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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India
Some of the comments from a link already pasted somewhere on IF recently are relevant to this thread. Although many of the comments at this link are also relevant:


Quote:KC • 5 days ago

Hello profile name 'an observer" .

Since you claim "Rambachan has independent scholarship lasting several decades..he has found his own voice".

My question to you and Rambachan is: Where did Rambachan use his Voice and what good it did to the Hindu cause?

1. Has Rambahan ever lobbied thru his Western Scholar friends clan to take on other side who undermines Hinduism all over the academia, media and think-tanks?

2. What are Rambacchan's achievements in setting the record streights thru his scholarship?

3. Vatican and evangelists with whom Rambachan have cozy relationships and have show off meetings don't give a damn about What Dharma means but they demonize it in broad day light to Global accidence.

Watch here and show it to Rambachan, please.






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Quote: KC (reply to) Sruti • 21 hours ago

As far your further read request is concerned : If you want to see and understand what Rambahan says in his thesis (read full thesis first, over 500 pages), read his books, and then Read Paul Hacker, Agehanand Bharati, Wilhelm Halbfas, Ursula King, Brian Pennington, Richard king etc. to know what they say about India as a Nation, a culture, a civilization and its dharmic traditions, then look at Rambachan's thesis again to see how it fits in the neo-hinduism thesis fabricated by western crooks. If you really want to find rebuttal of Rambachan's 13 points, people have done it already here on this page. You got to see and understand it. I can't make you see. This whole defense drama is about the forthcoming meeting where haf is promoting Rambachan as undisputed leader to represent dharma and India to deal with Vatican when Rambachan is already in the good books of Vatican supported scholars.

Its a dangerous game Vatican is playing among Hindus. Hindus are stupid, still.

Quote:Rohit Kanji • 6 days ago

Rambachan writes: "The author characterizes me as the person who the Vatican regards as “its Hindu expert.” Such characterizations reveal ignorance of my personal history and have no place in any work that seeks to be regarded as serious scholarship."

Why does not Rambachan come clean and say what he is doing mixed up with the Vatican? How is that helping Hindu cause?

Way too many advaita ashrams appearing/setting up shop. And all breakaway sects (Dayananda) from breakaways (Chinmayanda). And then the final ones (Dayananda's) end up aligning with the Vatican. Guess Vatican doesn't even need a De Nobili any more. Christian writers on the history of the mission in India, quoting De Nobili, did indicate he thought the church should concentrate on subsuming Vedanta.

Some of the attempts are not dissimilar to how historical (hence also present-day) Hellenismos is being rewritten by christianism. But then, christians did suggest that the same methods ought to be attempted on Vedanta and the Tao after all.

Oh this comment's a hoot:

Quote: NSRajaram • 5 days ago

Rajiv Malhotra is an activist who engages in polemics against what he sees as anti-Hindu scholars. He tends use a broad band and sometimes overstates his case. He is not a scholar who goes to the primary sources but depends on other people's interpretations. So his opinions on fundamental issues like Advaita have to be treated with caution. He is doing valuable work but Malhotra's limitations need to be recognized-- his focus on personalities rather than on fundamentals.

"Malhotra's opinions on fundamental issues like Advaita have to be treated with caution" says Rajarant.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Am not at all saying that Malhotra is an authority on the subject - and I don't think/don't know that he claims that for himself, besides his being a student of the Dayananda school which is problematic in its own right, as revealed in the comments section of the swarajyamag link. But as I recall, Rajarant flitted about churches and other western venues lecturing to aliens and christians on pseudo-"Vedanta". Meanwhile, here is a traditional Shankaracharya (the Kanchi Paramacharya, now in samadhi), on how the veda-hater Rajarant is the last type of person to speak on the Vedanta along with all aliens/dabblers.


Quote: KC • 6 days ago

Here some more ignorantly distorted scholarship produced by Rambachan, his advisor Ursual King and the gang:

" Hindu reformers of the 19th and 20th century like Swami Vivekananda, who again spoke of Vedantic monism, but

“did not so much describe what Hinduism is but, influenced by a western model of religion, they prescribed what Hinduism

ought to be” (King, 1989, p. 80). We cannot so easily explain what

is “Hindu” and what is not. Perhaps the most delicate issue of the study of modern Hinduism is the debate over monotheism and polytheism. Hinduism is undoubtedly polytheistic."

Did Rambachan ever defend this non-sense spread by his Advisor Ursula King?

How can he defned when he himself reduces srutis to mere mental knowing hence allowing any type of distortion by anybody?


King, U. (1989, June). Some Reflections on Sociological Approaches to the Study of Modern Hinduism. Numen, 36(1), 72-97.

It's a neo-Hindu view to reject the fact that Hindoos (the ancestral Vedic Religion itself) have many Gods.

But it's true that Hindoo heathenism=Vedic religion=Sanatana Dharma is Not a monopolytheism. Hindoo heathenism is whatever Taoism is. And both are similar in some ways to Hellenismos.

In any case, Hindoo heathenism is of course a theism, like Taoism and Hellenismos and Shinto etc etc. Which is why Hindoo heathenism may not be lumped with certain other prominent Indic religions/spin-offs/movements, which all appeared later.
Some Hindu-baiting journalist "Mihir Sharma" and his dad turn out to be rabid christians - typical cryptochristian names used for their evangelical purpose of lying for gawd/christianism. The christian journalist's Hindu-baiting (and Hindu-framing) news articles are entirely part of the evangelical agenda, same as it is for the countless other cryptochristians in India's christomedia. All of whom should have had their christianism - which is the sole reason for their christian=malignant intentions against Hindoos' heathenism - exposed at least a decade ago, when such knowledge may perhaps still have arrested further damage, the kind of irreparable damage increasingly being committed by the monotheisms against Hindoo-dom today. Should have stopped christianism before it started its intended nuclear chain reactions. Now it's too late.

Certain "Hindus" never wanted to have christoislam fingerpointed in the "anti-Indian nexus" thread, but note how in the following it's not me outing the diabolical christianism as the culprit behind the deliberate anti-Hindu reporting (or the christo-news reports deliberately framing christoislamic crimes on Hindoos, or christo-media's deliberate silencing of the christoislamic genocide of Hindoos):


Quote:Lutyens Insider @LutyensInsider Apr 28

Mihir Sharma and his father Swarup Sharma - both are Christians. Simon was the name given at baptism. He is a hateful bigot. #SimonComeOut

485 retweets 204 favorites


Indian Realist ‏@IndianRealist Apr 28

@LutyensInsider @ManikTyagi Very dishonest of this charlatan to run propaganda against Hindu leaders while hiding his Christian identity

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Dushyant ‏@dushyantkagarwa Apr 29

@LutyensInsider @kantikshah Then why being Christian they are using surname Sharma? Is it to fool hindu?



SUPARI JOURNALIST ‏@girishs2 May 2

@LutyensInsider Mr @mihirssharma has got a backing of [size="5"]CEO of Business Standard T N Ninan who is a Xtian too[/size]

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Quote:Lutyens Insider @LutyensInsider Apr 28

I'd say it again. I've no problem Christian being journalists or even PM of this country. But @mihirssharma is a hateful bigot #SimonComeOut


Quote:Lutyens Insider


RT if you think @mihirssharma is a Hindu hating bigot who should reveal his religious affiliation. #SimonComeOut #BelurMuttAttack

Office Of केजरीबाई ‏@KejriBai Apr 4

..@LutyensInsider "I am Humanist/Liberal/Religion Neutral/Secular", such words are used by converted Anti-Hindu bigots like @mihirssharma

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(Like I said: always was an easy way to identify a christian by its actions/fingerprint of pointed and peculiar anti-heathenism - and only against anti-heathenism, it does nothing against christoislamania - from behind a secular/rationalist/dmk/social activist etc cover.

Hindoos should really have/set up English language media outlets and to aggressively expose cryptochristianism and critique christianism from behind an atheist cover too.)

Office Of केजरीबाई ‏@KejriBai Apr 4

.@LutyensInsider @mihirssharma's father & grandfather both were converted 2 Xtianity. Mihir Simon Sharma has blood of Jaichand #SimonComeOut

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(Christoislamics are born traitors. But didn't know that Jaichand was a crypto converted to another religion? Thought he was a plain traitor, like so many are.)

Ashutosh ‏@asrivastava75 Apr 4

@LutyensInsider @KejriBai @mihirssharma toady #BelurMuttAttack and day before #NanditaDasQuotes suddenly disappeared from trend list. How?

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Shatrughan ‏@ShatrughanSingh Apr 4

@RamraoKP_ @Indianonly1 @LutyensInsider @mihirssharma I read somewhere is he a converted Christian

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Office Of केजरीबाई ‏@KejriBai Apr 4

.@LutyensInsider @mihirssharma hides behind Hindu name because people will get to know his agenda if he reveals his religion #SimonComeOut

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(Yet after being told that very fact - that people will get to know cryptochristos' agenda if their religion is revealed - some "Hindus" even on IF didn't want the christianism of the countless christians in the anti-Hindu nexus to be made public.)

Office Of केजरीबाई ‏@KejriBai Apr 4

.@LutyensInsider @mihirssharma, CHORdesai, Thapar, @PrannoyRoyNDTV are converted to Christianity & are Anti-Hindu bigots. #SimonComeOut

About Lutyens Insider:


Quote: Lutyens Insider


Journalist. Political beat. Burdened by peer pressure not to reveal true self. So letting you know the truth.

New Delhi

All the conspiracies against Hindoos and the manmade miseries Hindoos are made to suffer - like temple attacks, the free hand to jihad - are caused by christians infesting India and their handlers (from) outside.

Indian "nationalists" should have exposed christianism long ago. Now christianism is actually too strong and it's too late. But I see people have finally started trying now to expose it and stop it.
A comment at


Quote:reform uscirf • 2 days ago

USCIRF bull is running riots, trampling truth, and whitewashing terrorism? check uscirf blogspot for details.

Read& Decide:

1)Event:Attack on Buddhist Temple at Bodhgaya India

USCIRFportrayal: "NIA arrested Hindu priest.Protest ensued &..Priest


Fact:Ind. Mujahideens arrested.Anti-attack vigil ensued.Priest is

anti-corruption crusader & Bodhi-Tree Saviour.

2)Event: AntiTerror Op. BatlaHouse, Delhi: Death of 2 terrorist &1

Police Officer.

USCIRF portrayal: "2 unarmed youth shot by police."

Fact:Court awarded life term to arrested Indian Mujahideen terrorist.

3)Event:99acre land to build Secure & Safe Shelter for Hindu

Pilgrims in amarnath, kashmir.

USCIRFportrayal: USCIRF Lends voice to claims of terror outfits. Shows no

concern for Pilgrim security.

Fact:Amarnathpiligrim massacre & terror attack on temp shelters is a recurring


4)Event: Attack on Hindu Monastery,Orissa,India: Massacre of 5 ppl incl

82yrold Monk, Woman & Children

USCIRFportrayal: USCIRF Villifies 82yrold Monk. Defend accused & doubt

court judgement without providing any evidence.

Fact:Courtfound 7 Christians guilty of Jalespesta Hindu Massacre.

About points 1-3 above: more proof that christianism in India is colluding with islam's jihad.

Just like the many cases of islamic attacks on christian churches and persons (like nuns) getting blamed on Hindoos by christians is but more proof that christianism would definitely hire islamics to vandalise their own churches, seeing as how christianism won't even blame islam/islamics when these are the known culprits in any crime against christians.

From the dictionary of christianism:

"religious freedom" means the

- right of christians to convert heathens and other unsaved unhindered.

- right of christians to ban heathens reverting converts back to heathenism

- right of christians to verbally and physically terrorise heathens

- right of christians to ban any heathen from exposing the facts of christianism, and right to ban heathens from retaliating against christian violence

- right of christianism to lie, lie, lie x infinity for jeebus to promote the great evil falsehood that is jeebus=christianism

But then, Emperor Julian did state the facts long ago: that jeebus=christianism=an evil lie. I.e. a lie of genocidal proportions.

(Islam is merely a mutation of christianism. Same virus, different strains. From a heathen or more generally unsaved kafir perspective, there's no point differentiating between islam and christianism, like there's no meaning in differentiating between the various christianisms. All are the same invisible mono gawdism.)
4 different news items.

1. Just in case there's any doubt over any of the 4 points in the quoteblock of the previous post, here's evidence for the first:


Quote:Chargesheet filed against 3 in Bodh Gaya blast case

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) Special Court in Patna has framed charges against Haider Ali, Mujibullah and Taufique Ansari in the Bodh Gaya serial blasts that rocked the world-renowned Buddhist shrine last year. The accused were allegedly members of the banned outfit SIMI.

The charges were framed under provisions of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act of 1967, Explosive Substances Act and the Indian Penal Code. The NIA through its scientific investigation had established that Haider Ali and his associates conspired to target the Buddhist sites to avenge the alleged atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, a NIA press release said.

(Oh please. As if islamaniacs ever needed an excuse to destroy Buddhist temples and sites. Islamaniacs *like* destroying the sacred sites of kaffirs. When caught they merely try to find excuses. If Burmese Buddhists hadn't kicked out Rohingya islamaniacs, then the SIMI trio would have used SL Buddhist persecution of islamic mosques as an excuse.)

Keywords: NIA, Bodh Gaya blasts

Neo-Buddhists and dravoodianists writing tract after tract of what they know to be lies - that Hindoos destroyed Buddhist/Jain temples etc - will no doubt pretend they didn't read the above news and still be peddling their christian (well, neo-Buddhists and dravoodianists ARE christians, cryptos) stories framing Hindoos for the Bodh Gaya blast instead, as taught by their western puppeteers of the kind that set up USCIRF.

2. Every para in the following contains some revelation or other:


Quote:Ford Foundation looks at [Raghuram] Rajan as saviour

Financial entities have been contacted by Ford Foundation to intercede with RBI Governor [Raghuram] Rajan and Economic Advisor to Finance Ministry, Arvind Subramanian.

MADHAV NALAPAT New Delhi | 9th May 2015

The Ford Foundation is lobbying to use US economic leverage over India to get the Narendra Modi government to roll back the action taken against the organisation, high-level sources in Washington and New York say.They claim that financial entities with considerable influence in India, such as Goldman Sachs (which is known to have privileged access to North Block) and Citibank (which enjoys similar privileges with the Reserve Bank of India) have been contacted by senior Foundation officials to intercede with, among others, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Finance, Arvind Subramanian, to "persuade the Modi government to drop the measures" enforced against the prestigious body, including the transfer of responsibility for clearing of foreign donations from the Ministry of Finance (which to date has yet to look askance at a request from the well-connected US funder) to the less sympathetic Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). This was done through bringing the Ford Foundation into the "Prior Reference Category" (PRC), which in fact has been the only substantive action that has been taken in the case of the Foundation. However, this limited action has been sufficient to lead to US Secretary of State John Kerry (who according to sources in Washington had a meeting with Ford Foundation president Darren Walker hours after the Indian decision was announced) instructing his spokesperson to issue a strongly-worded statement against the decision by the Government of India. Soon after the rebuke from the State Department, the head of another major US-based foundation was sent back from Delhi airport after being refused permission to enter this country, in a message that Team Modi would not buckle to pressure the way the Manmohan Singh government was frequently accused of doing.

Sources in New York claim that the Ford-friendly US envoy to the United Nations, Samantha Power, has been lobbying hectically on behalf of Ford to get the UN Secretary-General to join the State Department in condemning India, although thus far, criticism from this quarter has been absent. However, six Senators are known to have interceded on behalf of the Foundation with the Obama administration, leading to open pressure from US envoy Richard Verma. Sources in Delhi say that the shift of the Ford Foundation to the Prior Reference Category is hardly a punishment. It must be added that the Ford Foundation has over the decades assisted several socially worthwhile projects, including several schemes under the Green Revolution of the 1960s, although in recent years it has focused less on such nation-building projects than on others which are societally interventionist on the model followed in Venezuela, Egypt and elsewhere.

