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Letters To Be Cut Pasted
I don't know where to put this. What this is about is generating a list of short letters that can be cut-pasted in their entirety into the comments sections of blogs people visit. Please add you own.
It will be of tremendous benefit to Hindus if you circulate these web sites:





Discussions with Christians are always about defending our Dharma; Christianity and Jesus are taken as an established fact. Why is that so? Evidence is mounting that there was no Jesus. None whatsoever. "Jesus" was only a story, an invention of Romans to subdue the Jews a couple of millenia ago. Joseph Atwill describes all this quite well through his book (link #2) and his interview (link #3).
Please do not refer to Jesus Christ as if he really existed. There is a lot of evidence that he did not, that the Roman Caesar Titus built up the story of a Messiah (a Christ, literally) to be told to the Jews of that time. The intent was to fool the Jews so that they would accept this Messiah as their saviour, and the Romans had made the story such that the Messiah was forgiving of the Romans. So the Jews who accepted this Messiah would forgive the Romans too. This would be great for the Romans, since the Jews were very rebellious and anti-Roman at that time.

Here are some sites:





Discussions with Christians are always about defending our Dharma; Christianity and Jesus are taken as an established fact. Why is that so? Evidence is mounting that there was no Jesus. None whatsoever. "Jesus" was only a story, an invention of Romans to subdue the Jews a couple of millenia ago. Joseph Atwill describes all this quite well through his book (link #2) and his interview (link #3).

If we treat "Jesus" as a real character, even if we call him crazy etc., the "believing" christians will only say, "here is one more Hindu out to malign my Christ", and their faith will only get stronger, since Christianity is built upon martyrdom and victimhood feelings. But when a white guy himself says that Jesus was a hoax (see links 2 and 3), and another website run by white people (link 1) says jesus never existed, the "believer's" world receives a severe jolt.

So please say "the Roman invention Jesus" of the "hoax Jesus" or something like that every time you mention jesus. And point people to the sites above.

Doing so will be much more beneficial than a million letters that just vent exasperation at the christocult's devious ways.

For people who say Hindus are nazi because they worship the Swastik:

The second Hindu-Jewish Summit (Jerusalem, Israel, February 17-20, 2008) recognized that the swastik is a ancient Hindu symbol, and had later been misappropriated.

Now that a collection of *Jewish* scholars has recognized this fact formally, does anyone still think Hindus are Nazis?
For people who adamantly keep on expressing the opinion that all religions are the same:

Imagine, for a moment, that you wake up one morning feeling very sick. You cough and cough. And it is not an ordinary cough: you are coughing up blood.

What do you do?

You go the emergency department of the nearest hospital, or, at the very least, you go to see a doctor.

You do not think to yourself, "Ah, this is just something that has happened as a result of the movie I saw yesterday. I am fully convinced of it, and I will not listen to anyone who says otherwise."

Or, "Ah, this is just something that has happened as a result of the red car that my friend drove when he came to see me yesterday. I am fully convinced of it, and I will not listen to anyone who says otherwise."

Why do we not say such things? Because we know that they are ridiculous. Only someone who has spent time studying medicine is qualified to say what is going on with us when we get sick. We do not waste time diagnosing ourselves; nor do we collect a bunch of medically-illiterate friends and see what they have to say about our condition.

However, when it comes to religion, many of us want to do exactly that. That is, many of us want to give out opinions on religions without reading up on the religions. I am not talking of getting an advanced degree in those religions, mind you. No, I am talking about not even bothering to go over the basics of those religions.

We say Islam is a religion of peace without bothering to look ap the basics of Islam. The Qu'ran is on the web. The Hadith is on the web. Still better, and more convenient, both of these, in bullet point form, along with real-life testimony from ex-muslims, are on the web (www.faithfreedom.org). If what you read in there--the incitement to murder, loot, dominate-- is too hard for you to believe; well, look at the newspapers. Every day some muslim kills tens of people, and says he did it for Allah, as has been prescribed in the Qu'ran. You can see the sermons on the web inciting muslims to kill. If you really have to.

