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Christian Subversion And Missionary Activities - 5
<!--QuoteBegin-Shambhu+Feb 20 2009, 01:10 AM-->QUOTE(Shambhu @ Feb 20 2009, 01:10 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Northwest Jesuits file for bankruptcy protection
Liberal states are speeding up bankruptcy process.
Former Nun Tells Of Sex, Suffering Inside Indian Convent

<b>Waterboarding and U.S. History</b>
William Loren Katz

Some high U.S. officials claim not be aware of it, and Judge Michael Mukasey, the President's choice for attorney general, prefers to equivocate, but water boarding has long been a form of torture that causes excruciating pain and can lead to death. It forces water into prisoner's lungs, usually over and over again. The Spanish Inquisition in the late 1400s used this torture to uncover and punish heretics, and then in the early 1500s Spain's inquisitors carried it overseas to root out heresy in the New World. It reappeared during the witch hysteria. Women accused of sorcery were "dunked" and held under water to see if they were witches.

In World War II Japan and Germany routinely used water boarding on prisoners. In Viet Nam U.S. forces held bound Viet Cong captives and "sympathizers" upside down in barrels of water. Water boarding also has been associated with the Khmer Rouge.

An extensive record of its use by the United States land forces exists in the records of the invasion and occupation of the Philippines that began in 1898. As the U.S. encountered armed resistance by the liberation army of Filipino General Emilio Aguinaldo, and sank into a 12-year quagmire on the archipelago, U.S. officers routinely resorted to what they called "the water cure." Professor Stuart C. Miller's study of the Philippine war, "Benevolent Assimilation," reveals this sordid story through Congressional testimony, letters from soldiers, court martial hearings, words of critics and defenders, and newspaper accounts. The pro-imperialist media of the day justified the "water cure" as necessary to gain information; the anti-imperialist media denounced its use by the U.S or any other civilized nation.

Fresh from their recent victories in the Indian wars, the Philippine invasion of 1898 began with a big war whoop. U.S. forces landed in the Philippines in 1898 led by American officers such Pershing, Lawton, Smith, Shafter, Otis, Merritt, and Chafee, who had fought "treacherous redskins." At least one officer had taken part in the infamous 1891 massacre of 350 Lakota men, women and children at Wounded Knee. A U.S. media that had supported the Army's brutal Indian campaigns rhapsodized about this new opportunity for distant racial warfare. The influential San Francisco Argonaut spoke candidly: "We do not want the Filipinos. We want the Philippines. <b>The islands are enormously rich, but unfortunately they are infested with Filipinos</b>. There are many millions there, and it is to be feared their extinction will be slow." The paper's solution was to recommend several unusually cruel methods of torture it believed "would impress the Malay mind."

President William McKinley dispatched Admiral Dewey to the Philippines with a pledge to bestow civilization and Christianity on its people, and promise eventual independence. Perhaps he was unaware that most Filipinos were Catholics. Perhaps he did not know that General Aguinaldo and his 40,000 troops were poised to remove Spain from the islands. Dewey supplied Aguinaldo with weapons and encouraged him, but that soon changed.

From the White House and the U.S. high command to field officers and lowly enlistees the message became "these people are not civilized" and the United States had embarked on a glorious overseas adventure against "savages." Officers and enlisted men — and the media — were encouraged to see the conflict through a "white superiority" lens, much as they viewed their victories over Native Americans and African Americans. The Philippine occupation unfolded at the high tide of American segregation, lynching, and a triumphant white supremacy ideology.

U.S. officers ordered massacres of entire villages and conducted a host of other shameful atrocities as the Philippine quagmire dragged on for more than a decade. "A white man seems to forget that he is human," wrote a white soldier from the Philippines.

Atrocities abounded. To produce "a demoralized and obedient population" in Batangas, General Franklin Bell ordered the destruction of "humans, crops, food stores, domestic animals, houses and boats." He became known as the "butcher" of Batangas. General Jacob Smith, who had been wounded fighting at Wounded Knee, said his overseas campaigns were "worse than fighting Indians." He promised to turn Samar province into a "howling wilderness." Smith defined the enemy as anyone "ten years and up" and issued these instructions to Marine Commander Tony Waller: "I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn, the more you kill and burn the better it will please me." He became known as "Howling Jake" Smith.

The "water cure" was probably first instituted when U.S. forces encountered local resistance. Professor Miller states that General Frederick Funston in 1901 may have used it to capture the Filipino General Emilio Aguinaldo. A New York World article described the "water cure" as forcing "water with handfuls of salt thrown in to make it more efficacious, is forced down the throats of patients until their bodies become distended to the point of bursting..." This may have been only one on the versions used.

The water cure became front-page news when William Howard Taft, appointed U.S. Governor of the Philippines, testified under oath before Congress and let the cat out of the bag. The "so called water cure," he admitted, was used "on some occasions to extract information." The Arena, an opposition paper, called his words “a most humiliating admission that should strike horror in the mind of every American.” Around the same time as Taft's admission a soldier boasted in a letter made public that he had used the water cure on 160 people and only 26 had survived. The man was compelled by the War Department to retract his damaging confession. But then another officer stated the "water cure" was being widely used when he reported, "the problem of the 'water cure' is in knowing how to apply it." Such statements leave unclear how often the form of torture was used for interrogation and how often it became a way to exhibit racial animosity or display contempt.

During a triumphal U.S. speaking tour General Frederick Funston, bearing a Congressional Medal of Honor and harboring political ambitions, bellicosely promoted total war. In Chicago he boasted of sentencing 35 suspects to death without trial and enthusiastically endorsed torture and civilian massacres. He even publicly suggested that anti-war protestors be dragged out of their homes and lynched.

Funston's words met far more applause than criticism. In San Francisco he suggested that the editor of a noted anti-imperialist paper "ought to be strung up to the nearest lamppost." At a banquet in the city he called Filipinos "unruly savages" and (now) claimed he had personally killed fifty prisoners without trial. Captain Edmond Boltwood, an officer under Funston, confirmed that the general had personally administered the water cure to captives, and had told his troops "to take no prisoners."

President Theodore Roosevelt reprimanded Funston and ordered him to cease his inflammatory rhetoric. Facing a political challenge from General Nelson Miles based in the Philippines, TR, who rode into the White House on his heroic exploits at San Juan Hill, did not intend to nourish more competition. The President privately assured a friend the water cure was "an old Filipino method of mild torture" and claimed when Americans administered it "no body was seriously damaged." But publicly TR was silent about the "water cure."

