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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society
Post 4/5

As for this statement by Rao again, referring to some plastic surgeon's opinion (apparently he knows all Indian men? Rao clearly hand-selected the soundbytes she was going to quote from/the views she wants coming across to readers as dominant):

Quote:"'When an Indian man looks for a bride, he wants one who is tall, fair and slim, and fairer people always get jobs first,' <declared a london-trained plastic surgeon>"

1. Fairer people only get the jobs in India's *appearance* industry [which is dominated by anti-Hindus anyway], and which clearly is the only industry that Rao can think of. Everyone else has a real job for which they studied for. And in the west: acting requires going to *drama* school. Like RADA and NIDA. That's why they can act, whereas Indian cinestars just lipsynch and pose - and look real lame doing so too. Must be from their modelling days.

2. As for the allegedly universal "Indian man's" preferences, it's *exactly* the - equally allegedly "universal" - Indian woman's preferences too. Going by the same usual suspects people cite: marriage ads etc. Of course neither stereotype is actually universal, but this preference - at whatever rate it occurs - occurs to the *same* degree among both genders.

But I smell the west via Rao trying to turn Indian women against Indian men here, as they did among E Asians over a long period of time. (Will get back to this in the next post.) As if Indian women are the only ones facing this "oh woe is me life is cruel to [Indian] women onlee" preferential selection. Will get back to this in the next post.

3. I note that none of these twits like Mallika Rao and Anna John and the fembot males (Kushan et al) denouncing Indian society even noticed how western men's preferences and how western societal preferences have impacted their women.

IIRC, in a poll in several western nations on what kind of woman western males found attractive - the choice being between fair-haired (specifically "blonde" in the strict, European meaning of the word) and brunette (which was actually originally a reference to European people alone) and red-heads, the western nations questioned now picked brunette with a slight majority. This was surprising to the ones polling, since before - all through the 80s and 90s and before that too, since the time of European Fairy Tales at least - the selective pressure was for fair-haired women.

My sister had read numerous NL books by NL feminists who were brunettes who had a serious chip on their shoulder against the projection of blonde as the ideal by their parents and society, especially when they had a fair-haired female sibling: they wrote how they were psychologically scarred for life and always held as less worthy/regularly compared adversely against fair-haired sister. [Then there was also that idiot phrase "dumb blonde" that was hurled around by NL men and women - and which got me really riled up, as it was blatantly untrue: no fair-haired woman of my personal acquaintance was ever stupider than me as far as I'm aware.]

But the decades - some explain that it was *centuries* - of preference for blondes over brunettes in NW Europe (at least) wasn't the only trend that created resentment. The current sudden switch over for a large number of WM to prefer brunettes among their own, and especially some movies wih a dark haired western heroine bagging the main male prize over her fair-haired competitor - even has got the fairer-haired taking note, feeling angry and resentful.

You can see the nails coming out in even IMDB. Some activist commenters - clearly fair-haired considering their comments and harbouring a barely-concealed festering resentment for their brunette counterparts - want a "reversal" against this brief pro-Brunette trend in cinema (which they blame on female brunette writers) - a reversal back to the good old days - with Blonde projected as good and with a soul, and the brunette woman as calculating, cunning "intelligent" but soulless. They think the western media is what has caused the current trend of a significant proportion of WM preferring western brunette females over them, so they want the western media to reverse this trend.

E.g. Here are IMDB's boards for the (British) movie Starter For Ten where -oddly enough- American women are whining:


(Also the boards for the movie Pretty in Pink have a thread by this type of people, I think)

They start the topic generally, about "good/distant ideal girl" vs "adventurous girl/tomboy/introvert/intelligent girl next-door" and end up revealing that this is actually a blonde vs brunette issue.

The most interesting comment is that it argues that the general natural preference of WM is to find faired-haired women more attractive (which I think has some obvious truth in it), and that the modern media has *unnaturally* turned (many) WM's primary preference away from blonde to brunette. IIRC the comments blamed the brunette scriptwriters conniving to take revenge on fair-haired girls who got all the guys during high school (or something). Interesting psychological basket cases, the christowest.

Anyway, the point was: why no [English-language] articles dissecting the clear societal discrimination for centuries against brunettes in the christowest (yes, Snow White had dark hair, but who else? In every other European version of fairy tales - e.g. even seen in Goldmarie/Maria d'Oro vs dark-haired Pechmarie from Frau Holle - the main good lead was always the fair-haired female, while the western brunette female always had the worst of qualities. Implicitly and unmistakeably this was tied to hair colour.)

Why no such articles on the current western cinema trend for brunette western females often winning over golden haired women, which makes the latter feel discriminated against?

And why no HuffPo discussion on the seriously angry books in Europe - certainly in NL - that delved into the trauma of the anti-brunette discrimination that preceded this? Maybe I should ask my sister to try recollecting the titles.

Yuck. The christowest was always racist and discriminates. It has a preference even among its own. It plays invisible with these preferences. It then projects and exports its own preferences - for Euro features - overseas, onto non-European lands (even via the christo-conditioned sheep who are their primary imitators, imitators of all things western). It *sells* and makes money off this contrived preference. And then has the gall to write about these Asian populations.

Morons of Indian descent who buy into this junk will always be there - it's their sole purpose in life, to be morons/Kingstonian types who believe everything - but not everyone is a moron. And Indians can see that the ground reality is a different experience for themselves than it is for the moronic westernised and christoconditioned elite, who are pathetic wannabes and project their own white-wannabe syndrome onto the rest of the country (which doesn't suffer from it) when they wish to screech at it.
Note that this is the only post of today's series of spam that is on the thread topic.

It has gained some extra relevance in the context of the links in the earlier posts,

but the links in this post (in blue further below) were already very important and I was going to paste them after some more links from the 44s/bigwowo.

Post 5/5

So, onto the Chinese example.

Some posts ago, I ended my spam session with the following statement:

Quote:Oh and near the final comments to one of the bigwowo links from the previous post, I just spotted stuff from a site whose pages are so infuriating ... am going to have to leave it for another day. (But it's a typical source of all this psyops crap. :GrrrrrSmile

What I spotted was this:


Quote:T. AKA Ricky Raw says:

March 5, 2013 at 5:52 pm

This site has an interesting take on the issue, but I’m not sure if I totally buy it, especially since I have no idea if it may be written by a non-Chinese man and may be a little biased as a result:


The relevant part:

Quote:In what is an annual multi-billion dollar industry, more than half of all Asians (mostly women), aged 25 to 34 years, use skin whiteners on a regular basis (CNN.com, 2002). The Chinese preference for clear, white or pale skin is pervasive and ubiquitous and, as such, Chinese women avoid exposure to the sun whenever possible and most carry parasols with them during the summer months (you will even see women riding bicycles with a parasol in one hand). For this reason primarily, you will rarely observe Chinese arriving at pools or the seaside before 5:00 p.m., i.e., when the sun begins to set. In addition, eating disorders, particularly bulimia nervosa (binge eating followed by purging), are increasing in prevalence in China at an alarming rate, especially among girls from higher income families aged 12 to 22 (Chen and Jackson, 2007). A revealing human interest story featured on the All-China Women’s Federation website about two American-born Chinese (ABC) girls studying in Beijing, highlights their difficulties adjusting to cultural differences in regard to both weight and skin tone. The article notes that whereas both girls wore small sizes in the United States, in China they are considered “fat” (and are readily told so by both friends and casual acquaintances) and can only fit into large sizes (Martin, 2007). Whereas their skin tone would be considered healthy-looking by American standards, here they are both regarded as being way too “dark.”

What all of this amounts to is that the vast majority of Chinese women are extremely insecure about their physical appearance, far more so than their Western counterparts. There is incredible social pressure on Chinese women to be extremely thin and those who don’t meet their culture’s nearly unattainable standards of beauty are reminded of it constantly—by parents, friends, teachers, and commercial advertisements that conspicuously feature either Western models or those of Eurasian ancestry. Young women who are considered too dark will spend what little money they earn to purchase whitening creams and those who can afford to do so will seek “corrective” plastic surgery (which, by the way, includes hymenorraphy, i.e., surgical restoration of the hymen). In fact, plastic surgery has become so pervasive and common in China today, the country actually hosted its first beauty pageant in 2004 specifically for women who are now considered to be beautiful as a direct result of these various cosmetic procedures, i.e., a pageant for former cosmetic surgery patients only (ABC News, 2008).

There is no doubt that Western and Chinese men maintain very different criteria for determining what constitutes a pretty Chinese girl, and this is actually one of the reasons behind some Chinese girls’ attraction to foreign men. Obviously, if you are considered a “little ugly” by men of your own culture and then you come across a Western man who sincerely views and treats you as beautiful, it is understandable that the woman will be highly flattered, perhaps even grateful, and attracted in turn. The cultural difference in perception regarding what constitutes a pretty Chinese girl is so pronounced that one can actually find a public discussion among Chinese men on the China Daily forum titled “Do Foreign Men Have Ugly Chinese Girlfriends?”

As a further illustration, in 2001, People magazine voted young Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. However, when Peng Bo, president of the Shanghai Time Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, was asked to comment on Zhang’s title and whether he personally considered her to be beautiful, he refused to give a direct answer to the question. Instead, he replied “I would only say her face is up to the standard of beauty. Zhang’s job requires that she has to be assertive” (China Daily, 2005). In other words, according to at least one director of a cosmetic surgery center in China, Zhang does not qualify as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 2001 as she just meets the standard of “beauty,” and has a look that he apparently regards as too “assertive” or hard in appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that Zhang Ziyi would eventually find herself a foreign boyfriend (multimillionaire Vivi Nevo). Obviously, if a young Chinese movie star of international acclaim for her beauty cannot pass muster in China, there isn’t much hope here for the majority of women. And, in fact, this partially explains how Western men fit into the picture.

So according to this site, Chinese culture is way too hard on Chinese women and their looks, and Western men aren’t, and that plays a big role in the attraction. I don’t know if I personally buy it, so I dropped the link here to hear the other side of the story from you guys.

And the one person who bothered to respond to the obvious christowestern dawaganda:

Quote:N says:

March 11, 2013 at 9:35 pm


You should know by now that 99% of the stuff that rice chasers writes about asians are absolute garbage.

The christowestern claims about the Chinese perceptions sound familiar don't they? (And they are apparently repeated by Kingston et al, to give an Asian chorus to the western line. Which Asian chorus are picked up by the christowest once more and passed of as "See, even Chinese women admit the Chinese cultural/social oppression we've been talking about".)

It's a pity that neither N nor any of the others seemed to have gone of to the middle kingdom life - of the WM at mid-life crisis - site.

1. It pretends to be a site of and for western native English speakers teaching/considering teaching English in China, and what to expect of life there in Chung Kuo (The Middle Kingdom)

2. It pretends to be accurate: it claims this for itself! It *actually* states that it is well-recognised as a source of accurate info on China! No doubt "accurate" as in reflecting America's "Asian Studies" programme.

3. BUT it is a site of curiously only *male* prospective English-teachers in China: you can tell this is so, because their highly acclaimed guide - purporting to be a guide on teaching English in China - has entire sections devoted to how to get a Chinese woman, including:

- chapters and chapters on dating Chinese women, where to find them, where to look for them, what to expect, how to appeal.

- Chinese views on sex etc [and here we get down to the heart of the matter: middle-aged aliens are hoping to troll about Asia to get a woman at last, since no one wanted them back home. These Americans think their European ancestry is like a free ticket to get them a beautiful young Chinese girlfriend even bride, so they can finally try passing on their lame Asiaphile genes. May they get struck with permanent impotence.]

- it "analyses" Chinese women's "psychology" - which they declare is "basically" of 2 (and moreover unflattering) kinds [as opposed to millions of individuals, since you know, only the christowest has individuals],

- why WM [western male] is better for Chinese women than Chinese men,

- why Chinese women *should* ("and therefore surely do?") prefer the western male,

- why Chinese men are horrid and Chinese society and culture is horrid and downright EVIL, especially against Chinese women. And that the WM is therefore essentially the Chinese woman's saviour, her only hope.

Indeed, these middle-aged western men - white men, hey let's be offensive about the offensive - have intensely been collecting all Chinese material on the marriage preferences and intermarriage non-preferences of the Chinese and analysing it. Initially, the moronic christowestern male hoping to parasite on Chinese women declared triumphantly that research had supposedly shown that Chinese women would much prefer western men over their own.

Then the stupid alien christo morons retracted it and admitted that the data didn't quite imply that (actually, the data showed no such thing), that it showed that Chinese women preferred their own men actually. And yet they ended lamely with "yet, there is still hope for us WM preying on Chinese women" (And the reasoning? "*Because* we say Chinese culture is patriarchal and its men are horrid and their women consequently need saving by us". I.e. circular reasoning). All the data admitted to was that Chinese women said they had no racial preferences - biases - and would consequently consider western men, although they seemed to prefer their own anyway and in practice too stuck to their own. Theoretical statements of "I would consider people from any geography" are to be expected from the E Asians, but then, it is *theoretically* true for the likes of me also - since I'm not a bigot either - but *practically*, not so much. (Religio-cultural differences, you see.)

4. It is clearly a christo site: it speaks of how prospective English-teachers can still attend church in China. It speaks of avoiding certain types of "mercenary" Chinese women who used to be prostitutes but want to go to the west and so now reinvent themselves as younger, virtuous christian girls just to lure the "poor innocent" middle-aged WM male out hunting Chinese women in China (such as with use of this guide at middle-kingdom-life).

