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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
There's lots of material worth reading IMO. Don't know where to start posting from (would like to get on to more recent discussions and important points/observations E Asian Americans have been making). But some background may be needed first, to better appreciate/understand the intricacies of the situation E Asians face. To start on the background, then, the following gives a brief glimpse of recent history, and the 'sudden' *mirage* of a great disparity between the mainstream ("white") American attitudes from a recent past against Asian Americans/interracial relationships and their attitudes in the present:


Quote:Asian Women and Caucasian Men: What's the Attraction?

By T.K. Williams


March 1994

Asian/European American heterosexual (and gay) relationships have become commonplace here in the United States. High profile couples such as Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee and his wife, Linda, and journalists Maury Povich and Connie Chung have charmed America and become its pop icons. Hollywood has long been intrigued by forbidden love stories between Asians and European Americans. Americans have been watching films that fall into a variety of movie genres, such as Sayonara, The World of Suzy Wong, Come See the Paradise, Karate Kid II, Rambo, Lover, Wayne's World, and Dragon in which many of them depict "forbidden" love stories between Asians and European Americans, often highlighting the sensual, exotic Asian "Other." Films like M. Butterfly and Wedding Banquet have also dealt with romantic interracial themes between European American and Asian men.

Studies conducted by Dr. Harry Kitano et al. (1973) at UCLA and Dr. Larry Shinagawa et al. (1988) at Sonoma State University indicate that Asian/European American couples are on the rise, so much so that those like Dr. Amy Iwasaki Mass (1992) at Whittier College have called for a redefinition of the Japanese American community to include interracial couples and their children. Terms like "Eurasian," "Euro-Asian," "Amerasian," "Multiracial Asian," and "Interracial Asian American' are becoming part of the American lexicon. Sociologists from the assimilationist school of thought like Milton Gordon and Robert Merton have argued that the high rates of intermarriage with the "dominant group' (that is to say, White Anglo Saxon Protestants) indicate a group's successful integration into mainstream American society. And thus, many have suggested the high intermarriage rates among many Asian groups signal their acceptance by the Anglo majority. With this rising trend of Asian/European American marriages, many people on all sides have been asking, is intermarriage a road to racial/ethnic destruction for Asian Americans or a sign of further Asian socioeconomic success in America?

Although today, heterosexual Asian/European American coupling occurs mostly among Americans of Asian and European descent, respectively, who have met in school or in the workplace, Asian/European American marriages have also taken place within an international context. After the wars in Asia (e.g., the Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia), U.S. servicemen have brought home over 200,000 native Asian women who were termed ' "war brides" (Kim, 1977). The controversial new trend of ordering Asian wives or "mail-order-brides" from a catalogue has also added to the increase in Asian/European American marriages. These Asian women have often been isolated from mainstream American society and outcast by Asian American communities because of racial biases.

Today, Asian/European American marriages seem to be treated as the most acceptable of all interracial unions. While cultural differences are often accounted for, some have questioned whether these unions can even be considered "interracial" as Katherina Young, a second generation Chinese American woman who has been dating a German Jewish man for three years put forth, "Oh well, we aren't different like Black and White people so I don't think you can say we are different races. Maybe some of our cultural views may conflict, but on the outside, we are just people. Sometimes the Chinese can be ethnocentric, but I found Americans treat us like we're no different.' [color="#0000FF"]However, this has not always been the case.[/color]

California, where the large majority of early Asian immigrants settled, passed anti-miscegenation laws which prohibited marriage between European Americans and "Mongolians, Indians, Malays, Negroes, and Mulattoes." These laws remained in effect until after World War II. Historian Paul Spickard (1989) has noted the following states' anti-miscegenation laws as those that had often targeted Asian/White unions: Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

Despite strict legal and social barriers, informal liaisons and life partnerships between Asians and European Americans still developed. For most of U.S. history, the reception of Asian/White unions by European Americans was violently negative. In 1913, the same year that the Alien Land Law was passed to prevent Japanese immigrants from owning land in California, a European American minister named Ralph Newman stated, "Near my home is an eighty-acre tract of land as fine land as there is in California. On that tract lives a Japanese. With that Japanese lives a white woman. In that woman's arms is a baby. What is that baby? It isn't white. It isn't Japanese. It is a germ of the mightiest problem that ever faced this state, a problem that will make the black problem in the South look white." (Spickard, 1989).

