved on to other sites and found the same sorts of comments. Also below.

I note others invited this ... 'phenomenon'. (Another thing to thank them for.)

1. firstpost.com/india/western-deep-states-assault-india-2180637.html

Quote:Kanal Shah a day ago

Every Desi is a "Hindu," whether they worship Shiva in Tamil Nadu, Krishna in Gujarat, or Christ in Kerala. Classifying Indian or Hindu culture as a rape culture is an insult to 1.6 billion people who have a fairly uniform cultural consciousness despite the religious plurality. No matter who we worship (if we worship) in the future, we will always be Indian/Hindu. Saying rape is inherent to our culture is ludicrous and is akin to telling us we must hate who we are and who our ancestors were. We will never acquiesce. We have an identity as a culture, something those in the West lack. If they single us out as enemy, it is clear any nonmaterial (non-coercive) influence they have will evaporate.

(So, just like the "Hindu" vocalists who argued that Shaivam and Vaishnavam and other subcommunities of Hindoo heathenism are as equidistant to each other as each is from Buddhism and Jainism etc, christians have twigged that it follows that the same must be *equally* true of their religion as is true of Buddhism and Jainism.

In other words, proponents of the first can't blame christians for saying what "Hindu" vocalists did: that there is no such thing as Hindoo heathenism.


And *when* this problem grows, it may choke the people - and their guaranteeably subverted progeny to come - who started it.)

2. firstpost.com/india/india-will-have-the-largest-muslim-population-in-the-world-by-2050-says-study-2184389.html

Quote:उलटा खोपड़ी •

Muslims have already taken the first step towards this when they accepted Shiva as the first prophet of Islam and Mohammad as the last prophet of Islam.

(What? Shiva as the first prophet? How? Wah?)





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उलटा खोपड़ी •

Hindus already do and should be encouraged to visit Church and Mosque too along with Temples and Gurudwaras. And Temples should accept Christians and Muslims if they visit temples.

(Must be a multicultural moron who doesn't know what the 1st commandment and the one against idolatry means.

But the recommendation is consonant with something else: It could be argued as true, since all "temple kultur" is the same, no?, by virtue of involving the word temple (or by extension, any type of religious building - I mean, why discriminate/why start distinguishing now)? <- Using other "Hindus'" logic.)

3. opindia.com/2015/03/a-christian-responds-to-a-christian-who-felt-he-was-a-stranger-in-his-own-country/

Quote:sujay [in response to] southernwonder • 15 days ago

Arvind Ravisun and Southern wonder - I think you guys got your facts wrong. Hinduism is NOT a religion - Its a way of life. I think you need to read teh Veda's and the BG In the history of the world, at any point of time, there was always one or another religion/culture including christian, Hindu's, Islam, ect trying to spread their own influence depending on whose in Power.

And as for Ravisun Comment "you converts have no right to seduce young kids to bible and be a stooge to a foreign boy from bethlehem... and yet eat , shit , live and enjoy bharat mata's largesse, do all antics to deface our culture" - First, regardless of your religion, are Women Respected in this country, Do you follow rules, Are people in India considerate about each other or they are just focused on themselves, How rampant is bribing, How rampant is caste-ism, How many people pay their taxes - And you call that Indian culture - give me a break my man, clearly you dont know what your talking.

And as for Hindus being Industrial Scale of conversion to Christian - And I thought the total population of Christianity in India is under 2% and you call that Industrial Scale ? Your kidding right ?

Did you know that "As per the Government Rules - If an ST or SC becomes a christian, he loses all his rights of being an ST or SC " - is that Ethical on the part of the Indian Government ?





(One of the comments seen in response follows below. Clearly the response didn't notice how it is many "Hindu" vocalists themselves who already deliberately, very consciously defined/argued "Hindu" as anything goes. And moreover some vehemently denied there was such a thing as Hindoo heathenism, unless other Indic missionary religions were equally related. So, no wonder christians should think they're as equidistant to Shaivam as Vaishnavam is. Quite like those who argued the same about Buddhism (or Jainism).

And non-heathen Indian nationalists defined Hindu in Hindutva in unheathen terms, so they could still piggyback/freeload on the "heritage" of heathenism too.)

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Donny Raja [in response to] sujay • 14 days ago

Wow! Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life? Ho convenient for the Christian/Moslem skum bags like you to twist the facts and justify conversion! So we have "Hinduu Christians", "Hindu Mosloems", etc. now? Whoever told you that? We have read Vedas/Upanishads, etc. THey form the basis for what is presently called Hinduism. If you claim to be a Hindu Christian, then why do not you follow Vedas? Why a desert evil cult book Bible which is alien to India? You are blabbering about like a headless chicken about bribery, etc. You confused, converted filth, get this straight! Corruption has nothing to do with culture/religon/country. All Christian countries including USA/UK/Italy are all corrupt. You slave need to live in those societies to realize it. It is perfectly ethical for a converted SC/ST aH0le like you lose benefits. Your cult is supposed to be casteless. You cannot have teh cake and eat it too. We Hindus will never let you Christian magg0ts rule us again. Cry fox over fake oppression allegations. We can see through your anti-national evil schemes! We will expose your fake Son of God and your fake, political ideology called Christianity!




Poor Donny Raja, who does not know that the people who started this as far closer to home. Wonder if he'll do the thing that Hindu nationalists/vocalists are famous for: agree if someone they like says it.

After all, even very popular vocalists argued just so, though they stopped short of including christoislam.

There was a very appropriate phrase in that Lay of Beleriand - the one on Turin - where IIRC Glaurung tells Niniel that the worst crime of Turin she would feel in herself. (Context: Turin was Niniel's brother - both of them were amnesiac, courtesy of the nasty Glaurung, an evil dragon, the nemesis of Turin - and Turin had married Niniel under their spell of amnesia and she was now pregnant. <- Yes, Tolkien wrote on incest and in a high faux-epic too. Despite this, I always thought it was a great story, a good but typical tragedy - Tolkien was channeling archetypal stories of various European-heathen-style epic genres. The central theme was that everybody who ever liked Turin and so wasted their time on him came to a horrible end/was in a way betrayed by Turin. But I liked his sword too, which saner others understandably didn't trust though it appealed to Turin as a kindred-spirit: the blade that Turin finally asked to drink his own blood, when he fell on it at last. To which this sword, Gurthang (was it?), replied - in a predictably cold voice - that it would gladly drink his blood in memory of all those who died wrongly by it in Turin's hands: Turin always meant well, yet nevertheless [accidently/under a curse] killed everyone who ever loved him. 'Twas, ultimately, by the curse of Morgoth on all his house. And while Morgoth's Glaurung was a formidable adversary - nary a truth ever made it from his forked tongue, though in the end IIRC some tactically uttered truths sufficed to kill off both Turin and Nienor - yet Turin was himself the one who ended up messing up the lives of and then causing the demise of all near and dear to him. No matter how great and capable they were, he was their Achilles' Heel. His curse engulfed all who willingly associated with him.)

Like his sister/wife - who IIRC tossed her pregnant self off a cliff, due to Glaurung's machinations of (from memory) taking back the amnesiac spell he put on her - Turin also kills himself. And from memory, the lay ends, having intimated how all this evil too is the fault of Morgoth's nastiness. Should really read the books again, at least it is better than the other modern crap that passes for literature or fantasy these days, with the exception of E Asian heathen fantasies that are at times better. Don't particularly like dark and dreary, excepting Macbeth class stuff - supernatural tragedies, I suppose they are - which have their own aesthetics/attraction and are oddly haunting in some way :berserk:, and which have their own internal logic/make sense within their own settings and rules.)

But anyway, while there are certain other parallels in the above story relevant to Hindus' plight (which I don't want to press, as I have underhanded reasons for summarising some key points of the lay here - why else would it be here?), I mean to literally apply the phrase which made me bring it all up in the first place: If Donny Raja finds out who are the original authors of this problem - which he mistakenly assumes is a new christian confabulation - he will feel the worst crime within himself/realise that it was perpetrated by people closest to him and whom he trusted: that it is the "Hindu" vocalists that have stabbed him and his community with their total lack of foresight and criminal idiocy.

4. And also from


Quote: Rajat Bhatia Joseph C • 14 days ago

I am a Stephanian and my Father was a Stephanian too. However, I will NOT be sending my daughter who is BOTH a Hindu and a Russian Orthodox Christian (like her Mother) to St Stephen's College, despite the fact that I am a good friend of the Principal, a very nice man.

Reason, St Stephen's College is NO LONGER the St Stephen's College it was in my Father's time and in my time. Today, St Stephen's is 50% reserved for Christians while in my Father's time and my time this kind of bizarre reservation did NOT exist.

When I studied in St Stephen's College, YOUR RELIGION WAS NEVER AN ISSUE. We never felt like we were in a Christian College. We were simply happy and proud to be in College where Sanskrit Honors was taught along with English Honors and where a meritocracy existed. We were the BEST COLLEGE in INDIA for many years because St Stephen's admitted the BEST STUDENTS in the country. Alas, this does NOT happen any more.

Yeah, I suppose with the "Hindu means anything" - from heathen to atheist and alien - it should, by extension, be equally compatible with christianism. Even witin a single person. No?

And as we can see, the "Hindu" who wrote the above finds no issue with this, as he does not think it ridiculous, impossible and an oxymoron that his daughter is a "Hindu and a christian". [Then again, cryptoBuddhists or Bauddhified kept saying that Shaivas could be Buddhists too: that the Shaiva Brahmana (i.e. Hindoo) who had the Bodh Gaya temple built "must have been a Buddhist" via the concocted "it could be a Shaiva Buddhist" oxymoron.]

Need to get out of this "Hindutva" t/crap that forcibly lumped Hindoo heathenism with unheathenisms like the missionary Indic religions and other Indic atheists - ancient and modern. (Since Hindu means anything - not even just plain ethnic Indian either, but alien anythings: Elst is an alien atheist occasional neo-pagan [yet oxymoronically non-theist too] who has now been allowed to encroach on the word Hindu. It is apparently a very "Hindu" thing to say - since Elst did and he's a Hindu - that what the MBH "actually" reveals is that Krishna is a womanizer, and everything he said before that Donigers and other anti-Hindus have also said, but ethnic 'Hindu' vocalists have since said them too, "therefore" it must be okay.

But with Elst et al's inclusion, "Hindu" has become more universal than that word "pagan". Paganus originally meant ethnic Roman - son of the soil - implicitly of the Hellenistic religion, which became explicit vis-a-vis christianism, that alien religion, which was/is not of Roman physical and mental nativeness. But over time, christianism made the ethnic religious identifier - "pagan" - into a universal term for "polytheistic idolator", a label specifically rejected by other heathenisms and even other heathens who were Hellenes: the Greek Hellenes. But now 'Hindu' means Buddhist, Jain, ancient Indian atheist schools, modern Indian atheist nationalist of Hindutva (nationalism as replacement for Hindoo heathenism), plain ethic 'Indian' hence referring equally to christoislamics with any degree of Indian ancestry, alien atheists, alien dabblers, alien subversionists.

Good. "Hindu" vocalists did argue it was all equidistant. Well, now there is more to be equidistant from.

Hindoo heathens then fall under "Miscellany", since anything is "Hindu".)

If - courtesy the replacement ideology that is Hindutva/nationalism (or the "universal Indic religion" that lumps every Indic religion into "Hindu") - if courtesy that, Hindoos can't get out of the "Hindutva" trap that lumps them with every other religion and unheathen under the sun (certainly the sun in India), then, it should be allowed to snowball. It will probably kill Hindoos. Their prospects are bleak as it (thanks to gangrene again). But the "Hindus" (meaning anything) did it. They started it. They argued for it. (And they never saw the problem of what they argued.) May they therefore - and forever - feel it too. Some crimes are unforgivable. Colossal stupidity is one. Especially when it transcends suicide and forces suicide on the collective (the very collective it ironically denied).

Well, let's look at the silver lining: I'm so happy I didn't start this problem. Because it means I don't need to fix this either (it's other people's direct fault, and they can tell their progeny that too). Which is all that really matters. Because it's a horrible, horrible mess to clean up. AIT/oryanism/dravoodianism/psecularism class horrible. (So wonder if it, too, won't ever go away like all those others? 'Cause I did notice how modern Indians only get mired in more and more memes, but never get out of a single one. <- Another tell-tale sign of a population destined for... the history books. <- Oh how diplomatically I put that. Note: Dodo birds also have an entry in books that concern the natural history of the world.)

The actual reason for this post was to archive:


Quote:Wednesday, April 01, 2015

two part essay on #deepstate, #axisofevil. summary: modi under rol attack

firstpost.com/india/us-deep-state-indias-daughter-india-now-part-new-axis-evil-2152087.html and



sent from samsung galaxy note, so please excuse brevity

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 4/01/2015 09:08:00 AM No comments: Links to this post

1. On this again, had some more time to look it over compared to yesterday:


Possibly influenced by the hijacking of female Gods/divinity (and of the general feminine) by new-ageisms, Rajeev repeatedly invents Hindu religion as a "feminine religion", and contrasts it with the patriarchal replacement theologies.

In a long spammy post, have typed out that heathenisms are neither patriarchal "masculine" like the monotheist and other missionary religions, nor "feminine" (or effeminate/new-agey) like the concocted, unnatural, and ultimately equally christo-conditioned hence false "neo-paganisms".

Rather, heathenisms (Hindu and Taoist kinds certainly) don't get bogged down by gender considerations, but are nevertheless perfectly gender-balanced, starting with the fundamental harmonious relationship between the male and female Gods, who form divine couples and are thus the Divine Parents of their respective ethnic heathens (Hindoos and Taoists).

Hindoo, Taoist and similar ethnic heathenisms are therefore not 'masculine/patriarchal' or 'feminine', but are simply heathen, being harmoniously balanced into a unity as the ideal in every way, as the Yin-Yang or as PuruSha-Prakriti seen in all the Hindoo Gods [all the Hindoo Gods actually form an ardhanaareeshwara] such as Shiva and Shakti in the shrI chakram.

2. Some interesting comments at:


US Deep State and 'India's Daughter': Is India now part of a new 'axis of evil'?

by Rajeev Srinivasan Mar 13, 2015

(He should have thrown in the example of Yugoslavia too. But Serbia is as good as unmentionable to all but the well-informed.)

Quote:Donny Raja � 21 days ago

Rajeev - one interestign piece of information about this sick and perverse documentary. One of the co-producers is Frieda Pinto, a slum dog millionaire in the real sense. How converts in India are used by the west to target their countries of origin, this brown Christian converted h0re of the white man, is a very fine example!

(Coincidentally, for reasons articulated in the rape psyops thread, 'this brown christian converted exploit-product of the white man' is a truism waiting to explode in frequency.)



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uma sasidharan [in response to] Donny Raja � 21 days ago

True that n anyways her role was cut sort by woody allen in of his movies due to lack of acting talent and ten as a stripper she danced semi nude in one of Bruno Mars videos video "Gorilla".Is she even acting?



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(The same visible commenters seem to be everywhere: saw the name "Donny Raja" in a nationalist blog too recently.)

By the way, convert women are used to even attack converted men. E.g. can see how E Asian christian women have been attacking E Asian christian men in America and colluding with alien men in greater numbers. Indian christian women are at least as programmable as India's psecular=christoconditioned women, and more programmable than even E Asian christoconverts. So Mwahahahahaha.

But why the surprise? A faithful catholic, that Freida/Frieda(?) Pinto.I am not familiar with Portuguese, but isn't that surname considered vulgar even by Portuguese speakers? I believe a number are - understandably - embarrassed by that surname. Yes:



em espanhol | em contexto | imagens

WordReference English-Portuguese Dictionary � 2015:

Tradu��es principais

pinto sm chick n

(brasil., coloquial) penis, prick, cock n

Est� faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugest�es para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

Entradas correspondentes do outro lado do dicion�rio

dick n mildly vulgar (penis) (vulgar: p�nis) pinto sm

He shook his dick after pissing.

