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"Hindu terror" Eidolon
This is perhaps the first time that a High ranking Army Officer has been arrested for his alleged links with a terrorist organisation.The latest development:-

Armyman in blast net
Mumbai, Nov. 5: A serving officer of the rank of lieutenant colonel was today arrested on the charge of being part of the conspiracy behind September’s Malegaon blast, sending shockwaves through the defence establishment.

Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohit, who was once part of the military intelligence set-up, was produced before chief judicial magistrate K.D. Boche in Nashik this afternoon. Boche remanded him in police custody till November 15.

The total number of arrests in the case has risen to nine, including Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Major (retd) Ramesh Upadhyay.

Public prosecutor Ajay Misar told the court the officer had allegedly sent five text messages to Upadhyay, founder of the Pune-based radical outfit Abhinav Bharat, after the probe zoomed in on the sadhvi and right-wing Hindu groups.

Sources said the anti-terrorist squad had traced text messages — like “The cat is out of the bag”, “Singh has sung” (referring to Shivnarain Singh Kalsangram, who was arrested along with the sadhvi), “We are on the radar of the ATS”, and “Change the Sim card”— to Purohit’s phone.

Arguing for police custody, Misar said a high-ranking army officer could have access to explosives stored in military depots, and hence the ATS wished to interrogate him for more information.

The prosecution also alleged that Purohit had carried out money transfers in six to seven cities, and is suspected to have used the hawala route.


If the charges are proved to be true it isa very serious development.However,in case it is found to be totally unfounded, the investigators should be taken to task.Anyway, this stray incident caused by an individual even if proved to be true should not be held as something against the institution of the Army itself.The situation is rightly summed up by this HT report:-
Rahul Singh
Email Author
November 06, 2008
First Published: 02:40 IST(6/11/2008)
Last Updated: 02:41 IST(6/11/2008)
Not a verdict on soldier’s honourIt is certainly alarming when a soldier trained to die for his country gets arrested on charges of terrorism. Yet the first ever arrest of a serving army officer in the Malegaon blasts case cannot be regarded as a taint on the military as a whole.

Lt Col Srikant Purohit’s alleged involvement in the Malegaon blasts is at worst an embarrassing aberration. It does not compromise the honour of our 1.13 million-strong fighting force.

“It’s a matter of serious concern. But the very fact that this is the first such case in the military’s history establishes the credibility of our rigorous selection system,” said a senior officer at army headquarters, requesting anonymity. “It is unrealistic to expect the army to have control over the psyche of individuals.”

There have been several instances of army officers being involved in offences such as espionage, sex abuse, arms smuggling and corruption. But the terror charge is the most shameful for an organisation that values the traditions of loyalty, discipline and sacrifice. “The officer does not stand for the entire army,” said former army chief General V.P. Malik. But significantly, he added: “This unsavory episode should set alarm bells ringing.”

A hardcore infantry officer, Purohit learnt his trade at the National Defence Academy at Khadakwasla. Sources said he was commissioned in the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles before switching to military intelligence.

Army headquarters sources said the force was willing to share Purohit’s service dossier with the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, if such a request was made, to help the progress of investigations. “If there’s muck around, we too want it cleared. But investigators should not jump to hasty conclusions,” said one of them.

For a force that prides itself on being apolitical, it is however, disconcerting to find a member having links with right-wing terror.

© Copyright 2007 Hindustan Times
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->This is perhaps the first time that a High ranking Army Officer has been arrested for his alleged links with a terrorist organisation.The latest development:-<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->finally, Silent abused terrorise by Indian government and babus majority is waking up.
It may be called as begining of 2nd War Independence.
Silent majority is upset my appeasement policy of Indian Government and daily attack on religion of majority population by Indian government.
Nov 6, 2008

<b>Sadhvi Pragya-an icon of empowered women</b>

from hilda raja
date Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 3:37 AM
subject Sadhvi Pragya-an icon of empowered women

Now the problem in the investigation of Sadhvi Pragya is that she is completely in charge of herself! Confident and calm with her mastery of yoga the cops are finding it difficult to needle out any information. Nothing till date to show her involvement in the Malegaon and Modasa blasts. So from here how does the case proceed?. The Anti-Terrorist Squad had lined up all the Hindu out fits and about 500 persons were grilled but they found no clue. Because the blasts occurred near mosques and in a minority dominated area is no sufficient reason for the ATS -the Gujarat and Mumbai police to line up all the saffron outfits. Can this alone point at their involvement? When there are leads against the SIMI and other Muslim outfits the investigation is tardy. Have the investigation agencies which had got leads in the involvement of Tauqeer in the blasts in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad and now in Assam succeed in nabbing him? Where there are no leads in Sadhvi Pragya’s case the investigators are reluctant to give her a clean chit but want to wait, continue keeping her on the ‘suspect’ list. The Prime Minister lost his sleep when Haneef was grilled in Australia but now the PM and Mrs Sonia Gandhi are getting comfortable rest and sleep because they can perform the balancing act of ‘Hindu’ terror and ‘Muslim’ terror. The media went gaga to give a saffron color to terror and seem to be gloating that at last it has Hindu terrorists in the net. In the case of Batla terrorists encounter Lalu, Paswan, Mulayam, and Amar Singh rushed to the defense of the terrorists. ‘Till they are proved guilty they are innocent’, they asserted. The same rule must apply to Sadhvi Pragya and the five suspects in the Malegoan /Modasa blasts including all the Hindu outfits which the ATS grilled. Till proved guilty they are innocent. All the terrorists so far arrested must be put to brain mapping. polygraphic and narco
tests. Investigators must adopt the same methods be they Hindu suspects or Islamic suspects. Justice cannot be flawed depending on religion. Methods and tactics used cannot be based on religion.

In the case of Sadhvi Pragya the media both print and electronic branded her as accused.-even before the investigations started. What went into the making of Sadhvi Pragya was being analyzed in detail.-she studied in a boy’s school- Lahar did not have a girl’s school after the secondary level and so Sadhvi had no alternative .She was imaged as a fast girl because she was fond of bikes -that today girls even in High school all swish pass in bikes does not matter. Sadhvi has to be painted different- as an unusually bold girl ready to take up a cause. Drunkards and goons were afraid of her it is reported. So what does all these indicate? She is not afraid, is bold, courageous, intelligent, and educated. She is not the stereotype Indian girl. She has broken the gender cocoon image and stands out as a person different from the usual docile, submissive girls that the male dominated Indian society want girls to be. Does this mean she has all the ingredients that went into the making of a terrorist? Yet from the PM down to the CM we hear of the empowerment of women. Sadhvi is a hard nut to crack and gives no leads. The fact is that she is innocent and hence there are no leads for her to give. She has self actualized herself and not allowed her personhood to be dominated and submerged in the oppressive social norms of society. Hats off to Sadhvi Pragya. Let us hope that we will have more Sadhvis to stand up and be counted.

By trying to implicate Sadhvi the Centre government with its investigating agencies has succeeded in making her an icon of empowered women.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,
An interesting item from TOI

Togadia alarmed by Lt-Col's rise?
7 Nov 2008, 0349 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: VHP leader Pravin Togadia may have styled himself as a fire-spewing radical, but he feared getting overtaken by Shrikant Prasad Purohit, the serving Lt Colonel who has been arrested for the Malegaon blast and who has since acknowledged his role in plotting last month's "revenge terror".

Sources said that alarmed by the way Purohit's Abhinav Bharat was weaning away the ultra-radicals in VHP's ranks, Togadia had asked the jailed army officer not to split the Hindutva ranks and instead join the Parishad (Vishwa Hindu Parishad).

Not known for accommodating rivals, Togadia, in fact, sought a meeting with Purohit. While the latter agreed to meet him, he refused to fold up Abhinav Bharat during the interaction the two had at a Mumbai hotel in August.

Purohit, who could impress many with his views on the need to retaliate against "jehadi terror", had managed to win over many VHP activists who found the Parishad's agenda "too mild" for their tastes. Abhinav Bharat gave them the exalted title of Chanakya — after the legendary advisor to the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta.

It is not only the young who found Purohit convincing. ATS sources say that he left a strong impression on an 85-year-old Pune notable, Shyam Apte, who allegedly began funding the activities of Abhinav Bharat whose "retaliation" plan extended to "avenging atrocities on Hindus" in Bangladesh.

Purohit made few bones about his views, and would express them freely to his friends in the army. ATS officers are curious to know whether fellow officers were aware of Purohit's transformation from an outspoken radical into the founder member of Abhinav Bharat, who would, as the jailed officer told the ATS team interrogating him, plot the Malegaon attack. This is now a matter of investigation though army authorities here denied reports that they have received a fresh communication from ATS seeking permission to question peers of Purohit.

As it tries to uncover evidence of whether other serving officers were aware of the conspiracy, ATS seems to be pretty convinced about Purohit's links with Colonel (retd) S S Raikar, the commandant of Nashik's Bhonsala Military School.

