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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India
SwamyG, CMAP tool for concept mapping. Or try IHMC.

Totally free.



Open source:



Browser based needs sign up:


Dropmind is free for now but costs in future.

ConceptDraw is another.
Added info regarding Fai.
[quote name='Swamy G' date='21 July 2011 - 08:52 AM' timestamp='1311218064' post='112239']

Added info regarding Fai.


Please provide link
[quote name='Mudy' date='21 July 2011 - 11:33 PM' timestamp='1311308744' post='112248']

Please provide link


Mudy ji: I added the info in the first post, and marked them in blue color.

Arundhati Roy met Ghulam Nabi Fai (circa June 2011) in London and reiterated her support for 'independence' of J&K.
Added info regarding Howard and Teresita Schaffer.
[url="http://blog.sureshchiplunkar.com/2011/09/mallika-sarabhai-narendra-modi-gujarat.html"]Mallika Sarabhai, Narendra Modi, Gujarat Riots 2002[/url]

Quote:एक विशेष जानकारी :- मल्लिका साराभाई की एक रिश्तेदार मृदुला साराभाई, कश्मीर के शेख अब्दुल्ला (उमर अब्दुल्ला के दादा) की "घनिष्ठ मित्र"(?) थीं। मृदुला साराभाई ने 1958 में शेख अब्दुल्ला पर चल रहे देशद्रोह के केस में मुम्बई हाईकोर्ट में लगने वाला समूचा खर्च उठाया था। इस देशद्रोह वाले केस में शेख अब्दुल्ला को आजीवन कारावास हो सकता था, नेहरु नहीं चाहते थे कि शेख अब्दुल्ला को सजा मिले, इसलिए नेहरु सरकार ने अचानक 1964 में यह केस वापस ले लिया। इसमें मृदुला साराभाई की भूमिका महत्वपूर्ण थी…

पता नहीं ऐसा क्यों होता है, कि जब हम "सेकुलर बुद्धिजीवियों"(?) का इतिहास खंगालते हैं, तो उनकी "जड़ें और गहरी दोस्तियाँ" कभी कश्मीर से तो कभी पाकिस्तान से जा मिलती हैं।
Mallika Sarabhai, still doing lap dance for Ahmed Patel. No surprise
On this bit:

[quote name='Husky' date='28 December 2011 - 10:02 PM' timestamp='1325089458' post='114105']

Of course, it turns out that Jayalalitha (who greenlighted christianism's framing of the Kanchi Swami) is a christian also - though no one wants to say it, presumably since Indians are still too sensitive to fingerpoint christianism - being a regular christian witness to catholic mass no less. From memory/my understanding, one needs to be baptised into the christian faith plus have received the sacrament of the Eucharist in order to attend catholic mass. That means that Jayalalitha has to be christian and a practising catholic if she's allowed at mass.[/quote]

Apparently the details on attending Mis are more intricate. But it turns out Ishwar Sharan has similar suspicions on what Jayalalitha needs to be in order for her to take part in catholic rites. And as IS' relations were (protestant) christian and moreover attempted - and clearly failed - to raise him in that ideology, he is likely to know more about christianity:

Quote:I have very grave doubts about Jayalalithaa. If Mass is said in her house regularly as has been claimed, then she is Christian. Even an Indian priest who will take any liberty with a Hindu politician for gain, cannot say Mass in a Hindu house. He needs a consecrated altar and who will he give the Eucharist to if not the house-owner who must be a baptised Christian.

Ishwar Sharan

16 Jan 2012
And that also immediately explains all about the who/what(=christianism), the why and the how behind the framing of the Kanchi Swamigal.

The above quotation by IS is stolen from the comments section at:


Jerusalem: Church sheds its Secular Mask by Sandhya Jain

Probably everyone's seen it already and I'd have been the last to read it as usual, but still, thought it an important article. Especially the eerie section on how easily the christoised courts circumvented the constitution - seeing an opportunity to injure Hindus further - and snapped their fingers in Hindoos' faces while doing so.

The Codes of Theodosius and Justinian. Updated for our times.
I have tweeted this list for the knowledge of all internet Hindus with due credit to India forum. I hope that is fine.

Quote:The first thing to note in Prof. Meera Nanda’s opinion piece on the Oslo massacre is a tiny but telling detail, viz. her spelling “Labor Party”. In British and also in Indian English, as normally used in Open Magazine, the first word would have been spelled “Labour”. But her orthography betrays the American roots of her ideological orientation. In 2005-2007 she was in the employ of the John Templeton Foundation, an American Christian lobby-group that claims science as compatible with and even a product of Christianity. In that position and ever since, “Nanda has supported Protestantism as being scientific, while describing Hinduism as the exact opposite”, as Rajiv Malhotra points out. [Breaking India, Amaryllis, Delhi 2011, p.262]

It is not clear whether Meera Nanda has actually converted to Christianity or is merely one of those secularists who, after the fall and discrediting of Communism, have found new patronage in the US-centred Christian network. But fact is that she champions the Christian cause in India. And it explains the most remarkable oddity about her article on Anders Breivik’s massacre: she conceals from her Indian readership that the killer explicitly defines himself as a Christian. It was impossible to omit mentioning that he modeled himself on the Crusaders, but since the word “Crusade” has passed into general usage without necessary religious connotation, it needed explicitating that he goes out of his way to describe his own religious position as Christian. Not just a Christian by baptism, like myself, but a conscious Christian who, breaking with his secular family background, sought and received baptism in Norway’s Reformed (= Lutheran) Church at age 15.

As a self-styled warrior, he doesn’t lose much time on elaborate pieties, anymore than his Crusader and Templar role models did, but that doesn’t make him any less Christian. Indeed, he does take some time in his manifesto to discuss theology, e.g. to argue (as did many before him during the Romantic period) that the Protestant Churches ought to seek rapprochement with their Catholic mother Church. The Regular-Masonic Lodge of which he was a member required in its charter all members to be believing Christians. In spite of the attempts by American Christians to deny it (e.g. by Timothy Dalrymple www.patheos.com/community/philosophicalfragments/2011/07/25/was-anders-breivik-really-a-christian/ and by John Shore johnshore.com/2011/07/26/is-breiviks-blood-on-us/) and even to slanderously mislabel him as a “neopagan” (by Roland Shirk www.jihadwatch.org/2011/07/who-benefits-whos-behind-it.html), Breivik was very much a Christian. If you’re looking for his counterparts in India, forget about the usual Hindutva bogeys and look for cross-bearers. Think of Swami Lakshmananda’s Maoist-trained Christian murderers, think of Sonia Gandhi, of John Dayal, of Father Dominic Emmanuel, and perhaps of Meera Nanda herself.
via bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/christian-imperialism-in-india-gautam-sen/

Quote:Christian imperialism in India – Gautam Sen

Indian independence was not the watershed naively assumed to be. It was a significant political retreat for the British colonial power, but did not constitute total rout. The colonial authority left behind a venal, anti-national communist front it had comprehensively suborned through the agency of its wartime anti-Nazi alliance with the USSR. Its sole raison d’etre turns out to have been to harass and weaken the Indian State at the instigation of Anglo-American agencies. Indian communism eventually transmuted into grand larceny and criminal extortion, as it committed widespread real estate fraud and robbed public assets, akin to plunder by the Communist Party of China today. The communist leadership at the time of independence was also dominated by Calcutta Brahmos, many of whom harboured a deep-seated scepticism towards Hinduism, having imbibed both Islamic and Unitarian monotheism and abhorrence of idolatry. This subconscious hostility is evident in the tenacious defence of the Islamic conquest and plunder of India and the enslavement of its Hindus by its Brahmo Nobel laureate.

[color="#800080"](Sorry, I'm a bit dense. Is that last not a reference to the Brahmo Samajist R. Tagore who I thought got some Nobel literature prize or something? If it did indeed refer to him: no wonder Sharmila/Ljudmila/whatever Tagore married into islam, then...

One generation starts getting subverted out of Hindu religion/the proper view of the Gods, and then one or two generations later, the family members have turned secular enough to marry into christoislam and then of course the next generation is fully christoislamaniac already. It's a pattern set in stone.)[/color]

The British facilitated the creation of Pakistan though that was easy enough since the landed Muslim elite of India was not about to live in a country that was run by Hindus. And they were certainly not going to live as their co-equals because of some anti-Islamic, Western claptrap about democracy. Pakistan quickly became the Anglo-American instrument for tormenting India, astutely described as NATO’s second Cold War by Iqbal Singh, a former editor of London’s India Weekly. Pakistan’s military dictatorships were pampered as prized assets beyond reproach and the thorough going Islamisation of the country in the 1980s welcomed as yet another fortuitous opportunity for mischief. Of course it has all gone horribly wrong, with the likelihood of infinitely worse to come since truculent Pakistani Islamists are both quite mad and foolhardy, cheerfully contemplating the erasure of their own civilisation provided they can take the Anglo-Americans with them. And the Sino-American nuclear arsenal gifted to Pakistan for terrorising India and its abominable pagans may have now found unintended targets. Evidently there is an Almighty and justice eventually prevails!

After Indian independence, major elite schools and colleges in India remained under the tutelage of the Christian clergy and their insidious Indian Christian surrogates. They socialised generations of India’s elite to disdain their Hindu identity and embrace the interests of the very former Christian rulers who had tyrannised them. The strategic goal of taking over the Indian Anglo press to nourish the same pathetic Anglo elites with drivel to ensure they remained indoctrinated was achieved covertly. [color="#0000FF"]Virtually all English language newspapers and television channels now have links with the Church and their co-conspirators in Western diplomatic missions in India. They are also largely staffed by products of Indian Christian schools and colleges and Anglo-American universities, who entertain ambiguous political loyalties. Indeed many journalists employed in them are a thoroughly compromised comprador presence in the Indian body politic, not infrequently on the payroll of Western intelligence agencies. This manifest clandestine Christian presence within India has turned out to be devastating for Hindus since its modus operandi of advancing by stealth has proved highly effective.[/color]

[color="#800080"](There's really no point in saying it. Many Hindus who ought to have known better - or so you'd think - insist on helping to hide the identity of cryptochristianism in India, even though this specifically concerns the anti-Hindu, anti-Indian nexus. It will forever be too late when they realise their folly tomorrow, as it is too late even today. Some part of the blame for the fall does attach to them. Because they *could* have done something, yet they most particularly, consciously chose not to.

Oh well, as usual I'm just grateful that in this major error, I had no part whatsoever. I may be wrong in many things, but not this one.)[/color]

The Church has vast historical experience facilitating imperial expansion on behalf of Western states, to the accompaniment of genocide and slavery, since the time of the Emperor Constantine, but the two institutions are not synonymous. Indeed there are areas of tension between them on social issues that impinge on religious doctrine and the perceived interests of the Church. But Christianity and the Western imperial system have unwaveringly shared the common goal of world domination for millennia, dutifully giving mutual sustenance to each other when it really matters. One decisive reason for the success of Christian imperialism is the ability to sponsor committed evangelists, which entails using the deep-seated religious yearnings of individuals for their own dastardly imperial purposes. Many of these evangelists adhere to high standards of personal moral conduct and also genuinely believe they are doing the work of the Saviour by purportedly uplifting the weak and poor by providing medical aid, education and employment opportunities, etc.

