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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5
Also belongs in the Media and any Judiciary threads

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>more freedom of the press and judicial overreach: kerala high court hands kerala kaumudi a contempt of court notice</b>
jan 16th, 2009

the kerala kaumudi has pursued the sister abhaya case with some vigor and has been quite clear that this is a serious perversion of justice.

it has also said some rude things about judge hema, who seems to have succumbed to godman blandishments. hema has released on bail the murderer-fornicator-menage a trois gang, godmen kottoor and puthrakkayil, and godwoman seffi, who, under the truth serum, admitted they were bonking in the kitchen, and that abhaya saw them, and so seffi beat her over the head with an axe, and then dumped her in the well. judge hema is the recipient of universal opprobrium in kerala, with the lawyers, the women's rights types, etc. shouting slogans against her, and i understand somebody burned her in effigy. she not only released the godmen/woman on bail against the police's warning that they may jump bail and be spirited out of the country, she also said disrespectful things about the narco labs and the CBI.

another judge, basant, opined that hema did some nasty things. the high court told basant to shut up.

then the high court hit kerala kaumudi with this contempt of court deal.

<b>interestingly, the advocate general said in an open forum that the case would not stand, and that the high court does not, um..., have a leg to stand on, as it were.</b>

so the press must not say anything against kkkangress (which led to <b>raju narisetti</b> being exiled) nor must they say anything against the church (or else they will be hit with contempt of court like the kerala kaumudi).

actually, makes a bizarre sort of sense. because the kkkangress is basically the church. it exists for the benefit of the vatican, ratzy, and sonia nehru, in reverse order.

look at the perversion of indian society because of the kkkangress.

used to be that we could respect the politicians because many of them in the early 1900s were good people. that fell by the wayside.

used to be that we could respect the executive and the bureaucracy. that fell by the wayside.

used to be that we could respect the media. but with the advent of the chinese paper, and the gross brainwashing by the reds, and the massive takeover of the media by the whites, that fell by the wayside.

used to be that we could respect the judiciary. but with the judicial misconduct and the sort of gross nonsense being bandied about by some judges, that is falling by the wayside.

what is left? the army? of course the kkkangress is doing its best to dismantle the army and to pervert public opinion by calling armymen traitors.

there is nothing left. we call this a nation? i think india is on its way to being another failed state, the first large state to voluntarily dismantle itself. not the first civilization to commit hara-kiri, though.

i keep thinking -- we can't shoot straight, can we? shot the wrong guy in the wrong year. darn! it was not gandhi in 1948 who should have been shot. i leave it as exercise to the reader to figure out the answer: who should have been shot, when, to have made this country a far better place? btw, i am not responsible for your answers, and any libel or culpability is yours alone -- remember that big brother may well be watching.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->KKKangress is beginnings of KKKonstantine's imperial rule.

The Raju Narisetti mentioned above:
<b>freedom of the press [sic]: how raju narisetti was hounded out of india by the kkkangress for telling the truth about the non-government of india</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->jan 16th, 2009

chief enforcer: p chidambaram. why am i not surprised?

i wrote an article recently saying that p chidambaram and manmohan singh should resign, taking moral responsibility for the satyam scandal. i thought that was quite reasonable, them being the alleged 'economists' in charge.

surprise, surprise, the article never saw the light of day. i am sure the editor was afraid of being strong-armed by the censors from the kkkangress.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brahma

Raju Narisetti was yesterday appointed Managing Editor of the Washington Post. He left the Mint newspaper as its Editor two weeks ago after he came under attack for publishing an article by an IAS officer critical of the PM. Raju stood his ground through his "open clarification" in the Mint after the article was attacked by P. Chidambaram in Parliament. I thought it was very brave of him to point out that instead of responding to the issues raised in the article, the government had sought to divert attention to the act of writing that article. The Post's gain is India's loss. The article by the IAS officer and Raju's defence are given below.

<b>An open letter to the PM</b>
[...]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Rest at link
<b>Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Parshall noted that atheists were celebrating the unexpected mention, and indeed they were: "In his inaugural address … President Barack Obama did what many before him should have done, rightly citing the great diversity of America as part of the nation's great strength, and including 'nonbelievers'’ in that mix,’" said Ed Buckner of American Atheists.

"His mother would have been proud,"’ Buckner said, referring to the fact that Obama’s mother was not a church-goer. "And so are we."

Jackson said he and others have no problem acknowledging that "this country is one in which everybody has the freedom to think what they want.’" <b>Yet Obama crossed the line, in his view, in suggesting that all faiths (and none) were different roads to the same destination: </b>"He made similar remarks in the campaign, and said,<b> 'We are no longer a Christian nation, if we ever were. We are a Jewish, Hindu and non-believing nation.'"</b>

Not so, Jackson says: "Obviously, Jewish heritage is very much a part of Christianity; the Jewish Bible is part of our Bible. But Hindu, Muslim, and nonbelievers? I don't think so. We are not a Muslim nation or a nonbelieving nation."’<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
1. <!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Jan 24 2009, 01:10 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Jan 24 2009, 01:10 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some</b><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Parshall noted that <b>atheists were celebrating the unexpected mention</b>, and indeed they were: "In his inaugural address … President Barack Obama did what many before him should have done, rightly citing the great diversity of America as part of the nation's great strength, and <b>including 'nonbelievers'’ in that mix,’" said Ed Buckner of American Atheists.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
[right][snapback]93718[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->Finally, some president acknowledges agnostic and atheist Americans (that's some 36 million Americans, including famous atheists like Angelina Jolie for instance).
Meanwhile, christoterrorist George Bush Senior had famously said "No I do not think atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under god."
<b>See video on US Atheists - contains stats on criminal christianism vs decent atheism, and some famous atheists</b> like director Steven Soderbergh (who remade Solaris in English).

Obama at least recognises they are citizens. This is a step in the right direction, but of course where it should all be heading to is to finally recognise that the National Religion of America is the Natural Tradition pertaining to the Great Spirit of the native Americans. (Other Natural Traditions are visitor religions.) Plus give nods to Deism and non-religious ways of life since these are American, covering people like Thomas Paine to Mark Twain.
And then, do away with any mention of the illegitimate genocidal ideologies of christoislamicommunazism.

2. http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...085&SKIN=K
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Church raising funds for Orissa from aided schools in Kerala</b>
23/01/2009 21:50:17  HK Correspondent

KOCHI : The Church knows how to make use of any event and take advantage of it. Events in Orissa have been blown up to the optimum and fund collections are in progress internationally, by raising hue and cry that thousands have lost their houses and hundreds lost their lives. But as we have witnessed as to how Christians in Kerala reacted to the whole issue and put in their best efforts in keeping the issue alive to maximum possible time, in the fund raising also they are using all the means.

In the name of rehabilitation in Orissa, BelieversChurch in Kerala has been collecting forced donations from even the aided school students. Letters to this effect have been sent out to the aided schools from the offices of the Kerala Dioses Secretary, Mission’s Director and General Administrator. This move in fact is against the Rules in this regard that any collection from the aided school students must be based on directive from the Government or the higher authorities in Education Department. Ignoring all such norms, letters in covers asking the donations have been handed to students from 1 to 10th standard. Contents of the letters have been designed in such a way to generate religious hatred in the minds of children by depicting happenings in Orissa to their best advantage.

Undoubtedly, crores of rupees being collected from abroad and in India will definitely be used for conversion in a more vigorous way.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Some nuns more equal than others.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Nuns feel ‘unaccepted’</b>
24/01/2009 04:53:03  By Babu K Peter @ www.expressbuzz.com

KOCHI: If a few dead nuns could not ravage the Catholic Church enough, here comes a group of living ones who might. After the sensational cases of the deaths of Sr Abhaya and Sr Anupa and shocking exposes on suicides of 14 nuns in the past few years, a new study that could virtually rock the Church is out.

The study held among Catholic nuns says 25 percent of them feel ‘unaccepted’ in their convents. The study, ‘Psycho-social adjustment problems of religious nuns in the community life,’ was carried out by Fr Joy Kalliyath CMI as part of his social work thesis. The findings of the study have been published in the English edition of <b>‘Sathyadeepam,’</b> the organ of the Syro-Malabar Church.
(Even as the christoterrorists are doing their best to prevent Hindus from learning and retaining our Samskritam, they are doing their best in trying to steal it for themselves. That's what their goal is with every Hindu tradition: try to separate it from us and us from it, and then appropriate it for themselves. Christianism is the religion of stealing in order to claim ownership, after all.)

The study gains significance in the wake of the recent recommendation by the Kerala State Women’s Commission that parents who force their daughters to become nuns should be punished. Reportedly, 14 nuns had committed suicide in the past nine years.

In the interview with Sathyadeepam, based on the study highlights, Fr Kalliyath says that around five percent of the nuns interviewed feel like ‘fish out of water’ while 20 percent feel accepted some times and unaccepted at other times.

"When they feel unwanted in the community, they lose self-respect," says Fr Kalliyath. "This leads to disenchantment and mental depression resulting in suicide, eloping or quitting the convent altogether.

Though spiritual guidance could be a help in such situations, few go for it." The study also reveals the presence of glaring class differences among the nuns. Nuns who are highly qualified and are in wellpaid jobs enjoy greater power and there is no equal acceptance or status for all in convents, says Fr Kalliyath’s study.

"As a result, the less influential group feels dejected and sidelined.

This gradually leads them to disillusionment.

If they get a chance to go outside for higher studies they pursue it for more freedom in their lives," he says.

The study was conducted among 60 nuns of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, Sisters of The Holy Family, The Samaritan Sisters and the Congregation of Mother of Carmel — all under the Diocese of Irinjalakuda.

The respondents fall in the age group of 30-40 and had responded to a written questionnaire.

Among the respondents, nuns from affluent families form 15-19 percent while the middle class members form a little more than 50 percent. The study says nuns from middle class and below were more unsettled in their religious life due to their strained economic background.

"They had come to these convents with big ambitions which they could not fulfill," it says.

On the decision to publish the candid study in the Catholic organ, Fr Paul Thelakkat, the Chief Editor of Sathyadeepam, says the issue ought to be discussed in the Church and among the congregations.