Those close to Ford are in full battle cry, accusing the BJP government of "harassment of civil society" through a "crackdown" on NGOs. Lack of a structured communications strategy by Team Modi has thus far obscured the fact that only 16 of more than 35,000 FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulation Act)-registered NGOs having around 3,000 foreign donors are in the Prior Reference Category (PRC). The impression sought to be created is that instead of acting in the matter of just 0.5% of the 3,000 foreign NGOs operating in India, the PRC condition has been imposed on an overwhelming number of such entities. Greenpeace is another agency that had escaped serious governmental scrutiny during the Manmohan Singh decade, but which has now been held to account for seeking to fund activities designed to block production of essential minerals in India in order to promote their import from Canada and Australia. These countries, whose nationals are active in the higher reaches of Greenpeace, are earning billions of dollars each year from exporting minerals such as iron ore, coal and now uranium to India, minerals that are in plentiful supply in this country, but which NGOs and their UPA allies had thus far prevented from getting extracted, and who are on track to earn much more in a context where China is cutting back on its purchases.

A prominent donee of the Ford Foundation has been Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who got a monthly scholarship of Rs 30,000 during 2004-7 from the US-based Ashoka Foundation, and who was given the Magsaysay Award, which is directly funded by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. Kejriwal had also received $400,000 in 2006 and again in 2009, while references to a third grant of $200,000 in 2011 seem to have been removed from the Foundation's website, perhaps owing to the possibility that it may have gotten linked to the street protests organised during that period on the lines of those in Egypt, Tunisia and other countries (which too received substantial funding from US-based entities that had close links with then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton). Interestingly, several politicians in India drawn from across the political spectrum have ties to such organisations, which is why it would be inaccurate to single out Arvind Kejriwal in this context.

[Indians who think they're so clever in their 'independent thought' to vote for the AAP are actually merely manipulated into doing so and are considered useful idiots by the US govt/Ford Foundation, and are voting in the Ford Foundation's agenda.

BTW, US and its FF proves that AAP-voters are - far from being remotely intelligent - the most manipulable minds in India. Of course christoislamics and seculars are always mentally manipulable - it's why they're in christoislamicommunism and de-heathenised in the first place.

But India's christos - told by their churches to vote for AAP - and muslims like that muslimah who told her ummah to vote for AAP because she knows it's their/islam's party, and India's communists too, specifically know that AAP is the local puppet of the ventriloquist US. Christoislamicommunists were *conscious* of the fact that AAP is a front for FF/US, and followed FF/US bidding consciously.

It is specifically India's progressives/pseculars who vote AAP that are the ignorant morons - like that AAP canvasing agent - who are mentally manipulated into voting AAP, i.e. without knowing that it is a local front set up by and for US interests.

Should let the impending islamic jihad genocide AAP voters, which is what they've voted for. US/FF won't care. And neither will Hindoos.]

Interestingly, the Ford Foundation now appears to have tasked a former employee, Amitabh Behar, to create a network of NGOs across India under the "Wada Na Todo" (Don't Break Promises) slogan. Behar has taken over the well-regarded National Foundation of India (NFI), and according to sources in Delhi, has received over $7 million from Ford, besides significant amounts from the MacArthur and Rockefeller Foundations for expanding his activities into directions that appear to veer into the political, exactly as they did in the case of some other donees of the Ford Foundation, especially in Gujarat, a state which seems to have been on the radar of several organisations during 2002-2013. Such a network would have the capability to launch within weeks "independent and spontaneous" agitations on the lines desired by donor agencies, and can therefore get used whenever there is a disconnect between the wishes of the governments backing such foreign NGOs and the Government of India. Extensive networking in media and even within government has added to the power of these agencies to channel public opinion in ways seen by their principals as beneficial to their interests.

Over the past decade, assisted by friends in politics and in the administration, identity issues have been the predominant concern of such foundations, which have collectively lavished funds on projects designed to separate into mutually exclusive compartments, religious and social groups in India. They have focused on projects involving race issues, religion and the alleged discriminatory treatment of particular sections, encouraging its donees to separate different segments of society from each other and to create a sense of victimhood in them. Had David Cameron been the Prime Minister of India, he would have received a rebuke from the Department of State (not to mention the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, that is USCIRF) for saying that his country was "Christian", or Barack Obama for the frequency with which he turns to the Bible in public, a freedom regarded as regressive in the case of Narendra Modi talking about the Bhagavad Gita, despite the fact that the Gita is, in the view of many, a classic of ancient India even as it is regarded by many as a religious text.

Given the small number of funding organisations affected by the PRC, and the fact that the Modi government is in no mood to back down in the face of pressure from within the country and outside, it would appear that Ford and other foundations may need to tread more carefully in domestic politics than has been the case thus far. "A small group of interested individuals ought not to hold India-US relations to ransom by demanding immunity", a senior official said, adding that "there needs to be mutual respect for policy autonomy in each country and this is missing when even routine bureaucratic decisions get impugned in such a sharp way". He ended by pointing out that "India will have a lot to say in future about such (US administration) inanities and insanities as the slapping of Super 301 or the USCIRF report under the pressure of big donors to political campaigns".

3. News that's some months older:


Quote:Wonder how long India will remain a secular country: SC

Amit Choudhary,TNN | Feb 10, 2015, 12.08 AM IST

Supreme Court on Monday expressed concern over growing influence of religion on social issues.

NEW DELHI: Expressing concern over growing influence of religion on social issues, the Supreme Court on Monday wondered how long India would remain a secular country but batted for a uniform civil code.

"It is a secular country but I don't know how long it will remain so," Justice Vikramjit Sen said during the hearing on a PIL seeking recognition for Christian courts set up under its personal law.

(^ Landmark statement: Indian secular courts - despite successfully foisting christianism's secularism on Hindoos in once-Hindoo India - admit defeat in the face of christoislamania. Christoislamania is no fool and has no intention of being straightjacketed by secularism, since it intended secularism only to incapacitate Hindoos with.)

Justice Sen said law should not be compelled to recognize dictates of personal law in civil and family matters like divorce, marriage and adoption.

The bench, also including Justice C Nagappan, however, said courts should not go into the area as every religion then would say that the law should incorporate their personal law. "We have to stamp religion out of civil matters," it said.

It, however, granted four weeks time to the Centre to file a reply on the petition which said 'Canon Law' was the personal law of Indian Christians and that a decree of dissolution of marriage granted by an ecclesiastical court should be held valid and binding.

The petitioner, Clarence Pais, a former president of the Catholic Association of Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka, said many Catholics, who married after getting divorce from Christian courts, faced criminal charges of bigamy as such divorces were not recognized by the courts. He said 'Canon Law' had to be applied and enforced by a criminal court while deciding a case under Section 494 (bigamy) of the IPC.

"It is reasonable that when the courts in India recognize dissolution of marriage (by pronouncing the word talaq three times) under Mohammedan law which is the personal law of Muslims, the courts should also recognize for the purpose of dissolution of marriage Canon Law as the personal law of Indian Catholics," the petition said.

Canon Law says that Catholics are required to marry in a Catholic church and enjoins that they seek nullity of marriage in the canonical court also under the code of canon law. Otherwise, the marriage and the dissolution are not recognized by the Catholic church.

"If criminal courts, while considering prosecution under Section 494 IPC, reject the application of Canon Law as the personal law of Catholics, a very serious result will follow and hundreds of spouses under the second marriage will have to face prosecution, jail and fine," the petitioner said.

So happy that secularism in India - and its carriers, seculars - too will be brutally genocided by the impending jihad. More just desserts.

4. Dharma Sansad (including Swami Swaroopananda) state they will build Rama temple in Ayodhya in spite of the apathetic and cowardly govt which likes to go back on its word to Hindus and Hindus alone. Dharma Sansad has even told NDA govt to stop speaking of Rama temple altogether. (Should have asked them to stop speaking of or thinking of Sri Rama himself. He's wasted on them - and on other traitors.)


Quote:Will build Ram temple in Ayodhya without political help: Shankaracharya

IndiaToday.in New Delhi, May 13, 2015 | UPDATED 08:08 IST

Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Dwarkapeeth. (Photo: jagadgurushankaracharya.org)Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Dwarkapeeth. (Photo: jagadgurushankaracharya.org)

Hindu religious leaders on Tuesday said they will construct Ram temple in Ayodhya without any political help if the Supreme Court order is in their favour.

The statement comes after Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated that the NDA government cannot bring law on Ram temple without majority in Rajya Sabha.

(Translation: it will never happen if it were up to the "Hindu nationalist" govt, despite Hindoos having won the right in court.)

Addressing the Hindu Dharma Sansad at Ramlila Maidan, Shankaracharya of Dwarkapeeth Swaroopananda Saraswati asked BJP leaders to stop talking about construction of Ram temple, PTI reported.

Shankaracharya alleged that a section of political class brought in the name of Mughal emperor Babar to gain "political advantage" and said that the court has accepted the fact that Babar had never been to the place. There were remains that proved that it was a place of worship of Hindus, he claimed.

"It is Ram janmbhoomi and if the Supreme Court gives its verdict soon... because they have agreed it is Ram Janmabhoomi, but some portion has been given to Muslims while their plea has been rejected... If that is decided, then we will... without any political party... the saints, great souls, gentlemen will construct Ram temple at the spot of Lord's birth.

"And by God's grace, we won't need their (politicians) money, people will give us. We will construct temple, you please forgive us. Leave the discussion now," he added.

(And so the temple will be built as per views of Dharma Sansad, i.e. Hindoo=heathen views onlee. Not by unheathens who also make use of the Hindu label.

And another good thing is that, since the impotent govt wouldn't have any involvement in the temple's construction - the Hindoos having told the "Hindu nationalists" party to stay away from the matter - the Indian govt can't at least use government involvement in the construction process as an excuse to take over the temple at a future date. They're always looking for an excuse.)

The Sansad also passed a resolution in this regard.

Amongst other resolutions adopted by the Sansad are for ban on cow slaughter, imparting knowledge of 'Ramayana' and 'Mahabharata' to youngsters at educational institutes, and for imposing ban on alcohol.

(As long as they won't turn the itihaasas into "all-Indian"/secular "literature" like so many moderns do, I'm all for it.

Then again, it's the Dharma Sansad passing the resolution. <- It will be a dark day indeed when they start declaring that the itihaasas are anything other than Hindoo=heathen literature and sacred from the ground up.)

Hindu Dharma Sansad is a gathering of various Hindu religious bodies and oraganisations.

The Sansad also sought to provide relief and help in restoring temples in Nepal which were destroyed in the earthquake.

Shankarcharya also said the political class lacked knowledge of Hindu religion.

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifting 'Bhagvad Gita' to Japanese emperor Akihito during his visit to the east Asian country in September last year, Shankaracharya quipped that he should rather ensure children across India are taught lessons from the book.

(Yeah well, Modi's "Hindoo activism" seems to be just for canvassing. He seems fine to let Hindoo heathenism - and Hindoos - extinct by christoislamic genocide, even while getting snapshots taken of himself participating in Hindu events. Modi seems to exemplify the new "Hindu nationalism"=secularism, despite secularism being a poison to all heathenisms and promoter of christoislamania. Still nothing to make him seem different from Licinius.

Time was when heathen rulers ruled the heathen nation by their heathenism. Modi seems to have laid the groundwork for what future "Hindu nationalist" leaders will be like/what can be expected from them: that they may not exceed the secular mandate in their rule, even though christoislamic rule does all the time (e.g. Mizoram, Kashmir, even W Bengal, Kerala and UP nowadays).

In contrast to "Hindu nationalist" political inclinations to secularism, wherever missionary religions - be these the Indic ones or christoislam - came to power in the once-Hindoo subcontinent and SE Asia, they regularly promoted their own religion, at the direct expense and often even by persecution of Hindoo heathenism. Only modern Hindus - Hindutva followers - insist that a so-called Hindu govt must be secular, i.e. not a Hindu govt in any way other than in name [sort of like The Chindu newspaper, although that is moreover cryptocatholic]. And then their supporters even bleat that all this is a great achievement for Hindus. For secularism yes, not at all for Hindoos. BJP has done Nothing for Hindoos yet and is unlikely to hereafter as well.

Don't know why BJP don't just call themselves a secular nationalist party. And tomorrow they can drop "nationalist" too, like KKKangress did in time, and thereafter become cryptochristo, also like KKKangress did, then the transformation will be complete.)

Amongst other demands, the gurus demanded introduction of uniform civil code and abolishing article 370 of the Constitution which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

The great tragedy is that Hindoos really must keep voting for BJP. Because BJP is [for now, still] in some ways better than KKKangress. So until BJP's inevitable transformation from a secular nationalist party to being hijacked into a cryptochristian party, as has already happened in Goa**, BJP remains Hindus' only=best choice. But Hindus need not delude themselves that BJP is anything more than a secular party which may promise Hindoos the moon and deliver nothing and may at times opportunistically grant them small concessions in return for votes. BJP knows it can afford to be haughty to their Hindoo votebank and Hindoos' interests/heathendom, since BJP knows Hindoos really have no other alternative. So the Hindoo vote for BJP in 2019 is assured. It is the christoislamaniac vote that BJP is after, and which may not come their way unless BJP sucks up to the minorities. And BJP will compromise to their minority votebank by promising grandly and delivering, as in Goa** (whereas BJP doesn't deliver on promises made to Hindoos, again because Hindoos have no other alternatives and BJP is keenly aware of this. So it thinks nothing of broken promises where Hindoos are concerned).

[** In Goa, BJP is already a christian party: Hindu-named crypto christo BJP members didn't just promise to ban Ghar Wapasi if it ever comes to Goa - which is a promise that pleases only the minority christians of that state, i.e. BJP caves to its christian voters' wishes - but the same catholic-infested BJP has threatened "to make LGBTs 'normal' with medicines", which is a christian preoccupation and is yet more legislation to satisfy solely the catholics/christians of Goa, and is not anything Hindus sought, as Hindus have no interest in interfering in others' lives.]

But since Swami Swaroopananda along with the rest of the Dharma Sansad have issued such drastic statements about Ayodhya as seen above, indicating their total distrust in the NDA/BJP govt ever rebuilding the Ayodhya temple*, I predict that Sandhya Jain of Vijayvaani (who wrote that the Swami should "release the mathams from his evil influence") and her article writers/sycophants M Pramod Kumar (who wrote the article "Swami Swarupanand is an embarrassment to acharya parampara") and Vijaya Rajeeva (who declared her suspicion that the Swami can't be genuine for reasons like not accepting/rolling over to Shirdi Sai Sufism) and VV's countless acquiescent idiot 'Hindu'/newageist readers, will all be at it again: penning frantic articles spewing the usual hate on the Swami, declaring his statements are anti-Modi/anti-BJP and must be motivated by KKKangressi-ness etc etc. All while conveniently ignoring - again - that the Dharma Sansad has altogether declared the same, and that nothing he/they said is wrong. It is a fact that the Modi govt has done zip all for Hindoo heathenism, and that they're just excuse mongering: finding one excuse after another for not doing what Hindoos already have a valid and lawful right to.

But since Swami Swaroopananda is not alone in his statements but is echoed fully by the Dharma Sansad, perhaps Sandhya Jain will now lecture that the Swami must have an 'evil' influence on all the Dharma Sansad and not just the mathas (as she'd claimed before)? To keep her arguments consistent, I mean. And I'm sure more idiot 'Hindus'/new-ageists will believe that. They're a dime a dozen after all in this era.

* BJP govt won't ever rebuild it. Certainly they won't ever choose to even be seen to bother (unless their vote share is threatened, then they may go as far as issuing pacifying platitudes or once more making promises they don't intend to keep). Fortunately Dharma Sansad might rebuild the temple one day, at least they would certainly try: it's not off their agenda since the DS is HindOO. I'm glad the DS has given hope to Hindoos dreaming of a rebuilt Mandir to their Sri Rama at Ayodhya. Not sure if it will ever come to anything - more likely that Hindoos will get massacred again and the reconstruction of the Kovil will be prevented again (isn't that how things always go in modern christoislamicly-paralysed India under the gangrene curse?) But the point is that the DS still considers it a prime objective and wants to pursue it for all the right reasons, a.o.t. unheathen Hindutva's Replacement Theology reasons of "symbolism" etc.

