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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
The introduction to the names Kingston and (Amy) Tan.

Apparently these are famous "Asian American Feminists" who write against Asian males at every turn and denouncing Asian culture as "patriarchy", while praising western men (the "WM", "white men") as saviours. Kingston, Tan et al seem to have been crowned (oh but by who) the dominant voices on Asian American society and Asian culture.

Excerpt from:


Quote:Jan 27, 2008

The Fight for Asian American Studies

by jaehwan


This duality has put Asian American culture in a bind. Without the “running start” outside of academia, [color="#0000FF"]much of our Asian American discourse takes place among academics in the Ivory Tower[/color]. There is nothing wrong with being an academic, but the sheer lack of diversity of voices contributing to the dialogue limits the diversity of ideas. [color="#0000FF"]And because our “culture” is rooted in academic postmodernism, our “leaders” often take on typical hostile deconstructionist attitudes that hinder serious dialogue and progress. Rather than trying to understand and interpret history, many of our “leaders” attack history as sexist, racist, classist, or hierarchical, without a thought as to what history might be able to teach us. Many of our “artists” make a living by distorting traditional myths for non-Asian audiences, and our systems reward the people who manage to distort the most history and make the most money in doing so.[/color] Asian American organizations have pushed progressive thinkers like Frank Chin, Shawn Wong, and David Mura to the fringes of our culture, while they have bestowed accolades on people like David Henry Hwang, Maxine Hong [color="#FF0000"]Kingston[/color], and [color="#FF0000"]Amy Tan[/color]. Many of our “leaders” produce and perpetuate stereotypes rather than fight them. They silence our voices rather than encourage us. [color="#0000FF"]The result has been a “culture” geared towards non-Asian Asiaphiles rather than us Asian Americans.[/color] The effect on us has been disasterous. We now have an Asian American population skeptical of its leaders, a population which has trouble getting excited over being Asian American or being part of an Asian American movement, and a people stymied by confusion and mistrust.


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