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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 1/?

This set of posts is going to diverge from the actual topic. Today, I'd started off wanting to post from (among others) the following link


but I got distracted as it led to me to pages on "goldsea.com", an Asian American site for Asian Americans. And from there I ended up on the topic at hand for the moment.

Goldsea's main page mentioned that 3 Asian Americans were in the final 5 for Miss America and that an Asian American won: an Indian American.

1. I then read what I anticipated (the blue bit in the following):



Nina Davuluri was contested by two other Asian American women in the final five before being crowned Miss America Sunday night in Atlantic City.

Davuluri made history by becoming the first woman of Indian descent to win the nation’s top beauty pageant. This was also the first time that three Asian American women were among the five finalists. Lee was named first runner up and Yeh, fourth runner up.

“I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity,” said Davuluri at the press conference following the pageant. “I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.”

Davuluri also made history by becoming the second consecutive New Yorker to win the Miss America crown. She succeeds Mallory Hagan whose term was cut short by several months due to the pageant’s decision to reschedule and move the annual event to Atlantic City from Las Vegas.

Davuluri captivated the judges and the crowd with an energetic Bollywood fusion dance and by her intelligent responses. She plans to apply the $50,000 scholarship winnings toward tuition at the medical school she plans to attend. Her father is a doctor in her hometown of Fayetteville near Syracuse.

(Oh no, not again. Bollywho dancing has replaced traditional Hindu dancing as the new "Indian culture".)

First runner-up Crystal Lee of San Francisco is just as brainy and ambitious as Davuluri — and not afraid to show it. Her pageant platform was “Women in STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). She has two Stanford degrees, one in biology and a master’s in communication. Even her talent segment was highbrow — classical ballet. Her ambition is to start a tech company.

Among the contestants vying against Crystal Lee, Miss California, was Crystal Lee, Miss Hawaii. The alphabetical introduction of the talent performances of two contestants of Chinese heritage with same a murmur through an audience who thought it was a gaffe. But Hawaii’s Crystal Lee — a graduate of the University of Hawaii — set herself apart with a contemporary dance number.

Fourth runner-up Rebecca Yeh, 20, of Nisswa, Minnesota is a junior at Ohio Northern University where she’s studying to become a clinical pharmacist. She has been earning money as a violin instructor since the age of 13. She also performs regularly as a soloist, as a member of a string trio and a string quartet.

The crowning of Nina Davuluri wasn’t greeted with universal applause. Those who had trouble grasping the concept of a non-white Miss America sniped at her with racist tweets.

“I have to rise above that,” Davuluri said at her press conference. “I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”

Here were the expectations:

a. One *expects* the racist outbursts to have been along the lines of "An arab/muslim/al qaeda has won". These are WASPy Americans fuming after all. They see a brown person and declare that if it doesn't look South East Asian (i.e. no hint of what they'll find is "Mongolian" by race) they will declare it is Arab. Just like even India's pre-christoislamic south Hindu classical music is frequently used in western cinema for islamic settings in the middle east/Arabia. [<= Which deliberate ignorance is a form of white racism by the way. It is a form of negationism of Hindu religio-culture and the christowestern selling off of said Hindu religio-culture to islam. Everything brown, in the christowest's mind, is islamic and hence belongs to a monotheism that way.]

b. The winner's parents are Hindus originating from Andhra Pradesh according to Wacky. It was relevant to find this out beforehand, because I wanted to know how well I can predict the AmeriKKKan mindset. (And I did.) So the next part of the prediction:

c. Then when people reveal she's not muslim let alone arab but of Hindu parentage (from the Indian subcontinent), one knows that WASPies will descend for a second round and declare that "Hindus butcher muslims and christians in India" and are hence "even worse than Al Qaeda" and are "racists because they are casteists" - never mind that subcontinental Hindus are one ethnicity. (Oh, you know this is going to happen. It always happens. When does a christist NOT bring up "Hinduism=caste=the *worst* form of 'racism' known to mankind. It's *even* worse than the christoislamic slavery of Africans, because we say so (and we want to draw attention away from our own christian racism that killed over tens of millions of Africans)." And of course, never mind that Europe until a rather recent century had castes and casteism/untouchability also, flourishing under devout christianism no less.

- Turns out that, as expected, Americans had indeed been identifying her with islam (the way Sikhs tend to get regularly attacked as "muslims" for being turbaned). They have accused her of being linked with Al Qaeda etc.