The important part of this post are the 4 news items archived in the quote blocks minus the comments in purple.
Related to the final news article (#4) pasted in the previous post.


Quote:'It is a lame excuse!': Akharas condemn Rajnath Singh for claiming the government can't order Ram Temple to be built

By Piyush Srivastava

Published: 15:59 EST, 12 May 2015 | Updated: 18:56 EST, 12 May 2015

When it comes to the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the All-India Akhara Parishad doesn't mince its words.

Even if that means taking on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government at the Centre, the saints of the Parishad make their point quite bluntly.

And now they are gunning for Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who recently said that the Modi government doesn't have enough numbers in the Rajya

Sabha to make a law in favour of the Ram Temple.

Akhara Parishad president Narendra Giri

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh

Akhara Parishad president Narendra Giri (left), and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh (right)

The Parishad has dared the Union home minister to first get a Bill passed in the Lok Sabha on the Ram Temple in Ayodhya before taking refuge to any "excuse".

"It is a lame excuse of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government. The BJP should first get a Bill on the Ram Temple passed in the Lok Sabha before saying that they will not succeed in the Rajya Sabha," said Akhara Parishad president Narendra Giri.

Two days ago, the Union home minister had also said in Ayodhya that the government should wait for the Supreme Court's verdict in the Ram Temple case.

(What? Didn't Hindoos already win the case with overwhelming evidence? What does the SC still need to decide on?

Oh I forgot. This is India, the once-heathen land now burdened by the curse of the christoclass virus: Christoislamicommunism will probably conspire yet again and throttle the SC decision to make the outcome unfavourable to Hindoos. They've probably waited till this moment to squash it at SC level, to prevent further appeal/further legal possibilities. Then idiot modern Hindus - being more secular than Hindoos - will lay themselves by the SC decision, as typical seculars whose allegiance is to secular India first and Hindoo heathendom somewhat after, and give up all aspirations for the Sri Rama Mandiram being rebuilt at Ayodhya. Only the Dharma Sansad will still continue to aspire at that stage, though the BJP may lecture them to drop it altogether on account of a negative SC outcome.)

But Giri is in no mood to listen.

"Now it is clear that the BJP is betraying the saints of the country. The vote-bank politics of BJP on Ram Temple had helped it last time during the 2014 parliamentary elections.

The BJP leaders must understand that they would be dumped once and forever in 2019. The Akhara Parishad will meet in Hardwar on May 25 and 26 to take a final decision on this issue," Giri said.

Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas chairman Nritya Gopal Dal also rejected Rajnath's statement and said that the BJP government should come out with a solution.

"Whatever Rajnath is saying may be his personal view. We don't accept the excuse because the BJP is in power only to fulfil the wish of the Hindus to build a Ram Temple at the same site in Ayodhya.

(^Poor Hindoos. Don't seem to know that the word 'Hindu' has been redefined to mean anyone Indian. BJP's allegiance is to all and sundry now, this being the new 'Hindu' nationalism (Hindutva). BJP only need Hindoos for votes. But even that's becoming irrelevant, as BJP have looked at the recent census - which they've refused to make public, showing conspiracy to protect and aspiration to woo minorities - and figure they may not need the Hindoo vote anymore by 2019 either, as the now >30% monotheist votebank + secular votebank + communist votebank probably outweights Hindoo votebank, certainly in 4 years time.)

"We are hopeful that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take a decision in this regard soon," he said. Former BJP MP Ram Vilas Vedanti also slammed the party.

"The BJP will be in majority in the Rajya Sabha in 2016. We hope that they will bring a law and construct the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Or else, they will vanish forever."

(Well BJP's alleged allegiance to heathenism is certainly vanishing forever already.

But there's an even bigger problem: Hindoos themselves look about to vanish forever. Being replaced by gangrene/'Hindus'=anything and christoislamicommunism.

But maybe Sri Rama and family when reinstated at his site will protect Hindoo heathenism. Or maybe Hindoos have already outlived their time.

Well, apparently the SC is still to come out with a decision on whether Hindoos have rights over their own sacred sites in their own homeland. Maybe christoism will intercede on behalf of islam yet again to produce a 'secular' miracle via the SC's decision. Ya never know, considering the run of 'bad luck' - aka christian 'miracles' - Hindus keep experiencing thanks to the useless gangrene, the other traitors and christoislam.)

But Hashim Ansari, the oldest plaintiff in the Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid case said: "We want the Babri Masjid back, but we hope that this will be done democratically. PM Modi should also strike a balance."

(In that case, I hear rumours that scientologists also want a church at the location. They have as much relevance/right to the site as islam. And let's not forget the Raelians. And, factually true: neo-Buddhists and Jain Minority Forum types have since the previous manufactured-debacle over Ayodhya been insisting it is magically their site - like typical missionary ideologies, consistent with their lying about everything. They've evolved the fiction that Hindoos would have destroyed their either Jain or Buddhist temple [they can't agree between themselves] and that Hindoos took over the site from one of them, when the fact is that -like churches do today and Buddhist temples in SL do still- Buddhist and Jain temples in the past magically mushroomed right next to important ancient Hindu temple sites. For conversion/missioning purposes onlee.

Meanwhile, islamics are doing their best to retain the territory they stole by genocide from Hindoos, by getting christomedia to mass-publish their latest spin that Rama's Ayodhya must suddenly be in Pakistan instead. <- Now is that a christoislamic invitation for Hindus to nuke Pakistan to clear it of christoislamania, and then rebuild another Sri Rama+LavaKusa Mandiram in Lahore and all over ex-TSP? 'Cause that's all I'm taking from it.)

Sheesh. Even in a supremely Hindoo sacred site, after fighting lawfully tooth and nail to have it returned, the idiot secular law of India will still most likely let islamaniacs stake a claim for some masjid there (which their own salafists will anyway rightfully blow up for the "idolatry"/shirk that it is, just as they did in a recent year in Mali). In the meantime, like in Tirupati where some massive multi-storey islamaniac centre has illegally mushroomed thanks to AP christian rule deliberately conspiring with islam against Hindoos, islamaniacs will just use any access granted them to the Ramajanmanbhoomi site to harry Hindoos there still, eventually to genocide them. (As fellow islamics infesting Kashmir do to the Hindoos going on yatra to Amarnath.)

Good thing that the caliph has now commanded the global ummah to emigrate to ISIL-occupied Iraq and Syria/the Levant and that any islamaniac who refuses to heed the call is factually disobeying islam/allah. With any luck, India and all the subcontinent will see a mass voluntary exodus of at least one monotheism. After which the 2nd monotheism should be kicked out too.

Please the HindOOs' Gods, for loyal HindOOs' sake, may the Sri Rama Kovil be rebuilt at Ayodhya - with no presence of islamania anywhere there - in spite of gangrene, "Hindu means anything Indic or all-Indian or even alien dabbler" types, Elstianisms, Indic "minority" whiners, and christoislamicommunism. And may all those last stay away forever once it's rebuilt.
x-post as it belonged here.

[quote name='Husky' date='16 May 2015 - 12:04 AM' timestamp='1431714388' post='117728']


Quote:Forget border deal: Wrong maps show China has shifted goalposts since 1950s

by R Jagannathan May 15, 2015 12:51 IST

True to form, even as President Xi Jinping laid out the red carpet for Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday (14 May), China's state-controlled TV showed an India map with Jammu & Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh lopped off. This was only to be expected as China believes in unsettling guests from whom it wants major territorial concessions.

The Chinese leadership has a way of showing two sets of teeth; the smiling one for official occasions, and the snarling one that resides barely below the surface. When Nehru visited China in 1954, he failed to see the second one. He was overwhelmed by flag-waving crowds all along the route from airport to city, but the Chinese were all the time preparing to annex Tibet fully, and the military campaign in 1962. During Vajpayee’s visit to China as foreign minister of the Janata Party government in 1979, China invaded Vietnam, a friendly country. Smiles and bared fangs went together.

BJP should indeed beware not to fall for the same trap that Nehru blindly walked into. Pictures of Modi in China show him quite taken by the govt-appointed Chinese populace waving. Others' (Rajeev2004 twitter feed?) have expressed some concern that this reminded them of the build up to the last war with China. Modi doesn't seem to me to be stupid. Unlike Nehru.

But firstpost seems to have admitted ignorance of the fact that all of J&K has long been projected as part of China by the Chinese govt/brainwashing system. Even I've known for 7 years or more that China has plans to claim J&K: some Chinese colleagues had print outs of Chinese-govt maps of "China" and this already showed J&K as part of China (Chinese people themselves don't know that J&K is part of India, that it's called Jammu and Kashmir - yes *that* Kashmir that islamaniacs keep whining about; they don't know much about the region at all). Red China has a history of indoctrinating the Chinese population with maps, so that their people become brainwashed by/accustomed to the idea of various non-Chinese areas being part of China - long before China then makes war to actually claim these.

For that matter, I wonder if Indians have bothered to notice how Google depicts the borders of Kashmir: with dotted lines, as if there are no borders and it just melts into neighbouring countries... Except for that and Burma, all other borders on their map are with solid lines. But then Google is another servant of the christowestern empire.

Anyway, India should very much be prepared for Chinese incursions and possibly full-on attacks to claim J&K. And India should also be prepared to fight a war over it and win by whatever means necessary.*

The silver lining (yes there is one even here): Pakis and Kashmiri islamaniacs seem to be ignorant about how Kashmir is claimed by China. Wonder what the look on their faces will be. The islamaniacs infesting Kashmir need have no delusions that the Chinese will tolerate their presence: China wants lebensraum and especially fertile land for agriculture etc, not people, certainly not islamaniacs (it wants the Uighurs assimilated or extincted. Convert-of-kill.)

* Since Indians won't do it, I can't wait for the Chinese to crush islamania in Kashmir in a massive genocide (Red China genocides readily). But the very instant that's done, India should beat the Chinese out of Kashmir on the justified grounds that it was never part of China but always a part of India. Not even the west will pretend that J&K belongs to China. <- The issue of islamania festering in Kashmir solved.

That is, India is afraid to fight Indian islam. China is not afraid to destroy Chinese let alone Indian islam. Therefore, if India is going to do the roll over trick yet again as under Nehru by letting China invade Kashmir, then should let the Chinese wipe Kashmir clean of islamania, but then kick them out. And at that time, I think India should also liberate Tibet or at least reclaim historically-Hindoo areas of Tibet - at least the Kailasham area.

Repeat with christo-infested Arunachal Pradesh: let China get rid of the infestation, then beat China out.

X-post, as it belongs here.

The author of the following is at least not affected by that famous plague of 'sensitivity' (or whatever it was) that infects some progressive Hindus - which made them refuse to expose cryptochristianism and refuse to reveal christianism and islam itself as the threat/the anti-Indian nexus, since they thought some fictional extra variable was to blame. ("Let's call it the unidentifiable/unnameable constant C, which has all the motivations and behaviour of a christoclass virus and is factually non-distinguishable from christoislam [being in fact identical to it].")

Hope those progressive Hindus won't suddenly do a u-turn some day/year/decade hereafter and start exposing the christoislam driving the anti-Indian nexus. It's way too late now. Traitors. "Thanks a lot."

[quote name='Husky' date='18 May 2015 - 04:07 PM' timestamp='1431944940' post='117738']


Quote:Why Christianity poses a clear threat to India


Role of Christians in India’s Partition

In a paper titled The Role of Christians in the Freedom Movement of Pakistan published in the Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, Munir-ul-Anjum and Shahnaz Tariq write:

"The support of Christians for the cause of Pakistan was based on their belief that the Muslim society in its nature was more secular than the caste ridden Hindu society hence more permissive for the rights and safe guards of the religious minorities."

"Christians strongly supported Quaid-e-Azam and Muslim League at that critical time when there was lot of opposition to the formation a new Muslim state. The All India Christian Association assured unconditional full cooperation to the founder of Pakistan. This crucial role of Christian population of the region was recognised by the founder of Pakistan and the All India Muslim League at all levels. These Christians played a very strong role in the creation of Pakistan... .The Christian vote before the Boundary Commission was the only decisive vote for the true foundation of Pakistan. Christian leaders voted for Pakistan because they believed that Quaid-e-Azam would be the real protector of their rights and interests."

"When the proceedings of the Boundary Commission took place, Christian leaders Dewan Bahadur S.P. Singha, C.E. Gibbon and Fazal Elahi, in their recorded statement, demanded that for the demarcation of the boundaries, the Christian population be included and termed as Muslim population."

"In the last days of united India Jinnah visited Lahore as a part of his campaign to fetch the support of the minority community for Pakistan. He met the Christian leader Chandu Lal and Sikh leader Giani Kartar Singh. The Sikh leader turned down his offer while Chandu Lal declared unconditional support of the Christians for Pakistan. When the resolution to join Pakistan or India was moved and voted upon in the Punjab Legislative Assembly, the three Christian members voted in favour of Pakistan and saved the situation. Eighty-eight and 91 votes were cast in favour of India and Pakistan respectively. In this way the three Christian votes decided the fate of the province."
[Emphasis added]

However, not content with the creation of Pakistan, the Christians "denounced and condemned the unfair distribution of Punjab province more forcefully even than the Muslims and tried their best to get the districts of Pathankot and Gurdaspur included in western Punjab".

Are Christians a fifth column?

(Obviously the same answer as for "Are islamics a fifth column?")


From allying with the fanatic Portuguese to siding with the murderous Muslim League mobs of the 1940s, Indian Christians have shown an unbelievably stupid and opportunistic streak.

(Rather than dub the Syrian christians merely stupid for inviting the christo-Portuguese to invade and convert, can appraise christians honestly: as perpetually scheming and downright evil.)

Rest of the article - worth reading in entirety - at link.

Did say:

* christianism=islam, may as well call it christoislam.

* Since TSP-E/W was created for the monotheist demons, should kick all christos - and not just islamaniacs - that are infesting India back to TSP where they belong.

* christo+islam are brothers in monotheism when faced with heathens and/or a heathen nation.

The above also explains the permanent phenomenon seen in India of why the nexus against the Hindu nation is specifically christo-islamic (communism in India being merely cryptochristianism): christianism colludes with islam in the genocide of Hindus and facilitates jihad, seen in christianism funding jihad, in christomedia's silencing jihad (Muzaffarnagar, W Bengal, Kerala) and christomedia protecting the islamic identities of rapists and attackers. It's seen in christianism's hiring of islamania as a votebank (KKKangress and AAP), and using them as their mercenaries to attack Hindoos. It's seen in christian KKKangress collusion in the islamic burning of Hindus on the train that led to the Godhra riots, and the subsequent silence on the train attack by the christomedia while christian "activists" from Suzanne "Arundhati" Roy and Cedric Prakass went on about the alleged Hindu "genocide" of islamics.

Just like christians in India colluded with islam to steal away ancestral and sacred Hindoo heathen territory for monotheism (dubbed Pakistan), christians infesting India continue to collude with islam in India to continue the process.

Christians were helping the British to keep these in power in India, invited the christo Portuguese to invade and convert Hindus, and conspiring with and helping the islamaniacs against India. Ever the 5th column. Ever only treachery from christians.

* christoislamics are born traitors, traitors to the core. Traitors is the wrong word as it applies to people who haven't converted yet but collude with enemies. Conspirators and enemies is better. Christoislamics are born conspirators. Perpetual enemies of the free world starting with native heathen populations "unsaved kaffirs".