Cops suspect that the retired colonel helped procure arms for Abhinav Bharat. Raikar, who has already been visited by ATS, may be picked up soon, sources said.
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Nov 6 2008, 08:54 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Nov 6 2008, 08:54 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->This is perhaps the first time that a High ranking Army Officer has been arrested for his alleged links with a terrorist organisation.The latest development:-<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->finally, Silent abused terrorise by Indian government and babus majority is waking up.
It may be called as begining of <b>2nd War Independence</b>.
Silent majority is upset my appeasement policy of Indian Government and daily attack on religion of majority population by Indian government.
If the above charges are true then Lt. Col. Purohit will be hanged or shot. But this will marked a seminal event in Hindu-Muslim relationship.

REST OF THE POST SELF EDITED: My earlier analysis was wrong, I wasn't aware of a few discrepancies in the case.

The case now looks like a ploy to purge the Army of nationalist elements. I'm beginning to link the attempts to thrust the Sachar commission report and present noise by commies accusing Army of harboring errant officers.

The commies will perhaps note that India is not erstwhile Soviet Union (the Red Army purges of 1930s and 1940s).
All this <i>still</i> means nothing but utter dubiousness by - who else - the Arch Charlatans, the christomedia in India:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Malegaon Blast Case - ATS Credibility not Hindutva on Trial</b>
4th update - There are now 4 contradictory versions on the origin of this transcript. CNN-IBN says its a tape, NDTV says its an eyewitness account of a phone conversation, Indian Express says its a hearsay account of conversation in a room in Ujjain where, apart from Ramji and the Sadhvi, a third person was [...]

<b>What came first - Transcript or the Eyewitness ?</b>

There are now 4 contradictory versions on the origin of the transcript produced in court in the Malegaon Blast Case.
CNN-IBN says its a tape,
NDTV says its an eyewitness account of a phone conversation,
Indian Express says its a hearsay account of conversation in a room in Ujjain where, apart from Ramji and the Sadhvi, a third [...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Thereafter Offstumped did some stepping back when they heard the 'news' of the 'Grand Confession' of Purohit - see below. (Some commenters in Offstumped have reasonably supposed he may be a plant to drown the army - but perhaps he was merely tortured into confessing like two of the other accused, see post #17 above.)

I don't know if Offstumped remained at neutral even after the following ridiculous reporting by TOI was revealed - linked off a comment on the Offstumped page:
<b>While TOI's piece is titled so definitely (or rather deceptively): "I was Malegaon mastermind, admits Lt-Col"</b>
And yet one reads:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->7 Nov 2008
It is learnt that Purohit, who was arrested on November 5, <b>admitted</b> to supplying the deadly RDX and weapons to members of the Abhinav Bharat, a radical Hindu outfit. Sources said the Mumbai's Anti-Terrorism Squad was planning to question another serving army officer in this connection whose name cropped up during Purohit's interrogation. <b>However, the confessional statement given to the police is not admissible in court.</b>
(Inadmissable? Why, because it came by way of torturing him?)

Sources said Purohit was conclusively cornered after he was confronted with telephone records that showed his links with another accused, retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay. "I am the mastermind of the blast. I arranged for the RDX and weapons but I can't understand how the weapons reached Abhinav Bharat members," sources quoted Purohit as telling police. Abhinav Bharat is the Hindu extremist group which wanted to avenge the terror attacks by Islamist groups. Several members of the group had links with other saffron outfits.

<span style='color:red'>While no anti-terrorism squad (ATS) officer was willing to comment on the reported confession, ATS spokesperson Dinesh Agrawala said for the record, "It's not correct."</span>
[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Nevertheless TOI doesn't want to leave you high and dry with a named official source (other than the sloppy prosecutor) negating all the media outlet's unnamed "he said she said" claims. So they manufacture (well, what else are convenient characters without names) two more characters 'officers' to tell the required story - see the 2nd page at the TOI link above:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"Since he is a senior Army officer, he <b>could</b> be the source for the RDX, used in the bomb that went off in the textile town," said an officer. Police said that it had evidence that Purohit distributed money to several people through his organisation. "The financial transactions are through hawala as well," said an officer who is probing Purohit's hawala links.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The poster on Offstumped who posted the above TOI link remarked about the red bit (on this page):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Mischief on part of the reporter and irresponsibility on part of TOI to first claim the confession without any credible proof.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->What an understatement. It's called Framed And Hanged By The Media.
The reporter of this TOI gossip column is predictably one Mateen Hafeez

At least one can go and look up ATS-related Mr Dinesh Agrawala and ask him whether he will confirm or deny what the TOI reported him as saying. We can't even do that much with these nameless 'officers' TOI has referred to (invented?). And is that really what they said, or would Dinesh Agrawala for ATS say TOI was wrong on this well???? One can't help asking.

And then, of course, comes the inevitable (link via Offstumped):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Muslims will be given preference in police jobs: Vilasrao</b>

MUMBAI : <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh on Thursday assured Muslims that the Governmemnt would give them preference in police jobs.

<b>“A special officer from Muslim community would be appointed for the police recruitment</b> so that the community people can get more scope in the police department,” the Chief Minister said in the function of the Federation of All Minority Educational Organisation at Haj House here.

The Government has already appointed an officer from minority community on MPSC board which is helping to bring the community youth in the mainstream, he said.

Deshmukh also asked Muslim students to learn Marathi langauage along with Urdu. “One should learn Marathi as it is the state language and also been used for the Government jobs,” he said.

<span style='color:red'>Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil who also attended the function said that Muslims should be given priority in private jobs also. Patil requested the Chief Minister that a meeting of private industrialists should be conducted in this regard.</span><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Raj Tacky and his goons will probably be too preoccupied killing Maharashtra's Hindus from other parts of India 'for speaking in Hindi' to care. After all isn't Tacky friends with these Congressis promising Urdu-speaking islamis preference in jobs in Shivaji's kingdom?

<b>More reading:</b>

I think people are making too much of it by assuming there is truth in all these accusations on Hindu Terrorism, when at this point we still know nothing of the sort. All we can see is that psecularists/christomedia are spinning one fabrication after another, and the higher ups actually had to get their conditioned/bribed policemen to <i>torture</i> a serviceman and a woman into confession.

From 2 posts up: even the police can't substantiate the claims (or rather, those the media <i>said</i> the police had made) with the army yet. Seems too much like cooked-up nonsense:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->as the jailed officer told the ATS team interrogating him, plot the Malegaon attack.
(Was that under duress of being beaten up by the 'police' as also happened in #17 above, just like millions of persons 'confessed' to witchery during the christo inquisitions)
This is now a matter of investigation <b>though army authorities here denied reports that they have received a fresh communication from ATS seeking permission to question peers of Purohit.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Pretty much air still.

People don't even seem to agree on the basics, as also in bold above. Around the time ravish wrote "This is perhaps the first time that a High ranking Army Officer has been <i>arrested</i> for his alleged links with a terrorist organisation", the army seemed rather in disagreement, saying it was not arrest but detention for questioning:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Nov 5
<b>Army denies arrest of Lt. Colonel Purohit in Malegaon blasts case</b>
"The officer is not under arrest. He has been accordingly detained by the ATS for the questioning. The Army Headquarters will take a further view on the matter based on progress of investigation by the ATS an availability of additional evidence, if any," said Veerendra Singh, APRO Army.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Meanwhile, an older article again shows how others tarred with the manufactured 'Hindu Terrorist' label deny their involvement. Yet again.
I have to wonder, where are their jihadi letters of self-gloating - after all, it's the Terrorist Way? Where is the call to Guerilla Warfare? Nowhere. No point in blowing up people without making demands. Islamaniacs make demands/issue gloats/threats all the time (though not always, certainly not when they want to blame others for their handiwork, but recall Osama bin What'sIt and his regular video releases).
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Military School denies training any "Hindu terrorists"</b>
links to http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=14785702 (excerpt moved from bottom in original to top)
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Tuesday, 28 October , 2008, 21:18

    <b>Nagpur: The Bhosla Military School has categorically denied imparting terrorist training to the Malegaon bomb blast accused or anyone else in the past, terming media reports to that effect as part of irresponsible and malicious propaganda.</b>

    “We heard the names of the Malegaon bomb accused, including Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, for the first time when reports about their arrest appeared in the print and electronic media in the last some days," the school's Nagpur branch director Satish Salpekar said on Tuesday.
<b>Military School denies training any "Hindu terrorists"</b>
Of course, no such creatures exist - therefore they cannot possibly be "trained" in terror. The real terrorists in India are the Jihadis, the Christist evangelicals and their Maovadi lapdogs. Their genocidal terrorism is enabled by "SECULAR"
Stalinist politicians and the christist controlled Indian media.

The bogey of "Hindu terrorism" (sic)is merely the latest creation of the Pseudo-secular dirty tricks department. It is not even a brand new idea emerging from these windbags. The progenitor of the Nehruvian Stalinist cult in India himself had invented this mythology of "Hindu fascism" and attempted to muzzle Hindu nationalism by banning the RSS in the immediate aftermath of the partition.
A few thousand Hindu nationalists, Brahmins in particular were massacred and women dishonoured across Maharashtra by protagonists of "Gandhianism" (sic)in a state sponsored "SECULAR" pogrom unleashed by KKKaangress thugs using the "Mahatma's" (sic) slaying as an excuse. This, in fact was "independent" India's first act of genocide against Hindus - to be repeated in the 1984 genocide of Sikhs, again by the brutal Kaangress thugs.