Note the "most viewed pages" of the site are (or were, when I visited it) exactly those involving snagging a poor unsuspecting Chinese woman. This in a site claiming to be about teaching English in China.

I can't stress how Hindus - especially women - (and all Chinese women) should really read the guide/the site, in particular the following pages. I mean, check the titles.











(How I wish I could force every so-called "ethnic" woman to read the above and especially every Chinese woman back in China.)

There's also a link to the chapter on sexual mores in China in "the guide". I didn't read it, I'm sure it's more psy-ops. You can find it from the menu for their Guide on their site.

Finally, I want to get back to this bit from the excerpt quoted in the bigwowo comment:

Quote:As a further illustration, in 2001, People magazine voted young Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. However, when Peng Bo, president of the Shanghai Time Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, was asked to comment on Zhang’s title and whether he personally considered her to be beautiful, he refused to give a direct answer to the question. Instead, he replied “I would only say her face is up to the standard of beauty. Zhang’s job requires that she has to be assertive” (China Daily, 2005). In other words, according to at least one director of a cosmetic surgery center in China, Zhang does not qualify as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 2001 as she just meets the standard of “beauty,” and has a look that he apparently regards as too “assertive” or hard in appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that Zhang Ziyi would eventually find herself a foreign boyfriend (multimillionaire Vivi Nevo). Obviously, if a young Chinese movie star of international acclaim for her beauty cannot pass muster in China, there isn’t much hope here for the majority of women. And, in fact, this partially explains how Western men fit into the picture.

They provided a photo of the admittedly luminous Zhang Ziyi and caption it with:

Quote:Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, voted one of the world's most beautiful women by People Magazine, is considered "so-so" or a "little ugly" by most Chinese

Note how:

1. WM are eager to lie that Chinese people don't think Zhang Ziyi is pretty. Never mind that she is regarded a *famous* beauty by the general Chinese population (IIRC she's considered a discovery of the director who had made the also lovely Gong Li famous before her. Gong Li at 46 starred as younger-looking love interest to a then 29 year old Farrell in Mann's re-visit of Miami Vice. Typical). Never mind that Zhang Zi Yi was introduced to the west by the *Chinese* as a great beauty. She is regarded beautiful by the Chinese the way Indians regard Aishwarya Rai beautiful. So for a modern Indian POV to understand the extent of the lie, the statement reads as:

"Indian actress Aishwarya Rai, voted beautiful by <insert international ragazine>, was - in her acting years - considered "so-so" or a "little ugly" by most Indians."

*That* is the level of lying in the statement by the WM.

2. The view of a plastic surgeon's is twisted into the view of all Chinese. Yet the plastic surgeon didn't even say all that much, certainly not the way the WM leapt on his highly reserved statement - and who knows what he was thinking, maybe he was displeased that she didn't have any surgery done and so didn't promote his profession? - and tore his statement to shreds to remake it as per their intentions. The WM decided the plastic surgeon's statement "actually" meant that he thought she was ugly: despite him saying she fit the standards of beauty, they decide to demote this to mean "she JUST fit the standard of beauty". Also, BTW, which plastic surgeon do you know that wouldn't want to rework everyone? And since when are cosmetic surgeons' views representative of everyday people?

Then they declared that this one man's opinion is representative of all Chinese and declare she is considered "so-so" or a "little ugly" by most Chinese.

(Then they declare here and elsewhere that only the WM - not the unappreciative, ungrateful Chinese male, mind you - is capable of appreciating Chinese feminine beauty. And as seen, the reference is to acclaimed beauties such as Zhang Zi Yi.

They then declare that "that's why she dated a WM at one point in time".)

3. Compare the WM tactic/arguments with the same echoes/argumentation/convolutions magically heard in Mallika Rao/HuffPo presenting the views of an Indian alien-trained plastic surgeon and trying to pass his views off as that of Indians in general:

Quote:Regimens were prescribed by the pageant's in-house doctor, a London-trained plastic surgeon named Jamuna Pai who had what Runkle called a "disturbingly casual" view to skin-lightening treatments concocted with acids and lasers.

"'When an Indian man looks for a bride, he wants one who is tall, fair and slim, and fairer people always get jobs first,'" Runkle says Pai told her. While she quotes Pai admitting that the binary is "being disproved because of the success internationally of dark-skinned models," (see: supermodel Lakshmi Menon), the shift was apparently imperceptible at home. "'We still lighten their skin here because it gives the girls extra confidence when they go abroad,'" Pai reportedly told Runkle.

So HuffPo and Mallika Rao's goal is the same as that of Kingstonian types - who get quoted a lot by the middlekingdomlife type WM, btw:

To make Indian culture, Indians (with an emphasis on men in the plastic surgeon's statement) come across as "evil" to Indian women.

[color="#FF0000"]The links in blue in this post and the huffpo link on the last page are the only important things in this set of posts.[/color]
The short version, before the long versions:

1. web.archive.org/web/20110916202141/http://www.thefighting44s.com/archives/2008/03/27/asian-american-feminism/:

Quote:'Women who identify as “feminists” usually fight against a system of sexism, while women who identify themselves as “Asian American feminists,” [color="#0000FF"]people such as Maxine Hong Kingston and Amy Tan, usually fight against Asian American men. Feminists attack a system, while Asian American feminists attack people. More specifically, they attack people based on race and gender. Maxine Hong Kingston, for example, shamed Asian people by making the false claim that the Chinese word for “slave” and “woman” was the same. She portrayed footbinding as some kind of ritual Chinese practice, despite the fact that it only took place among the upper class–which wasn’t all that large in pre-modern China. A crime? Yes. An epidemic? Not by a long shot. Amy Tan made up orientalist stories where women cut their flesh to make soup, stories that her white audience bought up and cried tears over. She depicted Asian men as rapists and spendthrifts, much in contrast to the white Jesus figures with whom her Asian female characters fall in love. It’s incredibly ironic that despite their claims to stand up for us as Asian Americans, these so-called Asian American feminists seem to rehash the age-old orientalist notions of a feminine orient and a masculine occident. Indeed, it seems that the ultimate path that the Kingstonians seem to preach is that Asian women can *find themselves* by embracing white men and Eurocentric culture. Now it’s hard for many Asian Americans to accept these “Asian American feminist” attacks.It’s hard for us, both men and women, to sit back while people slander our ancestors in order to ingratiate themselves with the majority culture. The lies are so vicious...' [/color]

2. web.archive.org/web/20100116125050/http://www.thefighting44s.com/archives/2008/05/21/pin-the-tail-on-the-asian-male-asian-american-feminism-pt-3-with-bi-bim-bap/

Quote:"as maogirl and nightshade* said, [color="#0000FF"][Asian American feminism] is just a movement to make it socially acceptable for Asian women to f*ck non-Asian men[/color]–which I guess is a fine and noble goal according to some people’s values, but it’s a piss poor version of feminism, and it’s an insult to real feminists."

* Note that both are Asian American females.

(Although the word "feminism" - the various (alleged) variants of it - gets thrown about at these links a lot, it's not the purpose of my posting from them.)
^ May perhaps post longer extracts from the above some other time (for easy search and archival purposes mainly).

The blue (and red) bits in the following.


Quote:Pop Quiz on Transracial & International Adoption

by Emi Koyama

May 4, 2004

1.Why do we have constant over-representation of children of color in the adoption market compared to white children?

2.Why do we have constant over-representation of white potential adoptive families in the adoption market compared to families of color?

3.Why was there a surge of international adoption from Korea in the 50s, and from Vietnam and Cambodia in the 70s? Why were there so many orphans in these countries?

4.What is the relationship between the decline of welfare benefits and social services to poor families, the expansion of the War on Drugs and the Prison Industrial Complex, the increase of upper-middle-class welfare (disguised as "tax credits") given to adoptive families, and the increase of transracial adoptions?

5.Among the children involuntarily removed from families of color, are the majority of them abused? Or, are they "neglected," which could mean that parents could not provide enough food, medical care, or personal attention due to poverty, homelessness, "workfare" requirements, or other social and economic constraints?

6.For which group of foreign-born individuals has the Department of Homeland Security relaxed immigration laws to the point that it grants U.S. citizenship at the moment of entry into the United States? How did that happen when all other immigrants are being stripped of their rights in the aftermath of 9/11?

7.How often do Child Welfare offices intervene to stop the particular form of child abuse known as "parental racism toward their adopted child"? What messages do "children's books" specifically designed "for" transracially adopted children deliver, especially about her or his birth family?

8.Which group of children are cheaper than others to adopt? Which ones are given away for free?

9.How much does it cost to adopt and to raise a child? If that money were given to the birth parents of these children or to their communities, would it still be necessary for them to give up their child?

10.Was there a time in the U.S. history when the white government did not promote breaking down of families and communities of color, through Slavery, forced schooling, internment, incarceration, etc.?

For more information about the relationship between racism and transracial adoption industry, visit Transracial Abductees website (NOTE: Emi is the web person for the Abductees site, but is not editorially involved.)


Answers to Not-So-Obvious Questions

Since posting the "Pop Quiz," some people have requested that I provide "answers" or additional information to help understand the magnitude of the problem. Clearly, these questions are rhetorical in nature and the answers are thus obvious, but there are some that are less obvious, so I am adding below:

3) Why was there a surge of international adoption from Korea in the 50s, and from Vietnam and Cambodia in the 70s? Why were there so many orphans in these places?

The obvious answer, of course, is the American Wars and occupations, but the extent to which they impacted the landscape of international adoption may not be as obvious.

[color="#0000FF"]The whole concept of international adoption was pioneered by Harry and Bertha Holt, the Christian fundamentalists in rural Oregon who supposedly felt sorry for the poverty and malnutrition Korean orphans were in after the Korean War but not sorry enough to have done anything to stop the American troops from killing Korean adults. After successfully lobbying the Congress to adopt eight Korean children, they founded Holt International, the oldest and largest international adoption agency.[/color]

[color="#800080"][Photo caption:][/color] The Holt Family (site)

NOTE: we do not endorse this site.

[color="#800080"][Photo caption:][/color] Operation Babylift (site)

NOTE: we do not endorse this site.


The surge of Vietnamese and Cambodian adoptions in the 70s of course is the result of the U.S. invasion of the region. As the U.S. military evacuated Saigon in the Spring of 1975, President Gerald Ford approved the Operation Babylift, the plan to transport thousands of Vietnamese children to adoptive parents in the West, hundreds of them at a time, before the U.S. was forced out of the country. Some planes went down, killing hundreds of children, but the arilift continued on: Holt International even chartered Boeing 747 to ship over 400 children at most.[/color] [color="#FF0000"]In the panic before the impending collapse of the Saigon government, many of children were shipped without their birth and family documents, and some are said to be taken away against the wish of their Vietnamese parents.[/color]

4) What is the relationship between the decline of welfare benefits and social services to poor families, the expansion of the War on Drugs and the Prison Industrial Complex, the increase of upper-middle-class welfare (disguised as "tax credits") given to adoptive families, and the increase of transracial adoptions?

From "Saved by the System" by Akba Solomon in ColorLines magazine, Fall 2002:

Quote:Sure, federal law requires states to make "reasonable efforts" to keep at-risk children in their homes. But the federal government has vastly underfunded intensive "prevention," "family preservation," and "reunification" efforts since they were mandated in 1980. Last year the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services spent under $300 million for Child Welfare Services "directed toward the goal of keeping families together." But it provided an open-ended entitlement to matching funds for foster care, which amounted to about $5 billion. States also received cash bonuses for each child adopted. There is no such incentive to keep kids out of foster care, which is rife with its own well-documented mental and physical health risks.

5) Among the children involuntarily removed from families of color, are the majority of them abused? Or, are they "neglected," which could mean that parents could not provide enough food, medical care, or personal attention due to poverty, homelessness, "workfare" requirements, or other social and economic constraints on the parents?

From the same article:

Quote:...The National Association of Counsel for Children generally defines neglect as "a failure of caretakers to provide for a child's fundamental needs." Although emotional needs fit this description, child protective policy "typically concerns adequate food, housing, clothing, medical care and education." Few states make a distinction between parents who choose to neglect their children and parents who can't afford food, clothing, and shelter. Essentially, a state can take someone's child because they are too poor. Is it any wonder that nationwide, neglect accounts for a whopping 58.4 percent of verifiable maltreatment cases?

[color="#0000FF"]6) For which group of foreign-born individuals has the Department of Homeland Security relaxed immigration laws to the point that it grants U.S. citizenship at the moment of entry into the United States? How did that happen when all other immigrants are being stripped of their rights in the aftermath of 9/11?

Child Citizenship Act of 2000 changed the immigration law to grant the U.S. citizenship to children adopted from overseas by American parents automatically when they enter into the U.S. Some portion of this law did not go into effect until last year due to bureaucratic reasons (other portions did go into effect in February 2001). As far as I know this is the only class of foreign-born individuals (aside from children of U.S. citizens who are overseas) who receive citizenship automatically simply by entering into the U.S.

