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BJP Future - 6
Does some one give a serious chance for BJP to form a government after the general elections? As of now, Congress seems to be playing all the cards in terms of message war. Congress and Left have spent decades fixing the label 'communal' on BJP and it has worked wonders for them.
Yes BJP appears to be scoring self goals with all those excessess but the new Rajsthan CM Gehlot(Congress) is talking about censuring malls for same reasons but is not getting the publicity. So its one sided reporting. There is a segment of Indian society that looks backwards and is still in dhimmitude from double colonisation. So give them more time.

Also the disarray helps the BJP idenitfy its trouble makers early on. The BJP has to win the seats it has and gain a few.

And apparent dis-array might give the UPA supporters some comfort.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Yes BJP appears to be scoring self goals with all those excessess but the new Rajsthan CM Gehlot(Congress) is talking about censuring malls for same reasons but is not getting the publicity. So its one sided reporting.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
One sided reporting in this forum too - notice appearance of certain cheerleaders of UPA at very opportune moments. It's not gone un-noticed I hope.
BJP should start listing out Embassy staffs names who were involved in "Q" escape. Babus involved in Volcker case.
They should start listing Babus who are working for "Queen" not for India.
Keep repeating them.
Expose Gehlot, Queen and his family and their shady relationships.
Everyday they should have leaks in newspaper. Keep repeating on and on.

What happened to Laloo's son eve teasing case?
Bring that incidence back
Bring back photos of Rahul partying during Mumbai attack.
Find photos of MK Narayan Partying during Mumbai attack.

BJP is not aggressive.

Congress had corrupt Babus machinery working for them 24x7. During 2004 Sonia used to repeat message corrupt NDA etc. BJP should do same , everything corrupt SOnia, Corrupt babus working for Queen, corrupt UPA.
keep repeating this message day in day out.
Clean-up started.

<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Rajasthan BJP expels 38

Lokpal Sethi | Jaipur

The BJP unit in Rajasthan expelled over three-dozen leaders, including one former Minister and four former MLAs, from the party for six years for anti-party activities.

Acting on the recommendation of the party disciplinary committee, State party president Om Prakash Mathur expelled 38 of its leaders.

Talking to The Pioneer, Mathur said this would send a strong message to the rank and file of the party. He said the party would not tolerate acts of indiscipline.

Soon after the withdrawal of nomination papers for the Assembly election, the BJP had either suspended or expelled a large number of leaders, who had contested against official nominees of the party.

While analysing the reasons of party's defeat in the election, senior party leaders came to the conclusion that rebels had done the party in.

The central team of the party, comprising national party general secretary Thawarchand Gehlot and Yashwant Sinha, had listened to the complaints of sabotage.

Betrayal in India happens because the perpetrators dont pay a price. I dont know how the expulsions will pan out but its start to name and idenitfy anti-party folks.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->And apparent dis-array might give the UPA supporters some comfort.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Hopefully it gives a sense of false promise. I would like to see several new crops of leaders from through the country. It is like Regional Director positions that the abound in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. Then one has Area Managers under the Regional Director. The end goal is to conquer the large area in small pieces.

I like to see some long term vision, and goals elaborated by BJP. Like to seem some aggressive implementation and serious work in states where they don't have large presence - like Tamil Nadu. While winning the next election is important, they need to plan to enter a territory slowly and steadily.

Like a reader said, I liked the typeface of the paper. That was the first think that struck me as I opened the PDF. It was large, clear and showed the signs that I am aging too :-)

Why is there not one word about Congress's muslim-vote-bank-politics in the article?
That article by Amulya Ganguli is on expected lines. I have never seen him say one good thing about the BJP. What do you expect from him? A BJP hater par excellence keeps doling out crap every once in a while.

BJP kept 2/3 states it had. The third one ot lost because of infighting. Sure it lost Delhi.

On the whole BJP has done well. So what is he talking about.

If Kalyan Singh is such a great leader, then how come BJP did so badly in UP in 2007 elections. Even his son could not win from Lodh dominated constituency.

Uma Bharti could not even win her MLA seat.

BJP sure has problems especially with Shekhwat in Raj and also Kalyan's loss was asetback. But to say that BJP has issues holding together is nothing but Amulya ganguli's wet dream.

How can joining the Ram Janambhoomi movement be a mistake for the BJP. He must be a fool for saying that. They are ruling 10 states, dominated politics for 20 years, ruled at center for 6 years: all because of support to Ram Janambhoomi movement. Only a commie fool will trace any problem to "communal" issues.