<b>In an article, "The 'Water Cure' from a Missionary Point of View," Reverend Homer Stunz justified the technique. It was not torture, he said, since the victim could stop it any time by revealing what his interrogators wanted to know</b>. Besides, he insisted, it was only applied to "spies." The missionary also justified instances of torture by pointing out that U.S. soldiers "in lonely and remote bamboo jungles" faced stressful conditions.

Mark Twain, a leading anti-imperialist voice, offered this view of the water cure:

"Funston's example has bred many imitators, and many ghastly additions to our history: the torturing of Filipinos by the awful 'water- cure,' for instance, to make them confess -- what? Truth? Or lies? How can one know which it is they are telling? For under unendurable pain a man confesses anything that is required of him, true or false, and his evidence is worthless. Yet upon such evidence American officers have actually -- but you know about those atrocities which the War Office has been hiding a year or two...."

U.S. military trials for what are now known as war crimes all resulted in convictions. Waller was acquitted because he followed the orders of Smith, and later retired with two stars. "Howling Jake" Smith was convicted, but he returned to a tumultuous citizens' welcome in San Francisco. When the convicted U.S. war criminals received only slaps-on-the-wrist U.S. prestige abroad sunk to new lows.

A San Francisco park was named after General Funston. TR appointed General Bell of Batangas infamy as his chief of staff. And the President continued to wave the banner of aggressive imperialism. In 1903 he flagrantly seized a broad swath of Columbia's Isthmus of Panama so he could link the Pacific and Atlantic oceans under U.S. control. This boosted his popularity and splintered the anti-imperialist movement. TR also worked to undermine efforts to grant the Philippines independence, which finally took place after World War II.

TR easily won a return to the White House in 1904, and in 1908 he chose Taft as his successor. By the time Taft left the White House in 1913, military resistance in the Philippines had ended, and so presumably had the “water cure.” TR had become a Mount Rushmore-size American icon.

The "water cure" was accepted as a necessary embarrassment in wartime. Appeals to muscular patriotism had exonerated the “water cure” and reduced a crime of torture to a misdemeanor. Is the U.S. headed the same way in 2007?

This essay currently appears on the History News Network.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Men and women sin in different ways: Study</b>

London (PTI): It seems hell has different ways of punishing male and female sinners, for a study claims that men are most likely to commit lustful misdeeds while women are beholden to conceit.

<b>According to the study, approved by the Vatican City, men are the ones whose souls end up being pelted with fire and brimstone while the women's souls are likely to be broken on a wheel in hell.</b>
(I don't want to tell christoislamists where they will and won't go after death - since they are in love with their heaven/hell fiction.
But Natural Traditionalists don't go to imaginary christoislami hell, however badly the christoislamists may wish it or believe in it.)

Monsignor Wojciech Giertych, personal theologian to Pope Benedict XVI and the papal household, said there was "no sexual equality" when it came to sin. "Men and women sin in different ways," he wrote in Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano.

Pride ranks only at no five for men, who are likely to have indulged in so much lust and gluttony that they are too slothful to feel angry, proud, envious or avaricious. Women, on the other hand, are not averse to lust, but are primarily occupied with pride, envy and anger. Sloth does not set in until after gluttony and avarice.

"When you look at vices from the point of view of the difficulties they create you find that men experiment in a different way from women," Monsignor Giertych was quoted by The Times as saying.

His own observations confirmed the survey, an analysis of confessional data carried out by Roberto Busa, a Jesuit priest celebrated for his computerised study of the works of St Thomas Aquinas. "Diverse cultural contexts generate diverse habits -- but human nature remains the same," he said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The above was found via:
where Nizhal Yoddha introduces Hilda Raja's comments on the above article.
Nizhal Yoddha makes a slight mistake, though, in saying:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->btw, i do believe hilda raja was born a christist, but escaped.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Hilda Raja is still a catholic. In any case, she is still a christian. Or rather, a 'heretic', as the church would say. Not the sort of christian that christianism generates as a rule. A <i>bit</i> like an Abdul Kalam of christianism in India (except Kalam leans Hindu, and she leans secular).
And yes, it is entirely about christianism. But everyone knew that already.

(Original article emphasises different parts in bold and italics. Emphases below are mine. Worth reading the whole thing though)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Lawyers of the Madras High Court - Law unto Themselves</b>     
Radha Rajan
21 Feb 2009

The lawlessness bordering on terrorism inside Court Hall 3 of the Madras High Court on 17 February 2009, and the violent clashes that erupted on the 19th in the campus between a section of lawyers and the police which lasted for over three hours, is rooted not just in caste, the all-time handy whipping boy for anti-Hindu and non-Hindu secularists and Dravidian ‘Tamils’, but also in the religion of the warring castes.

The time has come to break the studied silence of the Secularists and the Dravidians on the issue. Meanwhile, the rowdiness and sheer goondaism of the lawyers of Tamil Nadu as of this moment remains unabated as they continue to rampage across cities and towns vandalising shops, buildings, and police property, and threatening policemen and officers on duty. This section of lawyer-rowdies has not spared police housing quarters either. The Tamil Nadu Government has now issued shoot-at-sight orders to the police. It had no other option.

The Tamil Nadu Assembly on the 20th evicted MLAs belonging to the AIADMK, the PMK, MDMK, the CPI and CPI (M) from the House; the Speaker of the Assembly had earlier refused to allow them to raise the issue in the House or discuss it. While the political position of the Opposition, taking a uni-dimensional view of the complex problem by roundly condemning only the police force for the violence was predictable and along expected lines, the statement of former Chief Minister and AIADMK general secretary Ms. Jayalalithaa would have been laughable had the issue not been so serious, with far-reaching consequences.

Asking the Center to impose Article 356 in the State, Ms. Jayalalithaa also made the preposterous demand that a state of Emergency be declared in Tamil Nadu. She justified her demand on the ground, “This incident proves that the Tamil Nadu police have now become a violent force.” Ms. Jayalalithaa may think the people of Tamil Nadu have short memories, but it was she who ran Tamil Nadu like a police state in the wake of the arrest and immoral incarceration of the venerable Peethathipathi of the Kanchi matham to brutally quell all protests and demonstrations against her.

