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Related to #158 somewhere above:


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Quote: Chris said...

[color="#0000FF"]Some guy called Lenin something is behind this as per Nityananda. Does that ring a bell somewhere?

Reeks of conspiracy by Christians.[/color]

3/04/2010 10:56 AM

Incognito said...

Nithyanandaji is great. He experienced realization. And he experienced Ranjitha. Quite a feat <img src='http://www.india-forum.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Nevertheless, the content of his spiritual talks are very meaningful.

Essentially it boils down to this. There are hundreds of videos featuring Nityananda. 99% of them give out spiritual knowledge. One percent, these latest ones by sun network, are different from the rest.

It is upto a person to decide which ones of the above he want to draw inspiration from, if at all.

It is essentially the message that counts. Not really the messenger.

Einstein produced the equation e=mc2. He also produced tonnes of shit during his lifetime. Which of the two would you pay attention to ?

Sun network may consider the latter. This channel probably never aired even one of Nithyananda's spiritual discourse. But took the effort to conduct this 'sting' operation and to publicize it.

That says a lot, unfortunately, about the people who continue to patronize sun network.

3/04/2010 6:12 PM

karyakarta92 said...

[color="#0000FF"]Apparently, the video is the work of the godman's christist disciple, Lenin Karuppan. It could well involve digitally morphed images. If so, the whole episode reeks of a christist conspiracy. On the other hand, it is also possible that the godman was indeed into worldly things & the christists laid a honey trap. The video seems bogus to me.[/color]

Also, consensual sex between two consenting adults is not a crime, although spiritual leaders are held to a higher moral standard. In Hinduism, celibacy is not required of religious leaders unless they are Sanyasis who have renounced worldly pursuits. So, what really is the noise all about? Financial impropriety? Homicide? Rape?

Admittedly, fradulent people do become "godmen" and are involved in criminal acts - they should be prosecuted.

Unfortunately, the exploits of some phoney godmen are used as a stick to beat the whole religion with.

The christist godmen got away Scot free for much worse, ex: in the Sister Abhaya rape & murder case. The christist godmen had the state government of Kerala , "Justice" Cyriac Joseph and the shroud of Turin to cover up their diabolic actions. I don't recall Sun TV covering the christist debauchery at that time. Nityananda will not have that benefit.

3/04/2010 7:51 PM
IIRC Sun TV is the channel of the cryptochristo-DMK boss Karunanidhi. (Isn't Karunanidhi's son-in-law a christist - it must all be some psecular coincidence. Still, anyone want to lay odds on it that K's daughter is one too - a cryptochristist. Like the DMK.) Reminds one of the need for a thread exposing cryptochristianism AND listing cryptochristists, with people like N.Ramm listed at the top.



[quote name='Husky' date='05 March 2010 - 06:15 PM' timestamp='1267792646' post='104861']


Quote:Friday, March 05, 2010

one more sister-abhaya type case involving christist godmen

mar 5th, 2010

this potential murder charge does not get anybody excited enough to attack the churches, why? amazing there are always 'enraged citizens' (read mercenaries) congregating against hindu interests, ready with inflammable material (as in godhra) just waiting to be enraged.

the answer: the case of swami nityananda allegedly having sex with a woman is a conspiracy by christists/DMK. they were worried that nityananda, a lower-caste person himself, was preventing a lot of conversions. so naturally they had to destroy his reputation and for good measure his ashram.

of course, this was the reason the kanchi swami was attacked by the christists/DMK also.

nobody in the media is saying 'let the law take its course'. the media has decided that the swami was guilty, although it is entirely possible to doctor up videos using photoshop-like techniques.

and in any case, even if the swami had sex with a woman, he didn't kill her, right? unlike sister abhaya and now this young girl (by the way, she's a christist girl too -- and of course christist girls under their control are irresistible pieces of meat for padres). let us also remember the 'vampire of cochin', the bishop john thattunkal, who had a nubile 25-year-old girlfriend aka adopted daughter. thattunkal has been spirited away to the vatican. no conviction for incest?

from www.kaumudi.com, which has a picture of the felon: he must be at least 60 years old, the old goat, still pantering after teenagers!

Anu's mysterious death: Priest arrested

KOZHIKODE: Priest Fr. K J Joseph alias 'Habeeba Achan' of Pathanapuram Mount Tabor monasty has been arrested by the Crime Branch in connection with the mysterious death of Anu, an inmate of Pothukal Christian Hostel near Nilambur.

Anu, native of Kannur, was a plus one student at Catholicate Higher Secondary School. Anu's sister who was also an inmate of the same hosel has provided statement to the police that two priests including Habeeba Achan sexually harassed Anu, and the case was handed over to Crime Branch as allegation came that the police was extending hand to accused.

The police has not yet revealed about the case charged on the priest. The arrest was carried out by Crime Branch Inspector P T Vasudevan. Later the priest was handed bail. The police hint that more arrests would happen.

The post mortem report says the consumption of rat poison. Anu's family and relatives believe she was forced to consume the poison.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 3/05/2010 12:27:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post


I can't find the picture on kaumudi.com (is it on their Malayalam-language pages?), but what I can find is:


Quote:Priest held on molestation charge

KOZHIKODE: The Kozhikode Crime Branch- Criminal Investigation Department yesterdayarrested a priest on the charge of sexually molesting a minor girl of an educational institution at Nilambur in Malappuram district. A special team led by the Detective Inspector P.J. Vasudevan arrested K.G. Joseph alias Father Habib, 61, hailing from Pathanapuram, for outraging the modesty of the 15-year-old inmate of home for children more than a year ago.



Quote:Hindu swami caught in compromising position on TV

A Hindu swami has provoked outrage in India after footage of him in a compromising position with an actress was shown on television channels.


In the footage, Paramahamsa appears reclining on a bed as the actress rubbed her hands over his body.
Since when is that the same as sexual relations....?

Images of his charities in action:


Despite his Dhyanapeetam having a website which moreover has English pages (which are things that generally don't make me predisposed to care either way about such Swamis concerned), and though it seems he's a young person, his "Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam" looks to actually help people from little ones (including orphans) to poor elderly in India. Free food. Free medical camps and health checks, etc. Which would explain why christos might want to try to pull what they did on Sai Baba: character assassination using accusations of a sexual nature.
[quote name='k.ram' date='14 September 2008 - 06:47 PM' timestamp='1221397741' post='88002']

A response to Karan Thapar's article:


Hindustan Times Article "Whos the real Hindu?" http://humanrightsindia.blogspot.com/2008/...ran-thapar.html

By: Bandyopadhyay Arindam

9/9/2008 11:06:50 AM

Author's Home Page

Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom.

(This is a response by Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay to the article by By Mr. Karan Thapar, "Who"s the real Hindu?" Hindustan Times, August 30, 2008)

Dear Mr. Thapar,

I am responding to your recent article "Who"s the real Hindu?" Hindustan Times. Hope you will have the opportunity to see it -

Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay.

"Does the VHP have the right to speak for you or I?"

(Definitely not for you, even if I am to assume that you are a Hindu, may be accidentally by birth, as was claimed by our first Prime Minister.)

"Do they reflect our views? Do we endorse their behaviour? They call themselves the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, but who says they represent all of us?"

(I agree. They definitely do not represent people like you and your journalist - intellectual crowd like Vir Sanhgvi, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose and Barkha Dutt, nor the activists of the kind of Teesta Setalvaad, or the politicians like the Lalus and the Mulayams.)

"This Sunday morning, I want to draw a clear line of distinction between them and everyone else. My hunch is many of you will agree."

(Now where did you get the right for doing that? Did we give you the right? How did you imagine that even if we do not agree with VHP, we will agree with you?)

"Let me start with the question of conversion - an issue that greatly exercises the VHP"

(and, for your information, a certain Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who said "proselytizing under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy, to say the least" and "If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytising.... it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth.")

"I imagine there are hundreds of millions of Hindus who are peaceful, tolerant, devoted to their faith, but above all, happy to live alongside Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Jews."

(Smart move - lump all the non-Hindu religions together. Please leave the Sikh, Buddhist, Jains and Jews alone - they do not belong to the faiths you seem to represent- the "peaceful, tolerant, devoted to their faith" Muslims and Christians.

And "happy to live alongside"?

