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NRI Corner 3
Is Bobby Jindal -- Who May Be On McCain's Veep Shortlist -- An Exorcist?
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->As others noted during his 2003 and 2007 gubernatorial campaigns (see update), in an essay Jindal wrote in 1994 for the New Oxford Review, a serious right-wing Catholic journal, Jindal narrated a bizarre story of a personal encounter with a demon, in which he participated in an exorcism with a group of college friends. And not only did they cast out the supernatural spirit that had possessed his friend, Jindal wrote that he believes that their ritual may well have cured her cancer.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Jindal - exorcism is just tip, this practice is more common in West than it's portrayed. It's something your local friendly missionary won't tell you while he passes judgment your beliefs.
<b>NRI bodies oppose US visa to Modi</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>In a major embarrassment</b> to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, a group of Indian-American organisations has written to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urging her not to allow Modi to enter the United States.

Why is it embarassing to Modi... If anything, it is probably very telling that he is doing something right....

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->However, the letter, written under the banner of the <b>Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) and supported by 25 civil society organisations,</b> alleges that Modi’s coming to the US is “to rally the support base among Indian diaspora communities and raise international legitimacy and standing,” adding that “it would be dangerous at this juncture of Indian political process to give Mr Modi that <b>long denied and much-coveted window</b>.”  <!--emo&:roll--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ROTFL.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='ROTFL.gif' /><!--endemo-->

The missive goes on to outline how “minority communities in his state continue to face systematic human rights violations,” and holds Modi responsible for the deaths of over 2,000 Muslims and the displacement of 2,00,000 more. Six years after the “state sponsored violence,” there have been very few convictions and Muslims continue to suffer economic and social boycott, reminds the letter.

It also mentions the <b>anti-conversion law enacted by Gujarat making it difficult for any Hindu to convert to any other religion</b>.
Beards worshipping mass murderers 5 times a day are welcomed. And innocent people are denied visas. Heh. Who cares? Beards have repeatedly showed their true love for America. And still they are welcome.

Some nations have their graves dud for them. Some dig their own. <!--emo&Tongue--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<b>Indian-American runs on anti-Sharia platform</b>
Letter from Vijay Kumar mentioned in above post:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->An Open Letter to Indian-Americans 
Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear Friends,

I am Vijay Kumar, a native of Hyderabad, India, and an American Citizen. I have been in the United States for nearly 29 years and a resident of the great Volunteer State of Tennessee for the past 22 years. Now, I am running for United States Congress from the 5th Congressional District, Tennessee, as a Republican candidate.

Let me tell you why I am running and what I am fighting for. I believe you will see that it is a matter of the gravest importance to both our adopted homeland, the United States, and our native land, the Republic of India. I dare say it is the Number One matter confronting all humanity.

I refer to the threat of Universal Jihad, which you might know as “Radical Islamist terrorism.” The Universal Jihadists’ bombings are not limited to New York or London or Madrid. In fact, India has been the greatest victim of radical terrorism for the past 25 years. The recent bombing of Jaipur, Rajasthan, and previous bombings of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and others bear witness to this fact.

Who are these bombers? They are Universal Jihadists, and they go by different names in different countries. They advocate reestablishment of the Caliphate. They want “Talibanization” of the entire world.

Universal Jihadists demand theological, racial, political, and cultural supremacy over the rest of the world. They are products of a militant ideology and the ideology is what shapes them. This ideology—the Doctrine of Universal Jihad—is what we must confront and defeat. Our war is for intellectual and religious freedom. The alternative is unconditional surrender of the mind.

Take the Example of Kashmir. “Demographic Conquest” is the most permanent form of conquest. Kashmir was a Hindu majority state for thousands of years. Through invasion, forcible evacuation, and conversion lasting centuries, Muslims became the majority in Kashmir. Now the Universal Jihadists are waging a guerilla war to secede from India. They seek to impose Sharia law replacing the secular Indian Constitution. The jihadi struggle in Kashmir is a grand theological rehearsal; the ultimate goal of Universal Jihadists is total conquest and Islamization of India.

The task of defeating so pernicious an ideology is greatly hampered by a pervasive and willful ignorance on the part of the cultural Left in the United States, and in Europe and India. The liberals have been so cowered by “political correctness” that they actually serve as apologists for Universal Jihad. The Left and Muslim intellectuals say that terrorist attacks are the consequence of America’s foreign policy in the Middle East and its support for Israel.

This argument is patently false. Very few Americans or Jews live in places like India, Thailand, the Philippines, Bali, Nigeria, Sudan, Russia, and a host of other countries where jihad has been relentless.