We say Christianity is a religion of forgiveness and hope. Of salvation. A look at what christian missionaries are doing today, and the modus operandi of christianity (www.christianaggression.org) will disabuse us of all that high-sounding rhetoric. Tens of millions of native people were wiped out by Inquisitions and Conquistadores. Tens of thousands did not even get to die a swift, painless death.

Take a look at what is going on in India today. Remember, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, there is a pretty good chance that it *is* a duck. But even if you do not realize that it is a duck, well, the duck will not kill you! But some religions, if you are too late in recognizing their true nature, will kill you.
<i>The following is formatted for youtube comments; there is enough space to add a one line intro. Almost any topic can be found to have some connection to christianity; so this comment can be posted on almost any (political) video with proper one line intro. Post and repost and don't get discouraged. </i>


Genocidal Christianity is a hoax. Christianity is Roman war propaganda against the Jews and nonwhites. New testament was written by Romans to demean and destroy Judaism. Titus Flavius who destroyed the Jewish Temple commissioned the Christian hoax as a replacement for Judaism. Titus' Flavius military campaign against Jerusalem was transformed into Jesus' ministry against Judaism

Search "Joseph Atwill" -author Caesar's Messiah

See youtube video- watch?v=dCNJf83bqjs

If someone expresses doubt:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->It's true. The history of Christianity reads like a horror novel in Anti-semitism. In fact Antisemitism is the only concept that unites Christian history. Romans instituted Christianity as a replacement of Judaism after Emperor Titus destroyed the Temple. Look at historical context of 1st c CE. "Give unto Caesar". Pilate is absolved of any crime. Jesus thrashes the Jews in their own temple.

If you would take the time out to look at the ref I gave, you'd understand what Christianity is.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->not formatted for youtube:

Imperialism poised as fighting oppression and the concomitant denigration of the victims as oppressors is imprinted in the Christian gospels (and thus, in Christianty"c black sheep cousin Islam as well). The gospels were engineered by Romans to mock the Jewish rebellion to Roman rule in Judea. The Gospels also served to legitimize Roman takeover of faraway lands. Google "Joseph Atwill youtube" to see how these believers" minds are systematically patterned into giving false equivalences. See how the believers shadowbox among themselves while the heathen victim is deculturated and enslaved. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
What are the goals of the "Hindutvawadis" ?

The so-called Hindutvawadis have had one goal: to make India respect all religions alike. That is, to not have systems and laws which favour one religion over the other, and to punish criminality stemming from any religion. Today's India is a place where Islam and Christianity receive special status, while Hindu Dharma is relegated to the dustbin. However, the Hindutvawadis are called "communal" by our so-called "secularists".

What are the goals of the "secularists" like the UPA?

The so-caled secularists want to create an India which is deeply communal, with Islam and Christianity getting special status, and where Hindu Dharma has to subsist on leftovers tossed out to it by a government eternally in awe of these two minority religions. However, please note, India is to be termed a "staunchly secular" nation when all this happens.

One only has to follow the daily news to see the truth behind what I have written.
Complete, unadulterated narcissistic behaviour of the prophet Muhammad has been codified into a horrible system. This system is called Islam, which demands that you live your life in the footsteps of Muhammad; that you do things exactly as he would have done. His homicidal, lustful, capricious behaviour is well documented in (1) the Hadith (a log book of his day-to-day life) and (2) the Quran, (a collection of "revelations" that "came" to Muhammad over 23 years) each verse of which gives Allah-certified justification to Muhammad's behaviour.

Everything that muslims do is an attempt to follow their prophet's life. Every thing, however small, however personal. And if the attempt to mimic the prophet falls short, it is because "pure islam has not been allowed to flower". The jihadis, led by the taliban, are doing their best to get "pure islam" to "come back again". Shariah is just one of the things "pure islam" entails.

Read for yourselves:

<b>The roots of anti-Hindu behavior</b>

Why do people show anti-Hindu behavior?

Why does anyone show any behavior? Because there are rewards attached to it.
You either get to enrich yourself materially, or you convince yourself that you are enriching yourself spiritually, or a combination of both. Your status in society rises, and your peers look up to you.