Ele chacoalhou o pinto depois de mijar.

winkle n slang, euphemism (penis) (g�ria) pinto sm

chick n (baby chicken) pinto sm

willy n slang (penis) (g�ria, vulgar, p�nis) pau, pinto sm
Note: it's not merely a slang-y reference to the male reproductive organ, it is specifically also considered an uncouth reference to the same IIRC, as in: not to be mentioned by/in polite society.

But I think I can work out how 'Frieda' came by the surname: I submit that the name must have been selected by Frieda's first Portuguese ancestor as a tasteless and morbid inside joke, to commemorate the horrific manner in which her catholic ancestors were produced. (Maybe the Vatican insisted back then too, as a catholic bishop did very recently - see independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/catholic-bishop-says-women-who-become-pregnant-through-rape-should-not-destroy-a-life-in-order-to-get-back-at-the-rapist-10097696.html - that rape victims of christians, even where the victims are not (willing) converts, must be forced to keep the babies produced by rape. Next to that, the catholic Portuguese infesting Goa were famous - even as per their own records - for taking away children. So that would explain the existence of Frieda Pinto, both her name and her Stockholm Syndrome, and her consequent tendencies to treachery.)

3. I seem to have forgotten to archive the following. But it also belongs in this thread.


US Consulate in Mumbai interferes in India's internal issues

By Poulasta Chakraborthy

The above article is about the US embassy or consulate or something in India organising some women's rights conference: "Indian women, know your rights against Indian men and culture/tradition. You can always convert to christianism, maybe even marry an alien." They're totally being groomed for future exploitation.

I know this story. Have seen it before. I know how it begins, develops and ends.

But where is Elst, famous for insisting that the west is not conspiring against India? When destabilisation and destruction of India - starting with the Hindu 'majority' - were items advancing on the western agenda ever since their interference in erstwhile Yugoslavia against Serbians was concluded. Would like to see the looks on the faces of the nutty Elstians when his deception ultimately blows up in their faces. So deserved.
Related to Ghar Wapasi. Other items on the subject were archived in the christianism thread and on the previous page: posts 275, 280 and posts 281 and 284 on this page.


Quote:Muslim family that converted to Hinduism stops puja after getting threats

OpIndia Staff / January 2, 2015 / Reports

AGRA: A Muslim family of 17 members, which converted to Hinduism last week, has stopped following Hindu rituals after they received threats from anti-social elements.

This incident of a Muslim family converting to Hinduism is different from the much talked about Agra Gharwapasi event, which stalled parliament for days and led to various TV news debates earlier.

The latest incident involving family of one Rahmat, took place on December 25 in Davli village under Malpura police station as reported by Amar Ujala.

Another Gharwapasi in Agra

The family briefly followed Hindu rituals before they started receiving threats (photo courtesy)

Rahmat's family had started doing puja-paath (worship as per Hindu rituals) and had installed statues of Hindu gods at their residence on the same day.

However, they soon started getting threats, following which police was deployed in the village. Local authorities too visited the families, and ever since then, the family is not speaking to anyone.

It should be noted that on December 26, an Urdu newspaper named Roznama Urdu Times, had published an article that argued that any Muslim who leaves the religion of Islam and accepts another religion could be killed.

The article argued that killing of such a person was sanctioned in Quran and was approved by Prophet Mohammad too. The article can be read here.

(Link available from original page.)

It can't be coincidence that the Rahmat family started getting threats after this article was published. And now they are too scared to speak up about the whole incident.

But instead of tracking and punishing those who issued threats to the family, the Uttar Pradesh police and authorities appear busy tutoring Rahmat and his family members to disown the conversion.

Currently the family members are not speaking to anyone, but we will not be surprised if they suddenly start saying that they were "forced" to change their religion. After all who would like to take risk when an article in newspaper says the family is fit to be killed?

And as always, the mainstream media, especially the leading English TV news channels of India, are not reporting either this incident of threat to the family or the hateful article published in the Urdu newspaper.

The above article contains what appears to be a photo of the reverted family, which has been thwarted from pursuing its Hindoo-ness by christoislamania, the islamaniac state govt, and an apathetic govt in the centre which calls itself "Hindu nationalist" where the word Hindu clearly (yet deceptively) just means Indian (including christoislamaniacs in equal measure, but which tomorrow will mean christoislamic onlee. The word has become worthless ever since every Indic unheathen started to deliberately encroach on it. So christoislamania is now welcome to have it. Christians were already plotting to take it anyway. <- Just deserts for the unheathen freeloaders and especially those who universalised the word.)

Some things to note:

1. The above family are clearly heathens (heathens=polytheistic idolators for whom Gods are the centre of their life).

The very willingness and *ability* for people who were once stuck in monotheisms to willingly return to "polytheistic idolatry"

is a very rare and amazing thing.

[Obvious comparison is with the number of non-heathen Indic offspring of direct heathen ancestors,

who nevertheless go by the name of "Hindu" today: heathenism doesn't compute to them despite heathenism running in their direct family. Failed heathens.]

2. Again, the above sort of thing is happening even while Modi-led BJP rules in centre. In other words: "Hindu nationalist" parties are utterly powerless (again) to protect Hindoos.

Then again, didn't BJP in Goa (with 'Hindu nationalists' "More Christian than the KKKangress") promise that Ghar Wapasi would Not be allowed there?

BJP should enjoy their reign while they can. Christoislamism - and their christowestern puppeteers - are never going to let a "Hindu nationalist" BJP rule India ever again, even if Hindus still try to vote for them hereafter.

Hindus may be deceived (or rather: they just have no other choice), but christoislamania is not stupid. They want dar-ul-islam/india-for-christ, not some secular govt which merely mildly favours christianism (as the current BJP govt does).

3. The Hindoo Ghar Wapasi organisations should keep reconversions very private. More private than christoislamaniacs keep their brainwashing into the monotheisms.

Paramount is the safety of both the reverted Hindoo heathens and the Hindoos working for Ghar Wapasi. And the ability for reverted Hindoos - such as the family of heathens above - to be able to happily practice their polytheistic idolatry.

4. Ghar Wapasi conductors should teach reverts how they can be polytheistic idolators even in circumstances where they're forced to do so privately and where their moorties are taken away. Can teach them:

- how to make a basic Ganapati moorti from soil (just shape the soil as a cone).

- tree(=all the Hindoo Gods) worship. Reverted Hindoos could already have a tree=readymade moorti in their garden.

- Surya in morning, Chandra at night. Just teach the reverted Hindoos some shlokas to adore these Gods by

- Can teach reverts the Vishnu mahamantram, which doesn't even require special initiation since IIRC Ramanujacharya already initiated all HindOOs into it.

- Can teach them the Sri Rama Jayam. Again, a one liner, easy to memorise and recite, easy to say correctly without mistakes.

- For those reverts who have to be silent for fear of getting caught by christoislamaniacs, can teach them how to do pooja of the Gods in the daharaakaasham.

- They can always say shlokas/mantras as dhyanam in their mind.

- Can teach reverts to visualise Arunachala mountain=Shivalingam=Shiva, and the very thought of which grants moksham to the Hindoo who has unsubverted views.

- Remind the reverts that the minute they have the opportunity to be heathen in public (no thanks of course to BJP et al preventing their reversion by not guaranteeing their safety and right to revert), again: remind the reverts that they should immediately acquire moorties - Hindoos living in the vicinity of reverted Hindoos may readily give some home moorties to their fellow bhaktas - and so the reverted HindOOs can finally start their polytheistic idolatry in a physical manner. <- Among the many advantages, full-blown "polytheistic idolatry" using tangible moorties and active poojas will make the moorties more powerful. Besides, the Heathen is happiest when it has tangible moorties of the Gods to adore and worship by means of ritual practices.

The very fact that the ex-muslim HindOOs in the article above were all set to eagerly worship their ancestral Divine Parents, the Hindoo Gods, with moorti pooja, shows that they are totally heathen in outlook and are already oriented mentally to adore their Gods. I can't believe the current state of India where heathens can't even practise their heathenism safely in the privacy of their homes, in what is still not a monotheistic majority country. <- Amazing power that christoislamania wields even when it is the numerical minority within the country, nah? Those who have some ability to extrapolate may shudder in fear of what christoislamania is going to do when it becomes the eventual majority (and it will become the majority, the way things are going, and there's Zip BJP is doing about it even when the future isn't totally set in stone yet. They're helping it to become set in stone though, by continuing to ignore a very real and very serious problem. But "Only death cures stupidity".)

This is all thanks to the gangrene (subverted and de-heathenised unheathens, also seen in BJP) which has only fed christoislamania.

Heathen India is burdened by the spinelessness and subversion of the rest. What a curse the gangrene is.
This is actually an important post. Not the stuff I write (or quote myself having spammed), but the stuff I quote someone else saying about Sita Ram Goel, which are in blue.

This post is actually related to post 177 of this thread. (Also related to allusions in post 171 of the Sanatana Dharma thread. And post 87 of the 'Evil' Hindoo practices thread from which this directly follows.)

The supporting statements for some claims made in the following blockquote (from the 'Evil' Hindu practices thread) follow at the end of it.

Note: NSR stands for NS Rajarant, one of the 2 "successors" of Sita Ram Goel.

[quote name='Husky' date='12 April 2015 - 11:58 PM' timestamp='1428862827' post='117635']

If Sita-Ram Goel had been alive, I wonder if he'd have dumped NSR and held him up as an example of how English speaking should Not turn out. IIRC Ishwar Sharan said that Goel - to ascertain whether Sharan was genuine or not - asked Sharan's what he thought the Gods were and was specifically interested in how Sharan would answer. From memory, Sharan said he answered that the Gods were Divine Persons. I.e. implicit in Sharan's statement is that he thought the Gods are real, first and foremost. Sharan said Goel approved of the answer.

NSR and Elst would have totally failed that question. <- "Why is this important to note?"

Because it tells you how far NSR and Elst would be considered 'representative' of Goel and more importantly - whether (as per how SRG was back when he was alive, as one doesn't know what he'd be like if he were alive today/"would he have subverted too?" and become an Elstian etc) whether Goel would have distanced himself from both NSR and Elst.

It is a curious thing that both NSR and Elst revealed their tendencies only after SRG's passing, even as they use SRG as the foundation for their authority among Hindu readership. Having said that, they've now won fans over on their own right since, and I'm sure the same are just the very kind to prefer NSR and/or Elst over SRG. Good.

NSR and Elst totally hijacked Goel (and Swarup). No wonder "Hindu" vocalists are so witless. There's only worthless people trying to lead them in the 'intellectual' space - the malady goes far beyond NSR and Elst. When will "Hindu" nationalists acquire some taste? (Or is the Q: when will they be heathen and recognise issues closer to home/know where to draw the line?) Hindoos' predicament is so bad that India can't even produce the likes of Swarup and Goel in the visible/vocal intellectual space any more. That's just ... pathetic.[/quote]

The supporting statements:

They're Ishwar Sharan's own words about Sita Ram Goel, written a number of years back now, which I've merely copied and pasted here. But these writings are not public, so no point googling for it.

I've considered carefully, and have decided that Goel's private communication with Sharan - and Sharan's subsequent private communication of this - are more beneficial to HindOOs and more important vis-a-vis the kinds of "Hindu nationalists"/vocalists/would-be-intellectuals and their sycophants one sees today, than any gain that may be achieved by keeping the following private. Besides, I've paraphrased some parts already from memory.

Sita Ram Goel on the Gods - via Ishwar Sharan's recollections:

Quote:Sita Ram Goel once asked me who the Gods were. I said they were divine beings with divine personalities. He was very pleased that I did not resort to academic dissembling (which I could not do not being an academic).

Quote:Sita Ram Goel was my dear friend and intellectual guide He had a super sharp intellect and spoke Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Urdu, Persian, some Arabic, a little Greek and Latin. These kinds of Hindu brains can be fearsome and I was very curious to know if he believed that the Gods were real. Oh, yes, he said, they are real.
(Removed additional line at end of the paragraph, since I'm not sure if that extra line was Sharan returning to his own views, or him still quoting Goel.)

Swarup and Goel were the last Indian intellectuals writing in the English-language fighting against christoislam. Everyone else today at best just parrots snatches of their arguments in a highly diluted fashion, besides most of them being unheathens, and new-ageists and reconstructionists ("I've discovered temple kultur, now I'm an expert on temple kultur" whatever types).

Accidentally located something else. Here's a view of Ram Swarup which I think I'd also alluded to somewhere on IF. Also taken from Sharan's recollections:

Quote:[Ram Swarup of Voice of India] was very sympathetic to the Old Religion of Europe and had a number of contacts among the neo-Pagans in Russia and Scandinavia. He was not entirely happy with persons like myself becoming Hindu because he felt we should be reviving Paganism.

He did not accept that Pagaism cannot be revived.

Here's a repeat of a direct translation of Emperor Julian again:

Quote:I feel awe of the Gods, I love, I revere, I venerate them, and in short have precisely the same feelings towards them as one would have towards kind masters or teachers or fathers or guardians or any beings of that sort.

Hindoos need to avoid getting lumped under one umbrella - the label "Hindu" - with India's "Hindu" agnostics and atheists (and the sudden dabblers who've reached their 'midlife crisis' stage and start pretending they are Hindu and thus invade Hindoo temples and spout new-ageisms).

Hindoos need to stop allowing unheathens to identify with them under any shared umbrella term/label.

When unheathens say "Hindu" they just mean Indian. Not heathenism.

But there is no relation between heathens and unheathens.

HindOOs are actually related to Taoist and Shinto traditionals (=heathens) etc. Not to unheathens of the same genetic background. While the latter don't presume to take on the same labels as Hindoos (or encroach on exclusively Hindoo matters like temple dubbed "architecture", Hindoo imagery dubbed "art" or redefined as allegories for physics, HindOO Gods and cosmological views, Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music, all things HindOO), they are not a threat - except, of course, when they start spouting inanities by daring to speak on and interpret heathenism despite being unheathens. But the latter's aggression in forcing themselves into the same category as HindOOs - thereby eclipsing HindOOs' existence as an independent collective with its own name - is another source of Certain Death to Hindoos. The Indian unheathens who also opportunistically call themselves Hindu become gangrene to Hindoos when they forcibly join Hindoos with their unrelated selves under an umbrella term, as if there's any relation. Hindoos ought to recognise it as an act of war, no less than christoislamic encroachment on Hindoo-dom. All the 'Hindu' unheathens do is use umbrella terms to hijack Hindoos (besides attempting to intermarry with heathens. Not sure why, the number of unheathens including unheathens calling themselves 'Hindu' in India is huge, and getting larger by the generation, so it's not like there aren't enough of their own kind.) Everyone wants to cannibalise on the 'polytheistic idolators' or turn heathenism into a new-age/re-interpreted/reconstructed travesty.

Hindoos should say NO to gangrene.

Request to all well-meaning Indians agnostics etc who may ever read this far:

Do Not suddenly decide you're going to re-invent yourself as a Hindoo ("polytheistic idolator", i.e. heathen) one day - a la the "temple kultur" entities (date of their fake u-turn/turn for new-ageism is very interesting, had not noticed before. I think I now know the impetus). There's NO VALID REASON for unheathens to choose to become 'heathens' all of a sudden, unless they have actually SEEN (directly interacted with) the Hindoo Gods. And that last is highly unlikely for 99.9 recurring percent of unheathens. And no other reason to go from agnosticism (or atheism for that matter) to dabbling in heathenism can be reconciled with a sane person clearly, and any such illegal move can only be ascribed to minds that have turned to mush or that such a move is owing to sentimentality (i.e. propensity to mental instability/random mental fluctuations).

Heathens don't want random fencehoppers=gangrene infiltrating heathen-dom.

Agnosticism and atheism are valid. They're not heathen, however, and should therefore not impose themselves on heathenism/heathen matters or create umbrella terms to encompass both (unless it be phrases like "unsaved kafirs" or "the free world" or "all sane people" etc). No other relationships exist.