The change was prompted by the wealthy pro-adoption lobby, and spearheaded by Rep. Lamar Smith, a Republican from Texas who routinely votes against gays' right to be considered as potential adoptive parents, as well as against immigration rights and welfare and social service spending. In the Senate, the bill was sponsored by Sen. Don Nickles, another conservative Republican from Oklahoma. Unfortunately, no other group of foreign-born individuals have family members as well-funded and well-connected (with the exception of the Saudi royal family, it appears).[/color]



[color="#0000FF"]7) How often do Child Welfare offices intervene to stop the particular form of child abuse known as "parental racism toward their adopted child"? What messages do "children's books" specifically designed "for" transracially adopted children deliver, especially about her or his birth family?

To the first question, see the answer to the question #5 ("emotional needs"). To the second question, there are many variations (I've personally read three, and am aware of several more) of the same story and it goes:

Quote:The protagonist has ABC characteristic while the rest of hir family has XYZ. Not feeling the sense of belonging, the protagonist travels to find hir own kind. After a journey, s/he finally finds others who are just like hir, and tries to get back to living with them. However, being raised in XYZ household, the protagonist is unable to fit in or function properly within the ABC community. OR, the protagonist is rejected by the ABC community because s/he was raised so differently. The protagonist realizes that hir true family had always been the XYZ family, and goes back. The XYZ family warmly accepts hir back, telling hir that they love hir. And they lived happily ever after.

We call this story "Animal Book Story," because ABC and XYZ are always represented as different types of animals. Sometimes, they have different marks on the body (e.g. stripes versus spots); other times, they are different species (e.g. birds and bats). But the basic story is the same: it teaches the child that it's no use trying to find her or his birth family or culture, because they won't fit in or be accepted and loved. I consider it brainwashing in the captivity--and it's promoted as a "reassuring" and "affirming" book for the child! Don't take my word for it: go to the bookstore and ask them to show a children's book you could give to a white couple who had just adopted a young child of color.


[color="#FF0000"]transracialabductees.org[/color]/resource/reviews.html (at the very bottom)[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]8 ) Which group of children are cheaper than others to adopt? Which ones are given away for free?

Three factors are: race, health/disability, and age. More precisely, healthy white infants are the most expensive and everything else follows thereafter.[/color]


abchurch.org/about/news3.php - NOTE: we do not endorse this site.


* how christo aliens with christo-gawd ordained right (aka "US govt & military power") stole children from heathen Vietnamese and Cambodian parents against the latters' wishes with

* along with the final line of how "white infants are the most expensive and everything else follows thereafter". What's not stated - but is a direct implication - is that only western people are allowed to adopt/own western children, even as - as seen above - western people are allowed to openly abduct everyone else's children, in particular non-western and heathen people's children.

compare the above 2 points with:


(Posted by the R2004 blog member once called Inferno who has since more recently renamed himself "Pagan". Didn't know he was a Roman Hellene. Thought it was an Indian of some Hindu-like origins. Guess I was wrong. That, or he doesn't know what the word paganus meant. AnywaySmile

Quote:•Prejudiced Europe falls silent after high-decibel allegations of child-snatching: DNA tests show Bulgarian Roma couple are parents of the four-year-old blonde girl found in Greece: The Roma couple found caring for Maria were charged with abducting a minor and falsifying documents. This seems to be a common occurence: Ireland returns 2 blonde children to Gypsy parents

The last line of which links to:


Quote:Ireland returns 2 blond children to Gypsy parents

By SHAWN POGATCHNIK October 23, 2013 5:29 PM 0 shares

DUBLIN (AP) — [color="#0000FF"]Two blond children who were taken by Irish police from their Romanian Gypsy parents were returned Wednesday to their families after DNA tests determined that the children were rightfully theirs, an episode that raised accusations of racism.[/color]

The Irish police were responding to public tipoffs fueled by media coverage of an alleged child-abduction case in Greece involving a blond-haired girl and a family of Gypsies, known as Roma.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter told lawmakers he was "pleased and relieved" that the children had been returned to their homes. He ordered the police commander, Commissioner Martin Callinan, to produce a report explaining why officers felt it necessary to take the children — a 2-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl — from their families.

"We must all be particularly conscious of the regrettable distress that arose for the two families and their children," Shatter said.

He defended the need for police and child welfare officers to remove children from potentially dangerous homes, but cautioned that Irish authorities must ensure "that no group or minority community is singled out for unwarranted suspicion in relation to child protection issues."

In both cases, police suspected that the children might be victims of abductions because they were blond-haired and blue-eyed, unlike the rest of their immediate relatives.

An estimated 5,000 Roma have settled over the past decade in Ireland, where many have been linked to organized street-begging rackets involving children.

On Monday, police went to one Roma family's home in southwest Dublin and sought the passport and birth certificate of the girl. The family produced them, but police opted to issue an emergency child protection order and place the child in state care. Police said the Romanian passport was not useful because it had a baby photo, not the girl's current appearance, while the birth certificate did not match Dublin hospital records.

On Tuesday, police in the midlands town of Athlone went to another Roma family's home and asked both parents to provide mouth-swab samples from their son and themselves. The boy then was taken away by social workers overnight and returned the next day after the child's parentage was confirmed.

Irish child protection law prohibits the publication of the names of either family because their cases involve the placement of children into state protective custody.

The Athlone family's father told reporters he had assured police that other relatives also had blond hair and blue eyes. He said his wife couldn't sleep all night and the boy's older sister cried much of the night.

The Dublin family's lawyer, Waheed Mudah, issued a statement outside the Family Court accusing the police of acting without justifiable cause.

Mudah said his clients were "very conscious of the fact that this case has been linked" with the Greek child-abduction case, "which has nothing to do with them."

He said his clients hoped parents across Ireland would "consider how they would feel if one of their children was taken away in similar circumstances for similar reasons. They hope no other family has to go through the experience they have suffered."

Pavee Point, a Dublin-based support group for Gypsies, said the police were guilty of racial profiling and child abduction.

The group's co-director, Martin Collins, said he feared that more children "of Roma parents who are not dark-skinned and have brown eyes could be taken away, one after the other, for DNA test after DNA test. It's outrageous. It's despicable."

Ireland's national police, the Garda Siochana, confirmed that both children were returned to their families Wednesday. In a statement the force defended its actions as consistent with child-protection laws, and said the public should be assured "that we take extremely serious(ly) all reports received from members of the public concerning child welfare issues."

The above underlines how the christowest gets all angry and irrational when non-western people somewhere has fair haired/light-eyed kids (only because Roma are part-European), and immediately assume that the kids must be kidnapped. The kids are impounded because non-western people aren't allowed to possess (purportedly) western kids. The other way is of course open season: western people being free to legally abduct non-wetsern children by the truckloads, I mean plane-loads (as seen in Vietnam, Cambodia).

Asians, S Americans and Africans should snatch away all children that are Asian/African or S American from western "adoptive" parents/families and orphanages. All such children are most obviously abducted: when they didn't give birth to the children, the children clearly don't belong to them.

Then need to set up a private DNA database of all the native families who have lost children to christian orphanages where converts (genocidal maniacs) kidnapped kids and sold them to aliens overseas. Then look for a match up of the DNA of these parents with the DNA of all children abducted into alien families, and repatriate these children. (Lots of Hindu families in the NE, especially Vanavasi Hindus, have had their children stolen by christo-aliens via the christo-converted demons/middlemen owning Indian missionary "schools" which serve as abduction half-way houses. See the article "Their other dirty linen" by Sandy Welch, either at internet infidels or secularweb.)

Children whose parents can't be tracked (tentatively to be considered potentially genuine orphans) can be repatriated into Hindu/other Asian/African communities of the particular region from which they were stolen.*

After all, all stealing of children of other populations is - as per the genocide convention - an ACT OF GENOCIDE. The christowest engages in this regularly. You can see alien cinestars regularly collecting accessories in the form of aligator shoes/handbags - I mean their adopted-abducted "ethnic children" - to carry along and show off (to show them off as a trophee of how liberated/non-racist they are), when they are by definition racist for stealing the children of other populations and they are directly involved in the genocide of the ethnic populations by abducting from them. If they actually cared, they would have helped native communities to look after their own young - which is what any heathen would do.

(* A la how China very correctly insists that all their pandas in alien zoos - including those bred by alien zoos - be returned to the native soil.

Speaking of other animals, I remember that earlier this year or so, American trekkers had spotted what they ignorantly assumed was a dog cub among a wolf pack, and so they "heroically" abducted it to "safety". Turns out their Saviour Attitude was - typically - wrong: they had brilliantly kidnapped it from its parents and family, and so it yelped miserably. Useless people. Authorities had to step in and were faced with the difficult task of trying to track down the parents to repatriate the wolf cub. Who knows how it turned out. But oh the losers. Can ya stop meddling already?

Note that if they had abducted a panda in this fashion, repatriation could easily be lethal to the abductee: other pandas apparently instantly detect when a panda has been in human company and will consider it tainted/subverted and therefore kill it. This happens with some species. Anyway, it's one of the reasons why humans find it hard to return pandas that are bred or reared in captivity into the wild: they don't last long.)

Related to the topic of Alien Abductions and especialy Playing Jeebus:

In recent years, the christopropaganda machine came out with the box-office US movie "Machine-gun preacher" based on the 'true' story of some fundy christist American biker or something who decided to go off to (missionised in) the Sudan and play saviour/channel jeebus there (complete with machine gun apparently, going by the 'inspired' title): apparently he turned himself into a saviour of the Sudanese children. (I wouldn't be surprised if he started an lucrative abduction centre there to ship Sudanese babies to the US to "save" them from the christoislamic violence in Sudan.) The christist AmeriKKKans were all ga-ga about the movie and how emotional and beautiful and salvific (and jeebus-like) it all was. Meanwhile everyone else recognised it for the christowestern (and islamic) violence against native society that it was, and that the movie was nothing more than christian dawaganda.

There is of course an unspeakable side to child (including infant) trafficking and which is another and most imperative reason as to why heathen parents should never lose sight of their young, and never - oh but never - let them anywhere near christoconverted cannibal sheep, alien or native missionaries/priests/nuns and the like, missionary centres like churches/christian schools or christian orphanages etc.

For all the reasons you don't - ever - want to know or think of: just don't let them out of your sight. And warn other heathens as well.
1. News from earlier this year, of which I can't remember whether I posted it or not. But it belongs here.

Read between the lines.


Quote:Japan vows to sign child abduction treaty

From: AAP •January 19, 2013 6:47PM

JAPAN'S foreign minister says his country's new government will join a treaty that allows action on child abductions, addressing one of the few rifts in relations with its main ally the United States.

Japan has not signed or ratified the 1980 Hague Convention, which requires the return of wrongfully held children to the countries where they usually live, despite a previous left-leaning government saying it planned to do so.

(Yet no mention of how "adopted" ethnic children held in countries where their ethnicity does not naturally occur and whose birth parents are not from the abductive country are "wrongfully held", hence truly abducted.)

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, whose conservative Liberal Democratic Party returned to power last month, said on a visit to Washington that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government would take the same stance.

"The government of Japan is intending to go through the necessary procedures for early conclusion of the treaty," Kishida told a news conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton said she hoped that Japan's parliament would pass legislation on the Hague treaty during its upcoming session.

Japanese foreign ministry spokesman Masaru Sato, asked about the timeframe urged by Clinton, said the government was serious about taking action.

"We will make our best efforts - all we can - so that early conclusion of the convention will be able to be achieved," Sato told reporters in Washington.

[color="#0000FF"]Japanese courts virtually never grant custody to foreign parents or to fathers, leaving few legal avenues for fathers whose former partners have fled to Japan with their children.

Hundreds of US parents have complained that they have no recourse to see their half-Japanese children. At least 120 have filed cases in Japan, usually to no avail.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]The US Congress has repeatedly pressed Japan to address the issue, with one politician last year proposing counter-measures such as cancelling official visits or refusing export licences for products if Japan does not act.[/color]

The previous Japanese government's position had initially heartened US officials, but their hopes dimmed as Tokyo delayed action on the Hague treaty and indicated that a ratification would only apply to future cases.

Japanese critics of the Hague convention have previously argued that the country needs to protect women from potentially abusive foreign men.

Interesting what the christowest calls "child abduction". And how it always legislates in its own favour.

Note the treaty is applied even in favour of alien abductions ("foreign parents") of - in this case - Japanese children. And throughout the article above, note the stress on "(foreign) men", meaning there's the implicit acknowledgement that many of the children whom AmeriKKKa is here lobbying for are offspring of AF-WM (i.e. the IR disparity). Else why no equal mention of foreign women have the right to children of marriages with Japanese? Any mention would be largely theoretical, as the practical case is hugely owing to defunct AF-WM relationships, which is why the repeated mention of "(foreign) fathers".

Of course Hillary Clinton, like all typical christowestern women and feminists of the christowest, bats for her own ethnicity's men over the rights of Japanese women to keep their children. Note: I understand that in Japan it is traditionally the case that women are considered as having the right to take the children with them upon a split (separation/divorce). Whether you agree or not, it is curious that Clinton insists on trampling on the traditional rights of Japanese women in favour of the alien rights of alien men, who tend to by and large - which is where the stereotype comes from - be in relationships with Asian women for dubious reasons (i.e. exploitation) and whose relationships are by definition unequal.

AmeriKKKa/Hague treaties always bring their christowestern weight to bear down on other nations to legislate internationally (meaning, in othre countries) in their own interests.