Even if BJP back to 2 seats, support for Ram Janmbhoomi was worth it for the party. Any party would be willing to support a cause that will take the party from 2 seats to being the single largest party for 3 elections and power at the center in 10 years.

Amulya Ganguli can take his article and shove it where sun don;t shine.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->How can joining the Ram Janambhoomi movement be a mistake for the BJP.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

mistake was in the other direction. not in joining, but in disowning this paramount issue which, for once, had brought about a renewal in saffron surge, demolishing with the baboori structure, also the fake myths about the Hindu character created so painstakingly by two generation of the secular-nehruvianists and internalized by gullible Hindus. To have allowed the movement to fizzle out was the mistake, a blunder, although no BJP leader would ever dare to admit it.
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Focused BJP to expose UPA misrule</b>
Pioneer News Service | New Delhi
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would go for a “focused and aggressive” campaign against the failures of the UPA Government as it prepares for the forthcoming Lok Sabha election. The party feels that its campaign should focus on the youth, women and farmers.

The Chief Ministers of all the BJP-ruled States and senior Ministers in the NDA Government, who gathered here at the residence of the alliance’s prime ministerial candidate LK Advani on Thursday, were asked not only to highlight how the UPA Government had bungled in various fields, but also to compare the performance of the Congress-ruled States vis-à-vis those governed by the BJP.

<b>“We have to convince the electorate that the UPA has undone the achievements of the previous NDA Government even as we will have to inform them of the steps we plan to take after coming to power,”</b> M Venkaiah Naidu, the chairman of the BJP’s election management committee, told reporters here on Thursday.

Besides going in for a focused and aggressive campaign and comparing the performances of the NDA and UPA Governments, the BJP leadership has decided that the party’s campaign should “expose” the UPA’s divisive agenda and discrimination against the BJP-ruled States.

Advani and other party leaders also received feedback from the Chief Ministers about a number of election issues and it was decided that terrorism, agricultural crisis, inflation, unemployment and loss of livelihood opportunities should be high on the party’s poll campaign agenda. The uncompleted agenda of the inter-linking
of rivers would also find a mention in the election campaign.
“There is a sense of insecurity among youth, who are losing jobs, because of the wrong policies of the UPA Government that ruined a resilient economy which had been handed over to it by the previous BJP Government,”</b> Naidu said.

It was decided at the meeting that the BJP should complete its candidate selection as soon as possible, conduct workers’ conferences in areas where these have not been held so far, complete the first-time voters’ felicitation programme and the process of inducting part-time campaigners who would work for the party during elections.

Advani told the Chief Ministers that people should be informed of the party’s assurance of delivering good governance and security. “You should take out time from your schedule to take part in campaigns in other States too,” Advani told the BJP Chief Ministers.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The Prime Minister of Gujarat

HT link

Neelesh Misra, Hindustan Times
Ahmedabad, January 23, 2009

The 13-year-old boy jumped off clumsily from the adults' bicycle on
the village road, interrupting the reporter's conversation with the
farmer lugging the insecticide sprayer.

"Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister," declared Vipul Kumar Valjibhai
Shyanwa, returning from school in Moti Thori village.

Prime minister? "Of Gujarat," he added knowingly.

Top business leaders Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Bharti Mittal
threw a surprise recently by openly endorsing that idea, of Modi
becoming the Prime Minister — of India.

So an HT reporter travelled 100 kilometres down a meandering highway
to Ahmedabad to ask whether that should be so — travelling past
sprawling cotton farms, refurbished villages, small industry hubs
coping with the slowdown, past the new home of the Nano, the world's
cheapest car, to Ahmedabad, the city of wide roads, swank offices and
gleaming malls.

Modi has bowed to Lal Krishna Advani and will wait his turn to be
prime ministerial candidate. When that happens, his critics will raise
the uncomfortable question of 2002, when his administration was
believed to have looked the other way during riots that killed
hundreds of Muslims and Hindus.

But the other face of Gujarat's truth, rarely acknowledged outside the
state, is that the charismatic Bharatiya Janata Party leader has over
the years transformed governance in the state in ways unimaginable in
most parts of India.

Government goes to the villages

Modi holds out lessons in governance for the rest of the country —
IAS officials and farm scientists interact with villagers;
agriculture is soaring due to check dams; depleted water tables are
rising; a quick ambulance service is saving lives in villages and
treatment costs in private hospitals are reimbursed by the government;
every village is connected by broadband and soon by internet-enabled
television; and homes get electricity 24 hours a day — something
residents of India's capital can be jealous of.

