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Bomb Blasts In India - 2
Press conference expected at 4PM in Ahmedabad.


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Ahmedabad Crime Branch on Saturday (August 16) claimed that they have cracked the Ahmedabad serial blasts case. Sources said that eight people have been arrested in connection with the same.

SIMI activist Abdul Wasir, who is allegedly the mastermind behind the serial blasts, was arrested in Azamgharh in Uttar Pradesh today. Seven other SIMI activists were also arrested from different parts of the country, reportedly Kerela, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

"We have arrested more than eight people in connection with the serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad," Joint Commissioner of Police Ashish Bhatia said.

Sources added that these activists had meetings in Vadodara, Mumbai and Ahmedabad before the blasts. It also added that meetings in Ahmedabad was held at activist Yunus's residence. The blasts may have been carried on as a revenge for the arrest of SIMI activist Safdar Nagori, added sources.

The Gujarat Police are reportedly going to hold are press conference for the same today evening. Sources said that the Ahmedabad police team is likely to go to Lucknow to pick up the suspects.

The explosives, which was used in the serial blasts, were procured outside the state and were reportedly assembled at Ahmedabad.

So far, 105 suspects have been reportedly cross questioned in the case so far. The Crime Branch had earlier apprehended one Abdul Halim soon after the explosions and he is currently in judicial custody.

Earlier, the investigators tracked the IP address of the terror e-mail to Navi Mumbai, an e-mail sent across to television channels prior to the blasts. Following which, the agencies have been active making various arrests and releasing sketches of different suspects, involved with the terror strike.


Ahmedabad blasts case solved, claim cops


in press conf, DGP Guj Police and Deputy CP Ashish Bhatia gave a whole bunch of details. Havent seen a report with all details - here is what i remember..

- around 10 people including abu bashir have been arrested
- around 50 cases have been lodged in ahmedabad and surat.
- people from guj, mp, karnataka, kerala involved
- camp organized near ernakulam (?) - some temple and then later at pavagadh/halol - around 50 people trained - given basic commando training
- arrest of nagori set the operation back by few months
- bombs were assembled in ahmedabad - some house near vatva was used.
- there was a split in SIMI around 2005 between moderates and extremists
- DGP praised central intelligence, police from maharashtra/MP/Rajasthan/UP - said its a win for Indian Police
- when asked who is getting 50 lakhs he said I am and didnt answer question
- arrest in Bharuch was key
- high level team from Guj is going to bring Bashir to ahmedabad, in a small 8 seater plane.

Great job by Gujarat Police. Atleast they are able to bust one module. I don't think this is the only one operated by Indian Islamist.
This also clearly shows, it is not related to Pakistan or Bangladesh but Indian Muslim terrorist operation.
This is also a big slap on Indian Home Minister, spying agency and B.Raman, who always blame Pakistan and Bangladesh and refused to accept its Indian Muslim terrorist.
That is why India had no crebility because it always blame others when problem is inside.
Good work.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->"Those arrested were present during a training camp organised by SIMI in Halol in Vadodara distrct in January 2008. They were given training on how to survive in adverse conditions and were trained how to tackle police interrogation," Bhatia said.

"They were also taught how to drive motorcycle and fake an accident during the camp," Bhatia said. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Looks like they want to assassinate Indian leadership, these types of tactics was used by Sikh terrorist in 80s.
Either Indian Muslims are learning from Sikh terrorist or they have same mentor.

Now NGOs, Moron Singh and his gang will get busy freeing these terrorist.
Ahmedabad blasts case cracked, SIMI did it: cops
A laptop, a safe house and a weeping SIMI man solve puzzle
How they plotted the terror strike

A US-born Indian from Paguthan village in Bharuch district of south Gujarat, Suhel played a key role in financing SIMIs Gujarat activity. A string of e-mail messages offer vital information on the financial support being provided by two US-based organisations: the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Chicago-based Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims (CCIM).


