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<span style='color:red'>Govt. to issue coin in honour of Sister Alphonsa </span>

New Delhi (PTI) The government on Saturday said it has decided to issue a commemorative coin in the honour of Sister Alphonsa, who will be canonized as a saint by the Pope tomorrow in the Vatican City.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram announced that the coin will be released on August 19, 2009 in Kerala.

Sister Alphonsa is the first Indian who will be canonized as a saint by the catholic church, an official release said.

Born in 1910, she belonged to the poor Franciscan Clarist Congregation in Kerala. Her centenary year will commence on August 19, 2009 and will be celebrated for a year, it added.


'Communal' UPA's 'secular' terrorism

by V Sundaram

A superb and grandiloquent message was given by Sonia Gandhi to her party workers in the morning in New Delhi on Saturday, 13 September 2008, to fight against forces that are trying to ‘communalise’ the politics of the country.

She told her party workers, ‘There is a deliberate attempt to ‘communalise’ society in different parts of the country. What we are witnessing in States like Orissa most recently is a carefully orchestrated ploy by the BJP and its sister organisations to inflame religious prejudices and passions. We must expose the mischievous designs of the Sangh Parivar and fight to rubbish the malicious propaganda’. She showed her transcendental ‘political wisdom’ when she took particular ‘secular’ care and caution to make no reference whatsoever to the cold blooded murder of Swami Lakshmanananda in the tribal district of Khandamal in Orissa by Christian missionaries (one of whom is certainly Radhakant Nayak, Congress MP according to VHP President Ashok Singhalji.)

Sonia Gandhi’s clairvoyant vision as a statesman became known to the whole world within a few hours on that very day (13-9-2008) in the evening when at about 6.30 p.m., in five different crowded parts of New Delhi, bombs planted by Islamic Terrorists exploded in the space of 40 minutes, killing more than 30 people and causing grievous injuries to more than 150 innocent citizens. Indian Mujahideen, a front of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), has claimed full responsibility for the blasts. Islamic terrorism is viewed as ‘secularism’ by Sonia Gandhi and her equally ‘secular’ colleagues like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, Amar Singh, Karunanidhi, Deve Gowda and the like. Communists also belong to this ant-Hindu category regardless of whether they are part of the UPA or not.

Sonia Gandhi’s daily working message to our incapable Prime Minister and equally rudderless Union Home Minister seems to be this: ‘Organised High-Powered Ignorance about Islamic Terrorists and Islamic Terrorism is a blessed state of secular bliss. Colossal callous ignorance is indeed a blessed state of secular heaven. Dealing effectively with Islamic terrorism and saving innocent victims of terrorism would only amount to non-secular ‘communalism’ and obscurantist ‘fundamentalism’’.

Ever since the minority UPA government came to power in 2004, the Islamic Terrorists have been having a free run in India, with the soulless UPA government choosing to remain ‘secularly neutral’, between the fire and fire-brigade—between the perpetrators of terrorism and the victims of terrorism. A comfortable operational space was officially created for the Islamic terrorists when POTA was repealed by the UPA government in 2004. POTA was discarded by the UPA government only to appease the Muslim terrorists of India. This impolitic step was taken at a time when the whole world, including the United States, was moving towards a regime of harsher laws to tackle terrorism. Effeminate and non-descript Congress leaders have been perversely saying that a law like POTA did not prevent terrorist attacks earlier during NDA regime. Does this mean that its repeal in 2004 has helped the UPA to eliminate terrorism? Laws are meant only to equip the society to deal effectively with crime and miscreants. They are intended as preventive deterrents and they cannot be expected to operate as automatic power brakes.

During the last three months, the Islamic terrorists have demonstrated their lethal power to strike anywhere and everywhere with impunity in all parts of India. Through their glorious ‘strike’ successes, they have shown that India has no Prime Minister or Union Home Minister or National Security (Insecurity!) Advisor or Director of Intelligence (Director of Vacuous, Vaporous and Gaseous Information founded on secular Islam-embracing nonsense!) or Director of RAW. India has become the classic example of a totally failed State under a surrogate Prime Minister who has been reduced to the level of a meandering ZOMBIE ZERO.

Islamic Terrorists are reveling in daily depredations in Jammu and Kashmir. The whole world knows that with the full knowledge and cooperation of the government of India, the innocent and peace loving pundits of Kashmir have become homeless in their own ancestral homeland. Nearly 500,000 pundits of Kashmir have become refugees. Thousands of Hindus have been killed in Kashmir. In the last seven years, targets of Islamic terrorists have been as varied as Delhi (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008), Kolkatta (2002), Mumbai (2003, 2006), Ayodhya (2005), Malegaon (2006), Varanasi (2006), Bangalore (2005, 2008), Hyderabad (2007, 2007…), Lucknow (2007), Ludhiana (2007), Jaipur (2008), Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar (2002, 2008) and Surat (2008). Islamic Terrorists attack wherever their infrastructure allows them to do so. Gujarat Police have proved that there exists an organised network of terror modules or terrorist ‘sleeper’ cells in a wide swathe of the country.


1.Indo-Pakistani War of 1948: 1,104 killed & 3,152 wounded
2.Sino-Indian War 1962: 3,128 killed & 1,697 wounded
3.Indo-Pakistani War of 1965: 3,264 killed & 8,623 wounded
4.Indo-Pakistani War of 1971: 3,843 killed & 9,851 wounded
5.Kargil War: 527 killed & 1,363 wounded

To summarize, the total number of men belonging to the armed forces who lost their lives in the five major wars from 1947 to 1999 has been only 11,866. The total number wounded has been 24,684. More lives – 94000 — have been lost on account of Islamic terrorism in 20 years between 1980 and 2000. More than 250,000 people have been grievously injured on account of acts of Islamic terrorism. The expenditure on security forces during this period has been more than Rs.56500 crores.

Home grown Islamic terrorists have shown that Jihadi Terrorism is not just Kashmir-centric but has a wider design of destabilising the whole country. They have made it clear in their recent e-mail message, which says ‘The Indian Mujahideen accepts the sole responsibility of Delhi serial blasts, and we claim this, through our third consecutive e-mail, which is, unfortunately, still a mystery for you. It is very sad to see the bad condition of your cyber forensics that has still failed to find out our technique of sending the ‘MESSAGE OF DEATH’. And yet our government continues to be in a state of secular INFATUATION FOR ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Nothing seems to move or stir our government of India. Our Prime Minister is known to spend a sleepless night only when an unknown Islamic terrorist gets arrested for certain penal offences in a foreign country like Australia. Even if thousands of Hindus get killed by Islamic terrorists, he would blissfully oscillate (fortified with nods of Regal approvals from the Chairman of the UPA Co-ordination Committee from time to time!) between two states of voluntary and involuntary sleep – states of an inebriated voluntary non-being! Sadly and badly for India we don’t have patriotic national leaders who can rouse our sleepy nation to dynamic action.

Just as the Islamist terror attacks in Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat and Delhi have shown a pattern, likewise the response of our ever-sleeping Union Home Minister during the last three years has also followed a set pattern. Our Union Home Minister, who is expected to take control, has been so inarticulate in emergencies that he has never failed to join the victims in their wailing cries and calls for help from somewhere. In the immediate aftermath of the Jaipur blasts, the only contribution made by our ‘fit for nothing’ Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil lay in his blaming the BJP government in Jaipur. His standard counter-terror strategy has always followed a predictable pattern. He will make grandiose statements like ‘We will not tolerate acts of terrorism’, ‘Our secular nation will not be cowed down by such acts of cowardice’, ‘Our great people are capable of maintaining social and communal harmony at any cost in spite of all terror’ etc. He will then make a hurried visit to the spots or scenes of Islamic terror, changing his dress 60 times in a minute on a one is to one basis, surrounded by his sycophantic dancing dervishes like the Union Home Secretary and the Director of the Intelligence Bureau etc. and in the process impose an avoidable burden on the already stretched and battered law and order and relief missionary in each affected area. Then he will give a press conference filled with usual secular platitudes to enable the known anti-Hindu secular mafia of mass media – both print and electronic – to play the known and planned game of mock competition for generating different types of exciting theories about the perpetrators and the roots of terrorism. Invariably it would all end with one conclusion ‘We have already warned the States about the impending terrorist attacks in their respective territories and we cannot understand the reasons for their ineptitude, inaction or inactivity’. This standard Sonia-Congress criticism will be directed only against BJP-ruled States and not against Congress-ruled States!! Then finally there will be recourse to the use of known free size secular socks in this manner ‘Our ever vigilant and never failing Intelligence Agencies (animated and controlled by our ever young National Security Advisor) can clearly see the hand of Pakistan and ISI behind these cowardly terrorist attacks. This however will not in any way derange or derail the noble on-going process of peace talks with Pakistan’.

