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Bomb Blasts In India - 2
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Arrested Muslim cleric may provide vital clues about Jaipur blasts </b>
Lokpal Sethi | Jaipur
With the arrest of a Muslim cleric at Sajjangarh village in Banswara, Rajasthan police are hoping to get some vital leads from him about Jaipur bomb blasts, in which 68 people were killed.

The State police officials are in close touch with their Gujarat counterparts as they are not ruling out the possibility of his involvement in Ahmedabad bomb blasts.

<b>Ifzur Rahaman, who was found moving in suspicious manner, was nabbed by local residents near a masjid in the wee hours of Saturday. His leg was fractured, when he tried to escape. Later, he was handed over to the police.

It may be recalled that Mogali, one of the suspects behind Godhara killings, was also arrested from the same village in July 2005.

Though he has given his name to the police as Ifzur Rehman, the identity card, found during the arrest, says his name is Mohmmad Imram Khan. The identity card was issued in March 1991 from Manipur, though he told the police that he belonged to Bharauch district of Gujarat</b>.

The police recovered Rs 22,000 and several train tickets from him. The tickets reveal that during the past three months he had visited places like New Bongaigaon (Assam), Ajmer, Ahmedabad, Surat and Madhepur (Bihar).

A team of Special Official Group (SOG) of Rajasthan has reached Udaipur where he was referred in a hospital following the fracture in his leg, to interrogate him. The Gujarat police have been asked to verify whether he is a resident of Ikpur village of Bharauch as claimed by him.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> Ahmedabad blasts
This has reference to the article “Ahmedabad blasts: the usual suspects” (Aug. 1) and the responses it elicited from readers (Aug. 2). There was no need for the author to reproduce the so-called manifesto of a terrorist group which contained some provocative assertions against Hindus. The publication of such material can incite communal hatred.

At the same time, I do not agree with the letter which defended Zakir Naik. I have listened to his speeches and they certainly border on the extreme. His tone and tenor are highly provocative and are capable of hurting the feelings of non-Muslims, no matter how much his naive followers may applaud him.

His statement reproduced in the article “If he [Osama] is terrorising America the terrorist ... I am with him” is a case in point. Does Dr. Naik support the killing of innocent Americans in the name of Islam? Running television channels in the name of peace does not make one a pacifist.
A. Faizur Rahman,

* * *
A letter writer describes Dr. Naik as “a renowned scholar of Islam and contemporary religions with a captivating style of oratory” (Aug. 2). This is probably true. He has a vast knowledge of not only Islam but also Hindu scriptures. But the sad part is that he uses his knowledge to divide people on the basis of religion.

I attended one of his talks where he persisted in glorifying Islam by putting Hinduism down. This should not be the attitude of a true scholar. It is evident from the article that his talks inspire terrorists. At a time when we need people to unite us, it is unfortunate that a learned man is promoting hatred and intolerance. Let us not get influenced by such people.
R. Lakshmi,

* * *
The vivid account of the stealthy growth of terrorist outfits is indeed chilling. To avert further tragedies and foster peace and amity between Hindus and Muslims, intellectuals, academics and other luminaries from both sides should come forward to help nurture mutual trust and dispel hatred among the people.
S. Sridhar,

* * *
There is hardly any Muslim who has not been appalled by the heart-rending scenes that followed the recent blasts. The greatness of India lies in its unity in diversity. All sections of society should strive to preserve this noble concept. The Muslim community should intensify propaganda to dissuade its angry youngsters from falling prey to their emotions and senseless violence. The Darul Ulum Deoband’s condemnation of terrorism is a step in the right direction.
K. Mahammad Kunhi,

* * *
The bomb blasts in Ahmedabad and Bangalore were alarming. Indian democracy is resilient and has absorbed greater shocks in the past. As a former national of the great republic, I offer my sincere sympathies to the victims. Irrespective of religious differences, let us try to live in peace.
Syed Waris Shere,

* * *
The article should have not reproduced the manifesto of a highly misled and discontented small group which does not reflect the views of even the most conservative Muslims of India. Islam exhorts its followers to be tolerant of other religions. When a Muslim kills an innocent person, he commits a grave sin. It is hoped that as the general level of public awareness and understanding of Islam increases, people will stop using the words terrorism and Islam in the same phrase.