Yes, we did live happily alongside for the 700 years of Muslim rule. Only we lost maybe just a 100 million Hindus and had to accept, Jizya tax and put up to few atrocities such as having our daughters and sisters raped, our temples vandalized and razed and our properties taken away, but mostly we were happy to live like a second or third class citizen - we sure lived alongside.

Are you also representing the Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh, in your hundreds of millions? May be they don"t count since they are not Indians. Should I, say, include Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir or do Hindu minorities matter like their Islamic and Christian brethren?

And what about the 200 years of British rule, which Will Durant described as the most sordid and criminal exploitation of one nation by another in all recorded history.

Let me remind you what Lord Curzon, the late Viceroy of India, had said about India, "Powerful Empires existed and flourished here while Englishmen were still wandering painted in the woods, and while the British Colonies were a wilderness and a jungle. India has left a deeper mark upon the history, the philosophy, and the religion of mankind, than any other terrestrial unit in the universe."

And when the British left after a successful "loot" of over a trillion dollar (in today"s value) that funded the British Industrial revolution, India was transformed from a producer of about 25 percent of world GDP in 1750, to only 2 percent in 1900. Those 200 years of "benevolent" Christian British rule, left India with 20 million famine-related deaths, a literacy rate of 11% (1947) and a life expectancy of 25yrs (1921).

Sure some people did happily live alongside at that time and some still do praise the Christian British for "civilizing" us.

How about Goa under Inquisition from the Portuguese Church- requested by the venerated St. Francis Xavier himself, an unmatched saga of mayhem for over two centuries that outlasted even the inquisition in Europe and left less than 20,000 adherents to the their Pre-Christian faith from an original 250,000.)

"If any one of us were to change our faith how does it affect the next man or woman? "

(Now let"s start to look at some opinions of a few famous people about Christianity and Conversions.

Let me start with Swami Vivekananda. I hope he passes your scrutiny as an original Hindu of a Non- VHP kind. He was sent to represent Hindu Dharma to Chicago over a century ago - thankfully he had no secular media to face. And these are his words, "They come to my country and abuse my forefathers, my religion, and everything; they walk near a temple and say "you idolaters, you will go to hell" ... "If all India stands up, and takes all the mud that is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean and throws it up against the Western countries, it will not be doing an infinitesimal part of that which you are doing to us."

How about some westerner"s comment? Thomas Jefferson, the former US President, had mentioned, "Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced an inch towards uniformity. ...were the Pope, or his allies, to send in mission to us some thousands of Jesuit priests to convert us to their orthodoxy, I suspect that we should deem and treat it as a national aggression on our peace and faith."

This is what Pitrim Sorokin, a Harvard sociologist had said, "During the past few centuries the most belligerent, the most aggressive, the most rapacious, the most power-drunk section of humanity has been precisely, the Christian Western world..During these centuries western Christendom had invaded all other continents; its armies followed by priests and merchants have subjugated, robbed or pillaged most of the non-Christians. Native Americans, African, Australian, Asiatic populations have been subjugated to this peculiar brand of Christian "love" which has generally manifested itself in pitiless destruction, enslavement, coercion, destruction of the cultural values, institutions, the way of life of the victims and the spread of alcoholism, venereal disease, commercial cynicism and the like."

And this is what thy holy Pope John Paul II, in 1999, on his visit to India said, "Just as in the first millennium, the Cross was planted on the soil of Europe, and in the second on that of the Americas and Africa, we can pray that in the third Christian millennium a great harvest of faith will be reaped in this vast and vital continent (of Asia)."

I could expand or should l trust your journalistic curiosity to do some search yourself?

In case you still do not get the message - it is about preservation of dharma, of righteousness, of choosing between good and evil, of standing against atrocities, of pride and self-esteem, of patriotism and liberty.)

"And even if that happens with inducements, it can only prove that the forsaken faith" Do you mean "Hinduism? Did your mask slip for a moment? "had a tenuous and shallow hold." (on people of your stripe). "So why do the VHP and its unruly storm troopers, the Bajrang Dal, froth at the mouth if you, I or our neighbours convert? What is it to do with them? Let me put it bluntly, even crudely. If I want to sell my soul - and trade in my present gods for a new lot - why shouldn"t I? "

(Sure you can sell your soul and you proved it well. But let me reinforce the basics, never taught or learnt by you.

The reason is the concept of Bhartvarsha, the land later named as India, and her over 8000 yrs old Civilization, called the Indus - Saraswati Civilization. It is the purity of Bharat"s religion and culture and the tradition of her indigenous people who later came to be labeled as "Hindus" by foreigners. People of different faiths, languages and customs, lived and survived in this civilization. Jews and Parsis got their shelter after been persecuted everywhere. Tribes and sects lived happily in remote places without fear of their identity being trampled. And that was all because the "forsaken faith" of Hinduism did not preach proselytizing.

India is not a Muslim or Christian country even after 900 years of invasion, torture and annihilation because of the Hindus. You may not agree but there are many who do agree with what Annie Besant had to say, "After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual than the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future...And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism who shall save it? If India"s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it? India alone can save India and India and Hinduism are one.

So if by this time you do not understand, Mr. Thapar, let me tell you once more clearly that the true Hindus, who have not sold their souls and who do not trade their gods, feel that the existence of Bharatvarsha and her Spiritual soul is threatened.

It is the only country in the world where the majority of the population are actually fighting for their right to live peacefully without being terrorized, to safeguard their culture and tradition, to prevent their history from being wiped out, to save their temples from being taken over, to defend their faiths in their religious deities and icons, to save their saints from being humiliated and murdered, to preserve their heritage from being destroyed, to pray to their own God of faith and to visit their own pilgrim sites, in their own country and with their own money.

Their unity is deliberately being divided. Their elected government and politicians are deaf to their needs. Taxes paid by them are openly and specifically allocated for the prosperity and development of their adversaries. Their newspaper and television media, by and large, ridicule them and identify with foreign faiths with foreign masters. Atrocities committed on them are not even reportable or "narrated objectively" whereas a mere allegation against them is good for headline news and warrants unqualified condemnation, without investigation or verification.

There is no body that they can trust. They have no spokesmen, no Government to ensure their welfare, no media to express their anguish, no academic to pen their chronicle.

They have their backs to the wall.

Their country has already been broken down to pieces - they cannot allow any further fragmentation.

They have realized that they have to fight back.

And that is what has started to happen - if you can put your ears to the ground - be it in Orissa or Jammu, you can hear the reverberations.)

"Even if the act diminishes me in your eyes, it"s my right to do so. So if thousands or even millions of Dalits, who have been despised and ostracized for generations, choose to become Christian, Buddhist or Muslim, either to escape the discrimination of their Hindu faith or because some other has lured them with food and cash, it"s their right. "

(I was sure waiting for this topic to surface.

Have you ever heard of Dalit Christian Mr. Thapar? A little enquiry on your part will tell you that the Dalit Christians, who account for over 70% of the 25 million Christians in India, have been largely converted by exploitation, coercion and the false hopes of egalitarian status but still suffer from the segregation, oppression and discrimination, only now at the hands of their fellow Christians of the upper castes. Conversion into the new faith has not redeemed them from the stigma of "untouchablity". A Dalit Christian has minimal say in the leadership and control, has minimal access to education (despite a wide network of Christian missionary schools and colleges), job opportunities and entrepreneurship development. Even in the local church communities, controlled by Christians of the "upper castes", Dalit Christians often have separate entries, separate place to sit, separate cups at the Eucharistic celebration, separate communion rails, and even separate cemeteries. Thus ends the Christian promise of equality, human dignity and egalitarian status through conversion

Have you ever criticized the Christian organizations for their Dalits and why they are "ostracized"?

You are fully aware that caste discrimination is a degenerated, socio-political evil manifestation of an ancient vocational order according to mental inclinations and unrelated to birth right. You also know this has been declared illegal in modern India. India had a President, a deputy Prime Minister, a Chief Justice, and currently has the Chief Minister of its largest state belonging to the lower caste. India is also the only country that has had religious minorities as its head of state not once but repeatedly, after its modern birth. But give me an honest answer. Who do you think perpetuates this social evil any more than our politicians and our media? So why is it that this ill politics of contemporary Indian society, of its lawlessness, exploitations and dominations, conveniently blamed primarily on Hindu religion?

Have you ever demonized the "faith of Christianity" for its Crusades, Inquisitions, anti Semitisms, witch burnings, black slaveries and the destructions of Mayans, Incas and Australian aboriginal civilizations, the African and Asian Colonization, besides the two world wars.

