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Nexus Between Entities Influencing India
Related to post 310 somewhere up there, where Vamsee Juluri has joined some American christo university's Hindu Studies department to jointly define Hindu-ism for Hindoos back home.

And here's apparently a known one. The author of the following itself, one "Anantanand Rambachan".


"Dr. Anantanand Rambachan is Professor of Religion at Saint Olaf College, Minnesota, USA."

The comments section is the important bit. Among other things, it reveals he works for christianism, and is closely associated with extreme anti-Hindus.

Skipped the article itself, since he was already outed (and demonstrated) as a collaborator in an earlier article at swarajya. And of course swarajya keeps plugging him. (They have a small but steady supply of subversive articles among their other kinds.)

Q: Is there going to be any respite from this constant stream of blows Hindoos keep getting dealt? Or do Hindoos just need to keep rolling with the punches forever?
1. The following totally explains the concerted international reporting on the "poor" Rohingya "refugees". Their sobstory has been brought to a level with - and made to eclipse and oust - even the Yezidis being genocided by islam, though the Yezidis' plight never got such extensive coverage or so many soundbytes of condemnation from aliens.

Meanwhile, the Buddhists of Burma are projected as the next IS/Taliban for kicking out the Bangladeshi islamic miscreants "Rohingyas" to where they belong: in some islamic place (prefer they being kicked to the Middle-East than to Malaysia/Indonesia though).


Quote:Amnesty International appoints Modi-basher as its executive director for India – Poonam Patil Kalra

“Amnesty International has been criticized often for its dubious funding, anti-national agenda and its alleged links with pro-jihadi groups. … It repeatedly released reports that sided with Islam in regards to Middle East politics. When Gita Sahgal resigned from Amnesty, she further warned, Islam is trying to whitewash its terrorist image by ‘buying’ organizations she thought were defenders of human rights, democracy and freedom.” – Poonam Patil Kalra


The organization has been criticized often for its dubious funding, anti-national agenda and its alleged links with pro-jihadi groups. The organization says on its website, “We neither seek nor accept any funds for human rights research from governments or political parties and we accept support only from businesses that have been carefully vetted. By way of ethical fundraising leading to donations from individuals, we are able to stand firm and unwavering in our defence of universal and indivisible human rights.”

Despite this claim, Amnesty did receive grants from the UK Department for International Development, the European Commission, the United States State Department and other governments. It is also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Senior human rights activist, Gita Sahgal, who has worked with Amnesty for seven years for women’s’ rights, warns that Amnesty International is too closely linked to pro-jihadi groups. Sahgal spoke of Amnesty’s links with Moazzam Begg, a former inmate at Guantanamo Bay, and his organisation Cageprisoners. According to her, Islam, and in particular the Sharia law, treat women as second-hand citizens are not the worst sides of this religion. However, Amnesty International repeatedly released reports that sided with Islam in regards to Middle East politics. When Gita Sahgal resigned from Amnesty, she further warned, Islam is trying to whitewash its terrorist image by “buying” organizations she thought were defenders of human rights, democracy and freedom.

Recently, when the Indian government came down harshly on foreign funded NGOs, Amnesty put the following posters in Germany.

The hoarding says: “Threatened, Evicted, Robbed – India’s economy is growing with disadvantage for the indigenous population and poor parts of the society. Entire villages are being displaced to create room for industrial sites. People are forcibly evicted from their homes.“

This is a clear attempt by the organization to show the Indian government and its policies in poor light in front of the western populace. India and its progressing economy seems to be a threat to the NGO.

Amnesty International has been exposed in the past of ideological bias by many governments of non-Western countries, including those of, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the People’s Republic of China, Vietnam, and Russia who have shown Amnesty International for one-sided reporting or a failure to treat threats to security as a mitigating factor.

What’s the latest with Amnesty?

Well, it appoints Aakar Patel as its India head. Who is he? Aakar Patel is a jounalist who writes for several dailies including LiveMint and DNA. He specializes in creating vilifying and malicious write-ups especially against Modi. He is famous for making casteist comments, stereotyping people based on their ethnic backgrounds and anti Hindu rhetoric.

If there is Modi-hating company, Aakar Patel is the boss. Not only does he beat others, he betters himself with every new article, thus ascending to new summits of Modi-bashing and in turn plunging to newer depths of moronity. Here are some gems showcasing the twisted logic and Hindu-phobia that Aakar Patel proudly shows off :


Rest at link.

2. Added.

Swarajyamag was running an article by the "Hindu" AmriKKKan Foundation (HAF) on why Hindus in India should accept homosexuality as a *Hindu* societal norm - complete with the usual subversions of Hindoos' heathenism to force-read LGBT into Mohini-Vishnu+Shiva and Ardhanaareeshwara, to make their argument/lecture Hindus to "accept".


And apparently the Saptapadi rite has been subverted in the US - so not apaswaram in Vedic rites, they've rather "adapting" the saptapadi and rites to same-sex marriages and misapplying it to a wrong target couple configuration - and this is the sort of thing that HAF further feels should be the future of Hindu heathenism in India too.

Since when was this okay? Then again, stupid new age "Hindus" have been applying Vedic rites to aliens (incl "converts") marrying "Hindus" too. No wonder ethnically Indian LGBT feel the same self-entitlement. "What's good for the goose..."

But I disagree on both counts: Vedic rites should NOT be applied for alien-with-Hindu marriages NOR for ethnically-Indian gay marriages. People should stop messing with serious Hindu rites. Too late I suppose. NRI and other new age Hindoos have already cheapened their religion by selling it off to aliens ("converts" etc) to dabble in: the floodgate's already opened. What comes in hereafter asserts it has an equal claim now.

There are all kinds of annoying and extremely provoking highly ignorant comments in the comments section. E.g. by one LGBT/champion claiming that homosexuality is absolutely never a choice for anyone, when quite a number of lesbian feminists are on record for declaring it is a choice [definitely for them], duh. (E.g. independent.co.uk/life-style/is-sexual-orientation-a-choice-9582897.html) So who are they trying to kid shouting others down that it is Never a choice for Nobody? Feminism has actually bred a surprising number of lesbians from an otherwise straight population - to the extent that a Scandinavian film actually lampooned this trend - all because they were brainwashed into hating men.* It's amazing that no one but ex-straight feminist lesbians will discuss this. And so yes, there is a certain amount of learnt behaviour here. Though I fingerpoint radical feminism (but is there any another kind?)

* The way many self-labelled "dalits" have been brainwashed against their own ancestral heathenism.

And in the swarajyamag's comment section, there's also scary foreshadowing of more "rights" that LGBT want for themselves: one person declared that gay couples could consist of one person as a Vedic 'priest' or even as a 'gR^ihastha'** doing homas - so dabbling in the Vedam is another right they envision (or indulging in already, who knows) - and adopting kids too. <- It's the very same self-entitlement seen in alien dabblers/vedicists and alien adopters=abductors of ethnic children.

** Honestly. How is it when even unmarried Hindoo vedabrahmanas (straight and ethnic Hindoo obviously) aren't allowed to do certain Vedic rites, that gay Indics suddenly imagine they have a right to dabble in the same? The yajamAna-patnI is a female, and upon being married to the Yajamana, the latter is then empowered to do such rites and the wife does some specific things here and there to. The Hindoo vedabrahmana is not allowed access to such rites before. (Even I know that much.)

And so of course gay people are not allowed to dabble either, no matter how ethnically Indian they are, or if they have brahmin ancestry, or if they got married to their love interest (complete with "adapted" saptapadi). No one cares. It's just the way it is.

(And gay people should not be allowed to marry the opposite gender just so they can thereby dabble in the Vedam either IMO: People should follow their nature AND stick to the rules as regards sacred heathen rites. Lots of vedabrahmanas have unfortunately not been able to get married and so can't do gR^ihastha rites. Being HindOOs who value their religion, they abide by its rules. It is only new-ageists and alien-minded for whom heathenism is cheap that would break rules just to satisfy their own sense of self-entitlement.)

People who pretend to be sympathetic to heathenism or who pretend to have a Hindu outlook need to respect the rules and stick to them. These are serious matters. Stop turning Hindoo heathenism into a new-ageism. Yet HAF is promoting such new-ageism with their advertising positively for the subverting of the Vedic marriage rites.

What next, advertising for reciting the Vedam in apaswaram? Or inviting or enabling mlechchas to dabble? Oh wait, Indians have already been doing that last.
1. Perhaps the following belongs in the christianism thread. The "nexus" here is the whole gaggle of entities - the entire edifice - that Malhotra is addressing via his response to Nicholson:



In the article Rajiv Malhotra shows the alien would-be-usurpers for what they are.

Moral: Never Share With The Alien Demons. The west undergoes brainfry whenever faced with anything Indic especially anything Hindu. (Less brainfry is seen even with non-GR western encroachment on Hellenismos.) And only innately anti-Hindu western people (no matter how benign they feel at the start) would ever encroach on Hindu heathenism. Oh and western "studying" of Skt or Indic "philosophy" etc IS encroachment.

Hindus should have kept their religion private, and never but Never let the alien demons in - even an inch - into any part of it.

See the alien demons still grasp about for actual knowledge of Taoism (far more of Taoism being oral than Hindoos' heathenism. Right perception/following traditional views and the benefaction of the Taoist Gods is essential to even understanding let alone practising what texts there are. E.g. basic example: aliens pretend a mere reading of the Tao Te Ching gives them the 'expertise' to deny that the text even concerns the Taoist Gods).

Problem arises from modern India having made knowledge - meant for deserving, worthy students vetted by gurus - into a public/general/free-for-all (to plunder) data. From being taught to the worthy, it has fallen into the hands of alien demons, though these repeatedly show how they can make nothing of it, and only brainfry and vileness results.

All the worthy in the west return to their ancestral religions. None would be dabbling in Hindoos' heathenism (or Taoism etc). By definition.

Hmmm. Why is the word indology still allowed to persist (see Malhotra's article)?

Uh, can we dump the term indology already? Trained Hindoos studying their traditions IS tradition.

Calling it indology makes it sound like advocating Hindus to anthropologise themselves.

There's no sugarcoating possible. And no re-interpreting the term either. Should dump it.

Quote:Right now, it is western Indologists like you get to define ‘critical editions’ of our texts and become the primary source and adhikari.

But didn't Elst - and similar nth hand experts in India - get to define for the "Hindus" which Hindu Gods are no longer Gods (but merely apotheosised)? From their great analytical skills, replacing tradition with their replacement for authority and authenticity, and their 'new original' view (I already used that terminology long ago, Malhotra didn't invent it, as it's normal English).

There are all kinds of subversionists. The most dangerous and most unforgivable ones are closest to home.

The Western indologists antagonising Hindus are nowhere near as frightening - or as dangerous to Hindoos' heathenism (i.e. to Hindoos) - as all those persons who can get under Hindus' skin.

Those among them who are Indic may commit sepuku (and take all theirs with them) ere they may dare to even dream of retracting. That is the one thing forbidden to them. Whereas subverting and being a subversionist of others is open to them as to all.

