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US Elections 2008 - 4
It'll be interesting to see if the sexists comments made by Olberman, Mathhew, and all other TV blabbermouths against Hillary will repeated against Palin.
They better walk on eggshell or they'll be will be taken to woodshed if they try what they did earlier in the year.

Obama screwed up, just as expected and predicted…

Count how many Obama selected top advisors have been fired from his camp, but ONLY after voters began to discover for themselves where MEDIA, like CNN & MSNBC failed to report the truth and of course the rapid drop in polls, otherwise Rev Wright would still be employed by Obama camp. Next Obama's selects VP vetting team, Jim Johnson who got the sweetheart deal from countrywide and fired and Caroline Kennedy no experience at all, (payback for Ted Kennedy’s support) who both stupidly ignored the historic candidate who split the primary elections down the middle, won the popular vote, 23 primaries, with 18 million strong supporters, they wrongly pick Biden who got just 9000 votes in primaries and contradicts his change message and the war vote the media helped him use against Hillary that Biden voted for as well? Proof is Biden gained him zero "bounce" in the polls. Infact it underlines his inexperienced to lead and make a decision based on what’s best for the country and not just for him and Michelle.

What would Clinton of added to the ticket? Apparently a WIN. If Clinton were at the top of the ticket, even today polls show she would be leading McCain by 8pts 3 months after ending her campaign. Clinton herself enjoys 87 percent approval ratings among Democrats, Gallup reports three out of four Democrats would like to see her as president and be a major-party spokeswoman over the next four years. Clinton's supporters lukewarm in their support for Obama mainly because of the sexist way his camp treated Senator and President Bill Clinton. David Axelrod has said often in the past; “Obama doesn’t need her supporters” they vote republican anyway, why are they begging for them now? DNC is shaking in their boots over selection of Palin.
Especially after the historic DNC convention Obama ONLY got an average 2pt bump in polls, when history shows most got 10-15pt bump.

Simply Put: “ Dems showing “BUYERS REMORSE”

Tabloid Cable media especially CNN ( Obama hired help)& MSNBC should be boycotted for frankly putting the security of our great country at risk with an Obama coronation in the bias election opinions nightly. It’s extremely concerning that so many Americans could care less about who their candidate really is?? He’s black, let’s make it happen? Simply amazing and frankly scary.


Obama has shown this entire season he can be pushed and told exactly what to do just what we can’t have in the White House and remember grandma; he will throw anyone under a buss if it helps politically so; WATCH OUT MICHELLE!

Obama, Pelosi and Dean are why we changed our party affiliation to “Independent” When all the benefits are with the Democrats this election; they selected the wrong candidate, who in turn selected the wrong VP candidate by a mile.


The Dems are freaking out right now. They never dreamed that the GOP would throw up a young woman for V.P. This changes the whole game. The Dems had done all their homework on Romney and Pawlenty and were just waiting for the annoucement to trash them. When they found out it wasn’t Romney or Pawlenty, they started to panic. They had no prepared anti-Palin ads to run. The best they could come up with was a lame statement about how Palin was too inexperienced…which they considered a nonissue last week. That just made them look like hypocrites. The Dems are playing defense right now and they expected to be playing offense. They have to figure out a way to attack Palin without angering women. Its not going to be easy.
Courtesy of the john mccain blog


formerrepublican wrote:
You've got it all wrong! The biggest concern we have has nothing to do with Palin. What scares us to death is that the Republican candidate for president of our country - the person who holds in his hands our safety and the safety of our children and grandchildren - made such an important decision within a few days, a few hours. He had only met her twice, I believe. How on earth can he protect us and our country? His threathening comments about Georgia, about Iran, and others now make more sense. This guy just doesn't think, he doesn't have a steady hand to maneuver this ship! Democrats don't have to attack this young girl! They will win this election because we have never had as a candidate someone as volatile and unpredictable as John. And who wants that kind of person to lead this country of ours.

<b>Obama & Co. must take high road on Palin </b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Then there was Rush Limbaugh gushing about the Republicans having "the babe" on their ticket.