As a leading media personality, what have you or your clan done to eradicate this system, other than parroting the same politicians and laying the blame on Hindu Dharma that ensured a just state for thousands of years, with no caste problem, until the British landed on its soil?

And how does that justify Christian proselytizing and domination over the lower castes and tribes of the Indian populace?

At least bring a modicum of integrity to your profession, Mr. Thapar. Can you, for once, clear the web of lies, half-truths and disinformation that clouds your thoughts and write a "truthful" article on any of the topics like Joshua project, the 10/40 window, the Project Thessalonica, the Maranatha Volunteers, etc.)

"Arguably you may believe you should ask them to reconsider, although I would call that interference"( so conversion, by hook or by crook is okay but asking to reconsider is "interference",) "but you certainly have no duty or right to stop them. In fact, I doubt if you are morally correct in even seeking to place obstacles in their way. The so-called Freedom of Religion Acts, which aim to do just that, are, in fact, tantamount to obstruction of conversion laws and therefore, at the very least, questionable."

(So, the law of the nation is now incompatible with your Christian sympathy. How patriotic? Can you tell me why the church leaders including the holy one at Vatican, while saying that they do not indulge in forced conversions, are so worked up and demand the revocation of the law?)

"However, what"s even worse is how the VHP responds to this matter. Periodically they resort to violence including outright murder"

(So when an octogenarian VHP leader and his associates are killed brutally by mercenaries, it is not really violence or murder. It was the evangelist way of giving the message of their only God to a "heathen" idolator. It is okay to do so because they are subhuman Hindus of the VHP kind.)

"What happened to Graham Staines in Orissa was not unique"

(I am sure you know very well that it had nothing to do with VHP or Bajrang Dal, but you had to make your "anti VHP case". If you honestly do not know, I request that you consider an alternative profession.

Keeping in mind your selective amnesia and incompetence, I seriously doubt whether you remember the unique, sister Abhaya "suicide" case, who was "blessed" by the father in the Kottayam convent. It is been reported that a former Congress Prime Minister had tried hushing up the case and that the High court, had reprimanded the CBI for tampering with some relevant CDs. The case remains undecided for 16yrs.

Funny, no body called this a failure of the "Hindu" judicial system.)

"Last week it happened again. Apart from the utter and contemptible criminality of such behavior, is this how we Hindus wish to behave? Is this how we want our faith defended? Is this how we want to be seen? I have no doubt the answer is no. An unequivocal, unchanging and ever-lasting NO!"

(Depends on what kind of Hindu you represent.

In case you do not know, protest and violence is a natural instinct of all life forms, especially to defend the integrity of their being. Surely, you cannot be dreaming of depriving Hindus of their right to self defense. Though the world likes to believe and promote the "Gandhi" image of Hindus, there are other icons of Hindus - starting from the "mythological" Ram and Krishna to the Shivaji and Rana Pratap and the Subhas Bose and Bhagat Singh.)

"The only problem is it can"t be heard. And it needs to be. I therefore believe the time has come for the silent majority of Hindus - both those who ardently practice their faith as well as those who were born into it but may not be overtly religious or devout - to speak out." (They are speaking out - listen to the people of Jammu ,Orissa and Gujarat). We cannot accept the desecration of churches, the burning to death of innocent caretakers of orphanages, the storming of Christian and Muslim hamlets even if these acts are allegedly done in defense of our faith."

(But we should gladly accept the desecration of our temples, the Christian - Marxist mercenaries killing our Hindu monks and the Islamic terrorist bombing our hospitals.

We should accept the diversion of temple funds for churches and mosques, and the subsidy from the Hindu majority"s money to visit pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem.

We should also accept the largest state subsidy to those secessionists of Kashmir, who howl anti-India slogans and hoist Pakistani flag, and yet successfully clamor to disallow the temporary use of a mere 40 hectares of land for the Hindus, on way to a pilgrimage in their own country.

We need to assure them that Hindus will take it lying down.

Why don"t you show us the way, Mr. Thapar?

Why don"t you announce Mr. Thapar, that the next time a Christian or Muslim wants to kill some Hindu that you choose to be the sacrificial cow; if they want to rape somebody they can pick her up from your family; and if they want to practice the art of "suicide bombing" they can go to your office address?)

"Indeed, they do not defend but shame Hinduism. That"s my central point. I"m sorry but when I read that the VHP has ransacked and killed I"m not just embarrassed, I feel ashamed. Never of being hindu but of what some Hindus do in our shared faith"s name."

(You already expressed a solution - sell your soul and trade your god. Have you considered the possibility that the majority of one billion Hindus may be embarrassed by people like you or actually consider the VHP inadequate to meet the challenge of defending India"s honor.)

"This is why it"s incumbent on Naveen Patnaik, Orissa"s Chief Minister, to take tough, unremitting action against the VHP and its junior wing, the Bajrang Dal."

(What kind of action Mr. Thapar? The one you prescribed for Mr. Modi, some time ago after the foolish, rabid Hindu fanatic Gujaratis elected him again as their Chief Minister? Do you remember writing, "Only the sudden removal of Narendra Modi can stop this..."

How many Modis are you willing to stop? How do you propose to derail the progressive Gujrati in his march towards his freedom - economic and spiritual? Did you not hear the five crore voices speaking through the ballot in Gujrat or the voices in Himachal and Karnataka?)

"This is a test not just of his governance, but of his character. And I know and accept this could affect his political survival. But when it"s a struggle between your commitment to your principles and your political convenience is there room for choice? For ordinary politicians, possibly, but for the Naveen I know, very definitely not. So let me end by saying: I"m waiting, Naveen. In fact, I want to say I"m not alone. There are hundreds of millions of Hindus, like you and me, waiting silently - but increasingly impatiently. Please act for all of us."

(It is said that during the British rule there was never more than 20-30 thousand British national in India at any one particular time. The British managed to rule for 190 years with the help of the "brown sahibs" who, as Thomas Macaulay defined, are a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, words and intellect.

Today how much we wish that the British had taken their pet brown sahibs along with them.

Max Muller, more than a century ago, while translating the Vedas, had wished that his translation "will tell to a great extent... the fate of India, and on the growth of millions of souls in that country. It is the root of their religion, and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from it during the last 3000 years."

If he was alive today, Mr. Muller could have been a very happy man to know you Mr. Thapar.

May Jesus and Allah together bless you, since you have chosen to forsake, the shallow faith of your forefathers.

We pray that may each member of the billion strong community, that you have chosen to misrepresent and misguide, find you and your ilk, worthy of pardon.

May India once again rise to forgive her own treacherous brood?)

Bandyopadhyay Arindam

As per mine opinion

" Hindu wishva ki sabse purani sabhyata hai, Bharat main Mughal, Turk, Duch, Frach aur English akramankariyon ne hamla kiya aur Shasan kiya, parantu bhartiya sabhyata aur hindu sabhyata ko koi kshati nahi pahuncha sake, parantu bharat ki azadi ke 60 sal beet jane ke bat pichhle kuchh varshon se jabse BJP/VHP/Shiv Sena jaisi rajnaitik partiyon ko apane liye ek zameen talasne ki naubat ayee tabse Hindu Sabhyata ko khatra lagatar badhne laga. Yahan tak ki in dal ke logon ne hamare poorvajo ke khoon ko nakara, uski tulna pani se ki aur na jane kya=kya,inhone,

In logo ne Ram Zanm Bhoomi pe bane Mandir ko pahle Maszid ka nam diya (zabki vahan pahle se moorti sthapit thi aur muslim aise sthan par prarthene nahi karte the, Pandit Nehru ne bina koi vivad kiye use pooza ke liye khulwaya, phir Rajiv ne bhi yahi kiya, vahin dooseri our in thathakathik Hindu dharm ke rakshako ne Bhagwan ke uuper se kshat daha di aur nara lagaya ki ab hum ise BAJAP ka mandir banvayenge, hazaro begunaho ko maut ke muh main dhakel diya, satta hasil ki aur phir bolna suru kar diya ki hum Hon. Supreme Court ke faisale kapalan karenge, Aaz phir satta se door hone par inhe RAM yad ya gaye.

Sacchaii to yah hai ki BJP/VHP/SHIV SENA/BAJARANG DAL jaise sangthan HINDU DHARM ki asmita ke liye sabse bada khatera hai, kuch dino bad hindu hone ke liye inse certificate lena padega.

