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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5
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Christianism at it again - can't get along with anybody, not even with itself:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Murder attempt over orthodox church Priest by rival Christian sect</b>
27/10/2008 10:31:51  HK

Thrissur: The Infightings between various Christian sects has now grown out as a law and order issue.

<b>A Priest belonging to Orthodox sect escaped with serious injuries from a murder attempt by their rival sect Jacobites here on Monday.

The motorcycle in which the priest was travelling was hit down by a car and he was brutally attacked with stone and helmet.</b>
(Why is this not all over the news: "Christians persecuted in India! By <i>other</i> christians - who else?")

Father Mathew Jacob is at present admitted in Thrissur Jubilee Hospital .

The infightings between various sects are often over the control of Churches in which in most of the cases the place and money for construction of churches were donated by Hindu kings in olden times.

The Churches which prospered by the charity from generous naïve Hindu Kings are now projected as the messiahs of charity!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Oct 28 2008, 11:19 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Oct 28 2008, 11:19 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->One nun in jhuba, MP, said she was raped, it was a big news, all media was all over, later it was proved she lied. Around same time couple of girls, if I recall 6-7 Hindu girls were raped in Delhi in one day. I called Times of India and Hindustan times, I used my friends and asked them to print this news. My friends in media tried and they had discussion with editors etc. you know what these low life morons said this is not a news. So rape of common Hindu girls in capital is not a news but fake rape of nun is news and all media, government babus manhood start showing up everywhere.[right][snapback]89563[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->This sort of hypocrisy/one-sided reporting only happens in India because, as you said, terrorists are running the show.
1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7679934.stm
via http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2008/10/isr...-sainthood.html
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Israel website in 'Nazi pope' row</b>
An exhibit at the Yad Vashem memorial is seen as critical of Pius XII

A photo montage which superimposed a Nazi swastika over Pope Benedict has appeared on a website run by supporters of Israel's leading political party.

The image was later removed from the Yalla Kadima website, apparently on the orders of party leader Tzipi Livni.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Israeli party should have stuck to their guns on that one. They were right. Israel shouldn't become psecular, else christos will terrorise Jews all over again.

2. <b>More proof that christianism is a mental disease.</b>
Taoists must be brought in to 'exorcise' the christian seat of vampirism (the church) in Kerala.

The following is from a deconversion story of a Taiwanese person who as a kid was converted to the really scary christoterrorism ideology, and therefore naturally developed some more easily identifiable mental diseases (because of becoming possessed by the hateful influence of christianism/belief in the non-existent nightmare character=idea of 'jeebusjehovallah').

going back to Taiwan to be under the beneficial influence of the 'heathen' Taoist and Bauddha populace there, being given some sort of Shuddhi by Taoist swamis (referred to as 'exorcism' in the following excerpt), and becoming vegetarian like many Taoists tend to be - he was finally freed from the dark pit his mind had been pushed into by false and scary ideas.

Now this person owns a famous site debunking christian terrorism called <b>"Debunking Christians"/"Debunking every argument of christian fundamentalists and evangelists"</b>, part of his bigger site that includes a page called "Debunking Skeptics". (He's a heathen after all <!--emo&Smile--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo--> )

The relevant portion of his deconversion experience - my comments in purple:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->After the school year, I decided I wanted to take a big break from all that I went through and go to Taiwan for a year to teach English and be with my relatives who were the only ones who liked me for who I was.  I hoped it would be a good way to recuperate from what I went through.  Everyone in my family agreed that it was a good idea because 1) We were afraid that if I just started school again after summer then I might be overwhelmed again by school, life, Schizophrenia and depression like I was last year and not be able to function.  I certainly didn't want to take that risk.  2) After a year in a good environment with lots of caring people, my mind might develop and become mature enough to deal with school when I came back.  3) Also, it would give my Schizophrenia/OCD rituals a year to heal or lessen somewhat, which would further help me to deal with school when I came back.  It turned out that we were right!  When I came back, I was a whole different person in a lot of ways, which I'll get into later.  I had a lot of fun there and made a lot of friends too.  It was the first time in two years that I felt really happy and enthusiastic again.  It wasn't that I just had a good time there, it was that I was so relieved to have made it out alive through the last two years when I thought my life was over.  I wasn't doomed after all I guess.  It was just such a relief, and I felt this relief everyday for an entire year.  After all when you go down to the bottom of a pit, there's nowhere to go but up!  It was a wonderful refreshing feeling, kind of like the feeling you get when you get out of the shower you know, except that you feel it for the whole year!  Because I felt so much better and free, my Schizophrenic symptoms lessened so fast that I forgot about them soon!
(Presence of Taiwanese 'heathens' made him better. Cf. the presence of christoterrorists in US who infected him with the mental disease of christianism. Don't worry, it's only contagious if you let it.)

During that year when my mom came to visit me in Taiwan for a few months, she took me to see some Spiritualist healers and to some Taoist-like temples to find out if we could get some help for the mental illness I had for 2 years.  3 Different spiritualists who didn't know each other told her that they could "see" two souls inhabiting me for a past karmic crime I committed against them.  She was instructed by the leaders of a Taoist-like temple to perform these strange exorcism rites, which involved putting leaflet spells above the bedroom I slept in and having me take baths in some hot herbal water tossed in with yellow spell leaflets.  It was all weird to me and my Christian world view taught that Satan was behind these kind of things.  But I thought oh well, being a Christian never helped me through those 2 hellish years anyway, so why not give Satan a chance at helping me?  Anything would be better than having to go through what I went through again.  So I just went along with everything to humor my concerned mom.  During some of their temple rites, I saw some strange things that I never knew existed in any religion.  While in a trance, one of the spiritualists made a lot of fierce and fast movements.  I was wondering if he was possessed or something.  Anyway, after the spells and exorcisms, they said that the 2 spirits in me were gone and that I would gradually return to normal.  To speed up the process of returning to normal, they suggested that I become a vegetarian as well.  I tried that and liked it too, so I stuck with it up to today.  My conscience felt cleaner when I didn't eat meat, plus the vegetarian food there in Taiwan was absolutely delicious!  Anyway I had fun the rest of that year and I taught English in tutoring schools as well.  My mental disorder thing had also decreased to where it was controllable. 

When I came back after a year, I felt confident, energized, optimistic and ready to tackle anything.  I started my senior year in that new high school that I went to before I left.  I didn't make that many friends there because it was hard for me to break into the already formed cliques, but at least everyone was nice to me and respected me which I wasn't used to.  It was a boring year, but at least I had peace of mind everyday and I easily faced each day with confidence and drive.  Homework was easy because I could select classes that were easy or interesting so I finally started getting good grades.  I found that I could think and concentrate clearly too, so I had a lot of control over my thoughts and emotions for the first time.  Maybe it was because the vegetarianism helped clear my conscience?  I don't know. 
(Vegetarianism may have been a factor. But another one that wrought his drastic improvement would have been the fact that the Taoists gave him Shuddhi from the evil mental disease of christianism.)
But either way, I found it easy to read and write and to be excited by even the little things.  Amazingly, some cognitive abilities and talents I never knew I had appeared out of nowhere!  I suddenly felt like I had mastery over organizing my thoughts and words so that I could communicate any thought or idea I wanted.  No thought or idea was too difficult to put into words, and I could do it all in a very organized coherent way too!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Perhaps we should hire them and get them to do their cleansing Shuddhi ceremonies in Bharatam, to free it of the mindviruses of christoislamicommunism <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
While at that, they should do it to China too, since it has been infected by the christocommunist mental disease.
<b>DEATH OF PAPER:</b> CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR to go Web-only... <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Oct 30 2008, 09:06 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Oct 30 2008, 09:06 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>DEATH OF PAPER:</b> CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR to go Web-only...  <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
[right][snapback]89639[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Here's a thought: they can save the environment *and* the internet all in one go if their paper became completely extinct in all forms. No one will miss them: the christian science cult has nothing to do with science, nor with any sense.

<b>Entertainment:</b> 'separated at birth'
- http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2008/10/sep...d-at-birth.html - hysterics: why christoislami men are the same
- http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2008/10/sep...at-birth-2.html - more hysterics: why christoislami women are the same

Finally, there's this <i>Must See</i>: the separated at birth types are in the following photo as well, where Shivraj Patil is shown prostrating before Orthodox Christian Terrorist Ayatollah Khomeini Part 2, with the equally infatuated CPM looking on gleefully:
<b>kkkangress home minister prostrates himself before ayatollah-type</b>

Excerpt (last para) from
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->What is the real problem for these Christians and Muslims in Kerala?  What do they really want?

The recent discoveries by Kerala Police about terror recruits from Kerala will provide the starting clue. Progress and prosperity of Muslims in Kerala have come to such a stage that they are willing to contribute to liberation of Kashmir from India !  Despite the murder of one white conversion expert a few years back, Christians from Kerala are pouring into Orissa for meeting the target set by Vatican . Both these point to only one conclusion – that these two communities have already had their victory in Kerala. They have nothing at all to worry about in Kerala and they have already started looking abroad for conquest. In all aspects of social life – politics, business, education, administration – Christians and Muslims are leading in Kerala. Foreign money (black, white and counterfeit) is pouring into Kerala for consolidation of their respective achievements. They have not only secured their grounds but have managed to keep us divided and confused. Social slumber can prove very costly for Kerala Hindus.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->In early 1982, Father Joseph Parekatil of the Catholic Church of Parasahi, Madhya Pradesh, destroyed the sacred Murthi of Goddess Visweshwari Siddheswari, enshrined on the nearby Nawain Tekdi hill, and erected a small wooden Cross. Later, on February 18th 1983, a 31- foot high concrete cross was illegally erected on the hill. A month later, enraged villagers destroyed the cross. On February 20th, 1985, with the intent of regaining possession of the hill, Father Parekatil put on the orange robes of a Hindu Sannyasin, built a hut on the hill, sat on a tiger skin and began performing worship in the Hindu style . As a result, thousands of simple Hindus came to the hill on Fridays, unaware of the deception they were witnessing. But, on May 18th, a complaint was registered, but to no avail. Again there was agitation in the area, and this time, on October 1st 1985, the villagers tore down the Priest's hut and tossed away the remaining pieces of the concrete Cross. Father Parekatil only gave up when he was arrested a week later for breaking the peace .

The tactic used by Father Parekatil of adopting Hindu symbols to further his Missionary goal is called "inculturation" or "indigenization." Christianity has always followed a policy of `inculturation .' It adopted Pagan elements in Christianized form in order to ease the transition from Paganism to Christianity. Pagan Gods became Christian Saints and Pagan festivals became Christian festivals. In this process of inculturation, the Christian Church adapted old forms to its new message, but made sure that through the Pagan veneer the Christian doctrine was impressed upon the innocent converts.

"Indigenization is evangelization, " says Kaj Baag . It is the planting of the Gospel inside another culture, another philosophy, another religion." In the case of India , `inculturation' or `indigenization' means `the incorporation of Jesus Christ in Indian spiritual tradition.' Fr. Bede says, "In India we need a Christian Vedanta and a Christian Yoga that is a system of theology which makes use not only of the terms and concepts, but also of the whole structure of thought of Vedanta ."

Shantivanam Ashram on the banks of the sacred Kaveri River near Trichy in South India appears Hindu. It has a Hindu shrine, saffron-robed "Swami" seated cross-legged on a straw mat, devotees practicing yogic meditations, even chanting Hindu scriptures. But these impressions gradually prove false. First, the eye detects that the courtyard shrine is for Saint Paul and that "puja" is actually, a daily Mass, complete with incense, lamps, flower offerings and prasadam. Finally, one meets the "Swami," Father Bede Dayananda" Griffiths , a Christian "Sannyasin." This is a Christian ashram, one of more than fifty in India , which are described as "experiments in cross-cultural communication, " or as "contemplative hermitages that revolve around both Christian and Hindu ideals.</ B>"

Fr. J. Monchanin, one of the founding members of the Ashram, defines his mission in these terms: "I have come to India for no other purpose than to awaken in a few souls the desire (the passion) to raise up a Christian India. It will take centuries, sacrificed lives and we shall perhaps die before seeing any realizations. A Christian India, completely Indian and completely Christian will be something so wonderful the sacrifice of our lives is not too much to ask." His words are a reflection of the motive behind these fake Ashrams.