The provision of medical help is one of the most crucial factors in facilitating religious conversion since it constitutes a form of ‘giving of life’ and creates a an irresistible motive to adopt the faith of those offering such succour. It becomes the unfailing prelude to eventual religious conversion that also ends in a call to arms, as with Baptist Nagaland and Mizoram in India. [color="#0000FF"]The Naga and Mizo Baptist Church website proudly proclaims its mission as one to defend the faith, amounting to exactly such a call to arms, as well as evangelize beyond their own regional borders. The Baptists managed to estrange both communities totally from their traditional, Hindu animist moorings and implant profound unease with all things connected to it among the Nagas and Mizos.[/color]

[color="#800080"](No point getting offended in the "Hindu animist" description I suppose. Especially as every old Hindu relative in my family was quite animystical. Isn't "animist" what they use to describe Shintos too? Great company.)[/color]

The tried and tested techniques adopted by Christian institutions and their imperialist collaborators, Western States, with convergent goals, are manifold. The first has always been to exploit local fault lines and divisions and accentuate them at every juncture in order to devise entry points and identify traitors who will facilitate deeper assault. Exploiting local divisions among the people they encountered in Asia, the Americas and Africa was the basis for the initial 16th century European conquests since their relative military strength was never overwhelming. The weakening of the dominant indigenous authority in place and rendering it dysfunctional, with the assistance of local surrogates, is the unfailing paramount preliminary goal of foreign intervention.

In the contemporary period, the excuses for intervention that precipitates political chaos can range from travails of alleged class struggles, using native Leftists in countries like India as dupes or collaborators, and the incidence of ethnic and religious strife. In recent decades, audacious direct military assault has been justified by resort to the supposed necessity of humanitarian intervention and the complete falsehoods about the existence of weapons of mass destruction. It has resulted in extraordinarily destructive, blood-soaked interventions within tribal and schismatic Sunni and Shia communities of Middle Eastern Islam. In addition, cynical targeted killings by Western intelligence agencies have precipitated veritable civil wars across the entire region. But in India Islam has always been an ally of Christian imperialism because, jointly, they can keep Hindu India off balance while their nefarious campaigns unfold.

In the particular case of India itself, the whole issue of caste, though a pre-existing phenomenon and an internal frailty vulnerable to manipulation, was recast by the British colonial power to divide its people. The historic fluidity of caste relations was gradually replaced by harder, more self-conscious boundaries in the late 19th century that would come to haunt Hindu civilisation. And the idea of an upper caste monster and seeds of virulent racial hatreds were implanted by the highly creative use of Censuses. And in subsequent decades the colonial power pounced to take advantage, arguing the Indian disadvantaged, whom they themselves had exploited ruthlessly earlier, needed their protection, as the Indian independence movement gathered momentum. The Church sponsored the south Indian obsession with the spurious theory of an Aryan conquest of their region and all the evidence to refute this fabrication cannot apparently dislodge the conviction. It has also acquired potent electoral utility, altering the course history of Indian political and social life permanently.

The laughable antics of Indian communism about class oppression, allegedly refracted through caste, were always a mere appendage to this larger imperialist conspiracy with which they had become treasonously complicit. The depth of the sheer venality and corruption of the Indian Left stands thoroughly exposed as they flock to Western faculties in New York, Chicago, Cambridge, London and Oxbridge and engage in shameless spectacles on behalf of Church and Western empire with obscene hand-wringing about India’s minorities and their human rights. The size of their salaries and the square footage of their salubrious homes abroad expose the truth about their sordid motives in auctioning their proverbial grand mother to the highest bidder.

[color="#0000FF"]In addition, the Church engages in outright bribery of politicians, government officials and journalists and blackmail.[/color] Bribery is targeted towards useful individuals and this includes outwardly innocuous tactics like arranging scholarships for their children to study abroad and the possibility of a Green Card for permanent residence in the case of the US. In India, a high proportion of politicians and bureaucrats are also vulnerable to blackmail and pressure because they have engaged in sexually compromising behaviour and other criminal acts. Foreign intelligence agencies and the Church share such information to elicit their compliance and support for legislative acts. This is the likely reason for the rather puzzling [color="#0000FF"]reversal of restrictions on religious conversion in Tamil Nadu and the unusual attentiveness of the politician who did so to concerns of the Church ever since. And politicians whose political careers the Church sponsors and also, as a corollary, helped achieve vast wealth through theft then allows bribery to be financed locally, as in the case of Andhra Pradesh. The Church gains access to the stolen resources and uses them to facilitate religious conversion,[/color] the i.e. victims of Church subversion end up paying for it as well.

The Catholic Church has always promoted religious conversion through a phenomenon now described as inculturation, although it is as old as the Church of Peter itself. Providing relief to the poor has been a source of huge political strength for the Christianity since its very inception, as even the last pagan Roman emperor Julian recognised,** and the basis for its claim to conscience. Along with it, the Church established a tradition of insinuating itself with pre-existing local pagan practice and custom, which has proved extraordinarily adept in deceiving and alluring potential converts to their faith. These are methods that other Christian denominations have also adopted, but the Vatican raised it to an art form of immense efficacy. This is how it managed to turn Korea into a largely Christian country and similar duplicity has been practised across Asia and Africa. In the latter, the number of Christians rose from 90 million at the beginning of the 20th century to over 350 million today. [color="#0000FF"]Walking around Bhayander, in the outskirts of Mumbai recently, I came across what appeared to be idols of Radha and Krishna along the roadside, only to discover, on closer examination, that they were, in fact, Jesus and Mary masquerading as traditional Hindu idols.[/color]

[color="purple"](** Yeah well, Julian was a walking brain, right. Noticing the real issues and out-thinking his enemies like it was a walk in the park for him is what he did. We're just a bunch of headless chickens - no offence to chickens, clearly I meant it proverbially.)[/color]

Nowadays, Christian clergy across India can be seen in the traditional ochre robes of Hindu holy men as well as sporting religious marks on their foreheads and church entrances adorn the sacred Hindu symbol Om. [color="blue"]Statues of Jesus and Mary are often placed circumspectly alongside Hindu idols in some Hindu temples in acts of outrageous duplicity.[/color] [color="#800080"](But that's what Buddhism did in, say, E Asia. So let's be fair. I mean, if it's okay when one does inculturation for the purpose of Replacement of the native religion, surely it's okay when the other does it?)[/color] Befuddled Hindus acquiesce because they revere the holy in all its incarnations, even if they prefer their own particular path of worship. But such acts of deception are a prelude to their total extirpation by Christian aggressors and merit violent resistance. [color="#800080"](Hear, hear.)[/color] Having effectively extinguished European Jewry the Church seeks to destroy remnants of the Hindu intelligentsia, which it regards as an obstinate intellectual and spiritual dissenter against its historical world struggle for domination. [color="#0000FF"]In addition, some Christian converts to Hinduism are in fact infiltrators, sowing confusion by duplicitously re-interpreting Hindu scriptures and feigning empathy. And, revealingly, some are advocates of interfaith dialogue, a purely diversionary subterfuge to confound Hindus. More alarmingly, one infamous American supposed convert to Hinduism advocates formal Hindu concordats with the Church to legitimise religious conversion, which would profoundly compromise their ability resist its diabolical machinations within India.[/color]

[color="purple"](Wonder who this American "convert" is? Not that it's a surprise that a convert turns out to be an infiltrator.

BTW, why do so many Hindus - NRIs especially, but not exclusively - like the idea of foreign "converts", again? If it was in my power, the answer to all "conversions" into Hinduism by any who are not ethnic i.e. ancestral Hindus would be an absolute No. To dabblers it would moreover be a "Get Lost". To those with genuine heathen tendencies, I will tell them that they must regain their ancestral religion somehow or die trying, but that Hindu religion is not for them. Because in the long run, all this "allowing" foreign entrants in is going to destroy the Hindus and their religion. Not only because some converts are infiltrators and that most are dabblers. But that ultimately, (most) all are invariable subversionists to some degree. They can't help it, as this is not their religion. All so-called "paganisms" are Not the same. They are alike, but not the same. As different in temperament as the nations of the earth differ and are yet all human.)[/color]

Interfaith dialogue was sponsored early in the 20th century as a vehicle for disarming and neutralising other religious dispensations, especially, pagans, whom Christians intended to convert. They have never recognised the validity of Hinduism and cognate faiths like Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. And Christians have steadfastly refused to cease evangelical activity within these communities, or even discuss the issue at their own official interfaith conclaves. Yet they persist in engaging in cynical dialogue with these faiths, sipping tea together and dwelling on the divine, while preparing to destroy them altogether. Indeed, once they have acquired numerical preponderance they have resorted to legislation, by the state authority, to curb the faith of the remaining non Christian communities, which had been turned into a minority in their own country because of Christian evangelism. This is happening to Buddhists in Korea and indeed secular ideas like evolution are being removed from Korean school textbooks at the behest of the Church. And both Christian and Muslim majority provinces of India only permit Hindu worship at their discretion.

[color="#0000FF"]The spread of the tentacles of the Church in Nepal in the past two decades was helped by an archaic and corrupt monarchy and astonishingly semi-literate political leadership. It seems highly likely that Maoism in Nepal became a vehicle to destabilise the country, allowing Christian evangelists to take advantage of genuine local grievances that derived from the total failure of governance and resulting poverty, accentuated by a population explosion. They became the patrons of Maoism, a phenomenon also evident from their human rights propaganda on behalf of Naxalites in India. For Christian missionaries, Nepal and its uneducated and poor, were easy targets for conversion, en masse, like the Nagas and Mizos of India. And the US itself is seeking a foothold in the region as well, adjacent to the Chinese border.

Now foreign NGOs and Christian evangelists have successfully implanted the notion of political rights for ethnic and caste groups across the whole of Nepal and made a national consensus impossible and rendered it virtually ungovernable. Simultaneously, conversions to Christianity are proceeding apace,[/color] often through Korean missionaries who can blend easily with the local population owing to their physical appearance. [color="#0000FF"]Shockingly, payments were accepted by leading Nepali politicians from the US Kathmandu embassy, clearly on behalf of Christian evangelists, to remove the word Hindu from the Nepali Constitution and declare the country secular. Indian government policy in Nepal also facilitated outcomes sought by the Church and the US through either complete ineptitude or deliberate complicity to end Nepal’s Hindu identity. Of course the adoption of policies sought by the Church could have been enforced by routing them through India’s quasi Catholic Congress party leadership.[/color]

Dr. Gautam Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians, London.