(1) Looting, raping, pillaging, temple-destruction, torture of the inquisitions, mocking Hindus, breaking "idols" from temples, raising mosques and churches on top of the razed temples, destroying Hindu literature, seats of Hindu learning etc...all these make the perpetrator feel that he (she) is following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, in the case of muslims, or assorted prophets, missionaries, saints, popes, and Jesus himself, in the case of Christians.

(2) The so-called "Secular" Hindus (the Congress, the Left etc) aid and abet the activities in (1) because they either
a. want minority votes
b. the really, truly think that they are doing the right thing, having as their ideals Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Karl Marx and/or Chairman Mao.

The ideals of Prophet Muhammad as well as the prophets, missionaries, saints, popes, and Jesus; as well as those of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru etc. are in the books listed below. These books are accessible through Google books.
Click on the images.

(3) The situation is further compounded by the average Hindu's lack of education on the topics listed above. The Hindu has a tendency to fit the world to his/her own view of Hinduism. The Hindu, therefore, thinks that Islam, Christianity etc. are basically Hinduism with differerent faces, different places, and different dates.
Needless to say, the anti-Hindu people are engaged day and night in protecting, preserving and proliferating this ignorance so that they may proudly continue their persecution and proselytization.

(4) There are a lot of interests with deep pockets financing this anti-Hindu behavior; the Church and the Guardian of the Holy Mosques (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), to name two of the bigger players.

(5) There are people who have built up their academic careers on the "disproving" Hindu Dharma and Indic civilization. These people have been publishing papers and books denying the Hindu origins of many good things, and the little goodness thay do find in Hindu Dharma they attribute to the West. When the average Hindu tries to read up on the history of Hindu Dharma and the Indic civilization, he is deluged with references written by these "scholars" with their articulate and superficially reasonable arguments. A huge lobby exists, of course, that will discourage, to put it mildly, and efforts to really did into the facts about Hindu Dharma. You must have heard of people crying themselves hoarse over "saffronization" of textbooks.

(6) Money. Most Hindus today do not have the time to do anything meaningful with their lives because they are too busy making money. I am not talking about the Hindus who need to toil away just to make ends meet; I am talking about Hindus who, to put it figuratively, keep inventing ways to increase the distance between those ends, so that they then have to work harder to make those ends meet. For these people, getting more and more stuff is better than reading up on the real Indian history. For them, spending all your energies on jet-setting around India and the world is a feat of legitimate bravery, to be bragged about. But when, say, a foreigner visiting India tells them about how great the Mughals were, and how magnificent the Mughal Monument of Love, the "Taj Mahal" is, well, will any one of them point the foreigner to Stephen Knapp, or Sita Ram Goel, and the massive piles of evidence that the "Taj Mahal" was actually a Hindu building seized by the muslim emperor? No, there, somehow, is no bravery involved in Dharma Raksha; at any rate, there is no money in it!
I am cut pasting Joe Atwill's Summary of Caesar's Messiah.
I have re-formatted some of the text for clarity. The text, however, is exactly as Joe Atwill put is up on his site (linked below).


Our understanding of Jewish and Christian history has changed dramatically with the publication of <b>Caesar's Messiah by Joseph Atwill </b>(Ulysses Press), which had previously been privately published under the title <b>The Roman Origins of Christianity</b>. According to Atwill, the Gospels are not accounts of the ministry of a historical Jewish Jesus compiled by his followers sixty years after his death. They are texts deliberately created to trick Messianic Jews into worshipping the Roman Emperor 'in disguise'. The essence of Atwill's discovery is that the majority of the key events in the life of Jesus are in fact <b>satirical</b>: each is an elegant literary play on a military battle in which the Jewish armies had been defeated by the Romans. This is an extraordinary claim-but supported by all the necessary evidence.

Why would the Romans go to the trouble of writing and disseminating such a text? The Jewish War, culminating in the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, had devastated the Mediterranean economy, and the Romans were anxious to prevent another messianic outbreak, which could easily lead to another 500,000 deaths-as the Bar Kochba revolt would demonstrate a generation later. In order to make any reconstruction of the country lasting, the Romans needed to offer the Jews alternative stories that would distract them from the messianic messages inherent in the Torah, and persuade them to accept Roman values.