In the recent past, barely three months ago, on 13 November 2008, Ms. Jayalalithaa had castigated the State Government and the very same “violent” police force for their “inaction” and for being mute spectators when a group of scheduled caste students of the Madras Law College mounted a murderous attack against caste Hindu students inside the college campus under the very eyes of the police who were stationed outside the college; the police cannot enter educational institutions (like they cannot enter our courts) unless summoned by the head of the institution, the Dean or the Principal. Ms. Jayalalithaa faulted the police force for not entering the college campus despite being witness to the life-threatening attack. The police was damned then because it didn’t. The police force is damned today because it did.

The cause for the Law College clashes in November 2008 was overtly political and projected as a caste conflict, but the real cause for the homicidal attack was covert and religious. Unless the silence on this sensitive issue is broken and the truth spoken loud and clear, the poison that is coursing within the Tamil Nadu Bar and Judiciary, emaciating and wasting this important body, cannot be identified and neutralised; and this bodes very ill for democracy which ultimately rests on the character of the judges. Judges, let us recall, emerge only from among the ranks of lawyers; the Tamil Nadu pool contributing to the nation’s total tally of judges is today contaminated. Politically motivated or politically expedient diagnosis of this malaise will not check, much less cure, the disease.

The majority of scheduled caste students in all government-aided educational institutions are Christians; either first-generation or second generation converts. Tamil chauvinism, like Islam and Christianity, is driven only by politics and has only political objectives as its raison d’etre. Capturing the State, failing which secession from the mother country, is the objective of Tamil chauvinism. The LTTE is the most telling example of this contention. Unlike Marathi or Kannada chauvinism, Tamil chauvinism spills over into contiguous neighbouring Sri Lanka, and like the murderous and secessionist Nagas of the North-east who want to establish a Greater Nagaland, the Tamil chauvinists of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu desire to establish a greater Tamil nation. <b>It is not a coincidence that Tamil chauvinists, like the Nagas, are in the main Christians.</b>

The coastal communities and entire districts of Tamil Nadu are almost totally Christian or Muslim, with irreligious, viciously anti-Hindu Dravidian Tamils constituting the cadre of the two main and other sundry, rising splinter Dravidian political parties who form the backbone of Tamil chauvinism - the DMK, the AIADMK, the PMK, the DMDK and MDMK. The communist parties habitually throw in their lot with the electorally successful anti-Hindu and anti-nation Dravidian party or coalition.

<b>It bears mention that the LTTE has the backing of the Church in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, and also that the Sri Lankan Muslim population is almost totally Tamil-speaking.</b> This is separatist, secessionist, Tamil chauvinist poison brew, and it is this brew which is contaminating all educational institutions, including the Madras Law College and other Law colleges in the state and all educational institutions.

The extent of Church penetration by way of the growing numbers of Christians in these parties and through direct and indirect funding of these political parties can be gauged from the fact that all Dravidian parties met the US Consul-General in Chennai on 20 February, pleading with him on bended knees, for American intervention in Sri Lanka to protect the Tamil people! They have thus signalled that their agenda in Sri Lanka is different from that of their national government. <b>If these parties can ask for US intervention in Sri Lanka which is not in India’s national interest, tomorrow they may ask for the same in India if the national government is inimical to the political objectives of Islam or Christianity. Anti-Hindu Tamil chauvinism rests only on the support base of these so-called minority religions.</b>

Non-Hindu and anti-Hindu Tamil chauvinist students go on to become Heads of Department, Deans, Vice-Chancellors and other important people in Tamil Nadu’s fully or partially aided educational institutions, while the same species of students in Tamil Nadu’s Law Colleges aspire to become Government Pleaders, judges in the subordinate judiciary and eventually, god help us all, judges of the Madras High Court and thereafter transferred on promotion to other States. The penultimate stop in the journey is eventual vertical ascension as lawyers or judges in the Supreme Court, culminating as Chief Justice of India. All right-thinking patriots in the nation’s Bar and Judiciary owe it to themselves and to the nation to cleanse the Madras Bar pool of this poison.

<b>The clash between two sections of students in November 2008 in the Madras Law College was between students belonging to one caste which is Hindu and students belonging to the scheduled castes who are in the main, Christians or anti-Hindu irreligious Dravidian Tamil chauvinists.</b> The coterie around Ms. Jayalalithaa comes from this Hindu community and given her new love for Christianity and the Church, the November clashes placed her literally on the horns of a political dilemma. She and the ruling DMK sought the most politically expedient escape route; they hanged the policeman. The then Commissioner of Police R Sekhar was removed summarily, as was Joint Commissioner (North) Abhay Kumar Singh.

Because Tamil Nadu’s dangerous anti-nation politics will not permit them to diagnose the problem correctly, the cure was just as faulty and destined to fail. Transferring senior police officers for the rowdyism, goondaism and terrorism of the students of Law College in November did not prevent or deter the shameful happening in Court Hall 3 on 17 February, or the events that followed it as a direct consequence of political inaction, silence, and even capitulation over the murderous attack by the scheduled caste lawyers on Dr. Subramanian Swamy, police men, women and officers and others in the court on that day.

The secular print and media, with no knowledge or understanding of the intricacies of Tamil Nadu’s politics and its contrived political links with Sri Lanka’s politics, are also guilty of choosing the easy route towards TRPs. They have been guilty of great disservice to their chosen profession by not informing or educating the people about the truth of the events. The police and the army are the favourite whipping boys, but the media must pause and introspect – what will be the state of the nation if the police and the army one day simply refused to act?

<b>Which forces will benefit the most? The terrorist components of Islam, Christianity and Communism have forged partnerships and are a seamless web. Media coverage of the growing lawlessness of scheduled caste students and lawyers of the Tamil Nadu Law Colleges and the Bar is ridden with political clichés and hackneyed phrases of police excesses.</b> The violence in the state is growing because Dr. Swamy allegedly referred to the lawyers derogatorily by their caste name, and the rowdies want Dr. Swamy arrested. The goonda lawyers are also burning the effigy of DGP K.P. Jain for ordering the Swift Action Group to move into the court premises in response to the vandals setting fire to the police station located inside the court. Under the circumstances, to prevent being blamed for inaction, the DGP had no other option but to deal with the rampaging mob in a manner he considered appropriate and effective.