2. Anyway, I might as well add a typical link to support some of what was alluded to in the following statement that terminated the previous post:

Quote:There is of course an unspeakable side to child (including infant) trafficking and which is another and most imperative reason as to why heathen parents should never lose sight of their young, and never - oh but never - let them anywhere near christoconverted cannibal sheep, alien or native missionaries/priests/nuns and the like, missionary centres like churches/christian schools or christian orphanages etc.

For all the reasons you don't - ever - want to know or think of: just don't let them out of your sight. And warn other heathens as well.

Usually - for obvious reasons - I avoid posting on child trafficking and stop at the traffick of women. The following is but the tip of the iceberg.


Quote:Sex abuse of babies on the rise

8:39 AM Monday Jul 1, 2013

Babies and toddlers are increasingly becoming targets for paedophiles, a child safety group has said in the wake of a horrific child abuse case.

The comments from ECPAT follows the horrific [color="#0000FF"]international paedophile[/color] case that was cracked with the help of New Zealand's Internal Affairs Department.

[color="#0000FF"]A 42-year-old Australian man has been jailed for 40 years in the United States after he bought a baby boy for US$8000 (NZ$10,321) with his partner, sexually abused the child and traded him to other paedophiles to abuse.[/color]

He and his male partner, who lived in Cairns, were tracked down by authorities after being tipped off by the censorship compliance team at Internal Affairs which investigates online child sex abuse.

The investigation began when senior Internal Affairs investigator John Peacock alerted Australian authorities after noticing something suspicious about a series of photos of a 6-year-old boy, stored on the computer of a man in a separate investigation.

ECPAT director Alan Bell told Radio New Zealand the Department of Internal Affairs was fronting the battle against child sex offenders, but it only had 13 investigators to target the increasing crime rate.

"It's something that we need to stamp out, they do need more resources. As long as it's there and it's so prevalent there's demand that more resources be put towards it.''

[color="#0000FF"]Paedophiles were offending against babies who were not able to speak out, he said.

"The acts are becoming more violent - we're talking about rape and torture. The victims are becoming younger and it's not uncommon, sadly, for toddlers, babies, infants to be violently sexually abused.''

The latest case was particularly bad because the child was bought for the purpose of being abused, Mr Bell said.[/color]

Mr Peacock told RNZ he had seen a trend of younger victims.

[color="#0000FF"]The reason behind that was that "pre-verbal children'' were not able to describe the type of abuse they were suffering, he said.

He said this latest case was rare in terms of the degree of premeditation and global organisation involved.[/color]

"I wouldn't be foolish enough to believe it was not happening elsewhere. I would certainly consider that people who are organised enough, financed enough and resourced enough would be doing these sorts of offences all around the world.''



This is a much bigger problem internationally (the end-"market" is in the christowest and the islamic middle-east, by the way) than the above notes.

The question heathens and others of non-western nations should be asking themselves is: where (geography) are the children - by far most of the children - coming from?

Actually, that's not the question. It is well-known that many of them are stolen from Asian etc countries (Thailand, Philippines). No, the more interesting questions are to "investigate" how much christianism (such as via christian orphanages) are involved in the larger case of the international traffick of children (usually for the purpose of abuse). A lot of these get passed of as "legal" "adoptions" too, you know. I bet there's no Hague Treaty on that, since the people who have an interest in dismantling it are heathens and the people interested in perpetuating it are... christowestern aliens (and ME islamics) and the "native" convert sheep supplying them.

I haven't even posted the reams of disturbing materials on this topic. It is... how to say... the Stuff Of Nightmares. Especially for those who are non-western and heathen parents.

(Alien adopters are not parents, they're abductors: Alien christowestern people think they are entitled to collect kids from everywhere, and view themselves as the saviours of these kids and as the ones who truly "love" them. Since 3rd world people - especially heathens - are incapable of parenting and affection, you see. Not to the same degree as aliens are. I mean, consider how aliens are so far past "racism" that they are willing to abduct ethnic children and put them in their own toy collection cupboards, I mean their alien homes.)
Post 1/2

4 news items on the same topic. I seem to have forgotten to post these.

A typical IR romance.

1. news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/another-amy-cheong-young-mother-complains-about-noise-malay-wedding

Quote:Anton Casey furore: British expat leaves job after Singapore 'poor people' remark


Saturday, Jan 25, 2014

SINGAPORE - A Singapore-based British wealth adviser who set off a firestorm by publicly insulting Singaporeans who have to rely on public transport has "parted ways" with his former employer, the firm said Saturday.

Porsche-driving Anton Casey, 39, who is married to a former Singapore beauty queen, has gone to Australia but has not said what his future plans are following the controversy.

He holds permanent residency in Singapore, which he calls his adopted home, and claims to have received death threats after he referred to public transport users as "poor people" in a social network post.

Casey's employer Crossinvest (Asia) Pte Ltd said in a statement: "Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity."

"Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia and Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect," it added in a Facebook post early Saturday.

In a statement to the Straits Times newspaper on Friday, Casey, a Singapore permanent resident, said he had left for Australia "due to threats made towards my family", asking for forgiveness.

The Briton and his family, now in Perth, faced stinging verbal abuse from Internet users after Facebook posts insulting commuters in the wealthy city-state went viral.

One of the posts showed a picture of a boy, apparently his five-year-old son, sitting inside a metro train with a caption above the photo saying: "Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?"

Many took to social media on Saturday to welcome Casey's departure from the boutique wealth management firm.

Singapore - with a modern public transport system - is one of the world's wealthiest societies, with a per-capita gross domestic product of Sg$65,048 in 2012.

Found in the comments to the above, a good cartoon:


2. independent.co.uk/news/business/news/british-expat-anton-casey-causes-uproar-in-singapore-after-mocking-poor-people-calling-a-taxi-driver-a-retard-9077795.html

Quote:British expat banker Anton Casey causes uproar in Singapore after mocking 'poor people' calling a taxi driver a 'retard'

Porsche-driving Anton Casey has received death threats after his offensive comments went viral

Maria Tadeo Web reporter for The Independent

Wednesday 22 January 2014

A British businessman has issued an apology after receiving death threats in Singapore for mocking "poor people" and calling a taxi driver a "retard" in a series of abusive remarks.

Anton Casey, a fund manager married to a former Miss Singapore, has caused an uproar in the country after posting a picture of his son sitting on a train on Facebook with the caption: "Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?"

Another photo shows the five-year-old in his Porsche, with an equally offensive caption: "Ahhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me."

In a separate Facebook post, the former London stockbroker insulted a local cabbie for wearing a towel on his lap and hand warmers while driving.

He added: "Today's cabbie retard award goes to...Mr Arm Warmers, stripy mittens & towel on the lap man....After all, it's only 37c outside."

(Hmmm. Singaporean cabbie seems to have a keen sense of style. I may have to be drastic and plagiarise his daring fashion sense. And since people always copy my gear too, it'll have started a new trend, all owing to the Kewl Singaporean Cabbie who went with what was comfortable to him instead of what the colonial looter expected of him.)

Anton Casey has apologised after causing an uproar in Singapore where he mocked "poor people" and a taxi driver

Mr Casey, 39, tried to make amends in a YouTube video, but the stunt backfired after he told viewers: "Don't be angry at me, be angry with your mum and dad for raising you a wuss".

(The liar. Singaporeans aren't the cowards: Casey's the one who scampered off to Australia with his tail between his legs whining "I'm being persecuted" and made to eat his words and resorting to pleading to be able to return. Wuss.

What *is* true however - and I'm stating the obvious here - is that Ex-Miss Singapore is only with Casey because she recognised him from the first as a Walking Blank Cheque. He need maintain no delusions on the matter. And oh, that thousand-watt (crocodile) smile she laid on him - when he thought he was being charming and winning her over - well, that was merely her on-demand smile (call it an evolutionary adaptation; plus beauty queens have experience emitting those on cue during pageants). She'll be milking his bank account even after he's dead. So I'm certain Singaporeans have the last laugh here.)

He claims the video was "misused" and taken out of context. He tried to change his Facebook name to Anson Casey but ultimately deactivated the account to stop the abuse.

The financier has received hundreds of angry comments from furious locals and death threats calling for him to leave the country immediately.

(Yay for death threats: always scares off terrorists. Like the above cowardly lunatic ran off into hiding in Australia. Well done Singaporeans, well done. Ingrate barbarians deserve to be chased off. Don't insult the heathen natives, let alone in their homeland.)

Mr Casey has apologised for his "poor judgement" describing Singapore as a "wonderful country".

In a statement, he said: "I have the highest respect and regard for Singapore and the good people of Singapore; this is my home.

(Oh *sure* he does. It was so obvious in everything he said, wasn't it?)

"I wish for nothing more than to be forgiven for my poor judgment and given a second chance to rebuild the trust people have had in me as a resident of this wonderful country."

Mr Casey's firm Crossinvest Asia is investigating his comments and is set to take "appropriate action" once the review is completed.

Managing director Christophe Audergon said: "Crossinvest doest not condone the comments. We believe they were made in poor taste.

"We are currently investigating the comments made by our employee and will take appropriate action once we are in possession of all the facts."

3. sg.news.yahoo.com/british-expat-anton-casey-apologises-for-comments-that-sparked-online-uproar-in-singapore-033857887.html

Quote:British expat Anton Casey on anti-Singaporean Facebook posts: Please forgive me

Yahoo Newsroom – Wed, Jan 22, 2014......Yahoo Newsroom/NTDTV YouTube video screengrab - British national and private wealth manager Anton Casey.

....A private wealth manager in Singapore who sparked outrage online for referring to public transport commuters as "poor people" has apologised.

In a statement issued through Fulford Public Relations on Tuesday, British national Anton Casey said, "I deeply regret having offended and disrespected the people of Singapore. I have the highest respect and regard for Singapore and the good people of Singapore; this is my home."

Several of Casey's comments caused public outrage when screengrabs of his Facebook posts surfaced on various Singapore websites and forums on Monday.

In one post showing a photo of his son seated on an MRT train, Casey said, "Daddy where is your car & who are all these poor people?"

Of another photo showing his son in his Porsche, he said in a post, "Ahhhhhhhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me...!"

In another post, he called a Singapore male cabbie a "retard" for wearing arm warmers and mittens and having a towel on his lap.

[color="#FF0000"]"After 11 years of residency, I am still trying to understand THESE people!" he added.[/color]

Casey, who is believed to be staying in Sentosa Cove and is married to 2003 Miss Singapore Universe pageant winner Bernice Wong, said that due to a "security breach" of his personal Facebook page and the misuse of an old video by unknown sources, his family, especially his five-year-old son, "suffered extreme emotional and verbal abuse online".

Many people who saw the posts and video reacted negatively, with many calling the expatriate "arrogant" and urging him and his family to get out of Singapore.

"It must be made extremely clear that a YouTube video of me, with my son in the background, was not posted in response to any recent events. This video was made weeks prior and has been misused to portray me as unreprentant," he said.

Casey added that police investigations were ongoing into the matter, including death threats his family have received.

He also urged people to forgive him and give him a second chance, noting that his five-year-old son "is an innocent party to this unfortunate and extremely stressful situation".

"I wish for nothing more than to be forgiven for my poor judgement and given a second chance to rebuild the trust people have had in me as a resident of this wonderful Country," he concluded.

One male expatriate who got to know Casey and his family over the past several months told Yahoo Singapore that the wealth manager had a very British sense of humour, which can be very scathing, "but it can cross lines and it did cross lines".

"I had to defriend him on Facebook because I couldn't stand the rubbish he was writing about all sorts of people," the expat said, adding that Casey's wife and son though were "sweet".

Here is a video of Anton being interviewed about Singapore's private wealth industry in 2010.


About this again -

Quote:(Anton Casey) insulted a local cabbie for wearing a towel on his lap and hand warmers while driving.

He added: "Today's cabbie retard award goes to...Mr Arm Warmers, stripy mittens & towel on the lap man....After all, it's only 37c outside."
In case it wasn't clear, the local cab driver is rather likely to have had the mittens on him in order to deal with a burning hot steering wheel. During hot summer days, if the car's been out in the sun long, I keep wishing I'd remembered to bring my gloves for once in order to grasp the wheel properly. But unlike me, the cabbie is sensible and prepared. Alternatively he may have been feverish or - who knows - some reason for choosing to have mittens and arm warmers with him.

The towel on the lap may likewise simply be for wiping his brow: don't know about others, but just driving for 20 mins in the car on a hot day and I already feel like my face will melt off. Anyone who's a chauffeur is likely to be in a car for a large part of their day, so their having a towel near to hand in a 37 degree C situation to wipe off perspiration seems perfectly sensible. The fact that Casey can't even envision that any reasoning may exist behind the practical 'fashion' of the cab driver further proves that Casey is the moron and not the cabbie. Besides, who in the world would it matter to - except morons - what a cabbie wears, since it has no bearing on what his services are hired for, which is for getting passengers to their destinations on time.
Post 2/2

4. And to complete the picture, can't leave out the premier gossip ragazine of the UK, now can I? Features photos of the Ex-Miss Singapore hanging on the arm of her easy supply of funds:


Quote:Out of a job: Banker who sneered at poor and 'the stench of public transport' sneaks his family out of Singapore... in economy class

•Anton Casey caused outrage with sneering posts about poor people

•Wealth management firm confirms that he no longer works there

•Mr Casey, 39, says he, his wife and son have moved after 'threats'

•Left Singapore on economy flight to Perth with a hat pulled over his face

•Former employer Crossinvest Asia announced his departure on Facebook

By Simon Parry In Singapore

PUBLISHED: 16:00 GMT, 25 January 2014 | UPDATED: 02:53 GMT, 26 January 2014

A British banker who caused outrage by sneering at poor people on Facebook lost his job yesterday, having been forced to flee Singapore with his family.

