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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
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Another item, found via the previous big wowo blog link above.

Apparently the idiocy is being consciously promoted to take root among the rich and glamorous in Singapore, and thus being encouraged as a trend there even among the everyday local women, while the country's (Chinese) men there are left scratching their heads as to what/why it's all happening. [Not enitrely sure how aware they are of the Asian American situation.]

Just as Singaporean women in the homeland rather than in America are now given the part of the AF, the role of the WM is played not by the American western male here but by the British expat. "Cute couple, la?" :fumes:

It's disgusting how this actually-sinister, deeply seedy topic is passed off as something cool and trendy.


Quote:Local guys not hot enough?

I have here an abstract from The New Paper which is posted on the 14th Feb 2010

(Note the paper's piece following below is dated valentine's day. Which seems to me like the paper is *promoting* AF/WM in Singapore as the definition of romance.)


Quote:Local guys not hot enough?

More female local celebs are hooking up with Caucasians

LATELY, it seems the appetite among local female celebrities for ang mohs has increased.

By Germaine Lim

14 February 2010

LATELY, it seems the appetite among local female celebrities for ang mohs has increased.

Last week, The New Paper broke the news on former TV host-actress Sharon Au's engagement to her French boyfriend as well as ex-actress Carole Lin's recent divorce from her French husband and subsequent romance with a Singapore-based Scot.

Other famous East-West pairings include actress Joanne Peh and Singapore-based US actor Bobby Tonelli, ESPN presenter Jamie Yeo and Englishman Thorsten Nolte, and celebrity blogger Xiaxue and her US engineer fiance Mike Sayre.

Class 95 deejay Vernetta Lopez, Radio 913 deejay Madeline Tan and 2003 Miss Singapore Universe Bernice Wong married Brits.

And who could forget sexy star Fiona Xie leaving MediaCorp to join her Aussie-American boyfriend in Hong Kong?

But before anyone gets up in arms and protests, some of [color="#0000FF"]these female personalities insist they aren't deliberately snubbing local guys.

They just get along better with Caucasians.[/color]

[color="#800080"](Ah, I recognise the "It's just a preference" line/excuse/automated response/answering machine.)[/color]

Carole, 36, told The New Paper: 'I can speak my mind and have more things to talk about with Caucasians. I only need to bring up one subject and the conversation will take a life of its own and go on for hours.

'Local guys are nice but they aren't as educated in the ways of the world as the Westerners.'

[color="#800080"](She has a short memory. That's not all the "ways of the world" that "westerners" are educated in. What about colonialism and oppression and genocide, and then - when all that became unpopular at last, they still won't leave people alone - pretending that now it's all a clean slate and saying they're so over racism that it's time for you to be ready to date/marry/sleep with them too ("else you're the racist"). <- She left out that bit.

Gah. Yuck. Puke.)[/color]

She quickly clarified that she is not an SPG (Sarong Party Girl) whom she describes as those who 'hang out at places frequented by Caucasians with the intention of hooking up with them'.

'I just happened to be at the same place at the right time.'

Carole's first husband is a Singaporean Chinese. They divorced in 2002 after three years of marriage.

Too loud for S'pore guys

She met her French ex-husband at Velvet Underground in 2006 and her current Scottish boyfriend over Facebook last year.

Ex-actress Cassandra See, 40, says she has never dated local guys because she's ' too loud' for them and thinks they prefer demure girls.

[color="#800080"](But how would she know? When she admits she's never dated them and that she can only surmise they prefer demure girls? Or is this the wrong question to ask?)[/color]

She divorced her German husband in 2003 after three years of marriage. Their son, Lukas, is 9. Cassandra has been dating a Korean guy since 2005.

For Bernice, her height requirement eliminates '95 per cent of local guys'.

The 32-year-old beauty queen is 1.77m and her English husband of two years, Anton Casey, is 1.85m.

Bernice, who's now a make-up trainer at her own Bernice Wong Beauty International company, added: 'I have never been able to click with local guys. Somehow, our personalities don't match up.

'I've only dated one local guy so my answers aren't a good benchmark.

'But I will say that the local guys I've met are pretty sheltered. [color="#0000FF"]I'd like them to be more masculine, not so 'baby-ed' and less childish.'[/color]

[color="#800080"](Wow. She's bought into all the psyops against E Asian men. She just badmouthed all her male relatives.)[/color]

Older female stars like Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Huang Biren don't seem to have such problems with local guys.

[color="#800080"](But actor and singer Fann Wong at least is IIRC a famous Buddhist, which is probably why she doesn't turn herself into an export product, let alone a for-export-only product.

