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The tactics used by America to destroy (East) Asian society

from German news source Deutsche Welle

And yet again: note how the focus is on blaming "tradition" and "patriarchy" for why Taiwanese women don't want to get married.

Deutsche Welle articles is clearly christist: it has recently attacked heathen India, heathen Japan, heathen Taiwan. Always implying "tradition" and/or "patriarchy" or society.

You'd never see Europeans blaming christianism and western patriarchy (which has suddenly been made invisible in public discourse) for the demographic fall in Europe or the divorce rates in the US/rest of the west.

Ironically a large reason for the growing number of younger Taiwanese women not wanting to get married is the westernisation of these women's mindsets: having been inundated with the notion that getting married will come at the expense of their independence else their work "career" (but why not have both if they want?), they are pre-rigged into thinking that the system is 'patriarchal' and so don't want to get married.*

Taiwanese heathen men are NOT patriarchal. The ones I know are rather wonderful.

Don't know why the growing number of heathen Taiwanese women don't just take the plunge into marriage and make the best of it. Because heathen Taiwanese women are also wonderful, though most of the ones I know are married. So it's a match made in heaven. (That last is a literal Daoist statement, BTW.)

IIRC the rajeev2004 blog once brought up an article about the same changes and reasonings taking place in Japan, also leading to an inverse pyramid shape of the population (greying population).

The perception is still that in Japan - not China or Taiwan for instance - women will become housewives upon marriage. But it's surprising how many young female Japanese authors etc project this as natural to *themselves* (to the female authors and the average Japanese females, that is the gender in Japan).

Western feminists have the meanest things to say about this "Japanese female mentality" and keep insisting it has been imposed by - who else - "The Patriarchy".

Apparently Japanese women, despite having been a first world population for many decades, can't think for themselves. <- Ironically it is the western feminists who deny Japanese women agency. In reality, Japanese women have thought about it, and it's their right to do as they please. And many seem to still choose to be housewives. If they can afford it, why not? Lucky them.

In fact, many Chinese and Taiwanese women I know have thought about it too. To repeat, since it belongs in this thread: they earn to support their family, since the cost of living in China (and apparently Taiwan too) is high. But they find that taking care of kids and the household also places great demands on their time and energy, despite having the help of their husband (the other full-time worker) in household matters. These women have repeatedly said that if they could only be assured enough income for the family, then they'd prefer to stay at home to focus better on their families and have more quality time with the kids. (Sadly they and their husbands don't earn enough combined to allow it.) [In fact, once they had babies, the men also kept thinking about if only they could retire and play with the kids more. But if a family can only afford for one parent to retire and if both parents would like to retire, then women's choice comes first, while men don't even have the right to protest and appeal to "equal rights". <= That's the real nature of gender "equality" and "women's rights". But I never said the world was fair.]

The E Asian women I spoke to said they don't mind work, however - they do what they need to, as do their men - but that work is not an end in itself to them: they're not ambitious. But they also said that rather than some desk job say, they'd prefer to be able to do work that could contribute to build their community and strengthen it (such as teach Mandarin or Chinese culture to the next generations).

One has to respect their decisions or their actual wishes - to retire if only they could - even if many of them haven't been able to make these come true (as the income to the family is not sufficient to allow them to retire). Just because staying-at-home is not something all Asian women would choose to do doesn't mean it's not the right of some women or even a large part of a whole nation of women (Japan) to choose for themselves. How dare western feminists make it their business? Let alone to intervene in an entire nation's society? Clearly western fembot intervention is for social-engineering and for weakening Asian societies, to better allow the west (western patriarchy) hegemony and overlordship over Asia, as others have observed.

Some feminists actually think that the existence of a "housewife" anywhere in the world is a threat to feminism and serves but as a prop for the patriarchy. Fascists.

And so they naturally go crazy whenever Japan is the topic. They try to attack the Japanese society on gender lines in any way they can. Even the abuse Japanese language gets from western feminist students of Japanese (who're only in it for the social engineering) is on these lines: they explicitly state they want to "de-gender" the language, because it goes against "egalitarianism". And they've been busy brainwashing a few native JP women to this end. How dare alien demons make it their business to aim to de-gender some other population's language? Feminists think all things pertaining to females anywhere or even anything feminine - even mere words - is their field, and their right to contort or destroy. Demons.

(Japanese is not a 'gendered' language by literal construction but by usage: women tend to use more refined self-references, men more practical self-referencse. As a result some self-expressions are deemed "feminine" because women mostly have tended to say them, vs how some self-expressions are thought of as "masculine" because men have tended to say them more recently. Though historically, artistocrats tended to self-reference with the refined terms too, in which case it is seen as both extremely masculine and distinguished.)

Heathen E Asian women should stop thinking like they're living breathing western feminist slogans and start thinking like who they actually are: heathen individuals who are part of a heathen society. They should take a long view of their place therein, and then make decisions about what they actually want to do, be and achieve. If they want to have a family, they should just have one instead of scaring themselves with "patriarchy" spooks that aren't there and overthinking it. Get married - heathen Taiwanese and Chinese men for example are a prize - they can have as many kids as they can support. Try to make quality time to spend with the family, and continue working to earn money if this is needed or else if they want to, and retire if they'd want to do that instead and can afford it. E Asian heathens are an asset to the world, a true treasure. They should multiply their heathen kind.

The news was:


(dw=Deutsche Welle)

And yet again: note how the focus is on blaming "tradition" and "patriarchy" for why TW women don't want to get married.

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