Oh wow, No. This bit near the end:

Quote:For the first 10 years of my work in this area, I gave away a substantial portion of my life savings in an unsuccessful attempt to fund and change the Indologists’ hearts. But they play the good/bad cop game with skill. I learned a great deal because I was acknowledged as the largest funder of western Indology at one time. Then I stopped and became their harshest critic. I have on file a lot of grant correspondence with Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, to name just a few. Naturally, they worry that I am exposing their secrets. One day I will get someone to organize all that material into a publication.


Isn't Malhotra a millionaire or billionaire? Oh, no way.

This is a legitimate question: How much of the damage is his fault?

Bij Donar. It's always the same thing. The most dangerous people to Hindus are those Indics in love with the west. I'll say it again: if you love them, become blood brothers or form a music band with them or marry them for all I care. But "Hindus" have no right to "share" heathenism with the west. Any alien who wants to dabble is a demon. And any Indian who wants to 'share' with dabblers is a traitor.

Many of the alien demons dabbling in the Vedam also learnt from some 10 to 20 Indian traitors who trained them.

It is a crime. And those who wish to make recompense should know the correction to such crimes may be beyond reach. (It may be easy to kill someone but it is generally next to impossible to revive the dead.)

Malhotra's crime may take a lifetime's work on his part (or that of many people's lives) to undo. And gratitude is NOT to be expected. You break it, you fix it. And fix all that comes from it, too. And expect no gratitude. Nor repatriation as 'reward'.

I see this repeatedly. How all the most vocalist, intellectual, and trained verbalists have a track-record of sharing with the aliens and the most dangerous among them (though all in the west are dangerous aliens; not counting the proper reverts to their own ancestral heathenisms of course, as these are fellow-heathens and not aliens at all.)

Wish I hadn't read the article now. Angry. Again: How much of the western indological attacks were financed by him? And how will he ever manage to undo his crime against Hindus and their heathenism? So glad I'm not him.

Anyway, the valid points still hold (especially that there can be no experts on Hindoo heathenism and other Indic traditions but the traditional Hindoos and other traditional Indics respectively), and these points lose none of their validity just because they are repeated:

2. A list that names the ideologies of the christo-islamics baiting Hindu heathenism:


Hindu Haters Posing as Hindu?

(Lists Mihir Simon Sharma and some others.)

It was late even many years ago when this thread was created and some did not like outing the christianism and islam of the agents (carriers).

It is much later now, though more feel comfortable in exposing the christoislamania of the anti-"Indian" (anti-Hindoo) nexus at last.

But many of those who contributed to the above list repeatedly ask the question - in such a manner that it doesn't even seem purely rhetorical, but as if the questioners are not certain of the answer themselves - as to why christians would use cryptochristianism to attack Indian nationalism (their actual target is Hindoos' heathenism), such as by hiding their christianism behind a Hindu name.

The answer is simple: cryptochristianism is employed as a more efficient means to destroy a heathenism. It's aim is to prevent the heathens from identifying the attacker's christianism and thus attacking christianism in response.

And, to repeat, the real aim is - not Hindu nationalism/Hindutva (Indian nationalism) - but Hindoos' heathenism. Christians' treachery in colluding with the west in attacking and undermining India being treachery is well identified at the link. But some in the list seem to think the reason is nebulous?

The tendency for christian treachery against a heathen nation has not changed since the Roman empire. As Romans had observed (see for example historian Joseph McCabe documenting this from primary sources), the christians were always rooting for any enemy of the heathen Roman empire, and ready to welcome them *and* eager to collude to with them.

Of course, once Rome came under christian rule with goals of christianisation of the empire - and as it thus became increasingly christian - christians became more "nationalist", since their goals were now aligned with christianism.

Indian christians, especially such cryptochristian traitors (since their cryptochristianism is employed for the sake of christianism=christianisation) - no matter how secular they pretend to be - are in it for christianism alone. They work for the great mission/"Great Commission". They align with the christowest (and their brothers in monotheism) since their loyalties are to fellow christians and then fellow monotheists over heathens.

Christianism - unlike islam - is NOT after modern Indian nationalism. They know that it is eventually a great help in eroding heathenism (the primary offence). Even though nationalism itslf is resistant to conversion, it is not the primary offence (the primary offence goes against the biblical commandments againts polytheism and idolatry and anyone who pretends otherwise doesn't know christianism).

Indian nationalism is only offensive to christianism as it is deemed to empower heathens (who may then empower themselves, despite of nationalism itself having turned into a replacement religion in the long run. Who knows, heathenism may even re-heathenise nationalism - which is worse from the christian POV, since then it's back to square one) and such empowering of heathens may thereby create setbacks for or slow down christian successes (in conversion terms) in India. That makes nationalism offensive. The primary target is still and almost exclusively only heathens and heathenism. Can see this even in the near universal christian praise and championing of Amish Tripati's subversionist tripe against Hindoo heathenism (e.g. the reviews on IIRC flipkart that I noticed several years back for some book series then were almost exclusively by Indian christians, and all of course gave it 5 stars, declaring in amazing unanimity that Tripati's subversions were the true way in which Hindu Gods and religio *ought* to be presented: as mere mythology/fantasy, that can moreover be re-written at whim, and with merely deified characters of course: jeebusjehovallah being the one true gawd all else are false=devil or not gawds).

Again: Christianism - unlike islam - is NOT after modern Indian nationalism. It is primarily after heathenism - this being the majority religio of India - all else is secondary or only a threat when it slows down (or is perceived as intending to slow down) the christianisation agenda.

Cryptochristians indicate, by their very act of using crypto-identities to attack Hindus and Hindu heathensm with, and Indian nationalism by extension, that they're doing it for jeebusism, that they're very faithful christians, not remotely secular-leaning, but entirely christian (often catholic and working on the Vatican's agenda: the church has lots of hand-picked and appointed persons in India's media and NGOs and the "rights" industry, not to mention governance/judiciary, to attack Hindus with).

So the answer is that *of course* cryptochristians are traitors and would work with the christowest, as christians form an ummah too and their loyalty is only to this (it's called christendom, same as during the crusades). And their aims are to 1. dismantle heathenism and 2. preferrably replace it with christianism though the west knows that islam will replace any christianism in India (and the stupid growing Indian christian infestation has no clue that the christowest will totally abandon them to their fates at such a time. Or Indian christians choose to be self-deluded rather, since examples like E Timor already leave them with no uncertainties that the christowest will sacrifice the Indian christians=useful idiots for its own interests. <- Concerning which: It's not just Indian christians who will gang up with the west against the rest in India. When the christowest turns on Indian christians facing jihad, I too will be rooting for the christowest/jihad. Obviously).

A list that names the ideologies of the christo-islamics baiting Hindu heathenism:


Hindu Haters Posing as Hindu?
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Posts are related to post 272 of this thread.

In particular:

[quote name='Husky' date='17 January 2015 - 10:49 PM' timestamp='1421514688' post='117547']

And the tragedies just keep piling up.

This next is the worst news I've heard in a long time.

The following stuff was found in the Rajeev2004 blog's twitterfeed.

Quote:16 Jan

NikhilD @Nikhil_7D

@maidros78 Sringeri Math is abt to let in sheldon pollock..can we do something? beingdifferentforum.blogspot.in/2014/08/hijacking-sanskrit-away-from-hindu.html … @sarkar_swati @RajeevSrinivasa

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan

(And this next explains everythingSmile

NikhilD @Nikhil_7D

@maidros78 @sarkar_swati @RajeevSrinivasa the CEO of Math is Congress plant...a mole.This CEO ws instrumental in Pollock's Bharat Ratna.

Retweeted by rajeev srinivasan
Suspect it's not some ideologically-innocent KKKangress plant.



Comments at


give further information on the somewhat more recent state of affairs. (With additional context):

Quote:KC 5 days ago

Want to know reason for this false campaign against Rajiv Malhotra?

Shri Rajiv Malhotra 's soon to be released book "The Battle for Sanskrit" will be like a 'tell all' comprehensive analysis, on how Colonial Ideologists distorted our Dharmic Texts for centuries and how the same baton was taken over by American Orientalists under Sheldon Pollock who has declared Sanskrit is a Dead language. Pollock says Sanskrit oppresses people and Sanskrit is a political power controlling tool.

Wait for the book, it will bring down Western Indology empire.

This is what threatened these Western Mafia Scholars : Watch and enjoy:

Rajiv atWorld Sanskrit Congress 2015


JagoBharatVasiyo >ccc 5 days ago

Unfortunately, the prominent family of Narayan Murty which completely lacks practical common sense has financed Pollock (who has admitted to not knowing Sanskrit very well) for 100 yrs for hundreds of millions of dollars to translate our ancient Sanskrit scriptures www.murtylibrary.com What an idiotic decision.

It would have wiser decision to fund Sringeri Mutt to do the same which would have been complete, unmanipulated, genuine Indian translations from extremely knowledgeable Swami's instead of some cunning westerner with vested interests of denigrating our culture and scriptures.

Jishnu > JagoBharatVasiyo • 3 days ago

Sringeri is trying the worst - setting up a chair in US under a white xtian indologist. If Indian institutions had the sense to distinguish who they must avoid and who they should go with, our knowledge traditions would not be is such a hopeless state today.

(Is it so hard to issue a blanket ban against sharing with alien demons? Ban converts, ban dabbling and ban all sharing. But those infatuated with aliens - often starting with NRIs - will never do that. Yet it is the very same who act as the entry and conduit of the poison into traditional Hindu circles: it is such seduced 'Hindu' Indians who then introduce their alien demon contacts as 'trustworthy' and 'sincere' into the private, established traditional Hindoo strongholds, to poison the well. They must be held accountable. Identify the weak entry points, close them off.

And traditional Hindoos must be immunised from the NRI and now increasingly Indian Hindu trend to want alien "converts" and to seek a joint-"study" of "Indic religions".

The Gangrene must be expelled from traditional Hindoo society and amputated. But other gangrene operates outside of traditional centres, and have regularly inducted aliens independently. Such as dabbling in the Vedam.)

JagoBharatVasiyo > Jishnu • 3 days ago

Are you sure? I was under impression that deal was cancelled after Rajivji presented all the evidence of their biases against Hinduism to the Sringeri Math acharyas. If you know for sure, please let me know. Thanks.

Jishnu > JagoBharatVasiyo • 2 days ago

The deal was not made, there were only talks. There were serious concerns from some of the traditional scholars. As I understand it did not go much further but was not called off at idea level either. I am not following where it stands now, but it is news to me that they called off after RM's presentation.

पूर्णमदः > Jishnu • a day ago

This email is relevant,

http:// lists.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2014-August/037336.html

(I don't agree with the tone taken by the author).

Jishnu > पूर्णमदः • a day ago

Yes. This email is from the time when they were considering it positively at that point. I think Malhotra's engagement happened later. Not sure where it stands now.

Before returning to the above (next post) -

There's now more to add to this next excerpt from my earlier post:

[quote name='Husky' date='17 January 2015 - 10:49 PM' timestamp='1421514688' post='117547']


this para caught my eye

Quote:My sources inform me that Sringeri mattha is likely to fund several million dollars to help these PhD factories. This is how ignorant our folks are. But who am I in their eyes to listen to? The white scholars are so smooth in impressing the Indian fools, using their skills with Indian languages and culture.
Not sure who Rajiv Malhotra is calling stupid/a fool - i.e. whether any backreference to the Matha itself or its lineage of acharyas was intended. (Rajiv is not famous for respecting traditional acharyas and promotes Nityananda, so the suspicion is not unfounded.) But he can easily meet up with the acharyas of Shringeri and Kanchi if he actually wanted to.