Several times a year, the 13-year-old boy gets to see a spectacle in
his village. Officials come visiting. For three days in June, the
government virtually moves to Gujarat's 18,000 villages to monitor
schemes, which the villagers are told about round the year by gram
mitras (friends of the village), chosen from locals. Bureaucrats stay
in villages and get eligible children — especially girls — enrolled in

Ten-year-old Afsana Bano Umar Khan signed up. She now goes to school
every day, and has a fascinating three hours' experience on a new toy
— a computer. Schools across Gujarat's villages provide free computer
education to children.

"One month ago, I saw a computer for the first time in my life," said
Afsana, a tea seller's daughter, panting after she came running from
her home at Chharodi village. "I am learning to type ABCD on it," she
said. "I want to go to school daily."

Chharodi is a largely Muslim village but that has not dented its
enthusiasm for Modi.

"There have been a lot of good things in Modi's time. We get 24 hours'
electricity and a separate line gives eight hours of power in the
fields," said 35-year-old farm worker Fatahji Mungaji.

"Fancy Punjabi dress!" a shrill salesman shouted as he walked by,
holding a stack of colourful salwar suits.

Murmurs in the land of the Nano

On the highway, as the morning became warmer, vehicles poured on to
the streets, expensive cars driving alongside the colourful
three-wheel motorcycle taxi, a Gujarat speciality.

The motorcycles taxis will soon have competition. They drive past a
yellow sign announcing: 'Nano Car, Project Site'.

The story behind the coming up of that sign near Sanand town
entrenched Modi's position as a favourite of corporate India. When the
Nano project in Bengal collapsed, Modi showed decision-making rare
among India's political class. In four days he provided land to Tata
and enabled their passage to Gujarat, beating other states vying for
the project.

That doesn't cut much ice, though, with Nitin Arwalla, 22, who sells
car seat covers in Sanand.

"How do I care if Modi becomes Prime Minister or not? He has brought
the Nano, sure, but only outsiders are going to get jobs," said
Arwalla. "Let him give us jobs, then he can be my Prime Minister."

Angry youth? A few kilometres down, young 20-year-olds play with fire every day.

This is the private College of Fire Technology, where youth from all
over India — and one from Dubai — train to be firefighters. With
industrial giants swooping on Gujarat, there are lots of jobs coming
their way.

"I had heard scary stories but Gujarat is nice. Things are so much
better here. Our northern states should take lessons," said Virendra
Kumar, 20, from Patna.

Asked how many wanted Modi to become India's Prime Minister, all hands
went up in the class of 50.

"After the 2002 riots, he has improved upon the bad image he had.
There was an impression that he discriminates against Muslim areas on
the issue of development, " said 20-year-old Shahnawaz Thakur, who
lives in Ahmedabad's Jamalpur neighbourhood.

"But our roads are being improved and our footpaths are being
developed. I think he is a brilliant person for running our country."

Cars whiz by. The occasional camel-driven cart rolls along as well.
After a smoking break at the roadside tea shop, young executives
working for multinational giants set out on motorcycles to seek

In Viramgam town, a row of swank corporate offices stick out on the
dusty and bumpy roads. Private life insurance companies have battled
it out over the past year. Private banks have ATMs.

Hardi Pankajbhai Shah, 21, is among the lucky girls of Viramgam. She
got a job near her home, with a mobile phone company.

"There are few job opportunities here, especially for women. Most
people go to big cities. But there is a higher education hub coming up
nearby in seven years. Then things will be different," she said, as
she collected payment from a customer.

"I think Narendrabhai has a great approach to developing business.
This will reduce unemployment, " she said. "He takes strong decisions
and he does a lot of what he says."

The store's customers are mostly from villages, many of them in their
20s and 30s who love MP3s and caller tunes and buy phones of up to Rs
16,000 although this is not one of the very prosperous areas of
Gujarat. For others, it is the every day things that make a

"I get electricity, I get water. That is all I care for. Earlier there
was no water — I had to pay Rs 300 per hour as rent to the landlord
for water because he had the boring machine," said farmer Rati Lal,
his teeth blackened by tobacco. "Now I pay Rs 600 every year to the
panchayat. See how much I save?"

That has been made possible by a check dam, one of the one lakh-plus
check dams built across the state during Modi's tenure, with 9:1
contributions by the government and villagers. It now returns to the
farmers most of the rainwater that washed out to sea.

Migration back to the villages

There is someone else returning too: the migrant. "Many people are
coming back from cities because life is better here and I saw on TV
that there is a mandi [recession] in the cities," said 40-year-old
Tarsingh Bhai.