The Indian Mujahideen have boldly announced their victories putting their faith in Allah, the Most Magnificent and the Most Merciful (!!). Our Union Home Minister has shamelessly defended his total ignominious defeat putting his whole faith in Sonia Gandhi in this manner. ‘I enjoy the full blessings and confidence of my leader Congress President Sonia Gandhi’. The whole of India knows that for him and his Prime Minister, this matters more than the lives of the victims of terrorism in New Delhi or elsewhere. Is this not shameless secularism on stilts?

In these columns yesterday, I wrote about the grim national disaster of our country being condemned today to the hopeless state of our having a Union Home Minister who is instinctively geared up to a level of round the clock alert only to distinguish between Sonia Gandhi and non-Sonia Gandhi and not between law and lawlessness, between order and anarchy and between effective governance and despicable non-governance. Let me quote his own words (as reported in the media) to prove this point.

‘Well, I have the full blessings of my leader, Sonia Gandhi. I enjoy the complete confidence of my leader’. Perhaps national survival only means survival of Sonia Gandhi and her family at any cost. Nothing else is more sacred or sublime to the Union Ministers like Shivraj Patil and the gang of equally ineffective several other Union Ministers in the UPA government. Our ineffective Union Home Minister has responded like a petty Mafussil politician to the following responsible statement of Narendra Modi ‘Ten days prior to the bomb blasts in New Delhi, I had gone to Delhi and personally met and informed the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister that Gujarat government had received disturbing information to the effect that Islamic terrorists were planning their next attack on New Delhi. I had duly alerted them.

I also requested them to give their immediate clearance for the Gujarat Control of Organized Crime Bill (GUJCOC) which we had submitted to government of India in June 2004 for Presidential assent and which is still pending. In the absence of a Central Act, serious incidents of terrorism will have to be tried under ordinary laws, which are meant for normal situations. Islamic terrorism has to be tackled as a national problem and petty party differences should not be allowed to come into play in dealing with this sensitive and complex problem’.

When some pressmen asked Shivraj Patil as to what was his official response to the above balanced statement of Narendra Modi, Shivraj Patil replied like an undergraduate student participating in a college debate to score a petty point when he said ‘The Centre had information about the possibility of terror attacks in the national capital EVEN BEFORE Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi conveyed it to us’.

Perhaps the Union Home Minister is only capable of scoring trivial technical victories through his small-minded one-upmanship!! The whole country knows that our Central Intelligence Bureau, amidst all the turmoil of unrest, confusion, anarchy and sudden death caused by unforeseen acts of Islamic terrorism in different parts of India from time to time, is in a blissful state of voluntary coma and amnesia bordering on death.

This intelligence machinery is geared only to meeting the ever shifting ‘private political needs’ of some select Congress Ministers and more particularly those of Sonia Gandhi and her family. Against this disgusting background, the observations of our Union Home Minister on intelligence failure seem somewhat childish and ludicrous: ‘I refute all charges of intelligence failure.

In respect of all incidents information was given to the concerned States. It was available with us in Delhi also. But what were not available were the timing, the place and the method to be used for the purpose by the terrorists. DIFFICULTIES AROSE IN THE ABSENCE OF ACTIONABLE INFORMATION ON THE TIMING AND PLACE OF THE PLANNED ATTACKS’. Perhaps our Union Home Minister, ably aided and assisted by his Home Secretary, might like to send a Show Cause Notice to the Indian Mujahideen, for their gross dereliction of duty and deliberate failure, bordering on contempt of duly constituted administrative authority, to keep the Union Home Minister and Union Home Secretary duly informed (with detailed facts and figures) in advance about the terrorist attacks they carried out in New Delhi on the September 13 2008. Shivaraj Patil complains about absence of actionable information in advance.

And yet he took no action on the vital information furnished by Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat ten days prior to the actual bomb blasts in New Delhi. Thanks to the secular stranglehold of Sonia Gandhi on the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister, even misleading information provided by Indian Mujahideen in advance through e-mail would have been considered as publicly more important and relevant than what came from communal Narandra Modi of the Sangh Parivar.

The self-respecting Hindus of Gujarat and India have not forgotten the description of Narendra Modi as ‘Mauth ka Saudegar’!! (Merchant of Death).The Union Home Secretary and the Union Home Minister seem to be kindred souls and spirits. While the Union Home Minister spoke about his operational difficulty arising from the absence of actionable advance information relating to the timing and place of the planned terrorists attacks, the Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta rose to ecstatic heights immediately after the blasts in New Delhi, when he made a historic declaration to this effect: ‘With every blast we are gaining a new experience. We have been observing that these kinds of blasts are happening in cities across the country. In each incident you learn, gain experiences’.Soon after the blasts in New Delhi, in a sham dramatic manner, RJD chief and Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi and discussed the situation in the wake of serial Delhi blasts on 13 September 2008 Saturday that claimed several lives.

He had the temerity to say, ‘UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi should call an all-party meeting to debate the issue of terrorism. A special Cabinet meeting should be called to discuss threadbare issues arising out of the blasts in Delhi. Intelligence failure is responsible for the Delhi blasts and inputs from the IB are always ‘vague’. They should be more specific. I demand the constitution of a special task force to deal with terrorism-related cases. A mechanism should be evolved to tackle such situation. There should be accountability fixed on the part of bureaucracy. It is the bureaucracy which will ensure the proper operationalisation of the law’.

After giving the above statement, Lalu Prasad contradicted himself by saying that there is no need for any more stringent laws to tackle the current menace of Islamic Terrorism. He said, ‘No law can prevent human bombs. There was a POTA when Parliament was attacked. So just passing laws is not the solution in such cases’. About a month ago a Judge of the Delhi High Court removed the official Ban on SIMI. Thus the Delhi High Court had no compunction in handing over India to the hands of Islamic terrorists! Completely shaken up by this removal of ban on SIMI, which has been behind all the Islamic Blasts in India during the last 25 years, government of India moved the Supreme Court for the stay of the Delhi High Court Order.

Mercifully the Supreme Court of India immediately stayed the Orders of the Delhi High Court and therefore the government of India ban on SIMI continues. Soon after the Delhi High Court removed the ban on SIMI, the RJD Chief and Union Minister for Railways Lalu Yadav and the Samajwadi party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav heartily welcomed the removal of ban on SIMI. Both of them wanted the immediate ban to be impose on the RSS.

The Congress Minister of State for Home Shakeel Ahmad, spoke like the Imam of Jama Masjid, when he said ‘The RSS has been banned three times in the past and I do not think the demand to ban it again is unjustified’. The joke is he spoke like a clown when he said that he was speaking on behalf of the Congress Party and not the government! This is not very much different from an Islamic terrorist caught in the act saying, ‘I have done this not as a terrorist but as a devout Muslim’. Soon after Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav welcomed the removal of ban on SIMI, blasts took place in Ahmedabad and Surat.