Uh, Malhotra calling traditional Hindoos of the Matha "fools".

Pot. Kettle. Black. I mean, didn't the Malhotra multi-millionaire -in dollars not rupees, makes a difference- admit to funding ultimately inimical western indologists with a 'substantial portion' of his life savings? He could have spent it on Veda pathashaalas in India/Hindu universities like (there were) in Mysore to continue the tradition of being the unchallenged experts in their own field.

And now at least does Malhotra admit that he is the greater fool and factually been more dangerous to Hindoo-dom? At least the Shringeri Matha has traditional heathens associated with it who were apparently already on the alert and were at least trying to warn off their Matha. Yet Malhotra decided in advance that they must be 'fools' onlee. [* Horrifyingly, as per other items seen long ago at IF or elsewhere, Jesuit Francis Clooney had to some degree inveigled himself into Sri Vaishnavas' circles in the meantime, so Pollock & co may Try Try Again until they succeed too with the Shringeri or some other matham.]

Malhotra's 'wisdom' is that of hindsight and derived from the intimate first-hand knowledge of a crime from the vantage point of one who has committed it and burnt his hand (which is what he's admitted to: but he's burnt all Hindoos' hands too, to whatever extent is unknown). I.e. Malhotra - and everyone - paid a high price for his present wisdom.

So he need not be so high-handed in his ready depreciation of people who are not yet proven criminals nor even fools (whereas by his own criteria he should be both; let's not change the standards now).

And when Malhotra would speak of those with 'adhikAri' in tradition, if he respects them not, does it not defeat the ultimate purpose of his argument: to show his Hindu readers where true expertise/authority lies and whose learning should be respected? Then again, Malhotra during the Nithyananda episode was advertising for one of his teachers/'gurus' in meditation having been Deepak Chopra... a new-ageist and not deserving of any respect and not possessed of an ounce of authority/expertise.

Malhotra should cultivate some humility before approaching actual traditional Hindoos, instead of thinking they're dunces even as he would lecture them. They're not the idiots and not the ingrates.

That Malhotra is a multi-millionaire can be found by searching the web for this. E.g.

Quote:Rajiv Malhotra's response and my further comments. It is ...


Feb 14, 2014 - But some proof: (1) Rajiv Malhotra (born September 15, 1950), is an Indian-American multimillionaire – Source Wikipedia. (2) "Malhotra has ...

Both the learned and the rich NRIs have done a lot of damage. I guess no one else holds these crimes against them. Or perhaps they don't even notice that they're crimes. Or choose not to notice. But then don't pretend surprise nor reserve indignation solely for the alien demons.

For some part of it, our own people are to blame.
Post 2/3

This link from the discussion in the first part of the previous post is scary in its own right:


MUST READ. But not for the apparent reasons.

It is written by one 'Vidyasankar Sundaresan', who seems unable to conceal some degree of interest in pursuing a western infiltration of the untainted, pristine Hindoo tradition, I mean interest interested in pursuing Indo-western syncretism / composite culture of "Indic studies". Where more Hindus can share with their western masters how to murder heathenism better. (That's what it comes down to.) And all to satisfy their own fantasies on what may be, but never shall be.

Searching the web on the name of that easy-entry point to poisoning the well, "Vidyasankar Sundaresan" and some rather interesting things pop up. (He does not seem to be the mole CEO of the Matham mentioned in NikhilD's tweet, so he must be yet another conducive opening)

1. Vidyashankar's been writing on a lot more than advaita vedanta:

Quote:Real history of the Kanchi math (Re: Former President ...


Vidyasankar Sundaresan writes about the history of the matha, alleging that much of it was fabricated by Chandrasekharendra Saraswati in the last century, ...

So he alleges that the Kanchi paramacharya is a liar (that's what fabricated ultimately means right: either that the Kanchi Swami was self-deluded into the fabrication or a conscious liar). Among the issues he finds are that Kanchi Matham holds the Adi Shankaracharya to have lived in the 6th-5th century BCE, which apparently is impossible to Vidyasankar.

To give a contrary viewpoint:

trueindianhistory-kvchelam.blogspot.in/2009/04/age-of-sri-adi-sankaracharya.html *

shows that one Hindu scholar from Andhra or Karnataka (?) seems to find some evidence from several sources for a circa 5th century BCE date for the said Shankara Bhagavadpada. The comments at that link are VERY interesting.

[* Credits:

- Site first found via a mention of a name at indiafacts.co.in/a-brief-political-biography-of-bharata-an-infographic/

- but the particular page was found later, serendipitously, when perusing the link mentioned at http://indiafacts.co.in/kalidasa-histori...and-works/]

2. The following link explains Vidyashankar's eagerness in having the Matham he is 'loosely associated with' pursue closer relations with western "Indic studies/indology" (Hinduism mangling): he's clearly already deeply into it, and thinks "this is da future" (you know, the way lots of modern Vedantins esp Advaitins insist that we must turn heathenism into a mere science, since that is how the west is poaching on our heathenism without any crediting) -

http:// indology.info/papers/sundaresan/

The Jyotirma?ha Sa?karacarya Lineage in the 20th Century

Vidyasa?kar Sundaresan

Where Vidyashankar once more throws himself into a controversial fray (this time writing a paper used as a resource for Indology): that of the succession at the Jyotirmatha.

And just in case people thought this was some benign Indian indology (though there's no such thing), here's the contact info for the site at the bottom of the page:

[Publisher & contact for INDOLOGY site: Dominik WUJASTYK]

Last time I came across that name... but never mind that.

The 2nd to last time I saw that (Polish is it?) name of Dominik Wujastyk was when it was [b]IIRC mentioned as being a co-signatory to some anti-Hindu campaign,[/b] of which other such esteemed indologicals like WitSSel were part.

So, Vidyashankar writes for 1. indology resources that are 2. collected by Dominik Wujastyk. How sweet that is.

Then, if Vidyashankar is to any degree in favour of an... association of the Shringeri Matham with western academe on indology/Indic studies, can already see what directions he will veer to were he to have any influence.

3. And Vidyashankar has written two papers for philosophy journals (western academics, of course). For journals "Philosophy East and West" and - get this - the "International Journal of Hindu Studies". Oh the achievement! Wonder if Doniger and Witzel writes for that last too?* 'Cause it sounds like it must be where all such ..."experts" gather.

- philpapers.org/rec/VIDWDS

- philpapers.org/rec/SUNCHA

Oh wait, Doniger and WitSSel do write for it!*

Such company for Vidyashankar to keep (and for him to want the Shringeri Matham to pour the knowledge of Hindoos into the suction of this black hole which will then regurgitate it in mangled form to choke Hindoos with).

* Google this: Doniger site:philpapers.org

Repeat with: "Michael Witzel" site:philpapers.org

Some search results:

Quote:Michael Witzel, Toward a History of the Brahmins - PhilPapers


by M Witzel - ?Cited by 7 - ?Related articles

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by WRP Kaufman - ?2013

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(Perhaps better to search for Witzel and not Michael Witzel since first names may not show up in the refs as often, can be abbreviated to its initial after all.)

And the search results for Doniger over the philpapers.org site:

Quote:About 623 results (but remember to look only for Wendy, though the first page seems to be full of only herSmile

Search Results

Wendy Doniger, Introduction II : life and art, or politics and ...


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W. Doniger, Bisexuality in the Mythology of Ancient India ...


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Apparently that's the sort of future (of association) Vidyashankar envisions for the Shringeri Matham too.

4. The Web search on Vidyashankar's full name even has pictures (incl what looked like screenshots of video lectures on "advaita"?) of what is allegedly him. No veeboothi anywhere. Yet other than the rarer Vaishnava Advaitins who bear naamas, I've NEVER seen a follower of the Shankara Matham (or any advaita of the Shankara school) not wear veeboothi markings on their face. And usually, they're smeared in veeboothi like tigers that have rolled about the good earth. This is as true for Hindoos associated with the Shringeri matham as those associated with the Kanchi matham, btw. Not sure how it is with other Shankaracharya mathas. (Probably similar, but I don't know this for a fact.)



How does that even look like a Hindoo?

(Or must I "keep up with the flow" and relent to the onslaught of "progressiveness". Wearing veeboothi if you belong to the southern Shankara Mathas may be considered 'regressive' by progressives for whom online video lectures are the standards to measure this by.)

Is this page a preview of what the cooperation intended btw Shringeri Matham and Western Indology is to look like:


Photos of genuine acharyas mixed with photos of aliens?

Never mind, there's no cure for this.

The rot's gone deep already. And in the manner described at the top of this post: it's the weaker part of the encompassing membrane that has let aliens and eventually indology in. Here, Vidyashankar has known links to indology resource sites and "Hinduism studies" journals - ones that Dominic Wujastyk and Doniger and Witzel are part of. And other the other hand, they are part of a site that not only has pictures of alien women under "teachers" (one is called "Dhyana") but has interspersed pictures of legitimate established Hindoo acharyas among them. Certainly makes it look more authentic and like an endorsement of the more uh dubious parts.

But whatever people do, do NOT play 6 degrees of separation. Not only because the degree of separation now between Hindoo Shankaracharya mathas and Hindu-baiters like Wujastyk/Doniger/Witzel is 2, with Vidyashankar (for example) as the middle-man.

Any contract signed with Pollock would just cut out the middle-man, no?

Like I said: HindOOs should cut out/cut off the gangrene instead. They WILL kill you. And probably sooner than Hindoos can guess.

And the British "Advaita Vision" site is a little similar, where Vidyasankar seems to be listed among the teachers:



Fineprint at bottom: "Site owned and maintained by Dennis Waite."

But of course. Expect more poaching to come.

And again, another "Teachers" page:


Photo caption: "* Copied from ‘Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati’ by D. Venugopal"

This Teachers page is all about "lineages" including "western lineages". Soon alien demons may claim authentic, valid acharya status thanks to such contacts with legitimate lines of established mathas.

And perhaps that is one of the reasons of Pollock & co to attempt an "association" with the Shringeri Matham: to generate an army of aliens claiming "authentic" acharya statu to subvert Hindoo heathens all the better. And divide loyalties. Consider how Swarajya's repeatedly featured Rambachan is a stooge for western christian academics and how even such characters have created divided loyalty among Indians. How much more can be achieved with not just indologists like Elst asserting their "Hinduism" while generating subversive unheathen anti-heathen nonsense, but people infiltrators claiming they are of a "valid" lineage. At present contacts between the western anti-Hindu world and new-ageists and legitimate tradition of Mathas has been facilitated or encouraged or even subtly endorsed by middle-men (incl. Vidyashankar) acting as go-betweens. Pollock & co's vision may cut out the go-betweens and claim direct descent.

So Hindoos need to cut out/cut off the gangrene go-betweens who seek to bridge this final gap.

After all, the western demons - from converts to new-ageists to indologicals to Vedic dabblers - have all sought authority and access to authentic tradition. And each then acts to subvert Hindoos and their heathenism differently. But all are subversionists.

Continued in next.
Post 3/3

Continued from previous. But the previous 2 posts are more important and on-topic.