In 1878 during the height of the Anti-Chinese Movement, John F. Miller proclaimed, "Were the Chinese to amalgamate at all with our people, it would be the lowest, most vile, and degraded of our race, and the result of that amalgamation would be a hybrid of the most despicable, a mongrel of the most detestable that has ever afflicted the earth." (Takaki, 1989)

In the 1920's, Judge D.N. Rohrbach asserted that, "Filipino men were sensuous creatures, strutting like peacocks and endeavoring to attract the eyes of young American and Mexican girls... The worst part of his being here is his mixing with young white girls from 13 to 17, buying them silk underwear and ... keeping them out till all hours of the night. And some of these girls are carrying a Fillipino's baby around inside of them." (Takaki, 1989). This judge feared that this "present state of affairs" between Filipino men and European American women would continue and create 40,000 half-breeds in California within 10 years. Filipino/European American 'unions, according to him, was "a hybridizing at the bottom, often under the most wretched circumstances of the lower racial stocks." (Takaki, 1989). Finally, many Americans in the Pacific Coast were so alarmed by Filipino male /European American female unions and the creation of mestizo off-spring, congressional hearings were called to limit and restrict Fillipino immigration to the U.S. in the 1930's.

During World War II, along with 119,000 Japanese Americans, many interracially married Japanese/European American families were also imprisoned in camps. While European American women often stayed with their Japanese American husbands and biracial children, European American men remained on the outside, making frequent visits to the camps to see their wives and children. Paul Spickard (1986) has shown that "Among those imprisoned were at least fourteen hundred intermarried Japanese Americans, a few of their non-Japanese spouses, and at least seven hundred people of mixed racial ancestry." After World War II, interracial marriages dramatically rose between native Asian women and European American servicemen, as well as between Asian Americans and European Americans, coinciding with the upward mobility experienced by many Asian Americans during this time period.

Unlike for African Americans in which interracial unions have been largely between African American males and European American females, Asian/White marriages have been overwhelmingly between Euro-American men and Asian/Asian American women. With the increase in heterosexual interracial intimate relationships between Asians and European Americans, many have articulated the role that racial and sexual stereotypes have played in shaping their attractions.

In December of 1990, San Francisco-based Image Magazine created quite a stir among its readers when it published an article entitled, "Asian Women, Caucasian Men: The New Demographics of Love." It cited prominent Asian American women such as writers Maxine Hong Kingston and Amy Tan who all have European American husbands.

Many have blamed media images of Asian females as man pleasing sex kittens and those of Asian males as sexually undesirable patriarchal tyrants as shaping gender images and contributing to the unequal rate of interracial relationships among Asian women and Asian men, respectively.

In the November, 1988 issue of The Tozai Times, Asian male advocate Guy Aoki has written, "Whenever Asian males are shown on TV or in movies, they're always depicted as either the martial arts expert, the bumbling, bewildered immigrant, the philosophizing Confucius, or the socially incompetent oaf, the nerd ... Asian women have not exactly applauded their past images in the media either (forget the Suzy Wongs; they're not there just for the convenient delectation of men). But at least they're generally presented in socially positive lights. Try crawling out of the pits of degradation instead, where you have to try to get people's attention first, let alone their respect."

Aoki continued, "In ads pairing Asian women with male partners, the partner is always a White male, never an Asian one.. Message to Asian women: It's a status symbol or sign of upward social mobility to have a White boyfriend instead. Message to Asian men. Who will want you if your own Asian women don't? White women certainly won't."

In October of 1991, Pei-Chi Chang examined why Asian women are dating White men in his column "Out on Campus" in the Daily Bruin, creating a big hoopla among UCLA students. He put forth, "I myself, honestly, have no real problems with the large amount of Asian female-White male dating in today's society. I have no contentions about interracial dating-I myself am dating a Chicano. But the problem that I have is with the growing number of Asian women who refuse to date Asian men. To me, this indicates a strong discomfort with their own cultural identity." Chang questioned the identity of Asian American women who exclusively date European American men.

Adding his sociological insights, Chang wrote, "What I fear is that these women are not being acculturated (forming a new Asian American cultural identity), but instead are being assimilated (absorbing Westernized values and ideals while discarding their own). They have bought into the Western ideas of beauty and have not held on to their own beliefs. If they had, then they would at least be open to dating Asian men because Asian cultures tend to strictly enforce dating with in their own ethnicity. Why else is there such a high correlation between those Asian women who have bleached hair and wear tinted contacts and the Asian women who exclusively date White men?"

As irritating and upsetting as Pei-Chi Chang's and Guy Aoki's articles may be to individuals involved in interracial relationships but especially to Asian American women who have been accused of self-hatred, unfairly blamed for being 'sell-outs' or pandering to White male "rice queen" fantasies of "Oriental fetishes" and "Asian exotica," they articulate an often ignored viewpoint held by many Asian American males whose self and group images are adversely impacted by negative media stereotypes.