Sita Ram Goel, in his book "Catholic Ashrams," lists 108 such Christian Ashrams in India , 4 in Nepal and 8 in Sri Lanka. These Ashrams include Asha Niketan, Bangalore , Karnataka -Bethany Ashram (1938), Channapatna, Karnataka -Christa Sevakee Ashram (1950), Karkala, Karnataka - Christian Institute for the study of Religion and Society, Bangalore , Karnataka -Yesu Karuna Prarthanalaya, Kote, Mysore District, Karnataka and others.

Lausanne Movement (for world Evangelization) published a paper titled "Christian witness to Hindus" (1980), listing some of the methods to be implemented to convert Hindus, such as :

(1) We should enunciate theology in Indian categories so that the Hindu can understand the Gospel.
(2) We must develop a truly Christian world view consistent with the Indian context .
(3) While presenting the Gospel, we must be aware of the fact that the Hindu understands the doctrine of God, man, sin, and salvation in a way entirely different from the biblical doctrine.
(4) Communicate the Gospel through indigenous methods such as Bhajans, Drama, Dialogue, Discourse, Indian music, Festival processions, etc.

The present Catholic Ashrams have inherited a history of intrigue and subterfuge . Here is a description from the "Madhya Pradesh Report (1956)" : "Robert De Nobili (A Catholic Jesuit Priest) appeared in Madura in 1607, clad in the saffron robes of a Sadhu with sandal paste on his forehead and the sacred thread on his body . He gave out that he was a Brahmin from Rome. He showed documentary evidence to prove that he belonged to a clan that had migrated from ancient India . He declared that he was bringing a message which had been taught in India by Indian ascetics of yore and that he was only restoring to Hindus one of their lost sacred books, namely the 5th Veda, called Yeshurveda (Jesus Veda). It passed for a genuine work until the Protestant Missionaries exposed the fraud about the year 1840. This Bra hmin Sannyasi of the `Roman Gotra,' Father De Nobili, worked for 40 years and died at the age of 89 in 1656. It is said that he had converted about a lakh of people, but they all melted away after his death."

This is the situation the Hindu finds himself in. Christian Missionaries have adopted Hindu ways of life, Hindu religious symbols, architecture, worship forms and declared themselves as Swamis. A Catholic priest who calls himself "swami" instantly attains the status and authority of a holy man in Hindu society, which he can use to convert individuals. By using Sanskrit terminology in his sermons, he implies a close relationship of Hindu theology to Catholic theology, a relationship which does not really exist . Such Missionaries speak authoritatively on Hindu scriptures and argue that their [Christian] teachings are consonant with everything Hindu, but add a finishing touch, a "fullness" to the traditional faith.

Reference books  :
1 Hinduism Today, Indian Ocean Edition, December, 1988.
2 Salvation: Hindu influence on Christianity by Dr. Koenraad Elst.
3 Kaj Baago, Pioneers of Indigenous Christianity, Madras , 1969, p. 85
4 Bede Griffiths, op. cit., p. 24.
5 "Liberal" Christianity, Ram Swarup
6 "Christian Witness to Hindus", 1980, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization
7 Catholic Ashrams- Sanyassins or Swindlers, By Sita Ram Goel
8 Niyogi Comission Report on Christian Missionary activities.
<b>Church now touts 'casuist' Gandhi!</b>

Kanchan Gupta

Jomo Kenyatta had a sharp tongue and a sharper mind, both of which he used to devastating effect while lashing out at the 'civilising' West. The White man's fictional burden of taming the savage East and enlightening the 'dark continent' was no more than a convenient cover to hide his role as the master of the subjugated races. Colonialism and Empire-building were inspired as much by a sense of racial superiority as driven by greed; it was a complex social, political and economic enterprise facilitated in no small measure by Christian missionaries who helped deracinate the indigenous people -- the 'heathens' -- and convert them into loyal subjects of an alien Emperor.

As in India, so in the African colonies were people uprooted from their ancient cultural moorings in preparation for their political suppression and economic deprivation. They were accorded the 'privilege' of embracing a strange faith and genuflecting at the altar of Christ in exchange of what they possessed and held dear till then: Their land, their language, their rites and rituals, and their religion. By the time the natives realised that all this was no more than a con job to disinherit them and enrich their foreign rulers, they had invariably lost most, if not all, of what once belonged to them. Jomo Kenyatta, not given to niceties and asphyxiating political correctness, put it succinctly: "When the missionaries came, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray'. We closed our eyes. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible!"

At a recent gathering of Christian missionaries, I made bold to recall Jomo Kenyatta's famous comment which fetched a fusillade of denial and denunciation. I was accused of trying to divert attention from the depredations of 'rapacious' and 'murderous' Hindu mobs which have brought a 'bad name' to the land of Mahatma Gandhi, the "apostle of peace" as one of them described him. That's a Christian description, I protested, to which the response was: How else would you describe him? Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a crafty politician who made a fetish of non-violence; so call him a 'man of peace' if you must, but don't describe him as a follower of Jesus, as were the 12 apostles of Christ, which he definitely wasn't.

In any event, the Mahatma the Church now holds up to shame those who object to proselytisation and conversion through allurement and deceit, the harvesting of the souls of the poor and the vulnerable, was mercilessly denigrated and lampooned in his lifetime by Christian missionaries in keeping with their loyalty to the Empire. Charles Freer Andrews was an exception and his association with Gandhi did not exactly make him welcome in mission drawing rooms. Many years ago, while researching the Goa Inquisition, I had chanced upon material about the attitude of Christian missionaries towards Gandhi. Those notes resurfaced while I was clearing out the accumulated, fraying papers in my study; they make for interesting reading, especially when Gandhi is being touted by Christian missionaries in an effort to silence their critics.

Gandhi's politics of peaceful resistance to colonial rule had found expression in the non-cooperation agitation. This in turn set alarm bells ringing -- the colonial establishment, including the Church, was quick to realise his potential. It retaliated in full force, using its arsenal, including missionaries and their publications. In September 1919, the Christian Missionary Review fired the first salvo, but was circumspect. A year later, it described Gandhi as an "extraordinary casuist", an "unscrupulous and irresponsible demagogue" responsible for the disturbances in Punjab. Urging India's colonial masters to "adequately" deal with Gandhi's "egotistical mysticism", the Christian Missionary Review said that unless put down, Gandhi and his nationalism would emerge as "one of the dangerous phenomena of present day politics in India".

The terrible misdeeds of the British administration in Punjab, of which the Rowlatt Act is but only one example, found ample support among the missionaries. Bishop Henry Whitehead not only supported the Act but went on to denigrate the nationalist agitation against it as a "striking illustration of the incapacity of a large section of Indian politicians to face facts and realities, or to understand the first principles of civilised Government". Those 'principles' were on display at Jallianwala Baag. Marcella Sherwood, speaking on behalf of the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, and Rev Canon Guildford, representing the Church Missionary Society, were to later applaud Gen Dyer's brutality, saying it was "justified by its results". The Christian Missionary Review, describing Gen Dyer as a "brave man", said his action was "the only means of saving life".

Another missionary publication, rather disingenuously named The Young Men of India, heaped praise on Sir Michael O'Dwyer, the Lt Governor of Punjab during those bleak and brutal days, saying that he was "the strongest and best ruler the country has had in modern times". The Harvest Field, another missionary journal, was quick to point out that during the nationalist uprising against the Rowlatt Act, Indian Christians were not found "wanting in loyalty to the (British) Government". The International Review of Missions was clear in its pronouncement that the means and methods adopted by the British to put down the uprising in Punjab were neither un-Christian nor a blot on British rule.

On the other hand, the Christian Missionary Review described Gandhi's political agenda as dangerous, predicted that it would lead to violence, chaos and anarchy. The Young Men of India, commenting on Gandhi's concept of satyagraha, declared: "Though Mr Gandhi may have satisfied his conscience as to its morality, to plain common sense it means playing with fire, with the certainty that if used with masses of Indian people, the fire will become a conflagration...". The Harvest Field, in its May 1921 issue, put on record its belief that "Mr Gandhi's teachings" would result in "chaos and anarchy only". Gandhi, it said, had brought a "sword to his beloved land". The Madras Christian College Magazine, in its October 1921 issue, declared, "We have always regarded the doctrines he has been preaching and the policy he has advocated as pernicious." The journal then went on to offer a homily: All those who want "peace and sobriety of life and progress" should reject the "sophistry of non-violence"

Yet today we are told by Christian missionaries to follow Gandhi's doctrines, pay heed to his philosophy of non-violence. Amazing sophistry!

Are Hindus more sinned against than sinning?
By <i>Narayana-Das Upadhyayula</i>
about the article:

were 800 million Hindus killed islamic invaders? or 80 million?

Mumbai blasts IIRC occurred on 13 Dec. July 11 2006 was London...

Fingers crossed in Virginia
03/11/2008 10:54:16 Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Author: Nikhila Natarajan

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/St...sed+in+Virginia

Lakshmi,” the pastor said in his gospel tone, “if you were saved, you would understand what we’re talking about.” Lakshmi gave her husband a hard look and left the room.

Lakshmi does not live in Orissa, she’s not Christian, she’s on a dependant visa in New York, and has begun to dislike her husband’s “church friends” and their aggressive brand of Christianity. For her, the H4 visa is like a curse word now. When she says it, it feels like a practised paan chewer directing a thin fountain along the yellowed corner of a sarkari staircase. Splotch. What if I mess up my visa page with a paan stain, she thought, wickedly. The INS chap will deport me. If he asks me what it is, I’ll say it’s a bleeding Hindu heart, Amen.

Lakshmi laughed out loud at her own joke. I was playing ping pong in the sports room next door at the community center, where a group of Indians, some Chinese and a couple of Sri Lankans — all ‘saved’ — meet every Thursday and Sunday and plan for their ‘Indian church in umreeka’ dream. We hear their loud singing, punctuated by generous helpings of Hallelujah.

Lakshmi says they have these songbooks in large fonts, and they slide the book onto her lap, so there’s social pressure to sing along.

“Peter is convinced that I cannot be his soulmate unless I read the Bible and attend church just like him. For him and his friends, I’m a ‘non-believer’ because I believe in a God by a different name.”

“On my birthday, this whole church bunch lands up and they do this really fundoo prayer session in my living room. I’m Hindu, I don’t go to people’s houses and recite shlokas...” Lakshmi got angrier as she spoke.

“You could, you just choose not to,” I said. “Yes, all Hindus could, but we don’t, right? ” “Not all of us, at least,” I said. “And, we don’t stop people from practising their religion, do we?” “Not all of us,” I said.

“Well, Peter stops me from being a Hindu the way I want to. That’s abusive and I’m going to complain to the Indian government.” With a flick of her wrist, Lakshmi shot an imaginary spot in the sky. Dishoom...

Clearly, Peter was spooking Lakshmi. For the first time since her school days, she went back and read the preamble to the Indian Constitution. She says it to herself over and over again, for strength. We..the people of India…sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic.

Then, Lakshmi told me this story. She has this exquisite collection of brass lamps from South India. The weekend before Navaratri began, she put all her lamps into a large kadai of hot water, threw some tamarind, lime and rock salt into it and left it to simmer. She’d learnt how to shine brass this way. When Peter saw it, “he lay his hand about 10 inches above the kadai, like he was blessing it, and mumbled. Like he was warding off a curse.”

From the corner of her Wall Street Journal, Lakshmi watched. “I was hoping you’d keep all these idols out of our home,” he said. “Peter, these are lamps. To light on special days. It’s what I’ve grown up with...” “Yes, but to me it’s all the same, false gods. Even the red dot on your forehead. I am NOT secular.”