Isnt Angana Chatterjee and the rest of the NRI psecs associated with CCIM
as well as the Promised Indians
<!--QuoteBegin-G.Subramaniam+Aug 18 2008, 06:36 AM-->QUOTE(G.Subramaniam @ Aug 18 2008, 06:36 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/...how/3372570.cms

A US-born Indian from Paguthan village in Bharuch district of south Gujarat, Suhel played a key role in financing SIMIs Gujarat activity. <b>A string of e-mail messages offer vital information on the financial support being provided by two US-based organisations: the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Chicago-based Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims (CCIM). </b>


<b>Isnt Angana Chatterjee and the rest of the NRI psecs associated with CCIM
as well as the Promised Indians</b>

Whole FOSA and FOIL gang including standard Marxist Sandeep Pandey, Praful Bidwai and other WB commie crowd was present.
All are interlinked with eash other and blessed by Congress party , no surprise.
Did Indian Embassy representative attended their recent get together?
Last I know DC and San Francisco Indian Mission are decorated by WB crowd.

ISNA, CCIM <!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sessions will be held in the Ballroom of the Santa Clara Marriott.

Inaugural Session - 9:00 to 9:55 AM
Imam Tahir Anwar (SBIA)
Razi Mohiuddin (Welcome address)
Khaleel Rahman (Inaugural Remarks)
Mirza Baig (House keeping)

India After Gujarat - 9:55 to 10:55 AM
Dr. Satchit Balsari
Nishrin Hussain
Bhashwati Sengupta
Manzoor Ghori

Problems & Solutions - 11 to 12 :30 PM
Anant Krishna
Prof. Hari Sharma
Dr. Angana Chaterjee
Prof. Raka Ray
Dr. Aslam Abdullah

Lunch Activities - 12:30 to 2:30 PM
(Lunch on your own)
Audience Speak - 1:15 to 2:15

Experiences in Multi-Culturalism - 2:30 to 4:15 PM
Dr. Omar Afzal
P D John
Kulmit Singh
Dr. K. P. Singh
Raju Rajagopal
Dr. Rahul Deepankar

Break - 4:05 to 4:15 PM

Coming to Democracy's Aid - 4:15 to 6:00 PM
Smita Narula
Khalid Griggs
Dr. Ahmadullah Siddiqui
Asim Ghafoor
Dr. Lise McKean

Q & A for Panelists - 6:00 to 6 :45 PM

Banquet 7:00 - 8:35 PM
Awards Presentation
Jameel Johnson
Fr. Cedric Prakash

Key Note Session 8:45 to 9:45 PM
Praful Bidwai
Shaik Ubaid (Presidential address)
Vote of Thanks
Closing Prayer

Recently Paswan came to Chicago to attend Hindu bashing get-together, same guys were present. Pawan is part of current ruling government. All terrorist attack took place in BJP states.
Connect dots.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Modi shows the way </b>
The Pioneer Edit Desk
Terrorists can be tracked down
<b>The Gujarat Police has demonstrated that if there is sufficient determination and political will, the toughest case can be cracked</b>. Ever since the July 26 serial bombings in Ahmedabad and the subsequent discovery of explosives-laden cars and bombs in Surat, there was much speculation as to whether this time too the terrorists would remain untraced and thus escape punishment. There was reason for this cynicism: In the four-and-a-half years the Congress has been in power at the head of the UPA Government, investigations into none of the terrorists attacks had resulted in prosecution. With the Prime Minister losing sleep over the plight of terrorists and announcing his Government's decision to reward the families of jihadis while his thoroughly incompetent Home Minister came up with the most astounding reason for not sending Mohammed Afzal Guru to the gallows, Central agencies displayed remarkable ability to please their political bosses by not taking investigations into terror strikes to their logical conclusion. It is not entirely coincidental that the police in Congress-ruled Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh should have also 'failed' to track the perpetrators of the Mumbai commuter train bombings and the Hyderabad blasts. The Rajasthan Police, investigating the Jaipur bombings, was rudely snubbed by the Home Ministry as Mr Shivraj Patil is incapable of comprehending the contours of the jihadi threat that stares India in the face. It is only natural that the UPA Government's callous indifference should have left the State police feeling demoralised and defeated; individual officers saw in this an opportunity to feather their own nest. The Government of Gujarat decided to strike out on its own, if only to prove that if the police are allowed a free hand and sufficiently empowered as well as supported in their efforts, criminals can be tracked down. As always, Chief Minister Narendra Modi took a chance and emerged winner.