According to Atwill, the Romans' solution to these problems was to create a special kind of post-war propaganda. They called it in Greek evangelion, a technical term meaning "good news of military victory." In English, it is translated as "gospel." The name is in fact ironic humor: <b>the Romans were amusing themselves with the notion of making the Jews accept, as the actions of the Messiah Jesus, what were in fact literary echoes of the very battles in which the Romans had defeated the Jews' armies. A further joke was buried in unmistakable parallels between the life of Jesus and that of Titus: in worshiping Jesus, the Jews who adopted Christianity, as it came to be called, were in fact hailing the Emperor of their conquerors as god.</b>

To replace the Torah, then, the Romans created a literary equivalent, the gospel of Matthew (and shortly thereafter the Hellenistic and Roman versions known as Luke and Mark). The central literary character, called Jesus (or Joshua) inhabits a plot with various peculiar features: he begins his efforts by the Lake of Galilee; sends a legion of devils out of a demon-possessed man and into pigs; offers his flesh to be eaten; mentions signs of the destruction of Jerusalem; in Gethsemane a naked man escapes; Jesus is captured at Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives; Simon denies knowing him; he is crucified with two other men and only he survives; he is taken down from the cross by a man called Joseph of Arimathea; his disciple John survives but his disciple Simon is sent off to die in Rome; after his death his disciple Judas dies by eviscerating himself.

Each of these peculiar events has a parallel in the writings of Josephus, our main record of the military encounter between the Judeans and their Roman conquerors-even to the unusual crucifixion in which three men are crucified, and a man named Joseph takes one, who survives, down. To give a flavor of the humor buried in this grand Roman joke, we see that where, in Josephus, the crucifixions take place at Thecoe, which translates as the "Village of the Inquiring Mind," the gospel's satiric version takes place at Golgotha, or the "Hill of the Empty Skull."

Events at the <b>Lake of Galilee</b> launch the Judean careers of both Titus and Jesus. There Jesus called his disciples to be 'fishers of men'. There the Roman battle took place in which Titus attacked a band of Jewish rebels led by a leader named Jesus. The rebels fell into the water and those who were not killed by darts "attempted to swim to their enemies, the Romans cut off either their heads or their hands" (Jewish War III, 10). Men were indeed pulled out of the water like fish.

As for the episode of the <b>Gadarene swine</b>-in which demons leave a Gadara demoniac at Jesus' bidding and then enter into a herd of 2,000 swine, which rush wildly into the lake and drown-Josephus recounts the Roman campaign in which Vespasian marched against Gadara. In the same way that the demons were concentrated in one demoniac, Josephus describes the faults of all the rebels being concentrated in the one head of the rebel leader John. Then, rushing about "like the wildest of wild beasts," the 2000 rebels rushed over the cliff and drowned.

To take a third example, Josephus describes how Titus went out without his armor (and therefore to a soldier metaphorically naked) in the garden of Gethsemane, was nearly caught and had to flee. The <b>parallel in the gospel of Mark is a naked young man who appears from nowhere in the Garden of Gethsemane and flees</b>.

<b>So far over dozen of these parallels have been identified </b>-many of which had already been discovered by other scholars. But Atwill is the first researcher to have identified the overall pattern. <b>The pattern in each case is the same.</b> This fulfills the criterion for 'good' parallels set out by James R. Davila in his paper 'The Perils of Parallels', University of St Andrews Divinity School, (April 2001), which states that "patterns of parallels are more important than individual parallels" and "the larger and more complex the pattern of parallels, the more we should take them seriously."