That felt like a slap. Lakshmi never imagined the Peter she married will turn into this. It happened after he came to the US, after he met a couple more software programmers from his faith at work, she says. They even managed to ferry their own pastor on a religious worker (R1) visa from India. From their earnings, they donate a big chunk every month for the pastor’s living expenses, his salary. Peter’s self confessed non-secular ways have made Lakshmi more of a Hindu than she ever was, she has begun to buy books on Hindu rituals. She cuts out Ganesha motifs from wedding invitations and lovingly transforms them into wall hangings which she hides under her side of the bed, so Peter does not see.

Lakshmi will come home for Deepavali because Peter does not like her celebrating Hindu festivals in their home. Lakshmi will light diyas in my patio and in the ochre glow on that wintry evening, she’ll see Peter’s face and say boo.

I had once come across a lady of just that kind in west. A marathi lady in her late 30s who had migrated to mlechChadesha early in her life with parents and later married a white christian and practically abandoned her own traditions, and even cut herself off from the expatriate hindu communities. She accidentally came to the place where a small group of us were celebrating makara-saMkrAnti, and stopped by out of curiocity silently watching. Then she started asking all sort of questions, and in the end was almost on the verge of crying out of a mix of nostalgia and yearning for roots. 'this was how I was growing up in my grandparents house before I came here' very emotionally she said before leaving.
Have these people never heard of divorce?

And peter (2 posts back) sounds like an Indian christian:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Lakshmi never imagined the Peter she married will turn into this. It happened after <b>he came to the US</b>, after he met a couple more software programmers from his faith at work, she says. They even managed to <b>ferry their own pastor on a religious worker (R1) visa from India.</b> From their earnings, they donate a big chunk every month for the pastor’s living expenses, his salary.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Yet both cases are ultimately the same (christian from India = christian from anywhere else).

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> “Yes, but to me it’s all the same, false gods. Even the red dot on your forehead. I am NOT secular.”
That felt like a slap.
She cuts out Ganesha motifs from wedding invitations and lovingly transforms them into wall hangings which she hides under her side of the bed, so Peter does not see.
she’ll see Peter’s face and say boo.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Sounds like being married to an enemy. They're putting up with mental abuse from them, have to hide things from them, have started resenting them. Why won't these people consider divorce - wouldn't these Hindus rather be single? Free from the mental and spiritual terrorists.
Comment at
(I think ROP = 'Religion of Peace'; ROL = 'Religion of Love')
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Blogger  Sameer said...

    while the ROP is at its barbaric worst, I came across this cunningness of ROL.

    Saw an AD in Deccan Chronicle about 'exclusive christian township'.

    And the first 100 to register would get a free trip to Holy land.

    And who is being thanked.... Y Samuel Rajsekhar Reddy. (http://divinepowerckounty.com/highlights.html)

    See the website of the 'exclusive' christist township.

    "Divine Power Ckounty, is we named after much prayer and waiting upon the Lord. Is an Exclusive Christian Township, coming up close to the new world famous Shamshabad Airport of Hyderabad ..."
    Irrespective of denominations and regions, this is going to be the heavenly living area of Godly children.
    it is going to be an Exclusive Christian Township Project, the first of its kind in our country. (Reminds me to NE states)
    I am sure no secularist would condemn this and no secularist would try to find accomodation here and say that they are discriminated against (Shabana Azmi).<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
3 items.

1. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx...eID=7463&SKIN=B
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>RSS leader shot dead by Christian terrorists in Kandhamal</b>
05/11/2008 07:41:55  HK

Kandhamal : Christian terrorists with the support of Maoists on Wednesday gunned down local RSS leader here.

RSS leader Dhanu Pradhan, who was said to be on the Christian terrorist’s  hit list, was gunned down by three extremists at Kumarigaon village under Brahmanigaon police station area in Kandhamal at 1:00 PM, sources said.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Nun's rape event still not proven (let alone who would have done it if it had happened). But this here Hindu is murdered by the christomaoists - both the crime and the criminals known (even if the media won't report on it).
But where are the christoapologists?

2. http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx...eID=7468&SKIN=W
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>UNESCO Courier goes berserk on Hindutva</b>
05/11/2008 16:10:56  Dr. S.Kalyanaraman

Th Courier is claimed to be a flagship publication of UNESCO. This is just one example of the nature of scholarship promoted by UNESCO.

The article titled 'Ideology clashing with history' is prejudiced, lopsided and motivated. Neither the writer of this article, Shiraj Sidhva nor the Editor of UNESCO Courier, has cared to get the views of 'Hindutva' proponents to ensure a balanced reporting.

The article claims the words of Romila Thapar to be the ultimate in truth. Far from it; she is a Marxist who looks at heritage with a warped outlook and tends to denigrate everything glorious in the cultural traditions of a great nation.

UNESCO is supposed to be a cultural organization and should not become a party to such partisanship and pseudo-scholarship producing zero evidence for the claims made in support of Ms. Thapar. What is ideology about 'Hindutva'? UNESCO pundits should know that the word hindu-tva simply means being hindu or hindu-ness. Hindu is the identity of a billion people on the globe.

Shame on UNESCO for publishing such inane articles clearly motivated to abuse the Hindu.

Detailed Report @ http://sites.google.com/site/hindunow/Home
3. No comments about the 'Iridium' here, but interested in the greed (and if thwarted, possible theft that may result) of the 'interested parties' described in the following:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Iridium dome of temple elicits interest</b>
05/11/2008 15:31:57  Daily Pioneer / Alappuzha

Hundreds of people are thronging the ancient Sree Kumaramangalam Subramanya Swami Temple at Pandanad, Alappuzha district, every day to see the dome on the roof of the sanctum sanctorum, which is said to contain the precious metal iridium.

The temple in the village that comes under Chengannur taluk in the district was catapulted into fame after some unknown businessmen with foreign links made trade enquiries to buy the dome offering several crores of rupees. Iridium is a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group used in alloys and occurring in natural alloys with platinum or osmium.

Temple sources said that the foreign traders had informed the temple authorities that they had satellite pictures revealing that the dome had special powers and these were spreading around the temple. The temple authorities have decided to seek the advice of the Atomic Energy Commission in Thiruvanananthapuram to check whether the dome contained iridium.

The Sree Kumaramangaam Subramanya Swami Temple at Pandanad, supposed to be 2,000 years old, was constructed in a particular architectural style and its sanctum sanctorum was made of stone and wood, and roofed with copper plates. Local people and devotees are keeping vigil over the temple and its dome to thwart any possible theft.

The strange visitors to the temple had introduced themselves as agents of some foreign traders. Some of them claimed that they were settled abroad. They told the office-bearers of the temple that the satellite pictures they had availed of the temple showed the dome was spreading some mysterious power around. Some of them even said the dome contained iridium.

The agents offered crores of rupees as price for the dome. Soon after it, the office bearers informed the local people and devotees. The managing committee of the temple, has decided to approach the Atomic Commission to clear their doubts.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Hinduism in Double Trouble: Mao & Christ Come Together in Orissa

Thursday 6 November 2008

By Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi (Author of India: The Grand Experiment)

On May 18 2006, the Maoists in Nepal (who practice the precept of China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong that political power comes from bullets, not ballots) forced the world’s only “Hindu” nation to discard its Hindu identity in favor of a “secular” one.

On August 23, 2008, in India’s eastern state of Orissa, a group of 18-20 pro-Christian Maoists armed with AK 47 rifles gunned down revered Hindu leader Swami Laxamananda Saraswati along with his four associates. The Swami had been forcing lower caste Christians to reconvert to Hinduism and had instigated large scale violence against them during December 2007 and January 2008.

Militant Hindus retaliated to the Swami’s ghastly murder by killing over 40 Christians, injuring hundreds, raping a nun, burning hundreds of homes and churches, and driving approximately 50,000 Christians into jungles and refugee camps. Those in the refugee camps pray, but Intelligence Officers suspect that some of those in the jungles are also learning the art of using a rifle. The Maoists had trained 20,000 guerillas before these Christians were driven to the forests. Now, the Maoist ranks may swell with Christian youth who have lost everything at the hands of Hindu arsonists.

They have nothing more to lose but much to gain from learning how to get money from officials (who extracts bribes from everyone) and eventually to rob banks (owned by a government which did not prevent the arsonists from looting their homes, businesses and whole villages).

Pro-Christian Maoists in Orissa have already warned a number of specific Hindu leaders responsible for anti-Christian violence that they are next on their hit list. A few hundred “Christian-Maoist” guerillas will change the power-equation in Orissa. By refusing to defend their families the government gives to the Maoists the ethical right to self-defense. However, once they move beyond defense to revenge they destroy the image Christianity has built up by two centuries of humanitarian service and developing democratic institutions of civilized life. For the next generation of Indians, Christian guerillas may define what Christianity means just as terrorists now define Islam.

Today (on October 31, 2008) the ten million strong women’s wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist – not Maoists) has made public its decision to support the Catholic nun raped by the Hindus.

(Why would a political party in need of Hindu majority vote stand up for a despised, persecuted minority It is a principled stand but it is also possible that the Communists are seeing that a social revolution is taking place in Orissa: 50,000 people have chosen to live in jungles and refugee camps rather than reconvert to Hinduism! The Communists may be agreeing with Mahanta Krushna Charan Dash Goswami, President of the Matha Mandir Surakhsya Parishad that Hinduism is being reduced to a minority religion in some pockets of Orissa.)

At least one good American Christian (presumably, unaware of the Christian-Maoist nexus) has asked his Congressman if he should help Christians in Orissa buy guns.

In the neighboring state of Chhattisgarh, the Government and the upper caste Hindus tried to create an armed force called “Peace Mission” (Salwa Judum) to counter Maoist insurgency. In March 2007, three hundred armed Maoists retaliated by invading the Police camp with rifles, grenades and petrol bombs. They killed 55 of the 79 “Security” forces, without losing even one of their members.

Consequently, the Prime Minister of India acknowledged that this growing Maoist revolt has become the “single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country.”

The Maoists have established a significant presence in at least 13 of India’s 28 states. They are recruiting guerillas and terrorizing entire regions to establish a safe haven called “Revolutionary Compact Zone” from Nepal in the north all the way down to Andhra Pradesh in the south. The goal is to build a base for launching a full-scale revolt against India Inc. – the custodian of a corrupt democracy.

Is Armed Revolt against “Shining” India Inevitable?

A democratic India that can send a rocket to the moon is certainly shining. It makes me proud. However, our corrupt culture of bribery in government, courts, police, education, employment and business makes it incapable of providing equality of opportunity. Upper caste Hindus are the primary perpetrators and beneficiaries of corruption. Hindu asceticism renounces wealth but it espouses a moral philosophy that cannot fight corruption. Intellectuals such as the late Oxford don Nirad Chaudhuri have charged that Hinduism’s venal gods that require appeasement are an important reason why upper caste Hindus corrupted clean institutions built up by British Christians.

In 2004, the BJP led “Hindutva” Government became so proud of India’s sudden economic boom that it tried to fight the General Election on the slogan “India Shining.” But many peasant farmers were committing suicide, because unable to repay their debts they were harassed by banks and money lenders. The peasants shocked the pundits by defeating the BJP-led government and entrusting their future to Sonia Gandhi – an Italian born, Roman Catholic widow of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Mrs. Gandhi did focus some of her attention on the plight of the rural poor, but failed because she had to rely on corrupt bureaucracy and creaky political machinery to implement her welfare programs. So far she has not exhibited the strength needed to build a new party that has moral nerves to match her vision.

What do you think the children of a harassed farmer do after he commits suicide? My guess is that in many cases the son accepts the offer of a gun which comes with a promise to change the rotten religio-social “system” responsible for his father’s death. The daughter becomes her brother’s trusted informer.

Journalists have gone into the jungles to meet with the Maoists that killed the Hindu Swami, but the police cannot get to them. India Inc has become so bankrupt (morally and intellectually) that soon it will have to send in the army to crush it’s downtrodden, but it knows that the army’s use would be democracy’s ultimate moral defeat. An imported political system that offers no hope to the poor will lose its right to remain.

