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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India
Perhaps she did but otoh Tharoor is enough of an anti Hindu douchebag by himself that he is quiet capable of selling himself to the highest bidder without her influence.

By the way this Sunanda seems to be a KP?

Has her family no shame that even after getting kicked out of Kashmir that they did not inculcate Hindu values in their kids?
[quote name='Bharatvarsh2' date='11 April 2010 - 06:46 PM' timestamp='1270991289' post='105839']Tharoor is enough of an anti Hindu douchebag by himself that he is quiet capable of selling himself to the highest bidder without her influence.[/quote]

Sure, but the *Amerikkkanen* likely didn't know that Tharoor would roll over for plain old cash, so they went Straight To Plan B and dangled the prestige of a Foreign Wife in front of him. And if there is one thing secular Indians can't resist it's a Foreign Wife (European-origin of course, else it defeats the purpose of prestige for them. Upward mobility and all. <- The true casta system is in the secular Indian's racist mind.)

[quote name='Husky' date='11 April 2010 - 06:35 PM' timestamp='1270990646' post='105837']

Interesting choice for wife #2 by the serial monogamist.



Quote:Is Tharoor planning to marry a Kashmiri beautician?


The Minister is said to be undergoing a legal separation from [color="#FF0000"]his second wife Christa Giles, a Canadian civil servant who works with the United States on disarmament issues.[/color]


Hmmm, the traitor's love saga reminded me of the following comment at RS's blog. Even more blatant stupidity (assuming such were possible):


Quote:1 comments:

exosing christianity's true agenda said...

To answer your question - "Why can't RAW turn a few pakis this way? Oh that's simple! BECAUSE:


2. Because Indians are sentimental pinnochios. Not sure if you recently there was an article about Indian agents who fell "in love" with counterspies and then ended up spewing secrets, and in one case even changing their religion!
Amateurs. This is their *job* and they're hopeless. Every other monkey knows it's the business of intelligence operatives 'spies' to use relationships, and to be aware that others would be in the business of using them. So the Indian RAW entities weren't professionals, they were just bunglers. Of course the Pak females - the TSP spies - won hands down. The wannabes in RAW were just easy and fell for the Oldest Trick In The Book. One would be tempted to laugh at their extreme stupidity, except that others probably paid for it. Wonder how many Indians died thanks to these fuzzy-headed traitors leaking sensitive info. The R&D dept of Indian intelligence clearly and desperately needs to develop oxytocin suppressants. In fact, their field agents look like they could use a double dose to compensate for their incompetence as professionals.

Well, it's what one gets when one employs seculars in crucial positions - Indians without ideology (nationalism is an attachment that makes for a poor and often easily-deposed substitute, case in point is above). Christoislamism employs ideology-driven persons: automatically loyal to the cause. No extra tipping necessary to buy or retain loyalty.
So tharoor's wife is a western disarmament official!!! The sad part is that Tharoor's myriad political opponents did not seize upon this point to disqualify Tharoor in front of the Indian populace.

But still there is time to make this woman as UPA co-chair; at the very least, this is a heaven sent opportunity for Indians to redeem themselves after denying PMship to Soniamata.
Quote:Tharoor has twin sons from his first marriage, Ishaan and Kanishk. Both attended Yale University. Ishaan writes for Time magazine's international edition in Hong Kong, while Kanishk is an editor at Open Democracy in London.

Quote:Tilottama Tharoor, professor of humanities, New York University,

Family of far left.
[url="http://www.indianexpress.com/news/jammu-to-dubai-to-delhi-who-is-sunanda-pushkar-whose-stake-is-worth-rs-70-crore/605528/"]Jammu to Dubai to Delhi: Who is Sunanda Pushkar whose stake is worth Rs 70 crore?[/url]
Quote:Sunanda Pushkar, who is seen with Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor at social gatherings, is involved with a construction business in Dubai, and had been with her parents in Mathura recently.

Pushkar, whose stake in the Kochi IPL team is valued at an estimated Rs 70 crore, belongs to a family from Bomai, 8 km from Sopore in the Kashmir Valley.

Pushkar’s father, Lt Col (retd) P N Dass said that the family migrated to Jammu in 1990 after militants torched their home in the Valley. He said Pushkar’s first husband was a Kashmiri man who worked for a hotel in Delhi. Following a divorce, Pushkar went to Dubai, where she married again. Her second husband died in an accident in Delhi, he said.