Disgraced Anton Casey, 39, sneaked out of the city state on an economy-class flight to Perth in Australia with a hat pulled down over his face.

Hours later his employer, Crossinvest Asia, pointedly used Facebook to announce his departure.

Mr Casey, who was accompanied by his wife Bernice, a former Miss Singapore, and their five-year-old son, triggered fury last week by posting a series of insulting Facebook updates that quickly spread around the globe. It led to a campaign to deport him.

In one post, the wealth manager, who lived in Singapore for 12 years, complained about experiencing ‘the stench of public transport’ while his Porsche was in the garage.

He also described a taxi driver as a ‘retard’ and posted a photograph of his son sitting on a train with the caption: ‘Daddy where is your car and who are all these poor people?’

In a grovelling email yesterday sent from Australia to a Singapore newspaper, the former HSBC banker described his remarks as ‘the worst mistake of my life’.

Mr Casey wrote: ‘I hope the people of Singapore will allow me to volunteer my time and resources to community projects to make amends.

‘I also hope the people of Singapore, my adopted home, will forgive me over time.’

Mr Casey said he had been forced to leave the country because of threats to his family, but insisted: ‘Singapore is our home, and we hope to return.’

Scroll down for video

IMG: Death threats: British wealth manger Anton Casey and his wife, former Miss Singapore Bernice Wong

IMG: Miss Singapore Bernice Wong (left), the wife of Mr Casey, alongside Miss Slovac Republic Petra Mokrosova, Miss Slovenia Polona Bas and Miss South Africa Cindy Nell at the 2003 Miss Universe beauty contest in Panama City

(Useless trivia: Reminiscent of how Sushmita Sen dated one of her Miss Universe judges afterwards: one Ricky Martin, a Latino singer whose popularity peaked in the late 90s I think - and who predictably announced some years later that he had always been gay. Yes, even when dating Sushmita "Miss Universe" Sen. She could have seen that one coming... I actually suspect many of Sushmita's string of christoislamic beaus are gay. (Actually the bollywho khan types are all a *tad* effeminate - I don't mean to call into question people's chromosomal configurations, but I've never been wrong so far...) Time for them all to come out of the closet. Christoislam may try to disown/murder them for it, but I have always supported gay rights, so just own up to it already creepy dudes.

And now back to the actual topicSmile

However, in a message posted on Facebook, Crossinvest Asia, a wealth management company, said: ‘The online comments made by Mr Casey do not represent the culture that we have built over many years.

'Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia and Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect.’

Mr Casey also faces possible prosecution if he returns to Singapore after a complaint of sedition was lodged with police. It is under investigation.


IMG: Miss Singapore 2003, Bernice Wong, wears a typical dress during the preliminary round of the Miss Universe contest

IMG/SCREENGRABS: Mr Casey posted these updates on Facebook, which he later apologised for

The former colony is home to about 50,000 British expats. Many are hired by multinational banks on lucrative packages and are notorious for ‘Hoorah Henry’ antics.

A senior British banker, who has lived in Singapore for 15 years, said: ‘Casey is a pillock but unfortunately there are plenty of idiots like him with too much money and attitude.

‘The public mood is very ugly. All the major banks have given informal warnings to their expat staff to cut back on the champagne and partying until this all blows over.’

(Now's their chance to chase all the lingering colonial patriarchy out.)

Locals applauded his exit. On the Real Singapore blog, Jesse Loo wrote: ‘These kind of bigoted remarks cannot be tolerated anywhere.’

IMG: Destination: Mr Casey and his family have relocated to Perth, Australia, in the wake of threats

I understand the dude's loaded and was easy pickings, but still: ex-Miss Singapore sure knew how to pick 'em. He's not just stupid, he's vile.

And no doubt Casey's comeback to the Singaporean backlash would have been "I'm not a racist, my girl is Singaporean, see?"

- A la that racist Hindu-baiting indologist "Arnaud", seen in the indologists thread, who declared 'I'm not a racist, my girl is Chinese.'

- Or that crazy indologist unHindu Amrikan "convert" to Hinduism who was seen - and may, for all I know, *still* be seen - commenting on Elst's blog (which seems to attract just those kinds of "Hindu" hangers-on). The character I speak of goes by the name "HorseFriend", though I seem to have always misread it as Horse Manure, maybe because I'm twice as illiterate when it's convenient. As I recall, he'd insert his back-handed remarks from indological superiority by waving not only some alleged "certificate" of conversion to Hinduism (recognised by whom? The christogovt maybe, which accepts any source of funds in return for paper, but certainly not the Hindu community, which never accepted alien converts, let alone handing out "certificates" to them) but also waved about his trophee Indian "brahminical" Marathi wife - after which he then insulted her family by IIRC saying that owing to his indologicalness he knew more than them and they didn't know much about Hinduism (or was it that they didn't know about brahminical tradition, whatever) - although, given that she married an alien and her family didn't kick her and her alien spouse out of the family and out of India immediately - and seem to moreover stomach his insults of them even when rendered on some internet blog - may lend credence to his claim that they were not very Hindu and merely new-ageists. So ultimately no loss, I figure: any so-called "Hindu" fe/male residing in India who marries an alien, or any "Hindu" residing anywhere who marries an indologist (or marries a "convert") is obviously just gangrene at best.

And *50,000* colonials - probably predominantly male - parked in Singapore and most of them no doubt parasiting on the colonized females. Eewwww.

Oh, I remember ex-Miss Singapore's name "Bernice Wong" from news that was already pasted in the previous page of this thread.

It contained the Singaporean news article that was advertising for how "romantic" couples consisting of Singaporean female with western male (like ex-pat Brits) was Da Thing to be into. I wonder whether the "The New Paper" that was into promoting this idiot trend - the article was for "Valentine's Day" after all - has started to issue retractions already or whether the native Singaporeans will have to chase them out as well:


[quote name='Husky' date='08 September 2013 - 07:55 PM' timestamp='1378649848' post='116781']

Quote:Local guys not hot enough?

I have here an abstract from The New Paper which is posted on the 14th Feb 2010


More female local celebs are hooking up with Caucasians

LATELY, it seems the appetite among local female celebrities for ang mohs has increased.

By Germaine Lim

14 February 2010


For Bernice, her height requirement eliminates '95 per cent of local guys'.

The 32-year-old beauty queen is 1.77m and her English husband of two years, Anton Casey, is 1.85m.

Bernice, who's now a make-up trainer at her own Bernice Wong Beauty International company, added: 'I have never been able to click with local guys. Somehow, our personalities don't match up.

'I've only dated one local guy so my answers aren't a good benchmark.

'But I will say that the local guys I've met are pretty sheltered. I'd like them to be more masculine, not so 'baby-ed' and less childish.'

[color="#800080"](Wow. She's bought into all the psyops against E Asian men. She just badmouthed all her male relatives.)[/color]

Said Bernice: "I'd like [Singaporean men] to be more masculine, not so 'baby-ed' and less childish.'"

Really? Insulting her people with crude remarks - like her vile ang-moh husband did - is not "childish"?

And the Singaporeans were very 'masculine' in chasing off the terrorist. While her husband was the coward who ran away: making him neither man nor woman.

Bernice needs to face it: seen from any angle, she married a loser. So she may eat her words now.

Not to mention that when her dear husband said "After 11 years of residency, I am still trying to understand THESE people!" - he was talking about all Singaporeans, including her AND her half-Singaporean son. (Unless she imagines that she's someone specially exempted from being Singaporean because she chose to contract this in STD-form from her alien husband?)

Can't believe she didn't divorce him over this. Then again, I guess that can be taken as further proof that she's merely waiting for him to kick the bucket already, so that she can finally withdraw his accumulated cash. And looking at his pictures, he does look rather bloated like alcoholics do. His liver must be in a poor state. He's not long for this world now, might as well start taking his leave and transferring his funds to the Mrs. Though death threats may ultimately have been unnecessary, it does show that the Singaporeans won't take it lying down. If some ang-moh had done such a thing in India about India/ns, then christoislamicommunists would have crowned him - like what they do for that Hindu-and-India-baiting British aristocrat-criminal William Dalrymple (an even more fatally-bloated-looking fellow, as per the pic of him at indiafacts.co.in).

[color="#0000FF"]The news was that a British expat - married to a Singaporean beauty queen - repeatedly insulted Singapore and Singaporeans and then they threatened him and he went howling all the way to Australia, taking his wife and her son with him, and has since been grovelling to be allowed to return:

- independent.co.uk/news/business/news/british-expat-anton-casey-causes-uproar-in-singapore-after-mocking-poor-people-calling-a-taxi-driver-a-retard-9077795.html

- sg.news.yahoo.com/british-expat-anton-casey-apologises-for-comments-that-sparked-online-uproar-in-singapore-033857887.html[/color]
And the other side too has its long-term disadvantages to identity -

1. rbth.asia/society/2013/05/25/the_key_to_a_happy_russo-chinese_marriage_46943.html

Quote:What makes Chinese marry Russians?

May 25, 2013 Larisa Smirnova, RBTH Asia

According to an opinion which is gaining popularity in the Chinese media and social networks, there is a surplus of women in Russia and a surplus of men in China. Therefore, the reasoning goes, mixed Russo-Chinese marriages are the way to go.

The journalists and their readers may also have partially come under the spell of the Chinese TV dating game show You Are the One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao, which is based on the Australian game show Taken Out).

On the show, female participants of Russian origin make it clear that they don't care all that much whether their future husband earns a lot, has a flat and a car (the three mandatory attributes of a worthy groom in the books of Chinese brides). The audience's conclusion is that Russian ladies make low-maintenance wives. But is that really so?

The hard facts

There is actually no surplus of marriage-age women in Russia. According to the latest nationwide census, the ratio of boys to girls in the age group of up to one stood at 105 to 100 in 2010. This trend continues into the age of marriage: the National Research University – Higher School of Economics estimates the average age at first marriage in Russia to be 25 for females and 27 for males. In the age group of 27, there are 989 women for every 1,000 men. The overall surplus of women in Russia is accounted for by the prevalence of females in other age groups.

(The above is useful to know as the oft-mentioned "surplus of Russian women" is not generally broken down by age-group, but such information is precisely what's relevant to discussions of Russian intermarriages with others.)


What makes a happy Russo-Chinese couple?

"I have always had very high standards on men," says Maria, a Russian woman married to a Chinese. "Most of these standards have to do with the man's personal qualities, not his financial or social status, which are also very important factors but not at all decisive."

Maria married Xiao Bo five years ago; one year later they had a son. They live in China but think of themselves as people of the world and speak English to each other.

"I speak Russian and know the Russian culture well," says Zhang Wei, a Chinese businessman who has been married to Anna from Russia since 2008. "We are more of a Russian family; all our habits are European. Although we live in China, I have come to think of the Russians as virtually my people. I have even been baptised! We have a three-month-old son. Our child must grow up international and get used to two different cultures. Our dream is for him to attend school in China for the first six years and then complete his secondary education in Russia. As for a university degree [smiles], he might want to get that in the USA!"

Katya met her future husband Xue Zhu in China in 2007. He knew almost nothing about the Russian culture back then but is doing his best to catch up now.

Katya and Zhu speak Chinese at home but do not consider themselves to be a Chinese couple. "I wouldn't call us either a Russian or a Chinese family," says Katya. "We currently live in China; we have not been thinking seriously of moving so far, but we are citizens of the world and would like to go live somewhere else in the future."

Russian women's expectations

(This entire section is about how Russian women <do things/view things in such and such a way, which seem to be deliberately set up by the Russian female author as an implicit contradistinction to how she *thinks* Chinese women do and view things, or what the "real" motives behind Chinese women's behaviour and views are. BTW, it goes without saying that Chinese women don't come off looking good in such a skewed comparison.)


2. rbth.asia/society/2013/06/18/russian-chinese_marriages_love_or_convenience_47399.html

Quote:Russian-Chinese marriages: Love or convenience?

June 18, 2013 Artem Zhdanov, RBTH Asia

Russian and Chinese mixed couples: How do they cope with country and culture differences?


Despite active cooperation between the two countries and their geographic proximity, there has not been a significant increase in the number of Russian-Chinese marriages. Even in border areas, mixed marriages are more of a rarity than an ordinary thing. This observation is confirmed by statistics: according to the Maritime Territory registry office, in 2009, there were 14 Russian-Chinese weddings in the region; in 2010, 13; and in 2011, just 10. In Harbin, which is considered to be China's most "Russian" city and where at the start of the last century there were tens of thousands Russian migrants, there are now hardly more than 200 Russian-Chinese mixed families.

(Yet see also articles further articles below)

Usually, in these families the husband is Chinese, while the wife is Russian. This is partly due to demographic factors: in Russia, like in the most of the world, there are more women than men, whereas in China the situation is the opposite and men greatly outnumber women.