From the perspective of the hopelessly poor, India’s secular democracy has already failed. But at least some of the poor think that it is not democracy that needs discarding but Hindu culture that provides no spiritual basis to make democracy work.

The Conversion Controversy

The initial conflict in Orissa was ethnic, not religious. Swami Laxamananda Saraswati succeeded in instigating Tribals to kill Scheduled Caste (Untouchable/Dalit) Christians because the Christians were demanding to be reclassified as Tribals. This would make them eligible for special quotas in educational institutions, jobs, loans, and political office. The Tribals feared that if the Government conceded the Scheduled Castes’ demand then their children would have to compete against better educated Christian children. The Hindu government was insensitive to poor Christians and the Christians were insensitive to the needs of the Tribals who were poorer than them. A Christian leadership confused by a secular sense of social justice and Marxist leaning Dalit Liberation Theology precipitated the political (non-violent) conflict.
Hilda Raja's reply to Margaret Alva's "me is christian---me is not victim yet, but if me were victim, me is the only victim that counts" whine..
Nov 6, 2008

<b>‘Margaret Alva -- Be faithful to the Truth’: Dr Mrs Hilda Raja</b>

Response to Margaret Alva's interview

From hilda raja
Date Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 10:37 AM
Subject Response to Margaret Alva's interview

Margaret Alva in her interview ‘Religion has become politicised’ (Third Eye-IE 2nd Oct)decries the politicization of religion and rightly so. But what strikes me is the fact that she is pointing an accusing finger for this state of affairs to the Hindus. Her grandson wonders if their house would be burned-her seven year old granddaughter is afraid to go to church fearing that it would be burned .Like Mrs Alva I am a catholic and belong to the same church as she--Why is it that the minorities are suffering from a fear psyche when they are safer and more secure than the majority community? Why is it that a few instances of attacks against the minorities are being blown beyond proportion and enlarged in such a way as to darken the whole face of the country? To be fair Margaret Alva should have clearly educated and assured her grandchildren that she and her family are safer than the thousands of other little children in the country-children who go to the streets to buy sweets for Diwali are killed-a little girl who went to school simply disappeared, a father who went to pick up his son from the school never returned. So comparatively the minorities are safer than the majority community. Poor God whom Margaret Alva worships-if she is given a chance to question God she tells us that she would ask him why there is so much of injustice. I envisage the following response from her God who incarnated as Jesus will bend down and write and show her what he has scripted and she would be horrified to read the script -- “Why has the Party to which you belong done this to my people? Why have you betrayed the Justice for which I lived and died? Why this hypocrisy of a prayer ‘Father forgive them for they know now what they do”, Who is your Father when you condemn your brothers and accuse them? Remember the story of Cain and Abel? There is no Fatherhood if there is no Brotherhood. Why are you like the Pharisee pointing at others and thinking that you and the Party to which you belong are just? In the last six months have you and your Party taken an enumeration of the number of people killed in the serial bomb blasts? How many mothers and little children were raped? Why is it that you and the Party to which you belong not taken effective steps to stop this ruthless killing of innocent people on the road. That too I am aware is done in the name of a religion and of a god. Do you know that those who were victims do not have any security-they have no cars to take them to the markets and like me they walk the dusty roads yet they are killed? Your Party was and is in power for the longest period and can you truthfully tell me what your Party did to stop this mad killing of the poor. I was poor and hence you should have seen me in them. You talk of the minority people attacked-do you know two years ago before a Diwali a holy man--Sankaracharya of Kancheepuram was arrested while he was performing his usual daily puja. All holy men carry a spark of ME. Did you condemn that act? Would you not shout your self hoarse if an Archbishop-or even a priest while celebrating Mass was arrested? You were not scandalized when the police entered with their boots into the temple and stood around the sacred fire and hand cuffed him? All are children of God- the convent school in which you studied should have taught you this in the catechism class. But you differentiate people and silently watch this sin against me-this crucifixion reacted. Just before this Diwali-the Feast of Lights another holy man was brutally murdered within his ashram in Orissa along with his disciple-a holy nun. You did not condemn the dastardly murders. But when a nun of the church to which you belonged was raped the heavens heard the thunder and the rumbling created by the church and leaders of your party. I suffer in silence daily when women-mothers, daughters and wives and even little children are raped in India. Nobody heeds to their pain, anguish and your Party which is in power did nothing to ease their agony. I am puzzled that the nuns of the Catholic Church are comparatively safer and secure but what kind of security is provided to the thousands of women working in the fields and meeting with such brutal violence. Their suffering does not arouse you? But when churches are damaged and ransacked you and the Party to which you belong is quick to point an accusing finger at the perpetrators. I feel sorry for you and the likes of you it was one of my own who betrayed me. You differentiate the value of lives on the basis of the religion. If you had read the bible you will recall that I stood before the majestic temple of Jerusalem and predicted that it will be destroyed-Why are you making such a noise over the destruction of structures- of stones and mortar while you calmly overlook the destruction of lives-and of livelihood? This is what those in power during my time did. Did you not know that it was the priests and the civil rulers who persecuted me and crucified me-? Because they wanted to kill Truth –they were able to destroy my physical body but not my soul, not the values for which I stood for. Truth cannot be destroyed. I repeated during my lifetime and now I repeat it to you-‘do not be like the “white washed tombs” and do not scandalize You cannot pray to me unless you strike your breast and say ‘mea culpa, mea culpa-For your prayers to be heard embrace all as brothers only then you are you permitted to address my FATHER.I do not distinguish my people as majority and minority- it is for ALL that I came suffered and died. I belong to no one religion and no one denomination. You cannot hijack me-for Truth is all pervading and when my arms were painfully out stretched on the cross I embraced the whole world and its people. They belong to me and I belong to them. When you keep them outside you shut me out also. The fundamental truth you have not been taught in your convent school- namely- there is only one God and one Heaven. There cannot be a salvation story with discrimination, appeasement and discord. Teach that to your grandchildren. Cry not for me but for yourselves and your children. Purify yourself and purge yourself of all the prejudices and biases only then you are worthy to address my Father. I had taught my small group of disciples how to pray when they asked me. I now like to remind you Margaret Alva recite the ‘Our Father’ truthfully and try to grasp its portent. You as a leader and as one privileged to be educated should be courageous to stand for Truth and to die for it. To those to whom more is given more will be expected.--Be faithful to the Truth.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

<b>Evangelists are playing long-term chess game</b>
By Balbir K. Punj

“The entire problem began because New Life was attracting poor people in distress and challenging their shallow faith by offering money and property to convert,” was how Father Austin Menezes of Melagres Church of Mangalore recently described the work of the New Life Fellowship Trust whose actions recently provoked violence in Karnataka’s largest port city. In reality, such an abrasive approach to evangelism was at the core of a popular outrage against the trust.

Notice that Father Menezes has no qualms describing the belief of poor people as “shallow” although he may not agree with New Life’s action plan. But if New Life was “offering money and property to convert” it is not entirely out of place with the Church’s well-established stratagem to lure people to Christ. It is empirically as integral to the strategy of the Church as conversion is integral to Christianity itself. It becomes a media event only when there is a short circuit.

India has a long history of Hindu-Muslim riots but little record of Hindu-Christian violence. Thus violence in Kandhamal and Mangalore would appear extraordinary. The devil lies in details, but the national media conveniently locates it in the RSS, VHP and the Bajrang Dal. <b>Actually, it is evangelism that provokes a violent reaction from local people.</b>

<b>Evangelism, or bringing heathens to Christian faith, might sound a throwback to the colonial era, if not the Middle Ages. Yet we have to countenance it (like we have to countenance jihad, a 7th century Arabic concept) in the independent India of the 21st century</b>. Money and flab, it is said, show even if you try to hide them. Just surf through television channels and you will find the evangelical flab.

Let alone dedicated evangelical channels, evangelical capsules of Joyce Meyer and Paul Dinakaran occupy time slots on most private channels.<b> No wonder this has come about in the last four years of the UPA government.</b> How else could DD Punjabi/Jalandhar, DD NE/Guwahati or DD Malayalam — national carriers of a secular country — show explicit evangelical content by Joyce Meyer, neatly dubbed and subtitled in the language of those channels? <b>What the MoU is between the soldiers of Christ and the I&B ministry of a “secular” government needs to be investigated.</b>

The Church in India claims that the demographic share of Christians in India has declined to 2.5 per cent. Is such a vast tele-gospel project meant to serve the needs of this miniscule community? <b>Census 2001, however, shows an abnormally steep rise in the Christian population in various states (Goa and Kerala are surprising exceptions) between 1991 and 2001.</b>

The British rule was farthest from theocracy but it offered a certain leeway to evangelical clout. <b>“In the 10 years, 1921-1931, the population of India has increased by 10 per cent; the Christian Church has increased by 32 per cent</b>.

<b>The Church has doubled its number in the 20th century. Christian work is being carried on in every province, and in almost all the larger Indian states,” wrote Stephen Neill, warden of the Diocesan Theological College, Tinnevelly, in his 1936 book Builders of the Indian Church</b>.

But independent India has outdone it all. The Northeast, where evangelical penetration was least during British rule, has become almost wholly Christian during independent India. Christian missionaries are viewed as people who have done wonderful work in the field of education, health and philology. Orientalist and humanist Reverend James Long (1814-1887) of Calcutta was such a revered name.

But recently I was shocked to read in his book Handbook of Bengal Mission, (1948) in connection with the Church of England, what this illustrious scholar of Sanskrit, Bengali and Persian had to say on the Himalayas that Hindus view as the abode of gods: “Every valley has its spirit and every hill its demon, and the heaven-springing pinnacles of snow are tin; temples of gods of terror and vengeance, who must be appeased by painful pilgrimages… Many had recruited their exhausted spirits, reinvigorated their bodily powers by breathing the pure air of the rugged Himalaya fastnesses, and indulged their curiosity by penetrating into these magnificent regions; but few thought of the moral darkness and deformity that reign in those regions of natural light and beauty”.

James Long’s period, i.e. 19th century, was also the time when many non-evangelical Western Orientalists did great work to exhume India’s heritage through philology, archaeology and numismatics. But James Long’s evangelical streak exposes his essential antipathy to heathen India despite his excellent mannerism. If it had happened to Long, today’s short-brained evangelists would scarcely be immune.

In the 19th century, the ecclesiastical career still attracted many brilliant minds in the West. But in the 21st century, when there are so many white-collar career opportunities, only those who can’t make it elsewhere join the evangelical brigade.

Today’s evangelists are not qualified to join Microsoft, Intel or Nasa. <b>It is only the Church, ironically built in the name of Nazarene, that seems flushed with money to offer them a career. Look at the Joshua Project (www.joshuaproject.net) that aims at “Christianisation of India”.</b>

The evangelists are playing a long-term chess game in India. How evangelists dupe people is exemplified by the story of Italian Robert di Nobili, who came to India in 1605. His story is related by Charles Henry Robinson, a top missionary, in his 1915 book History of Christian Missions. “Having determined to make himself an Indian, in order he might win the Indians, he adopted the dress and the sacred thread of a brahmin, and painted sandalwood on his forehead…

He called himself a raja from Rome and eventually produced a new veda, which he himself had forged, in support of his teaching. He kept aloof from men belonging to low castes and only allowed the brahmins, or men of high caste, to have access to him.

The principle which underlay his action was sanctioned by a papal bull in 1623 which declared that “out of compassion for human weakness, Nobili’s converts are permitted to retain the plait of hair, the brahminical thread, the sandalwood sign on the forehead, and the customary ablutions of their caste”.<b> Christian missionaries turned their eyes to tribals and dalits only after they failed to cut much ice with the upper castes. Their love for India has proved to be more dangerous than their hate. India must wake up to these ecclesiastical commandos who make deception their chief weapon.</b>

<i>Balbir K. Punj can be contacted at punjbk@gmail.com</i>

Playing now: the next episode of <i>Why christianism is terrorism</i>.