"Such issues certainly would affect life in religious communities," says Fr Thelakkat who is also the spokesperson of the Syro-Malabar Church. "We do not deny that there are problems in religious life. The Church will take a look at these issues and will take action," he says.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Friday, January 16, 2009
<b>jews and hindus ask ratzy why he's not worried about the apartheid against roma (aka gypsies)</b>
jan 16th, 2009

why? because ratzy is a bigot who only wants world conquest. he is not a spiritual person or a humanist.

maybe the roma should offer to convert en masse to ratzyism (aka catholicism). then he may pay attention.

hmmm... maybe they are *already* catholic. so why would ratzy be interested? he is only keen on fresh blood (as our vampire of cochin was).

by the way, where on earth is vampire of cochin? he has disappeared into the church's 'witness protection program' i suppose and he has resurfaced somewhere else under a new name and he'll carry on his 'spiritual nourishment' (yeah, right) with 25-year-old women.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 1/16/2009 01:18:00 AM<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Jews Join Hindus In Asking Pope To Save European Roma From Apartheid
World religious leaders should not stay silent to Roma maltreatment</b>

by News Desk

RENO, NV — (OfficialWire) — 01/15/09 — Jews have joined Hindus in asking His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to advocate the case of about ten million Roma people of Europe, who have been maltreated for centuries and reportedly live in apartheid conditions.

Advancing the cause spearheaded by acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed; Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich, prominent Jewish leader in Nevada and California in USA; in a statement today at South Lake Tahoe (California), said, “As head of the largest religious organization in the world, Pope Benedict has a special responsibility to come to the rescue of the mistreated and powerless of the world, especially when Europeans continue to rain down injustice and inequality upon the Roma populations in their midst.”

“Justice, justice you shall pursue,” Rabbi Freirich quoted a dictate from a text (Deuteronomy 16:20), shared by Jews and Christians, to back this cause.

Rabbi Freirich pointed out, “As leaders of communities that hold justice for all as a prominent value, we cannot tolerate the human rights violations and the structural discrimination of most disadvantaged Roma living deep in poverty even in the most prosperous nations of Europe and the world. While Europe has worked diligently to repair the damage done to Jews in the Twentieth Century, the perpetual persecution of the Roma persisting to this day must rise to the consciousness of the leader of the Catholic world.”

Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism, has been highlighting the maltreatment of Roma people of Europe, and urging Pope to openly embrace their cause. Rabbi Freirich has announced his wholehearted support to Zed’s stand on the Roma issue.

Posted  1/15/2009 8:13 PM     
Views  352<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->As if the pope remotely cares. The pope hates Roma:
- The pope is a christian and christians invented anti-Romaism/anti-Gypsyism.
- He's from Germany, where they deported Roma in a recent decade.
- The pope stays at the Vatican which is kinda part of Italy. And in Italy, the Roma - even though they are christian converts - are still being terrorised by the italian christians.
- The nazis inherited the christian anti-Romaism and so treated them very christian again: genociding them. The pope was in the Hitler Jugend, meaning he was exposed to nazi brainwashing <b>(although, to be fair, nazi teachings were very much christian teachings, see bottom of this post)</b>. And then he had some post in the Luftwaffe, meaning he was a nazi by definition. See here:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Consider what John Aravosis, a Washington DC-based writer and political consultant, and the author of Americablog.com, wrote on his blog about Ratzinger and the Nazis in the hours immediately following his election.

�When is it fair to call a Nazi a Nazi?� Aravosis asked:
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->He was a member of the Hitler youth, and he belonged to a Luftwaffe AA battery. ... As some on the left note, just because he was a German soldier doesn't make him a Nazi (though I must admit the nuance is lost a bit on me... )

The thing is, I feel like some are exonerating Ratzinger's past specifically because of his past. It's almost as if the fact that he was in the Hitler Youth and the Nazi army somehow means "of course he wasn't a Nazi." That logic is a bit weird.
It's almost as if we've gone from "how dare you think the Nazi horror could occur again" to "how dare you think the Nazis were Nazis?"
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->The Roma and their Hindu and Jewish supporters are wasting their time pleading with the cannibal (=christianism) not to eat them. Anti-gypsyism is like an invisible version of anti-Judaism: it has deep roots in christianism and consequently in christian history, and will not go away by negotiating with the terrorist ideology. Need to undo the cause of it all: christianism.

Roma would do well to free themselves of christianism (and become free of islamism in islamic countries). Conversion has not even stopped other christians from persecuting them.

And Indian christians - catholics included - also ought to learn that conversion did not save the Roma. It still does not. Need but consider how Sonia's faithful brethren back home in Italy treat the Roma (Indian-origin converts living long-time in Europe).

via http://freetruth.50webs.org/
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->according to historian Dagobert Runes, Hitler's methods were actually modelled on the Christian one:
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Everything Hitler did to the Jews, all the horrible, unspeakable misdeeds, had already been done to the smitten people before by the Christian churches ... The isolation of the Jews into ghetto camps, the wearing of the yellow spot, the burning of Jewish books and finally, the burning of the people - Hitler learned it all from the church. However, the church burned Jewish women and children alive, while Hitler granted them a quicker death, choking them first with gas.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
via email

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->PRESS RELEASE:

January 22, 2009

New Documentary on Religious Conversion

OHM TV (DUTCH Channel) has just released an important and ground breaking documentary on “Religious Conversion” as it affects the Hindu community entitled “The Hunt For the Soul”

Here’s the link. http://www.ohmnet.nl/  “De jacht op de zielen” is the bi-line under the video link.

Or here: When on the page, you click on the blue 'uitzending'.

In it they interview Puyja Swami Shri Dayananda Saraswati, whose great global efforts on behalf of the Hindu Sanatan Dharma cause are internationally recognized and Kavindra Rishi/Jeffrey Armstrong, who travels internationally speaking both in India and to the ex-patriot India community on the subject of living and protecting the Hindu Dharma.  Jeffrey is the Director of Communications & Media for the VFA Vedic Friends Association and Founder of VASA The Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts.

Their comments are juxtaposed with those of David Maasbach, the evangelist and pastor of the Capitol Evangelic Centre in The Hague. He claims God has entrusted him to convert the world to Christianity. For more than 50 years the Johan Maasbach World Mission has been evangelizing all over the world. He says: “We do this through means of media, campaigns, ‘Vision 4 Missions’ conferences, ‘Harvest Time’ Bible schools, children's homes in India and Indonesia.”

Most of the documentary is in Dutch - when English is spoken (often) it is subtitled in Dutch.

Comments can be posted on the OHM TV website.

S. Graham ~ Publicist

S. Graham & Associates
Dec 21, 2008

Many are not fully aware of how the Missionary war against Hinduism is happening, nor how serious it is: Stephen Knapp

From: Stephen Knapp
Date: Dec 10, 2008 11:08 AM
Sub: The War Against Hinduism

Over the years we have all heard about the many attempts that have been made in India to convert various sections of society from Hinduism to either Christianity or Islam. But only after one of my trips to India did I really get a much clearer understanding of what has been going on. Furthermore, most people, as well as many Indians, are not fully aware of how the war against Hinduism is happening, nor how serious it is. It is taking place on many levels, and because of this, in some areas the practice of Hinduism is declining rapidly.

When I was traveling in June of 2001, I had gone on a lecture tour, speaking every night at places like Mumbai, Nagpur, Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderbad, Bangalore, Trivandrum, and Chennai. So I had the chance to meet with many of the intellectuals and some of the spiritual leaders in these areas, and learned how conversion was a very hot issue.

Now I don’t have anything in particular against Christianity itself. I was born and raised a Christian, so I know what it is, but also how they work. My main contention is when the teachings that are said to come from Jesus are twisted and misinterpreted into something that does not spread the genuine love of God and humanity that we are all supposed to develop, but becomes the dog-like barking and criticism against every other religion that is not Christian. This does not only go on toward every religion outside of Christianity, but also within it between Catholics and Protestants and other denominations. It seems that this faith has become not something that promotes our similarities for cooperation, but our differences in that everyone who is of an unrelated Christian denomination are all going to hell.

In regard to India, there is a great number of missionaries of various denominations who are working there right now, all competing for the most number of converts. The Southern Baptists alone are a group that has nearly 100,000 career missionaries in North India, all working to spread the “good word.” We also find that in order to make converts from Hinduism some of the numerous Catholic priests in Southern India dress like sannyasis, and call their organizations ashramas. This is to make Christianity more similar to the Vedic traditions. Bharat Natyam dance is also taught in the Christian schools, but with Christian symbols and meanings replacing the Vedic. This is all in the attempt to actively sway Hindus over to Christianity.

One way they are trying to bring Christianity deep into the culture of India is by superimposing its rituals, symbols, and even types of dress on the Hindu forms of the same. Thus, you will see the cross on the lotus, some priests dress in saffron, and some churches have the ambiance of a Hindu temple. If this keeps up, maybe one day Christianity will be more Hindu than Christian.

While traveling in the far Northeastern states of India I have seen some of the tactics that the Christian missionaries have used to help make converts, such as offering cheap polyester pants to the tribals of the Northeast if they become Christian, or even offer motor bicycles if they help convert their brothers, which also means their wives and family. In other places like Madhya Pradesh, as noted in the Neogy Report, the missionaries give small loans on interest to the tribals, who cannot pay back such loans easily. However, if they become Christian, then such loans and the interest are dismissed. This is what goes on in the democracy of India, and under the tolerance of the Hindus, while if one such incidence would ever occur in a Muslim country, the result would be an immediate expulsion of the missionary from that nation.

Another trick that has been done is that missionaries, while treating the sick, will give medicine of no value and ask the tribal to take it while offering prayers to his local deity. Naturally, no cure of disease is likely to occur with the useless medicine. Then the missionary gives the tribal real medicine and asks the tribal to take it while offering prayers to Jesus. Then when there is a recovery, it is attributed to the power of Christ and not to the medicine. Such conversion activities take place these days more often in the tribal areas under the guise of social service. However, true social service should be done without expecting anything in return, including conversion.

Another thing that takes place is mass healings at meetings similar to revivals. What they do is pay people to attend the healings portraying themselves as being sick, or invalids on crutches, etc., who then get called up and are miraculously cured of their disease. This is attributed to the power of Christ, which then convinces many tribals that they too can benefit in various ways if they become Christian. This has not had much of an effect amongst the Brahmana classes, but the lower classes who attend are more vulnerable and are impressed by such things, and are then swayed toward Christianity. This is why Christian conversion tactics have been focused more toward the tribal areas than other regions of India. So these conversions are not taking place due to pure preaching of the Bible or the message of Jesus, but are accomplished by trickery and the emphasis on material facility. This is, of course, what is being objected to by the general Hindu population. However, when or if people convert for purely spiritual reasons, then there is no objection.