But Hindus have a tendency to refuse to pinpoint christianism. They will shriek "islam" in unison quite readily - it is a most obvious enemy after all, and not even christocommunist camouflaging can hide it fully. But Hindus are so incapacitated by christianism. It's really quite the same difference between the Hindu reaction to the love jihad and the Hindu obliviousness to the number of christians who've infiltrated Hindu families by "intermarriage" and produce christian offspring.

You're not "clever" if you notice only one of the two enemies, you know. Especially if that enemy is the clear-as-day islam. (Even IIRC N.S. Rajaram owned most casually to having christian family members, as if this was the most natural thing in the world.)

Christianism and internal subversion are two things that Hindus have no immunity to. Though it's the latter that is actually Hindus' real downfall, IMO.

The true irony is that we could have won. Our enemies may be formidable - I'd be the last person to say that they're not - but we could have won. How it rankles.



Quote:Have Hindus already been defeated? – Gautam Sen

A number of pathetic truisms have effectively paralysed Hindus psychologically and politically. The first is the mindlessly repeated cliché that they comprise 80% percent of India’s population, which means precisely nothing because Hindus have never managed to act collectively as a political community. On the contrary, more than a good half of India’s nominal Hindu population, the OBCs and so-called Dalits of its Hindi heartland, has been absorbed into political Islam. Indeed they compete with shocking alacrity to do the bidding of grotesque Wahhabi clerics and do not hesitate to unleash state violence against Hindus when instructed to do so. The supposed atheists of India, from West Bengal and Kerala to Tamil Nadu and India’s evangelical heartland that is Andhra Pradesh, also collaborate enthusiastically with Christist, white imperialists in addition to political Islam.

The second truism, of recent provenance, suggests that projected Indian economic growth and successes in producing defence equipment, from missiles to nuclear warheads, mean that Indians are somehow on the threshold of greatness. All of this is laughable and unfolding recent events highlight how fragile is the boast of economic triumph, so easily derailed the moment massive plunder and waste exceed revenues governments can extract from hapless Hindu taxpayers. On the issue of defence preparedness, the only sphere in which India is a genuine world leader is the scale of its imports of military hardware that it cannot produce itself. Growing Imports after six odd decades of endeavour to indigenise merely underline failure to achieve stated goals. And the serviceability of imported defence hardware for required purposes is increasingly doubtful since bribery apparently plays a major role in determining what is purchased. In addition, the ability of India to fight a prolonged war, without foreign assistance, is uncertain, as the brief Kargil encounter exposed.

The third supposed truism, which fills the average, uncomprehending Hindu with a warm glow of mindless self-satisfaction, is the ascription of an inherently tolerant character to their faith. It is merely an excuse for cowardice and failure to resist wrong doing and of the most egregious kind, which is violence against their own women folk. [color="#purple"](but what about the Hindoo children being sexually abused by christian paedophiles, what about the Hindoo men being brutally murdered regularly by islam, what about the Hindoo animals like say the Gau <- which has become the especial target of the utmost christoislamic violence *because* it is important to Hindus? I.e. it is its sanctity to Hindoos that has made it a target for deliberated butchery by christoislamism, and if the terrorists hadn't known of Hindoos' attachment to it, they would not have been quite so pointedly vindictive towards it.)[/color] [color="#0000FF"]There is no justification in Hindu scriptures for tolerating the intolerable. On the contrary, they enjoin violent resistance[/color], even if it means the loss of close relatives and revered teachers. The Pandavas fought a bitter war of annihilation to uphold righteousness and the divine revealed himself to affirm their Dharmic duty to do so. The ruling ideology of modern Hinduism is the brilliant subterfuge implanted by British colonial rulers through their chosen medium, the so-called Mahatma. He was thought eminently suitable for ending the increasingly violent resistance to British rule in the early twentieth century Bengal because of his self-regarding antics in South Africa, in support of British interests. And not only did the British colonial authority manage to discreetly promote the Mahatma to the pinnacle of the nationalist movement, they also reinforced the pervasive Hindu penchant for cowardly indifference and retreat in the face of superior physical force.

A reigning Indian propensity, a counterpoint to Hindu cowardice, is wilful blindness to the darkness enveloping their country and overtaking their faith. [color="#0000FF"]There is an unspoken seeming conviction that the danger to them and India will only arise in the shape, if it ever does, of a full-scale frontal military assault by its enemies. That seems highly unlikely because India’s adversaries have found an infinitely less troublesome way of seizing India and finishing off Hindus and Hinduism once-and-for-all. The advance by stealth, subverting India by manipulating its electoral politics is now well advanced and accelerating because success in seizing its executive governance has proved extraordinarily easy.[/color]

[color="#800080"](And again: It's why it was so extremely imperative that Hindus expose cryptochristianism - that they pinpoint christianism operating in all those things where this is not immediately transparent to the casual Hindu observer unfamiliar to it.)[/color]

And it has prompted greater determination to consolidate the ongoing usurpation of the Indian State apparatus and advance even more rapidly. India is being lost bit by bit, with Hindus being expelled from border regions and whole areas of cities beyond official administrative access, even for undertaking a proper census. An entire swatch of States, across the Indian heartland as well as its border regions, has succumbed to political Islam and Christian imperial stratagems. These areas are now governed by a political class that is only nominally Hindu and daily engaged in acts of sedition. Instead of honour and fidelity to the faith of their tormented ancestors, they are surrendering their country in exchange for transient political power and material wealth.

The sacred Constitutional compact that Indians had reached between themselves in 1949 has now been broken completely, its gradual erosion followed by near-total abandonment. [color="#0000FF"]Supreme political authority in India has been transferred to a foreign national with extra-territorial loyalties, and to advisers who are routinely conspiring with the Pakistani ISI and Vatican criminal operatives. The anointed, quasi monarchical successor to supreme executive authority in India has declared privately that his most urgent task will be to combat alleged Hindu terror. He proposes, in effect, to wage war against India’s Hindus by fabricating canards, already a phenomenon in recent years.[/color] [color="#800080"](It's no wonder the christian crown prince Santa Constantine Indica - better known as Raoul Gandhi - wants to openly wage war against the natives, the Hindu majority: the whole "hindu terror" frame-up operation was very much a christian scheme with criminalising Hindus and pre-emptively criminalising all Hindu resistance to christianistion as its aim. Not to mention that the "Hindu terror" christofiction also helps cover up how christian terror outfits in modern India have apparently killed more than even islamic terror has.)[/color] Furthermore, collusion of Indian officialdom with foreign infiltrators, allowing them to settle in India, granting them citizenship rights in the form of identity papers, ration cards and the right to vote has utterly destroyed the Indian Constitution. The Hindus of India have no obligation to defer to its operational principles when they interact with State authorities. Their right to govern is now made possible by disregarding India’s very Constitution, since they are voted into power by foreigners in many areas of the country. Elsewhere in the world, restoration of the sanctity of a Constitution is accomplished by insurrection and forceful erasure of its violators.

[color="#800080"](Codes of Theodosius and Justinian. *Active* and escalating discrimination against the native Hindus.

Christolaws binding only on Hindus and used against Hindus.)[/color]

Hindus accepted political partition as a brutal, unavoidable reality, but India’s new rulers allowed its consequences to spell disaster for India. Instead of enabling a significant number of Muslims to leave for the homeland of Pakistan they had voted to create, especially from UP, they moved heaven and earth to prevent their migration. This extraordinary self-indulgence was intended to advertise their liberal credentials and assuage their own arrogant self-regard at the expense of Hindus. Its neo-Muslim first prime minister, with absurd pretensions to an Anglo persona as well, decided that the best course of action would be to reassure Muslims by allowing them to consolidate politically and curb all Hindu aspirations. All his successors have followed suit, whatever their proclaimed outward political affiliations. Keeping Muslims in good humour has been the earnest desire of all Indian governments since independence. Hindu voters acquiesced because no alternatives were available and all Hindu organisations have been complicit in this incomprehensible political project that would inevitably lead to the effective extinction of Hinduism and India.

[color="#0000FF"]In the dismal Indian political scenario, Kashmir was ethnically cleansed of Hindus and instead of unleashing the full might of the Indian State to combat it Indian politicians engaged in every form of chicanery to legitimise the outcome. State governments of West Bengal, motivated by crass Bengali parochialism and pique, masquerading as a Leftist urge for uplifting poor Muslim agriculturalists, sought to turn West Bengal into an Islamic enclave and succeeded. The fate of UP, under the outright criminal dispensations of its most prominent political parties, is no better, with shamelessly greedy and semi-literate, nominally Hindu politicians, unabashedly complicit in Jihadi terror. Leaders of one political party even ensured safe passage for terrorist bombers, en route to Delhi through UP to plant bombs that eventually killed Hindus in 2005. In the decades after independence, Nagaland and Mizoram were sacrificed by Jawaharlal Nehru to white Christian imperialists. Subsequently, the entire south of India has become Christianised and/or Islamised in all but name. The atheism espoused by its execrable politicians is a mere church-inspired ploy to keep Hindus at bay until an appropriate moment arrives to reveal their militant Christian loyalties. The examples of the armed uprising of Nagaland and Mizoram will then be repeated, with demands for autonomy and the cessation of Brahminnical oppression.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Gautam Sen at least dares to say what really ought to have been said by all Hindus a long time ago: that the nexus of anti-Indian-ism in India is christoislamic and that this nexus in the south is specifically cryptochristian - i.e. christian - and will openly reveal its christianism when it's ready to make the final dash for victory and when it knows it's too late for the native heathens.)[/color]

Politically disempowered Hindus have become preoccupied with empty ritual because their faith does not enjoy the protection of the State power that alone would guarantee its security and integrity. Without the proverbial oversight of the Right arm of State political power and military capability, the Hindu faithful have descended into the absurd, serially appeasing Islamic truculence for inconsequential gains and interfaith dialogue with mendacious Christian assassins, ruthlessly uprooting Hinduism in its own homeland. Hindu scriptures have been largely turned on their head by a new type of businessman guru, with no awareness that political security and personal well-being are a prerequisite for spiritual upliftment, as Swami Vivekananda had acerbically observed. These Hindu gurus, some from the most sacred maths of Indic history, have evidently swallowed Mahatma’s half-wit injunction to meekly accept all crimes against Hindus and their society. His notorious advice to Noakhali’s rape victims in 1946 was to commit suicide rather than resist. The new frequent flyer Hindu guru has also developed a taste for being serenaded by wealthy foreign clients and demonstrates a less than godly sense of entitlement through first class air travel to keep them company abroad. And of course they have been overawed by a sprinkling of white adherents, apparently bemused by patter on renunciation and the divine!