There are three lessons to be learned from the success of the Gujarat Police. First, little or no purpose is served by making tall claims to satisfy the demands of 24x7 television news channels. The police are not answerable to the media; their job is best done far away from the glare of television cameras. For evidence, recall how the Mumbai Police Commissioner talked too much and ended up achieving too little by way of tracking down the commuter train bombers. Second, it is important to instil a sense of confidence in the police force and give them the freedom to interact with the police in other States. The success of the Gujarat Police is as much theirs as that of the police in States from where suspects have been picked up, most notably Uttar Pradesh. Third, <span style='color:red'>the State Governments have to stop looking up to the Centre for assistance. Gujarat has been denied a law similar to MCOCA by a cussed Prime Minister and his ineffectual Home Minister who believe electoral victory for the Congress lies in pandering to fanatics</span>. Mr Modi took it as a challenge and stumped his detractors in Delhi. While the arrest of the man -- a mufti who was given to poisoning young minds at a madarsa -- who planned the bombings and his associates is no doubt commendable, what is far more important is that a tough message has been sent out to would-be terrorists: They can't escape justice. Meanwhile, with <b>SIMI's terrifying face exposed once again, perhaps Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mr Ram Vilas Paswan will stop demanding that the ban on this terrorist organisation be lifted</b>.
How long before Kerala gets bitten by this ? Now the only thing that remains is for Kerala CM comes out saying Kerala gives "moral support" to jehadis..


<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->NEW DELHI: <b>The kerala link to the Ahmedabad blasts confirms that Gujarat has only paid for the failure, or worse, reluctance of the LDF government to act against fundamentalist elements thriving in the state. </b>

At least two training camps were reported from the forests of Kerala, cocking a snook at the ban enforced against Simi under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 2004. The first camp for physical and mental conditioning of Simi cadres was held in 2006 in Binanipuram near Aluva in Ernakulam district, followed by another training workshop in December 2007 at Vagamon in Idukki district. After each of these camps, police cases were filed.

Following the Binanipuram training camp, the Kerala police even managed to round up 18 Simi activists on August 15, 2006. Of these, five were named in the FIR. They were Ansar Moulavi, Shaduli, Nizamuddin, Abdul Rafeeq and Shamas. The others were let off after questioning.

The investigations never went beyond these five arrests. Sometime later, even these five were released on bail after the police failed to bring charges against them for indulging in terrorist activity. Two of the released, Shaduli and Ansar Moulavi, also attended the second Simi camp at Vagamon, Idukki, in December and January 2007. The two would later be arrested by the Rajasthan police for their alleged role in the May 13 serial blasts in Jaipur.

Going by the statement of Kerala home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the state government was under “pressure” to set the Simi men free. “Terrorists are operating in Kerala. But their main activities are outside the state. When we took police action against some of them, there was a hue and cry from human rights activists saying that minorities were being targeted,” he told reporters in Alappuzha on Sunday.

The LDF government’s passive attitude and its failure to bring charges against the organisers of the Binanipuram camp emboldened Simi to hold another training session for around 40 cadres from UP, MP, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka and Jharkhand in December-January 2007. Activists were given commando training covering aspects like jungle warfare including the medicinal herbs and plants that must be consumed for survival, rock climbing and scaling and sliding using a rope.

The trainees were also taught how to avoid giving away too much information during police interrogation.
Shockingly enough, even the 2007 Simi training camp was reported to the Kerala police. A case was registered at the Mundakkayam police station on June 19, 2008, but no investigation was undertaken. Yet another reason why the Simi activists, following the intensive training, could easily re-assemble in states like Gujarat and Rajasthan and put their training to practice. And their lessons in how to dodge the police seemed to have worked when even the arrests of the Simi top leadership from Indore and Ujjain failed to yield intelligence on plans to target Gujarat and Jaipur.

According to Kerala forest minister Benoy Viswom, though his department had information on meetings of suspicious extremist elements in the jungles, the Centre had not passed on any information pinpointing the Simi sessions to the forest department.

The reluctance of the various governments in Kerala to act against fundamentalist elements in the state is not a new phenomenon. It be recalled that the Kerala assembly had in 2006 passed a unanimous resolution demanding the release of Coimbatore blasts accused and PDP leader Abdul Nasser Madani on “humanitarian and medical” grounds.