He just wishes he could talk her into taking off her glasses and letting down that ponytail <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
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<!--QuoteBegin-Viren+Aug 30 2008, 07:33 PM-->QUOTE(Viren @ Aug 30 2008, 07:33 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->It'll be interesting to see if the sexists comments made by Olberman, Mathhew, and all other TV blabbermouths against Hillary will repeated against Palin.
They better walk on eggshell or they'll be will be taken to woodshed if they try what they did earlier in the year.
They are already doing, saying she just had a baby , how she can spend time for VP? Why she continued with Down Syndrome pregrancy? She is just a hockey mom? "but she's only a beauty queen".

John Roberts: questions whether a woman with a Down Syndrome child has the time to run for VP

<b>MSNBC: </b>
Political Director Chuck Todd says it will be up to HILLARY CLINTON to make sure that women do not go over to Palin (The begining of the "It's all Hillary's fault that Obama lost drumbeat that we predicted)

<b>On FOX</b> two reporters chatting about this landmark choice and Gov. Palin's speech and the closing line from the "man on the ground" was:

"The only thing she didn't say was 'Who wants pie I baked some this morning?'" to which both reporters shared and celebrated their sexism with a hardy laugh.

<b>Rep. Jim Clyburn</b>, the House Democratic Whip, told South Carolina ETV Radio that the pick was 'risky' and would prove to be as embarrassing to McCain as Dan Quayle was to former President Bush.
Clyburn also compared the choice to Walter Mondale picking Geraldine Ferraro, a member of Congress who became the first woman on a national ticket, which he said was "absolutely awful." --

<b>Jack Cafferty</b> calls Palin younger and less experienced than Obama. Well, he got the first one right. Of Palin he says,
"Sara Palin is in her first term as governor of Alaska, a state that has 13 people and some caribou."

<b> MSNBC</b> had a 'breaking news' bar at the bottom of the screen when they showed Palin's speech today with "How many homes will Palin add to the McCain total?"
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Then there was Rush Limbaugh gushing about the Republicans having "the babe" on their ticket.

He just wishes he could talk her into taking off her glasses and letting down that ponytail.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Absolutely Wrong. I am listening his programme for long time and not once he had used these statement against her, infact she is his candidate. They are so happy because she is fiscal conservative.
It is all same theological differences between Protestants and Catholics, except in modernist terms of Democrat and Republican. Each side vies to be most normal, most real, most authentic, most normal family, and so on. And all is pandered to most indoctrinated and propagandized populace in history. Indian interests lie elsewhere but not in these theological arguments over pro-life, anti-life; As said in Gita, all *things* must perforce act, so where is the dilemma, except in minds of these abrahamist idiots. Sepoy Obama confirmed greatness of America in his speech.
Must watch:
This was 4 months ago when nobody was talking about Gov Palin.
Video: Glen Beck on Gov Palin
This frothing in the mouth by leftist is fun to watch!


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Vice in Go-Go Boots?
Published: August 31, 2008
The guilty pleasure I miss most when I’m out slogging on the campaign trail is the chance to sprawl on the chaise and watch a vacuously spunky and generically sassy chick flick.

So imagine my delight, my absolute astonishment, when the hokey chick flick came out on the trail, a Cinderella story so preposterous it’s hard to believe it’s not premiering on Lifetime. Instead of going home and watching “Miss Congeniality” with Sandra Bullock, I get to stay here and watch “Miss Congeniality” with Sarah Palin.

Sheer heaven.

It’s easy to see where this movie is going. It begins, of course, with a cute, cool unknown from Alaska who has never even been on “Meet the Press” triumphing over a cute, cool unknowable from Hawaii who has been on “Meet the Press” a lot.

Americans, suspicious that the Obamas have benefited from affirmative action without being properly grateful, and skeptical that Michelle really likes “The Brady Bunch” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” reject the 47-year-old black contender as too uppity and untested.