As for Dr. Zakir, he is a strong proponent of a comparative study of religions and exhorts people belonging to different religions to arrive at a common platform.
Sayeed Ahmed,

* * *
Terrorism is against the principles of Islam. As a result of some incidents, some elements may want to take revenge. But our duty is to console them and prevent them from playing into the hands of terrorist organisations.

Regarding Dr. Naik’s statement, the author has quoted it out of context. Enemies of Islam he referred to in the speech refer to the enemies of peace. If he watches the video entitled “Is terrorism a Muslim monopoly?”, he will realise that Dr. Naik works for promoting harmony between religious groups.
Nagireddi Srinivasa Rao,

* * *
Islam preaches peace and brotherhood. Terrorism has no religion and a Muslim who is a terrorist is not a Muslim at all. It is worthwhile to recall that a number of Muslim leaders have fought for the independence of our country.
P.S. Subbaraman,

* * *
Terror can be eradicated only when the causes of its proliferation are addressed. For this, a concerted effort by the civil, political, administrative, judicial and military societies is needed.
Faizan Qadir,
Two dead, seven injured in crude bomb blast in Kolkata

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Kolkata: Two people were killed and seven suffered injuries in an explosion near the Sarbamangala Ghat in the city Sunday evening, the police said but denied it was a terrorist act.

The blast occurred at Sarbamangala Ghat when some rag pickers were rummaging through the garbage for plastic bags, they said, adding the bomb was hidden under the heap of garbage.

The incident took place around 1800 hours IST when some shop employees were rummaging through scrap iron kept in the shop.

"It was only a crude bomb. It is not linked to any subversive activity," deputy commissioner (detective department) Javed Shamim said.

The injured were rushed to nearby hospital. Primary investigations by the North Port police under which the area falls, revealed that the bombs were crude in nature.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->the police said but denied it was a terrorist act.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
It must be commie or Mamta Banaerjee or BD bomb testing or dumping by mistake/premature.
Situation has almost become normal. Still the security is pretty tight. All major roads coming into/going out of Ahmedabad have checkposts. Random checks are done. Malls have private security people checking cars. 100s of people have been interrogated - still i dont think there has been any progress on investigations so far.

One of the services that has earned some good name in the blasts has been the 108 service. Here is a nice writeup ..


EMRI's website is at http://www.emri.in/


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"It was only a crude bomb. It is not linked to any subversive activity," deputy commissioner (detective department) Javed Shamim said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Yes maybe it was a practical joke by someone. You know just harmless crude bombs which will only kill one or two ? Grih Mantri Shri Patil wont even condemn the incident and ask us to keep shanti. <!--emo&:grenade--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/grenade.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='grenade.gif' /><!--endemo-->
Surat Muslims speak up: 'It's a political conspiracy'</b>

Syed Firdaus Ashraf and Prasanna D Zore in Surat | August 01, 2008 16:33 IST

Have you seen Huggies, Aslam Khan asked me. You mean the diapers, I asked him, not knowing what he was driving at. "Now think of those unexploded bombs in Surat [Images], recall their pictures. Didn't they look like diapers? Everyone here feels so," Aslam Khan said, summing up a popular viewpoint, of incredulity, among the Muslim community of Surat towards the many bombs found in the diamond city.

"If terrorists wanted to explode the bombs they would have done what they did in Ahmedabad on July 26," says Hanif Shaikh, a tourist operator in Surat.

Asked who he thinks is behind the plot, he takes recourse to a song from the Rajesh Khanna [Images] film Roti, "Yaha sab shanti hai, yeh public hai sab jaanti hai (It is calm and peaceful here and the public knows everything)."