5. Just one more of the web search result for 'Vidyasankar Sundaresan'. This one veers off-topic.

The site of one "Jeffrey Armstrong (who?) Vedic Academy of Science and Arts" - sufficiently new age sounding title.

- jeffreyarmstrong.com/event/global-dharma-conference-2013-houston-tx

Quote:SESSION II: 1:20 PM – 4:50 PM (3 hrs 30 mins) (Presiding: Vidyasankar Sundaresan)

Other names there make it sound harmless enough or at least like a typical NRI overseas event. E.g.

- Kalavai Venkat

- Jakob de Rover

- And one S.N. Balagangadhara Rao (is he the famous "S.N. Balagangadhara" of a book called "The heathen in his blindness" and associated with that Belgian uni? Have not seen the Rao part of his name before.)

BUT, click on "About Us" and you get to:

- jeffreyarmstrong.com/about-jeffrey-armstrong-vasa

(Can Armstrong please stop posing as if he was some tele-evangelist. And what's with that 80s hair? Probably to make sure everyone knows this is a new-age affair.)

At the bottom of the page is this image:


which promotes the Vancouver Oct 2012 "The Seed Event featuring Deepak Chopra".

and 5 aliens, one of which is da man himself 80s hair.

"Education, Experience, Enlightenment ... for everyone" is the tagline. I'm not kidding, proof is in the linked image.

You know it's new-age.

(The 2012 seedevent.org site is understandably expired. Here's the Apr 2012 version of it:


Like I said, never a good thing to play 6 degrees of separation in cases like this.

Then again, Malhotra himself admitted some connection to Deepak Mumra -Thundercats slip- I mean Chopra too.

(Malhotra may have caught a glimpse of Armstrong too: both were part of some WAVES lecture

twitter.com/kpganesh/status/282849845427982336 )

Missed the best part:

At the bottom of any Jeffrey Armstrong page, there are sections of links. Looking under the "Counseling" section, it contains - Confuseduppresses hysteria: - a link to

"Ayurvedic Astrology"

(What? Where's that pic of the Pallas cat making the very face I make when I need it...)

What in the world is "Ayurvedic Astrology"?

It leads to the page:


with testimonials like:

Quote:"Jeffrey, thank you so much for the insightful reading earlier today. It all makes sense!

~ Tracie Austin-Peters"

(Let me guess. A "reading" - what is this, tarot? - into her "ayurvedic astrology"????)

"The astrology reading has been a real help bringing my business in line with my life purpose and wonderful confirmation of what I received during my yogic meditations.

~ Christina N. Roberts"

"Well, the astrological/spiritual care package not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them. There is so much vital information as well as tools for elevating oneself. Your scope of compassion and love is a healing salve and awe-inspiring. Thank you, Jeffrey. ~ Love from both of us, Susan & Rick – California"

(This next is the best among the ones that caught my eyeSmile

"General Reference/Astrology/Maui Yoga (uh?)/Tantra Retreat in Feb 2002: Jeffrey Armstrong, one of the leading Vedic Astrologers in America and a man I consider a brother in growing the Tantra vision (oh it's dripping with new-age), will be a part of the retreat. He will lead several evening (Satsangs) talks that are sure to be enriching. I believe he will also be available for those of you who are interested in individual readings. If it wasn’t already, Jeffrey’s participation at the retreat should make it all the more special and profound. If you are planning on attending and have not signed up or sent us your deposit yet, we recommend you do so very soon. ~ Namaste, Rod Stryker, Yogi"

A "Astrology/Yoga/Tantra retreat." (Still not over it.)


Consulting Services » Vedic Astrology Consultation (AyurVedic Astrology)

Here you go, he claims authentic tradition and even authority/manages to credit himself in the end (how typical):

Quote:Originally, Astrology and Medicine were practiced together. By combining AyurVedic Medicine with Vedic Astrology, I have revived an ancient system which I call AyurVedic Astrology.


"Yoga wisdom in a box" page.

Available are "yoga in a box", "Kundaline yoga in a box", "Bhakti in a box", "Bhagavad Gita in a box" "complete series" 40+ hours. "Freedom in a box." Plus a Best Of compilation to round it off.

"Buy it now!" Prices range from 49 to 189 USD. "It's a steal!" (<- Apparently missed my calling to work on a teleshopping network. So am making up for it with enthusiasm here.)

But: well done NRI peddlers of Hinduism lite! AKA Gangrene. And such utter crap is all the *benign* stuff that comes from alien dabblers/converts. And the rest is not even benign.

Uh... Is Kalavai Venkat and S.N. Balagangadhara Rao etc part of this racket too? (Vidyashankar is already suspect for all his other contacts. New-agey westerners parasiting on Hindu heathenism to market new age products with it - like televangelists-cum-teleshopping - is not unexpected. It's what aliens do. They make a pretty buck out of selling yoga and now Vedic ayurveda, and astrology, and tantra and the Gita and "Bhakti" - also in a box - and everything.)

I should SO get into this business. The world is apparently filled with idiots - greater idiots than myself I mean.

I could totally sell this. Everyone else has been selling my heathen people's future and turning their heathenism into a travesty, so I really should return the favour.

Am not surprised that western christians want to destroy Hinduism for fostering such debile new-ageism in their turf. But surprised that Hindoos don't want to destroy such new-ageism that is subverting their religion into a travesty even as it uses its outward features to market it as products to be sold.

Oh, and by the way, Jeffrey Armstrong goes by the title "Kavindra Rishi". Must be NRI Indics who elected him to that title. Am I wrong?

(Now at last makes sense why Malhotra has been dubbed a "Rishi" by supportive Hindus too. Considering alien new ageists have been given that title by who knows, Malhotra being illegally promoted to the Rishi title is FAR less offensive.

And related to that: everybody on the net is dubbed an acharya these days. IIRC even Elst was declared an acharya, a guru and even a god by his new-agey Hindu fans...)

But to the return to Vidyasankar and even the association of Hindus with Jeffrey Armstrong (dubbed a "Rishi"):

Indians are totally creeping me out. All the angelsk-speaking and NRI types are clearly subverted and consorting with the subverted. And are lecturing, i.e. subversionists. They're further gangrene by inflicting themselves and their sinister/dubious contacts on traditional=legitimate institutions.

Nothing good ever came from letting the aliens dabble in Hindoo heathenism. Only brainfry - ranging from new-ageism to vindictiveness - has resulted. This is ALL the west produces when faced with Hindoo heathenism. And it *always* results in subversionism, be the dabblers converts, new-ageists, neo-pagans, indologists (pro or anti-Hindu/India), dabblers in Vedam/'Vedicists'.

E.g. One of the typically new-ageist fans who used to comment positively at Elst's blog IIRC was one Apuleius (?) Platonics. He was a neo-pagan - dabbling in multiple heathenisms - along with IIRC being a wiccan, as so many are. His gravatar image was the Tamizh OM of Murugan (with I think the vel), the nerve. Recently came across his blog again, where like a typical new ageist he was insisting Buddhism was a paganism - and hence compatible with his new-ageism - with very false arguments. Among the false arguments was even an advertisement for a book on better gay male sex (I kid you not), complete with tacky title and full on image book cover. Confusedniggers: Actually, here's this "argument" by Apuleius for why Buddhism is a paganism:

Quote:Buddhism values the spiritual potential of sexuality.

Jeffrey Hopkins is a Buddhist scholar of some note. Among other things he served as His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s chief English interpreter for a decade (from 1979 to 1989). Among his numerous publications is a book with the self-explanatory title Sex, Orgasm and the Mind of Clear Light: The Sixty-Four Acts of Gay Male Love. One of the latter chapters in that book is titled, “Why Tibetan Buddhism Is Sex-Friendly,” on which subject, Hopkins has this to say:


(Rest of the statements can be found by googling the text.)

Stupid question, how does "Why Tibetan Buddhism Is Sex-Friendly" imply "The Sixty-Four Acts of Gay Male Love"?

64. Wait, did they just re-interpret tantra to apply it to themselves?

Didn't know (Tibetan) Buddhist tantra included homosexuality. So very "progressive" and "liberated"...

In any case haven't yet heard the same to be the case (at all) for Hindoo tantra. But am sure western "experts" (sexperts?) converts to Hinduism will next be writing tomes to argue that this is the case too. They will. Like western dabblers in Buddhism are arguing - not just the neo-pagan Apuleius but "Buddhist scholar" Hopkins who was interpreter to the Dalai Lama. Complete with writing gay "Buddhist" sex manuals, see above.

(Not to mention, western 'converts' to Buddhism already use their 'Buddhism' to parasite on Hindu rites and even Gods as "Buddhist too".)

Consider also: British male gay neo-pagans dabbling in Hellenismos already backproject the later Aeschylus rendering of Achilles and Patrokles as gay lovers onto the earlier Homer where Achilles and Patrocles were merely relatives who were dear to each other as so many relatives are. Using Aeschylus they insist on Achilles and Patrokles having been gay in all accounts, especially Homer.

Yet lots of Greeks after Homer wrote very different accounts of Achilles, why should Aeschylus matter more than any? In Europedes' work on Iphigenia, Achilles was IIRC both extremely vain (also not seen in Homer) and was eager to marry the tragic beauty Iphigenia who was initially intended for him by Agamemnon her father.

Anyway, the point was that western gay people alien to a heathenism will *invariably* start twisting any heathenism they poach on. As they will Hindoos' heathenism. Today ignorant new-agey "Hindus" (and often alien "converts") are projecting ArdhanArIshwara and VishnuMohini+Shiva as implying "LGBT" - when there is No Such Connection - tomorrow worldwide LGBT and western neo-pagans will be insisting on it and be writing gay manuals, invoking Hindoo tantra statements and inveigling themselves with it, and dragging in Hindoo Gods.

Again: Nothing good comes of letting aliens dabble in Hindoo heathenism.

When aliens are given a free hand to dabble and poach on heathenisms and Indic religions: aliens always turn it into travesties. Doubly so in the case of eastern religions, as it attracts more neo-pagans and new-ageists and creepy sleaze-artists like Doniger.

To close it off, see also previous 2 posts:

"Vidyasankar Sundaresan" (let me guess, another Iyer) - despite probably not being the CEO mole in the Shringeri Matham - is pretty scary in his own right.

He and others like him may be 'well-intentioned' to some degree (Malhotra was well-intentioned when he earlier spent a "substantial amount of his life-savings" on funding western indologists). But what use are intentions when ultimately Hindoos' heathenism is being murdered because of thoughtless crimes?

Patching up mistakes is far harder than not making them in the first place.

The previous 2 posts are important.
Forgot to put this up last time.

Gah the looniness is relentless.


Quote:Sayan Sen • 2 days ago

Dear Hindutva friends,

You are doing the greatest disservice possible to our millenia old Dharma by politicising and fighting parochial battles in the name of defending Hinduism. A true Hindu knows the limitations of his material/conditioned/worldly knowledge. A true Hindu never chooses politics over meditation, silent contemplation and loving devotion. I am confident that the Hindu masses (inspite of Hindutva propaganda and Rajiv Malhotra <smiley removed>) will anyday choose my traditional Hinduism (of Gandhi) over modern pseudo-Hinduism (i.e. Hindutva of Savarkar).