Instead, they embrace 72-year-old John McCain and 44-year-old Sarah Palin, whose average age is 58, a mere two years older than the average age of the Obama-Biden ticket. Enthusiastic Republicans don’t see the choice of Palin as affirmative action, despite her thin résumé and gaping absence of foreign policy knowledge, because they expect Republicans to put an underqualified “babe,” as Rush Limbaugh calls her, on the ticket. They have a tradition of nominating fun, bantamweight cheerleaders from the West, like the previous Miss Congeniality types Dan Quayle and W., and then letting them learn on the job. So they crash into the globe a few times while they’re learning to drive, what’s the big deal?

Obama may have been president of The Harvard Law Review, but Palin graduated from the University of Idaho with a minor in poli-sci and worked briefly as a TV sports reporter. <b>And she was tougher on the basketball court than the ethereal Obama, earning the nickname “Sarah Barracuda.”</b>

The legacy of Geraldine Ferraro was supposed to be that no one would ever go on a blind date with history again. But that crazy maverick and gambler McCain does it, and conservatives and evangelicals rally around him in admiration of his refreshingly cynical choice of Sarah, an evangelical Protestant and anti-abortion crusader who became a hero when she decided to have her baby, who has Down syndrome, and when she urged schools to debate creationism as well as that stuffy old evolution thing.

Palinistas, as they are called, love Sarah’s spunky, relentlessly quirky “Northern Exposure” story from being a Miss Alaska runner-up, and winning Miss Congeniality, to being mayor and hockey mom in Wasilla, a rural Alaskan town of 6,715 (<i>actually it is 8715, but never mind, who has time for details with all the hissy fit</i>), to being governor for two years to being the first woman ever to run on a national Republican ticket. (Why do men only pick women as running mates when they need a Hail Mary pass? It’s a little insulting.)
Sarah is a zealot, but she’s a fun zealot. She has a beehive and sexy shoes, and the day she’s named she goes shopping with McCain in Ohio for a cheerleader outfit for her daughter.</b>

As she once told Vogue, she’s learned the hard way to deal with press comments about her looks. “I wish they’d stick with the issues instead of discussing my black go-go boots,” she said. “A reporter once asked me about it during the campaign, and I assured him I was trying to be as frumpy as I could by wearing my hair on top of my head and these schoolmarm glasses.”
This chick flick, naturally, features a wild stroke of fate, when the two-year governor of an oversized igloo becomes commander in chief after the president-elect chokes on a pretzel on day one.</b>

<b>The movie ends with the former beauty queen shaking out her pinned-up hair, taking off her glasses, slipping on ruby red peep-toe platform heels that reveal a pink French-style pedicure, and facing down Vladimir Putin in an island in the Bering Strait. Putting away her breast pump, she points her rifle and informs him frostily that she has some expertise in Russia because it’s close to Alaska. “Back off, Commie dude,” she says. “I’m a much better shot than Cheney.”</b>

<b>Then she takes off in her seaplane and lands on the White House lawn, near the new ice fishing hole and hockey rink. The “First Dude,” as she calls the hunky Eskimo in the East Wing, waits on his snowmobile with the kids </b>— Track (named after high school track meets), Bristol (after Bristol Bay where they did commercial fishing), Willow (after a community in Alaska), Piper (just a cool name) and Trig (Norse for “strength.”)

<b>“The P.T.A. is great preparation for dealing with the K.G.B.,” President Palin murmurs to Todd, as they kiss in the final scene while she changes Trig’s diaper. “Now that Georgia’s safe, how ’bout I cook you up some caribou hot dogs and moose stew for dinner, babe?</b>” <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Woman had to work double hard to prove herself. When Kaine and other dem. Gov with 2-3 yrs of experience were on short list, none of these liberals were talking about experience or how their child birth was or water broke when and where. MAUREEN DOWD is symbol of what’s wrong with liberal ideology and never fails to display why these people are sick and live on others misery.