And people who are so clearly Not heathen are Not welcome to one day decide they want to 'return' when they so obviously have no actual valid reasons to return to heathenism. Wanting to be a heathen is not enough. Need to Be one, consistently. If you were born to a heathen family, you are either a heathen for life or you walk out at some point. But no coming back - not allowed - with the stated exception of a Deus-Ex-Machina. In contrast, Ex-christoislamic reverts to Hindoo heathenism who have heathen tendencies and who apostasised on account of the same ARE heathens. It's very different, obviously. The former de-heathenised of their own choice (and therefore may not come back by choice), the latter were stuck in christoislamic families but had heathen tendencies (and hence may choose to revert).

And oh yeah, no roping Hindoo temples into the "Hindutva" (nationalism-as-replacement-religion) nonsense. HindOO temples are exclusively Hindoo heathenism. Not the Hindutva replacement theology, or rather replacement ideology. Meaning, they're off limits to unheathens (as also other aliens, who are no less unwelcome). As in: Get Lost from Hindoo temples.

The stuff in blue in this post is the important bit, and is something that's actually useful to know.
A useful example - in blue below - of the kind of stupidity that the "anything and everything Indic is Hindu" promoters invited.


By none other than the editor of opindia: he thinks 1. pk is not anti-Hindu and that 2. Hindu orgs should not have gone protesting the movie.

While I think (2) is a waste of time (time much better spent preventing christoislamic bans on movies that expose christoislamania), it does not negate the fact that pk is an anti-Hindu movie, if indeed it featured a man dressed up as Shiva and moving a vehicle with a muslimah in it.

No heathen population would make such a scene about heathen Gods (e.g. the Taoists are incredibly respectful of the HindOO Gods, one could mistake them for HindOOs). Non-motivated/non-ideological persons - e.g. plain vanilla western atheists, i.e. non-militant kind - wouldn't care to make anything about heathen Gods. Only missionary ideologies and subverted would pen such a scene into a film, and it most certainly is for subversive purposes and as an attempt at indirect iconoclasm. And only de-heathenised would be so incapable of recognising the subversion or the intent.

It's true fake "swamis" or "babas" or whatever they're called are part of the christian conversion programme - see also opindia.com/2014/12/dear-hindus-outraging-at-pk-look-what-babas-are-doing-they-are-converting-hindus-to-christians/ (important read). And I think the age has arrived where Hindus need to seriously distance themselves from exalting human persons - certainly avoid elevating them to the primary object of their devotion and loyalty - and ought to return their loyalties and piety to where it belongs: the Hindoo Gods alone. The Hindoo Gods should be the first and foremost objects of adoration and loyalty, and 2nd priority should be all the Hindoo heathens loyal to the Gods. Avoid subversionists of any stripe. Certainly shouldn't elevate them to authorities or teachers.

But the actual example I wanted to draw particular attention to is the following. It's of yet another unheathen anti-heathen who has been allowed to encroach on the Hindu label/"I'm a Hindu too":



BadVacation 4 months ago

Good article. I am a nastika/charvaka Hindu. Proudly Hindu, secular and agnostic. I hope there are more people like you who stops us from looking like the crazy Mullah's or Evangelists.

Typical. BadVaction is not just an unheathen, but a classic case of anti-heathen.

Note how he implies that others calling themselves Hindus - the primary group that label belongs to, i.e. Hindoos/heathens ("polytheistic idolators") are singled out, as only they can truly be offended by PK's attack on their Gods - are to be lumped with 'mullahs and evangelists' for seeing through PK's psyops and objecting to it.

But what can one expect of unheathens reconstructing the charvaka movement? After all, PK pales in comparison to the virulent anti-Hindoo dawaganda the original charvakans (sp?) used to peddle about. They're famously anti-heathen (they'd have attacked Taoists and Hellenes too, if they had the chance). More in common with christoislamania - besides being a missionary ideology - than ever with any heathenism, including that of India: Hindoos' heathenism.

So of course "BadVacation" is not offended by PK and only offended at Hindoos - totally unrelated to unheathens and anti-heathens as they are - taking offense at PK's cinematic iconoclasm. The unheathen BadVaction pretends his convenient "equanimity" and non-recognition of PK's provocation is the "True Hindu" response to PK's christoislamic denigration of heathen Gods.

I.e. it's not enough for unheathens to have encroached on the Hindu label, now they pretend they're the exemplaries.

When christoislam comes for BadVacation - as it will one day - Hindoos should return the favour and lecture him and all of its uninvited kind that they have no right to protest in any way either: "don't go all taliban by defending yourself against violence of any sort, it's embarrassing". Then Hindoos should proceed to do absolutely NOTHING to save these people (they're not Hindoos' problem, right? That's the beauty of apathy: it works both ways and is perfectly justified. Besides, Hindoos lose nothing by christoislam cannibalising that other anti-heathen missionary ideology. I don't get paid to care.)

Charvaka is in some respects quite like an Indic Ayn Randianism. In any case, NOT to be compared to plain vanilla western atheism, which is individual not ideological (and before people want to paint western atheists as uniformly or even predominantly hedonist: many western atheist individuals in my ken actually seem closer to an Epicurean frugal type of atheism, than anything like Charvakan or Ayn Randist, while not being remotely communist either. I don't know any hedonistic western atheist personally, only articles written by obviously trivial journalists and even they are becoming the minority. Oh, and western atheists don't want/aren't waiting about for new-agey Indian cults or any religion: they're happy being sensible and free from convoluted notions about the afterlife. Indics should leave western atheists and ex-christians alone, stop selling 'religion' at them).

"Hindu" and "Hinduism" in the western sphere has, fortunately, not referred to anything BUT India's heathens, i.e. the Hindoos. The west may have tossed a thousand insults against Hindoos and their heathenism, but "Hindooism", "Hinduism", "Hindoeisme" etc* has consistently referred to the religion centred on the Hindoo Gods alone. *That* is what's in print. They may well deny its existence as a religion or as a collective hereafter, but I still possess encyclopaedias where the print still affirms clearly what "Hindooism/Hindoeisme" and "Hindoo/Hindu" has meant all this while in western languages: the polytheistic idolatry born from the Vedas alone (and listed in contrast to every other Indic religion).

Nothing else. No one else is recognised in all that old western print under the label 'Hindu'. (Has served its purpose for posterity.) Everything else is owing to Hindu nationalism's rewriting of the usage of western terminology in the context of a western language.

Unheathens are not going to try their usual parasitic inculturation trick - a la christianism - and try to encroach on exclusively Hindoo=Gods-centred religious practices like Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music under the ruse of a "shared" "Hindu" label, right? Usually poaching on Hindoo "civilisation" (i.e. Hindoo achievements and religio-culture, heathen-dom) - plus the chance of enlarging the pool of fish to choose mates from - is all that unheathens seek when they eye using the "Hindu" label. They must be reminded that they have no right to either, regardless of whather they encroach on the term 'Hindu'. Charvakan reconstructionists are free to marry fellow unheathens (though many other "Hindu" and Indic unheathens dislike Charvakans even more and WILL not intermarry with them). Many communists used to refer to themselves as Charvakans or at least plug for it. Some may still do.

* Hmmm, the word Hinduism could turn out useful after all. It cannot refer to unheathens, as it specifically refers to a religion of polytheistic idolatry. I was wrong to have let the word go. It shows its usefulness after all when the medium is some western lingo. A word with some shadow of the intended meaning may be better than none... None of the Hindoo words for Hindoo heathenism like Sanatana Dharma or Vaidika Dharma etc is in English print to connect what was written about a collective to the collective that still exists, after all.

Anyway, hope Hindu nationalists/'Hindutva' peddlers won't pretend that Badvacation/Charvaka reconstructionism are Hindoos' "friends" and christoislamics are the "enemy". All anti-heathenisms terrorise heathens. Like all those 'Hindus' said about the Hindu label - that there is no such thing as a 'Hindu' unless Buddhists, Jains etc are all *equally* related - then there certainly is no such thing as 'we' either.

a. There's the Hindoos and their larger family: their relatives, the heathens from across the globe (and throughout history) [e.g. there are traditional Taoists and even Shintos who identify with Hindoos first. There are even Native Americans writing on the internet who identify their religion and views with their fellow Hindoo heathens, from among everything in the world they could have chosen from]. These are Hindoos' direct and only kin.

b. Then there's plain vanilla atheists in the west - who are neutral (as in: they don't care about heathens one way or another, leaving alone those who leave them alone).

c. And there's anti-heathens, like subversionists* and the replacement/missionary ideologies.

*Including the very kind that denied Hindoos' existence by denying them a label, and instead forced Hindoos to share a label with all and sundry from all 3 groups.
1. A bit confused. Who does Modi represent again/what side is he on again?

To universalise heathenism = a christianism, after all.

Found via the twitter-feed at the Rajeev2004 blog, I think:

Modi - now allergic to the oh-so-Vedic=Hindoo OM apparently - secularises Hindoos' Yoga, Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. Tomorrow, perhaps Modi will christianise all this too (it's the usual pattern, right?):


Quote:To Make Yoga the Common Man's Choice, Modi Government to Drop all References to 'Om' from Promotion

on 2015/4/20 17:56:27 ( 258 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, April 18, 2015 (Times of India): To make yoga an aam [Hindi for "common," as in "common man"] lifestyle choice in a country where religious symbolism often attracts high-voltage political controversies, Modi Sarkar is dropping all references to Om -- the traditional mystical invocation related to Hindu spirituality and yoga practice -- in its coming high-powered promotion of this ancient discipline. Senior officials involved in the government's extensive preparations to celebrate the June 21 International Yoga Day told ET that the brief is to keep the effort "free of controversy." Therefore, there will be no reference to aum in the 33-minute Common Yoga Protocol that's been prepared by the department of AYUSH (ayurveda, yoga & naturopathy, unani, siddha and homoeopathy), as well as all literature and video being prepared for the June 21 celebration.
(New-ageism alert.)

And this is allegedly a "Hindu" "nationalist" government.

Probably future BJP leaders and RSS will be made to do OM-less yoguh (pilates - yoga minus Hindoo stuff - also doesn't have OM and hence why doesn't Modi just market that instead?)

So a whole new kind of "nationalist, universalist" RSS - swearing by islamic unani crap - will replace the current Hindoo RSS.

Modi is even better for christianisation of India than I thought. He's not merely utterly passive (inactive) towards Hindoo religion, he's like active for de-Hinduisation and promoting universalism=eventual christianisation.

You know, if the KKKangress govt had done this instead of Modi and his BJP, then Hindus would have instantly recognised the dangers and written (uselessly) profusely about it and perhaps even protested it. But, predictably, when Modi - any perceived to be pro-Hindu - does the same dangerous thing, there will be no peep from the usual quarters of "Hindu" nationalists/vocalists. I don't want to find out, but I suspect they will even be praising this latest nail in the coffin.

(Hmmm, to think that KKKangress is less dangerous than the BJP: the former is suspicious the latter is not and gets away with the crimes that would have been recognised in the former... More proof of how the major con/replacement ideology called "Hindutva" = death of Hindoo heathenism.)

Since secularism gets Modi nowhere, appealing neither to christoislamics nor Hindoos,

he may bank on christianism tomorrow. Perhaps he and his estranged wife (who works for christian charities now) will join the new christo movement: Jesus, the Sole Yogacharya: New Conversion Agendas by Christian Church

2. Crossposting. Belongs here. On things to come/calamities yet to befall (usw):


Quote:Re the last sentence - Indian readers and television viewers are educated by and conditioned through a macaulayan education system. Unless that changes, readers and viewers won't.

As an aside, GOI through its GIAN initiative intends to import a 1000 US academics US to educate "readers and viewers" - articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2015-01-18/news/58200733_1_hrd-minister-smriti-irani-president-barack-obama-manjul-bhargava .

Think about it - this is a neo-macaulayan invasion.we're ourselves purchasing.


March 17, 2015

The news was:


Quote:To Make Yoga the Common Man's Choice, Modi Government to Drop all References to 'Om' from Promotion

on 2015/4/20 17:56:27

Soon we'll hear sycophants - who keep believing, contrary to any evidence, that Modi will suddenly declare himself Hindoo "soon" - plead to Hindus once more to not lose faith in the Modi-led BJP: that 'Hindoos just need to wait a little longer (still) and Modi will magically finally start doing something for Hindoos (at last)'.

Actually, he's done enough already, with his de-Hinduising Hindoo religion by removing the OM, by forcing Ayurveda and Siddha medicine (both exclusively Hindoo, the latter is taught by Shaiva Siddhantam from Rishi Agastya's lineage and hence also Vedic) with islamic "unani" nonsense.

Any more 'help' to Hindoo-dom from Modi, and we may as well call christian inculturationists to finish the job better.

I shouldn't have complained: I preferred it when Modi did nothing for Hindoos after all.

Anyone measuring pace (rate) of christianisation before and after Modi/BJP govt, and also the extent to which christianism has its claws in the country? I think at least the latter and possibly both will have increased.
This post is hyper SPAM, except for the links at the very end, which do belong in this thread.

1. indiafacts.co.in/list-of-indian-nuclear-scientists-who-died-mysterious-deaths/

I can't believe no Indian says it outright - you know it's true: AmeriKKKa (and its UK/Euro sidekicks) is behind this. They may have Indian traitors in their pockets to get intell on who is doing what, whereabouts, etc or even some of the dead may have been murdered by Indians/Pakis in the pay of the alien demons, but the mastermind and the chessplayer is the west.

For one moment, Indians may be honest. I know modern morons don't want to fingerpoint christoislam in anything. But I didn't know there was a taboo on fingerpointing the oh-so-obvious hand (and foreign interests) of the west too. The fact remains:

The christowest killed all these "mysteriously" - one might say miraculously - "dead" Indian nuclear scientists.

[Just like the hitjobs on many politicos - often mentioned by the Rajeev2004 blog - had the same signature as the handiwork of the Vatican/mafia: anyone who has read American Atheists' Flashline - from years before the recent book on Vatican Bankers - about how that previous vatican banker Calvi and others were murdered by the Vatican's right hand=mafia, would know there was too much of a similarity in the style of hits of important Indian politicians. <- Already spammed about this in detail in a post long ago.

In fact, the west and the Vatican reduce to one entity/one interest. They have colluded often enough in the past to topple govts and nations, to manipulate them, to subvert them, to blackmail them. All with the purpose of controlling their destinies and making these conform to western/Vatican desires.]

2. indiafacts.co.in/10-months-of-narendra-modi-government-an-assessment/

where Gautam Sen appraises (and largely praises) Modi's governance so far.

Here is the first comment, which I sort of agree with (except I'd reduce the D- to a full truancy, not to mention that that subject should have been first priority):

Quote: malavika • 20 days ago

Modi Govt performance according to me.

Economy A

Foreign Policy A+

Domestic Policy A

Black money A-

Narrative/Agenda setting C.

Here he needs to use his supposed ruthlessness on the media mafia. These folks have a lot

of skeletons in their closet. Modi admin must throw the rule book at them

Hindu Concerns D-.

There is no progress in the illegal immigration and instead the oppressive Adhaar card is being legitimized even though in cities like Delhi there are more Adhaar card holders than residents. In India there is no data base for criminals but we want a database of private info of law abiding citizens. Also Article 30 which discriminates against Hindus is still on books. This discrimination against Hindus is still continuing. No progress on Sadhvi case and releasing Hindu temples from the clutches of govt.