When told to elaborate, he said, "In our opinion, it was done by the opponents of (Gujarat Chief Minister) Narendra Modi [Images]. They want to make him unpopular. So far Modi has always been saying he has given security to the people of Gujarat, but these blasts have exposed him. And everyone knows who benefits if Modi is under attack."

Fear over Surat's diamond hub

Five days after 24 live bombs were found in Surat, Muslims in the diamond city are in a state of shock. They feel their city is under attack by someone who wants to create communal disturbances. They fear that the combing operations by the police will lead to the arrest of innocent Muslims.

Without naming anyone, Hanif says, "We all know there are leaders in Narendra Modi's party who want him out. You see, parliamentary elections will be held next year and if the Bharatiya Janata Party wins in a big way in Gujarat, the credit will go to Modi. And he is the most popular leader in the BJP after L K Advani [Images]. His rivals don't want him to become very powerful post the 2009 elections."

At this point Aslam intervenes, "That is why I asked you about Huggies. If any terrorist wanted to explode bombs he would have done it, not done a shoddy job like this."

Surat has not faced a disruption in its communal harmony since 1992, and there have been no major riots in the last 16 years. Even during the post-Godhra riots that killed around 1,000 people elsewhere in Gujarat, Surat was peaceful.

'I don't know what terrorism means'

Asked if he suspected local Muslims of being involved in the incident, Aziz Merchant, a tailor from Bade Kha Ka Chakla area, said, "I don't think so. Local Muslims know their city is the most peaceful city in Gujarat. Why would they want to disturb the peace? Moreover, what will they gain by such an act? Even if you consider they wanted to do it, why will they place a bomb on a tree? When I saw the images of those unexploded bombs, I felt it looked like a cake."

He agrees that this kind of job can only be done by a local Surti but he has his reservations about Muslims being involved.

"The way these bombs were placed it is sure there is local involvement. The terrorists have targeted the diamond market in particular. Out of 24 bombs, 23 were kept in the city's diamond hub. So there is definitely some big motive, but I don't think Muslims can be involved," added Merchant.

His friend, Haroon Saudagar, intervenes to say, "Some people talk of revenge for the post-Godhra by Muslims. Why will they target Surat, because there were no riots here since 1992?"

"The only possible involvement will be of Muslims affected in the 1992 riots. But I don't think they will take revenge after 16 years," he points out.

Investigators say Indian Mujahideen is SIMI, V2.0

Merchant adds, "After the demolition of the Babri Masjid, many Muslims were killed in the riots. And, I feel Muslims learnt from that incident that there is no point in fighting with each other as business suffers the most."

Imran Patel, a college-going student, says, "This is just a ploy to defame the Muslim community in Gujarat. My friends and I are worried about our future. We were just returning to normalcy after the Gujarat riots of 2002 and now this has happened. We all don't know who is behind it, but we just pray that innocent Muslims won't be rounded up."

Rally in Kolkata by Hindu Group - Reports and Pictures

As we had intimated before, Hindu Samhati (Hindu Consolidation) under the leadership of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh organised a Silent March along the streets of Kolkata. It might be said with all humility the that the massive response it generated from the Hindu masses of Bengal and the spontaneity of the response has left us surprised. The March commenced from the gates of the famous Calcutta University and ended at Esplanade - the centre of the City. In its course the March traversed through nearly two thirds of down town Kolkata and everywhere people lined up along the footpath, in a silent expression of their solidarity with the marchers.

In a meeting before the Hindu Samhati team had already decided that the March against terror blasts throughout India would be a silent one. Silent because there is nothing more to say. If the random deaths from Jihadi terrorism of more than 30,000 of innocent Indian citizens, soldiers and other security personnel throughout the last decade could not spur the government of India into action; it may be safely assumed that the honourable government of India has ceased to respond to anything resembling a call of duty. Maybe (and we are hoping against hope here) an expression of silent scorn and contempt by a massed citizenry could shame it into action. And the common people of Bengal and Kolkata affirmed their solidarity. Kolkata - the Red Bastion of the East, the capital of flamboyant secularism, the safe secular heaven and the covert jump-off base of the Jihadis from Bangladesh and Pakistan, Indian Jihad's unguarded backdoor to the world. And this time Kolkata witnessed a strong and silent gathering of Hindus which may be said to be the largest since the days of the Ramjanmabhoomi Movement. Maybe the sleepy and forgetful Hindu of Bengal has had enough.

