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Attack in Mumbai
Secular chickens coming home to roost.
chaubey of CNN-IBN is interviewing rajdeep sardesia of CNN-IBN of all people.
rajdeep, aim was to take over mumbai. is at pains since south mumbai is targetted ,how can the terrorist do it.
They are not terrorist, according to Home Minister Soniadas Patil, it is party. Now by morning we will know it was nauker Party or Cocaine Party or Happy New Year Party.
Eyewitness are saying hostage in one hotel are from Israel.


Reuters 10 min ago

Mumbai Shootings
Are these Al Quaeda? They are singling out UK & US passport people along with attacks on India
This is SIMI/Dawood. Now difference between them and Al-queeda is zero.

Fools of ATS/IB/RAW were wasting time by fulfilling Sonia Gandhi political agenda by targeting Sadhus and RSS.
These guys are not taking Islamist agenda seriously.
They are fools. After two days they will go back to same, spirit of Mumbai etc.

Already Sardeasi is trying to link ATS death as targetted by his own cops, these media fools are so idiot. They don't know floating theories won't solve anything.
Army had arrived , can see 2 truck on online.

Army commandos reached Oberoi.
New blast inside one hotel, big panic now outside.
SRPF trying to enter hotel.

Army is with Jabalpur tag

[Added later : Army Factory Jabalpur]
Our heartfelt sympathies relatives of the 72 some who have died and 200+ injured.
They are showing suspect actual picture, he is wearing blue hooded sweat shirt with CRSA printed

78 Died and 200 injured - new government data.

Some Krishan Das MP is in Taj hotel, he is saying he is regular of this hotel, He is in save hall inside hotel.
Bhupinder and some Patil is MP inside hotel.
Fire reported in Boravoli (sp??)
Fire spread in Taj Hotel
Blast inside Hotel Oberoi. Army inside Hotel
a joker of an MP gave an interview to CNN IBN from inside the Taj saying he is safe with 200 other people.
CM was gigling, Home Minister was half sleep, Moron Singh sleeping. This is India Government response.
<b>Deccan Muhajidden had taken claim.</b>

So i was right this is Indian Muslim Party of peace at work.

Now they can arrest Ramdev and Seer again.
Army operation had started in Oberoi where westerns are held as hostage.

Passport has been asked by Deccan Muhajdeen party workers who are holding Western. Its not clear whether they are looking for some Western person or just looking for Americans only

Several European lawmakers were among those inside the hotel.

Sajjad Karim told Britain's Press Association news agency that he and several other lawmakers were barricaded inside the Taj Mahal Hotel.

<img src='http://content.mahalo.com/images/2/2c/Mumbai_blasts_jh_2045.png' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
Latest: 80 killed in Mumbai terror attack
Vijay Salaskar, an officer attached to the Mumbai police who has been famed as an 'encounter specialist', was seriously injured in the ongoing gun battle and has been rushed to hospital. In all, seven Mumbai policemen are believed killed thus far.

Meanwhile, Railway Police Chief Ashok Sharma told Rediff.com that at least 40 people were killed inside Mumbai's nodal Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminus. "The attack started around 9.35 pm," Sharma said. "Two terrorists were inside. We can confirm at least 40 people killed."

It is yet unclear whether the terrorists are still on-site, have left, or been killed. Sharma said there had been no firing from within the terminus for the last two hours. "Despite this, we are not allowing people to go into the station as we are worried that the terrorists might have planted bombs or left live grenades in the station," he said.

Sharma said the official belief is that the two terrorists had sneaked out of the station in the confusion following the original assault.

Sudhir Dalvi, a sub-inspector attached to the Mumbai cell of the Anti-Terrorist Squad, told Sheela Bhatt for Rediff.com that his boss, ATS chief Hemant Karkare, and senior police officers Vijay Salaskar and Additional Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte, were killed in an incident outside Mumbai's Cama Hospital.

<i>"Our chief Karkare, my senior officer Salaskar and ACP Kamte died while engaging terrorists outside the Cama hospital," a sobbing Dalvi told Rediff.com. "All of a sudden, terrorists threw grenades at Karkare leading to chaos. We are unable to confirm whether they fell to terrorist fire or were killed by the grenades."</i>

Meanwhile, the army has moved into the Trident Hotel, the third five-st
Toyota Qualis Muhjideen are still lose.
Honda City peaceful Muhajideen are holding Oberio hotel.
Three ATS died consecutively. Great Inyaan courageous puleesh, for torturing women.

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