Please stop reading Rajiv Malhotra et al.

How many have you read the Bagavad Gita, Upanishads, the Vedas and you have suddenly become the defenders of our faith by simply reading Rajiv Malhotra and Koenraad Elst (a better seeker)?

Wake up. Seek your true Self.

Shun Hindutva and embrace Hinduism.

"Give up all religions and surrender unto Me" on this pious Rath Yatra.

VeVePe > Sayan Sen • 2 days ago

I would suggest that you try to absorb the meaning of the Bhagavad-Gita. Our work in the world is not separate from our Sadhana.

Anandh360 > Sayan Sen • 2 days ago

Sayan Sen is not who he claims to be. He does not understand difference between hindutva and Hinduism. His comments are not only degrading but also misleading. He is acting like the 'good cop' . And that's exactly why people like him have to be shunned.

Admittedly Savarkar is no heathen. But at least he wasn't a cowardly shove over.

And although Hindutva/Hindu nationalism (lower case n) is a replacement religion, the True Nationalism is Hindoo heathen onlee. It is the very form of heathenism, and embodied in all heathens for their own lands. E.g. emperor Julian. [<- There's always an opportunity to slip him in, 'cause he's always so applicable. To all my causes and arguments.]

Anyway, this Sayan Sen - if he be genuine - is craven.

And Gandhi's Hinduism is the true Hinduism? How? And since when? Didn't Gandhi tell Hindoo women to go back to get raped by their islamic "brothers"? That is what Sayan Sen will have Hindoos do tomorrow. Today however, Hindoos are asked to remain silent, keep rolling over/levitate I mean 'meditate'.


- Shri Rama's Hinduism (Vedic religio) is Da True (onlee) Hinduism.

- Shri Krishna' + Pandavas' Hinduism aka Vedic religio is Da True Hinduism.

a. When his wife was kidnapped and tormented, Rama didn't become a recluse and meditate. He - and his entire divine monkey army - destroyed the adharmic villain who stole Rama's wife and terrorised her.

Of course, Rama knew how to meditate and felt deep bhakti being a True Hindoo (being in fact the God Vishnu setting the example for Hindoos for all time to come): e.g. Rama meditated on Aditya to bless his real battle thereafter with Ravana. And Surya Bhagavan did bless him with assured victory. Aditya Hrudayam is after all very much a prayer for victory in battle. Literal battle. Also other stuff, but definitely also literal war.

Rama meditated after the battle too, after Ravana was felled and Lanka restored to dharma: can thus see Rama and Lakshmana and Sita moorties in beautiful seated yoga pose (in TN Vaishnava Hindoo kovil). But then, when the necessary battles are over, there will always be more time for meditation. There's a time for dhyana yoga and a time for karma yoga - as Sri Krishna himself teaches - and it's wrong to confuse the application of the two.

b. When their wife was tormented and they were unjustly robbed of their rightful inheritance and turned out of their own homes, the Pandavas didn't give up "politics" and retreat into "meditation". They cleaned the floor with the Kauravas, well, after trying to reason with them first. (And the Kauravas were more sane and dharmic than the subversive, psyops-and-dawaganda-generating alien christowest, or the genocidal christoislamic infestation in India.)

Of course the Pandavas still did pooja/tapas - e.g. to Pashupati-Shiva - to acquire weapons like the Paashupataastra to destroy the Kauravas.

And after they had won the war and won back their kingdom, the Pandavas had more time for meditating and poojas. And when kShatriya rulers retired, leaving their kingdoms in the hands/protection of their grown and able progeny, to carry on just governance (as opposed to everyone abdicating), the retired kShatriya rulers would become hermits and pursue yoga etc.

Nor did Krishna tell Arjuna that dropping the Gandiva was a good thing and that Arjuna should start meditating at this hour. Rather, Krishna told Arjuna to go and fight the war, conquer his enemies (and no, it was not merely 'philosophically' meant, though it has philosophical meanings also).

The point is, the Heathen exemplaries of the Hindoos - Hindoo Gods though these were - never forsook their charge.

And all Hindoos today are charged to defend the Dharma. By whatever means are necessary to secure our victory and our peace to be at last left alone to be, to continue to be heathens.

It may take the form of necessary rebuttals and exposes, or hard knocks against the would-be genocidal maniacs. All as called for and as deserved.

Sayan Sen's delusional nonsense is *exactly* what happens when the fraud that is neo-Vedanta (actually pseudo-Vedanta) is allowed to be propagated/allowed to spread the poison.

Pseudo-Vedanta, i.e. the new-agey peddling of "Vedanta Lite" to all Hindoos, as the aim for all Hindoos - who are thereupon expected to abandon their actual paths to suddenly all aim to become sannyasins* - has replaced the correct, divinely-intended propagation of the Ramayanam and Mahabharatam among Hindoos, which encapsulates the dharma meant for all HindOOs (not just sannyasins).

* Actually, new-age-ily peddling pseudo-Sannyasa to all is exactly what Jainism and Buddhism did. They thus stole away many of Hindoos' kShatriyas and turned them into confused/subverted sheep; made them forsake their actual path (of upholding Vaidika Dharma as kshatriyas, as opposed to upholding replacement theologies as wannabe-sannyasis).

And it was all downhill from there. And Buddhism felt the repercussions of its pseudo-Vedanta peddling with islam.

Moral: don't peddle pseudo-Vedanta/the Sannyasa state to all and sundry. Because all and sundry will suffer. Terribly.

It must of course be said that actual sannyasins (=a type of Vedic Hindoos) would never advocate what Sayan Sen has advocated: a meek surrender to villainy let alone by the uptake of the 'path of renunciation'/sannyasa by all. Rather, actual Sannyasins know well the path of dharma of other Hindoos, and help them pursue it. They also know when it is necessary and what is necessary to protect and uphold Dharma=Hindoo heathenism=Hindoo-dom, and would never advise meditation when rebuttal or retaliation or defence or offence is called for. Instead, they would champion the necessary actions at the necessary times, where Hindoo society will still listen.

In contrast to some Indic religions, Hindoo heathenism is not exclusively or largely other-worldly, but is quite this-wordly too. It is quite realistic. Not merely idealistic.

Sayan Sen is not following any Hinduism, he is following Gandhiism (another replacement religio) - which just gets people slaughtered like sheep. Sayan Sen is free to do that for himself - since that appears to be his actual aim in life, it certainly would be its end if left to his devices - but he has no right to subvert other Hindoos, who know Dharma=Vedam as revealed from the Ramayana=Vedam and the Mahabharatam=Vedam.

^ That's all assuming Sayan Sen is not some poseur.

Honestly. Can't work out whether Sayan Sen is a false flag/christoislamicommunist infiltrator and pretender - they're certainly doing a bit more homework than usual, using terminology to propagate false arguments - or whether he is merely a mindnumbing neo-Vedanta/pseudo-Vedanta peddler. <- Pseudanta! "But that has no meaning." Exactly. It's perfect.

General complaint -

Noticed this on most nationalist sites that allow opinions/comments: that none of them can keep the leftist and christoislamic trolls out, as nationalist sites tend to religiously and uniquely believe in the freedom of speech of their enemies (more like 'freedom' to divert and waste Hindoos' precious time and effort in responding with wasteful (though valid) rebuttals of enforced-necessity, and which 'freedom' is merely used to destroy the value of comments, the comment section discussions and the articles' purpose itself).

Why do "nationalist" sites do this to themselves? Why? Are they sticklers for punishment too? But then why do such sites do this to their Hindu

readers/participants? Who are forced to expend effort in responding, forced - not so much by the subversive spam-artists, but by the nationalist sites themselves in their very act of allowing enemies the freedom to screech/propagate dawaganda and subversions at will on nationalis sites.

Would-be nationalist sites should just gag nonsense.

The numerous anti-Indian nexus sites (e.g. christomedia sites) religiously prevent factual and valuable comments by Hindus rebutting christoislamicommunist lies, dawangada and subversions.* So freedom of speech already doesn't exist - certainly not for Hindus - but why is christoislamicommunists' freedom to lie allowed on nationalist sites?

* Isn't this gagging of Hindoos and constant eclipsing of facts the very reason that the nationalist sites were set up as independent sources of useful factual information and a more authentic presentation of the Hindu and/or nationalist viewpoint? A go-to for Hindus tired of dawaganda and in need of actual news, and constructive ideas for restoration of Order?

Yet such nationalist sites - with their fervent belief in the freedom of enemies to screech - are turning themselves into further avenues for christoislamicommunists to poison Hindus. Hindu readers can't be expected to waste all their time responding to obviously-debile dawandist islamics/lefties like the fraud calling itself "Vindhya Sing" and dravoodianists like the crypto "Munusamy Ganapathy" at swarajyamag, or the regressive vituperative moron Dr (P)MS at indiafacts. Yet Hindu readers can't leave their lies without response: as this might imply Hindoos could not respond. Far better to weed out idiot comments, or remove known trolls and what trustworthies vote as spam.

Are nationalists not allowed to be free of their enemies and of having to contend with their enemies' debile/debilitating "arguments" even on nationalist sites, so they can focus on more constructive discussions in the opinion sections?

Bah. Secularism/"freedom to screech" principle continues to sink Hindu nationalist efforts to properly rise again.

Another whinge-binge.

1. indiafacts.co.in/generic-churchs-plan-india/

Quote:Generic Church’s Plan for India

Within months after assuming charge as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s government signalled its intent towards

Radha Rajan


Excellent. And wow.

Would copy the entire text for searchability but too much hassle to match the formatting. Text for search indexing:

Rajan, explaining the larger setting as to why the vampires are all descending to blot out Modi, plays connect-the-dots between Amnesty International and Greenpeace and the openly-christian Oxfam and many other christowestern fronts, by showing how the very same usual suspects - Indians of the anti-Hindu Nexus - keep getting moved around among these "different" orgs aka fronts of western/US foreign policy to head the various allegedly-unconnected orgs. Radha also covers similar cases happening in other countries on the US' hitlist to further illustrate the pattern.

Quote:it also exposes the congenital Hindu inability to deal ruthlessly with the Abrahamic cults.

Yeah, why is that? When the nosferatu bites you in the throat, why don't Hindus stake it to save their Selves? Why continue to entertain all this "nosferatu 'human' rights" crap?

2. narayanankomerath.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/fundamentalist-cleric-throws-plagiarism-bull-at-american-author/

via /rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2015/07/prof-narayanan-komerath-massacres-rajiv.html

This is again about the christowestern witchhunt on Malhotra for his daring to out them for the cryptochristos they are.

Useful to read in full. An excerpt and some informative comments for archiving. Turns out Nicholson is very likely the plagiarist and about to be caught dead I mean red-handed:

Quote:9. The Investigation:

One result of all this is that people have woken up, and Andrew Nicholson’s methodology has come under the scanner. Reading that shrill blog whine, it is hard to imagine any deep philosophy being present at its source. More than one knowledgeable person have identified one source of ‘his’ [plagiarist Andrew Nicholson's] ideas as the Indian philosopher Surendranath Dasgupta. At this writing, his PhD thesis and later writings are being examined by experts. The indicators that I see being tossed around are quite disturbing [for Andrew Nicholson].