In the meantime, the Hindu faithful have been abandoned to their unenviable fate, [color="#0000FF"]wallowing in IPL and Bollywood while their country is seized with alarming rapidity. They do not know that the lascivious dance routines epitomising Bollywood films, they find so alluring, originated in the nightly humiliation of captured Hindu princesses compelled to gyrate publicly before sequential rape by their captors. This is the destination to which Hindus are headed and recent acts of Muslim criminality in West Bengal, in the heart of their capital city, are a cautionary tale. A Hindu woman was raped by Muslim thugs in the middle of Kolkata’s premier entertainment district, only to be denounced as a slanderous liar by the Chief Minister of Bengal, ever the defender of Muslim criminality, when she complained to the police. The senior woman police officer who subsequently confirmed that the young woman had indeed been raped was unceremoniously removed from her post. Virtually on cue, a Muslim mob sexually assaulted a young woman, virtually in the same location a few weeks later, because she had witnessed the crime and was prepared to give evidence.[/color] This woman Chief Minister happens to be Hindu and a Brahmin.

[color="#800080"](The Mamata entity is not a Hindu of whatever community. Her ancestors were. So how are Hindus or subcommunities thereof to blame for her anymore than they are for Kancha Ilaiya types?

In fact, she may just be another Joylolita: a crypto of either christianism or islam. Possibly christianism, as it does crypto-ism better and uses it more often, and because cryptochristianism's signature is specifically the over-enthusiastic defence of the islamic jihad on Hindus.)[/color]

» Dr. Gautam Sen is President of the World Association of Hindu Academicians, London. He taught international political economy and political science for more than 20 years at London School of Economics and is co-author of Analysing the Global Political Economy, Princeton University Press, 2009.

Hindus should have defended their heathenism/remained loyal to their Hindoo Gods. That should have been the sole motivation. They stand while it stands.

Now they'll fall with their heathenism - fall when their heathenism fails in them and falls.

This is not a prophecy. (I've got no crystal ball and don't future-forecast.) What I said just now was that Your heathenism was your strength. Your only strength. And your only immortality. Your only identity even. Both your shield and your sword. And you, your self.

Yet how often I've witnessed its betrayal.

It is therefore no surprise that the enemies will win. And even were the enemies to evaporate by the rise of some unforeseen fair wind, the gangrene marching among the Hindus without halt will gnaw away the last embers of your identity - though this as yet remains fiercely aflame in the untouched oases - so that your heathenism will wither and die anyway.

Sounds like a shaapam, but it's not. In any case, I didn't plant it. People did it to themselves. I merely see it (this future) hanging overhead. Non-mystical, definitely tangible, inexorable.

No matter. We may be some steps removed from losing, but others may yet win. It may be that they are wiser and/or can learn from the Once Were Hindoos.

But I disagree with Gautam Sen labelling the Hindoos "cowards" (despite once wanting to write "nation of cowards" myself: changed my mind as I remembered it was not true). I have seen this cowardice becoming pervasive only among the angelsk-speaking kind.

But if only the Hindoos had a leader like Julian to guide them* - and I really don't mean any lesser mortal than that, nor any entity modelling itself on him (it must be naturally so or not at all, of course) - Hindoos' collective fearlessness/fearsomeness under such direction would become all the more apparent as their concerted bravery would grow bold, gather, coagulate and gain momentum. With a Hindoo lion to lead us, this could yet be turned back into an undecided battle still, and with much in our favour what's more.

* I envy the Hellenes for their great good fortune in this. I envy them exceedingly.

[When I used "heathenism" above, I really did mean it in the sense of "religion of the Gods" not anything else.]

A third article by Gautam Sen. I appear to have posted them in reverse chronological order, but whatever.


Quote:A Hindu Calamity – Gautam Sen

Hindus of the Indian subcontinent are facing an unprecedented calamity that recalls the depredations of Tamerlane and Nadir Shah except that it now stretches across it, virtually in entirety and threatens to seal their fate for good. They have been ethnically cleansed from Pakistan and Bangladesh, where their women are routinely abducted and forced into sexual slavery, in a familiar tradition of scripturally-sanctioned criminality. Within India itself, Hindus have been ethnically cleansed from Kashmir while the country sat back and watched mutely, most apparently regarding it as a perfectly normal occurrence. And virtually India’s entire political class, [color="#0000FF"]including important elements of its ostensible nationalists[/color], are providing political succour to make the expulsion and exile of Kashmir’s Hindus to atrocious refugee camps permanent.

[color="#800080"](Probably because they're all married into christoislamism. Even that Subramaniam Swamy.)[/color]

Nor is political India and its officials moved by on-going Islamic demographic conquest, resulting in political subjugation and the ethnic cleansing of Indians in their own country in Muslim-majority areas of West Bengal, including Kolkata, as well as Assam. On the contrary, [color="#0000FF"]even India’s supposedly nationalist political constituency exhibits intense hostility towards grassroots Hindu organisations attempting to combat it though they themselves completely fail to organise any meaningful resistance.[/color]

The worst villain of the subcontinent since the Emperor Aurangzeb, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who, in a pique of personal resentment and vacuous self-regard, perpetrated one of the worst bloodbaths of history has found admirers among Hindu nationalist politicians. Their motives must surely be regarded as deeply suspect. These politicians seem oblivious to the fact that it was Jinnah, who, on the eve of Indian independence, proposed to the British that they reach a political settlement that would cut Hindus out completely and prolong British rule over India conjointly with its Muslims. And it was his Muslim League that threatened in 1946, on record, to unleash the horrors of Tamerlane and Nadir Shah on India’s Hindus (Cf. Official Muslim League resolution).

And now Hindu nationalist leaders are inexplicably advocating Jinnah’s sainthood, casting vulgar aspersions instead on the role of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in the partition of India. This vicious assault on the foundational basis of India’s sense of national identity was first sponsored by British officialdom and racially motivated academics, who had blamed Hindu nationalists for their expulsion from India. And this belief subsequently found willing co-conspirators in the US, unremittingly hostile to India in the aftermath of the Cold War, although it remains the most brutal and venal political dispensation since Nazi Germany itself. These homicidal imperialists have always considered India a huge potential source of fighting men for their major wars (as one senior Canadian diplomat, Escort Reid, highlights, in his memoirs; Envoy to Nehru, pp. 103-4) just as Islamic regimes sought idolatrous, Hindu women to fill their private brothels, i.e. harems.

The Anglo-Americans today are still motivated by the late nineteenth century British official fixation that the Hindu upper castes were the main hindrance to India remaining a British colonial possession and Western neo-colony subsequently. Hence, their obsessive preoccupation to portray Hinduism as the religion of upper caste exploiters alone and the supposed need of India’s downtrodden for white Christian imperial rule for their own welfare. Their treasonous surrogates in the Indian media and Leftist, Indian academics, who somehow always end up supporting Anglo-American imperial goals in the Indian subcontinent (e.g. Yahya Khan in 1971) are a critical vehicle for the unrelenting spread of a whole portfolio of canards against Hinduism. One of these academics, from Columbia University, privately queried how Alauddin Khilji tolerated Brahmins, implying their mass butchery has been long overdue.

[color="#800080"](So what else is new. But they ["Brahmins"] must yet be doing something right, since all the most worthless the world over - and in time - are getting all vexed at them and seeking their genocide. Is it possible that it's still their Original Crime: that of preventing other Hindoos from getting brainwashed into the evil unheathen (i.e. false) religions?)[/color]

The cynical Leftist academics of India find US financial blandishments irresistible and many have found suitably handsome rewards in Anglo-American academia. Their principal preoccupations are adverse deconstruction of the history of pre-Islamic India, bitter animus towards any trivial Hindu attempt at self-affirmation and, most shockingly, support for Pakistani war aims in the region. Their daily bread is the unremitting denigration of Indian state authorities, with accusations of fabricated human rights violations. They have enthusiastically joined intelligence agents within the US media and academia, who unfailingly fine tune their hostile portrayal of all things Indian for official purposes. [color="#0000FF"]Some of these American academics, tenured in the hallowed portals of major institutions, are also clearly in the direct employ of US intelligence services. One well-known Chicago economist once named Chilean colleagues he considered critics of Milton Friedman’s monetarism, who might be eliminated and they were duly tortured and executed by General Pinochet.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]And now the Congress party has precipitated a swingeing political imbroglio in India that threatens to accelerate the coup de grace being administered to Hindus. Its suspect President, Sonia Gandhi has joined hands with Manmohan Singh, a privately-owned prime minister all of her own, to facilitate a nefarious alliance of Islamic Jihadis and Christian evangelists for a final assault against Hindu India. Sonia Gandhi’s zealous Catholic sensibilities and brazen evangelical instincts are no secret, but it is the prime minister, whose home was unfortunately threatened during Delhi’s anti-Sikh pogroms of 1984, who is revealing a distressing ethnic sectarianism. His disgracefully partisan behaviour is primarily responsible for the severe blow against the Indian army in recent months over the trumped issue of the Chief of Staff’s age. The Union Cabinet, including the deified Finance Minister, a public servant of claimed boundless dedication, who personally performs Hindu Puja rituals, will only be remembered for allowing personal ambition to dictate his loyalties to a government that will be unceremoniously consigned to ignominy in the historical record.[/color]

The fig leaf of secularism is the denuded ideological justification endlessly paraded by the beneficiaries of India’s bankrupt political dispensation, seeking to fatally injure India and its Hindus. It has no intellectual substance and never has had in India and has now become a pathetic weapon, bandied about by utterly corrupt and illiterate thugs like Lalo Prasad Yadav and the vicious Islamist, harridan Teesta Setalvad. The Indian Anglo intelligentsia, and media which constantly mull and regurgitate its alleged profound merits, are pure vomit. In reality, the secularism espoused by India’s anti-national, comprador class and foreign-owned media has become a blatant code for facilitating militant Islamic resurgence and unconstrained Christian evangelism in India.

[color="#0000FF"]The demand of India’s fraudulent secularism is cessation of investigations into Islamic terror assaults and discreet facilitation of a massive Christian evangelical onslaught, already in process courtesy the Congress party’s imported madam and her worthless crew of local collaborators. It has even instigated abeyance of prosecution for abduction and rape of Hindu girls and women, which have become common in West Bengal. One Bengali, Brahmin Calcutta High Court judge pronounced that such Muslim assailants can be granted bail because abduction of Kaffir females is not a crime under the shariah, which alone should guide courts in judging them; this low creature will surely end up with a sinecure at a third tier US faculty.[/color]

[color="#800080"](If only the back of my hand could reach her face from here...)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]But there is the Trinamul’s West Bengal, led by a woman, that is legitimating the worst excesses against Hindu co-religionists of her own gender, even as young as eight, the age of one Hindu victim of communal rape. Co-religionists are not raped because Hindu girls and women are easy prey, denied police protection and even the ability to register FIRs.[/color]

The diverse group of international terrorists, enjoying Saudi-Pakistani and Anglo-American patronage, have, in turn, allied with local armed gangs, calling themselves Maoists, who praised the Pakistani terrorists for 26/11, only regretting that any Muslims were killed in the Mumbai terror slaughter. All of them share the common goal of sustaining chaos to neutralise Indian State authority structures, in order to further their aims. The UPA itself is fully complicit in this assault and responsibility lies with the Union Cabinet of collaborators and bureaucrats. Many of the latter themselves are much too preoccupied with plundering India and the status of their green card applications to the US to be troubled by the mere destruction of the country they are supposedly under oath to preserve.

