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Unresolved tragedies - tentatively "secular"
Apparently a common occurrence.


Quote:Pilgrim blinded by barbaric gang who drugged him and gouged out his eyes

By Piyush Srivastava

Published: 20:16 EST, 4 January 2015 | Updated: 20:18 EST, 4 January 2015



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Pilgrims are being robbed of their vision in Ayodhya - one of the most sacred places in Uttar Pradesh.

(Note how it is only Hindoos - i.e. pilgrims to Ayodhya - who are being robbed of their eyes.

No Hindu would do such a thing. Christoislamaniacs would. So too other assorted communists and pseculars, but christoislamaniacs are the first suspects.)

In a shocking attack, unidentified criminals plucked out both of a pilgrim's eyes in Ayodhya on December 28,

The brutal incident occurred after the pilgrim was offered a drink laced with intoxicants.

Krishnadeo Verma was given an intoxicating drink before his eyes were gouged out

[Photo caption:] Krishnadeo Verma was given an intoxicating drink before his eyes were gouged out

Taking serious note of it, Superintendent of Police R.S. Gautam has handed over the inquiry to Crime Branch incharge R.N. Singh. He has suspended Raiganj police outpost sub-inspector Sunil Singh and constable Indra Bhushan Patel for dereliction of duty.

(He should have them investigated for being the hush-up part of the - very probably christoislamic - racket.)

Gautam said: "The police have registered cases against two unidentified people and sent a team to Jharkhand's Giridih to record the statement of the victim."

(That, or they have been indeed been identified but their 'minority' names are being withheld. Not unlikely: if the organ-thieves had Hindu names, everyone would have heard about it first thing and this news would have been all over the Indian ELM.)[/color]

Victim Krishnadeo Verma (30) comes from the Jhajha area of Giridih district. He arrived in Ayodhya on December 24.

Verma was found near the Ayodhya railway station the morning after the barbaric attack, and strangers had him admitted to hospital.

When Verma contacted his relatives on December 31, they took him back to Giridih.

The case came to light when his family members informed Koderma MP Ravindra Rai about the incident. Rai, in turn, informed Faizabad MP Lallu Singh, and requested him to take the case forward.

Singh, who claimed that an eye racket is going on in the district, then wrote to the police asking for an immediate probe.

The victim told Rai that when he was waiting for a train at the Ayodhya railway station, two people took him outside and offered him a drink in their car. Soon, he fell unconscious. When he returned to his senses, he found himself in a hospital.

Later, when his family reached Ayodhya and contacted the police, they were reprimanded and told to get lost.

(UP's islam-infested govt and police force are obviously in on the organ-trafficking racket.

The more I read news about events in India, the more I start realising how the electric chair could be a great invention, if only it could be used on the deserving.

If the above news ever appears in the christomedia in India, the cryptochristos of the ELM will be quick to announce conclusions in the form of: "Hindoo fundamentalists pilgrimaging to Ayodhya" and how there was "spontaneous loss of eyeballs" and how the event is understandable as but christoislamic "retaliation" for Ayodhya/Godhra/whatever excuse and the "fundamentalists had it coming". Etc.)

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