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Bomb Blasts In India - 2
we have this timeline thread, this may come handy

<b>Biggest sleeper cell in North Block: Arun Jaitley</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->NEW DELHI: In its hardest attack on the UPA government, BJP has said the “biggest sleeper cell in the country is in North Block (home ministry) as it is sleeping when terror activities take place.”

Taking his party’s ‘Save India’ campaign to a new pitch, BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley suggested that the Congress should “initiate honest discussions about the current crisis with all political parties and other stake holders.” <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>PMO asks HRD to restrain Mushir </b>
Pioneer News Service | New Delhi
The Central Government is unhappy over Jamia Millia Islamia Vice-Chancellor Dr Mushirul Hasan's statement to the Press that the university would provide legal aid to the two students picked up by the police for their alleged complicity in the recent Delhi blasts. 

<b>According to sources, the Prime Minister's Office has asked the HRD Ministry to restrain the VC from making such statements, which could have far-reaching politicial repercussions.</b>

Sources said the PMO asked the HRD to see how the VC could commit the university fund for aiding alleged terrorists without consulting the Ministry.

Meanwhile, the BJP on Wednesday demanded the Centre should immediately dismiss Mushirul Hasan.

<b>"He heads an institution that runs with taxpayers' money. His doesn't occupy a private office. He did not adhere to the norms set by the Government. He must be sacked immediately,"</b> BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad told mediapersons.

The BJP questioned Hasan why he jumped the gun when the Constitution already provides for alternate arrangements if an accused does not get an advocate to argue his case.

"Will this not lead to a mad rush? Some other day, a university will announce to use public money for providing legal cover to any of its student involved in a petty crime. This is highly illogical," Ravi Shankar argued.

Terming the Hasan's announcement as "atrocious, anti-national and highly objectionable", senior BJP leader VK Malhotra said, "On the one hand, the Government and its police have arrested them; on the other, a Government-aided institution is defending them by providing legal aid. This is dichotomy," Malhotra said. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Had some Hindu University, SHame of India, Moron SIngh would have fired that guy and replaced him with some Imam of Azamgargh Durgah.
<b>It's OK to provide legal aid to blasts suspects: Arjun</b>
Now Indian universities will fund terrorist.
Univeristies should get involed in all type of crime, not small like terrorism but bigger like breaking Principal office chairs etc.
Blast in Delhi

1 killed, 23 Injured - Mehrauli market
Sonia matha says - terrorism will be rooted out of INdia

(Hindus, watch out, you are all screwed)
Latest toll is 7 dead
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Seven killed, 15 injured in bomb blast in Delhis Mehrauli area

The bomb was dropped off by some guys on a bike, indian citizens can now expect daily bomb delivery like newspaper delivery.
No worry, Indian Universities will provide Chemistry labs to assemble bombs, UGC will provide funds and esteemed Education Minister Arjun Singh will give press release supporting terrorist.
Shame of India, Manmohan Singh can sleep well, all is well.
Mera Bharat Mahan.
<!--QuoteBegin-k.ram+Sep 27 2008, 05:56 PM-->QUOTE(k.ram @ Sep 27 2008, 05:56 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sonia matha says - terrorism will be rooted out of INdia

(Hindus, watch out, you are all screwed)
She should go back to her homeland and enjoy her retired life.

Sheila Dixit should be kicked out.
Regular HT garbage : not providing details, no point they are just clueless.

<i>There should be zero tolerance... yes blaming Indian Muslims.
Is the blast making a mockery of our intelligence services? Nah they are good in toppling BJP state government
Home Minister reviews Delhi blast ... Time to buy new safari suits
A congested Mehrauli locality... they should do it in front of HT office, KG Marg
The whodunnit question confronts... Indian Muslim duh!!
Sonia expresses shock .... Send her to hospital for treatment</i>
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Sep 27 2008, 10:14 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Sep 27 2008, 10:14 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><!--QuoteBegin-k.ram+Sep 27 2008, 05:56 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(k.ram @ Sep 27 2008, 05:56 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Sonia matha says - terrorism will be rooted out of INdia

(Hindus, watch out, you are all screwed)
She should go back to her homeland and enjoy her retired life.

Sheila Dixit should be kicked out.

Shiela Dixit married off her daughter to a muslim
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Home Minister Shivraj Patil, while condemning the blast, said the government had taken a series of measures recently to beef up security in the capital. “Whatever more is required to be done will be done expeditiously. <b>I condemn today’s blast and appeal to the people of Delhi to remain calm</b>,” he said in a statement.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

He is just filling in for MadMoron Sing in asking the sheeple to remain calm.

<b>Jittery, but India hasn’t lost faith</b>
<!--emo&Rolleyes--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='rolleyes.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--emo&Rolleyes--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='rolleyes.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<!--QuoteBegin-k.ram+Sep 28 2008, 08:07 AM-->QUOTE(k.ram @ Sep 28 2008, 08:07 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Jittery, but India hasn’t lost faith</b>
<!--emo&Rolleyes--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='rolleyes.gif' /><!--endemo-->  <!--emo&Rolleyes--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='rolleyes.gif' /><!--endemo-->
These ministers should try to venture out in public without Z-security and let people tell them what they think about them.
Recently some Indians gave some very horror treatment to CEO, I don't know how they will treat ministers.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Delhi takes shelter at home </b>
Staff Reporter | New Delhi
The recurrent, anytime, anywhere explosions in the national capital have started to show up on its citizens' psychological index.   

<b>It has been an unfulfilled dream of the eternally harassed Delhi commuter to zip past empty roads. But this Saturday, the second in two weeks to record a terror strike, the Capital looked desolate and deserted.