But this is not all. There are several other reasons that are believed to prompt Chinese men to look for their other half among Russian women. First, it is considered prestigious; second, the "one family – one child" policy does not apply to mixed marriages; and third, it gives them an opportunity to get Russian citizenship. At the same time, many believe that Russian girls marry Chinese men for their money and because they want to move to China. In reality however, the reasons lie in the realm of feelings.

("It is considered prestigious" -> isn't that the same excuse with many westernised Indian or America's African men marrying European-origin women? Why are Chinese men uniquely censured for this?

Yekaterina Komova, 28, and Qin Jianping (秦剑平), 25, have been living together for nearly two years. They live and work in Beijing. Yekaterina is working in a news agency, while her partner is a musician. "As for Chinese men's good qualities, they are great at fixing things around the house, they care about their family, they treat their wives with respect and as their equals. As for cultural differences, many think that they are a downside, but I believe the opposite is true: they make things far more interesting, one can learn a lot about the language and culture of another country. As for all those 'culture clashes' that allegedly prevent many people from building relationships, they could be classed together with so-called 'personality differences'.

(Can note that the blue things above are quite opposite to the stereotype of Chinese men promoted by the far-west. But then, the same set of articles contained in this post then go to run down Chinese women as not being worthy of Chinese men, or make them seem mercenary rather than practical, despite Russian women actually being no less practical in their choice, though that last aspect is simply denied and brushed off.)


While Chinese men, who think that Chinese women are mercenary and spoilt, are looking for wives among Russian girls, women in China have developed a new fad too: they are looking for husbands among foreigners. Very often it is just a "means" to go abroad or improve their financial situation.

However, according to a Beijing dating agency, men from Russia are not in great demand as Chinese women are more interested in candidates from the USA and Europe. This is partly due to stereotypes that still hold sway among Chinese women: that men in Russia drink a lot and beat their wives. However, there are also Chinese women who have proven by their personal experience that this is no more than a prejudice.

(As an aside, ^these^ and far worse stereotypes of Russian men is more common still in the west where it has been promoted by and in the west for decades, so that all inter-marriages between western Europeans/Americans and Slavic esp. Russian women has been uni-directional: western men marry Slavic women, Slavic men marry Slavic women.)

Chen Xingyan (陈幸欣), 29, has been living in Kazan since 2006; she married a Russian man four years ago. "There are many stereotypes among the Chinese about Russian men, unfortunately, almost always unfavourable. For example, that Russian men drink vodka all the time, are unfaithful to their wives and so on. In fact, there are many responsible and decent men in Russia, who love their family. While bad examples can be found among Chinese men, too. Everything depends on the person, not on their nationality," she says.

(Yet this more even-handed view of considering "individuals" is exactly what AmriKKKa's subversionist projection about E Asians existing in their midst will not allow: E Asian men are made invisible else painted as undesirable in every way.)


There are no legal barriers for Russian and Chinese nationals to marry each other. For a Chinese national to get married in Russia, they must be over 18 years old, present a note, verified at the Chinese consulate, that they are not married in China, and have a valid passport with a Russian visa. For a marriage to take place in China, the requirements are the same, except that the age threshold is different: for women it is 20 years and for men, 22.

Most of the couples featured above live in China or are planning to move there. They believe that a young family has more opportunities in a fast-growing Chinese economy.


(Since they're mostly settling in China - as stated above - there is obviously still an element of self-preservation/"mercenary" nature to the Russian bride's choice. Then why unfairly criticise Chinese women who know the difficult realities of finding a home etc in fast-modernising Chinese cities too well?)

3. The sole comment on the above article is interesting:

Quote:Scizor Winchester

Wait,if marriage between Chinese men and Russian women is very little,only as many as 10-15 marriage each year,then why is this Russian MP so insecure and said biggest threat come from Chinese men.


And why is pravda reported that there are tens of thousands of marriage between Chinese men and Russian women?


Reply · Like· May 1 at 8:15am

4. Already knew about the intermarriage disparity between Russians and Americans(/W Europeans) - but didn't know it was being consciously promoted even in Russia:


Quote:Americans Marry Russian Women. What For?


American men use Russian women for self-affirmation. The latter seem to be liking this fact

Marriages between Russian women and American men are very successful and harmonious, Olga Makhovskaya, the senior research assistant at the Psychology Institute in Russia's Academy of Sciences says. When an American man switches from the model of American family where husband and wife are partners equal in rights to the model of an Orthodox family, he thus raises his own significance. In Orthodox families men are given more authority and are more respected. It is certainly an advantage for a man and raises his social and psychological status. In a word, American men seem to have tired of the feminism propagated by American women, and it is frequent that they seek Russian women to start families.

Russian wives in America give up the traditional model of the Russian Orthodox family which relieves them of a heavy burden of responsibility and gives a chance to have a normal life in a family where the range of responsibilities is more definite for them: children, family affairs and housekeeping. At that, Russian women enjoy more attention and support from husbands.

(AmeriKKKans regularly troll "traditional" christian countries (e.g. catholic Philippines and orthodox Ukraine/Russia etc) for women, in pursuit of the dream of more stable families - "less chance of divorce" (since divorce is forbidden for Filipinos) - and more obedient/less demanding wife. )

As psychologists say, now Russian men undervalue the essence of family. The whole of the burden, housekeeping, upbringing of children, earning of money are shifted onto women. And, at the time when Russian women have so much responsibilities, their husbands spend their time dozing in front of TV sets in desperate attempts to find out the meaning of life and to understand the truth of the universe. They merely disregard everyday problems that are essential for their families as they consider the above mentioned idle thinking to be of higher importance.

That is why, as Olga Makhovskaya thinks relations in families between Russian and American partners are more harmonious. Each party gets what it wants to have. Husbands get authority and status, and wives are given, in exchange, peace in family and well-being. "Families of this kind where husbands are Americans and women are Russians prove to be long-living, as the roles in the family are clearly distributed and the mechanism operates good, although these are mixed families. In such families each of the couple is ready to make concessions and on the whole, wonderfully performs the role."

(Wait, is that a Russian "Maxine Hong Kingston/Amy Tan" type argument for a Russian Female + AmeriKKKan Male combination? Is there any version of this story where W-Europe doesn't always come out on top?)

In addition, as researches held by Olga Makhovskaya reveal, marriages between Chinese men and Russian women are also very successful. “There are tens of thousands of such marriages in Russia's Primorye region in the Far East. Chinese men are hard-working, they don't abuse in alcohol drinking and bring their wages home. In a word, they have lots of advantages by contrast with Russian men." It is sad, but the researches don't mention for whom Russian men suit wonderfully.

(While it's nice to see how for once Chinese men aren't run down, can't help wonder at how easily people dismiss their own kind as unworthy. I wonder where such betrayal is born... And why do western European men get to escape it, when they deserve it far more, having illegally crowned themselves top of the food chain - by propaganda against Asian and Slavic men - and from where W-European men go about still living out their colonial fantasies by collecting Asian trophy wives and in recent decades also Slavic ones?

And doesn't it bother Russian women? Since, after all, W-Europe is the sink where most Traffick of women - including famously that of E European and Asian women - finds termination. The other sink is the islamic ME.)

Olga Blagodarova

The Tatarstan Izvestia newspaper

5. Note that the following is from almost a decade ago and the laws mentioned may perhaps not have been implemented or not hold now, but the intermarriage disparity must be somewhat significant as it has not gone unnoticed:


Quote:Hands off our women, Russian nationalist MP tells foreigners

By Andrew Osborn in Moscow Sunday 12 June 2005

Scandalised by the fact that some of Russia's most beautiful women are opting to marry foreigners instead of Russians, the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky is backing a bill that would make them think twice before exchanging vows with a non-Russian.

His party, the incongruously named Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), has drafted a draconian marriage bill that will now be considered by the Duma, the Russian parliament.

It envisages severe penalties for Russian girls or women who "unpatriotically" choose to wed a foreigner, a trend the LDPR believes is robbing the country's gene pool of its greatest resource.

In rhetoric uncomfortably reminiscent of that used by the Nazis, the party believes that the large number of Russian women taking foreign spouses is a threat to national security that risks undermining Russian identity and "the purity of the Russian race". It is proposing punishing such female "traitors" by stripping them of their Russian citizenship, deporting them to the country of their new husband and never allowing them to return. The LDPR also wants them to feel the pain in their pockets and is suggesting that their Russian assets be automatically distributed among their relatives or given to the state.

The bill has formally been proposed by LDPR MP Nikolai Kuryanovich, a member of the parliament's powerful National Security Committee, with the explicit backing of the fiery Mr Zhirinovsky. "Our wonderful women are the best in the world," Mr Kuryanovich told Ekho Moskvy radio. "Wherever I have been, I have rarely seen beautiful girls, only in Russia and some other Slav nations."

Calling Russia's female population a "national treasure", the MP said it must not be "spoilt" by unpatriotic weddings. The bill was being introduced "in order not to squander our gene pool".

If nothing was done, said Mr Kuryanovich, outsiders would acquire worrying levels of influence and territory in Russia through their spouses. The offspring of such ill-advised matches would not grow up to be "genuine" Russians. He saw the biggest threat coming from Chinese men, whose choice of potential spouses at home has been restricted by Beijing's "one child" policy. Many have settled in Russia's far east with Russian brides, who appreciate the fact that their foreign husbands tend to drink far less than local men.

"If we don't react now, in 50 or 100 years the Chinese and other Asian nations will be masters in our house and the Russians will become service staff," claimed the MP.

Though the bill is unlikely to become law, because it does not enjoy the support of President Vladimir Putin's powerful United Russia party, the fact that it has been proposed, and will be seriously considered by the parliament, has alarmed some. Lev Ponomarev, a human rights activist, said it reminded him of the ban on marrying foreigners introduced by Stalin in 1947. "These are attempts to restore the Soviet Union," he said. "This is another step towards the creation of a new Stalinist regime."

Mr Zhirinovsky and his associates seem unlikely to dampen Russian women's desire for a "normal" life in the West with a foreign husband. A poll by Ogonyok magazine last year showed that one in three 17- to 25-year-old women dreamt of marrying a foreigner.

(Red bit indicates that the Russian woman's primary preference is for western, i.e. European-origin, male.)

While it is understandable that populations fear losing females [or males] to competing populations (e.g. in this case, losing Russian women to China or AmeriKKKa, which last is a traditional enemy of Russia) - and which fears have been expressed in some manner or other by other people who're suffering from peculiar gender-drain too - some of the above statements are quite over the top besides being obviously racist: There's long been a very large E-Asian-looking population in Russia, speaking Russian. Seen in several Soviet films made in the was it 60s/70s (?) or so featuring all-E Asian looking actors, yet speaking Russian. They weren't Siberian or far-NE Russian populations either, and looked actually Chinese rather than Mongolian.

So whether new additions would be more Chinese than Russian, or would integrate into becoming "culturally-Russian" as happened before is not yet known.

Further, considering that so many Chinese men married to Russian women (and some even converting to orthodox christianism) consider themselves "citizens of the world" rather than Chinese, or even consider themselves more Russian than Chinese means that Russia has little to fear, practically.

I wonder what Indians will do, if ever in the same position (the whole "rape" accusation has certainly somewhat limited Indian men's chances for the foreseeable future; which IMO is a good thing for Hindoo society. On the other hand, since the international projection of Indian males as rapists was at least partly in order to alienate Indian women, Hindoo society is not entirely safe from further tampering).

Actually, I take it back: don't really care about what modern Indians do. They're more wannabe-western (yet more lame) than other non-W-European populations. It suffices that I know what they *would* do if the circumstances were made right for it by social engineering: no population that falls harder for soc eng, after all.
X-post from another with minor adjustments.


Quote: Russell Peters was doing a comedy show here last week and he noticed an Asian woman and man in the front row. If you’ve ever been to a comedy show, you know better than to sit in the front. Anyway, he asked this Asian guy his name and he made the usual racial joke that his real name must sound like a kungfu move. He asked them if they were together. He said no and that they were just coworkers. He asks him if he’s single and he responds yes. He turns to the Asian woman and asks if she’s single. She responds no.

Without hesitation, he then asks how her parents feel about her dating a white guy. The whole audience was just laughing their asses off. She didn’t do anything except look down. He did manage to stick up for Asian guys though. He said that at least he knows why Indian women might flee Indian men because of arranged marriages but he also joked about body odor and being boring engineers but he actually said that there was no real reason for Asian men to get the shaft.

Had deliberately omitted posting the above link for reasons of cowardice ultimately: as usual, hoped they could remain private fears and not become public realities. So much for that.

Compare the blue bit to the nazi type statements made about the Jews, portraying them as untermenschen and creating odium against them.

But Christo (Euro-)Indians being the Eternal Bog of Stench really have no leg to stand on.

That the Eurasian i.e. literal Indo-European (but is there any other kind?) is a catholic:


Quote:Russell Dominic Peters (born September 29, 1970)[3] is a Canadian comedian and actor. He began performing in Toronto in 1989 and won a Gemini Award in 2008.[4]


Peters was born in Toronto, Ontario to Eric and Maureen Peters. When he was four, the family moved to nearby Brampton. His older brother Clayton now serves as Peters' manager.[5] Peters is Catholic and of Anglo-Indian descent.[6] His late father was born in Bombay (now Mumbai), India and worked as a federal meat inspector; Peters regularly features stories about him in his comedy work.[7]

from German news source Deutsche Welle

And yet again: note how the focus is on blaming "tradition" and "patriarchy" for why Taiwanese women don't want to get married.