This was followed by the recent blasts in New Delhi. Both these irresponsible and anti-national, self-proclaimed National Leaders, later wanted a ban to be imposed on VHP, Bajrang Dal and the RSS. After saying all this, within 2 weeks Lalu Yadav has paid tribute to the glorious relief work done by the RSS in Bihar Floods. So much for inconsistent political hypocrisy! Working together in a spirit of masterly inactivity, both the Union Home Minister and the Union Home Secretary seem to be jointly singing to us the following chorus which seems to combine the ‘comic’ and the ‘cosmic’ aspects of their management of terrorism: We know that Islamic terrorism has become the Law!Don’t we know?There is a reigning confusion of aimsThat rules and reignsWithout reason or rhymeIn the meantime.UnfortunatelyWe do not knowAnd sadly our Party Chief Sonia do not want us to knowThe cause and the effects of terrorismBut we know that it has become the Law!Don’t we know?Terrorism is Islamic secularism!Secularism is Sonia Congress Communal Terrorism!Whatever that be we wish to tell you,Individually and severallyBoth speaking clearly and most severely,

Terrorism is as we have told you often before,
Terrorism is as you all know we suppose,
Terrorism is but let us declare it once more,
With Sonia secular fervour,
And shorn of communal frenzy
And Sangh Pariwar fervour
Terrorism is The Law
The Law of our Constitution
The Law of our Polity
The Law of our Legislature
The Law of our Executive
And the overriding Law of our Land!
We don’t ever say that God only knows
About the reigning mystery of Terrorism
Without abdicating our sense of public responsibility
We wish to declare
With our High Command approval
Don’t you all know?
Even the Great God
Does not know
Or ever wish to know
The causes and the roots
Of ever merciful
Islamic terrorism!

If we exclude Israel, then no other country in the world can be said to have suffered so much at the hands of Islamic terrorists as India. Nearly one lakh of people in India have been killed by Islamic terrorists from 1980 to 2000.

No one can understand how the continuous and unending blows by Islamic terrorists on the vast continental mass of India which has resulted in the large scale death of thousands of innocent citizens and in which five times that number have been grievously hurt, are being absorbed with such stoic patience and shrugged off as government-supported nuisance by the masses of India. This vast and great country takes a lot to stir. Any intelligent observer can clearly see that for the sake of Muslim minority vote bank politics, different grades and shades of Islamic terrorism are being fully politically backed (and perhaps many times supported in dubious ways) by the so-called secular parties of India like the Sonia Congress, RJD, the SP, the LJS, DMK etc. It will not be too much to say that for these anti-Hindu parties the divided Hindus of India in majority are less important politically and electorally than the united Muslims of India in minority! Perhaps no country other than India in world history has shamelessly exhibited such a frozen and petrified attitude of tolerance and cowardice in dealing with those Islamic terrorists who have been holding our country to ransom and who have been responsible for brutalising the psyche of our nation by killing and maiming our sons and daughters by the thousands, with an unabashed impunity and contempt.

The treasonable way in which political leaders like Ram Vilas Paswan, Lalu Prasad and Mulayam Singh Yadav, have been openly demanding the lifting of ban on the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) is indeed shocking to say the least. Two of these irresponsible worthies are Cabinet Ministers. Under the Representation of People Act 1951, any registered party has to specifically mention in the party’s regulation that it shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India. The SP, RJD and LJP are duly registered parties, yet their national presidents are openly supporting and advocating the cause of SIMI, which doesn’t believe in the Constitution. The Prime Minister and Congress president too have maintained a studied silence.

I can assert with certainty that in no other country can any one, more so a minister, a public representative, get away by openly siding with a movement banned by the government on the charge of indulging in anti-national activities bordering on treason and sedition. Moreover Supreme Court’s interim judicial endorsement of the ban on SIMI makes the case of such open support to SIMI extended by these two Union Cabinet Ministers, a serious offence for their prosecution under the law. Our Prime Minister’s freedom of speech (and action) is tightly controlled by the Chairman of UPA Co-ordination Committee. Thus his studied silence relating to the treasonable conduct of his two senior Cabinet Ministers in regard to SIMI detailed above calls for no elaborate explanation. Then to crown it all, we have a President who has been placed there only to act as the mouthpiece of Sonia Congress Party. We cannot expect our President to use her overriding Constitutional Authority for admonishing Ram Vilas Paswan and Lalu Prasad Yadav for their politically motivated speeches asking for a removal of ban on SIMI. Though the Constitution says that a Minister shall hold Office at the pleasure of the President of India, yet in actual practice in the Indian context today, every Minister holds Office only at the whimsical pleasure of Sonia Gandhi, the Chairman of the UPA Co-ordination Committee.

At last our Prime Minister has admitted that there are too many gaps in intelligence. He has also conceded that there is an urgent public need for a tougher law on terror. It is widely rumored that government of India are going to create a new post of Internal Security Minister in the rank of Minister of State. We should not get misled by these foamy and frothy announcements of our Prime Minister who is only a helpless puppet in the hands of the Chairman of the UPA Co-ordination Committee.

To come back to the ‘mundane’ policy aspects of effectively dealing with Islamic terrorism, who are the people responsible for negligence in the field of intelligence? The first and foremost is the government of India, especially the Ministry of Home Affairs. What is being cleverly hidden from public view is the fact that in February 2001, a Group of Ministers (GOM) gave their recommendations for re-structuring our National Security System after the Kargil episode. This report was titled ‘Reforming the National Security System’. No concrete action has been taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs till date. The present National Security Advisor M K Narayanan was fully involved in this exercise. The report stated ‘The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has the nodal responsibility of Internal Security in the country and has to ultimately deal with the consequences of any dereliction of responsibility at the local level and must therefore play a more pro-active role vis-à-vis the State Governments. The MHA would also have to catalyze the process of modernizing and upgrading the Central Para Military Forces and the State Police Forces. Appropriate re-structuring of the MHA is called for in order to better equip it to deal more effectively with the problems of internal security’. (Para 4.10 of the report) Again the same report stated, ‘The National Security Council (NSC), Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) should evolve an effective counter strategy against security threats posed by Pak ISI. This strategy should be pro-active rather than reactive’. (Para 4.23 of the report) Here is another recommendation from that report: ‘The MHA had proposed setting up of a federal agency to deal with grave offences, which have inter-state and nationwide ramifications. This was opposed by the States, on the plea that it infringed their Constitutional Right to maintain Law and Order. Considering the worrisome internal security scenario in the country, the States may be approached again…. since it may become increasingly difficult for the State governments to handle such crimes on their own’. (Para 4.27 of the report)

The people of India would like to know what action has been taken by the UPA government during the last four years to implement these recommendations apart from convening endless and fruitless meetings? I am not excluding the never-ending peace talks with the internationally known official terrorists in the government of Pakistan. What has The National Security Council done with its three Officers of Secretary Rank working under the National Security Advisor? What has our National Security Advisor M K Narayan himself done to re-structure the Intelligence Agencies apart from blaming Pakistan from time to time with total secular focus on strict economy of truth?

Who will take our Prime Minister seriously on issues relating to National Security and Islamic Terrorism? How pro-terrorist and anti-national the UPA Government is can be seen from the stand taken by the Central government in open court yesterday in the case relating to the release of Nalini Sriharan, a life convict in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case. Government of India through their counsel have stated ‘No action of the Central government is challenged. And no relief has been sought from the Centre. Thus the centre has sought to pass the buck on Nalini. For the Central government, Rajiv Gandhi is dead and gone and is politically irrelevant today!

Even after the Supreme Court have sentenced Afzal Guru to death by hanging for his terrorist attack on Parliament more than five years ago, the UPA government is still sleeping over it for its own secular reasons – infatuation for the Muslims and their appeasement as shown by the appointment of totally unnecessary Justice Sachar Committee, its concern only for minority Muslim Vote Bank Politics etc. etc. And yet the Congress Spokesmen like Abhishek Singhvi and Manish Tiwari (disposable puppets of Sonia Gandhi) continue to harp on the so-called ineffectiveness of POTA when it was in force prior to the coming of UPA government in 2004 and how it failed to prevent the terrorist attacks on our Parliament. The main accused in that attack, Afzal Guru, who has been sentenced to death by our Supreme Court, is still being treated as a VVIP by the UPA government!