Another way conversions are accomplished is with the promise to the Dalits or the lower caste Hindus that they will not have any more caste recognition by becoming Christians. However, after conversion many find out that this is not true. Even amongst the converted Christians there is found to be a caste mentality, with the lower castes forced to use separate doorways, separate seating, or have marriages performed only among equal caste Christians and in separate facilities, or to even be buried in separate cemeteries. When this becomes obvious to those who are newly converted, some of them want to come back to being Hindus again, which has been facilitated by such organizations as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

An interesting point is that in spite of these duplicitous ways of converting that the Christians have used, the Christian churches have threatened violence against the process of reconversion back to Hinduism that had been launched by the VHP. It is as if they do not want anyone to have the right to do what they are already doing. It was Rev. V. K. Nuh, secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Convention who said, “If someone tries to impose their faith, Christians in this region will not surrender. There will be a battle and we shall have no option. There will be a physical and religious war if attempts are made to propagate Hinduism by forceful means in the Northeast.” In this same line of thinking, Rev. M.D. Oaugma, head of the Garo Baptist Convention of Meghalaya said, “It could be a threat to Christianity if we remain silent to the VHP’s game plan of mass conversion. We shall have to fight, we shall have to resist.” (Maharashtra Herald, July 11, 1998)

Of course, it is easy for Hindus to be nonchalant toward other religions because they feel that each spiritual path takes you toward God. So in this light, it is alright to be tolerant of them or let them thrive. But the problem is that not all religions feel the same way toward Hinduism. Some feel that Hinduism is a culture that should be removed or destroyed. An example of this is that in Northeast India, in states like Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur, they have witnessed a surge of nearly 200% in their Christian population in the past 25 years due to the wily tactics of foreign missionaries. Their grasp is so strong now that practicing Hinduism is forbidden in some areas. Where is the democratic freedom in that? Hindus can no longer do worship or arati in the open because of the fanaticism in parts of the land. Durga puja has become almost obsolete as deities are destroyed or stolen in broad daylight. This confrontational climate has led to numerous militant outfits sponsored by the Church who are fighting for secession from India. So now the Northeastern portion of India wants to secede from it, and another part of India will be lost if this should happen.

If the Catholic Church in particular is supposed to espouse the message that God is love, and that it is by love of God and neighbor that mankind is saved, it certainly has not shown much of that kind of love toward any other religion. With the Pope’s recent call for conversions in Asia, it certainly shows that it is not a friend of other religions, but still holds the goal that other spiritual paths should be brought down to be replaced by Christianity. This should be clearly understood. This is also the case with the Baptists and other denominations.

While I was in New Delhi, I also met with Mrs. Shanti Reddy, a member of a government agency called the National Committee for Women. She revealed that another thing that missionaries have done was to kidnap young Indian children. What one Christian missionary couple in Chennai was doing before they were arrested was to bribe tribals into giving their young baby girls to them. They would pay the tribals as little as 2000 to 5000 rupees for baby girls, and then turn around and sell the girls to foreigners for as much as $30,000 to $40,000. According to the records that had been confiscated from the missionaries’ home, this had been a thriving business, and nearly 25 of such transactions had already taken place. The Indian authorities said they probably saved 300 baby girls from such a fate from the indications on the records they found. So this has been another one of the forms of activities that such missionaries do for their own benefit and profit against the real interest of India. However, whenever Hindus react with force against such people, they are labeled as fundamentalists, antagonists, communalists, or worse. But how can you expect that Hindus should not display serious and violent reactions when such activities become obvious? It usually takes a lot to make Hindus react, as they are often most pacifistic and tolerant people. This is also why they make lousy terrorists, they just do not see things that way.

Nonetheless, another way that India is slowly losing its Vedic culture is through the process of secular or English and Christian education. Of course, in public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. So there are no possibilities to study the ancient Indian literature or art in such institutions. So Vedic values are no longer part of what the children are taught. Furthermore, the Christian schools, often staffed by Christian missionaries, can teach Christian values in their classes, and include a short study of the Bible everyday, or the Koran if it’s an Islamic school. The so-called secular government has even helped them with free land and facilities. Since these schools offer English in their education, along with good discipline, many of the middle classes of Indians are favoring sending their children to these schools. Today, in the Indian cities, many of the parents of children are the graduates of Christian schools, who also send there own children to such schools. As this trend continues, there will be a decreasing number of Hindus in the educated sector. Thus, children in India, with the help of the secular government, are learning Christian values and perceiving their own history and culture as something less than honorable. They are taught that such important books as the Bhagavad-gita, Ramayana, Bhagavata Purana and other Vedic texts are nothing more than mythology, and not a result of one of the most profound civilizations in the world. They are also taught that their own God is but a demon and the only real way to God is through Jesus.

An example of this is that a few devotees from the New Delhi Iskcon (Hare Krishna) temple go out and give presentations to the children’s classes in schools. Some of the questions that are asked by the children are, “Who is your God?” and “hat can your God do for me?” and so on. Obviously, these questions are nothing but a direct result of the Christian and English oriented education that these children are receiving. Now I ask anyone, isn’t this practically a covert form of conversion? This form of education indoctrinates the children to doubt their own culture, and disrespect their own history and traditions. As a result of this form of education, the Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their homeland.

As I traveled around, it was not unusual to see elementary schools around India with a name something like “Saint Xavier’s School.” People should know that this Francis Xavier, who is now one of the greatest so-called “saints,” feverishly declared, “When I have finished baptizing the people, I order them to destroy the huts in which they keep their idols; and I have them break the statues of their idols into tiny pieces, since they are now Christians. I could never come to an end describing to you the great consolation which fills my soul when I see idols being destroyed by the hands of those who had been idolaters.” (From “The Letters and Instructions of Francis Xavier,” 1993, pp 117-8) This was his goal, to destroy Indian culture and make India a Christian nation. So it is ironic that now India embraces the schools that honor him in this way. How could they not know his true intention?

What is often not recognized is that, up until recently, for the last 50 years the politicians who have been directing the destiny of India are the ones who have an anti-Hindu attitude. They have set the economic direction and the educational policies that the country has been forced to follow. They have also promised the protection of the religious minorities with the hopes of acquiring votes. This has been one of the reasons why the secularists in the Congress party have treated everything that is Hindu with disdain.

Another aspect of the loss of Vedic culture in India is that the younger Indian people, especially ages from 15 to 25, are readily giving up Vedic customs to follow the more decadent so-called freedoms of the West. They see the western movies, they read what the celebrities say in the papers, and they admire them and want to adopt their forms of dress and lifestyles. Thus, in the big cities like Mumbai you have Indian couples living together without marriage, which is something you never would have seen before a few years back. Now the Vedic principles are looked upon as something obsolete, something that restricts the style that those who look to the West want to adopt. Thus, they are leaving Indian traditions behind and losing respect for anything Vedic. In this way, they adopt foreign standards, or lose so much respect for Indian and Vedic values that they become embarrassed to admit their Hindu background and heritage. Furthermore, Sanskrit scholars at the temples are also slowly dying out, and the modern Indians view the Ramayana and Mahabharata as merely myths or gaudy television shows.

Although India has been invaded by outsiders so many times and has always survived, what we are talking about is more than mere property or geography. What is actually being threatened is the basis of Indian culture itself. As younger generations give up their Vedic heritage, even if they return to it later when they are older and looking for more philosophical support, with whatever percentage of loss occurs with each generation, time has shown that it is never fully recovered. A portion of it is lost forever.

Another way of looking at this is that India presently enjoys an 85% Hindu majority in its population. This may sound quite significant, but in actuality this includes 15% Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains. So it is really only a 70% majority. How many more generations will go by before we see a big drop in this percentage due to the process of secular (meaning Christian or English, or even Islamic) education, or with the present rate of conversions by tactless Christians? This percentage could easily drop well below 50% in only a few more generations at the present rate of change.

How many more generations will it take before the Hindu majority is no longer a majority, but a minority in its own country? As Hinduism declines, you will see that the demands on the government and those voted into politics will also change, and the laws will also alter more in favor of the increasing minority religions at the expense of declining Hinduism. Then as the years go by there will appear only small clusters of Hindu or Vedic communities, most likely centered around prominent holy places, until the more aggressive religions act in ways to diminish these as well, in the same way that they are presently doing in other countries.

The point of all this information is that it is time for all Hindus and supporters and followers of the Vedic culture, Sanatana-dharma, to realize what is actually happening and give up your timidness or nonchalance and speak out while such freedom still exists. We must become more pro-active for defending this culture. The point is that if you do not take it seriously, I can assure you that there are others who take this inaction and tolerance extremely seriously to promote their own goals and religions in India. It is because of this that India may not always remain the homeland of an active and thriving Vedic culture as it is now. We need to protect whatever is left of it and maintain the present liberties that Hindus or followers of Vedic culture still have in India. Then we all can continue to engage in Vedic traditions without hindrance, and with full freedom. For this, we need to unite ourselves in a concerted effort to make this happen. And it most certainly is possible.

Not long ago, as told to me by Professor Subhash Kak, it was noted in a reputable publication that now 1% of the Russian population claim that they are Hindu. The article stated that this was primarily due to the preaching efforts of Iskcon. This shows a major social impact. This shows what is possible if we can work together in a concerted effort. This is why I am convinced that if we all work in a pro-active way under the banner of a united family of Vedic followers, or Global Vedic Community, we can keep and even expand the present freedoms that we now have to practice Vedic and indigenous traditions, and keep India as the homeland of Vedic culture, the most ancient roots of humanity.

India must be protected and kept as the homeland and center of the Vedic heritage, Sanatana-dharma, Hinduism. Without it, what is its value, in spite of whatever else it accomplishes? The value of Hinduism and India are clearly expressed in the words of the famous English theosophist Dr. Annie Besant. She put great emphasis on the value of India, its history, the Vedic culture, and its importance to the world. As written in the cover notes from the book, Hindus, Life-Line of India, by G. M. Jagtiani, she says: “After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophic, and none so spiritual as the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. The more you know it, the more you will love it; the more you try to understand it, the more deeply you will value it. Make no mistake; without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are struck, and torn of that she will inevitably wither, as a tree torn out from its place. Many are the religions and many are the races flourishing in India, but none of them stretches back into the far dawn of her past, nor are they necessary for her endurance as a nation. Everyone might pass away as they came and India would still remain. But let Hinduism vanish and what is she? A geographical expression of the past, a dim memory of a perished glory, her literature, her art, her monuments, all have Hindudom written across them. And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism, who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India, and India and Hinduism are one.”