Since the events occur in Josephus in exactly the same order as their counterpart events in the Gospels, probability theory can then be used to assess the likelihood that this might be due simply to chance, or instead, that one source copied the other. The calculation shows that it is over 99.9999% certain that one account was written based upon the other. This calculation takes a conservative approach that assumes that, once used, each of the eleven items could not be used again. The probability is thus calculated as 11 factorial, or 11x10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 .This would equal 1 chance in 39,916,800. Expressed as a percentage, this means that it is 99.999997% certain that one account influenced the other. <b>In other words, the likelihood that these parallel sequences occurred by chance is less than 0.000003%--effectively zero. </b>(The alternative approach would assign truly random possibilities for each of the events, in which case the odds are calculated as eleven to the eleventh power, or one chance in 285,311,670,611, for an even more remote probability of 0.0000000003%.)

Since it is impossible to imagine that the Romans would have invented accounts of battles taking place in locations marked 50 years earlier by the ministry of Jesus, we need an alternative explanation, of which there is really only one, and it is Atwill's in Caesar's Messiah. The Gospels were written in the late 70s and 80s CE, about the same time as Josephus' The Jewish War. Key events in the life of Jesus were written as literary satires of the Roman battles, ambushes, crucifixions, cannibalisms, etc., in the military campaign of Titus Caesar, as recounted in Josephus. Rather than four different communities separated in time and space writing the NT Gospels (the traditional understanding), they were written together as a single literary undertaking-possibly at the Imperial Court. The Jews who ended up following the false Messianic literary character 'Jesus' would, unbeknownst to them, really be worshipping the Emperor Titus.

Perhaps the most important new evidence for the ahistoricity of Jesus is the reading that Caesar's Messiah provides of a critical passage in Josephus' other major work, Jewish Antiquities. This is the famous 'Testimonium' passage in which is supposedly the major independent textual source for the historical existence of Jesus. Atwill demonstrates that this text is genuinely by Josephus. However, when read in context with the surrounding passages, it amounts to a confession admitting that the Flavian emperors invented the character of Jesus to deceive the Jews into worshipping a false messiah. The reader merely has to read the text as it was originally composed, using a well-known Hebrew compositional technique found in the Book of Leviticus, and known as 'pedimental composition'. This technique gives emphasis to the central passage of text by framing it with mirrored passages either side. (Thus, Leviticus 19, which concerns righteous dealing, is framed by two chapters about prohibitions).

Applied to Jewish Antiquities, the Testimonium passage about Jesus is evidently the left hand side of a triptych. The right hand side passage is about Paul, and the figure in the central panel , who is a composite of all three Flavian Emperors, wears the mask of a false god to have sex with a woman he could not persuade with gifts and money. The central focus of the triptych is that the Roman Emperors did not care about 'this business of names' but were willing to pretend to be a false god in order to be worshipped by the Jews. Patterns of word parallelisms link across the three panels of the triptych, to reveal the true story. (For example, the word hedone used for the Emperor's sexual enjoyment is also used-quite inappropriately-for the way that Christ's followers worship him, thereby linking the two stories).

Professor Robert Eisenman of California State University describes Atwill's research as rendering contemporary Christian scholarship so challenged that it is now "looking into the abyss". It is worth noting, in this regard, that the general scholarly consensus that there was a historical, Jewish Jesus is itself largely a recent historical idea, traceable to Abraham Geiger in the 1860's. He persuaded scholars that the Gospels were an account of a historical Jewish Jesus, a typical Pharisee of his day. Since then this view, and with it the notion of Christianity as a development of Judaism, has become the dominant paradigm in Christianity. However, as the new discoveries in Caesar's Messiah make clear, this is not just misleading, but a dangerous concession to a false system of belief. <b>The Romans created this new religion deliberately to humiliate the Jews and to keep them in submission.</b> For contemporary Jewish scholars to collude with this Roman literary invention, and to even pretend that this fictional character had historic reality, is the height of irony.

In the past, evidence had been put forward to suggest that the NT gospels are literary accounts containing mythological accretions. However, Christians have been able to dismiss that evidence on the grounds that underneath it all there 'must' be a Historical Jesus. Atwill's discovery changes all that. There was no historical Jesus and the Gospels were Roman imitations of Jewish sacred texts created by the Flavian Emperors as ironical 'good news' to deceive the Jews. It is one thing for Christians to use works of literature as their sacred documents. It is quite another for them to continue using what have now been discovered to be <b>deliberate Roman fakes about a non existent Messiah</b>.