The problem of Islamic terrorism transcends all political divides and must be faced as a national crisis. No government can meet these challenges without active public support. We as a country must start getting united forgetting the factional and ideological differences, as the Islamic terrorist adversaries want to destroy us all. Ashok Karnik, formerly Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau, government of India has rightly stated: ‘Since India is too vast to be conquered through an armed conquest, the adversaries intend to bleed us through dagger thrusts. Terrorists aim to destroy the people’s faith in their Government. They believe that India would collapse under the weight of its contradictions and squabbles. To outsiders, India gives an impression of being at war with itself; is seen as if it has no stomach for hardships. It is necessary to reverse this perception’.

When I see the hopeless political drama being enacted everyday by our pathetic puppet of a Prime Minister and other equally helpless cabinet minister, I am reminded of one of the most beautiful observations of a character, expressing all human futility, in one of the immortal novels of William Faulkner (1897-1963): ‘How do our lives ravel into the no-wind, no-sound, the weary gestures wearily recapitulant, echoes of old compulsions with no-hand on no-strings; in sunset we fall into furious attitudes, dead gestures of dolls’. Such an utterance furnishes a prose counter point to the poetic lines of T S Elliot (1888-1965) in his ‘The Hallow Men’, with its drab vista and sense of cosmic exhaustion:

We are the Hallow Men
We are the Stuffed Men
Shape without form, Shade without Colour,
Paralyzed force, gesture without emotion…
Remember us – if at all – not as lost
Violent Souls, but only
As the hollow men
The Stuffed Men.

<b>Lalu, Paswan are hypocrites</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Due to disagreement among the Ministers, the Union Cabinet in its meeting held on October 8 failed to take a final call on whether to ban the Bajrang Dal and dismiss the Naveen Patnaik Government in Orissa. Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav and Steel and Fertilisers Minister Ram Vilas Paswan were quite keen on seeing the Orissa Government go, but some other Ministers emphasised caution in imposition of President's rule on the State. Mr Yadav and Mr Paswan were also joined by Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh in voicing the demand to ban the Bajrang Dal. Again, some Ministers disagreed and advised that more evidence be collected against the outfit before coming to any conclusions.

If Mr Yadav and Mr Paswan's demands were genuinely to do with the safety of the common people in Orissa, then they should have also raised the issue of recent violence in Assam in which at least 49 people have been killed and thousands left homeless. Moreover, they should have also asked for the dismissal of the Maharashtra Government which has failed to take action against Mr Raj Thackeray and his goons for terrorising north Indians and forcing thousands of them to flee the State. The truth is that they were seeking the dismissal of the Orissa Government because it is a BJD-BJP coalition Government.

<b>It may be recalled that Mr Yadav, Mr Paswan, the spokesperson of the Samajwadi Party, Mr Amar Singh, and the Congress have publicly said that SIMI and Bajrang Dal are "two sides of the same coin" and that if SIMI is banned Bajrang Dal should be banned too. The so-called 'secular' politicians, intellectuals and the media accuse the RSS, the VHP and the Bajrang Dal of attacking minority communities and equate them with Al Qaeda, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba. This is nothing but a deliberate attempt to shift focus from the Government's abysmal failure to tackle terrorism.</b> The RSS, the VHP and the Bajrang Dal are public organisations well within the reach of the law of the land. Whereas jihadi terrorist groups carry out their activities covertly or beyond the reach of the state.

Tragically, we have a Government whose Ministers are virtually saying that violence against some citizens and jihad against the Indian state is one and the same thing. Neither can be condoned, nor can they be equated. Mr Yadav and Mr Paswan are nothing but hypocrites and must be condemned.
<b>Mayawati targets Sonia's rally, event cancelled</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Stepping up confrontation with Sonia Gandhi [Images], the Mayawati [Images] government on Monday night decided to clamp prohibitory orders in Rae Bareli in an apparent bid to prevent the Congress president from addressing a rally in her Lok Sabha constituency on Tuesday.

The move by the district administration in the Sonia-Mayawati battle for the political turf of Uttar Pradesh [Images] came hours after the Allahabad high court virtually stayed the state government's decision cancelling the land allotment for a railway project in Sonia's Lok Sabha constituency in Rae Bareily.

<b>Following the administration decision, Sonia cancelled her plans for the rally at Lalganj, but would go ahead with her tour of the Rae Bareli constituency</b>, according to Uttar Pradesh Congress Committe spokesman Akhilesh Pratap Singh.

Sonia would however proceed to Lalganj and inspect the Lifeline express train, he said.

"We have decided to impose prohibitory order under Section 144 Cr.PC tomorrow," District Magistrate Santosh Srivastav told PTI.

Though the district administration claimed there was no politics in issuing the order, a Congress leader said it was aimed at preventing Sonia's rally in Rae Bareli.

"<b>Prohibitory orders were in place ever since October 5 in view of Id and Dussehra festivals and the same have now been extended in view of ensuing festivals of Deepawali and Bhaiyya Dooj till October 30", </b>ADM (Administration) Rae Bareli B L Verma told PTI.

Excellent, only Mayawati can do. Jhansi ki Rani. <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
Jai Mayawatibai!! <!--emo&:bcow--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/b_cowboy.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='b_cowboy.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>A sham session</b>
<b>Congress ridicules Parliament</b>

<b>The Opposition cannot be faulted for pointing out the absurdity of calling the present session of Parliament with no ostensible reason other than providing the Congress with an opportunity to once again demonstrate the contempt with which it treats the parliamentary process.</b> For, had it been otherwise, the Monsoon Session would not have been scrapped in so cavalier a manner simply because the Prime Minister refused to face Parliament before concluding his hugely flawed nuclear deal with the US that severely curtails India’s strategic programme and impinges on its sovereign right to decide what is in the nation’s interest. Not only does this fly in the face of his assurance that he would take Parliament into confidence before finalising the nuclear agreement, it also proves that the Government has more to hide than it has cared to reveal by way of misleading propaganda. <b>Tragically, the shoddy treatment that the UPA regime has meted out to Parliament is in sharp contrast to the US Congress determining what the American Administration can and cannot offer India by way of civil nuclear cooperation. Capitol Hill was neither impressed nor persuaded by the Prime Minister’s declaration of “deep love” for President George W Bush; it decided for America what was in American interest. On the other hand, the UPA Government has cursorily called a session of Parliament, presumably to inform the elected representatives of the people of India that the deed is done and there is nothing they can do to prevent it — the Opposition can either take it or lump it. In the event, the Opposition should strike back and make the Government regret that it chose to call this session of Parliament.</b>

This can be achieved by pursuing twin objectives. First, shame the Prime Minister and his Cabinet for violating a solemn assurance given to Parliament, and thus expose them for what they truly are. The Left has demanded that it be allowed to move a breach of privilege motion against the Prime Minister; the presiding officers of both Houses should accept the demand and thus uphold the dignity of Parliament. Not to do so would be tantamount to colluding with the Government to denigrate and belittle Parliament. Second, the BJP’s demand for a debate on terrorism should be admitted, not least because the dark shadow of jihadi violence looms large over the entire nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The Prime Minister and his team have abysmally failed to contain, leave alone curtail, terrorism, and are guilty of strengthening anti-national forces by refusing to act against them lest it causes the Congress’s Muslim vote-bank to meltdown. Of course, such assumption is ill-founded and does disservice to the over-whelming majority of India’s Muslims, but the Congress could not be bothered about the damage it is inflicting. There is a third option: Let the entire Opposition take a united stand and refuse to be part of this charade which ridicules the role of Parliament in our democracy and diminishes the importance of the parliamentary process. There is no reason why the Opposition should allow the Congress to get away with such travesty — if the presiding officers are less than fair in deciding the agenda, the Opposition should stay away from this sham session; the Prime Minister and his Cabinet can stew in splendid isolation.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Maya does rae badli</b>
PNS | New Delhi
Returns land to Rlys
In a face-saving exercise, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati announced on Saturday that her Government would provide land to the Indian Railways to set up a rail coach factory at Lalganj in Rae Bareli. In the same vein,<b> she sought an assistance of Rs 5,000 crore to revive the closed industrial units of Rae Bareli and Sultanpur.</b>

Earlier, her Government had cancelled the allotment of the land and refused the Railways permission to hold a foundation laying ceremony for the proposed factory. In that context, Saturday’s move is seen as a major climbdown.