In this light, it is absolutely necessary that as followers of Sanatana-dharma, Vedic culture, we realize that we need to repair whatever differences we have between us regarding whatever issues there may be. This is necessary in order to work with some cooperation with whomever we can if we expect to be a substantial force in defending the Vedic cause. Otherwise, all the issues that invariably come up, although these should not be ignored, should not take so much of our attention that our preaching or sharing or promoting of our culture stops. Otherwise, we will only serve as contributors to the continuing deterioration of all spiritual standards as the age of Kali-yuga progresses. This preaching, of course, means that we must all stay in touch with and practice the Vedic standards, and be ready to let others know of its advantages, and to defend it from those who wish to see its demise.

We cannot allow ourselves to be led into the danger of endless debate that leads to inaction. We all must be pro-active in some way to help defend and spread Vedic culture. Then we can work together to keep the freedom we presently have to practice the Vedic traditions and keep India as the homeland of a thriving, dynamic, and still living tradition. Such freedom does not come without its challenges, and we must be prepared as a society to meet those challenges. To take such freedoms for granted means that it’s only a matter of time before they are lost. And that is exactly what some people want to happen. So we must be willing to work all the harder to prevent such a decline of our Vedic heritage.


* * *

Conquering India by conversions
By J.G. Arora
Organiser, New Delhi: November 2, 2008

Hindus in India and Nepal are prime targets for this harvest of faith. Even if old horrors like Goa Inquisition (1560 to 1812) heaped on Hindus by the church are kept aside, what is happening now is equally horrible.

The so-called ‘secular’ India has proved to be a disaster for Hindus. To prevent the creation of more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil by countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators, and to prevent more Hindu lands (like North-East India) going to missionaries, ‘secular India’ has to be transformed into ‘Hindu Bharat’.

Since Bharat has forgotten its ancient Sanskrit adage, “Shathe shaathyam samaacharet” (treat the wicked in his own wicked way), its tormentors are having a free run.

Expansionist forces are waging a relentless war to demolish Hinduism and Hindu civilisation the way they have already wiped out many native religions and cultures from Europe, America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, numerous Islands and parts of Asia.

On August 23, 2008, just before Krishnajanmashtami, an important Hindu festival, 84 years old Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four other Hindu sages were gunned down in girls hostel at Kandhamal in Orissa. Their only crime was that they were resisting fraudulent conversions by foreign-funded Christian missionaries.

At present, the worst problems faced by India are the demographic invasion by crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators, and conversion of Hindus to Christianity through fraud and charade of charity by missionaries.

If Pak-Bangla combine wants to Islamise India through countless terrorists and infiltrators, missionaries want to Christianise India through unlimited foreign funds.

Unilateral war

Though religious freedom can never mean the freedom to convert; and though in 1977, vide its judgement reported as Rev. Stainislaus v. State of Madhya Pradesh (AIR 1977 SC 908), the Supreme Court held that Article 25 (1) of Indian Constitution does not grant any right to convert any person to one’s own religion, there is no halt to aggressive evangelisation.

While addressing missionaries in New Delhi on November 7, 1999, the late Pope John Paul II gave a call to convert Asia to Christianity as follows:-

“Just as the first millennium saw the cross firmly planted in the soil of Europe, and the second in that of America and Africa, so may the Third Christian Millennium witness a great harvest of faith on this vast and vital continent.”

And his successor and present Pope Benedict XVI reiterated conversion agenda with the words, “The church is by its very nature missionary; its first task is evangelisation.”

Hindus in India and Nepal are prime targets for this harvest of faith. Even if old horrors like Goa Inquisition (1560 to 1812) heaped on Hindus by the church are kept aside, what is happening now is equally horrible.

Having already conquered North-East India, many global missionary organisations are sending enormous funds to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in India for converting Hindus to Christianity through fraud, allurement and coercion.

Reinhard Bonnke, the global evangelist famous for his crusades in Africa, has diverted his attention to India. Pat Robertson, the American founder of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), also wants aggressive evangelisation of India.

Missionaries are far superior in marketing than any MBA. Within a few decades, they converted Buddhist South Korea into a Christian majority country. And they want to repeat that success in India.

Conversion blitzkrieg

Missionary activity in India is aimed at destroying Hindu religion and culture; and has nothing to do with spirituality. While many Hindu religious leaders are parroting the dangerous falsity that all religions are the same (sarvadharmasambhav), missionaries are demolishing Hinduism by converting Hindus.

Several global missionary organisations were running a co-ordinated conversion campaign in India known as AD 2000. These activities were later brought under the Joshua Project.

Joshua Project is a war-like project to invade and Christianise India. It has collected the necessary population data about each village and town in India, and has prepared the area specific strategy to bring maximum conversions.

All over India, churches are being built even in remote villages (with no Christian population) to Christianise the local populations. Entire India is facing a blitzkrieg of missionary aggression.

As reported in a section of media, D. Ron Watts, a Canadian missionary and Dorothy Watts, his American wife, and their cohorts have converted several lakhs of vulnerable Hindus to Christianity in Andhra Pradesh during the last few years. Though they came to India on Business visas, they were engaged in conversions violating their visa terms.

Tamil Nadu government’s revocation of anti-conversion law has further boosted conversions in Tamil Nadu.

Missionaries are targetting Sikhs too; and after converting 56 Sikhs to Christianity at Goindwal Sahib, a Sikh holy place in Punjab in 2005, they have stepped up such activities.

Fraudulent exploitation

Conversion of vulnerable Hindus through fraud and inducement is a big industry in India employing hundreds of thousands of missionaries wearing the mask of social service. More Hindus they convert, more money they get.

In his write-up, “The war against Hinduism”, Stephen Knapp has described various subterfuges employed to get convert to Christianity in India. Missionaries give loans to vulnerable Hindus who cannot repay. The said loans stand waived the moment the debtors become Christian. And more rewards await those who bring more Hindus to the church. He has also described stage-managed mass healings for mass conversions. And then there are “miracle boxes” kept in churches where the poor can write their wishes which are fulfilled to bring them to Christianity.

To induce conversions, some missionaries bear Hindu names, dress like Hindu sannyasis, and call their organisations Ashrams.

Evangelists treat natural calamities as opportunities to purchase new converts. They offer relief to helpless victims of tragedy in exchange of their religion. Tsunami that struck Tamil Nadu in 2004 saw mass proselytisation of vulnerable Hindus. At some places hit by tsunami, Christian groups refused to give relief supplies when the victims refused to change their faith.

Predators or ‘victims’?

Missionaries pretend to be ‘victims’ if their predatory attempts at proselytisation are resisted.

Recent circulation of a number of contrived stories about the alleged attacks on Christians in mainstream anti-Hindu media suppresses the fact that Hindu reaction in Orissa was triggered by the murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, and in Karnataka by denigration of Hindu gods in the book, Satya Darshini— distributed by some missionaries.

Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media in India is anti-Hindu, and hides missionary aggression. But it dubs those resenting this aggression as ‘communal’. While the said media ignored the outrageous murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, as also the denigration of Hinduism in Satya Darshini, it over-blew the natural Hindu reaction following these appalling attacks on Hindus and Hindu faith.

Way out

Since those who behave like sheep, are eaten by the wolves, much of the injury suffered by Hindus is self-inflicted by their capitulation before their tormentors.

Ever since 1947, Indian government’s policy of perverse secularism (which in reality means anti-Hinduism) has been leading to gradual liquidation of Hindu Bharat.

The so-called ‘secular’ India has proved to be a disaster for Hindus. To prevent the creation of more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil by countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators, and to prevent more Hindu lands (like North-East India) going to missionaries, ‘secular India ’ has to be transformed into ‘Hindu Bharat’.

Logically, in 1947, on India’s Partition on religious basis and creation of Pakistan as demanded by Muslims, Bharat should have been declared a Hindu nation. But the problem can be solved even now by declaring Bharat a Hindu country. No one can object to Bharat being declared a Hindu nation when all the 57 Muslim-majority countries are declared as Islamic countries, and many Christian majority countries are Christian countries.

Hindu Bharat will give justice to all and appease none. In Hindu Bharat, there will be one law and one nation; no distinction of majority and minority; and no discrimination, whatsoever, against any community.

Apart from protecting Bharat’s Hindu identity, Hindu Bharat will crush the daily Pak-Bangla terrorist attacks and demographic invasion, as also foreign-funded missionaries’ conversion menace. Hindu Bharat will ban the inflow of foreign funds meant for subversion and conversion, and will also ban conversions effected by fraud, allurement or coercion. Hindu Bharat will also remove laws which discriminate against Hindus.

Accordingly, for the very survival of Hindus and Hinduism, all pro-Hindu individuals and organisations must unite to transform India into a Hindu nation by all peaceful, constitutional and lawful means.

Hindu Bharat will ensure that Hinduism survives and prevails. And that will be the apt tribute to Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and his associates who sacrificed their lives while defending Hinduism.

(The writer is former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and can be contacted at jgarora@gmail.com)

* * *
<b>US priests 'in $800,000 theft'</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->BBC Religious Affairs Correspondent 
Father John Skehan admits stealing the money for property and rare coins
Two Roman Catholic priests have been accused of stealing $800,000 (£577,000)from the collection plate of their church in the US state of Florida.

<b>They allegedly planned to spend the money on property, holidays and gambling.</b>

One of the priests, <b>Fr John Skehan, 81</b>, abandoned his not guilty plea, but <b>Fr Francis Guinan, 66,</b> denies the charges.