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Anjaneya said...

what is swami nityananda guilty of?? is it illegal in karnataka or TN to do what everyone does? I cant believe Shadow warrior is talking in those terms.

There is no crime, this is a non issue.

3/05/2010 6:30 AM

Incognito said...

This is serious issue much more than is currently exposed.

3/05/2010 8:58 AM
Have no expectations of "Swami"-ness from jetsetting personalities and/or those who also have movements in their own name/built up around them and have a "global" (i.e. incl. western) following/mission*, but people and orgs doing good seva work to help vulnerable Hindus are welcome for their work.

However, if the 2nd comment (by Incognito) implies there is more to the Nityananda situ than merely that actress incident, then I think Incognito should make such details public. No one wants dangerous people and orgs to work with Hindu children or the old traditional Hindus, or to be influencing these.

* IMO the actual Swamis of the Hindu religion tend to be those down-to-earth, roll-up-your-sleeves kind - like Swami Lakshmananda I imagine - who have no religious movement in their name/around their persons, but rather belong to and hence promote the general (traditional) Hindu religion. They just help other Hindus become more consciously Hindu (mainstream Hindu) - making these aware and knowledgeable of their ancient religion - instead of getting these to join a specific modern ashram or movement.

In contrast, from what I can tell, the famous personality kinds often turn out to be disappointments (or worse) or can and frequently do get hijacked and subverted easily at any time. These last also tend to consciously universalise their movement (for global and cross-religious appeal) over time, rather than insisting on being part of the Hindu religion, and yet at the same time they frequently also end up bottling parts of Hindu Dharmic religion to sell as something "universal"/"belonging to all religions" (i.e. selling Hindu religion without even acknowledging it is specifically Hindu) when it most specifically is NOT universal: all aspects of the Hindu religion belong to the Hindu religion alone.

And the following may just be my preference, but I find that that which strengthens mainstream Hindu Dharma (the traditional kind unaffiliated to modern movements) is more reliable, especially in the long run. (That's not to say I'm not grateful for genuine seva work done among the deserving Hindus - where this is done without any aims of spreading a new movement/getting traditional Hindus to join up.)

So am wondering, where does Nityananda and his Dhyanapeetam fall? (Obviously, I wouldn't know since this last week is the first I heard about him.) Wish people like those commenting at Rajeev2004 and whose words imply they know somewhat (more) of Nityananda and his organisation - would actually write (all of) what they do know. When Hindus are forced to form an opinion on something - as they are whenever they're force-fed anti-Hindu 'news' by christomedia - better that that be as informed an opinion as possible.
M F Husain surrenders Indian passport in Doha


Since it is a lengthy article, here are some highlights.

"What became evident to me was that there was “cooperation” in informal and unofficial ways among the media, police and lower level judiciary. In fact, many third parties were aware of the attack in advance and had warned his people before it happened with specific details of the plan. For instance, one of his top devotees got a phone call from someone based in New York describing the media and police attack that was to come. His predictions turned out to be accurate but at that time the ashramites did not take the threat literally. He said that for the right sum of money he could be helpful in preventing such an attack. He claimed that the planning for this attack had started a year ago. He mentioned that a budget of Rs 200 crores was allocated by some overseas groups to demolish Hindu gurus especially in south India, and named two south Indian churches as the nodal agencies to coordinate this strategic plan. (I am presently pursuing these leads as part of my book investigation.) "

". One TV woman promised the swami’s people “positive” coverage if she got an exclusive. But after the interview, she betrayed and turned it into more distortion and smut. This led Swami Nithyananda’s handlers to give interviews to more stations in order to counteract this distortion. But the more they said before TV cameras, the worse the scandal became. One station was blatant in its threat to the swami’s assistant: “If you don’t give us an interview right away, we will show you the power of the media to destroy you.” At one point a major TV station also wanted to drag in Ramakrishna Mission with similar allegations, but someone was able to stop that."

"These common folks, mostly from the lower strata of Tamil society, had walked 300 kilometers for this journey which they saw as a spiritual pilgrimage. The reason for the anger of Christian and Dravidian forces is that his activities have put a dampener to conversions in many districts, and several Christians have return to Hinduism by getting initiated formally into his organization. The swami himself has spoken against conversions, and has also stated that the Dravidian movement had made Tamil people unspiritual in their lives, and that this had caused social decay. His Tamil language publications and courses have become his most popular ones, far exceeding the numbers in English. Also he is a very big threat because he is not a Brahmin. Because he cannot be targeted using the classical attack on Brahmins, and because the masses in Tamil Nadu were rising to swell his ranks, the threat he posed to the existing political power structure had to be stopped one way or another."
[size="6"][url="http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News/News-By-Industry/Services/Travel/Visa-Power/Job-ad-seeking-someone-of-Indian-origin-sparks-race-row-in-UK/articleshow/5698576.cms"]Job ad seeking someone of Indian origin sparks race row in UK[/url][/size]

LONDON: An advertisement by a British IT firm seeking someone "preferably of Indian origin" has sparked a racism row in the UK.

The advertisement, which appeared on a popular recruitment website, was placed on behalf of a Bristol-based computer company, Torry Harris, which has bases in Britain and India.

The advertisement reads: "Minimum six years of experience in IT. The person should be a UK citizen with security clearance from the UK Government. Preferably of Indian origin."

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the advertisement was removed last night from jobsite.co.uk as the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched an investigation.

The advertisement for the 38,000 pounds a year job was spotted by IT consultant Vince Silva of Chepstow, Gwent.

He said: "I have never seen a recruitment advert like this before, and think it is appalling job applicants could be discriminated against in this way.

"It raises a wider question about the way in which some big companies in Britain are bringing in IT workers from abroad instead of recruiting them here."

Torry Harris has declined to comment, but the EHRC said: "It is unlawful to discriminate against a job applicant on the basis of their nationality. We will be looking into the matter."
[size="6"][url="http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE62H4GO20100318"]Chicago Muslim Pleads Guilty to Helping Murder 160 in India...[/url][/size]

(Reuters) - A Chicago man pleaded guilty in court on Thursday to scouting targets for the 2008 assault on Mumbai that killed more than 160 people, including six Americans.


David Headley, 49, has been cooperating with U.S. investigators since his arrest in October and faces up to life in prison, said U.S. District Court Judge Harry Leinenweber.

Headley also pleaded guilty to plotting an attack on a Danish newspaper that offended many Muslims with 2005 cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Headley pleaded guilty to 12 conspiracy counts in exchange for avoiding the death penalty and a promise not to be extradited to India, Pakistan or Denmark.

Prosecutors also agreed to ask for a lesser sentence for Headley, but the judge said that was not guaranteed.

Three other men have been charged in the case, including a Pakistani-born Chicago businessman who is being held and two Pakistanis tied to militant Islamist groups who are not in custody.

Headley, who formerly lived in Pakistan, switched his plea from not guilty to guilty to providing material support to terrorism and conspiracy to bomb public places in India.

"Not only has the criminal justice system achieved a guilty plea in this case, but David Headley is now providing us valuable intelligence about terrorist activities," said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in a statement.

India suspended a 4-year-old peace process with old rival Pakistan after the November 2008 attack on Mumbai by 10 Islamist militants that killed 166 people. India has demanded action against Pakistani-based militants, but has signaled it is ready for a new round of talks.

Headley's case number is 09-CR-830.
X-post from christianism thread. (There's a reason it belongs there.)

1. Christist TOI paper - parroted everywhere blindly - is insinuating "Hindoooism" in the case of a muslim who did human sacrifice of a baby (isn't that what muslims regularly do - when they're not sacrificing adults?).

Note the TITLE.


Quote:Tantric arrested for beheading boy

PTI, Jul 24, 2010, 04.27pm IST

RAMANATHAPURAM: A tantric was arrested today for allegedly sacrificing an 18-month-old baby, police said.

Abdul Yousuf was sleeping with his father Ghouse Basha at a Durgah in Goripalayam in Madurai district yesterday when the tantric Abdul Gafoor took away the child.

[color="#800080"](A Dargah. I.e. an islamaniac mini-shrine.) [/color]

Police said Ghafoor beheaded the boy and drank his blood before burying the head at Tiruchendur in Tuticorin district. The torso was buried at a [color="#FF0000"]Durgah[/color] in Ervadi in Ramanathapuram.

