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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 3/?

But back to the matter at hand.

3. Anyone could have seen this next coming: in timely fashion, an "indigenous" voice hired specifically to badmouth Hindu India as "more racist" than American racists. Not merely to neutralise the American racism and make people forget the christoracist comments against the Indian-American crowned as Miss America, but to generate and turn the indignation onto Indians: to "teach" readers about the "India and Indian behaviour/culture/civilisation [religion]" that the christowest wants its readers to take from all this. I.e. as usual, christowest controls the discourse on what Indians "actually" think - and as usual, by hiring a native to say the White Words. This thread's actual topic is coincidentally useful in that there is already a term. I.e. the hired natives are the Indian Kingstonians (the Romila Tapars). Once their writing establishes the "Indian's opinions/views", the west will feel comfortable in taking over the topic from there and repeating the same: 'look, our hired token Indian and her selective quoting "proves" what we're saying: <note we - the christowest - are invisible in this dialogue>, it was *she* who said/"proved" that Indians are the "real" racists. We're merely using her "data". And never mind that we specifically hired her for her views aligning with us, and never mind that moreover our social engineers - shaping modern Indian and Indians - *trained* her in her pompous "righteous indignation" attitude to diss her country of ethnic origin and its people, and *trained* her on what part of the "Indian" psyche to perceive and believe in and consequently to "reveal"/narrate/parrot to our own audience.'

[Note that that same behaviour is experienced by Asian Americans in what they call "Kingstonianism": Asian faces - like Maxine Hong Kingston - hired by the christowest to smear Asian culture as an evil, using -NOTE- a *christowestern* script instilled into the Asian hirelings' mouths via social engineering. So the robots are programmed to pronounce views that "magically" coincide with what the christowest likes to have propagated about eastern Asians/E-Asian culture and likes to hear, as a feeling of "confirmation from a native". The christowest thereafter pretends it is merely repeating what "Asians" have "established about Asians' own culture" - but which was merely the christowestern perspective on Asian culture ventriloquised through their programmed Asian mental-likenesses. I will get to the example in the final post, which at least does belong in this thread. But first:]

So the ventriloquist in this next newspiece is the christowest - via its media arm, the US media, HuffPost.

The sockpuppet in question is the native hireling and her handpicked voices who reflect back to the christowest the "India" they want to believe in/the idea of India they want to popularise, which reflection she was socially-engineered for (and there are countless clones of her all over, more even than Asian American Kingstonians I suspect).

Note all discourse on automatic American racism is always reduced to - by American puppeteers even when ventriloquising through sockpuppets - "but you all - whom our kind are racist against, as we just demonstrated loudly again - are racists too. To your own kind! How could you! And you're worse at racism than we are! Proof? See our hireling, who tells it like it is/like we want it to be known."

This particular autoresponse is very KKK: Remember the response to charges of racism of the white supremacist director of the arch-racist pro-KKK movie "Birth of a Nation". First as a background: this infamous movie is revered by KKK and neo-nazi types for like-minded supremacist Wagner's track "pseudo-valkyries" soundtracking the "saviour" KKK riding down to "deliver" their "white women" from the molestations of the -horror of all white supremacists- "evil-because-miscegenated half-African half-Europeans" (dubbed "mullatoes" or something). [Note the molestations existed only in the movie, which did not pretend to be historical but to "predict" what would happen - as per the fears of christo AmeriKKKa back then - if Africans were liberated and got equal rights: they would grab power, forcibly "miscegenate" with 'white' women, and produce "miscegenated" people who would then be evil because they would be as "intelligent" as the white man and as "evil" as the African.]