US law - the statute of limitations - prevents the priests being charged with thefts that occurred before 2001.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Prof Angana Chatterji's Testimony and recommendations before the United States Commission December 2008

Recommendations for action in the United States:

Various diasporic charitable organizations affiliated with Hindu nationalist ideologies operate in the United States. This has been well documented with details submitted by me in the dossier. These organizations routinely maintain links with Hindu nationalist leaders and organizations in India, including in Orissa. As well, these diasporic organizations seek to influence public discourse and policy in the United States that relates to India. They also fundraise to export capital and resources to counterpart/ affiliate organizations in India, including in Orissa, that assist in various ways in promulgating Hindu nationalist ideology. It is imperative that charities involved in work that promulgates and maintains an infrastructure of hate and violence against minorities be so designated. A list of such charities must be responsibly developed in consultation with academics, researchers, and independent bodies with relevant expertise on the subject. Following such identification, investigations must be undertaken by relevant authorities into the actions of these organizations operating with charitable status. Note: The categorization of organizations that promulgate divisiveness, hate, and violence must occur with the utmost care and in a transparent manner, so as to not infringe on the freedoms, rights, and entitlements of organizations that legitimately undertake charitable work, or ensue the demonization of vulnerable groups and marginal, even unorthodox, perspectives. The objective is not to further involve the state in public life, but to note that the state is already involved in the ability of these organizations to function. Hindu nationalism operates as a transnational movement and the reach of its affiliated 'charitable' organizations in the United States continues internationally through groups they fund and support in India. Halting their interventions requires new ways of thinking about domestic and foreign policy and necessitates coordination between the United States and India as a tenet of bilateral cooperation.

Toward the above and further:

1.    Undertake a systematic, routine, and detailed investigation into the actions of diasporic Hindu nationalist groups to identify and investigate their status, actions, finances, and the actions and affiliations of their membership in the United States, as well as their affiliates and cadre. These groups must be investigated and monitored, and, as appropriate, requisite action must be taken and sanctions must be imposed on their activities.

2.    Many of these organizations, registered as charitable entities in the United States, routinely allocate sizeable amounts of money under 'program services', disproportionately directed to Hindu nationalist and affiliated groups in India. The effects of this have been documented in the organized violence against Muslims, aided by officials of the state government at the highest level, in Gujarat in 2002.

3.    Certain diasporic organizations affiliated with Hindu nationalism, such as the India Development Relief Fund (IDRF, Tax identification number 52-1555563) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHP-A, Tax identification number 51-0156325), Sewa International (Tax identification number 20-0638718), and Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA (Tax identification number 77-0554248) are registered as charity organizations in the United States. As their work appears to be political in nature, they should be audited and recognized as political organizations. A serious concern is whether the activities of these fall within the objectives of their tax-exempt status; whether in fact these organizations should have been registered as 501©3 groups given the nature of their activities, whether the monies collected are indeed used for the purposes for which they were collected, and whether illegal and political activities are being carried out in the name of social work. Given these concerns, the charitable status, and the rights and privileges thereof, enjoyed by these groups should be reviewed, and, where appropriate, revoked. Further, their activities should be monitored to determine their role in fomenting hate and undermining the human rights of various individuals and groups in India. Note: The VHP failed to gain recognition at the United Nations as a 'cultural organization' in 1999 because of its philosophical underpinnings, even as the VHP-A continues to function as an independent charity, registered in the United States since the 1970s.

4.    The Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh-USA (Tax identification number 52-1647017, an ideological affiliate of the militant Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in India) and VHP-Overseas (Tax identification number 04-3576058) are registered as 501©3 groups and operate as cultural organizations, seeking to mainstream and lobby Hindu nationalist concerns in the United States. The impact of their activities in promulgating hate and perpetrating 'terror' and communal violence in India must be investigated.

5.    Monitor visa issuance to, and the travel of, Hindu nationalist leaders and activists charged with involvement in criminal acts. A case in point is Mr. Narendra Modi, the incumbent Chief Minister of Gujarat, who has been implicated in the violence orchestrated against Muslims in 2002, and whose visa was revoked by the United States in 2005, following advocacy on part of civil society groups and academics in the United States and support from Congressional members.

6.    Ensure that appointees to federal and state positions, or those that serve in an advisory capacity, or as experts to state officials are scrutinized for affiliations or linkages they may hold within Hindu nationalist groups. These affiliations, where they exist, should not be treated as benign, and a reasoned investigation must be undertaken to determine whether the prospective appointee or advisor is able to fulfill requisite service obligations with ideological and practical distance from Hindu nationalist agendas. A case in point is Ms. Sonal Shah, who was appointed to President-elect Barack Obama's 15-member Transition Team in November 2008. While her list of accomplishments and expertise run high, she has worked as a National Coordinator for the VHP-A and served on its Governing Council, and her organization, Indify, affiliated with Ekal Vidyalaya of India, and supported the ideological and political premises of Hindu nationalism, and their action programs.

7.    Ensure that international human rights and independent monitoring groups are invited to India on a regular basis to monitor the status of religious freedom and human rights of minority communities and allied faith and secular peoples and groups. The ability of international human rights and independent monitoring groups to work in alliance with local civil society institutions is crucial to interrupting the isolation disenfranchised/ minority groups experience and producing accountability.

8.    Ensure that the constitutionality and transparent implementation of security laws of India, as they pertain to religious groups and religious freedoms, are able to be rigorously monitored by international human rights and independent monitoring groups in alliance with local civil society institutions. These laws have been, without due cause, disproportionately and variously used by law enforcement agencies in India against minority communities and those dissenting unethical practices of the state, and their rights have not been duly protected.

9.    All bilateral projects must be assessed for their human rights implications, and cost-benefit analyses undertaken to determine/ensure that these projects are in fact positioned to make contributions that are empowering for disenfranchised groups, including minorities, so as to enable the restructuring of inequitable and institutionalized relations of power that lead to majoritarianism and communal violence.

Actions applicable to Orissa and at the national level in India:

Reciprocally, it is important to note certain actions that have been proposed by concerned citizens in India that the Government of India and Government of Orissa must undertake toward effective intervention into the organization and growth of Hindu nationalism. Toward this:

1.    In India, the Central Bureau of Investigation must be required to expeditiously investigate the activities of the Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Orissa, and apply, wherever necessary, relevant provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. Section 2G of the Act, 'unlawful association' denotes: (1) 'that which has for its object any unlawful activity, or which encourages or aids persons to undertake any unlawful activity, or through which the members undertake such activity'; or (2) 'which has for its object any activity which is punishable under Section 153A or Section 153B of the Indian Penal Code 1860 ([Central Act] 45 of 1860) or which encourages or aids persons to undertake any such activity; or of which the members undertake any such activity'.

2.    A review panel must be appointed by the Government of Orissa, in consultation with the National Human Rights Commission, the National Minorities Commission, and other relevant independent bodies, such as the People's Union for Democratic Rights and People's Union for Civil Liberties, to identify and investigate the status, actions, finances, and membership of Hindu nationalist groups and their affiliates and cadre, and the actions of their membership. These groups must be investigated and monitored, and, as appropriate, requisite action must be taken and sanctions must be imposed on their activities, and reparations must be made retroactively to the affected communities and individuals. The Government of Orissa must act to stop instances of communalization from escalating into violent episodes.

3.    Hindu nationalist leaders, activists, and organizations in Orissa charged with involvement in criminal acts and involvement in actions that have led, or may lead, to communal violence must be investigated and prosecuted.

4.    Certain organizations, such as the VHP and Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, are registered as cultural and charitable organizations. As their work appears to be political in nature, they should be audited and recognized as political organizations. A serious concern is whether the activities of Hindu nationalist charitable organizations fall within the objectives of the social trust/public charitable trust and whether in fact these organizations should have been registered as social trusts given the nature of their activities; whether the monies collected are indeed used for the purposes for which they were collected and whether illegal and political activities are being carried out in the name of social work. Given these concerns, the charitable status, and the rights and privileges thereof, enjoyed by these groups must be reviewed and necessary action taken.

5.    The Government of Orissa and the Central Government must make concerted efforts to identify, investigate, and eradicate paramilitary hate camps being operated in Orissa by the Hindu nationalist groups that instruct cadre in arms training and militancy with the express purpose of threatening and destroying disenfranchised and minority populations through social and economic boycotts, sporadic and organized intimidation, arson, rape, murder, and other forms of social, gendered, sexualized, economic, and physical violence.

6.    Various police and court investigations related to crimes against minorities have not been undertaken in Orissa. On various occasions, the police have refused to file First Information Reports (FIR). Police desks should be set up for registering minority grievances and filing FIRs, and the Government of Orissa must appoint a team of Special Public Prosecutors to conduct proceedings as necessary. Toward this, independent monitoring bodies must be supported and protected.

7.    The Government of India and the Government of Orissa must take adequate and expeditious steps to ensure that those who convert voluntarily to Christianity, Islam, or any other faith are allowed to practice their religion. Failing to do so is in serious violation of Articles 25-28 of the Constitution of India, which define the Fundamental Rights of every citizen of India, and those that the Government of India and the Government of Orissa are obligated to uphold. Toward this, independent monitoring bodies must be supported and protected.

8.    Hindu nationalist organizations are forcibly converting Christians and other non-Hindus in Orissa to Hinduism. Sangh Parivar activists claim India to be a Hindu nation and all Adivasis (tribals, indigenous peoples) and Dalits (erstwhile 'untouchable' groups) to be 'originally' Hindus, even as Adivasis and Dalits often do not self-identify as such. Drawing on such rationales, Hindu nationalist organizations justify coercion in 'bringing back' Adivasis or Dalits to Hinduism. Urgent steps should be taken to stop the Hinduization of these communities by means of coercion or duress. The police and courts must act immediately and authoritatively to stop Hindu nationalists from enacting forcible conversions or 'reconversions' , and the police must be required to submit regular and public reports documenting their work in this matter.

9.    The disparagement, demonization, and vilification of any religion should be statutorily prohibited and held punishable under the Indian Penal Code.

10.    The Orissa Freedom of Religion Act, 1967, must be reviewed and repealed.

11.    The Orissa Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1960, must be reviewed and repealed.

12.    The Government of Orissa must establish and activate the State Minorities Commission.

13.    The BJD-BJP coalition government in Orissa must honor the Constitutional mandate requiring the separation of religion from state.

14.    Police, judicial, and governmental reform, including diversity training, must be addressed by relevant state institutions, and action taken against officers of the law and political servants who abuse their position of public trust by using their power to influence and support Hindu nationalist organizations and sustain a climate of communalism in Orissa.

15.    The Government of Orissa must adopt an integrated and sustainable approach to community development, and take concrete efforts to stop further ghettoization of minority communities. The Government of Orissa must promote non-segregated localities, housing complexes, housing societies, clubs, educational, and recreational institutions, and that the Government of Orissa must publicly support social interactions, including voluntary inter-caste, inter-faith, and inter-class unions, marriages, and partnerships.

16.    The Government of India must issue a White Paper on bomb blasts and terror attacks in India and constitute a Joint Parliamentary Committee that investigates such incidents.