At SUNY, the administration is even more loyal to faculty than Princeton’s[24]. The chairman of their classics department was accused of lifting translations of Latin texts and presenting them as his own work. A SUNY professor investigated complaints from Italy and conveyed his shocked findings to the top Administration. The Italians asked again a year later. It was not until The Chronicle of Higher Education published the story even later that there was any action. So Nicholson should be safe, if indeed he has only taken knowledge from mere Indian Hindus.


July 20, 2015 at 1:31 am

Thanks, Mr. Amarnath. The case in question in SUNY appears to be one where someone who is paid to be an Authority on the (western) Classics lifted translations of the ancient Latin into modern Italian or Greek, and then placed those as being HIS OWN translations, as an authority on the Classics. This is what I hope (!) the good associate prof at SUNY has not done: gone to an ancient land, found the work of a native scholar who translated from the ancient languages, and then repeated those IDEAS, if not actual words, in his thesis/books as “his” original ideas developed from his own work. If this is the case, it is as serious as, if not worse than, the actions of the (former) SUNY Classics Chair. I hope for his (Nicholson's) sake that this is not the case, or if it is, he needs to come clean very fast, because I can assure you that the people now reading his work are expert in Samskrtam AND ingrained with native Sanatana Dharma tradition from childhood, and have superlative skills and persistence in analysis and logic. IOW, they do not let go of an issue once seized of it. I would not get into an argument with them, I know that for sure.

There is no parallel to what Malhotra has done, or is alleged to have done. He has referenced his sources extensively. His references to Nicholson are not for translation, they are for the philosophical ideas of Unity In Hinduism that Nicholson presents as his own original work – and that Malhotra kindly allowed to be assumed as Nicholson’s own work (he says he is going to replace those with the original work – Dasgupta’s).

Very good. The answer should always have been to never cite indologists and other aliens writing on Hindu heathenism - this only always makes the aliens even more puffed up - always cite the natives, except when lampooning the errors and insane mutterings of the alien demons. In which case, cite away.

Never did understand Indics' penchant for constantly referring to aliens' books on Hinduism. Hopefully more Indians will learn the lesson now to Never Read Crap. I mean: to never read aliens' writing on Hindoos' heathenism. (But it's the same thing.)

Quote:Seen this a lot since 2002 – I just hate the amount of time and effort it takes to hammer into the vast oceans of innocent but uninformed people that these people are **not** what they claim or appear to be, and their declarations are pre-meditated and malicious. Amazed that the FOIL, FOSA, NRI-SAHI, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Aryan Nations, and the Indo-Euracist Research Group have not come out with their strong applause for Young and Nicholson. Yet.

Back in 2002, this is what they did (as you know if you’ve read about the FOIL): They formed a gang, funded by Teesta Setalwad’s Mumbai-based “Sabrang” with money probably coming from the INC and from outside India. They claimed to be “American Professors” (few were even assistant professors) and to have done “5 years of meticulous research”. What they did was to download the listings of the charitable projects of the IDRF from the IDRF website, and put each name into one of 3 tables: “Hate Incitement”. “Hinduisation” and (something else, I don’t remember). Every project with an Indian vernacular name (as most did) was classified as “Hate” or “Hinduisation”. Fooled a LOT of “mediots”, “Eminent Chairs” etc etc. Scared the heck out of me when I first read it until I reached the Conclusions and :LOL. Thus it was that (among many other howlers) they classified the “Meeraj Medical Center” under “Hinduisation”. Real research would have shown in an instant that The MMC was an affiliate of the Presbyterian Church of North America. The whole cabal disintegrated whining and yowling. The rest of us were :ROTFL.

Seems the alien demons are greater morons than even my imagination could credit them with. But I admit my imagination was never quite so great as to be able to encompass the extents of their stupidity.

Glad they thereby would have brought down the funding flowing in to the christist Meeraj Medical Centre. However, am not sure why the IDRF website - where the above commenter alleges the FOIL/Teesta etc got their targets from - should endorse this 'affiliate of the Presbyterian Church of North America'.

Does this next actually mean 'SUNY' - "state uni of NY" - is already anticipating the demise of Nicholson from the upcoming revelations of plagiarism? They seem to already be preparing their denial that he was ever part of their faculty:

Quote:Abdul Al-Okullah

July 20, 2015 at 2:10 am

The SUNY faculty website (your ref 7) of Nicholson has been taken down. Did you save a copy?

Hari T

July 21, 2015 at 2:44 pm

Very interesting and amusing. Standard practice when things are headed south. In recent times, the precedence to this is the saga of one Professorin Annette Beck-Sicknger of University of Leipzing, who denied admission to an Indian male student with a written citation to the effect “All Indian men are rapists. I can not jeopardize my female students by hiring you”. What happened next is an exercise in disaster control by the university – they university pulled down her web page from university. She erases her personal email archives. The university erased her email server archives. Lo, behold, she never said it it. The email was a fabrication from a rejected student. I think they managed to contact Google and pull down references to her other non-academic activities as a champion of the female gender.

Hari T

July 21, 2015 at 4:12 pm

A version of the CV of Andrew Nicholson can be found at:


Download it before it will be taken down.

This is not hosted by SUNY, but a central directory of academics in universities.

It looks like the SUNY has taken down the CVs of all people and professors in their center for India studies (stonybrook.edu/commcms/india/people/faculty.html).

And this:

Quote: Mohan Banjade

July 20, 2015 at 7:59 am

Since ,last few months i am trying to follow Shree Rajiv Malhotra. He has done an excellent job to break down the hegemony of the colonial mind sets and their sub- servants ( parasites) .The colonial mind sets and their local agents have done or are doing same thing in Nepal too.They have distorted Nepalese history,sociology,anthropology and other faculty of studies. They mostly begin with the race issue,misinterpret social fabric and inject hostility among communities.This process started when Nepal was in the process of unification.Two Paadaris Jossepie and Angelo who were spying against Nepal to the East India company were asked by Nepal to go back.When they returned to Betiya they began to vomit poison against Nepal’s unification movement .Most probably it led few direct wars between colonial power and Nepal. Almost those Three types nexuses are working against Nepal’s social and cultural fabric.Because Nepal is in between India and China from where they can paly some other dirty games from here.So , do we require a coordinated effort to fight against these evils in some fronts at least.?

(Co-ordinated or not, the aim of all Hindoo heathens and other nationalists should be to eradicate all christoislamicommunism from the subcontinent and then the world. It's the monotheist demons who declared total war. So should let them have their wish at last. And make it their last wish.)

All of Hindoo-dom (and eventually the rest of heathenism and non-monotheism in Asia) is targeted by christianism for disintegration. So don't know how it could catch any by surprise that Nepal - Hindoo stronghold that it is - is also very much staring down the barrel of the gun...
Forgot to comment. Related to this next excerpt from the link to Radha Rajan's article in the previous post:


Quote:South Korea had 0.5 per cent Christian population in 1900. In 2000, the Christian population stood at 40 per cent. In 2010, South Korea’s Christian population has allegedly dropped to 33 per cent while there is a corresponding increase in Buddhist population not only in South Korea but also in China and Japan.

As far as I'm aware, christianism in South Korea never reached 40%. Nor has it ever yet reached 30%, though it's been inching there.

- There was another surge in conversion to christianism in S Korea around 2003/2004, as per Korean forums where christians (including aliens i.e. non-Koreans) were bragging about this, but this hasn't managed to break 30% yet.

- There's been a decrease in protestantism in favour of an increase in catholicism, some of which is eating into the former (protestants not happy).

- Not all of the christian converts have been made from Buddhism, as christianism has been eating from the remaining non-Buddhist population too.

Here's the actual (census) data:


Religion         1962[14]1985     1995     2005[1][need quotation to verify**]

Christianity         5%     20.6%     26.3%     29.2%

Protestantism         2.8%     16%     19.7%     18.3%

Catholic Church     2.2%     4.6%     6.6%     10.9%

Korean Buddhism     2.6%     19.2%     23.2%     22.8%

None or other         92.4%     57.4%     49.3%     46.9%

** 2005 is actually census data IIRC, in any case I've seen it confirmed elsewhere.

2 notable things:

1. Compare the level of Buddhism in S Korea in 1962 (2.6%, when christianism was at 5% and "other or no religion" was at 92.4% - some of this being Confucianism, some of it native heathenism and some of it atheism) with the percentage of Buddhism in S Korea in 1995/2005: over 20%.

At least some of this ate into Korean heathenism.

It's not only christianism that is missionary, after all.

Though not apparent in the above, the largest loss suffered is by the ancestral Korean religion. It now ironically stands higher in N Korea than in S Korea (some 1% compared to 5% IIRC, when before the conversion drive S Korea had a higher percentage of adherents of the native religion than N Korea. Meaning that the loss effected has been greater in S Korea). Not a century ago, adherence to the native Korean religion (and Taoism) and even Confucianism were high in both S Korea and combined Korea.

But Indian 'Hindu' peddlers of Buddhism will doubtless cheer.

2. After 1995 (note that this is after a significant wave of christianisation), Buddhism dropped a little while christianism still kept rising:

Btw 1995 and 2005, Buddhism went down 0.5% from 23.2% down to 22.8. Meanwhile Christianism has gone up almost 3% from 26.3 to 29.2%.

Even so, most S Koreans have no religion.

India IMO is being christianised along the lines of S Korea, by the same means and plan as for S Korea. This includes very much the co-opting of any economic development that happens in India into an additional vehicle for christianisation, and which will even come to be presented as an additional flow-on effect of christianisation (that jeebus-ism finally brought an increase in prosperity to "poor India").
A comment at swarajyamag observes something that was so obvious that I too had noticed:


Quote: sayvari

While we are unable to protect our own (Kashmiri Pundits) who could be the carrier of knowledge from Kashmir Area, the West is making all the efforts to digest this knowledge. In Mar 2015 I attended a symposium on Kashmir Shaivism and Tantra arranged by University of Toronto, although I am no expert on the topic but was curious to know what is going on. Some of the presentations are available at this link https:// www.dropbox.com/sh/ffvcj6np2q9gewl/AABYbG3SOACsrMv3FB9PicYoa?dl=0

Not all that was discussed related to the topic but all of it related to Indian Texts and scriptures. Author Rajiv Malhotra also commented in one of his videos that some of the texts on Kashmir Shaivism are in care of an American since no one was willing to in India itself.

This is very true. All the websites purporting to be on "Kashmiri Shaivam" or hosting their rare tantra texts are by alien demons pretending great expertise.

And they happen to be the same kind of aliens as are not only anti-Hindu (and deny that there is such a thing as Hindu) but are the very ones promoting the silencing of the genocide of Kashmir's native Hindoos and supporting the ongoing islamic dispossession of the natives of Kashmir (the Hindoo heathens).

But of course the alien demons would support the jihad against Kashmiri Hindus, which has resulted in the diminishing of this Hindoo community's strengths in Hindoo heathenism: with the genocide and dispossession of Kashmiri Hindoos, the alien demons can then promote themselves as the new experts and the new owners of Kashmiri Shaivam, the source of knowledge of in these matters hereafter. They're dreaming: Alien demons are adept at thievery, but will never achieve anything more.