(Not sure if in that final sentence, Malavika means the W Bengal Sadhvi who was gangraped by christo(islamic)s. Or Sadhvi Pragya, who was illegally held and tortured by the christian inquisition for 6.5 years. If the latter, then, just this month Sadhvi Pragya was allegedly released, but on bail - aka until new "evidence" against her is suddenly manufactured by christianism. Unlikely christianism will have to worry about her sticking around for long: IIRC I heard the Sadhvi is suffering from cancer. A la Ramana Maharshi I think it was. (IIRC Hindoos had protested that the Sadhvi's condition was neglected=exacerbated by the christian inquisition/incarceration. C.f. Mohammed Afzal-class terrorists/jihadi war criminals receiving chicken biryani in prison and lakhs worth of free hospital treatment funded by Hindu taxpayers' money). I hope the Sadhvi will have a peaceful passing into moksha. I'd have once said 'don't die', but 'Hindutva' has made it Everyone for Themselves: no point in her expending any efforts to give illumination to an ingrate de-heathenised 'nationalist' India that did -let's be honest- Nothing to protect or defend her from false allegations, outright torture, imprisonment and - as per news reports - sexual abuse by the christian inquisition. Moral: don't defend the bogey called 'Hindutva', since it will kill not just your heathenism but you too.)


Modi doesn't know how important - how crucial - for national and greater interests is the "Hindu concerns" subject for which Malavika gave a D- despite his total truancy in it. I think he has no clue/has no idea about the actual priorities: tomorrow IS too late for Hindoo dom, and as a small consequence of that, there will be even fewer to idiotically fall for voting for BJP as their last hope. No christoislamics need vote for BJP, you know. They can vote for anyone: at minimum, all kowtow to them. Though other parties are more often by, for and of christoislamicommunism.

(The only alternative is that Modi/BJP is aware, but then that would mean he is deliberately disinterested, and which would make *him* part of the anti-Indian nexus himself. Which seems less likely than him being clueless.)

If Modi really is - as his fervent believers say - waiting to protect Hindoo interests some years hence, to futilely attempt to turn the tide of what would have been happening on his watch between his election and that time, then he is less shrewd and sensible than people paint him as: a stitch in time saves nine. And what will happen not even in a couple of years, but has already happened in this 10-/11-month, is something no visible vocalists/nationalists (incl those in power) can easily reverse, if at all they could manage it.

(* Maybe they will say Modi was planning to show his true pro-Hindoo colours in a 2nd term, but "sadly" he didn't get elected because Hindoos "lost faith too soon". That excuse won't wash.)

There was an article at indiafacts, sarcastically representing the alleged 'avg' disappointed Modi voter: having merely gone out once to vote for Modi, the voter expected him to repay them with Instant Miracles. Modi having failed to bring his voters the moon in return for their easy vote, they have turned on him (as ingrates), said the article.

But the sarcasm concealed some important details: the Hindoo's disappointment is not that of the avg nationalist or (de-heathenised) middleclass voter of BJP who are all sitting pretty in safety.

And the ability to vote the BJP was All the power the Hindoo had against christoislamicommunist, which holds Hindoos hostage with a grip like a vice: Hindoodom is drawing its dying breath, but a few decades remain (not counting new-ageists and reconstructionists who will live somewhat longer still). It is at such a late time that Hindoos - knowing or unknowing of their truly bleak future - cast their desperate vote for the BJP, since there never was another choice for them.

Further Hindoos in W Bengal risked their lives - and some came within an inch of losing it, waylaid as they were by islamanics - to vote for the BJP.

So no, it wasn't a cheap thing at all.

Modi has repaid them by Not doing anything for Hindoo-dom. It is NOT too much for Hindoos to expect that a party deceptively calling itself "Hindu" nationalist should actually be Hindu, rather than using that label to fool Hindoos. It is NOT too much for Hindoos to expect that there would be some sense of indebtedness to Hindoo-dom in BJP and that they felt it was the native religion, realised it is very factually dying (partly even thanks to their idiot policies over the decades), and that they owe it to do something to reverse this trend as far as they could humanly try.

Instead, Modi/BJP have gone out of their way to do Nothing.

Hindoos in W Bengal*, despite voting BJP and despite BJP being in power, are still being genocided and ethnically cleansed - nothing has changed, despite their pathetically, brutally disappointed hopes. So no, the sarcasm by people writing articles from their comfortable armchair - nowhere near the frontlines of the one-sided war (aka genocide) waged by christoislamania against Hindoos - who pretend that the voting was easy and that Hindoos have no right to make "unreasonable" demands is invalid (and is criminal neglect of the actual facts of the situation).

* Modi will be able to save them not at all. Because the fake spin on Godhra hangs over him. Using the riots over Ayodhya and fresher riots over Godhra, Modi and all the BJP were made a liability to Hindoos by the west: the BJP will be blamed for any self-defence by Hindoos (if any such ever happens) against the relentless christoislamic jihad. But then Hindoos will have no one to vote for. Yet even with BJP in power, nothing will be done to protect the Hindoos. It is not actually a catch-22 for the BJP: there is a right course of action and there is a wrong one. They could simply do the Right thing - saves the lives being silently genocided and ethnically cleansed by christoislam (thanks to christomedia's collusion with jihad) - and then say Screw You to the US which is just waiting for the Indian govt to take the bait, and plan for any repercussions.

But Modi - almost like the christomedia - seems happy to ignore the ongoing genocide, both in Hindoo persons and their religio-cultural genocide.

He was elected against impossible odds. So yeah, there are impossible expectations made of him. But he should at least TRY to live up to them. Which he won't do. He ignores the elephant in the living room, careful to remain secular at all hours (despite the christomedia only painting him more and more the villain with false stories like the christian self-inflicted church attacks and nun gangrape). The christomedia - Indian and international - will clearly manufacture crimes against Modi, since they can't pin actual cases of Hindoo self-defence against christoislamic terrorism against him and the BJP. Again: BJP is damned either way. They should at least do the Right Thing while they're still in power. Because the minute they lose power, all hell is going to break loose for Hindoos: christoislamaniacs will be more confident than ever that they can get away with anything because not even a "Hindu nationalist" party was willing to do zip all for Hindoos, but rather fell in line perfectly with christoislamic demands to extreme anti-Hindu secularism (e.g. Ghar Wapasi although not yet proscribed all over India is totally tied down, whereas forced conversions to christoislamania are still full-steam ahead). Christianism will finally enact the pending "Only the Hindoo majority can ever be held accountable for rioting/christoislamic 'minority' is always the victim of Hindoos" Act etc. They *will* liquidate all Hindoo temples, by takeover and by increased looting. And they have already shown they will kill Sadhus and cut the sacred threads of Hindoo priests and the Thaali of Hindoo wives.

BJP does OWE Hindoo-dom and Hindoos. There is NO BJP and certainly no nationalism without Hindoos. Nationalism dies within one or two generations in de-heathenised Indians (subsequent generations secularise/get christo-conditioned, people may try to disprove this pattern, but I have many examples for my evidence). Hindoos are the only real, assured nationalists. The only nationalists in India. Everyone else is selfish in their interests (seeking to implement their own vision/de-heathenising replacements, a la Hindutva, for which they have to hijack Hindoos to their cause, like christo-LTTE did in SL), while other "Indians" are playacting at being "minorities" while actually being a threat to the nation and its native inhabitants.

India is factually in a state of civil war already. Instead of recognising that, Modi wants to continue to fuel it (and take sides) by trying to compensate with increased secularism. When will BJP get it through their heads? Christoislamania and communism are fundamentally anti a Hindu India. They WILL work with the global ummah and christowest. They will forever be against the BJP as long as the BJP does not roll over and do the US' bidding, the way UPA/KKKangress did. BJP can do it easily: just suppress Hindoo heathenism and promote christoislamicommunism in all the ways the KKKangress did. Because the west knows - but BJP doesn't - that the only true nationalism in India is Hindoo heathenism, that the only real resistance (hence threat) to western hegemony is Hindoo heathenism. Everyone else gets subverted and eventually falls in line to western storytelling on India - rewriting its past and writing its future - but Hindoos don't.

Whatever. BJP/Modi should continue to do nothing. But if they Ever dare to suddenly realise their culpability in extincting heathenism in India (by allowing its extinction by means of ignoring its dire need, for which need the BJP was ironically elected), they may hang themselves and know that they will Never be forgiven (and not just by Hindoos) and that they will forever be ostracised from all of heathendom. People have a right to commit betrayal even of such proportions. But they should commit it consciously as they have no right to forgiveness. Attempts to crawl back are not allowed. Attempts to seek a peaceful life in heathenism upon retirement after doing nothing to protect its downfall while in power is not allowed. There are no do-overs for some mistakes, after all. We are all bound by these rules. Jai-Chand will never be anything more than a traitor.

For those seeking redemption: they can make like Constantine and accept jeebus. The Hindoo response is the same as the GrecoRoman temple priests had for Constantine: he is not welcome to their temples anymore nor can claim absolution, because his crimes far exceeded that which heathenism/the Gods can forgive. (He set in motion the christianisation of the world, from which the world is yet reeling. Forever thereafter reeling, it almost feels like.)

3. indiafacts.co.in/narendra-modi-stands-between-indias-breakup/

Gautam Sen has written again, sounding more worried than usual even for him: this time to warn of a sudden anti-Modi twitter movement of disenchanted possibly working for foreign interests. (I don't follow Indian nationalist tweets as much as I should - if I want to remain up to date - but from what I have noticed, I have not observed much disenchantment at all if any, whether this be genuine or planted. I have observed more disappointed and grumbling commenters at indiafacts and they are far exceeded by Modi's loyal voters, who still insist he will pull a hatrick at the end of the day (the day after Hindoos have extincted, presumably.)

He warns that a threat to Modi's life may come suddenly and have major political and social ramifications: that this or other opportunities may be set in motion (by the west and its minions TSP and in India) to de-stabilise and disintegrate India.

He gives no reasons why modern India should Not destabilise: barring the Hindoos of course, it is entirely under the thrall of subversions (dravoodianism, oryanism no less, replacement theologies - even such as those espoused by Bauddhified "Hindu" nationalists) and marred by the mushrooming of enemies (christoclass meme). Every subversion that has been planted, took (to the modern Indian psyche). India has already been turned into mere geography in the minds of many Indians, to be united only in the future and only by christianism (in which case a willing slave to the christowest) or by islam (in which case also to be used by the christowest). Oryanists/IE-ists and dravoodianists have both together essentially affirmed that India is neither held together by ethnicity nor by religio, only by imposition of alien ethnicity and alien religion. This is their thing. Let them live with the repercussions of their own making/choosing.

Sen provides few solutions. He foresees that the army will be very busy in India, but that any fickleness on their part (secularism/willingness to negotiate with christoislam and its alien masters) will result in yet more treachery.

Some solutions to insurgency and especially overt attacks by foreign nations (say TSP/BD) have easy solutions that none will implement (though I would):

- The first is resolved by a government willing to purge the Indian armed forces of people with allegiances that go against the nation's interest (i.e. christoislam) and give the Indian armed forces the right to take christoislamic terrorists/insurgents head-on and leave none standing in the end. (A.o.t. to the sort of princely treatment given to mass war criminal christo-communist Binayak Sen.)

- The second problem is what India's nukes should have been for. Nukes as mere deterrents won't deter TSP. I'd use the nukes. As soon as there is any largescale islamic surgency in India - with or without Pak hand - I'd nuke TSP E and W, and let the ummah in India - and the worldwide ummah too - know I meant business too. Indian mujahideen WILL feel demoralised if TSP is nuked. And people will be shocked at how many Indian islamic shake-nines apostasise readily at that point - and will openly convert to one of the numerous Indic religions - to make sure all know they have no islamism to fear from *them*.

- I'd already have carpet bombed not just Kashmir but Parganas etc (Kissinger taught the world that, I merely imitate) - the areas of W Bengal where Hindoos and ex-muslim reverts have now been ethnically cleansed from, even as christomedia maintains a conscious silence on this jihad. Since christomedia was silent on the genocide of the Bengali Hindoos who were living there until very very recently, they will similarly be forced to remain silent on the Indian bombing of the illegal BD infiltrati islamics who have taken over there now. I mean, as soon as christianism declares that the Indian army bombed islamics, they will be forced to explain how the Hindoos living in these very regions didn't get hurt: because they were already ethnically cleansed from the region by islamania. So the christomedia will need to be silent, especially since there will be fewer of the ummah to physically provide back-up for christomedia continued verbal terrorism against the nation.

- I'd liquidate or purge - what you will - the christomedia. In fact, if I was a dictator, I'd just go ahead and do hits on every liar and traitor in the christomedia. It is what the Vatican/Mafia does after all - including to nationalist politicians - and what AmriKKKa has done to Indian nuclear scientists. They made the rules, I am willing to adhere by them. Besides, christomedia's journalists' lives are worth less - in every which way you look at it - to those of nationalist politicians and nuclear scientists.

The minute the secular Indian vocalists (the kind that watch NDTV news or read Chindu news) express their dismay at the "police state", ask them where their conscientious objection - and even their interest to take notice of important unnatural deaths - was when nuclear scientists and nationalist politicians were routinely murdered. Not to mention Hindoo leaders in TN etc, and Hindoo villagers in India's christianising NE or islamising W Bengal or islamised Kashmir etc. Tell them that since they remained conveniently silent and chose to remain ignorant by watching christomedia that negated the genocide of Other Indians (though these be "only" Hindoos), they may remain conveniently silent now too. "Let's not pretend to have a conscience now, you hypocrites."

And if they say two wrongs don't make a right, christoislam has constantly shown that might is right and that history is written by the winners. It ain't going to change now that one heathen country at last realised the truth of these words and when total war may at last serve the purposes of the free world in the long run.

Instead of suggesting doable - but no doubt considered "drastic" or even "deranged" [by seculars and cowards] - responses to christoislamania and AmeriKKKan destabilisation of India (a la what AmeriKKKa did to Yugoslavia, btw: Sen's case of Soviet Russia wasn't the first example that came to my mind), Sen has nothing to offer but that Modi/BJP must beware assassination attempts and triggers for de-stabilisation, including preparing for succession of Modi in case AmeriKKKa plants a hit on him too.

Between the lines of everyone cautioning Modi against the conjoined Indian christoislam (via KKKangress and ISI) + AmeriKKKa pulling a Godhra in India again, is the warning that every Hindoo who is yet loyal to Modi must - for Modi's sake/for the sake of BJP (to spare their impeachment/prevent them from being pulled down by AmriKKKa like it did Yugoslavia's Milosevich or Egypt's Morsi) - must bear with further christoislamic jihad.

But for such loyalty, Modi and BJP may first prove to Hindoos that they are worth yet more Hindoo lives being brutally extinguished in silence without retaliation (because that is what pro-BJP people are pleading for when they keep warning supposedly Modi - but actually indirectly/directly Hindus - that Modi's on a powderkeg and AmeriKKKa is waiting to get him on a misstep/waylay him with another Godhra trap).

Hindoos are not afraid to die - they are murdered everyday already, like the secular army is picked off in skirmishes too - but unlike the secular army, Hindoos cannot be expected to be willing to die for secularism. Loyalty is one of those things that works both ways. It's Modi/BJP's turn to move. They've done precious little for Hindoo-dom so far (actually they've done nothing, not counting grass-level BJP members=BJP's Hindoo footsoldiers/cannon fodder with more of their futile bandhs and protests about temples and forced conversions). And it is almost exclusively Hindoos - you know, the temple-going kind, worshipping their moorties of their Gods? - that are getting massacred, be they the Vanavasis in christianised NE or other types of Hindoos in W Bengal, etc etc.

No more asking Hindoos to die for other people's agenda, which does not even have Hindoos' heathenism anywhere in mind (not even as an afterthought, I think).

This post was on:

1. indiafacts.co.in/list-of-indian-nuclear-scientists-who-died-mysterious-deaths/

(all of which were hits by AmeriKKKa, as everyone should already know, surely?)

2. indiafacts.co.in/10-months-of-narendra-modi-government-an-assessment/

where Gautam Sen appraises (and largely praises) Modi's governance so far.

Here is the first comment, which I sort of agree with (except I'd reduce the D- to a full truancy, not to mention that that subject should have been first priority):

Quote: malavika • 20 days ago

Modi Govt performance according to me.