* Hindus can stop sympathising with the genocidal christians in TSP-E/W whenever islamania in TSP showers its peace on their love: they conspired to steal Hindoos' ancestral territory away from Hindoos into monotheism by colluding with their islamic brothers, and these christians are getting exactly what they deserved. Why condemn islamaniac attacks against the christos in TSP without condemning the christos themselves (and their christomania) in having made it possible? The two deserve each other. As a rule, in any internal fight/genocide between christoislamania, I support islamania. They're more honest and don't have the international christomedia covering for them (see news reports - or paucity thereof - on the christian genocide of islamics in CAR, compare with the international christomedia's feverpitch about Boko Haram's islamic genocide - of whom only christian victims are generally mentioned/highlighted - in Nigeria, and Al-Shabaab's islamic genocide - again christian victims alone highlighted - in parts of Africa).

* There were even "Hindus" commenting all over Indian news sites on how BJP should promise to give Indian citizenship not just to Bangladeshi Hindus, but to christos=terrorists infesting Bangladesh and Pukestan. Such stupid and ignorant Hindu commenters should be shipped off to TSP themselves: let's see how they like living in a monotheist paradees created by the collusion of christoislam conspiring against a heathen nation.

Christians are as evil as islamics. But christianism is more dangerous than islam, especially to a heathen nation. Again: Hindu India unfettered by the paralysing christian canker could take on the islamic jihad and wipe it off the face of India (even the subcontinent in time). All that's preventing it is christianism and the traitors it hires and inspires (has brainwashed).

But the subject of the major christian collusion in the monotheistic usurpation of heathen Hindu homeland (called "partition"), reminded me of news from today:

Vatican has sainted 2 Palestinian nuns, which is part of catholicism's global evangelical programme in each region, nothing new.

More importantly, the Vatican has officially joined the Palestinians by throwing its weight into recognising Palestine as a state, in a treaty (the last Vatican treaty I heard of was the concordat with nazism) where the catholic church stands in favour of (meaning: will collaborate with islam to ensure) "two states" in the region. In return for Palestianian islamics giving the Vatican jurisdiction over catholics in the region. [Exactly the sort of thing christians infesting India were aiming for in their hand in cutting out Hindoo territory for monotheism to create Pakistan.]

With the weight of the Vatican officially backing islamania's wishes in the region, watch as everything islamaniacs wanted materialises over time.

Christians are *ever* traitors I mean evil conspirators that plot genocide while feigning neighbourly "love" and peace.

BBC via


(Today's news)

Quote:Two Palestinian nuns become saints

Pope Francis has canonised two 19th Century nuns who lived in Ottoman-ruled Palestine and are the first Arabic-speaking Catholic saints.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and over 2,000 Christian pilgrims from the region attended the ceremony.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met the Pope for a private audience on Saturday

(The two monotheisms struck a deal, as they did over Pakistan. And as they have done over India.

Can see the result, the dawaganda beginsSmile


On Saturday, Pope Francis met Mr Abbas at the Vatican, calling him "an angel of peace".

Mr Abbas' visit came just days after the Vatican formally recognised Palestinian statehood in a treaty.

The treaty states that the Holy See favours a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel and allows the Vatican to oversee aspects of Roman Catholic life in the areas President Abbas controls.

Israel expressed disappointment with the treaty, which uses the term "Palestinian state".


The total number of Christians in Israel and the Palestinian territories has declined to less than 2% of the population.

(Let me guess, the same "just 2%, 2%" christo-ruse in the making that's been seen in India.)

As can be seen, christianism colluding with islam again, to create Pakistan I mean to get Palestine recognised and to lobby for it.

Israel/Israelis need to watch out. Christians are already active in the palestinian terrorist outfits. Now the Vatican will - using their contacts in US - pen USCIRF type documents to condemn Israel even more for defending itself from the Jihad.

Sad to see Sandhya Jain's site still regularly peddling that known orthodox christian ex-Jewish convert in ex-Soviet space typically attacking from behind his cryptochristian Jewish name "Israel Shamir" and his virulent bile and lies against Israel and Jews. <- Note how christian converts always use cryptochristianism as a cover to attack unsaved kaffirs (especially their own kind) resisting them. Cryptochristianism is Standard Operating Procedure of christianism.

Indian nationalists are never aware to how any person who pretends to be a Jew to attack Hindu religion with (or to attack other unsaved kaffirs) tend to be christos: Leslee Udwin is likely to be no more "Jewish" than orthodox christian Israel Shamir, or Wendy Doniger who has an evangelical christian father, or Martha Nussbaum whom others at IF revealed had merely married a Jew and then divorced him and kept the surname to blinker Hindus. Similarly, the allegedly "Jewish" Rotschild banking clan are apparently documented for their infamy in banking for (and bankrolling ultimately) the Vatican and the nazis against Jews. How can the Rotschilds - at best traitors to their kind, though possibly converts - be Jewish?

The news was:


Quote:Role of Christians in India’s Partition

In a paper titled The Role of Christians in the Freedom Movement of Pakistan published in the Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, Munir-ul-Anjum and Shahnaz Tariq write:

"[...] The All India Christian Association assured unconditional full cooperation to the founder of Pakistan. [...]"
1. Forgot to archive the following seen a few days back in the Rajeev2004 blog's twitterfeed:

Quote:Sushupti @Sushuptii


Your theory of 3rd world commie leaders being stealth xian comes true for Sitaram Yechury.

http: //www. telegraphindia.com/1150524/jsp/nation/story_21820.jsp …

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan

Every anti-Hindu vocalist playing at being secular is a (crypto)christian. DMK is significantly christian.

The Mahasweaty Devil (who's been using the Hindoo name "Mahasweta Devi" for false flag operations/cryptochristianism) is a cryptochristist too: as is the first commandment and purpose of cryptochristianism, she also worked against Hindoo heathenism from behind her public persona/communist ideology.

Besides revealing Yechury's christianism (Yesu-ry, usury)

the following shows christo-communism's plans to use Liberation Theology to christianise India.

As Aron or someone else at HK pointed out, christianism is full-time aiming at peddling Liberation Theology in India, especially in both south India and as the first major open/public entry of christianism among unsaved communist "laity" (i.e. Hindu masses that have been converted to communism but not yet into christianism).

The "dalit movement" today is "Dalit theology/dalit liberation theology" - i.e. also christian - as also admitted since nearly a decade at least by the 'christian churches of gawd' organisation (on their site) - which christian evangelication organisation has been sponsoring similar socio-political movements in heathen climes as means of christianising the hijacked. (E.g. homeland theology in Taiwan etc.)

Rajeev Srinivasan revealed that Khmer Roughe communist genociders of Cambodians have now started to convert into jeebusism (or rather, reveal they were christians/christo-communists all along). Others had posted news articles of top level members of the Chinese communist party and many of its IIRC 50 million strong adherents being christian. Etc.


Quote:Sunday , May 24 , 2015

Yechury draws from religion to sell Marx

J.P. Yadav


New Delhi, May 23: Marxism has always claimed to be a "science" :best joke I've heard this year: while critics have scoffed at the way some of its adherents treat it as a "religion".

Today, the religion parallels came from CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury as he recalled his association with the Young Men's Christian Association to try and connect with the youth.

"The Quran states the achievement of jannat (paradise). What is jannat but a classless society?" Yechury said at the Delhi YMCA, which had invited him to speak on "Governance and Development of the People at the Margins - Role of Young India".

Yechury mostly dwelt on the parallels between Christianity and Marxism, making references to Liberation Theology and acknowledging the YMCA's role in his intellectual growth as a young man in Hyderabad.

Last month's party congress in Visakhapatnam, where the "moderate" Yechury had succeeded the "hard-line" Prakash Karat as general secretary, had decided to formulate new slogans and methods to rekindle young Indians' lost interest in the CPM.

"It was the YMCA in Hyderabad, during my student days, that offered the space for young minds to come together to both debate and act on issues of social concern and political importance," Yechury said, adding with a twinkle, "though there was nothing Christian about our activities."

He then referred to Liberation Theology, a pro-poor Christian movement born in Latin America that calls for social and political change and is accused by critics as being overtly Marxist.

Yechury said Liberation Theology reflects the "miserable conditions and the wretched existence of the toiling and their struggles for liberation, like Marxism".

Continuing with the Christianity parallels, he quoted from the Gospel of Luke to underline how "Lord Jesus" too had come "to send off the crushed into liberty".

Yechury did make the standard reference to the "theory of scientific socialism" as propounded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. But he returned to the theme of the day to claim the CPM was performing the same role as Liberation Theology - addressing the sufferings of the poor that stemmed from government policies.

The misery of the Indian poor is the result of faulty official policies, Yechury said, accusing the Narendra Modi government of widening the rich-poor divide.

"The youth is a big force in India. We want the youth to pressurise the policy makers to change. Only then can there be job creation and eradication of poverty," Yechury said.

He spoke for more than an hour but did not once mention communalism.

2. The 3rd item in post 598, of the christian missionising thread: about "development" funds sent to Kerala christogovt by the union govt having gone "missing" (i.e. now funding christoislamisation of the state and beyond, up to Nepal).

And [the comments of] post 597 there are actually also relevant.

^ Islamic appointed to high position started massive islamization operation of the university.

A la christians in Indian judiciary and govt (christist evangelical going by Hindu name "Umashankar" like a typical cryptochristoterrorist).

But note how "Hindus" when in power will only swear by secularism, and do nothing to salvage heathenism. E.g. Modi.

Guess which ideologies are going to win.

** Reminiscent of how "activist" Hindus were unwilling to even reveal the christoislamania motivating all the anti Hindu India nexus.

It's all only self-censorship and self-restraint on "Hindus"' part. Modern Hindus' religion is Hindutva="nationalism"=secularism.

Every secularist="Hindu" nationalist will praise Modi's development agenda and achievements for development.

They don't even want to see how day-by-day India continues to become more christoislamic than the day before - even under a government whose party used to call itself "Hindu" nationalist.

I foresee an extremely bleak future for India. Of course I don't have a crystal ball and I don't do future forecasting. It's straightforward extrapolation, and some knowledge of what christoislamaniacs do to heathens when they reach significant demographics. And then, when they become the majority, they wipe out the last native heathens.

India will very shortly - in relative terms - cease to be a heathen nation: it is already becoming a significantly secular-cum-new-ageist nation (almost every English-speaking "Hindu" is a new-ageist or is actually non-religious - and defines "Hindu" by that), and the trend will only continue.

And from secular/new age to christoislamism is a very small step.

The gangrene is half the problem. The other half is that Indians' self-censorship is coupled with a refusal - also seen at the highest levels in government - to do anything to the aggressive missionary religions. They ought to be proscribed.

No christoislamic should be allowed in the Indian judiciary, armed forces, in "secular" let alone Hindu universities, in Hindu temples let alone on the board of management of these.

The Sri Lankan Buddhist Sangha, who oh-so-easily ethnically cleansed Hindus from Hindu areas, and replaced Hindu temples with Buddhist viharas, got away with it all: clearly history - and the future - belong to the victors.

Hindus today won't even drive out the illegal encroachers occupying all of the Indian coast and entrenched everywhere.

Drive them back to ISIS territory. Tell the islamics infesting India how none less than their faithful commander, the caliph himself has commanded the global ummah to move to the ISIS-usurped areas of Iraq and Syria. Tell the christians infesting India to go join their brethren: didn't christos conspire with islamics to create Pakistan (see 2 posts up). Let the christian conspirators go back to Syria and join their brothers too therefore.

It is past time that Hindus do something - take serious action - to expel all of christoislamania from India (into as far away as ISIS-occupied territory) once and for all.

Anyway, wandered totally off the point, which was:


Had found the following news posted in the comment section:

Quote:Admin, on 26/05/2015 at 7:49 PM said:

Event to Launch Hindu Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California – HPI – USA – 24 May 2015

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, May 22, 2015 (Press Release): In partnership with Dharma Civilization Foundation, the Graduate Theological Union, has just launched a Master’s Degree Program in Hindu Studies. This program will enable the creation of scholars in Hindu Dharma who are also practitioners who will present and teach the perspectives of the insiders to the traditions. In the fullness of time, these scholars will teach courses in Hindu Dharma in many main stream universities. Many thousands of students of future generations will derive immense value from these teachers.

So far, Hindu Studies has been the privilege of outsiders to the tradition itself i.e. those who examine Hinduism academically, and critically i.e. through Marxist, Freudian or otherwise suspicious eyes. South Asian studies Departments have focused on geo-political issues, and have not examined the many gifts of Hindu Dharma to humanity.

The Hindu Studies program aims to change that. A fund-raiser event will be held May 30, 2015, starting at 3 pm at the India Community Center in Milpitas. For more information on this limited-seating event, contact info@dcfusa.org or 614-668-1668.

The event will include talks by Prof. Vamsee Juluri on his new book “Rearming Hinduism” and Prof. Riess Potterveld on the integration of Hindu Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. A preview of activities over the next year will be given, including the continued development of the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Hindu Studies.

Nothing good can ever come from this.

"Hindu studies" (whatever that is) under the purview of Berkeley - IIRC that centre of virulent anti-Hinduism - and a *theological* institution at that? Existing and 'developing' in a clime side-by-side with alien demons in neighbouring (possibly even christist) departments? Cross-contamination, infiltration and pollution are only a few of the more obvious inevitabilities that should concern Hindoos.

It is the equivalent of interfaith dialogue. It will result in takeover (and give the aliens a better handle to study and ultimately influence Hindus and their views: all the better to kill you with), and the unavoidable garbage produced there will in time be transplanted - by the usual cheerleaders of NRIs and jetsetters - into Indian settings, into Indian universities, where it will eventually be made to supplant traditional Hindu education in higher-level traditional Hindoo education centres for imparting traditional knowledge and expertise on Hindoos' ancestral heathenism (e.g. KN's Skt universities). And these subverted, gangrene views will first be presented among Indians as alternative more 'relevant' views in comparison to traditional ones - and definitely will be considered the more comprehensible of the two to modern Hindus to whom heathenism no longer computes.

A "PhD" in "Hindu studies". Laughable in itself. And then at some alien university. Even more of a nonsense. Are any Indians who may be involved serious? "Hindu studies" is aliens anthropologising on Hindus, either to create psy-ops or to learn what makes Hindus tick, what to appropriate and how best to destroy Hindoo heathenism. "Hindu studies" is not a native feature: Hindoos don't have "Hindu studies", and learning heathenism would *never* be done in some alien uni. Nor would anyone that a "PhD in Hindu studies" could attract even be allowed in traditional Hindu education in India.

So if AmriKKKan uni-s offer these PhDs in Hindu Studies, and alien demons join to acquire one, does that make the alien/Indian into an "expert" on Hindoos' heathenism? How?

I actually preferred it when Doniger types waved their "Hindu studies" qualifications and Elsts waved their indology credentials. But a dept set up by Indics will only ever be a means for aliens to be able to finally have access to the internal reservoirs of India and poison the wells. Aliens never had access to this via the Donigers and Indologists: they were known to be outsiders, and even Elst can come only as close as the outer skin - like Malhotras and Subrahmanyam Swamis, Hindu fandom on the internet. Aliens may be aiming for reaching more of the unreached with this new, initially Indian-coloured Hindu Studies dept - with the syllabus 'at last' allowed to be determined (for a while) by Indian origin "Hindu nationalists" (a phrase that means nothing now).

It's bad enough to find modern English-language Hindu scholars start to refer to aliens - and who themselves have references citing "father" Francis Clooney missionary types (2 or 3 degrees of separation!) - in their write ups.

But things are guaranteed to get worse and more nonsense/novel 'views' - some of it concocted and infiltrated by christianism - will be replacing heathenism by means of this new endeavour.

Why are mere educated writers - from aliens like Elst to Indics like Juluri - repeatedly crowned into experts on heathenism by "Hindu nationalists"? What a disservice these last constantly render Hindoo heathen-dom. Who *are* Elst to Juluri on matters of heathenism? They're no more knowledgeable than the avg lay Hindu, and probably less so (certainly in Elst's case) and more new-agey.