The interventions are showing results. Gujarat's agriculture sector
grew at 10 per cent over the past two years, compared to the national
average of three per cent. The total worth of farm products shot up
from Rs 9,000 crore two years ago to Rs 35,000 crore.

Twenty kilometres down, near Surendranagar, cotton fields open up on
both sides of the road, near a small industries enclave run by the
government. Noisy sweatshops lined along bumpy roads make nails and
wires out of steel industry scrap, and build machines that help strip
cotton balls.

A large number of small industries have shut down in the state as
elsewhere in the country, and many of Gujarat's 2.3 lakh units face a
crisis. Expatriate Gujaratis are devising a plan to help small

In a dimly lit office beyond a compound where hulky cotton stripping
machines are parked, there is an unlikely discovery — Mansukhbhai B.
Patel, 58, who invented them and holds Indian and US patents.

Patel is a Modi fan, the critical kind. "He is a good administrator,
though it is not as if everything is hunky-dory. We are concerned that
his support to big industry might squeeze us out — but maybe he will
find a way," he said, sipping tea. The cacophony of clanging steel and
the grating of metal filters into the room.

"He should not become Prime Minister. He should remain the Chief
Minister of Gujarat, otherwise he will have to worry about all of
India, and not focus on Gujarat," Patel said.

Back in Ahmedabad, in the Muslim hub of Jamalpur, RH Master, 61,
smiles as he talks about the days when Modi used a bicycle and loved
taking pictures on his Yashica 635 camera, just like him.

Master, who once sold milk, took to photography after flipping through
glossy magazines at his shop and gave up everything to become a
photographer who has won national and international awards. He is a
devout Muslim.

"I think he is a good administrator. He will make a great Prime
Minister," said Master. "But I do not think he will agree to it, he
will stay here as his heart is in Gujarat. And Gujarat needs Modi."
Interesting to see Gujarati Muslim community are in praise of Modi. Slap on face of those Teesta, Arundhoti and their bogus friends in NRIs organization.

I believe former Air Chief Tipnis has joined BJP. Also didn't Preity Zienta endorse Modi for PM lately?
<b>If BJP wants to be a 'secular' party then it cannot be any cleaner than the Congress.</b>

BJP MLA caught taking bribe

Express News Service
First Published : 30 Jan 2009 01:11:00 AM IST
Last Updated : 30 Jan 2009 11:15:19 AM IST

BANGALORE: In a major embarrassment to the BJP Government in Karnataka, a sitting MLA of the ruling party was on Thursday trapped by the Lokayukta while accepting a bribe. And as a slap to the political establishment, the MLA was nabbed right in the Legislators’ Home in Bangalore.

Kolar Gold Fields legislator Y Sampangi, a two-time MLA, was caught taking a bribe of Rs 50,000 in cash and Rs 4.5 lakh in cheque around noon. This is the first time a sitting legislator has been caught red-handed.

In a quick-fix move, the BJP suspended Sampangi from the party.

Lokayukta Santhosh Hegde said the Speaker has been informed about the issue and also observed that the Lokayukta needs the Speaker’s permission to initiate prosecution proceedings against a legislator.

Sampangi was accepting bribe from one Hussain Muyeen Farooq, a resident of KGF to get a criminal case against the later closed and get the police to submit a B report on the same.

Early on Thursday, Farooq had approached the Lokayukta police and lodged a complaint against the MLA. According to the Lokayukta, two persons Ilias Nayaaz and Khana Fiaz have been staking claim to a site owned by Farooq in KGF.

Forged documents were being used by the duo to trespass on Farooq’s property.

At the Andersonpet pol ice stat ion, sub-inspector Pasha and inspector Lakshmaiah refused to register a complaint by Farooq.

A case was registered only after a sub-inspector from KGF intervened.

Meanwhile, Ilias Nayaaz’s wife lodged a complaint against Farooq claiming ownership of the same site.

A criminal case was registered against Farooq.

When Farooq apprised Sampangi of the issue, he demanded Rs 5 lakh for getting the case closed. The entire conversation with Sampangi was recorded by Farooq.

Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde said, “On Thursday, when MLA Sampangi asked Farooq to come to the Legislator’s Home and make the payment, Farooq informed him that he had only Rs 50,000. The MLA told Farooq to issue him a cheque for the remaining amount of Rs 4.5 lakh.”
Its like the Gov. Blagovitch case in Illinois. Does his action make the Democratic Party corrupt?