Economy A

Foreign Policy A+

Domestic Policy A

Black money A-

Narrative/Agenda setting C.

Here he needs to use his supposed ruthlessness on the media mafia. These folks have a lot

of skeletons in their closet. Modi admin must throw the rule book at them

Hindu Concerns D-.

There is no progress in the illegal immigration and instead the oppressive Adhaar card is being legitimized even though in cities like Delhi there are more Adhaar card holders than residents. In India there is no data base for criminals but we want a database of private info of law abiding citizens. Also Article 30 which discriminates against Hindus is still on books. This discrimination against Hindus is still continuing. No progress on Sadhvi case and releasing Hindu temples from the clutches of govt.

3. indiafacts.co.in/narendra-modi-stands-between-indias-breakup/

where Gautam Sen warns

- of a sudden anti-Modi twitter movement of disenchanted working for possibly foreign interests.

- that a threat to Modi's life may come suddenly and have major political and social ramifications: that this or other opportunities may be set in motion (by the west and its minions TSP and in India) to de-stabilise and disintegrate India.

(But India's already mired in a civil war, as other concerned Indian casual commenters on the web had noticed: A constant state of christoislamic terror attacks and [christomedia-negated] genocide of the natives by alien mindviruses is not a sign of a healthy country to begin with. India is *already* unstable and has been teetering on the brink of disintegration owing to the growing hold of subversions, which are actually all replacement theologies too, now I think of it...)

The blue bits/links at the very end of this post are all that's important, the rest of this post is SPAM.
[quote name='Husky' date='20 April 2015 - 10:17 PM' timestamp='1429547987' post='117645']


By none other than the editor of opindia


And here's what the islam-peddling PK won't cover:

https:// twitter.com/KiranKS/status/592387996927700992

Quote:Sanatani Hindu Gurus versus underworld funded Bollywood.



Pranab, EA


[Image: CDiVvg0UUAEHt7m.jpg]

Searchable text version:

Quote:Morari Bapu contributed Rs 51 lakhs to PMNRF, Baba Ramdev has set-up relief camp (including a blood donaton camp today), he also adopted all the orphan children in Nepal :clapping:, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has sent 10,000 volunteers to Nepal. These are all the 3 who were made fun of my [by] Bollywood celebrities in the recent movies** which have earned crores of rupees, I have not heard anything more than mere words from the so-called big bollywood stars who preach the world on religion.

(** E.g. Aamir Khan's anti-heathen, monotheism-peddling film "PK")
1. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Teestas-outfit-got-2-9-lakh-from-Ford-Foundation/articleshow/47045148.cms

Quote:Teesta’s outfit got $2.9 lakh from Ford Foundation

Bharti Jain, TNN | Apr 25, 2015, 01.34AM IST

NEW DELHI: As the government put international donor Ford Foundation on the watchlist for funding organizations not registered under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act, an alleged violation on its mind was the foundation's $2.9 lakh grant to Sabrang Communication and Publishing Pvt Limited (SCPPL), with which activist Teesta Setalvad is associated.


Modi-led BJP has put the wheels in motion to crack down on Ford Foundation. Better late than never, considering KKKangress would never have done away with either Teesta or FF. Cutting off all avenues of funds to Teesta's gang? Nice choice to go for a war of attrition. As long as the govt doesn't stop with FF, but finds everything funding Teesta and the many others like her.

But where is Elst, who guaranteed (practically swore) that it was but nationalists' imagination that the west was after destabilising India, with an eye at disintegrating the nation at fundamental levels (or make it non-functioning and a failed state)? Above is yet more proof, just as Gautam Sen's comment had already stated once at an indiafacts article of Elst, where the latter averred that the west was innocent of any such Indian suspicions/paranoia on sinister western meddling or intentions. IIRC Sen had explained that Teesta had been outed as nothing less than a CIA asset by IIRC wikileaks.

And here is further proof with Ford Foundation, famously connected to the CIA, having bankrolled Teesta and her campaign to scuttle the BJP and Modi from getting any power in India. Probably she foresaw that without her KKKangress (or AAP or any other western-appointed) bosses in power, she wouldn't be seeing moolah coming in for her and islamic husband's jihad/islamisation project for India. She bet on the right horse for her: KKKangress/US. But sadly it didn't win. She'll no doubt "try, try again" tomorrow - by whatever means. They all will, until they're denied a tomorrow.

Hmmm, a question which I can't for the life of me answer (except if I think of McMoneagle type out-of-left-field factors*):

Even when Modi was just a plain CM of Gujarat, the west had targeted him as a dangerous man. They'd targeted him with the kind of effort reserved for someone who was already ruling the country, as if he were then already someone they knew must be prevented at all costs from ruling India.

How did the west know - so *many* years in advance - what Indians never knew until a few years ago: that he was PM material and sh/would come to govern all of India one day?

* Actually I can think of one other solution that fits the described situation. But I think I prefer even the 'McMoneagle' excuse to that.

2. Archiving item from Feb.


Quote:February 20, 2015

Terror boat

Open letter to the Indian media by a senior Navy Officer

Note: This was sent to IndiaFacts by a serving officer in the Indian Navy with over two decades of experience in various positions and involved in several operations. The name of the officer cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons.


I am writing this after having observed the recent media reactions, statements, editorials, opinions and all sorts of “analyses” over the terror-boat episode. My language will be frank and candid.

It is only in India that Intelligence-driven operations are discussed in the open, in the media and in talk shows under the excuse of some idiotic notions of freedom of speech. One thing is for sure: that the media in India is maudlin. No doubts on that score.

I heard the questions that the media posed to the Defence Minister at Aero India on 18 February. The questions themselves and what followed them is the clearest evidence for the crying need for Defence Correspondents.

As for the Indian Express video, it is clear that they had a score to settle with the Government after their Sherlock Holmes + Hercule Poirot rolled in one, Mr. Praveen Swami wrote a clever-by-half nonsensical piece on the boat blow up episode. When he wrote the piece, it was severely ridiculed on the Net & social media. The angst of Indian Express is therefore understandable but that does not make it right.

But in all the chaff, what everyone including the holier-than-thou media have missed is the vital fact that in the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard, no one from the shore ever gives an order to fire to the man at sea. The unwritten tradition is this: the man on the spot knows best.

And therefore, it is clear that the DIG was talking through his hat. He needs to be cashiered immediately for his immaturity and loose talk in the media, which is only too happy to put the Government in the dock.

I say this with the weight of 25 years of service in the “silent service” and enough of command time, including ‘snooping’ in the very same waters and in the North.


My advice to the Fourth Estate: please don’t display your idiocy publicly. Please.

But has Praveen Swami not been assassinated by some lay Indian yet? Still?

^ Isn't that the sort of question Karan Thapar or whoever* asked about Modi, hinting left and right? So that means everyone can now surely get away with asking the same question - together with the hints - about all in India's christomedia.

E.g. "Sagarika/Rajdweeb/Barkha Dutt still barking? No one put it out of its misery yet?"

Pity that twitter has just - very recently indeed - decided to programmatically snuff twitter troll comments, especially of the usual "X should die/Y is going to kill X" type. Schade, as I never saw the use before. And can't imagine twitter accounts of the anti-Hindu nexus being useful for anything but for others to troll about. Almost worth having an account on twitter just to troll on the likes of ueber sensitive Barkhas and Sagarikas: who've demonstrated that while they can dish out crap to Hindus, they clearly can't take it themselves, like typical losers. Which surely makes them perfect targets - practically asking for it - for psychologically wearing down into retirement (even in the BladeRunner sense) by being plain nasty to them, like something from a schoolyard.

* May have got the name wrong: I don't really know India's debile christomedia personnel by name or face or statement, and can't keep any apart. Their names can easily start merging in my mind, plus they all look the same - being bland variations on Insipid - and they all sound the same, in more ways then one: idiotic faux wannabe-elite unIndian accent, check, and working for foreign and ideological interests (so regurgitating their scripts), check.
I can't believe it. The little fraud:


By NS Rajarant.

I didn't read it all. After noting the author, just scrolled down to the first comment and - because of it praising the article - looked for the word (a)paurusheya in the text since it was mentioned in the comment.

That was *my* line (of argument). Can't remember if I ever blabbed it publicly on IF - since defending Hindoo heathenism/traditional POV is like totally verboden among modern Hindus. But I long ago pointed some of my Hindoo friends and close relatives to old Elst articles and Elstians' comments on how the Vedas are not [to be considered] apaurusheya anymore (but that the Vedic Rishis "composed" the Vedas as poetry etc) as being the current/evolving state of modern "Hindu" views on our heathenism**, and asked my friends and relations what they thought of the situation/what their response was. When they couldn't formulate an answer fast enough (it was just a minor example I wanted to give of a much larger problem, so I wanted to move past it), I told them that all they needed to state as response to Elst/Elstian type arguments was to point to physics as an analogy: just like nobody invented the natural laws of physics - e.g. no one "invented" "gravity", as it has "always" existed (well, since shortly after the universe came to be) but its reality was merely discovered by humanity at various points X in time/history - likewise, the Vaidika Rishis - contrary to Elstian types' arguments - didn't "compose" the Vedas but were merely granted the vision ("intuition") of Vedic realities. Even compared formulae in physics - again as an analogy alone, not a literal equivalent - to Vedic mantras: just like the first captures the reality of some physical properties of the universe (or mathematical properties of a model of the universe), the latter are 'formulae' capturing truths/eternal verities also (but about the Hindoo Gods/Hindoo cosmology). The conclusion being that, in a manner rather like how the natural laws of physics were not man-made, the Vedas were not man-made either and this would be why ritualistic and other traditionalist Vaidika Hindoos continued to regard the Vedam as apauruSheya. (That the Vedam was true many seemed to have proved to themselves already.)

I told my friends and family members to simply state ^that^ to any who made fun of their adherence to the traditional view that the "Vedam is apaurusheya" in face of Elstian type arguments (you know, the latter voiced by the kind that pretend - laughably - that they are more rational or logical than Hindoos), and to then let the matter be, since it's the sort of open-ended counter argument that generally won't elicit a retort and is likely to leave heathen=traditionalist Hindus alone thereafter.

[** Also showed one relative the current state of alien theft of the Vedam/alien claim to ownership. There are alien dabblers in the Vedam who discuss among themselves in their online communities that Hindus have (increasingly) abandoned the view that the Vedam is apauruSheya [and the aliens quote examples of such Hindus from the net], but that they (the aforementioned aliens) are the only ones still remaining "true" (as in loyal) to that view of the Vedam being apauruSheya, and that "therefore" they are the true "inheritors" of the Vedam. Nonsense. First, many Hindus may relinquish traditional views, but that doesn't mean others have - the important people haven't. And more relevant to the actual argument is that even if there were to be no more Hindoos in the future - i.e. no ethnic Indians to hold this and related heathen views anymore on the Vedam - it *still* won't make the Vedam ever belong to the alien demons/become their inheritance by "default". It will only ever belong to ethnic Hindoos. Further, the dabbling aliens are famous for having abandoned even their own ancestral Gods/religion and for being unable to reacquire these: they seem to have been abandoned likewise by their Gods=religion, since why else are they dabbling in others' ancestral heathenism, nah? So they don't need to speak of disloyalty. They are the living embodiment of disloyalty.]

Anyway, the reason for this post is not that it is unsurprising that pro-heathen/pro-Hindoo persons (e.g.) should advocate such views in defence of traditional Hindus (heathens). Nor how laughably hypocritical it is for that virulent Veda-hater NS Rajarant to even dare to speak of the Vedam again, let alone to try and get into heathenism' good graces. (But as an aside: is the little hypocrite attempting to backpeddle on the Vedam? Never Allowed. Forever debarred. People have every right to consciously badmouth the vedam as he did. But need to accept that they are stuck permanently with that choice.)

But the first comment at the link was praising NSR's article and the other comments seemed positive too, so as usual, Indian Hindus applauding on the internet are such an amazingly - there must be a word - dense? indiscriminate? (that's not quite the word, maybe it's "useless"?) population. Don't they know that NS Rajarant spewed bile at the Vedam and badly wanted to ensure that the continuity of its tradition was terminated? <- So did his approving readership know that and then forgive him merely for suddenly and illegally attempting to u-turn on his position on the Vedam (forbidden to him, btw)?

Bij Donar. No wonder modern "Hindus" are easily run over by every enemy, when they can't draw a single line and stick to it.

Alternatively they simply didn't know that Rajarant had been venomously ranting against the Vedam. Convenient excuse that would be.

No matter. The Vedam including the Vedaanta is forever off-limits to NSR, it's a mutual non-amicable split/separation. (He did it to himself.) But I wonder if others can/do get tainted by willing association with the likes of him?

And what a dissembler he is, pretending to his indiafacts readers that he is suddenly a proponent/supporter of the Vedam. That he is a champion of the Vaidika tradition. Two-faced schemer. He probably wants to pretend that he is still representative of Sita Ram Goel by reinventing himself as a champion of heathenism. He's not just an unheathen, he is an anti-heathen. By his own - very aggressive, very consciously uttered, very determined - words. He knew *exactly* what he was saying when he screeched at the Vedam, and that is the real him. Not this impostor he playacts to get an increasingly undiscerning Hindu crowd to fawn all over him and elevate him to the position of someone who represents Hindus.

I don't know who is more disgusting: Rajarant (and other annoyances of the same class) or the growing masses of modern Hindus who place these persons on a pedestal and crown them spokespersons for heathenism, even experts. :walg:

It's probably true what they say: there's no cure for stupidity. And that may explain the predicament of heathenism: heathens being stuck with stupid people who bring everything down.

ADDED: Another example of NS Rajarant's true attitude to the Vedam is at


Reference is to the comments section, where Rajarant once more made snide remarks against the Vedas. Another commenter, Senthil, recognised Rajarant's hatred of the Vedam clearly, and Senthil (alone among all the commenters, IIRC) stood up to defend The Dharma/Vedas from the oily Rajarant.

On the vijayvaani page, see comments section, Rajarant derides (chanting of) Vedic mantras. Forgot to mention that in his recent indiafacts article, Rajarant now pretends to champion the Gayatri mantram. Next he'll pretend he has a claim to it, despite repeatedly hissing hysterically at the Vedam. [Rajarant even playacted that the mantram has something to do with 'freethought' IIRC, tomorrow he'll be teaching the vedamantram that he imagines is the "gayatri" to his christian audience at that Unitarian church - or whichever American church he lectures his pseudo "Vedanta" at.]

Am still not over the fact that NSR's "Hindu" audience (english-speaking kind of course) think NS Rant is swell, let alone them deluding themselves that he's actually a positive presence or even an asset, rather than yet another noose. Had Doniger or Witzel made the same remarks against the Vedam=Vedic rituals as NSR has made at several nationalist sites, the same "Hindu" audience would have held these statements against them.
This post does not actually belong in this thread. But placed here as it is on the same topic as one already posted here earlier.

To add another prominent name to a list alluded to in the following:

[quote name='Husky' date='08 April 2014 - 09:44 PM' timestamp='1396973185' post='117185']

Where people's tax money goes:

1. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/nyt-hit-piece-against-modi.html

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/fwd-wow-kudos-to-hon-tulsi-gabbard.html

I know I'm supposed to be grateful and all that an American convert interceded.

But I'd like people to act with the same honesty for the sake of truth - i.e. because it is the *right* thing to do - and not because they have a vested/personal (=selfish) interest. Usually this last tends to occur when the western person has an Indian spouse or because the alien is a convert/dabbling. Examples of the former are too numerous as well, but e.g. Francois Gautier's wife is Sikh, which explains his primary interest in writing in favour of India's native religions. Then there's the Australian author of that "Victorian Holocausts" book - about the British genocide in Bengal. The author is IIRC married to a Bengali, which is why they ever bothered to learn of and expose that history.