I can't remember the details, but we studied this segment - and the summary of the movie - in how cinema was often used for dawaganda. (IIRC this famous US movie of around the WWI era or so inspired much of the following nazi propaganda movies in Germany too. Recall that most nazi "innovations" have an AmeriKKKan inspiration, e.g. euthanising disabled people and other "undesirables".) Anyway, when the racist director of Birth of a Nation was called out on his intolerance by mildly-troubled voices in the christowest, the director decided to make an even louder and brasher movie/series of movies/"epic" of n hours long on Intolerance. I think it was called Intolerance too. IIRC this was on another christist/biblical theme about Jews being discriminated against by the ancient Egyptians and enslaved by the latter. Cinema analysis explained this latest product of the director as him essentially saying that he wasn't racist because, Look, he sympathised with the poor biblical Jews being set upon by the evil Egyptian pagans: "that was truly evil slavery and evil racism/discrimination", but his/KKK's blind hatred of Africans and especially of "miscegenation" was "justified" racism, he argued.

People can try to minimise this mentality as being but "typical" of the time and place, but the one-drop rule still exists, no? And American govt policy included sterilising native American women upto the late 1970s. In the 1930s that other hyper-pro-KKK Margaret Mitchell wrote her pro-KKK racist trash Gone With The Wind, which got turned into another "epic" movie - fortunately the directors left out the pro-KKK segments from the book (which I didn't read - I don't read junk - but its KKK stance is famous. Note: it's not merely the general American racism against Africans seen at the time the story was set in, the book/author itself is specifically in agreement with the KKK's views). Yet people still swoon all over not just the movie, but the book as "great" literature too. Only Hitler's crap got banned. Then again, the bible's still not banned and it's been demonstrated to be the source of racism.


Found via wacky, of course (can note how quick it is in collecting all such views). Original contains many links in the body of the text, as well as screengrabs of twitty/facebleh type quotations.

Quote:Why Miss America, Nina Davuluri, 'Would Never Win Pageants In South Asia'

The Huffington Post | By Mallika Rao Posted: 09/16/2013 4:11 pm EDT | Updated: 09/18/2013 1:26 am EDT

Last night, Nina Davuluri from Syracuse, NY, became the first Indian-American Miss America. She took a calculated risk -- pitching herself as the "diverse" contestant, and dancing to a Bollywood song in the talent segment even though contest insiders reportedly warned her the performance would be "too foreign."

The risk paid off. While the usual suspects took to Twitter to wail about Davuluri's win, most tweets were peppered in happy exclamation marks.

But there was an unfortunate irony to the win, noted mostly by Indian and Indian-American writers.* Davuluri is dark-skinned. In India, where skin color is a national obsession, you likely wouldn't see someone of her complexion in a pageant, much less winning one.

* Speaks of the Indian equivalent of the Asian Americans' Kingstonians. No one else saw any irony here. The girl might not be considered the "most beautiful woman in India" for other reasons: in a country of a billion Indians, there are likely to be some Indian women who are prettier still. For reasons of statistical probability: since there are many more Indian-looking women in India to choose from.

But christoconditioned hireling has found christo- and other christoconditioned voices like herself to agree with her. Christianism is obvious from Syrian christian names, and christoconditioning is obvious even from the title referring to Indian as "South Asia".

Twit feed screengrab follows:

Quote:Anna John (a 'indian'-christian American girl): "What's interesting is Miss America Nina Davuluri would never win pageants in South Asia because she'd be too dark to be considered beautiful."

Kushan Mitra: "The question is whether a girl as dark as Nina Davuluri could possibly have won Miss India? Knowing our fascination for fairness, maybe not!"

Satish Kolluri: "Newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri is too dark to win Miss India in India"

Note: Kushan above (and Satish Kolluri too) exemplifies my earlier comment made on Indian male fembots, but which equally applies to anti-Hindus too who always start with "As a Hindu myself, I hate <general Hindus, i.e. all other and actual Hindus> for <insert accusation against Hinduism>".