<b>Things the overwhelming majority of Indians do not know</b>

India was the world's richest, most cultured, most educated country before the British came to rule it.

Most of the discoveries the West claims for itself were stolen from Hindus through Western jesuit missionaries who visited India.

The scale of the killing, torture, and rape of Hindus by muslim invaders and the British raj is monumentally massive. No group of people in the world has come close to suffering as much as the Hindus have.

There was no Aryan invasion. None.

"Bramhins were bad" is a myth concocted by the British to splinter India.

"The caste system" is alien to Hindu Dharma. The British, when they first arrived, themselves remarked how happy Indians of all social strata were. The true meaning of varnashrama was twisted beyond recognition by the Bristish to keep India locked in perpetual social war.

The British loot of India made India one of the poorest countries in the world by 1947.

(Details for the assertions above can be found on the web. Just google around. Please do not fall prey to this disease called pseudosecularitis, the symptoms of which are not looking at a website just because it is about Hindu Dharma and Hindu civilization; and pretending to be well-informed about India and the world because you read the opinions and "analysis" of established Hindu-haters.

To start you off:

<b>Ignorance of the meaning of "religion"</b>

Many Hindus today are under the impression that Hindu Dharma is a "religion" just like Christianity and Islam. The latter religions have different characters, different names and different holy places as compared to Hindu Dharma, but that is it.

That kind of thinking is like a person (who has been living on milk all his life) now starting to think that every liquid he encounters in the future is bound to be milk. At the most, he thinks, the milk will be vanilla-flavoured. No, sir, there are a lot of things out there which you could be offered to drink, and many of them will kill you.

The biggest difference between Dharma and Christianity or Islam is: The universal love and brotherhood of Dharma is absent in Christianity and Islam. These latter religions' holy books explicitly command their followers to wage war upon the unbeliever. (That term, dear Hindu, refers to you). To destroy your temples. Your holy books. To bind you and abduct your wife and daughter. To kill you if you oppose this ongoing injustice against you.

If that one earth-shattering difference is not enough, there are many more. But really, do you need to look for more (other than as an academic exercise)?

See if I have been lying to you about these religions:

<b>Lord Macaulay, the Father of India's Pseudoseculars</b>

"Lord" Macaulay, an English parliamentarian wanted to create “a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect”.

..."Lord" Macaulay got his wish, several times over. Clueless buffoons like Prannoy Roy, Suzanne "Arundhati" Roy, Teesta Setalwad, Romila Thapar, Samuel "Rajashekhar" Reddy, Brinda Karat and Manmohan Singh, to name a few, are ample testimony to the success of the macaulayization of India.

And of course, there are some who "Lord" Macaulay himself would have worshipped: Antonia "Sonia Gandhi" Maino, Raul "Raul Gandhi" Vinci...
<!--QuoteBegin-Shambhu+Nov 4 2008, 08:58 AM-->QUOTE(Shambhu @ Nov 4 2008, 08:58 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->On February 2, 1835, he delivered a speech to the supreme council of India,

Shambhu Ji I read somewhere that this speech thing was a hoax.

I am not all that up on history; so if Mac speech was indeed a hoax, I will edit the thing. It is mostly a cut paste from the site I linked. Is it accepted that the speech was a hoax?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Is it accepted that the speech was a hoax?<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

I am not 100% sure, but the source from where I read about it, that source was sure. (Cann't recall where I read it)
I think it is made by Konrad Elst, but I couldn't find the link.
<!--QuoteBegin-shamu+Nov 4 2008, 12:23 PM-->QUOTE(shamu @ Nov 4 2008, 12:23 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->I think it is made by Konrad Elst, but I couldn't find the link.
<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd--> http://koenraadelst.bharatvani.org/article...m/macaulay.html
Says it is unlikely to have been Macaulay.
Thanks Husky. There is probably more in 'Saffron Swastika'.
Thanks all..I will edit out the speech part and add more later..

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