Continues at link with 2 sample 'case studies' of the supposed exceptions:

1. the European guy with Asian wife who wanted to explore his reasoning - if any - in marrying her, and so enrolled in Asian American Studies (itself swamped with the views and teachings of people who are anti-Asian culture and anti-Asian-men, and which the US holds up as spokespersons for Asian Americans and how to view their culture). [Almost like were an alien to take IE Studies to learn more about India/Hinduism/Hindus, or some alien becoming an indologist because he's married an Indian, or who thinks it makes sense for an indologist to marry a 'Hindu' - whatever such people then mean by the word 'Hindu', btw. The inanity.]

2. some guy married to a Korean and speaking about "Orientals" and stuff. Lost *his* credibility - and any neutrality I might have attempted to muster in self-enforced goodwill - in about 2 seconds flat.

Notice the incredible leap from 1. banning "miscegenation" - and not pretending to be anything other than racist - earlier on (and not all that long ago), to 2. the "sudden" sky-rocketing figures of Asian [i.e. E Asian] women entering into relationships with western men in the last decade which preposterously goes hand-in-hand with the utterly false pretence that this now 'proves' that western society/patriarchy is [therefore] "not racist anymore", when it is still racism just by new and different means. After numerous posts, it may become clearer as to why.

Comments discussing at another link show several Asian American men's individual but common experience of some Asian women who tell them to their face that they - not paraphrasing - date "white men only". <= This is not a natural preference, clearly. This unnatural predilection has been instilled by - and this can hardly come as a shock or surprise - social engineering of the Asian women and psyops against the Asian men by who else: the christo/conditioned west.

"Why has the west been doing this, especially since they were so against miscegenation with Asians (as with others) not that far back?" Yes, think.

Will eventually try to paste one or more of the answers offered in some post or other here. But to summarise various discussions related to this (mainly but not only among E Asians):

For once, the stupid pseudo-biological discussions/over-simplifications on "alpha-beta" fit with AmeriKKKan social engineering projects concerning others: i.e. so beta western males who lost out on the alpha western females to alpha western males can at least have access to the Asian females they consider alpha (since "beta western males don't want beta western females and vice-versa"), since so many Asian women are increasingly brainwashed against their own men [to see them as less desirable or even as no competition at all], including those Asian men the west would have formerly labelled alpha E Asian males.

^ That is the more childish western behaviour pattern noticed and really felt/experienced by young E Asian men, but the more serious reason behind the phenomenon is understood to be the deliberate disruption - genocide if you will - of Asian American society by disintegrating its natural male-female dynamic and marriage ["mating"] ratio via alienation of one and eventually both sides from each other. The immigrant Asian American society which naturally wants to preserve its identity in the US is forced into the Melting Pot against its wishes by pre-meditated social engineering, i.e. "outside pressure"/pressure from outside the Asian American community. While this has the advantageous *side-effect* of 'beta western males getting "alpha" Asian females' who would never have cared for them without the brainwashing/social engineering, and the easy "IQ hike" of the western gene pool via influx from the E Asians [<- this is something western supremacists discuss, has nothing to do with my non-views on IQ] even as the same supremacists decry the miscegenation resulting in "Eurasians" (and elsewhere they want to export/promote a preference for "Eurasians" - looks and producing children of such looks - onto Asia, e.g. Time Magazine, which, again, is not a natural preference at all), but still, these are only side-effects or else additional branches of the primary policy which is to bring to nothing the natural tendency/wishes of Asian etc societies to preserve their culturally (which is related to endogamous) identity even as migrants to another nation, but to force it into the American melting pot.

* Still, by all accounts, they're not getting the smart E Asian women... The intelligent ones are still vocalising on behalf of their own communities and seem to insist on intermarrying among Asian Americans and Asians back home - i.e. semi-endogamously: marrying other E Asians is okay, but not western males.** [Others - even some of nth generation born in America - harbour ideas of going back to their ancestral homelands.]

** Note this is not racism (though psyops against endogamous E Asians tries to make it so). This is the primary tendency among ethnic populations in general not just E Asians: they tend to be primarily attracted to their own kind. That's why interracial relationships aren't the overarching norm where social engineering is not involved. (Of course, not counting harems and stuff.)

And E Asian men by and large primarily prefer their own women to others. IMO all populations are naturally geared towards this and it takes unnatural social engineering to alter this natural default preference on a large scale; let alone to make a large section of Asian women specifically *avoid* Asian men, and in favour of western men *exclusively* to boot). The forced-melting-pot tactic has been making some E Asian men abandon their main/default preference - though many feel it remains their primary preference even when they are angry about it (which is why they feel angry about it) - to marrying/dating out too. So the externally-enforced disparity has forced them to react as well in a way that did not come automatically for them. That's not to say they absolutely can't be happy with anyone else, but this was not their choice and they are making it with resentment against their womenfolk (the all-too-many who have been socially engineered and to whom it seems to come so easy to dump the ethno-cultural community and let it stagnate and die).

Skip my comments and read the article, also excerpted at the top of this post:


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