At Espalnade the marchers and the public was addressed by Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and other leaders of Hindu Samhati. After that an eight member team of Hindu Samhati went to the Raj Bhavan (Governor's House) to submit a memorandum against the horrible spectre of Jihadi terrorism that is trying to rip our motherland apart.

TO READ the historic memorandum and to see the pictures, please visit the link :


Mouli Ghosh
Bengal Voice Communications<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Delhi High Court lifts ban on SIMI
This is well planned by Moron SIngh Government, don't provide evidence in court, that will make Muslim angry and do drama and case will be drag till election.
Same they did with Afzal.
<!--QuoteBegin-rajesh_g+Aug 5 2008, 12:01 PM-->QUOTE(rajesh_g @ Aug 5 2008, 12:01 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/aug/05simi.htm

Delhi High Court lifts ban on SIMI

You have to be kidding me...

I just can't believe this crap sometimes.
<!--QuoteBegin-Pandyan+Aug 5 2008, 09:41 PM-->QUOTE(Pandyan @ Aug 5 2008, 09:41 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin-rajesh_g+Aug 5 2008, 12:01 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(rajesh_g @ Aug 5 2008, 12:01 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/aug/05simi.htm

Delhi High Court lifts ban on SIMI
You have to be kidding me...
I just can't believe this crap sometimes.

CONgress and the great netas sticking to their end of the bargain for N-deal!?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>SIMI ban lifted </b>
Sidharth Mishra/ Parvaiz Sultan | New Delhi | New Delhi
Non-serious Home Ministry fails to produce evidence
In a major loss of face for the Centre, the ban on the Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), first imposed in 2001, has been quashed by a single-judge tribunal, which was reviewing the case. The order, delivered to the Ministry of Home Affairs in a sealed cover, has blamed the Government for its failure to put on record any fresh evidence of the involvement of the dreaded organisation in terror activities.

According to sources, as the Centre and Intelligence Bureau (IB) could "not place fresh evidence pertaining to the involvement of SIMI in unlawful and destructive activities in the country", the Unlawful Activities Prevention Tribunal (UAPT) on Tuesday lifted the ban imposed on SIMI by the Centre. According to sources, Justice Geeta Mittal forwarded the judgment to the Home Ministry.

<b>The order comes as a major embarrassment for the Congress-led UPA Government, which is battling the charges of soft-pedalling terror issues, including keeping in abeyance the hanging of Parliament attack main accused Mohammed Afzal Guru.</b> The order flies in the face of the charges levelled by Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil that terror attacks in BJP-ruled States happened because of weak local policing.

Rattled by the development, the Home Ministry said it would challenge the order. According to an agency report, a Ministry spokesperson said, <b>"The Ministry will examine the order in detail and take remedial action on priority. A preliminary perusal of the tribunal's order indicates that it has not confirmed the ban on SIMI on technical grounds."</b>

The order comprehensively exposes the poor follow-up of the Centre and the counter-terror agencies functioning directly under the aegis of the MHA. According to sources, State Governments on their part have made comprehensive presentation on the terror bodies' involvement in various subversive activities. The Andhra Pradesh police, for example, is reported to have presented irrefutable links of SIMI in Hyderabad blasts.

Links of SIMI in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Varanasi, Lucknow and Malegon have already surfaced. This organisation has come to be regarded as the fountainhead of home-grown terrorism. "However, the State inputs could not get corroborated by the Centre and MHA agencies," a well-placed source told The Pioneer.

That Centre had adopted a lacklustre attitude towards the issue was evident the way presentation was made by its officials during tribunal hearings. Not satisfied with the Centre's submission, the tribunal had asked Additional Solicitor General (ASG) AK Pathak if the Government had proof against the banned outfit? "It is the fundamental right of a person that he must know by which action of his, such strong action has been taken against him?