The leader, incarcerated in a Tamil Nadu jail since 1998, is said to have been ailing at the time. Not only this, CPM T K Hamza even called on the PDP leader in jail in March 2006, after which Madani announced his support for the LDF in the 2006 assembly elections.

The PDP chief was named as accused number 14 in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts chargesheet and charged with arranging the explosives and being part of the criminal conspiracy behind the blasts that killed 58 people. Madani was acquitted by the sessions court in 2007. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
On the recent success of Gujarat Police to book the terrorists, instead of a sense of jubilation and relief in the Center, it seems the folks are disappointed and hopelessly resigned. Can be seen written over the faces of Shivarj (I so hate this name on him!!!) Patil, Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh, Abhishek Singhavi, Manish Tewari, etc...
<b>Ahmedabad blasts: Haywood flees India</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->American mutinational company official Ken Haywood, whose computer was used to send terror e-mail minutes before the Ahmedabad [Images] blasts, has fled from India.

Haywood's advocate Gopal Hegde said he last spoke to Haywood on Friday morning. Haywood had said that he was mentally tired and wanted to take rest.
Had it Indian in US, he would have been behind bars.
I am very sure Queen will pardon him, after all its greater calling.
If Moron SIngh is not ready to hang Afzal, Pastor is man of God and not Seer, how they can arrest him.
Ken Haywood:

Which were the HR organization sthat pressured the Kerala Govt to release the terrorists? It could lead to something to find out the link of those HR orgs.

The Haywood character was upto something else thats why he skipped. Its more than the hacking of his wifi account.

Indina police should file charges and see if the US-India extradaition treaty works in both directions..
The Hyderabad case is still open right? That means there are other modules at work.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>American with Gujarat blasts link flees India  </b>
TN Raghunatha | Mumbai
SIMI e-mail emanated from his computer
American national Kenneth Haywood, from whose Internet Protocol (IP) address the terror-outfit Indian Mujahideen had purportedly sent an e-mail to media organisations minutes before the Ahmedabad serial blasts,<b> has fled the country</b>.

<b>Haywood is believed to have flown to the US from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport in the wee hours of Monday. This was despite a look-out notice issued against him by the police to all airports and seaports in the country</b>.

Confirming the development, Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare told The Pioneer on Monday evening,<b> "Haywood was to have appeared before the ATS for questioning in connection with an allegation made by him against a Navi Mumbai police officer. After he failed to turn up, we checked and learnt that Haywood fled the country from New Delhi."</b>

Mumbai Police has blamed its Delhi counterparts for the goof-up as he was allowed to pass through the immigration despite a look-out notice against his name, official sources informed.

What has shocked the ATS is that Haywood has fled the country even before the receipt of the final reports of the lie-detector and brain-mapping tests conducted on him on August 13 and the report of forensic examination of his two computers and a laptop. The ATS received all the test reports on Monday. Significantly enough, the lie-detector and brain-mapping tests have cleared him.

Haywood, who lived in two 15th floor flats (1503 and 1504) in C-wing of posh Gunina Apartments located on the upmarket Palm Beach Road at Sanpada, had been dodging ATS officials since August 15, when he was called for questioning over his allegation that a senior police officer had demanded a bribe to bail him out.

"When we called him on his mobile on August 15, he excused himself saying that he was pre-occupied. The following day, he said he was unwell. Finally, we summoned him on Monday. Since he did not turn up, we unsuccessfully tried to reach him on his mobile. Our officers went to his Navi Mumbai residence but found it locked. Later, we came to know that he has fled the country," Karkare said.

<b>As to why the ATS had not seized Haywood's passport, Karkare said that it could not do so since there was nothing against him to make him a suspect. </b>"Even the scientific tests conducted on him have turned out negative. But it is rather serious that he has chosen to flee the country without informing us and taking our permission. It is another matter we could not have held Haywood back in the event of his having made a formal request to us - especially in the light of the fact that scientific tests conducted on him have tested negative," Karkare said.

Haywood, who had all along claimed that he was innocent and that his IP address might have been hacked by the terrorist outfit to send the blasts message to the media, was among half a dozen persons subjected to lie-detector and brain mapping tests by ATS on August 13.