<b>Dr. Swamy is a “brahmin dog” and DGP Jain is an</b> “invading Aryan.” The scheduled caste Christian converts and the anti-Hindu Dravidian scheduled caste Tamils have been supported by all Dravidian political parties with the right to verbally and obscenely abuse and physically assault Hindus. This organized group when faced by resistance promptly seeks refuge in the law, accusing the victims of having denigrated them by abusing them by their caste name. This is now a well-known and expected ploy and always succeeds in breaking the spirit of even the sturdiest Hindu resistance to their bullying and abuse. <b>They are doing the same with Dr. Swamy now, and instead of asking to see the court order wherein the judges have attested to the lawyers abusing Dr. Swamy as “brahmin dog,” the media is propagating the lawyers’ version and adding fuel to the well-planned fire of caste war.</b>

Caste Hindus [read OBCs – Editor] are known to retaliate in equal and appropriate measure to anti-Hindu provocations, but Brahmins are soft targets. <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>The war here is not Brahmins against scheduled castes, but Christians and Dravidian Tamils against Hindus via Brahmins.</span> The bonus in this war is beating up policemen and burning police outposts and police jeeps and cars. If in the violence they get to beat up the police, that constitutes victory in the minor battle. It was so in 1998, it was so a decade later in 2008 and it continues to be that way in 2009. The war will be won when Tamil Nadu goes the Kerala Way. I think it has already gone that way and far beyond.

The writer is Editor, www.vigilonline.com<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Hindus have no clue how to contain the poison of christianism. Their solution thus far is always to be psecular and consciously avoid mentioning the word christian/christianism (christianity) in anything and everything. Because it goes against their conscience (but Hindus dying doesn't go against their conscience).
At the very best, the psecularly-soft Hindus may refer to the 'church' or 'missionaries'.
If Hindus can't say it, then they shouldn't complain when they no longer have the opportunity to say it either.

Belief in Oryan-Dravidoidism <i>is</i> belief in christianism. An invitation for disaster. Dancing with fire.

And the Rajeev2004 blog warns:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Lawyers Violence in Tamil Nadu</b>
The recent outbreak of heavy violence provoked by lawyers in Tamil Nadu is clearly an attempt by LTTE to destabilize the state, for the purpose of being able to inject its own brand of politics into the situation.

Unfortunately, the BJP seems to be falling for the bait. They should take care not to fan the flames, and provide the Eelamists with further opportunity for their agenda.
Posted by san at 2/21/2009 09:03:00 AM 0 comments
Labels: elections, LTTE, Psychology <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Christianism is very bold and daring now. Making a bid to take over TN. And Hindus are as psecularly ignorant as ever. First step is to <i>identify</i> christianism and warn others of it, so that they will know these are not random, psecular events, but are christianising events. (Nepal wasn't taken over by the "maoists" - it was taken over by <i>christian</i> maoists. Like the christoterrorists of TN are trying to take over the state under the localised christian garb called DMK.)
See the second-to-last paragraph in red.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Marxist move to market Prasadam in the name of Ayyappa</b>
22/02/2009 05:47:53 

Hindu Aikyavedi warns of massive stir

Courtesy: www.expressbuzz.com

PATHANAMTHITTA: Hindu Aikyavedi president K P Sasikala Teacher warned of massive agitation against the Raidco move to market Sabarimala aravana prasadam.

  Inaugurating the Hindu Aikyavedi district meeting here on Friday, she threatened to launch another ``Nilackal-model’’ agitation against the proposed move, which she said has the clandestine support of  the Government and the CPM.  She said that the move was part of a larger plan against the religious sentiments of the Hindu community.

  Sasikala said that the Government should scrap the Sachar Committee report since the recommendations were discriminatory against the Hindu population.  She urged the Union Government to withdraw the legislation of making madrasa education on par with the CBSE since the move was with the vested interest of garnering Muslim community votes.

  She said that none of the 38 Muslim countries of the world had the privilege of making religious school education on par with general education, not even in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

  The Aikyavedi leader flayed the introduction scholarship for the children belonging to the minority communities since it discriminates the children among the backward class in the Hindu community. Scholarships have been awarded to 30,000 students,  which include 18,000 Muslim students and 12,000 Christian students, while the students belonging to the Hindu backward communities remain neglected, she said.

  Hindu Aikyavedi district president P.Ramachandran presided over the function.
Hindu Aikyavedi organising secretary M.Radhakrishnan, secretary K Haridas and RSS prantha gramavikas pramukh Krishnankutti also spoke.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
The blue bit above is a particularly <b>christian tactic</b> to discourage Hindus from remaining Hindus. Same as in ancient Rome: where initially benefits were given to christos in every position, like government and army, while the traditional Romans were thereby discouraged from remaining in their Religio. (Later the Roman christo-government switched to outright persecution of the traditional Greco-Romans.)

<b>From Joseph McCabe's 'The Story of Religious Controversy'</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->From the first Constantine had, apart from his unsuccessful decrees, showered wealth and privileges upon the Church. A stream of gold flowed from the palace, and new churches, of a more attractive nature, began to rise. At court and in the army the best way, if not the only way, to secure promotion was to become convinced by the brilliant evidence of the religion. Even ordinary citizens were rewarded with a baptismal robe and a piece of gold. Villages were raised to the rank of cities if all their inhabitants exchanged Jupiter for Christ. In ten years imperial gold had done more than the blood of all the martyrs, the miracles of all the saints, and the arguments of all the apologists.
Except that wealth continued to reach the Roman clergy, the progress of the Church in the west was now suspended. The city of Constantinople was dedicated in 330. The world had at least a Christian metropolis; and it was a superb city. Already, as I said, more than three fourths of the Christians were in the ignorant east, and they were now encouraged to attack pagan temples and openly ventilate their scorn. Few pagans could get advancement in the east.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Hindus are unable to recognise christianism because psecularism (psecular governance) is an invisibility mask that it uses. Hindus should learn to identify christianism's claw by looking at the patterns of christian behaviour in history and other countries.
The <b>comments</b> on the article of Radha Rajan posted above (actually good to read the article itself with her own/the editor's chosen emphases):

One comment is by a "Shrikant G. Talageri" (same name as the one who wrote on the Rg Veda), another by Radha Rajan herself.