The current global terrorist attacks are simply a continuation of 1,400 years of Universal Jihad. Western and Indian liberals have become lackeys of Universal Jihadists in their words and deeds. It is completely disingenuous to decry the genocide of Darfur and ignore the root cause of that genocide, Universal Jihad.

We must develop a comprehensive and lasting solution to the perennial problem of Universal Jihad, and we cannot achieve this goal using current strategies. The Bush Administration’s foreign policy of concentrating on Afghanistan and Iraq is not sufficient. The Bush Doctrine lacks coherence. Our goal should be absolute and unconditional surrender of Universal Jihadists.

This war must be waged on multiple fronts: ideological, economic, and military.

Ideologically, we must uphold that the American view of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is infinitely superior to the jihadist worldview of terror, death, and destruction.On the economic front, we must stop all forms of aid to terrorist-supporting nations and groups, regardless of any short-term gain we derive from supporting them.

On the military front, we must create a coalition of democracies that have historically been victims of global terror with the aim of jointly fighting the problem of terrorism. The coalition would include the United States, Britain, Western Europe, India, South Africa, Israel, Russia, Nigeria, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan.

If I am elected, I will endeavor to attack the problem of Universal Jihad in the ways necessary to defeat it:

I will support the cause of Kashmiri Hindus, who have been victims of Islamist fundamentalist groups for nearly half a century and whose suffering is relatively unknown to the rest of humanity.

I will work hard to cut American military and economic aid to the States that have sponsored terrorism.

I will support the people and Government of India’s fight against terrorism.

I will work hard to build a coalition of democracies who are willing to confront the menace of Universal Jihad in defense of liberty. 

This letter is a direct call to you to give me that chance through your financial and campaign support. I greatly appreciate your attention to the information that I have provided here. For more information about my conservative positions, please visit my Web Site:  www.kumarforcongress.com, or please email me at kumarforcongress@aol.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  I need your prayers and your immediate financial help, both of which are critical to my victory in Republican primary  on August 7, 2008.
  Please send your most generous contribution today to the following address:

Kumar for Congress,
P.O. Box 210348,
Nashville, TN 37221.

Vijay Kumar   
<b>Video of Historic American Hindu Welcoming Ceremony</b>


June 19, 2008
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

In a historic religious event that occurred on Saturday, May 31, 2008,
eight Americans were formally welcomed into the ancient tradition of
Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) in a sacred initiation (diksha) ceremony at
the Hindu Temple of Nebraska.

In a related historical development, Ms. Heather "Tulasi" Mortensen
was awarded brahmana initiation during the same ceremony, and invested
with a sacred thread. This thread-giving ceremony (known as
upavita-samskara in Sanskrit) represents the very first time in world
history that a non-Indian woman has been awarded such a sacred thread.

Now you can now see the video of this event on Youtube:


The 35 minute edited video of the two hour ceremony is in four parts.

To see all four videos of this historic ceremony, please visit Dharma
Nation at:


The ceremony was overseen by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya (Dr. Frank
Morales, Ph.D.), the Resident Acharya (Spiritual Preceptor) of the
temple, and Professor Alekha Dash, who conducted the traditional fire
ceremony (yagya) central to any authentic Hindu initiation rite. Sri
Acharyaji has commented that "this is the first of many hundreds of
welcoming ceremonies that we expect to be doing in the near future, as
we know that there are multiple millions of Americans who will be
eager to adopt the Hindu tradition as their own."

For further information, interviews, or press statements about these
history-making developments, please contact us at
info@..., (402) 896-4294.

Sanatana Dharma Jayate,




"Dr. Frank Morales represents the Sankalpa [the will] of the Hindu
people and the cause of Sanatana Dharma. I urge all Hindus everywhere
to give him your full support, assistance, and encouragement in his
crucial work. He needs and deserves our help."

- Dr. David Frawley (Oct. 14, 2007)

Welcome to the Dharma Revolution!

Please forward the above historic press release to all discussion
groups, websites, news-outlets that you are aware of. Thank you.
<b>Indian American pleads guilty to trade secret theft</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->An Indian American former Hewlett-Packard (HP) vice-president has pleaded guilty in a California court to stealing trade secrets from his previous employer, IBM.

Atul Malhotra, 42, admitted in the federal court in San Jose to passing a confidential email from IBM to his senior HP executives, media reports said.

Malhotra was director of sales and business development at IBM in March 2006 when he requested pricing information about IBM services. Two months later, he joined HP's print division and passed on that information to his seniors.