Shivaji, Ramakrishna, Gita - everything was already covered? No, no it wasn't. Undercover christoterrorists still had a bit of work to do. They want to take out the entire Hindu edifice, little knowing that this is impossible, that all their insults never stick and only expose the <i>utterly hateful</i> and untruthful nature of christianism to Hindus:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Negative book on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother taken to court</b>
nov 7th, 2008

this is the sort of scurillous non-bailable offense (hurting the sentiments of a section) that always excites the kkkangress if applied against mohammedans; but never when it is applied against hindus.

we need a legal cell pronto.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rajiv

"Court stays publication of book on Sri Aurobindo"- The Times of
India, 6 Nov 2008.

Balasore: Orissa High Court on Tuesday stayed the publication and
circulation of a book in India that is said to contain objectionable
remarks against The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

The book – The lives of Sri Aurobindo – is <b>written by Peter Heehs, an
American who is one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Archives in Puducherry. It was published in the US in May this year by
Columbia Press and was to be re-printed and sold by Penguin India in
(Note, Penguin regularly publishes anti-Hindu books. Read their pathetic versions of say the Mahabharatam, where their hired Hindu communitwits try their very best to regurgitate their inner foulness over the pristine Hindu epic which can never be defiled despite their greatest efforts.)

On Wednesday, in response to a writ petition by Balasore resident
Geetanjali Bhattacharya, an HC bench comprising Justice I M Quddasi
and B P Ray ordered Penguin India not to publish the book till it got
a no-objection certificate from the Union home ministry and ministry
of information and broadcasting. In her petition, Bhattacharya has
quoted alleged excerpts from Heehs' book and urged the court to ban
the publication of the book and take action against the writer.

Some of the writings, as mentioned in the petition, are: "Aurobindo's
character, life, writings and thoughts did not hold integrity"; "He
(Aurobindo) possesses a morally loose character"; "His claims to
spiritual expression and realisation is questionable and irrelevant";
and that his spirituality "emerges from a streak of inherited

The most shocking claim by the writer is that Aurobindo's relationship
with The Mother was "romantic in nature", the petitioner has said. She
quotes the preface of the book: "A statement on the politician or poet
that rubs the people wrong way will turn into a political or legal
issue or possibility cause a riot". Claiming that the book is aimed at
tarnishing the images of Sreemaa and Aurobindo, Bhattacharya has
called it an "invasion on the religious sentiments of Indians". "Even
Heehs knows that there might be riots in the country after his book is
published in India". Bhattacharya told TOI over phone, adding that the
book has "objectionable descriptions" of the relationship between
Shreemaa and Aurobindo and "derogatory remarks" on Mrunalini, Nalini
and Meera as well.

"Peter Heehs, who was a taxi driver, a school dropout and a
drug-addict in the US, was rehabilitated in Aurobindo Ashram in
Puducherry years ago. He has since left the Ashram." She said. During
the hearing, additional Solicitor-general J K Mishra, counsel for the
Union Government, approached the court with a request that the Center
be asked to find out from the Author the source of his information.
"the court also has asked both ministries to file affidavits on what
action they have taken on the petitioner's representation. The next
hearing is on December 15," said Siddhartha Das, Bhattacharya's


The Hindustan Times November 6th 2008

Soumyajit Patnaik
Bhubaneswar - November 5th
The Scheduled publication of Sri Aurobindo's biography by Penguin
India this month has run into trouble with the Orissa High Court on
Tuesday asking the Publisher to obtain a no-objection certificate from
the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry and Home Ministry.
The Lives of Sri Aurobindo is penned by American writer Peter Heehs
and has already been published by Columbia University Press in May
2008. In India, it is scheduled for release this month.
The court, acting on a petition asked the I and B Ministry to inquire
into allegations that the book makes defamatory remarks about Sri
Aurobindo, one of India's revered philosophers and freedom fighters,
who died in 1950.
Gitanjali Devi, in her plea, has mentioned that the book is
blasphemous and makes several defamatory remarks on the life and
character of the philosopher. Her counsel Mr. Milan Kanungo told HT
"The court has directed the I and B Ministry to make a thorough
inquiry into the contents of the book and ascertain whether it
contains any defamatory comments about Sri Aurobindo. The report would
be submitted to the court by December 15, which has been fixed as the
next day of hearing."
Heehs, one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives did
not respond to an e-mail query from HT.


Orissa HC sets condition for release of Sri Aurobindo's biography
Cuttack | Wednesday, Nov 5 2008 IST

Orissa High Court has directed the publisher of a biography on the
life of Sri Aurobindo, penned by Peter Heehs, not to release the book
in India without obtaining a no objection certificate from the
Information and Broadcasting Ministry and Union Home Ministry.

Acting on a petition filed by one Geetanjali Devi of Balasore, a
division bench of Orissa High Court, comprising Justices I M Quddusi
and B P Ray, yesterday instructed Penguin Publishers to get the no
objection certificate from the two Ministries before releasing the
biography in India.

The biography, published by Columbia University Press, has already
been released in the United States while Penguin Publishers is slated
to release the book in India this month.

The division bench also directed the Ministry of Information and
Broadcasting to examine in detail the contents of the book and submit
its report to the court by December 15 on the allegations of certain
defamatory comments on the spiritual leader held in high esteem by the
people of the country.

The petitioner alleged that the book is blasphemous in nature and the
writer has made several aspersions on the life and character of Sri
Aurobindo, regarded as philosopher, sage, poet and freedom fighter by
the countrymen.
(No amount of regard or disregard can affect the very real character of Aurobindo. He *is* all those things: "philosopher, sage, poet and freedom fighter", and much more. No mud, no christoterrorist foulness, none of their incessant compulsive lying and libel - <i>nothing at all</i> can impeach his character, behaviour or any other aspect of his person. Whether people live to remember and admire his example, or forget him altogether, or if all the world were to slander him, it does not change a thing about who he was. That's the nature of Truth. Lies and history-rewriting can never change it.)

The petition further said the author, who claimed to be a scholar and
one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives, had also
made a certain description of Sri Aurobindo which was unacceptable and
appealed for a ban on the publication of the book.

The division bench, while issuing notice to the publishers, has sought
affidavit from the two Ministries and fixed December 15 as the next
date of hearing.

-- (UNI) --<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Excerpt from comment on the page:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> Raja said...

    Yet another instance of penetration of Hindu organizations by scum bag christists and defaming them after coming out on some pretext!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
One need not read a christoterrorist's lies (after all, lies and murder/genocide are <i>all</i> christoism - and hence christos - are capable of) to make up one's own mind on who Aurobindo was. Here. The Hindu Hero is revealed by his own words:
1. http://voiceofdharma.com/books/ir/IR_frontpage.htm
2. And his <i>full</i> Uttarpara Speech, from the page originally at http://pramodkumar.voiceofdharma.com/art...arpara.htm
(from my backup copy)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sanatana Dharma -Sri Aurobindo’s famous speech at Uttarpara
<b>From: Karmayogin, vol. 2 Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 1972), pp. 1-15.</b>

"When I was asked to speak to you at the annual meeting of your Sabha, it was my intention to say a few words about the subject chosen for today, the subject of the Hindu religion. I do not know now whether I shall fulfil that intention; for as I sat here, there came into my mind a word that I have to speak to you, a word that I have to speak to the whole of the Indian Nation. It was spoken first to myself in jail and I have come out of jail to speak it to my people.

It was more than a year ago that I came here last. When I came I was not alone; one of the mightiest prophets of Nationalism sat by my side. It was he who then came out of the seclusion to which God had sent him, so that in the silence and solitude of his cell he might hear the word that He had to say. It was he that you came in your hundreds to welcome. Now he is far away, separated from us by thousands of miles.

Others whom I was accustomed to find working beside me are absent. The storm that swept over the country has scattered them far and wide. It is I this time who have spent one year in seclusion, and now that I come out I find all changed. One who always sat by my side and was associated in my work is a prisoner in Burma; another is in the north rotting in detention.

I looked round when I came out, I looked round for those to whom I had been accustomed to look for counsel and inspiration. I did not find them. There was more than that. When I went to jail the whole country was alive with the cry of Bande Mataram, alive with the hope of a nation, the hope of millions of men who had newly risen out of degradation. When I came out of jail I listened for that cry, but there was instead a silence.

A hush had fallen on the country and men seemed bewildered; for instead of God's bright heaven full of the vision of the future that had been before us, there seemed to be overhead a leaden sky from which human thunders and lightnings rained. No man seemed to know which way to move, and from all sides came the question, "What shall we do next? What is there that we can do?"

I too did not know which way to move, I too did not know what was next to be done. But one thing I knew, that as it was the Almighty Power of God which had raised that cry, that hope, so it was the same Power which had sent down that silence. He who was in the shouting and the movement was also in the pause and the hush. He has sent it upon us, so that the nation might draw back for a moment and look into itself and know His will. I have not been disheartened by that silence because I had been made familiar with silence in my prison and because I knew it was in the pause and the hush that I had myself learned this lesson through the long year of my detention.

When Bepin Chandra Pal came out of jail, he came with a message, and it was an inspired message. I remember the speech he made here. It was a speech not so much political as religious in its bearing and intention. He spoke of his realisation in jail, of God within us all, of the Lord within the nation, and in his subsequent speeches also he spoke of a greater than ordinary force in the movement and a greater than ordinary purpose before it.

Now I also meet you again, I also come out of jail, and again it is you of Uttarpara who are the first to welcome me, not at a political meeting but at a meeting of a society for the protection of our religion. That message, which Bepin Chandra Pal received in Buxar jail, God gave to me in Alipore. That knowledge He gave to me day after day during my twelve months of imprisonment and it is that which He has commanded me to speak to you now that I have come out.

I knew I would come out. The year of detention was meant only for a year of seclusion and of training. How could anyone hold me in jail longer than was necessary for God's purpose? He had given me a word to speak and a work to do, and until that word was spoken I knew that no human power could hush me, until that work was done no human power could stop God's instrument, however weak that instrument might be or however small. Now that I have come out, even in these few minutes, a word has been suggested to me which I had no wish to speak. The thing I had in my mind He has thrown from it and what I speak is under an impulse and a compulsion.

When I was arrested and hurried to the Lal Bazar hajat I was shaken in faith for a while, for I could not look into the heart of His intention. Therefore I faltered for a moment and cried out in my heart to Him, "What is this that has happened to me? I believed that I had a mission to work for the people of my country and until that work was done, I should have Thy protection. Why then am I here and on such a charge?"

A day passed and a second day and a third, when a voice came to me from within, "Wait and see." Then I grew calm and waited, I was taken from Lal Bazar to Alipore and was placed for one month in a solitary cell apart from men. There I waited day and night for the voice of

God within me, to know what He had to say to me, to learn what I had to do. In this seclusion the earliest realisation, the first lesson came to me.

I remembered then that a month or more before my arrest, a call had come to me to put aside all activity, to go in seclusion and to look into myself, so that I might enter into closer communion with Him. I was weak and could not accept the call. My work was very dear to me

and in the pride of my heart I thought that unless I was there, it would suffer or even fail and cease; therefore I would not leave it. It seemed to me that He spoke to me again and said, "The bonds you had not the strength to break, I have broken for you, because it is not my will nor was it ever my intention that that should continue. I have had another thing for you to do and it is for that I have brought you here, to teach you what you could not learn for yourself and to train you for my work."

Then He placed the Gita in my hands. His strength entered into me and I was able to do the sadhana of the Gita. I was not only to understand intellectually but to realise what Sri Krishna demanded of Arjuna and what He demands of those who aspire to do His work, to be free from repulsion and desire, to do work for Him without the demand for fruit, to renounce self-will and become a passive and faithful instrument in His hands, to have an equal heart for high and low, friend and opponent, success and failure, yet not to do His work negligently.

