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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 4/?

4. Actual data and statistics,

as well as individual's experiences, interpretations and extrapolations concerning this

I'm including the latter because it is indicative of how the situation on the ground is perceived by those affected by it. And how much they are affected by it.


Another thing that I don’t quite get is why you guys (Kobuk, Urbs, MaSir) keep making the case that it’s so few and far between to find a righteous AF anywhere. I’ve even heard the lottery comparison used. We’ve all acknowledged the obvious disparity, and it’s destructive psychological effects, but overstating it only perpetuates the hopelessness and further erodes the confidence among Asian guys. Why do that?

[color="#0000FF"]U.S. Census 2006 figures show 41 % of Asian American-born women having White husbands, while 50 percent were married to Asian American men. That’s a high outmarriage number, but it still shows a higher

number of American-born Asian women marrying Asian guys. And that doesn’t even count the non American-born AFs. Those don’t sound like lottery-chance numbers to me. Below are the Totals for married couples in the United States – 2006.

Asian Husband/Asian Wife 2,493,000

White Husband/Asian Wife 530,000[/color]

All I’m saying is this idea that the VAST MAJORITY of Asian women are untrustworthy and unsupportive does not seem to square with the actual statistics. Am I misreading the numbers or not taking something into account that I should here?




I do not merely look at statistics, which is only a static snapshot of data at a particular point in time. I pay more attention to trends, patterns, attitudes, and behavior. I am a “big picture” person. Your 2006 data shows that 41% were married to white husbands. I’m not sure by whose measure 41% is considered “optimistic”. It sure ain’t mine. Also, the data does not take into account non-married relationships. If we factored that in also, we’d be seeing an even uglier picture. BTW, I hate statistics.

The salient questions are: Is this declining? Has this reached an equilibrium? Or is it getting worse? In lieu of further data, it can be reasonably argued that as time passes and as the Asian-American community moves into the 3rd, 4th, 5th…nth generation and increasingly assimilates, the numbers of Asian-American women outdating/outmarrying will continue to rise.

I’ve always said this in the past and I will say it again. The IR disparity will get worse before it gets better.


In lieu of further data, ANYTHING can be argued. We don’t have a full understanding of all the sociology variables involved here, therefore we cannot predict the future trend. It may be at equilibrium, or in decline, we just don’t know.

My presentation of U.S. Census figures here was not meant to convey optimism, it was meant to combat the mythology that Asian women who date and then marry Asian men are rare. That is not true.


[color="#0000FF"]41% of 2nd generation+ Asian American women marry with Whites?

Damn. I didn’t realize it was so high.

Here’s some more analysis of the issue. To be frank, some of his findings are framed in terms of difficult to read statistical jargon, but there were some interesting conclusions:

“Further, this model shows that Korean women have a White intermarriage rate of almost 61%. That may seem unbelievable but in this particular instance, the numbers do not lie.”

“At first glance, these statistics may seem rather unbelievable since they tend to show very high levels of intermarriages, especially among Koreans and Filipinos. Many readers will undoubtedly argue that these numbers do not correspond to their own personal experiences and observations.”

Unmarried Asian Men Living with . . .

Asians 63.4

Whites 26.5

Blacks 1.0

Hispanics/Latinos 5.5

Unmarried Asian Women Living with . . .

Asians 45.2

Whites 39.7

Blacks 5.0

Hispanics/Latinos 5.8

Source: 2000 Census (Table 2)

In Table 5.6 (page 49) of the study, they found that when it came to the dating preferences of White women, their first preference was to date a White man, which is not suprising nor uncommon. But their data showed that the White women in the study would also consider dating men or color, but only if he made more money than a comparable White man, as follows:

* Latino American men: + $77,000

* African American men: + $154,000

* Asian American men: + $246,000


To me, this last factoid is most damning. White women would graciously consider dating a man of color … but only if he made a hella lot more money than a comparable White guy.

That’s called White Supremacy, and this issue is the 1000 lb gorilla that many people avoid in debates about IR.

“White is Right” in marriage and dating.

And yet many people still repeat the hilarious lie that “Love is Color Blind.”


@ Larry

That’s outrageous! I don’t make $154,000!!! Argh!



That’s still about 65% less than what we have to make.



interesting research, thanks for digging that out. I do remember looking at some of that stuff awhile ago and I could’ve sworn that there was also some stats showing that AM’s who married AF’s tended to marry “down” in socioeconomic status. In other words, their partners were more likely to be foreign born and not as well educated as their US counterparts. by contrast, AF’s who married out tended to raise their economic status.

Now don’t hold me to it, but I thought I saw that somewhere from US census stats. And again, stats can be interpreted in a lot of ways. But if true, that means American born AM’s don’t even have a shot at American born AF’s who are on the same level?


Sorry, one last thing, King. You’re still assuming that I wish for the AA “community” survive. I don’t. I am saying that AMs should reject the community and just let it die.

It’s tiring to see a 16 year old dog with cancer struggling. If you had any heart, you’d bash it over the head with a shovel and end it.


I don’t understand how you and Kobukson can look at the U.S. Census statistics and continue comparing the chances of finding a righteous AF to lotteries, or lightning strikes. The IR outdating is obviously really, really, high (that’s a given). But nevertheless, when 50% of American-born AFs are still marrying Asian guys that is simply NOT a lottery! Do you know of any lottery with a 50% chance of winning???

It’s clearly a gross overstatement to say that “all” or even “most” AFs have abandon Asian men. The figures simply do not support that. Does it make sense to just ignore these numbers and continue repeating the same thing over and over?


I was going to post something to that effect, but you said it for me. Logically, I can’t dimiss all AF’s as untrustworthy, sell outs, etc…yes, you might see it yourself and it validates your view, but that holds true only for your experience.


King, I get what you are saying. We ought to be thankful for the crumbs that fall our way.

What the numbers do not reveal is the general mindset of AFs: Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

If we examine the 50% that are married to AMs a little more closely we will find a sizable chunk who did merely because that’s what their parents would have wanted. Another sizable chunk came from the Motherland. Finally, we have guys like Urbs, rich, successful, drives a nice car, etc. While AFs fuck around, doing whatever it is that they do, guys like Urbs work their asses off to achieve their success and when it comes time to marry, these girls latch on to the Urbs. Meanwhile, if you’re not an Urb, or a doctor, lawyer, banker, whatever, if you’re just some nondescript working stiff….you’re fucked.

Basically, AMs are a “safe” option in case her parents absolutely refuse to have a non-Asian son-in-law, a meal-ticket for coming to America, a backup plan.

It’s pathetic.

But don’t take my word for it. Ask around, talk to people, do a little probing…see what you find. I dare anyone to see if what I am saying is not true.

And because many AMs have a “scarcity-mentality” and hold a stubborn notion that AFs are the only option, for whatever reasons, we allow this to happen.

Dude, where is your dignity?

(Why is there such a blind aversion to E Asian men? I don't get it. They're so very attractive. I've often been verging on becoming jealous until I snapped out of it by realising I'm not competing with them in the first place. And beyond looks too - such as qualities of character/background - I repeat: they're so very attractive. Their women are too - I've never claimed otherwise - but their men are no less so.

It's very obvious to me that the invisibility of E Asian men is unnatural and is inculcated in the affected regions of the world.)

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