Both Indira Ghandi and Narasimha Rao attempted to equate Hindu nationalism with real Islamist terror to appear even handed when forced to take the most limited action against Mohammedan separatists. Despite the cognitive dissonance endemic to dhimmi India, the disingenuous tactic of "fairness" never succeeded completely, because a small residue of common sense and ingrained historical memory does exist in the Indian people, that assists them in the precise identification of traitors and terrorists.

Accordingly, the alert citizen will need to make a couple of observations about the latest Goebbelsian disinformation campaign by the "SECULARS" :

1) Is the "government" not violating the human rights of Hindu nationalists
by placing them in indefinite illegal detention - without a shred of evidence to prove any culpability in "terrorism"? Does the concept of innocence until proven guilty simply not apply when Hindus are maliciously accused of wrongdoing? Isn't some draconian law being misused to persecute the MINORITY of Hindu nationalists?

2) Are the "government" and the media not deliberately injuring Hindu sentiment by repeatedly labeling innocent young people as "HINDU TERRORISTS"? Now, we are all aware of a "SECULAR" Indian convention; Indeed, it has been repeatedly drilled into us Ad Infinitum by the "SECULARS" that "TERRORISTS HAVE NO RELIGION".

Therefore, conceding the bogey of "terrorism" in this instance for argument's sake - is the "SECULAR" dictum not being violated by labeling individuals as "HINDU TERRORISTS"? Does this also not violate the "ALL RELIGIONS ARE EQUAL" rule? i.e. If all "religions" are equal, as the Dhimmis say - and Islam is a "Religion of Peace" and Christism is a "Religion of Love", then how can Hindus alone be qualified as "terrorists"? Hm mm, sounds like all religions are NOT equal after all for the "SECULARS".

3) OK, granted that Hindus do not deserve any human rights and are almost certainly "terrorists". Is yet another "SECULAR" law not being violated by totally obscuring the ROOT CAUSES of Hindu "terrorism"? How can the "government" and the tabloid Indian media minimise POVERTY and ILLITERACY as causative factors for misguiding some unemployed youth?

Pseudo Secularism is inconsistent, illogical and fatally flawed even in it's pathetic "balanced" attempt to equate Hindu nationalism with real Jihadi terrorism.

Posted by karyakarta92 at 10/28/2008 12:30:00 PM 0 comments <!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

And another thing: Hindus could never take such <b><i>inept</i></b> action, targetting irrelevant individuals. The terrorist attacks they are accused of, have accomplished absolutely nothing: it hasn't carried out Afzal's death sentence, hasn't freed Kashmir from islamofascism, nor driven the islamaniac infiltrators from Bangladesh back across the border into the territory they had earlier stolen (BD), nor even made a point. (Not that terrorism can accomplish any of these things.)

And they've not owned up to it (see Sadhvi and Upadhyay who deny their involvement) - what kind of 'point' are they supposed to have been making, when they instead say they have had nothing to do with it? This army officer Purohit - as per the hyper dubious TOI, <i>even while being contradicted in this by the one ATS representative they are able to name</i> - supposedly has admitted to everything very conveniently, but then I don't think confessions extracted by torture (such as Sadhvi and Upadhyay have stated they were exposed to) count for anything.

Only the christo government, the christoislamaniacs and 'psecular' christomedia get something out of this: accusing Hindus of 'terrorism', at the cost of the lives of random (presumably 'minority') lives that only they would be willing to trade. Afzal's death is worth something to Hindus perhaps, but random citizens? It's tooooo ludicrous. Waiting with baited breath for the actual proof - where proof is not the sort of statements obtained by coercing the accused, of course.
Husky Ji , is it possible to get the source where the bogey of hindu terror was raised for the first time before things have come to the present status quo?
i am writing an article for the benefit of friends and relations,describing the media mischief regarding the myth of the Hindu Terrorist.
many thanks.
I think Teesta Setelvad first came up with that phrase. I might be wrong.
Ramanaji,I am loking for a particular article or series of articles.I am working along the lines of tracing the chronology of events ,working with references makes the article more believable.
<!--QuoteBegin-devagiri+Nov 8 2008, 12:55 AM-->QUOTE(devagiri @ Nov 8 2008, 12:55 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Ramanaji,I am loking for a particular article or series of articles.I am working along the lines of tracing the chronology of events ,working with references makes the article more believable.

Date: February 22, 2007
Post 1/2

<!--QuoteBegin-devagiri+Nov 7 2008, 11:38 PM-->QUOTE(devagiri @ Nov 7 2008, 11:38 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->is it possible to get the source where the bogey of hindu terror was raised for the first time before things have come to the present status quo?[right][snapback]89886[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Good that KRam - and Ramana - answered your question (see the previous page for that), because I don't know.
Communitwits launched their imaginary diversion of 'Hindu Fastism' even before the Ayodhya movement I think. But Hindu Tremorism is a new construct, since they are getting exasperated how their islamaniac brethren keep getting themselves convicted for factually committing the terrorist activities innate to islamism. And similarly, how christoterrorists can't stop being the terrorist murderers their religion inspires them to be either. Since the pseculars and communistas can't change the terrorist ideologies, they want to level the playing field by - from what data there is so far - falsely presenting Hindus as terrorists as well. For further info you could also try approaching http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in/ or http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com. They are writing about these things. Alternatively, you could write to http://dailypioneer.com, asking your question.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->i am writing an article for the benefit of friends and relations,describing the media mischief regarding the myth of the Hindu Terrorist.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->When you're done, will you please post it here (and in other Hindu sites like HaindavaKeralam perhaps)? I would like to send my relatives something on this topic.

More convolutions to the plot - Christomedia Of India's love affair with untruth is like a superbaaaddd movie one wants to give a miss (but one can't):
1. Army overrides christomedia's rumour mongering:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->FRONT PAGE | Saturday, November 8, 2008 | Email | Print |
<b>‘Lt Col has no direct link’</b>

Pioneer News Service | New Delhi

Army denies more serving officers are on ATS radar

<b>Lt Colonel Srikant Purohit, arrested in connection with the Malegaon blast earlier this week, was not directly linked with planning and executing the explosions, top Army sources said here on Friday. They also denied reports that some more serving officers were on the radar of the Maharashtra Police in connection with the blasts.</b>
(Watch out Indian Army. The christomedia will now call you all terrorists. Somehow. In fact, the communitwits in point 5 below have already started. And christian lies are big. Big enough to engulf and drown the entire Indian army perhaps, or at least to agitate to send islamaniacs into it to outnumber the Indians in it.)

<b>Categorically denying the involvement of more officers in the case and the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the Maharashtra police seeking the Army’s help, sources said Purohit, an Army Intelligence Corps officer, was not involved in planning the blasts.</b> This was the first ever case when a serving Army officer was arrested in connection with a terrorist act.

<b>They also debunked reports that Purohit procured and supplied RDX to the perpetrators and said no Army unit, let alone an officer, had access to the explosive material. The ordnance factories handled the RDX for manufacturing shells and it was highly unlikely that Purohit could have procured the explosive material from there.</b>

As regards the so-called sequence of events and his role in planning the blast, sources said Purohit was undergoing a foreign language course in Arabic at the Army Education Corps institution in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, for the last one-and-a-half years. <b>He was not on an operational assignment and therefore could not have procured the explosives, they said in response to reports that the planning took place between October 2007 and September this year when the blasts took place.</b>

Sources, however, did not rule out the officer's links with some other suspects connected with the Malegaon blasts and said Purohit's membership in the Abhinav Bharat organsiation would also come under the Army's scanner. The Army was awaiting the report and evidence, if any, against the officer from the police before taking further step.

Meanwhile, Union Defence Minister AK Antony expressed concern over the alleged involvement of a serving officer in the blasts and said the Government will take all necessary steps after receiving report from the Maharashtra police.

Talking to mediapersons on the sidelines of an awards presentation function of defence PSUs here on Friday, the Minister said, “It is a matter of serious concern to all of us. We are determined to go to the root of the whole thing. At the moment, the Maharashtra police and Intelligence Bureau (IB) are investigating the whole issue and the Army is fully cooperating with these agencies.”

Antony also said “we are waiting for the police report. The Army is assisting the Maharashtra police. We are also taking internal steps. It is a serious matter and we will take all necessary steps after the report is received.”

Evading a direct reply on the involvement of more serving officers, Antony said the Army was fully assisting the investigation “without any hesitation” and so was the Defence Ministry.

“On the part of the Army, without any hesitation, they are fully assisting and cooperating with the investigating agencies. We are waiting for a report from the Maharashtra police and I can tell you, we are taking it seriously.”

Asked if he was satisfied with the investigation of the Maharashtra police into the Malegaon blasts, he said, “I am not here to give judgement (on the probe). We will extend all assistance and cooperation to the Maharashtra police and IB.”<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

2. See the comment following Rajeev2004 writing about the earlier mentioned glaring admission by Times 'of India' of having transmitted lies:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>TOIlet confessions!</b>
this is the kind of "reporting" that the ELM loves to dish out - this the paper with the largest circulation.