Islamism is a secondary threat to Bharatam and Hindu Dharma. The primary threat (and the genius behind islamism's success in the subcontinent, as also that of communism) is christianism. Islam is NOT clever. Communism may be clever, but it's not this clever. Christianism - people have no idea of what it's capable of, and they keep underestimating it. Stop. Don't.
World Vision is at it again, it is using SDM popularity in USA to seek more donations.


A sample comment from the blog:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Hinduism has a somehow role to play with the endemic poverty in India.Hindusim does not teach that everyone is equal before God hence the castes system which clasifys the society along hindu beliefs of atonement.The poor are regarded as atoning for their sinful past hence there is little that can or should be done for them.
Mahatma Ghandi tried to educate the people about this when he labelled the so called untouchables as 'harijans' i.e children of god.These untouchables are usually the 'poor poor' who have no social standing and are forced to do the most unclean things in traditional hindu society.The position of these people who represent over 30 percent of the population remains a pressing social problem in India today.
The political leadership should work with the hindu brahmins to educate the people that poverty has nothing to do with karma or reincarnation .Efforts must be made to eradicate discrimination against untouchables.

Tony Oseivhi<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Und es geht los.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Christians seek more representation, Admits Government census is wrong</b>
25/02/2009 15:02:36 

Christians seek more representation


HYDERABAD: With the elections due soon, the All-India Christian Council held a meeting with representatives of political parties in the State today, demanding adequate representation of Christians in the Assembly and Parliament.

General secretary of the AICC Prabhu Kumar spoke of the need for inclusive politics, which should serve and protect the interest of Minority members. He said that though official records state the percentage of Christians in the State to be close to 9%, the actual figure is about 19% of the total population, which is a significant number that needs to be accounted for, he said.

The AICC members submitted a memorandum to this effect stating their demand for 30 Assembly seats and 3 Parliament seats for Christians from different political parties. The meeting was attended by representatives from Congress, Praja Rajyam and TRS. <b>The Council also wanted withdrawal of GOs 746 and 747, which the conference president and legal advisor, K S Krishna Mohan Rao said were "contrary to the interests of the Christian community."</b> Rao also spoke about the need to confer Schedule Caste status to Dalit Christians to ensure social upheaval for the downtrodden. He further said that plans are in place to set up a legal cell to protect the rights and interests of victims of acts of religious atrocities<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The old war game. "Never declare oneself until one is of a force significant enough to be reckoned with."
(Also note the many Hindu names of the people siding with the christoterrorists in this. Prabhu Kumar is a crypto as he keeps to a Hindu name but is part of the AICC, and their supporters Praja Rajyam and K S Krishna Mohan Rao.)

Hindus keep ignoring crypto christians and in fact help them to stay invisible. Psecular Hindus should try to continue their exercise of believing in benign psecularism when it is no longer the principles of pluralism of the majority Hindu that is governing the land but christoislamicommunazism. The converted parts of NE are an example in practice. No more talk of psecularism there, only nagaland-for-chwist and conversions at gunpoint there and in Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh.

Hindus' rights and freedom will evaporate at a speed that is directly proportional to the gains of christoislamiterrorism in the country. No amount of continuing to sing the psecular tune will help then. That's a song sung only to Hindus who are gullible enough to believe in the lyrics. No use singing it back to christoislamics - they are not mad, they *know* there is not the tiniest use to psecularism once they have the say anywhere.
The official
2001 census says that the xtian percentage in Andhra is 2%, not 9%
< Posts on previous page (christians via their AICC declaring their percentage in AP - 19% - to get represented in politics as per their numbers)

Christo and islamic boys do what they do best: gang rape a Hindu girl (note that Varghese is a Kerala Syrian christian name) -

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Sexual Abuse of Hindu Student - 'MINORITY' boys convicted</b>
25/02/2009 14:41:02 

Three convicted in SME ragging case

PNS | Kottayam

Special Court judge K Sasidharan Nair of Kottayam on Wednesday pronounced guilty first three of the total nine accused in the case relating to the sexual abuse of a junior Nursing girl student at the School of Medical Education (SME) at Arupukkara. The punishment for the convicted trio would be announced on Thursday.

The court concluded that final-year nursing students <b>Ranjith Varghese of Kollam, Sherin of Muvattupuzha and Shefeeq Yusuf from Athirampuzha. First, second and third accused respectively, had abused the girl sexually in the name of ragging.</b> The crime was committed on October 21, 2005. <b>The judge observed that the crime of the convicts included gang rape.</b> The other six accused were acquitted for want of convincing evidence.

Legal experts said that the court had found the accused guilty under Sections 376 and 342 and the Act against ragging in colleges. They said the trio could be punished up to ten years in prison. They pointed out that ragging itself was seen by Judiciary as a horrible crime and the offence here included rape as well. The trial in the case had started on October 21, 2008, exactly three years since the day the crime was committed.

The nine persons accused in the case had included students, college authorities and even a doctor outside the college. The other accused in the case were nursing students Ashley Varghese, Robin Paul and Dibin Philip Perumal, KM Mariyam, then principal of the SME Nursing College, Dr Muraleedharan Nair, former director, SME and Dr Saibunnisa Beevi, head of the department of psychiatry, Medical College Hospital, Kottayam.

Prime accused Renjith Varghese and the other accused students, Sherin, Shafeeq Yusuf, Ashley Varghese, Robin Paul and Dibin Philip were charged for illegal confinement, molestation, procuring a girl for rape, administration of psychotropic substance, gang-rape and criminal intimidation. They have also been charged under Section 4 of the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act.

Twenty-seven witnesses were examined by the Prosecution in the case while thriy exhibits were produced in the court. There were 32 documents and the defendants examined seven witnesses. There were a total of 115 witnesses.

According to the prosecution, a few male students of the School of Medical Education had sexually tortured and gang-raped a first-year girl student in the name of ragging in an isolated laboratory at the institution on October 21, 2005. The authorities concerned had allegedly tried to keep the incident as a secret, the Prosecution charged.

The case was probed by a team headed by Vinod Kumar, who was now DYSP, internal security, State Special Branch, Thrissur. Though the chargesheet in the case was filed on January 17, 2006, the trial of the case could be started only on October 21, 2008 due to various reasons. The Special Court was scheduled to pronounce the verdict on Tuesday but it was deferred to Wednesday as the preparation of the judgement was not complete.