It would be nice, for once at least, to find someone to break that mould of pure self-interest driving them. The closest I have heard of - though not a complete fit - is an example Rajeev Srinivasan frequently mentioned on his blog: one "Theodore Dalrymple" - whom RS specifically contrasted against that anti-Hindu William Dalrymple.

I looked him up: Theodore Dalrymple - a pen-name of a British doctor of Russian and German-Jewish ancestry (which last explains why he is interested in being truthful for the sake of it) - frequently says something positive about Hindus and native Africans etc and even holds them up as examples. Of course, T Dalrymple - besides being Jewish - is a bit of a cynic, which is the other reason why he bothers to notice. As per wacky, he's accused by others of being a pessimist and even misanthropist, but there's a fine line between being a pessimist and being a realist, and frustration with humanity is not the same as being misanthropic. If he were the latter he wouldn't even bother writing about the sorts of things he does, I suspect. (I.e. his criticism of 'progressive' society is ultimately constructive and intended as such, even if he doesn't sound very hopeful of achieving any success with it.)

Theodore's wife is not an Indian and she doesn't appear to be a Hindu, and he himself does not seem to be a "convert" either.

But other than Theodore - though he is not interested, as far as I know, in politically clearing Hindus and the BJP etc of the psyops generated against them by AmeriKKKa and christoislam - I can't think of any other western person who has actually bothered to say anything truthful about Hindu India for the reason that being truthful is the right thing to do. Everyone else has a vested interest. And ultimately, that makes them unreliable.

And so I feel no particular gratitude to people like Gabbard. Perhaps relief for their observations/statements, but not gratitude.*


[* In contrast, I acknowledge any sincere beneficial words "Theodore Dalrymple" had to say about Hindus (and Africans etc) *because* he seems to have had no personal reason to say such things, and yet did anyway. I suppose this is a rare quality in the west - not counting ethnic heathens - though not rare among people of Jewish origin. And it's not uncommon at all among heathens further east, I note.]


The Rajeev2004 blog's twitter feed shows that "David Cohen" - whose positive remarks on India are oft retweeted by Rajeev - is married to one "Radha Bharadwaj". Anyway, I already guessed it/assumed it: there is almost never any other reason for 'western' people* to make pro-Hindu and pro-Hindu nationalist statements.

* Even if Mr Cohen were Israeli in ancestry - his surname is both Jewish and Scottish, IIRC - he'd still be considered "western" by E Asian populations and, to some degree, by myself too. (But will give him extra points if he has Israeli ancestry.)

Indian Hindus on twitter seemed to be cheering for the match (with one exception IIRC) - guess he's unanimously regarded a prize in Hindu nationalist circles? (I never hear such an applause for an ethnic Hindu nationalist marrying a fellow ethnic Hindu nationalist; surely such combinations must exist) - and for Mr Cohen being pro-Hindu. Apparently none of the Hindu nationalists retweeting Mr Cohen guessed Mr Cohen would have a Hindu wife. (Honestly, I can't believe everyone else didn't see this coming. It doesn't take a crystal ball, right?) It was surely so easy to guess: lots of western people married to Hindus are "pro-Hindu". They have to be.

I have nothing against Mr Cohen of course. I only know of him from some of his tweets reposted at RS, where he sounded sympathetic, and comes across as a nice person, just as many people in the world are. But I do note - once more - that he fits the pattern long observed and all too often seen: that, in western populations, only alien dabblers OR western persons married to/dating/crushing on Hindus tend to be pro-Hindu*. And their ever making pro-Hindu statements or assuming pro-Hindu positions is therefore always out of some degree of self-interest, and not because it is the Right position (one they would naturally have had/have considered, their apologists' demurs notwithstanding). It makes all the difference, after all.

* About this statement: "only alien dabblers OR western persons married to/dating/crushing on Hindus tend to be pro-Hindu" => Though neither is at all a guarantee, i.e. "pro-Hindu western person" tends to commonly imply dabbler or Hindu spouse, but the reverse is not a given: a western person being a dabbler or having a Hindu spouse does not at all imply the western person is pro-Hindu. (Sometimes they are merely neutral/don't care.)

So the score is still: of the prominent/visible persons, only the Jewish-origin doctor penning works under the pseudonym "Theodore Dalrymple" is positive about Hindus without ulterior motive and of his own choice.

Some western atheists - with no Hindu affiliations/relations - admire Hindu thought, other atheists consider Hindus respectfully too. But they do so passively. Am speaking here more about those pro-actively pro-Hindu. (E.g. tweeting the occasional pro-Modi or generally pro-Hindu statement (Cohen) or writing pro-Hindu articles (Gautier) or pro-Hindu books.) All these last tend to be - are exclusively? - either affiliated with Hindoos by marriage or with Hinduism by religion (dabbling).

Just can't admire or trust or feel comfortable with such people once I discover the source of their conscious positive treatment of Hindu religion is self-interest. And have so far never been wrong - which is a disappointment. Also, compare the mildness of Theodore Dalrymple's positivity with regard to Hindus, with the strength of the pro-Hindu stand assumed by dabblers and those married to Hindus. It's easy to detect.

As for dabblers: Elst has declared himself one, i.e. he considers himself a "Hindu" (though he vehemently denied it earlier in a comment at HK). So that -if his declaration were true- it answers questions regarding his sympathy: not an objective onlooker, which was already obvious by his peculiar and pointed interest, but motivated by self-interest. Self-interest is all there is in the western 'regard' for Hindoo heathenism.

In every which way, the E and SE Asian heathens trump the west w.r.t. their approach to Hindoos and their heathenism. In the west, one needs to *search* to find a truly, actively sympathetic character who has no personal reasons for his bias. With E Asian heathens and SE Asian Taoists - it has been my experience - that they are as a rule disposed to regard Hindoos and their heathenism with favour and a kind eye. They're interested in Hindoos - for Hindoos' own sake. Their regard for Hindoos and Hindoo heathenism is not selfish. It is genuine. Of their own accord. And at all times, the heathens to our east are no threat to Hindoos.


Actually, here's an exercise. Next time some western person sounds repeatedly pro-Hindu or pro-Hindu nationalist, assume they're a 'convert'/dabble (do yoga etc) or have a spouse or love interest of some Indic religion. And ask them which of the two it is. And if neither is true, THEN report it all over twitter, since that would be a rarity (a miracle?) and totally news worthy.
Several news items.

The dates for 1 and 3 are relevant.

1. firstpost.com/politics/will-ensure-every-faith-culture-equal-place-society-pm-modi-unesco-2192535.html

Quote:Will ensure every faith, culture has an equal place in our society: PM Modi at UNESCO

Apr 10, 2015 19:31 IST

#Hindutva elements #Sangh Parivar #TheySaidIt #UNESCO #United Nations

Paris: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday assured minorities in India that rights and liberty of citizens of all faiths will be protected and equal place ensured for them, comments that come against the backdrop of anti-minority campaign by Hindutva elements.

In a speech at the UNESCO in Paris, he emphasised his vision of inclusiveness and said cultures, traditions and religions should be used to overcome the rising tide of extremism, violence and divisions across the world.

[photo caption:] Narendra Modi. PTI

"We have built a modern state in an ancient land, with a timeless tradition of openness and co-existence and, a society of extraordinary diversity.

"We will defend and protect the rights and liberty of every citizen. We will ensure that every citizen of every faith, culture and creed has an equal place in our society; belief in her future; and the confidence to pursue it," the Prime Minister said.

Modi's assurance assumes significance as there have been apprehensions among minorities following attacks on churches in some places and the ghar vapsi campaign of Sangh Parivar outfits.

(- Never mind that christoislamics from Bangladesh were caught in the alleged "gangrape" of a nun in W Bengal, which was never a gangrape even as per the anti-Hindu W Bengal police.

- Never mind that an islamaniac confessed to vandalising the Agra church because is christian lover spurned him. Note Agra is in Uttar Pradesh, ruled by an anti-Hindu and pro-christoislamic party, where islamaniac Azam Khan has been presiding over mass forced conversions of Hindoos. And even the christoislamised Agra police couldn't pin this on Hindus.

- Etc. Etc.)

The gathering included a large number of NRIs who shouted 'Modi, Modi, Modi' and 'vande mataram' to which he responded 'Good, Good'.

Observing that the strength of a nation is determined by the "joined hands of every citizen" and the "real progress is measured through empowerment of the weakest", he said, "this has been our creed since we assumed office nearly a year ago".

Modi underlined that "culture must connect, not divide, our world" and that it should be a bridge to greater respect and understanding between people. The Prime Minister, while outlining the steps taken by his government for the development of the country, said, "We shall judge our progress not just by the cold statistics of growth, but by the warm glow of belief and hope on human faces. For me, it means many things".

Invoking the Indian Constitution, he underlined that its foundation rests on a fundamental principle "the peace and prosperity of all is indivisible from the welfare of the individual".

During his 20-minute speech, Modi, who is here on a four-day visit, referred to the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi as also philosopher sage Aurobindo, at whose statue outside the UNESCO building he paid his respects.

"There is much that we can learn from his humanism and spiritualism, from his belief in the unity of individual consciousness with the world outside; the enlightened purpose of education; the service of science; and, the unity of world, founded on national freedom, diversity of civilisations and autonomy of culture," Modi said, flanked by UNESCO Director General Irena Bukova.

Noting that the link between habitat and fulfilment of human potential is deep and strong, he said, "It is a guiding spirit for the purpose of this institution – the defence of peace in the mind of men".

"The fault lines in our world are shifting from the boundaries of nations into the web of our societies and the streets of our cities.

"The threats are changing from domination by states to destruction by groups. We fight today not only over what we claim, but also for who we are. And, in many parts of the world, culture remains a source of conflict.

"We have access to communication at the click of a mouse. We live in a world of information. Yet, we know that familiarity does not always lead to fraternity; or reduce prejudice," Modi said.

Among those who were present in the audience were Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani, senior Congress leader Karan Singh, who is on the Executive Board of UNESCO, as also Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, who was mobbed by several NRIs for photographs. [size="5"]"The highest priority for my government is to provide a roof over every head; power in every house; sanitation and clean water within everyone's reach; a hope for every child to survive; and a chance for every new mother to love her child," Modi said.[/size]

"It also means clean rivers, air that we can breathe and forests filled with the sound of birds. To achieve these goals, we need not just policies and resources, but even more the power of science," he said.


Did Modi just pull a Licinius and issue the alleged "Edict of Milan" promising "tolerance for christians", which was a prelude to Licinius' buddy (aka Licinius' murderer) cum co-emperor, Santa Constantine, taking the Roman empire - and eventually all of Europe - down a one-way road to hell on earth? [Who can foresee how all this is going to end for India? No cheating with a crystal ball now, just use common sense and a bit of knowledge of history.]

While the conservatives in Denmark are at last campaigning that islam=nazism (we already knew that christianism=nazism) - about time too - Modi is busy granting equal rights to nazism=christianism=islam


Quote:Danish Conservatives campaign for elimination of ‘Nazi Islamism’

Published time: April 18, 2015 22:15

Edited time: April 20, 2015 08:36

Ooh look-it, a sensible comment at the firstpost article asks Modi the questions that need to be asked:


Quote:SamDidymus • 20 days ago

Dear PM Modi, how will you protect the rights of the Hindus? How will you protect their rights when confronted against organized religion behemoths whose primary directive is to eliminate all other religions? How will you protect the rights of the Hindus to survive when the attack of their faith is enshrined in the "holy" books of organized minorities? How will you protect the rights of the Hindus when state governments attack the articles of their faith on a daily basis, as in Karnataka? How will you protect the rights of the Hindus who are denied higher education in institutions that reserve ALL their seats for Christians (CMC Vellore, Karunya University, Coimbatore, etc), while accepting grants from Hindu-tax-payers? How will you protect the rights of the Hindus to narrate their own history which has been hijacked for the past 60 years by a nexus of Indic-civilization-hating leftists and minorities, building on the spurious works left behind by the colonialists? How will you protect the rights of a Hindu to exist in this country?

And turns out SamDidymus - he must be active on the internet, I've seen him comment often - is actually an ex-christian, besides being pro-Hindu now (possibly a self-reverted person too?). The first result on googling his user ID as at today was this:


Quote:FYI, I am a former Catholic. You are again flaunting your abysmal ignorance on your sleeve. It is not hard to research, read, comprehend, and re-tune your ...

Full version:

Quote:Discussion on CNBC 87 comments

India targets Ford Foundation as national security risk

http://www. cnbc.com/id/102616455


SamDidymus Gautam 7 days ago

FYI, I am a former Catholic. You are again flaunting your abysmal ignorance on your sleeve. It is not hard to research, read, comprehend, and re-tune your prejudices. Your refusal to do so makes you a sepoy.


View in discussion


SamDidymus Gautam 7 days ago

A frog who lives in a well and denies the existence of a world outside that well! You flaunt your ignorance with such panache! If you can Google, read and comprehend, then try this: "The Ford Foundation and CIA James Petras". Read "A shadow US foreign Policy: Robert Parry". Only a sepoy for foreign interests will continue your failed refrain.


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SamDidymus 7 days ago

This is fantastic news. The Ford Foundation is a front for CIA and an aggressive US foreign policy, that favors certain sections of the society that it can call upon as an army, to further US interests. India should protect its interests by clamping down on such organizations. Here is an analogy: how would US citizens view an attempt by shadowy Indian organizations to fund militant anti-US govt movements in USA, in the name of progress?


View in discussion

Poor Sam Didymus. He thought that de-converting (reverting?) would be of use to salvage what is left to salvage. Sadly, India is busy flushing itself down the drain and so he rejoined too late. It is too sad. Because he sounds like he could be an asset to Hindutva (though I wonder if he's a heathen and might be an asset to Hindoo-ism? That would have been nice.)

But the topic was modern India.

There are two ways to learn from past mistakes:

1. Learn from others' experiences/mistakes

2. Learn from your own

Modern "Hindu nationalist" ruled India prefers to repeat others' mistakes and not live to learn from them.

Let's compare with what the ancient GrecoRomans or even Persian Zoroastrians would do now if revived and given a second chance: they'd wipe christoislam from the face of the planet, or die trying. There would be No second thoughts this time. They'd have learned from their suicidal mistake - which extincted them the first time around - and will Never be making it a second time.

But that's the value of hindsight. And if there's one thing you can't blame the GrecoRomans for is that they didn't learn from the past: they were one of the first to face Total War/the christoclass mindvirus.

Now, in contrast, modern Indians - "Hindu nationalists" - do have the value of hindsight: they have other people's experiences of extinction at the hands of christoislam. It's there in history books (e.g. Gibbons "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"). And they have copious cases from their own past, of christoislam terrorising the once-heathen nation. They even have live instances in the present to compare with the past and see unmistakable parallels.

But the Hindu nationalist party headed by Modi has insisted that Hindu nationalism now means secularism. They insist on ignoring history, insist on retreading the mistakes of others and doing their bit to ensure the extinction of one of the few remaining heathen nations. Can't be wise for other people. Moral: 2nd chances are wasted on modern India, on "Hindutva" that great replacement ideology edging out heathenism, which has now been redefined as secularism in this latest incarnation under the current BJP govt.

2. As seen above, Modi bends over backwards to please none but christoislamics and the christowest. (In contrast, Hindus expectations are ignored, even though Hindus are the ones that voted Modi to power. Not christoislamics nor the christowest - who rather colluded with each other and conspired against him attaining his current position and even conspire regularly against his life, as per reports.)

While Modi bends over backwards beyond anything that could be condoned even by Yesterday's Hindutva (Hindu nationalism - lowercase n - has now devolved into secularism, just as once predicted), the US faintly pats him on the back for it, says it isn't enough and then asks him to bend over backwards some more/break his back (and that of all the Hindus: he's not acting as a private person, but making promises for the Hindu nation). Tomorrow Modi will continue to oblige.