You are saying that SIMI was involved in communal riots, bomb blasts and destructive activities. Tell me, which riots after February 2006 were engineered by SIMI and place the material before me," Justice Mittal said.

The Centre's presentation was so poor that the tribunal had commented: "You can't presume. You have registered 106 fresh cases. But there is no mention of the FIR details. Some of the cases are registered in Bhopal, some in Jaipur, others in Malegaon and Ghatkopar, but there is no mention of the FIR numbers.

What is the requirement of law? What is to be tested? It has serious impact." The tribunal further grilled the Additional Solicitor General while expressing displeasure on the MHA's "casual approach". Justice Mittal also stated that if the Centre was claiming SIMI's involvement in these activities, the onus was on the Government to place the proof on record.

Justice Mittal had asked the Home Secretary and IB officials to appear before the tribunal to justify the ban. "What precluded the Government from stating the facts? You have to satisfy the tribunal about the sufficiency of the reason behind issuing a fresh notification (on the ban)," Justice Mittal had obeserved. The tribunal had reserved its judgment on August 1 after being briefed by the Home Ministry and IB officials.

So it was well planned nonsense by IPS, Babus, Congress politicians.
They should hang themselves in shame near Amar Jawan Jyoti, near there office.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->SIMI ban lifted: Cops stunned | BJP seethes | Govt to appeal
WRITING IS ON THE WALL: Painted invitations in Hindi and Urdu shouting 'Join SIMI' are a common sight in Tilkhana in UP.
New Delhi: The lifting of the ban on the Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) on Tuesday came as a body blow to the intelligence and security agencies that are probing its involvement in a series of terror blasts in Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad that killed hundreds of people.

<b>"We have not seen the judgement yet but it is a complete shock to us. I can't believe this can happen. The decision has really came at the wrong time when we are in hot pursuit of SIMI members in the country," a top Intelligence Bureau (IB) official said.

"Investigations suggest the hand of SIMI activists in recent terror bombings in the country. The decision will send a wrong message down the line," the official added</b>.

Another IB official said, "We have not been informed about the judgement. But it is a big setback for the security agencies which are battling terrorism."

A top Delhi Police official, requesting anonymity, said, "We have provided adequate information to the tribunal (that lifted the ban) and the decision is very surprising. It will badly affect us in the long run in the fight against terrorism."

<b>"We fear that SIMI activists would raise their head again, and this time it would be an open peril for everyone," warned the official.</b>

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they are not authorised to officially comment on any court judgement.

A special tribunal headed by Justice Geeta Mittal Tuesday lifted the ban on SIMI, citing lack of any fresh evidence against the organization. Mishra is a sitting Delhi High Court judge.

<b>SIMI had challenged the two-year ban re-imposed on it by the central government Feb 7, 2008.</b>

The tribunal was specially constituted to decide whether or not there was sufficient cause for declaring SIMI an unlawful association.

SIMI was first banned in 2001 under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and the ban has been renewed thrice since then. When it was outlawed, SIMI had 400 full-time cadres and 20,000 members.

It claims a national presence with strong bases in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.

SIMI was founded in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, in 1977 by Mohammad Ahmadullah Siddiqi as an offshoot to the Jamaat-e-Islami.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>The organisation advocates the "liberation of India" and restoring Islamic rule. It witnessed slow growth even in Muslim dominated areas until December 1992 when the demolition of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya sparked one of the worst Hindu-Muslim violence in the country since independence in 1947.</span>

Many young Muslims have, however, quit SIMI saying they do not subscribe to its ideology.

Main difference between India and US, one are coward, rats and other are cowboys give damn when someone invade there house, they just pull gun.

Few months back in Texas, thieves entered someone neighbor’s house, worried man called 911, 911-dispatcher told man that police is on the way. Man still on phone told dispatcher, I am not going to wait police show up, I will shoot these guys with my shot gun, and despite dispatcher request not to shoot man went out and shot down two thieves.
So that is American way, they are not coward rats or wait for invasion. This mentality or courage is missing in India.