In Kushan's case, see how he speaks about "*our* fascination for fairness" but he actually implies - with his whole "perceptive" comment (i.e. with the subtletly of a sledgehammer hammering away at your head) - that he is clearly not among those of this opinion, which is actually only held by all Other Indians than himself - minus those who would also diss All Other Indians like he would - else "why would he have made such a 'perceptive' remark if not to denounce such a view"? I.e. the use of the word "our" refers to Indians: his statement is actually, "(my) knowing *Indians'* fascination for fairness". "It is sadly epidemic in 'our' country. Among 'our' population. Among all those others who merely look like me. But I'm not infected, as I actually notice and denounce these things in Others, please note. See how quickly I denounce all others as less human than myself and less human than all christowestern society. Am I not an insightful, deeply introspective and humane person? A western person trapped in brown skin. *Confounded* to share my ethnicity and features with the criminal masses of Indians I just denounced? Am I not a better person morally?" I hate these losers. Huffpo should make Mallika Rao share her paycheck with this guy. Kach$$$ing.

But I (as in "Husky") and everyone else can psycho-analyse - and better than They can. I can make far more perceptive comments about what They all think. Because their minds are an open book. They're not just racists against their own ethnic population, they have a Messiah Complex of being the One True Good Guy/Gal or The Few Good Men. This is a christian complex: christianism pretends it is The Only Religion that invented Love (and Altruism), and that, until christianism invented it, the world - i.e. the pre-christian heathen populations - never had such notions. And that it took christianism to teach others these things.

Quote:Writing at FirstPost, Lakshmi Chaudhury quipped that Indians prefer their beauty queens "vanilla, preferably accessorised with blue contact lenses."

(I recently read some comment about this "Lakshmi Chaudhury" somewhere. I think it was she. The name sounds identical. IIRC the commenter listed her with Barkha Dutts and Suzanne 'Arundhati' Roy types.

Anyway, Chaudhury lies. It is not Indians who prefer this. It is the minority - and elitist - Indian *modeling* agencies who have this preference. And - as all know - India's modelling agencies work with, alongside and FOR the western cosmetic & fashion & fashion-ragazine industries. Famous for selling coloured contact lenses, skin-lightening lotions, stilleto heels, lame handbags, bad shampoos, hair lighteners, foundations and other make up junk, and lame wannabe-western 'Indian' counterparts to western fashion & men's ragazines, etc.)

She cites a stark fly-on-the-wall report from weekly training sessions for the 2003 Miss India contest. Every contestant was "taking some sort of medication to alter her skin, particularly in colour" according to the embedded writer, Susan Runkle. Indeed, the winner that year, Sonali Nagrani, looks more European than Indian.

(No. She is in the minority of fair Indians, but her features still resemble the range of Indian. Not European.)

Quote:Regimens were prescribed by the pageant's in-house doctor, a London-trained plastic surgeon named Jamuna Pai who had what Runkle called a "disturbingly casual" view to skin-lightening treatments concocted with acids and lasers.

I will to get back to this plastic surgeon type statement being projected onto all Indians, which is similar to how similar statements by some Chinese plastic surgeon were projected onto all Chinese by the christowest to declare that Chinese culture/society don't appreciate the natural beauty of their own women. Indeed christowest has projected Chinese cinema's preferences and those of the trendy elite classes as being representative of native Chinese society's alleged biases in exactly the same way.

And christowest has specifically used Kingstonian type voices for this: i.e. people that look Asian and reading from christowestern scripts to denounce their own native culture as inherently flawed, racist, sexist and evil.

Mallika Rao and her hand-selected voices - to showcase the opinions she wants showcased as the only or even the majority opinion - prove to be just as malleable to social engineering as their Whiggie counterparts in Asian American society.

I am however curious why Americans picked an Indian to win their crown rather than an American or E Asian. Maybe Indian American women are next up for American social engineering against their men? But *Hindus* don't marry out though.

Quote:"'When an Indian man looks for a bride, he wants one who is tall, fair and slim, and fairer people always get jobs first,'" Runkle says Pai told her. While she quotes Pai admitting that the binary is "being disproved because of the success internationally of dark-skinned models," (see: supermodel Lakshmi Menon), the shift was apparently imperceptible at home. "'We still lighten their skin here because it gives the girls extra confidence when they go abroad,'" Pai reportedly told Runkle.