Quote:US religious freedom panel slams Modi government for India’s ‘minority policy’

[keywords:] US India religious report, india religious freedom, Church attack, church vandalised, india freedom of religion, india minority freedom, minority religious freedom, religious conversion, religious reconversion, ghar wapsi, RSS, VHP, USCIRF, Barack Obama, Barack Obama modi religious freedom, Barack Obama modi religious talk, Narendra Modi, BJP, Congress, BJP government, NDA government, Barack Obama Town Hall speech, india news, nation news

(Interesting how only the minority are allowed freedom, but the majority - though only while professing heathenism of course, or the label belonging to it - are not allowed the same or even any freedoms.)

[img caption of the christo idol at Agra church vandalised by islamaniac Haider Ali, but still blamed on Hindus by being deliberatly posted in this article]:

An idol vandalised at St Mary’s Church in Agra on Thursday. (Source: PTI photo)

Written by Abantika Ghosh | New Delhi | Updated: May 1, 2015 6:01 am

The 2015 annual report of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has slammed the NDA government for its “minority policy” and expressed concern about “Ghar Wapsi” incidents. However, it has conceded that PM Narendra Modi’s statement on religious tolerance at a Christian religious meet is a “positive development.”

(Translation: if India bans evangelism/forced conversions incl by allurement, USCIRF will slam India for being against religious freedom (of christians of course). If India allows Ghar Wapasi - voluntary reversion of ex-christoislamised Hindus - then USCIRF=US govt arm will slam India for being against religious freedom (of christians of course). In other words, only if India allows - encourages, aids - one-way conversion into christoislam, will USCIRF *not* slam India. Since Modi is clearly desperately seeking secular approval, and since equal rights to christoislam do not constitute "sufficient secularism" from the monotheisms' POV, he will next be asked to - and will bow to - USCIRF's demands to favour monotheising the nation even more.)

Also Read: India rejects US report on religious freedom, says it’s based on ‘limited understanding’

USCIRF is an independent bipartisan federal government commission created by the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act that monitors the universal right to freedom of religion or belief abroad. It is among the organisations that had recommended to the US State Department to deny visa to Narendra Modi over the 2002 Gujarat riots. In 2009 India refused to grant visa to USCIRF commissioners to travel to India. That stand has not been reversed yet.

The report also refers to US President Barack Obama’s Town Hall speech in which he underscored the importance of religious tolerance and reminded the Indian government about Article 25 of the Constitution.

The report has said since 2008 and 2010 – long before NDA came to power- “Muslim communities have reported facing undue scrutiny and arbitrary arrests and detentions, which the government justifies by the need to counter terrorism. In addition, for several years, Indian Christians, Christian missionary groups, and Hindus who convert to Christianity or another faith have reported more frequent harassment…particularly in states with anti-conversion laws.”

In its recommendations, USCIRF has said: “Integrate concern for religious freedom into bilateral contacts with India, including the framework of future Strategic Dialogues, at both the federal and provincial level, and encourage the strengthening of the capacity of state and central police to implement effective measures to prohibit and punish cases of religious violence and protect victims and witnesses…”

It also asked the US government to urge the Indian government to press states that have adopted anti-conversion laws to repeal or amend them to conform with internationally recognised human rights standards.

The report has also chronicled “violations” against Christians, Muslims and Sikhs.

“The Evangelical Fellowship of India has documented more than 38 incidents targeting Christians in November and December 2014 alone… In September 2014, police arrested nearly 150 people in the state of Gujarat after violence left dozens, mostly Muslims, severely injured,” says the report.

It has named Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Orissa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan as states that tend to have the greatest number of religiously motivated attacks and incidents of communal violence.

So the US govt via its "independent" USCIRF (C for cryptochristian) proxy has slammed the Modi govt.

In other words, US has smacked Modi on the face.

Sort of like what Modi has been doing to Hindoos/Hindoo heathenism. They did say "what goes around comes around", never knew it would come around so fast.

Interesting that Modi on Apr 10 issued the "Hindu nationalism now means secularism" credo and by the 1st of May, the US - not satisfied of course, rather it has tasted blood - has realised that "Hindu nationalism" is so well and truly defeated that it will swear even by its executioner secularism now - against the interests of Hindu heathenism - so much so that it (and Modi as its leader) can be brought to bend further to monotheist/christowestern will.

3. As for India's christomedia harping on Ghar Wapsi and church attacks as seen in news item 1 (firstpost)

and alien christogovt (US) having USCIRF draft a report insinuating *even more* that the self-inflicted christoislamic attacks on churches is "Hindoo" persecution of christianism, and that Ghar Wapasi infringes on christians' right to evangelise and reap a successful/permanent harvest in India,

it is most interesting to note how both christomedia and the US govt's USCIRF arm are concerted in refusing to acknowledge what is in print (in christomedia itself): that christoislamics vandalised their own churches (with the exception of a recent illegal christian structure, which illegally-grabbed land Hindoos rightfully reclaimed by planting a cuddly Hanuman there) and that christoislamics themselves attacked the nun in W Bengal.

Isn't it curious how christoislamic crimes against christians are blamed on Hindoos simultaneously in both Indian christo media and western christomedia/US govt? (It ceases to be a curiosity when Hindus simply equate the first as a puppet/native mouthpiece of the west. Then again, christian converts always work for their foreign masters.)

Here's yet another case. By the way, this next news on how the Agra Church idols were vandalised by a christoislamic who has confessed to it, is from Apr 24/Apr 25. The news is repeated in the catholic mouthpieces The Chindu and even NDTV, and probably many other papers. Yet even so, indianexpress (mirroring its western masters) illustrates its article on USCIRF that slams Hindoos for "persecuting" christians (code for reducing "religious freedom for the monotheisms' to terrorise Hindoos and their heathenism") with a picture of the christo-idols at Agra Church which were vandalised by Haider Ali, the islamic.

That is, indianexpress - like its western masters - adds all islamic crimes against christian churches and christian nuns to the chargesheet with which the US christogovt frames Hindoos and their heathenism via the blamegame on Modi/BJP.


Quote:‘Jilted man vandalised Agra church’

By: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published on:April 25, 2015 3:42 am

Haider, 24, a resident of Sultanpura locality, damaged the statues as he was angry after his girlfriend, a frequent visitor to the church, stopped seeing him, police claimed.


Mishra said Haider committed the incident under the influence of alcohol and has claimed that he regretted damaging the statues later.

Two statues of Baby Jesus and one statue of Mother Mary were found vandalised in the church on April 16.


Quote:Meerut, April 24, 2015

Updated: April 25, 2015 00:52 IST

‘Spurned man behind Agra church attack’

Atiq Khan

Haidar Ali, a youth in his late twenties confessed to the police that he had vandalised the Church because his love for a Christian girl who used to frequent the Church, went unrequited.

The Agra police on Friday said the person responsible for the desecration of the St. Mary’s Church on April 16 is a rickshaw-puller.

According to the police, the accused Haider Ali (22) vandalised the church after the woman he loved apparently spurned him. Ali was arrested on Friday.

Massive protest

The attack on the church had evoked protests and widespread condemnation. Ali’s arrest comes within 24 hours of a massive protest by Christians in the State capital against attacks on churches and minority institutions.

(Don't know why christos should protest vandalism of their idols. Christians don't do idolatry after all: they are totally against it and proclaim repeatedly that they have no idols. Besides, idolatry is specifically against their biblical commandment. "No graven images" etc.

Which is why christians regularly self-inflict damages on their own christian idols: christian idols mean nothing much to christians at the end of the day. Crying persecution, on the other hand, is christianism's lifeblood. So christian idols are for the purpose of crying persecution, though christians are so desperate they need to attack their own churches else hire islamics to do the job for them so they can then try to insinuate Hindoos must have done it.)

The arrest comes in the backdrop of a series of attacks on churches which was sought to be given political colour. In a recent interview to The Hindu, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said these attacks were pure law and order issues at the domestic level which had tarnished the image of India abroad.

Rajesh P. Modak, the Agra Senior Superintendent of Police, told the media that Ali is not a professional criminal and seemed to have committed the crime out of “pure frustration.”“Ali seemed to be feeling very guilty about what he did. He himself confessed that he was very sorry for his act,” Mr. Modak told the media.

Ali was presented before the media on Friday. However, the media was not allowed to speak to him. He has been booked under sections of the IPC related to hurting religious sentiments and vandalism of a religious place and sent to jail.

A police spokesman said here that Ali used to meet his woman friend every day near the St. Mary’s Church at Pratapura crossing in Agra. Every Saturday, after their outing, the woman, a domestic servant, would light a candle at the church and offer prayers.

“Ali insisted on marriage but the girl told him that the marriage was not possible as they belonged to different faiths. And then she stopped meeting him. He then got drunk and vandalised the church,” said a police official.

(So the islamic saw the church as standing between him and his christian girlfriend, and reasoned poorly - in his drunk stupour - that by demolishing it, she'd finally turn to him.

Way too many islamics in India drink, which is supposed to be haraam in islam, like idolatry is forbidden by biblical commandment in christianism. Yet neither monotheists ever properly stick to their own rules in such cases.)

The priests and leaders of the Christian community, however dismissed the police version and demanded a fair probe.

But priest of St Mary’s Church, Father Moon Lazarus, told The Hindu that he was convinced of the police version..

(Typical all-Indian christo conclave's conclusions: they *want* Hindoos to be blamed and are disappointed that islamania was to blame again, like with Deendar Anjuman.

And just like in the W Bengal nun "gangrape" and other church attacks, other christians - the ones especially working as agents of the christowest and reading their western masters' scripts - always pretend to know better than the churches involved themselves. See how the above affected church too insists that the police version rings true - probably from his experience of one of the female sheep having been seen with islamic boyfriend, possibly even having had other altercations with the islamic.)

The police team which nabbed Ali was rewarded Rs.15,000 by the IG Zone of Agra and Rs. 5,000 by the Agra SSP.

(Nice try.

But may note once more that Uttar Pradesh - where the church is - is ruled by a hyper christoislamic virulently anti-Hindu govt. They would *readily* have pinned this on Hindus. Sadly, it was an islamaniac that WAS to blame, so they were forced to get the paltry reward of 20,000 Rs - to be divided by an entire team moreover - by taking the confession of a islamaniac seriously, who admitted to attempting mild love-jihad and then throwing a tantrum when he failed.)

(With additional reporting by Mohammad Ali)

As a final note, can observe how the exact same image of the islamically-broken christo-idol seen in the Apr 24 Chindu report illustrates the indianexpress piece blaming Hindoos for "persecution" of christians.

I'm no longer surprised that SamDidymus and many others are de-converting of their own accord, though Ghar Wapasi will no doubt be blamed.

With such blatant christian terrorism and lying, it's a wonder even more are not de-converting daily.* Or maybe I'm wrong and they are.

(A great many christians in Rome apostasised too when they realised everytime christianism exposed its fraud and internal intra-denominational violence etc. Of course mass-apostasies didn't save Rome. Rome's downfall was that it did not buckle down to dismantle christianism. It will be - why future tense? - it is India's downfall too.)

via comment at haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=19494&SKIN=B

Quote:Christian missionary meets Jashodaben to heal her, Hindu groups are busy being stupid

OpIndia Staff / February 6, 2015 / Reports

Some of the comments:


SkyWalker • 3 months ago

If she does join them then it'll have repercussions. If Modi can't take care of his own home then he isn't fit to be a Champion of Hindus, period.

Agli baar, Togadia Sarkar!





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Media Radar SkyWalker • 3 months ago

No no, we need both - Modi to do the statesmanship and Togadia to do mobilization. Dont fall victim to either/or thinking. I believe we need 300 togadias and 25 Modis if we are to achieve our goals.





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Alok Sharma Media Radar • 3 months ago

And we also need Togadias to work with a their mouths shut with a duct tape.. all I see is them working less, and loudmouthing more..





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SkyWalker Media Radar • 3 months ago

Point is, If Modi's wife converts due his lack of interest in such issues then its obvious that he won't give a damn even if an entire state is converted as he isn't interested in that but working only to create his personal legacy. It also means that he duped all the supporters who voted/supported him for his pro-Hindu image that is proved to be a fake like Kejriwal's anti-corrupt image. In that case, Modi doesn't deserve the support as he won't do a thing for Hindus.

I don't forgive backstabbers!





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If Modi really is a "Hindu nationalist" - though the phrase means nothing now, I suppose - really should start doing something soon. Else he'll go down in history as one of the ultimate causes of christianisation rather than as part of the resistance.


Fred SkyWalker • 3 months ago

Cmon are you not seeing how vilified the media portrays tagodia. So much so that Bangalore has banned tagodia to enter. Is he not indian? How can they ban him but they have and say he is giving radical speeches. Is Owaisi not giving it? Is that Umashankar not giving it?





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SkyWalker Fred • 3 months ago

Bangalore ban has nothing to do with media. State home minister is an evangelist.

2. Meanwhile Indian Express is trying to spin Modi as a casteist, but can't get any facts straight and have to compulsively lie (which is a tell-tale christianism):


Quote:Oops IE did it again! Indian Express spins story on Nepal tragedy too!

bwoyblunder / April 29, 2015 / Reports

3. And another case of how christoislam ultimately wins (and why Hindoos really need to start fighting fire with fire):


Yet more proof that christoislam is only able to keep converts by threats and coercion against apostates. And lies of course.

All that delirium sold by christoislam peddlers - that christoislam appeals and that converts wanted to run away from the "caste" "system" is, as admitted by christoislamania's behaviour towards apostates (and to prevent apostasy), a total fraud. Not even christoislamics believe their mono-moronism I mean religion to appeal to the sane or to retain the sane.

Nothing but threats, violence and further lies/brainwashing keeps christoislamics imprisoned in christoislamania. Else everyone would apostasise and many in heathen nations would revert directly to heathenism (as often seen in China and Taiwan, e.g. that case of Chinese islamics reverting to Taoism en-masse when they reached Taiwan and they constructed a Taoist temple instead).

Found at disqus.com/by/disqus_8i3YCSlr4e/

the Disqus page for one "KC @disqus_8i3YCSlr4e"

Apparently the following was a comment at


Quote:Discussion on HindustanTimes 8 comments

Narendra Modi, Kailash Satyarthi among world's greatest leaders:Fortune


KC a month ago

Nobel Prize winner Kailah Satyarthi a big a Crook who has understanding with a Christian Conversion machine called World Vision.

(Just call the obvious crypto a christian itself. If X works for christianism/for evangelism, then X obviously is a christian itself. Of course it keeps a Hindu name for cryptochristian purposes, to pretend it is independent from the christian purposes of its "work".)

This man (Kailash Satyarthi ) has a dark side which he has been hiding all along.

He must have done some good and may have helped some children, but for what 'intent' and at what cost?

1. Google yourself, " Records of Kailash Satyarthi's trust missing:

Court informed". Details: New Delhi: Vital records of a charitable

trust, which along with one of its trustees Nobel laureate Kailash

Satyarthi and some others is embroiled in a suit relating to alleged

misappropriation of funds, have gone missing, a Delhi court has been


2. Kailash Satyarthi and his road to Nobel Prize: Details: Churches work

in India to achieve their "Soul Harvesting Goals". Church's help to

poor families and their children is always

conditional in India, convert of Christianity and help is

available.Kailash Satyarthi has been an active participant with Church

folks of World Vision and they cross-promote each other's activities.

Its an open secret.

3. Mr. Satyarthi's journey of working Western Governments goes way back.

4. He worked with Western Politicians and marketed their message to common people in India.

5. In 1995, Kailash Satyarthi got Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award.

6. A year later, in 1996, Kailash Satyarthi took his then 10 year old

daughter Miss Asmita Satyarthi as a Witness and to testify against India

before USA Congressional hearing on child labor.

7. This Congressional hearing was chaired by Congressman Joeseph Kennedy

8. Joeseph Kennedy's sister Kerry Kennedy was the president of the

Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights which awarded

Kailash Satyarthi in the previous year- 1995.