When individual takes bribe the party gets tranished. In INC and Left case they make money in name of party, yet they are not blamed. Case in eg. Volcker Report on Iraq Oil for Food(OFF) scandal. Natwar Singh was scalped while the other INC people like Sonia Gandhi who also got the OFF credits from Iraq were not even mentioned.
This should be an issue only if the party ties to protect him, despite his corrupt act.
If the party has the taste for admitting people like Siddharamaiya and Kalyan and Shekawat and so on for the simple reason they can bring in their 'casteist' vote-bank then we are in the same page as the Congress. Vote bank politics is nothing but bribing and corruption. The logical question is where do you draw the line between the individual and the party. Sonia is Congress, Karunanidhi is DMK, Jaya is AIADMK, Maya is BSP, Mulayam is SP etc. etc. And BJP is.....? It is kandam veccha kottu! (patched up coat)
But isnt India like that. All the other entities are person based cults. One finds no problems with their corruption!

India is divided into groups. It was only under great statesman kings it was united and immediatly it fell apart.

In modern times MKG was able to weld the disparate groups with the idea of freedom. This glue worked for only two elections (1952 thru 1960) after that and immediately groupism took over.

In India to win you have to divde and to rule you have to unite.
Thats the dichotomy.

Having said that extraordinary times bring about group unity like nothing else does. in 1977 the country rose as one to throw out the Emergency rule of Mrs G. But the elected politicans fought like kilkenny cats and nothing was left and the people voted back Mrs G.
It was Bal Gangadhar Tilak who unified India with the slogan "Freedom is my birthright". Gandhi was a British agent who stole this great march - to freedom and Hindu identity - to division, to secularism and to bondage to the British Imperialism in a newer form. Please do not forget this.

Yes we should exploit any advantage there is in the system but you should know the system will assert itself and close the loopholes.

The political system inherited from the British through Nehru is inimical to our identity, to our unity and to our survival. How can this escape your attention?

The struggle against emergency showed our ability to muster against unabashed power grab and authoritarianism. The aftermath had the dilution of the 'Gandhiites' (meaning the people who have no definition of or yearning for the future of India as a Dhaarmic State so they sank into the gutter) because of whom we squandered the fruits of karma.
Disowning Gandhiji is a self goal of Himalayan proportions. Depsite all things it was he who lhad the vision to forge the many different streams of freedom thinking into a river of Independence.

And to bring change you have to capture power. One can rail in the wilderness as most Indian thinkers do, but thats uselss as it satisfies individual ego that they were right, but it does nothing to correct the system. Its this lack of controlling the ego for common good that is the root of Indian malaise.

BTW the Westminister system is the right choice for India and the different groups for they get to have their say. In the US presdential system won't work in India as there is no homogenous group in large numbers. Yes there are faults in the Westminister system that the Indian founding fathers did not envisage. They never thought that there would be disparate groups that would get electted and then combine to keep others out from hatred.

The great thinkers in historical period- Chanakaya, Vidyaranya, Ramdas and Gandhiji channeled the different streams into a powerful deluge that swept all the old order and paradigms.

Have you ever wondered why Tripurantaka Shiva used all those disparate things(Himvat parvat for bow, Vasuki for bow string, Vishnu for the arrow, and the Devas for his Chariot to shoot the arrow at the three cities/forts of the rakshasas ? He could have burnt them all with his third eye yet he sought the cooperation of the devas and nature to blow the paradigm away. Even the dasa avataras are similar in core message of how to change the paradigm. My favorite is Narasimha avatara.
Ramanaji, You have read lot of secularist propaganda about Gandhiji through media and text books. Netaji challenged Gandhi and won the leadership of the Congress. When he decided to leave the Congress and organize the armed struggle, he was the most popular leader and Gandhi who always sided with the British in using the Indians for colonial expansion had to meekly refuse support to the Govt for their war efforts during WWII. However his paper withdrawal of support meant nothing to the British for they used whoever of the Indian regiments they could who did not desert to Netaji's side. Gandhiji sathyagraha movement is plainly no brainer when it came to winning concessions. It was Netaji's vision and the Bombay Naval mutiny that finally made the British leave. But of course they transferred power to their most faithful servants - Nehru and Jinnah. This is the true history.

Much more than the electoral system the evil is in the secular constitution. If only it can say that this is a Hindu state I wouldn't mind the westminster electoral apparatus.

Gandhiji made sathyagraha (whatever pious thing it meant as in their propaganda) to advance his motive and cause. Anyone can spin arguments in advancing one's motive and cause. Question is if his sathyagraha movement is a valid Hindu dharma. I am pretty sure you cannot say it is!

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