Today Alan Comes came out, when Sarah conceived her first child whether she was married or not or when her water broke just after Gov conference and she continued with speech and ignore pre-natal care and now had Down’ Syndrome kid. DailyKilos is saying its not her child but his 16year old daughter's baby. That is how Liberals work. They are in shock, democrat torch bearer of woman rights have nothing else to do now.
Within one hour Alan pulled down his comments and came up with other nonsense
<b>It’s About Judgment, Stupid</b>
read comments also.
Giuliani: Palin More Qualified Than Obama
Says As Mayor Of Small Alaska Town Palin Has Had To Make Decisions Rather Than Speeches
(CBS) Speaking on Face The Nation Sunday, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was announced Friday as presumptive GOP nominee John McCain’s running mate, is more qualified to be president than Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

“You know why? She had to make decisions,” Giuliani told Face The Nation anchor Bob Schieffer. “All Senator Obama has had to do is talk. That's all he does.”

Palin, who is 44 years old, has been the governor of Alaska for less than two years. Previously, she served two terms as mayor of the town of Wasilla, Alaska, whose population in 2000 was 5,470.

Citing her executive experience, the Republican National Convention keynote speaker called Palin “somebody of accomplishment” because “she's vetoed legislation, she's taken on corruption, and in her party, and won. She took on the oil companies and won. She administered a budget successfully.”

He also said Obama “is the least experienced candidate for president in the last 100 years.

“I mean, he's never run a city, he's never run a state, he's never run a business, he's never administered a payroll, he's never led people in crisis,” Giuliani said.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with Democrats but supports McCain, told Schieffer that McCain’s decision to add Palin to the ticket “is a little bit like opening a door and letting some fresh Alaska air into Washington.

“I think here he wanted to send the message, get somebody fresh, somebody really who represents the other America outside of Washington where people don't care whether you have an 'R' or a 'D' after your name, they just want you to get something done to help them deal with the problems they have,” Lieberman said. “And Sarah Palin comes from that other America.”

Carly Fiorina, a senior McCain advisor, called Palin “a person of great accomplishment” and suggested she excites women because she is “a woman trying to balance her work life and her family life, not to mention her incredible track record of reform and taking on, as she said, the good old boy network.”

Fiorina said Palin’s anti-abortion rights position would not keep former Hillary Clinton supporters from backing a McCain-Palin ticket.

“I think, frankly, the Democratic Party has done a disservice to women by trying to hold women hostage to the issue of Roe v. Wade,” she said. “The truth is the most important issue to women, all the polls say this, is the economy. Women are not single issue voters. Yes, there are some women for whom the issue of reproductive rights trumps everything else. But the truth is most women are not that way.”

Also appearing on Face The Nation, New York Times columnist David Brooks suggested McCain chose Palin to shift the focus from Obama to his ticket.

“You can see why McCain took her,” he said. “She risked her political career to take on the special interests in her own party, she took on the oil companies. She's like McCain. McCain wants to change this campaign from change to, from left to right, he wants to make it, 'I'm going to clean out the stables.'

“But then we see the risks,” Brooks continued. “She has no experience, basically. People are going to be nervous about her. And what it says about John McCain [is], some people drive the aircraft carrier, they have a big team around them. Some people take off from the aircraft carrier, they're lone fliers. John McCain is a lone flier. This was a 'lone flier' choice, it was risky.

"Do people want a risky president? The pluses and minuses are huge in this pick, and that's why we're talking about it.”

Giuliani said “there’s no question” that McCain would put the focus of the Republican National Convention “on the South and on Louisiana and Mississippi” because of Hurricane Gustav.

“Senator McCain has already indicated that it would be inappropriate to have celebrations, that things have to be scaled back,” Giuliani said.

Lieberman, chairman of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee, said, “We are 1,000 percent better prepared today than we were before Katrina.

