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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
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4. And to complete the picture, can't leave out the premier gossip ragazine of the UK, now can I? Features photos of the Ex-Miss Singapore hanging on the arm of her easy supply of funds:


Quote:Out of a job: Banker who sneered at poor and 'the stench of public transport' sneaks his family out of Singapore... in economy class

•Anton Casey caused outrage with sneering posts about poor people

•Wealth management firm confirms that he no longer works there

•Mr Casey, 39, says he, his wife and son have moved after 'threats'

•Left Singapore on economy flight to Perth with a hat pulled over his face

•Former employer Crossinvest Asia announced his departure on Facebook

By Simon Parry In Singapore

PUBLISHED: 16:00 GMT, 25 January 2014 | UPDATED: 02:53 GMT, 26 January 2014

A British banker who caused outrage by sneering at poor people on Facebook lost his job yesterday, having been forced to flee Singapore with his family.

Disgraced Anton Casey, 39, sneaked out of the city state on an economy-class flight to Perth in Australia with a hat pulled down over his face.

Hours later his employer, Crossinvest Asia, pointedly used Facebook to announce his departure.

Mr Casey, who was accompanied by his wife Bernice, a former Miss Singapore, and their five-year-old son, triggered fury last week by posting a series of insulting Facebook updates that quickly spread around the globe. It led to a campaign to deport him.

In one post, the wealth manager, who lived in Singapore for 12 years, complained about experiencing ‘the stench of public transport’ while his Porsche was in the garage.

He also described a taxi driver as a ‘retard’ and posted a photograph of his son sitting on a train with the caption: ‘Daddy where is your car and who are all these poor people?’

In a grovelling email yesterday sent from Australia to a Singapore newspaper, the former HSBC banker described his remarks as ‘the worst mistake of my life’.

Mr Casey wrote: ‘I hope the people of Singapore will allow me to volunteer my time and resources to community projects to make amends.

‘I also hope the people of Singapore, my adopted home, will forgive me over time.’

Mr Casey said he had been forced to leave the country because of threats to his family, but insisted: ‘Singapore is our home, and we hope to return.’

Scroll down for video

IMG: Death threats: British wealth manger Anton Casey and his wife, former Miss Singapore Bernice Wong

IMG: Miss Singapore Bernice Wong (left), the wife of Mr Casey, alongside Miss Slovac Republic Petra Mokrosova, Miss Slovenia Polona Bas and Miss South Africa Cindy Nell at the 2003 Miss Universe beauty contest in Panama City

(Useless trivia: Reminiscent of how Sushmita Sen dated one of her Miss Universe judges afterwards: one Ricky Martin, a Latino singer whose popularity peaked in the late 90s I think - and who predictably announced some years later that he had always been gay. Yes, even when dating Sushmita "Miss Universe" Sen. She could have seen that one coming... I actually suspect many of Sushmita's string of christoislamic beaus are gay. (Actually the bollywho khan types are all a *tad* effeminate - I don't mean to call into question people's chromosomal configurations, but I've never been wrong so far...) Time for them all to come out of the closet. Christoislam may try to disown/murder them for it, but I have always supported gay rights, so just own up to it already creepy dudes.

And now back to the actual topicSmile

However, in a message posted on Facebook, Crossinvest Asia, a wealth management company, said: ‘The online comments made by Mr Casey do not represent the culture that we have built over many years.

'Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia and Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect.’

Mr Casey also faces possible prosecution if he returns to Singapore after a complaint of sedition was lodged with police. It is under investigation.


IMG: Miss Singapore 2003, Bernice Wong, wears a typical dress during the preliminary round of the Miss Universe contest

IMG/SCREENGRABS: Mr Casey posted these updates on Facebook, which he later apologised for

The former colony is home to about 50,000 British expats. Many are hired by multinational banks on lucrative packages and are notorious for ‘Hoorah Henry’ antics.

A senior British banker, who has lived in Singapore for 15 years, said: ‘Casey is a pillock but unfortunately there are plenty of idiots like him with too much money and attitude.

‘The public mood is very ugly. All the major banks have given informal warnings to their expat staff to cut back on the champagne and partying until this all blows over.’

(Now's their chance to chase all the lingering colonial patriarchy out.)

Locals applauded his exit. On the Real Singapore blog, Jesse Loo wrote: ‘These kind of bigoted remarks cannot be tolerated anywhere.’

IMG: Destination: Mr Casey and his family have relocated to Perth, Australia, in the wake of threats

I understand the dude's loaded and was easy pickings, but still: ex-Miss Singapore sure knew how to pick 'em. He's not just stupid, he's vile.

And no doubt Casey's comeback to the Singaporean backlash would have been "I'm not a racist, my girl is Singaporean, see?"

- A la that racist Hindu-baiting indologist "Arnaud", seen in the indologists thread, who declared 'I'm not a racist, my girl is Chinese.'