17.    The law should be amended to obviate the requirement of prior sanction of the state before prosecuting anyone for hate speech.

18.    The Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill, 2005, introduced in the Parliament of India in December 2005 and approved by the Union Cabinet in March 2007, must be passed, and with the requisite clauses to ensure state accountability. The bill, advocated by citizen motivated efforts for the prevention of genocide and crimes against humanity, in its official formulation as introduced by the Congress government, remained deficient in defining procedures for state and public accountability. As presently drafted, the law will become applicable only selectively. An amendment should do away with the law being made applicable only selectively, at places and times as convenient to the state. In addition, there exist no dedicated provisions for reparation and rehabilitation of victims/survivors. The bill fails to address issues of negligence displayed by state authorities in preventing and controlling communal violence, and in disbursing timely and just compensation and psychosocial rehabilitation, as well as establishing parameters for witness protection and for soliciting and recording victim testimonies. It fails to chart measures to bring justice and accountability with regard to gender and sex-based crimes in the event of communal violence (which is not effectively addressed by the Indian Penal Code or separate legislation) , and in imposing checks and balances on the state and its police and security forces, whose inertia and majoritarianist complicity in communal collisions have been consistent.

19.    On 29 November 1949, India became a signatory to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, approved by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 260 A (III) of 9 December 1948. On 27 August 1959, India ratified the Genocide Convention. However, India is yet to fulfill its obligatory commitment to enact legislation to implement the convention, which it must be compelled to undertake.   
Christian terrorists attack christian women. Where are the fembots?

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Attack on Nun and Poor Home - Case against 16, including 2 priests</b>
28/01/2009 00:15:21 

Case against 16, including 2 priests
Source: http://www.expressbuzz.com

NARAKKAL: A nun and an inmate of LF Poor Home who were admitted to the government hospital here on Sunday after they were attacked by a group of people, including two priests, were discharged from the hospital on Monday.

The injured are Sr Raisy CMC, the coordinator of LF Poor Home and its inmate Mariam.

Narakkal police registered a case against 16 people including the vicar and the assistant vicar of the parish church for various criminal offences including unlawful assembly, criminal trespass, hurt and outraging the modesty of women. According to the police, a group of parishioners accompanied by the priests reportedly stormed into the Poor Home and threatened the inmates.

They constructed a wall blocking the entrance from the LF Convent to the Poor Home. The people also reportedly took possession of the documents of the Poor Home from the correspondent by force. Sr Raisy, who objected to it, was allegedly abused with vulgar comments.

The miscreants tore off her <b>veil</b> and beat her with a stick. Inmate Mariam who tried to foil the attack was also beaten up. The people chased away the nuns and deputed two volunteers of the Women Welfare Association to take care of the inmates.

Police recorded the statements of Sr Raisy and Mariam and a case was registered. 16 people including the vicar and the assistant vicar.

<b>The parishioners who came to know that a case had been registered against the priests marched to the police station on Sunday night demanding removal of the priests’ name from the chargesheet.</b> <b>A group of parishioners led by the vicar had been demanding the nuns to hand over the LF HS to the parish. A few months ago the nuns who were invited for a discussion to settle the issue were kept hostage.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Look how the christian parishioners (probably related to the attacking christomob) didn't want their terrorist priests to get charged for their involvement in this typical christoterrorism. They'd all rather gang up on their own christian women.
Via http://cbcnn.blogspot.com/
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Wednesday, December 17, 2008
<b>UPA gifts Nagaland to Christ</b>
Original Nagaland maps lost ibnlive.in.com/news/original-nagaland-maps-lost-chidambaram/80773-3.html
The unraveling process begins:
<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->    Original maps demarcating the borders of Nagaland have been lost, Home Minister P Chidambaram said here on Wednesday.
    The statement is significant as the separatist National Socialist Council of Nagaland has been fighting for six decades to create a Greater Nagaland by slicing off parts of three neighbouring states to unite 1.2 million Nagas.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Posted by Hindu Fundamentalist at Wednesday, December 17, 2008 5<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Original Nagaland maps lost: Chidambaram</b>


TimePublished on Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 16:45, Updated on Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 16:59 in Nation section
TagsTags: Nagaland, P Chidambaram , New Delhi

[image caption:] LOST STATE? Original maps demarcating the borders of Nagaland have been lost.

New Delhi: Original maps demarcating the borders of Nagaland have been lost, Home Minister P Chidambaram said here on Wednesday.

"The Nagaland government had submitted the maps in September 1979. These were forwarded in October 1979 to the government of Assam for its comments. The Assam government has informed us that the maps are untraceable," Chidambaram said during question hour in the Rajya Sabha.

"The government of India did not keep a copy. The maps were sent in the original," the minister added.

The statement is significant as the separatist National Socialist Council of Nagaland has been fighting for six decades to create a Greater Nagaland by slicing off parts of three neighbouring states to unite 1.2 million Nagas.

Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh have strongly opposed the demand.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
One of the good aspects of the global depression is this

It will very sharply cut off funding for EJs
This Naidu is already a convert. A crypto christian.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Look Out for the Eastern Seaboard</b>
January 28, 2009 · No Comments

The grip of the church is tightening over Andhra. Now, it is Naidu’s turn to fall.

www.hindu.com/2009/01/28/stories/2009012859250800.htm<!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Naidu promises separate corporation for Christians</b>
A separate corporation will be opened in the State to provide protection to all the Christian properties, renovate churches, and provide amounts to larger number of Christians to travel to Bethlehem, said Telugu Desam Party President Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

    Addressing a gathering of more than a lakh of people on the inaugural day of the Bible Mission Annual Conventions opposite Acharya Nagarjuna University, the TDP leader said that the attacks on Christians all over the country had increased multi-fold and were never seen during his regime.

    Promising to scrap the new Government Orders 746 and 747 amid loud cheers, as the GOs were allegedly being used to attack Christians, Mr. Naidu promised to provide additional land for the burial grounds.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I was speaking to one of my learned friends in Hyderabad. He said it is now impossible to get a driver or maid who is not a Christian. Do these poor Hindus converting for a sack of rice and a motorcyle have any idea what they are getting into? Do they realise the significance of leaving the democratic anarchy of Hinduism to place themselves under the dicatorship of the bishops? Have they read about how the Europeans managed to free themselves from the clutches of the church after 500 years of horrors, Inquisition, tortures and burnings on the stake?

Explore www.jesusneverexisted.com to see what genocidal maniacs these bishops can turn into. Ignorance and cluelessness of the average Hindu Gangadeen is the greatest strength of the church in India.

<b>The entire coastal area from Kanyakumari (already a Christian majority district) to Chennai to Andhra Pradesh to Orissa is being Christianised at a very rapid pace.</b> In the next 25 years, the entire Eastern seaboard may secede and spin out of our control to become an East Timor like colony of Anglo Americans.

The danger is very real. If you look at the latest Home Ministry report on NGOs, you will find that the Westerners are heavily <b>concentrating their funding on only two states: Andhra and Tamil Nadu. If you dig a bit deeper and put two and two together, their game plan of slicing away the Eastern seaboard becomes quite clear.</b>

After looking at the serving chief ministers or the chief ministerial candidates of the Congress in states such as Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh, there is no doubt in my mind that this party has become the Trojan Horse of the church to execute its Operation Eastern Seaboard. Orissa, Andhra and Tamil Nadu will go if we are not careful.

It is beyond the ability of the bishops to plan an operation of this magnitude. They are getting strategic guidance and field support from some Western intelligence agencies. If you want me to take names, then here they are: US, UK and Norway. The dirty tricks of the former two are well known, but what people do not know is the involvement of the Scandanavian countries in Christianisation of India.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden are acting as the side-kicks of Anglo Americans. Watch out for the visits of their royalty and diplomats to Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Norway’s involvement in the affairs of LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils is not a mere coincidence.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->It isn't just western christians, it isn't just western christianism, it is <b>christianism</b>.
From the above:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->I was speaking to one of my learned friends in Hyderabad. He said it is now impossible to get a driver or maid who is not a Christian.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Boycott hiring or employing or purchasing from christians. This will slow down if not stop conversions to christianism (will definitely make 'rice christians' reconsider).
Also Dharmics of India should actively avoid all association with christians: prevents psecularisation/uni-directional secularisation and intermarriages. First step by not sending their children to christian schools, then teaching them about the historical facts of christianism and what it did to the inconvertibles throughout the world including Hindus' ancestors - this will immunise kids to young adults from associating with christianism when they go to secondary or tertiary education.

But psecular Hindus will be shocked at the suggestion, I am sure. How intolerant of the Hindoo to suggest such an 'unHindu' tack. (Actually, we're not supposed to associate with terrorists.)
Yes, by all means let us forget that the genocidal ideology killed many a Hindu ancestor from Goa to Tamizh Nadu and moreover genocided the native Natural Traditionalists of the Americas, convert-or-killed the Hellenes and traditionalist Romans, slaughtered the inconvertibles of Europe, terrorised the Vietnamese and continues to terrorise S Koreans. It is still killing Hindus in the NE and murdered several Swamis (Swami Lakshmananda and those with him at the time, and Shanti Tripura.)

Yes, it must be very intolerant of me to say avoid all association and do an economical boycott.

Time to go back to pondering 'deeply' about how to stop the christianisation of India. Maybe by pleading with the christian government to ban all proselytisation. As unlikely as that is to be implemented (missionising is claimed as a fundamental religious Right by christoterrorists of India and everywhere), even then that's never stopped missionaries from missionising illegally.
1. Follow closely and don't get confused. Below is not the islamic response to the Danish cartoons on mohammed. This is christianism's response to Joseph McCabe. Of course, the difference is all Potay-to Potah-to for Heathens.