[color="#800080"](1. But that's just islam: islamaniacs regularly Behead The Infidels for allah. It happens all the time. See Thailand where islamaniacs continue to behead Buddhist monks and laity.

2. Again, another Dargah: islamaniac mini-shrine. More proof that Abdul - the islamaniac - is what he is: islamaniac.

Christoterrorist paper is deliberately misspelling Dargah to sow confusion.)[/color]

Police today exhumed the head and the torso. They said Gafoor had told them he had a dream in which he envisoned getting "extraordinary powers" if he drank the blood of a male baby.
Fortunately, someone sensible added this comment:

Quote:SUMAN (US)

27/07/2010 at 12:39 am


2. Meanwhile, christists forgot to mention a case of human sacrifice done by christians - no doubt they'll try to blame Hindoooism for this too. Sadly, since it's in Moldova, christoterrorist papers in India are finding it hard to spin it in such a way that it can be blamed on Hindoos/Hindooism and declared a Hindoo practice.


Quote:Baby drowned during baptism

[color="#800080"][image caption:][/color] Tragedy ... Father Valentin baptises baby


Published: 26 Jul 2010

A PRIEST has been accused of drowning a baby as he BAPTISED the tiny tot.

The holy man is being quizzed after the baby's parents claimed he accidentally drowned their son at the ceremony.

Witnesses claim Father Valentin did not cover the six-week-old tot's mouth before immersing him in the font.

The priest denies being to blame for baby's death after the baptism in the Rascani district in north-western Moldova, Eastern Europe.


The baby's dad Dumitru Gaidau, 36, said: "We all saw it, the priest didn't put his hand over the baby's mouth to stop water going in as he should have done and as they do at every other baptism.

"We couldn't believe it that he just put his hand over his belly and over the head and submerged him three times in the water."

The baby's godmother Aliona Vacarciuc, 32, said: "The baby was crying as he went into the water.

"We couldn't believe it but we thought the priest must know what he's doing, but he didn't. When we got him back there was nothing that could be done anymore."

She said that she and the other godparents had challenged the priest and asked him: "What have you done."

She added: "He just told us that he knew better than we did what should have happened and that it was not his first baptism — he was experienced and knew what to do."

Doctor Sergiu Raileanu who examined the tiny tot however, told Romania's Publica TV that his examination confirmed that the baby had drowned.

Local police said they have launched a manslaughter investigation. If found guilty, the priest faces up to three years in jail.

So what do we have?

- Islamaniac performs human sacrifice of a baby of muslim parentage.

- Christomaniacs perform human sacrifice of a baby of christian parentage.

Sum Total: Religions of Human Sacrifice at it again.
November 13, 2010

by janamejayan

[url="http://janamejayan.wordpress.com/"][size="5"]An example of the bootlicking media doing salaam to Maino[/size][/url]

No national pride, no investigative journalism but crass and abject surrender for a bone! What a shameless secular media that we have!

Indian express editorial on Sudharshan

Crass politics, parivar style

The New Indian Express


At regular intervals, the saffron brotherhood demonstrates that it hasn’t quite absorbed the restrained norms of mainstream politics. The habit of making crass remarks, which are the hallmarks of parties on the sidelines, still persists although the BJP, the Hindutva camp’s political arm, has been in power at the Centre and now rules eight states. Yet, the party president Nitin Gadkari has faced flak for describing Lalu Prasad and Mulayam Singh Yadav as the faithful dogs of Sonia Gandhi. Now, a former head of the Sangh Parivar, K S Sudarshan, has created a minor storm by levelling a set of bizarre allegations against the Congress president. Apart from calling her a CIA agent at a meeting called by the RSS, Sudarshan has accused Sonia of being responsible for the assassinations of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. To show that he was serious, Sudarshan wanted to know why Sonia had opposed the removal of a Sikh sentry, who subsequently killed Indira. Moreover, the former RSS chief alleged that Sonia had wasted time by taking the injured prime minister to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and not to the nearby Ram Manohar Lohia hospital.None of this would have merited attention if the indictment was not made by someone who once held the highest position in the RSS, an organisation to which the BJP and other members of the parivar routinely pay an annual gurudakshina or a tuition fee of sorts. However, if a former headmaster conjures up such outlandish theories and airs them in public, the value of what the guru imparts to his students cannot but be of dubious worth. The abysmally low level of political diatribe, which Sudarshan has displayed, explains, however, the crudity of Gadkari’s jibes against the Yadav duo and also his description of Digvijay Singh as Aurangzeb ki aulad.Sonia, of course, remains a thorn in the side of an avowedly nationalistic party and parivar. They simply cannot understand how an Italian — one of the inoffensive terms used by the Hindutva warriors in cyberspace — can hold a larger political space than the self-proclaimed patriots. The anger and frustration caused by their inability to accept her continuing importance evidently make them occasionally break out in a rash, so to say, to present a spectacle, which is not a pleasant sight.
Media or middleman:

The 2G spectrum scam is taking its toll outside the political arena.

The Open magazine has prised open a can of worms by putting the audio recordings and transcripts of conversations between corporate lobbyist Nira Radia of Vaishnavi Communications and her friends in the media on its website.

Radia was known for her proximity to the sacked telecom minister A. Raja. The tantalising transcripts feature Hindustan Times editorial director Vir Sanghvi and NDTV group editor Barkha Dutt.

They are heard promising to do political fixing for Radia, her corporate clients and political friends.

[url="http://dalalmedia.posterous.com/36632972"]My link[/url]

IBN - Using Twitter ID's which dont exists.

Once a glamour stock, NDTV headed for sickness?

After it palms off its loss-making subsidiaries to foolish strategic investors, what can stop NDTV from becoming a sick company?

November 04, 2010 05:48 PM

Debashis Basu

NDTV reported a net loss of Rs34.27 crore for September quarter this year, on an operational income of Rs65.65 crore. This is not surprise. After all, it had reported a net loss of Rs11.85 crore on an income of Rs71.66 crore in the corresponding quarter last year. Indeed, NDTV has been making losses ever since it got listed. What is also not surprising is the company's statement said that revenues were "buoyant" in October and "we expect to see a turnaround in the next two quarters." Investors have been fed with enough of such rosy scenarios before. The facts have always turned out to be otherwise. What is surprising is that the company is still operational.

The fact is, NDTV has rarely made money from operations. For the last few years, its consolidated operations have been making cash losses and it has been running on money made by selling loss-making subsidiaries to foolish strategic investors like Turner International. This business of passing on the parcel is continuing even now.

In late October, NDTV has roped in Astro All Asia Networks Plc with which it will create a strategic alliance for lifestyle channels in India. Astro will acquire a 49% stake in NDTV Lifestyle by putting in $40 million, while the balance will be held by the company. NDTV Lifestyle operates NDTV Good Times, a loss-making channel with little viewership. Why Astro should be valuing this junk at $80 million beats us but NDTV has always found such buyers. NDTV Lifestyle was earlier being palmed off to Scripps of US.

After this, there will be little left to palm off. Whatever is left is losing money. Consolidated income from operations for the quarter was Rs78.48 crore and net loss was Rs 67.63 crore. This September quarter NDTV wrote off Rs24.18 as permanent loss of various investments in its subsidiaries.

NDTV, which runs channels like NDTV 24X7, NDTV India and NDTV Profit, has tried to be a broadcaster with a wide bouquet of channels but these have all flopped because of its gold-plated operations in a cut-throat business. Salaries at NDTV are humungous; carriage fees charged by distributors are high, while the advertising pie is hardly expanding. All this was obvious since 2005-06.

NDTV is a live example of two facts of the marketplace: One, private equity investors often suffer from gross misjudgement and two, glamour stocks usually deliver unglamorous returns. When launching the initial public offering (IPO) in April 2004, Prannoy Roy told investors: "We have historically made profits all through and paid good dividends. Investors should consider this while taking a decision." NDTV was backed by top private equity investors.

However, the fact is that before NDTV got listed, it had a different business model altogether. For a long period it was a content-supplier making fixed revenues. After its IPO, it attempted to be a multi-channel broadcasting company. Its IPO was over-subscribed 17 times and NDTV collected Rs110 crore offloading about 25% stake to the public. In the first year of its existence as a listed company NDTV posted a net loss of Rs50 crore (FY2004) and has been limping along all these years. It just doesn't seem to, does it? Well, here is a simple fact. The stock got listed on 19th May 2004. At the end of that day the stock price was Rs99. More than six years later, the price is Rs105.