Pushkar, a graduate of Government College for Women, Srinagar, has two brothers, one of whom works for a bank; the other is in the Army. Her father retired from the Army in 1983.
News heading is confusing. It's *actually* about how Indian authorities have arrested an Indian diplomat to TSP on charges of spying for TSP.



Indian diplomat in Pak held over spying charges

New Delhi: Madhuri Gupta, a second secretary of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan, was arrested from her home here on the charges of spying for the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), police and official sources said Tuesday.

"The accused Madhuri Gupta was arrested from her house in east Delhi by Delhi Police's Special Cell on charges of spying and leaking some important documents. Before the arrest, she was detained and questioned for 2-3 days," a police source told IANS.

"She was serving in press and information wing of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan for the last couple of years. Her movements were being followed from past several months," he said.

"The woman was produced in the court Monday after which she was sent to police custody," the source added, saying that an official statement on the arrest would probably come from the external affairs ministry.

Other sources said Gupta had been under the scanner for some time and the action was taken after it was confirmed that she was passing sensitive information to her handlers. Gupta was not a member of the main Indian Foreign Service (IFS), but belonged to the lower cadre known as IFS-B.

Source: IANS

I was getting ready to Booo - as I'm wont to do - but then this question began to nag away:

1. is she truly being arrested for being a spy for TSP

2. or is this part of a purge of the old guard/those loyal to the country. After all, enemies are ruling the country (e.g. Manmohan "islamics must have first claim on resources" Singh). And the media is not to be trusted. Neither is the CBI, nor some part of the Maharasthrian ATS, etc.

While names mean nothing anymore - still, it's a *Hindu* name she carries leaving one to wonder - the way one wouldn't need to wonder if it had been an Indian with an islamic name:

- whether she's a *converted* turncoat (since she's of heathen origin - going by her name - she would need to be a *convert* to islamania or have some new-found islamic love-interest tucked away in TSP to make her treachery-arc likely);

- or whether the "let's have closer relations with Pak" christogovt could genuinely be after Indian diplomats spying for Pak, since the Indian govt itself seems to be working for TSP most of the time (and for the US and everybody else except India) so it seems unlikely to give a toss about this 'discovery' which otherwise looks to be in line with their way of working anyway.

How will one ever know whether it is 1 or 2: this news could well die here and none will ever be the wiser.

People have deja-vued the "a police source told the media thus-and-so" before, and things weren't anywhere near the whole truth then.

How much is the "Delhi Police's Special Cell" to be trusted as at now? (Not the last decade, not the last year - but now.)

In other words: To Boo or not?
Answers my question:


Quote:sands said...

off the topic it turns out as i guessed that this spy madhu gupta is victim of love jehad !! there was dear paki lover in her motive to sell state secrets

India continues to blindly follow many a law from the days of the christobritish 'empire', but not on matters like treason, sedition and mutiny? If not - why not.

"Paki lover" sounds like a perfect oxymoron. The only amusing bit in the case.
Quote:sands said...

off the topic it turns out as i guessed that this spy madhu gupta is victim of love jehad !! there was dear paki lover in her motive to sell state secrets

Again the wrong use of the term "victim".

An Eezham Hindu who has house bombed by the Lankan air force is a victim, a Pakistan Hindu girl abducted by the Muslims and raped is a victim but a 53 year old woman who presumably got involved with a Momin of the terrorist country willingly is not a victim, that just cheapens the experiences of the real Hindu victims.

A more apt word for such creatures is drohi or puMsachAlI.
1. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2010/04/r...india.html

Quote:Inferno said...

Off topic:

"What took you guys so long to get?" spy Madhuri Gupta asked officials on getting nabbed and showed no repentance for what she had done.

Though she has not passed on much sensitive material, she has disclosed identities of intelligence officers posted as diplomats in Pakistan and in a few other Indian embassies, especially in south Asia and Middle East.