These people would *never* have had the power to influence a Hindu audience on Hindu matters were it not for the subvertibles who propped these - and their 'alternative' opinions - up. Thanks a lot, gangrene.
Had come across this on the Rajeev2004 blog

1. twitter.com/sighbaboo/status/604278082027921408



A revealing google search ->

https: // www.google.co.in/search?channel=fs&q=site%3Aiitm.ac.in+%22jawaharlal+nehru+university%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=QGloVfSaHaPv8wfutYGgBw

6:28 AM - 29 May 2015

sighbaboo @sighbaboo May 29

+It is a search for JNU within IIT-M. HSS in the results stands for Humanities & Social Sciences, btw.

16 retweets 2 favorites

#NoCricketWithPak @aashish_bhalla May 29

@sighbaboo Its a long term plan that most Hindus either fail to see or turn a blind eye to bcoz they dont care.Their off springs will suffer

More twitter responses at link.

And of course:




Marvin retweeted sighbaboo

Also check out the sheer number of Christian names in IITM Humanities faculty list with JNU connections. Cesspool!

Marvin added,

Quote:sighbaboo @sighbaboo

A revealing google search ->

https:// www.google.co.in/search?channel=fs&q=site%3Aiitm.ac.in+%22jawaharlal+nehru+university%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=QGloVfSaHaPv8wfutYGgBw

2. "Mr @narendramodi Sarkar's Nalanda appointee is Vatican man?"

Quote:rajeev srinivasan ‏@RajeevSrinivasa May 30

Darn. Thought George yeo was a Buddhist https:// twitter.com/RajivMessage/status/604845088443904000 …

Quote:31 May

rajeev srinivasan @RajeevSrinivasa

But he's a Catholic, not a Buddhist? https:// twitter.com/NarenMenon1/status/604867169705263105 …


Quote:Rajiv Malhotra


Rajiv Malhotra retweeted Zoom Indian Media

What tragedy, what ignorance....Some things have not changed in 400 years since Robert deNobili

Rajiv Malhotra added,

Zoom Indian Media @ZoomIndianMedia

Mr @narendramodi Sarkar's Nalanda appointee is Vatican man? www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/catholic-church-hails-george-yeos-vatican-role-20130721 … | @RajivMessage @Swamy39 @sarkar_swati


3. On the upside:


Quote:rajeev srinivasan


double whammy @SushmaSwaraj @meaindia. foreignmin nixes indo pak cricket, announces israel visit by pm. score: EAM 2, antinationals 0

5:08 AM - 31 May 2015

Bala ‏@Bala217 May 31

@RajeevSrinivasa she also announced a visit to palestine..so it is EAM 2, Jholawallas 1 @anilkohli54


Kesav Daund ‏@DaundKesav May 31

@RajeevSrinivasa @SushmaSwaraj @MEAIndia During Zimbabwe match there was blast outside stadium what is guarantee of our players?

Om Prakash Shah ‏@MrOmPrakashShah May 31

@RajeevSrinivasa @SushmaSwaraj @meaindia.It is good that PM is visiting Israel but Govt should encourage resumption of Indo PaK cricket ties

(Uh? Must be for the same reason some people like to be in abusive relationships...)

Garvi Bharatiya ‏@garvibharatiya May 31

@SushmaSwaraj @MEAIndia Great, Pak series is nixed. But a person with Vatican connections as VC of Nalanda Univ.? Uneasy @RajeevSrinivasa
1. indiafacts.co.in/something-awry-in-iit-madras-the-full-story/

Not to miss are all the references to "christian" in the article, including the entire section titled "Christian tentacles inside IIT Madras"

which shows how except for islam, most of the other covers (marxism/communism/JNU-ism) are just operating labels for christianism.

2. Archiving more items seen in the twitterfeed at the Rajeev2004 blog. The first related to the above:

Quote:Adarsh liberal mission achieved. Divide people right at the education level...

twitter.com/dhanyarajendran/status/605332831238168576 …

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan

Goes to:


Quote:Dhanya Rajendran


Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circles started in IIT Delhi, Mumbai and Jadavpur University.

And responses at link

3. The Chindu's editor Naxal Ramm (he who was first married to Irish [cryptocatholic] woman and now to a Syrian christian catholic infesting India):

Quote:twitter.com/barbarindian/status/605020761435291648 … ICYMI Naxal Ram exposed for funding political parties through shell companies. Yeah, that guy.

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan


Quote:Barbarian Indian


www.youtube.com/watch?t=454&v=30SW_0KBHz8 …

Absolutely devastating expose by @tajinderbagga against Naxal Ram and his subversive unethical activities.



Utterly shameful act by The Hindu: The Hindu Group Chief, N Ram is funding political parties and conspiring against Shri Narendra Modi. The Hindu stands expo...

View on web

ADDED: Also related is:


Quote:The Hindu Exposed : Media Tycoon N Ram funds political parties

01/06/2015 11:29:45 The Namo Patrika - www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBE6lhpfpJt8luIDXWvxJA

Utterly shameful act by The Hindu: The Hindu Group Chief, N Ram is FUNDING political parties and conspiring against Shri Narendra Modi. The Hindu stands exposed in this video; they have got nothing to do with honest journalism; instead they are just a mouthpiece of a political party.

4. vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=3598

Better to read in context, but excerpting a bit that is relevant:

Quote:The Church and Prohibition in Kerala – the other side of pragmatism

by C I Issac on 01 Jun 2015


According to reports in regional newspapers, the Arch Diocese of Ernakulam-Ankamali of Syro-Malabar Catholic Church submitted an application to the state Excise Department seeking to enhance its wineries’ production capacity from 1600 liters to 5000 litres. (See The Hindu, Kochi & Mathrubhumi, Kottayam, 20 May 2015). Cardinal Mar George Alancherry, a leader of the Prohibition Movement in Kerala, is the applicant!

To Christians, wine is a holy drink because it was served during Jesus’ Last Supper. So it is a necessary item to fulfill the requirement of their spiritual needs. Hence nobody questions the use of wine in communion. The consumption of wine during Holy Mass by a laity is less than one drop. So what is the rationale behind the church demand to vastly enhance production of wine?

The alcohol content in wine is 6 to 7 percent. The wine consumption promoting Churches usually blame certain Hindu temples’ practice of offering country liquor such as toddy, which contain less or equal alcohol to wine, to their deities. In recent days, the Church exerted pressure over the Government of Kerala and succeeded in closing down 700 Bar Hotels and 35 of the 350 retail liquor outlets of the State Beverages Corporation. Now only 24 Bar Hotels are functioning. This is the greatest victory of the Church.

The majority of Bar Hotels closed down were owned by the Hindu (Ezhava) community. The Christians lost nothing! Instead, the government permitted them to open wine parlours in every nook and corner of the state.
Now Kerala is not only ‘God’s own Country’ but also the land of ‘wine and beer’. Naturally, the Church which condemned the liquor policy of the government now kept discreet silence and extended moral support to the government’s new policy of ’wine and beer’.

So christianism is taking over not just fisheries and agriculture and other areas listed in item #2 of post 598 of the christianism thread, but wineries too.

Christianism is going after Hindus in every industry. Many once Hindu-owned companies/enterprises are already supplanted by christian takeover (e.g. the store Landmark), same for many newspaper outlets (like the once Hindu-owned "The Hindu").

Christianism aims to take over all for making money for its evangelisation schemes, while ensuring Hindus make none.

All (still) happening under Modi's "development" agenda, and the govt doesn't even bother to notice, as it probably only cares about the profit margin not who is raking it in at the expense of whom.
1. indiafacts.co.in/west-bengal-the-enemy-within/


2. The comments at indiafacts.co.in/west-bengal-the-enemy-within/

show how christianism is powerfully involved in W Bengal too, not just islamnania and communism like others paint it.

Quote:IndiannotAmused 5 hours ago

The media houses of Kolkata especially the Anandabazar Patrika is more anti-national than NDTV.They have direct funding from Western NGOs and links with major church groups.The Christians have big footholds in several Kolkata city schools like South Point-another hotbed of evangelist Americanization indoctrination. The O'Brien family has long kept its tentacles in there. Derek O' Brien was appointed Mamata's right hand man by the Generic Church.This individual helps co-ordinate the Church moves with Mamata.It is to be believed that the current game in West Bengal involves BOTH Jihadi and Evangelist infiltration.There are questionable individuals who have been placed inside Hindu groups like the Ram Krishna Mission. Media groups like ABP and the Dainik Statesman are virulently anti-Hindu.The latter sometimes puts up a show of countering Islamist propaganda but its other editorials openly disparage Hindutva. With its intellectual classes Marxified, its popular culture showing things like Tagore's extramarital affairs,its media openly espousing Jihadist-Evangelist causes and its economy in shambles, West Bengal looks a lost cause.It is currently worse off than Kashmir in 1989. Who can save West Bengal? Probably a rerun of the 1946-47 Great Kolkata Killings is on the way.

(O nee.)

अक्षय > IndiannotAmused 2 hours ago

I'm increasingly starting to believe that India is all set for a civil war. Come 20 more years of Congress, there may as well be no India to hold on to.

IndiannotAmused 6 hours ago

Finally at least one pan-India outlet has outed the Marichjhapi massacre, the Bijon Setu massacre and the district by district cleansing of political opponents.The death toll in " peaceful CPM-Bengal" over four decades is actually much higher-closer to eighty thousand.Compare this with the Christian LTTE violence in Northern Sri Lanka......almost equal.This is in addition to hundreds of thousands of kidnappings, rapes, maimings [ there were dedicated goon squads "specializing" in each of the above "enterprises."] The foundation was laid by importing Portugese-half breeds from Goa- the Harmads......[ yes they still exist- a group which is still involved in violent crime and yes they are Christians] .The Muslims are now majority in Malda, Nadia,North 24 parganas and South 24 parganas.They are a super majority in Murshidabad.They have already banned Hindu festivals in a majority of areas of Murshidabad.They have also started breaking temples and vandalizing Hindu homes. Soon these districts will be Hindu-less. Mamata knows everything but stays quiet. When Jamat killers of 1971 were hanged in Dhaka, Muslim Jihadis completely BLOCKED KOLKATA through massive demonstrations-yes while Bangladesh can combat Jihadis ,West Bengal looks on.If this trend holds, in the next two decades West Bengal will be broken off from India map.

Shambu Nashipudi > IndiannotAmused 2 hours ago

Bengal will be the launchpad for Islamist's forces to launch their Jihad against rest of India (read Hindus) and they can't find better partner-in-crime, the Marxists in Bengal.


Shambu Nashipudi 3 hours ago

If West Bengal is a bygone story, Kerala wouldn't be too far from being the next flash point. In fact the petro-dollar backed Saudi based radical Islam has bigger influence on Kerala expatriates than it could have on Bengali's. So watch out for Kerala for being the next bigger enemy within.

अक्षय > Shambu Nashipudi 2 hours ago

I guess TN + AP + Telangana are all set to become the Christian equivalent.

kyzylkumkohlrabi > अक्षय 20 minutes ago

So how do we reverse this trend? Or is the situation completely unsalvageable?

How? Should KICK out all christoislamaniacommunists to ISIS land. The caliph has called in the islamaniacs already, as per the BBC. And their brothers in monotheism should join them there too.

3. indiafacts.co.in/something-awry-in-iit-madras-the-full-story/

has a great many important comments including:

Quote: IndiannotAmused > अक्षय 21 hours ago

Is it not curious how the two Abrahamic groups almost never get into a fight with each other in South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia.They are keeping their Jihad and Crusade in bay till the Heahens or Kaffirs have been dealt with.

It is not really curious of course, as the two (christoislamism) are hand in glove with each other. They have an actual pact, especially apparent in the Hindoo subcontinent, to convert the unsaved kaffirs to mono-moronism.

There is also the interdenominational armistice in christianism, which is well-publicised even by christianism, concerning the conversion of the subcontinent. I first read this last in documents by RCSS (Research Centre for South Asian Studies or something), the ones where they were talking about Nepal and Sri Lanka.* But others have been quoting the same fact from other christian sources.

* Located: in the paragraphs discussing WCC's [World Council of Churches] "Towards Common Witness" (which means 'towards the common christian goal of missionising'), where the various christian denominations operating on the unsaved in the Hindu subcontinent agreed on a truce to stop poaching on each others' converts in the meanwhile:


Quote:[...] the World Council of Churches made the following observation in 1997:

“We decry the practices of those who carry out their endeavours in mission and evangelism in ways which destroy the unity of the body of Christ, human dignity and the very lives and cultures of those being ‘evangelized’; we call on them to confess their participation in and to renounce proselytism” (WCC 1997: 11).

But closer examination of the document Towards Common Witness (1997) brings out something different.The concern of the WCC has to do with the competitiveness among various Christian denominations such as what is going on today between evangelical groups and more established Christian denominations in Sri Lanka, or competitiveness among evangelical groups themselves.The WCC defines proselytizing in the following words:

“--- the encouragement of Christians who belong to a church to change their denominational allegiance , through ways and means that ‘contradict the spirit of love, violate the freedom of the human person and diminish trust in the Christian witness of the church” (WCC 1997: 7).

Thus, even the WCC is concerned with the appearance of inter-denominational rivalries and conflicts that may emerge from that, rather than from situations of proselytizing among non-Christian groups as is the case in Sri Lanka and Nepal.If this is the case, then there is a central problem linked to the idea of proselytizing or conversion as a fundamental principle of not simply evangelical groups but Christianity in general. The difference of course is that these general principles change somewhat in specific local contexts when conventional Christian denominations and institutional religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism in Sri Lanka and Nepal find them on one side of the battle line in opposing evangelical groups when their respective spheres of influence are threatened by evangelicals.

In contrast, the deal between christoislam in India is in not published, in any case not public. But can see it in action almost every day. E.g. can see it daily on Indian christomedia's apologetics for and whitewashing and silencing of jihad in India. Can see it in how religiously christian voices - in India and outside - agitate for Kashmir belonging to islam, such as by lopping it off from India in maps. Christo vocalists infesting India regularly mouth off about Kashmir. It's part of their mutual backscratching policy: christianism enables islam to jihad with impunity, since it is ridding them of their common enemy.

Further, over the long run (noticeable since 2000s at least) can see that the cumulative effects have been for India to be demarcated btw <Indian states>-for-christs and Mughalistans. Where: most of NE (but not W Bengal) and much of south* has been claimed by christianism in return for gifting the rest of India to islam. *Kerala may actually be a point of contention. The contention over AP was resolved by splitting it.

Anyway, lots of very important and insightful comments at that 2nd link too. (Warning: personally, I'd skip the ones by the socially-engineered extreme psycho "Dr MS", a virulent anti-Hindu and subversionist who claims the Hindu mantle only to attack Hindus with. Too stupid to be an infiltrator sent to reduce the value of the indiafacts site, I peg her as an ultra-brainwashee that trolls by impulsion. Definitely beyond salvaging and far beyond the reach of common sense.)

Really should archive the important comments at the link for locating items of interest easily, since the comments system in indiafacts is a bit counter-intuitive (for me) when comments have significantly accumulated on a page over time.

The news was:

Items of importance in this post are the following 2 links and many of the comments there


The 'IndianNotAmused' is a heathen Hindu. Can see how it has said twice, over two comments on this one page:


Quote: IndiannotAmused > Rajalakshmi J 16 hours ago


May the Gods save us.

IndiannotAmused > अक्षय a day ago


Thank our Hindu Gods that till now that has been averted.
At last. 'Cause I thought the species was extinct among the angelsk-enabled Hindu nationalists active on the web. I suppose the exception merely underlines the rule. Still, an infinitesimal number is of course far better than none. So yay for Hindoos++
Post 1/?

Archiving several important comments from


Quote: IndiannotAmused अक्षय > 20 hours ago

Strange ....even in the State Universities the Undergrad is intact.....are they preparing Indian minds properly in that phase .....be in Science,be in Engineering,be in Maths [ or even the HSS] ......only so that these minds can be harvested to empower the Western economies in the next stage? This sounds far-fetched even to me.....but I guess if they could try to install a parallel Sankar Mutt in India , they can try anything.Hope I am mistaken though.


(But the primary question in the above blockquote is also interesting. And plausible. And probable.)

Quote:Sree Charan R 2 hours ago

Something more is there to this whole incident.