Special Prosecutor G Mohanraj appeared for the Prosecution while MK Damodaran, Pius Kottam, Ajithkumar, PK Chithrbhanu, Sureshbabu Thomas, Thomas Mathew, CS Ajayan, Balagovindan and Anandapadmanabhan represented the defendants as counsles.

After the pronouncement of the verdict, Public Prosecutor Mohanraj said he was satisfied with the judgement. He said the Proseuction had succeeded in establishing that the accused had committed rape.

<b>“The important contention of the Prosecution was that there had been rape. Ragging is a crime indeed but it is not as serious as rape. Now the court has found the accused guilty of rape.</b> We hope they would get punishment which would be a model,” Mohanraj said.

Gopi, father of the girl said he was relieved to hear the judgement. He hoped that the judgement would serve as a deterrent to such crimes in the future.

Meanwhile, the counsel for co-accused Dr Muraleedharan Nair said after the pronouncement of the verdict that he file damage petition against the Government now that he had been acquitted. “My client was a reputed Government servant who had out in 26 years of service for the people.

He does not deserve to be treated like this. Now the court has found that there has been no evidence to prove his involvement in the case. We will approach the court,” the counsel said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

The following is not about the Indian situation.
From a page at the Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Communique 197 / January the 8th, 2008</b>

<i>The 'Epiphany' at Dion</i>

Without any particular surprise, we observed once again this year the celebrations of the christian 'epiphany' complete with the all too familiar nasal incantations and the participation of political and municipal leadership on our local television news programs. As is the common practice, each year the byzantine-loving representatives of the nation's political authorities; the 'princes' and 'principals' of local government crowd together with zeal to occupy seats close to bishops and other cassocked individuals in a public facade of their exemplary christianity.

However, there was a special surprise that awaited us this year as the television announcer on the channel for Pan Hellenic viewing triumphantly announced that a ceremony had been held to consecrate the waters of the archaeological site of Dion. From the televised news segments, it became apparent that there, in what had once been the holy city of the Macedonians, lay a swamp that had formed as a consequence of the diversion of the Vaphyros, a river held sacred by the Hellenes. The choice of this specific site combined with the intent underlying the national broadcast of the ceremony raises many reasonable questions that demand answers.

Did the Archaeological Authority issue a permit for the purpose of holding such a ceremony? <b>Why does the local church persist in emphasising its presence with their insistent selection of sacred ancient Hellenic sites as venues for their ceremonies? Is the church's attitude caused by their growing concern regarding their ever-diminishing flock over the passage of time? Or does the church see their Helleno-christian myth wearing thinner with each year that passes by?</b> Perhaps the Church does not consider the desecration and destruction of Dion by Alaric and Arcadios as enough to sufficiently 'sanctify' the place? Perchance, could it be that the church believes that as a result of their 'purification' ceremony that the Gods of the Hellenes will desert the vicinity and that in place of the river Vaphyros, the river Jordan will flow?

The Gods of the Hellenes do not understand byzantine babble. They existed, exist and will always exist as They spoke, speak and will continue to speak to the hearts of more and more Hellenes who discover and follow the path of our Ethnic self-determination. And our Ethnic self-determination is a river that does not flow backwards.
<!--emo&:clapping--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/clap.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='clap.gif' /><!--endemo-->
SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE ETHNIKOI HELLENES (Y.S.E.E.)<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->About the last para: further proof of how we have nothing in common with christoislamism but have everything in common with other Natural Traditions.
(I don't understand the kind of 'Hindus' who keep mentioning "Hinduism" alongside the illegitimate terrorist ideologies of christianism and islamism.)

Also check out the images of the traditional Hellenes at
Beautiful. I love seeing them in traditional gear (keep scrolling down) and carrying out their offerings to the Olympic Gods. It's how it should be.
And are those moorthies I spy? Why yes, yes they are. Greco-Romans were always much like Hindus, Shintos and Taoists (and Mahayana Buddhists) in that respect too.
See the actual link for images and its use of emphasis

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>3 Hindu Meitei officials battered to death by Christian Nagas in Manipur; 3 abducted Christian officials unharmed may be complicit in the massacre (Photographs)</b>
feb 25th, 2009

this is happening in manipur, which is not yet a christist-majority state.

so you can imagine what's happening in nagaland, which is 97% christist-majority.

lo, truly is it written that the RoL is full of love. we see so many examples of this love here. let me count the ways: 87-year-old laxmananda saraswati shot to death with an AK-47, young nun abhaya beaten on the head with an axe and dumped in a well, now this...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ravi

Trio battered to death

Imphal, Feb. 17: Hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded, three Manipur government employees were found bludgeoned to death at a deserted place in Senapati district this morning.

The bodies of sub-divisional officer (SDO) Thingnam Kishan Singh, his official driver <b>Aribam Rajen Sharma, and a chainman, Yumnam Token Singh</b>, all from Imphal West district, were found on the bank of a canal at Taphou, 6km south of Senapati police station.

The bodies were spotted by villagers who then informed police.

<b>The police said all three were hit on the head with stones and other weapons. A bloodstained small boulder and a blood-soaked spade were found on the spot. "This is the most brutal form of murder," a police official said.</b>

The three employees of the state revenue department, posted at Kasom Khullen in Ukhrul district, went missing since February 14. They had left the district headquarters in a Gypsy for Kasom Khullen, in the interior of the district, in view of a visit by works minister T. Ranjit Singh that day. They were accompanied by three other officials, Ramsing Tangkhul, Ramthing Tangkhul and Khamkhasing Zimik, also posted in Ukhrul.

The group, however, did not turn up when the minister and his team reached Kasom Khullen.

A relative of the SDO, Shantikumar Singh, said: "Kishan left home on Friday. He was supposed to come back the next day. When he failed to come back, we went to Ukhrul yesterday to find out (why he had not returned). Officials at the district headquarters said they were missing."

The police said the whereabouts of the other three employees were still unknown and the vehicle the officials took to Kasom Khullen had also not been recovered.

The police could not name any group or individual behind the abduction and murder, but suspect that a hill-based militant group could be behind the incident.

"We have registered a case at Ukhrul police station. We are investigating the case. There is no clue to the identity of the group or perpetrators," R. Sudan, SDO, Ukhrul, said over phone.