However, the confessional statement given to the police is not admissible in court......................
......no anti-terrorism squad (ATS) officer was willing to comment on the reported confession, ATS spokesperson Dinesh Agrawala said for the record, "It's not correct."

but confession it is!!!

"I was Malegaon mastermind, admits Lt-Col-India-The Times of India" (timesofindia.indiatimes.com/I_was_Malegaon_mastermind_admits_Lt-Col/articleshow/3683035.cms)

er- did I mention that the "reporter" just happens to be - well - never mind.

Of course the blighter had to mention that Lt Col Purohit is from a Brahmin family

----- the horror, the horror! ---------
Posted by Ghost Writer at 11/06/2008 02:31:00 PM 1 comments
Labels: ELM (Don't know what ELM is, am not very good at the Guess The Abbreviation game)

<b>Shahryar said...</b>

    Extract from <b>Serving Lt Col arrested for Malegaon Thursday, November 06,2008</b> (at www.southasianmedia.net/index_story.cfm?id=535251&category=Frontend&Country=INDIA)

<b>When Chief Judicial Magistrate Keshav Boche asked Purohit if he agreed to a narco-analysis, he said yes.</b> Defence lawyers opposed this to which the court said that it’s the consent of the accused — not that of the lawyers — that is the key.

    Said defence lawyer Avinash Bhede: <b>“ATS picked Purohit on October 29 and have illegally detained him since then. They showed him as arrested today.</b> <b>The ATS has no evidence against any of the allegations</b> and in the age of the Internet, one does need an Army officer to train in making explosives.”
(The 2nd half of the last sentence appears to contain a typo - the structure of the sentence implies that it should be: "in the age of the Internet, one does <i>not</i> need an Army officer to train in making explosives")

<b>    Purohit is believed to have been taken to Bhopal, Pune, Khandala and Mumbai in connection with the investigation.</b>

    The ATS informed the court the formalities for taking custody of a serving officer were completed and <i>the permission of the Indian Army taken shortly after midnight.</i>

    He was arrested at 9.30 am today in Mumbai and taken to Nashik court. He has served 15 years in the Army and was posted in Madhya Pradesh when the ATS first called him for questioning.

    Meanwhile, the Army is considering a Court of Inquiry (CoI) against the serving officer, sources said. For the record, Army Headquarters declined any official reaction on the arrest.
(Again, these news 'sources' cannot be verified by the lay person as they're not given. Perhaps the sources are no more than underground rats? But at least we know where the army HQ stands: they must be waiting, like the rest of us, for some actual hard data; not just these - by all appearance fraudulent - allegations.)

    11/06/2008 7:44 PM<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->So how is the tally coming out?
- Christomedia <i>said</i> that the ATS <i>said</i> that Purohit said/confessed to all. But TOI also had to explain away these unverifiable confessions as 'inadmissable', to keep them permanently unverifiable. Yet ATS' representative said - printed in the same TOI article - that even the news of his confession was "not correct".
- Christomedia says Purohit was arrested, army said he was only detained. Now it turns out that he has further been illegally detained (probably longer than he should have been - and maltreated too I shouldn't wonder?) And do police make a habit of taking their suspects touring in different places - such as in this case "Bhopal, Pune, Khandala and Mumbai", or are they only trying to leave his fingerprints and other indications of his presence everywhere so they can later claim Purohit Was There And Did It?
- Crypto-prosecutor Ajay Miserable goes on and on about how there's a case, but the defense - going by the only concrete data so far seems to be the more accurate when they say that "The ATS has no evidence against any of the allegations".
- Crypto media and Ajay Miserable wax eloquent on how the armyman must have got the explosives. But the army says: <b>Nah.</b> Rather like how the ATS representative said Nah. It's rather becoming an alarmingly regular habit for the christomedia to be left looking the lying louse.

Par les Dieux! The case against Purohit is open and shut I see!
I should join the ATS, their mode of operation will give me all the room I need to pick up parasites like Testy Teesta Seetalwaddle, Margaret 'Arundhati' Roy and Shabana Azmi and incarcerate them for blowing up that - what was that double skyscraper building called, you know, the one in the US, the one the US' ex-boyfriend the Taleban blew up - yes, The Two Towers.

3. http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/nov/04sadh.htm
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>I am being framed, claims Sadhvi Pragya</b>
Prasanna D Zore
November 04, 2008 19:09 IST
Last Updated: November 05, 2008 10:03 IST

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur told her lawyer Ganesh Sovani that she has been framed in the Malegaon blast case.

<b>It is a political conspiracy to malign me, the sadhvi reportedly told her lawyer when she met him for five minutes at the Nashik court.</b>

<b>Sovani told rediff.com that her arrest seemed like a government-sponsored conspiracy to deflect popular attention from the Ahmedabad blasts, Delhi blasts and several other terror attacks which rocked the nation this year.</b>

"According to section 50-A of the Criminal Procedure Code, a detainee or accused has to be produced before a magistrate within 24 hours. We would like to know why the ATS didn't declare her arrest on October 11," Sovani said.

Sovani has also alleged that National Human Rights Commission guidelines issued to all chief secretaries of states and Union territories on January 11 , 2000, relating to the administration of Polygraph Test (lie-detector) on an accused was not followed as the test was conducted without the subject's consent, which should have been recorded before a judicial magistrate.

The lawyer contends that the motorbike used in the blast does not belong to his client. He also claimed the taped conversation between Pragya and her associate Ramji about the sale of the motorcycle which may implicate her, could have been fabricated and the witness, Dharamendra Subhash Bairagi's statement that he heard the said conversation between the sadhvi and Ramji was not foolproof.
(No kidding. See Offstumped, also in point 4 below on this 'witness' - whose transcript is being paraded around the christomedia news networks apparently - managed to overhear *both* sides of the telephone conversation! What a talent - should be shipped off to Amrikkka to work for their holy Spooks.)

The lawyer has filed an application in the Nashik court before the chief judicial magistrate seeking Pragya's medical report and an inquiry into theMumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad's alleged lapses of illegal confinement and contravention of NHRC guidelines. The court is likely to rule on the matter on Monday. Sovani also said he has no plans as of now to seek her bail since he has not managed to speak to her in detail.

The ATS could not be reached for its comments.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Torture, carrying out tests illegally without having got the subject's permission (though she still passed every single test they hurled at her), libel. And they STILL have nothing.
<i>She's confessed to nothing more than her innocence!</i>
Like I said, it's the christo inquisition. Note that it's always been the case that the 'secular' arm of the church carries out the inquisitions. Just like the cryptos in the force and prosecution and christomedia do christianism's dirty work now. Yes, I *do* think it is the christoUPA and christianism in general, because islamism doesn't have the brains for this. Communism doesn't have the means for this - they had decades and never managed to pull this off in spite of all of their contrived howls of 'Hindoo Fastism' (or whatever their droning was meant to be). But christianism leads them now and facilitates this, and all others - including the psecularados/cryptos - converge beautifully here. See 5 below for an example of the communitwits' opportunistic convergence. Carrion - or rather cannibal - fowl all gathering together.

4. http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in/2008...dutva-on-trial/
Excerpt. The full miracle of christomedia of India and the witness is at the link, and more besides.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->How pray can two media outlets covering the same court room proceedings have such dramatically different accounts of what happened ?

Is it so impossible to get basic journalism right in courtroom in Nasik ?

2nd Update - We are also now being told that this transcript is based on an eye-witness. Now here we were thinking this was a wiretap. No folks it was not.

So who is this eye-witness who managed this incredible feat of listening to both sides of a telephone conversation. That must have taken some superhuman hearing skills.

1st Update - Since Offstumped went to press with this post, IBNLive is reporting that the court was shared with a transcript of an alleged phone conversation between 2 of the accused. While it is unclear when this conversation took place it is rather strange that the accused should be discussing the blast 25 days after the incident. A simple google search reveals that the last time the motorcycle was referenced in the media was on Oct 13th and which time the identity of the owner was still unknown. So it begs the question when and how did the accused become aware of the motorcyle being traced to her before actually being picked up by the cops. This transcript raises more questions than offers credible answers.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

5. Communitwits/maneaters taste blood:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>CPM demands tough steps against Hindu ‘terrorists’</b>

New Delhi, DHNS:

Reiterating its demand for taking strong action against the alleged Hindu “terrorists”, the CPM on Friday asked the UPA Government to take reports of “Hindutva infiltration in the Army seriously.”