“The State Government has taken the decision keeping in view the development of the State in general and Rae Bareli in particular,” Mayawati told reporters.

The State Cabinet approved the decision to hand over 189.25 hectares of usar farmland to the Railways. A letter in this regard has since been dispatched to Railway officials in New Delhi.

Interestingly, Mayawati had cancelled the acquisition of the aforesaid land in Lalganj citing the law and order situation as the reason. The District Magistrate of Rae Bareli had said in his report that farmers were up in arms against the land acquisition and that this could lead to a serious “law and order situation”.

<b>Now, the Government has claimed that the farmers’ protest is “manageable” and the land can be returned to the Railways in the larger interest of society.</b>

Mayawati said, Indian Railways has already acquired 940 acres from farmers in Rae Bareli. “When land was available for Railways, what was preventing them from going ahead with the bhoomi pujan and foundation ceremony of the factory?” she asked, adding: “Unnecessary controversy was raised to project the State Government as anti-industry and anti-development”.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> <!--emo&:clapping--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/clap.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='clap.gif' /><!--endemo-->
Actually Maya should allocate new land about 100 km away from Rae Bareli parliamentary constituency.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>More skeletons in Cong cupboard?</b>
Bangalore, Nov. 8: After the “cash for Assembly tickets” controversy in Karnataka, the Congress is now facing the charge that even the posts of the president and working president in the state unit, filled last month, were fixed.
According to a few old timers in the faction-ridden Congress, Mr RV Deshpande and Mr DK Shivkumar, president and working president of the state unit respectively, owe their posts to the powerful Maharashtra lobby in Delhi and Mumbai.
The Congress functionaries also told The Statesman that Mr Despande and Mr Shivkumar were close to Union ministers Mr Sharad Pawar and Mr Praful Patel, in addition to Maharashtra chief minister Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh. All this helped the two state leaders bag the coveted posts as the powerful lobby used its influence with the powers that be in the Congress party in Delhi.This apart, nearly five years ago Mr Shivkumar had helped Maharashtra Congress when the state was facing a political crisis. He had hosted the party's MLAs in a resort in the IT capital, even if only to prevent them from crossing over to the Opposition.
<b>Congressmen here are also urging AICC’s disciplinary committee to summon other Karnataka leaders, apart from Ms Margaret Alva, for questioning. Their list includes former chief ministers Mr SM Krishna and Mr Dharam Singh, Mr Veerappa Moily, Mr Oscar Fernandes, Mr Hari Prasad and Mr Mallikarjun Kharge. SNS</b>
Last GE election, Queen Sonia used to scream corrupt corrupt in every rally refering to NDA, somebody do say on Sonia face Corrupt Corrupt.
Sharad Pawar must have made tons of money in wheat scam. That must be used to nail him forever.
<b>Margaret Alva offers to resign from AICC</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->According to party sources Alva is holding talks with Mayawati and former prime minister Deve Gowda. Senior party leaders conceded that Alva would be given a chance to explain before the party takes any decision.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo--> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
And gets the order of the boot!

Congress shows Alva the door

Very DIEnasty!
What is fed to the media and through them to the public may often be something other than the truth (misinfo). There is most likely some other reason involving the emperess. The palace revolt could have been caused by its connection with one of number of unlawful associations, LTTE for example. Journalists with guts must investigate it.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Journalists with guts must investigate it. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
They will be killed by Congress goons, don't under estimate Congress, no different then Third Reich.
They are using all dictatorial practice - ignoring courts, dividing society and punishing majority population faith, suppressing any voice against them.
Truth must triumph. Fearless journalists must use the modern tools of internet and post from out of the country far from the reach of the emperess. It will somehow percolate to the masses. Just as the emperess and others keep their ill-gotton money in swiss banks far from the reach of Indian Law!
<b>Discounted democracy</b>
The Pioneer Edit Desk
Congress is hostage to cynical self-seekers
<b>Distinct achievement/damage done by MMSingh and puppet Govt</b>
by USamanta on Nov 17, 2008 12:15 AM

1) Being educated and Doctorate he cheated President and Dr. Kalam many times to impose President Rule in few states. Later Supreme Court slapped him.
2) Being Educated and Doctorate he made Indian Politics a control of criminals and anti-socials.
3) Being educated and doctorate he is damaging Indian judicial system
4) Being Educated and doctorate he becomes a permanent licker of a firangee ruining India by the instruction of Rome and the West.
5) Record high inflation in his PM and FM, highest depreciation of Rupee
6) Maximun number of bomb blasts
7) Maximum number of innocents killed in terrorist activities second only to Iraq.
8) PM who never won an election.
9) PM who has not voted in his trust motion
10) PM who has no control over the govt
11) TOP level book licker of Sonia and Bush.
12) Lied unlimited times in and outside Parliament
13) Never stand tall and bold in front of Bush or any US-senate/congressman.
14) Cheated Kalam to impose president rule in Bihar, Jharkhand etc.
15) Kept mum/silent when CPM were making genocide in Nandigram and Singur.
16) Master of bribing MPs.
17) Master of controlling criminals in the parliament, and become boss of criminals.
18) Purely Pseudo/sickular.
19) Kept silent when congress party killed own people (sikh). etc.
20) Kept Afjal Guru inside the jail and seve nice biryani.
21) Never able to win a municipal election.

India needs YOU in the Fight for its Future and its very Soul
13/11/2008 16:49:17
Unity Appeal to Hindu voters, Activists and Leaders for Upcoming Elections

Being in majority Hindus have a right to build their own destiny: Rule by the Coward, the Tainted and vote bank politicians under the garb of Secularism will make India bleed and disintegrate.

Despite six decades of freedom the fight to defend and foster India ’s real democracy is any thing but settled. Indications are clear that during the fast approaching election cycle it will be renewed at a higher level of intensity and of course for higher stakes. These are neither ordinary times nor would this be an ordinary election season. After years of Sonia-Singh Administration’s failed and elusive policies the dream of strong, healthy, prosperous, peaceful and secure India is slipping away. As opposed to the tall claims made by the leaders in power, real wages are fast shrinking. The costs of food stuff, healthcare, housing, petrol and other necessities of life are going over the roof.

India ’s standing in the region and the world is literally in tatters and even the mini-states in its immediate vicinity are emboldened to openly violate its territoriality and sovereignty. The Republic is in shambles and the landmass known as Red Corridor has fallen under the control of Maoists where the writ of the Govt. does not exist. The Administration has proved totally incapable to bring under control or neutralize the armed, well organized and deep rooted insurgencies and separatist movements in Kashmir , Assam , Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram. How can people of India as a nation, with every fiber of their being, stand these divisive and demoralizing policies of the reckless ruling class? At this critical juncture in the contemporary history of India , in order to change the course of the country, India needs desperately an historic transformational leadership for uniting the nation and moving it forward towards a better future.

The elections for the state legislatures in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh and Delhi are going to ensue in the next two months. They are not important only for setting up Governments with representative character in these states but they will also lay foundation for mobilizing the forces of change and progress in order to becoming triumphant during the Parliamentary elections early next year. In these elections Sonia-Singh and their team will represent the current failed policies and the status quo, while the BJP and its allies will represent the much needed change people have been craving for. Given the alarming insecurities in political, economic and national security arena brought about by the divisive policies of the Sonia-Singh Administration it will be desirable, in fact patriotic, on the part of the smaller parties to seek alliance and combine their strength with any of the major political parties seeking realistic change in the country. Their fragmentist performance will serve only the interests of the beneficiaries of the corrupt and authoritarian status quo.

