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Is Desi A Racist Word?

Kishore,Jan 1 2009, 08:55 AM Wrote:Scientific thinking is not wrong but one also has to co-exist with the imaginative fables,myths and legends as they are woven with an element of truth in it which is only meant for common good.[right][snapback]92519[/snapback][/right]
Another typical Coldsore interjection. I meant <i>Kissore</i> of course - how rude of me to imply he was a sort of STD.

Anyway, Coldsore argues that science should not interfere with "myths" (=lies).
I disagree. Lies <i>should</i> be dispelled and welcome science to do it. Just as it is doing daily to christoislamism.

But our Gods are not myths (lies).
Coldsore bringing his lame argument up with reference to Natural Traditions is, however, very predictable and once more reveals what he is.

With all the knowledge that you exhibit and the kind of passion you share on being a Dharmic (I have also seen your photo on Ganesha Idol taken in Japan that was thought provoking - made lot of sense to what you said on the reach of the hindu traces )

Husky my dear, How can you suddenly become a bundle of contradiction. Come on !!!

You say expose the lies and then you say our GODs are not lies........?????

Which is a lie then ???? As Bhavv says Ganesha with an elephant head is uncomprehensible .Therefore Do you say its a lie !!! or the very thought of worshiping all the Hindu GODs who fly on birds with animal face and the Vikunta or the kailash is a lie ???

Or the fact that Ganges purifies the soul of its Sins is a lie ??????

According to you which is a Lie ?????

A mind of your calibre making such a statement is a bit disappointing.

Every child deserves to have his or her share of The Chandamama stories,Fairy tales so also stories of Bal Hanuman and Ganesha.There a truth in it and they are NOT lies. Its is woven around sensitivity to power imagination .Fuel thinking!!!

The mind of a child is not bound by the thought of logics .It is powered by the ability to go beyond reasoning and logics. It builds respect to life and nature .The stories of myths and legends are all based on inert truth and passed on from one generation to another.You will find this unparalleled in Hinduism.

If you teach a child to work thro only logical reasoning and science from the tender age itself with out the share of the imagination ingredients then the child as gradually grows into an adult becomes a very troubled character as the mind is bonded by only logics.<b>So Decision making and problem solving are things that are sourced from creativity and imagination </b>.

<b>Why else or how else could an ordinary mind come with solutions like the "Theory of evolution " by Darwin or the "Vimana Shastra " - Describing how to build aircrafts centuries before the Wright Brothers and the above mention of sub Atomic revelations in Samkhya Philosophy.</b>

Its from the power of imagination .This is only possible if the mind at tender age is fuelled by all the traditional and mythological stories to generate a rich content to stimulate ones

A logical scientific mind 10 years ago would have declared one insane if he spoke of Preserving a person alive through cryogenic technology in an incubator without aging and leading a normal life of a youth after 20 years while his/her generation would have already been in twight light of their lives. Or would they accept the concept of DOLLY - the clone subject

Please read the Legend of how Ganges got to earth .....For the sake of bringing back 100 ancestors to life.....(again significance of life ) Or the concept of time travel in the legend of the Jagganath temple of Puri where one Day in Brahma Loka is equaling to 1000 years on earth .

Or the latest revelation of the connection between the Churning of the oceans by the Devas and Asuras with the concept of creation of life on earth in Dasha avatara .Even the recent episodes like Saints namely Jnaneshwar ,Tukaram,Kabir Raghvendra Swami and their likes - How can you separate them from their miracles.

<b>If you believe in them as Saints then you have to accept them with their miracles.</b>

If not then those minds are dwelling in a pseudo thought process that is a disturbance to the society.

Either you take it all in full or you dont take it at all !!!

In the process of trying to gather lies and separate them one will end up being a lie himself as the whole thing if understood in the right spirit, then everywhere there is a concept based on elements of truth.

Without imagination there is no dream and without a dreams there is no life.

Therefore you will find from 200 BC lot of legends and myths were created but all have a deep truth in them for the generation down the line which no one single mind can comprehend as this is the legacy of mankind that has evolved over more that 5000 years .

Till 1930s the story of Pompeii at the bottom of mt Versus in Homers classics was just a legend. But the truth is that now it’s real and intact in time. Do any skeptics who called Lord Krishna a fable story from an imagination have any answer to the DWARKA city unearthed by DR Rao which was so clearly mentioned that it went into the sea as soon as Lord Krishna left his form.

The deluge mentioned in Matsya Avatara of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu puran has also been mentioned in Bible as well with Noah’s Ark .That means they are not fabled stories only but have been embeded with a large amount of truth in it which has not been understood well .

Dr Opehiemer recited the verses from the Bhagavat Gita before declaring the ATOM bomb to the world and narrated that it was already in nature and mankind knew it as Brahma astra in the puranas

Is Mahabharat a Lie or the Ramayana and its content a lie from the scientific analysts who say there were no rakshasas or Demons or even the celestial weapons with horse chariots flying in air . Its all rubbish!! as they say .... why is that even today we see a Mahabharata or a Ramayana story in our homes everywhere in India been replayed despite all the intellect and knowledge.As humans we are in the same design and repeat the mistakes of history again and gain and again

The fact is that all boils down into faith.

The power of imagination is the foundation for faith .

With out faith, Hinduism and its concept will be difficult to understand

Where there is no faith

It makes way for lies

This may be again from the very fact that Hindus today have nor Dharmic education but see the religion of Hinduism from the Convent (Christian) education or formal English education and not from Gurukul system.

<b>May be this statement below can substantiate my point

"I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is beggar, who is a thief. Such Wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that i do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very back bone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation."

Lord Macualays address to the British Parliament 2.2.1835 </b>

So my friend what is missing here in Bhavvs case in relating to Indian Gods and Her concept of an elephant GOD, there is no foundation of imagination that seems to have been misplaced with science which is limited as we call science as science and facts only from the understanding derived out of what we understand and comprehend........WHAT We don’t comprehend or understand we call it lies........

Co-existing of scientific thinking and faith is relevant for as long as mankind exists

So I reiterate once more that the truth is visible from the eye of the right understanding only. If I have that then I can transfer it back to my child and the child to his or her children. How we build connection to the heart and mind with the faith, that makes way for devotion and bhava or Bhakti

Singing devotional songs and bhajans without the devotion is like singing an old song of Mukesh in Indian cinema without that emotional connection .It wont then be a song but a drill without connection…..

When this is understood I don’t think whether someone calls any one a DESI becomes a slur or terms it racist at all as It means nothing but just a feeling of expression used to identify a third factor and bring the first and second closer as one .

And as far as what I am?

It doesn’t befit a learned person like you to make personal attacks which are unbecoming of a Dharmic that you claim to be .This come from Dharmic Samskaras to respect one another as we accept the fact that we are different individuals with different backgrounds. We must indulge in debates for better understanding but not to cut some one to size or demean others as this again reflects the inability to have a win win conversation and therefore exposing the insecurities deep within or low self esteem. If one can’t agree or tolerate another then drive to corner that person …..A sign of weakness in not being able to stand by what is right and pass its test.

If one is right in conviction then one need not try very hard to prove as wisdom says each person takes his or her own time to learn or see facts.......based on upbringing

I don’t become a scholar by using an anonymous User Id and blow lies into this discussion forum. I therefore interact with my name in full and you are always welcome to know more about me if you wish on any search engine. I am sure you don’t mean to drive people like me, out of the forum.

Hare Krishna

Kishor Jagirdar

(oooppps your COLDSORE ,KISSORE from Kansas) <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

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