4/29/2010 12:47 PM

2. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2010/05/m...-what.html

Quote:Monday, May 03, 2010

madhuri a mohammedan convert: What the secularists won't let you tell or print

may 3rd, 2010

doing what mohammedans always do: ummah uber alles.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: K


[color="#800080"](Ali Sina's website.)[/color]

"She does not seem to have done this either for money or love," the sources said. As it was revealed later, Gupta had converted to Islam six years ago and as the result switched her allegiance to the enemy of her own country.


Minor detail the secularists don't want us to know - so she is 'Madhuri' as per our chattering airheads, and not, say, 'Maimuna?'

Maimuna would be especially appropriate, because that's Arabic for 'trustworthy'...

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 5/03/2010 08:03:00 AM



ramesh said...

HT did carry a small piece on this woman's conversion (online). But it has been totally glossed over by the media, as usual -- the focus being on her imaginary or real grouses against her superiors.

5/03/2010 8:09 AM

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Pasting as-is. Don't know if it is verified or even verifiable. But if actions and words are any indication, then anti-Hinduness of this particular kind points to christo(islam)ism onlee - usually christoism.


Quote:1 comments:

Raghu said...

Tehelka is tacitly supported by Kkangress; therefore it will NEVER target Kkangress interests. Read somewhere that Tejpal is a crypto-xtian; it figures!

5/18/2010 2:42 AM

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"Tarun J. Tejpal is editor-in-chief and publisher of Tehelka".
Can't recall in what thread Shambhu was listing "friendly" (as in: not anti-Hindu) Indian media.

According to the comment to the following, can scratch India Today off that list, since the christian media NDTV has swallowed it up.


Quote:Saturday, May 22, 2010

Congress gets an "F minus", but India today holds back

India today uses surprisingly mild language to grade the UPA-2.

5/29 priorites touched. That's an F-minus.

And in those 5, results achieved? Zot.

But I guess since "honest and decent" blue turban is in charge, its all good.

Posted by AGworld at 5/22/2010 02:17:00 AM

Labels: congress, manmohan singh, UPA



Raghu said...

India Today doesn't count after NDTV takeover.
Don't know where this could go, so dumping it here.

Tony Blair is an arch-catholic. A bit hazy, but he is moreover IIRC a born-again catholic who decided he was going to do stuff to promote his disease (and make a lot of money doing it, so that he can peddle it even better).


Quote:Tony Blair joins Indian-born billionaire's US firm

IANS, May 25, 2010, 01.15pm IST

LONDON: Former British prime minister Tony Blair, who has landed a job as adviser to Indian-born billionaire Vinod Khosla's US-based venture capital firm, says he shares a "clear vision" with the tycoon, "one of the earliest leaders in cleantech investment.”

Blair is to lend his expertise and "global relationships" to the California-based Khosla Ventures, which specialises in promoting environmentally friendly technology.

Vinod Khosla is one of the founders of the computer firm Sun Microsystems. The 55-year-old tycoon has a fortune estimated by Forbes magazine at $1.1 billion. He says that the world should look for technological breakthroughs to find "clean" alternatives to oil, coal, cement and steel.

Blair said, "Solving the climate crisis is more than just a political agenda item, it's an urgent priority that requires innovation, creativity and ambition."

"I share a clear vision with Vinod, one of the earliest leaders in cleantech investment, that entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond will have a tremendous impact on our environmental future," a statement quoted Blair as saying.

His appointment to the Silicon Valley firm was announced Monday at a summit for the firm's investors in Sausalito, near San Francisco, the media report said.

[color="#0000FF"]Blair told that the job was "not a pro bono" role.[/color]

Khosla said the arrangement would allow him to "ask Tony for advice" further adding, "Tony's going to help us in many areas that techie nerds like us in Silicon Valley don't understand."

[color="#800080"](Help them to more than they bargained for: Tony Blair will use them get more people onto jeebus=christianism, catholic flavour - the "area that these techie nerds don't understand".)[/color]

Consider above in light of this earlier posted item:


[color="#800080"](Copy at http://currentaffairs.ninemsn.com.au/wor...e-lecturer )[/color]

The link to the page had said "Blair lectures Yale uni students on religion"


Blair back at school as Yale lecturer

September 20, 2008, 1:55 pm

Former British prime minister Tony Blair, describing himself a terrible student, has gone back to school as a religion lecturer at top US university Yale.