Alas, Hindu leaders, both religious and political, are failing signally to respond decisively to the most grievous historic danger to the very existence of Hinduism, which the mortal threat of further territorial losses and religious conversion of Hindus represents. The desire for the loaves and fishes of political office, upper middle class creature comforts and status concerns preoccupy them dishonourably. In many cases, fear of the exposure of personal misconduct and financial malfeasance hang over them, curtailing their freedom to speak and act fearlessly. The determination of Hindu religious leaders to engage in interfaith dialogue with criminal syndicates and murderous cults is another egregious whimsy that has more to do with insufferably doltish Gandhian reveries than the injunctions of the Bhagavad-Gita to combat evil without respite. The contemporary Vatican has been exposed thoroughly in the world media as a noxious crime syndicate, with its priesthood committing murder and rape of the young, on a truly gigantic scale, laundering money for the Mafia and embalming its top leaders within Vatican burial chambers for a fee. As for Islamists, only the wilfully blind ignore their historical record of devastating imperial depredations and mass enslavements, apparently only waiting for an opportune moment to resume in the contemporary world, according to its militant adherents across the Islamic universe.

» Dr. Gautem Sen is President, World Association of Hindu Academicians, London.

The mention of Teesta and reference to the "government" in India being christo and propping up islam/encouraging jihad reminded me:


Quote:Why we allow the likes of Teesta Setalvad to corrupt our young minds?

26/05/2012 14:00:28 HK

Why on earth ,Teesta Setalvad – Who has been repeatedly exposed as a serial liar even by our honourable courts - is appointed as a special inivited nominee to CABE?

Central advisory board of Education (CABE ) is the highest advisory body to Central and State Governments in India. The likes of [color="#FF0000"]Teesta Setalvad and Shabnam Azmi[/color] is advising the HRD Ministry on how to and what to teach for children. The Marxist Historians who misguided a entire generation has already done enough damage to over society. If we continue to remain as passive spectators on and remain silent on such matters, History will never forgive us.

For the Government circular check


And that's not all. There's of course a David and a Mary in this rather short list. And naturally that Mary does her work at some "Centre for Women's Development Studies". I think it's a safe bet that these 2 christos selected are as On Fire for promoting jeebus-ism by hacking at Hindus' religion as the well-known anti-Hindus Shabnam Azmi and Teesta are:

[Image: teesta265201214028629.jpg]

Wonder who the others - the ones with kafiri names - are.
Organiser via bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/surrendering-indias-sovereign-independence-gautam-sen/

Quote:Surrendering India’s Sovereign Independence – Gautam Sen

Posted on August 16, 2012 by IS

“There are compelling grounds for suspecting that senior members of all Indian political parties have been directly suborned and daily commit treason. Much of the sedition is on behalf of a militantly Christian US, which poses a treacherous threat to the cultural and religious integrity of India and its political autonomy. Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that some politicians belonging to India’s ostensible nationalist constituency have also been compromised since the 1960s and earlier. There is evidence that one prominent nationalist politician signed documents that enabled Quattrocchi to evade justice in India.” – Dr. Gautam Sen

The Indian State is unravelling, suborned by imperial intruders, aided by traitors and ravaged by stunning levels of corruption and profligacy. It is allegedly led by a man whose principal claim to recognition has been probity, perhaps an irony only the Gods can rationalize. [color="#800080"](The Gods - Hindoo or other - are not resposible for Indians' serial stupidity, nor are they expected to explain/rationalise Indians' irrational stupidity. Holding them accountable is as logical as to blame me for other people's mistakes...)[/color] Like most Indians, from all political persuasions, I had felt positive about Dr. Manmohan Singh’s appointment as Prime Minister of India in May 2004. Interviewed on British TV, alongside an obscure Congress apparatchik, who disgracefully denounced Atal Behari Vajpayee as a fascist, I acknowledged disappointment at Vajpayee’s electoral defeat and failure to gain a well-deserved second term. But I was also able to truthfully avow, as an Indian, that a man of considerable personal distinction would succeed him. All that is history now and Manmohan Singh has betrayed India utterly and will be remembered as the most disastrous choice to lead independent India. His abject and dishonourable co-conspirator is to reside in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The UPA coalition has exceeded all imaginable limits of indecency and avarice. Its rampant plunder and injury to the nation, which, for the first time had the possibility of overcoming the dire poverty that has ground down most Indians for more than a thousand years, is unforgivable. During a recent visit Hong Kong, Indian businessmen confided that they were regularly approached by Indian politicians for help to conceal amounts in excess of 5,000 crore rupees. An Indian banker, the Managing Director of a major British bank in the Middle East, confirmed that similar pleas from Indian politicians visiting Dubai and Doha were routine. He declared, with a chortle that illicit Indian investments and inclusive services of Bollywood starlets were an established feature of these cities, both for local and international clients, including visitors from Pakistan.

Evidently, the ghastly, historic Hindu Kush syndrome of the death-march of 100,000 Hindu slaves to Arabia and beyond has been transmuted into another venal guise. And a wider re-imposition of colonial rule over India itself is also proceeding apace, facilitated by the Au Pair and her treasonous cabal. Its modus vivendi differs from the audacious military assault sponsored by the Anglo-Americans against a succession of Arab countries at present. Instead they have resorted to multifarious techniques of covert intervention in India, which are also being deployed against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The ongoing, contemporary Anglo-American subversion of India is essentially through diabolical Christian surrogates, in alliance with the Islam Ummah. This stratagem was earlier proposed by Mohammed Ali Jinnah to the British in 1946, as a suitable means of continuing Britain’s Indian empire by outmaneuvering what they both regarded as an essentially Hindu independence struggle.

Vast amounts of plundered wealth are being decanted from India, increasingly heading for the safe havens of Hong Kong and the Middle East. Contrary to the obsessions of ill-informed observers, Switzerland and various European destinations as well as Singapore are no longer the most favoured destinations. American threats against their banks have forced disclosures and there have been some spectacular leaks from insiders, who have revealed the names of account holders. Indians are also investing in property in Europe and they are one of the largest buyers of London real estate. Much of stolen proceeds fleeing India originate in the theft of state assets and corrupt government licensing, exposed by the notorious 2G scam, sold below market value. Some of it is repatriated through the diabolical vehicle of Participatory Notes, apparently designed expressly by the Indian State authorities to facilitate it. The phenomenon of looting has become so brazen under the rule of the Au pair and her corrupt retinue that it is likely that recalcitrant key politicians have already been bribed abroad to approve the entry of FDI in Indian retail.

Ransacking and colossal miss-spending, instigated by an immigrant Belgian economist with access to the highest power in the land, have also devastated Indian finances. This foreign infiltrator has in fact abjured providing an economic rationale for wrecking the Indian economy and asserts that it empowers the Indian poor politically. This is the argument implicitly espoused by Vatican levies engaged in proselytisation in India and explicit in the absurd Ranganathan and Sachar recommendations. The latter was savagely repudiated by none other than the former Revenue Secretary and one time Trinamul Rajya Sabha member, the keen admirer of Islamic rule in Bengal, Nitish Sengupta. Virtually every collapse of the State in history has been preceded by fiscal crisis, of the kind the UPA has now inflicted on India. As a result, an alarming setback of huge significance for India portends.

In the meantime, the warlike, militancy of Bangladeshi infiltrators in Assam, of which former Assam Governor Sinha had presciently warned, is unfolding grimly. At the time, General Sinha was berated for his pains by every treasonous Indian politician nursing a vote bank and media editors anxious for crumbs from the table of the powerful. The attempted ethnic cleansing of India’s Bodos is a preliminary foray, with astounding succour being offered by the Indian (*christian*) media, refusing to report actual events on the ground and lamenting instead the fate of Islamic Jihadis engaged in burning, looting and killing. In West Bengal, violent ethnic cleansing of Hindus has been taking place for a considerable period of time. It has the full support of the State’s political parties and law enforcement agencies, which explains the muted resistance to it. The police are always available to join forces with truculent Bangladeshi infiltrators to restrain Hindu protest.

Parts of West Bengal and swathes of Kolkata itself are already autonomous, de facto Islamic Republics. The Kashmir final solution of expelling all Hindus, sponsored by Pakistan, with the effective connivance of the Indian State, has spread to India’s eastern borders. There are now grounds for concluding that critical policy stances, like the reluctance to interdict Muslim infiltrators, are being dictated by Indian Muslim leaders, on whom political parties like the Congress, the SP, RJD, LJP, CPM and Trinamul, etc. depend for survival. These policy preferences apparently originate in Pakistan, with whom Indian Muslim leaders are in regular communication through Gulf and Saudi intermediaries.

In recent years, the Indian armed forces have been on a spending spree, but whether these vast acquisitions will enhance India’s defence capability in the short-to-medium term is another matter. The integration of hardware and equipment for satisfactory use and deployment will, in any case, take time. But the eagerness of Indian politicians to acquire military hardware is not motivated only by concern to defend India, but the opportunities for vast kickbacks these purchases invariably create. Such corrupt misconduct is standard practice and a supposedly honest Defence Minister is only required to feign ignorance that his political patrons are engaged in ruinous malfeasance. But corruption in defence purchases appears to have tainted the highest reaches of the armed forces.

It appears that promotions are being influenced by diabolical anxiety to ensure suitable officers, who will do the bidding of their political patrons, occupy the highest reaches of India’s armed forces. The hand of India’s ruling family is all but visible in the shameful manipulation behind the scenes to ensure its own enrichment from defence contracts. Such malign interference resulted in the foreseeable calamity of the Kargil war, since the designated commanding officer of the region was so preoccupied with his pet project, the Leh Zoo, he ignored repeated warnings that Pakistani forces were assembling for an assault against India. The Colonel who tried to alert his senior officers was eventually cashiered, providing insight into the utter venality of the arrogant and gormless IAS cadre, which has a free run of India’s Ministry of Defence.

India’s semi-literate Au Pair and her band of irredeemable slaves, at her family’s beck and call, have taken prodigious steps towards helping restore return colonial rule over India. The Vatican’s intelligence officers, active across India and their ultimate masters in Washington D.C. are seeking to restore the status quo Lord Curzon had warned Britain it should defend at all cost. Without India, Lord Curzon had proclaimed in 1908, Britain would be reduced to a minor statelet off the European coast, a likelihood Winston Churchill fully understood and feared and a fate that is finally overtaking bankrupt Britain. It might be recalled that during the 1950s, the US was proposing to open air and naval bases right across Pakistan, in Karachi, Baluchistan and Dhaka and publicly proclaiming its intention to ensure a Pakistani victory against India in any war over Kashmir. The usefulness of India for Western imperial designs endures, but seizing control of it is now to be facilitated through friendly comprador Indian elites, with embedded Christian support, to rule it and obey US dictates.