Not a soul in Khan Market. An empty India Gate with not even an ice-creamwallah in tow. PVR ticket windows forlorn; Connaught Place as empty as a curfew-bound area. And, a Saturday evening sans vehicles on the ITO crossing.</b>

Call it fear or prudence, but Delhiites took collective refuge in their homes with advisories to friends and kin to stay indoors too. "We generally do all our shopping on weekends but now we really don't know whether we should be doing so either on Saturday or on weekday considering that bombs are exploding at will," said South Delhi resident Ruchi Awasthi.

<b>Incidentally, the Mehrauli phool mandi where the blast took place, is a favourite Saturday haunt for South Delhi housewives to go flower shopping</b>. Though business is at its peak early mornings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons record heavy turnouts.

"We had just returned from the phool mandi after buying a bunch of nargis and some dancing bamboos and heard there was a blast at that very place. It scared us to death. Just a few minutes here and there and we could have been blown up," said Saket resident Suchi Agarawal who has two children.

"<b>How long can you put up a brave front and say come what may we will live as usual. It is time to be careful. We are already wondering if, how and where to do the Diwali shopping from</b>," said S J Duggal who has been advising his wife to not venture into marketplaces like Chandni Chowk this festival season.

I never thought Shame of India, ManMohan Singh is so smart, by doing nothing to protect citizens and allowing Indian Muslim terrorist to kill Hindus, they are solving polution , less demand for Petrol, it will save dollars, less trafic on roads, less accidents, less Police to monitor roads, now Police can spend time to take Ministers wife to shopping. Well never thought how bright and Brilliant is Manmohan Singh. Jawab nahi !!
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Mehrauli long way down in list of similar blasts </b>
Sumit Saxena | New Delhi
<b>The Delhi Police has revealed that three other low intensity indigenous bomb blasts in the past months - three at Malviya Nagar and one near IIT gate flyover - were similar to the one that took place at Mehrauli on Saturday.</b>

A police source said that a taxi driver, Babloo, was killed in a similar explosion while he was travelling on his motorcycle on Thursday night in Mehrauli but the cops refrained from sharing the information in the wake of the serial blasts.

"The two explosions at Malviya Nagar and Lado Sarai traffic intersection near Police Training College (PTC) were also similar in nature. It was reported that two men on a motorcycle dropped a packet on the road, and later it exploded breaking windows of many cars. Scores of metal shrapnel and nails were also recovered from the cars bodies," said a source. Following the explosions, the police detained few Bangladeshi nationals in Jalpaiguri in June and July, but no concrete information was revealed in their interrogations.

The police said that either Potassium Chlorate or Ammonium Nitrate was used as the chemical for the explosion, in addition to nails.

The source further added that on Thursday night when Babloo was travelling on his motorcycle, a loud noise was generated and he immediately fell from his bike. Locals reported to the police that the noise was similar to a bomb blast rather than a bullet shot. "The wounds on Babloo's body suggested that something very sharp had penetrated, unlike bullet wounds. We suspect he died due to injuries from the explosion," said an AIIMS doctor, on the condition of anonymity. Babloo's case was dismissed by the police stating that that he was shot following a love affair.

The police have recovered nails from the spot at Mehrauli, and have suggested that configuration of bombs used in serial bomb blasts are not similar in origin.

Eyewitnesses also said that immediately after the explosion a thick cloud of smoke formed, similar to the other explosions reported earlier in South Delhi.

<b>"We suspect that the bombs exploded at Malviya Nagar twice, at the same traffic intersection, and near IIT Gate were mere samples to check the intensity of the explosion. Blend of readily available chemical with metal shrapnel was used, but police took the matter lightly," added a source.</b>

A police source added that more than a dozen explosions were reported since the beginning of 2008, but the officials struck it off the records as mere mischief.

<b>Chronology of blasts</b>
January 16: Explosion near IIT Gate flyover
February 1, 2: Explosions within two minutes at Malviya Nagar and Lado Sarai traffic intersection
May 8: A bomb exploded underneath a Mercedes at same traffic signal

It means SoniaDas Gadha Patil and Joker Queen Dixit were hiding these information.

This is happening in Captial of India, what a shinning example of impotent Indian Government.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Cops wash away evidence </b>
Parvaiz Sultan | New Delhi
The blast, which left a gory scene, shocked the entire city. But shockingly, in the melee, Delhi police in all likelihood destroyed forensic evidence that could have helped in gathering information about Saturday's blast in Mehrauli apparently due to lack of knowledge about forensic science. The scene of blast was washed away by the police.

<b>Even before the bomb experts from central security agencies and National Security Guards (NSG) visited the spot, Delhi police personnel removed the debris and washed the bloodstains from the blast site. Senior police officials oversaw the work as residents cleaned the site with a bathroom mop and some cardboard. When asked whether such action would destroy crucial evidence even before the experts from NSG arrive, an official said, "We have already collected whatever was there. Moreover, even when we have cleaned the place, we have made sure that all materials are collected in the gunny bag."</b>

Some residents showed double-edged nails that they claim were collected from the blast site. It was only when the NSG team arrived, that the area was cordoned off and residents and media persons were asked to move away.

We were laughing at Pakistan, how they treat crime scene. Indian Police is worse and unprofessional. Just shows they don't know how to handle crime scene, can't do investigation. They only know how to divert attention on internal problem by blaming Pakistan and Bangladesh.
As usual B.Raman will comeup with some useless logic to give cover to SoniaDas Gadha.
17 crude bombs found in ahmedabad
2 bomb blasts in Gujarat. 2 plp killed.

Shivraj patel is dressing up <!--emo&:furious--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/furious.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='furious.gif' /><!--endemo--> I guess.

Lets start collecting pennies and buy some nice suit for Sonia Das Gadha and Henna and Parandi for Shame of India, Manmohan Singh.

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