Referring to the incident of arrest of a serving Lt Colonel in connection with the Malegaon blast case, party Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury said such incidents should be dealt with utmost priority. The CPM also demanded an enquiry into the role of Bhonsla Military School, a private-run institution in Maharashtra.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->What happened to Afzal Guru who was proven to be a criminal and convicted? Nothing.
But army servicemen and others not yet shown to be guilty ought to be punished? And now they've come up with reports of 'Hindutva infiltration in the Army'? There is *real* islamofascist infiltration from BD and TSP into India, there is *real* infiltration of christoterrorist missionaries into India, there is *real* infiltration of cryptos into Hindu orgs and media houses and usurpation of political power and media in India - but none of these count apparently. Yet we are expected to take christomedia's makebelieve seriously. Once again, everything goes back to their monotheistic belief in jeebus: he didn't exist, but they have faith=blind faith in him. Likewise, there's still no evidence of Hindu terrorists - in spite of all their spiel about it - but STILL they go on about it. See point 1 again (Army saying "Lt Col has no direct link"). What does CPM know, the communazis can't even get history straight.

6. A journalist for the Daily Pioneer summarises how the evidence in spite of the media din amounted to NOTHING by 4 Nov (and is still nothing - point 1 above contains Pioneer's news on this for today):
Good to read this whole extract, and possible the entire article at
http://dailypioneer.com/132107/Hindu-ter...e-UPA.html (found via Offstumped)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->EDITS | Tuesday, November 4, 2008 | Email | Print |

<b>Hindu terror? Blame UPA</b>

A Surya Prakash

<b>Despite all the hype and hoopla over the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya and some other Hindus for the Malegaon blast, the jury is still out on whether this is clinching evidence of the worm (the Hindu) having finally turned or whether this is yet another conspiracy hatched by the UPA to shore up its minority vote-bank.</b>

Hopefully, those who are in charge of the investigations will go beyond the innuendoes that are routinely flung by the pseudo-secular brigade at the Sangh Parivar in such circumstances. <b>The investigators will have to gather evidence that is weighty enough to withstand judicial scrutiny</b> and throw light on the modus operandi of the persons they have taken into custody and on the reasons that prompted the accused to take to terrorist ways.
(The last part must be an editing mistake: there is no evidence that the accused have taken to any terrorist ways, as Surya already admitted in the first para. Or maybe he's alluding to the prosecution having to prove Motive as well.

"The investigators will have to gather evidence that is weighty enough to withstand judicial scrutiny" - Yeah, note that. Christomedia-type allegations/acrobatics with the truth don't cut it in a court of law, you know.)

<b>Such is the damage that the politics of terrorism has done to the credibility of the Union Government that no one is willing to readily buy the news leaks engineered by it.</b>

When the first reports about the possible direction of the investigations appeared in the media, Hindus across the country were horrified to learn that some members of the community, including a sadhvi and some retired and possibly serving Army officers, have come under the scanner for the blasts that rocked Malegaon in Maharashtra and Modasa in Gujarat last month. But the initial shock has since given way to skepticism and the number of those who are willing to swallow the Government line has suddenly dwindled for a variety of reasons. The prime reason is the declining faith in the ruling coalition’s intentions and in its ability to keep India safe and intact.

The UPA’s credibility has nose-dived rapidly over the last six months and the reasons are not difficult to find. The first of these is incompetence. The second is the wicked intentions of those who govern us today.

The failures on the law and order and economic fronts fall in the area of incompetence, but strangely those in power are totally oblivious of their disastrous records. Such is their detachment from reality that some of the Ministers take sadistic pleasure in showcasing their failures by mouthing the very same inanities after every calamity.

But the second reason — <b>the evil designs of those who run Government</b> — is far more dangerous, because of its potential to destroy all that has been built over the last 60 years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave the first inclination of the depraved thinking within his Government when he made that astounding statement that Muslims had the first right on the country’s resources. I have never heard anything more inane than this.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Yes, depose the tyrant government. Vote them out. Then sentence the terrorists of UPA govt (ManMohan "Madmoron Stink" Singh, Sonia "Patron Saint of Terrorists" Maino-Goonda, all her christian underlings from Margaret Alva to the other christoterrorists like Ajit Jogi). Send them all <i>and</i> the liars of the foreign-funded christo media to the l'Oubliette <- a medieval European invention, an accommodation/building/dungeon rather where both the declared christians and the cryptos will feel comfortable in: it's a place where people were put so one can <i>forget</i> all about them. Prison is too good for these terrorists.

Oh look, I may get my wish. Alva may end up in the Oubliette sooner rather than later:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Alva may be in trouble</b>

PTI | New Delhi

AICC General Secretary Margaret Alva, who created a flutter by alleging sale of party nominations in recent Assembly polls in Karnataka, could be in for trouble.

Party sources on Friday said that Alva's case could be referred to the Central Disciplinary Action Committee of the party headed by Defence Minister A K Antony.

Alva, who has been sulking since her son Nivedith was not given nomination in Karnataka elections, had created an embarrassment for the party on Thursday as she alleged adoption of "different yardsticks" in deciding party nominations for upcoming elections in six states.

She had wondered why her son and grandson of former Union Minister C K Jaffer Sharief were not given nominations while relatives of two dozen leaders were given tickets in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir.
(Nepotism being very catholic, her attempts at it are naturally sanctioned in christianism: many popes in history were nepotists, who favoured their relatives for prestigious positions of power.)

"Were my son and Jaffer Sharief's grandson anti-national, terrorists or smugglers?" Alva had asked. She is also apparently upset over the appointment of her bete noire R V Deshpande as state party chief.
("Were my son and Jaffer Sharief's grandson anti-national, terrorists or smugglers?" Yes, yes and yes. They are christoislamic terrorists. Sources have told me so and some in the Maharashtrian ATS have confirmed it.
Hey, don't blame me - two can play at christomedia's game of Hurl Accusations Without Evidence.)

AICC General Secretary Prithviraj Chavan, who is in-charge of party affairs in Karnataka and who appeared to be in Alva's firing line, has already dismissed her charges as "unsubstantiated and born out of frustration".
[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Not to worry, Alva will have a sea of time for her sulking in the Oubliette.
^ The above post is more important.
Part 2/2.

This post is just people's comments from Offstumped, the ones I found informative in some way or other (there may be others at the links that I could have overlooked):

1. http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in/2008...the-eyewitness/

<b>S.Sundararaman November 4th, 2008 at 1:32 pm</b>
There is a striking similarity with the way Kanchi Sankaracharya was tried to be done in by the Police 4 years ago on a Deepavali day. Deepavali seems to be the season for the frame up of Sadhus and Sadhvis. In all the Bomb blasts cases the foot soldiers are arrested first to find the master-mind, But in this case strangely the alleged master mind is caught before the foot soldiers are caught. Here again just think unless the plot is known master-mind cannot be caught. If the script is not known the foot soldiers will be caught first and then the mastermind unless a person is caught to be framed as master mind as per script.

<b>reason November 4th, 2008 at 2:32 pm</b>
From the beginning, there has been a Madhya Pradesh link to this. The Sadhvi was from Madhya Pradesh, who had shifted to Surat of late. But media ignored the Surat/Gujarat links entirely and sought to play up her associations only in MP. The Sadhvi was initially linked to also the Modasa(?) blasts in Gujarat. But the media never took that cue to go after Modi for not following up on that blast in Gujarat. There were only some half hearted attempts at that. Instead, photos surfaced showing the Sadhvi with other religious figures of MP and also Madhya Pradesh ministers. Rajnath Singh was a collateral damage - he ended up in the same frame as the MP BJP leaders. They could have as well found photos of the Sadhvi in Gujarat, I am sure if she was in Surat as alleged she would have been seen with BJP/Sangh leaders of Surat as well.

From all of the howlings surrounding Madhya Pradesh - to the extent of totally ignoring a chance to rile Modi that comes on a platter through the Surat and Modasa links - are a very clear indication that Madhya Pradesh is the motive. Why is Madhya Pradesh a motive ? because BSP has very good potential of taking away significant votes in MP. In 2003 they polled 10% votes in the 157 seats they contested, 7% state-wide. Maya can quietly use the nuclear deal to screw the congress big time now with minorities. Congress needs something massive.

It is a pity the Einsteins at the BJP from venkaiah to Advaniji to rajnath did not see thru this right upfront, and ended up incoherent - ronen sen’s ‘headless chicken’ comes to mind - until Bala Saheb set it right.

<b>Bharat November 4th, 2008 at 5:27 pm</b>
This is the beginning of the end of anti-Hindu Congress. No self-respected Hindus will be part of anti-Hindu and Pro-Jihadi Congress.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Cong man with saffron heart: NSUI leader punished for supporting sadhvi</b>

Nirav Rana, who announced the new Hindu outfit, the Vishwa Hindu Seva Samiti (VHSS) in support of Sadhvi Pragya, here on Sunday, has turned out to be major embarrassment for the Congress.

Nirav is the acting vice-president of the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) — the students’ wing of the Congress in Surat. Besides, Urmilla Rana, his mother, an ex-Congress councillor, is the vice-president of the Gujarat unit of the Indian National Trade Union Congress.


<b>#arjun November 5th, 2008 at 3:58 am</b>
Wasn’t diggy raja involved in the fake CD that came up during cash for vote scam?

This whole thing smells like a Congress plot to smear the Hindu organizations. There have been reports about mainstream Muslim organizations being pissed at Congress.

<b>#Jiggs November 5th, 2008 at 4:57 am</b>
If Diggy Raja is right, then what SUSHMA SWARAJ said must be gospel truth?????