The patriotic citizens must realize, that today when the Sonia-Singh Administration has proven incapable of handling the core issues of terrorism, national security and "one law one Nation", and follow the vote bank and appeasement policies without any regard for their disastrous consequences upon the national unity, its return to power through manipulated division of Hindu votes, could further weaken even defeat democracy and enhance the ongoing virtual anarchy in the country run by Jihadists and proponents of fanatic minorityism. They must uphold the philosophy of “Country First” or “Country before Every Thing” and resolve to fighting for progressive beliefs, for the real “moral values”, economic, social & political justice and to getting this message across to the vast majority of Indians who want to rebuild their great nation and end the politics of deception, fear and division.

The most dangerous thing the people can do is to leave things as they are and let India ’s freedom and democracy go down the drain. At this important stage in India ’s modern history people must resolve to refuse surrendering their freedom, democracy, national unity and right to meaningful representation.

Let us explain here how these values so prominently enshrined in the Indian Constitution and political system are threatened by the actions, policies and strategies adopted and enforced by the Sonia-Singh Administration. It is important to briefly enumerate these examples as they are likely to have a direct bearing upon the outcome of the upcoming assembly and parliamentary elections.

1) Sonia-Singh cannot eradicate Terrorism. In fact their policy of appeasement encourages it:

Apart from the recent multiple explosions in Assam and prior to that in New Delhi, major terrorist strikes have taken place in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Ayodhya, Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Malegaon, Panipat, Ajmer, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Faizabad, etc. killing Hindu men, women and children by the hundreds. In these terrorists attacks nothing not even Govt. offices, Parliament, court houses, hospitals, police, railway and bus stations and above all Hindu temples, homes and market places were spared. This should give an idea about the magnitude and strength of the terrorist networks and organizations in India engaged in executing anti-India and anti-Hindu agenda. Even the Home Minister Patil has confessed that presently there were more than 800 terrorist cells in India .

It must be noted that, due to stringent measures taken in the US , not a single terrorist explosion has occurred after the devastating one on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. But in India such attacks take place on every day basis and the incompetent authorities do nothing but issue meaningless condemnatory statements. The Sonia-Singh Govt. is so heavily crippled & compromised that it cannot even promulgate a stringent law or set up a department of "Homeland Security" lest that may displease and antagonizing the Muslims - one of the constituencies where it draws support from.

2) Sonia-Singh Govt. has a totalitarian mindset; considers Parliament irrelevant - The Premier Signed an international treaty - the nuclear deal - without Parliament's approval against his pledges and duty:

The research and spate of events has proved that Sonia-Singh Govt. has a totalitarian mindset. Accordingly the commitments made in the Parliament are not delivered as if they have no sanctity. In common parlance such breach of commitment could be equated with lying and therefore, worthy of resulting in impeachment and dismissal (Attachment A). Premier Singh, by usurping the powers of the sovereign body, never allowed any discussion on the economic or security aspects of the above referred treaty with Parliamentarians or Indian experts. Knowledgeable sources confirm that the monsoon session of the Parliament was cancelled to prevent exposure of the deepdivisions on the nuclear deal. The US President Mr. Bush, on the other hand, satisfied every minutest concern of the US Congress on this deal till the last day and had them reflected in the legal agreement with India .

With the successful launch of India 's Chandrayaan mission to the Moon, India proved the superior knowledge and capabilities of her scientists. Despite the demonstration of such brilliance by India’s scientific community it is baffling why the Govt. would rush to sign an unequal and a subservient treaty - when China took thirteen years to negotiate a treaty on the subject and got the treaty on her own terms.

3) The high level corruption as seen on July 22, 08 during the trust vote has earned India the title of “King of Corruption.”

When crores of rupees were allegedly paid for cross- voting or abstaining from voting; and this spectacle was massively broadcast and printed by the media, the Indian citizenry was horrified. The abuse of power and trampling upon the constitution went on so much that about half-a-dozen convicted MPs were brought from Tihar and other jails to attend the Parliamentary proceedings and vote. Nowhere in the world but in India is such criminalization of parliamentary proceedings possible. There are 543 MPs in the Lok Sabha. "Of them 117 have been charged and are being investigated for murder, rape, assault, extortion and robbery. Nineteen MPs have more than three criminal cases pending against them." This has disgraced India in the world and encourages corruption in all spheres by making criminality of character glamorous and acceptable to a desensitized society.

In the larger interests of mother India the current ruling cabal formed by the so- called secularists (read anti-Hindus) with Islamists, evangelists, communists, media owned by foreign and vested interests, and politicians for whom staying in power at any cost is far more important than defending national interest, has to be defeated. Apart from substantially curtailing the role of the Parliament and judiciary, Premier Singh's resolve: a) that Muslims have first priority over national resources; b) setting up Sachar Committee with pre- determined objectives; and, c) minority reservations based on creed and not on need - that violate the secular Constitution and hurt the wider national interest smacks of out right abuse of power and discrimination. Such politically motivated acts of favoritism are a clear proof of political corruption and utter disregard for the concept of equality of citizens.
4) The course of events in India during the Sonia-Singh Admin. is a serious cause of concern.
This Administration has become source of the problems confronting the nation rather than solving them. Giving it a writ to rule for additional five years could irreparably harm the nation particularly its economy, democracy, national security (attachment B) and unity. This group in league with secularists (read anti-Hindus) is responsible, among other issues for:

a) Failure to combat and wipe out the terrorist assault against the country from all sides. The official appeasement policy has encouraged this destructive force in many ways. The Islamists are not the only source of terrorism in India - contributions to this Wahabi modus operandi by Maoists, Naxalites and fundamentalist Christians, exemplified by the assassination of Swami Laxmanananda in Orissa, must not be under estimated.

b) Denigration of Hindus, Hinduism and their icons - examples:

i) Arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya four years ago on concocted charges. He has neither been proven guilty nor exonerated, but kept under a cloud of suspicion despite the tall claims made by Ms. Jayalalitha, the then CM, that the Admin. had hard evidence against him!

ii) Demolition of Ram Sethu and calling Lord Ram a myth;

iii) Mass distribution of pamphlets in Karnataka -- "Satya Darshini" -- using highly abusive and provocative language against Hindu Gods.

c) Neglect of the farming community and agricultural and industrial infrastructure. Grant of large sums after farmers' suicides is palliative, but does not address their basic problems - whether the grant reaches the really needy has also been questioned;

5) The first priority must be to take back India & its Govt. by throwing the Sonia-Singh combine and its allies out of power: -
They should be replaced by a representative, responsive, transparent and an accountable administration. If such an administration composed of patriotic and honest people with high moral character and believing in rule by the majority was in place, the nation would have been served well and saved from the problems confronted by it now. The continuation in office of the present administration however, may make it absolutely difficult for the nation to preserve its unified character. Some experts believe that in view of the presence, fearless manipulation and toxicity of the divisive agenda of the Jihadists, evangelists and communists the country’s chaotic conditions may further exasperate the already weakened system.

The real losers in this chaotic Bush style administration have been the unsuspecting people particularly the nation’s national majority. In spite of the constraints imposed by the alliance partners, the BJP/NDA in comparison had performed reasonably well. Even then we cannot but recognize the need for this political formation for bringing in a new generation of leaders who understand the challenges of our times and are capable of dealing with them and other issues with unwavering resolve and determination. The blue print of their vision for “New India” where unity, security, integrity and prosperity are in abundance should be well defined, clear and precise.

6) Hindus are brainwashed - there is an intellectual subversion of the Hindu mind:
After decades of struggle India emerged as an independent country in 1947. Prior to that for centuries both the Muslims and Christians kept it under their occupation and brutal authoritarian rule. Even though the country is physically free of occupiers but the mind of its intelligentsia and the governing elite continues to be indoctrinated and severely subservient. The Indian social, political, educational institutions and the media are still controlled by anti- Indian and subversive elements. Through an invisible yet subtle crusade the Indian and world media in partnership with the pseudo secular political institutions are psycho programming and brainwashing Hindus for maintaining their slavish and colonial subjects’ mindset and to a large extend they are succeeding.