1) Just read an article in a leading Telugu newspaper, about this event,(which otherwise is known for such political articles), blaming Hindus, for the whole event--in a regular communist-secular-"eminent historian"-rational manner--this proves that the matter goes too deep, and too far.In the recent days, such "Atrocity Literature" is increasing in that particular Newspaper, as is with the case of many other media houses; which in turn, is affecting the minds of people far too deeply than what (m)any other Nationalists would like to comprehend.

(More proof of a deep christian agenda: compare with the TN christo "lawyers" riots that Radha Rajan had documented some years back, from around the time that the Chidambaram temple vs christo "govt" takeover case was going to be heard in court. The TN christo lawyer rioting was also given huge backing by the christian network all the way in Andhra Pradesh.)

2) A Mathematician, from Harvard University, expressed "distrust" for this whole incident; and he had(?) "great respect" for Ambedkar. Firstly, he was(and is) a very active "India-friendly" academician liked by many other Indian Scientists.This comment of his forces us to understand that there are many ulterior motives among the supposedly "respected" Academicians worldwide,about India.Here are few questions--

Why should a Mathematician speak about complex social problems in India, with presumably half-baked knowledge? What was he doing when Dr.Swamy was not allowed to speak in Harvard? Can anything be more irresponsible, on the part of a brilliant mathematician? By this yardstick, a question be asked,what are the "many, many other" ideologies with which our own academicians (especially,Scientists) function and evaluate?

And, he also compared the social situations in India to that of African-American problems in US--this is from Harvard University, and everyone here knows their "Anti-Hindu" activities.Let us remember, this goes analogous to AfroDalit project, something which Rajiv Malhotra--and also recorded, in his books-- spoke about expensively.

No disrespect to him.His Mathematics is beautiful, but may be, not his moral sense.However, he was humble enough to accept that he cannot speak with confidence, on the problems of India; something, which our "intellectuals" would never dare to do !!

Thank You

(What is the name of the alien Harvard mathematician? Gautam Sen also avoids naming and shaming. In 2 to 5 years time no one will know as they won't remember the current events of today. Should *document* all the names of entities involved, even if it's just in a comment on some site.)

bhima rao 3 hours ago

Dear Author madam ,

One more important point u missed to mention is about the one and only - Prof. Binita .V.Thampi, the indisputable GOD MOTHER TO all the leftist students in Humanities dept and to Malayalis from other depts of IIT too, these selected students from kerala are from various Mao leninist fronts of kerala as - SFI, DYFI, RSF - Revolutionary students front,AUSU,SIMI, RSU, ML, CPI- ML, etc . intelligence reports have also come about their MONTHLY MARXIST MEETINGS IN THE DEPT.

The RED ARMY from Kerala are like the Trojan horses who have entered into IIT - M, - Prof.Binitha Thampi a leftist activist from Kottayam and her popular elder sister Anitha Thampi , who is a very renowned Marxist Poet she presents revolutionary poems in malayalam to the Comrades in kerala in various public events and writes in their CPI_M magazines frequently., The Thampis are Thumping away to glory !!! Trumpets to the Thampi SISTERS Anita and Binita !! kudos to them for their perseverance.

Ms.Radha, also write an investigative article on the students from kerala who r selected in a planned manner by the humanities dept which is totally controlled by this group so as to create a Base for the future. If so what is their game plan ? Is the RED Army from Nalanda UNIVERSITY moving to IIT - M , is it a reality now. , who are the perpetrators !!!

May the Home Ministry, IB, investigate ... why is the IIT- M Board of Directors SILENT on all this . we just know only the tip of the ice berg , there is lot more to be investigated thoroughly. by the I.B..,

But the root cause is becoz of the PSEDO SECULARS in IIT like - .Prof. L.S.Ganesh, who fed milk to the snakes and strengthened them. As a former dean - students his damage is unforgivable for causing all this confusion and a harakiri , why cry over the spilt milk now Prof. LSG ??? The future gen. students of IIT- M will not forgive him for all his SINs, May he see the writing- (disaster) on the wall at-least now and may sanity prevail in his chicken headed Brain !!

Jai Bhim. Jai Ambedkar.

bhima rao 4 hours ago

Dear Author, May i request you to a sequel - 2 to this article as lot

more details needs to published which the HRD ministry needs to know

thru your Article and this site , for eg. Did you know the following

details -

Another rabidly leftist forum run with institute funds is IIT for Society

1. 14th Feb 2015 - screening of documentary by Ananda Patwardhan - Father, Son, and Holy War (Pitra, Putra, aur Dharmayuddha)


30th Sept 2014 - IIT for Society and The Colloquium welcome everyone to

the screening of "India Untouched", directed by Stalin K followed by

panel discussion headed by Dr. Lakshmanan, Assistant Professor, MIDS.

India Untouched-

3. Plz see the poster "Madani". The movie

"fabricated" was in support of terrorist Madani (blore bomb blast). Then

group discussion happened.

4. Colloquium arranged many programs on

LGBT under mask of gender equality. Even though Govt has not yet revoked

article 377. IIT Madras has started a support & resource group

https: // www.facebook.com/vannam.iitm?pnref=story When people asked what

exactly mean by support & resource, administration keeps quite or

tries to shut the mouth of the person. Its open provocation to break

constitutional provisions in this case article 377. It is bad precedent

for a Govt institute.

(Oh yeah, forgot. Lots of communist feminist females will be lesbians of course. Even so in the 1st world. Would be doubly so in easily socially-engineered countries like India. Also part of the plan to control the population in India.)

bhima rao 4 hours ago

Dear Author, May i request you to a sequel - 2 to this article as lot more details needs to published which the HRD ministry needs to know thru your Article and this site , for eg. Did you know the following details -

Another rabidly leftist forum run with institute funds is IIT for Society

1. 14th Feb 2015 - screening of documentary by Ananda Patwardhan - Father, Son, and Holy War (Pitra, Putra, aur Dharmayuddha)

2. 30th Sept 2014 - IIT for Society and The Colloquium welcome everyone to the screening of "India Untouched", directed by Stalin K followed by panel discussion headed by Dr. Lakshmanan, Assistant Professor, MIDS. India Untouched-

3. Plz see the poster "Madani". The movie "fabricated" was in support of terrorist Madani (blore bomb blast). Then group discussion happened.

4. Colloquium arranged many programs on LGBT under mask of gender equality. Even though Govt has not yet revoked article 377. IIT Madras has started a support & resource group https: // www.facebook.com/vannam.iitm?pnref=story When people asked what exactly mean by support & resource, administration keeps quite or tries to shut the mouth of the person. Its open provocation to break constitutional provisions in this case article 377. It is bad precedent for a Govt institute.

bhima rao a day ago

Very good article but the author has not told the real intent behind the mobilising done by the IIT Christian Fellowship (at IIT Madras)where the christian faculty, staff, esp. christians enjoying the reservations in the garb of Dalits actually want to build a church in IIT campus, efforts are on from the days of prof. Kuriakose in 1975. Infact they had posted in their that the two temples inside IIT-M should be removed !! how i wish some ex iitians can throw more light on the ancient temples in IIT- M which i was told by the senior professors in iit that the very land on which iit -m functions today actually belongs to the Temple Land of the nearby Velacherry and Taramani villages. So IIT-madras are the real encroachers,/ intruders in a land belonging to the ancient Temples of IIT-M. Will HRand C dept of TN do the research and collect the necessary Rentals from IIT-M management plz.????

Radha Rajan 2 days ago

This comment was sent to my private email by reader Ravi. "I also suspect a nefarious role played by faux-Dalit feminazi Meena Kandasamy's mother Dr. W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy (who works in IIT-Madras's Mathematics department).

Vasantha Kandasamy is such a Hindu-hater, virulent casteist and Brahminophobe that she arm-twisted and forced her husband (Kandasamy) and made him quit his position as the editor/writer of a RSS Tamil Newspaper ("Vijaya Bharatham"). I heard this from a very senior RSS pracharak."

(Sounds like a christocommunist love jihadi: marrying a Hindoo RSS man so she can force him out of his Hindoo activism.)

Sree Charan R 2 days ago


Regarding this (well documented and informative) article, one thing that we need to understand(forget, those ignorant opinions and arrogant slogans) is: "this is just the tip of an Himalayan iceberg" , "we are literally sleeping under an atom bomb" and that "very little,but significant, actions are being undertaken to deactivate the bomb".

Thanks, to the author.

bhima rao a day ago

The Author [...] has not Mentioned the man who laid the foundation for all Leftist, Mao, revolutionary ideas amongst the students in IIT-m , he was the pioneer the one and only DEEPAK JOHNSON , leftist Activist from Kerala who became the student GENERAL SECERETARY in the year 2013-14 when he invited the contoversial - TEESTA SETALVAD the founder of combat communalism for an extra mural lecture, that set the divide and rule policy in IIT-M, later Anand patwardhan was invited and he screened his contoversial film - ram ke nam par, which divided the students further , shocking that the IIT management did not foresee the danger ahead,the technocrats BRAINS were BLINDED by the magnanimity of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION TO ONE AND ALL, NOW THEY ARE PAYING THE DIVIDENDS FOR THE HIMALAYAN BLUNDER !!

SHAME ON THE THEN DEAN OF STUDENTS Prof. L.S.Ganesh for his suicidal steps to encourage Deepak Johnson. Prof. LSG committed a disastarous HARAKIRI by nurturing the Virus within which has become a FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER now, this has tarnished the illustrious name of IIT- M forever , i think the FACULTY ARE SOLELY TO BE BLAMED FOR THIS SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS m may sanity prevail amongst the illogical, foolish psedo secular technorat Academicia atleast now......!! JAI BHIM , jai bharath !!!

Radha Rajan > bhima rao 14 hours ago

I suppose you are a student of IIT. Pl let me make a few things clear. I did not sit down one fine day and decide to do some kind of research on IIT Madras. Four days ago a group of IIT students and alumni came home to meet with me to pour out their deep distress at the durection in which student activism was heading with the full backing of a section of the IIT faculty and with implicit support of the IIT management because the management seemed disin clined to stop any of it. The Maudhani angle for some reason was not conveyed to me. But I am grateful that you have brought this out with your comment. The argticle was intended to expose student and faculty activism in social disruption. IIT is not the place for this kind of anti-Hindu dravidianism or sub-altern history or atrena for destructive freedoms which ignore social responsibilities. Thank you again but pl dont be under the impression that this is some kind of huge research project altho like someone else suggested in this forum India Facts must undertake research in student activism in universities.

bhima rao > Radha Rajan 2 hours ago

old photo of IIT- m students assembly was repeated in Times of india as an agitation in support of APSC ,

TOI have not only used fake pics to create a fake controversy about the HRD MINISTRY, they even deleted their fraudulent article with

fraudulent pics from their web pages. But the TOI nuts still don't know

that the Internet has an elephant's memory. This is the crime the TOI committed: -

bhima rao a day ago

We students of are first of all ashamed for having a forum named after Periyar an Anti Nationalist who wanted a Thani tamilnadu - ie. a separate tamilnadu and he wanted TN to secede from India after Independence and he wanted the Britishers to stay back. whereas Ambedkar was Indias first Law minister and a nationalist to the core.. plz dont equate a god fearing Ambedkar with an Atheist and antinational like Periyar plz., may the IIT-M management change the Name of our forum as Ambedkar Resurgent India.forum....

Ambedkar is not associated with any god or Gods ("god-fearing") since he became a Buddhist and encouraged his ex-Hindu Buddhist followers to denounce worshipping the Hindu Gods ever again, as part of their affirmation of converting to Buddhism. I'm not complaining: I agree that Hindoo Gods=Hindoo religion, and that others shouldn't dabble but revert to their ancestral heathenism if they still want the Hindoo Gods.

Anyway, Ambedkar ceased to be connected in any way with the Hindoo Gods. Not merely when he forced himself to reject them, but especially so when he subverted Hindoos out of their ancestral attachment to the Gods into some nouveau version of a nouveau replacement religion. Everyone is free to make their choices, but they have to abide by them.

Also, Hindoos and other heathens are not god-fearing, they revere the Gods as central.

Since Bhim Rao reveres the Gods still, he could therefore create a forum by name "Shivaji Resurgent India forum" and invite all HindOOs.

Ambedkar WILL be hijacked for anti-heathenism, it will always happen. And Buddhism IS an atheism fundamentally.

Since Bhim Rao reveres the Gods still, he could therefore create a forum by name "Shivaji Resurgent India forum" and invite all HindOOs. Such a name will make it off-bounds for un-Hindoo movements hoping to hijack followers. And if Ambedkar is relevant to TN, then Shivaji is far more so: having historically looked after Tamizh Hindoos as his own subjects, and concerned himself over their welfare. Shivaji belongs to all HindOOs since he considered all his HindOO subjects - including in TN - his own. Shivaji, by self-incrimination, is therefore for all Hindoos to claim as theirs. So Bhim Rao would do well to claim Shivaji as his banner, if he wants a human heathen hero to represent his heathen self. (Ambedkar was not a heathen and made his followers denounce heathenism. And heathenism is clearly a matter still close to Bhim Rao's heart, see also Bhim Rao's concern for and interest in the temples on the IIT-M campus.)
Post 2/?

Still archiving some comments from


Quote:IndiannotAmused a day ago

I request IndiaFacts to do the next piece on the COMPLETELY colonized and virulently anti-Hindu Jadavpur University [ Calcutta] campus.It has traditionally been a Leftist/Marxist den [ like any such den ....there is a veneer of intellectual superiority about the institute......which does NOT stand up to close scrutiny-but that's another article.] What this campus has done is vitiate the air of Calcutta down the decades. In the recent times, there was the Kissing Movement and the Sanitary Napkin movement where " Progressive Female Marxists" protested against " Caste-Ridden, Patriarchal Hindu Society " by pasting Sanitary Pads, some of them splattered with red-ink , all over the campus and the adjoining communities in the city. When confronted, they lashed out that it is against their "feminist rights ", "human rights" etc. to be challenged.They next plan to have a communal live-in housing -a colony of free-sex of sorts, right in the middle of the city.Just like Tamil Nadu has been wrecked by Dravidian politics, Bengal has been burned by Commie dogs......Mamata's election has changed little.....Please help Hindutva in Bengal by doing a piece on Jadavpur University.

Radha Rajan 2 days ago

A student sent me this small correction about the Christian missionary caught by the students:"The missionary was caught on 6th Jan 2015. The security officer wrote for trespassing complaint to police. To the best of my knowledge FIR was not filed.Previously also this guy was handled to admin many times but nothing happened."

The unfortunate thing in all this is that the Hindu students inside IIT did not confront the Director or the Dean of Students about missionaries having a free run inside the IIT. Their second mistake is in not dragging the missionary directly to the police. Instead they handed him over several times to the security officer. the security officer is an employee of the institution and he will do only what the management asks him to do. So obviously the IIT management did not want to deal sternly with Christian missionaries inside the IIT.

Indian > Radha Rajan a day ago

You cannot drag a missionary for preaching Jesus.. btu if he professes miracles that can be booked under acts where it encourages blind practice.. or even when they tend to be abusive of Hinduism as spreading communal hatred... now a days hte evangelical literature is moving to safe legal grounds to prevent abuse on legal grounds !!!!!

The firm way is to keep all these away from legal IIT sponsorship and ensure the department is weeded of these polluting minds....else, we have another stupid JNU in our midst in Chennai...

Radha Rajan > Indian a day ago

Of course you can haul the scum to the police station if he is inside an educational institution or in the vicinity of schools and temples. Point is very few people know it is an offence. They can shout all they want on the streets but even on the streets they cannot preach near temples. Ditto inside schools and colleges..

Quote:dilip ram 2 days ago

Very good article. It is all facts. One particular point which needs elaborate discussion is the presence of a number of Malayali students in the humanities section. There are doubts among us student community that whether these students were given question papers of the entrance examination in advance to help them pass the tests. Though we were trying to find out what Sudhir Chella Rajan, aeronautical engineer and material scientist , is doing in the humanities wing, we are yet to find answer. He is not a social or humanities scientist but a Marxist who wants to spread free sex in the campus.