Joseph McCabe writes of his own experience:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>The Fear of the Godly</b>
THE criticism of religion seems to be an unpopular job. I am, as more zealous and self-sacrificing purveyors of skepticism will assure you, really a timid and innocuous person, yet I have had my life threatened in Sydney and have been protected by friendly guns in Denver. I have heard ladies of Minneapolis regret that none had the courage to shoot me, and British Spiritualist clergymen have deplored in their journal 'Light,' that I have never yet had the horsewhipping which I have merited. Friends have rushed before me in the streets of London to protect me, they imagined, from a vitriol-thrower, and sailors have been bribed by clergymen of the southern seas to put my luggage ashore a thousand miles away from my destination. I have been forced by the pressure of the Catholic Church on a London publisher to tear up a literary contract worth at least twenty thousand dollars, and have had my books shamelessly misrepresented in the press and expelled, under menaces, from booksellers' shops. Insults, injuries, intrigues, lies, libels, vituperations, depreciations ....<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

2. http://www.jesusneverexisted.com/neighbour.html
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Pagans Knew Better</b>
"Injustice is a sin. Nature has constituted rational beings for their own mutual benefit, each to help his fellows according to their worth, and in no wise to do them hurt."
"When those about you are venting their censure or malice upon you or raising any other sort of injurious clamour ... it is still your duty to think kindly of them; for nature has made them to be your friends."
– Jesus? No, 'Meditations' of the emperor <b>Marcus Aurelius</b> (161-180) a pagan who devoted his life to the defence of Roman civilization.
<b>He despised the fanatics of Christ who delighted in Rome's misfortunes.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Every discerning Pagan emperor of Rome was of the same feeling about christianism.

Ex-catholic priest Joseph McCabe:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Trajan and Marcus Aurelius,</b> who are counted as the third and fourth persecutors, were men of very different, and very high character. <b>All the Stoic Emperors detested Christianity as a mean superstition and an anti-social philosophy.</b> The Empire was laboring, and a sect which cut off its members from civic and imperial life deserved no indulgence. They let the law stand -- it is quite false that they issued persecuting decrees -- and interfered little with the local passion which occasionally flamed out against the Christians.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Now why does anyone think that among the highly tolerant Roman populace - the Roman Traditionalists who accepted every and all Gods and all religions in their midst - there should have been any "local passion which occasionally flamed out against the Christians"?
It's because christos regularly terrorised the Greco-Romans by vandalising or burning their Temples and Vigrahas, and by speaking foully of the Real Gods of the real Greco-Romans.

The reasons are the same as why there are instances of "local passion which occasionally flamed out against the Christians" in Dharmic India: because of the christoterrorism against Hindus.

- Back then in Rome, the christians wrote their persecution sobstories to present themselves as the victims.
- Just like christians today in Bharatam write their persecution sobstories in the christian-owned media to present themselves as the victims.

Nothing has changed. They stir up a hornet's nest on purpose and then whine about their Innocent Victimhood if they ever get stung in consequence, or otherwise - if they couldn't get a persecution story out of it after all - then they make up christian fibs about getting stung.
Orissa archbishop Raphael Cheenath in US , to drum up western support


Stairway to Heaven COLUMN

Julia Duin

The popular film "Slumdog Millionaire" may be the public face of India these days but one Catholic archbishop now in Washington is trying to educate listeners about another India.

That's rural Orissa, India's least-developed, poorest state not far from Calcutta, the home of Mother Teresa. Last summer, a priest was tortured and a nun gang-raped in Kandhmal, a cauldron of radical Hinduism and the site of an anti-Christian pogrom in August.

The depressing details of it all have been previously described by this writer: 70,000 homeless Christians, more than 5,000 homes destroyed, 3,000 people missing and/or hiding in the nearby jungles for the past five months, 87 people burned or hacked to death and the infrastructure of the Catholic Church destroyed.

Archbishop Raphael Cheenath, 75, of Cuttack/Bhubaneswar and the spiritual head of five Catholic dioceses in Orissa, says
^ G Sub's post important

Why the christoterrorist government of India minted coins with the christian cross on it:
<!--QuoteBegin-dhu+Mar 19 2007, 11:58 PM-->QUOTE(dhu @ Mar 19 2007, 11:58 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->This coin is a clear declaration of war.[right][snapback]65852[/snapback][/right]<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Joseph McCabe wrote that Constantine's disproved Labarum event (the alleged vision he saw in the sky of the Greek cross symbol - the Chi Ro, I think - along with the words "In this sign you will conquer") when he was on his way to battle and which then reappeared to him in a dream -
McCabe wrote that this event led to Constantine's public *conversion*. (His *baptism* on the other hand occurred much later, on his deathbed - in order to absolve him from all his murderous christian crimes until that point.)

Anyway, even though his vision of the labarum was fiction, Constantine minted coins with the sign on them after his conversion (that is, after this <b>crypto</b> finally declared his christianism in public). The historic minting of these coins at this point in time was not due to that fictional labarum vision which historians say never happened.
Constantine's conversion and the cross appearing on the coins at this juncture was doubtless because he was told by his christian advisers that now was the time to do so:
- time to publicly reveal his leanings toward the evil religion his mad mother Helena had already brought him up in.
- time to start taking over the empire for his jeebus and christianism.
<b>Thus Constantine's coins actually revealed christianism's intentions for the Empire.</b>

The Natural Traditionalist Greco-Romans did not know that with this, the christian Constantine, his mum, the church and christians had declared war on them. They did not know what the coins meant to their Traditions. Hindus can look at history for a precedent. Hindus have the ability to know better and to anticipate christianist intentions for Hindu Bharatam.

I give up trying to explain. Here's McCabe:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->    It was the year 312. All the blood of all the martyrs had converted only a small fraction of the Roman world, and a recent persecution had made apostates of ninety-nine in a hundred of those.

    At that moment a fiery and unscrupulous, but very vigorous and ambitious man named Constantine, son of a rural barmaid who had dallied with a Roman officer, was leading a great army across Italy to meet his rival for the sovereignty of the world. Suddenly he saw, flaming on the heavens, the Greek monogram (the labarum) of Christ, and, as if to prevent any nonsense about an ocular illusion, the words: "In this sign thou shalt conquer."
    As is common in the case of these stupendous and unmistakable miracles, Constantine did not fall on his knees, but merely wondered. A second vision, during the night, informed him that this monogram referred to Christ; with whose religion and followers he had been familiar for ten years at least. <b>After these two miracles he opined that Christianity was worth inquiring into. He inquired, was converted; and the real Christian Era opened. At Christ in a manger Greeks and Romans had mocked. By an emperor in the purple, with the police and soldiers behind him, their eyes were opened.</b>
    -- The Story of Religious Controversy, by historian and former Catholic priest Joseph McCabe<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->    Let us for a moment consider the dear old labarum: one of the most profitable miracles that the hand of God, or of his earthly representative, ever achieved.

    <b>It is Eusebius, the bishop of Caesarea, who tells us of the miracle in his "Life of Constantine";</b> and you ought not to doubt it for a moment, because he says that he heard it from the Emperor's own lips! We will not, however, waste time in psychoanalytic research. I do not think that any ecclesiastical historian today believes in the vision, or even suggests an ocular illusion. All other historians smile at it. The labarum is as discredited as Catherine's wheel.
    "The father of ecclesiastical history," as Eusebius of Caesarea is unhappily called, wrote his famous Ecclesiastical History some years before the death of Constantine; and it does not contain this very important miracle. When the emperor died, however, the bishop wrote a most untruthful and eulogistic "Life of Constantine," and in this he tells the story of the labarum. He tells us also that his chief business as a writer is to "edify"; which means, to advertise the Church. So modern historians are discreetly reticent about the zealous and courtly bishop. I will, as usual, supply the word which they leave unspoken. Eusebius was a liar. The other great Christian writer of the time, <b>Lactantius, is by no means a model of veracity. But he merely says that Constantine saw the vision in a dream. The labarum appears on coins soon after the conversion of Constantine, but no one pretends that it (the labarum event) was a reality except Eusebius.</b>
    -- The Story of Religious Controversy, by historian and former Catholic priest Joseph McCabe<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
A newschannel ticker here says: Pope to act on holocaust-denier Bishop.


99.9999% of the world denies the Hindu Holocaust. Not only is the Pope not gonna do anything about that, he is working actively to make sure it stays that way.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->A newschannel ticker here says: Pope to act on holocaust-denier Bishop.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->I heard different. The news here had it that The Foremost Anti-Semitic Institution (Vatican) had reconciled with the hyper anti-semitic renegade catholic Society of Saint Pius X (to which I think Lucio Mascara~nhas - the crazed christoterrorist of supposed Indian origin - belongs. Mel Gibson too, wasn't it?).

Yes, check: The anti-semitic Rat Pope is finally ready to re-establish love with fellow anti-semitic catholics who had fallen out due to a lovers tiff they had.

This is a landmark move by the Vatican, as the Pius X Society will not budge on Holocaust denial and other things like opposition to Angelo Roncalli's 'laxity' (Vatican II, etcetera) when it comes to Ze True Faith. This means the Vatican has implemented more reversals to the 'reforms' made by Roncalli. The Holy Inquisitor is taking catholicism back to its true form. No wonder the Catholic Church/Vatican/catholics are terrorising/inquisitioning Hindus and re-embracing their anti-semitism in public - they are starting to assert their original and true nature again.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>ratzy pardons and embraces Holocaust denier, Jews furious
jan 25th, 2009</b>
i have noticed that, alas, a lot of hindus are also anti-jewish. this
is because of incessant anti-jewish propaganda by the reds and the
greens. actually the jews are the victims of arab aggression (and have
been the victims of christist aggression for centuries). the
palestinians are the victims of arab uncaringness. every palestinian
could have been accommodated and rehabilitated by saudi arabia and
other rich oil states.

in any case, if palestinians are being brutalized by israel, hindus
have been ethnically cleansed, brutalized and oppressed by mohammedans
in kashmir. they are living in squalid refugee camps for 19 years. so
instead of wasting your breath on palestinians, do something for the

i used to find it quite entertaining when kerala's communists would
show up at my parents' house asking for donations for the 'palestinian
cause'. i asked them, "did any palestinian donate for any indian
cause, like tsunamis or earthquakes?". they used to get pretty upset,
because i wouldn't give them any money, and we both knew that the
funds were going to not the palestinians, but to the local 'red fund
for boozing and whoring'.

oh yeah, pius x and limey holocaust-denier. fine bunch. i am sure the
limey has got instructions from the labor party to kiss arab ass.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: n

<b>Pope pardons Holocaust denier, Jews furious</b>

25 Jan 2009, 0036 hrs IST, REUTERS

VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict on Saturday rehabilitated a traditionalist
bishop who denies the Holocaust, despite warnings from Jewish leaders
that it would seriously harm Catholic-Jewish relations and foment

The Vatican said the pope issued a decree lifting the excommunication
of four traditionalist bishops who were thrown out of the Roman
Catholic Church in 1988 for being ordained without Vatican permission.
The four bishops lead the ultra-conservative Society of Saint Pius X
(SSPX), which has about 600,000 members and rejected modernisations of
Roman Catholic worship and doctrine.