I mean, they dropped her into Shanghai Knights - leastways I think that was Fann Wong - to star as sister to Jackie Chan and Asian Female love interest of oh dear, his name escapes me - American western male. And while that just further propagated the perceived acceptability and supposed desirability of this increasingly-absurd one-way pairing and set a bad example, at least she didn't turn her life into one. Although more people may know the movie than her real-life choices. And then there was Taiwanese Shu-Qi as "exotic Asian love-interest" for the bald brit Jason 'how come when I do martial arts, I still get the Asian woman' Statham in Luc Besson's (?) Transporter #1. Yes even I do notice these things. Also, why are western men still pretending to do E Asian martial arts, again? More dabbling theft. First aliens want to steal E Asian women, then they try to steal E Asians' cool moves. Such wannabes.)[/color]

Former actress Biren, 41, married her Singaporean Chinese hubby in 1995, while Zoe, 42, wed local airforce pilot Philip Chionh in 2001.

Newlyweds Fann, 39, and actor Christopher Lee - he is a Singapore PR - held their nuptials last September.

The new generation of female personalities joins a burgeoning class of interracial couples.

Bernice attributes the rise in local interracial marriages to Singapore becoming a global village.

'So many people move in and out of the country. Locals are more exposed to people of other races,' she said.

However, Jamie and 987 deejay Rosalyn Lee stressed that local men definitely do not pale in comparison to their Caucasian rivals.

Even though Jamie is dating an ang moh, she says there are a lot of eligible local guys.

The 32-year-old said: 'They are definitely not second-rate. Otherwise, I wouldn't have married one.'

She split with husband of five years, Class 95 deejay Glenn Ong, last year. She revealed that marriage with Mr Nolte is on the cards and could happen soon.

She added: 'I know a lot of locals who are articulate, not sheltered, independent and have a great sense of humour.

'There are also a lot of Caucasian guys I wouldn't date. For me, personality is the most important thing.

'It's impossible to compare locals and Caucasians because there are nice and not-so-nice guys in both groups.'

Furthermore, there's nothing Caucasian guys have that Singapore men lack, Rosalyn said.

Not even height. Surprisingly, that has never been an issue for the 1.75m stunner.

Local fashion designer Wykidd Song, whom she dated for four years, is 'half a head shorter' than she is, but loved it when she wore her four-inch heels.

The 30-year-old, who is currently single, added: 'It's a bonus if he's taller. But I don't care if the guy doesn't mind.'

She says she prefers her partner to have Asian lineage because she likes that 'they understand where my roots are'.

'I find filial piety, which is very endearing to me, lacking in many ang mohs. Maybe I'm typecasting but they hardly call their parents. I can't understand why they have to live on their own once they turn 18.

[color="#800080"](Oh at last. Much to be said for traditional/heathen E Asians' filial piety.)[/color]

'I'm very family-oriented and I want my partner to be like that too.'

Rosalyn says she has dated only one foreigner, a Filipino-American, when she was 21.

The rest of her boyfriends have been Singaporeans, like Song and singer Ngak Ng, the frontman of local band The AMPs.

'The local guys I've dated are very cosmopolitan and well-travelled. We love Laduree (a renowned French pastry shop) as much as we do our kaya toast.

'I'm not closing any options, but it will take a spectacular ang moh like (US actor) Jake Gyllenhaal to sway me.

'If I can find one at home, why look elsewhere?


I'm not here to do a debate about Local men vs Foreigners but I feel really disturb...

They said that Local men are sheltered and not independent...

When they find Local men who are not sheltered and independent, they complained that Local men are un-romantic and no sense of Humor.

They complained that Local men are too short but when they find one who is taller, they complain that he is not well built...

When Local men show that they care and concern as friends, they got labelled as players...

I know that this is a ladies forum and I have no right as a man to speak here. But here I am, humbled before all, not to start a war or dispute but to let all see the truth behind...

It is not the ugly truth, the truth is never pretty and I do not need to sugar coat it but I think that some time... We men hope that Ladies can realise that... we are humans too, we are born to this land known as Singapore and we got our obligations to the nation, we got our difficulties in life... Who really understand us as Local men...
(Celebrities aren't a grand example of traditional people in any significantly-heathen society, but still... I didn't think it was going to be this bad.)

As for how the Singaporean women respond to the Singaporean man's questions above, see


There's apparently 83 pages of discussion on the above topic. I've only looked at page 1 and a bit of 2, but the answers were mostly disappointing, so I thought I'd stop. How depressing.

Oh and near the final comments to one of the bigwowo links from the previous post, I just spotted stuff from a site whose pages are so infuriating ... am going to have to leave it for another day. (But it's a typical source of all this psyops crap. :GrrrrrSmile

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