The Govt. control of temples has deprived Hindus of dharma shiksha, dharma prachar and dharma sewa. They are kept ignorant of their heritage while the temple resources are abused, misused and siphoned away to fund the expansion of the predatory religions. Under the secularist philosophical dogma Hindu organizations are branded as communal and anti-minority. Using such methods of intimidation and contempt, the Indian officialdom and the ruling class compels Hindus to accept subservience without questions, protest and retaliation.

7) Sonia-Singh combine showers Islamists, communists and missionaries who spread disunity and disloyalty, with generosity .
The official laxities have heavily aided the successes of Jihadists in creating an atmosphere of insecurity and fear, their objective being destabilization of India leaving no town, city or state immune. The home minister has confirmed that there were more than 800 terrorist cells operating in various parts of the country. This year alone nearly 1,000 innocent civilian were killed and during the past decade some 18,360 civilians, almost all of them Hindus, were killed in these terrorist attacks and bomb blasts in various parts of India excluding the J&K State . The loss of life in India due to terrorist attacks is many times larger than the combined causalities suffered by the US in both Iraq and Afghan wars. From the looks of it we may be witnessing the rise of a renewed Islamic movement aiming at creating independent Kashmir , Assam and other areas, based on demographic subversion the Islamists have successfully engineered.

To assist these fragmentists the Indian Premier, without revealing any logical or constitutional grounds, assigned the first priority on country's resources to Muslims. Furthermore, the bleeding heart secularists shed tears and sympathize with them as "victims of circumstances"; their families are compensated and at times even considered for pensions. Sonia-Singh regime dismisses the victims of terrorism, generally Hindus, as collateral damage and cautions their families not to retaliate but maintain peace and harmony. The men in uniform who risk their lives and safety for public protection are demoralized by subjecting them to vigorous scrutiny by the self professed human rights activist NGOs.

The Christian population is stated to be only 2 to 3 percent, but there are estimates that with vigorous Christianization by massive foreign funding over decades they may be now some 8 % of the population. The anti national assertions by minorities exemplified by a) the Kashmiri Islamists demand of “Aazadi” and raising Pak-flags and slogans like "Pakistan Zindabad, We are Pakistanis and Pakistan is ours"; b) Running an energetic and high-visibility media campaign, the faculty and administration of the Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia are crusading to present terror suspects as victims; and, c) Massive Christian propaganda in the US maligning Hindu reaction to Swami Laxmanananda ji's assassination in Orissa. Such anti-national and disintegrative acts must not be overlooked.

8) While voting Hindus must not ignore their creed, nation or Hindu samaj – Their unified and strong vote for setting up a real nationalist Govt. could be transformational as that could assure :
a) a truly representative Govt.; b) rational state support based on need not on creed; c) a clear and well defined combat plan against terrorists and terrorism with intent to liberate the Indian society from this scourge ; d) restoring freedom of religion for Hindus by unshackling their temples from illegal Govt. control; e) renovating and reforming agricultural practices and infrastructure so vital to India's future and a step towards eliminating farmers’ suicides; f) early exoneration of Kanchi Shankaracharya, who was arrested four years ago, though out on bail, but is kept under a cloud of suspicion; and, g) outlawing the religious based sectarian and irrational reservations that are creating divisions in the society and are now being extended to institutions of higher education like IITs and IIMs;.

9) Developing a clear mission, mass movement and new Leadership:
In today’s India thanks to Sonia-Singh’s misrule the Hindus are subjugated, discriminated and treated as second class citizens. This is their moment and this is their time to gather, solidify and exercise political power for governing and transforming the system so as to become main players for initiating vital changes impacting them. As a national majority they have a right and responsibility to be the designers, planners and architects of their new destiny. Therefore, it is the time for them to convincingly demonstrate their will, collective power, gumption and develop capacity for removing any and all hurdles in their way.

India needs progressive and pragmatic leadership that is focused on transforming the system, weeding out the deadwood and politicians with vested interests and the biased media. Such leadership could inspire the nationalist forces for ushering an era of hope, confidence and resolve that India has been awaiting for more than half a century.

To overcome the deficit in dynamic leadership for spearheading the important tasks in the public sector India needs the best and the brightest with a spirit of devotion, sacrifice, patriotism, hard work, organizing, oratory and communication skills. The successful campaign for his rise to power as the US President by Barack Obama, an unlikely black candidate, should be a lesson and guide in this regard. A well oiled electoral machine run by an army of young volunteers ready to move on a moments notice superseding regional, ethnic, racial, class, gender, topographic and climatic hurdles helped him in scoring this unprecedented victory in America ’s national history. Such a mass movement covering the grassroots of the political spectrum could be replicated in India with a relative ease. Should that really happen and India ’s national majority really lands on its justifiable seat of power that will mark the second liberation of the country after 1947.

10) Respected Hindu voters, Aadarniya Hindu Leaders, Activists and well wishers: -
Please do your best in unifying and galvanizing Hindus toward realizing Hindu governance. There must be a call for shared sacrifice and social responsibility. Hindus have to be organized, united and assertive, for therein lies their survival and the integrity of the motherland. Elections must be taken seriously as key to jobs, communal harmony, national security and prosperity and contested with missionary zeal at all levels. As already stated, in these elections Sonia-Singh and their team will represent the current failed policies and the status quo, while the BJP and its allies will represent the much needed change people have been craving for.

The manipulators of the Indian political system have reduced Hindus to a mere non-entity. That status for a strong national majority is as undemocratic as it is humiliating. They must refuse to accept such an indignity. As a meaningful yet constructive retaliation they need to mobilize, take initiative, come forward, assume leadership and offer sacrifices now. Unlike others we don’t resort to throwing bombs, conduct Jihad and violence and kill innocent people. Even though non-violent, the electoral war is hardly insignificant for us.

This is our “Dharma Yudh” for rejecting the indignities and inhumanities mounted on us . This is our struggle for restoring the appropriate status of the Hindu Samaj. This is our sangharsh to establish the rule of law and real democracy. This is our chance to throw out of power those who insulted our gods, attempted to destroy Hindu history and heritage of India . Therefore, please place every thing else on the backburner and get involved in this "Maha Dharma Yudh". Take leave from every thing else and work for the victory of Hindu Dharma and become part of the electoral campaign locally, in villages, amongst dalits, OBCs , etc.

The idealism driven young generation should be on the front seat to fuel a new uprising against the de-Indianised elite and the tainted political practices. The youth particularly the College students who have the idealism, energy, maturity and drive for furthering the national cause should plunge into this campaign.

The fate of Hindus in Kashmir and in the North East should remind them that with a weakling Indian Govt. spearheaded by Sonia-Singh Bush loyalist combine they and their loved ones face a clear and present danger in every nook and cranny of India. With the pace setting example of Jammu Hindus for the Amarnath protests, they should urgently consider a mass Hindu electoral movement for every legislative and Parliamentary election and assert their right of majority rule - the underlying premise of partition. Letting this opportunity slip away could be extremely costly with far reaching consequences. It might even enhance the volume of anti-Hindu discrimination, conversion and violence. The continued punitive rule by Islamist, communist, Evangelist and pseudo-seculars' alliance might force them to live as poor and dependent colonial subjects - in a splintered India – a situation that should be unacceptable under any circumstances.

Thanks for your time and waiting to see you at the historical “Dharma Yudh”.
Dr. Jagan Kaul
Krishan Bhatnagar
Hindu Jagran Forum ( USA )
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Partying Rahul raises hackles

Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Even as the nation felt searing pain and anger over the death of more than 195 people— including foreigners — in the terrorist attack on Mumbai, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi merrily partied. According to a report carried on Monday by a tabloid, Mail Today, <b>Congress general secretary and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi went partying on Saturday with his pals at a farmhouse on Delhi’s outskirts.
The ‘Prince’ partied hard, till 5 in the morning, at the ‘sangeet’ ceremony for the wedding of Samir Sharma, one of his childhood friends. The gathering was at a sprawling farmhouse at Radhey Mohan Chowk, the haven of people who lead charmed lives, beyond Chhhatarpur. A close aide of Rahul confirmed his presence at the function.