The families and relatives of the three victims formed a joint action committee during a meeting at the SDO's residence in Nagamapal in Imphal city this evening. They demanded an inquiry into the killings and punishment to the culprits.

The convenor of the committee, Sapam Subhankar, said they would call a 48-hour statewide strike from midnight tonight. The committee alleged that NSCN (Isak-Muivah) cadres were behind the incident.

Protesters also blocked Singjamei Road and Nagamapal Road, the localities of the other two deceased this evening.

Chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh reviewed the situation with top security officials and the cabinet this evening.

The NSCN (I-M) had admitted that the self-styled commanding officer of the outfit's Kiusumong battalion, H. Ningshen, "masterminded" the abduction of Kishan, his driver Rajen and chainman Token Singh from Ukhrul on February 13 and murder of the three officials on February 17 in Senapati district.

Three other subordinate staff of the SDO who were abducted along with the slain officials were rescued by police and Assam Rifles on February 21 from Ukhrul.



The funeral procession of the SDO and his two subordinate staff heads towards a common cremation ground near Cheirap Court in Imphal on Monday. (PTI)


A protest rally against the killings on Monday

The other three missing officials were rescued from Ukhrul on Saturday and they are being interrogated

Manipur limbs back to normalcy

People participating in a procession in Imphal  area on Monday, February 23 while carrying the dead bodies of the late SDO and his two staff before conducting the last rites.Three Manipur government employee were found murdered at Senapati district (Lukharabi Thong) near Paphou Kuki village who were killed by NSCN (IM) Cadre. (UB PHOTO)

Showing their solidarity over the killing of the SDO Kasom Khullen and his two officials, thousands turned out to mourn and participated in the last rites.

Prior to the last rites the bodies of the officials were taken to their respective residences for floral tribute marching through a tight security measures arrangement to prevent any violent incident. During the homeward procession participants and well wishers displayed banner and placards which read, "<b>Every single drop of their blood is a wake up call", "Stop peace talk with terrorists", "Let us defend our life, freedom and land", "Who is next? Enough is enough", etc.</b> The three deceased were then cremated at the Gandhi Ghat, Uripok in Imphal West.

In a moment the sensitive pseculars will be back to maintaining a studied silence on the crypto christianism everywhere. Nothing spits on the Hindu Dead as surely as such perfected protectionism.
Always remember: psecularism will protect you in return when christianism/islamism is in the majority and Dharmics in the minority. (<i>Not</i>, of course. But it's such a pretty illusion. Why shatter it?)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Communal tension in Rourkela: Hundreds of Christist fascists attack, 11 arrested</b>
feb 26th, 2009

hindus have no right to set up temples in india.

but christists can build churches wherever they want. they try to build them often as close to temples as possible, so as to waylay the hindu faithful. and they paint crosses and plant them everywhere on public land, and then claim them as christist lands.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri

Communal tension in Rourkela

26 Feb 2009

ROURKELA: Members of Christian community in Kukuda village near
Lanjiberna in Rajgangpur assembly constituency protested the move to
set up a temple in the village.

... deleted
Posted by nizhal yoddha at 2/26/2009 10:36:00 AM 0 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->About this statement Nizhal made above:
"but christists can build churches wherever they want. they try to build them often as close to temples as possible, so as to waylay the hindu faithful. and they paint crosses and plant them everywhere on public land, and then claim them as christist lands."
It stresses earlier and ongoing instances of the same summarised at
http://hamsa.org/interview.htm - Q.17

Anyway, like everyone - except the psecular Hindus - knows, 'Religious freedom', 'Hyooman rights', 'religious sensitivitee' and stuff only apply to christoislamiterrorists.
<!--emo&:clapping--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/clap.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='clap.gif' /><!--endemo--> <b>Swagatam</b>

Realising their folly, 252 Christians re-embrace Sanatana Dharma
26/02/2009 10:50:53 HK

Dehradun: 252 Christians mostly got converted by the evil tricks of cunning Missionary came back to their ancestral religion.

The function was organised by Dharm Jagran Samanvaya Vibhag affiliated to Sangh Pariwar. The Ghar Wapasi ceremony was led by Shankaracharya Rajrajeshwaranand in presence of RSS leaders from the state.

252 people of 60 families were blessed to come back as a result of the function, informed Shri Shiv Prasad-State unit president of Dharm Jagran Samanvaya Vibhag
<b>Every Hindu should donate Re 1: Togadia</b>
25/02/2009 14:30:39 Courtesy:expressnewsbuzz.com-Dated Feb -16

ROURKELA: International general secretary of the VHP, Praveen Togadia today kicked off a fund raising drive in Sundargarh district to match the activities of the missionaries.

Addressing a gathering, he claimed that due to sustained efforts of VHP<b> five lakh </b>people, who converted to Christianity, have returned to Hindu fold so far. He said missionaries worldwide are engaged in religious conversion in the guise of so-called ‘service’ using a well-knit network of 41 lakh Christian institutions and annual spending of Rs 65,000 crore.

Togadia further said that of the 1.15 lakh tribal villages across the country, 23,000 villages have been covered under VHP’s one-teacher schools and separately 5,000 resident tribal students are getting quality free education. Strengthening VHP’s education and health services is the inevitable counter offensive to missionaries, he added and urged each Hindu to donate Re 1 and a fistful of rice for the cause.

On the sidelines of the workers’ meet he noted that Congress-led UPA Government has failed to combat terrorism.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>no, no, no, these are not taliban; just high-jinks by "boys"</b>
feb 26th, 2009

no, they are not christist or mohammedan taliban, of course not. no, renuka chowdhury is not upset. nor is the ELM. nehrudynastyTV did not have live TV coverage

the courts have announced their guilty verdict in the 2005 gang rape-torture-ragging of a 1st year nursing student at SME college of nursing in kottayam, kerala. under the pretext of ragging, she was terrorized, drugged, forced to go to an isolated lab, and gang-raped, by six 3rd year students.


here are the sections under which the convicted have been found guilty:

1. gang rape 376-2
2. aiding and abetting a rape
3. procuring a woman for sexual purposes 366
4. sex with an under-age woman (which i suppose is statutory rape) 366a
5. molestation and outraging the modesty of a woman 354
6. illegal confinement 342
7. death threats and criminal intimidation 506
8. violating anti-ragging provisions
9. administration of psycho-tropic substances

the first two accused have been given 10 years hard labor.

the third accused has been given 3 years hard labor.

now let us take a look a the names of the convicted and the accused:

1. renjith varghese (christist)
2. sherin shamsuddin (mohammedan)
3. shafiq yusuf (mohammedan)
4. ashly verghese (christist)
5. robin paul (christist)
6. divin philip (christist)

the above, all students, participated in the rape. all but the first three have been acquitted.

the following tried to sweep it under a carpet:

7. former principal k m mariam (christist)
8. former director muraleedharan nair (hindu)
9. saibunnisa beevi, a psychiatrist (mohammedan)

these people have been charged with
a. criminal conspiracy
b. destruction of evidence
c. misleading the police
d. forging documents

i think they have all been let go.