Haywood had come on ATS radar a day after the Ahmedabad serial blasts. It was after ATS established that an e-mail, which was received by news television channels from Indian Mujahideen minutes before the blasts, had been sent from Haywood's IP address. The ATS had raided his residence, seized his two computers and a laptop and put him and his wife to a thorough interrogation.

<b>The entire building had a Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) facility, with Haywood being one of the users. He had claimed that his connection, which was not password protected, was used by the terror group to send the email. The Gujarat Police is already on a look out for a techie, who was working earlier with Wipro, as it claims that he could have possibly hacked Haywood's Internet connection. </b>
Govt. let him go PERIOD.
Isnt Delhi police under MHA and not state? I thought reading some book by MK Dhar.
Yes, it is .
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Aug 19 2008, 02:16 AM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Aug 19 2008, 02:16 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>American with Gujarat blasts link flees India  </b>
American national Kenneth Haywood, from whose Internet Protocol (IP) address the terror-outfit Indian Mujahideen had purportedly sent an e-mail to media organisations minutes before the Ahmedabad serial blasts,<b> has fled the country</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Govt. let him go PERIOD.

Here is probably why...

He was a 'clandestine' missionary organizer. his company was a fake for christian missionaries. This catch would have unraveled many things...

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><img src='http://www.timesnow.tv/ImageGallery/N12971.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image' />

<b>Opening the Doors of hell in India</b>

B28955 / Wed, 30 Jul 2008 08:17:21 / "War on Terror"
Apologies for not posting in these parts for a while, but various reality-based necessities have intruded and limited my scope for wildcat investigation and general commentary. Never fear though, as I’ve got an intriguing tale up my sleeve to rouse the GNN crowd from its stupor. It involves hijacked wifi connections, mysterious car thefts, illegally rented apartments and the death of about 40 innocent people in the city of Ahmedenebad, India. It may also involve a whole lot more, and certainly more than the media is letting on (or willing to see).

Anyhow, let’s survey the facts of the matter as they stand. Last week 22 separate bomb blasts claimed between 42 and 45 lives in Ahmedabad, western India. This is nothing unusual, alas, in India at the moment, where bombings are becoming depressingly regular occurences. Authorities never seem to catch the culprits, and different groups continue to pop up to claim responsibility, although the police and the commentariat invariably use each atrocity as an opportunity to crack down on muslim student groups, or various factions in India’s criminal underworld.

Last week’s blasts were no exception. When a note claiming responsiblity did emerge, it was sent to India’s largest television networks, written in English and originating from a standard Yahoo account. It was also signed by a group called the “Indian mujahadeen” – previously unknown to authorities – and it focused on massacres committed by Hindus against Muslims (such as the Gujarat pogroms of 2002). The subject line of the note was “Await 5 minutes for the revenge of Gujarat” while its contents thundered that “In the name of Allah the Indian Mujahideen strike again! Do whatever you can, within 5 minutes from now, feel the terror of Death.”

When CNN-IBN received the note, it broadcast its contents and then sent the mail onto India’s police. Then, using some pretty elementary technical nous, the police managed to track the source of the mail to a wifi connection in the Navi Mumbai area of Mumbai, a newish development targeted decidedly at the upper range of Mumbai’s demographics. This was unusual – terrorists operating out of a yuppie suburb. Police also confirmed that the cars used in the Ahmedabad attacks were also stolen from Navi Mumbai.

It was surely then only a matter of time before the attackers were exposed and the kingpin behind the atrocities could be paraded before the cameras in a coup for justice against rampant islamist terror… But there was a snag. As I noticed in the Guardian yesterday, when police tracked down the wifi signal it turned out that the laptop from which it emanated belonged not to a wizened old sheik or a member of Mumbai’s mafia families, but to an “expat American” by the name of Kenneth Haywood.

What the hell had happened? Haywood claimed that his account had been hacked and that the terrorists had sneaked into his apartment block, used his connection and then scarpered, hiding their tracks as they went. Quite why they would then steal the cars from the same area, thereby alerting police to their activities (and providing an opportunity to track them down on CCTV etc..) was not explained.