Cross-post from Timeline of Islamania thread.

Christomedia strikes again.

Islamania ethnically cleansing Hindus in Rajasthan and selectively genociding ("disappearing") Hindu men.

And of course islam's twin christianism (via its mouthpiece of christomedia) talks only about the victims as being "dalits" making them unidentifiable.

Christobritish also always encouraged islamania against Hindus. It's what christianism does - when it's not busy ethnically cleansing/genociding Hindus itself.


Quote:Why 24 x 7 visual media blacked out this Hindu exodus from this Rajasthan village?

11/02/2011 05:27:50

More than 40 Hindus men are missing since last 20 days and their women live in fear of attacks by the village's Muslim community ,Reports TOI. [color="#FF0000"](Why TOI would like to term the victims as Dalits and not as Hindus in their report is better known to them)[/color]


Kamla Devi, whose house was also attacked, said, ''We were never a part of the violence, yet we were targeted. They looted the cash and jewellery I had saved for my daughter Suman's wedding in May. I feel helpless, it would be easy just to strangulate my daughter and commit suicide.''

The National media who aired Gujjar clashes from Rajasthan in reservation issue , [color="#FF0000"]completely blacked out this ongoing riot against Hindus[/color]

As you can see, all that chestbeating by Indian christogovt and christomedia and christo-orgs for the "dalits" is just play-acting. In reality - but Hindus know this - they don't care a twig.
Nisha "I wear barbie pink panties" Susan with her latest attempts at subversion:


Quote:Porn At The End Of the Rainbow

Don’t think it’s sordid just because it’s leaked. The world of Indian sex tapes have some sassy surprises, says NISHA SUSAN

Something about juveniles from JNU and some colleges I haven't heard of. People don't want to read it: it's but christist Susan's tame attempts at shock-sensationalism.

But, 3 things of interest from my looking it over:

- Despite the tame pictures illustrating the piece being of "western"-dressed Indian women (I guess the assumption is some correlation between secularisation and their clothing), Nisha summarises the "Indian homemades" (tapes?) with an interesting twist of her subversionist dagger:

Quote:This is roughly how it goes. A young woman, sometimes plain, sometimes spectacularly pretty, looking with mild, unstudied amusement or curiosity at the camera. Without coyness or giggling, she undresses a bit. Perhaps a hook or two of her sari blouse.
Clever little Nisha: no mention of the various Sister Jesme-s nun habits magically coming undone, and some faithful Indian nuns' home-made clips making it into *actually* famous tapes for the news.

Instead, going by Susan's implication, apparently it's a sort of "traditional" Hindu - <- the implication of Susan dropping a "sari" wearing "young woman" - who really badly wants a tape out there. Perpetuating the "underneath the demure exterior..." strawman myths. But even if we were to consider it, why assume the sari-wearing would be cheap? Anyone with half a brain would naturally fold on making freebie ones and go straight for the gold: get paid good to be a porn star. Because I hear money's *really* good. (Except that, of course, in the North American porn industry, studios keep closing regularly because of AIDS spreading like wildfire - after which they test all their stars again for HIV. Just last year, it was headline news how the industry took a real beating with several major studios closing after a serious panic about an epidemic. Several actors were diagnosed and would have headed for ... early retirement. Sadly, money can't fix everything.)

I note that Susan makes no mention of how women in Bharatam's NE - most likely heathens, considering the christists are very forbidding about any loose and carefree among the females of their own kind - are being forced by christist terrorist outfits to take part in christist porn movies at gunpoint. Movies used to fund "NE for christ". (Apparently Susan doesn't want to discuss such 'delightful' matters.)

- I've not read Nisha's piece in serious detail - since she can't write to save her life (catholic school or anglican?) - but it's obviously aimed at engineering *women* (and one can read between the lines of her innocuous-looking sari comment to work out that there's certainly an element of aiming at young Hindu women - well, that's if any Hindoo women would ever read Susan's crap).

From what I could make of it, Susan hasn't included even a note about an Indian male stripping down to his bare essentials for the phone cam, in time to make it famous on India's Next Idol. Apparently they don't want to be stars like Susan's women do.

- But the most blatantly obvious thing one notices upon reading Nisha Susan's drivel is that she seems to have watched a lot of porn. What's more, a lot of the *free* homemade stuff of it: i.e. other people's presumably quasi-private stuff - Susan admits to it - and she surfs around the web for this stuff too: she lists sites and all. :roll: Obviously, life pretty much levels out at being a spectator sport for christist subversionist Nisha Susan. Maybe she's not a catholic habit wearing nun, like I had earlier pegged her for: they at least seem to be getting to 'know' (in the biblical sense) a lot more people than Nisha.

But, uh, JNU/whatever students are about a decade behind aren't they? "Progressive" India is very slow at copycatting the west. Don't they know the west has moved on?

A more recent sensation in the professional industry - since <= 5 years or so - is Torture Porn. (That's the *actual* name of the genre, this is not a joke.) The French seemed to have started the trend - with overseas "fans" - but it's been picked up in many parts of the Developed World, and the advertising banners in N American online DVD stores are hard to ignore.

The plots seem to be variants on one or more innocent women getting kidnapped by one/more sadistic psychopaths interested in torturing/murdering people - of particularly the female variety. Oh and there's porn involved too.

(Sounds pretty much like the average woman's worst nightmare.)

It's disturbing the category exists, let alone has any fanbase at all, and more so to find out that this is actually hugely popular. (Let's not ask serious questions like: Who but psychopaths watch it? After all, one knows real life psychopaths actually *do* this stuff and have kept poor women locked up for a very long time in... miserable... conditions. So I guess the psychopaths are the ones that watch this junk. Maybe they get inspired by it? It's a creepy world, nah? There's even some relation to the Traffick of women/younger females, of course. <- Life gets scarier the more you know. But how about I spare people.)

Anyway: So, when are the "progressives" of India going to catch up making that type of "cinematic classic"? They're 5 years behind their trendsetting western masters already. Maybe JNU communitwits intend to start a trend of amateurish "home-mades" in this? Since all that's required is play-acting, Nisha Susan seems game to sign up. She's so bold: ready to encourage the fast, loose, carefree, christist-minded women... Surely she wants to set the example - thus at last ending her career in spectator sports - and be the pathbreaking Star for a change, as encouraging of such developments as she is. (Am I wrong?)

Maybe there's a reason that many women aren't quite so "forward": The world ain't so pretty and the clouds not always pink - unlike Nisha's ridiculous panties (did she really need to impose the details of her underwear on all? Is this a christian thing?)

There's no sense of responsibility in the Indian christomedia. They have no idea what they're dealing with. Everything is a joke to them.
Forces Of Calumny


Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny. (Hamlet, 3.1.129) – Shakespeare.

NDTV and CNN-IBN simply couldn’t have expected events that unfolded. When a carefully cultivated line of thinking and campaign goes terribly wrong it leaves one wondering which way to jump. Throughout August 17 as the Anna Hazare stalemate continued NDTV could only think of calling it a ‘circus’. Barkha Dutt kept tweeting about Alice In Wonderland and how this is all mad. Her late evening programme sported the tag line ‘protest or blackmail’ and an hour prior, Nidhi Razdan started her Left, Right, Centre by once again calling the event a ‘circus’. I couldn’t help laughing at the irony. When Barkha Dutt rushed to Egypt and Libya she didn’t find those events to be circus or the world of Lewis Caroll. To Rajdeep Sardesai’s CNN-IBN, of course, must go the credit of inaugurating mud-slinging season. When a prominent news channel like CNN-IBN undertakes brazen mud-slinging it starts emboldening the forces and faces of calumny. The three stooges that were the faces of Congress in the entire Anna Hazare episode pretty much reflect the combined faces of calumny spurred by some in the TV news media. Rajdeep and Yogendra Yadav would be delighted to know how their recent opinion polls confirm everything they are seeing on the ground now. Oh yeah, if elections were held today the UPA would be voted back to power! That's what they would have you believe. And, of course, their poll suggested that only 28% believe UPA is corrupt. Will the truth ever set these media dealers free?