I realised what the Hindu religion meant. We speak often of the Hindu religion, of the Sanatan Dharma, but few of us really know what that religion is. Other religions are preponderatingly religions of faith and profession, but the Sanatan Dharma is life itself; it is a thing that has not so much to be believed as lived.

This is the Dharma that for the salvation of humanity was cherished in the seclusion of this peninsula from of old. It is to give this religion that India is rising. She does not rise as other countries do, for self or when she is strong, to trample on the weak. She is rising to shed the eternal light entrusted to her over the world. India has always existed for humanity and not for herself and it is for humanity and not for herself that she must be great.

Therefore this was the next thing He pointed out to me, - He made me realise the central truth of the Hindu religion. He turned the hearts of my jailers to me and they spoke to the Englishman in charge of the jail, "He is suffering in his confinement; let him at least walk outside his cell for half an hour in the morning and in the evening." So it was arranged, and it was while I was walking that His strength again entered into me. I looked the jail that secluded me from men and it was no longer by its high walls that I was imprisoned; no, it was Vasudeva who surrounded me.

I walked under the branches of the tree in front of my cell but it was not the tree, I knew it was Vasudeva, it was Sri Krishna whom I saw standing there and holding over me his shade. I looked at the bars of my cell, the very grating that did duty for a door and again I saw Vasudeva. It was Narayana who was guarding and standing sentry over me. Or I lay on the coarse blankets that were given me for a couch and felt the arms of Sri Krishna around me, the arms of my Friend and Lover. This was the first use of the deeper vision He gave me.

I looked at the prisoners in the jail, the thieves, the murderers, the swindlers, and as I looked at them I saw Vasudeva, it was Narayana whom I found in these darkened souls and misused bodies. Amongst these thieves and dacoits there were many who put me to shame by their sympathy, their kindness, the humanity triumphant over such adverse circumstances.

One I saw among them especially, who seemed to me a saint, a peasant of my nation who did not know how to read and write, an alleged dacoit sentenced to ten years' rigorous imprisonment, one of those whom we look down upon in our Pharisaical pride of class as Chhotalok. Once more He spoke to me and said, "Behold the people among whom I have sent you to do a little of my work. This is the nature of the nation I am raising up and the reason why I raise them."

When the case opened in the lower court and we were brought before the Magistrate I was followed by the same insight. He said to me, "When you were cast into jail, did not your heart fail and did you not cry out to me, where is Thy protection? Look now at the Magistrate, look now at the Prosecuting Counsel."

I looked and it was not the Magistrate whom I saw, it was Vasudeva, it was Narayana who was sitting there on the bench. I looked at the Prosecuting Counsel and it was not the Counsel for the prosecution that I saw; it was Sri Krishna who sat there, it was my Lover and Friend who sat there and smiled. "Now do you fear?" He said, "I am in all men and I overrule their actions and their words. My protection is still with you and you shall not fear. This case which is brought against you, leave it in my hand. It is not for you. It was not for the trial that I brought you here but for something else. The case itself is only a means for my work and nothing more."

Afterwards when the trial opened in the Sessions Court, I began to write many instructions for my Counsel as to what was false in the evidence against me and on what points the witnesses might be cross-examined. Then something happened which I had not expected.

The arrangements which had been made for my defence were suddenly changed and another Counsel stood there to defend me. He came unexpectedly, - a friend of mine, but I did not know he was coming. You have all heard the name of the man who put away from him all other thoughts and abandoned all his practice, who sat up half the night day after day for months and broke his health to save me, - Srijut Chittaranjan Das.

When I saw him, I was satisfied, but I still thought it necessary to write instructions. Then all that was put away from me and I had the message from within, "This is the man who will save you from the snares put around your feet. Put aside those papers. It is not you who will instruct him. I will instruct him."

From that time I did not of myself speak a word to my Counsel about the case or give a single instruction, and if ever I was asked a question, I always found that my answer did not help the case. I had left it to him and he took it entirely into his hands, with what result you know. I knew all along what He meant for me, for I heard it again and again, always I listened to the voice within; "I am guiding, therefore fear not. Turn to your own work for which I have brought you to jail and when you come out, remember never to fear, never to hesitate. Remember that it is I who am doing this, not you nor any other.

Therefore whatever clouds may come, whatever dangers and sufferings, whatever difficulties, whatever impossibilities, there is nothing impossible, nothing difficult. I am in the nation and its uprising and I am Vasudeva, I am Narayana, and what I will, shall be, not what others will. What I choose to bring about, no human power can stay."

Meanwhile He had brought me out of solitude and placed me among those who had been accused along with me. You have spoken much today of my self-sacrifice and devotion to my country. I have heard that kind of speech ever since I came out of jail, but I hear it with embarrassment, with something of pain.

For I know my weakness, I am a prey to my own faults and backslidings. I was not blind to them before and when they all rose up against me in seclusion, I felt them utterly. I knew them that I the man was a man of weakness, a faulty and imperfect instrument, strong only when a higher strength entered into me. Then I found myself among these young men and in many of them I discovered a mighty courage, a power of self-effacement in comparison with which I was simply nothing. I saw one or two who were not only superior to me in force and character, - very many were that, - but in the promise of that intellectual ability on which I prided myself.

He said to me, "This is the young generation, the new and mighty nation that is arising at my command. They are greater than yourself. What have you to fear? If you stood aside or slept, the work would still be done. If you were cast aside tomorrow, here are the young men who will take up your work and do it more mightily than you have ever done. You have only got some strength from me to speak a word to this nation which will help to raise it." This was the next thing He told me.

Then a thing happened suddenly and in a moment I was hurried away to the seclusion of a solitary cell. What happened to me during that period I am not impelled to say, but only that day after day, He showed me His wonders and made me realise the utter truth of the Hindu religion. I had many doubts before. I was brought up in England amongst foreign ideas and an atmosphere entirely foreign.

About many things in Hinduism I had once been inclined to believe that they were imaginations, that there was much of dream in it, much that was delusion and Maya. But now day after day I realised in the mind, I realised in the heart, I realised in the body the truths of the Hindu religion. They became living experiences to me, and things were opened to me which no material science could explain. When I first approached Him, it was not entirely in the spirit of the Jnani. I came to Him long ago in Baroda some years before the Swadeshi began and I was drawn into the public field.

When I approached God at that time, I hardly had a living faith in Him. The agnostic was in me, the atheist was in me, the sceptic was in me and I was not absolutely sure that there was a God at all. I did not feel His presence. Yet something drew me to the truth of the Vedas, the truth of the Gita, the truth of the Hindu religion. I felt there must be a mighty truth somewhere in this Yoga, a mighty truth in this religion based on the Vedanta.

So when I turned to the Yoga and resolved to practise it and find out if my idea was right, I did it in this spirit and with this prayer to Him, "If Thou art, then Thou knowest my heart. Thou knowest that I do not ask for Mukti, I do not ask for anything which others ask for. I ask only for strength to uplift this nation, I ask only to be allowed to live and work for this people whom I love and to whom I pray that I may devote my life."

I strove long for the realisation of Yoga and at last to some extent I had it, but in what I most desired I was not satisfied. Then in the seclusion of the jail, of the solitary cell I asked for it again. I said, "Give me Thy Adesh. I do not know what work to do or how to do it. Give me a message." In the communion of Yoga two messages came.

The first message said, "I have given you a work and it is to help to uplift this nation. Before long the time will come when you will have to go out of jail; for it is not my will that this time either you should be convicted or that you should pass the time, as others have to do, in suffering for their country. I have called you to work, and that is the Adesh for which you have asked. I give you the Adesh to go forth and do my work."

The second message came and it said, "Something has been shown to you in this year of seclusion, something about which you had your doubts and it is the truth of the Hindu religion. It is this religion that I am raising up before the world, it is this that I have perfected and developed through the Rishis, saints and Avatars, and now it is going forth to do my work among the nations. I am raising up this nation to send forth my word. This is the Sanatan Dharma, this is the eternal religion which you did not really know before, but which I have now revealed to you.

The agnostic and the sceptic in you have been answered, for I have given you proofs within and without you, physical and subjective, which have satisfied you. When you go forth, speak to your nation always this word, that it is for the Sanatan Dharma that they arise, it is for the world and not for themselves that they arise. I am giving them freedom for the service of the world. When therefore it is said that India shall rise, it is the Sanatan Dharma that shall be great.

When it is said that India shall expand and extend herself, it is the Sanatan Dharma that shall expand and extend itself over the world. It is for the Dharma and by the Dharma that India exists. To magnify the religion means to magnify the country. I have shown you that I am everywhere and in all men and in all things, that I am in this movement and I am not only working in those who are striving for the country but I am working also in those who oppose them and stand in their path. I am working in everybody and whatever men may think or do, they can do nothing but help in my purpose.

They also are doing my work, they are not my enemies but my instruments. In all your actions you are moving forward without knowing which way you move. You mean to do one thing and you do another. You aim at a result and your efforts subserve one that is different or contrary. It is Shakti that has gone forth and entered into the people. Since long ago I have been preparing this uprising and now the time has come and it is I who will lead it to its fulfillment."

This then is what I have to say to you. The name of your society is "Society for the Protection of Religion". Well, the protection of the religion, the protection and upraising before the world of the Hindu religion, that is the work before us. But what is the Hindu religion? What is this religion which we call Sanatan, eternal? It is the Hindu religion only because the Hindu nation has kept it, because in this Peninsula it grew up in the seclusion of the sea and the Himalayas, because in this sacred and ancient land it was given as a charge to the Aryan race to preserve through the ages. <b><span style='color:purple'>[14]</b>

But it is not circumscribed by the confines of a single country, it does not belong peculiarly and forever to a bounded part of the world. That which we call the Hindu religion is really the eternal religion, because it is the universal religion, which embraces all others. If a religion is not universal, it cannot be eternal. A narrow religion, a sectarian religion, an exclusive religion can live only for a limited time and a limited purpose. This is the one religion that can triumph over materialism by including and anticipating the discoveries of science and the speculations of philosophy.

It is the one religion, which impresses on mankind the closeness of God to us and embraces in its compass all the possible means by which man can approach God. It is the one religion, which insists every moment on the truth, which all religions acknowledge that He is in all men and all things and that in Him we move and have our being. It is the one religion which enables us not only to understand and believe this truth but to realise it with every part of our being. It is the one religion which shows the world what the world is, that it is the Lila of Vasudeva. It is the one religion which shows us how we can best play our part in that Lila, its subtlest laws and its noblest rules. It is the one religion which does not separate life in any smallest detail from religion, which knows what immortality is and has utterly removed from us the reality of death.

This is the word that has been put into my mouth to speak to you today. What I intended to speak has been put away from me, and beyond what is given to me I have nothing to say. It is only the word that is put into me that I can speak to you. That word is now finished. I spoke once before with this force in me and I said then that this movement is not a political movement and that nationalism is not politics but a religion, a creed, a faith. I say it again today, but I put it in another way. I say no longer that nationalism is a creed, a religion, a faith; I say that it is the Sanatan Dharma which for us is nationalism. This Hindu nation was born with the Sanatan Dharma, with it it moves and with it it grows. When the Sanatan Dharma declines, then the nation declines, and if the Sanatan Dharma were capable of perishing, with the Sanatan Dharma it would perish.The Sanatan Dharma, that is nationalism. This is the message that I have to speak to you. "</span><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->There was a picture of a young Aurobindo on that page, sitting at his desk and writing. He looked absolutely beautiful (Kallai) - as always.
Footnote for the same statement marked with <b>[14]</b> above, given at the page http://voiceofdharma.com/books/ir/IR_part1.htm#_ftn14
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->[14] Sri Aurobindo always used the word �Aryan� (whether people or culture) in its original sense of Vedic Indian. As further passages will make clear, he did not subscribe to the nineteenth-century theories which conjectured the existence of an Aryan race which invaded India in pre-Vedic times; those theories are now discredited (see notes 7 & 8, part II).<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
^ Christoterrorism attempts to attack Aurobindo through an infiltrator from AmeriKKKa.

