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Dr. Jagatpati Josh
It is with sadness i hear of the demise of DR. Jagatpati Joshi . May i express my condolences to friends and family on the loss of this scientist and historian to the community of Archaeologists , Historians and to the Republic of somebody who has made signal contributions to these fields. I have not had the pleasure of conversing with him and I cannot do justice to his many accomplishments , but i understand that he was instrumental in discovering Dholavira, one of the largest cities in the Sarasvati Sindhu civilization. Many feel that 1.5 million square miles is an understatement of the extent of this civilization, which dwarfs all comparable river valley civilizations of the ancient era and Dr.Joshi played a key role in the determination of the vast expanse of this civilization.

We were expecting him to play a key role in the ICIH 2009 conference but that was not meant to be.

It is because of the work done by dedicated ardchaeologists such as Dr. Joshi that we are able to piece together the history of the ancient era. Now the task begins of reconciling the vast amount of archaeological data with the equally large massive literary tradition that is the unique legacy of the Ancient Indics.
Heartfelt condolences to his family.
Condolences...we need more heroes like him to tell the world the truth about Indic civilization.

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