“We have the full resources of the federal government prepositioned, supplies and equipment, communications equipment, and the resources of the United States military already on the scene helping to evacuate sick patients from hospitals,” he said. “So we are as ready as you could possibly be. What we have to hope and pray of course is that the storm does not go beyond the capacity of the levees to protect New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast.”
<img src='http://www.timesonline.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00390/pp185x_390911a.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
M16 rifile , which Biden want to ban. <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

Watch 0.23

<img src='http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_hWAVXHNngbk/R2Pk2vMVm1I/AAAAAAAAAOw/jewP2I0J_n4/s1600/ftwainwright_govp_08s.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />
<b>Obama plans to disarm America</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>PUMA’s divert attention from Obama</b>
PUMA’s rock the Floor at Invesco Field before leaving Denver.  We are finally on our way back and should arrive on Tuesday night.

We are so sorry you all did not stay and join 4 brave soldiers. We got hold of NOBAMA gear – we obtained 3 Floor credentials for BJ, Robin and our favorite guy Pat and proceeded to the coronation.

When Obama came to the podium we donned our NOBAMA and PUMA gear and traipsed up and down every isle and tortured the Obamites. We walked around the stage, separated from Obama by only the secret service men. It was as if we were in The Sistine Chapel during High Mass dressed in a devil costume carrying a pitchfork. I do not think any of them heard a word he said as they were horrified that the four of us dared to appear and commit heresy at the coronation. Some tried to have us thrown out, but the police stood firmly on our side.

YES we DID. Sorry you could not be there!
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
Palin's unmarried daughter is pregnant
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Besieged by blog rumors about her 17-year-old daughter, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — named Friday as running mate of John McCain —<b> released a statement Monday saying her daughter is pregnant and plans to marry the father. </b>

The governor and her husband, Todd, said their daughter Bristol plans to keep the baby.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Palin's presence on the <b>ticket has thrilled evangelical conservatives — many of whom are strongly opposed to premarital sex</b>. But Palin also is revered by the conservative base for her fierce opposition to abortion and the her family's decision to keep an unplanned baby likely will only bolster those credentials.
Kerry made a mistake in '04 raising question of Cheney's daughter (her sexual orientation). I don't expect the same mistake by dems this time, they are way too smart this year.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Kerry made a mistake in '04 raising question of Cheney's daughter (her sexual orientation). I don't expect the same mistake by dems this time, they are way too smart this year.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
They are already doing that is why she came out with this statement. Democrat, liberal blogs were claiming that down syndrome kid is their 17 yr daughter's baby, because daughter was showing belly. Gov. Palin came out with statement that daughter is 5 months pregrant so down syndrome baby is Gov Palin not her daughter. Liberal radios are screaming that Gov. Palin was one month pregrant when she married her husband.
Funny thing since when these liberals cared about family value , babies etc.
Bill bimbo pop were regular in 1992, he still got elected, Obama is punishment of teenage pregrancy.
Just now liberals are discussing DUI of Gov Palin's husband, incidence took place in 1986.

Democrats know how to lose election by nominating Obama.
In PA BO -49% and McCain 44%, this is before Palin announcement.

Yesterday, Biden was drunk in PA rally.
The Utter Arrogance Of It

29 Aug 2008 07:35 pm

Yes, we knew McCain had an ego. We never quite appreciated how vast it was. Yes, Obama is inexperienced in foreign policy. But at least he has thought seriously about it. Do you really believe that Sarah Palin understands the distinctions between Shia and Sunni, has an opinion about the future of Pakistan, has a view of how to exploit rifts within Tehran's leadership, knows about the tricky task of securing loose nuclear weapons? Does anyone even know if she has ever expressed a view on these matters? Here's a bleg: can anyone direct me to any statement she has ever made about foreign policy?

The biggest secret of the Bush administration is that they were never serious about national security. Serious leaders do not fabricate intelligence through torture methods borrowed from the Communist Chinese. Serious leaders do not invade foreign countries on dubious intelligence with no plan for an occupation. Serious leaders do not try to manipulate detainee policy for electroal purposes. Serious leaders do not engage in moronic talk of victory or surrender five years after removing a regime.

And now we know something about McCain's promise: he takes all this even less seriously than Bush.


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