9. Many Senators including the very influential Tom Harkin, and others

in the US and West in general, have awarded and rewarded with special favor

not only Kailash Satyarthi but his daughter Asmita as well.

10. Google an article exposing Satyarthi written by Amitabh Shukla,

Senior Editor The Pioneer, titled, " Nobel to Satyarthi reinforces

western stereotypes of India"

11. Google an article exposing Satyarthi written on Forbes by Journalist

Megha Bahri, titiled, " My Experience With Kailash Satyarthi's Bachpan

Bachao Andolan Was Anything But Nobel-Worthy".

Once you read and analyze all this info, dots will connect..

1. Writing up point 2 below reminded me of having read this next comment a couple of months back, which connected Aatish Taseer and Pollock. Well, they sounded the same in their intention w.r.t. Samskritam, so I suppose it's not surprising that the two should be factually connected and that Aatish is merely one of Pollock's subcontinental stooges and moutpieces.


Quote:Contrarian • 2 months ago


There is also a need to understand the "Indology" colonials' and sepoys' new moves. Case in point - Murty library, Pollock, Aatish Taseer and their "poison the well" strategies. Some kind of inoculation against such poison should be included in the road-map. It has modestly succeeded earlier against the Donigers, Witzels and Kripals.

The ideological barrage by the Thapars and JNU crowd will intensify and should also be taken into account - especially since funding will continue from US/UK South Asian studies Departments and Academies. Presentism will be the dominant motive in these attacks. How do we cope with these ?


2. Caught the following article by Aatish Taseer in IIRC bharatabharati some time ago. The article itself is a waste of time reading IMO, other than that one learns a lot of interesting things about Taseer itself such as how he hates Malhotra etc, probably because Taseer can't respond to Malhotra's valid denial of Taseer's encroachment on and hijacking of Samskritam.

But some of the comments at this next link are interesting, such as one by "Sam" (probably just Hindu saM).

(BTW, is Aatish infesting India? Can't he go be his secular half-muslim half-Sikh new-agey self in Pakistan, which is such a hell-hole it can only benefit from secular new-ageists, whereas in India the same drag the country down?)


The comments section also contains Rajeev Malhotra's rebuttal to Aatish Taseer and more revelations of Hashish* Taseer's connection to what's-his-face Pollock. (* Why did Tavleen Singh name her son after a drug? But mustn't judge.)

Quote:Disciple523 • 5 months ago

EVEN BEFORE THE POLLOCK BOOK COMES OUT....Rajiv Malhotra's response to Aatish Taseer (Son of Tavleen Singh and a Pakistani Politician and Business man)


So the big war is on, even before my Pollock book comes out. It is not even in final draft yet, and a lot more work remains to be done. This latest salvo comes from a young novelist who is the son of Tavleen Singh and a Pakistani journalist.

If you recall, I had taken Tavleen to task on Twitter for her support of Pollock without her doing any due diligence on the positions of Pollock. Now her half-Pakistani son gets his turn to go after me. Open Source Magazine lends itself as a forum for this, without offering me any space to give my side of it.

His latest novel is a typical "South Asian bhai bhai" one finds from many Indian "intellectuals" wanting to transcend modern India and Pakistan. They project back their ideologies on to some imagined history of the subcontinent.

Familiar stuff? Not so easy. You are familiar with those saying this from an anti-Sanskrit position. But thanks to Pollock, he has directly trained and indirectly nurtured an army of such persons who make their case while wanting to appear pro-Sanskrit (in his sense of what Sanskrit is like).

Please read the excerpt below from his recent interview, with my responses in brackets. Please feel free to post this at his interview, on twitter or anywhere else. Let there be open discussion on the merits of various positions.


QUESTION: I find refined classicism throughout the novel, sustained by Skanda’s Sanskritised sensibility. What will you say?

AATISH: Yes, but Skanda’s interest in Sanskrit, though full of emotion, is at the end of the day a scholarly interest. It is not revivalist; it is not of the Rajiv Malhotra kind.

[Rajiv: Aatish does not appear to know that Pollock calls himself a revivalist of Sanskrit. Hence, according to the Left, being a revivalist of Sanskrit is not contrary to being a scholar. The two are compatible. What is contentious between Pollock and me is not scholar versus revivalist, but two different kinds of revival. Aatish needs more "scholarly" reading and less novel writing...]

AATISH: Men like him—Malhotra and his cohorts—have poisoned the pool of classical studies. They’re not scholars; few of them have even a passable knowledge of Sanskrit; but they’re determined to shut down serious scholarship, determined to coerce Western academia into telling them the few banalities they want to hear: things that warm their little NRI hearts: the Aryans did not come from elsewhere but sprang up out of the soil of India; Sanskrit is not one of many Indo-European languages, but the mother of all languages…

[Rajiv: 1) Aatish fails to cite even a single instance of my work that would support his personal allegation that I am "determined to shut down serious scholarship". Any scholar worth his salt ought to cite concrete evidence, and not engage in such ad hominem attacks. 2) The italics above are in the original interview - Aatish wants to emphasize that he supports the foreign Aryan theory and attacks me for saying that the "aryas" (there is no such thing as Aryans) have been indigenous to the Indian soil. He is also upset that I consider Sanskrit to be more than "one of many Indo-European languages". The "mother of all languages" motif troubles him greatly when applied to Sanskrit.]

AATISH: Now when you start to refashion the past to fit the needs of the present, you must ask yourself why? Why do I want the past to be one way and not another? Because if you set to work blindly remaking the past, you can do it a lot of harm.

[Rajiv: When my book comes out, I hope that he and his mom, Tavleen, will take the time to go through it, and see that the evidence proves just the opposite: That it is Pollock distorting the hard data of history to fit his modern analysis of Indian society. These novelists/journalists, lacking scholarly competence, will find themselves sandwiched between their support for Pollock-ism and their claim to be pro-Indian civilization. Let thaat debate start after my book comes out.]

AATISH: These monkeys, they want the white man to tell them that India—which Malhotra couldn’t bring himself to live in—was once the greatest country of all. Only then will they go away and let serious people get on with their work.

[Rajiv: Calling me a "monkey" hardly helps the image his mom wants him to have - that of a young, serious thinker. So he thinks that what I am all about is getting the white man to tell us how great we are. But thats not my position at all. I am critical of Indians who are in awe of white men's approval of them. He has not read my works criticizing that tendency among Indians. Rather, it is he and his mom craving white peolpe legitimizing them. Their swooning over Pollock demonstrates this. So who here is the one being the monkey in awe of "the white man"?]

AATISH: It’s sad to see this kind of sloganeer get traction in India—I read the other day in the paper that Delhi University had embarked upon a project to prove the Aryans were not foreigners. Such foolishness! It makes me fearful for India. And these are naturally fears that my novel is very alive to.

[Rajiv: Dismissing me as sloganeer with no specific data point? And this is the state of journalism in India that editors of mainstream media do not bother calling it out as unsubstantiated and as ad hominem attacks? Why such desperation so suddenly? His reference to Delhi University gives the answer. Because places like DU are now starting projects that will evaluate evidence "to prove the Aryans were not foreigners", people like Aatish are deployed to attack those involved. He is worried that now I "get traction in India".]

[Rajiv: It is important to note that this kind of mischief as Aatish represents is now being clothed as the new voice of the true Indians. The latest trend is to even sound pro-Modi while rejecting Modi's deep notions of who we are, and replacing them with love for the "foreign Aryans who brought us Sanskrit". This is where the kurukshetra is most intense - Indians serving as a new breed of sepoys who are dressed up as great lovers of India.]





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John Rock • 5 months ago

It is obvious that Rajiv Malhotra has become nonignorable for all these "wolves in sheep's clothing". Calling Rajivji names shows desperation on the part of pseudos of India who seek approval of the west. Rajivji has replied to every comment made against by Mr Paki here.


(repeats Malhotra's rebuttal of Hashish Taseer. Hashasin Taseer. Oh wait his name didn't have an H: Assassin Taseer. I'm so bad at spelling...)

Quote:Sam • 5 months ago

I echo what the previous commenters Karigar and Ravi had to say. Taseer appears to ”get it" in the flashes during the conversation, and, yet, in the end he clearly just doesn't get it. Toby, as depicted, might be a reflection of Taseer after all; forever outside of the temple-goers while appreciating the civilization that sustains them, but seeking to divorce their beliefs from this unique way-of-life and obliquely still

looking for some kind of validation from the West. For all his

appropriate contempt for the parvenu Lutyenites, he appears to

tragically be unable to escape his own pedigree in the swamp. Thus the bile with which he previously brilliantly skewered the great pretender, Willy Dalrymple, looks gratuitous and misplaced when it is applied to an Irani or Malhotra.

It is no doubt popular today in Lutyen's drawing rooms to sneer collectively at these 'Hindutva types”, but outside the

durbar it comes across as crass, petty and (mimic-Western) elitist. You can almost sense him channeling his mother; Modi is OK but it is the people surrounding him that will limit him. No! It is the insider Lutyen's elite like Arun Jaitely who need to be culled before their poison slows the civilizational resurgence, not the outsider Iranis or Malhotras. For all their learning and degrees conferred in the West, the previous education ministers fronted by the dynasty only spread the malaise further - the Indian economy couldn’t have been damaged more by

Manmohan Singh despite his superficially impressive pedigree in academics! Thanks to the temple-goers, but no thanks to the parasites subsisting off the Indian version of Versailles, India will self-correct when and if the Iranis and Malhotras overstep their bounds.

Taseer disappoints. Perhaps this is only his early-Naipaulian phase and he will eventually shed his Lutyen's baggage (and Mommy dearest) when he matures. Incidentally, the Malhotra acolytes only damage their cause when they distastefully harp on Taseer's antecedence. He has been scathing in his writings about Pakistan and his father's weaknesses, and doesn't deserve the pro-Pakistani label.

"forever outside of the temple-goers while appreciating the civilization that sustains them, but seeking to divorce their beliefs from this unique way-of-life" -> Same can be said about Aatish' illegal encroachment on Samskritam.

The final line by "Sam" is unnecessarily charitable to Aatish: "Incidentally, the Malhotra acolytes only damage their cause when they distastefully harp on Taseer's antecedence. He has been scathing in his writings about Pakistan and his father's weaknesses, and doesn't deserve the pro-Pakistani label."

But he is half-Paki, where Paki means islamic from TSP. That he hates it can't erase it. He is half-islamic half-Sikh qua kultur at least and recent ancestry too. So not sure why he thinks himself entitled to encroach on Samskritam. Oh wait, aliens feel entitled - via IE-ism - and Aatish Taseer subscribes heavily to IE-ism too (but can't even google the origins of the word Eire or use a Latin-English online dictionary, apparently, and his Skt may be just as suspect for all I know). Which explains Taseer's sense of self-entitlement to Skt. Both that and his connections to Pollock.



NEWZMIRROR retweeted Raniganj BJP

by the time @narendramodi gets LAB passed, Hindus will be wiped out in West Bengal. Thank you @BJP4India

Quote:Raniganj BJP @BJPRaniganj

#WestBengal 4 Hindu Killed &8 Injured in Muslims mobs Rioting ; Media is now #Dumb http:// m.ibtimes.co.in/west-bengal-4-killed-over-8-injured-communal-clashes-nadia-district-631370 … @Swamy39

As the above says, christomedia is deliberately silent, as it's in collusion with islam and so ensure jihad against Hindus gets away in silence and with impunity.


Quote:IBTimes Home > Society

May 5, 2015 15:04 PM IST

West Bengal: 4 Killed, Over 8 Injured in Communal Clashes in Nadia District

Neha Singh


The Hindu procession was returning from Dharmaraj Mela at Jamalpur in Purbasthali to their village when the incident occurred. They were attacked at around 3 pm when they passed by a mosque in Juranpur village on their way back.

The above news linked to


Quote:Serious Communal Clash in Nadia Dist, West Bengal – 4 Killed, Many Injured​

Posted on 7:20 am, May 5, 2015 by WHN Reporter


Reportedly 4 Hindus in that village have been killed. Their names are – Maru Hajra, Rasomoy Hajra, Moyna Hajra and Shanti Hajra.

A few more (7-8) injured persons are now being treated in Katwa hospital. Villagers cannot move some other injured persons to any hospital as all the roads are reportedly blocked by Muslims.


The Indian govt sending the army in to help Hindoo Nepal, and to evacuate not just Indians but even (temporarily-grateful) AmriKKKans and Europeans from Yemen - ironically to protect all these from the jihad there - was all of that just a publicity stunt? I never believed the idiot christomedia pretending that Modi did it for "India's international image" before. But how else does it come across to Hindoos if he will not send in the army to protect India's own Hindoos in W Bengal from the jihad? Why are aliens in Yemen more important to save from islamania than Hindoos in India's own W Bengal? Modi will get no sincere thanks from the west for saving their citizens from (probably missionising in) Yemen. Their govts are high-handed, backstabbing and still blasting Modi left and right (and will continue to, no matter what he does, unless and until he rolls over on command like KKKangress). In contrast, Hindoos in W Bengal are ready and eager to heap praises on Modi and will defend him if he would but protect them and their rights to remain safely in their homes in their native regions.


I wonder what Gautam Sen will say - last seen defending Modi against 'sinister' detractors. (Sen must be Bengali himself going by that surname.)

Yes, this could very well be a trap for Modi. Christo western powers colluding with jihad to get Modi to send in the army and save the W Bengal Hindus and hit the islamaniac jihad there with the back of the hand, only for the christowest to then have its on-the-ground on-call christomedia in India spring into action and paint Modi guilty of "genocide" again. But doing nothing at all - like Modi's govt has been doing so far (they've even been ignoring every single case of ethnic cleansing in W Bengal from what I can tell) - for fear of having one's reputation besmirched (Modi's reputation was already besmirched, can hardly become worse) would be a crime. If Modi doesn't want to be seen being involved in the war on terror (why is the US not pulled over the coals for the same), he can create a Deniability Department. Say they're "acting independently". "Gone rogue". Whatever it takes to protect the Bengali Hindoos.

BJP's Amit Shah promising Bangladeshi Hindoo refugees citizenship - which sounded so optimistic - if BJP gets elected in Assam, rings more like a hollow promise now if they won't even protect the Bengali Hindoos native to West Bengal. BJP already got the vote of the victimised Hindoo communities in WB - not *their* fault BJP didn't win in the area - who keep getting screwed over nevertheless.

Didn't someone at IF once post a link or clipping - I am *sure* I didn't dream it, my dreams are not this good - of how Shivaji issued a threat to christo portuguese and islamaniacs to stop enslaving and selling off Tamil Hindoos to islamic ME, because his imperial powers now encompassed the affected Tamil regions too and the inhabitants were his Hindoo subjects, so he could protect them at last (as he must have long wanted to). He had thought and planned for these Hindoos - whom he (very correctly) considered his own - 'all the way' in Tamil Nadu though they were, because he was the king of all the Hindoos and he considered all Hindoos as his wolfpack and wanted to protect them all. Typical hyper-heathen. <- *That* is a Hindoo Nationalist leader. Such a tragedy that India can't produce Shivajis anymore. Instead it now keeps churning out an ever-growing number of de-heathenised and unheathen loser "nationalists" writing about their own de-heathenising agendas everywhere and passing this off as "Hindu nationalism" ("Hindutva").

And I can't believe people are comparing Modi to Shivaji. (In what respect? Oh wait. They're both ethnically Indian. Yeah, that must be it.)

The relevant bit was:




NEWZMIRROR retweeted Raniganj BJP

by the time @narendramodi gets LAB passed, Hindus will be wiped out in West Bengal. Thank you @BJP4India

Quote:Raniganj BJP @BJPRaniganj

#WestBengal 4 Hindu Killed &8 Injured in Muslims mobs Rioting ; Media is now #Dumb http:// m.ibtimes.co.in/west-bengal-4-killed-over-8-injured-communal-clashes-nadia-district-631370 … @Swamy39

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