The statement of Pai - a plastic surgeon, for goodness' sake, of course he'd be trying to sell his wares by making women feel insecure - does not represent the view of the masses of Indians, but at most only represents the view of the select westernised elite - the fashionistas of Indian cinema and the catwalk - who hate to still be brown on the outside when they're already white on the inside anyway. At best they see it as an "ethnic" advantage to be fashionably "brown" overseas. And their claiming "brownness" comes in handy when it's time to project their racism and racist preferences onto other Indians who never even knew bollywho let alone modelling agencies exist in Bharatam (and don't care about these Loser things either).

And that is why this westernised/wannabe-western elite's opinions on looking down on native Indians - especially the native identity of ethnic Indians, i.e. Hindu religion - is identical to the opinion the christowest has of the same.

And then the syrian christist twit/gets to twit again:

Quote:Anna John ('Indian'-American christo girl): "...& the same is true for all those "Miss Indian American USA" pseudo-pageants held here as well. No darkies allowed in winner's circle."

(Said the girl who is probably Syrian christian - Syrians are not even dark, why is she talking about ethnic-Indians, as if their experience is her experience?)

Some tweeters insisted a discussion of skin color is no longer relevant. They cited Eastern hemisphere analogs to Davuluri: actress Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta, Indian pageant winners of the last decade with darker skin tones than most of their peers.

Priyanka Chopra looks typically Indian, with very typically Indian features.

Lara Dutta has European features because she *is* part European, which is why she was chosen. Just a couple of years ago, the christist rag MSN India was advertising that people like Lara Dutta were so beautiful *because* they're half-European - i.e. have European features. It was trying to brainwash the stupid angelsk-speaking readers to try to get with a western person and start making Eurasian offspring too. Actually, IIRC it literally suggested that.

And the christowest - e.g. TIME Magazine - even back in the mid or late 1990s but not later than early 2000 advertised for Eurasianism as the supposed preference of Asia (or rather, as the preference the christowest wanted Asians to have, in order to export the IR disparity into the Asian homeland) in a cover featuring part Polish-Irish and part Vietnamese Maggie Q, half-British half-Indian but very much likeable Asha Gill of Malaysia, and a third half-European half-eastern Asian female celebrity.

The TIME story/advert and others like it were considered infamous in the day among East Asians, who saw it for what it was: trying to sell the WM to the AF in the Asian homelands by advertising Eurasian designer babies as Da Next Thing. White supremacists were heard screeching "miscegenation", of course, and pretended absurdly that it was *Asians* who wanted to get with the west.

(This was well before India's christoislamic bollywho started its obsession with Eurasians on the screen.)

Quote:Pranav Hundekari: "@suitablegirl [Anna John], @utterflea Oh C'mon! Haha! PC, Lara Dutta, Diana Hayden were not particularly light-skinned."

Others point out these women don't fall at the dark end of the dark-skinned spectrum. Nor are they necessarily poster girls for the cause. Here's Chopra hamming it up in a commercial for Garnier Light, a cream advertised as a "no oil, no sweat fairness moisturizer."

Proving once more that it is the west - via cosmetic companies like Garnier et al - that is pushing the trend on what Indians are meant to consider attractive and aspire for.

I remember when Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen won the Miss India and Miss Universe respectively - and there were a whole slew of wins for India thereafter - Eurasian Diya Mirza included: my cousin told me that this obviously-rigged pageant "winning streak" was only to offload beauty products onto Indian women and create a mass-market among Indian women for overseas make-up trash and hand-me-down fashion items, based on creating insecurity among Indian women into wanting to look like the pageant contestants/wanting to "dress western" and be "western", and turning them into brainless fashion-and-fame-chasers. [Note that China is getting the same treatment by international beauty pageants now - where in a recent year a beauty queen was elected - since China is another big market, but a much harder one to crack: not even chocolate could get a decent foothold there apparently. And the western wine and/or was it coffee industry is also shaking its head in desperation wondering Why Oh Why won't the Chinese fall for the usual PR that everyone fell for?] My cousin predicted that more Indians would win thereafter to bolster the trend and create the perception that such looks were 'within their reach' (since Rai and Sen were Indians): the world appreciated the "Indian" look was the pretence. (OK, yes it does sadly, but not for innocent reasons.)