In December 1953, the Principal CIA officer in Delhi told Escott Reid, the Canadian Ambassador to India between 1952 and 1957, that a major future war could only be fought easily by Western powers if Indian manpower was available. This is a reality Indians cannot seem to grasp
though India provided large armies during both world wars, only smaller than Soviet Russian forces during the Second World War. The significant christianising of India, to ensure a veto over its politics is the goal being pursued by all church denominations, assisted by secular Hindus and a vast army of subversives. All that is now required to demolish the existing Indian Union, in its current shape and prevailing national borders, is a simultaneous assault by China and Pakistan, with the latter faithfully carrying out instructions from the former. The Chinese are publicly discussing the feasibility of attacking India before 2018, when they consider India might be better prepared.

Nothing that happens in Indian politics today can be accounted for without considering the role of bribery, blackmail (often for sexual misconduct) and treason. It is highly likely that numbers of politicians in most parts of India, including UP, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Kerala as well as the Centre have been procured like call girls through bribery. These scandalous financial inducements originate in the Middle East, undoubtedly under the supervision of Pakistan and, of course, Western powers, as well as the global Church in all its villainous manifestations. Sectarian divisions within the latter are unhesitatingly set aside when their national States attempt to subvert non white, third world politicians for larger aims. Some of the corrupt funding originating abroad is being routed through Indian business magnates active in the Middle East. They presume their activities will be unaffected regardless of the type of political power reigning in Delhi, including re-established colonial conquest.

There are compelling grounds for suspecting that senior members of all Indian political parties have been directly suborned and daily commit treason. Much of the sedition is on behalf of a militantly Christian US, which poses a treacherous threat to the cultural and religious integrity of India and its political autonomy. Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that some politicians belonging to India’s ostensible nationalist constituency have also been compromised since the 1960s and earlier. There is evidence that one prominent nationalist politician signed documents that enabled Quattrocchi to evade justice in India. Yet, there is solace knowing that China, the country much-admired by one segment of Indian traitors, executes for corruption. More pertinently, the death penalty remains on the Indian criminal statute and perhaps the next Indian prime minister will abolish the Presidential veto on capital punishment. And India will likely elect a political party in 2014 that solemnly promises legislation to ensure it. And should it name Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate, the solitary nationalist politician with a modicum of credibility, the looming election campaign will be electrified. But Narendra Modi’s personal security will have to become ironclad. – Organiser, 15 August 2012

» Dr. Gautam Sen taught international political economy to graduate students for two decades at the London School of Economics & Political Science. He has published widely on the political economy of development, international trade issues, defence economics and India in scholarly journals and newspapers, including the London Times, EPW, The Pioneer and The Indian Express. He has recently co-authored a book on trade, money and investment. titled Analyzing the Global Political Economy, Princeton University Press, 2009. He was born in Varanasi, grew up in Calcutta and has lived in England for the past 38 years. Dr. Sen has been an adviser to the Prime Ministers of India and Nepal and is a member of the eminent person’s group of the Indo-UK Roundtable.

Tangentially related (obviously not important, I'm just complaining):

A week or two back I came across an Elst article where Elst was uniquely blaming islam for the partition by absolving the Brits from any meddling in the matter. Predictably, Elst's fans were all in love with the article (his fans always are: because they're all in love with him. Yikes. Like all infatuated people, they lose all rational thought. Best never to anger his fans, IMO. They get testy. They also tend to be subvertibles. Oh and new ageists.)

Then some comments on the article finally seemed to want to criticise Elst on his having totally cleared the Brits of all involvement. But the Indian blind nationalists writing the critical comments then committed the quite-as-debile error of blaming the British exclusively for Partition while exhonerating islam in the matter. Even going so far as claiming that "Indian muslims" [as if they are a separate species from E/W Paki muslims] "love India" (yeah of course they do, they even love to have Hindus converting to their religion. Like christianism, islam hence muslims only hate kafirism, and heathenism most of all. And India is a primarly heathen country still, after all - Unfinished Business - hence Indian muslims' ongoing "struggle" [jihad] against the heathenism in India to convert it to a dar-ul-islam.)

In fact, the Elst critics did what Elst fans do: assess him rather than what he says. Most of his fans tend to blindly praise/applaud everything he says - some literally call him their god or guru - while these "critics" of his (or un-fans rather, since "critic" seems to imply the ability for critical thought which I didn't really see) - while his unfans seemed to attack him for being Elst (a foreigner, Belgian and of catholic-christian upbringing) rather than focusing on exposing his errors.

IIRC one of his unfans mentioned he became aware of the ...threat of Elst to Indians only when Elst apparently said something or other - presumably critical? - about Buddha. But of course: Indians of Hindu origin never notice Elst's major errors on *Hindu* Gods and religion - which matters, as he has the power to *subvert* in his hands, quite a skill - and they only work themselves into a tizzy when something is said about Buddhism etc.

After seeing Elst's un-fans' half-baked criticism of Elst's article - actually criticism of Elst's person/character assassination, and an inept attempt at that - I oddly ended up feeling sorry for Elst (I mean, his enemies were so lousy at getting their point across) even though initially I was quite annoyed by his one-sided treatment of partition myself.

Anyway, after the aforementioned blind and pure-nationalists screeched at Elst for being a [foreign] "Catholic christian" whitewashing foreign crimes against Indian sovereignty - well, Elst certainly said something uniquely christo-catholic in one of his earlier articles, but I doubt these Indian critics of his would know to recognise what that was - though they refused to screech at "Indian" islam, these Indian pure-nationalists then also declared there was no such thing as Hindus, and that only the British invented the term and hence manufactured the people.

[It's good to know that "Hindus" were never genocided by islam - because there never were any "Hindus" in the first place. And also good to know that at this very moment in Assam (and W Bengal, W - and E - Pakistan), islam cannot be genociding Hindus, because "Hindus" don't really exist.* <- One of the little games the enemies can play, and Indian nationalists etc made it possible. Buddhists/Jains/Sikhs need not worry about any denial of islam's genocide against them: they have a labelling term.

* Or as the anti-Hindu nationalists argued: Hindus shouldn't exist, as the Brits invented them. They deny there is such a religion. Note: what they want - like *all* de-heathenised Indians of Hindu ancestry - is to claim/have access to/rights to Hindu civilisation and Hindu culture, but without the Hindu religion that built it, because Hindu religion doesn't compute to them, them being de-heathenised. Next they will declare that Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music - or equivalent in their region - is not "Hindu" or something, in order to claim this is "culture" that their insipid children "should have a right" to "dabble" in. Because of it being "inherited"/"Indian" civilisation. Or they may threaten that Vedas/MBh/Ramayanam are actually non-religious Indian literature and hence all-Indian inheritance, including magically theirs even after they've so obviously left the religion. I mean, these people can't even de-heathenise properly: they still want all heathen stuff. Fortunately their insipid progeny will deheathenise further still, so that that remnant of interest will subvert beyond all recognition else extinct. As it always does and as it deserves to.]

But anyway, back to the point. At least Gautam Sen doesn't commit either error of blaming only islam during the Brits or blaming only the Brits for islam.

Sen sensibly notes that things are back to square one: everything is just like in the days of the christoBritish rule. Where the brits were empowering (at times inciting) islam to make targeted strikes into the Hindu body, while letting islamic attacks against Hindus proceed with impunity wherever this was in British interest.

Likewise, the christian govt of India today encourages islamic infiltration (while banning Hindu refugees from Pak) and the christogovt's christian media arm is silencing all islamic attacks against Hindus or else inverting it into islamics being the victims.

Christianism is the real mastermind. Islam is the massive mercenary army - ready, willing and all too eager - in it for islam's own interest.

Still, as seen in Haindava Keralam - where christians (previously seen calling Hindu orgs "fascist" etc) have suddenly inundated the Hindu site and are seen threatening they want to "join" with Hindus against islam (except that christianism is as much of a terrorist threat to Hindus as islam and has also swallowed whole swathes of land in the NE and the southern coast by expelling Hindus). The same christians get all hostile and go into massive denial when it's pointed out that christianism is a threat to Hindus, at least equal to islam. And that it's what has promoted islam to its present power in India (a blind eye to islamic infiltration is owing to the christian government; as is the constant apologetics in the christomedia for islamic terrorism, as is the christian concoction of "Hindu terror" in order to do an equal-equal with islam, as is the christian silence in the christomedia of the large-scale and incessant christian terrorism against Hindus.)

- Until now, christianism shrieked "genocide" about the number of muslims who got killed in Godhra riots, pretending the muslims hadn't attacked the train of Hindus first but that said Hindus "spontaneously combusted" instead. Yet the same christianism had nothing to say when islamics famously chopped the hand of some Indian christian teacher who insulted islam (or something) in recent times, since christianism needs islam in their plan to divide India between christianism and islam.

- Until now (even now), Indian christians team up with their masters in the west to rewrite the history of islam and attack the Hindu intellectual resistance against islam (by Ram Swarup, SR Goel).

- Etc

[I'm not even talking about the massive christian terrorism against Hindus in India and christianism stealing Hindu land, which the christomedia keeps silent about.]

So I suspect the sudden changeover in the christian tack - to now side with Hindus against islam, instead of continuing calling Hindu Sangh/RSS/VHP and BJP "fascist" like christians used to until the proverbial Yesterday - comes from the higher ups in the hierarchy: because christianism has noticed islam is already not keeping to their end of the bargain: Kerala was marked out for christianism along with the rest of the south and all of the northeast (and SL). Islam was to have the remainder of India plus Assam. (Neither side would have left it there of course, and would have attempted to take the rest of the nation for their own ideology, but the long-distance western puppeteers only want the NE and south of India - for resources and strategic positioning - for a particular amount of time, probably not indefinitely. After which period, the christowest will be happy to let islam have the christianised NE and S India, quite like the way the christowest didn't care about islam battering christianised E Timor after the useful convert-idiots in E Timor had gone past their expiry date.)

In all this finger-pointing of islam that Hindus do, they never point christianism. Every time Hindus blame islam, identify where and how christianism is helping it and blame it too. They should both be getting exposed. Moreso christianism because it has a habit of getting under Hindus' skin and receiving immunity.

Both islam and christianism are Hindus' enemy. Christianism is the more intelligent enemy and that makes it at least as dangerous as islam, both of them being determined and all else about the two being indeed equal (minus that christianism doesn't have the demographic numbers advantage in India of islam, which is what islam provides to christianism in undermining the nation of Hindus).
I can't work out where this set of posts might belong. But since the Templeton foundation was mentioned here, decided on this thread.

Post 1/3

These posts are essentially about what one particular person's writings have revealed about himself and where he stands vis-a-vis Hindoos. Consider it a case study into the minds of people who pretend to represent Hindu interests.

Naturally, my comments aren't important, but all the stuff in blockquotes is.

Some relevant excerpts from a comment at


Quote:Dr. N.S. Rajaram, on September 3, 2012 at 12:17 PM said:


As I see it (and I am a Hindu) Dr. Vijaya Rajiva’s post exemplifies the intellectual weakness and the insularity of Hindus going back at least to the time of the first Islamic invasions, which the Agamasa, Shastras and the like failed to analyze much less defeat. They will no more defeat the Islamic warriors today. This was noted by Al Baruni a thousand years ago and denounced by Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup in our own time.

(Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup's views on Hindoos' heathenism later in the post.)

Soldiers and common people laid down their lives defending their ‘punya bhumi’, but acharyas and panditas retreated from the scene (now in foreign lands) in smug insularity composing abtruse commentaries on the virtues of Agamas and other shastras.

Rajiva also writes: “Of course, in his task (such as it is) he is handicapped by not being a Hindu. As the present writer has pointed out earlier he cannot with a straight face claim that the Vedas are apaurusheya (not of human origin). Nor can he extol the many complicated rituals both of Veda and Agama as his heritage. This strength [Sic: Or weakness? They better get rid of it. - NSR] belongs to the Hindus and they and they alone can carry the battle for the defence of what they consider is the land of the Veda.”

[Sic: History shows they have failed repeatedly, for a thousand years. This cannot be wished away. - NSR]

This is smug and insular. [size="4"]I as a Hindu[/size] can say with a ‘straight face’ that [size="4"]I find nothing to ‘extol’ in the “many complicated rituals of the Vedas and the Agamas.” They are obscurantist relics that should have been consigned to the dustbin of history[/size]– along with Gandhian ahimsa and Nehruvian pancha sheela.

(Oh, look. Another obvious Enemy of Hindu religion hence Hindus. Yet will claim to speak - but of course - from the position of "As a Hindu...". Probably because Hindus usually suspect only those who say they aren't Hindu.

But no need for Hindoos to get upset/angry/feel insulted. The dotaged dude obviously *deserves* the self-inflicted alienation. Which by nature is permanent and irreversible, btw <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' /> Can anyone even think of a better punishment? Didn't think so.)

What we need today are fresh attitudes, critical spirit and fighting qualities initiated by intellectual kshatriyas like Goel and Ram Swarup, carried forward by their disciples like Koenraad Elst. (I have differences with him and he with me, but that is part of this modern spirit.)

We need warriors today, not more ritualists and commentators. We have too many of them already. As it did a thousand years ago, India today is facing an existential war– a religious war for survival. Complicated rituals and Agamas will no more protect us today than they protected Hinduism from the Turks and Moghuls or Buddhism in Bengal and Bihar.

Kashmir, Bengal and Bihar (Mithila) that were once the strongholds of “complicated rituals, Agamas (and Buddhism)” are now become the springboards in this new war against Hinduism. I find this history more compelling than anything in any Agama or ritual, which I find meaningless and impotent against hostile forces.

My solution: place some of these scholars in some protected museum, and let kshatriyas and modern thinkers with an open mind carry on the business of protecting the punya bhumi. The old order has had its chance and has failed repeatedly. If it fails again, this punya bhumi will become mleccha bhumi and forever.

(By definition, kshatriyas are *Vedic*. Which means not only that they are ritualists themselves, but also that they are specifically the defenders of the religion of the Vedas, i.e. the upholders of the religion of Vedic rituals. Consequently, the term is far out of bounds for the likes of Rajaram - "Sorry" - seeing as how he has made his position on this matter quite clear and definite.)


(The past that did exist, the Islamic past — none of us wants it to return. But return it will if we keep engaged in “complicated Vedic rituals and Agamas” dear to people living in the past.)

[...]The past and its aberrations like meaningless rituals and commentaries are not what we need today in this existential struggle for survival. They never helped anyone but its perpetrators.

(Interesting christo-conditioned threat by Rajaram: that Hindus continuing their religion of Vedic (incl. Agamic/Tantric) rituals is essentially what brings on islam...

It's a pattern repeated by all anti-Hindus who call themselves Hindu only in order to hijack their target audience for their own visions.)

1. And *that's* why I use terms like Hindoos/traditionalist Hindus/Hindu heathens: to distinguish between actual heathens and the likes of such as Rajaram/others, who are anti-Hindoo - and generally anti-heathen - yet call themselves 'Hindu', though their ideology bears no resemblance to nor has continuity in the ancestral religion. These anti-Hindoos tend to call themselves Hindu solely because that's the only way they can hope to exert any influence on a Hindu audience, and hence manipulate these with their subversionist ideas.

Despite badmouthing all that is uh... "pagan" in Hindu religion, Rajaram was yet seen speaking on "paganism". As if *he* would ever know:


This oddly seems to be a hobby among many de-heathenising, self-subverting Indians: to speak on "paganism" even when they sort of cease to be heathens themselves. Besides, outside of Hindu religion - assuming they know at least that one - they don't really know of any heathenisms. So why in the world they would then presume to open their gobs on general "paganism" is a mystery. (And no, reading "books" on the subject doesn't count.) E.g. the number of Indians who have any right to speak on Daoism or Shinto - which are both living heathen religions - is about 0. <- Clearly, I wouldn't even count those Hindu heathens who have close friends among traditional Daoists or even any Hindoos who are involved with/married to such Daoists.

2. Rajaram implied that Swarup and Goel's views on traditional Hinduism is identical to his own views on the matter: that they also consider it as being the handicap of 'Hindus' when faced with Hindus' enemies.

People can decide whether this is true for themselves based on the large amounts of stuff that Goel and Swarup have written. But reproducing here a few bits that I think is relevant to this very question:

a. In "Problems facing Hinduism" [color="#0000FF"]Ram Swarup wrote[/color]:

Quote:Hinduism faces some grave problems that need serious attention:


F) [color="#0000FF"]Hinduism is ceasing to be a practising religion. Awareness of a larger God-life is becoming dim; worship, sadhana, japa, spiritual meditation and reflection are fast declining.[/color] In short, it is a situation painful for the lovers of Hinduism and pleasing for its enemies.

Swarup seems very much to be saying that Hindus' distancing themselves from their heathenism is one of the "problems facing Hinduism".

b. This next is taken from Sita Ram Goel's "HISTORY OF HINDU-CHRISTIAN ENCOUNTERS", Chapter 22: "Plea for Rejecting Jesus as Junk".

(perhaps still at www.bharatvani.org/books/hhce/Ch22.htm, else check archive.org)

In his correspondence to a Dr. Callewaert, [color="#0000FF"]SR Goel wrote[/color]:

Quote:You speak of purifying religion. We are trying to purify Hinduism by rejecting the monotheistic poison it has imbibed under the impact of Islam and Christianity. We are asking Hindus to be proud of their Gods and Goddesses, of their temples and icons, of their sages and saints, of their cultural and social traditions, in short, of all that the Biblical creeds denounce as polytheism, pantheism, idolatry and superstition. And we call upon Christians and Muslims to have a close look at Yahweh and Allah, the only saviour and the last prophet, at missions and dawah, in short, at every doctrine which sanctions exclusivism and aggression. Describing these calls as spreading hatred defies our imagination.
(In another letter from the same chapter, SRG even ends his letter with an extreme heathenism.)

The "we" used above is SRG speaking for VOI - which was mainly himself and Ram Swarup.

Note that the bits emphasised in bold in both Swarup and Goel's statements above are pretty much at 180 degrees from the vision for Hindus' future that Rajaram has and which he demands Hindus comply with: that Hindus dump their heathenism ("or else islam will get you").

SRG and Swarup were asking Hindus to remain unapologetic *heathens*, while asking christoislamics to analyse their ideologies and realise it's junk.

Indeed, besides insisting that Hindus continue their "polytheism" and "idolatry" - which includes "worship" [of the Hindu Gods, obviously] - to prevent Hinduism from succumbing to that "grave problem" of "ceasing to be a practising religion", Ram Swarup moreover wrote a book called something(?) like 'Words/Names of the Gods' - apparently quite influential overseas - trying to popularise the notion that people all over the world ought to be returning to the religions of their *own* ancestral Gods (i.e. returning to their own ancestral *heathen* religions). He was specifically promoting what's often described as "polytheism".

3. On this statement by Rajaram:

Quote:intellectual kshatriyas like Goel and Ram Swarup, carried forward by their disciples like Koenraad Elst

Tricky ground. How far Elst has been/remained consistent to the visions of Goel and Swarup, and whether all Elst's statements would get their stamp of approval if they were still around, remains a question.

Elst has said quite a few factually wrong things about Hindus' Gods/religion, at least some of which I suspect Goel - or perhaps even Swarup - wouldn't just have stood for, moreso as Elst was lecturing a *Hindu* audience on these matters (with their subversion as possible result). E.g. the 'Hindus need to admit that the MBh essentially reveals that Krishna is a womanizer' type...argument that Elst made more recently (I think it's at koenraadelst.blogspot.com/2012/03/history-of-hindu-india-for-everyman.html).

Of course I'm probably merely second-guessing Goel/Swarup's reaction - considering I don't know them - but my suspicion is based on these next statements from something that

[color="#0000FF"]Goel once stated[/color] ("An Interview with Sita Ram Goel", Publication : The Observer, Date : February 22, 1997) -

Quote:in Hinduism the concept of ishtadeva, [color="#0000FF"]the highest symbol of a person's spiritual aspiration.[/color]

In that sense, I am devoted to [color="#0000FF"]Sri Krishna as he figures in the Mahabharata[/color], and the Goddess Durga, as she reveals herself in the Devi-Bhagvata Purana.

Then again I could well be wrong: for all I know, maybe Goel would have in time come to agree with Elst's analysis? After all, it's been a long-standing pattern among countless would-be heathen Indians that they reveal themselves to be subvertibles when circumstances are right for it. So who's to say, right? But because the question can't be resolved either way - as Goel's not around - the point need not to be conceded to Rajaram that Elst is in all ways a representative "disciple" or even as one who does not depart in some *essential* points from Goel/Swarup (and their vision for what Hindus ought to be doing).

4. This next statement by Rajaram:

Quote:The old order has had its chance and has failed repeatedly. If it fails again, this punya bhumi will become mleccha bhumi and forever.

- The "old order" was never allowed any chance to protect the *heathens'* "punya bhumi" after the colonial era, since macaulayised (deheathenised/alienated) entities - who've repeatedly insisted that Hindus do away with their *heathenism* - along with the more consciously-christoconditioned (like seculars and communits) have ruled the roost in India. They are the ones who have colluded with and sold the country and its natives to christoislam.

- In contrast the ones who had in the past beaten down the enemies were usually noticeably *heathen* Hindus, and hence the upholders of the heathen Hindu - i.e. ritualistic - Vedic religion. E.g. Shivaji.

(Moreover, the people with the ultimate in brains when it comes to dealing with the mindviruses are always hardcore heathens. E.g. Julian. No confusing them with the loser unheathens.)

Oh, and not sure why Rajaram is worried about the land that's "punya bhumi" to Hindus turning into "mlechcha bhumi", when Rajaram must surely fit a description of that very same term - i.e. mlechcha - considering he speaks quite vituperatively against the Vedam, even going so far as to declare he wants its continuity binned.
Post 2/3

NS Rajaram's fixation with cutting Hindus off from their past (to terminate the religion's continuity and thereby end Hindus' religion in the future) as seen in the following statement is also repeated in his comments when reviewing another article, reproduced further below.