<!--QuoteBegin-Husky+Nov 6 2008, 04:17 PM-->QUOTE(Husky @ Nov 6 2008, 04:17 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx...eID=7463&SKIN=B
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>RSS leader shot dead by Christian terrorists in Kandhamal</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>deliberate gangland-style execution of hindu by christists: Press Release by Hindu Jagaran Sammukhya on Killing of Dhanu Pradhani</b>
nov 7th, 2008

of course, the ELM completely ignores christist terrorism.

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From: N

Press Release by Hindu Jagaran Sammukhya on Killing of Dhanu Pradhani
6 Nov 2008.

"One <b>Dhanu Pradhani (35 years) was killed on 5/11/2008</b>
(Wednesday) in Jhinjiriguda village under Brahmanigaon P.S. while working in
Kumbharigaon School <b>by three militant Christians</b> belonging to the same
area. The incident occurred at about 12.30 p.m. in the afternoon while
other co-workers had gone for mid-day food and Dhanu Pradhani, a mason
by profession was about to leave for the same purpose. The three persons
were assisted by two of the teachers Prasant Uthar Singh and Susanta
Nayak in locating and identifying the victim. It may be recalled that
within days of killing of Swamiji and others, there were wall posters
targeting Dhanu Pradhani, Vikram, Arun Karji and Chitrasen displayed in
Jhanjiriguda area. On the 31st October 2008 when peace committee meeting
was held at the Brahmanigaon P.S. there was none from among the local
Christians. Later, on enquiry Thomas Nayak, Subash Nayak, Kailash Nayak
and Vikram Basturoy of Brahmanigaon area told that 'first they would
eliminate the four aforesaid Kandh youth, and then only they might sit
down to talk about peace'.

<b>Dhanu's murder is predetermined and brutal. The killers pumped in to 12
bullets from small arms in close range. Dhanu could not escape as there
was a minor boy alongwith who had come to accompany him to the place of
lunch.</b> This daring act in broad day light under gaze of eye-witnesses
indicates a direct challenge to the State Police who have failed to nab
the local killers of Swamiji who according to the investigation numbered
18 in total. Only three from among them are shown arrested, till date.
Many of the remaining 15 are loitering around freely with impunity. The
Kandhs were assisting in the state sponsored peace efforts for
restoration of normalcy. But the militant Christians again by such acts
are inviting trouble to themselves. The Chief Minister has been very
partisan in using the coercive armed police (CRPF, OSAP etc.) against
the local Kandhs of whom so many innocents in hundreds are hospitalized
and an equal number languishing behind the bar, including women and
minors. On the other hand, militant Christians with illegally procured
firearms who are behind the murders of Swamiji and there after, are
moving freely with impunity. Peace is two way traffic. Naveen Babu,
holding the Police portfolio in the cabinet will remain squarely
responsible for the repercussions that will ensue after such blatantly
partisan and highly discriminatory handling of the situation as if he is
bound by a vow to protect the Christians at the cost of the Kandhs. The
killers are moving under CRPF protection. <b>Kandhs will never lie low in
protecting their dignity. They are fighting their battle for cultural
existence and they have full support of other sects of Hindus whole over
the country."</b>

Ashok Sahu.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 11/07/2008 09:34:00 AM 0 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Ashok Sahu who wrote that is, see further down, "IPS (Retd.), Former Addl. Director General of Police".

Orissa is under constant christian terrorism like Nagaland, and Assam under constant islamiterrorism like so many other places. Hateful ideologies.
Maoists in Orissa are christos - but everyone knows that including the christos, even when these pretend otherwise.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->BHUBANESWAR | Friday, November 7, 2008 | Email | Print |
<b>‘Hindus feel unsafe in Kandhamal’</b>

PNS | Bhubaneswar/Berhampur

Even as the name of Dhanu Pradhan, who was killed by militants in Kumarigaon on Wednesday, figured among the 14 Hindu activists in the posters pasted on the Kandhamal-Gajapati border by the Leftwing guerillas a few days ago, the district administration failed to provide him protection, alleged Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram general secretary Laxmikanta Dash at a news conference in Bhubaneswar on Thursday.

Dhanu was a member of the Ashram and the concerned DSP had earlier been informed in writing about the threat to his life, he said, adding that the people from Hindu community are not feeling secured in Brahmanigaon and other Christian dominated areas. <b>The Christians are hatching conspiracy against the Hindu activists and they are hiring the Maoists to wipe out them</b>, he alleged.

Demanding ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh for Dhanu’s family and immediate arrest of the killers and conspirators of the killing, the Ashram’s activists will submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister on Friday. They have also planned to stage a mass dharna on November 15, he said, adding that Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati would be commemorated during the dharna. Swami Pranarupananda, an associate of departed Laxmanananda was also present.

Meanwhile, the body of slain Dhanu was cremated at his village Kumarigaon. One platoon police force have been deployed and combing operations have been intensified in the in the tease-stricken area.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The same repeated at http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx...eID=7477&SKIN=B
<b>Christians hired Maoists to kill Hindu activist in Orissa</b>
("Christians hired christian maoists to kill Hindu activist in Orissa" should be the title)
Contains the comment from a local Hindu:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->RSS worker murder
Since I belongs to orissa, in the earlier occasion I beleived this things are common in Kerala. But sorry to say now it becomes a regular practice in the tribal areas in orissa.It shows how dangers are Chrstian Missionaries.I think every hindu should think twice on this, why Maos have taken responsiblity for the killing of Swami lazmanandaji.Did any body ask what is there relegion. Simple they are converted chrstians.Directly or indirectly chrstains are killing hinuds and there leaders.Though Navin givt. did some devlopments works in the state. As far security of hindus are concerned, he is utterly failed.For this both BJD and BJP are equally responsible.

At the same time BJP is the coalition parter in orissa. If they withdrawn support, they will give solid chance to Congress. Which congress want.Directly congress will comes to the power in the state. Though they dont have any stawat leader in the state.Now the think is that, RSS, BJP should presurrise govt. to take tough stand against missionaries.Maos are full support from Chrstian missionaries in orissa, Chatishgarh and AP.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

And here with highlighting
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Murder of Mahatma by the Church-By Ashok Sahu, IPS (Retd.), Former Addl. Director General of Police</b>

What is surprising is that similar raids were not conducted in other villages where there is pillage of fire-arms. More suspicious is the withdrawal of the CRPF from the Ashram and replacing the PSO to the Swamijee only five days prior to the murderous attack on 23rd August. Danger to the life of Swamijee was mounting every day since the abortive attempt on his life in last December.According to reliable sources, there was <b>a secret meeting on 9th August 2008 in the Community Centre at Raikia attended by activists representing Church based NGOs like</b> the <b>World Vision</b>, Jana Kalyan Samiti, NISWAS, ASHA, Sahara, Palli Shree, Jana Vikash etc. who regularly receive huge funds from abroad. It was also attended by Nakul Nayak, former M.P. from the ruling BJD, Krushna Para Seth the former Block Chairman from Tumdibandh, Alfansoe Baliyar Singh a notorious militant Christian from Raikia, advocate Manas Singh who was to bring activists from Bamunigaon and Daringbadi in a vehicle specifically provided by Archbishop C.Raphel. <b>It was resolved in the meeting to eliminate Swamijee who was 'an insurmountable obstacle against conversion and cow-slaughter in the area'.</b>Simultaneously, they felt that by philanthropic activities among the Kondh tribes in the District he was dissuading the vulnerable poor and illiterate tribe and Panas in the area from falling prey to the allurements and fraud by the Church authorities.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
(At least) 2 World Vision christoterrorists were involved in Swami Lakshmanananda's murder.
And while christoterrorists of World Vision kill Hindu Swamis and Hindus (that's what christoterrorists do after all), they also try to appropriate Hindus' Bharatanatyam dance, because christos are not merely murderers and genociders, but also thieves:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Young Catholics Go From Bangladesh To India To Learn Liturgical Dance</b>
oct 10, 2008

how christists are swiping hindu traditions and expropriating them.

and, surprise, surprise, the person in the forefront is (drum roll) yet another kerala christist: saju


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From: Shahryar


<b>ASIA  Young Catholics Go From Bangladesh To India To Learn Liturgical Dance</b>
by Julian S. Das

On 2008-10-8

KOLKATA, India (UCAN) -- Jhotan Sylvester Serao traveled on a bus from Dhaka to Kolkata for a dozen hours to fulfill his desire to learn liturgical dance.

"I have been dancing since my school days and taken part in many programs," the Dhaka-based <b>World Vision worker</b> admitted to UCA News, "but I never before learned how to dance formally."

Serao is one of 12 Bangladeshi Catholics aged 18-30 who came here on Sept. 25 to learn rudiments of dance so as to enliven liturgical worship back home.

Their two-week dance workshop is being run at the residence of Jesuit Father Saju George Moolanthuruthil in Kolkata, 1,460 kilometers southeast of New Delhi. The 43-year-old priest, popularly called Father Saju, has a master's degree in dance and is trained in Bharatanatyam dance.

Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form popular in southern India, grew out of a traditional temple dance based on Hindu epic stories. Father Saju uses it to depict Christian themes such as the Trinity, Mother Mary and the Risen Christ.

Serao said he came especially to learn how to use this dance form in liturgical celebrations when he returns to Bangladesh.

Other group members also spoke with UCA News about their interest in dance, as well as their faith. Trishna Rodriguez said her family encouraged her to attend the workshop. Her interest in dance, she said, began as a child and it "brought me to Kolkata to learn more about using dance in the liturgy."

According to the Bachelor of Arts student from Dhaka, people find it easy to understand the language of dance because it depicts life. She maintains that dance is "an effective means of communicating the message in liturgies."

Last March, Father Saju gave a one-day workshop on liturgical dance in Dhaka, and it perked the group's wish to learn more.

"We use dance in the liturgy," Serao said, "but we are not sure if what we do is liturgically correct."

In Serao's view, liturgy in Bangladesh could become more meaningful and relevant if Church leaders accept liturgical dance. The young enthusiast wants more avenues for Bangladeshi Catholic dancers to cultivate their talent and use it to serve the local Church.

Priyanka Russel, who plans a career in classical dance, added: "The themes and motifs of dance are universal. It is sure to ennoble Christian liturgy."
(No. All Bharatanatyam and all Hindu dance forms are worship of our *Hindu* Gods.
These christoterrorist thieves are committing 'heresy' and breaking their non-existent gawd's first commandment "thou shalt have no other Gods before me" - mayhap the church will inquisition them soon.)

Jenny Gomes has found the workshop a new experience. "I've been learning dance all these years by myself, but now I am learning pure dance with a clear vision," she said. She added that her group aims to invite Father Saju to Bangladesh to teach liturgical dance to a larger group next year.

Kulandaivel Rajkumar, a Catholic resource person at the workshop, says that after the young Bangladeshis learn a model of sacred dance, they can improvise and adapt it to their situation. "They are sincere, hard-working and serious about dance," he told UCA News.

Rajkumar, who works as a choreographer at New Delhi-based National School of Dance, teaches classical dance theory for two hours a day at the workshop. The daily program begins at 6 a.m. with yoga, and ends with a practice at 9 p.m.

Father Saju said the workshop was designed to provide basic gestures, steps and mudra (symbolic finger positions) that the youths can use in the liturgy.

His hope, he said, is that the youths become a catalyst for using simple dance forms to enrich liturgy in Bangladesh.

"Ultimately, what we wish to achieve is to enhance our prayer and devotion in our liturgical celebrations, and dance can be one of the finest means in this effort."