- Or that crazy indologist unHindu Amrikan "convert" to Hinduism who was seen - and may, for all I know, *still* be seen - commenting on Elst's blog (which seems to attract just those kinds of "Hindu" hangers-on). The character I speak of goes by the name "HorseFriend", though I seem to have always misread it as Horse Manure, maybe because I'm twice as illiterate when it's convenient. As I recall, he'd insert his back-handed remarks from indological superiority by waving not only some alleged "certificate" of conversion to Hinduism (recognised by whom? The christogovt maybe, which accepts any source of funds in return for paper, but certainly not the Hindu community, which never accepted alien converts, let alone handing out "certificates" to them) but also waved about his trophee Indian "brahminical" Marathi wife - after which he then insulted her family by IIRC saying that owing to his indologicalness he knew more than them and they didn't know much about Hinduism (or was it that they didn't know about brahminical tradition, whatever) - although, given that she married an alien and her family didn't kick her and her alien spouse out of the family and out of India immediately - and seem to moreover stomach his insults of them even when rendered on some internet blog - may lend credence to his claim that they were not very Hindu and merely new-ageists. So ultimately no loss, I figure: any so-called "Hindu" fe/male residing in India who marries an alien, or any "Hindu" residing anywhere who marries an indologist (or marries a "convert") is obviously just gangrene at best.

And *50,000* colonials - probably predominantly male - parked in Singapore and most of them no doubt parasiting on the colonized females. Eewwww.

Oh, I remember ex-Miss Singapore's name "Bernice Wong" from news that was already pasted in the previous page of this thread.

It contained the Singaporean news article that was advertising for how "romantic" couples consisting of Singaporean female with western male (like ex-pat Brits) was Da Thing to be into. I wonder whether the "The New Paper" that was into promoting this idiot trend - the article was for "Valentine's Day" after all - has started to issue retractions already or whether the native Singaporeans will have to chase them out as well:


[quote name='Husky' date='08 September 2013 - 07:55 PM' timestamp='1378649848' post='116781']

Quote:Local guys not hot enough?

I have here an abstract from The New Paper which is posted on the 14th Feb 2010


More female local celebs are hooking up with Caucasians

LATELY, it seems the appetite among local female celebrities for ang mohs has increased.

By Germaine Lim

14 February 2010


For Bernice, her height requirement eliminates '95 per cent of local guys'.

The 32-year-old beauty queen is 1.77m and her English husband of two years, Anton Casey, is 1.85m.

Bernice, who's now a make-up trainer at her own Bernice Wong Beauty International company, added: 'I have never been able to click with local guys. Somehow, our personalities don't match up.

'I've only dated one local guy so my answers aren't a good benchmark.

'But I will say that the local guys I've met are pretty sheltered. I'd like them to be more masculine, not so 'baby-ed' and less childish.'

[color="#800080"](Wow. She's bought into all the psyops against E Asian men. She just badmouthed all her male relatives.)[/color]

Said Bernice: "I'd like [Singaporean men] to be more masculine, not so 'baby-ed' and less childish.'"

Really? Insulting her people with crude remarks - like her vile ang-moh husband did - is not "childish"?

And the Singaporeans were very 'masculine' in chasing off the terrorist. While her husband was the coward who ran away: making him neither man nor woman.

Bernice needs to face it: seen from any angle, she married a loser. So she may eat her words now.

Not to mention that when her dear husband said "After 11 years of residency, I am still trying to understand THESE people!" - he was talking about all Singaporeans, including her AND her half-Singaporean son. (Unless she imagines that she's someone specially exempted from being Singaporean because she chose to contract this in STD-form from her alien husband?)

Can't believe she didn't divorce him over this. Then again, I guess that can be taken as further proof that she's merely waiting for him to kick the bucket already, so that she can finally withdraw his accumulated cash. And looking at his pictures, he does look rather bloated like alcoholics do. His liver must be in a poor state. He's not long for this world now, might as well start taking his leave and transferring his funds to the Mrs. Though death threats may ultimately have been unnecessary, it does show that the Singaporeans won't take it lying down. If some ang-moh had done such a thing in India about India/ns, then christoislamicommunists would have crowned him - like what they do for that Hindu-and-India-baiting British aristocrat-criminal William Dalrymple (an even more fatally-bloated-looking fellow, as per the pic of him at indiafacts.co.in).

[color="#0000FF"]The news was that a British expat - married to a Singaporean beauty queen - repeatedly insulted Singapore and Singaporeans and then they threatened him and he went howling all the way to Australia, taking his wife and her son with him, and has since been grovelling to be allowed to return:

- independent.co.uk/news/business/news/british-expat-anton-casey-causes-uproar-in-singapore-after-mocking-poor-people-calling-a-taxi-driver-a-retard-9077795.html

- sg.news.yahoo.com/british-expat-anton-casey-apologises-for-comments-that-sparked-online-uproar-in-singapore-033857887.html[/color]

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