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Niti (chanakya, Vidura, Bhartr^ihari, ...)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->failure of Hindu cultural vision had serious consequences. Hindus failed to organise a collective effort to guard the frontiers of Bharatavarsha. Hindu princes in the interior did not rally round Raja Dahir when Muhammad bin Qasim violated the sacred soil of Sindh. They made some better effort when the Hindu Shahiyas of Udbhandapur were challenged by Subuktigin. But the effort fizzled out before long, because very few of them had their heart in it.

<b>Hindu princes by now had taken a deep dose of Kautalya's Arthashãstra</b> which, along with Vatsyayana?s Kãmasûtra, had become a prime part of their political education. <b>In this sterile statecraft, centred on the politics of the maNDalayoni, one's neighbour was always an enemy, and the enemy of an enemy always a friend! Hindu princes, therefore, failed to hang together in the face of a common calamity. In the event, they were hanged separately.</b> 


Shri Sita Ram Goel, in analyzing the root causes of the failure of the Hindu in raising a cohesive and sustainable resistance when Islam invaded, also lays blame on the nIti preached by chANakya. Parking it here, so that we may analyze this later.

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