[color="#FF0000"]Blair, who converted to Catholicism after leaving office in 2007 and talked increasingly openly of his Christian faith while prime minister[/color], delivered his inaugural lecture at the prestigious college in the state of Connecticut.

An enthusiastic audience of more than 2,000 students later thronged ornate Woolsey Hall to hear a talk by Blair, who stepped down after a decade in power, under fire for his strong support of the US-led war in Iraq .

[color="#0000FF"]The part-time job - he will deliver five lectures a year for three years to a class of 25 - comes on top of work as a Middle East peace envoy and lucrative business consultancies.[/color]

But the focus on faith and globalisation as Yale's Howland Distinguished Fellow dovetails with the former Labour Party leader's long interest in religion and the work of his Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Blair, who wore a blue suit and came with a Scotland Yard security detail, is already familiar with Yale's picturesque campus in the quiet town of New Haven - his elder son Euan graduated from there this year.

He described his students at their first lecture as "really clever."

The ex-premier, who jokingly recalled his own teachers thinking him "a complete pain the backside" and being an habitual absentee at lectures, is unlikely to do join the carousing for which US college life is famous.

The lectures Blair is delivering will last only one-and-a-half hours and he will not conduct seminars, meaning only brief spells on campus, university spokeswoman Helaine Klasky said.

However, he will at least spend a few nights at the university where his former close ally in Iraq , US President George W Bush , once studied.

"This time he slept here last night, but he is leaving later this evening," Klasky said.

[color="#0000FF"]Yale is donating $US200,000 ($A248,900) to his foundation, in addition to paying a "nominal fee," Klasky said.[/color]

Britons, unlike Americans, [color="#0000FF"]discourage[/color] public displays of faith by politicians.

[color="#0000FF"]Blair once admitted to the BBC that he toned down religious talk for fear of being considered a "nutter." His famously pugnacious spokesman Alastair Campbell stated: "We don't do God."

Yet Blair openly flirted with Catholicism while in office and converted soon after, a break with tradition in a nation where the monarch heads the Anglican Church of England.

By chance, students waiting for Blair to arrive at Woolsey Hall were treated to a church-like recital on the hall's magnificent organ.[/color]

However, Blair was in no mood to repent for his most controversial act: supporting Bush's invasion of Iraq on what proved to be the untrue justification that Saddam Hussein harboured weapons of mass destruction.

He described the Iraq conflict, deeply unpopular in Britain, as part of a broader struggle against extreme Islam and enemies of Muslims "trying to be part of the modern world."

"They are the same forces we are fighting everywhere," Blair said.

Referring to the guerrilla wars bogging down Western armies both in Iraq and Afghanistan , Blair said there was "a deeper and more fundamental struggle than we anticipated."

There is "no alternative but to follow it through."

Other than his Mideast envoy duties and now teaching, Blair has a range of lucrative part-time work, including consultancies for investment bank JPMorgan and Swiss insurer Zurich.

He is reported to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars (euros, pounds) for speaking appearances.

Amila Golic, an English literature student who attended the talk, found Yale's newest lecturer "charming but not convincing."

"A lot of it was wishy washy. The questions about Iraq and so on should have been extended. I think that's more relevant to us," said Golic, 20.

Certainly the once invincible master of 10 Downing Street still has charm.

He drew laughs on recalling the double-speak among senior advisers. "When they thought you were doing something really, really stupid, they'd say: 'That's a very courageous thought, prime minister.'"

But the loudest cheer came when he was quizzed about how as a student he'd sided in the great debate over who was best: the Beatles or the Rolling Stones.

Blair looked flummoxed. "I always used to say the Rolling Stones," he answered finally, "because if you didn't say the Stones, the girlfriends just..." - and Blair waved his hands to indicate them disappearing.

"The truth is," he continued to a roar of approval, "that it really is the Beatles."

See also:

Quote:Faith and Globalization | Yale Video Course

Tony Blair, Howland Distinguished Fellow at Yale University, discusses the ... negative characterizations of the impact of both religion and globalization forces. ... Director for the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, responds to a students question about ... Reconciliation in the Name of Faith: Tony Blair Lecture ...

academicearth.org/courses/faith-and-globalization - Cached - Similar

Tony Blair begins Faith and Globalization lecture series at Yale ...