What poppycock, ATS says it has clinching evidence, then why is this investigation being dragged by them. If it is a open and shut case , then do it.

If the sickular b@sturds feel that this will give them some Sanatan Dharmi votes in the upcoming state assembly elections, well this is the most idiotic assessment any body can make.

People are fed up of the SICKular’s, they know only one thing, their liquidity is down by 60 to 70%, they are paying more and more for essentials and above all their is no guarantee for anybody in this country to come back home alive.

This is what is playing on people’s minds. <b>One should have seen the crowds at the Nashik court, where the Sadhvi was produced. This should be a prefect example on whose side the voters are.</b>

Fugg SICKularism, down with minority traitors…..SOD the lot of em….

2. http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in/2008...dutva-on-trial/

<b>KSV SUBRAMANIAN November 3rd, 2008 at 12:41 pm</b>
The present case against Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and other seem to be inspired. They are not revealing what transpired in the brain mapping tests, narco tests etc.etc. Today it is being put out that there are eye witnesses and withnesses who have overheard conversations. It is becoming curiouser by the day. Where were the eye witnesses earlier. Is it because they could not obtain anything from brain mapping and narco tests. Day in and day out the only story in news channels like NDTV is about the Malegaon Blasts. They have nothing to say about the recent blasts in Assam where over 77 deaths occurred and hundreds injured. This is a clever way to distract the attention of the public.

The anti-hindu congress wants to divert attention from its failure to contain terrorism by labelling the hindu organizations in particular and hindu community in general as terrorists and fundamentalists. Congress is treading a dangerous path.

<b>prashant November 3rd, 2008 at 1:37 pm</b>
This Malegaon is not the LAST…..more to come till General Election and in fact even after BJP forms new govt thru sting operation etc……

<b>KSV SUBRAMANIAN November 3rd, 2008 at 3:45 pm</b>
The third rate politician is at it again - Digvijay Singh. His vitriolic against Modi : Modi funding Sadhvi’s NGOs in the Indian Express. Even a third rate politician would not stoop down so low. Is he not the same politician who called all hindus as terrorists ?

The congress is not only soft on terror but actively trying to play down terrorism by going the whole hog against hindus calling them terrorists, calling hindu organisations for the terrorist bombings etc. The Congress and its ministers, its governments etc., are against the Sadhvi and her alleged accomplices. They are now hounding them with all the law enforcing machinery. The same machinery is not able to do anything about the frequent bomb blasts; but they are after the sadhvi. They want to malign the whole hindu community. Perhaps they will force the Sadhvi and others to own up all the bomb blasts in India or anywhere else in the world with all the third degree methods they are adapt at. By this way they can reap all the votes of minorities and start persecuting hindus for further 5 years.

<b>Nemkal November 3rd, 2008 at 3:46 pm </b>
I am not able to digest these psecs making hue and cry over malegaon blasts and branding the sadhvi as a terrorist.Who are these a… h… to give a verdict before the case is proved.Is that the majority community are nincompoops?It is high time a TV channel like Fox News is started at the right earnest.
<b>You switch on any channel</b> these b……. are blurring <b>only about Hindu terrorism and conveniently forgetting the Assam blasts.</b>Let all likeminded people should stop watching these Channels and give a befitting reply to them and show what we can do.

Jai Bajrangbali.

<b>BIRJU November 3rd, 2008 at 5:16 pm</b>
Whwn Maharashtra police could allow Raj thackeray to hold a press conference even in police custody ,why are they not allowing sadhviji to speak to the country and make her point clear?

<b>K.Venugopal November 3rd, 2008 at 10:20 pm </b>
It can be correctly assumed that Muslims would not normally plant bombs in their own mosques. However, in the first Malegaon blasts in 2006, the ATS, it appears, has come to the conclusion that it was indeed Muslims who planted the bombs there. But they bought the cycles for planting the bombs from Hindu shops. It would therefore transpire that their motive in planting the bombs would have been to implicate Hindu organisations so that the stigma of Muslims alone being terrorists can be wiped out. But they failed in their attempts and no Hindu was implicated. So they planned more meticulously and this time they were able to implicate Hindus. The key is Sadhvi’s motorcycle. It must have coincidentally come into the hands of the Jehadis. And upon this bonanza they have built their plot. Therefore it is obvious that the Sadhvi or any Hindu activist is innocent of the latest Malegaon blast. This is a conspiracy by SIMI. The Congress has now joined the conspiracy as it knows the potential power the innocent Sadhvi has to move the Hindu electorate and therefore they will seek to keep the Sadhvi in prison under one charge or another till the elections are over, so that the Sadhvi cannot come out and become the next Jhansi Rani.

<b>Jiggs November 4th, 2008 at 4:54 am</b>
Kumari Pragya Singh and her associates are innocent. Apart from what Yoss has posted here, there are many a questions and controversies against the line adopted by the investigating agency Mumbai Police A.T.S.

The brain mapping test have been a cropper for the ATS and now on November 04, i.e. Today, she will be subjected to Narco Analysis at the Nagpada Police Hospital, Mumbai which is the H/Q of the ATS.

I am supremely confident that she will come out of it and will be proven not guilty.

Further, <b>Gujarat A.T.S has goven Kumari Singh a clean chit in the Modasa blasts case.</b>

<b>#prashant November 4th, 2008 at 9:15 am</b>
so ATS has told court that Sadhvi is guilty bcoz “One Person” has heard conversation betweem Sadhvi and another person talking about Malegaon Blast.

Now I am just wondering if Mr.Amar Singh & Mr.Ahmed PATEL be arrested and “Brain Mapping,NARCO Analysis” be done as BJP MP has alleged that they had been paid bribe by these guys to vote in favour of upa AND the witness Person definately is “SOHAIL HINDUSTANI”

So what we have NO Video of Amar Sing meeting or Ahmed Patel conversation in tape as we have Witness in “Sohail Hindustani”

<b>#arjun November 4th, 2008 at 9:28 am</b>
Exactly. What kind of evidence is this. Transcript of what someone has heard. This is surely a political opertion carried out by Diggy Raja. Remember the fake video Diggy Raja came up with during cah for vote scam.

3. http://offstumped.nationalinterest.in/2008...-not-vengeance/

<b>blogger November 6th, 2008 at 3:34 pm</b>
Ain’t this ridiculous how fast this Anti-Hindu govt. acted in taking down the website of Abhinav Bharat without even studying its content (true freedom of speech huh?!) but still hasn’t taken down the one for SIMI or block other terrorist websites from being accessed.

<b>R. Viswanathan November 6th, 2008 at 6:31 pm</b>
One only weeeps for Bharatmata. So many of her sons and daughters so vigorously denigrate her - so unfairly, so viciously. Not a shred of credible evidence so far, and screaming stories in all media outlets about Hindu terrorists.

<b>Tathagata Mukherjee November 6th, 2008 at 11:55 pm</b>
Media and corrupt politicians have made major damage to India;s fight against jehadi terror which is bleeding the country for last 20 years.

Marxists are playing the role that was played by Gandhiji when he supported Khilafat.

Sooner, or later, these jehadis will be successful in making a daring attack (daily series of bomb blasts have become normal because of media, corrupt politicians)- and all hell will break loose.

All these are adding fuel to the fire of Hindu anger.

<b>Jiggs November 7th, 2008 at 4:23 am</b>

“The timing of its formation and the surprising absence of “Hindutva” anywhere in its articles of faith or Constitutions raises the question on who eactly were the sponsors of Abhinav Bharat.”

If I am not mistaken this is part of the AKHIL BHARTIYA HINDU MAHA SABA family. As you know it was
SWANTANTRYA VEER V.D.SAVARKAR , who started both organizations. Abhinav Bharat in 1905 and Hindu Mahasabha a political party in the 30’s.

If you have read any ideology preached by the Hindu Mahasabha group, the RE INCARNATION of Abhinav Bharat mystery is solved.

They have only one aim “RE CREATION OF AKHAND BHARAT”.

However, Yossarin….I am mighty surprised at the pace at which things are happening in Mumbai and Nashik.

1. A servinf Lt. Col.serving with Military intelligence is picked up and he is so daft to exchange text messages with (so called) fellow conspirators on the blasts. Doesnt this ring bells, an officer from the Military Intelligence making such an elemantary error or the Indian army Military intelligence training is obselete.
2. IN ONE DAY OF INTERROGATION, the officer admits to be the master mind and the civilians who have been arrested have not given away ( if they have any) information.

Kumari Pragya Singh-Thakur will be subjected to another round of Polygraph tests and may be Narco analysis.


<b>#reason November 7th, 2008 at 4:54 am</b>
I think Jiggs means History of Godse that was useful in suppressing Hindu organizations for 50 years as ‘Gandhi killers’ is repeating.

<b>#Shanth November 7th, 2008 at 4:55 am</b>

Somehow I beileve the Malegaon case will be expedited and some “HinduTerrorists” will be found guilty. Now CONgress would get death penalty for some. Then they would want to put BJP in a spot to choose between Afzal Guru and “Hindu Terrorists”. This they think would play up in the minds of Hindu voters. At the sametime get muslims in a huddle and vote for CONgress. I think this game is being craftily played out.