(Some part of this problem of alien vultures feasting on Kashmiri Hindoodom is Kashmiri Hindoos' own fault: a few traitors among them somehow thought it a 'brilliant idea' to impart information to alien demons. But a lot of the problem is continued in the ongoing theft of Kashmiri Hindoo sacred texts by the dabbling demons who've had a taste of blood/dabbling.)

Anyway, the alien demons' double-handed treatment concerning Kashmir - with the aliens coveting Kashmiri Hindoos' learning for themselves, while morally and otherwise supporting the genocide of Kashmir Hindoos and the latter's loss of access to their religion - is actually a smaller scale version of the aliens' constant antagonism to living Hindoo heathenism (all Hindoos), combined with all their encroachment on it and theft from it.

The alien demons need Hindoos (i.e. ethnic Hindu heathens, there is no non-ethnic kind) to extinct, in order to feel that Hindoos' heathenism is fully theirs.

I've thought about this problem often myself. In my view, other Hindoos can and must help in restoring Kashmiri Shaivam to Kashmiri Hindoos by

1. securing their lives and take the community out of mere survival mode (or 'progressive' mode where survivors become de-Hinduised)

2. re-acquiring our texts from the alien demons: e.g. start downloading anything posted online. But many of these texts are only alluded to by name by the alien braggarts who have stolen them and now possess it. (The alien demons are carrion fowl by nature: they support genocide so that they can more easily skim the devastation for the spoils they were waiting to collect to make their 'own'.)

3. identifying the learned heathen (i.e. traditionally Hindoo) ones in the Kashmiri Hindoo community who are interested in continuing the amassing and preservation of their learning, and thereupon restoring the collected materials (along with any personal ritual-knowledge on the subject matter) to these, so that these learned Kashmiri Hindoos can then propagate their knowledge once more, educating the Kashmiri Hindoo community (i.e. the heathens, not progressives or reconstructionists among them) on their own Kashmiri Shaivam.

The real extinction of Kashmiri Hindoos is seen in the gradual erosion and loss of their intimate knowledge of their own flavour of the Hindoo religion, as can easily set in in their plight. I.e. if there is any break in continuity it can't be regained. So breaks must be prevented. They're at a survival bottleneck in terms of their heathenism. Other Hindoos must help them in any way possible in overcoming the bottleneck phase.

Already they are physically separated from their personal sacred sites and have had to stand the loss of moorties and temples of kuladevatas. The may have lost a significant portion of the immobile parts of their religion, but they must not be allowed to lose the mobile parts with this (as the demon dabbling west conspires for, which is rooting for the total demise of Kashmiri Hindoos' [expertise in] heathenism).

While many Kashmiri Hindoos are generally Hindoo, their knowledge of their own specific, local Hindoo tradition [that which is locally passed on] needs to be preserved strongly in them, so that the Kashmiri Hindoos may once again be The experts in Kashmiri Hindoo heathenism - in the materials and views their localised ancestors produced - in all of greater Bharatam (not to mention in all of the world, though the non-Hindu world is irrelevant in this context of Hindoo-dom).

All Hindoos could try helping in ways such as preserving whatever Kashmir Hindoo materials comes their way, such as by digitisation and transcription. Maybe set up a database of Kashmiri Hindoo materials.

Then anyone who knows traditional Kashmiri Hindu heathens who are learned (proper acharya types) can make this database known to them, and force them to peruse all the knowledge and somehow pass it on in their community. And those non-Kashmiri ethnic Hindoos with learning in various aspects of Kashmiri Shaivam can further transmit/teach what they know to the learned Kashmiri Hindus so that these can make it their own again.

Why does no Hindoo ever ask the question: Do the aliens dabblers (converts to indologists/India Studies types) have ANY RIGHT to our materials? As in, what right do they have? None.

Must take it all back from them. Should take it back by force, if the aliens won't give it all back willingly and forever denounce their illegal dabbling. All dabbling in others' heatehnism is an act of aggression/war.

Nothing good ever came from the dabbling aliens, i.e. those with an interest(=unnatural) in others' heathenisms.

They are NOT heathens, else they wouldn't dabble (i.e. in others' stuff) pretending it suddenly concerned them just because they're interested. This isn't a missionary religion, it's an ethnic religion.

Many naive Hindus blinkered into accepting any western attention and overtures of conversion think this can make Hindus of aliens - all of whom have their own ancestral heathenisms and ought to be in it, not dabbling in Hindoo heathenism.

News was

what all would have noticed:



While we are unable to protect our own (Kashmiri Pundits) who could be the carrier of knowledge from Kashmir Area, the West is making all the efforts to digest this knowledge. In Mar 2015 I attended a symposium on Kashmir Shaivism and Tantra arranged by University of Toronto, although I am no expert on the topic but was curious to know what is going on. Some of the presentations are available at this link https:// www.dropbox.com/sh/ffvcj6np2q9gewl/AABYbG3SOACsrMv3FB9PicYoa?dl=0

Not all that was discussed related to the topic but all of it related to Indian Texts and scriptures. Author Rajiv Malhotra also commented in one of his videos that some of the texts on Kashmir Shaivism are in care of an American since no one was willing to in India itself.
1. Follows from post 295.

And another case. A British person sounds sympathetic to India because...

Try to see if you can guess it before the comment-er reveals it of himself.

Quote:Marcus • 5 days ago

I fear you have missed the entire point of his ending, which was to denounced those on the other side for having missed the entire point of the debate. That point is that any quantification of reparations owed is missing the target if Britain cannot first imply admit their wrongdoing. I am British (now emigrated to America), and throughout our schooling we were taught that the British had a powerful empire which brought democracy to much of the world. Sadly, that's where most Britishers' knowledge of their former empire ends, which is both tragic and resoundingly naive. Thus, very few Britishers have any idea of the atrocities of the empire (I myself, as an educated man had no idea before watching the video how much India was pillaged for supplies during the world wars). My Keralan wife has since taught me much about it. However, Shashi's argument was cleverly targeted towards such people - even most in Oxford know little more than this! In this sense the wider picture, as you put it, was a subject for another day, and he achieved exactly the right aim with his concluding comments.

Knew it. The wifey is a native. Hence his sympathy.

Is there ever any exception? I'm so tired of this. Indic spouse. Wannabe-convert. Indophile.

Can't any European - let alone one of a former colonial country - show sympathy without such trappings, and *because* India is in the right and the colonial west (starting with Britain) in the wrong?

Too much to ask, right?

2. And I see some crazy Euro supremacist (oryanist too by any chance?) goes by the handle KingOfGondor at the link. Oh so funny. So predictable too.

Have been waiting sometime to see signs of oryanism poisoning Da Legendarium. Saw the first noticeable and unmistakable indications very recently in a tolkien discussion forum where for some inexplicable reason India was brought up (IIRC we were the inspiration for some of the bad guys, albeit conflated the Middle-Easterner islamics. A la in C.S. Lewis. And as usual.)

Whether "KingOfGondor" is an oryanist or not, he's an apologist for colonialist, a pro-colonialist. And if he's an alien too, then he's further a Euro supremacist.

But his comments seem to often be at Indian sites and on Indian matters. Perhaps he's one of the many native wannabe-aliens. Which is pathetic because all things Gondor (and west in Middle-Earth) are specifically NOT miscegenated and NOT brown. So not even Indian Indo-Europeanists need apply. And any who do are obviously total wannabes=losers.

In Tolkien's world, brown skin=evil.** And signifies rapists. And plunderers. Further, in Tolkien's world, miscegenation with dark peoples is also produces invariable evil (quite like the KKK believe, but western racist views were not exclusively held by the KKK, right? Tolkien's good point is that he was not additionally an anti-Semite, which is why he the nazis weren't such big fans.)

[** Oh and Pukel men are actually irrelevant to the topic, and cannot be held up as any exception for reasons that are apparent from the text.]

3. One person commenting on the main article said: "The analysis by John Dolan that you linked to is a favorite of mine".

Looking this up in the main article to see what exactly this referred to:

Quote:The little-known but erudite literary critic John Dolan, in a brutal takedown of Arundhati Roy mentions how the old British “Lefties” love a good scolding from their former colonies—even better if the native scolds them on their own soil.

Which links to exile.ru/articles/detail.php?ARTICLE_ID=6487&IBLOCK_ID=35

This appears to be the updated link. Back in 2007 it was still at: exile.ru/2002-April-05/great_literatury_frauds_of_our_time.html

(and now preserved at web.archive.org/web/20070314023044/http://www.exile.ru/2002-April-05/great_literatury_frauds_of_our_time.html )

Don't know why Indians are complimenting Dolan. Already touched on this in in a 2007 comment, but: you don't even need to read between the lines to know that Dolan's article, while a justified attack on Suzanna Roy, is merely on account of him being actually irked by any Indians/ex-colonised who would (more justifiyingly) criticise western -in this case US- hegemony, even if Dolan is also partly complaining about the intra western (inter British-AmriKKKan) spat, where the Brits like to use the Suzanna Roys against the stage 2 colonials, the AmeriKKKans.

Dolan mistook Suzanna Margaret "Arundhati" Roy for a Hindu merely because of the Hindu pen name she had deceptively assumed. And his going on about her alleged "Aryan" features - whatever those are supposed to be - are another mistake based on his faulty assumptions: she's only part Indian, the other half is Syrian christian. (And until very recently, the 2 main Syrian christians claimed they were each racially pure Syrians and the other was Syrian mixed with "low-caste" Indians. Now, as per the various Oryanist theories in effect, neither of those cases qualify as "Aryan".)

Suzanna's Indian half is Bengali. And IIRC the Paki islamics don't even allow Bengali Hindus into the Oryan clique, as witnessed in their butchering Bangladeshi islamics as untermenschen compared to islamic Pakis' own alleged Oryanness (though don't know what Pakis are on about: they are admixed heavily with Turks and Arabs, not just Iranians. And some Pakis are simply not Indian to any extent, whether they be part Iranian at least - for their desperate needy claims to "oryanism"/white supremacism - is something they should investigate.)

Anyway, perhaps Dolan may have been more sympathetic to Roy if he knew that the various Suzanne Roys are actually often paid agents not just of Britain but of the US too (e.g. Teesta Seetalvad who is kept by the CIA) to antagonise heathenism in India and to keep christoislamic/western hegemony in India intact.

His criticism is actually for those Indians (and other former colonised populations) who would expose the west for this, even if he mistook Suzanna Roy for one of this kind. He is hardly the friend of Hindu nationalists, I'd have thought. Much less someone to admire, even though his most critical words about Suzanna Roy happen to be right - because they were personal attacks, see bold bit below:


Quote:And she [the Syrian catholic Suzanne "Arundhati" Roy] is a fraud. A literary careerist who has parlayed an overwritten melodrama into unearned fame; a child of privilege whose early experiments in poverty were no more than a smart career move; a Yuppie whose real job was aerobics instructor, not slum bottle-recycler; a world-travelled, overeducated dilettante posing as a regional writer; and a fake saint who fucked her way to fame and survives, in spite of her complete lack of talent, because her crude scolding warms the heart of old British lefties who love it when their tame Indian slaves get up on their hind legs to denounce the bloody Americans, who oppress the world so much less skillfully than they used to.
BJP in Goa was last seen promising to keep out Ghar Wapsi from that catholic-infested Hindu region.

Goa BJP is back to proving why it's More Christian Than The Congress.