22 Sep 2008 ... Tony Blair goes back to school - as Yale religion professor (quote) Former ... Blair, speaking to students and faculty at Yale University, ...

www.worldculturepictorial.com/.../tony-blair-begins-faith-and-globalization- lecture-series-yale-says-religion-has-potential-ha - Cached

Plans for expanding [color="#FF0000"]the Tony Blair Faith Foundation[/color] and Yale ...

For the next two years, Yale University and the Tony Blair Faith ... to religion and globalization; and develop an annual international student survey, ... as well as interviews and comments by the lecturers and guest participants, ...

faithandglobalization.yale.edu/expansionplans - Cached - Similar

Yale Divinity School-Notes from the Quad [color="#800080"](Divinity school=theological uni stream)[/color]

“We are tremendously pleased and excited about Tony Blair's decision to engage ... We at the Divinity School invited Mr. Blair to come and give one of our endowed lectures. ... having to do with religion and globalization in his retirement. ... What are some of the specifics of the course, number of students , etc. ...

www.yale.edu › YDS Home › Notes from the Quad - Cached - Similar

Maybe it's all a catholic coincidence.

Yeah. That must be it.
Tehelka ran an expose on Joshua project. I doubt if it is Xtian. It surely has Islamic sympathies though
[quote name='Niki' date='26 May 2010 - 02:29 AM' timestamp='1274820710' post='106565']

Tehelka ran an expose on Joshua project. I doubt if it is Xtian. It surely has Islamic sympathies though

[/quote]Then you doubt unnecessarily.

JP is like TellEurope and other famous christist groups trying to (re)christianise the world. (TellEurope is for christoterrorising atheist, heathen and heretic Europe.*)

Do a search on JP.

E.g. see www.joshuaproject.net. <- Their way of operating is very christian. Prayer points, profiling and targeting pocket populations, handout bibles, and other assorted means to descend on unsuspecting populations "unreached peoples" and inject them with the deadly jeebus virus.

* AmeriKKKans can't stand that somewhere in Europe, orthodox christianism or Lutheranism etc exist: it must all be of the born-again variety of JP, else AmriKKKans will send their christoterrorist selves to convert Europe and the rest of the previously converted christowestern world. (All christist cults are the same and have the same monotheistic tendency. They all think other christianisms are Damnably Wrong and that their own way must be proliferated - pathogens.) American christocults are springing up absolutely everywhere I live, this place has been an AmeriKKKan target since the late 90s I understand.

AmeriKKKan christianism is a serious disease even to other christians, not that I care about that. But it is now becoming an overt threat to atheists where I live too.
I meant that Tehlka is not christist.. I know abt JP
[quote name='Niki' date='28 May 2010 - 03:39 AM' timestamp='1274997673' post='106609']

I meant that Tehlka is not christist.. [/quote]And now I can see how your earlier statement makes sense.

I think I may have confused subject and object: mistaken what "it" was referring back to in your

Quote:Tehelka ran an expose on Joshua project. I doubt if it is Xtian. It surely has Islamic sympathies though

Mudy once mentioned that "Tehlaka" was owned by the dad of married-to-islam (and convert to islam) Teesta Setalvad. I could never work out whether Tehlaka and Tehelka are the same, or whether Mudy was referring to something entirely different.

But Teesta and Tehelka apparently do seem to echo the same class of lies on Godhra.

But Tehelka being ideologically islamist need not discount the possibility of its Tarun Tejpal - "editor-in-chief and publisher of Tehelka" (post 130) - being a cryptochristist. Christist Nisha Susan of the Loose, Backward - sorry, Fast Forward - Women association of the Pink Underpants Movement also writes/wrote for Tehelka.

And vice-versa too: the catholic paper Deccan Chronicle or has/had Akbar and another islamist in editing positions -


Quote:For sucking up to the Catholic clergy, the Deccan Chronicle is the leader among Indian newspapers. Its editors, M.J. Akbar and Naazreen Bhura, both self-righteous secularists of the Nehruvian school, assiduously follow the Christian practice of treating Christian legend as history and Hindu history as mythology (or put another way, treating Christian superstition as tradition and Hindu tradition as superstition).
(IIRC, elsewhere, MJ Akbar occasionally exhibited his underlying islamist colours for a brief space.*)

This mutual back-scratching between christoislamism when it comes to hammering the Hindu Dharmic religion preserves the sheen of "secular innocence" in both cases.