<b>i don't remember if the name of the raped girl was ever revealed, but this being pseudo-secular kerala, the chances are pretty good that the girl is a hindu. after all, everything hindu is public property in kerala.</b>


in a separate incident, in ambalapuzha, kerala, two hindu and one christist high school girls committed suicide a few weeks ago following their friendship with some "friends". lo and behold, consider the mobile phone which had the videos of the girls having consensual sex or being raped -- turns out the SIM card has been erased! lo, how timely and divine an intervention, just like valson thampu's phd that arrived in the mail just in time. lo, a miracle, indeed!

the accused "friends" are shanavas and zaufar (both mohammedans). they used to use their mobiles as well as those belonging to two others.

we should all go and study the sections in the holy books relating to the use of conquered women.

where is john dayal, though, i wonder? what, and ratzy is not upset? surely, renuka chowdhury and shabana azmi are shrieking on tv about taliban and discrimination against mohammedans? shabana is probably really upset that no mohammedan girls are included in the victim list.

and where is the telecom minister? let us ban all phones with video cameras! yeah, that's the ticket.

(thanks to a for the pointers)
Posted by nizhal yoddha at 2/26/2009 09:30:00 PM 0 comments<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->Well, Nizhal Yoddha's guess was right that the victim was a Hindu girl:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Sexual Abuse of Hindu Student - 'MINORITY' boys convicted</b>

<b>Gopi, father of the girl</b> said he was relieved to hear the judgement. He hoped that the judgement would serve as a deterrent to such crimes in the future.

Meanwhile, the counsel for co-accused Dr Muraleedharan Nair said after the pronouncement of the verdict that he file damage petition against the Government now that he had been acquitted. “My client was a reputed Government servant who had out in 26 years of service for the people.

He does not deserve to be treated like this. Now the court has found that there has been no evidence to prove his involvement in the case. We will approach the court,” the counsel said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
See also the photo of the <b>"Vote for All India Christian Democratic Front"</b> banner at link (photo also contains Sonia Gandhi in the Top Left corner, naturally).

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Rename AICC to All Indian Christian Committee
26/02/2009 11:36:42  HK

Bangalore : This <b>image</b> is one of the numerous posters pasted across Bangalore for the MP seat of Samuel Chacko a Keralite Christian. This so called former chairman of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Commitee’s labour cell is pleading to the leadership of so called Secular party, Indian National Congress through the mediatorship of a Christian organisation!

While the Hindu activists who work day and night for the Congress party is fooled and blindfolded by the leadership with their Secular Mantra, The bargaining power of Church make sure that those who got prominent positions in the party must be Christians. Whether it is Samel Chacko or Tom Vadakkan it is their association with church the benchmark for selecting MP’s but not their commitment to public, for the Secular Congress!<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->My goodness. Christianism in India is getting really organised.
And christianism strikes again.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>christist charlatan beats hindu to death and cremates him on the sly in the kerala</b>
feb 28th, 2009

<b>one thomas, the director of the "mary's holy compassion love ashram" (i kid you not) at kidangoor near kottayam, kerala, has been arrested on charges of murdering a mentally disturbed man who was under his care, and then cremating him in a public crematorium.</b>

cremation -- all the better so that no body can be exhumed or post-mortemed. this is the favorite way for christists to get rid of hindus whom they have killed. there was the case of the hindu girl who was robbed, raped, murdered, and cremated at the "potta divine meditation center" near cochin a year or two ago. this is according to testimony by her (christist) roommate who saw all this.

apparently venugopal had been an inmate of the "ashram" [sic] for four years. he was mentally disturbed. on oct 15th, he quarreled with the employees of the center. whereupon thomas assaulted venugopal and beat him up. when he fell down under the assault, he hit his head against a table and was rendered unconscious. thomas then gave him two heavy duty pills and imprisoned him in a cell. later, thomas and his wife gita (interesting: a converted hindu?) took venugopal away, allegedly to the mental hospital in trivandrum. venugopal was never seen again. thomas claimed he ran away from the car while he was being taken to trivandrum.

police have discovered that venugopal died as a result of the assault and the pills. thomas and gita apparently took him straight to the crematorium in trivandrum, claiming the person was an orphan and that they ran an orphanage.

the christist taliban in action once again.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Christian tyrant government in power in India trying to implement the same old christian tactic it used in Rome to induce conversions:

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b> PIL against scholarships for religious minorities</b>
01/03/2009 03:13:48  www.organiser.org

Mumbai : A PIL has been filed in the Bombay High Court against a scholarship scheme for religious minorities. The scheme, launched by the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs last year, provides for 20,000 scholarships on merit and income basis for students from Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Parsi communities.

Petitioner Sanjeev Punalekar, a city-based advocate, has taken exception to it saying that “it excludes Hindus and Jains, who constitute eighty per cent of the population”. Such “discrimination” on the basis of religion is against the constitutional principle of equality, the petition said.

Further, <b>it violates the Hindus’ and the Jains’ freedom to practice their respective religions, as the sops to other religionists “makes them (the Hindus and the Jains) more vulnerable to the allurement” and leads to conversions, the PIL</b> alleges.

Last week, a Division Bench of Justices JN Patel and VK Tahilramani posted the petition after four weeks for hearing, asking the Centre to file its reply.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Ganesh  01/03/2009 03:18:30  Dont wait for individuals</b>
I think it is difficult for individuals to file PIL on such a national disgrace like this.The likes of VHP,DB or Ram sene must file litigations on behalf of all Hindus against such blatant communalism by the pseudo sickular parties.The Madarasa certificat issue and the pension issue must be challenged in court.Public fund raising can be done online for this purpose.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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