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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
(Like the Media on Yugoslavia thread, this thread has little or nothing to do with India.)


- It's a thread on how America (and eventually the rest of the west) operates to deconstruct (E) Asian Americans - not necessarily all heathens at all - and even how these things get exported back to their homelands too.

- The reason for the thread is because I think there is a lot to be learnt by Hindus from this: you can see America's Standard Operating Procedure against another population of migrants.

- The persistence of colonialism among Asians and how it is hurting them. And how very deliberate this is.

- How general western* colonialism continues to exist.

[* "West" used to implicitly mean christo/christoconditioned west. Not the ancient heathen west or the current heathens there obviously.]

Some articles were already linked elsewhere, but the bigger picture is quite... a revelation. There are similarities (compare what they face with "South Asian" Studies), there are differences too, and there seem to be foreshadowings of what the west may try/hope to pull on Hindus, even on Hindu society back home via the usual local minions.

Perhaps the most important reason I'm posting this is that I wish Hindu women and not just men - especially those in Bharatam - would somehow learn about these things. I really think they need to know about these things in order to help others as well as become immune to the constantly ascending scale of social engineering.

I want to say in advance that I'm not trying to anthropologise on others (and it goes without saying that I care about E Asians and other populations). I don't mean to "study" their difficulties. Or look at them as some third party alien observer who can't comprehend let alone sympathise. Nor make them into some "lesson" for Hindus. (If anything, I think Hindus are a lesson to other heathens of How Not To Go Down.)

I just want Hindus to see how others besides ourselves are being hurt - by deliberate policies - and the kind of tsunamies the west chooses to create in non-western communities and societies that just want to be. But they don't let them be, of course. Though I really had no idea of the scale of certain matters, that they were this bad. The psy-ops against Asian males is crazy, and that against Asian females is differently so. There are and were lots of articles at the ModelMinority site giving a summary and explaining the essence. A couple of which are here and I hope to repost a few later on, though it's better if people already knew about this things.

The intention is to post a link or excerpt or even full article every now and again.

Some important abbreviations they use:

AF = Asian Female (also as AAF Asian American Female)

AM = Asian Male (also as AAM Asian American Male)

WM = "White" Male (hence WF = "White" Female). I tend to read W for western instead.

IR = the dead serious topic of discussion of Interracial relationships among Asian Americans,

especially the Interracial relationship disparity in Asian American society, where Asian Female/White Male (AF/WM) occurs at an unnatural rate.

[Other terms like "Kingstonians" tend to get explained as one reads through their materials. But let's just say E Asian Americans have to deal with their Romila Tapars and Wendy Donigers.

But I suppose at least they're lucky they don't have that plague affecting India - the AIT/PIE - and can therefore fight as Asians for their own interests, instead of getting consumed by IE into thinking they're oryanits. But where that's concerned, it's too late for Indians. And I'm sure it will only get worse.]

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