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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
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1. Forgot to mention the overly-obvious about the following comment that was quoted in Post 8 somewhere above:


41% of 2nd generation+ Asian American women marry with Whites?

Damn. I didn’t realize it was so high.

Here’s some more analysis of the issue. To be frank, some of his findings are framed in terms of difficult to read statistical jargon, but there were some interesting conclusions:

“Further, this model shows that Korean women have a White intermarriage rate of almost 61%. That may seem unbelievable but in this particular instance, the numbers do not lie.”

“At first glance, these statistics may seem rather unbelievable since they tend to show very high levels of intermarriages, especially among Koreans and Filipinos. Many readers will undoubtedly argue that these numbers do not correspond to their own personal experiences and observations.”

The bold bits: note how the intermarriage rate of Asian Females married to western males is highest where Koreans (61%) and Filipinos are concerned.

And these two are *exactly* the most christianised nations in E and SE Asia. But then, that is precisely what converted nations are groomed for.

(Just like how christian orphanages in India are famous as paedophile centres for foreign missionaries and their faithful local converts who arrange the victims for them.)

I keep wanting to add something concerning this, but will leave off for now.

2. bigwowo.com/2010/06/asian-femal-celebrity-unio/

Quote:The Asian Female Celebrity Club (AFCC) Embargo

Posted on June 3, 2010 by bigWOWO


Jarah Mariano is the very first woman of Asian descent to become a Victoria’s Secret model. And like almost all of our Asian American female “firsts,” she’s dating a White guy. We support our celebrities, but they don’t date us or any men of color. It’s like there’s a Asian Female Celebrity Club (I’m adding this one to my lexicon, along with “community store”) that somehow decided that men of color would be excluded from their dating pool. When we see that the AFCC members as a general rule don’t date us, it kills us a little bit. We feel shortchanged, especially given how hard we work to promote Asian Americans trying to make a name for themselves.

In the Jamie Yeo and Zhang Ziyi posts, we’ve talked a lot about why this happens, how it happens, and the effect that it has on us when minority celebrities have race preferences. No, I don’t know if Jarah Mariano has a race preference, but to chalk up the fact that nearly 100% of Asian female celebrities only date or marry White guys to coincidence seems a bit irrational. It’s like tossing a dice and getting sixes a hundred times in a row. Pretty soon you realize that the dice are loaded.

[color="#0000FF"]Just last week, I was reading a short story by an Asian American female author. I told a friend, “This woman is definitely married to a White guy.” She asked how I knew. I told her, “It’s simple. Her main character is an Asian guy, and he looks nothing like any Asian guy I’ve ever met in real life. His character is closer to how a stereotypical White guy envisions Asian malehood.” We googled this author, and sure enough, the author was a fifty-something Asian woman married to a White guy. Her lack of knowledge came through in her writing. The effect of the AFCC race preference extends beyond what the pairing represents; it extends as well to the ignorant views that people in power propagate.[/color]


And some excerpts from comments:


we fell into the white man’s trap that the Native Americans resisted for so long after they became a conquered peoples—they tried to indoctrinate the Native kids in the white man schools, forced the white man’s god upon them, and outlawed their speaking in their native languages, etc…

my feeling is that what motivates some AFs who date/marry out is the reality that they don’t know who they are, so they think they’re white. on some level, they are full of self contempt because they don’t see their attitudes towards AM’s is an insult to their fathers, their brothers, all the males in their families.

i remember a few years ago at a house warming party for a friend of mine, i ran into an AF there who had worked with my friend some years ago. I talked to her a bit and found out she was adopted by a white family as a baby. She plain out told me she wasn’t Asian, she was white. She had no connection to her Asian side. This, despite having the map of Asia all over her face. This is a huge problem. You’re acculturated to be white, like her, and there’s no way to change who she fundamentally is. She can’t SEE that she has an Asian face!

[color="#800080"](Also see post 12 above on China's adoption policies: China apparently lets the west adopts its female children. Also see transracialabductees.org/politics/ that Dhu found)[/color]


<MR>- You nailed one thing that I feel many AA women hate to admit: it’s about status. Asian women with low self-esteem try to compensate. Just like Gucci bags and Prada shoes, white boy friends/husbands are the must-have accessory to show how far they’ve “advanced” in western society. It’s also another way to rebel/distance themselves from their heritage or anything that makes them seem “fobby”.

I’ve noticed that a large number of AA women with white boyfriends are also hopeless fashion whores. Having to fit the definition of ideal womanhood according to a purely orientalist and sexist viewpoint makes it even worse. It offers an easy way (and some AF believe it’s the ONLY way) to assimilate into white society. So, these AFs play up the stereotypes which only reinforce the established racial hierarchy.

(Not sure at all, but I got the impression the "FOB" abbreviation referred to those recently arrived to the USA(?) In which case, fobby would mean that such a 1st gen person person gives away that they only recently arrived?)


I’m just throwing out impressions and ruminations on the AA condition. Perhaps the Native American comparison was too dramatic. Sure, one was enforced, one had a choice. But the choices some AA’s made to assimilate led to the result that the white man’s socialization policies wanted for the Native Aerican.

How many second or third gen AA’s can speak the language of their grandparents, their great-grandparents? What do we know of our immigrant past? What do we know of our spiritual past? In the effort to assimilate, we lost part of ourselves, the things that make us unique and turned blandly “American” in the melting pot.

3. bigwowo.com/2010/05/the-asian-rake-and-jamie-yeo-in-singapore/

Discusses some Singaporean talk show or something featuring celebs(?)

Quote:The Asian Rake and Jamie Yeo in Singapore


Still, I thought it was good just to see Asian folk talking about issues in their society. Rake-man is from the U.S. but is living in Singapore, while everyone else is from Singapore. Jamie Yeo attended high school in the U.S.

Anyway, Rake-man and hot chick Jamie Yeo were the two guests on the show. Jamie was saying all kinds of things about Singaporean men…so I got curious. Oi. Sometimes it’s best not to get curious. She’s currently married to a Singaporean dude with whom she is separated, but she’s also engaged at the same time to…

[color="#800080"]<picture of Singaporean Yeo hugging her Brit fionce>[/color]

…a White guy from England! [color="#0000FF"]And then she wrote this on her celebrity blog: Caucasian male + asian female = the perfect match. What say you?[/color] [color="#800080"](starblog.stomp.com.sg/post.php?blogid=1302&cid=57401, haven't tried the link)[/color] [color="#0000FF"](If you’re reading the comments, “ang mo” means “foreigner” or “White person.”) It’s more of the same old “I treat all races equal but some animals are more equal than others” stuff that we always read.[/color]

I really really really really just don’t get it. Are there not enough single Asian guys in Singapore? It makes no sense. I’ve heard of similar things happening in Hong Kong and Japan and other countries. What’s up with that? How is it that more than forty years since the Civil Rights Movement whiteness still remains such a status symbol? Houston, we have a problem!

And Rake-Man, I’ve read your site and it looks like you sympathize with the Asian American male cause. With that in mind, I usually don’t cheer for PUAs, but couldn’t you do something to represent? Didn’t you have any tools in your toolbox to cockblock? [color="#800080"](To what? hilarious)[/color]


[color="#0000FF"]And one of the comments at the 3rd link posted this picture of some other E Asian woman and her western boyfriend drinking coffee. It looks like it's some advert/postcard. I can only read the English on there which says "My darling is a foreigner":


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