My gut feeling is this is going to backfire like hell on CONgress. Wait and watch.

<b>#Z November 7th, 2008 at 5:17 am</b>
@ Arvind

From somebody who comes from a defence background its sad to see something like this that smells “conspiracy”

I have my own doubts about the ability of indian electorate electing the right government at the center. Time has come for BJP to be EXTREMELY aggressive and yet smart in its campaign.

<b>#KKumar November 7th, 2008 at 6:30 am</b>
I feel congress is desperate to stick to power. They know very well that if they loose power, Sonia will not able to rejuvenate congress and it may disintegrate. They also know common man is unhappy on UPA due to price rise and terrorism. That is why congress trying all dirty tricks to retain power. 15-20% vote from minorities plus 15-20% Hindu vote is enough for them to be a biggest party in next Lok Sabha. Insulting/suppressing Hindus is to get bulk of Minority votes. Congress is not worried about Hindu backlash because Hindus are divided on caste lines. Lot more dirty tricks are yet to come election nears.Somehow congress will link terrorism to Sangh Parivar and demoralize Hindus during elections time. I also heard that congress wants election in next april, when it is exam time for most students.

Muslims with the help of Jihadis, Christians with help of Missionary-Naxalites, Congress with help of state institutions, and then communist and media all together conspiring to finish off Hinduism. I don’t think Karunanidi’s attack on Hindu practices yesterday is an isolated-crazy incident. He is a part of Missionaries game to insult Hindus. Why he has to selectively target Hindus for following religious practices?

Congress now talks about reservation for Muslims in police force, then in military and then judiciary. One by one, all institutions will be filled with Anti-Hindus in the name of secularism. Just imagine the situation if current UPA like government continues for next five years. With PM like MMS, HM like Patil, there will be anarchy/violence all around. Jihadi, Missionaries and Naxals will have free run. Hindutvadis will be crushed with brute force.

I personally feel that if BJP backed government does not come to power after the next election, future of Hinduism is very bleak.

<b>#kumar November 7th, 2008 at 6:43 am</b>

Totally agree with you. This is an election BJP can’t afford to lose.

On the other hand, if UPA carries this mischief too far, we could see VHP, and Bajrang Dal being banned and some of their leaders arrested.BJP may actually be hoping for that to happen so that they can encash the backlash.

<b>Jiggs November 7th, 2008 at 9:56 am</b>
However,they must also get a fair trial. What is striking in this case is that ( apart from observations posted in my earlier comment), Maharashtra Government is quiet on the whole issue??? Usually, a government ( that too Secular) would go on the offensive in such situations.

I smell a rat in this whole episode. Today, in the TOI, it is clearly said that NO OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUE HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE ATS IN THIS REGARDS ( Purohit Confessing it). Media is quoting from SOURCES.

Bandhu…I find all this very intriguing. I dont think we are hearing the truth. I guess we should hold on our horses till another 2 to 3 months, the truth will be out on its own.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->FLASH | Saturday, November 8, 2008 | Email | Print |
<b>Rajnath accuses Maha Govt, police of harassing Sadhvi</b>

PTI | New Delhi

BJP Chief Rajnath Singh on Saturday accused the Maharashtra Government and police of harassing Malegaon blast suspect Sadhvi Pragya Singh in the name of investigation.

"It seems that Pragya Thakur is being harassed in the name of investigation. <b>Not even a terrorist is subjected to tests ..Three to four times.. As she has been subjected to,</b>" he told reporters on the sidelines of a party function here.

<b>"There is definitely a role of the Maharashtra Government and police in this whole episode," he said.</b>

Nine persons, including Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, having allegiance to a right-wing Hindu outfit, and a serving lieutenant colonel have been arrested in connection with the Malegaon blast.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
The Hindu carried the following PTI despatch
Two more picked up for questioning in Malegaon bomb blast
Mumbai (PTI): The probe into the Malegaon bomb blast on Saturday appeared to reveal new dimensions amid speculation that some more serving and retired army officials could be involved as Maharashtra's Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) picked up two more persons for questioning.

Investigations were underway to ascertain possible links of nine arrested in the Malegaon case with the 2006 Nanded blasts in which CBI has chargesheeted 10 people allegedly belonging to Bajrang Dal.

While ATS officials were tightlipped on the probe, sources in the investigating agency said two persons were picked up from Vapi and Pune in connection with the Malegaon blast on September 29 in which six people were killed.

The Army, which has promised full cooperation to the ATS, has requested presence of some of its Military Intelligence officials during the brain mapping and narco- analysis of Lt Colonel Srikant Purohit, the first serving Army officer to be arrested by the ATS in connection with the blast.

Purohit is suspected to have masterminded the blast providing financial support and deadily RDX.

Senior officials of ATS, who met top Army brass yesterday, drew a blank when they asked about the laptop of Purohit, which has mysteriously disappeared from Panchmari in Madhya Pradesh after he was shifted to Mumbai on October 29.

The ATS believes that Purohit's laptop contains vital information besides a list of 54 people who were trained in a military school in Pune. Purohit's leave records have been given to the probe agencies.

I appreciate the wealth of material provided by everyone.I have started work on the article,which hopefully should be complete by next week.In the meantime here is the linkto my first article.


It is pretty cursory,more like a primer.feel free to circulate it if you like it.
from indian express
Wrong brief
It is not only the Bombay Police who keep journalists informed on investigations into the conspiracy behind Terror attacks in Malegaon and Modasa. A Congress leader in the Capital, who briefs the press on party issues, has been helpfully providing Xerox copies of documents from police files to the media.
the whole article is based on allegations. and they have established links too.
Malegaon net spreads, CBI director says link ‘established’ with Nanded 2006 blast
“A link has been <b>established</b> between Nanded and Malegaon blasts,” director Ashwani Kumar told The Sunday Express today.<b> “Its details cannot be disclosed at the moment,” </b>he said, but added: “Our team had gone there to investigate that very link since we are investigating the April 2006 Nanded blast case.”
The probe into the Nanded blast had claimed to have exposed the <b>alleged</b> role of a former Indian Navy official in the training of Bajrang Dal activists.
In his <b>statement</b> to the ATS, <b>he claimed</b> that in March or April 2000, he had received a telephone call from a Bajrang Dal office located near the Saraswati Mandir School in Pune and was allegedly asked by Bajrang Dal leader Milind Parade to train his activists in the use of gelatin sticks at a camp in the city.
The ATS chargesheeted 11 people for criminal conspiracy, all with links to Hindutva organisations. It also linked them to attacks on mosques and against Muslims in towns of Jalna, Parbhani and Purna around that time. Later, the case was transferred to the CBI which filed its chargesheet in March 2008 and <b>dropped charges</b> against Laxman Rajkondwar in whose house the blast had occurred.
<b>Malegaon probe plummets into political game</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->At a time when a section of the media is having a field day reporting on selective leaks by ATS, Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh has created a stir by saying: "Several big persons are involved in the blast and their names may come out in the probe.”

With the ATS still in the midst of a probe, Deshmukh's statement, made at a function to celebrate completion of four years of Congress-led Democratic Front Government's rule in the State, has surprised many.

His prophesy – coupled with the fact that State Congress' poll propaganda chief Gurudas Kamat also went for the kill demanding the arrest of Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray for supporting blast accused Sadhvi Pragya — has exposed the Congress' game-plan to derive maximum political mileage out of the probe for its forthcoming Assembly poll campaign in five States. <b>What is more disturbing is the apprehension that the State Government is using the ATS to exploit the blast politically to take on Hindu outfits in the polls</b>.

However, <b>the leaks have already labelled Purohit guilty, they said, adding that the Lt Col was not a mastermind as reported. The Army has requested presence of Military Intelligence men during Purohit’s brain mapping.</b>
Congress goons are using Babus to do dirty work as they had already made CBI as street shame.

Why Congress goon and Babus are not working day and night catching Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderbad, Varanasi, Jaipur, ...etc blast real culprit. Where is vigor?

I hope this will be eye opening for Hindus all over India, that Congress government is using every branch of government to suppress Hindus, first ignoring Indian Muslims attack on innocent Hindu, appointing criminals in cabinet, blind eyes on continued terror on Hindus by Commies in Kerala, West Bengal, Assam.
There is no doubt that the incident needs a full investigation. However, at present it appears to have turned into a Media Exercise. The thinking within the Army gets reflected in the following article in The Telegraph:-


Army headquarters has pulled an iron shroud over itself follow- ing the arrest of a serving offi- cer for the first time on char- ges of terrorism and the chief, General Deepak Kapoor, has asked for reports on the con- tacts of Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Shrikant Purohit.
The total clampdown on information is not only an indi- cator that the army is trying to protect its own. It is also the beginning of a counter-intelli- gence drive that has alerted everyone in the chain of com- mand to mount a surveillance. In the Intelligence Corps, to which the lieutenant col- onel belonged, information is shared on a need-to-know bas- is and the impression that the officer would have much greater access is unfounded, army headquarters sources insist.