Supreme Court stays lifting of SIMI ban
Why HC tribunal lifted the ban on SIMI
..the findings of the special tribunal about the 'sorry state of affairs' in the Home Ministry questioned the seriousness of authorities in buttressing its case.

The tribunal, while lifting the ban on SIMI, was at pains to <b>make scathing remarks against senior Home Ministry officials as they appeared before it without any preparation about the case.</b>

"I would fail in my duty if I need not comment on the manner in which deposition has been made by witness appearing for the government (senior Home Ministry officials)," Justice Geeta Mittal, a Delhi [Images] High Court Judge who headed the Tribunal, said in the 263-page order.

The Tribunal, which was looking for new evidence from the government for extending the ban on SIMI, expressed concern that <b>senior officials who were required to strengthen the case were not aware of the facts.</b>

"It is equally sorry state of affairs when a senior officer of the Central government appears before the tribunal to submit that he is not aware with regard to matters, which are put to him," Justice Mittal said.

Several senior officials including Home Secretary, Jt Secretary and Intelligence Bureau IB officers had appeared before the tribunal.

"It is certainly no excuse to say that you were not posted in the department responsible for the decision making. Appearing as a witness for the Union government, it becomes the duty and the responsibility of such officer to be fully aware of the matter with regard to which he is going to depose," the tribunal said.

It took strong objection to government's notification of February seven extending ban on SIMI without making any effort to put new grounds as it was copied version of the 2006 notification, in which deficiencies were pointed out by the earlier tribunal.

"It is shocking to know that for a minor re-arrangement of some words for a few words at the end of the notification, the notification of 2008 is almost a verbatim reproduction of the notification which was issued in 2006," the tribunal said.

<b>"With deep pain I would say that this is the most callous disregard of the statutory duty," </b>Justice Mittal said while pointing out the infirmities showed by the earlier tribunal were not only repeated, the notification was also reproduced verbatim.

Though the tribunal refrained from giving findings on the merits of the allegations against SIMI, it was of the opinion that <b>the government failed to come out with a single evidence to show the complicity of the organisation in unlawful activities.</b>

<b>"Even a single witness or a single case may be sufficient to support the claim of the government that an association is indulging in activities which is covered within the definition under the Act," </b>it said, adding that government did not provide documentary evidence to support its cases against the organisation.

While references to some alleged members of the organisation has been made as well as the incidents of recovery, however, <b>dates of the offences, details of the FIR registered or the details of the pending prosecution are not mentioned. Most allegations made in the background note are not supported by any deposition or document, the order said.</b>

The tribunal objected to the issuance of background note to justify the ban, a month after the notification to ban was made public.

"The requirement to furnish complete grounds is statutory and cannot be supplied by the background note. Such background note cannot be utilised to furnish the deficiencies in the notification which really has to satisfy the statutory prescription by itself," the order said.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The Tribunal, which was looking for new evidence from the government for extending the ban on SIMI, expressed concern that senior officials who were required to strengthen the case were not aware of the facts.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Isn't there a saying about a peoples sense of objectivity being compromised if his livelihood depends on him being <b>not</b> objective about the facts at hand?
Our babus are serving as domestic servants of politicians who want the SIMI ban being revoked. I can only hope that if SIMI ban in removed, so will the Z-level security for the likes of Amar Singh, Lallu Yadav etc.
Babus of IAS cadre keep themselves busy attending foreign conference or chance for international deputation or schemes to make money. Rest enjoy vacation when boss are out of country or office.
Some example -
Indian Embassy in Argentinia was working for Queen not for India, who are paying their salaries.
Indian Consulate in US was throwing Visa paper in open land, without destroying and Consulate General was surprised whats wrong in doing? Moron was clueless about identity theft and privacy issue and blamed Americans, saying they are over reacting.
Ram Setu legal filing by Babus

UPA is in vacation or busy collecting money.
India need small Government, they should reduce governemt spending, reduce no of Babus, then only we may see light.