Deutsche Welle articles is clearly christist: it has recently attacked heathen India, heathen Japan, heathen Taiwan. Always implying "tradition" and/or "patriarchy" or society.

You'd never see Europeans blaming christianism and western patriarchy (which has suddenly been made invisible in public discourse) for the demographic fall in Europe or the divorce rates in the US/rest of the west.

Ironically a large reason for the growing number of younger Taiwanese women not wanting to get married is the westernisation of these women's mindsets: having been inundated with the notion that getting married will come at the expense of their independence else their work "career" (but why not have both if they want?), they are pre-rigged into thinking that the system is 'patriarchal' and so don't want to get married.*

Taiwanese heathen men are NOT patriarchal. The ones I know are rather wonderful.

Don't know why the growing number of heathen Taiwanese women don't just take the plunge into marriage and make the best of it. Because heathen Taiwanese women are also wonderful, though most of the ones I know are married. So it's a match made in heaven. (That last is a literal Daoist statement, BTW.)

IIRC the rajeev2004 blog once brought up an article about the same changes and reasonings taking place in Japan, also leading to an inverse pyramid shape of the population (greying population).

The perception is still that in Japan - not China or Taiwan for instance - women will become housewives upon marriage. But it's surprising how many young female Japanese authors etc project this as natural to *themselves* (to the female authors and the average Japanese females, that is the gender in Japan).

Western feminists have the meanest things to say about this "Japanese female mentality" and keep insisting it has been imposed by - who else - "The Patriarchy".

Apparently Japanese women, despite having been a first world population for many decades, can't think for themselves. <- Ironically it is the western feminists who deny Japanese women agency. In reality, Japanese women have thought about it, and it's their right to do as they please. And many seem to still choose to be housewives. If they can afford it, why not? Lucky them.

In fact, many Chinese and Taiwanese women I know have thought about it too. To repeat, since it belongs in this thread: they earn to support their family, since the cost of living in China (and apparently Taiwan too) is high. But they find that taking care of kids and the household also places great demands on their time and energy, despite having the help of their husband (the other full-time worker) in household matters. These women have repeatedly said that if they could only be assured enough income for the family, then they'd prefer to stay at home to focus better on their families and have more quality time with the kids. (Sadly they and their husbands don't earn enough combined to allow it.) [In fact, once they had babies, the men also kept thinking about if only they could retire and play with the kids more. But if a family can only afford for one parent to retire and if both parents would like to retire, then women's choice comes first, while men don't even have the right to protest and appeal to "equal rights". <= That's the real nature of gender "equality" and "women's rights". But I never said the world was fair.]

The E Asian women I spoke to said they don't mind work, however - they do what they need to, as do their men - but that work is not an end in itself to them: they're not ambitious. But they also said that rather than some desk job say, they'd prefer to be able to do work that could contribute to build their community and strengthen it (such as teach Mandarin or Chinese culture to the next generations).

One has to respect their decisions or their actual wishes - to retire if only they could - even if many of them haven't been able to make these come true (as the income to the family is not sufficient to allow them to retire). Just because staying-at-home is not something all Asian women would choose to do doesn't mean it's not the right of some women or even a large part of a whole nation of women (Japan) to choose for themselves. How dare western feminists make it their business? Let alone to intervene in an entire nation's society? Clearly western fembot intervention is for social-engineering and for weakening Asian societies, to better allow the west (western patriarchy) hegemony and overlordship over Asia, as others have observed.

Some feminists actually think that the existence of a "housewife" anywhere in the world is a threat to feminism and serves but as a prop for the patriarchy. Fascists.

And so they naturally go crazy whenever Japan is the topic. They try to attack the Japanese society on gender lines in any way they can. Even the abuse Japanese language gets from western feminist students of Japanese (who're only in it for the social engineering) is on these lines: they explicitly state they want to "de-gender" the language, because it goes against "egalitarianism". And they've been busy brainwashing a few native JP women to this end. How dare alien demons make it their business to aim to de-gender some other population's language? Feminists think all things pertaining to females anywhere or even anything feminine - even mere words - is their field, and their right to contort or destroy. Demons.

(Japanese is not a 'gendered' language by literal construction but by usage: women tend to use more refined self-references, men more practical self-referencse. As a result some self-expressions are deemed "feminine" because women mostly have tended to say them, vs how some self-expressions are thought of as "masculine" because men have tended to say them more recently. Though historically, artistocrats tended to self-reference with the refined terms too, in which case it is seen as both extremely masculine and distinguished.)

Heathen E Asian women should stop thinking like they're living breathing western feminist slogans and start thinking like who they actually are: heathen individuals who are part of a heathen society. They should take a long view of their place therein, and then make decisions about what they actually want to do, be and achieve. If they want to have a family, they should just have one instead of scaring themselves with "patriarchy" spooks that aren't there and overthinking it. Get married - heathen Taiwanese and Chinese men for example are a prize - they can have as many kids as they can support. Try to make quality time to spend with the family, and continue working to earn money if this is needed or else if they want to, and retire if they'd want to do that instead and can afford it. E Asian heathens are an asset to the world, a true treasure. They should multiply their heathen kind.

The news was:


(dw=Deutsche Welle)

And yet again: note how the focus is on blaming "tradition" and "patriarchy" for why TW women don't want to get married.
Test. Husky if you're here please respond.
[quote name='amAtya rAkshasa' date='07 October 2015 - 10:57 AM' timestamp='1444195186' post='117895']

Test. Husky if you're here please respond.


I didn't visit IF until today, else I'd have responded earlier.

Hmmm, is it "hello again"? (If that doesn't make sense, ignore it. If it does make sense, then: IRIS the series, not the movie.)

Anyway, on the matter I came for, the bit in blue in the following explains why the US is so intent on breaking the E Asian American community: it's a deep-seated issue apparently, so it's still motivating them on some level.


Quote:Jeb Bush, “anchor babies,” and America’s deep legacy of anti–Asian American racism

Updated by Dara Lind on August 25, 2015, 3:30 p.m. ET

When Jeb Bush tried to justify his use of the term "anchor baby" by saying it referred to "Asians," it got him heavily mocked. The mockery was only partly justified. Some people mocked Bush because they didn't understand what he was actually saying — that the "real" anchor babies are children born in the US as part of the "birth tourism" industry, which mostly caters to China. Others mocked him because he wasn't doing himself any favors by taking a term many people consider offensive on its own and applying it to a second group of people.

"Anchor baby" doesn't actually have the same connotations when it's transferred from Latinos to Asians, because the underlying stereotypes about each group are different. Unfortunately for Bush, however, talking about birth tourism and "anchor babies" plays into some long-established and very painful stereotypes about the inherent foreignness of Asian Americans.

The United States has often excluded Asians

When Donald Trump and others talk about "anchor babies," they're talking about Latinos — tying into a cluster of stereotypes that conflate Latinos, Mexicans, immigrants, and unauthorized immigrants, and that convince many of the anxious white Americans who make up Trump's base that their culture is under threat from "illegals." Bush claims he's trying to back away from that argument, while still using a term that invokes it.

That cluster of stereotypes isn't a problem for Asians and Asian Americans in the same way it is for Latinos. But by arguing that "anchor baby" ought to refer to Asians, Bush ended up backing into a different cluster of stereotypes: that Asian Americans are "foreign" and more closely tied to their "home countries" than they are to the United States.

One of the odd legacies of American immigration history is that while nativist fears have centered on immigrants from all sorts of regions — Ireland, Eastern Europe, the Middle East — Asian immigrants are the only ones the United States has ever told they can never become Americans. The first immigration restrictions in US history were the Asian Exclusion Acts of the late 1800s (inspired, in part, by a wave of racial violence against Asian immigrants), which prohibited all immigration from China — the only region from which immigration has been explicitly banned, rather than just limited.

The reason we have birthright citizenship for everyone born on US soil to begin with is because of the Supreme Court case United States v. Wong Kim Ark, in which an American-born son of Chinese immigrants tried to return to the US after a trip and was told he'd never been an American citizen after all. Wong won his case, which would have greatly upset members of Congress who argued against birthright citizenship back when the 14th Amendment was being debated in 1866 — exactly because (in the words of Sen. Edgar Cowen) California would be "overrun by a flood of immigration of the Mongol race."

And, of course, in the 1940s, fear of an Asian-American "fifth column" in World War II was so acute that thousands of Japanese Americans, many of whom had been born in the US and had never seen Japan, were placed in internment camps.

Asian Americans still experience "identity denial" on a daily basis

It's no longer United States policy that Asian Americans can never be truly American. But it's certainly still common in American culture.
A 2005 study from a pair of Stanford professors found that Asian Americans are seen as less American than their peers, and "experience 'identity denial'" — challenges of their identity such as being asked, "No, where are you really from?" — routinely in their daily lives. When NPR's Michele Norris started the Race Card Project, a website for readers to submit their experiences with race, she said at the Aspen Ideas Festival that "some formulation of, 'Where are you really from?'" was one of the most common submissions. That's not to mention more overt racism toward Asian countries, characterizing them as greedy and dishonest — the sort of thing one hears from, say, Donald Trump.

And that's not to say that immigration policy isn't still a problem for would-be Asian immigrants. Chinese, Indian, and Filipino nationals waiting for their US-citizen relatives to sponsor them for green cards have to wait years or decades. Well-educated Asian immigrants can come to the US on temporary visas for "high-skilled" workers — but then have to leave after a few years if their employers don't want to sponsor them for green cards. The same is true of Asian students on student visas. Politicians who support reforming the legal immigration system often blame the US for expensively educating foreign students and then forcing them to leave — but that line can also imply that the students are taking advantage of the US education system to enrich themselves and their home countries.

In this context, it's really tricky to talk about birth tourism. It is definitely a real phenomenon, and it's not unfair to feel that it's an abuse of American law. But it also plays into the stereotype that Asian Americans, even those born in the US, aren't "real" Americans, and that Asians are just trying to take advantage of American generosity.

Is racism pushing Asian Americans toward the Democratic Party?

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, which makes them an increasingly appealing voter bloc for both parties. But while Asian Americans aren't as solid a Democratic bloc as African Americans (or, to a lesser extent, Latinos), they're voting more heavily Democratic over time:

Brookings Institution chart showing partisan vote share for Asian Americans, Latinos, black and white Americans over time.

The 2014 exit polls appeared to show a reversion, with an evenly split Asian-American vote, but it's as likely as not that the exit polls just didn't do a good job at polling Asian-American voters.

There isn't as much information about the trends in the Asian-American vote as there is for, say, the recent shift in the Latino vote. Some of it is probably demographic: Immigrant groups who've come more recently, including most South and Southeast Asian nationalities, voted more heavily Democratic in 2012 than better-established East Asian groups.

But at least one prominent Republican has been very concerned about the loss of Asian American voters: Jeb Bush. In 2013, he called Asian Americans "the canary in the coal mine": "If we have lost connectivity to emerging voters — not because of our policies so much, but because we are failing to engage on issues of importance to them, then I think we pay a price." That quote doesn't say a whole lot, but it does fall in line with concerns Bush and others have raised about the GOP's need to gain back some ground among Latinos.

In both cases, Bush and Republicans feel there's a natural fit between the Republican Party and the group's values — as Bush said of Asian Americans, "Here is a group that has higher intact families, more entrepreneurial, higher than average incomes, higher college graduation rates" — but that the party's tone could be a turn-off to them.

Bush's fear of turning off Latinos was exactly what motivated him to go out of his way to pin "anchor babies" on Asians. But by doing that, he fell into implying that US-born Asian children weren't really American, either, and that their parents were trying to take advantage of the United States. Those are exactly the sort of old, tired stereotypes he knows well enough to avoid with Latinos. But in trying to fix the Republican Party's relationship with one group, he may have demonstrated to the other why they've grown disenchanted.

Blade Runner's futuristic vision of an E Asian looking - and Chinese-speaking - west disturbed lots of Americans at the time, tapping into their very real fears, though an E Asian looking and sounding America was back then anticipated to be a very real possibility in the future.

Maybe America thought it could forcibly assimilate a distinct E Asian American community identity by diluting it away with intermarriage? (Dilution won't work on certain distinctive features of the E Asian phenotype though, which propagate down western generations very powerfully. This is unlike Indian features, which are drowned out immediately in the very offspring of an Indian who marries a western person. The most distinctive features of the E Asian phenotype overpowers European phenotype which overpowers the Indian one. Very fortunate for E Asians. They moreover have what I now think of as the most attractive eyes around: I've never noticed the eye shapes of anyone, except E/SE Asians, whose eyes I constantly notice as they are shaped vastly differently between each individual. In fact I don't seem to notice eyes in general: most of the times I'm not even conscious of the eye colours of western people, whereas others notice this. Certainly never noticed western (or Indian etc) persons' eye shapes. In Indians I just notice the overall attractiveness of their faces - how kalai they are. Whereas with E and SE Asians I'm constantly noticing how utterly beautiful and individual each person's eyes/lids are, next to the general attractiveness of faces which I do for all populations. It's like snowflakes: no two pairs of E Asian eyes I've seen are the same shape, yet all are so noticeably lovely in form. I can't fathom why in the world there would exist E Asians who have operations to change their eye shape and make it more "western" looking.)