Nevertheless, by and large the international and Indian media have accepted Haywood’s story. And who are we to disbelieve an account as reasonable as this (from the Guardian):

The Hindustan Times newspaper quoted Haywood, a business consultant, as saying the technician who set up the web connection had insisted he not change his default password…He told the paper he had already complained about excessively high browsing bills: “I found that my net usage had suddenly increased and I started getting inflated bills.”
As Parambir Singh of India’s anti-terrorist squad put it, “We are not saying that they are suspects, but at the same time we cannot, at the moment, give them a clean chit.” And this was sensible, as Haywood’s computer remains in the lab being tested where, as the Hindu reports today, “it [will] take three or four days for completing the analysis of the hard disk.”

Meanwhile, Singh’s boss, Hemant Karkare told the Indian daily that “Experts are still on the job” and that Haywood, “is very much on the radar of suspicion.”

Is it possible that an American working for what one paper describes as a “multi-national company” and another describes as an “executive training firm” could have been somehow involved in the massacre of 42 innocent people? Or, to add some more pertinent information, was he involved in the attempted massacre of hundreds more? Since the bombs exploded in Ahmedabad, police have found 19 devices in the town of Surat, some placed in packed marketplaces, and 7 explosions have hit Bangalore, with one fatality.

It is possible that Haywood has been the victim of an horrendous example of identity theft. Certainly, it would be nice to give a respectable guy who “has more than 20 years of experience in hands-on corporate training and has held senior positions with Fortune 500 companies” the benefit of the doubt.

The only problem is, Campbell White, the firm that Haywood works for, is not a multinational company at all. Or, if it is, it’s certainly a very strange one. What I’ve managed to find out is that Campbell White is effectively a front for a far right Christian cult, and is far from the image being spun by Haywood and the media. This will take a little explaining, but it’s well worth it.

Fortunately for them, Campbell White erased key details of its staff from its website in early July 2008. Unfortunately for them, Google caches such things, so ferrets like me can have ready access. What you find is a list of American and Australian expats fulfilling the usual roles (India managing director, manager of human resources etc..) Superficially there is nothing odd about that at all. What you find at the current site, however, is a strange list of first names (no “Ken” you might notice).

Anyhow, a little googling around with the actual names produces some very interesting results. I do hope the Indian police have been doing this, I really do. First port of call was to assess Campbell White’s corporate history, to provide a little meat to the investigation. What you find is a cached webpage describing how the very same firm provides(d) “chauffeur drive buses and taxis” in Bangalore, through its Bangalore Chauffeur Driven Buses and Taxis subsidiary. That taxi company was headed by the same David Curwen Walker (“an experienced chauffeur with over 25 years of professional driving in Australia and Africa”) who has since become “responsible for our Internal Legal Department, and integration of International Operations Training” according to the staff list deleted this month. Talented guy.

So I searched for David’s web presence, figuring that a man with such experience would be all over the net. It turned out that he wasn’t really, but that a David Curwen Walker had posted a couple of items on a site called Churchfinder. At that site, Curwen Walker described himself as a “pastor” of the Door Christian Church in Kammanahalli dispensing “good, solid preaching of the Word of God.” Nice of him to balance driving, legal services and serving the Lord.

Anyhow, thinking that googling staff members had been a relative success so far, I picked another member with a distinctive name, Scott Grabowska. Astonishingly, a Scott Grabowska was listed as hosting a “special revival service” at the Door Church in Englewood Colorado, nightly services at the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church in Virginia Beach, VA and a service in Shreveport, Louisiana as well. This, while serving Campbell White, perhaps, as “International Protocol Trainer.”

Thinking that this could be a notable coincidence, I soldiered on, adding Jonathan Heimberg to the list. Heimberg is listed as Campbell White’s tech guy (“Senior Manager Information Services”) but could he be related to the Jonathan Heimberg who comments from Bangalore on the website worldcfm.com? Worldcfm, by the way, stands for “world Christian Fellowship Ministries.” Heimberg commented rapturously that “In the last week, we have seen a sovereign move of God. We have tapped a stream of converts from North East India, the state of Nagalin” adding that, “These bright, young people have come to Bangalore for Schooling and Hi-Tech careers, and a great many have begun coming to the church.”