Exclusive! Breakthrough in Ahmedabad blasts case

Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi
An American Connection... Needs to be investigated in full, especially when we have americans taking such keen interests in trust vote (enough to congratulate PM) as well as entertaining Amar Singh before relay pass with CPIM. Plus this fellow is a pastor.

<b>American ‘tired’ of police questioning in serial blasts</b>
Mohiuddin Jeddy & Deborah Grey / CNN-IBN

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Mumbai: Kenneth Haywood, a former pastor from a small church in Arizona, US, probably never thought he would be caught in a terror web in India.

In an e-mail interview to CNN-IBN, the Navi-Mumbai based American, from whose Internet address a terror e-mail had originated just before the Ahmedabad blasts, says that he voluntarily went for a polygraph test this week to clear his name. He is now accusing the police of unnecessarily prolonging the investigation.

When asked why he went for a polygraph test, he said, “It was either that or wait until whenever their investigation was over. I have a business to run and don't know anything helpful to their investigation anyway.”

Asked if he was still a suspect, he said, “I think they already have their suspect and are just documenting who knew what or that sort of a thing."

Hinting at his frustration over not being given a clean chit till date, Haywood said, “It depends who you talk to. The police from Gujarat told me I had a clean chit last week. The Maharashtra police said they wanted to clear the case first, but they have always said I was not a suspect.”

Haywood also alleged in an interview to a local newspaper that a senior officer of the Anti-Terrorist Squad had come to his house in an inebriated condition, demanding bribe.

"I am really tired of all this now. Am wary of it all,” Hayden said.

Haywood's computer had an unsecured router that did not need a password to access the Internet. Police suspect his computer was hacked into to send the terror email.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->AHMEDABAD/SURAT: Sajid Mansuri, an important SIMI leader being hunted since 2001, has finally landed in the Gujarat police net, raising hopes of some breakthrough in probes into Ahmedabad and Jaipur blasts. ( Watch )

Although police was careful not to link him directly to the serial blasts, earlier reports have hinted at Mansuri's involvement in the Jaipur blasts of May 13 which had distinct parallels with the deadly Ahmedabad sequel on July 26.

Mansuri was picked up from Bharuch three days back but police are yet to produce him before a court to formalise his arrest. Apparently Sajid's whereabouts were disclosed by director of Intelligence Bureau (IB) PC Haldar when he met top Gujarat Police officials on Monday.

Mansuri is learnt to have held two meetings in Ahmedabad on June 19 at Dariapur and Juhapura. Some radical elements, including the brother of Rasool Parti, an aide of slain underworld don Abdul Latif, who is absconding since the late 1990s, are learnt to have attended this meeting.

Mansuri had been active in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, holding secret meetings to indoctrinate young Muslims into 'jihad'. Mansuri was absconding after he fled a meeting in Surat in 2001, just before a police crackdown in which 123 SIMI members were caught. To destroy evidence, several SIMI members had chewed the phone SIM cards when they were caught.

After this, say police sources, Sajid fled to Jaipur where he worked as a madrassa teacher. Police believes that Sajid's arrest could help crack the Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Bangalore blasts.

Joint commissioner, Ahmedabad crime branch, Ashish Bhatia however denied knowledge of Sajid's arrest and said, "Though we have no information of his involvement in the Ahmedabad blasts, his name had cropped up days after the Jaipur blasts."

Who is Sajid Mansuri?

Sajid Ghulam Khwaja Mansuri, 35, was the Gujarat zonal secretary of SIMI before it was banned under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Brought up in the Salabatpura area of Surat, he studied in the Taiyyabi madarssa in Zampa Bazaar and later worked as a recovery agent for Barqat Bank. He organised a meeting OF simi under the guise of All India Muslim Education Board (AIMEB) in Surat in 2001.

The meeting was raided by the police and 123 members were arrested. Mansuri, however, managed to escape and has been absconding since then. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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