Faces of Calumny

Things didn’t go wrong on August 16. They went wrong on the night of June 4 when a peaceful crowd was lathi-charged in the middle of the night. I had then written that ‘Fascists will reap the whirlwind’ and it has now come to haunt these forces of calumny. And who else to lead the campaign and mud-slinging this time than eternally foul-mouthed Manish Tiwari. The man, since his outrageous comments against Anna Hazare, has gone into a hiding. DNA has published an article quoting sources that the three stooges, Chidambaram, Sibal and Soni were the ones to have hatched the Anna arrest. But the people already knew that by now. What is worse is having a PM who has more or less abdicated his responsibilities and received a severe pasting from opposition leader Arun Jaitley.

The Congress and many in the media have tried desperately to spin these events as ‘parliament v street legislators’. Even that has failed. If the intellectuals in the media haven’t realised yet that no matter what Anna or Baba or Bedi do, they simply cannot make a law, the ordinary people are under no illusion. The best they can do is fast, agitate and protest. After the murder of journalist J. Dey did the media not demand special protection laws? Did they not demand that crimes against journalists be made ‘non-bailable’ offences? Is that not demanding laws that they want? The laws that Anna Hazare demands may be different but it’s not different in principle. He just seems to have more determination and the will to die for it. Fact is, journalists were demanding special privileges whereas Anna is not demanding any special privileges. But, that’s OK, people demand all sorts of things.

The most striking feature of the debates on TV is that people like Mahesh Bhatt, Nandita Rao, Rahul Kanwal question the wisdom or intelligence of ordinary people. I’m not kidding, here’s a tweet from Rahul Kanwal:

Rahul Kanwal:

Quite certain protesters don't understand finer nuances of Anna's bill. Doesn't matter to them. They're livid with Govt over corruption.

Finer nuances? Alright, I can laugh but the media morons wouldn’t understand nuance if it kissed them in broad daylight. What they hide is that the crowds are just as angry with the media as they are with the politicians. I can safely vouch for the fact that there is not a single lawyer or constitutional expert who knows everything that they talk about. What they talk about is a common-sense stand that they take. These opinionated egos of media might be under the impression that every MP even reads every bill that is passed. Ordinary people just have a boiling point. They keep watching the crimes of those in power and when it reaches a crescendo they will come out and fight. They don’t need to read law books before coming out on the streets as some of our stupid media dealers seem to desire. And a man like Mahesh Bhatt believes without cameras the Anna Hazares would disappear. Without a camera it is the Barkha Dutts, Rajdeep Sardesais, Sagarika Ghoses, Rahul Kanwals, Arnab Goswamis who would have had to choose a different career and would be consigned to the bin of the thousands of unknown journalists. Bhatt’s statement is like an idiot cursing the very gift by which he earns his livelihood. Same goes for the media dealers who claim protests would die without the camera. This is the same belief that leads them to believe that they are indirectly the most powerful law-makers in the land. An offence they accuse the street protesters of.

Rahul Kanwal shouldn’t assume people on the streets are dumb. If he offered them a choice to listen to a moral sermon, between Anna Hazare and Barkha Dutt, I’m certain even Kanwal knows who they’d pick. And Hazare isn’t the cacofonix on TV screens every night. All said and done it is not Anna who has lost his sense of decency. The media should ask the PM if he has lost all sense of decency and let loose his ministers to take the actions they did. I doubt you need a constitution or law to tell you what common decency is. After all, the Ten Commandments didn't include rape or child-abuse. Common human decency helped us learn that.

In all this, conspicuous by their absence from the media are M/s. Hit and Run. Yeah, both Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi must have run out of silly statements. The media must be dearly missing the crumbs that this duo is used to throwing at them. Tarnishing RSS doesn’t seem to be paying anymore. In Gujarat, Gandhi is a name used to refer to the corner-shop grocer. That’s because Gandhis are traditionally grocers. There is a reason why Gandhi cared to understand ordinary people. The Gandhi-grocer is the one who interacts with ordinary people almost every minute of his working day. That someone like Rahul walks around with the name of Gandhi may not be his fault, but there is a reason why he has a severe disconnect with the people as does the media. And the most stunning comment on the man came not from his detractors but his ally in UPA-I. It was Brinda Karat of CPM, who for the first time sarcastically used the term ‘prince charming’ in parliament to describe the white-wash that the Congress attempted to make in the bungling of the Hazare incident. The Congress and media attempt to credit Rahul Gandhi with diffusing the crisis failed miserably. We had one great Gandhi who is now in heaven. We don’t need fake Gandhis in our parliament.

The PM who stupidly talked about ‘skeletons’ before the current parliament session is now warning Anna Hazare of consequences. His lack of decency and miserable failure as PM is embarrassing for the whole nation. When he indirectly condones the sacking of the nation and then lets loose his forces of calumny the nation looks for leadership. In the absence of a leader they found one in Anna Hazare. In less than 12 hours they have made him a national, and probably international, hero. This is a time to be humble. If the PM cannot find his own conscience then a Janlokpal bill will not be the only thing that the protesters will demand.

[size="5"]India's Worst Journalists...


[size="4"](This post was made on August 31. Since then the media skeletons don't seem to stop tumbling out. Some of the faces here are prominently connected in various scams including the Nira Radia tapes. I thought an update to this post may not be a bad idea. Updates made on November 26 are in Red.[/size])

[size="3"]India's 10-Worst Journalists: In a very 'scientific' poll conducted by Mediacrooks the following were voted the worst contemporary journalists around. Readers have to be warned that this poll was conducted only for the English language media otherwise the list would have been longer than 10 and it would have run into many pages. So here goes..[/size]

10. Shekhar Gupta, Indian Express: He is the chief of a fast-sinking newspaper and bides his free time (of which he has a lot) in a mundane program called "Walk the talk" on NDTV. Voters found a lot of similarities to BBC's 'Simpson's World' but lacking in any substance. Much of the interviews or discussions on this program is a platform to scratch the back of the interviewee. If you are looking for any serious questions or answers this is certainly not a program for you. In fact, some voters have very strongly suggested that the title of the program should be called 'Time Pass.

Update: No change in status. Remains where he was. Boring as ever!

9. Veer Sanghvi, Hindustan Times : Voters were unclear why this journalist even appears on television at all. His newspaper his fast losing circulation and readership to a competitor. Apart from mediocre stuff on television he is alleged to have dabbled in appointment of the current telecom minister (who is alleged to be involved in the spectrum scandal). Voters had no idea what Sanghvi actually does, whether news or entertainment.

Update: Since this post, has prominently figured in the Radia tapes. Has climbed 7 places to No.2 on this list and has since also suspended his column "Counterpoint" in Hindustan Times.

8. Vinod Mehta, Outlook: I once wrote to Outlook to stop sending me any more issues against my subscription and that I didn't even want a refund of the balance. So blatant was their support for the Congress. Suddenly, in 2004 before the elections this became anti-Congress and anti-Sonia, and then after the elections, again pro-Congress. Voters have wondered if Outlook sells only in foreign nations as their letters to editor page contains mostly emails from other countries and not Indians. Voters were also under an impression that Suzanne Arundhati Roy won the Booker prize for her articles in Outlook. Mr. Mehta, of course, has never commented on this issue at all.

Update: No change, but Outlook published the transcripts of the Radia tapes.

7. Prannoy James Roy, NDTV : Voters were more interested in finding how many communists Roy was connected to. Pioneer of election polls and reporting and analysis, Roy's NDTV is perhaps the most reliable indicator of election results, swings and all that. It is just a matter of sheer bad luck that on most occasions NDTV predictions on Gujarat polls did not work out well for the Congress. Voters were curious to know how NDTV and its anchors became such huge fans of Narendra Modi. NDTV is, of course, India's only 'secular' channel, broadcasting in India, Pakistan, Middle-East and elsewhere.

Update: Has climbed up the chart to No.3. His NDTV has come across as the puppet of the Congress. A long held belief of many viewers has proven to be true. Appears more frequently on the channel now to cover up for the mess created by Barkha Dutt. Has yet to show any spine by retaining Barkha Dutt.

6. Rajdeep Sardesai, CNN-IBN: I'm personally a big fan of Sardesai, especially because his dad was such a great cricketer. Voters felt he left NDTV because that channel wasn't enough anti- Narendra Modi. So CNN-IBN really gave him the platform to spew venom at Modi. Its not on the TV channel alone, Rajdeep did not spare Narendra Modi even at an HT Summit where he was the host. (Of course, he ended up with egg on his face though) Voters still give Rajdeep some credit for reform and balancing his approach to news, especially when his channel runs extensive coverage of issues of national impotence like Rahul Mahajan and his Swayamwar and all that.