She said that Indian models would start entering Indian cinema en-masse, at first via the Miss contests, and this would then be used to further promote not just fashion but also the "only fair" look even more in Indian cinema - which has now evolved into Eurasian and even European preference in bollywho - to sell more beauty products and fashion to the masses, because more of the masses would be exposed to Indian cinema than to the pageants or Indian modelling. My cousin said that "modelling" would be turned into a primary business in India and that more and more progressive girls would consider it an ideal career path and start pursuing it. The cousin later even predicted that eventually a south Indian would be allowed to win an international title, with the western beauty industry hoping to repeat the north Indian success among south Indians, who thus far remained mostly immune. And indeed Parvaty O-something-kutty from Kerala won. The market hasn't quite taken off in South India though, for obvious reasons.

A bit of insecurity *was* there - has been there since the colonial era certainly. But the post-colonial industrial christowest has capitalised on this, magnified it by orders of magnitude, and now it has been deliberately *turned* into a *huge* business - with major foreign companies raking in a lot of the money. So the west may pretend to denounce such "Indian racism" but they're the ones fueling it to fund their own pocket. Half-alien faces are dominating Indian screens, just as TIME and other ragazines wanted for E and SE Asia before. Yet, I hear repeated objections from Hindus who wonder why we keep getting more "gora-looking" people in Indian cinema. Well, 'cause bollywho is christoislamic and hence alien by definition. [As it is, it is mostly Indian christian women who will be running off with WM anyway.]

Hindus in India (and even many NRIs) don't marry out. Not in the western direction certainly.

The real irony is that it is bollywho cinema - which is christoislamic - which projects those Indian women as desirable who look or can be made to look more European. As seen in how bollywho - against the will or representation of the Indian masses - goes out of its way to choose part-European part-Indians and even whole-Europeans, like a fully South American - was it Columbian? - woman playing an Indian in one famous movie, which apparently stunned some Indian viewers upon discovery as these didn't know she wasn't Indian at all. (I don't know the Indian movie, a friend pointed the matter out to me, remarking how far the issue has gone.)

There are no Hindus - not in India leastways - with European ancestry. There are however entire generations of Anglo-Indians, Indo-Portuguese etc christians. Aka Eurasians. Indo-Europeans! :grin: At last, the phrase fits a known *reality*. It is this Indo-European look that bollywho wants to promote on screen, disregarding the Hindu masses' interest in having representation of their own -i.e. native - look in "native" cinema. To repeat the earlier examples: there's half-Scottish catholic Lara Dutta, half-German non-Hindu Diya "Mirza" Handrich, half-Polish catholic Lisa Ray, 3/4-Mediterranean catholic Dino Morea, completely ethnically-non-Indian catholic John Abraham, half-British non-Hindu Katrina Kaif. Etc. Etc.

Note, the Hindu population always sought representation on Indian screen and can't identify with clearly half-alien looking people playing Indians. The half-alien-looking are predictably whole-aliens qua religious identity, whereas Hinduism is an ethnic religion.

It is christoislamic bollywho - close on the heels of the Indian modeling industry - that tries to promote "fairness of skin" as an ideal by trying to pretend Eurasianism is something the masses aspire to, rathern than that Eurasianism is what India's christos [and christoconditioned] aspire to be and the subcontinent's islamics aspire to possess - in their harem. Recall how many E and S European women were kidnapped into Arabian and Iranian harems.

The Hindu cinema that pre-dated present bollywho - which was by and for the natives, representing them physically and culturally - merely used a lot of lighting, also used by hollywho at the time. But it used *natives* to tell native stories.

Cont in next

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