* Yupp, same link:


Quote:He [color="#800080"][MJ Akbar][/color] is an exhibitionist, a celebrity journalist and jihadi apologist (see his Shade of Swords), and a very clever falsifier of Islamic history who can get away with murder in print. And get away with the murder of print: he was one of the first Indian journalists to call for a ban on Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses, and act which aligned him with Muslim fundamentalists and provoked shocked European intellectuals to call him, ironically, "a true green Nehruvian secularist".
For links in body of text, see http://hamsa.org/coelho.htm
Some one has connected faces to SwamyG's chart!


We have seven pages of posts here but no added creativity like that!

<img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />
Repeat post from christianism thread.


Quote:Saturday, July 03, 2010

Proof that Nepal's Maoist terrorists are all Christians

jul 4th, 2010

courtesy of american baptists, christism comes to nepal.

happy july 4th, indeed.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Ravi

[color="#0000FF"]A Nepali attending a meeting was shocked to see the pujari of the Nepali mandir in Baljit Nagar, Mr Puran Sharma, who is close to the Maoists, leading Christian prayers in Moti Nagar! This kind of subterfuge permeates the movement.

While second-in-command Baburam Bhattarai and his family are openly Christian, Prachanda does not proclaim his religious affiliations but his wife's entire family is Christian. His guru, Chandra Pradesh Gajurel, was a Christian preacher.

Sources estimate that the 42,000-strong Maoist army would be 30 per cent Christian, but the cadre are kept in the dark that the top leadership is predominantly Christian.[/color]


Anti-India axis in Nepal

December 26, 2006, Sandhya Jain

Nepal Prime Minister GP Koirala must be ruing the day he allowed his Seven-Party Alliance to be conned into negotiating with Maoist leader Prachanda. Mr Koirala has given respectability to a bunch of armed thugs, agreeing to bring them into an interim regime and allowing them to dictate an interim Constitution along with the timetable for the election of a new Constituent Assembly to decide the monarchy's future. Unease over the implications of such fundamental changes in the Nepalese civilisational template are now spreading, as evidenced in the rise of pro-monarchy sentiment.

The suspicions are not misplaced. The December 18 wildcat strike in which Maoists unleashed six hours of terrible violence in Kathmandu to protest against the appointment of envoys to 14 countries, indicates that Prachanda intends to dominate the Himalayan kingdom through the barrel of the gun. Any doubts on this score were settled three days later when 5,000 armed rebels walked out of their camps in Ilam and Morang districts in a show of strength that rattled the aged SPA leaders, who have realised that the forces that instigated them to unseat King Gyanendra have used them like a railway service to reach another station.

Those forces want the political dominance of Prachanda through the 'good offices' of an obliging United Nations, which helped the US break up Indonesia and create Christian East Timor. Their success is likely because of Ms Sonia Gandhi's total commitment to the intrinsically anti-Hindu Western agenda. Thus, a civilisationally Hindu India has abandoned a civilisationally Hindu Nepal, because a White Christian dominates an effete Indian Government and wants to help a covert Christian illicitly ascend the throne of Nepal.

Like India today, Nepal tomorrow will have a ruler who does not share the dharma of the people and does not respect their traditions and culture. Unlike Ms Gandhi, Prachanda is an ethnic Nepalese, but his ascension puts Nepalese civilisation in peril. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which has finally got its national agenda together under the promising leadership of Mr Rajnath Singh, would do well not to neglect developments in our neighbourhood. Prachanda is pressurising Mr Koirala to implement the interim Constitution in just 10 days, dissolve the SPA and form an interim Government with Maoist participation, failing which he will unleash mayhem in the Himalayan nation.

Under the November 21 peace accord, Maoists agreed to confine their cadres to 28 camps and lock up their arms under UN supervision. But the sudden violence of the past few days prevented a UN-Maoist joint monitoring team from beginning inspections, and now reports of extortion and intimidation are pouring in from all over the country. The most bizarre aspect of the truce is the SPA's agreeing to let UN monitor the arms of both the Maoists and the Nepal Army, putting the nation's legitimate security force on equal footing with a gangster mob. There is no justice in the demand to confine the Nepal Army to barracks, and obviously a dubious foreign hand is behind this mischief, which will deny Nepalese village folk the sense of security needed to vote freely in the elections.