Update: Has been a little more cautious on his utterances. Read my post "Hammam mein sab nangein hain"

5. Suzanne Arundhati Roy:

She is India's only global journalist. Be it a politician, a minister, head of state, saints, print journals, tv channels, everyone relies on her to deliver considered and scientific opinion on everything. And she never fails. Be it literature, nuclear threats, dams, environment, maoists, naxalites, mining, rocket science, environmental problems on the moon and mars, saving martians from pollution. She knows everything! For her knowledge, writings and sympathies for Maoists many voters believe she was awarded the Booker prize. Last heard Ms.Roy was being offered the leading role in a remake of "Mother India" by Bollywood.

Update: Has since degenerated into a lunatic scumbag. Wants azaadi for Kashmir. If we had more patriots like this asshole, we wouldn't need enemies. FIR filed against her for seditious speech.

4. Karan Thapar: He is India's most charismatic journalist. He is also the only one whose programs have been plagiarised by the BBC. In fact voters strongly feel Thapar should file a case against Tim Sebastian or Stephen Sackur for plagiarising his program on BBC's 'Hard Talk'. Karan Thapar has a very beautiful smile but to really annoy and irritate his guest as also the viewers he puts on a scowl, grits his teeth and growls like a hundred wolves so that the guest is forced to speak the truth. Some believe he was once voted as having the most beautiful smile among all TV journalists. Update: Appears to be more sober on his programs. Will not pronounce yet if he has learnt any lessons.

3. Arnab Goswami, Times Now: No one in the world of TV in India can be

as serious and short as Arnab. Guests on his show have often complained that he does not ask any questions at all, and if at all he does they are so short that they have too much time to answer such questions. This often leaves the guests idle on his shows. Sometimes the guests on his show are rotten, they do not allow Arnab to ask questions or speak at all. Voters have hoped this will change and Arnab will get to ask some questions in the future.

Update: No change. Times group's double speak on 26/11 and emotional claptrap over victims are available elsewhere on this blog.

2. Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN:

She is the only journalist in India to have journalistic qualifications from the state of Gaul (the one in Asterix comic books). It is for that very reason that she is fondly referred to as "Cacofonix" by our voters. Of course, the Vegetable Vendors Association Of India are planning a protest against her for drowning their voices with her unwanted screaming and loud voice. For her expert knowledge on law and on matters of defence of accused she once got a figurative spanking from none other than Ram Jethmalani.

Update: I wish she was gagged.

1. Barkha Drabu Dutt, NDTV:

The Buck for worst journalists really stops with her. She has been so unbiased and critical of the Congress and the UPA that the government threw the Padma Shri at her in an attempt to shut her up. But the daring Dutt won't stop. Her unbiased reporting of the Gujarat riots apart, the Congress is also disturbed for her deep affection for Narendra Modi. A staunch defender of Hindus, she has been wrongly accused of being very pro-muslim, anti-BJP and there are blogs that unfairly call her a "terrorists dream come true" for her reporting on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Voters were also appreciative of her program called "I The People" on her channel. One voter in fact showed us copy of a book authored by NDTV on "How to scratch a politician's back and win a Padma Shri" Barkha also has fan pages on Facebook " "Take Barkha off the air" and "Barkha for worst journalist on the planet" !! Nobody, nobody does it better than our Barkha. She was a hands-down winner !!

Update: Is now on the defence over the Radia tapes leak. Retains her no.1 position and probably is now too low for even zero.

Disclaimer: Author would like to inform readers that in all 7 voters participated in this poll. This is in line with the daily polls that our TV channels conduct regularly. Except that in the polls that the TV channels conduct by SMS there are normally 5 participants, so we have exceeded them by 2. We have received complaints from the Hindi and other language channels on their journalists missing from the list. That poll is for another day. This is a work of fiction and protected from plagiarists, especially from our TV channels.

Burka Dutt is wearing bindhi these days! Looks like she had learnt it from Sonia!!
So a moslem files a complaint against a cartoonist (Yadav) and the christist-funded media makes it seems as if Modi has tried to silence the opposition. Plus look at the odd-colored picture, Modi has his hands in the air as if he is donning handcuffs. Such liers are only produced by imbibing lessons of the unholy bible.

[url="http://ibnlive.in.com/news/cartoonist-jailed-for-narendra-modi-caricature/188699-37-64.html"]Cartoonist jailed for Narendra Modi caricature[/url]

Quote:Indore: A cartoonist of a leading city-based eveninger was arrested on the charges of "fanning communal sentiments" through a cartoon perceived to be based on a controversy surrounding Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's fast and his move to allegedly refuse wearing a skull cap, police said today.


The FIR was lodged by one Javed and the offence is non-bailable and he (Yadav) would be produced before a court later, he said.
So now we know what happened to Shoure at IE


My experience with Arun Shourie was not happy.

To begin with, he had got used to doing pretty much what he wanted because S. Mulgaonkar [who Nihal Singh replaced as Express editor at his recommendation] had been ailing for long and usually made only a brief morning appearance to do an edit if he felt like it.

To have to work with a hands-on editor who oversaw the news and editorial sections was an irksome burden for Shourie.

Our objectives collided.

My efforts were directed to making the Express a better paper, while he was basically a pamphleteer who was ideologically close to the Hindu right. Even while he oversaw a string of reporters’ stories, which drew national attention (for which he claimed more credit that was his due), his aim was to spread the message.

Goenka himself could be swayed by Hindu ideology. In one instance, he sent me a draft editorial from Madras full of all the cliches of the Hindu right. One of Goenka’s men in the southern city was S. Gurumurthy, a sympathiser of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a pro-Hindu organisation.

The issue was the mass conversion of Harijans to Islam at Meenakshipuram (in Tamil Nadu) in June 1981. I put two and two together and it added up to Gurumurthy’s handiwork. I threw the editorial into the waste-paper basket. And I did not hear a word about it from Goenka.

Shourie exploited his proximity to Goenka to terrorise the reporters and subeditors. As executive editor, he was the No.2 man in the editorial hierarchy but often assumed the airs of a prima donna. His office being twice as large as the editor’s room and far better furnished always puzzled me.

Shourie believe that rules were made for others, and our clash began when he took umbrage over my cutting his extensive opinion piece to conform to the paper’s style. On one occasion, I had to spike a piece he had written on Indira Gandhi, in language unbecoming of any civilised newspaper.

In an underhand move, he quietly sent it to the magazine section, printed in Bombay, without inviting a censure from Goenka.

To a professional journalist, some of Shourie’s arguments sound decidedly odd. He declared, “When an editor stops a story, I go and give it to another newspaper. I am no karamchari [worker] of anybody’s. Whether I work in your organisation or not, I really look upon myself as a citizen or first as a human being, and then as a citizen, and as nothing else. If I happen to work for Facets [a journal in which his extensive piece appeared as its January-February 1983 issue], I will still behave the same way. If you use my happening to work for you as a device to shut my mouth, I’ll certainly shout, scream, and kick you in the shins.”

Shourie told the same journal that he had no compunction in mixing his editorial and managerial function ‘because the Indian Express is in an absolutely chaotic state. Ther is no management worth the name. Anyone wanting to help it must also help solve the management problems.’

To give him his due, Shourie had many good qualities. He was a hard worker and often did his homework before writing. However, we could never agree on the paper’s outlook because, for him, a newspaper was a stepping stone to politics and political office.

For me the integrity of a newspaper was worth fighting for.

Goenka swayed between these points of view. He used to tell me: ‘Not even five per cent readers look at the editorials.’ He called Frank Moraes, a distinguished former editor of the Indian Express, ‘my race horse’. Shourie he once described to me as a ‘two-horse tonga‘ (horse carriage).

Shourie later distinguished himself in the political field under the banner of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP); he even achieved the position of a cabinet minister. In effect, he successfully employed journalism to achieve his political ambition.

(Editor of The Statesman, The Indian Express and The Indian Post, Surendra Nihal Singh served in Singapore, Islamabad, Moscow, London, New York, Paris and Dubai. He received the International Editor of the Year award in 1978 for his role as editor of The Statesman during the Emergency)

(Excerpted from Ink in my Veins, A life in Journalism, by S. Nihal Singh, Hay House, 308 pages, price Rs 499)

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