“Rahulji was in Rajasthan on Saturday. He attended four rallies there and returned to Delhi at 10 pm. Later, he went to this party that was pre-scheduled,” said a staff member on the condition of anonymity. He said that Rahul was at the farmhouse with Samir Sharma, the US-based furniture designer son of Captain Satish Sharma, the late Rajiv Gandhi’s flying partner. Capt Sharma had nursed the Gandhi family’s pocketborough, Rae Bareli, till Sonia Gandhi chose to contest from there in 2004.

“Why raise such a hue and cry over a small and pre-scheduled party?” he asked. Gandhi’s media coordinator Pankaj Shankar, on the other hand, refused comment on the issue. “I am not a spokesperson, I just coordinate among mediapersons and Rahul Gandhi. Congress spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan has clarified the issue,” said Shankar.

<b>On Sunday, Rahul’s sister Priyanka Vadra had caused a flutter by saying that late Indira Gandhi would have “made us very proud” by the way she would have reacted to the Mumbai terror strike.</b>

As per the report published by the tabloid, Saturday night’s ‘sangeet’ was a lavish affair. Leena Musafir, the sister of the woman with whom Samir is getting married, and her husband Inder, hosted it. Over 800 guests, including regulars at Page 3 dos, attended the party. <b>Later, however, Rahul was quoted in another tabloid, Metro Now, saying, “It seems as if someone entered my house and slapped me.”

The tabloid stated that Rahul made this comment while addressing a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), which had reportedly been called to discuss the impact of the attack on the party and the country.</b><!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<b>Sonia’s presence in Delhi is costing India dearly</b>

François Gautier
First Published : 02 Dec 2008 02:37:00 AM IST
Last Updated : 02 Dec 2008 10:20:05 AM IST
In 1898, the French writer Emile Zola wrote an open letter to the then French president in the newspaper L’Aurore, titled j’accuse (‘I accuse’), where he accused the French government of anti- Semitism towards Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer unfairly condemned for treason.</i>

Now it is time for the people of India to say openly that which many, including within the Congress, think secretly and may utter in the privacy of their chambers.</b>

It is not about Manmohan Singh, it is not even about Shivraj Patil, the fall guy; it is about that one person, the Eminence Grise of India. She who pulls all the strings, She whose shadow looms menacingly over so many, <b>She who holds no portfolio, is just a simple elected MP, like 540 others, but rules like an empress.</b>

Sometimes, one’s very physical presence at the top is enough to move things, to influence the course of events. One word from Her, a glance, a frown, are enough to put the whole heavy, inert, unwilling machinery of India’s bureaucracy and political system in full motion. Sometimes She need not say anything: <b>in the true tradition of Bhakti, Her ministers, Her secretaries, interpret Her silences and rush to cater to Her western and Christian identity</b>.

Nevertheless, she has said and acted enough so that one day she may stand accused on the pages of History for what she must have done to India.

I’accuse Sonia Gandhi as being responsible for the tragedy of Mumbai, having emasculated India’s intelligence agencies by stopping them from investigating terror attacks in the last four years, including the Mumbai train blasts. She has also neutralised the ATS by ordering them at all costs to ferret out ‘Hindu terrorism’, which if it exists, has wrought minuscule damage compared to what Islamic terror has done since 2004. Did the US send a warning to India that there may be an attack on Mumbai and that the Taj would be one of the targets? Were these ignored because the ATS was too busy chasing Hindu ‘terrorists’ on Sonia’s orders? I accuse Sonia and her government of having made the NSG the laughing stock of the world. How many times did the NSG (who took ten hours to reach Mumbai) claim that it had “sanitised the Taj and that the operation was over” and how many times did a bomb go off immediately after? For the last 20 years, the NSG has guarded VIPs and has become soft. See the comments of Israeli terror specialists, who said the NSG should have first sanitised the immediate surroundings of the places of conflict, kept the bystanders and press (who gave terrorists watching TV in the Taj rooms a perfect report of the security forces’ whereabouts) out of the place, gathered enough information about the position of the terrorists and hostages before taking action, instead of immediately engaging the terrorists, and ensuring the deaths of so many hostages.

I accuse Sonia of having let her Christian and Western background, in four years, divide India on religious and caste lines in a cynical and methodical manner.

I accuse Sonia of weakening India’s spirit of sacrifice and courage, so that 20 terrorists (or less) held at ransom the financial capital of India for more than three days.

I accuse Sonia Gandhi of always pointing the finger at Pakistan, when terrorism in India is now mostly homegrown, even if it takes help, training, refuge and arms from Pakistan; of not warning Indians of the grave dangers of Islamic terror for cynical election purposes.

I accuse Sonia of being an enemy of the Hindus, who always gave refuge to persecuted minorities, and who are the only people in the world to accept that God may manifest under different names, in different epochs, using different scriptures.

I accuse Sonia Gandhi of taking advantage of India’s respect for women, its undue fascination with the Gandhi name, and its stupid mania for White Skin.

I’accuse Sonia of exploiting the Indian Press’ obsession with her. She hardly ever gave interview in 20 years, except scripted ones to NDTV, yet the Press always protects her, never blames her and keeps silent over her covert role.

I’accuse Sonia and her government of trying to make heroes of subservient and inefficient men to hide the humiliation of Mumbai 26/11. Before going to his death, Hemant Karkare, the ATS chief, was shown on television clumsily handling his helmet, as someone who uses it very rarely. Why did he die of bullet wounds in the chest when he was wearing a bullet-proof vest? Either Indian vests are inferior quality or he was not wearing one.

How did the terrorists who killed him and his fellow officer escape in the same vehicle used by the ATS chief ? Why did he and his officers go into Cama Hospital without ascertaining where the terrorists were? We honour his death, but these facts say a lot about the ATS’ battle-readiness.

<b>Will someone in the Congress, someone who feels more Indian than faithful to Sonia, stand up and speak the truth?</b> Who said, “Go after Hindu terrorists”? Who insisted on putting pressure on BJP governments in Karnataka or Orissa for so-called persecution of Christians, when Christians have always practised their faith in total freedom here, while their missionaries are converting hundreds of thousands of innocent tribals and Dalits with the billions of dollars given by gullible westerners?

Who said, “Go soft on Islamic terrorism”? Who wants to do away with India’s nuclear deterrence in the face of Pakistani and Chinese nuclear threats, by pushing at all costs the one sided Indo-US nuclear deal, which makes no secret of its intention to denuclearise India militarily? I am sure Sonia Gandhi has good qualities: she probably was a good wife to Rajiv, a good daughter in law to Indira and by all accounts, she is a good mother to her children. One also hears first-hand reports about her concern for smaller people, her dignity in the suffering that befell her when her husband was blown to pieces, and her courtesy with visitors.

<b>Nevertheless, she is a danger to India.</b>

Her very presence, both physical and occult, open the doors to forces inimical to India. Even Indian Christians should understand that she is not a gift to them: her presence at the top has emboldened fanatics like John Dayal or Valson Thampu, who practise an orthodox Christianity prevalent in the West in the early 20th century, but no longer, to radicalise their flock. Indian Christians should recognise that they have a much better deal here than Christians or Hindus have in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia.

Under Sonia’s rule, Indian Muslims, too, have been used as electoral pawns. They have been encouraged to shun the Sufi streak, a blend of the best of Islam and Vedanta, for a hard-line Sunni brand imported from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

<b>For the good of India, her civilisation, her immense spirituality and culture, Sonia Gandhi has to go and a government that thinks Indian, breathes nationalism and will protect its citizens must be voted to power.</b>

— fgautier@auroville.org.in

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