But even before Maharashtra’s anti-terrorism squad and the Intelligence Bureau have given their reports to the army, officers in the top hierarchy are squirming over the taint that the charges of religious fundamentalism can mean in their operations.

“This (the army) is the last resort of the state,” said a lieutenant general. “But now we are being dragged into a game even before investigations are complete. I wonder if the police have not been indiscreet and waded into political mudslinging.” The officer was speaking on condition of anonymity after the Congress and the CPM alleged that RSS-sponsored elements were seeking to “saffronise” the army. In a statement yesterday, the CPM said “Hindutva infiltration” in the army had “disturbing implications for national security”.

The only public acknowledgement of the embarrassment in the army so far has come from one of its deputy chiefs, Lt Gen. S.P .S. Dhillon. But like serving and retired officers, he has dismissed it as a “freak incident”. Earlier, he had admitted: “The Indian Army’s prestige has been hurt after our officer’s name came up in the Malegaon blast case.” In army headquarters here, officers are annoyed that the ATS is leaking information on possible arrests. They refuse to confirm or deny that two or three more officers, including a major general, is under the scanner.

“This is not the Pakistani army. We have strong secular traditions,” said an officer, referring to the Islamisation of Pakistan’s military that began in earnest under former President General Zia-ul Haq.

“It is unfair to say that the complete image of the army is tarnished,” said General (retired) V .P. Malik, who was the army chief during the 1999 Kargil war. “The army contin ues to be the most trusted in stitution in this country and I am sure that it has internal mechanisms and a counter-in telligence system that will have alerted everybody con cerned. This matter should not be politicised.” The political charges fol lowing Purohit’s arrest worry the army top brass the most because they could affect ope rations. For example, Muslim officers would be under severe pressure if charges that Hin dutva outfits are influencing the officer cadre gain ground.

Many of them working in sensitive positions — such as the divisional commander in Baramulla in Kashmir’s in surgent Valley — have to man both the border and deal with law and order disturbances.


Said the article by the motivated Telegraph (posted above by 'ravish'):
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The total clampdown on information is not only an indi- cator that the army is trying to protect its own.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Christomedia really likes putting words into people's mouths, don't they? It is no "indicator" of the sort. It is simply that - unlike the bought-out ATS and the UPA-govt which is engineering news leaks, as Surya Prakash of Daily Pioneer spoke of - the army does not want people to jump to drastic conclusions before actual evidence comes out. But the christomedia and the christo govt does want people to jump to false conclusions and prepare and prejudice the populace's mind.

Note how media says one thing and the army members interviewed say something entirely different <i>in the very next statements</i>:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->1. Media: But even before Maharashtra’s anti-terrorism squad and the Intelligence Bureau have given their reports to the army,<b> officers in the top hierarchy are squirming over the taint that the charges of religious fundamentalism can mean in their operations.</b>

2. But this is what the army says: “This (the army) is the last resort of the state,” said a lieutenant general. “But now <b>we are being dragged into a game even before investigations are complete. I wonder if the police have not been indiscreet and waded into political mudslinging.”</b> The officer was speaking on condition of anonymity after the Congress and the CPM alleged that RSS-sponsored elements were seeking to “saffronise” the army. In a statement yesterday, the CPM said “Hindutva infiltration” in the army had “disturbing implications for national security”.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Watch out Indian army. The christomedia and communazis are out to get ya because you're not falling in line. Someone on Offstumped commented that Sonia Maino Goonda detests the Indian Army. Of course she does. She loves christianism. Meaning: she's got bad taste all round. ChristoUPA govt may have it in for the Indian army.

Again, the media purposefully contradicts what the sole army person whose name they are able to produce has actually said:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The <b>only</b> public <b>acknowledgement of the embarrassment in the army so far</b> has come from one of its deputy chiefs, Lt Gen. S.P .S. Dhillon. But like serving and retired officers, he has dismissed it as a <b>“freak incident”.</b> Earlier, he had admitted: <b>“The Indian Army’s prestige has been hurt after our officer’s name came up in the Malegaon blast case.”</b> In army headquarters here, officers are annoyed that the ATS is leaking information on possible arrests. They refuse to confirm or deny that two or three more officers, including a major general, is under the scanner. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->1. "freak incident" - At best this comment can be taken that the Lieutenant General, like many another Indian, has actually been duped into thinking the anglaisi christomedia is even remotely reliable.
2. “The Indian Army’s prestige has been hurt after our officer’s name came up in the Malegaon blast case” merely means that the unproven allegations have unnecessarily thrown mud and started as-yet-unwarranted speculation about the Indian Army's professionalism. This statement in no way implies that he is "acknowledging the embarassment in the army" as the motivated article posted by motivated ravish implies.

English christomedia is far worse at English than even I am, if they can only twist what people speaking clear English say. Perhaps English christomedia (being incapable of speaking any other language) should not speak altogether then? Now there's an idea...

In the <b>final 2 lines</b> of the following para we see what exactly the christians' Patron Saint of the Terrorists and her terrorist appeasers in her UPA govt actually want to achieve:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->“It is unfair to say that the complete image of the army is tarnished,” said General (retired) V .P. Malik, who was the army chief during the 1999 Kargil war. “The army contin ues to be the most trusted in stitution in this country and I am sure that it has internal mechanisms and a counter-in telligence system that will have alerted everybody con cerned. <b>This matter should not be politicised.”</b>
(Again, he's alluding to the vast number of half-baked leaks to the christomedia by the christogovernment, before the investigations are concluded and the court has terminated the case.)
<b>The political charges fol lowing Purohit’s arrest worry the army top brass the most because they could affect ope rations. For example, Muslim officers would be under severe pressure if charges that Hin dutva outfits are influencing the officer cadre gain ground.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->But doesn't the Indian Army know that that is exactly what the christoterrorist govt and their media are trying to do? And that is why the CPM is advocating that Hindutva elements be removed from the army. And that is why the christogovt is trying to usher more christoislamiterrorists into the Indian Army. Everything else in Bharatam has been infiltrated by the required number of terrorist elements to give sufficient leverage to christoislamicommunistic takeovers. Only the Indian Army remains. See, the effects of declaring allegiance to secularism is that christoislamaniacs see this as an invitation that you want to be cannibalised. Whereas if they had declared the army (and the country) to be Hindu on partition, it would have been secular in reality.

Two more comments at Offstumped that I had found rather too far-fetched earlier to include in my post 32. My mistake. "Never underestimate christoterrorism" should have been rule #1.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Nishka November 6th, 2008 at 8:25 pm</b>
Sonia will do anything to destabilize the Indian army. She hates them.

<b>Indian November 7th, 2008 at 2:52 am</b>
Naah the only reason why India cannot be divided again is that unlike in 1947, 35% of IA is not muslim (where as muslim population % is reaching the pre partition level). So you do the count of muslim, then you find an officer to blame for the blast. You start with more muslim personnel in plice and then in Army and 20 years from now you have 35% muslim population in the army. India gets partitioned again. Well you heard the grand conspiracy here first. Now just keep on jotting down the dates on how this conspiracy gets fulfilled.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Well, the above person's speculations seem less like conspiracy now and more likely by the moment. After all, CPM has set the ball rolling -
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Reiterating its demand for taking strong action against the alleged Hindu “terrorists”, the CPM on Friday asked the UPA Government to take reports of “Hindutva infiltration in the Army seriously."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Let's see now. Christoterrorist govt had already got the ATS to torture General Upadhyay by beating him up in spite of him being very cooperative.
Hmmm. Christianism inquisitions its own lay heretics. But what did it do to their Knights Templar again when it was their time to be destroyed? (Vague recollections of history.) That's right: it was Disband And Purge, Purge, Purge - where the individual templars where inquisitioned, tortured excruciatingly and burnt. See below.
But that was the catholic church vis-a-vis their own catholics/christians.
Now, what's in store for the heathens (including those of the Indian Army) when christoterrorists are in charge?

What happened to the Templars
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->One of two chief military orders in medieval Christendom, the order bound itself by a solemn vow to protect pilgrims on the public roads of the Holy Land.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->A bit further down it says:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Following the Council of Vienna in 1310, attended by Clement, the knights were brought before General Inquisitor Guillaume Imbert on trumped-up charges of sodomy, blasphemy and heresy ...

<b>In his Book of Spells, Hexes and Curses, author Stuart Gordon wrote:</b>

<SNIP: terrible descriptions of christo torture of christoknights. If you think you can bear it - And No, you can't - the link is above>

"Under torture, many went mad; few could resist. At the first Paris interrogations, only four men out of 138 (36 died under torture) denied every charge ..."

<b>In May 1310, 54 knights were publicly burned at Paris outside the Porte St-Antoine.

They maintained their innocence to the end.

Proof of their innocence came in the form of a bull called Vox in excelsis, issued by Clement in March 1312. </b>

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the pope confessed in the bull that, ultimately, he had "no sufficient reasons for a formal condemnation of the order ...".

Despite his retraction, Pope Clement and King Philip continued persecuting the Templars right up until March 1314 when the order's last grand master, Jacques de Molay, was burnt.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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