Radha Rajan > dilip ram 2 days ago

One such student from Kerala Akhil Bharatan is spearheading the APSC and the current agaitation against the ban. This Akhil Bharatan hails from Kannur, the heartland of communist terrorists in Kerala. He is also suspected to have either DYFI or SFI links. This man enrolled himself for the five year integrated M.A course seven years ago; which means even two years after he was supposed to have completed his course, he is still inside IIT Madras because he has not written his final semester exams. Students inside IIT tell me he does not attend classes and has therefore made lack of attendance the excuse for not writingn his exam which in turn gives him the excuse to continue to stay in IIT Madras to brew poison and keep the student community in a state of unrest and in the agitation mode. The entire blame for this rests with the IIT management for not evicting him in disgrace and without completing his course.

IndiannotAmused > Radha Rajan a day ago

The sons of anarchy feel that their last frontier within " mainland " India .....Central Kerala and Tamil Nadu is going to slip out. Hindutva is a rising tide. With the BRICS bank and the AIIB coming to fruition the staying power of the White Christian West in this fight is now questionable.The outcome is frantic attempts at staying relevant.That day is not far off when Nagaland is going to be the only shop open for the snakes.I sincerely hope the Burmese can douse the Christian terrorist flames in their backyard. We may then have a return to normalcy in Asia.

अक्षय> IndiannotAmused a day ago

> Christian terrorist flames in their backyard.

Unlikely, see,

http :// joshuaproject.net/global_statistics

I hear the Rohingyas too have links with terrorists in Bangladesh. No idea about the magnitude or extent.


IndiannotAmused > अक्षय a day ago

Is it not curious how the two Abrahamic groups almost never get into a fight with each other in South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia.They are keeping their Jihad and Crusade in bay till the Heahens or Kaffirs have been dealt with.

अक्षय> IndiannotAmused a day ago

True in the sense of propaganda. I think immigrants into Nagaland who don't appear as locals have been known for being assaulted upon (take for instance the arrested man who was hacked by the mob recently).

I imagine racism is also part of equation, because the Buddhists in Myanmar haven't been known for attacking Christians, only the "Indian-looking" Rohingyas. Again, I have no idea about the truth on this affair.

IndiannotAmused > अक्षय 19 hours ago


Quote:bhima rao a day ago

Veena vimala Mani of humanities the chief coordinator Marxist of CHINTA BHAR also euphorically and erotically started the kiss of Love as in her native town of Kerala !! The iit Director Bhaskar Rammurthy encouraged it without any action. ,his Procrastination, pretending to be unaware, Ostrich syndrome has brought iit to this state of DOOM !! The entire blame is on the Mgmt for spoiling the tranquility and name of IIT-M. May the HRD ministry Sack them lock stock and barrel ..... .

bhima rao a day ago

The Author has also forgotten to Mention the dangerous Mao group in the name of CHINTABHAR headed by

another keralite Leftist Ms.Veena vimalaMani of Humanities dept. who created a stir in IIt when she screened a FABRICATED DOCUMENTARY eulogising Md. Madhani on the dreaded terrorist leader of kerala who was behind the Coimbatore bomb blasts on 15 th April 2014 .There was a plea to release him in the open forum and a discussion by leftist journalists .The IIT- Management did nothing and were sleeping then too !! wah !! what a state of inertia Mr. LSG !! What you sow , so you reap, God save IIT - M !!!

nitin a day ago

This is certainly the conspiracy of anti Hindu group present in India and funded by some gulf and western countries. Government must clutch them from the jaw. These days I am much surprise why people like Owaisi using the term Muslim and dalit(term is not exist now a days but it is in the mentality of some people for temporary benefits). Modi government must grip people like him for peace and trust between citizens instead of following the suite of appeasement.

Arun Murthy a day ago

Scrap the HSS major courses in IIT's. That is the solution. Keep minimum HSS faculty only to teach courses relevant to BTech students.

Jaya a day ago

It looks like since IIT MAdras got Dharmpal to come and lecture on his findings - the western deep state lead this time by germany has got into the act of infiltrating IIT Madras and using the HSS department to set up a counter pole to the spread of the information from Dharmpals findings. So it looks like in Business - the deep state intervention in India is led by UK and US, In academia and evangelism - by Germany and US , in activism - by Norway, Denmark & US ( Ford , rockefleer foudnations & Greenpeace) . It is astounding how UPA 1 & UPA II have pretty much sold India down the river - to all these folks. India and the IITs need to wake up before it is too late!!

(It's always the same players. Norway, having finished Hindoos in SL using LTTE, has now moved on to TN to repeat the miracle.

LTTE christianism itself has moved into TN. Must be under Norwegian auspices too.)

IndiannotAmused > Jaya a day ago

Your comment is crisp and comprehensive. IndiaFacts regularly produces excellent articles including this one.Your comment provides the framework of a new article- where EACH of the above axes of INVASION will be exposed and the backers will be called by name. Sad to see how LOW the " civilized " West can stoop.I do hope that a massive anti-church ,pro-pagan/whatever anti-church movement rises up in the West and swamps the christian leaches.
1. Archiving some more comments from


The following starts in response to one of IndianNotAmused's comments already archived

Quote:Stop Islam & Communism > IndiannotAmused a day ago

(Why can't "stop islam & communism" call himself "stop christianism, islam and communism"?)

You have unveiled very deep secrets about the dark game plan being executed in West Bengal !

IndiannotAmused > Stop Islam & Communism a day ago

Thanks but this is tip of the iceberg.Please remember that Eastern India is economically lagging much behind North India,Western India, South India.Also Eastern India has a huge population.The biggest asset of an enemy is a disenchanted local population.Also consider that Eastern India is a strategic bridgehead into the Indian subcontinent.Remember where the British conquest of the entire Indian subcontinent started from [ the Only Pan-Indian empire other than the Mauryas].The conquest was completed by 1840s.The capital stayed in Calcutta till 1911. Also historically great Indian empires have been based near Magadha.......right next door to Bengal.Finally Bengal is the gateway to North-East where China is poised to attack.My point is ,if you want to take India, you start from the East.And Calcutta /Kolkata is the biggest power-center in the East [ not Magadha as of now] .So go figure what levels of action have been initiated. Every part of India needs attention. But as of right now, Bengal needs some emergency action.

Stop Islam & Communism > IndiannotAmused a day ago

Since I live in bengal I now that MIM, the ultimate Islamic fundamentalist party of India is making strong inroads in Bengal.Recruitment drive is in full swing in muslim dominated regions of bengal by MIM. The so called "secular" parties are mostly worried in bengal regarding their fate if muslims shift en bloc to MIM.

IndiannotAmused Stop Islam & Communism • 18 hours ago

That may be a blessing in disguise.Think about it.

(No. More likely the cowardly opportunists - mostly communists - who've been selling Bengal to christoislam will attempt to pull what they did upon partition: they will move into the remaining Hindu parts of India. IIRC BV posted about all this once.

Anyway, after ruining E Bengal aka Bangladesh and letting islam have it, communists that had infested E Bengal ran into India when islam finally turned on them, and have been repeating the same in India's own state of W Bengal. So this time, let islam slaughter all the communists in W Bengal. Make them stay back.

When Bengali Hindus are given refuge in the rest of India - as may happen in a larger scale ethnic cleansing of W Bengal than is going on already at present, unless all the Hindus of Bangladesh are resettled in W Bengal and BD islamaniacs are hounded out of India by the army - the demonic communist infestation in Bengal may try to piggyback with genuine refugees into the rest of India (to repeat their christoislamic miracle), as they will also be running away for their lives from islam. <- You know, just the way famous nazi genociders dressed as Jewish concentration camp inmates in order to escape scott-free with actual Jews who were liberated.

Therefore, Hindus need to start organising something like the Jewish nazi-hunter orgs: organise reliable Hindoo witnesses to screen all incoming refugees and identify among them all communists and other traitors who enabled christoislam. And the minute any of these are identified and their collaboration demonstrated, they will be turned back loose into the islamic-infested Bengal they were trying to escape, to let the islamic demons cannibalise them and all their family*. En smakelijk eten. They made their bed, they should lie in it. *'Cause their subversive genes are not welcome either.)

2. blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/indus-calling/why-should-manipur-remain-in/

Quote:‘Why should Manipur remain in India?’

May 17, 2010, 9:47 pm IST Tarun Vijay in Indus Calling | India | TOI

Manipuri christians etc can leave. But not with the land. Which belongs to ethnic Hindoos alone.

The minute people - individuals, communities, no matter - convert to other religions, they lose all claims to the land.

Christianism converts ethnic groups specifically to claim territory via the conversion game (that the majority has now converted, also used by islam, see TSP-E/TSP-W, and Kashmir and Hyderabad etc). But Hindus must derecognise ethnicity as being a sole qualifier for any claims, and declare that only ethnics who are of the ancestral heathen religion (but not of some christo-brainwashed religion "distinct" from heathenism, because that is a signal of christianisation of the population) have claims to the land, else the neighbouring ethnics who are still of that heathenism.

Therefore Kashmir belongs only to the Hindoo Pandits and all other ethnic Hindoos, but specifically not to christoislamics, no matter that their ancestors may have been of Kashmir (although that itself is usually not true: many muslims infesting Kashmir are merely the product of invaders, including modern Pakis anyway).

And Hindoos should back up the claim with a willingness to swipe all christoislamic infestations into TSP/BD if they dare to claim yet more Hindoo land via their usual "the majority has converted, give us the land" tactic. Should make it constitutional and invoke the army to drive christoislamic secessionists out.

Then resettle neighbouring ethnic Hindoos in the region. Should settle Sindhi Hindus with Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir after sending islamics in Kashmir back to TSP which was partitioned for them. (Else islamics can always give Pakistan and BD land back to Hindoos and move into ISIS-occupied Syria where all christoislamics in India belong.)
1. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2015/06/govt-bows-to-khalistani-protesters.html



And on the heels of the massacre of army jawans in Manipur, now suddenly another attack in Arunachal Pradesh:



- Khalistanis are significantly conditioned by islamics

- Manipur is heavily christian

- So is Arunachal Pradesh. But NSCN = "nationalist socialist (nazi for short) council of Nagaland". In Arunachal Pradesh.

So not just islam, but christianism is on full throttle - concertedly so, from Kerala fishing regions to several NE states and actors at the same time - in their christian agenda of claiming land and their peoples.

So much for Modi-led BJP's development agenda. Soon they may have to think whether are not they can continue to play blind/preach secularism, or to finally take a stand against the christoislamic canker killing India.

2. rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2015/06/quick-notes-peta-support-yoga-in.html


(a ) Yoga In Pakistan: Ghar Wapsi next!


(b ) Where is the Freedom of expression now? Tamil writer (Joe D’Cruz) facing legal trouble over alleged poor depiction of Christianity, priests and nuns. "I am being osctracized for supporting Modi".


a. "Pagan"'s link to a youtube video of male Pakistanis doing Yoga led to another video of females

"Indus Yoga Health Club for Ladies Lahore Pakistan" of the indusyogaclub's channel

I sampled a few seconds but had the audio. Seems like muslimahs dabbling in yoga divorced from Hindu heathenism. The way aliens have done the same. Doesn't lead to Ghar Wapsi.

So don't know how "Pagan" figures yoga in Pakistan implies they will Hinduise. It has already been de-Hinduised just like Hindu martial arts in islamised Indonesia has been de-Hinduised and declared as "therefore muslim now". And in yoga's case at least, this de-heathenisation has happened with 'Hindus' enabling it, and encouraging it every step of the way. Hindus are famous for shooting themselves in the foot. E.g. many years ago now just before I became a member of IF, at the site HinduWisdom.info - back when it was still known as TributeToHinduism, IIRC - the site's hostess had received a question from a christian SE Asian (Indonesian IIRC) in the comments section. The latter said that her family had converted to christianism - and she herself was clearly a very determined christian - but she was so "impressed" (as covetous christoislamics always are) by Hindu civilisation in her own SE Asia, that said christian parasite asked HinduWisdom's hostess whether as a christian she could still consider herself as having equal rights to Hindu civilisation/'culture' (that is, whether she could regard her christianism as a natural evolution/end-prodcut thereof, thus inheriting all the achievements of Hindoo-dom that preceded it while still being an unnatural christian parasite whose chosen ideology hates heathenism). To which the HinduWisdom host replied - get this - that it was perfectly fine, it was all just "cultural" anyway.

The host was utterly wrong: can't have the cake and eat it too (this goes for all unHindoos - including the other Indic religions - who try to claim/piggyback on anything Hindoo, BTW).

But it goes to show how there is no guarantee of any Ghar Wapsi happening by any christoislamics encroaching on the religio-culture=expression of Hindoo heathenism. More likely they will merely do what christoislamics always do: sneak in, get idiot Hindus to teach them/include them/allow them, and then declare it is magically christoislamic.

Hmmm. If christoislamaniacs of the subcontinent do yoga too, I guess that makes them "dharmic" as well. Nah? (Since Buddhism and Jainism didn't invent yoga either, but merely got in on it later - since they were spin-offs on Upanishad learning, attempting to pointlessly universalise it - but now are presenting themselves as having invented yoga while presenting Vedic religion of having been an invader to the Vedic homeland that supposedly copied yoga from them (the "ur-Shramanas") and oppressed their allegedly "native inhabitant" selves.)

b. thenewsminute.com/article/being-osctracized-supporting-modi-says-tamil-writer-facing-legal-trouble-over-book

Quote:Being osctracized for supporting Modi, says Tamil writer facing legal trouble over book

Tamil Nadu Sameera Ahmed| Friday, June 5, 2015 - 19:38

When writer Perumal Murugan was ostracized from his hometown Tiruchengode last year, he had the entire literary community backing him. But now another Tamil author, Joe D’Cruz who is in legal trouble over one of his books, has questioned the absence of any support for him.

Lashing out at the alleged hypocrisy of the liberal front in India, Tamil writer and Sahitya Akademi award-winner, Joe D’Cruz who was once publicly criticised for voicing his support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, questioned what he called the two-faced approach of those who believed in freedom of speech. According to D’Cruz, he did not get any support from “ideologists” after he wrote a Facebook post in April 2014 in support of then Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi – a move that cost him a publishing contract.

D’Cruz is now facing legal trouble over his 2009 book Korkai after a summons by the Thoothukudi Magistrate over a defamation case alleging the portrayal of the coastal community and Christianity in bad light.

D’Cruz hails from Uvari, a fishing village in Tirunelveli district, and is acclaimed for his account of the history of fishermen which he chronicled in Korkai. The Hindu reported that D’Cruz has been issued a summons to appear before the court on June 12over the reported poor depiction of the coastal community, Christianity, priests and nuns in his book.

Joe D’Cruz said that it was a few anti-social elements who were going against him. “The complaint says that I have depicted the community very badly,” D'Cruz told The News Minute.

"The opposition is coming from vested interests,” the author added.

D’Cruz said that his novels have even evoked a lot of threatening "murder" calls from unknown numbers in the past.

Where is the Freedom of expression now?

In April 2014, when D’Cruz wrote a Facebook post in support of then Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, the move cost him a publishing contract with Delhi-based publisher “Navayana” who refused to release the English translation of his book, Aazhi Soozh Ulagu (Ocean Ringed World). Though he defended his support for Modi, publishers then refused on the grounds that they would not support someone they thought was a “fascist”.

However, what he lost out on was not just a contract, but also faced condemnation from the “so-called ideologists”, he feels.

Criticised the same “ideologists” for their beliefs, he said, "They have this stand that 'You agree with my ideology, then only I will support or promote you'."

“Where is the freedom of expression now? They will talk of freedom of expression only if you agree with their ideology?”, he said pointing out the hypocrisy.