Elimination of the Nepal Army from the national scene will give the Western-dominated UN a free hand to do as it pleases in the polls, a situation New Delhi must resist. India's Election Commission will not be able to ensure free and fair elections there unless the Nepal Army or the Indian Army keeps Maoist arms and cadre under lock and key; by current estimates Maoists can win just about 10 out of 205 seats in a fair election. The UN must either be kept out or its mission manned exclusively by adherents of non-monotheistic faiths. As the main Opposition party, the BJP must speak up for the civilisational integrity of Nepal and resist Ms Gandhi's subversion of our traditional foreign policy.

Given the steep rise in conversion activity in India since Ms Gandhi's ascent, the BJP would do well to scrutinise missionary activism among the capital's Nepalese population as well. According to reliable sources, Maoists in New Delhi have close links with Christian groups. In Baljit Nagar, Moti Bagh and Mehrauli areas, secret churches have been established in houses occupied by Maoists. One church, with a banner proclaiming 'World Unification Movement', was visited by an unidentified White man who spoke about the political situation in Nepal.

[color="#0000FF"]Sources suggest the gentleman could be from the US-based Republication International Movement (RIM), which is active in Asia. This seems likely because a Meerut school, Thomas Child Academy, which is caring for the orphan children of Nepalese Maoist cadre, is known to display the RIM flag on occasions. Nearly 100 Nepalis have been provided employment in Indian churches and are luring fellow Nepalis to the congregations every Sunday, where the Maoist newspapers, Dishabodh and Dishanidesh, are distributed free.

A Nepali attending a meeting was shocked to see the pujari of the Nepali mandir in Baljit Nagar, Mr Puran Sharma, who is close to the Maoists, leading Christian prayers in Moti Nagar! This kind of subterfuge permeates the movement. While second-in-command Baburam Bhattarai and his family are openly Christian, Prachanda does not proclaim his religious affiliations but his wife's entire family is Christian. His guru, Chandra Pradesh Gajurel, was a Christian preacher. Sources estimate that the 42,000-strong Maoist army would be 30 per cent Christian, but the cadre are kept in the dark that the top leadership is predominantly Christian.

Nepal's temporary Constitution recognises all religions, but Hindus are apprehensive about the changes desired by the rebels. A US-based organisation, Global Recordings, has intensified its conversion activities and is propagating the Gospel in all tribal dialects. Nepalis ask that if the Maoists are not Christian, why would they [size="5"]attack and close down all Sanskrit pathshalas[/size] (only a couple survive) and stop compulsory Sanskrit education in school? There is harassment at Hindu festivals and Brahmins have been [size="5"]forced to eat beef;[/size] who would [size="5"]kill the cow[/size] in a Hindu kingdom? Then there was the attempt to make the rhinoceros the state animal, instead of the holy cow. Unnerved, religious groups want Nepal to be declared a Hindu state again, and to retain the Hindu King, a demand India should heartily support in its own interests.[/color]

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 7/03/2010 07:51:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post
The indicators are constant.

LTTE in SL, Dravoodianism (=cryptochristianism in TN), Maoism in Orissa, Maoism in Nepal. All cryptochristianisms.

Actually, the cryptochristianisms (various movements and infiltration into politics/government) is not limited to the Indian subcontinent in the Asian scene.

It doesn't matter. I keep forgetting that people don't *want* to see the pattern, and don't want it to be made known to others either.

I added few links about the Aiyar family. There is one "Shekar Aiyar" working in IMF, and Swaminathan has a son called Shekhar too <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />. I could not confirm yet....if anybody can confirm showing links on the internet, immense dhanyavaadm.
A criticism, on the internet, about this thread:

Source: http://groups.google.com/group/soc.cultu...9?lnk=raot

Quote: it is a silly list full of paranoia and gossip. It reminds me of a group of old women gossiping.

The point is that many indians who have international standing also know other indians and non-indians on the international scene.

This is what is otherwise known as guilt by association. Exactly guilty of what is not established.

But after all this is a jay stevens,aka dr. jai etc. effort, enough said.

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