Quote:Macaulay shining: State grants ONLY to church run English mediums schools

Tracking Goa Edu news : BJP Govt to confirm state grants ONLY to Church run English mediums schools http://t.co/aqhK31TJS2

— Reality Check India (@realitycheckind) August 13, 2015

Links to:




Quote:Society | Education

Grants to Church-run Eng schools will become a law: Parsekar

[Email this to friend] Email To Friend

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 11 August 2015 20:54 IST

[Grants to Church-run Eng schools will become a law: Parsekar]

Following footsteps of the Congress government, the Bharatiya Janata Party government has decided to make it a law to give grants to ‘only’ Church-run English medium primary schools.

“Let the bill come to the Assembly from the select committee in the next session. Let us pass it without much discussion”, chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar requested members of the House today.

As the Assembly was discussing demands on education today, everybody was waiting to see what announcement Parsekar – also the education minister – makes on the controversial issue of Medium of Instruction.

“We still hold the universal view of imparting primary education in the mother tongue. But I will not change what exists today. The grants which we give to English medium primary schools will not stop”, he made it amply clear.

He also appealed the members not to bring politics in education and create new confusion in the state, on the MoI issue.

The bill in this regard is before the select committee.

Forum for the Right of Children’s Education (FORCE) had paralysed the whole state on 31 July, demanding salary grants to all the English medium schools, besides staging a hunger strike at Azad Maidan in Panaji.

In retaliation, the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch had marched in the capital city on 7 August, while threatening to make it an issue of majority versus minority communities of Goa.

Subhash Velingkar, Goa’s RSS chief and leader of BBSM, had also said they would not mind if the BJP government falls on this issue and loses 2017 Assembly election.

MoI was one of the issues on which the BJP had rode to power by opposing the policy of erstwhile Congress government in 2011, to give grants to Church-run English medium primary schools.

While BJP swept the polls by reducing the Congress to mere nine in the 40-member House, it formed the government with five Christian MLAs in the BJP and four other Christian MLAs from Salcete supporting the government.

BJP’s then chief minister Manohar Parrikar had assured to reverse the Congress policy on MoI, making it a prime issue during election campaign.

But in reality, he continued giving grants to Church-run schools and appointed a committee of educationists to decide it.

He ‘heard’ the educationists, majority of whom opposed giving grants to English medium primary schools.

In spite of this, Parrikar continued giving government grants to the Church-run English medium schools.

Meanwhile, he brought a bill in the Assembly to take a policy decision on MoI and the House referred it to the select committee.

FORCE came on roads this month, demanding to pass the bill and make it a law.

In order to pacify the agitation of FORCE, 11 legislators of the coalition government had given to its leaders in writing that the bill would be brought in the next Assembly session.

Parsekar has now announced that the bill would state that government grants for salary of teachers to the existing (Church-run) English medium primary schools would continue.

Shows how BJP's pride in getting the christian minority vote in Goa was merely christianism using BJP - to turn it into a party for the christianisation of Goa - and not a sign of the catholics infesting Goa having become "nationalist". This despite the majority of the Goans who voted for the BJP being Hindu. So the treacherous "nationalists" let the heathens down. Again. Then again, all political parties - crypto-christo, secular, or "nationalist" (even "Hindu nationalist" where Hindu obviously just means Indian) - are or become oriented towards christo-islamisation the minute they seek the "minority" votebank and thus allow infiltration of their aims (and probably their ranks).

At the nation-wide level too, BJP would be utterly christian in purpose if it similarly allowed christian infiltration of its aims and eventually ranks by wooing them.

And the track record of the "Hindu nationalist" party BJP in Goa is a good model for christoislamics to emulate all over the country: when they can so easily turn the only "nationalist" party into a vehicle for christo-islamisation of the nation, why are they still wasting their time fighting Modi and other such shove-overs? Since they can't yet elect their own openly christoislamic national-level parties (though christians in various states have been trying), why can't they just use their minority votes to infiltrate the extant BJP Shove-Over Party and turn it into a christian/islamic one? I mean, the Goan BJP is infested with unquestionable cryptochristos, and the national-level BJP also seems to be made up of traitors who will similarly roll over to their dearly beloved christoislamic votebank if any are strategically placed within it. So what are the christoislamaniacs waiting for? Modi was already busy cozying up with christians over the christoislamic self-inflicted attacks on their own churches and nuns.

The news was:


Quote:Macaulay shining: State grants ONLY to church run English mediums schools

Tracking Goa Edu news : BJP Govt to confirm state grants ONLY to Church run English mediums schools http://t.co/aqhK31TJS2

— Reality Check India (@realitycheckind) August 13, 2015

which links to:

- mobile.twitter.com/realitycheckind/status/631666952935608320

- goanews.com/news_disp.php?newsid=5886

Anyway, scary how easy it is for christoislamania to convert "nationalist" not to mention other political parties into yet another means for christianising the nation. They make *everything* into an opportunity. Even their so-called enemy - the "Hindu nationalists", the "BJP" - is christianism's right arm in implementing the conversion of India to monotheism.

All because nationalism is a soft replacement for heathenism. Monotheism is the hard/full replacement.

The long-since devolved Indian "nationalism" that exists now, being christoconditioned, unheathen and de-heathenising, simply prepares the ground for full on christianisation/monotheism. So it's no wonder christoislam can so easily hijack it to its own ends.

"Only death cures stupidity"
Some more media connections



if you even wonder why Ajai Shukla is so anti Modi then here is the connection . he is brother in law of suman dubey http://www.outlookindia.com/article/reca...uch/284091 …


Quote:With GOP of India ‏@vi_vibhavjoshi Sep 1

@India_MSM even arun shourie is suman dubey's co-brother...so one more conspiracy theory !!
Some more media connections



if you even wonder why Ajai Shukla is so anti Modi then here is the connection . he is brother in law of suman dubey http://www.outlookindia.com/article/reca...uch/284091 …


Quote:With GOP of India ‏@vi_vibhavjoshi Sep 1

@India_MSM even arun shourie is suman dubey's co-brother...so one more conspiracy theory !!
Don't know how I kept forgetting to document this earlier, but somewhere in the last few months Elst wrote an article where he made a most major blunder: the kind which finally and unequivocally revealed him to be a conscious force for de-heathenisation (of Hindoos and 'Hinduism' i.e. Vedic religio/SD).

Elst actually tried to pass Sita Ram Goel off as being essentially an atheist at the later part of the latter's life.

Meanwhile, [url="https://web.archive.org/web/20060505041904/http://sitaramgoel.voiceofdharma.com/interview.html"]here is Sita Ram Goel in his own words[/url] (in an interview with a Greek-named but Belgian magazine on heathenism, [url="http://micheldanino.bharatvani.org/antaios.html"]'Antaios'[/url]) on the main page of VoiceOfDharma as still seen on 5 May 2006 when the following was archived, if not even later:


I lost count how often Elst tried to de-heathenise Hindus and aspects of Hinduism, with attempts to secularise these or divorce them piecemeal from heathenism or other means. (Hint: de-heathenising heathenisms is a defining trait of anti-heathenisms.)

Of course, the chorus of how Elst (or that even more openly anti-heathen, NSRajarant) is a "champion of heathenism" won't stop. Wish the lying would, though. But too much to ask, I know.
1. indiafacts.org/selection-engineering-political-filters-in-jnus-admission-process/

(Q: Which other nation would allow JNU to even be running let alone allow it to pretend it is an educational institute?)

2. indiafacts.org/just-the-facts-prof-chomsky/

(not because Chomsky matters, but because the article provides a overview of the events of the anti-Indian terrorism at JNU)

3. indiafacts.org/lobbying-funds-for-gender-specific-laws-via-fcra/

(Another thing that is only allowed to happen in India and only by foreign meddling.)

In short, most of the ideas, facilitation and funds for all the anti-Indian terrorism and separatism come from the US. The US govt.

The one question the article doesn't ask is how much of the idiot NRI American's tax payer money goes toward this. And how many try to have it both ways. Wonder if they pretend even to themselves that they're not a party to this crime?

And wonder if Elst (and fandom) is going to attempt his old and ever-recurring apologetics on how the west is not really conspiring against India, how it's all supposedly just "Hindu nationalists' paranoia" that it seems so. When the denial is so brazen, it's curious how people won't question what Elst is playing at.
1. swarajyamag.com/culture/rajiv-malhotra-explains-the-challenges-of-understanding-sheldon-pollock

2. swarajyamag.com/culture/purvapaksha-has-shatavadhani-ganesh-really-understood-pollock

Aside: it's the first time (in my reading RM) where there was less of self-conscious RM and more of the actual problem at hand. Very good.

On topic: the problem described is... alarming. As are all things concerning the fate of the heathens of India and their heathenism. Alarm has become commonplace.

1. indiafacts.org/will-assam-muslim-majority-next-40-years/

One of the comments reveals that crypto-christian governance is sponsoring jihadi demographics the same way in other states:

Quote:Sledgehammer • 8 days ago

While the change in religious demography in Assam is indeed worrying, one should also take a look at the changes happening deep inside India. I live in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, about a decade ago there was no muslim population in Chandra layout (a neighboring layout) but today it is almost turning into a Muslim majority area. Question is where are these non Kannada speaking Muslims coming from? . One more thing to note is the difference between a very old Muslim settlement located about less than half a kilometer from my house and the new Muslim locality in Chandra layout, while the former is fairly well rooted in the local culture and has number of Hindus and Hindu temples amongst them, the latter looks totally foreign. We are now seeing the slow creep of Muslims into our area. Thats not the end of the story, there is a subsequent rise in muslim gangs hanging out in our areas and what earlier used to be a 5 times a day prayer call from one direction has now turned into a 5 times a day surround sound torture of their azaan. And this is happening in one of the oldest parts of Bangalore.

If this can happen in a fairly well developed area in the heart of a very old city, I only dread what Hindus in border areas are going through.

2. indiafacts.org/karnataka-government-spending-crores-rupees-churches-report/

[In the comments section, one "Singh Sardar" is using the opportunity of the monotheisms feasting on the majority heathenism to proselytise for Sikhism among Hindus. Typical.

And idiot Hindus lap it up. Also typical.

All that was needed was to claim Sikhs are Hindus and ask people to become Sikhs, i.e. convert.

Never mind it's a spin off religion and - as with all spin-off religions - 1. it just takes time for it to be established as separate and distinct (almost there for Sikhism) 2. it is missionary and opportunistic.

If the monotheisms were aiming to root out Sikhism and had disarmed it in the way they've been doing Hinduism, Sikhism would long have ceased to exist. It's not like only Sikhs know how to wield a sword. Hindus didn't shrink from that since long before Sikhism even existed, and all throughout its existence too.]

3. indiafacts.org/maneka-gandhis-wcd-ministry-becoming-anti-men/

Quote:One of the major points in the National Policy for Women is to introduce sterilization of men as a means to protect reproductive rights of women.

Then I say Maneka Gandhi and all on the National Policy for Women committee need to be neutered or euthanised (whichever they choose). In order to protect the reproductive rights of women.

If this policy was aimed at the monotheists, then the monotheists deserve it, as they're aiming for demographic jihad (see also points 1 and 2 above).

But the christist NPW is aiming at Hindus, just as points 1 and 2.

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