This is typical WASPy treatment of all people of the Indian subcontinent, especially all Dharmics: AmeriKKKans think - they don't just think, they *want* - all the Indian subcontinent to be islamic. The Indian who acted as part of a duo with John Cho in the movie that allowed the latter to move on to bigger movies like Star Trek - "Harold and Kumar" - that movie's Indian protagonist as well as [or who is the same as?] the Indian director-actor of some minor US movies were regularly dissed by Americans as being "Arabs", "Go back to Arabia". Despite the Indian actor-director not being islamic or even christian. (Don't know if he was a Hindu, but IIRC imdb said he was a vegetarian. I could be remembering wrong or confusing him with some other Indian American in US cinema, but I *do* remember the comments.)

- Even *more* predictably, the defensive Americans made a great point of accusing the overt-racists in America of their racism in their labelling her "a muslim and Arabian", by explaining that 'Arabia is not India. And not all Indians are in the Al Qaeda.' Never mind most Indians are not even in islam let alone in the Al-Qaeda and that most Indians are of the kind that islam [and christianism, such as the christo US] considers its primary victim/prey. E.g. AmeriKKKan Baptist money funds the christian terrorist outfit NLFT etc which has genocided Hindus in Tripurar/Nagaland area.

What the Defensive American forgot to explain is that Hindus are the anti-thesis of islam. And that islam/al Qaeda being a missionary monotheism has more in common with christianism (incl. the WASPy kind) than islam/christianism has in common with Hindus. Indeed, that Hindus have more in common with Chinese, Greek, Japanese, pre-christian African, native American and pre-christian European religions than with christoislamism.

Instead, no mention of how her ancestry never was muslim and was instead the victim of islam. To the tune of at least 90 million Hindus genocided by islam before the colonial period, as per Ali Sina and his FaithFreedom site.

By not distinguishing between Hindu and muslim, the Defensive American side is making the same *racist* mistake as seen in the western film music composers who regularly pass of Hindu classical as firstly "ethnic" and then especially as "the sounds of the middle-east and islam" in western movies. I've already discussed examples of this once before, will try to find it again and link it here. Western cinema also regularly likes to cast Indians as middle-eastern islamics. IIRC, Aishwarya Rai was roped in to play some middle-eastern muslim (or it was on her schedule at one point, she was meant to play an Algerian I think), because to the christowest there is no heathen east. To the ueber-racist christowest, people are either 1. [christian or ex-christian] caucasian west, 2. islamic middle-east aka Arabian (which subsumes Iran as "Arabia", hence Persian Gulf got dubbed Arab Gulf during the previous US-Arab wars, and Hindu *India* is clubbed as islamic Arabia by extension too; and so the christowest is already perfectly happy with TSP and BD taking over India for islam: they already think Hindus *are* muslims) AND 3. "Mongolian" race of the Far East and SE Asia (who are dubbed as having no religion and especially no Gods, "only philosophies" - which is another arch-racism.

- Angry comments responding to the Defensive American's distinction between Arabia and India and especially that Andhra Pradesh is almost 90% Hindu naturally followed along the lines of my prediction in c: (implicitly: her being Hindu is "worse" because) Hindus are even more hateful than muslims/islam, because - "don't you know" - the US media (last seen inventing mass graves of muslim albanians by Serbs in Yugoslavia, followed by reporting that Modi's election to BJP's PM candidate *caused* the muzaffarnagar *backwards* in time)... The sentence again: Hindus are "even more hateful" because US media lied to the all-too-willing-to-believe, anti-heathen christo Americans that "Hindus are the ones persecuting muslims (and christians) in India". [Sort of like how US media kept saying it was Serbs persecuting the muslim Albanians and catholic Croats and Americans believe that too, though it was the other way around.]

Christowest sides with christoislam - they're natural allies because christianism=islam - since there is an instinctive aversion to all "paganism". To the colonial Brits in India too, muslims were their "unruly friends", the more "savage" version of themselves, they believed in a god and had a religion they could understand, whereas the christobrits viewed Hindus as their real enemies in India: the muslims believed in an invisible mono-god and had a religion the christoBrits could therefore understand and at least relate to.

- I didn't immediately see "Hindu caste and racism" (or "Indians and skin-colour") pop up in the American Defence article. Maybe it was because the writer in question was South American(?) - or something not WASPy at any rate.

But then, of course AmeriKKKan media - courtesy of Huffington Post this time - would get a willing *native*-looking vocalist to argue "Indians are more racist (hence Americans are less racist), I know because I am Indian <cue excerpts from random Indian people who agree and from unrepresentative Indians>". The willing native that the christowest hired to badmouth Indians - since HuffPo's "white" reporters can't call "brown" Hindus racists after all, since racism is christoislamic and not heathen, and since Hindus were always the victims of christoislamic racism incl colonialism and slavery -

the native hireling then disses India [and with it Hindu religion - though only by implication here - since Hindus are the majority, and since many of the accusers are predictably Indian christians]. Will get to this latter tactic in HuffPo after the proof of the American Defense:

cont. in next post

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