So perhaps I was on a roll. Pushing my luck luxuriously, I moved onto Dan Rubianes, Campbell White’s managing director in Bangalore, no less. Well, google is not very forthcoming with details about Dan, but by sheer coincidence I’ve managed to track down the name at a forthcoming biblical spectacular – the 2008 Chandler International Bible Conference, being hosted by the Door Christian Center in Chandler, Arizona. There, a certain Dan Rubianes will be headlining alongside a certain Pastor Joe Campbell who, could quite easily be a distant relation of the Joe Campbell listed as the USA director of Campbell White.

If you want to get tickets it starts on August 10, so you’d better hurry. Incidentally, last year saw the appearance of a certain Scott Grabowska, so the connections really are rather deep I’d say. I hope you’ve stayed with me long enough to enjoy them.

But what of Ken Haywood himself, our man on the spot with the troublesome wifi connection which spews out hate e-mails seeking to stir up trouble between Hindus and Muslims? Well, armed with the connection between Door Christian Church and Campbell White, I searched for Ken Haywood and Door Ministries. What I found was an extremely detailed website run by a chap named Steve Schoner and entitled “After Potter’s House..”

It turns out that Schoner was sued in 1994 by a member of Potter’s House (an alternative name for the Door Church). His offence was protesting against the church’s cult like activities in Flagstaff Arizona. As you might have guessed, the man pressing the complaint was the very public spirited, Kenneth Haywood. Perhaps not the same man, but certainly a gem of a coincidence I hope you’ll agree.

Apparently, Haywood sued Schoner et al for “[causing] emotional damages because he referred to them as a cult and that their reaction to that was that they had physical manifestations….including a heart attack” and it was devilish placards that brought on the angst.

The dirty heathens! Joking aside, it turns out that the Christian Fellowship Ministries have stirred up a great deal of controversy for their cult like activities. Some parents have gone on the record claiming that their sons and daughters have been “lost” to them for years due to the CFM’s separatist tenets.

In one case, a 5 year old girl was subjected to the sight of a pastor dressing up as the devil and plunging her hands in a bucket of blood. The pastor in question, a man named Dan Mazon, “said the blood was fake, but admitted trying to scare the 5-year-old from sex and drugs” according to a 2004 news report by KPHO Phoenix. Mazon added chillingly that “That’s the problem with this generation that does not understand fear.”

CFM also has a novel and deeply profitable structure. As the KPHO report put it, “Some people also criticize the church’s financial structure, which is a pyramid structure. If one parish is able to set up another church — that church must send 5% of its offerings back to the sponsor church — and send 5% to the Mother church in Prescott [Arizona].” [More info on the church here, courtesy of investigator Rick Ross]

Could it be the CFM has identified an unprecedented growth market for its business model in the teeming millions of India?

CFM founder Wayman Mitchell has shown a passion for the spirit of the subcontinent in the past. As his website documents, in 1984 he and several disciples had an emotional experience on the site of the martyrdom of St. Thomas:

It is said that as he preached the gospel to a wild Indian tribe they pierced him through with a spear. As we stood overlooking that city I could not help but think how far this man had come. is so far that it staggers the mind. Remember, he had no air­planes, no modem [sic] means of transportation, none of the things we have…We think it is a great task when we climb on one of those monstrous 747’s to go around the world and land in twenty or thirty hours, but think of Thomas! He’d have to travel for several months at the very least and possibly years, to come to that wild place on the east India coast. This man had a world vision. God stir us as we read this that we may understand the seriousness of what we are talking about. When the Lord Jesus said, “I send you to the nations,” He was talking about a fundamental principle of world evangelism.

Later on, Mitchell related how “Not knowing what we were going to see Mike Maston, Larry Neville, Jack Harris and myself, were standing on the brink of destiny. God had placed within our hands the tools and the ability to affect that nation for eternity. He was opening the door. We are talking about a sovereign God, a king. This is a royal commission.”

Yes indeed, a “royal commission,” but what Indian police should be asking themselves is what, exactly has been committed?

TIMES Now says Haywood + family left after understanding between US embassy and intelligence officials.


TIMES Now is also saying Abu Bashir has been "singing like a bird" and quite readily confessed that he carried out the Jaipur ops too.

Small request only. I have heard that there is a photo of ahmedabad blast suspects with face masks. One of the suspects is flashing a v-sign. If somebody finds it could you please post it ?

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