Quote:if we keep engaged in “complicated Vedic rituals and Agamas” dear to people living in the past.

The problem is a false one: he first manufactures the notion that traditional Hindus are a people living in the past. (Next he may advertise for "progressiveness" like other anti-Hindus frequently attempt.) In reality, traditional Hindus live in the present, but their heathen rituals - i.e. their heathen religion - are timeless: they Work at all times (as long as the heathen Hindus retain their heathen mindset).

The following is NSR's coverage of an article called "Myth of Islamic science: Were there any great Muslim scientists?" by Waseem Altaf.

I'm skipping the actual essay that Rajaram's reviewing: it looks like it's pretty much a rehash of similar essays exploding the myth of the 'golden age' of islam by such as I think Faith Freedom, possibly also Anwar Shaikh or else Ibn Warraq's defunct secularislam.org. I think the Atheist Foundation of Australian also did a review of Robert Burns' book wherein a chapter covers the so-called "islamic" golden age. The matter of "islam" or even "arabian" in 'golden age' is also contested by ME christians calling themselves "Assyrians" (uh, isn't that more identity theft? IIRC Assyrian kingdom lived and died heathen centuries BCE) who are predictably seeking to divert the 'golden age' of un-islamic seculars for *christianism* instead and who, BTW, also claim their ancestors donated zero to the islamic Arabians.


Therefore the expose of *islam*'s non-participation in the so-called 'golden age of islam' is not the point of this post. Rather, the aim is to look at how Rajaram discusses Hindus and their religion, versus how he compares them to islam/christianism*. Which is why I'm posting only his interjections/comments/notes to the article, and not the article itself. (In fact, I suspect Rajaram's whole purpose in dredging up the well-known topic of "nothing islamic in islam's golden age" is only to beat Hindus over the head with the lectures and constant admonition he gives Hindus in his comments.)

[*As a fun exercise: try to guess beforehand who he holds up as an example for Hindus vs who all he compares/equates Hindus to. Go on, guess.]


Quote:Myth of Islamic science: Were there any great Muslim scientists?

In this provocative essay, the author argues that the notion of a golden age of Islamic learning is a myth created to counter the current sorry state of intellectual life in the Islamic world. This editor [NSR] suggests that Hindus also can learn from it and stop fantasizing about their past.

Waseem Altaf


[Sic: Muslims are not alone in this. Many Hindu scholars also make extravagant claims in the name of ‘Vedic science’ and the like that have no basis. Considering their numbers, the Hindus don’t have a particularly good record, compared to say, the Jews. India and Israel became independent countries around the same time but in science there is no comparison. Retreat into religion in the name of ‘spirituality’ must take its share of the blame. Hindu moneybags spend lavishly on religious endowments and dubious holy men, but are measly when it comes to supporting temples of learning. And the few they do (like the Hindu University of America) are an embarrassment and get bogged down in obscurantism and mismanagement. NSR]


[Sic: Many Hindus today seem to be no different. In contrast, Jews and Christians don’t hark back to an imaginary Golden Age. They acknowledge their failures (like the Church dominated Dark Ages and the Inquisition) while building outstanding universities— ] temples of modern learning. As just noted, Hindus seem to spend a lot of money and effort trying to revive their past than build great centers of learning. NSR]


Concluding comments

Whether one agrees with the author’s radical conclusions or not, it is undeniable that the contributions to science under the great Islamic empires was disproportionately small considering their wealth and power. We already saw their record in India even during the supposedly ‘great’ Mogul empire was dismal. Part of the problem was that Islamic rulers, instead of encouraging learning, hired foreigners and mercenaries— like Hindus in India and Jews and Christians in the Ottoman Empire.

Indian Muslim historians like Irfan Habib have tried to explain this intellectual vacuum of the Islamic period in India claiming that its rulers were mainly nomadic tribes from Central Asia (like Turks) who were more interested in military exploits than learning or scholarship. But why only under Islam?— in a belt from India to Turkey and beyond, and that too only after the coming of Islam. One has to agree with the author Waseem Altaf that Islam (like Medieval Christianity) was mainly responsible for this continuing backwardness. Others, notably Hindus should learn from this and avoid getting trapped in the past.

With "temples of learning" Rajaram means *schools/universities*, as seen in the second instance he mentions the phrase. But since he wants to influence Hindu readers into thinking it's an an exclusive Either/Or situation, he speaks of "temples of learning" (presumably he imagines Hindus respond to the word temple and not to its meaning), and posits these "temples of learning" - i.e. universities - as a *replacement* for Hindu temples. Which is contrary to what heathen Hindus and other heathens always had: universities AND temples.

In the final statement, he's comparing Hindus' current state with islam and "medieval" christianity, as if it's the same.

But he exempts contemporary christians from the criticism. Indeed, he compares them favourably to Hindus:

Quote:Christians don’t hark back to an imaginary Golden Age.

Apparently Rajaram doesn't know christians never *had* a Golden age. The secular present doesn't count as christianism's golden age.

(It wasn't until humanistic movements took over significant power in Europe that schooling was made universally available and all classes of people in the west started becoming literate. Dickensian illiterate England got changed to post-Dickensian England - including by using even methods of *Hindu* education in India, all while the christobrits destroyed Hindu education in India in return.)

While christianism never had a golden age (unless one counts Constantine's rule, since many Hellenistic libraries, schools and universities were still around at the time, though that's specifically Not to christianism's credit...), it remains a fact that in India's history, many a *heathen* Hindu made up the ranks of the ancient logicians, grammarians, and other sciency stuff etc. Heathens by definition being all-rounders - as opposed to one-trick ponies - they didn't find it hard to do science AND do their heathen rituals (AND do artsy stuff AND play sports AND have a family life) etc.

Even today, you find a lot of *heathen* Daoists and Hindus doing research work. Of course, in their private lives and free time, they do other stuff - like art: Japanese and Chinese heathens are incredibly creative and make really great artwork - including especially pursuing their heathenism.
Post 3/3

Going back to some key statements wherein Rajaram outlines his demands on Hindoos (to give up what *makes* them Hindoos - i.e. their heathenism - "or islam will get you"):

Quote:I as a Hindu can say with a ‘straight face’ that I find nothing to ‘extol’ in the “many complicated rituals of the Vedas and the Agamas.” They are obscurantist relics that should have been consigned to the dustbin of history– along with Gandhian ahimsa and Nehruvian pancha sheela.[/b]


(The past that did exist, the Islamic past — none of us wants it to return. But return it will if we keep engaged in “complicated Vedic rituals and Agamas” dear to people living in the past.)


The past and its aberrations like meaningless rituals and commentaries are not what we need today in this existential struggle for survival. They never helped anyone but its perpetrators.

To put his position in perspective, I've tracked down other stuff I well remember reading Rajaram blabbing about himself in public. If anyone who may be reading this thinks the following cut-and-paste is "taking things out of context", they can always visit the links for themselves, which will contain the context. (Personally, I think several of the following points are revealing in themselves.)


Quote:"As a historian interested in religions and philosophy, I have consulted Christian scholars (including F. Clooney) on specfic issues relating to history and doctrine. I don’t engage with them on matters of belief, ethics or values. (I have also written about and lectured on Christianity in the West, including at the Gregorianum in Rome on the Qumran texts.)"


"I am sending a copy of this [article] to Dr F Clooney who happens to be a very nice and friendly person and also to the now infamous Diana Eck."


"I have many good friends among Christians, and also a few relatives by marriage."

And *he's* the sort that's assumed the position of lecturing to Hindus about who the enemy is and isn't. And about how Hindus following/upholding *heathenism* (rituals) were the ones supposedly "helping the perpetrators".

Actually, it's Rajaram who would know *all* about helping the perpetrators:

- as per his own admission, he has christian relatives by marriage. Apparently his solution to dealing with the threat of christoislam - as he demonstrates by example - is to allow christoislam to marry itself into Hindu families and then do nothing about the parasitic christoislamic presence inside the Hindu host family. When he hasn't kicked out christianism from his own family, why is he *lecturing* Hindus about how (not) to deal with christoislamism? I mean, he's made himself into Da example on how NOT to deal with christoislam.

Curious that he is able to live with christians in his family, without kicking them (and the 'Hindus' who married them) out. Yet he can't *stand* actual Hindooos continuing actual Hindoooism, though these never betrayed Hindu religion by allowing their families to become infiltrated.

- Rajaram cosies up quite happily to Francis Clooney etc. and other "friendly" christists. He further finds that Clooney is just a lovely person. All of which is in sharp contrast with how Rajaram has nothing but mean things to say about established Hindu acharyas and other Hindoos still keeping to heathenism. A "curious" dichotomy of taste/behaviour.

The following two excerpts from Rajaram's comments are related. (Again, the full context - if there's any - is available at the links).


Quote:(There is record of Christians, even an occasional missionary becoming a Vedantin and preaching it. I have myself lectured on Vedanta and the Gita at the Universal Unitarian Church.)

Apparently he's all for peddling Vedanta not only among aliens but among christians besides... No wonder, then, that he'd express his desire to divorce vedanta from Hindu religion (despite the two being inseparable, like philosophy is inseparable from the religion of the Olympic Gods):


Quote:"My preference is to keep science separate from religion. I feel Vedanta also should be formulated as metaphysics without reference to God or anything divine."

All the above is what Rajaram said about himself.

The following however is something that IS wrote in a comment at IS' blog. Anyone know more about the following (to confirm/deny)?


Quote:[NS Rajaram] is connected to the John Templeton Foundation, a extraordinarily wealthy fundamentalist Christian funding agency which was originally set up to finance Protestant missionaries in India and Africa. It has now taken to financing secular scientists in order to give a credible face to its religious superstitions. The Vatican has done the same by setting up a congregation for the study of evolution, science etc. Both the Templeton Foundation and the Church are trying to subsume science to religion in order to save face and give themselves greater credibility in this age where they have lost ground in the West. I do not know what Dr. Rajaram’s real motive is or why he is connected to the Templeton Foundation. It may be just for the huge money they throw at scientists who give them useful papers on this and that subject — like Science and Vedanta which is Dr. Rajaram’s special interest.

*If* verified, it certainly explains why Rajaram is so chummy with christianism and so hateful of Hindus and their heathen religion. And why he wants to help lift Vedanta out of Hindu religion to donate it to "universalism" (including christianism).

Now didn't Elst reveal that Meera Nanda too was working for the chrisist Templeton foundation? At least she doesn't pretend to be Hindu all while being her anti-Hindu self. <- Actually, that's something to be said for her...
Huskyji, Rajiv malhotra have for long accused Hindutwa groups of what he calls 'history centrism', something that is normally associated with abrahamic cults. What I personally find perplexing is his anxiety with Hindus framing their history , and sticking with it. According to him and his supporters, the Ram janmabhoomi movement is an abberation of dharmic values. I would value your opinion on this!

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