... deleted


2. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/01/tru...-nunneries.html
Also mentions the Vatican and Society of Piux X getting it on again, but but has more besides:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>the truth about christist dracula nunneries: a lot of legalized rape goes on</b>
jan 25th, 2009

they are brutal places where young women are physically and mentally and sexually abused.

see this movie, based on the real life story of the magdalene sisters who openly violated the lives, minds and bodies of young women under their control:

the dracula nunneries in kerala are exactly the same. young women, powerless, their spirits broken, are brutalized, raped, impregnated, etc. this is basically legalized rape and prostitution that is going on under the nose of the indian constitution. and when the women's rights commission attempted to question this in kerala, it was quickly shouted down by the white-dominated media. the commission was just wondering whether teenage girls were being sent to nunneries against their will.

the nytimes' kristof wrote recently of the slavery in brothels in cambodia. i don't see anything much different about the dracula nunneries. http://www.iht.com/articles/2009/01/01/o...ristof.php

<b>the limeys used to claim that the devadasis attached to temples were prostitutes. it turns out, as it usually does, that it is the christist system that has legalized prostitutes. they accuse others of their own sins.</b>

also, there's something interesting about pius x in the nytimes: it is the name of one of the most-arch-conservative groups in the vatican hierarchy. in other words, extreme sociopaths. no wonder pius x convent is where abhaya was murdered. ratzy and co are particularly fond of these sociopaths -- they have just reinstated them after years of being out in the cold despite (or perhaps because of) their hatred of other religions, especially judaism.

surely ratzy will rehabilitate the trio of kottoor-puthrakkayil-seffi even if they are sentenced to death for the murder of abhaya. the e. ahamed-equivalent from the vatican will be shuttling back and forth between sonia and rome until these people are released. they will probably also get to the sainted, for accurately carrying out the church's strictures -- extreme personal corruption, and the oppression of the innocent and powerless.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

3. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/01/mis...-of-andhra.html
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sunday, January 25, 2009
<b>Missionary agenda of YSR CM of Andhra Pradesh: From the Horse's Mouth</b>
jan 25th, 2009

this is how the republic is supporting 'secularism', ie. the eradication of hinduism. very appropriate on republic day.

samuel reddy evangelizes at taxpayer expense.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sriram

  This is from someone in the hinduism forum who compiled data on the christist YSR on distributing state money to the missionaries.


There are always allegations about the missionary zeal of the Christian Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy or commonly known as YSR. But many times due to absence of hard evidence, these are often discarded as nothing more than chest-thumping.

For people who believe only in "evidences" here it is. its a  collection of  all the Government Orders (GO) by the Government of AP allotting funds to various Churches in AP.  source of information is no secret either. It is the online portal of Govt of AP listing all the GOs it issued (the government portals are treasure houses of information; you just have to know how to dig out what you need). You can see the data in this page:


The following is the summary of the data from that sheet:

1. The GO portal is active only from February 2008, hence the data  given is only of 1 year (ie., Feb 2008 to Jan 2009). Note that although vast, it is by no means comprehensive (ie., I have shown Govt 263.07 lakhs to Christian institutions. This amount is the minimum spent on them, not the maximum).

2. But even for a single year, an amount of 263.07 lakhs was given as aid to various Christian institutions.

3. More than 258 churches benefited from these grants for construction/renovation of churches.

4. An amount of 1316.54 lakhs was given as aid to various Muslim institutions through Wakf boards.

<b>5. Not a single GO granting any aid to a Hindu temple can be found. This in spite of the fact that in AP, the Hindu temples are managed by the Endowments Ministry (put it simply they take all the money which the temples generate).

6. Govt takes away all the money which Hindu temples generate, but do not grant a single penny to any of its temples. It does not touch the money from Christian and Muslim institutions, but grants them huge amounts of money.</b>

I have always argued that the "Missionary Charity" is just a myth ( http://ssksurya.blogspot.com/2006/05/quest...ry-charity.html ). These new evidence only reinforce my earlier points. I do not want to waste more words how the Christian CM of AP is perusing his missionary zeal not just through individual actions, but also through direct grants from the Government of AP. As I said, the facts speak louder. Let the reader judge for himself.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

4. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/01/dal...can-herald.html
Like any sleazy adult christian movie, the following one is reality footage too. But it will doubtless get nominated for 10 Oscars in the 'independent movie' category.
Note that it is christians who are exposing the christianist sleaze here:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sunday, January 25, 2009
<b>DalitFreedomNetwork: Deccan Herald - Kerala nun's sexcapade stuns church</b>
jan 25th, 2009

the dalit freedom network is doing good work in exposing the shenanigans of ratzy's boys and girls.

i like this nun's story. i remember reading in the malayalam media that the godwoman showed no remorse. she said she was bonking the guy with full consent. she just had no idea his camera phone was on. she was like, "yeah, i did it. so what?" i am sure she would have blown the whistle and revealed that the godmen were constantly bonking all the godwomen, but the media suppressed that.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Pastor <unitedchurch@eml.cc>
To: dalitfreedom@googlegroups.com
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 11:21:41 PM
Subject: DalitFreedomNetwork: Deccan Herald - Kerala nun's sexcapade stuns church

Deccan Herald - Kerala nun's sexcapade stuns church
From R Gopakumar, DH News Service, Thiruvananthapuram:
A nun who was caught on a cellphone video clip having sex in a hospital room in Kochi has been stripped of her nunhood and sent back home.

The incident that happened at the hospital run by the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC) at Aluva has left the clergy stunned.

The 37-year-old nun hailing from Alappuzha had attained nunhood 20 years ago and was employed as a receptionist of the hospital, according to a senior hospital official. "Some of our well-wishers rang us up and said they had come across a familiar face in a video that was being circulated,'' she said when contacted over phone.
The church authorities inspected the clip and found that there was substance in the allegation. When the nun was shown the video she admitted that the woman in the film was indeed her. The nun was having an affair with the hospital driver.

"She also revealed that they had sex in a room in the hospital, but that she had no idea that the  encounter was being filmed,'' the source said.
Christianists behave like the Kerala nun above because it was *always* thus with christianism:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>During the reign of Pope Damasus I (366-383):</b>
    The biblical scholar and ascetic <b>St Jerome</b> (c342-420) warned the women of Rome that the Catholic Church, under Damasus I, was monstrously corrupt. <b>He claimed that priests, monks, professional virgins all were debauched and that they engaged in "love feasts" - orgies - in churches on saints' days. Virgins "fall every day" he wrote in a letter to an aristocratic woman called Eustochium, warning her to avoid the pontiff's flock.</b>

    In another epistle, Jerome said that men became priests and deacons "so that they may see women more freely".
    Jerome warned one Roman woman to never remain alone in a room with a priest. Should she find herself in such a situation, the woman was told to "plead that either her bowels or bladder needed relieving".
    Christian women were not to be trusted either, according to Jerome. "Never enter the house or be in their company alone," he said.
    <b>To Jerome, the only women of virtue to be seen on the streets of Rome were not Christians but pagans.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->More examples at link.
True then. True now. True forever. Because it is inherent in <i>christianism</i>, not the people: the more christianist people are (psecularised -> christo-conditioned -> fully christian/islamic), the more prone to bad taste and tackiness they become.

Some centuries after Rome fell, christianism was into the same thing:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>    The Vices of Nuns [9th Century]</b>

        <b>"...female convents were [no] more successfully regulated [than monasteries], for the Council of Aix-la-Chapelle (Church Council!), in 836, states that in many places they were rather brothels than houses of God;</b> and it shows how close a supervision over the spouses of Christ was thought requisite when it proceeds to direct that nunneries shall be so built as to have no dark corners in which scandals may be perpetrated out of view. The effect of these efforts may be estimated from a remark... of Erchenbald, Chancellor of Charlemagne... that the <b>licentiousness of nuns</b> commonly resulted in a worse crime, infanticide."
        <b>-- History of Sacerdotal Celibacy within the Christian Church by Henry Charles Lea (American Quaker historian of the Church), p. 108</b>
Link http://www.priestsofdarkness.com/heritage1.html<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->From christoterrorised Rome on, all the way down to our time in India: zombies of christianism haven't changed.
1. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/02/stu...an-convent.html
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Monday, February 02, 2009
Students protest as Christian Convent School (in Bhopal) suspends teacher for singing National Anthem during the Republic Day function</b>
feb 2nd, 2009

christists and extra-territorial loyalties once again. i am sure this principal will now be given a free trip to the "holy land" [sic -- more accurate to call it the blood-stained desert] by y samuel reddy.

how dare this man sing the national anthem of india? he should have been singing the vatican's anthem, then the missionary (or more likely the principal is a kerala christist) would have had no problems.

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Students protest as Christian Convent School (in Bhopal) suspends teacher for singing National Anthem during the Republic Day function


2 Feb 2009
[...] (removed christo media TOI's jaundiced spin. "Times Group is owned by Bennet & Coleman. Eighty per cent of  funding is done by the World Christian Council. The balance  of twenty per cent is equally shared by an Englishman and an Italian. The Italian Roberto Mindo is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.")<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
http://haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?P...147&SKIN=B reposts the christo-TOI version. If anyone wants to read the TOI article, read it from HK, where the same is given a decent title:
<b>Fanatic Christian Principal insults National anthem to approve Prayer on Jesus</b>

2. Related, but not so much direct christianism as the pro-islami christogovernment.
via comment at http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/01/fun...d-to-death.html
<b>HJS activists beaten inhumanly by Pune police!</b>
January 31, 2009
<b>Activists of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti seriously beaten by Pune Police: Arrested under false crime</b>

Pune (Maharashtra): Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) is campaigning for protecting honour of the national Flag for the last 6 years. As a part of the same campaign to stop the dishonour caused to the National flag, on 26th January 4 HJS activists had gone to the Shukravar Peth Police Station to lodge a complaint where they were beaten very badly by the police and arrested them under false crime. (Do the police feel that since we are police they can behave anyway with the people? The police are paid hard earned money collected from the people as tax. Police should remember that they are not their masters; but their servants. – Editor)

Shri. Sunil Dhanvat of HJS told the journalists that a complaint regarding the unjust treatment by the police had been made to the senior police officer in the department and that HJS is going to ask for justice from the Human Rights Commission too.
O Hindus Are the below HJS workers look like Criminal by any angle, you only decide!

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