An indictment filed in the court in late June said the message he passed on contained sensitive information about business practices at IBM.

HP said in a statement that the activity for which Malhotra was charged was in direct violation of their policies. They said they conducted an internal investigation at the time, fired him and reported the incident to law enforcement. His employment only lasted for four months.

<b>Malhotra, of Santa Barbara, faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of as much as $250,000.</b>

A sentencing hearing is set for Oct 29.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Good, deserve it.

Subscribe to Hinduism Today Digital Edition. You get the magazine in pdf form right on your home PC/Mac. If I could do it, anyone can!! <!--emo&Smile--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<b>FDA Updates Health Information Advisory on Melamine Contamination </b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> The recalled products are:

Mr. Brown Mandheling Blend Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Arabica Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Blue Mountain Blend Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Caramel Macchiato Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown French Vanilla Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Mandhling Blend instant Coffee (2-in-1)
Mr. Brown Milk Tea (3-in-1)
<b>Ashwin Madia Volunteer Caught On Film Stealing Paulsen for Congress Lawn Signs</b>

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Ashwin Madia's parents moved to America from Mumbai, India. Madia's family, who arrived in the United States impoverished, settled in Plymouth, Minnesota, where he went to Osseo Senior High School. He attended the University of Minnesota, where he became student body president. He then attended New York University School of Law. Madia provided pro bono representation to battered women, disabled children, and immigrants seeking asylum.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Paulson to name Kashkari to oversee bailout: WSJ
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is expected to appoint Neel Kashkari as the interim head for its new Office of Financial Stability to oversee the $700-billion bailout programme, a media report says.   

Indian origin Kashkari, a Treasury assistant secretary for international affairs, is the key adviser on whom Paulson has come to rely on during the financial crisis, The Wall Street Journal reported.     <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Reason to cheer: NRI <!--emo&:beer--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cheers.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='cheers.gif' /><!--endemo-->
reason to fear: 35 year old with IT financing background to oversee $700 billion <!--emo&Rolleyes--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='rolleyes.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->reason to fear: 35 year old with IT financing background to oversee $700 billion<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
He is his Goldman guy. Bring people from sinking ship.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Neel Kashkari is Senior Advisor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. He provides counsel to the Secretary on key policy matters.

Prior to joining the Treasury Department, <b>Mr. Kashkari was a Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in San Francisco, where he led Goldman's IT Security Investment Banking practice, advising public and private companies on mergers and acquisitions and financial transactions</b>. Prior to his career in finance,<b> Mr. Kashkari was a R&D Principal Investigator at TRW in Redondo Beach, California where he developed technology for NASA space science missions such as the James Webb Space Telescope.</b>

Originally from Stow, Ohio, Mr. Kashkari graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Engineering. He also received an M.B.A. in Finance from the Wharton School. Mr. Kashkari and his wife Minal maintain residences in Maryland and California.

<b>US meltdown: Indian American kills family, self</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Shocked at having turned into a pauper from a millionaire overnight by the plunging American stock markets, an unemployed Indian origin businessman took the extreme step of shooting and killing his wife, three children and mother-in-law, before taking his own life in Los Angeles.

Karthik Rajaram (45), who once made more than $1.2 million in a London-based venture fund, was found dead in his Porter Ranch home here along with his wife Subasri (39), mother-in-law (70) and three sons Krishna (19), Ganesha (12) and Arjuna (7).

Authorities believe Rajaram, an MBA, killed his family and himself after seeing his finances wiped out by the stock market collapse, Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday.
<b>Jet to discontinue Mumbai-Shanghai-Frisco flight from Jan 13</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->As a part of the same, the airlines' Mumbai-Shanghai-San Francisco route would be discontinued with effect from January 13, 2009, it said.

Jet Airways has already announced a code share partnership with United Airlines with convenient connections between Mumbai and several US points via London in both directions, the company said.

This would enable Jet Airways to continue to serve its San Francisco customers under a 9W flight number, in a more economically viable manner, it said<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<b>'Complaints about NRIs deserting their wives skyrocketing'</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Don't marry Indians in America, including Canada [Images],' Vayalar Ravi</b>, India's minister for Overseas Indian Affairs often tells people back home.

Revealing this to the media at the Indian consulate in New York, Ravi explained: "Complaints about non-resident Indians deserting their wives are skyrocketing. In Punjab alone at least 20,000 cases are pending against NRI husbands."

Ravi said several men in the US had also complained to him about women misusing Article 498A of the Indian Penal Code, which gives the police power to arrest the husband and his family immediately after a woman complains of harassment.