For amAtya: see top of this post.
Ahem ahem....

1. http://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/re...to-2153186

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQzBuGD3HKI


#mychoice :-)
They will debase the target culture as much as they can (their mere presence is enough to transform an "event" into a "tamasha"). RM has a recent (very frightening) article about new attempts to exoticize and appropriate the Kumbh, but there are legion examples of their current and past efforts (soma as drug rather than deity [there is a 2011? article by a nationalist on this, but it can also be divined by analogy to Russian psyops programs in C Asia/Siberia - Shamans, that were later replicated by the agency in San Francisco]). But there are also repercussions back upon them: In the 1960's, they attempted to discredit the anti SE Asia war movement (and also heathen spirituality secondarily) by overtaking the prophet generation (refer to Strauss-Howe inter-generational Theory of Anglo-American history - <i>Turnings</i>). All previous prophet generations had been anti-debauchery in the evangelist revival vein. I believe this strategy stemmed from a particular interpretation of history divined from a Sanskrit text which described the "corners" of time first excavated (for lack of a better word) by <b>Feyman</b> in an article and then adapted to a narrative of historical dialectic much later by Strauss-Howe (who do not seem to be agents; Strauss passed away while Howe has attempted a consultancy business for corporates; both are benign based upon my impression of their recorded interviews; but we do not know if they adapted another version residing within either the agency or academia). Incidentally, the leaders of the original anti-war movement were from the immediately prior generation (not the prophet generation itself) -- these leaders were discredited and relegated by the San Francisco movement of the 60's. We do not know the repercussions of their 60s dissimulation: it seems to me to be a truly unique event in that the credibility of the establishment cannot be regenerated -- in that there is both a special danger that they will try to obliterate any vestige or they may not be able to cope.

Their operation/prediction algorithm for history is Stauss-Howe; for colonial geopolitics it is Wallerstein's World Systems Theory (a rascalization of the sapta-dvipa); for individual-level psychology it is the MBTI (an adaptation of Jung's theorizing of the Mandala <i>archetypes</i> themselves systematized and stereotyped from traditional heathen narratives; and for sociology, it is religion/secularism/communism/Marxism.
a. Padukone wants to beat Priyanka to Hollywho:

[quote name='amAtya rAkshasa' date='19 December 2015 - 02:36 PM' timestamp='1450515521' post='117905']

Ahem ahem....

1. http://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/re...to-2153186

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQzBuGD3HKI


#mychoice :-)


- Well, at least Vin Diesel describes himself as a 'person of colour' IIRC, having ancestors from different parts of the globe. So not a WM technically.

- Then again, Padukone is probably just opportunistically using this movie with him as a stepping stone to "bigger and better" (more 100% oryanist) people and hollyboo. In NL they have the word "parvenu" (from FR). I think it means "social climber" in English. Apt word for Padukone and clones.

- While Padukone is trying to move up, Vin Diesel seems to have fallen far down: last I recollect watching a movie featuring him (in the late 90s was it?) was in a sci-fi called Pitch Black - re-dubbed as the first entry in "The Chronicles of Riddick" when they made it into a franchise - where he starred opposite Radha Mitchell (Australian, ISKCONite parents I suspect) and she had the hero role. In fact, she was written as the hero originally, but then Riddick's character as an apathetic murderer with a conscience seemed to be more interesting to the writers - for being more "conflicted" and all - so Radha's character got a noble but brutal death like most of the other cast, while Riddick redeemed himself and escaped with some kid or something (like a throwback to Aliens) and thus survived for the sequels.

I only remember the movie at all because 1. sci-fi regular Claudia Black, usually a hero, played an anti-social non-hero; but more importantly for 2. Radha Mitchell's character, and the fact that the obvious hero got to die (didn't expect it: a bit like Voigt's Wings of a Falcon IIRC - kid's book, read in high-school - where the hero dies totally unexpectedly part-way through the novel in the middle of his quest, and his friends have to complete his mission for him and try to be heroic/fill his huge shoes in his place.)

Should watch Pitch Black again. For Radha's character, I mean. Vin Diesel's Riddick character wasn't bad, though his character arc was predictable.

Anyway, Padukone's a loser, both in the comparison (to Vin Diesel's previous co-star) and outside it. Poor Vin Diesel.

Personally I'm hoping the IE-drama (the obsession with oryanism) will lead all the loose shake-nines like Padukone and Priyanka out of India to go poison the Euro gene pool instead. I'm trying to think of a worse fate that I could wish onto the US/Europe.

Must advertise among this class of Indian women: "don't settle for miscegenated Indian males, the top of the IE foodchain are European people, please marry them and go back to the urheimat where you came from or else emigrate to the US. Or if you marry some Khan or christist, go back to Turkic C-Asia or the Middle-East/Syria."

b. Forgot why I came to this page:


Quote:Asia Pacific

Thai skin whitening ad provokes race storm

Whitening creams and pills are wildly popular in Thailand, where a pale complexion is upheld as the standard of beauty in the media and among many Thais.

Posted 08 Jan 2016 17:49 Updated 08 Jan 2016 18:19


Photo Screengrab: Seoul Secret/YouTube

BANGKOK: A Thai advert for skin lightening pills with the tagline "white makes you a winner" has caused an outcry on social media, in the latest marketing ploy tapping into the kingdom's obsession with skin colour.

The advertisement for the 'snowz' supplement pills, uploaded to YouTube and Facebook by Thai company Seoul Secret over the last two days, features a veteran Thai celebrity attributing her professional success to her pale complexion.

(Contrary to the above, Seoul Secret is in fact a Korean cosmetics company. Here's a famous Korean actress - fair, of course as most Korean actresses need to be - advertising for the Korean home brand:

karmart-cosmetics.com/shopfront/images/seoul-secret-7624-160131-2-zoom.jpg )

"It's not easy to stay at this point for a long time," the 35-year-old model and actress, Cris Horwang, says in the video. "If I stopped taking care of my body and white complexion, all that I have invested will be gone."

The model's skin then turns black, prompting an envious look at a second model with light skin who appears by her side smiling.

"A newcomer will replace me and turn me into a dark star," Cris says, using a Thai idiom to refer to her fame fading.

Seoul Secret has issued a statement apologising for the controversial advert, describing it as “a mistake” and claiming full responsibility for the incident.

Posted by Seoul Secret Thailand on Friday, 8 January 2016

“Our company did not have any intention to convey discriminatory or racist messages. What we intended to convey was that self-improvement in terms of personality, appearance, skills and professionality is crucial”, the company said in a statement.

“However, the company would like to express a heartfelt apology and thank you for all the comments,” it added.

Seoul Secret confirmed it has taken down the controversial clip, related advertisement and other materials.


Whitening creams and pills are wildly popular in Thailand, where a pale complexion is upheld as the standard of beauty in the media and among many Thais. The video has received more than 100,000 views on YouTube, as well as enquiries on the company's Facebook page about how to order the product.

But other social media sites drew posts railing against the advert for being racially offensive and reinforcing the country's narrow beauty ideals.

"It indicates that dark skin people are losers, and this is clearly racist," a Thai commenter named Tammaijang wrote on the web forum Pantip.

Another post said: "Having dark skin can be beautiful - without being ashamed as well."

Seoul Secret could not be immediately reached for comment, but the comment section below the Youtube video was disabled Friday morning. A prominent Thai culture blogger called Kaewmala on her thaiwomantalks.com website speculated that the advert aimed to provoke.

"I don't think the ad agency made this ad out of ignorance," she told AFP.

"They haven't been living on the moon, I'm certain they knew it would be controversial... It was most likely a calculated strategy, which in my view makes it even more objectionable."

While there has been a growing awareness about racism among Thais in recent years, those views have yet to be reflected in a media which still readily equates dark skin with "low class", she added.

In 2013, public criticism led the US firm Dunkin' Donuts to pull an advertisement in Thailand that featured a woman in "black-face" makeup promoting a new charcoal-flavoured donut.

Thai adverts for "Black Herbal" toothpaste, as well as other cosmetic brands, have come under fire in recent years for causing racial offence.

- AFP/CNA/yt

- Korea doing this to other E/SE nations is unfair: Koreans are possibly the fairest among E/SE Asian populations (not counting heavily admixed populations like Mongolians).

- The avg Thai and other SE Asian (and E Asian) women can't be as fair as the avg Korean woman, until they too start selecting for this over a long period of time.

Hope the west won't imagine this is in compliment to them: that Thai want to be white like Euros. They want to be "white" like Koreans. Chinese fans of Korean dramas regularly say about Korean actresses that they're so "fair=beautiful" and ask about how to become so too.

This is an inter-E/SE-Asian thing: most E/SE Asians seem to have long ceased to want to look Euro, preferring to look like famous actresses from Korea (or Taiwan/China or Japan) and marry Japanese men. Well, Japanese actors are admittedly extremely good-looking, and actresses too. E/SE Asians really are easy very on the eyes. One never tires of looking at them.

E Asian programmes don't seem to project a wannabe-western attitude either: despite actresses changing their hair colour or getting surgery on the eyes (Koreans seem to use plastic surgery on all their features a lot, men as well as women: and the 'after' is sadly always worse than their pretty faces before).

Japan doesn't seem as obsessed about fairness in women as S Korea, and has slightly 'darker' - relative term - actresses acting as the romantic leads too. Except for 1 actor, all JP actors I've ever seen have had some really nice colouring going on. Darker men of their own ethnicity are often (but not necessarily) preferred in films and series in Korea and other E Asian countries too. But there are other pressures on male actors: e.g. height requirements in Japan. (People in Korea are generally tall.)

Archiving some other links about the fiasco in Thailand:

- bbc.com/news/world-asia-35261748

- rt.com/news/328287-skin-whitening-thailand-advertisement/

- edition.cnn.com/2016/01/08/asia/thai-racist-white-beauty-ad/

- straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/skin-whitening-ad-provokes-race-storm-in-thailand

- nydailynews.com/life-style/health/thai-company-pulls-ad-claimed-white-win-article-1.2489893

- washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/01/08/this-terrible-thai-skin-whitening-ad-is-a-symptom-of-a-larger-problem/ (written by an Indian-origin person, who of course has to drag in India)

Indian rags have brought it up too, even the catholic junk "deccanchronicle".

Surprisingly no comments: the usual suspects (the anti-Indian nexus) would have been out in force declaring AIT vs Dravoodianism and/or "casteism" or "hateful Hindus" etc if this were India. But when it's Thailand, they are careful not to notice:

- deccanchronicle.com/160108/lifestyle-fashionbeauty/article/thai-skin-whitening-ad-rakes-controversy-race

- hindustantimes.com/world/controversial-thai-skin-whitening-ad-provokes-fierce-criticism/story-p8ECg3yliO1HUMjybRHX6L.html

As if this was not going to happen; in about 3-4 years, this will be pushed to a wholly new, hitherto unseen level (see current content on YouTube India).

Tangential (27-Sep), article in Hindi:

'नवरात्र में हावी हनीप्रीत'


Gist: We are taught since childhood not to indulge in drinking, lying or fighting among ourselves during Navaratri; avoid watching movies etc.

But is it first time in writer's memory that instead of Devi pujan/darshan TV channels are competing amongst each other to reveal/report in details as much as possible between Baba Ram Rahim and Honeypreet.

हम लोगों को बचपन में सिखाया जाता था कि नवरात्र के दिन इतने पवित्र होते हैं कि इन दिनों किसी से झूठ नहीं बोलना चाहिए। आपस में लड़ना झगड़ना नहीं चाहिए। किसी को दुख नहीं पहुंचना चाहिए। फिल्में भी नहीं देखनी चाहिए। इन दिनों घरों में माता की भेंट बजने लगती। तमाम शुभ कार्य जैसे नया व्यापार शुरू करना हो अथवा घर की नींव रखनी हो उसके लिए नवरात्र सबसे उपयुक्त मानी जाती रही है। इन दिनों तो लोग आम फिल्मो, गाने तक सुनने से कतराते आए हैं।

कहीं बाबा की गुफा के अंदर हनीप्रीत को उसके साथ विस्तार से दिखाया जा रहा है जबकि ज्यादातर ऐसी तस्वीरे व वीडियो फोटोशॉप में तैयार की गई है तो किसी चैनल पर प्राइम टाइम में विशेष कार्यक्रम रंगीन रातों की 25 कहानियां जैसा खोजी कार्यक्रम चला रहा है। जवाब में दूसरा चैनल हनी के शर्मनाक रिश्तों की कहानी का धारावहिक चला रहा है। किसी चैनल ने तो अकल्पनीय अविश्वसनीय हनीप्रीत कार्यक्रम चलाया हुआ है। तो कहीं कोई खट्टा सिंह या बखता सिंह, आर्यसमाज के पुजारियों की तरह संबंधों के श्लोकों को विस्तार से चर्चा करके समझा रहा है।

बाबा अपनी जिस्मानी ताकत बनाए रखने के लिए कौन-कौन सी चीजे खाता था इस पर खोजी पत्रकारिता के नए रिकार्ड बनाए जा रहे हैं। हनीप्रीत खुद को कैटरीना कैफ बनाने के लिए क्या-क्या करती थी इसकी आड़ में उसके शरीर का जम कर प्रदर्शन किया जा रहा है।

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