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Swami Devananda Saraswati ('Ishwar Sharan'), Hindu Hero:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Oct 9, 2008
<b>It is rather astonishing that Indians and Hindus still fall for the deception.</b>

Christianity has virtually destroyed South Korea and Korean Buddhists have become a minority in their own country and gone into hiding. China and India are next on the missionary list of cultures to subsume and conquer. <b>And the missionaries will succeed in their war of attrition on Hinduism if Indian leaders and Hindu religious teachers do not pay attention to this warning.</b> Hindus will have no cause to complain when their own people convert to the cult of Jesus and Mary and become Hindu India's own worst enemy. We see the kind of enemy of Hindu civilization that can be produced by this evangelizing work in the person of "Dr." Deivanayakam himself. Then there will be not one "Dr." Deivanayakam doing the dirty work of undermining and discrediting Hindu religion and culture, but dozens and hundreds and thousands, even as there is in South Korea today.

<b>As one great American thinker said: Before anything can be proved by the Bible, the Bible itself must be proved to be true. It has not yet happened.</b> Christianity is a personality cult based on authority. There is no logic or reason in it, or any verifiable facts, only extraordinary claims and a patently false doctrine of vicarious salvation. Is mankind really to be saved by the execution of a man who claimed to be a king, was tried for sedition and found guilty, and executed by the political power he tried to overthrow? What does this have to do with God and man, spirituality and religion? It is all politics from beginning to end and the search for world empire not peace of mind or a place in heaven. Before discussing any of the claims in this article, <b>first establish that such a man as Jesus lived. There is no evidence that he did outside of the New Testament story. The best Christian historians admit that there is no positive evidence for the existence of a man called Jesus or the virginity of his mother. Well, if this is the case, everything that follows is really of no consequence.</b> <b>Except for the invention of the concept of eternal damnation, which he threatened his critics with, Jesus contributed absolutely nothing new to the vast religious and philosophical literature of the world at that time.</b>

<b>It is Christianity that has copied the world's religions, not the other way round.</b> Its early theologians copied Buddhist and Platonist ideas, but they finally settled for Aristotle's philosophy as they could use it to reconciled their material interests and push for political power and world empire. <b>Christianity is a political ideology that claims divine sanction. That Hindus believe it is a religious system of service and sacrifice only shows up their own ignorance.</b>

-- Swami Devananda Saraswati

<b>From: Swami Devananda Saraswati</b>
Date: Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 10:45 AM,


How did Jesus Change Hinduism?
(sakshitimes is a christoterrorist appropriation site)

<b>My Comment: Swami Devananda Saraswati</b>

<b>Christianity is a parasitical religion.</b> It has no life or content of its own except for the label "Jesus Christ". It maintains its life by feeding on the spiritual life-blood and religious culture of other religions: Judaism, Neo-Platonism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Having gorged itself on the spiritual body of these religions, it then claims that it has influenced them or that they have had their origin in Christianity. It is an old, old confidence trick that the Church plays. It is rather astonishing that Indians and Hindus still fall for the deception.

Jesus did not change Hinduism. The fact that Hindus or serious scholars even consider the claim shows up their own extraordinary ignorance of Indian history and Christian history. If they do not know the context and details of these histories, they can not evaluate the claims being made for Christianity.

As for "Dr." Deivanayakam, he is a scoundrel and intellectual criminal who has been exposed many times over by serious scholars. The people that repeat his claims, which he cannot and does not support with hard evidence, are no better than he is when it comes to serious scholarship. I suspect the people who have written this article and quote him are his personal agents. Their bank accounts should be scrutinized and the amounts paid to them by Deivanayakam should be published.

This article is only mischief and Catholic propaganda. It is meant to deceive and entangle the reader in a maze of claims that cannot be proved or disproved or even sorted out. It is to be discarded and ignored.

Because modern day Hindu practices and religious culture are are based on the teachings of the medieval and early medieval Hindu acharyas, Adi Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Nimbarka, etc., Christian propagandists will argue that they were influenced by Christian missionaries because Christianity is the older institution and has been operating in India since the fourth century. Not earlier. The claim for St. Thomas is entirely bogus (see the Internet link below).

These claims for Christian influence are easy to make and don't have to be proved, as many practices between different religious systems have what appear to be similarities. So the prasad offered in Hindu temples is said to be a copy of the central Christian rite of Mass. Except that food and drink is utilized in both rites, they have no other relationship. The Christian Mass is a substitute ritual for human sacrifice and is therefore a form of ritual cannibalism. Protestant Christians will say it is symbolic but Catholics will claim that the bread and wine in the ritual are turned into the actual flesh and blood of Jesus. In both cases it is a cannibalistic ritual, symbolic for Protestants and "real" for Catholics.

What does this have to do with the prasad of a Hindu deity? Nothing whatsoever. Prasad is food or other articles offered to the Deity is sanctified and then distributed among the faithful as a blessing. There is no cannibalism in this rite and so no influence from Christianity, whatever "Dr." Deivanayakam may say.

But this discussion is really a waste of time and energy. Christian propagandists entangle their interlocutors in a mass of claims and details when the basic questions have never been answered or even reviewed.

As one great American thinker said: Before anything can be proved by the Bible, the Bible itself must be proved to be true.

It has not yet happened.

Christianity is a personality cult based on authority. There is no logic or reason in it, or any verifiable facts, only extraordinary claims and a patently false doctrine of vicarious salvation.

Is mankind really to be saved by the execution of a man who claimed to be a king, was tried for sedition and found guilty, and executed by the political power he tried to overthrow?

What does this have to do with God and man, spirituallity and religion?

It is all politics from beginning to end and the search for world empire not peace of mind or a place in heaven.

Before discussing any of the claims in this article, first establish that such a man as Jesus lived.

There is no evidence that he did outside of the New Testament story. The best Christian historians admit that there is no positive evidence for the existence of a man called Jesus or the virginity of his mother.

Well, if this is the case, everything that follows is really of no consequence.

The Christianity practiced today was the invention of the 218 bishops who gathered at Nicaea in 325 AD and persuade the Roman emperor Constantine to make their guru cult--in Hindu terms Jesus is no more than an acharya guru--into the state religion. They promised him all political support for his effort and they all bowed down to his feet. Constantine remained to the end of his days Pontifex Maximus, i.e. Pope, and it is only after his death that the Bishop of Rome inherited the title. So there was no St. Peter in Rome to get crucified upside down as Deivanayakam and his disciples suggest.

The first question to be decided by the Council was whether Jesus was a god or not. Two bishops from Libya dissented and were assassinated that night. The vote the next day was a unanimous 216 for deifying Jesus.

Prior to the Council of Nicaea, there was neither Bible nor cross nor a Virgin Mary cult. Some historians will state that the Roman cross used as the identifying mark of Christianity did not come into popular use until the seventh century. It probably came into use a little earlier, say fifth century, but certainly there was no Christian cross in the first century.

The whole of Christianity that is known today is a creation that came after the fourth century. The Bible itself was edited, rewritten, and collated by Constantine's bishops a year after the Council of Nicaea, in 326 AD.

In the first century BC/AD Alexandria was the intellectual center of the Roman Empire. It was a world academic center with a famous library and university. As Alexander himself had established the city and had later travelled to India, there is historical evidence to show that Buddhist monks and Brahmin pundits were in Alexandria during the period that Christianity was being formed by the Church fathers in the first three centuries.

Christianity shows very profound Buddhist and Hindu influences. The glaring example is the Sermon on the Mount which all historians agree is not a Christian text. Some say it is Buddhist, others say it is Neo-Platonist. All agree it is not Christian and a later interpolation into the New Testament.

Except for the invention of the concept of eternal damnation, which he threatened his critics with, Jesus contributed absolutely nothing new to the vast religious and philosophical literature of the world at that time.

It is Christianity that has copied the world's religions, not the other way round. Its early theologians copied Buddhist and Platonist ideas, but they finally settled for Aristotle's philosophy as they could use it to reconciled their material interests and push for political power and world empire. Christianity is a political ideology that claims divine sanction. That Hindus believe it is a religious system of service and sacrifice only shows up their own ignorance.

<b>Propagandist's like Deivanayakam simple repeat their claims endlessly until their opponents get exhausted and either collapse or surrender. That is what he is doing now. The best Hindu scholars have discredited him (see the Internet links below), yet we find the authors of this article taking him seriously. How extraordinary!</b>

The problem is not with Deivanayakam. He a Christian propagandist and intellectual confidence trickster doing his work for Jesus and the Church. The problem is with the Indians who take him at his word and don't investigate his background and claims. <b>When it comes to Christianity and its claims, Hindus are the most gullible--stupid--people in the world.</b> They will believe anything they are told and will not question the claims or do their homework and find out the facts. The worst offenders are Hindu religious leaders and godmen. Pious and ignorant men and women who know nothing about Christianity or Jesus but will promote both because it satisfies their own spiritual egotism and enhances their reputation for being broadminded and universal in outlook.

None of them can critique Christianity because they know nothing about it, have never studied its scriptures or history or theology, but at same time they will hold up Jesus as the standard that all Gods and saints are to be measured against. How extraordinary!

Christianity has virtually destroyed South Korea and Korean Buddhists have become a minority in their own country and gone into hiding. China and India are next on the missionary list of cultures to subsume and conquer. And the missionaries will succeed in their war of attrition on Hinduism if Indian leaders and Hindu religious teachers do not pay attention to this warning. Hindus will have no cause to complain when their own people convert to the cult of Jesus and Mary and become Hindu India's own worst enemy.

We see the kind of enemy of Hindu civilization that can be produced by this evangelizing work in the person of "Dr." Deivanayakam himself.

Then there will be not one "Dr." Deivanayakam doing the dirty work of undermining and discrediting Hindu religion and culture, but dozens and hundreds and thousands, even as there is in South Korea today.

-- Swami Devananda

* * *

Note on the deification of Jesus and the writing of the Bible from http://hamsa.org/01.htm

[4] The traditional dates and authors of all the New Testament books, whether they are accepted in the canon or not, are pure conjecture as there are no extent early manuscript versions predating the fourth century C.E. (Common Era). Emperor Diocletian destroyed all Christian writings in 303 C.E., and in 326 C.E., a year after the Council of Nicea raised Jesus from the position of mortal prophet to that of immortal God by an ecclesiastical vote of 218 for, 2 against (the bishops who said nay were from Libya), Emperor Constantine sanctioned the confiscation and destruction of all works that challenged 'orthodox' Christian teaching. Five years later Constantine commissioned and financed new copies of the Bible, and as there were no longer any original documents to work from, the bishops, intent on promoting the Pauline salvation cult in their own interest, were free to revise, edit and rewrite the Bible in accordance with their own tenets. Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, in The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, show that the Bible, and accepted Christian tradition, is an arbitrary collection of borrowed and often fabulous tales, the historical truth of which has never been established by the best biblical scholars.

See also "Indian Historian Makes a Mockery of Indian History" at http://hamsa.org/jihc.htm

-- SDS

"Dr." Deivanayakam reference.

"Dr." Deivanayakam and Tiruvalluvar

St. Thomas and India

Planning the Demise of Hinduism

Jesus Christ - An Artifice for Aggression

The Hindu Origins of Christianity by Francios Gautier
Swami Devananda Saraswati writes on the page http://hamsa.org/09.htm
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Vasco da Gama's mistake was corrected when he returned to Malabar in 1502 and was met by a deputation of Syrian Christians. They identified themselves, surrendered their ancient honours and documents, and invited him to make war on their Hindu king.

K.M. Panikkar, in Malabar and the Portuguese, writes, "More than this, they suggested to [Vasco da Gama] that with their help he should conquer the Hindu kingdoms and invited him to build a fortress for this purpose in Cranganore. This was the recompense which the Hindu rajas received for treating with liberality and kindness the Christians in their midst."

<b>The Syrians had of course acted on the exigencies of their Christian religion, which harbours in its heart a demon that divides mankind into friend and foe on ideological grounds.</b> King Shapur of Persia had not been mistaken about the allegiances of his Christian subjects in the fourth century.

The Syrian Christians would soon come to grief for their treachery. The Portuguese regarded them as heretics and schismatics who were no better in True Religion than their Hindu neighbours.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->People keep underestimating the terrorist ideology of christianism. It is at least as dangerous as islam.

Christian body in Orissa moves court for change of judge


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