Explaining that he could not be bracketed in the “Hindutva” label just because of his support for Modi, he said that his support was only for the individual and "there was no mentioning about his party, ideology, his religious sentiment that he belongs to.” However, as a repercussion D’Cruz, who works as the president of a shipping company, said that he faced a lot of criticism. “Many people came on to me. They even completely ignored me,” he said, alleging that a number of felicitation events were cancelled by the “so-called ideologists” because of his views.

The two books, a 2004 novel titled Aazhi Soozh Ulagu, for which he was awarded the TN government literary award in 2005, and his second novel Korkai, are both based on the coastal community. However the underlying theme of the stories revolves around the ancestral faith of the Parathavar coastal community which, he says, converted to Christianity in olden times. The portrayal of Christianity and the coastal community in this light has evoked criticism.

When asked why there was criticism against his novels, he defends himself by saying, “A novel is like a mirror. It shows what the nature of the community is. If you are identifying yourself with one of the characters, whose mistake is it?," he asked. He even alleged hearing instances where priests held copies of his book and promised heaven to those who burnt them.

Identifying himself as a Roman Catholic, D'Cruz said that despite his religion, he still respected female Hindu deities belonging to India.

“There are certain elements who are trying to put down my efforts,” concluded D’Cruz saying that the “elements” were trying to obstruct his attempt to bring awareness to the coastal community about their religious history.

(Image source: Yaadhum Youtube video screengrab)
There is a Very Important reason behind why catholics are trying to suppress/whitewash the true history of the christo-conversion of the once Hindoo Paravas over the centuries. The Paravas were deeply devoted to Amman and their Hindoo heathenism, and christian demons spent centuries trying to convert this into mariolatry instead.

Ever since De Nobili, all from American missionaries - both male and female - playing at being "historians" of christianism in India, to even S Korean christian "historians of mission in Asia" have tried to recast the conversion of the Paravas into a more proper conversion that christianism can claim as a success since the beginning.

It was an eye-opener just reading the various accounts of the matter. None of the christian accounts I came across are consistent. There was obvious concealment in them - e.g. an attempt to whitewash the remnants of paganism of earlier eras as 'actually' being "successful" early attempts at inculturation even - which was outed when Indian christo catholic hysterians blabbed the facts of this particular aspect of Parava history, and thereby accidentally set this record straight: the Paravas had actually reverted to paganism in the timeframe in question. But then the same 'Indian' catholic hysterians then went about declaring that they were properly converted thereafter, and worked in their own history rewriting at this stage/concealed other facts like the Jesuits vs Portuguese, inciting severe civil strife among converted Paravas to decide which Euro-christists masters should claim their wealth-producing community. <- This was a bit alien christo authors on converted Paravas' history admitted, but that Indian catholics totally skipped past and that the S Korean christist avoided too IIRC.

Joe D'Cruz - if he 'still respects female Hindu deities belonging to India' as it says above - should just Return Home already, can stop wasting his own time in christianism. He appears to be of the Parava fishing community, so why is he resisting his ancestral Divine Mother, who was a God so central to the Paravas? The Paravas used to be profoundly loyal to their Divine Parents, and even after the first faux-conversion for opportunistic reasons, for a long time they simply continued Hindu religion under a pretense of christianism to the christian colonials and jesuits who came to check up on them, because they never actually meant to convert, they only meant to get rid of the islamaniacs terrorising their fisheries by requesting the Portuguese to help, but which help - predictably - was on condition of their conversion. (No different from the christian carrion fowl turning every disaster into an opportunity for a harvest by requiring conversion in return for relief aid.)

"Hindu nationalists" should IMO really read up various sources on the history of the conversion of the Paravas. Even the desperately disparate accounts by various christian missionaries on the subject is quite educational on how christianism lies, then lies and lies again to legitimise itself and its history in the subcontinent.

Some of the comments on the newsminute article:

Quote:Sam 2 days ago

This is akin to the case of Sanal Edamaruku, the rationalist living in self-exile in Finland. When he debunked Hindu superstitions it was OK and he was feted by the media and lived without any fear for his safety in India, even though his background was Christian. But once he made the mistake of targeting Christian superstition in India all bets were off and he had to flee the country with his tail beneath his legs to silence from the media and the seculars. Another example of secular hypocrisy in action, right out of Animal Farm: four legs (Hindus) good, two legs (Abrahamics) better.

Sam 2 days ago

What exactly does "depicted the community very badly" mean? Give specifics. For example, did he concoct a fictitious story about loose women from that community having sex with strangers under religious sanction, like Perumal Murugan did? Or were they offended just because he wrote how they had been converted and possessed an ancestral faith? Was he writing as a member of the community being portrayed, or, like Murugan, writing offensively about a community from which he had converted and arguably had a bias against? Big difference! Seculars are even greater hypocrites than they appear to be on the surface.

hax 2 days ago

simple fact here the law suit is between him and Christian church authority and no liberal or communist will dare to come rescue you actually am surprised news sites are covering this issue

ha > hax a day ago

even the headline is misleading typical click-bait.to side track the main issue

issue here is questioning where is support for author from so called liberals self claimed rationalists. since its a law suit between author and church authority its know thing no liberal or communist will help him if we look clearly its has less of politics more of liberal hypocrisy

The lawsuit has been filed very recently by one V. Alangara Bharathavar, general secretary of the Meenavar Viduthalai Iyakkam, who claims

“He has written as if promiscuity is prevalent among fisherwomen. His portrayal of Catholic priests and nuns has offended the faith. It caused me and others who have read the novel pain and anguish."

This writer has also previously lost a book contract in April 2014 for his support for Modi. people do not get confuse the two issues. headline of article is misleading to sidetrack main issue

Bajju a day ago

Sorry Mr.D’Cruz,

There will be no candle light marches, no ‪#‎Istandwith‬ hashtags, no howling and hollering on primetime tv, no op-eds in newspapers, no Facebook-only righteous activism

If you really believed that the so called debate was all about freedom of expression, sorry to rain on your parade.

In this masquerade,your misfortune is that you are on the wrong side of the road...

3. mediacrooks.com/2015/06/muslim-periyar-farce.html

Quote:VivekJune 05, 2015 7:52 AM

The idea of India was One nation, one people under one law. But muslims rejected that idea. Chacha 420 gave Muslims their own shariah laws and made them a privileged 'minority' soon after independence. Other communities have also rejected the idea of India, recently Jains rejected the idea by demanding and securing privileged 'minority' status, thanks to their financial clout.
Item from


Quote:Pink Revolution and UPA-3:

? @narendramodi @yogrishiramdev @BJP4India @BJPRajnathSingh @sushmaswaraj @Rswabhiman @amitshahoffice @LKAdvaniBJP [color=b;ue]pic.twitter.com/PZxMK8WNbO[/color]

Swadeshi Vichaar (@venky6666) June 1, 2015

which linked to mobile.twitter.com/venky6666/status/605215247356579840

featuring the image (pbs.twimg.com/media/CFr4dOCWIAAJCYQ.jpg):

[Image: CFr4dOCWIAAJCYQ.jpg]

Is this... true? Sort of like the summary of Hindutva, the replacement ideology that everyone now swears by.

And mirrors well the elected BJP's treatment of Hindoos and the Hindoo cause.

Oh well, our fate will be -is- the same as that of our Gau. (And why should it be different?)

They are abandoned just like the Hindoos of our own species are abandoned to their fate, in Kashmir, NE, W Bengal, and inside TSP territory etc. At least there is a consistency to such cowardice: it is the universal face shown to all. Mayhap the day that Hindoos will universally defend their Gau again - and defend their temple moorties from christoislamic theft and vandalism - will be that day when they similarly cease to take the christoislamaniac genocide of Hindoos too. Maar wat zal de druppel zijn die deze emmer eindelijk doet overlopen?* And how many more crimes must be committed against Hindoo-dom before then?

* English phrasal equivalent is: "What shall be the last straw?"

Quote:IndiannotAmused • 2 days ago

A new strategy these days is to use advertising media to inject potentially contentious [ according to Western norms] content into Indian social discourse,in the name of ' liberal progressivism".While not directly connected to Christianization, such kinds of subversion do serve the purpose of eroding local value systems and making a vacuum in the collective mindset.This is followed by creeping Christian ingress.Take the Myntra ad......shows ENGLISH SPEAKING women daring to "come out." The subliminal message is clear......Westernization "sets you free" from the

" backward, regressive ,torturing brown native stinky Hindu civilization". What Deepika bit...h tried to do for FemiNazism.......the Myntra bit...h tries to do for the lesbo-homo brigade. A classic case of subversion through any means possible......no wonder a nationalist like Vladimir Putin is combating gay movements [ I seriously doubt he is a dictator as we are told by the Western Christian media]. China is also taking definite steps to stop import of bullshit like this......their internet is like a fortress [ that has its drawbacks but the goods outweigh the bads, in my opinion]. However India with its

" Western ,urban middle class" is hungrily lapping up the sh...t that is being served.Perhaps this is the destiny of a people that has forgotten itself.Seriously we need a counter caucus with Indian takes on such affairs. Such organizations will formulate our stand on these issues and PUSH BACK.

Very correct. Comments at several nationalist sites have similarly noticed that the current ploy was to push the LGBT "plight" in India and manufacture the latest controversy therewith. All these individuals' conclusions match with news items surfacing about gay issues and cross-dressing Indians whining look-at-me just for being 'different', like anyone actually cares.

The christo-infested BJP in Goa was in the news for threatening some kind of herbal treatment or something for homosexuals. Clearly a christian ploy and aimed at blaming the BJP. But then, the BJP *would* let itself get infested with christianism. Own fault.

The LGBT agenda is indeed pushed by christianism and the west in countries and regions targeted by the christowest. Besides the examples of Russia and China given by IndianNotAmused, there is of course also the famous example of the Middle-East, noticeable during the Arab Spring. Interestingly, peculiarly Iraq and ISIS - the very regions thereafter donated by the west to jihad (as is intended for India):

- At the height of the earlier drama, saw a documentary about Iraqi christian homosexuals quietly protesting/lobbying/working with alien forces.

- And of course the infamous cases of western male christian intelligence agents/assets stationed in the safety of the west setting up blogs pretending to be Syrian lesbians in Syria pretending to be oppressed by Syria's "secret police", and which fake persona was -predictably- promoted by their gay western counterparts (who were clearly in on it). Links to news reports on this were posted here.

And once the west has made use of the Indian LGBT types for its own ends, they will leave them to their own devices/feed them to the crusade/jihad fomented. Not that I care. Indian LGBT types are very anti-Hindu. The only time that they mention Hindu heathenism is opportunistically, for their own ends: to misinterpret Hindu heathenism (which is the extent of their knowledge, showing they were never heathens) to validate themselves.

E.g. not 10 years back, came across Indian gay fora actually stating in a list of "famous historic cases of homosexuality in India" that MBh has an example of ancient Gay "Hindus" in Krishna and Arjuna. They referred to some paragraph where one of the two got dressed up/tidied up for a meeting/hanging out with the other. <- Apparently this is "gay". And never mind the little detail that Krishna and Arjuna are cousins, and thus that the gay indian lobbyists were actually reading incest into the MBh. (That the LGBT Indians didn't know the unavoidable fact that Krishna and Arjuna are cousins is yet more proof that the LGBT Indians don't know anything about the MBh or any Hindu scriptures, and are probably christian - since even the most nominal Hindus know that much at least - and in their desperation to project homosexuality onto ancient Hindoo characters and materials, they can't even get the basics right and have to resort to contorting straightforward plain paragraphs to backprojected gay innunendo. And since that was indeed all the 'proof' of homosexuality they could force-fit in the ancient Hindu heathen epics/materials, I suppose that means that they just ruled out their own thesis? :morons: Don't have much sympathy for Indian LGBT types. They're just incorrigible subversionists.)

But using LGBT 'issues' to foment trouble is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the christowest and its agents. Including in India.

As also the christowestern use and fostering/planting of feminism and unnatural whining about gender (like the Deepika Padukone example given above, and I initially thought that the Dr PMS troll at indiafacts was a plant for this reason), which is meant to destroy the future of families in communities and even populations that refuse to be assimilated. The example of the Asian American/E Asian case is documented here. But Russia is another example, as was seen in its export of women ("Russian brides") and the demonisation of Russian men as violent villains: in all western televised fiction where Russian characters play baddies - relevant episodes of any modern western spy series - the Russian men are always villains and always sound slurry in English too, to add to the "must be evil, can't even speak English properly" AmeriKKKan conclusion, and are always no better than thugs, whereas the female Russians are often "good guys": needing to be saved by or at least can be assimilated by the benign civilised west. This pattern was more noticeable until the mid/late part of last decade, but it's still there. Very SOP for the christowest. That aided the uni-directional export of presumably willing Russian women into the christowest. (The huge numbers of unwilling Russian/Ukrainian and Baltic women and underage females kidnapped into the christowest for violent sexual exploitation falls under human trafficking of course.)

Quote:Radha Rajan • 4 hours ago

In what may be perfect timing and related to the last paragraph, we now have Yoga is a way of life, Yoga has no religion. Earlier it was Hinduism is a way of life, Hinduism is not a religion. And the winning theory - on this bhumi., everyone is a Hindu. The logical conclusion here is we have Muslim Hindu, Christian Hindu, Parsi Hindu, and the comical Hindu-Hindu.





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Did say. And hinted at just this very problem even longer ago.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? Doubt it.

Note that only Hindu heathens=Hindoos are left without a recognised self-appellation in English. Not Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs. Except for S Korean catholic-buddhists, I've not heard others encroach on the Buddhist label. None on the Jaina one certainly.

But Hindu "nationalists" did this to Hindoos: rob us of a name for ourselves in the ubiquitous English.

You know, the kind of "Hindu" "nationalists" that said "There's no such thing as Hindus unless everything else Indic is equally Hindu too".

Quote: Avatar

Jishnu > Radha Rajan • an hour ago

For that we have ourselves alone to blame. First trying to teach yoga vidya to asura-s, then try making it "universal" just so it can't be called communal, then crib about its Hindu "origins", and the spiral goes on.




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Above's like a short short version of my own view. (And previous posts.)

(And I tend to use that word too: Universalising.)

But I guess as the walls of Hindus' prison are all coming in very close now to crush Hindus, especially ever since the last several decades when the problems and errors have become blatantly obvious, it's inevitable that many people come to the same conclusions by natural convergence.

A chain of consequences starting from lack of foresight (and lack of understanding of why heathenisms are ethnic religions, and lack of proper knowledge of other populations, specifically the west post christianism), followed by a repeat of lack of foresight and so on, to each reaction trying to patch up the previous mistakes, as observed by the commenter above. Rinse and repeat.

But then modern Hindus are ever reacting.

Yet again: Before it's even later still and more is lost: HindOOs should Issue in unison the Hindoo equivalent of the L/D/Nakota Native Americans' Declaration of War - without a single compromise.* Then send it off to the native Americans to know Hindoos' plight, so they at least may perhaps recognise our situation and thus sympathise with the Hindoo side.

Then build more support among Hindoos for this war declaration.

Then, close off all this two way communication with the west and with christoislamics as regards anything Hindoo. Teach them nothing. Let them grope forever. And stop the public digitisation projects of remaining Hindoo materials.

Modern Hindus won't implement it of course.

Only death cures stupidity. (When it's too late, more Hindus - like the ones still arguing for alien dabbling/converts and for universalising Hindoo heathenism - will come to the realisation. And then you know it's indeed quite so late that only a short stretch the tragic ending remains.)

* Links:
  • puffin.creighton.edu/lakota/war.html

  • thepeoplespaths.net/articles/warlakot.htm

The ur-fault lies with Hindu "brahmin" traitors* who taught aliens demons to dabble in the Vedas. Their tampering with the Vedas has called down miseries on the Hindoos. Which is something the aforementioned Hindu "brahmin" traitors are to blame for (where's the nearest tree?): the alien demons could have got nowhere if conceited Indians weren't so in love with alien adulation as to invite this.

* Have over the years counted several oryanists among this class of traitors (teaching aliens to dabble is a feature of Indian oryanists). But wonder what the actual % of oryanists among this group is.

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