<b>"There may be a few instances of the Article being misused," Ravi said, pointing out that its good points outweighed the bad ones. So there was little likelihood of the law being repealed</b>, he said.


What a moron is this minister? Now Government will tell who people can marry?
I thought law is meant to protect everyone, not to protect one victim and punish other victim.
It means this law is seriously flawed which failed to protect victims and infact punish innocent victims.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Targeting Indians</b>
The Pioneer Edit Desk
Campus murders in US cause for concern
The large number of unnatural deaths of Indian students in the United States has become a cause for worry. Just this week an Indian female student, Arpana Jinaga, was murdered by unidentified criminals in Seattle. This murder follows a number of other murders of Indian students, especially those from Andhra Pradesh. A 23-year-old student from the State, Tummala Soumya Reddy, studying in Chicago was found murdered in her car in September, allegedly shot dead by an African American, while her cousin, Tummala Vikram Kumar Reddy, was found dead two days later. These two are among the five students from Andhra Pradesh killed in the last two years. A 29 year old medical student, Akkaldevi Srinivas, was found dead with neck injuries in Pennsylvania. Though the police have said that it was a case of suicide, his family suspects foul play. In December last year, two PhD students, Kiran Kumar and K Chandrasekhara Reddy, were shot dead by unidentified people in their hostel room in Louisiana State University. Another student, Abhijit Mahato, was murdered at Duke University in North Carolina, in January this year. Despite police investigation these murders remain mysterious, with the assailants having escaped in some of the cases. This raises serious questions about security on college and university campuses in the US. But what is curious is that students from India, particularly from this one south Indian State, seem to be targeted the most. <b>Police have suggested that the high standard of living, well-paid jobs in hi-tech sectors and a display of wealth were making Indians a soft target of criminal gangs in the US</b>. However, this does not apply to students as many of them pursue their studies on scholarship. There may, therefore, be more to it than what meets the eye.

It cannot be lost sight of that among the students murdered are not just those who lived off-campus in areas that have high crime rates, but also those who lived on campus under the close supervision of university and college authorities. It is incomprehensible as to how dangerous criminals with weapons got access to secure accomodations within campuses. Hence, those responsible for the welfare of the students have failed in their duty to provide the latter ample security. In all of this it is easy to understand the anxiety and fear of parents who have sent their children abroad to study, and whose security and well-being are upper-most in their minds. The Government of India must, therefore, take up the matter with the authorities in the US so that such attacks on Indian students cease and the guilty are punished.
Arrogrance and stupidity is main cause.
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Nov 9 2008, 08:54 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Nov 9 2008, 08:54 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->Arrogrance and stupidity is main cause.

Funnily most of these losers also loudly denounce 2nd Amend.
<b>Anand Jon faces 67 years in jail</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->After nearly two weeks of deliberation, a jury found Anand Jon Alexander, 34, once featured on America’s Next Top Model guilty of 14 felonies, including forcible rape, and two misdemeanours.

He was convicted of forcible rape, multiple counts of committing a lewd act on a child, attempted forcible oral copulation, and attempted sexual assault.

Prosecutors described Jon as a “paedophile masquerading as a fashion designer.”Authorities said his victims ranged in ages 14 to 21. He faces a mandatory life sentence because the jury found he had committed multiple forceful acts against multiple victims. He must serve 67 years before he is eligible for parole, meaning he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison.
Indian Consulate in San Francisco use to call him "Face of India", well now they can call him "Shame of India".
<b>Suspected gunman arrested in 3 deaths at Santa Clara chip startup</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Police identified the victims as Marilyn Lewis, 67, of San Jose, who was the company's head of human resources; Brian Pugh, 47, of Los Altos, who was vice president for operations, and <b>Sid Agrawal, 56, of Fremont, who was the company's co-founder and chief executive.</b>

"These were truly three innocent victims, just doing their jobs," Lodge said. "That's what makes it such a tragic event."<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Nov 15 2008, 01:21 AM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Nov 15 2008, 01:21 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Anand Jon faces 67 years in jail</b><!--QuoteBegin--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->After nearly two weeks of deliberation, a jury found Anand Jon Alexander, 34, once featured on America’s Next Top Model guilty of 14 felonies, including forcible rape, and two misdemeanours.

Indian Consulate in San Francisco use to call him "Face of India", well now they can call him "Shame of India".
Vayalar Ravi, India's minister for Overseas Indian Affairs at one point was lobbying for him.
Will the apologist for such ministers stand up and be counted?

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